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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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ingraham angle" crew, i'm laura ingraham. good night from chicago. [applause] >>this is a fox news alert. hello and welcome to fox news @ night. i'm shannon bream in washington. president trump is back and he has unloaded a scathing speech on the current president. the president tonight responding by pointing to the economy. whose message will resonate more effectively as we march into the midterms? you won't want to miss juan williams and jason chaffetz head to head. and this clash of titans. >> after nearly two years of laying low, today's former
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president barack obama reengaged. >> it did not start with president trump. he is a symptom, not the cause. he's just capitalizing on resentments that politicians have been fanning for years, a fear and anger that's rooted in our past but also born out of the enormous upheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes. >> speaking to students at the university of illinois, mr. obama accused president trump of attacking or precious institutions. >> we do not attack the fbi to punish our political opponents. >> he blasted president trump's immediate response to the deadly white are supremist protests in . >> when you're hear how great
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the economy is doing right now, let's just remember when this recovery started. >> it was the weakest recovery we ever had. barely a recovery. and now this is called not recovery, this is called rocket ship, what's there. >> president trump responded in far fargo, north dakota. >> i'm sorry, i watched it but i fell asleep. [laughter] i found he's very good, very good for sleeping. >> surprisingly negative response for someone who's known for fire and fury. president trump stayed on the message of the good economic numbers out this morning. >> what happened this morning? did you hear that? 2.9%. it's like the best wage number that we've had in many, many years. and that makes me very happy. [applause] >>democrats are happy that
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their party's biggest star is now back in the arena and openly attacking republicans. >> it's not conservative. it sure isn't normal. it's radical. >> and you're going to hear a lot of that between now and november. the former president already has plans to campaign with candidates in california, ohio, illinois, and pennsylvania. and michelle obama, as well. >> let's talk about this other issue of anonymous to track down the person who authorized that new york times piece. >> he's asking the attorney general to investigate. listen to what he said earlier today. >> i would say that we should be investigating -- because i really believe it's national security.
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>> we're going to see. >> but it's unclear what kind of legal jeopardy the new york times could be in because there was nothing classified in that op-ed. as for the author, 34 administration officials have denied that they were responsible. so, shannon, the hunt continues. and you better believe that president trump wants this person to be found. >> yeah, no doubt about that. kristen, thank you very much. and the economy is roaring because of republican policies like tax cuts. whose message will get through for the midterms? let's talk about it with cohost to "the five" juan williams and jason chaffetz, also the author of a new book, "the deep state." welcome to you both. let's talk about these two. they're so different.
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president obama viewed very much as a statesman. his speech was long and flowery today. trump riles up the crowds in a different way. what's the plus and minus for president obama being on the trail? >> i thought president obama was popular personally but his policies were widely unpopular. it's one of the most scandalous administrations we've had in my lifetime. the economy is doing so much better under president trump. foreign policy is going exceptionally well. you look at what's going on with north korea. you look at the fact that donald trump tore up the iran nuclear deal. so foreign policy, the support and love of our troops, the economy is doing better. under barack obama, the democrats lost 1,000 seats across the nation. just look at the donald trump
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audience compared to those sitting on their hands listening to barack obama. >> let's play a little bit more of these two on their differing ways of attacking things. >> each time we painstakingly pull ourselves closer to our founding ideas, that all of us are created equal, endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, the status quo pushes back. >> isn't this much more exciting than listening to president obama? [cheers & applause] because we get things done. >> juan, two very different approaches to the campaign trail. >> it's like oil and water. to my mind, what's interesting here is this is the experience i had listening to the two of them, because it was a very interesting day. you could see them on split screens on your tv today, friday. but for me, having obama back was, oh, my gosh, here's the
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president speaking in tones of hope, optimism, american common destiny, rather than division and derision and bullying. and i think president trump is right. this is quite exciting to hear people name-calling and putting people down and announcing that somebody should be locked up, versus somebody who is speaking about america as a tremendous experiment that's ongoing and that we as an american people are in search of our common destiny. >> you know there were a lot of people who felt president obama was divisive. there were those who felt he had his phrases and his, if you want to say the whistles that president trump is always accused of using as well. i mean, people know what they're doing. i mean, politicians do this on both sides. >> i think this is a -- i think president obama said today, shannon, these are not normal times. and i think there's a tendency
