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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 6, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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offering tattoo of their logo. some people did it they ended in five days. get the tattoo free pizza for life. >> i want free pizza right now. rob: bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ baby, it's a brand new day ♪ ain't no clouds hanging over me ♪ nothing feels the same. steve: good morning, america. welcome to "fox & friends." this is the 6th day of september, kind of an unusual week because most people had monday off. feels like a wednesday. ainsley: thursday of the kavanaugh hearing. i like that song by the way i wrote it down max frost. good one to download. brian: has he written anything else or is this it? ainsley: i'm not sure i will find out.
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brian: if you are max frost and watching us right now 1-866-tell fox. steve: u.s. open yesterday it was 100 degrees, the heat index down on the. they spent like a billion dollars for that that new roof. hey, u.s. open, close the lid. brian: only if it's raining. also, steve, my sense is the players had it worse than the fans. not to focus too much on the doocy clan. steve: it's a long story we didn't watch much of one match. we couldn't sit in the seats we had to mo around. ainsley: get on the jumbotron did you and cathy are is to kiss. steve: no. brian: anybody that goes to the u.s. open has to bring ted. were you there? >> yeah. ainsley: it is a fun thing to do. steve: ted is one of our camera operators and right now he is pulling cable but somebody they don't know is
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the identity of the trump traitor. this is a man, presumably because the "new york times" tweeted out something about he, who wrote an op-ed that appeared yesterday and it is a breath-taking event in presidential history where essentially says hey, america, don't worry, i've got this. the president's crazy but we're going to keep things on the straight and narrow. ainsley: things going well it's all because of me and small little team against this administration. this is a clip from the op-ed. it says the dilemma. , which he does not fully grasp is many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and worse inclinations. i would know, i am one of them. to be clear ours is not the popular resistance of the left. we want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made america safer and more prosperous. we believe our first duty is to this country and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of
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our republic. brian: caused tremors throughout the west wing. everyone wondering who is it. everything pretty much stopped in terms of work. the editorial director said he received this editorial before the woodward book came out because a lot of the allegations are very similar to what woodward has said and michael wolff has claimed. woodward claims to create situation around people's recall. michael wolff could not claim a lot of the things he claimed happened. and omarosa is omarosa. this was had to go ahead and publish it another excerpt, the president has come back, this actually from the president after he sees this. and he clearly was unnerved by. this he said i'm draining the swamp and the swamp is fighting back. to fight back, don't worry, we still win. steve: here's the thing. it is not unusual to see anonymous sources in the newspaper. but it is very unusual to see an anonymous op-ed. and for the "new york times" to go ahead and publish
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that, you know, that just stokes the whole there is a deep state and that's fake news because the president himself said tweeted out if the gutless anonymous person doesn't indeed exist the "times" must for national security purposes turn him or her over to our government at once. which government? this government or the permanent government? the deep state? here's marc thiessen, listen to this. >> he is right to be mad. look, the deep state just confessed. the deep state, it turns out, is not the permanent bureaucracy. it's not obama holdovers obama appointed to senior positions inside the government. we don't know who this person is have you unelected appointees undermining and refusing to carry out lawful orders by the elected commander-in-chief, that's not defending democracy that's undermining democracy. brian: i will bring to you two areas. two of the presidents i guess people didn't know him well until he became president and spoken out. one is lindsey graham. a lot of people are beginning to wake up and
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recognize. this is david perdue actually senator from georgia. a lot of the people are waking up and realizing his agenda is actually working. what he believes is actually works and going on. one of his biggest critics was graham who fired off a string of tweets defending trump against the woodward betrayal as well as. this fate will be determined by the results he achieves for the american people not by a book about process by any reasonable measure we have one the strongest economies in modern history. president trump has rebuilt the military and we are pushing back hard against our enemy. ainsley: at the top of the op-ed they do say they know the identity. the identity is known. this could be anyone. this could be someone, you know, in the middle of the country that doesn't work for him claiming to work for him. they know his identity or her identity. they file like the job would be in jeopardy if they disclosed this obviously. this person is such a coward. this person is dishonest, this personal is disloyal. we all work for businesses. there is always one person who is disgruntled, someone who takes morale down to the
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lowest level. why don't they get a job somewhere else. it's not fair. this person needs to leave the white house if they are not happy with it. steve: the identity of this person is going to be figurinfigured out. they find the anonymous text in plagiarism cases and historical pustles. there is enough information that they laid out that he will be able to figure out hot person is yesterday, there was a lot of speculation because in the op-ed they use the expression load star. somebody did the which cabinet official used load star mike pension. mike pence, go ahead and give yourself up. it sounds like you are the trump traitor. brian: i thought it was interesting mitch mcconnell didn't run to defend the president yesterday. there are people in the republican party seems to not like the president's afrozen. if i were the president, this is what i would do.
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people trust family very effective jared kushner, ivanka, if you want to bring eric in. put them in on almost all key meetings. have your foreign policy experts, domestics experts, secretaries of the treasury. have your kids there who know you and understand there is a reason why he became a multi-millionaire billionaire. there is reafn why he run for one office and won it is he different. is he eccentric. is he unorthodox. he gets it because is he getting results. steve: brian, there is an easier way to do that. whoever this person is, quit. you don't like him, quit. nobody elected this person. brian brian he is not alone. steve: and it goes to my earlier point about the permanent government. we have been hearing about that and about the deep state and this guy, he, according to the "new york times'" tweet has confessed look, we are here. and we are keeping america safe. quit. just quit your job if you hate the guy so much. ainsley: what's ironic is this person thinks they are saving the country by being
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in the white house and turning the president's opinions around and spinning it or whatever. what's ironic about it though is this is dividing the country. this is making it actually worse. brian: meanwhile, the other major story yesterday, the other one was confirming the supreme court justice. judge brett kavanaugh gearing up for another day of confirmation chaos. the first two days he was on his game. the rest of the gallery was also on their game screaming every moment. steve: the supreme court nominee standing his ground during intense questioning as protesters disrupted and screamed and whined and did all that stuff. ainsley: griff jenkins is live inside the senate hearing room. griff? >> good morning, guys. the seat is still hot from when judge kavanaugh sat here for 12 hours and faced questions from all 21 senators. the top democrat dianne feinstein on this committee pressing about the future of roe v. wade. >> i thought about it, that practice. and i will be the first to say i'm not the second
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justifiable harlan and not trying to compare myself in any way to him. but i thought that was a good model for a federal judge just to score the independence because we are not supposed to participate in political activities. go to rallies, give money and that kind of thing it seemed to me that voting is a very personal expression of your policy belief in many ways. by it, i mean roe v. wade and planned parenthood vs. casey. been reaffirmed many times. casey is precedent on precedent which itself is an important factor. >> feinstein also asked whether or not a sitting president could be subpoenaed and of course judge kavanaugh said sorry, senator, can't give you an answer that's hypothetical. on the issue of judicial independence here's what jawnge had to say. >> i have repeatedly called u.s. v. nixon one of the four greatest moments in supreme court history. it's one of the greatest moments because of the political pressures of the time. the court stood up for
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judicial independence in a moment of national crisis. >> finally, of course, in the back there is 23 seats reenksd for th reserved for the public. 73 protesters arrested and cited for disorderly conduct yesterday. bringing the total to 143. guys we are getting another long day today. each senator will get 30 minutes again to question judge kavanaugh right here in this seat. brian: to keep with tradition throw yourself out. everyone who stands in that area eventually gets thrown out. >> when somebody gets arrested do they have to pay a ticket? do they have to go to supreme court is there going to be a trial? what? >> good question. they are removed and they're cited with the disorderly conduct. there is a specific code that they get. they don't go and sit in a jail cell. the capital police get a real kudos for the job they're doing. at this are the best at this. they do it in a professional and very organized manner.
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ainsley: first time 50 bucks. second time stay there and make bail and probably have to stay there a few days. steve: 6:11 in new york city. jillian joins us with news out of the department of justice. jillian: news we are following. the doj announcing they will investigate if social media sites are, quote: intentionally stifling free speech. this as twitter ceo jack dorsey was grilled by lawmakers over political bias. >> our were unfairly filtering 600,000 accounts, including some members of congress. the results was not impartial. >> so you do agree there were more republicans than democrats? >> i didn't say that. >> well, you can't have it both ways, sir. >> dorsey also testified with facebook coo sheryl sandberg about election mettling in 2016. facebook's ceo was invited but didn't show up.
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chargerring 11 ms-13 gang members in texas. 8 of them shown here are connected to five brutal murders, including one where someone was hacked to death using a that chety. most of the victims are former members of the gang accused of being disloyal. another victim randomly shot and killed while getting food in texas. progressives knocking out two long-time democratic congressman now they are aiming for even bigger seat. after upset wins by alexandria ocasio-cortez and yanna presley all eyes are on delaware's three term democratic senator tom carper who faces a challenge until a rare thursday primary today. newcomer kerry harris hoping medicare for all and abolish ice platform will deliver. president trump heading back on the campaign trail today in montana. he is running for state auditor.
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a look at you're headlines, send it back to you. steve: busy day. thank you. brian: brand new video showing a de ranged man ramming his truck into a fox affiliate in texas. new details coming up. ainsley: pete hegseth is on deck with the anonymous message to the writer in the "new york times" op-ed. is he on next ♪ ♪ with the world outside... making life a little... easier. introducing the well-connected lincoln mkc.
