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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 5, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: it actually went on for a minute. thank you for inviting us to your home. that's it for the "special report." "the story with martha maccallum." three, two. four and a half. starts now. >> martha: sold! thank you, bret. good evening, everybody. fox news alert here tonight. they applaud the president on the economy and on security. but they still think they are the one wos are saving america from him. so tonight, new clues in the writing about who may be behind the anonymous on-ed -- anonymous op-ed that has the town buzzing. a and the headline from the "new york times" -- "i am part of the resistance in the trump administration." cited as senior official. and writes many of the senior officials in trump own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations. i know. i would know. i am one of them. we will do what we can to
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steer the administration in the right direction until one way or another it's over." brit hume will join us in a moment with his take on this. but first ed henry here to take us through the details and the president's response later today. hi, ed. >> great to see you. the president lashing out and the "new york times" says it is taking a rare step to run an anonymous op-ed because they are trying to protect the anonymous official's job and they believe it's in the public interest to peel back the curtain and show what they claim is happening inside the trump administration. as you noted, a lot of speculation tonight in a tweet. the "times" appeared to narrow the list of the suspects saying the official is a male. declaring he and his colleagues are trying to frustrate what they call the president's misguided impulses. but cyst they are not part of the resistance officials. they are encouraged by the policy that made america safe every and are now putting the country first.
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from within. they have gone to great lengths to keep the bad decisions contained to the west wing. it may be a cold comfort but americans should know. the interesting timing is this comes shortly after we started getting details from bob woodward book where he says james mattis privately expressed frustration about the commander-in-chief intellect and been appalled by some of the presidential policy suggestions. such as ordering the pentagon to assassinate the syrian president. that book claims that mattis stayed on because he wants to help prevent the start of world war ii. the secretary put out a blistering statement declaring that the idea he expressed con tempt for the commander-in-chief is product of someone's rich imagination. the president today thanked mattis. lashed out at the book calling
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it fiction. now lashing out at the "times." watch. >> president trump: if the failing "new york times" has anonhouse -- anonymous editorial. can you believe it? gutless editorial. we are doing a great job. poll numbers are through the roof. poll numbers are great. nobody will come close to beating me in 2020. because of what we have done. >> martha: there is even controversy within the "new york times." >> the tv critics suggesting if this is a moment of conscience the author should go on the record. tweeting, "i can't wait to read eventual book. i, too, was secretly dismayed the whole time. also: a memory of service." there is part of the op-ed where an anonymous official quoted at official inside the white house talking about the anonymous policy. i was changed when the president changed his mind at the last minute. the other interesting part is this doesn't say, the times, that it's whews official. says senior trump administration official.
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it could be someone at the e.p.a. or energy department. dozens of agencies where they could work. >> martha: narrows it down to dozens or even hundreds. thank you. great to see you. brit hume joining us. what do you make of all of this? >> my first thought is i'm surprised that this article was written. this anonymous article. but i'm not surprised to hear this is going on. we have known they have to encourage him to do what he decides he wents to do. i don't find it reassuring because it seems disloyalment for you worry about mr. trump and whether he is doing the right thing you might be comforted to know that people around him seem able to restrain him if he is going to
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do something this night not work out at all. the author says good things happened and we shouldn't attribute them to mr. trump that they occurred inn spite of him not because of him. >> and you tweeted as much. that people that are concerned about the president are concerned that people around him trying to perhaps contain him in some way. >> i read this again and there is so much arrogance. this person was. for better or worse. >> there are bright spots that they fail to capture. there is historic tax return and robust military and the success is despite, not because of the leadership. it seems that this is difficult to separate the
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things. >> i think this is in some respect with a piece of the justdy part of the woodward book that came out yesterday. you have members of the administration that surround the president grumbling about his ways. i have no doubt, martha, that this is complicated and a difficult president to work for. >> martha: no doubt. >> he from time to time, tonight putting out the tweet to suggest treason. i'm sorry. this may have been disloyal, but writing this on-ed piece in mo way meets the definition of treason. but this is just a tweet. >> martha: which we have come to learn. if you think of the things that got people excited in the past, i think we have come to the different level of the tolerance. >> every week there is an explosive development. and the news psychois faster and more intense than it
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was -- cycle is faster and more intense than it ever was. i think it will blow over. >> martha: reading it agained you look for the tea leaves of where the person is coming from and who it could be. it's a bar lor game to figure it out. he talks about polling the example and restoring the honor to the public life and the national dialogue. and he may fear honorable men but we should revere them. >> he can severe the honorable men he wants but how honorable is it to write the op-ed. if he wants to say trump is unfit to hold office, then he or she should stand up and say. >> martha: and quit. >> i got to say this.
