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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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is going. if you didn't see the "angle" tomorrow, we will post it. follow me on twitter. i will see ou radio tomorrow. love to read your tweets. fox news @ night with shannon bream up next. >> shannon: that young woman who offended crowley. the democrats don't have contact information for her. taken people by surprise. thanks. we begin with a fox news alert. republicans prepareing to take another run at an immigration bill on capitol hill. an activity shutdown traffic tonight over the supreme court's decision to uphold the travel ban. mercedes joins us live. we are live in south carolina and utah. it could be a major shock to the
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democratic party. it appears joe crowley will lose his primary race to a 28-year-old who was a member of the democratic socialists of america. what does that mean for the blue wave? welcome to fox news @ night. i am shannon bream. the fallout from two majors supreme court decisions. one a victory for the trump administration in the short term. the other the latest win for social conservatives. we have team coverage tonight. trace gallagher from l.a. covering the california lawmakers who wanted pro-life centers to provide information to clients about where to get abortions. first ed henry on capitol hill. >> some key house republicans are telling us they don't have the votes to pass major immigration reform legislation tomorrow. the president's best shot is
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trying to build on this supreme court victory taking on more executive action. he said this was a moment of profound vindication over one of his suggestion policies. the narrow 5-4 decision by the court may not open the door to vast new executive pour in terms of crafting immigration policy since the court was ruling on whether the injunction against the travel ban can stand. it goes back to a lower court to decide on the merits. chief justice john roberts asserted that the president has the authority to keep the nation safe. roberts and the rest of the majority on the court stressed they only looked at the text of the executive.
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it says something about religion and they did not consider the president's tweets and public statements about cracking down on muslim. justice sotomayor evoked a ruling that put japanese-american into internment campus. -- camps. she said: since this is the 3rd version it's watered down. it includes 2 non-muslim countries and the muslim majority countries only cover 8% of muslim around the world. the reaction of muslim elected to congress suggested otherwise. >> this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and safe and secure. >> now this can be applyed in other areas. this is a rub her stamp supre
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court with the president's most ugly discrimination impulses. >> it's impossible to remove people to say you can't come here when we claim to be the country of the free and land of the brave. >> hate crimes targeting american-muslim have risen. they blame the president's travel ban. the survey found assaults against muslim in the u.s. rose between 2015 and 2016. obviously that was before the travel ban and that was when barack obama was president. >> shannon: thank you very much. the court ruled on whether an injunction against the travel ban can stand. now with all of today's guidance
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from the court it bass back to the lower court for t decision on the merry christmas. diane feinstein is it harry severino. the text says nothing about religion. this was within the president's powers under the law. >> well, the problem is that there is a whole lot more to the story than the text. which justice sotomayor pointed out in her disent. donald trump made anti-muslim statements month in and out through the campaign and into the beginning of his presidency.
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he wanted a muslim ban. and then he asked rudy giuliani to figure out a way to do it eely. -- legally. it's not enough to just read the text. the supreme court looked at was there an improper anti-religious motive in the text? >> they said with all out of is there enough to show what he did on the face was legitimate. they found yes. justice sotomayor had a scathing dissent. she read from the bench. she said they supported the conclusion that the proclamation was to exclude muslim from the
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country >> they are trying to apply a new hire standard to president trump because they don't like his policies. you have to apply the same standards. they give the president discretion and authority when it comes to national security issues. in the constitution and in the statutes. it's at its peak. in this case. in the 3rd version, you have a lot of analysis went into choosing which countries. this is not let's find a way to do this. a lot of time and research went into it. it was not just president trump. it was a huge team in the adrings in. -- administration. the president has a great deal of authority. >> shannon: tomorrow the term will wrap up. the first full-term for gorsuch.
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weigh in on how his presence impacted the court's decision? >> obviously it's a 5-4 decision. the republican blockade of judge garland led to a different outcome. the president i able to take extreme actions in an unchecked fashion. if the republicans given judge garland the vote that he deserved, it's likely there would have been a different out come. >> shannon: that's probably fair to say. how do you think justice gorsuch's presence impacted this? >> he made a tremendous impact. gorsuch showed that president trump fulfilled his promise.