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>> when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration, probably who is failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons. and the "new york times" is failing. anonymous. meaning gutless. a gutless editorial? steve: president trump there in the east room blasting the "new york times" for publishing an anonymous rare op-ed from supposedly a senior trump official claiming to be part of the resistance inside the trump administration. ainsley: is this an example of the newspaper's bias against the president? brian: or are they just putting an editorial in that they think is credible? joining us now to react is "fox & friends weekend" host pete hegseth. pete, you know the president well. how do you feel he is handling this? >> well, is he calling this person out for not having the courage. this is cowardice
3:18 am
masquerading as conscience. whoever this anonymous person is wrapping themselves in a flag trying to say they are saving the country. actually using that as a shield to try protect trump from the american people in their mind. american people didn't vote for the deep state. steve: for this guy. pete: they didn't. they voted for the bomb thrower who was going to disrupt things, break up the stalls quo. fight the establishment. this is more evidence that at every turn this is the type of resistance he will face. patriotic journalism is largely dead. really, the "new york times" doesn't care about the success of this administration. they want to defeat this president and this is more evidence of that. steve: this particular op-ed is giving trump supporters a great big can of gas. because this proves the president's point, there is a deep state there they have confess dollars in the pages of the "new york times," to try to subvert what the president of the united states is duly elected. pete: that's right. steve: is trying to do. pete: you are allowed to
3:19 am
disagree with him. confront him. take a stance and write your op-ed how terrible you think it is inside the white house. this is what so many people fear and understand is happening. we have seen it from other administrations figures more openly. david shulkin at the v.a. mcmaster at the national security council. brian: gary cohn wh. >> gary cohn who show up and say my job is to slow walk. because i don't like the pace of change or i don't like the way he says it that's not what the folks who donald trump want. they want the swamp to react and rear its head. this is an example of that. ainsley: many people in the media ran with this yesterday they were so excited because they don't like the president. what do you think middle america thinks as they are waking up this morning. >> i don't think middle america cares about what this writer wrote like they are not going to care what bob woodward wrote. plenty of people who want to talk and rumors out there plenty of people don't like this the '. they look at the top line which is the bottom line which is their jobs are
3:20 am
better. america is proud. we are fighting back against these slanted deals. china has been rigging us for years. i have been educated on trade by this president on how important it's been. these are the things that matter to real people. also the culture wars. they don't want folks kneeling for the anthem. they want people to stand and be proud of the flag. they see a global agenda of the he a lets that's what the "new york times" editorial page is too. they want to fight that not agree with it. steve: during the campaign people said he is not presidential enough. essentially that's what this guy is saying. >> of course. i have think they will find out who he is. brian: you are heading to montana. >> that heading to montana flying out to the big rally in billings, montana. brian: will you be able to speak to the president tonight. pete: maybe, if he says we can make it work we will move the schedule. ainsley: sometimes he will just walk over and interview with you unexpectedly. pete: live tv. steve: meanwhile we have been showing you all those protesters at brett kavanaugh's hearing the last couple days. what exactly are they
3:21 am
fighting for? >> i just want people to get out to vote during the mid terms. >> people are expressing their true fears. steve: charlie kirk has more of that video coming up next. (music throughout) takes more than just investment advice. from insurance to savings to retirement, it takes someone with experience and knowledge who can help me build a complete plan. brian, my certified financial planner™ professional, is committed to working in my best interest.
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3:25 am
reiterated its calls for a formal end to the korean war which it says president trump agreed. to say this as a third meeting between the two korean leaders was announce you had for later this month to discuss full denuclearization. steve. steve: all right. thanks, brian. day three of supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh's nomination hearing is set to kick off three hours from right now. the first two days have seen constant interruptions from protesters. ainsley: our next guest went to talk to them all and find out why they oppose judge kavanaugh and you won't believe what happened. turning point u.s.a. founder charlie kirk joins us now with more. hey, charlie. >> good morning. ainsley: the first question you asked them why do you not like this judge. let's air a little bit of what you found. >> what don't you like most about kavanaugh? >> um,. >> i just want people to get out to vote during the mid terms. >> civil rights and justice rights will also be rolled back at even greater level than they are. i think those concerns are
3:26 am
valid trusting their true fears. >> american rights are at stake if this guy gets put on. >> one guy said i'm just here to hold the sign. >> i was there a couple hours and had very interesting encounters with far left activists many of whom were disrupting the actual hearings. they bore that as a badge of honor. should actually increase harsher penalties against these disrupters almost as if you get a parking ticket if you interrupts this and it's on national television. but there was no cohesive message they were saying things going to roll back his rights. >> where were they getting talking points frrge the signs they were given. steve: you are saying astro turf crowd. >> it felt like it. some people were there at thitypical left wing activists. more than not these were mostly college students being told this will be the worst thing that will ever happen if he dare gets put on the supreme court there was no cohesive message i kept on hearing is he going to take all our rights away i said name one and i was
3:27 am
met with silence. steve: you did do the interview. you were outside. you were on the capitol grounds and yet this happened. watch this. >> not allowed to come and talk to our people. >> just don't talk to them. >> i'm kicking you out because you are here putting people on camera having conversations. >> your right to free speech doesn't trump his. >> good for that cop. >> trying to kick you out of a public place. >> capitol. >> they said we are going to have to kick you out. >> can you bring the capitol police over and we have a conversation about that. they are worried about rights taken away. only thing they could think about was trying to take my right to free speech away because i was disagreeing with them. very calmly. i was having conversations with some of their protesters they came in and said no, no, no. we have to try to get -- ainsley: what did the capital police say. >> you heard a sound bite from it i can't do anything here. everybody has a right to assembly. they said we have a petition to be here. we have a permit to be here.
3:28 am
and i said a permit is permission it's not a permission to discriminate. steve: that little sound bite right there where she was telling you had to get out of there, that she was going to have you ejected reminisce sent of some of the things we have seen on college campuses where it's this is our safe space you cannot invade our safe space the u.s. capital. >> how dare you spree with us. my presence, just asking questions from a very journalist stick point of view triggered them so much. this is an interesting point the nonsense you see happening on college campuses is now going to the higher level. very troubling. ainsley: i choose to watch it on television. i don't know how you are a very brave man that you knew to go into the crowd. >> you have to wear a smile with it and the right to free speech. it's fundamental to the public. ainsley: i am surprised they allow the public in these hearings. >> they have to get harsher penalties or else this nonsense will continue. steve: charlie, thank you. straight ahead on this thursday, president trump vowed to you get tougher on the world stage and now he is taking action. next guest says this says sends the right exact
3:29 am
message at the exact right time. ainsley: ultimate promotion freedom knows pizza fo dominos r life. how did that work out? steve: is that permanent? happy birthday chris christie my former governor in new jersey is 56 today. is he great weather man like the time he helped janice dean give the weather right here on "fox & friends" last october. listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ keep those shrimp comin'! endless shrimp is back at red lobster. with all the shrimp you want, any way you want them. try delicious creations like new crunchy fiesta shrimp tortilla chip crusted then topped with a creamy blend of three cheeses and finished with pico de gallo. and there's new sesame-ginger shrimp. grilled and drizzled with savory soy-ginger sauce and sprinkled with asian seasoning. and don't forget the favorites you love, like garlic shrimp scampi!
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>> celebration ♪ celebration time, come on. steve: it's your shots of the morning. identical twin brothers and world war ii vets roy and ralph henderson celebrating 100th birthday today. ainsley: brothers fought in
3:33 am
different companies of the 105th tank destroyer not knowing if the other was still alive. brian: after the war the henderson twins opened up lumber company. combine 14 children, dozens of grandchildren and great grandchildren. steve: so happy birthday from "fox & friends" boyd and ralph. happy 100. they are a sen trip. brian: they look great. ainsley: they do look great. happy birthday. brian: 33 minutes after the hour. president trump which l. chair a united nations security council session this month to address iran violations of i national law and press world leaders to be more assertive against the country. steve: the president has vowed to renew the united states leadership. is this an example of the president following through on that. brian: here to discuss former allied commanders of europe nato allied operations. general, around the worlded in the big picture are we asserting ourselves in the way you would like?
3:34 am
>> i think we are beginning to take steps in the right direction it is important, i think, that the united states is part of leading over the past say decade or. so we have sort of backed away from that and even talked at times about leading from the middle. and i think it's important that would he be a part of that team that does lead these kind of issues in the world. steve: what do you mean we kind of backed away from leading in the last decade? he had who did that? >> well, i would rather not make it a political discussion let's say across the last 10 years we have had opportunities. steve: you are saying barack obama? >> during the regime or during the administration of president obama, i served. and i would offer that we could have probably stepped more forward in places like the crimea the initial movement into syria and
3:35 am
others. but i think it's just most important to say that the united states of america is an important part of any leadership situation like this in the world. >> he has put us back at the table on some of the most important issues around our world. and we are going to have to work together with other world powers, russia, to be included, to solve some of the tough issues in front of us like syria and others so i think it's important that we do exhibit leadership and we certainly as a nation now are stepping out into that position. brian: i love the secretary mike pompeo a couple days before he arrived in pakistan took out $300 million and said we are not giving you this aide. you are not cooperating the way we want when it comes to the war on terror and wrestling in terrorists but they did have a productive conversation after reportedly. the other move is north
3:36 am
carolina. while no missiles are flying. there is not enough progress being made. are you okay with that? i think we learned a lot of lessons in our history the agreed framework and other places where we were not assertive enough in our dealings with these kind of problems. so, any mo forward, i think, with north korea or iran for that matter we need to have persistent, invasive and verifiable processes to eliminate some of these problems like nuke nukes in thee countries. brian: do they have it? have you seen it? >> i think there is a lot to be done yet to make we have my three important words, pervasive, pervasive and verifiable regimes. steve: general, one of the scary things is also the thought of weapons of mass destruction in the hands of terrorists whether it's here or somewhere over there. >> this is one of the things that keeping me up at night. we have long enjoyed because
3:37 am
of great intelligence and great judiciary and great policing services. we have enjoyed relatively free life here in america from these most terrifying incidents that terrorists could do. i think it's coming to our shores. and i think that we need to be very watchful in how we approach this. do we have the right indications and warning systems to ensure that we're ready for these kinds of attacks? brian: general, do you say the greatest threat is our deficit. we have not even touched it. we have just grown it and get it on top of that general free love, thanks so much. ainsley: thanks, general. steve: thank you for your service. sir. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: good morning. we do have sad news to report at this hour. the daughter of america's pass tort late reverend billy graham has breast cancer anne graham lotz announcing the news on her
3:38 am
website. 70-year-old making a name for herself as christian speaker. her father calling her the best preacher in the family. she will undergo surgery september 18th. >> new surveillance video showing the moment a man repeatedly rams his truck into a tv station. we brought you this breaking news yesterday. take a look. he intentionally crashed of into the side of our dallas fox affiliate slamming into the windows before backing up and crashing into the building again. after going on a rant, police arrested the driver who has a long criminal record. he also left behind a bag which was searched for explosives, it turned out to be safe. kim kardashian back at the white house and working with president trump on prison reform. the reality tv star meeting with ivanka trump and jared curablener hoping to help free a convicted felon currently serving life without parole over a drug case. comes after kim launched a successful campaign earlier this year to free alice maria johnson. a congressman juicing auctioneering skills to drown out a protester during
3:39 am
twitter ceo jack doors yption hearing on ceo. just listen to. this that is why shadow banning 12 and a half. 15. two and a half. 7 and a half. $30 here. 35. 7 and a half. 40. three and a quarter. 400. 4, 4 and a quarter. i yield back. [laughter] missouri republican billie long is actually a long time member of the national auctioneer's association. i'm so fascinated any time i hear someone do that. how on earth do you do that. ainsley: hey batter batter batter. why did he do that? he is funny. he just got himself reelected. steve: i have been to cattle auctions where a number of people talk like that. i still couldn't understand what he was saying. ainsley: held up your paddle, you bought a hefer. brian: honey. ainsley: sounds like hey
3:40 am
batter batter swing. steve: we would have made terrible auctioneers. janice dean is outside where it's already a little on the steamy side. janice: it is. a do cold front on the way. i want to talk about a tropical system. ing florence. this system could affect bermuda and the east coast. here is the euro model as we go through the weekend and into early next week on wednesday. looks like moves south of bermuda and south of east coast. right on top of bermuda next week and then again affecting perhaps the east coast. so bottom line here east coast is you need to make your plans just in case. all right? we will keep you posted on florence. here is your forecast today hot and sticky along the gulf coast up towards the great lakes. we got that cold front moving through. by the weekend, by the way, it's going to be in the low 70's here on the east coast ahead of that cold front. florence, we are watching florence. we will keep you up to date. this could be a big one for the east coast if it comes close. back to you.