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the career government officials tend to be democrats. that is why they are working in the government. there are a lot of ones that could be described as senior. i don't know if we will find out who this is. >> martha: carl bernstein spoke out about the bob woodward book. here is what he said. let's watch. >> general kelly in the interest of the country needs to resign. and with a staten't that says the presidency can no longer be entrusted to this man. >> the trouble with the argument is that it suggests that the administration or the country would better off without the calming influence and the advice given by the people of the caliber of john kelly. my view is that is exactly wrong. look. you see people in the never trump right advance that you should not serve this administration because the president is beyond the pail. if you think that, you would want the best possible people
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you can find around him. kelly it seems to me and in the eyes of a great many people fits the description. the last thing you should do is resign. >> there are reports in the past that there is an unspoken past. shot it down. mattis and kelly say look, we will stay here because we are here for the country and we make sure we have the president in best way we can. some of folks want everyone to abandon him and leave him alone in the white house with family members. >> they want the administration to fail. >> martha: yeah. you and i watched all the hearings play out today for brett kavanaugh. we were all struck by the circus environment that seem to be outside. i want to play some of this. some of this is the video of the handmaids outside and let it play out. [yelling] >> i can say i got about 48% of what we ought to have.
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>> martha: yeah. the last shot there is chuck grassley speaking. but the woman behind him is xena bash who was said to be throwing some kind of white supremecist signal on her arm. >> it's o.k. symbol. that is ridiculous. utterly ridiculous. the circus atmosphere in a particular way may have helped brett kavanaugh. there it is. the old okay signal. three -- two fingers in a circle. it's so out of bounds, over the top, outrageous and circus like that the democrats on the committee loaded for bear to pull out the stop to attack the nominee after seeing that thinking i don't want to be associated with that. these are people who are all anti-kavanaugh, obviously. it may have ended up having a civilized effect on the members, if not on the general atmosphere in washington. >> martha: it's good to see
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you and be with you the past few days. thank you for being here tonight. >> thank you. >> martha: while all of this is going on the hearing to confirm the supreme court, the future supreme court justice he hopes, brett kavanaugh. still underway. we are nine hours and counting into this. the democrats tried to block the nomination. and one of them joins me after this. >> i think there is legitimate cause for concern about the views on the presidential power and whether it's possible that president trump chose you so you would protect. ♪ take us downtown, waze. waze integration- seamlessly connecting the world inside... with the world outside... making life a little... easier.
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at home, with internet essentials. >> martha: so you are looking live at hour nine. if you can believe it. put yourself in kavanaugh shoes. grilling continues and he is making a case to sit on the highest court in the land. democrats came out swinging on day two of the confirmation hearings. issue such as gun control, abortion, healthcare. but the republicans including the president himself did not really seem concerned about the battle. watch. >> president trump: the other side is grasping at straws. >> martha: joining me now is chris coons who tells us there is another couple of hours to go tonight.
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thank you for stepping out and making time for us. >> great to be on with you. >> martha: good to have you on as always. he said the president is grasping at straws at this point. is he right? >> i disagree. i asked a series of questions of judge kavanaugh about opinions he has written and law review articles that i think show disconcerting tendency to embrace strong view of the presidential power. i look forward to another round of questioning with judge kavanaugh tomorrow to follow up. >> martha: one of the exchanges he said he was in favor of the nixon-united states decision that subpoenaed president nixon tapes and forced him to turn them over. you were not satisfied that it gave you some indication of how he would judge something in a same case?