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among all of us to want to say, well, look at obama. he didn't call the press the enemy of the people, but remember when he tried to ban fox from the white house pool, or remember when he went after a journalist. and i think this is all true. but, boy, what a difference in terms of saying, huh, maybe we should look at who's licensing nbc, or maybe we should do something to punish, as he's now suggesting, to have the justice department go after someone who wrote an anonymous article in new york times. and what did the person do? there was no national security issue. it's just that the person was a critic. >> jason, do you think that's more about the president has no real intentions of following through on those kinds of things, like yanking network licenses or that just that he knows what his audience and his base and twitter followers want to hear and he likes to talk tough and fight? >> yeah. you know what i love about
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donald trump? he's exactly the same person he was when he was a candidate. he didn't switch. remember barack obama said we're not the red states, we're not the blue states, we're the united states. and the then he was the most divisive president in the history of the nation. the democrat party today is of resistance, a scorched earth, i'm going to vote no no matter what. that is not helpful to this country. and the american people see through it. and donald trump has called out the media that has played on the democratic side of the aisle every step of the way. and that's why america reacted, 30 of the 50 states went with donald trump, and thank goodness they did. >> how can you say -- i mean, really, i wouldn't meet with a supreme court nominee? >> i knew that was coming. you can't deny that. >> you opened yourself to that shot. but that's incredible. >> you look at harry reid and
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chuck schumer, no. the democrats set that precedent. >> i want to make sure we get to the economy because it's an important part. edward is going to report to us on that. >> the stellar jobs report, which means good and bad news. the good news, the economy created jobs in august. the largest increase since 2009. >> the one that stuck out to me was the wage. i mean, people are starting to be able to live. >> the bad news, in an exclusive interview i did with the president of the dallas federal reserves, he says this report will keep the fed reserve on pace to raise interest rates three to four more times in the next 12 months. >> everything in this jobs report today causes me to reaffirm that view. >> that means mortgage rates
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will go up, credit card rates will rise. the fed better be able to handle the next recession. tax cuts and deregulation are fuelling the boom. but some companies are taking a wait and see attitude for their hiring. >> i think you'll get more bang for the buck for the fiscal stimulus if companies didn't have this uncertainty. >> the bottom line is enjoy the ride. another year from now inflation, trade, and the national debt could be another issue. >> i think that the key here is that the economy is good, consumer confidence is good, wages are pretty flat. the president says he thinks that great. but it's about 2.9%. it's not any great increase. and i think people expected more after the tax cut, but the taxes obviously went to the rich, not to the working man. >> obama said today, just
8:12 pm
remember when this recovery started. >> no. president obama is fundamentally wrong. they started rolling back the regulation capital loosened up to people. you couple that with the tax reform package and that's what started this economy moving in the right direction and why wages are starting to go up and the federal reserve is having to cool down the economy, it's that hot. >> gentlemen, we'll leave it there. thank you both. >> have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> former trump campaign aide george papadopoulos is spending months in jail after pleading guilty to lying to the fbi. he lied repeatedly and took six months to correct the record. also the mccabe now under a grand jury probe, which is called just a procedural step.
8:13 pm
they found mccabe lied to federal investigators about his role in a leak. >> they say it will show mueller's probe is politically biased. catherine has more. good evening, catherine. >> shannon, private congressional sources tell fox news they are optimistic that the records will be classified and more significantly new evidence about the highly irregular handling of the trump dossier before and after the presidential election. a dozen house republicans called on president trump to act within a week. >> mr. president, there are members of congress and millions of americans asking for you to declassify and release this information. we want the truth. we here, standing here today, are all members of congress that have a zero tolerance for those
8:14 pm
who abuse their powers. >> he has been very consistent on wanting transparency. and i have not seen a major pushback on this request, as long as it protects sources and methods for the vast majority of americans. they would see it as a welcomed response. >> the house republicans want the october 2016 surveillance warrant application declassified. they believe it will show the application withhold. and they want the fbi interviews with justice department official bruce ohr made public. they -- and that wasn't shared with the court either. those familiar with the records say a declassification would be even bigger and more significant than the release of the house surveillance memos earlier this
8:15 pm
year and could help put to rest questions about the fbi's alleged use of one or more confidential sources to gather intelligence on the trump campaign. >> thank you so much. when we return, now that the hearings are over, does brett kavanaugh have the vote or did democrats land punches enough to knock him out? >> judge kavanaugh deserves overwhelming bipartisan support, and i think he's going to be one of our truly great supreme court justices. after walking six miles at an amusement park, bill's back needed a vacation from his vacation. so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain so you can move more. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>>at this point, supporters of kavanaugh feel he's a shoe-in. this report on what happens next. >> brett kavanaugh sat through gruelling hours of sharp questioning, and vocal protesters. but now it's up to the senate
8:20 pm
judiciary committee to vote on kavanaugh so the full senate can provide advice and consent. if kavanaugh wasn't so controversial, the committee could consider his nomination at a meeting on september 13th. but committee rules allow for a week-long delay. don't expect a vote until september 20th. then it's on to the floor. mcconnell established a new precedent to shut all filibusters. mcconnell unilaterally lowered the bar from 60 vote. 51 to end debate. the procedural vote should fall on monday, september 4th. it's just a matter of time.