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he wanted to put somebody in for justice scalise that would be impartial. that's what gorsuch has done. i think not be more breeze emorh this outcome. >> shannon: we are waiting for any announcements of retirements. >> i have a terrible track record of retirements. i would take the fifth. >> i felt like last year justice kennedy would go. it doesn't feel like he will. we don't know what we will get tomorrow or later in the week. >> shannon: only justice kennedy knows. trump not only had a great track record on appointments but an amazing list on the best and
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brightest young lawyers and judges in the country. i would be pleased to know his team ready. >> and neal hopes none come soon. >> everybody was making play for justice kennedy and the opinions. sotomayor cited the concurrent decisions. a major victory for social conservatives. the supreme court ruling in favor of pro-life pregnancy centers that were forced to provide information to clients about abortion. not in line with their mission. trace gallagher covering that tonight. good evening. >> good evening. a question as the california
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freedom care and transparency act. they put up signs notifying women that low-cost prenatal care and abortions are available. facilities that don't comply face steep fiance. -- fines. a religious non-profit won on the state level but on the federal level the lawsuits went nowhere. some people claimed it violate first amendment r to free speech and free exercise of reon. >> nobody should be compelled to speak a message that they disagree. if the government can do, everybody is subject. >> tonight's circuit court viewed as liberal rejected both arguments. the supreme court agreed only to
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review the free special argument. a 5-4 ruling in favor of the pro-live pregnancy centers. justice thomas wrote that the lower courts didn't apply the proper degree of scrutiny. justice kennedy called out california writing that the state requires pro-live pr pregnancy centers to advocate abortion abortions. california attorney general called the ruling unfortunate saying all california women deserve critical and non-biassed information. some liberal comedians did not find this funny.
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one said trump getting elected will spark a revolution. he did not mean tt in positive light. >> shannon: all right. trace gallagher. on the west coast. thank you very much. on the one hand, the left claims the highest court is endorsing lying to patients and the travel ban ruling equates to the darkest days in american history. let's get reaction. mercedes, welcome. what is the mood of the white house. start with the travel ban. >> president trump and the team they feel victorrious. this is a very important night for the safety and security of the american people. what we have seen is that the extremist, this ruling affirmed the legality of what president trump pushed for in critical actions here. when you look at the fact that the travel restrictions emphasize the fact this is something that is focussed on
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those countries that we know, didn't meet the minimum standard. this raises the global minimal standard to have the right information to make sure we know who is coming into our country. that's important. it's for countries like chad to meet that minimum requirement. we know what information we are sharing and who is coming to our country. >> shannon: and chad got off the list because they complied with requirements. let's hear from know wo of the top democrats in the senate. dick durbin and his reaction to, to ruling today. >> we need to keep out every dangerous person who tries to come into the country but to ban people because of their religion or background is not the way we should do things in america. >> shannon: the majority didn't find it that way. they said there was no religion in the text.
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they think his motive was clear. >> the list include venezuela and north korea. it doesn't have to do with religion. picked, many came from those that congress and the obama administration said those countries posed serious national security threats. we saw the department of homeland security and the director of national intelligence they evaluated over 200 countries to say you need the accurate information to determine which citizens can come into and out of our country. that's a safety standard that we need not only does it help our country, but it helps those countries to better improve their vetting system. >> shannon: yes. the california case.
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justice thomas said these pro-live pregnancy centers in california that are forced to tell people where to get abortions which is against their missi mission, they sent this case back saying the plaintiffs have a good chance of winning and defeating this california law. folks say that kind of ruling would have never happened with the nomination of justice gorsuch and this president nominated a lot of judges that are pro-life and conservatives. and they are applauding him for fulfilling that promise. >> it's an amazing over 500 days of american great success with president trump whether it's economic security or national security. one of his greatest legacies is the appointment of supreme court
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justice gorsuch. it is taking it back to the constitution. we don't want to see activist judges. we want to make sure that the judicial system has i roll and the legislative system makes those laws. the role gorsuch has played has been instrumental in the supreme court. it's taking it back to the true face of the law of the constitution. >> not surprised that right to life groups say have to take on this president and anyone who supports him. a lot of rancor on both sides. how do you feel? are you worried about someone showing up at your house? >> i spent every day with sarah sanders.