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>> that is something we'll talk about tomorrow. the case today was morris v olson. it's good settled law. earlier this year in kavanaugh circuit, the d.c. circuit, majority said it is good and settled law and his dissent flew in the face of morrison. we had a vigorous back and forth. kavanaugh is part and well grounded in his view of the law but we have a different view of whether or not a president should be able to fire special prosecutor at will. something with have a difference of opinion. i hope the american people will pay attention to this. i believe it is an important issue. >> it did feel as though some of the enthusiasm that we saw in the move to try to suspend the hearings kind of weakened a little bit today. in terms of the passion and the enthusiasm.
4:18 pm
if you look around and look at the colleagues, the democratic colleagues on the committee, who said they were noes. in fact, some of them, booker and kamala harris were noes in an hour of the nominee being named. what is the point? that becomes the question if the questioning doesn't give them any more discernment on the decision? >> the point here is kavanaugh is up for a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. whoever succeeds justice kennedy will have a role in making historic decisions that will have an impact on a whole range of understood fen mall rights and issues -- fundamental rights and issues over decades. there are a dozen member of the senate republican and democrat who haven't yet decided or made public what they intend to do. that is the point of a con mirmation -- point of a confirmation hearing.
4:19 pm
kavanaugh has shown stamina and gone through rounds of vigorous question. i res speck he gave as good as he took with me in the back and forth. lie do i think this is important? this -- why do i think this is important? it's important to mow the value and ideas and the record that judge kavanaugh would bring to his service on the court. there are a number of people on the house and the senate that haven't made up their mind on this. >> martha: that is why the process happens. it is something that i think people who make the decision out of the gate should probably consider, in terms whether or not they want to do it next time around. do you think the process was hamstrung by harry reid when he allowed nuclear option for lower court judges to make it 51 in terms of the vote that needed to happen to put them in office?
4:20 pm
was that a mistake? >> it's a 40-year process whereby the confirmation for the supreme court justices and then for circuit judges and the district court judges became more and more contentious and partisan and divided. it are regrettable they changed it on the supreme court and the filibuster. and we should not have gotten a place we felt compelled to do that when harry read was the majority leader because of the years of obstruction of president obama nominee. there are people on the on -- opposite sides. but we'd be better served if we went back to where it was a number of years ago that any nominee had to get 60 votes.
4:21 pm
>> martha: what that lead to the votes we used to see? >> i do. >> i am hopeful. >> when justice passed away i called the white house and said to the president obama white house coun sell have him nominate someone who is a centrist and confirmable. jurist. he nominated the d.c. judge of the circuit garland who i think should have been that confirmable centrist. it's unfortunate and tragic he never got a hearing and a vote. >> a lot of bad feelings where that is concerned. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> martha: you bet. >> martha: coming up next, the other hearing that got really heated today. not only inside the chambers but at one point spilled out to the hallway.
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>> martha: it was clearly another big hearing today on capitol hill. two top tech c.e.o.s, sandberg and dorsey of twitter were grilled today by lawmakers about social media's influence in the elections. and alleged bias on their
4:26 pm
platforms and how they choose what to put on and what not to put on. joining me steve hilton, the host of "the next revolution" and author of "popular populism." steve, always good to see you. thank you for being here. you know this feels like america has just in recent months woken up to the fact they have given up so much of their privacy and also they are being fed certain line of news and channels of information with, you know, even intentionally or because of the things they shop for or look for. that brought us to this hearing today. >> you're right and there is more to come. my wife is at facebook. she was involved in preparing for the hearing today. but, you know, i have my own views as everyone knows and i'll tell you what they are. i think there are two big issues to the tech company.
