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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 31, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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state" how an army of bureaucrats protected barack obama and is working to destroy the trump agenda. it'sat available for preorder n. on the bookstands september 18th. have a look at the "deep state." i appreciate it. "the ingraham angle" is up next. >> laura: good evening from chicago. i'm laura ingraham. welcome to the ingraham angle's special, "trump's legal battle." president trump is a fighter. no doubt about that. it's a good thing, because he's facing attacks on multiple fronts. in the next hour, we'll tell you how the media are putting stories out, some of them bullying lies to undermine the president's agenda. alan dershowitz will be here to discuss trump's latest fight with the justice department. you won't believe what we're learning about doj official bruce ohr. raymond arroyo is here with his friday folly segment with how he'll tell us how the funeral of
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at, music legend at times becama political rally. plus we have updates about nfl players kneeling during the anthem and president trump's's efforts to remake the nafta agreement all coming up. but first, our top story, cnn caught red-handed! as we've been telling you this week,e' cnn's blockbuster story last month about michael cohen was dead wrong! the network went wild with an anonymously-sourced report that claimed cohen was prepared to tell mueller's team that president trump knew in advance about thatt infamous 2016 trump tower meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. we now know that cnn lied about cohen's a attorney lanny davis being a source for the piece, andha here is a kicker: davis nw says the story is false, but still, cnn is sticking with its story and business insider is
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reporting thehe network isn't planning on revealing its alleged second source. huh? the left wonders why trump's fake news narrative is working. joining meve now for reaction is the federalist molly hemingway who is also a fox news contributor, howie kurtz, host of fox knees' media buzz and dinesh d'souza whose new film "death of a nation" is in theaters now and will be in a weekend longng all over labor day. dinesh, let's start with you here.. this is wild. i mean, cnn is, you know, this is cnn, the james earl jones booming voice and at one time back in the 80's when cnn started, it was considered kind of a gold standard of the new type of journalism. where does it stand now after this lanny davis story complete bungle by the network?
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>> one could think back is no stallically to the 80's where cnn had crossfire, a liberal, conservative, pat buchanan on one side and someone on the other. that's not cnn today. it's one thing to spin the news and interpret it in a manner consistent with your own ideological agenda but it's a completely different thing to have a story in which you are reporting facts, the facts are exposed as false, and you dig your heels in and say that they're true any way. i mean, this is taking fake news to a new level, and it is setting, you may say, almost a newy, standard of deception whih i think will haunt cnn for awhile. >> laura: dinesh, your movie "death of a nation" this is like "death of media." thisug is unbelievable. they claimed they tried to
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contact lanny davis initially with the story and he declined to comment but it turns out he was initially the source for the story? i mean, this story gets worse and worse the more people marinate on it. >> yeah, lanny davis has told me he never confirmed this allegation for cnn and he's sort of added himself as a source. look, cnn is trying to defend the indefensible. it won't discuss on the air or discuss publicly what went wrong with the story about what michael cohen knew that michael cohen's lawyer now says is not true. this one sentence "we stand by our story" stuff isn't working because the network is accusing the president of lying about his knowledge about the trump tower meeting. i'll tell you one other thing, laura, if the white house done something like this, threw out incendiary charge as the story began to crumble, cnn and lots of other news organizations would be hammering the place for stonewalling. >> laura: molly, not just how they're stonewalling tonight, it's how damaging the particular
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allegation was that they ran with particularly with some source they said was lanny davis which ended up kind of not being lanny davis, soof it's the underlying allegation about that trump tower meeting which we know would have been the crux of a mueller investigation. >> well, they claimed it was a bombshell when they first responded this story and as thew story is falling apart, i think part of the reason where they're unable to take responsibility for flubbing the story is that they hyped it so much, but it's really just part of a pattern of behavior for cnn as it relates to the russia collusion conspiracy theory they've been pushing for a year and a half and there's been other stories they claimed had multiple anonymous that also fell througg them claimed don jr. had advanced knowledge of a wikileaks dump. they had multiple sources but it turns out they never were true them claimed james comey would contradict donald trump's testimony about how james comey had told him three times he wasn't under investigation. well, we all saw that testimony. he admitted he had told