3:41 am
steve: j.d. thank you very much. >> god it. brian: cynthia nixon has a plan to get single payer healthcare for the state of new york if elected governor. get. this pass the law then figure out how to pay for it doesn't that sound familiar and just wonderful? steve: it does sound familiar. how did that work out? and president trump's legal team says they are weighing robert mueller's offer to submit some questions on the russia probe in writing but judge napolitano says that would be a big mistake and is he coming up next on "fox & friends." hey batter batter ♪ when you have pain,
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you want relief fast. only new thermacare ultra pain relieving cream has 4 active ingredients, to fight pain 4 different ways. get relief fast with new thermacare ultra pain relieving cream. >> president's attorney rudy giuliani weighing in on robert mueller's proposal to provide some written answers about the russia probe. >> we came back to them with a few changes but not material changes. we are now awaiting their response. i'm hopeful that maybe we're
3:45 am
going to get a yes, in which case we can probably move forward with written questions see if that doesn't satisfy them and satisfy us. brian: is that a good move judge napolitano. easy stuff. open book test. do it, right? >> except there is going to be follow-up questions. >> that's their request. >> i have been arguing that they shouldn't and obviously rudy giuliani knows the case better than i do and even though we all know the president. he knows the client better than i do. i have been arguing that they shouldn't even be having these communications that when the government comes knocking on your door, to ask you questions, it's not to help you. it's to help the government. steve: sure. >> in this case, it's a team of government lawyers who want to prosecute, impeach, or do something to interfere with donald trump's presidency. so i have suggested to rudy and others involved in this, this is a dangerous -- i use the phrase we are all using
3:46 am
rabbit hole down which to go. if they give written questions, who is going to write the answers? the president is not going to sit down and write the answers. the lawyers will write the answers. the president will say looks fine to me and sign it until a month later when they start grilling him what did you mean about this and what did you mean about that. where did you get this and where did you get that? this is another level of opportunity for bob mueller's team to put the president's back to the wall. steve: judge, what do you make of the fact that it's only regarding the russia stuff. there is no mention of the obstruction of justice? >> because i suggest to you as i have the others that the mueller screw compartmentizing they are concentrating on russia. steve: which is what they were going to do in the beginning. >> then they goal to the obstruction of justice which they have been developing evidence on. they already have his bank records from deutsche bank from 20 years he was builder and developer in new york city. what the heck does that have
3:47 am
to do with this presidency. that's the way prosecutors are they keep digging and inquiring. ainsley: if the fbi had a beef with something you had done, they knock on your door you say i'm not going to talk i will get an attorney. you get an attorney your attorney normally talks to the fbi. why in this case mcgahn sat down and talked with them. if rudy giuliani is talking to them. why does the president i know this is like a compromise. giuliani is probably happy that they will get these written questions in advance and they can fill it out and hand it over to the fbi. why do they need to do that? isn't that why you hire an attorney to talk to them? >> you don't need to do it. when the government is nearing the end of a criminal investigation, they usually ask the person they are investigating is there anything you want to tell us? the best answer is no. steve: no. >> there is a temptation as the president is tempted to get his version in front of the prosecutors. the president probably believes with his power of persuasion he can talk them out of pursuing him, he can't. and he shouldn't even try to do so. brian: do you believe that john dowd actually did a dry run with him portrayed in
3:48 am
woodward book. >> yes, i do. brian: did it go as badly. >> i don't think the president was as happy with it i suggested on air a dry run with rudy playing mueller and the response was we already did it. steve: let's see what happens. judge thank you very much. >> all the best, guys. ainsley: this democrat running for congress wants open borders and abolish ice. her opponent says not so fast. steve: todd piro has been traveling all over the country in a beautiful rv. he may have saved the best for last. is he on kentucky bourbon trail and todd is next. ♪ ♪ one beer so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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3:51 am
brian: he performed at dolly wood, flew with the thunder birds and drank from the fountain of youth.
3:52 am
ainsley: todd piro has been exploring the united states in an rv for all-american road trip series. steve: now the trip is coming to an end. todd. >> where are you today and what are you up to? >> good morning, steve, ainsley, and brian. we are atwood ford reserve here in versailles, kentucky. this is 41 feet of awesomeness it was our ride for the kentucky bourbon trail wsks a designated driver. we went to woodford research two other spots as well. check it out. >> wow, check out this rv. it's like a house in here. but now it's time to go check out the bourbon trail. come on. >> our first stop is woodford reserve here in versailles, kentucky. i want you to meet someone distill ler mccaul. >> thank you for being here. >> let's check it out. this is a fermenter? >> yes. what is happening in here is
3:53 am
the going to consume the sugar and convert it to alcohol. give it a taste. this one is early on fermentation. it's really sweet. the yeast hasn't gotten rocking and rolling to convert sugars to alcohol. >> like a sweet bread in liquid form. >> it's good. >> where are we now. >> this is our barrel warehouse. historic warehouse. there is about 5,000-barrels resting here right now. this is the maturation phase. this is where a lot of that magic happens. we are using those barrels to create almost 60 to 80% of the flavor and 100 percent of the color. todd: i'm told because we have a good relationship right now you are able to drill in for us? >> yes. i'm going to tap into one of our barrels and get you taste something not fully aged. >> not everybody gets to do this. >> no. >> whew. [laughter] >> cheers. >> it's wild turkey time come on in here joanne
3:54 am
street. >> very nice to meet you. >> third generation worker here at wild turkey. did you know i myself am a wild turkey? >> it's awesome. cool to get people to come to kentucky and see how we make america's native beer. >> this building looks historic. >> this is bonded a warehouse. the oldest warehouse that we have on the property here at wild turkey built back in 1894. todd: this is where the bourbon ages but each floor has a different type of bourbon on it. >> exactly. distillery and checked out the ground here at wild turkey i think there is one or two people who are pretty important to us here that i think you should meet. >> okay. >> master distiller mr. jimmy russell. todd: you call him by a different name. >> call him grand dad actually. todd: how often can you speak to the individual whose name is literally on the label.
3:55 am
that's his signature on the front. sir, it's safe to say this is your bourbon. >> i really enjoy it. todd: if there is one lesson have you learned in your 64 years making bourbon, what is it. >> do it right or don't do it at all. todd: from older generations to newer ones including a craft distillery welcome to town branch. >> what makes this unique it is the only brewery on the bourbon trail. >> we are both a brewery and a distillery. todd: you have the beer. why jump into the bourbon. >> gosh darn we are in the heart of bush bon country. todd: recognized in 2012 as part of the bourbon trail. what does that mean? >> it means a lot. it brings people into lexington, kentucky to see what we are producing. give a sample of this over some ice. todd: i could get used to that. >> i hope can you take this gift back to your colleagues in new york. todd: just review, i need to give this to them?
