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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  September 8, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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here. we will continue to highlight the violence ravaging one of america's great cities, the heroes who are trying to stop it and the innovators who are coming up with solutions. on behalf of the entire ingram angle crew, i or ingrid. good night from chicago. [applause] todd: 1 to fox news at night, and outright battle between former president obama and his successor, donald trump. he is back and unloaded a scathing tweet on the current president, the republican party and donald trump's supporters, the president responding by pointing to the economy. his message will resonate more effectively with voters as we march into the mix terms 60 days to go. you won't want to miss juan williams and jason chaffetz. who said was in this clash of titans. >> reporter: after two years of
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laying low, president barack obama reengaged calling out his successor by name for the first time. >> it did not start with donald trump. he is a symptom, not the cause. he is just capitalizing on resentments politicians have been fanning for years. of fear and anger rooted in our past but also born out of the enormous upheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes. >> reporter: speaking to students at the university of illinois mister obama accused donald trump of attacking our most precious democratic institutions. >> we do not pressure the attorney general or the fbi to use the criminal justice system is a cudgel to punish our political opponents. >> reporter: he blasted donald trump's immediate response to the white supremacist protest in charlottesville. >> how hard can that be saying that not these are bad?
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>> reporter: he went to what donald trump touts the most. >> when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, just remember when this recovery started. >> the weakest recovery we ever had, it is barely a recovery. it is not recovery. it is called rocketship. >> reporter: donald trump responded to his predecessor's remarks in fargo, north dakota. >> i watched it but i fell asleep. he is very good sleeping. >> reporter: it was a surprisingly negative response from some unknown for fire and fury. the president mostly stayed on message. it was the good economic numbers out this morning. >> what happened this morning? 2.9%. the best wage number we have had
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in many years and that makes me very proud. >> reporter: democrats are happy their party's biggest star is back in the arena and openly attacking the present republicans as the party of division and paranoia. >> it is not conservative. it sure isn't normal. it is radical. >> reporter: you will hear a lot of that between now and november. the former president plans to campaign with candidates in california, illinois and pennsylvania and michelle obama at for registration rallies as well. shannon: let's talk about anonymous and efforts by the administration to track down who authored that new york times opinion piece. >> reporter: donald trump is doing something his predecessor would not approve of, asking the attorney general to investigate. listen to what he said on board air force one earlier today. >> jeff should be investigating.
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>> is there action to be taken against the new york times? >> reporter: it is unclear what kind of legal jeopardy the new york times could be in because there's nothing classified in the op-ed. as for the author 34 administration official denied they were responsible so the hunt continues. you better believe donald trump once this person to be found. >> reporter: president obama calling donald trump a demagogue practicing fear and resentments. donald trump's response come his predecessors boring. the economy is right because of republican policies like tax cuts. his message will get through for the midterms? juan williams and fox news contributor jason chaffetz and author of the new book the deep state. welcome to you both.
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let's talk about these two. they are so different. president obama viewed as a statesman, this speech was long and flowery. donald trump has a lot of energy and power, riles up the crowds in a different way. what is the plus and minus for president obama being on the trail? >> president obama is popular personally but his policies were widely unpopular. one of the most scandalous administrations we had in my lifetime. the economy is doing so much better under donald trump. foreign-policy doing exceptionally well if you look at north korea and the fact donald trump tore up the iran nuclear deal so foreign policies, the economy is doing better and under barack obama democrats won 1000 seats across the nation. trump has a winning formula and winning message and look how the audiences reacted. look at the donald trump
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audience compared to those sitting on their hands listening to barack obama. shannon: let's play more of these two on the different ways they do things. >> each time we painstakingly pool ourselves closer to our founding ideas, that all of us are created equal, endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. >> there are things more exciting than listening to president obama. because we get things done. >> i don't think there's any difference, it is like oil and water. what is interesting here is the experience i had listening to the two of them. you could see them on split screen on your tv friday but for
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me having obama back was here is the president speaking in tones of hope, optimism, american common destiny rather than division and derision and bullying. i think donald trump is right, this is quite exciting to hear people name-calling and putting people down and nothing somebody should be locked up versus someone speaking about america as a tremendous experiment that is ongoing and we as the american people are in search of our common destiny. shannon: a lot of people thought obama was divisive, he talked about things as well, those who felt he had phrases and if you want to say dog whistles donald trump is accused of using as well. people know what they are doing.
