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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 28, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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-- custody. they might have made an identification and are working to confirm. it's important to get that information accurate and get it correct. bret baier will continue. >> ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am bret baier. live tonight from orlando, florida. 30 minutes from now a debate between the top 2 candidates for the gubernatorial election. but first a deadly shooting in annapolis, maryland. 5 people have been killed. many more injured. a suspect is in custody. christian fisher is on the scene now with what is being called one of the deadliest attacks on journalists in u.s. history. good evening, chris. >> good evening. a horrible day. 5 dead. at least 7 injured. possibly more. some of the injured are wounded very gravely.
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this started around 2:30 this afternoon. it happened inside the office a building that houses the "capital gazette." a local newspaper. one of the oldest newspapers owned by the baltimore sun. unclear how many people were inside the office. there were about 170 inside the building where this took place. that's the building that is just behind me. you can see it. the brown brick. i am not sure if you can see the numbers 888 on the side. the gunman walked in. there was hardly any security. he went through the front door of the "capital gazette" and opened fire with what police say was a long gun. there are witnesses who said it was a shotgun, but police have not confirmed that. he opened fire. inside the news room was the newspapers crime and court
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reporter who deals with these incidents. he hid under his desk. after he tweeted about what happened. i want to read you a little of what he said. in one tweet he said the gunman shot through the glass door and opened fire on multiple employees. i don't want to declare anyone dead, but it's bad. he said there is nothing more terrifying than multiple people get shot while you are under the desk and you hear the gun mab reload. it's unclear if that gunman did reload. he didn't engage with the police that first responded. their response was super fast. they were on the scene went 60 seconds after the gunman, he is in custody and being question now. the lieutenant just took questions. here's all we know about the gunman. >> i can confirm we have a suspect in custody. they are interviewing him. we don't have an identification.
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he is a white adult male. the gun that was used is a long gun. >> the response here was ridiculously fast. 60 seconds. i am not sure how that is possible. a few moments ago the governor and lieutenant praised the first responders to keep this awful event from being more deadly. >> we were called to an active shooter inside a building. our officers secured that building. >> there are 5 fatalities that we know of and several other persons are gravely injured. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. i want to thank the law enforcement professionals who responded. our emergency response team. they did an incredible job. they are still doing the job right now. the fact they responded within 60 seconds, i want to give
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serious praise to the city of annapolis for their response. we were here with the state agencies to back them up. we have federal agencies. it's a tragic situation. >> and it's difficult to overstate how huge the police presence is here. we have helicopters and bomb squads and dozens of patrol cars. right now what is happening is investigators are going in to begin the long process of com combing through this large crime scene. the witnesses were taken to the mall. they are reuniting with their families inside the lord and taylor there. that's where police are interviewing them. i want to speak briefly about something that took place. this law enforcement had just held an active shooter training
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deal just one week ago. they were practicing for something like this to take place. now it has. they were here within 60 seconds. no doubt that saved a ton of lives tonight. bret. >> bret: chris, thank you. 60 seconds an amazing time. we will head back for breaking details. new york police deployed counter-terrorism teams in and around the city. nypd said the move is not based on a specific threat but out of an abundance ever caution. we will have more on the shooting later and head back to the scene if there is new information. in washington, the head of the fbi and the number 2 official at the justice department participateed in a contentious public hearing before the house judiciary committee.