3:56 am
i can't just take this for myself. >> you all i know is i gave it to you. what happens after that is your business. todd: after a long but four weeks on the road, nothing goes with the bourbon quite like some s'mores. ♪ ainsley: that is so cute. i love how you incorporated the turkey call. todd: of course we did that for you have ainsley. let's get to the stars of our show this is town branch you just saw that. this is executive producer gavin's future if he is nice to me. we also have wild turkey 101. there is that. and from woodford reserve from where we are right now. this is double oak hard core. the public hasn't had a chance to see that yes. matthew mcconaughey you know the actor he has his own personal bourbon in wild turkey in sort of summarizing this whole experience, the entire kentucky bourbon trail has sure been you know it's coming all right all right
3:57 am
all right. steve: todd, bring that bourbon back, we could make a hot to they. for more information go to trip and thanks to go rving. it's very pe. each of us is different. and each cancer is different. how it reacts, how it evades and adapts. and how we attack it. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america,
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anonymous sabator within the trump administration bashing this president in a "new york times" op-ed. >> the "new york times" doesn't care about the success of this administration. they want to defeat this president and this is more evidence. >> judge brett kavanaugh gearing up for another day of confirmation chaos. the first two days he was on his game. >> senator, if confirmed to the supreme court, i owe my loyalty to the constitution. >> a big tech under the microscope trying to convince lawmakers that their social media platforms are not politically biased. >> your company has discriminated against conservatives. >> we have found impartial outcomes and those are what we intend to fix. >> socialist cynthia nixon's
4:01 am
plan for healthcare. she tells the new york daily news editorial board she doesn't have one saying, quote: pass it and then figure out how to fund it. >> republican congressman turns auctioneer and going viral for shutting down a rowdy protester. >> three and a half, 4 and a half. four and a quarter. i yield back. [laughter] ♪ ♪ only thing miss something a pretty girl sitting here next to me ♪ kissing up on me ♪ brian: this is a perfect morning song almost as if jake owen wrote this. steve: sunny like our day ahead. ainsley: i get to sit between you two i have good company. what a wonderful life. thank you. brian: that was not in the prompter. that came from your heart. ainsley: it's not in the prompter. steve: thank you for joining us. we are going to talk all about that white house mole
4:02 am
at least in senior administration official who wrote that op-ed in a moment. but, first, you are watching the channel you know that brett kavanaugh has been in the hot seat for the last two days just about two and a half hours from right now another round of confirmation chaos if it's anything like it has been. ainsley: gosh. the supreme court nominee standing its ground during intense. protester were disrupting by screaming and whining. brian: speaking of screaming and whining that's what griff jenkins does when he is not on the air. >> hey, guys, good morning. let me tell you think you have what it takes to be a supreme court nominee. try sitting in this chair 12 and a half hours. each senator had 30 minutes talking from guns to abortion. senator dianne feinstein asked about the future of roe v. wade. judge kavanaugh saying that's settled law then came this question from the senator. >> let me just ask you this can a sitting president be
4:03 am
required to respond to a subpoena? >> as a matter of the canons of judicial independence, i can't give you an answer ton that hypothetical question. >> judge kavanaugh spent much of his day trying to reassure the senators of his judicial independence and his impartiality and then at the very end of the day, california senator kamala harris who was california's attorney general previously asked a very pointed legal and crypted question about whether or not kavanaugh had ever had a conversation with anyone in a law firm of an attorney that was president trump's former attorney? here is how it went down. >> have you had a conversation with anyone at that firm about that investigation? it's a really specific question. >> i would like to know the person you are thinking of. >> i think you are thinking of someone and you don't want to tell us. >> i'm not sure what that means. we may find out more today. each senator will get to ask questions again they will get 20 minutes this time.
4:04 am
the protest will continue and i can give you some insight you asked me in the last hour about happened to them. they are taking 10 miles from here in a processing center where the capital police processes them and gives them a $50 fine. if they pay it on the spot they are free to go. yesterday we had repeat protesters more than one come back in and get arrested a second time. we'll see if we get any repeats or even a three-peat today. guys? steve: i wonder who is paying the 50 bucks for them if anybody? ainsley: i was wondering that, too. griff: i don't know. just quickly to answer that it may be a little bit coordinated because the authorities also tell me they are watching in the audience of protesters sometimes you see them look down, they get their text, their body language gets a little agitated they know that's the next personal to stand up. ainsley: wow. brian: griff, is there a follow-up question you can't handle? [laughter] >> no.
4:05 am
brian: goodbye, griff. steve: we were watching the confirmation hearings can you imagine being in that seat the knowledge and the memory that he has on such detail. such nuanced detail of all those cases they asked him about. it's jaw-dropping. ainsley: they would say i don't remember the name of this case but and they would describe it and he would know it and he would say what it was even if it was 10 years ago. brian: i just wish cresston was there to help kamala harris mind meld don't know the answer of who they are thinking of. overall the bob woodward book and that is the news that there is anonymous editorial that was written -- that was written in the "new york times" and handed to the "new york times" earlier in the week. they researched it. the woodward book dropped with all the excerpts in it and came out. people thought to themselves this sounds very similar to the unnamed sources in bob woodward's book. essentially here is one excerpt. the dilemma. which he does not fully grasp, meaning the
4:06 am
president, is that many of his senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worse inclinations. i would know. i am one to be clear. ours is not the popular resistance on the left. we want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made america more safer and prosperous. we believe our first duty is to our country and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic. ouch. steve: that is the trump traitor in the pages of the "new york times." according to the "the washington post," the president reacted with, quote: volcanic anger. he was lived over what he considered a treasonous act of disloyalty. they looked at what he said, they think this person probably works at the department of justice or in national security and, apparently yesterday, there were a bunch of texts going around the white house sleeper cells have woken. somebody else told "the washington post" it's like
4:07 am
the horror movies when everybody realizes the call is coming from inside the house right? ainsley: you are right. that was the worse. so at the top of the editorial if you read it, the senior -- this person is a senior administration official and i was wondering how do they know that this is not some guy in middle america that claims he works at the white house who say his identity is known to us and if we disclose it their job would be in jeopardy. brian: you think so? ainsley: the president was serious about this. you could see it yesterday. listen to this. >> when you tell me about some anonymous source within the administration, probably who is failing and probably here for all the wrong reasons, no. and the "new york times" is failing. anonymous. meaning gutless. a gutless editorial. brian: senator bob corker who was once going to be secretary of state and became somewhat of a critic of the president. steve: somewhat? be. brian: this is what all of us have understood from day one. that's why i encourage the good people around the president to stay around the president. meanwhile you, ourselves
4:08 am
mike pompeo heard about this story. he weighs in pakistan. he went over to india. and he said this about who is ever complaining about the president and portraying things as chaotic from the inside. >> they should not well have chosen to take a disgruntled, deceptive, bad actors word for anything. and put it in their newspaper. it's sad more than anything else. i come from a place where if you are not in a position to execute the commander's intent, you have a singular option and it's to leave. steve: absolutely right. if you don't like what the boss is doing, go ahead and leave. although this person says, you know, me and dozens of others, it is reported, are keeping an eye, sitting here. ainsley: we are watching from within. we are saving the country. steve: apparently at the white house they cancelled meetings and made a list of a dozen theories and names. they say it could be a glory
4:09 am
seeker who wants to get caught, it is likely a low level staff at a peripheral agency. so it's not one of the big faces. when they say senior administration official, do you know how many of those there are? there are 1212 confirmed by the senate and 640 keys. so there are a lot of people who have that title. ainsley: i do agree with what the president is saying. i think this is dishonest and disloyal. this is a coward. someone needs to show their face and step down if they're not happy. we all work in places. have you that one or two disgruntled morale down to everyone that you work with. if you don't like where you work, can you always choose another job. in fact, the economy is going so well there are a lot of job openings right now. brian: my feeling is the president has to understanding he has to trust the people he is with. ainsley: absolutely. brian: obviously bothered by it the report is so widespread from too many different sources. i would sit ivanka and jared or laura or eric and i would
4:10 am
have them in on every high level meeting. get the experts in from treasury. steve: it's not necessarily the high level meeting. brian: let me finish. have him there on a regular basis. you need somebody with you that you trust that could be there as a buffer that understands you. because this president is different. is he unique, he is an anomaly as a business person, as a personality and as a president, he went from one office and he won it, the most powerful one in the world. nobody else could have done that having said that is he a little different. ainsley: not a politician. brian: not able to get along with him. the president needs his family around him. ainsley: anyone that the president hires to work in his administration. doesn't mean is he perfect and doesn't mean is he going to do everything right. he has to trust his team to help him make the right decision. that's why you hire people. this person thinks i'm saving the country. you are not supposed to say that you are supposed to give the power to the president. you are supposed to help the president. if you are not going to be loyal and stay in the administration and be loyal. then you don't need to be there. steve: i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a
4:11 am
lifelong bureaucrat working in government his whole life at that particular level for a long time has worked for other presidents, doesn't like how this president operates. but, if you don't like it, just get out. brian: right. there seems to be more than one. jillian. steve: they are. that's washington. washington is a majority democrat town. brian: do you have more than one story? jillian: i do if you guy also let me have some time to do it. steve: absolutely. jillian: get you caught up with news right now. fast moving wildfire forcing evacuations, shuttle down a 45-mile stretch of highway in california. hundreds of people left scared for their lives. >> we can't stay right here. look at that side just caught on fire. we cannot stay right here. >> that delta fire burning up more than 5,000 acres in just hours in northern california. nearly 20 semi-trucks had to be abandoned and some burnt to a crisp. fire officials says the blaze is human caused but not sure if it was arson or accidental. a flu outbreak might be the
4:12 am
reason why 100 people got sticked with a plane packed with 500 people. passengers describing what happened after landing at jfk airport including rapper van nil la ice who was on board. >> when we started looking out the windows this suspect bigger than what the pilot made it out to be. this is real serious. >> very, very deep and tense cough violently sick. >> you don't know what it is. ainsley: 10 people including crew members are hospitalized after arriving on the 14 hour elm rit flight from dubai. president trump hinting at another government shut down as congress refuses to fund his border wall. >> thank you. >> if it's about border security. i'm willing to do anything. we have to protect our borders. if we don't protect our borders, our country is not going to be a country. ainsley: congress has until september 30th to pass a new spending plan. the government was already partially shut down by democrats for three days in
4:13 am
january over border security. and that is a look at your headlines. thank you for allowing me the time to do them. ainsley: any time. jillian: i give you your time now. steve: president of the united states said i'm not going to sign another big spending palooza like that. brian: mitch mcconnell is confident the president is going to sign it. we will see. steve: game on. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. this democrat running for congress wants open borders and to abolish ice. her opponent says not so fast. she joining us live next. brian: remember when peta put up a billboard taking aim at maryland crab restaurant? this morning, the owner is firing back. ♪ you got me begging you for mercy ♪ why won't you release me ♪ you got me begging you for mercy ♪ why won't you
4:14 am
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♪ ♪ [chanting abolish ice] ainsley: despite illegal immigrants pouring in through our southern border, a new mexico democratic candidate for u.s. house is still in favor of open borders and abolishing ice. here to weigh in on this is her opponent former new mexico state representative and g.o.p. candidate for congress janice arnold
4:18 am
jones. janice, thank you for being with us. >> ainsley, it is a pleasure. thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. why do you want to represent new mexico in congress? >> new mexico is a really fabulous state but it needs an advocate. not only to take care of the broad issues not only our borders but the things that new mexico does for this country. ainsley: your opponent debra holland wants open borders and abolish ice. she is getting support from president obama and also nancy pelosi. what do you say about her? >> i say that she should not represent us in congress is what i say. you know, we are a border state and as a result we need to secure our borders. we have a huge crime problem. it comes right up on the western side of the state straight up the rio grande valley. it hurts not only tribal lands but it is awful in albuquerque well probably the number one city for auto theft. but the crime is horrendous.