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>> president obama said today these are not normal times. there is a tendency among all of us to say look at obama. he didn't call the press the enemy of the people but remember when he tried to ban fox from the white house pool or when he went after journalists. this is all true, but what a difference in terms of saying we should look at this or maybe we should do something to punish as he is now suggesting the justice department go after an anonymous article in the new york times. what did person do? there was no national security issue, just the person was a critic. that -- shannon: is that more about the president has no intention of following through on those kinds of things like yanking network licensing or just he knows what
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his audience and his basement twitter followers wants to hear and he likes a fight? >> what i love about donald trump is he is exactly the same person he was when he was a candidate. he didn't switch. remember when barack obama said we are not red state or blue states that the united states and then became one of the most divisive presidents in the history of this nation. the democratic party of today's of resistance, scorched earth. i won't even meet with the supreme court candidate. i will vote no no matter what. that is not helpful to this country. the american people see through it and donald trump has called out the media and played on the democratic side of the aisle every step of the way and that is why america reacted an extension of the obama administration. 30 of 50 states went with donald trump and thank goodness they did. >> the idea i wouldn't meet with the supreme court nominee, have you heard of merrick garland? shannon: i knew that was coming.
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>> you opened your self to that. that is incredible. look at harry reid and chuck schumer. >> democrats set that precedent. shannon: we could debate those issues all day but let's get to the economy. edward lawrence will report on that. >> still the jobs report means good and bad news. the good news the economy created 201,000 jobs in august, average hourly wages increased to $27.60, the largest increase since 2009. >> people are starting to live. >> reporter: the bad news in an exclusive interview with the president of the dallas reserve, this stellar job report will keep the federal reserve on pace to raise interest rates three to four more times. >> everything is jobs report causes me to reaffirm that view.
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>> reporter: mortgage rates will go up, credit card rates will rise and if it will better be able to handle the next recession. tax cuts antiregulation are fueling the boom but some companies taking a wait-and-see mood because of tariffs and trade disputes. >> you will get more bang for the buck from the fiscal stimulus if not for this uncertainty. >> reporter: bottom line is enjoy the ride. a year from now inflation, trade at national debt could be a greater issue. >> reporter: i want to give you both a chance to weigh in on this. >> the key is the economy is good, consumer confidence, the president says he think it is great the 2.9%, not any rate increase and people expected more after the tax cuts but the taxes went to the rich, not the workingman. shannon: former president obama
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said remember when the recovery started. >> president obama is fundamentally wrong, two little things donald trump and the republicans did, started rolling back regulations, capital that was loosened up to hire people, make capital investments, couple that with text form and that started this economy going in the right direction and wages are going up and the federal reserve has to cool down the economy it is that hot. shannon: thank you both. >> have a great weekend. shannon: george papadopoulos has been sentenced to 15 days in jail after pleading guilty to lying to the fbi but prosecutors wanted a longer sentence saying he lied repeatedly and took 6 months to correct the record. the former acting fbi deputy
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director andrew mccabe under grand jury probe which is called just a procedural step. the internal watchdog found they lied to federal investigators about his role in a leak to the wall street journal. house republicans asking the president to declassify documents related to the russia investigation. it will show mueller's probe is politically biased. >> reporter: congressional sources tell fox news they are optimistic that surveillance records will be declassified. more significantly new evidence about the highly irregular handling of the trump dossier by justice department officials. a dozen house republicans called on donald trump to act within a week. >> there are members of congress and millions of americans asking you to declassify and release this information. we went the truth.
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we standing here today are members of congress with a 0 tolerance for those who abuse their powers. >> in my conversations with the president and the administration he has been very consistent on wanting transparency and i have not seen a major push back on this request as long as it protects sources and methods for the vast majority of americans. they would see it as a welcome response. >> reporter: house republicans what the surveillance warned application declassified. they believe it will show the application was held exculpatory evidence from the national security court including conflict of interest and they went fbi interviews was justice department official bruce ohr made public, that he had concerns the british spy behind the dossier and his political agenda against donald trump wasn't shared either. declassification would be bigger and more significant than
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release of how surveillance memos and could put to rest questions about fbi use of one or more confidential sources together intelligence on the trump campaign. lawmakers say there's time pressure and concern that if the house changes hands there will not be a chance to weigh the facts. shannon: now that the hearings are over does brett kavanaugh have the votes or did they lay enough punches to knock him out? >> brett kavanaugh deserves overwhelming bipartisan support and i think he is going to be one of our truly great supreme court justices. i don't keep track of regrets. and i don't add up the years. but what i do count on is boost®. delicious boost® high protein nuritional drink now has 33% more protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals boost® high protein. be up for life.