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president trump that three times, just as president trump said they never explained how they got that wrong. throws three examples of many stories they havee gotten wrong about the russia collusion theory. >> laura: dinesh, cnn isn't the only network under fire for botching a huge story, getting it wrong, but according now to new reports, the top brass at nbc tried to put the kibosh on ronan farrow's story forcing ronan farrow to take the story to the new yorker magazine where he won a pulitzer prize. tonight, rumors are also threatened that nbc news chairman andy is on the hot seat, this was after president trump weighed in on nbc's troubles w last night. >> remember the lines from nbc which is probably worse than cnn
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but the word is they're firing the head of nbc. what a great thing to do. how smart! >> laura: dinesh, this is unreal. harvey weinstein had a lot of power. >> i think if the cnn story is a lie of comission, the nbc story is a lie of omission. think of how powerful their ideology could have to be. remember, this is not a lie that would have helped trump. this is a lie to cover up a principle, the principle of sexual harassment, the principle of sexual abuse which is actually a principle on the left, and so essentially, this principle could only be trumped by a greater principle on the left, and the greater principle on the left here is we have to protect our own team.. they're very powerful people on the left, george soros and harvey weinstein. it's an unwritten rule in a sense, of progressive journalism
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these people are untouchable and you have to run defense for them and run protection for them. ins believe that was what was going on at nbc. >> laura: yeah, he thought he was untouchable and -- harvey weinstein thought everyone else was touchable. that's the problem here. howie curtis, this is another -- howie kurtz, this is another wild story. harvey weinstein had an enormous amount of influence in hollywood, an enormous amount of political clout with all the fundraisers he hosted and the money he raised, and deep friendships within the peacock. i mean, he and andy lack i hear were very good friendsk.. what happened to the "we treat all women the same as men?" "we believe in women's rights?" and when this ronan farrow young journalist was hot on the trail of this story, general said you better back off or we're going to smear you? these are reported allegations by, i guess, the producer of
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farrow's work. >> that particular allegation denied by nbc. it remains a huge embarrassment for nbc after eight months of research had let ronan farrow walk out the door with the prize-winning storynb and essentially launched the me too movement and now you have farrow's investigative producer who just left nbc saying this was a massive breech of journalistic integrity by nbc and nbc was never enthusiastic about the story, nbc said they didn't have enough and nobody willing to go on camera but two months later, this meticulously reported piece was in the new yorker. >>d laura: what's your gut on this, howry? do you y think this producer is blowing smokewi here? it sounds a little odd to me, doesn't it? likein, "oh, they said today he didn't have enough sources. it wasn't well sourced enough." i think he was working on it, and they came down on him saying no. >> when you're reporting, you know whether your bosses are
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enthusiastic, particularly about a sensitive-investigated piece. nbc was not. nbc was willing to let him walk out the door and so -- >> laura: exactly. >> -- so nothing could change the fact nbc blew this one big time! >> laura:: and, molly, before we let you go, this story also bled into andrew cuomo, because the report came out that he pulled back on an investigation into weinstein, i guess after what weinstein's attorney, gave a $25,000 donation so it even bleeds into that part of the political world$2. >> it's really clear that we see a lot of stories get suppress -- that get suppressed or elevated based affiliations or friendships. that's really not good. we want to believe our media institutions will tell the story regardless of where it takes them or apply justice regardless. that's a problem we're facing in this country right now with different standards for different people. >> laura: we have one more topic. we have time for that, one final topic.e president trump last night also shared his thoughtsls on the current sensorship controversy
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with big tech. >> look at social media, the thing called "free speech rights." you lookhi at google, facebook, twitter, and other "social media" giants and i've made it cleargi that we as a country cannot tolerate political censorship, blacklisting and rigged search results. you know it could go the other way also. [ cheering and applause ] we will not let large corporations silence conservative voices. >> laura: well, the focus on this from president trump and conservatives may be having an effect with reports like this one from the "new york times" state something facebook employees are fighting against this intolerant, liberal culture. dinesh, you've written about this in books and spoken about this on college campuses.