4:19 am
ainsley: you are the republican. she is the democrat. how close is it in the polls right now? >> actually, it is amazing two. weeks after the primary we were down four points. i had internal polling says we are only apart 1%. quite frankly nobody coughed my race because in the primary i wasn't opposed. ainsley: tell us about the lay of the land in new mexico. what is important to your constituents? >> crime, it's the top of the list. result of lack of representation. we lost a lot of jobs that our national laboratories. we have two national laboratories, sent in los alamos. key for new mexico, but key for our country. agriculture is huge. education is huge. all the things you think about for your family. that's what we care about. ainsley: and your opponent would be the first native as a woman in congress. >> that's what they say, yes. ainsley: that's what they say what do you mean by that. >> there is no doubt that her lineage is laguna. she is a military brat just like i am.
4:20 am
so you know, i think it evokes images that she was raised on a reservation. she belongs to a pueblo. wonderful lineage. and that confuses me because here she is advocating for open borders and the people most vulnerable are our sovereign tribes and pueblos where there is little law enforcement and they would be the most vulnerable. ainsley: i know your military experience military is very important to you year father died when you were 11 years old. your husband is retired navy. thank you so much for being here. we appreciate you coming. >> in thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. we did invite her opponent debra holland. her team responded but did not comment on coming in for an interview. we hope she will accept that offer. cynthia nixon has a plan to get single pair healthcare for the state of new york if she is elected as our governor. pass a law, she says, and then we will physician out how to pay for it newt gingrich joins us live to talk about that and much more. plus, nike commercial featuring kneeling quarterback collin
4:21 am
kaepernick. our next guest is a former athlete and he said nike just blew it ♪ get up off your feet ♪ 500h. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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this wi-fi is fast. i know! i know! i know! i know! when did brian move back in?
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brian's back? he doesn't get my room. he's only going to be here for like a week. like a month, tops. oh boy. wi-fi fast enough for the whole family is simple, easy, awesome. in many cultures, young men would stay with their families until their 40's. ♪ steve: read along with me time for news by the numbers. first, $3 million, that is the value of the drugs seized by out border patrol in a semi in laredo, texas. it included 130 pounds of meth, 35 pounds of heroin and nearly 10 pounds of fentanyl. and that is a killer. next, 23,000. that's how many voter registrations were botched by california's dmv. employees merged information in the system even assigning the wrong party affiliation.
4:25 am
that's just bad. and finally 505 feet, that's how far colorado rockies shortstop trevor story crushed that ball it's the longest home run in coors field history. the rockies beat the giants the final score 5 to 3. there goes another one. all right. brian? brian: nike releasing the new commercial just do it campaign featuring former quarterback and anthem protester collin kaepernick. watch. >> believe in something. even if it means sacrificing everything. so don't ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if you are crazy enough. brian: is kaepernick so-called sacrifice really worthy of such celebration? our next guest does not think. so joining me now is former pro-basketball player and top advisor congressman pete olson of texas brock gillespie and his dad worked at nike for years. nike lost some money initially on this ad. they rolled out a 60-second ad. they have lebron james and
4:26 am
serena williams in it and other great players they talk about dreaming of being the best. does collin kaepernick belong in that category? >> no. absolutely do not think so. in fact, nike should rename their ad for sacrifice everything even if it means our stock price, frankly. brian: temporarily. >> in my opinion, collin kaepernick did not sacrifice anything. as a former athlete i can tell you his career was over. i played 11 seasons of professional basketball and every athlete knows when their career is done. if you look at his last season he was 1-10 as a quarterback. the year before that he was 2-6. so that's 3 in 16 in your last two years. as a quarterback in football, that's how you are judged wins, losses. that's it. brian: so from business why does it make since from a business perspective for nike to do this? and i'm watching from bar stool one of their anchors on yesterday saying this is going to work this is edgy not for me and you the 18 to
4:27 am
22-year-old. the 15 to 22-year-old. they like the rebel attitude. charles barkley i'm not a role model. don't ask me to raise your kid. nike got a claim for that and a lot of controversy. is this the same thing? >> nike aims for controversy. that's what you have to understand. however, i think they have swung and missed on this one because i think they -- they have gone about this the same way the folks running the hillary clinton campaign did is they have just misassessed middle america and, you know, this is again the elites trying to make up for something that, you know, frankly nike has had some lawsuits in recent history as far as discrimination. i think they are just, you know, they are trying to swing it back in their favor. , this like i said, this is not the way to go about it frankly, if they want to make an ad about sacrificing why don't they go all the way. if this is nike put jesus on there. that's my opinion. brian: dream crazy is the spot. has lebron james in high
4:28 am
school and think are getting a lot of free air time. the ad is phenomenal in my estimation the only person that doesn't belong in it is collin kaepernick. they achieved a lot. weighs benched on the worst team of the nfl casually sat down tonight bench got asked by a reporter next thing you know he is bigger than muhammed ali. his big thing is he is against law enforcement, equitable prosecution of african-americans that's fine. but the stats show that we already had 22 officers killed this year. we have got 35 killed last year in the line of duty. there has been 18% involved with african-americans in police shootings this year. last year was 23%. if it's 1% it's too much. but you have to understanding there is a lot of people who are in law enforcement putting their lives on the line every day can't be too happy with nike right now. >> well, that's absolutely right. my best friend is a former navy seal. i mean, he gave the ultimate sacrifice. but, like i said, i mean, this is a situation that is
4:29 am
just totally out there for nike and frankly for myself. i have lived in 14 countries on five continents. can i tell you if collin kaepernick thinks the united states is a bad place and very discriminatory nation to live in, then i suggest he get a passport and travel around the globe. and i think he would have a vast appreciation for what we stand for here in this country and, frankly, you know, here's another thing, brian, you know, i played professional basketball and i was you under the nba umbrella. i don't understand why the nfl has this problem. the nba does not have this problem. i can tell you the nba is about as liberal a league as you will find in professional sports. i don't know the answer to that, i would like to find it, frankly. brian: ask your dad what goes on inside nike. i'm not sure what would happen with phil knight in charge even though technically is he still running the place thank you so much. >> brian, i will tell you, thank you. brian: okay, go get them. by the way i gout it wrong. i underscored it actually
4:30 am
sadly 34 officers shot in the line of duty this year alone. meanwhile president trump tweeting moments ago about the "new york times" op-ed coming straight from the deep state. newt gingrich on that next. plus, one guy finds out the hard way what happens when you run from police. [shouting] brian: canine take down caught on camera as we just showed you ♪ ♪ very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates.
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. steve: president of the united states tweeted in the last couple of minutes he said the deep state and the left and their vehicle the fake news media are going
4:34 am
crazy and they don't know what to do. the economy is booming like never before. jobs are at historic highs. soon two supreme court justices and maybe declassification to find additional corruption. wow. of course he is talking about the trump traitor ha that has revealed himself. brian: is that the feeling inside the administration. ainsley: let's bring in newt gingrich former speaker of the house, 2012 g.o.p. presidential candidate and author of trump's america. good morning to you, mr. speaker. thank you for joining us. >> that may have been president trump's best tweets because it starts with not just the trump traitor as you put it in the "new york times" but also the woodward fiction book all in the right framework, which is over here north korea announced yesterday that they wanted to get to a nuclear free korea, which should have been a big deal. kavanaugh is steadily towards becoming the next
4:35 am
supreme court justice which ought to be a big deal. the economy is booming. these are all real things. o'er here is the liberal media running in circles totally crazed and i think that the gap here, i think the president had it exactly right. i think look back and think the left -- much like what happened in the senate the left went crazy this year. brian: the thing is newt it's not really the liberal media unless the "new york times" is going to get out of the news business entirely somebody from the inside checked out has somebody on the inside. they got it on monday. they published it on wednesday afternoon. it's real. >> so what? brian: you talk to the president when the curtain is down. do you sense that people work for him feel this way? >> look, first of all, there is several thousand political appointees. so, who knows? every president as a historian i am going to tell you go to president after president, is there somebody
4:36 am
in the white house who is unhappy or somebody who is such a remarkable genius that they are offended because trump, you know, doesn't use the right language, i mean, who knows? my point would be deeper. this stuff is all junk because the fact is the white house is functioning. the fact is we're about to get our second supreme court justice. the fact is the economy is growing. i mean, if trump is so incompetent, how is all this stuff happening? ainsley: that's the person who wrote the op-ed according to him or her. steve: you know what, newt, in the op-ed the guy admits great things are getting done to your point at the same timey like him. i don't like the way he takes the media, i don't like this, i don't like that. what would newt gingrich. >> he doesn't like -- first of all, is he bhanks i think, in a way which undermines and betrays the constitution. is he working for the president of the united states. the president of the united
4:37 am
states is picked by the american people. here is this person, this coward, that's what it is is a coward who is hiding, writing anonymously. hasn't got the guts to come out in public. and, frankly, what he ought to do is resign. anybody who thinks that trump is as bad as this guy thinks he is, ought to resign and go home. it's all right. go teach at a college. they will love you. go work at cnn. they will adore you. but this idea that we're going to have people floating around the federal government paid by the taxpayer, working to undermine the president of the united states, i think that is a very outrageous arrogation of authority and frank little absolutely undermines the constitution. brian: there are three people in the woodward book that have used their names it looks like gary cohn, it likes like reince priebus and rob porter. what do you make of that? >> i don't actually understand the question.