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the experiences this past weekend are unfortunate. sarah with her family trying to have a private moment. being able to just spend time with her family. we are in the white house. we don't get a lot of free time. what concerns me is this tone of inciting violence and harassing anyone who is working for the trump administration. more so, when you have to remember, we take on this role of being public servants. we are there to serve the american people. we are there to help president trump do his job which he has done successfully. he has a vision. we help him implement that. let's get back to the days you civility. that helps our country heal. president trump he is a president of all americans. that's what he focuses on every day. every time we see those
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unemployment numbers go down for hispanics and african-americans and really you start seeing the manufacturing jobs coming back, you see these success stories. this economic boom. it's because president trump is focussed on all americans. individual like sarah and those of us that work hard day in and out. let them do their jobs, to serve the american people. >> shannon: mercedes, thanks for dropping in. it's primary day in 7idates. -- states. a big upset in new york. and in south carolina where president trump threw his support behind governor mcmaster and mitt romney trying to win the republican nomination to come to the senate. >> if i get to washington, then i will be with the president on policies that are right for america and my state. ♪
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. ♪ >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. brand new results in a big primary night in 7 states across the nation. in new york congressman crowley loses to a 28-year-old bernie
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sanders organizer. courtez. south carolina governor henry mcmaster got a big endorsement from president trump. utah. mitt romney is his way to a political comeback. clinching a win his old foe turned ally president trump to get back to washington. in colorado, facing republican who is a relative of president bush. and there are notable measures on some of the ballots like deep red oklahoma which is one of the most conservative states to legalize medical marijuana. team conch -- coverage on all of the elections. we begin with jonathan in south
8:25 pm
carolina. >> the crowd cheered as they saw the results showing henry mcmaster with a 2 digit lead. >> as president trumped we are going to keep on winning, winning and winning in south carolina. >> [cheers and applause]. >> both mcmaster and his challenge john warren are loyal supporters of the trump agenda. warnen hoped to win the run off. mcmaster's support of trump's 2016 bid for the white house won the president's endorsement. mr. trump joined mcmaster yesterday. tonight as the election results came in, here's how both candidates reacted. >> tonight was not our night but i am confident that the conservative movement will continue to grow and get
8:26 pm
stronger. we will come up with conservative reform solutions to make our state great. >> our team is big and broad. i want to thank all of those candidates and i want to thank john warren. he ran a good, strong race. i salute his military service. >> moments ago president trump tweeted congratations to governor henry mcmaster on your big election win. south carolina loves you. we are proud of you and peggy, peggy the first lady of south carolina. now the governor can go into the general election to face the democrat james smith in november. >> shannon: to utah where mitt romney is eyeing a political comeback. dan spring has the latest tonight. >> mitt romney took a big step toward getting a job in washington. maybe not the one he wanted, but
8:27 pm
he has taken a big step by a victory in the republican prime for senate. the seat vacated by the retirement of orin hatch. we have the numbers. mitt romney has a 74% to 26% lead over mike kennedy. a victory party in utah. governor romney addressed his supporters here and said to be great, you have to first be good. >> if i am lucky to become the united states senator from the great state of utah, i will do everything in my power to keep america strong and make sure our economy is prosperous for our kids and grandkids and to make sure my example as a leader is consistent with the values of our great state. >> a poll a couple of weeks ago showed him with a 42% lead.
