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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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interaction with him. you have to wonder. they could be seated right next to each other. that might be awkward. that's our "story" for tonight. have a great weekend. tucker carlson is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy friday. according to a news report that dropped last night, michael cohen, donald trump's former personal attorney, is prepared to testify in the mueller probe that the president knew about a june 2016 meeting in new york city between his son don jr. and a russian lawyer who claimed she had dirt on the hillary clinton campaign. let's assume that all of this is literally true. what does it mean? why should we care? if you have watched television over the last 24 hours, you know
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the answers. what this means is the end of the trump presidency and not the united states tis. -- itself. nothing is as momentus as this. don junior's meeting with a russian lawyer. who knew about this meeting? what were they wearing when they met? it's on the questions like these that the face of nations hang. the huffing and the puffing. >> that puts donald trump in a conspiracy on this issue before the fact. that evidence on its face, if it was supported would be an impeachable offense. >> he had prior knowledge the russians were seeking to do this and gave them a green light. >> until now we have not had a smoking gun that placed donald trump sr. the presidency in the
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center of the conspiracy. this is huge. this could prove the president colluded. that's an impeachable offense. >> criminal liability for the president. there you have it. a genius thinks this is a big deal. is it? if the president lied about it or anything else under oath, that's a big deal. perjury is always a big deal. otherwise it's hard to see the point of the hysteria. what would be the crime be? it's not illegal to talk to foreigners. nobody is claiming that information changed hands. if it does, so what? as lefty greenwailed wrote this afternoon. if getting dirt about opponents is treason why was it okay to work with foreign schillinoffic
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good question. the clinton campaign pay ad foreign national for dirt from other foreign nationals especially from russians. unlike the trump campaign the democrats succeeded. they produced a dossier based on misinformation from russian sources. that changed the source of american history. the obama administration used it to spy on opponents. and they overshadowed or neutered the trump administration. democrats claim the opposite of course. accusing opponents of doing pretty much exactly what they did. that may look like hypocrisy and it's but it's more. a political tactic. scream as loud as you can in the
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hope that our opponents will be intimidateed to accept your fraudulent premise. it often works and that's why they do it. it only works when the rest of us play along with it. let's stop. a former radio host and staffer of chuck schumer joins us tonight. chris, if it's wrong to meet with russians to get dirt on your political opponents, it's okay to play foreign nationals to get dirt from russians when the dnc and hillary clinton both did? >> it's very different for a campaign to spend money to do opposition research in a foreign country than for a foreign government like the russians to invest in disarming our election security to benefit one candidate. that's the big difference here. there is nothing wrong with
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paying for your own research. >> tucker: hold on. the russian government -- we know this. they fed this information to christopher steele who was paid by the democratic national committee and the hillary campaign to get that information. i am not accusing anyone of a crime. that's a step farther than what you accuse don jr. of doing but that's okay because it's different. explain how that is very different, if you would. >> well, here is the difference when it comes to don jr. if what michael cohen is saying true and donald trump sr. knew about the meeting, donald trump jr. [inaudible]. that's a crime. >> tucker: hold, hold on. >> if it's no big deal, why are they all lying about it?