8:21 pm
a confirmation vote on kavanaugh is expected no earlier than wednesday, september 26th. >> all right. all eyes now on the senators, what they think about judge kavanaugh's comments. let's bring in dave brown and attorney dale. >> with kavanaugh's part of the testimony, here are a couple of headlines out there, this from the new york times, "kavanaugh will kill the constitution." the washington post has this, "mcconnell has saved the constitution." that's quite a contrast in analysis of where we are now. >> it is, but i think it illustrates, one, no one expected this confirmation process to be easy. we saw after what mcconnell did
8:22 pm
to judge garland, it's now just at its apex. >> just the senate republicans? >> well, obviously, shannon, because democrats are -- >>a little bit of bipartisan responsibility here. >> i'm holding us harmless on this one, shannon. but i think what was confirmed through this week is something that many people, democrats and also a lot of independents, and this is by how soft kavanaugh's apology number ofs are. >> no one knows who he is. how many people are going to know that? how can you poll someone that people don't know? >> he's about -- if he's confirmed, he will move the court to a permanent hard right majority. he's replacing justice kennedy,
8:23 pm
who is very much a swing vote, and this is someone so far to the right of justice kennedy, he's moving the court for generations to come. the american people should know who he is. >> i talk to conservatives, and there were some of those who didn't feel like he's conservative enough for them. you really never know until a justice is sworn in and starts making tough decisions. >> that's so many true. the senate republicans were merely following the rule with judge garland. and now it's true that judge kavanaugh has had the chance through these hearings to show who he is, that he's faithful to the constitution, he's independent, he believes in independence of the judiciary branch. i think there were other 20 people who were arrested during the hearings. and judge kavanaugh was steady, he was solid, able to have a
8:24 pm
temperament that showed that he was able to communicate with the senators, despite all the distractions. and that's exactly why the american bar association gave him their highest qualification and why yale university law professor who's liberal, akhil amar, testified today saying he is an excellent choice. >> what do you make of folks who say, "you could do much worse with republicans"? this is a guy who they believe is going to adhere to the constitution. >> yeah, and they're wrong. >> based on what? >> let me answer the question, or try to at least for you. what's striking to me is what we learned this week from the papers that senate republicans tried to keep secret and cory booker and others helped to force into the light. let me try to make this point because i think it goes directly to your question. look at judge kavanaugh's
8:25 pm
position even on roe v wade and women's reproductive rights. we know for a fact that when he was a counsel for president bush that he made a point to say it's not. what that suggests is that -- while he understands that precedent is precedent, he is completely open and recognizes the possibility that a supreme court can -- >>i need to stop you right there because we want to talk about this in a factual way so we can all debate it. >> what he said in that email that was released is he said there was a line in the article that said it was settled law. i thought it was more accurate to say, no, there are some people in the field that are arguing. three sitting justices.
8:26 pm
>> the fact that he's signaling that roe is still open for debate and roe -- >>final word to gail. >> yeah. well, i just think when you think about women's rights, i think the highlight of the confirmation hearing was when the girls basketball team came in and reminded me how much judge kavanaugh has mentored young women -- he had more female clerks than male. and he has a personal investment through that through the basketball team. >> by the way, once they were all lined up in there, and they were adorable and smart and fabulous, there were a couple of senators that go, oh, dang it. that was my line of questioning. thank you very much. all right. coming up next, will outrage over a deadly drunk driving accident involving an illegal immigrant end up overturning a law? if they are not abolishing
8:27 pm
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>>deep blue oregon led the way on becoming a sanctuary state for people in the u.s. illegally. but the laws facing a real test come november. a deadly tragedy involving an illegal immigrant is heating up the debate. >> the midterm elections will have repercussions. for example, voters in oregon will decide whether to repeal the state's sanctuary law, which is the nation's oldest. and there's now a major case fuelling the debate. 39-year-old illegal immigrant from mexico was driving a truck, towing a fully loaded horse trailer drunk.