8:28 pm
romney is a high-profile mormon in a state over half mormon and he has lived in utah for 10 years. the big national question for romney: will he be a critic of president trump? >> if i get to washington, i will work with him on the policies i think are right and oppose the things i think are wrong for the country and speak my mind on issues of conscien. >> romney had a famous feud with trump in 2016. the attacks were vicious. after trump won, romney stood down. the 2 men met when he was considered for secretary of state. romney said trump will win a re-election. but romney has been critical of trump's tone and separating
8:29 pm
families at the borders. advicing trump? no way. >> my job is to get things through the legislative branch that are right for the country. i won't try to manage the white house or how the president interacts with others. that's up to him and his team. >> romney will take on the democrat jenny wilson whom he will have a big advantage over in the polls. >> shannon: more on the big upset in new york. mark pen is live and an update on mobs going after their political opponents and. the transportation secretary confronted by activists against ice. our panel will weigh in. let your inner light loose with one a day women's. a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing.
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8:34 pm
democratic caucus number 4 in the house. joe crowley losing into a wide margin tonight to a 28-year-old bernie sanders organizer own dorsed by the democratic socialists of america. 28-year-old courtez might be the future of the democratic party. the national republican congressional committee said tonight how democrats hoping for a post-pelosi era are left lead leaderless. the former advisor to president clinton mark pen and derrik hunter. welcome to you both. mark, this is a young woman, there is a tweet showing her a year ago tending bar. a political unknown. a bernie sanders supporter. for federal jobs for everyone. far-left ideas. she upended the number 4
8:35 pm
democrat in the house. >> well, this is an upset in the finest tradition of upsets. not expected to win. has some strong views against somebody who has been there a long time and spent $3 million and didn't get his vote out. there were 26,000 votes in a district that is 90% democratic. in reality, very few people voted. she did a great job organizing. she won. other challenges in the left in chicago were beaten back. here's where the left picked one up and knocked off somebody who was out of sync with his district. >> shannon: how do you think this will play out in the fall? if she comes to capitol hill it's somebody who is far left. endorsed by the democratic
8:36 pm
socialists. >> she'll be a back bencher that didn't get a lot done. but she will vocal. she will be a hit on the cable news circuit and a media celebrity but not an effective member of congress. turning over somebody in leadership who could get things know. i am not heart broken. i think it's funny that frankenste frankenstein's monster returns. the left preached tribunalism. they are a victim of. that he thought he was a good progressive and only needed to say and support the right things. he was not a moderate. the idea of a white man representing that district was a bridge too far for many. they lost. i think it's a beautiful thing.
8:37 pm
>> shannon: mark, what do you make about this? we have seen this playing in california where diane feinstein a long main stay was not endorsed by her own party in california. they went with somebody much further to the left. >> well, most of the challenges have been beaten back. if you look at the overall season, the democrats come out with a pretty good group. the republicans are leaderless. they don't have a message. i don't know how they run a campaign. they are behind 7 or 8 points. >> they run it faced on full employment and 4% growth. >> but the republicans have been unable to solve problems and this week with the crisis arose,
8:38 pm
over what was happening at the border, the congressional republicans froze and the president had to do an executive ord order. >> what was the democratic solution? to open the borders and anger the mob to keep prevent people from thinking. hope to god whatever violence springs with an angry mob waits until after the election. they want to keep in the mob angry but keep them from becoming violent. i don't think that's possible. >> this is a dynamic young person who overthrew someone who was in the district a long time. lost a bit of touch. this is traffic new york politics. we don't know what kind of
8:39 pm
congresswoman she will be. >> shannon: mark wrote an interesting piece about social media mobs and things that are going on. derrik, congrats on the new book. thank you. harley davidson moves jobs overseas. >> this makes a strong statement about how government can help the best and the brightest in america come together. >> shannon: trying to get votes for a compromise immigration bill due on the horse floor tomo it will work? say no to this because of my bladder,
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8:44 pm
>> in the 1960s and 70s america's motorcycle manufacture faced new competition with the japanese smaller and laster and less sprinzive bikes. -- expensive bikes. by 1983 they were headed to bankruptcy until president reagan raised tariffs on japanese motorcycle to save the american brand. 4 years later harley davidson was thriving and president reagan ended the tariffs. >> you asked us to give you breathing room to meet the strong foreign competition. like america, harley and back and standing stall. >> they ran into hard times in the economic recession. again the u.s. government stepped in handing them more than $2 billion as a bail out for wall street.