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>> tucker: okay. i stipulated at the out set, this will come as a surprise to clinton defenders it's a crime we ought to take seriously if anyone lies under oath. we believe in punishing crimes. >> and donald trump jr. lied. >> tucker: i don't know that. i don't know if cohen is telling the truth. i don't know why cohen would hire trump in the first place. the core accusation that it's immoral to meet with the russian source to get dirt on your opponent is what hillary clinton did. but it's treason when trump does. explain how that works. >> what the email to don jr. said it is how the russian government hopes to aid your father. that was in the email. if that email had gone to barack obama or hillary clinton the
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same people in congress who spent 3 years investigating who wrote the talking points would have hearing after hearing. congress needs to do its job and have a hearing. >> tucker: we know the russian government aided the clinton campaign by giving false information to christopher steele. >> we don't know that. >> tucker: they testified before congress that he did. >> christopher steele was paid to get information. >> tucker: from the russians. where do you think it came from? >> from where were he could get it from. he was not given direction -- >> tucker: we don't know that. hold on. you don't know that. we know for a fact he got -- >> overlight overweight. -- [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: that's not a big deal? this is a farce. i am sick of playing along with
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it. if there is perjury indict and see if you can convict. stop pretending that meeting with a foreigner is a crime. i will show you a picture. this is chuck schumer, it's your former boss. >> i can't see it. >> tucker: the question is i thought he was a loyal american. >> that was 2002. >> tucker: i thought he was a patriotic person. >> that was not in 2016. >> tucker: oh, really? it was cool for him to meet? they are doing secret energy deals together. i am not saying that chuck schumer should be in prison for treason. i am not saying that. >> you are smart enough to know what that is. >> [overlapping talking]. >> what has to happen is
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congress needs to have an investigation to know what went on. >> tucker: to get to the bottom of what chuck schumer was talking about. >> we could have the truth. what chuck was talking about. do. that we want a hearing right now. >> [overlapping talking]. >> we want an investigation of what happened in 2016. >> tucker: okay. should we have paid a foreign national to get dirt from the russians, shouldn't we have a hearing about that? or is that outside of the scope of the hearing because it would not help your party. this is all partisan crap. let's get real. >> they already had numerous hearings about this the steele dossier but not what donald trump jr. said to his dad. we know donald trump jr. told his dad about that. >> tucker: really? how do you know that? have you talked to them?
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>> [overlapping talking]. >> tucker: how often do you assert things as facts that you don't know as facts. you say we know something that we don't really know. is that a tactic you use? >> i think it's my own opinion. let me clarify. >> tucker: so you have no idea but you are guessing. okay. >> donald trump jr. would it would don sr. [overlapping talking]. he would probably tell him. >> tucker: based on your intimate of the trump family. this is getting too crazy for me. people should stop pretending this is real when it's fake. we know it's fake. we know that! [laughing]. chris, good to see you. don joins us now.
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i am starting to conclude, dan, that we are actually complicit in this insanity by playing along with it. when someone paid money to a foreign national to get dirt from the russians accuses someone else of colluding with the russians you should not take it seriously. why we are adding to the craziness pretending this is real? >> i don't know. i like chris off the air a lot. he is a great guy, but we are all dumber. we may have lost 10 iqpoints. you noticed how he scrambled when you asked him a simple question. this is a complicated case. we are all adding to the madness. we can't figure out how in one case was the crime of the century a meeting between trump's kid and a couple of russians.
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one connected to the lawyers and another to fusion gps that the clintons hired. they show up and pass no information about actual russians or collusion. that's the crime of the century. but actual russians who put together information according to their own dossier who passed it to the clinton team which was used, tucker, to spy on an american citizen and take down a presidency, nothing to see here, folks. ignore that but pay attention to this meeting. this is insane. i can't believe we are having this conversation. >> tucker: i should also note that we learned recently if you have any questions about what the government did spying on the private american citizen, you dan, are unpatriotic for asking questions. it's wrong to question the official narrative, got it?
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>> this whole case is based on the dossier. michael cohen's tweet about the dossier. he called it a lie filled document. their star witness calls it a lie filled document. comey called it salacious and unverified. the head of the division investigating the case said it was in its infancy in verfavics. -- verification. it sounds like a winner. this sounds like a great case. you knocked it out of the park. >> tucker: [laughing]. i don't want to be mean, but i can't imagine how you could wind up with michael cohen as your personal lawyer. whoever is running the trump hr department needs to be fired. you would not hire michael cohen as your lawyer. dan, great to see you. >> yes, sir. >> tucker: one of the biggest
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5:18 pm
intentional. this congressman was conservative shadow banned by twitter and filed a complaint against the company. congressman. thanks for coming on. first, you are certain this happened to you and it was intentional? >> well, i am certain there were only 4 members of congress who had their voices suppressed on twitter. that would be one hell of a coincidence. my suspicion if people were communicating a conservative message they were caught in twitter's troll tap. i think that's illegal because it gives advantages to our political opponents and gives them access to a flat form we don't have. -- platform we don't have. if they were a billboard company that would be illegal. here it's at auto-fill-in
5:19 pm
function that was not available to me and nunes, meadows or jim jordan and it's available to democrats. >> tucker: you believe the fec can remedy this? >> they can absolutely institute fiance against any company that makes a corporate donation. here the donation is allowing democrats and people running against me to have access to element of the search feature i didn't have access to. why? twitter said it was my behavior that resulted in this. i don't know what behavior that is. do we trust tech companies to just decide with no trance transparency to limit access. >> tucker: twitter is a small player. it's a failing company anyway. google dominates tech.