4:38 am
cohn publicly disagreed with the president about trade policy that's not a secret. he did the honorable thing he left. he wasn't happy. porter was pretty happy until sadly some things came out about his private life. i think there was a real sense of sadness at the white house. in the case of reince. i think reince was absolutely central to trump winning because the organization worked that was the turnout. reince is from wisconsin, carrying risk was vital. on the other hand, there is no question that the president and reince in the white house world didn't work as well as they could have. but, i can tell you, as i just talked to priebus a couple days ago, priebus absolutely wants this president to suck sealed and absolutely believes that every loyal republican has an obligation both in 18 and in 20 to help keep this movement going forward. that doesn't recogniz mean he dt recognize the president has
4:39 am
weaknesses. give me a break. every president has weaknesses. the fact is trump has been remarkably effective for a guy who was never in public office, never dealt with these kind of things, his learning curve is pretty phenomenal. brian: he needs a guy like you around him who understands him and understands the government. have you got to go into the white house, newt. >> look, i keep trying to tell you guys, actually overall is he doing fine. now, if i was -- i would have to say john kelly is a remarkable patriot and done a great job of stabilizing things. the team as a whole, i look at the quality of people like brook rollins who has come in from the texas foundation, she is a first class talent. i can just tell you there are a lot of very smart people working to make this administration successful. and the president, i think, is getting to be more effective over time. and i think he framed it correctly today. i would like to see him spend more of his time defining the big things he's doing and less of his time getting sucked in to
4:40 am
washington bologna. ainsley: which is why -- i agree with you. that tweet was excellent. a good reminder of the good things is he doing for our country. thanks so much, mr. speaker. steve: exactly 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with some scammers. jillian: oh, yes, the scammers. let's get you caught up on this. profiting from war. the federal trade commission cracking down on phony veterans charities. culprits operate online over the phone by mail, door to door, even at stores. generous americans give more than $2.5 billion every year to 40,000 veterans charities. the feds say some of those charities pay out only a fraction of those donations. pete feeling the pinch after taking a shot at the crab industry. the group sparking outrage with this billboard there. the owner john saying he felt the need to roll up his sleeves and stick up for
4:41 am
small business owners. >> attack on livelihood and attack on our industry, so obviously we felt the need to fight back. most importantly be able to continue to provide for our employees and the entire industry. jillian: pete says its billboard is staying up until the baltimore seafood festival which is september 15th. team work makes the dream work. special for this deputy and canine shep. jillian: the man accused of crashing a stolen car in pass co-county, florida leaving a 19 month old baby in the backseat while running from police. as can you see that team work made it happen. the arrest was made. steve: shep got him. thank you, jillian. jillian: you shouldn't be a criminal but if you are you might not want to wear a hot pink shirt and if you are
4:42 am
running. janice: i am so good it's crazy. i just want to take a look at the forecast real quick because we have a hurricane that could potentially hit bermuda and maybe the east coast next week. so, here is florence, major hurricane and there is the computer models coming very close to bermuda and perhaps the east coast next week. you need to be making your plans just in case. hurricane norman and olivia potentially affecting hawaii and here is our cold front that's going to bring some nice temperatures across the northeast over the next couple of days. real quick what's your name? >> gwinn. janice: it's a birthday today. >> it is. >> do you want to say hi to anybody? >> hi carol. janice: great do i celebrate with "fox & friends." back inside. can i have a hug? brian: that's a woman wearing a shirt should not steal anything it's too bright. jillian: exactly wear camouflage. steve: says the man in the yellow tie. ainsley: that's right. president trump meeting with sheriffs with sheriffs at
4:43 am
the white house. one of the sheriffs who met with the president is going to join us live. steve: top tech execs get put in the hot seat on capitol hill. kurt the cyberguy how does he do it? we will talk to him next. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh! oh!
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4:46 am
steve: tech giants in the hot seat as lawmakers grill yesterday. brian: everything from political bias to russian interference. ainsley: what were the big moments and take aways here with the grade is kurt the cyberguy thanks for joining us. >> . ainsley: sheryl sandberg listen to your reaction and get your grade. >> russia used social media
4:47 am
as a quote comprehensive and multi-faceted campaign to sow discord, undermine democratic institutions and interfere with u.s. elections and those of our allies. we were too slow to spot this and too slow to act. that is on us. steve: all right. what kind of grade do you give her? you give here a c. >> that's breaking news, right? yeah, c. so, here's the deal with cheryl sandberg at least she is speaking straight. she is not being the robot that mark zuckerberg was for facebook when he was first grilled. and i will tell you this. facebook is actually had some inroads. they have actually done something but they have got years of being so insincere and so fake about how unbiased they are that it's just hard to give them anything better than a c at this moment. steve: here is jack dorsey from twitter yesterday admitting bias. watch. >> the allegation with a we
4:48 am
make, the republicans, is that you are discriminatory against us, against the republicans. >> we agree that the result was not impartial and that is why we corrected and we fixed it. >> so you do agree there were more republicans than democrats. >> i didn't say that. but i do. >> well,. steve: you give this two grades, right? >> all right. so, jack dorsey actually, i was very impressed, it's refreshing. i give him a b for showing up and how he presented himself because twitter admittedly is left winger. dorsey says he is personally. and he says hey, we're going to do something about it and he had some very good concrete ideas one of which is to take twitter out of the bay area and spread out the way it operates in other parts of the country and other parts of the world so that it has a view of mainstream america and not its niche that it's come from. i thought that was smart. but his. brian: go ahead. >> go ahead.
4:49 am
steve: his algorithm. >> the algorithm question, yeah. is just absolutely asinine that he said what he said. earning him a grade f. he was asked, hey, could you please give us any specifics about how your algorithm comes up with what it comes up with and how it's manipulating data to show us what it decides to show us his answer was oh no, i can't, because it's constantly change. oh, come on. it's bs. another dark vale of keeping their algorithm quiet and secret from all of us. brian: senator beside himself google did not show up and one chair was empty, it was google. >> we're pleased that both facebook and twitter have sent their company's top leadership to address some of the critical public policies, policy challenges. i would say though i'm deeply disappointed that google, one of the most influential digital platforms in the world chose not to send its own top corporate leadership to
4:50 am
engage this committee. brian: that's where he would have been. i'm sure you give google an f. steve: a d? >> no, i give them a d because have you got to give them hope. the reason is, you know what? i think there is sufficient embarrassment from yesterday. it is just so glaringly obvious that they snubbed the entire country by not showing up so the ceo of google and larry page the founder both invited. neither showed up. neither confirmed they would be coming but that empty share was glaring special because this was really one of those moments where the kum ba yah of tech people coming together with government leaders and on the government leadership side it didn't sound ridiculous with the questions like how does my modem work. and then on the geek side they actually said hey, we're doing something and we're with you on it. ainsley: i like they put the chair there reminder to all of us they said no. thanks so much, kurt. senator kristin gillibrand
4:51 am
says if brett kavanaugh gets confirmed to the supreme court women will i do seriously she said. dana loesch is here to react next hour. ♪ why i got you on my mind. ♪ reese witherspoon tonight dare to dream big.
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♪ >> when i was running, i think number one on our list was law enforcement taking care of law enforcement, working with law enforcement, and you've done an amazing job. there are a couple of places, they don't believe in what we believe. but we have together done something very special. steve: you got president trump praising the efforts of law enforcement during a meeting with sheriffs from all across the country yesterday in the east room of the white house. our next guest was there at the event. which was to discuss immigration reform. joining us right now is
4:55 am
frederick county maryland sheriff chuck jenkins joins us from the d.c. bureau. sheriff, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> why did the president want to call you all in to the white house? >> well, the purpose was bringing sheriffs from across the country to discuss issues involving illegal immigration and border security. what we saw as problems. what we saw as maybe solutions. steve: okay. >> also talk with his policy staff. steve: indeed, what are the challenges for you in frederick county, maryland. >> in frederick county we are seeing the impact of illegal immigration crime, the drugs that are pouring into the country, we talked about border security. we talked about detainers, the issues with criminal detainers. we talked about detention and bed space across the country for ice. we also talked about what we were going to do as far as the strategy for border security. steve: surely. that's of interest to everybody. sheriff, does it frustrate you and other men and women in your position that there
4:56 am
are sanctuary counties, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states that do not cooperate with ice? >> it sure does. you know, we all feel the impact of this all across the country. when we have a county or a state that borders us, that's a sanctuary county, we certainly feel the impact because criminals know no borders. steve: was it a good discussion yesterday? >> a great discussion. a lot of good ideas. a lot of good proposals going forward. i really believe this president has the back of law enforcement. we appreciate him and he appreciates us. steve: i'm sure he appreciates that beautiful plaque award you gave him yesterday. what was that for? >> that was really ward from all the sheriffs across the country for us to show our appreciation for us and law enforcement. steve: he said he was going to put it in a place of prominence at the white house. >> yes, he did. and i believe he will. steve: i get you are right. sheriff chuck jenkins from frederick county, maryland. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: some democrats doing everything they can to stop brett kavanaugh from being
4:57 am
confirmed to the supreme court. senator ted cruz has a message for his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. the senator joins us coming up. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors. yup, he's gone noseblind. he thinks it smells fine, but his mom smells this... luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher. febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've... ...gone noseblind to. and try febreze unstopables for fabric. with up to twice the fresh scent power, you'll want to try it... ...again and again and maybe just one more time.
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5:00 am
>> anonymous cemetery the trump administration bashing this president in a new york times op-ed. hasn't got the guts to come out in public. what you do is resign. brian: another round of confirmation chaos. >> i owe my loyalty to the constitution. >> this democrat once open borders and to abolish ice but her opponents is not so fast. >> she should not recommend this to congress. we are a border state and as a result we need to secure our borders. >> nike releasing the first commercial featuring colin kaepernick. if they want to make an ad about
5:01 am
sacrifice why not go all the way? put jesus on their. >> can't thank you for your support. you said you have our backs and shafts across the nation. >> the fact that you gave us this award was meaningful. i will put that in a place of great honor. ♪ brian: thank you, kid rock as we start the third hour of "fox and friends" in the heart of manhattan. >> where did he come up with kid rock? steve: he was younger and liked rock? you know the number. jillian: does he watch us every morning? brian: he does watch every morning. ainsley: like every good american.