4:27 pm
one of them is transparency. the other is dominance. transparently front it's what you said. they are unclear about what they take down, and what they leave up and what is acceptable and so on. question of the judgment. they have policies but they are broad. they can say we don't accept hate speech and in some examples it's clear something is hateful. but for most of the difficult ones it's in individual judgment. hate is in the eye of the beholder. we need to know who is the beholder? the people working for the companies they are overwhelmingly on the left. that is a concern. they need to work on the transparency. but the point is the dominance point. none of this would matter so much if they weren't controlling so much of the conversation and the information that we see every day. they practically have a monopoly situation. you have one search engine. if you had ten or hundreds of google and facebooks like
4:28 pm
hundreds of media outlet it wouldn't be such a problem. >> martha: it is interesting. some of the people we talk about how president trump should be pulled off the platform because of what he says that are unkind about this person or that person from time to time. alice jones is the info war guy. rubio rub didn't know who he was. but he was knocked off and they let him back on. a freedom of the speech issue. watch the interesting exchange between the two in the hall today. >> who are you? >> i swear i don't know who you are. >> platform, different point of view. >> info wars. >> he knows who it is. he is playing a joke. the platform didn't work. >> don't touch me again. i'm asking you not to touch me. >> i'm patting you nicely. you don't want to get
4:29 pm
arrested? >> i can take care of myself. >> you will beat me up? >> i didn't say that. >> you are not silencing me. you are not silencing america. you are like a little gangster thug. >> martha: unbelievable. there is hate speech in the hallway today, steve. >> right. to be honest, i think rubio will get extra fans from that exchange. the issue, he has clamp down over here and end up clamping down elsewhere. this all gets political. the real concern is if you have a small, such a concentration of power in the hands of so few people. i read one in four people closed the facebook account. this shows a slowdown of the people either taking a break or deleting the app from the
4:30 pm
phone. this is a wakeup call. people are concerned and they are acting on it. >> this is a big thing to change. if you have consumer power. that business argument. for so long, they have had it all their own way. it seemed to make no difference what they did. they will rack up the users and rack up the money that comes with that. so this is a really important signal. consumers hold the key. we have to act in a regulatory way to make sure that the companies can't continue the dominance. there are specific ways i talk about it in my book. this is one of the biggest issues of our time. >> martha: steve, thank you. great to get you to weigh in. it's good to see you. >> see you soon. >> martha: womaning up up -- coming up next, a story that didn't get too much attention. pelosi plotting a man for what she will do and what the party
4:31 pm
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>> martha: nancy pelosi feeling optimistic about the dems' chance to win back the house. she is planning out the 201 agenda and it includes raising taxes. we are joined by a democratic strategist who used to work for pelosi and has a long history of working for high-ranking officials including president obama at one point. right? >> yes. >> martha: good to have you with us. here is what she said in may about the tax cuts. let's watch that. >> they have a new ad they put out after you said you thought you'd win the majority. it was said you would like to institute single-payer healthcare program and cancel, raise taxes. roll back tax cuts that they passed this year. what do you think of that? >> the second part is
4:36 pm
accurate. >> martha: so roll back the tax cuts, which means raising people's taxes. that seems to be one of the things that is the most popular in president trump's agenda. how is that going over in the midterm? >> i take issue rolling back the unpaid for almost $2 trillion worth of taxes for mostly wealthy and corporations. >> martha: people are seeing them. they are seeing them in the paycheck. >> i think you see some, a small boost now for some people. we are talking about a round two tax increase. but it's irresponsible. the republicans used to be the party of the fiscal responsibility. >> martha: so that is the plan, to roll them back? >> yes. to make sure that you reduce the deficit. >> since when is anybody in the building behind us ever
4:37 pm
cared about cutting spending? >> she has talked about payco, leader pelosi. >> martha: talked about it recently. this is a sound bite since 2007, since you brought it up. play 2007. >> after years of historic deficits, this 110th congress will commit itself to a higher standard. pay as you go. no new deficit spending. >> look, i think we have to be careful there as well. some things are worth paying for. infrastructure structure investment is worth paying for. healthcare is worth paying for. the problem with the latest set of tax cuts, they weren't paid for and they increase the chance for the financial crisis. when you hear her talk about looking to do pay as you, go i'm concerned as democrat because we too often try to be too republican like. the republicans back when i
4:38 pm
was working on the hill used to care about the deficit. now they don't. >> martha: you are right. >> i think where democrats and you are seeing this across the country, we need to aub the things we want to pay for. reduce texass on the middle knock. not -- taxes on the middle income. >> martha: the market is doing really well. the business consumer index confidence is really high. consumer confidence is high. retail sales are high. aren't you concerned that some of the things are going to cool that off because most of that is based on lowering regulations for businesses and lowering taxes. >> i would say all those things were happening in the obama economy. i was working in the white house. >> martha: but they have accelerated. >> i don't think the tax cuts are responsible for that. >> martha: so youfy this they roll back the -- >> on the wealthy and corporations. >> martha: they are talking about expanding medicaid and expanding healthcare. $15 an hour minimum wages. how do you pay for all of that?