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catherrin is on capitol hill tonight. >> russia is not being hurt by this investigation. we are. >> the ripple effect of the special probe dominated the hearings. >> whatever you've got, finish it the hell up! this country is being torn apart. >> we won't do our investigation subject to any political influence. >> the fbi's alleged use of confidential sources to gather intelligence by trump campaign aids drew fireworks. >> i. not keeping any information from congress. >> i think the house of representatives will say something different. >> i don't believe that's what they will say. >> the hearing unfolded, and the house passed a non-binding resolution calling on ross rosenstein to provide with held documents. >> do you think you are above the law? >> no, sir. >> for republicans other frustrati
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frustrations. >> you won't say to this committee it was a document you sign to spy on the trump campaign. >> on allegations first reported by fox news that rosenstein threatened investigators over the record's request. >> who are we supposed to believe? staff members who never misled us or you guys whom we have caught hiding information from us and telling witnesses not to answer our questions. >> i. telling the truth under oath. >> i know these staff members. >> democrats defended the republican appointed witnesss. >> each of you were appointed by president trump. is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> yes. >> you are one of the 13 angry democrats that my republican colleagues keep referring to? >> i do not consider myself an angry democrat. >> are you a democrat? >> i am not a democrat and iment
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not angry. >> lawmakers return the following week. citing the need to protect information. >> bret: president trump received briefings on the annapolis shooting coming on a day that featured big news about another summit. john roberts reports on the president's day. >> aboard air force one, president trump tweeted about the annapolis shooting. my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families he said. thank you to all of the first responders who are on the scene. the fbi, atf and other agency are available for the investigation. the president was on his way back to washington from wisconsin where he broke ground on a new 20 million fox-conplant that will create thousands of
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high-tech jobs. >> we are seeing the results of the pro-american issue. >> the bigger issue. how to replace departing supreme court justice just. >> the most important decision a president can make is the picking of the u.s. supreme court justices. >> president trump said he will pick a nominee from a list of 25 conservative judgeses he published last year. unlike judge gorsuch, this pick will solidify a 5-4 conservative majority at the court for years to come. >> we had a fantastic choice with justice gorsuch. he is doing a fantastic job. we are going to try to it do just as go. we will start working on that process. we already started.
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hopefully we will make you very proud. >> as contentious as this nomination will be the next vacancy could move the court to a 6-3 conservative majority. in fargo, north dakota, last night president trump said control of the senate is crucial in the november election. >> democrats want judges who will rewrite the constitution any way they want to do it and take away your 2nd amendments and erase your borders and throw open the jail house doors and destroy your freedoms. >> [booing]. >> we must elect more republicans! we have to do that. >> with his summit with vladimir putin moving president trump threw russia a bone tweeting that russia said they had nothing to do with meddling in our elections. that even contradicted what president trump said in the half. >> as far as hacking i think it
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was russia, but i think we also were hacked by other countries people. >> the move may have been aimed at building confidence with russia ahead of the summit as he did with north korea. russia hopes the meeting will yield results. >> it will be devoted to the state of our relations. we desire to be much better to put it mildly. >> president trump will meet with putin in finland on july 16th. that's where president bush met with gorbachev and where clinton met with yellsin. >> we have been around this block before. rumors about john kelly stepping down. >> rumors have been circulating. some believe that john kelly will step down after his 1 year
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anniversary at the end of july or before that. we are told the president is considering his director or the vice-president's chief of staff to replace him. friends of john kelly said he has no intention of going anywhere and hasn't spoken about it. and talking about it quoting the president on air force one, the president says the story is not true. fake news. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. today the house approved a 675-billion dollars miltary spending bill. it will go to the senate where a committee approved a similar measure this week. on the markets the dow finished the day up 98. the s&p 500 rose 17. nasdaq jumped 59. first lady melania trump visited a pair of immigrant housing facilities today in arizona. first arrived in tucson.
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later went to phoenix where she met with 2 dozen protestors as well who propped up a large inflatable of president trump cloaked in a kkk robe. vice-president pence is in central america bringing millions in u.s. aid to a region contributing to the immigration crisis. meeting with ecuador's president and encouraging him to hold a firm line against venezuela who is experiencing political and economic crisis. why we are here in orlando. tonight's debate. it features 2 self-described conservatives who want to align with president trump. only one has his seal of approval. peter sets this up. >> millions of americans aspire to live in florida. they are a big focus of the front runner to become the republican nominee for governor. >> putnam.
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>> people are moving to florida. >> the agricultural commissioner has a double digits lead airing ads like this. >> college is not the only path to success. it's okay to say it. >> he will be joined by desantos who started his day in d.c. >> you should be rescued more so than jeff sessions. >> they attracted attention outside of florida which putmamis trying to exploit. >> i'm proud we have more donors from florida. >> desantos was in d.c. doing the job the roberts -- voters elected him to do. the focus is promoting a high-profile endorsement. >> backed by the big man himself. president trump said desantos is
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a pril brilliant leader. tonight is seen as a 2020 kick off. >> it's easier to campaign if you have a republican governor. we are looking to keep the governor's mansion, we know this election will set up trpresiden trump for his reelection in 2020. >> party leaders believe what happens between tonight's debate and the primary 2 months from tonight could make a big difference 2 years from now on whether or not president trump will can countdown on florida's electoral votes again. >> bret: thanks. up next. the panel on a busy news day. this is a tomato you can track from farm, to pot, to jar, to table. and serve with confidence that it's safe.