8:32 pm
he killed two people. he is now in the county jail. mr. vargas is one of 943 foreign nationals being held in oregon jails. of those, 731, a full 77% have been convicted for violent crimes: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault. but when it comes to local police cooperating, oregon is the country's most resistant state. but the jails won't accept the detainers until a magistrate judge issues a criminal warrant, which is rare. so when these inmates are released, instead of being deported, they're back on the streets. they shield criminal aliens who
8:33 pm
prey on people in their own and other communities. advocates in favor say repealing the law would lead to rampant racial profiling. watch. >> we believe in fairness. we believe in looking out for our neighbors. and we believe in protecting people's civil rights. >> the effort is getting a new boost from local law enforcement. 16 of 36 sheriffs are calling on their voters to get rid of the sanctuary law. >> all right, we will watch that one. the mayor of atlanta has terminated the relationship with i.c.e. and has gone further. fighting to push back against sanctuary cities. good to have you with us tonight. >> good to be on, shannon. >> i want to read you a little bit more of what they said in the press release on this. this is the only way atlanta can
8:34 pm
truly fill its legacy of compassion. no one should be jailed solely because they seek the american dream. your response? >> yeah, my response is i don't think that the mayor is thinking through this completely. i think that they need to be working with i.c.e. when you basically back out of it, just because she's declaring that the city of atlanta is not going to work with i.c.e., i.c.e. is not going to relinquish their responsibility to enforce their job. they'll have to increase staffing for i.c.e. because now they don't have a centralized place to deal with this issue. there's more potential for collateral arrests. it just makes the community less safe with more of this actually now having to happen out on the streets. >> this started with the atlanta mayor back in june when there were all of the stories about the separation of families
8:35 pm
at the border and that kind of thing. she initially said we're breaking with i.c.e. and now this order yesterday saying we want all i.c.e. detainees out of our jail. they were being paid to how is these people. but they say they're willing to let go of these funds because they find the policies of federal government unconscionab unconscionable. >> this is just another example. law enforcement is not a partisan issue. she was just elected as a mayor in a non-partisan seat. part of our job as mayors in non-partisan roles is to work with both sides of the aisle. atlanta as a tremendous amount of dependency on federal dollars. that was one of the first things we did when we were trying to decide whether we were going to be following california sanctuary laws.
8:36 pm
what would the financial impact be? >> how do you think this makes people feel, the men and women of i.c.e., who are doing what they think is their mission? >> it's very tough for them. i spend a lot of time with i.c.e. folks in southern california. we had a big ceremony at the white house a couple of weeks ago. it's hard. the biggest thing i think for a lot of the mayors in california that really don't support this mentality is that we've really got to make sure that our communities understand the real job that i.c.e. does. they are not just the enforcement arm. they're also the investigative arm, keeping human trafficking, a lot of the different roles they do really critical to cities. i think it's very shortsighted when you see people taking very similar positions. >> well, we'll watch and follow because we know there's so many
8:37 pm
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>>two of california's best-known democrats are slipping, as we near election day. in the governor's race and senator feinstein has been under attack for not being far left enough, now has just an 8-point lead. well, urgent concerns tonight as countries are racing to stop
8:42 pm
syrian troops from attacking the last rebel stronghold in the country. amy kellogg has the latest. >> shannon, the world was watching a meeting today to see if they could come up with a solution for avoiding a blood bath. that is the last important rebel-held stronghold in syria, which is now bracing itself for an all-out assault. instead, iran lashed out at the united states, saying it needed to get out of syria. and russian president putin insisted it would go on until the last terrorists are wiped out. there are 3 million people, many displaced. turkish president is urgently calling for a seize fire, but he
8:43 pm
was the only one says that today. they're making improvised gas mask. they're worried, as is the united states. russians have been conducting air strikes. u.s. ambassador is concerned that familiar scenes of humanitarian disaster will unfold again if syria goes in. >> it's a playbook of death. the assad regime has spent the last seven years refining it, with russia and iran's help. >> not to quote, bet against the u.s. responding again as it did with air strikes back in april. shannon. >> amy, thank you very much. protesters storming the iranian
8:44 pm
consulate. the consulate burning amid intense demonstrations against iran's influence on iraq. at least ten protesters have died in clashes with security forces since monday, including three who were shot last night. state department is condemning the violence against diplomats and demonstrators alike. >> a letter confirms that the holy seat received information in 2000 about the sexual misconduct of a now-resigned cardinal here in the u.s. and bermuda residents taking no chances, preparing for the possible landfall of tropical storm florence. north carolina governor is already declaring a state of an emergency. but it's way too early to predict if it'll make landfall on the continental u.s.