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the west coast, otherwise affectionately known as the left coast, especially big tech, overwhelmingly left wing, overwhelmingly vote ford hillary they're saying, this is just an algorithm, you're floating conspiracy theorists. then you have facebook employees complaining about the mono culture. >> this, i think, is very scary. so many conservatives fled to social media to escape the bias of the mainstreameddia and now to discover this effort to sort of pick people and make them into digital nonpersons -- i mean, one has to go back to george orwell to find out this kind of stuff going on. now, a lot of people say, well,e companies. they should be able to do whatever they want." but this is actually not true. if bag to oral facebook decided -- google or facebook decided for example, we're going to shadow ban blacks or latinos, these companies would be shut down overnight. they know theyy couldn't do that and they wouldn't even dare, but apparently with conservatives,
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they feel it's ok to have political discrimination, even though i don't see fundamentally the differency here between say political discrimination and discrimination on any other basis. >> laura: howie, how big of an issue is this? i can tell on my radio audience, it blows up the lines. everyone wants to talk about it everyone seems to have an experience with it. i knower that seems anecdotal bt i find bing, by the way, bing is the best search engine. the least bias in bing. for whatever reason, that's what i've discovered. howie? >> well, it's a huge issue, because social media is the new public square andue facebook and twitter both have acknowledged they havere a problem with instances of bias against conservatives. i a think the evidence against google is a little less clear so president trump and others on the right are obviously going to speak out about this, because if don't, you know, you can disappear if a you don't show up in the search rankings or in the trending topics or whatever, but at the same time, i don't think government regulation is the answer so there has tonm be another way. >> laura: molly, we talked about this earlier that there's
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a thought that given the enormity of these corporations -- and as howie said and dinesh pointed out, this is the public square today. this is the equivalent of what we used to see in the old town square, people with a bull horn. so could there be a movement to treat them more like public utilities so they have some quasi, you know, government oversight of these entities or would that open up a total can of worms perhaps in another direction at some point? >> i personally am not a fan of regulation as an answer to this situation, but these companies absolutely have sometimes huge marketlu shares, percentage of which would make standard oil blush. they're cognizant they're going to make the government want to weigh in. just because, though, they're not governmental entities doesn't mean they aren't threats to e free expression, in the sae way people get mad when president trump criticizes the media because they claim that's a threat to free expression, it's also a threat when big tech is telling people what they can
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and can't say. >> laura: all right, guys, thank you so much. wild speculation becomes a media-manufactured frenzy over the mueller investigation. details on the latest desperate play with alan dershowitz next. i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release its own insulin, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. don't take trulicity if you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, you're allergic to trulicity, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away
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this wi-fi is fast. to help lower my a1c i choose trulicity toi know!te my within. i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in? brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. >> laura: if you've been watching other news anchors and pundits over the last day, you
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may think they sound like a bunch of kids on christmas eve. now, why am i saying that? >> you maderi it to friday! it is the beginning of the labor day weekend and talk heating up that special counsel robert mueller could drop an august surprise. >> actually everythingg looking at speculation over -- actually, i was looking at speculation over whether bob mueller could make an announcement today. >> hot speculation amongst employers that today could be a hot day of action forf robert mueller. >> laura: well, today is not quite over yet but it's a nice serving of wild, unsourced speculation on a friday. come on, guys! the news isn't that boring today! there was a lot. happening. but are the president's critics grasping at any straws over the mueller probe at this point? joining us now to analyze is alan dershowitz, author of "the case against impeaching trump." also, we're joined by -- i've
11:19 pm
been hearing it's coming. it's coming. there's something coming. i don't think mueller's office is leaking anything. they've been pretty tight, so is this just a case of desperate, wishful thinking on the part of the media? >> i think they thought that we're now two months away from the beginning really of the elections, and justice department regulations say you shouldn't have mattersf that might interfere with voting or interfere with the election or put a thumb on the scale of voting within two months, so this was a time when maybe something would have happened but, look, i think today, what's happened is news reporting is part of the adversary systems. kendall coffey and i understand the adversary system. one side presents its view of the facts. the other side presents its view of the facts and then a judge or a jury decides. that's what is happening with journalism today. wishful thinking substitutes often for capital analysis. >>sm laura: kendall, we have a