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>> ♪
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>> bret: this is a fox news alert. our top story. police in annapolis, maryland say 5 people are dead tonight. many others hurt after a shooting in a local newspaper office. police say they have an adult white male in custody. they say he had what was described as a long gun. this is thought to be one of the deadliest attacks on journalists in u.s. history. we will have more information as soon as it becomes available. lets bring in our panel from the washington studio. byron york, leslie marshall, and joining us from new york jason riley. a "wall street journal" columnist. thoughts about this, the big are we often deal with in shootings? >> well, this is the time not to come up with any conclusions about the shooting. we don't know what happened.
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we don't the idented of the shooter. was this a domestic dispute? would you he a disgrunteled employee or was this political isn't debate that always follows a shooting, hold off for a while. >> bret: leslie p-? >> i agree. people go to work every day. you don't think is the day i will die. to die in such a heinous manner must echo the sentiments of the first responders getting there in 60 seconds. god knows how many other lives could be lot. this was not a semi-automatic weapon. it was a long gun and the damage done to the families that received that horrific phone call that none ever us ever wants to get. we get so many more of in our nation. >> bret: rain ands. -- jason, your thoughts?
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>> well, we have all worked in news rooms. we are all journalists. this hits home. i agree with both leslie and byron. it's too early to draw conclusions. unfortunately that's what happens. the focus is not on the heroics of the first responders or the grief of the families. everyone pulls out the talking points. if you followed twitter, the president tweeted his condolens and was attacked for and blamed for doing that. we should find out first what happened. >> bret: big news out of washington today. the hearing in the house judiciary committee. one. exchanges from this afternoon. >> i am the attorney general from the united states. your statement that i am concealing information.
3:22 pm
>> you are the boss, mr. rosenstein. >> that's correct. you are using this to attack me personally. >> i am not wrong. >> that was the roughest exchange between jim jordan and rob rosenstein. jordan and others complained about readdictions that don't make sense or were not necessary in documents handed over. rosenstein said only look at me. important to remember today that the house passed with 226 votes saying that the justice department has been withholding information and they should turn it over immediately. while bob goodlat, the chairman of the judiciary committee said they are performing better but there is a lot they have not turned over. >> bret: peter strzok in his
3:23 pm
testimony had a doj lawyer there and didn't answer all of the questions. the president tweeted out today. peter strzok worked as the leader of the rigged witch hunt and was only fired because the gig was up. he took his orders from comey and mccabe and they took their orders from mueller and comey best friends. jason, there is a frustration on capitol hill and under the country. your thoughts about all of this? >> well, congress is a co-equal branch of government with oversight responsibilities. some people at justice seem slow to understand that. congress's role here. when you tell the congressman about the volumes of documents you sent them knowing that's not what is relevant. it's the redactions that are relevant. are you turning over the documents that were asked for? they are not. there is a frustration among republicans that rob rosenstein hasn't rained in this mueller investigation and kept mueller
3:24 pm
on track and made sure he is doing what he was asked to do and not going astray on fishing expeditions. there is a lot of frustration here. >> bret: leslie, the other big news is the summit on july 16th between trump and putin. here's the president. >> it will be great. the world has to start getting along. we will be talking about syria and ukraine and many other subjects. we will see what happens. >> i recommend everyone to refrain from using the word break through meetings. i suggest a pragmatic and realistic attitude towards these meetings. russian and american relations were ready for meetings because the bilateral agenda demanded it. >> bret: some people have a problem with the meeting at all.