8:45 pm
they their sig on growing their international markets with international sales making up half of its total business. last year harley broke ground on a new facility in thailand and on monday harlly announced it will move production out of the united states to escape tariffs from the european union. today the president said the company is using the trade dispute as an excuse to layoff american workers. >> they announced it earlier this year. harley davidson is using that as an excuse. i don't like. that i have been good to davidson. i think the people that ride harley's are not happy with them and i would not be either. >> this announcement is fuelling
8:46 pm
an effort by republicans that push for legislation to limit the president's ability to install tariffs. today their efforts got a big boost when big business groups support the legislation. so far gop leaders have shutdown any attempts to advance that idea. >> shannon: okay. keep us updated. thank you very much. this is a fox news alert. just coming. in a federal judge is ordering the federal government to reunit migrant parents with children taken away from them. all children younger than 5 be reunited with parent between 14 days and children 5 and older be returned within 30 days. fox news convictor weighs in on that.
8:47 pm
they try to get something done in the house tomorrow on imgreg. jason, thanks for being with us tonight. >> thanks very figure me. >> shannon: you are not surpriseed to find this ruling coming from the san diego area in southern california. the judge is saying the kids have to be put back together with parents. my understanding is they would be anyway. it's just a matter of time. this is trying to expedite the process. >> yeah. the trump administration is trying to do this. it's been a long time policy. this was something happened during president obama's time. this separation. the word needs to get out to the people who want to come to this country: don't let the first act you do be breaking the law of the united states of america. go to the united states embassy in your country. go to a port of entry and you won't have these problems. if you are going to cross the border, break the law, get detained by border patrol, there
8:48 pm
are consequences to that. i know they are working hard to reunify these kids. don't break the law and it won't happen in the first place. >> shannon: they are trying to get something done in house with regard to immigration and compromise bill that comes back to the floor tomorrow. tonight we hear this in the washington times: gop workers added low skilled workers to their bill on tuesday. the number would triple under the new plan. what do you make of that as a strategy to get more people to sign on? >> it's a hail mary pass late in the fourth quarter. i think it will fall short. maybe it will get 150 votes. it's a tactic. i can't imagine -- if it was an easy fix a long time ago, they
8:49 pm
would have done it. but i think the tactics of the way they dealt with this has been abysmal. everybody has been upset about it and frustrated. i want there to be as many votes as possible. put people on the record. one issue at a time. when you are going to throw the ag-worker component on top of it, i believe we need a guest worker program but when they come here legally, that they exit the country. 40% of the people here illegally came here legally. if you don't institute other things you will have problems. to ad it in the last 48 hours is a show of desperation. >> shannon: we will see who is benefits or hurts in the mid-term elections. >> or they pull it. they may look at that count and say we won't take that loss. that's a huge one.
8:50 pm
>> shannon: jason, thanks for being with us. up next the real news roundup. security: boarding passes out. sorry, one second it's loading, look. security: let's speed this up please. security: thank you. ♪ uh! ♪ can we fix this phone tonight? it's really slow. you can turn off the performance management feature. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it. ♪ the super fast galaxy s9. available now. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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>> ♪ >> shannon: time for the real news roundup. with me too the movement is
8:54 pm
vaulting the united states is in the most dangerous nations for women. the news agency surveyed more 550 experts in women's issues and claim america deserves to be listed. president trump blasted the media over alleged fake news accusing the press of faking source after a report from the "wall street journal." the president said this. they probably just made up the story. in the long-term, i am not sure my political friend will agree. i think a lot of leaks are made up by the writers. they don't exit. >> shannon: california officials are calling on the state's attorney general calling on a panel to combat fake news
8:55 pm
the l would include state officials that would monitor online postings for false information. lynch said the guardian newspaper took him out of context when he said president trump could go down as the greatest president in history. he said unfortunately if you continue as you have been you won't have a chance to go down in history. lynch said it's not too late to turn the ship around. tonight's midnight hero. president trump awarding the medal of honor to first lieutenant connor in a white house ceremony. his troop was attacked by 600 troops. instead of retreating he ran into enemy territory and hit in a ditch for 3 hours until the battle was one.
8:56 pm
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