11:20 pm
couple of different george stephanopoulous sound bites. he used to work for thero clintons. he's been around for awhile. that is what constitutes reporting today. let's watch! >> the new york attorney general filed suit against the trump foundation which could lead to a criminal referral. manhattan district attorney considering charges against the trump organization. a trump facing lawsuits in maryland andti d.c. over the substitution of monuments clause and of course special counsel robertal mueller investigating possible collusion with russia and the obstruction of justice. will any off the investigations lay the groundwork for impeachment proceedings in congress? >> laura:nd nothing's changed. nothing's changed. we're reporting it breathlessly like this is all new stuff. kendall? >> i've never seen a speculation become so intoxicating to the media. alan dershowitz is the greatest legal talent in america and a personal hero of mine! >> laura: oh, you guys are too
11:21 pm
much! you guys are too much! >> alan speaks for himself. he's magnificent, butlet me talk about the election -- but let me talk about the election. they're not supposed to drop bombshells. who knows if there's any bombshells to drop? let's also recognize that the election is coming up very fast. if there was a two-month standard years ago, early voting in florida, pretty important state, starts around october 27th.po absentee ballots go out next month. by october, beginning of october, domestic absentee ballots go out. i don't thinkmo there's any bombshells they're rolling out anytime soon, butted from the standpoint -- but from the standpoint of avoigting intervene from the election -- ofoi avoiding intervene from the election, the standpoint has past. -- passed. >> laura: jim, a name whom i always mispronouns, he weighed
11:22 pm
in on the speculation. let's watch. >> you use the term "constitutional crisis" that phrase has been uttered a number of times and warned about in many things. in this environment, would it really be received that way, right? arguably, the president has shirked constitutional responsibilities, and certainlys broken norms a number of times frankly without consequences. >> laura: broken norms. now we're at broken norms, alan! >> well, you know, the system of checks and balances is working very, very effectively. the courtses are striking down some -- the courts are striking down some executive orders and upholding some. the media is critical of the president. some supporting the president. theg academy is generally puttig pressure against the president. churches, business, everybody's involved in checking and balancing everybody else. democracy is working! this is notot a constitutional crisis! if the president is subpoenaed, he'll go to court. if he n goes to court, he may w. he may lose. if he looses, he'll comply with
11:23 pm
the orders of the court. this is the way madison had in mind when hehe created our awkwd system of checks and balances which was not designed to promote efficiency but to avoid tyranny. it's working! >> laura: kendall, i'd say, sure madison had a special counsel in mind. i might beg to differ with the professor there i don't know about that. to me, it seems like -- this is -- this has gone way beyond a check and a balance. check and balance was impeachment and conviction of the senate. i'm not sure special counsel is what any of our framers intended, but -- i want to move onto another topic, because i have you two gentlemen here. i want to get your thought on another mueller-related tip. two sources told fox news' katherine herridge, the doj's bruce ohr kept the mueller deputy in the loop about the anti-trump steele dossier. in other words, does that endanger mueller's ethical standing? i'll go to kendall on that.
11:24 pm
>> well, it's troubling, isn't it? , i mean, if you think about -- whether it splashes over to bob mueller is a different question. obvious that bruce ohr's wife was work for a private company, funded by democrats. some of my best friends are democrats on the left coast but nevertheless, that's a glaring conflict of interest, and what interactions he had with others, which were frankly outside of his immediate duties as the director that focused on drug trafficking organizations, is also unclear. so it raise's lot, a lot of questions. -- h raises a lot, a lot of questions. doj is effective in investigating others, but when they go under the microscope, sometimes we don't get a lot of clarity. >> laura: at the end of the week here, alan, any more thoughts on the closed door? bruce ohr's testimony?
11:25 pm
he's occupying a lot of air time with his connection with it all. you know the drill. >> i was prepared to give bruce ohr the presumption of innocence. i wasas student at harvard law school. everybody tells me he's a really good guy. the thing that really put me away from ohr, maybe overcame the presumption of innocence was the presence of his wife at a lunch or breakfast or whatever it was meeting where obviously he was trying to obtain information ins an official capacity and his wife was working for a private company. i do think that the inspector general now has to really look into that relationship and i trust the inspector general. i think he's one of the very few people who comes away from all of this looking very good. and i would leave it to the inspector general to give us a thorough investigation or good answer as to the relationship between bruce ohr, his wife, the company, the democrats, the justice department.