4:39 pm
>> people can't afford healthcare now. if you raise taxes on the wealthy. bring the corporate tax rate on par where w where it used to be. >> martha: raise taxes on the wealthy. free college tuition, is that something you are in favor of? >> you have seen in a lot of states. i'm in maryland and we have done it at the community college level. in the 1800s, radical idea to make k-12 education free and available to nonwhite male landowners. now most of developed world has made higher education subsidized in the large part at least community college level in the knowledged economy, we have to do that. >> martha: you will run the deficit up then. there is no way. >> if you have economic growth and people getting jobs -- >> martha: we have economic growth. it will be fascinating to see. i hope you come back. great to have you on the show. coming up next, prominent conservative named in a democratic report on russian collusion says it's part of a
4:40 pm
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>> martha: conservative attorney once a central figure fighting the i.r.s. scandal
4:44 pm
has become target in the russia investigation. she believes this is a smear campaign. she will reveal who is behand on it and why. but first, we have the back story tonight. >> in this report released by the democrats in the house intelligence committee that the g.o.p. lawyer's name first surfaced in the connection of the russian meddling. the report in march listed mitchell as someone who was involved in or may have knowledge of third party political outreach from the crem len to the trump campaign. she helped expose and targeted the conservative group and said her name went public before anyone on the intel committee contacted her. but then it gets worse. two newspapers cited a story with two unnamed sources saying congress investigated mitchell because of her
4:45 pm
concern about n.r.a., "possible involvement in channeling russian funds in the 2016 election to help trump." and mitchell calls this is a complete fabrication saying she hasn't worked for the n.r.a. in a decade. and had no contact with the group in 2016. she said i have no knowledge of anything like this. zero concerns about russian or otherwise who funneled funds through the n.r.a. they ran the story anyway. but it appears that the person spreading the information is glenn simpson behind fusion g.p.s. behind the steele dossier. congressional document provided to the corporate cousin the "wall street journal" show simpson was feeding information to the bruce ohr. and mr. ohr confirmed to member of congress that he has known glenn simpson for a long time and passed some of the
4:46 pm
information to the f.b.i. they deny that they named clete mitchell but congressman schiff won't say two did. they believe that clutchson made up the story and he should be prosecuted for highing to a federal agent. >> martha: thank you very much. here with more is clete mitchell. thank you for copping on the program tonight. >> thank you. >> this is a tale. your name, what we have been documenting extensively are all the elements that have gone new to what looks like creating a pretense some would say. to investigate the trump campaign. how did your name become part of the machine? >> that is a good question. i would like to know.
4:47 pm
we know, we suspect, i suspect in march when mcclatchy first ran the story and talking, i immediately went to the chairman devin nunes at the house intelligence committee to tell him there is nothing to this. there is not a kernel, not a microbe of truth to the story. i wanted him to know that. the staff talked and they told me that they surmised that it was glen simpson. of fusion g.p.s. thaw put together the dossier that started the nonsense. the two reporters, peter stone and gordon have been mouthpieces for schiff and glenn simpson. we weren't sure but we more or
4:48 pm
less figured out maybe that is where it was coming from. until early august when the house judiciary committee obteened bruce ohr notes of the interviews. there it is. that is where the store came from. the name is there. listed as the n.r.a. lawyer. saying i have concerned about what is the illegally commit by the n.r.a. which is false. >> did the mueller investigation contact you or want to talk to you about the possibility that you had some awareness of funneling of the funds from russians through the n.r.a.? >> they never contacted me but
4:49 pm
i'm curious how a russian woman hanging around the n.r.a. meetings, how they found her. >> maria you are referring to? >> yes. they thought i knew this person and i can't remember her name. i never hear of her until she was indicted. i wonder if glenn simpson was responsible for starting all of that. i'm serious. michael flynn, george papadopoulos are both being charged with lying to a federal investigator. federal crime. why is he not prosecuted for spinning lies. why are they not prosecuting him? >> martha: that is a good question. you are not alone. a lot of people want to understand why the rest of the
4:50 pm
side of the collusion story is not looked into. they seem opposite part of a piece but they seem to be ignored. >> it doesn't make sense to me that the fusion g.p.s . and everything i read about the dossier is it is gossip and fact free. we don't allegation of a crime committed by the trump campaign. >> thank you. now they accuse me of knowing a crime. thank you. >> martha: thank you. we want to see where it goes. keep us posted. it's good to see you. thank you for coming on the show. >> brand new reaction. just in on the anonymous op-ed, slamming president frump from inside his own administration. jesse waters here.