5:20 pm
it's the portal through which almost all human information flows. if google with held information that would have a huge effect. congress exists to make sure the pub interest is represented. i have not heard a member of congress say we will get to the bottom of this. why not? >> well, members of congress don't understand the gravity of the issue. now we have the targets drawn on our foreheads. you will see more engagement from the congress coming from. a libertarian might ask why should i not just leave twitter? twitter and other social media companies use the federal government to get rid of lawsuits they don't want to defend against and use a provision that requires them to hold themselves out as a neutral public forum. twitter and facebook can't say we are neutral and should not
5:21 pm
have respond to lawsuits but tell me our behavior results in suppress on their platform. >> tucker: google as the monopoly and so does facebook and they continually suppress information. up next a law center is a sham group dedicateed to shaming enemies of the left. the fbi is collaborating with them. the story we have broken. we will tell you what we found next. just one free hearing test at
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>> tucker: you know if you had paid attention southern poverty law center is a fraudulent organization. it has nothing to do with the south and poverty. they are used to crush people. in 2012 they inspired a shooting attack on the family research counsel labelling them a hate group. last month they paid 3.3-million dollars for falsie calling a foundation anti-muslim extremist. we could go on. they lie. they are reckless and totally dishonest. with that in mind, it was shocking to discover as jaded as we are that the fbi has a long
5:26 pm
history of collaborating with the southern poverty law center. the fbi called them an established, incredible organization that monitors domestic terrorism. they were allowed to brief the fbi on alleged terrorist threats. the fbi refuses to describe their collaboration with this group. we received mindless boilerplate statements like this one. quote, for many years the fbi engaged with various organizations. such outreach is critical for the fbi's mission and:
5:27 pm
mindless pap that doesn't answer the question. congressman gates of florida sent a letter to the fbi leader asking him to explain their relationship with this group. tonight the doj gave us another statement. it said, quote: the found er wassed founder and labeled as an extremist. he joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. it was partly from watching what they did to you that had us asking the question: to what extent are they involved
5:28 pm
with the federal government? we discovered this. tell our viewers your experience with them? >> it's curious and fascinating at the same time. i have been born and raised a muslim. i spent my teenage years with an organization seeking to enforce the law in muslim majority society. i got raddicalized and was a political prisoner in egypt and it was in jail i reformed and changed my views and decided to challenge extremism. they compiled a list what have they deemed as anti-muslim extremist. the sheer oddity of placing a muslim on the list of anti-muslim extremists led me to
5:29 pm
say i need justice. my entire life is defined about by struggle to find a place for muslims in the west that is at home in the west. it undermined by entire's life's work. i found it a step too far. that's why i went to a lawyer and took action. >> tucker: scores of people like you, i think you are one of the most reasonable people on this subject of anyone i interviewed. once this group defines you as an extremist that hurts your foundation. >> it's already hard enough for liberal muslim reformists to speak out against extremism. they are targeted and often killed. there was a similar list
5:30 pm
published and many were knocked off by jihadists. a close friend was murdered on the streets of amsterdam. the list was stabbed into his body and named someone as being next. that's what we are up against. it placed me in grave danger and others in great danger. it also has material consequences. when they did what they did, the reason they produced these lists to convince the media and financial foundations not to give grants to these people or these organizations. it had that kind of material consequences for us as well. that's why we could not lie back and take this. we had to take action. >> tucker: i am glad you the fact that our fbi is
5:31 pm
collaborating with this group is really scary. thank you very much on your account. congratulations on winning. >> thank you. >> tucker: solid economic news. the biggest singe quarter gain in 4 years. america needs good american growth to solve the problem of young people suffering under great debt burdens than their parents. they leave school with over $30,000 in loans to pay off. what do they get in exchange? not much. we talked to this woman about the growing debt crisis. what are the effects of this on the country? >> in the housing market is
5:32 pm
delays the purchase of the first home for 7 years. that affects all of the economy because that person is not getting those additional 7 years of wealth accumulation. it affects the people selling their homeless. you are removing buyers from the equation. they have so much debt they can't buy a home. >> tucker: 1.5-trillion dollars is almost too big of a number to put in context. there are very few countries in the world with a gdp bigger than that. what would happen if baro -- bar start toad default? >> that's bigger than everything we owe on the car loans.