11:26 pm
it's very complicated. >> laura: all right, gentlemen, thank you so muchri. a musical legend's funeral turning political? ryan gosling set offing a huge controversy around the american flag and his new neil armstrong bio pic. all that in friday follies raymond arroyo. no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, more than 1 in 3 patients saw clear or almost clear skin, and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you have new
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. congress honors arizona senator john mccain. the six-term republican becoming only the 30th person in 166 years to lie in state in the capitol rowetend turnedda. mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer taking part in a joint replaying. they praised him as a lawmaker who fought against the polarization of politics. formal funeral service will be held today in the washington national cathedral. he'll be buried sunday in the u.s. naval academy. mccain died last saturday in his ranch in sedona, arizona, at the
11:30 pm
age of 81. a big month for stocks in august. nasdaq composite leading the gain of 5.1% for the month. s&p 500 rose as well both setting all-time highs. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "the ingraham angle." >> laura: friday and you know what that means. ryan gosling's new neil armstrong pic is setting off a controversy and a boycott is on the way. more on that and the political edge of aretha franklin's funeral. we're joined by fox news contributor raymond arroyo. ryan gosling, affable and nice guy. he's got an interesting bio-pic. astronaut. how could this be cantankerous
11:31 pm
or controversy? >> they decided not to show neil armstrong planting the american flag on the moon, which is, of course, a fact of his their reasoning for doing this, an interviewin around the venice film festival is this.s. we'll put it up on the screen. he said "i think this was widely regarded in the end as a human achievement. that's how we chose to view it. so i don't think that neil viewed himself as an american hero. from my interviews with his family and people that knew him, it wasne quite the opposite. we wanted the film to reflect neil." now, i don't understand how flag on the moon in any way contradicts his being a humble hero or being reluctant to b embrace that moniker as a hero, but -- >> laura: another way of trashing -- it's another way of trashing patriotism. it's another way of moving beyond the nationalism or nationalistic spirit fervor of the moment. chuck jaegar tweeted out, raymond, who obviously knew neil
11:32 pm
armstrong well, he basically threw some water on what gosling said that he wouldn't like the flag? he didn't consider it an american achievement? it's ridiculous! >> my feeling is, if you're doing a bio-pic, stick to the facts.s. he planted an american flag. now, plant an american flag. there's a boycott movement. this is sparking all sorts of outrage and it's not even out yet. >> laura: what's that on his space outfit there? i think that's an american flag! chuck jaegar says "not the chuck i knew." basically -- he's 95 years old and he still had it in him. yeah, look at that flag on his -- that was on his astronaut uniform there. come on! raymond, what else is happening? we had dueling funerals today. it was something on television. you had the john mccain funeral and then you had the memorial service, lying in state at the capitol and then you had t the
11:33 pm
aretha franklin funeral in detroit. >> look two great americans. a musical legend and a statesman both being honored, but both of these events in some ways, particularly aretha franklin's funeral, turned very political. here is al sharpton at the queen of soul's funeral in detroit. >> you know on a sunday on my show, i misspelled "respect" and a lot of y'all corrected me. now, i want y'all to help president trump and teach him what it means.. [ cheering and applause ] when word had went out that miss franklin passed, trump said she used to work for me. no, she used to perform for you. she worked for us!
11:34 pm
[ cheering and applause ] >> i don't know why they have to politicizeha everything, but we see this across american life. people just want to turn sport, now even the great celebration of a life, a musical legend, the queen of soul, it's being twisted and turned into a political rally. >> laura: raymond, raymond -- this was -- no, no! this was so gratuitous, and you -- again, aretha franklin, one of the great american voices of all time -- i mean, she -- didn't she get an award from george w. bush? she -- i -- i guess she was a democrat, but she never seemed like an overtly political person. maybe i missed that. maybe i wasn't aware of that, but it just seemed completely out of step. and then you had -- you had farrakhan up on stage. you had jesse jackson. but farrakhan was an interesting person to have there on the same stage as bill clinton and other
11:35 pm
luminaries. >> well, ariana grande took the stage and chaka khan. this was "the voice" meets "showtime" on apollo. everyone trying to top everyone. it was an interesting backdrop to aariana grande. rather than focus on the individual whose life is being celebrated, it turned into everybody elbowing each other to get their moment on the stage. even maxine waters managed to barge into this celebration. watch! >> congresswoman who's been attacked like never before, but she's a strong black woman. congresswoman maxine waters from south side l.a. south central.