3:25 pm
this set people off. the president said russia continues to say they have nothing to do with meddling in our election. why isn't hillary and russia being looked at? so many questions and so much corruption. thoughts? >> i don't know if the president is trying to do what he did with north korea which was a photo opthat didn't benefit the united states but benefitted north korea. with russia, another photo-op. you have the president suggested with putin and other investigations that have showed contrary to what the president is tweeting out. the appearance he is endorsing putin's take and reasoning for annexing crim ea. i don't think the president
3:26 pm
should meet with putin. what are we getting out of this meeting. we should not acdomidate putin. it should be the other way around. >> the president takes any opportunity to make his dense in the trump and russia affair. on the other side, trump and putin could talk about all of these tough things the president has done as far as russia is concerned. sending arms to ukraine. striking russia in syria. developing new missiles and low-yield nuclear weapons and pushing nato to spend more money. a lot of policies things donald trump has done nation to new sanctions more than the obama administration put on that have not been done before. >> bret: all right. panel, thank you very much. a busy day. tonight a quick commercial break while i head over to the set for the fox news debate with the top 2 republican candidates in the
3:27 pm
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>> ♪ >> in the heat of summer. nation's biggest swing state is up for grabs. >> ♪ >> republicans in florida hope to keep control of the governor's mansion heading into 2020. the sunshine state has been key to deciding presidential elections. >> i will win florida. you can write that down on a piece of paper. >> from the hanging chads of 2,000 to the nail biter in 2016. >> the chance that trump wins florida? >> it might be him. >> florida chose the winner in all but one presidential election since 1964. >> donald trump will be the 45th
3:31 pm
president of the united states. >> ♪ >> now, the republican candidates for governor face tough questions. >> [inaudible]. >> from a horrive shooting at a parkland high school to the border battle in a state full of immigrants. >> ♪ >> an aging population concerned about health care. >> they want a place to retire and have government off their back. >> the republican nomination could come down to 2 candidates. >> adam putnam front runner. >> i fought back. as your governor i won't back down. >> a farmer and business owner and self-proclaimed nra sellout. >> it's important to distinguish between law aa abiding citizens from the monsters who shot up parkland high school.
3:32 pm
>> and congressman ron desantis. >> we will win this race. >> [cheers and applause]. >> an iraq war vet does u.s. congressman who has the endorsement of president trump. >> as governor of florida you will have to have a relationship with the white house. if we have a hurricane, we need aid. i call the president directly. >> putnam attacks his opponent as missing in action. >> this is a florida based race. washington is not going to get it done. dialing in a gubernatorial campaign from out of state, long-distance, doesn't going to get it done. >> desantis calls putnam a career politician who spends more time campaigning and not working for the people of florida. >> you could campaign your whole life fine, that's not the way the world works. i can campaign and also do my job and show people i am a leader. >> tonight the 2 candidates face off right now on america's election headquarters. >> ♪ >> ♪
3:33 pm
>> [cheers and applause]. >> welcome to the gaylord palms resort and convention center in orlando. tonight the top two republicans in the race for florida governor face off. i am bret baier. >> i. martha maccallum. before we start, we are still following the tragic events of the afternoon. a shooting at a newsroom in maryland. the latest that we know is that at least 5 people are dead. multiple people are injured. and the gunman is in custody. >> the people who work to bring you the news became togethers today. -- targets today. we don't know why. we will get to the topic later
3:34 pm
in the debate. first issues key in florida and to the nation. >> let's meet them. first we have adam putnam, the florida commissioner of agric t agriculture. >> [cheers and applause]. >> and we have ron desantis. a congressman representing florida's 6th district. welcome. the rules of the debate be simple. you have 60 seconds to answer and 30 seconds for follow-ups and 30 seconds if their name is mentioned by either candidate. >> you go over the allotted time you will hear a bell and it sets off dogs around the nation think it's the door bell. commissioner putnam, justice anthony kennedy retirement announcement could have a major effect on many issues considering that he was the swing vote in the u.s. supreme court. abortion may be one of the biggest. both of you on stage said you would sign the heart deteriorate
3:35 pm
beat bill here in florida which would ban abortions aftera fetal heart beat is detected. that is viewed as a direct challenger to roe v. wade. do you believe that the next supreme court justice should vote on overturn roe v. wade? >> first our prayers are with the good people in naps. -- annapolis. we are grateful for the law enforcement officers that responded so rapidly. what an exciting time to be in front of a live audience of 1,000 florida republicans. it's different than a washington, d.c. studio. welcome to florida, congressman. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i am thrilled that president trump has a second opportunity to remake the u.s. supreme court with a constitutionalist
3:36 pm
justice. this is going to be exciting for decades to come. we look forward to seeing who it is. if they are near as good as justice gorsuch has been, it's an exciting time for america. yes, i said i would sign the heart beat bill. we need a constitutionalist on the bench someone that won't try to make law from the bench but will abide by our constitution and protect and defend lives. >> [cheers and applause]. >> that means yes, it should be a justice who overturns roe v. wade? >> we should have a strict constitutionalist on the bench. someone that recognizing the individual rights in this country. someone who also recognizes that our founders intend itted that you defend life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. i am honored to have the support of the florida family action council in the governor's race
3:37 pm
here in florida. they know that as governor i will pursue a pro-life agenda here in florida as florida's next governor. >> congress desantis, the same question to you. your question: would it be someone to overturn roe v. wade? >> i am proud to have the endorsement of president trump in this race. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i think that donald trump has done a better job of appointing judges to the u.s. supreme court and the appeals court than any other president in my lifetime incleating one -- including one ever my heroes ronald reagan. the opportunity to replace justice kennedy should be a constitutionalist in the mold of scalia or clarence thomas who understands the court is to apply the law as it is written and not to legislate or impose a judge's philosophy on the rest of the country.