5:33 pm
credit card debt is less than a trillion. if they default who will be left holding the bag? a big challenge can you can't get through bankruptcy and remove this debt like you can with everything else. you won't pay your credit card bill or mortgage or your home loan. you don't have a choice in bankruptcy to not pay student debt. >> tucker: i don't understand how that works. i wonder why student loan debt is exemented from bankruptcy protections. how did they get a pass on that? >> you could end it in bankruptcy until 1995. when congress made it all but impossible. they did exclude their own offspring. if you are the child of a member of congress you can extinguish
5:34 pm
your student loan in bankruptcy court. >> tucker: for real? >> yes. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. was this a lobby operation where student loan lenders decided why would we want to face the risk of not getting our money back? >> the student loan lender is the federal government. you can't compete with the federal government. you see what the results of that is. this is like what we saw with sub-prime housing. what you saw was the government saying more and more people ought to own owns. -- homeless. they lowered the bar. that made the housing market shoot for the moon. they did the same thing here. with education. they want more people to get education. that's good but the way they about doing it is to make loans
5:35 pm
more accessible like we did with homes. what happened? you have seen the price of that education has sky rocketed. for example, if you looked at from 1985 to today, where the cost of education has gone up 4 times that of just inflation in general, it's not like wages have been keeping up with that. >> tucker: they have not. >> in 1971, the cost of a one year of education in college cost a little less than half of what the average guys makes in a year. today it's shy of 2 year's worth. >> tucker: that's unbelievable. the quality of college education has plummeted. the meaning of a degree has evaporated. this is a scam. thanks a lot. one university is cracking down
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5:41 pm
the liberal sherpa joins us tonight. cathy, thanks for coming on. i am often confused which is why i am grateful here to have you here. this one more than most. i thought starting a sentence with as you know would be a self-esteem booster, suggesting you already know this. it's bad for self-esteem? >> you are causing self-doubt because they i not know. i have self-doubt and would not do as well other students who may know. i feel another student feels something i don't know and the diversity department found that students found this phrase to be offensive and don't do as well in the classes.
5:42 pm
as you know causes self-doubt. >> tucker: as you know, the research has shown there is a direct connection with low self-esteem does self-doubt. isn't it a reflection of reality? if you already knew, what are you doing in college? students are ignorant. that's why they are in school to become learned, right? >> it doesn't make sense for a professor to say "as you knnk" in a classroom. you should not use unnecessary words or phrases to make your point. using "as you know" is unnecessary. you are not communicating properly with your audience. they are urging the professors not to use this phrase. >> tucker: they are not urging it because they have a commitment to clear language.