11:36 pm
[ applause ] everybody just point over there and tell her "we got your back." come on. say it to her so everybody could hear you out there. "we got youre back." >> maxine doing the wakanda salute there from "black panther." everybody got their time in the spotlight. both of these funerals were television events, multi venues and star-studded lineups. people ahead of time booking the rights to their own funeral so the networks -- netflix announces cher's funeral, they have the exclusive right. i don'tnn see how this serves te end of celebrating a life and bringing people together. they're using greatn' lives to divide americans. that's not good. >>we laura: some mean person on facebook -- someone sent me this -- said something like, "aretha franklin's funeral -- memorial service was so great that it's
11:37 pm
been picked up for 10 episodes on netflix." i almost fell over. but, ok. i guess it went on -- it was on for four or five hours, but, my goodness, it was star-studded and it did get political. >> six hours. >> laura: six hours? ok. raymond, thank you so much. as the nfl season prepares to kick off, there's no data on just how many americans side with president trump over the national anthem protests. why it should send chills through the league next.
11:38 pm
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11:40 pm
>> i know you well. you love our country. you're proud of our history. and you always respect >> you always respect our great american flag. we're standing up for the heroes who protect america. we are proudly standing up for our national anthem. lar lauer that was president trump in -- >> laura: that was president trump in evansville, louisiana, last night. when the nfl season is ready to kick off, national anthem again takingyet center field, pun intended. the league has plenty of reason to be concerned. neww news poll finds 54% of voters think kneeling during the anthem is not appropriate, that's compared to 43% who say it's a fair way to protest racial inequality. joining me now with their reactions, kevin jackson, author and fox news contributor and antjuan seawright is a
11:41 pm
democratic strategist. gentlemen, great to see you tonight. antjuan, let's start with you. the numbers aren't hugely desperate there. a majority saying national anthem kneeling not appropriate but there's a sizable number of people who say it's fine. doesn't really bother them. it's not clear that this is probably good ultimately for nfl viewership though, antjuan. i'm ready to go to the notre dame game tomorrow night. college football is where it's at. i'm sorry. nfl football, i know a lot of people who aren't all that jazzedze on it. i think this is part of the reason, even if it's not intended to be disrespectful to the military. a lot of military veterans do feel that way, and i think that ends up hurting the whole experience for just a lot of folks.or >> well, laura, a couple of things. i think sometimes what gets lost in the conversation is why this even started. this started because kaepernick felt like black and brown people
11:42 pm
were mistreated in the hands of law enforcement. that's number one. number two, when you look at polls -- and i'll take this scenario or any other scenario where peopletw are being survey, it's all about how the question is asked, who is doing the asking and how the question is being framed. but if you look at the nfl and you look at the bottom line, the revenue numbers, their revenue has increased by 5% last year, not to mention that $50 million amazon deal was signed. while the people may say they may not agree with the protests, i tend to believe they still will watch the nfl, and football, like any other sport, is one of the very few things that most people, democrats, republicans, black or white or rich and poor agree on. i hate it's turned into a political football -- no pun intended. >> wow! >> laura: kevin, i don't think anyone was trying to make it political, i think -- >> the press is, though, laura -- the president is, though, laura. >> laura: no i think the president is standing up for what he believes in. justev like the other folks that are kneeling, they are kneeling for what they believe.