5:02 am
everybody in washington is turning to figure out who the administration official from the trump administration who wrote this op-ed submitted to the new york times, the president of the united states is getting a lot done but doesn't know what he is doing, we are the quiet resistance trying to save america. ainsley: the dilemma he does not fully grasp is many senior officials are working diligently. i would know, i one of them. to be clear, we want the administration to succeed and think many of its policies made america safer and more prosperous but we believe our first duty is to this country. the president continues to act in a manner just to mental -- detrimental to the health of the
5:03 am
republic. steve: anti-trade and anti-democratic and these successes have come despite being, not because of the president's leadership style which is adversarial and ineffective. this is a man who worked with him and feels this way. sounds like anybody on any other channel aside from this one describing the president. the problem many people see is omarosa's book, these books paint the same portrayal of what is happening on the inside. must drive the president crazy, can't believe these people would be this subversive. he tweeted one word, treason. steve: he was a politician until he ran for president, he does things differently. it is driving this particular op-ed writer crazy. the president did respond in the last hour. he tweeted the deep state and the left and their vehicle, the fake news media are going crazy
5:04 am
and don't know what to do. economy is booming like never before, jobs that historic highs, since up in court justice and declassification of corruption. ainsley: he is not a politician, not the traditional washington guy, he does things differently, he hired people to work in his administration to help them along with the process. he was elected, middle america, this won't be a distraction for middle america, they elected him, like what he is doing, if you look at the fact he appointed two supreme justices, a lot of people, a lot of christians cared about that issue, a big deal for them. if you look at the economy, more money in your pocket books, that is a big deal to everyone in america, look what he has done with north korea, sitting down with the leader of russia, things that haven't done before. brian: newt gingrich knows the president and washington. watch. >> president after president, is there somebody in the white
5:05 am
house who is unhappy or such a remarkable genius they are offended because trump doesn't use the right language. who knows? my point would be deeper. this stuff is all junk. the fact is the white house is functioning. the fact is we are about to get our second supreme court justice. the fact is the economy is growing. of trump is so incompetent how is this stuff happening? brian: tech experts say -- he wrote so much, got linguistics experts on technology that will figure out who did it. one of the things online that has been trending after the word lodestar was used.
5:06 am
mike pence, in the first hour i mentioned that. because it is trending, the chief of staff communications director. ainsley: the vice president put his name on op-eds, the person should be ashamed, illogical and gutless op-ed. our office is above such amateur acts. i have a hard time believing that was the vice president knowing his character. brian: when we are other it will come out about who this is. ainsley: the to someone who knows better than the president? >> sound like bob corker and jeff flake who have been critical of the president's style and tweets integration. bob corker says this is what we have understood from day one. why encourage the good people around the president to stay?
5:07 am
they talked about day care, going after the president directly, they made amends, that is what this guy says. keep the president somewhat in check. brian: there are thousands of people, one of the publications, 1212 people who are described as a senior administration official. they all consider themselves patriots. a lot of them are lifelong bureaucrats, part of the washington machine but a lot of them working for the president and the president knows it, this guy had it up to here. he jumped on the bandwagon. steve: we have been telling you about this, nike's decision to make colin kaepernick the center
5:08 am
of their marketing campaign. they did with the two minute add that will air tonight on thursday night football. we are not going to show it to you, they got enough free ad time but colin kaepernick voices the entire two minute peace. things like lebron james as a highschooler, serena williams and others, great soccer players, don't just dream about being the best. what is colin kaepernick doing in their? brian: how low will their stock go? it sold off the first day at 3%. i was talking to some friends who had a sizable allocation of nike stock and they sold it all on monday, they were so infuriated but at the same time if you are a social justice activist you love this. you are saying i completely get behind what they are trying to do and what colin kaepernick has
5:09 am
stood by, so for them it is a win-win and they have a company to buy shoes from. ainsley: how are other shoe companies doing like adidas? you have other choices. primerica nike is number one and adidas on the rise. ainsley: even after this week? steve: his dad worked at nike, he waited. brian: colin kaepernick did not sacrifice anything, he's a former athlete. his career was over. i believes in 14 countries on 5 continents and i can tell you colin kaepernick think the united states is a bad place and is a discriminatory nation, i suggest you get a passport and travel around the globe and he would have a vast appreciation for what we stand for in this country. brian: we asked what you thought. it comes down to money. boycott will hurt both nfl and nike.
5:10 am
ainsley: natalie says we are returning our nikes because they hurt our feet when we stand for the american flag. steve: he swapped places with a deployed us soldier. experience is the best teacher. a barstool, a cutting-edge sports site which is known to be -- on tucker last night, not saying i support or not but it is a business decision, anyone who says nike cares about civil rights were doing the right things you can argue that. this is not what i am arguing. i'm say a shareholder i like the move. everyone is talking about it. it makes it more relevant, makes a brand and reinvigorate everything around it. they know their demographic and how they will react. he says and other people said this is a good business decision.
5:11 am
steve: let's revisit it one month from now because we will be a month into the season and a lot of people will have been able to decide if they are going to watch football. brian: don't know how law enforcement fields. steve: the first nfl game. >> the eagles are playing tonight. going to be sleeping. ainsley: donald trump thanking heather: after the two exchanged messages, tweeting heather: of north korea proclaims unwavering faith in donald trump, thank you to heather: -- kim jong un. they are using south korea as a messenger, not clear what they discussed. this is reiterated the call to bring a formal end to the korean war which donald trump agreed to. a boston police captain's unturned isis soldier sentenced to 20 years in prison.
5:12 am
he was plotting to use assault rifles as pressure cooker bombs to carry out a terror attack on new mexico state university. he pleaded guilty in may after his father talked about his violent rhetoric. cynthia nixon taking a play out of nancy pelosi's book. remember when she said this while trying to pass obamacare? >> pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. away from the fog of the controversy. ainsley: actress and new york gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon has a plan to get things they are healthcare for new yorkers telling the new york daily news editorial, quote, pass it and then figure out how to fund it. in russia, free pizza for life promotion with not a great idea. the chain offering the deal the fans who got the brand logo
5:13 am
tattooed in a prominent place on their bodies, tons of people did it. the end of the old five days in, the company announcing the first 350 people with tattoos will get domino's pizza's every year for 100 years. steve: where is the cutoff? they had to know the price. steve: a year or two ago somebody said if you tattoo our logo on your 4 head, and people did. >> costing $1500 to get this done. ainsley: senator kristin jill a brand says if brett cavanagh gets confirmed to the supreme court women will die. dana loesch had something to say about that. >> you can't take this out of the cowboy. ainsley: look at that. ♪
5:14 am
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5:17 am
steve: day 3 of confirmation hearings for brett kavanaugh will kick off in an hour after protests continue to yesterday's remarks.
5:18 am
new york democratic senator kristin jill a brand said protesters have been screaming for decades that women are going to die. when you criminalize abortion and limit reproductive health care women die. we are in a fight for our lives. sexist attacks won't stop us. ainsley: dana loesch, you have got to have a comment about this. >> good morning to all of you. this is insane. this tweet is crazy. first off a sitting senator should not be engaging in matriarchal insane attacks that i find inherently sexist. to say that ben sachs said what he said is sexist i'm telling her that this is a hysterical tweet, this whole tone and this whole argument is hysterical. they are like it will be the happening 2.
5:19 am
remember everybody stops falling from the sky or wherever else, the moment brett cavanagh becomes confirmed because he's going to be confirmed all women are going to die in the streets. it is ridiculous, fear mongering tactic from the matriarchy designed specifically to terrorize women. as a woman i find it incredibly offensive that anyone would stoop so low. lindsey graham mentioned this the other day, you don't walk out of your house and decide to overturn roe v wade, like the old lady commercial, not how any of this works, none of this works like this. i whisked -- i wish she would not be so hysterical when tweeting and have more respect for your audience, and not devolve the argument to this level. steve: if you say democrats
5:20 am
continue to disrupt and interrupt as well, mitch mcconnell should just say this is a circus, let's have a vote right now. >> if they are going to continue these disruptions, there's a great piece at the free beacon that discusses how democrats were having meetings discussing how to further disrupt these hearings, have mitch mcconnell go ahead and call for a floor vote, call everyone's blessed because these hearings are preventing them from proceeding, preventing the american public from hearing answers from a scotus nominee. we went to hear what brett cavanagh has to say, we don't want to hear kamala harris, we want the answers brett kavanaugh has. brian: when she says what did your kids say after the first day, what do they ask you at night? they say they are proud of me. wouldn't it be great to bring your kids to a hearing. you can't bring kids to a hearing. >> because of the tenor and
5:21 am
disruptions and nastiness we have seen from a lot of individuals on the left, they seem to think this is perfectly acceptable discourse, he is going to be confirmed. brian: we will step aside and go for a ride in an iv next. (burke) that's what we call a huge drag. seriously, that's what we call it. officially. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ so chances are, you've seen us around the house. or... around the yard. on the shelf... or even... out in the field. your mom knew she could always count on us... and your grandma did too. because for over 150 years, we've been right by your side.