5:43 pm
>> yes. >> tucker: they can barely speak english. >> this is a diversity department urging this. >> tucker: everything i said times 5. it's more true. don't you want to patronnize your students and make them feel they know nothing? you want to highlight their ignorance because it will add to their thirst for knowledge? >> it's doing the opposite. at the university the students say "as you know" is causing self-doubt. no, we are not supposed to patronnize the students. we are supposed to fill them with confidence. there will be wonderful leaders in the future. we want a world like that. >> tucker: no, we have a lot of confident students. i interview them all the time. i would say we have too many
5:44 pm
confident students. most students knownology, you should be insecure does silent as you learn. if a student is so undone by a professor saying "as you know," you are not ready for college? >> isn't it wonderful that students are speaking up and saying professors are speaking down to us and as a communicator it's not making sense. they don't feel confident and they are telling the university we will feel more confident if this phrase is eliminated. they are urging the professors to get with this new program. >> tucker: join the revolution
5:45 pm
or be eaten. do you want to live in a world where college students are empowered to talk a lot, honestly? >> to speak up, yes. >> tucker: to give their opinions, speak up? be heard, do you want to live in that world? >> i want to live in a better world. i like the world that changes with the times. i don't want to live in a world -- >> tucker: i know you do. [laughing]. that's why we love you. that's why we are having you back on monday for a segment more confusing than this one. thank you very much. the fbi is supposedly protecting americans from crime. the next guest says the fbi's war on civil liberties made them a threat. you're turning onto the street
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> tucker: well, we have a public service announcement. we didn't expect to bring this to you. our crack control room spotted the creepy porn lawyer on cnn. they had the sound off. but it hurt our feelings. this is the fifth or 6th other tv network he's done. we asked him and he turns us down. creepy porn lawyer, you always have a home on our program any time. we will clear the decks for you. hope to see you toon. -- soon. the fbi has been trusted with enormous power. they can break down your front door and put you in jail. they are supposed to use these
5:51 pm
powers to protect americans, but the fbi is abusing its power and deriving people of their civil liberties. carter page was spied on for more than a year by the obama administration based on the assertions in the steele dossier that the fbi never bothered to verify. mark penn was an advisor to bill clinton and joins us tonight. i have been instruct -- shocked by the reaction to this. a naval officer. never charged with anything and spied on for a year. the normal chorus of civil libertarians are silent. why? >> i find it's incredible. people just used talking points
5:52 pm
before you could read the warrant. there was no probable cause. they scared a bunch of judges with stories about potential russ russia collusion and the steel dossier and he was on the pay rolls of the fbi, and the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign at the same time. even when that was discovered, they continued to use this information indicating they had nothing else. the idea that a government can spy on political campaigns with no evidence is frightening and needs to be corrected with legislation immediately. >> tucker: so, the precedent this sets, we are living in in moment. it's hard for us to see a week ahead. have you been in the white house and political campaigns. there will be another administration and one after that. what does this mean for them? will any president be able to trust that the fbi is not spying
5:53 pm
on him or his campaign? >> i saw in '98 working with president clinton the stress and strain on the president and the white house that occur with these investigations. you can see the stress and strain. everyone who participated in the compain. everyone who is an associate of donald trump is being shaken down and investigated. this kind of thing is not compatible with an open democracy why we decide things by elections. we have to make changes here. you have to be afraid about the fbi, the cia. all of the intelligence agencies, what they could be doing. not only when you are the president but running a campaign against the president. that sets this country apart is the peaceful transition of government. >> tucker: we are playing with very heavy duty things here. quickly, do you think that in the next year or two there is an
5:54 pm
answer to restore confidence in these agencies? >> i think that for any warrants that involve americans and americans in political campaigns, a special judge and procedure so the highest bar is established. it's unbelievable we not moved to do that. >> tucker: i agree. thank you very much. maxine waters back in the news. don't go away. are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from
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5:59 pm
maxine waters has no doubt about anything she says. she knows for a certainty she is right. how? because god told her so. >> [inaudible]. god send you out to do something, you better do it. >> [inaudible]. >> tucker: there you have it. maxine waters is not a political figure anymore. she is a theologian and fits in with the modern left. the point is not to convince voters. it's to burn witches. it's the story of the show every
6:00 pm
night exposing great details in "ship of fools," stay cheer. . see you monday. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." great news for the united states of america. the economy is booming after months of projections, the second quarter gdp numbers are in with over 4% growth. our economy is moving at its fastest pace in 4 years. in moments we will explain what this means for you and highlight the president's historic economic track record that the democrats are ignoring. the days of obama's pathetic economic stagnation are over. today i interviewed the president about the roaring economy.
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