8:45 pm
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>>time now for night court. judge roy moore, the republican who lost the alabama senate race, recently featured on sasha barren cohen program "who is america?" he pretended to be an israeli anti-terrorist expert. >> certainly i'm not a pedophile. >> no, but the machine --
8:50 pm
>>maybe israeli technology has not developed properly. >> it is not saying that you are a pedophile, of course not. >> i am simply cutting this conversation right now. thank you. good night. i support israel. i don't support this kind of stuff. >> all right. now moore and his wife are suing cohen, showtime, and parent company cbs for $95 million, saying moore was lured into the interview under false pretenses. >>well, let's get started here. welcome to both of you. i want to read a little bit of what we got from the complaint they filed. they said, listen, they were lured in, believing this was an israeli tv show and host and he was going to get an award.
8:51 pm
plaintiffs had reason to rely on defendant cohen and his agent's representation. he was led to believe they were truthful and had no one to doubt. >> this isn't a contract case. this is a defamation case. they're saying they made him look in false light to the public that he was a pedophile. this is a satire and a parody. the law is very clear on this, shannon, with respect to this lawsuit. it goes all the way back to the hustler decision, all the way back then, that, listen, if it's a parody and it can't possibly reasonably be true, then there's no way with a public figure that you have an expectation of privacy to a point that an ordinary person would be protected
8:52 pm
>> showtime said, the press has been sent copies of an alleged complaint, but showtime has not been served. where do we go from here? >> i think the big story being missed here, why was this not in the kavanaugh hearings? >> it felt like there were a lot of moments there. there were a lot of protesters, some people in costumes. it was a rather entertaining -- yeah, but as far as i know, sasha baron cohen didn't turn up for the hearing. >> i've got two 15-yard penalties here. i've got roy moore. not a good defendant. we all know his lawyer. the party you're representing, that's tough. i get a tough card there. second, as bob said, i'm dealing with defamation. you've got to find out that mr. cohen acted with actual
8:53 pm
malice or intent. i'm actually going to go where bob didn't want to go, which is the contract. and it's interesting because cohen's had to deal with this before. he's been sued. and in the "bruno" movie, what they sued over was the standard location agreement that these folks signed. and it's very likely that mr. moore had signed a document saying basically, "i'm waiving all of my rights to whatever this is." i do think that's fraud. my view, shannon, is you sign up to go on the teacups. you think it's going to be the teacups. it better not turn into space mountain. >> they said it does seem that prospective prank victims signed releases. if i were a lawyer for a potential plaintiff that said this had happened, my first question would be, did you sign a piece of paper? bob, is that enough to shield
8:54 pm
them in this case? >> listen, shannon, i wouldn't even be overconcerned about it. let's say it was an inducement to get him to sign that and they throw that out and invalidate that. that does not stop somebody from being able to tape a public figure and putting it out into the media because that person willingingly and voluntarily went in there. if that said something to the effect that we have a certain provision that this is what it is and nothing else and we won't use it for nothing, else it could be a problem. but that's not how that release is. you allow them to use whatever it is that they give and there's really no caveats to it. he's going to go nowhere with this. >> listen, you think about these torts, like intentional infliction of emotional stress. it sounds a little excessive. >> the damages for mr. moore aren't there.
8:55 pm
but i think bob would agree, what happens if somebody does this at some point and someone takes it so seriously, it hurts them so bad, they hurt themselves. and that's what we have to wonder. creative lawyering here with writing these types of releases. you get duped. something like we saw on the screen. what if it's somebody that were to hurt themselves? we don't have that here, thank god. >> all right, have a fantastic weekend. >> thank you, shannon. >> to the jury on twitter now. let us know what you think. by the way, this weekend is the annual race for the cure to fight breast cancer. more than 50 fox news and fox business employees will be participating to help raise money for a great cause. if you would like to support our midnight heroes jerry and the fox team, you can cheer them on. to find out more, if you would like to donate to the team, you can check it out
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