3:38 pm
there is an an log in florida. the next governor will have 3 appointments to the state supreme court. any. the best position to identify those candidates for the state supreme court who will apply the law faithfully. if we get it right we can end judicial activism in florida for a generation. >> [cheers and applause]. >> congressman desantis, today president trump announced he will meet with the russian president vladimir putin on july 16th in finland. he sent a tweet saying russia continue its to say they have nothing to do with meddling in our election. but vice-president pence and trump's own intelligence agency said interference took place. who is right? >> there is a difference between
3:39 pm
that russia may have done. i think they are always up to no good and tried to do cyber stuff in our election. but that's different than saying there was collusion between trump's campaign and russia. there was no collusion. i have been on the front line to uncover the anti-trump bias. you have the guy who opened up the collusion investigation. peter strzok, he opened up the investigation a week later said no, trump won't be president. we will stop him. a week later he texted his lover and said we need an insurance policy in case this guy wins. i am one of the few who were out there from the beginning when comey was fired. i was right there saying that was the right thing to do. when mueller was appointed. i said there was no basis. i was on your show hours after mueller was appointed. i was waiting for bat polls or media said. i knew it was wrong and i stood
3:40 pm
for what i believed was right. >> mr. putnam, as you just heard, president trump endorsed your opt. opponent? why is the president wrong? >> the president is going to more than hold his own in a summit against putin. i am proud of him for taking it on and his agenda to make america great. i am running a florida first campaign. i care more about the schools in our country than what is going on in washington, d.c. i care more about what is going on in florida with infrastructure and the quality of our water than i do about what is going on in russia. i care more about the other st. petersburg, florida. a florida first agenda will put vocational training back into our schools. it's going to increase the times of career opportunities that keep our brightest and best here
3:41 pm
in florida. and make us a magnet for talent from around the world. that's the job of the next governor of the great state to put the third largest state in a position to help make america great again by our strength in florida. >> [cheers and applause]. >> commissioner, considering all of that, tonight, are you repaired -- prepared to endorse president trump in 2020? >> most assure dly and i look forward to campaigning with him. >> in 2016 you could not find him if you had a search warrant. >> i support our president's agenda for our country and all of us paid less in taxes this year because of trump's tax
3:42 pm
cuts. i love the fact he is taking it to our so-called trading partners partners to defend florida farmers and he went to north korea to denuclearize the peninsula and the fact he is getting another supreme court and together we get to watch america get wert by the day while hillary clinton explains the title of her book, what happened. she lost, that's what happened. >> congressman desantis, you have the endorsement of president trump. but according to two recent polls, your opponent has the support of twice as many florida republicans as you do. you made a lot of appearances on your network. leading commissioner putnam to say you are running this race from a d.c. tv studio. you have 42% of your campaign contributions coming from out of
3:43 pm
state. how do you respond to what he is charging? >> he said i have not spent enough time in florida. i was born and raiseed in florida. my little league team went to the little league world series representing florida. i went to it high school here. worked $6 an hour to make something of myself. i didn't have anything handed to me. there were times i wish i could have spent more time in florida. the christmas of 2006 i was not home with my family. i was in guantanamo bay cuba. as an officer. the next christmas in 2007, i was in iraq working for the commanding officer. i would have loved to have been in florida with my family. sometimes duty calls and you have to step up and do what is right. some of the things i have been doing to support our president agenda, this morning i was
3:44 pm
grilling rob rosenstein why there was anti-trump bias and why they are not coming clean with us and why they were monitoring the trump campaign. that's what i was paid to do. at the end of the day both things are very, very important. i will keep doing both. >> 42% of your contributions come from out of state? >> well, if florida you have to understand, there are a lot of people who spend half the year in florida. a lot of these people they talked about are big supporters of president trump. donald trump himself spends a lot of time in florida. he is not a florida resident. what will happen because of the tax cuts we passed getting rid of the subsidy for high tax states, people will say why do i have a business in illinois? i can bring it to florida. we have a great opportunity to do better in finance, technology and manufacturing if we have the right policy and if we build off the great success of governor rick scott. >> [cheers and applause].