4:51 pm
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>> martha: breaking news moments ago. not far from here. president trump is tweeting about the bombshell in the "new york times," the op-ed from an anonymous official within the administration saying, "does the so-called senior administration official really exist? or is it just the failing "new york times" with a phony source? if the gutless anonymous person does exist they must for the facial security purposes turn him or her over to government at once." the question on everybody's mind two wrote it? and why? join me, jesse waters. it's god to see you. >> you, too. >> i watched you talk about this on "the five." and in terms of the person mote vives.
4:56 pm
saying they might go over this, what do you make of this? >> i don't think the "new york times" will turn over the official, number one. >> it's someone boosting the credentials. this is not a left wing resister, reality winner. trump was home elected to be the commander-in-chief and the chief executive.
4:57 pm
to have the orders faithfully executed by the staff. if they are not, someone is interfering with the democracy. that is a serious issue. >> martha: from what we are hearing there are only two or three people who know who it is. they say it was given to them by the intermediary and they know who it is. do you think we will find out who it is? >> no. but i hope we do. i think trump would ask sessions to bring him up on treason charges and that is ultimate penaltiment but i don't think sessions will do anything because they haven't done anything. >> you are allowed to write an editorial. i think the treason thing is a stretch. i think we find out who it is. i do. >> then msnbc will give them a job. >> that could very well
4:58 pm
happen. let's talk about colin kaepernick. nike released an ad. all-in on them being the face of just do it. this is part of the ad. >> don't ask if your dreams are crazy. ask if they're crazy enough. >> martha: as i ask you this question bewill show people the rest of the ad. that is just the colin kaepernick part. the rest of it are the inspiring stories about the people who have overcome great things in order to succeed. what do you think of this ad? >> i don't know what kaepernick has overcome. he was a highly paid professional athlete who started kneeling because he was going to get cut. that is the big secret. it wasn't the other way around. they brought him back after being benched and he went 1-11. he was going to get cut. he had one year contract and each year was performance
4:59 pm
based. the niners knew he wasn't any good. one-trick pony and the other defenses figured him out. he couldn't throw the ball or read a defense. he was all legs. he wanted to reinvert himself and have a second career. he is no martyr. he didn't make any sacrifices. the cops he mocked with the pig socks are the ones that make the sacrifices every day to protect our freedoms. nike knows how to make billions of dollars. i don't. if i did i'd be on vacation. i don't know what they are doing. the stock was down yesterday and up today a little bit. they are thinking for the long term it may sell overseas and they do business overseas with countries that doesn't like america and think colin kaepernick is a real hero because he is kneeling. i will leave the finances to f.b.n. i have no clue. >> martha: all right. thank you. thank you very much. good to see you. see you in new york. for next week's. go patriots. football season starts tomorrow. that is the story for wednesday night. we'll head back to new york.
5:00 pm
see you tomorrow night at 7:00. my friend tucker carlson is downstairs renddy to go. that is straight ahead. good night. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." unbelievable news today. we have the show to match it. the second of the kavanaugh hearings on capitol hill. with the te tails on what happened and -- details on what happened and who shouted what in a minute. but the rise of the far left in the democratic party is kwoning in tate of massachusetts this time. another long-time democratic incumbent unseeded from his seat with a charger from the far left. the new democratic nominee for the district attorney in boston says you roll back prosecutions on a bunch of crimes including drug dealing, theft, breaking and


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