11:43 pm
the president is standing up for what he believes. kevin, your thoughts on this. >> as jerry glanville said one time, nfl will stand for "not for long." hean can quote all the numbers d statistics that he wants, the nfl is on triage. i don't know why they're on this self-defeating path. but they're on it. it reminds me on what the democrats are doing in going against donald trump in many ways. >> yeah, here we go. >> here we go. you're exactlycr right. here we go. when you look at what is going on with what donald trump is standing up for, the flag, he's standing up for veterans -- by the way, he's also standing up for police. and when -- i've got a film coming out called "bleeding blue." one of the police in there says, "hey, when something naps your neighborhood, -- happens in your neighborhood are you going to call a cop or collin kaepernick?" he's exactly right. police have to do their jobs. colin kaepernick, whether he likes it or not, he started a trend -- and, laura, i don't
11:44 pm
know what the statistics are, but i'll tell you, the overwhelming number of americans believe in the flag, believe in the anthem, believe in standing for iter and believe in the military and believe in the police. >> you can take a knee in protest but also stand up for believing in america -- >> take a knee in protest for the people that was killed in chicago. >> again, i'll say, you can focus on why this even started, the fact that african-american -- black f and brown people -- >> don't go into the wrong statistics. >> laura: guys. you can say these people aren't pro american. look, my father served -- >> laura:, guys, one at a time. guys, i think, again -- yeah, i -- >> you can argue this as much as yourg want, randy moss wore a te to get inducted into the nfl hall of fame. it had 12 black people's names on it that expanded over a decade.
11:45 pm
>> laura: guys, we have to move on. we have to move on we have another topic i want to hit on while i have both of you here. last night's cnn's don lemon took a pretty nasty shot at kanye west over kanye's support for president trump. watch. >> it's like a word salad where you realize that kanye west entitled to his own opinion but is not very bright and not very -- he -- when it comes -- i'm talking about this decision, but not over this issue, but whether it comes to this particular issue, he needs to look at a book, read some history and understand what he's talking about. >> laura: that's pretty
11:46 pm
connedend ising coming from -- condescending coming from don lemon who himself had wobbly moments.ew let's watch. >> we really don't need to see what's about to happen here. >> no. no. no. no. no. >> i love you, don. no. keep it closed. i'm cutting you off after this one. a >> a lot of people have been asking about that, about black holes and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy theories. look at this, noah says, what else can you think about? black hole bermuda triangle. debby says, just like the movie, "lost." and referencing like the twilight zone, it's a similar plot. that's what people are saying. i know it's preposterous but is it proposttruss? >> he was talking about the malaysian jet that crashed and disappeared and could have been pulled up by a black hole. i'm being charitable tonight. i guess. i guess. i guess. >> you don't have to be don
11:47 pm
lemon being drunk to showcase his lunacy. just watch his program any night. >> because you don't agree with him, all >> i don't agree with you. but you're sitting here and i'm not interrupting you. at the end of the day, when you look at what he said about kanye west, he's trying to correct a grown man who dared have an opinion that differed from his and, oh, by the way, donald lemon, kanye happens to be right. there areby many reasons for uso be looking at donald trump through the prism -- certainly as black folks -- to be looking at donald trump for a person that's done a lot more for blacks than from barack obama. for don lemon and this particular gentleman to keep talking about donald trump he's some bad guy or kanye west who is bringing what we're calling the kanye effect is ridiculous. more black people are waking up because of kanye west and his comments, because they're tired of being demonized, because they're -- >> laura: all right, let's go to antjuan. antjuan? >> laura, that sounds all good.
11:48 pm
what don lemoned, he -- >> i'm going to enter him like he did -- interrupt him like did he me, laura. >> kanye apologized and walked back his comments a couple of days ago on a national radio show because he was actually wrong.w >> he was wrong. >> i'm not for criticizing someone foror having an opinion, because we all have opinions. >> yeah, you are. >> laura: yeah, why not? >> make sure when you speak of a certain instance, make sure that the facts are, very, very clear. and i'm -- >> laura: guys, we have to roll. all right, we have to roll, guys. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i have a question, though is president trump about to prove his naysayers wrong and score a huge victory for america? well, how about in trade? back in a moment.