3:45 pm
>> mr. putnam, in recent weeks we have seen a real rise in instability around the issue of border policy. last week pam bondi was harassed in a movie theatre here. many democrats and even a few republicans say that president trump set the tone here at the beginning. during the campaign, you were one of those critical republicans. congressman desantis mentioned it there. you called trump vile and obscene and dishonorable. does he deserve some of the blame? >> i didn't call the president those things. i support the president. the president did not set the tone that the democrats are
3:46 pm
trying to blame him for. look at what maxine waters has said. your question about out of state influence in florida. the real danger is noting what is going -- this stage, it's the fact that two men are trying to high jack florida politics. it's not because they care about how long he spend in traffic or care about the quality of our schools in northwest florida. it's not because they care about the quality of the water in the lake. it's because they care about one thing only. that is defeating our president, taking back the white house and that won't happen in florida. that won't happen on our watch! we can't let the left hijack florida's politics, florida's governor mansion or florida's cabinet or legislature. >> let me respond. this is personal.
3:47 pm
a years ago i was on the baseball field in virginia. i was throwing balls to steve scalise who was playing 2nd base and jeff and i decided to beat d.c. traffic does left 5 minutes before steve was shot. we were getting into a car. a man whom we didn't know came up to us and said are those republicans on the field? we were like yes. the republican team. we pull away. two minutes later he grabs a rifle. thank god i was not there. i would have been in the line. he shot steve. he would have shot 10 or 15 republicans. he was motivated by anti-trump rage. he was a raving lunatic. but if there were a fox news viewing trump supporter who did that are if democrats the media would view it as the biggest thing in world history. there they swept it under the rug. people didn't talk about it after a week. this instability, i don't blame
3:48 pm
donald trump. i blame that guy and all of his left wing-friends for whipping up this frenzy and i. leading the fight to censure maxine waters for her conduct. >> there are those who say it's fine to point a finger at maxine waters and say that's uncivil behavior. a lot of people would agree with you. the president is the president of the united states. he has a role to play in restoring civility. does he? >> i deal with this all of the time. in washington and the country trump has almost the entire media against him. fake news against him day after day and the democratic party and the lobbyists after him and he has got some republicans who have come after him. he is under an attack like no president has faced.
3:49 pm
he is standing tall for us and working hard. the last thing i want to do is lob hand grenades at the president. support the president and understand what he is up again and he is facing opposition unlike any other president we have seen. >> [cheers and applause]. >> do you want to respond? >> we have lost a number of law enforcement officers in the state of florida this year. i think that it's important that we remember the things that were said by the last president that undermined the men and women in law enforcement. that questioned their commitment. they stand on that thin blue line between order and chaos. i believe that anyone who wants to point the finger at president trump needs to look at the comments made by president obama. anti-law enforcement and anti-sheriff and anti-cop. and make absolutely certain that
3:50 pm
everyone in florida knows the next governor will always have their backs. there method of incivility did not begin with president trump. it's only reported by the left wing media because they want to undermine our president and the conservative movement. >> all right. meanwhile the debate over children being separated from their parents at the border has reached a fever pitch. florida is right in the middle of it all. peter reports. >> [shouting]. >> the sunshine state is in the spotlight because the second largest temporary shelter hosting border crossings kids split from parents is here. >> we want to see these children get back with their parents. >> immigration authorities in florida have been busy long before the family separation issue boiled over. there are 760,000 unauthorized immigrants in florida. 3rd most in america.