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5:25 am
something is in its path, it gave her serious injuries and she wants to look to pay for her medical bills. >> are we trying the driverless cars? ainsley: she tried it on autopilot. brian: drank from the fountain of youth. >> amazing adventure exporting the united states in an rv for the all-american road trip series. brian: he is at the end of the road and todd joins us from kentucky with it which rv today? >> reporter: great to see you. we are with the grand design solitude, a 41 foot rv, literally has everything you could want inside. you can live in this which is sort of what we did this week. i did not drive, we have a designated driver, visited three amazing bourbon distilleries
5:26 am
including woodford reserve, check out our journey. check out this rv. it is like a house in here, come on. in verse i, kentucky, i went used to meet the assistant master distiller. let's check it out. >> what is happening, to consume the sugar and divert it to alcohol. this with early on, really sweet. these haven't gotten rocking and rolling yet. >> reporter: taste like sweetbread in liquid form. where are we right now? >> our barrel warehouse, 5000 barrels resting here. this is the maturation where a
5:27 am
lot of that magic happens, we are creating for 80% of the flavor and 100% of the color. >> reporter: you are able to drill in the floor. >> not everybody gets it. rob: wild turkey time. come on in here, third-generation worker at wild turkey, did you know i band a wild turkey. how cool is the bourbon trail? >> see how we make america's native spirit. >> reporter: this building looks really historic. >> this is the oldest warehouse we have had on this property built in 1894. >> reporter: this is where the
5:28 am
bourbon ages but each has a different type of bourbon. >> exactly. we checked out the grounds but i think one or two people are pretty important to us that we should meet. mister jimmy russell. >> reporter: you call it by a different name. >> i call him my dad. >> reporter: a pleasure to meet you. how often do you speak to the individual whose name is literally on the label? it is safe to say this is your bourbon. >> really enjoy it. >> reporter: something you learn in 64 years about making the bourbon, what is it? >> do it well. >> reporter: from older generation to new were once including a craft distillery, welcome to town bridge. what makes this place unique it is the only brewery on the bourbon trail. >> it is a distillery.
5:29 am
>> reporter: why jumping? >> we are right in the heart of bourbon country. how could you not? >> reporter: town branches right behind 2012 as part of the bourbon trail. >> one of the legends in kentucky, give you a sample of this. >> reporter: i could get used to that. >> i hope you can take this giveback to your colleagues in new york. >> reporter: i can't just make us for myself? >> i gave it to you. >> reporter: after a long but fun four weeks on the road nothing goes with the bourbon like this. brian: that is awesome. thank you for the live report. ainsley: thank you for reminding us tomorrow is friday. road trips and bourbon. brian: go rv, something we should all do.
5:30 am if you want more information about where he has been. ainsley: those rvs are nicer than some of our apartment in new york city. 30 minutes after the top of the hour, we are an hour from day 3 of brett kavanaugh's confirmation hearing and our next guest has a message for democratic colleagues on the hill, ted cruz will join us next. steve: a student is told she can't hand out valentines cards with bible verses and she is taking this one to heart and to court. not like i read it. ♪
5:31 am
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5:34 am
>> what don't you like about brett kavanaugh? >> i want people to get out the vote. >> civil rights and justice rights will be rolled back at an even greater level than they are, those concerns are valid and people are exposing their feelings. >> you have charlie kirk who went outside the first day of the hearings onto the property of the us capital and asked people protesting what they were protesting about and a number of them either talking points from the signs somebody handed them to hold up. >> one guy said i'm just here to hold a sign. are they paying him to do that? he didn't know why he was protesting. brian: we don't pay our guests to come on. senator ted cruz is not here for money but to get his point
5:35 am
across. as we look at these hearings, has brett kavanaugh converted any democrats or lost any republicans you know? >> i don't think on the committee he has. brett cavanagh has done a terrific job, democrats have tried but haven't been able to lay a glove on him. we have seen a lot of silliness, protests the first day 70 people arrested because they stand up every minute and try to disrupt the protests. they are not stopping our following through, and who are faithful to the constitution and the bill of rights, brett kavanaugh is on the path to being confirmed. ainsley: a lot of people ask why aren't republicans giving up their time? each senator gets 15 minutes to
5:36 am
question him and some of the questions are fluffy. what are you going to do the rest of your life or what are you most proud of, they are already going to vote for him. a lot of he was think it is a waste of time, and democrats have a little time. >> if and senators do different things. >> 30 and another 20. >> another round today of 20. yesterday there were 30 so the democrats getting their time to take shots at him and they completely miss, republicans have done different things. it is valuable when you have a supreme court nomination, a time to talk about issues that matter. i talked about the importance of federalism, separation of powers, the importance of free speech and religious liberty and letting him describe the cases he handled, that is valuable
5:37 am
from the american public, why these issues matter and what this fight is all about. democrats won't tell you that but i feel a responsibility to focus on why these issues matter to folks at home. brian: it is such a circuit, democrats have said we won't vote for him but we need 100,000 other documents and things like that. how did we get to this point that the duty of the senate is to advise and consent but it has become a big political show, it is so degenerated. >> the extreme left are angry, energized. brian: they are angry merrick garland never got his day. >> they are but what they are really angry at his the american
5:38 am
people for electing donald trump over hillary clinton. that is the rage that is boiling over. when you see protesters in the back of the room screaming full of emotion that is driving it. in texas and my -- tens of millions of dollars from hollywood liberals and liberals all of the country flitting into the state, that rage at the 2016 election and they went to use the courts to force their radical agenda on the american people. they don't believe in democracy, they can't get public support for their left-wing policies. what they want to do, in washington dc to decree the nation has to adopt them. >> not just liberals or democrats but one trump staffer who wrote an editorial saying we are overcoming the president not on the left but on the right. what is your take on this anonymous editorial? you were critical of the president when he was a candidate.
5:39 am
>> we had a vigorous primary and that is part of the electoral process. i can tell you the entire universe changed in november 2016, the week after the election i got on a plane, went to trump tower and spent four hours with donald trump and his senior team, this is a historic opportunity with control of the executive and both houses of congress, this doesn't come along very often and i told him i want to do everything humanly possible to lead the fight in the senate to deliver on our promises, cut taxes, cut job killing regulations, repeal obamacare, confirm strong constitutionalist judges and a year and a half into it it is remarkable how many major victories we have been able to deliver. my approaches ignore the noise, ignore the circus, ignore whatever people are screaming about. focus on substance.
5:40 am
texans care about jobs jobs jobs and we are looking at incredible economic growth and record unemployment and that is my focus, keep expanding opportunity for texans. brian: ted cruz heading to the meeting room, take your earplugs. ainsley: jillian has headlines. >> reporter: let's start with this, donald trump meeting with sheriff's to discuss illegal immigration. frederick county, maryland, sheriff chuck jenkins joined us earlier. >> a lot of good ideas and proposals, the president has the back of law enforcement, we appreciate him. >> featuring a badge and
5:41 am
inscription there's a new sheriff in town. a student is taking her lawsuit to heart, holly is suing technical college after it stopped her passing valent a -- valentine's day card with bible verses in february. >> i love my school and hate to do this but i love my freedom and my country and god more. >> wilson was handing out messages, it is her first amendment right. the electric cowboy riding his robotic horse named charger around the new jersey town. >> my wife told me i couldn't have a real horse, the keyword was real, didn't say i couldn't make one. >> the horse is made of four electric batteries, golf court motor and can travel 40 mph. that is awesome.
5:42 am
brian: we got to get him in there. >> my daughter is 21/2. brian: it is electric, they have motorized bowls in manhattan. ainsley: they should make lawnmowers that look like that. make it look like you are riding a horse as you mow your lawn. a new hurricane threat barreling through the atlantic, strengthening to a category 3 storm heading toward bermuda. no warnings for the us yet. >> tropical depression gordon making its way north after drenching the golf. flooded roads, swallowing cars and sort and leaving parts of homes underwater in alabama. janice dean is outside world headquarters tracking it. >> we are watching all those systems, we have hurricanes in the pacific. florence we have to keep an eye on this system, bermuda could be in the crosshairs as we get into wednesday next week. one of our reliable forecast models, both of them are
5:43 am
pointing towards the east coast of the us. this is not a sure thing, we are 7 to 9 days out but it is something we need to pay close attention to. we are in the peak season, the water is warm and it could be a potential hurricane that could affect the east coast. we will be on it keeping tabs on and "fox and friends". rob: bob woodward's new book describes the trump white house as chaotic but our next guest says if it is so chaotic why are they getting so much done. steve: it is time for tailgating. the gear to upgrade your game live on fox square. that is it. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals
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5:47 am
>> bob woodward's new book describes a chaotic trump white house but our next guest rights in a new operative it is so chaotic why is the white house getting so much done? james freeman is assistant editor of the wall street journal editorial page joins us. i read that, you make a good point. >> record is quite remarkable, the president has faithfully followed the agenda he campaigned on in 2016. i don't like all of it but he is giving us in a much more disciplined way than the normal politician a very methodical rollout of his program and it is working. on the economic side manufacturing revival he promised, august giving us the best manufacturing report in 14 years and go down the line on economic statistics.
5:48 am
steve: when you look at excerpts from the bob woodward book, it is so chaotic it is crazy town, they think he is crazy. >> a lot of people look at mister bernstein, his former writing partner is the least responsible but because you have bernstein on cnn, non-doctor issue in long-distance diagnoses, now mister woodward,
5:49 am
5:50 am
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what a provider provides. comcast business. beyond fast. >> who is anonymous? donald trump demanding the new york times reveal the identity of a senior administration official who allegedly wrote the op-ed blasting him. the latest from that we day 3 of brett kavanaugh's hearing. what to expect today.
5:54 am
new york city is the last stop of a 12 week walking tour for wounded veterans. jill biden joined forces to raise awareness, she will join us live on set. a big show coming up. john barrasso, steve scalise, martha mcnally join us live in america's newsroom, top of the hour, tailgating on the plaza. ainsley: football season is here and for millions of fans across the country that means tailgating. here with the best items on the market for your tailgating or your home dating is the host, you are a giants fan. >> i am a giants fan. we are watching the game. all the guys wanted from a net game but not every but he has a dedicated room for that. so the line is amazing, they have a power reclining chair, battery operated.
5:55 am
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generators. it's running right now, it's quiet. powering the whole site. if you want more information, go to the website. >> bill: fox news alert, president trump in the white house unloading on "the new york times" and the hunt is on now for the sit on the missed senior white house official behind the scathing opinion piece. who is it? good morning, i'm bill hemmer. how are you? >> sandra: everybody's talking about it. i'm excellent. >> bill: first day of school was -- >> sandra: everybody is happy so far. we will see how the rest of the week goes. good morning everybody, i'm sandra smith. and exposing op-ed triggering anger from the trump administration, and a demand that "the new york times" should name its anonymous offer. so far mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo both say "it wasn't me." spill >> bill:


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