11:49 pm
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11:51 pm
>> laura: canada feeling the heat from president trump over a new trade deal. tensions spilled out in the public view throughout the day under a looming deadline. take a listen to canada's minister of foreign affairs. >> we are committed speaking for canada to a deal which is a good deal for canada, not just any deal. we are very good as canadians at finding win-win compromises. at the end of the day, though,
11:52 pm
we are only going to sign a deal that's good for canada. >> laura: now, a final agreement was not yet inked, reached today, but talks are set to resume next wednesday. my sources are telling me they're very close. joining us now to analyze is wisconsin republican sean duffy along with democratic strategist roger fisk. great to see you both. >> thank you. >> >> laura: s roger, let's start you with. this issue of trade i've been writing about for 20s years. they're hammering this out. it's t very complicated. the agricultural subsidies canada gives especially to its dairy farmers are incredibly important to quebec, and that is a sticking point, but my sources are telling meeb they're extremy close, and no one wants canada
11:53 pm
to walke away from the table. canada doesn't and obviously the administration doesn't. your reaction tonight. >> i think it's almost that it's the tale two of trade talks. i find some encouraging elements to how the administration has conducted itself with the mexican set of the trade talks that's been more sober, more kind of process-driven. they've been working on it for a year. i hope that the success of that as we move forward starts to guide how the president views the resources around him, starts to maybe trust in some of the professional that has are there to help him. -- professionals that are there to help him. the canadian discussion is much more accelerated and will take more time than maybe what we think right now. then there's other factors that are going to make this more difficult as we go ahead. we have the 90-day window with congress. we, you know, if you look at the letter that the senate majority leader sent to the president with 35 of his colleagues, i think there's every indication that congress wants to get into the details of this and then you're also going to have a change of administrations in
11:54 pm
mexico. over all, i think we're actually closer to the starting line than we are to the finish line. i wouldn't want the administration to start spiking the football. there's more work to do but this is actually encouraging. >> laura: month. no. no. no. no. no. no. i mean, sean, congressman duffy, this is something that the left never trump, they were always against this said it was not going to happen. it is going to happen. it is going to happen. it'll probably happen next week. no one thought trump could do it. your reaction tonight. >> let's be clear what is happening right now, laura when donald trump engaged mexico, they recognized there was some unfair practices between our two countries. they sat down and worked them out with us. it's a winner for both of us, but it's a winner from the american worker. from all of my contacts inside thee administration, the canadians, they've been really hard to deal with they're using america as a piggy bank as
11:55 pm
donald trump will say and they want to keep that piggy bank alive and well sucking cash and jobs out of our country. donald trump is standing up for wisconsin dairy. we want to sell our products all over the world. we can't sell them into canada. they put a 100% tariff on our products. laura, what happens if youwh sa, we put a 300% tariff on your milk and put a 300% tariff on autos you want us to sell here in the united states. unfair. >> laura: canada was involved for almost the entire last year, except for the last two months,t because then they thought, oh, they're never going to agree mexico and the united states, then we'll stand with mexico against the united states and we'll get more out of it. low and behold, mexico struck a deal with the united states and canada was odd man out. freeland flies in in the last minute and says, ok, maybe we can work something out, but that was a brilliant move. i think they understatement the -- underestimated the strength of the relationship forged by
11:56 pm
jared kushner and the entire ustr team that these guys have been working around the clock, literally around the clock over the last, you know, 10 days, and i don't think people fully understood the strength of this new relationship with mexico. presidential tweets beer theeverled ever --er -- presidential tweets not withstanding. >> the issues with mexico some of the progress that was made with thewa auto parts and where the assembly points are located and things like that i think are great. i think you have to agree, there's still more work to be done. this is not the end of the whole process. >> ethey look to the globalists that were there before for their expertise. donald trump has a great guy himself. we want those that will negotiate for america. for american dairy -- >> laura:ai guys, thank you. we're out of time.
11:57 pm
fantastic conversation. we'll be right back.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> that is all the time we have tonight. i want to thank our chicago bureau who helped put together the show, it was a herculean effort. have a wonderful labor day weekend and be sure to watch a special edition of the ingram
12:00 am
angle on labor day, the best seen and unseen with my partner in crime, raymond arroyo. have a wonderful weekend, fly your flag, hang out with your family and friends. up next, shannon bream. good night from chicago. shannon: democrats go to extremes with one talking about not simply abolishing ice but punishing ice agents for doing their jobs. another compares the president to usama bin laden. how for where they go to stir up the base? we look at that with fox news at night focus on the seat left open by ron desantis now the locked in the nomination for governor, democrat and republican vying for house seats here tonight with deep foreign-policy rates. hollywood civilities gear up for the midterms by spending big bucks a new movie starring ryan


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