3:51 pm
>> we can't encourage others to under go the same dangerous journey. >> ice arrests in florida are up 76 president outpacing the 30% uptick nationally. >> immigration protecting the borders is a primary thing we are all focussed on. our military is overseas fighting that front for us. we have to do it here. >> visitors who overstay their visas makeup most of florida's undocumented aliens. >> you have a significant proportion of the population non-latino population. >> most of the talk about the border is focussed on california, arizona and texas it, but florida has more than 1300 miles of coast line. thousands of illegal immigrants are apprehended here every year. you can't keep them out with
3:52 pm
a wall. >> thanks, peter. congress desantis, as peter reported. there are 1200 migrant children houseed in 3 detention facilities in the state of florida. should these separations ever have been used by the administration as a deterrent to illegal immigration or was that a mistake? >> the folks that come illegally with minors they should reunited with their families but in their own country. >> [cheers and applause]. >> this is a big point of disagreement between commissioner putnam and me. he joined with nancy pelosi as the only republican in florida to vote against allowing military on our border to secure it. as commissioner he endorsed the gang of 8, immigration amnesty
3:53 pm
in history. when we had a chance in florida to do e-verify to shut off the jobs spigot, it would be good for taxpayers, he twisted arms in the state senate and helped kill it behind the sequence. -- scenes. he didn't put florida there. he put big donors ahead of the interest of our citizens. >> commissioner putnam, i want to give you the full-time to respond. your opponent calls you amnesty adam. >> that's rich for someone who voted to give food stamps to illegal immigrants. >> that's not true. you know that! come on! >> here's the deal. >> [laughing]. >> let's talk about florida. our immigration laws need to be
3:54 pm
enforced. the president laid out 4 pillars. secure our borders. end the visa lottery. reform chain migration and bring a permanent resolution to the daca children. washington as recently as this week, washington yet again let us down and let the president down by not passing a fix to immigration. here in florida, our 21 million floridians are playing $100-million a year to feed, clothe and house criminal illegal aliens in our prison system. that will end. that has end. it will end as part of my secure florida first agenda. the sheriff you saw in the clip endorsed me. your sheriff endorsed me and i. excited about 45 sheriffs who have endorsed me. they know both of our records and they know who is best for
3:55 pm
securing our borders and keeping floridians safe. >> he didn't refute anything because they are true. if i am governor i will work hard and will sign e-verify into law in florida. he won't do that. because his big donors want that cheap foreign labor. that lowers wages for floridians. it's bad for the rule of law and not good for taxpayers. for him to say i supported ben gets for illegals. that's dead wrong. i voted against a farm bill that had obama's food stamp program codified. that was a terrible bill. i was right to vote no. what he is saying is not true. he is weak on the border. he has been weak on illegal immigrants and supported the gang of 8 amnesty which is a terrible piece of legislation. >> commissioner, you endorsed
3:56 pm
the former florida governor jeb bush in 2016. many people thought of the reason he lost was because of the immigration issue. do you think he was right. >> look, he was my friend and our -- he was my friend and governor. i am proud of what he did for our state. he was focused on florida. i am focused on florida. [cheers and applause] my secure florida first plan will reinstate the relationship with i.c.e. that went away under the obama administration so that they will be detained and deported by the feds, but not on florida taxpayer's dimes. i'm supported by law enforcement, pba, fop and 45 sheriffs because they have seen both records and endorsed me to be the next governor to keep floridian safe. that is what a florida first
3:57 pm
agenda is, and that is what the governor of florida should be focused on. >> gentlemen, thank you. standby for breaking news unfolding just hours ahead of this debate, another deadly shooting in our nation this afternoon. today's tragedy brings us to another hotly debated issue that has left deep scars here in florida. guns. >> we will have that and much more as we continue the debate live from orlando. [cheers and applause] ♪ with tripadvisor, finding your perfect hotel at the lowest price... is as easy as dates, deals, done!
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> welcome back orlando and the florida republican gubernatorial primary debate. congressman descent has come a question for you. there are 850,000 illegal immigrants living in the state of florida. that's more than 6% of the labor force here. would you deport all 850,000 of those people? >> well as governor i'm not going to have that authority, that something the federal government would do. but here's what i would do, there's not going to be any sanctuary cities in the state of florida. and if there is a local official in its in a category where the governor can do this, any official engaging in that