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>>at this point, supporters of kavanaugh feel he's a shoe-in. this >> supporters of brett kavanaugh feelies issue in after democrats best attempts to derail his nomination. >> reporter: brett kavanaugh set to grueling hours of sharp questioning, procedural
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fireworks between senators and protesters. now it is up to the senate judiciary committee to send his nomination to the floor so the full senate can provide advice and consent. 21 senators are split between 11 republicans and 10 democrats. of brett kavanaugh wasn't so controversial the committee could consider his nomination september 13th. the committee rules allow for a weeklong delay. the outcome will likely fall along party lines. that it is onto the floor. mitch mcconnell established a new precedent to shut off filibusters on supreme court pics when they consider the nomination of neil gorsuch. mcconnell unilaterally lower the bar from 60 votes to stop debate to a simple majority. the senate swore in john kyle, successor to john mccain, republicans appear to have enough votes to end debate. the procedural votes and fall
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monday, september 24th. once the senate votes to end debate it is just a matter of time. a confirmation vote on brett cavanagh is expected wednesday, september 26th. the new term will begin the first monday of october. shannon: all eyes on senators collins and makowski and what they think about brett kavanaugh's comments on roe v wade. let's bring in gail and rod brown. his part of the testimony, a couple headlines, he will kill the constitution. the washington post has this. mitch mcconnell has saved the constitution because he nominated people like brett cavanagh. quite a contrast in analyses. >> it illustrates no one expected this confirmation process to be easy.
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we saw after what they did to merrick garland the politicalization by senate republicans from the supreme court is just at its apex. shannon: just senate republicans? >> obviously because -- shannon: bipartisan -- >> democrats -- i think what was confirmed this week is something many people, democrats and independents by how soft brett kavanaugh's pulling numbers, the softest support -- shannon: if i walked down the street in tallahassee, florida and said what is the name of the president's nominee i don't think many people will know that. >> the american people have an opportunity to get to know -- shannon: now they do. >> if he is confirmed he will move the court to a permanent hard right majority. replacing justice kennedy who
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was a swing vote, kept the court on equilibrium. this is someone so far to the right of justice kennedy he is moving the court for generations to come. shannon: i talked to conservatives and even during the process when names were floating there were those who didn't feel he would be conservative enough. there are detractors on the left and right, you never know until he starts making tough decisions. >> absolutely true and so many things you said were wrong. the republicans were following the biden rule with merrick garland and now it is true that brett kavanaugh has a chance through these hearings to show who he is, that he is faithful to the constitution, independence, believes in the independence of the judiciary branch it has the judicial temperament. so many histrionics and protests, 200 people were
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arrested during the hearing and brett kavanaugh was steady and solid and able to have a temperament that showed he was able to communicate with the senators despite the distractions and that is why the american bar association, yale university law professor who is liberal testified today that he is an excellent choice for the vacancy. shannon: what do you make of that end of the spectrum? you could do much worse. this is a guy they believe will adhere to the constitution whether he likes the end results are not. >> they are wrong. shannon: based on what? >> what is striking to me is what we learned from the papers senate republicans tried to keep secret. cory booker and others forced to the light. hang on, let me make my point to
12:25 am
answer your question. look at brett kavanaugh's position on roe v wade and women's reproductive rights. he talks about, senator collins said in private conversations that it is settled law but we know for a fact in the op-ed as a counsel for president bush that he made a point of saying it is not unanimously settled law. what that suggests is that while he understands precedent is president he is completely open and recognizes the possibility the supreme court can overturn. >> i want to talk about this ineffectual way. >> that was pretty factual. >> what he said in that email was there was a line in the article that it was settled law and all scholars believe that was settled. he said was more accurate to say there are people in the field arguing maybe it is not. he didn't say that is how he --
12:26 am
>> the fact that he is signaling that it is still open for debate. >> final word to you. >> the highlight of the confirmation hearing was when the girls ask about team came in and reminded me how much brett kavanaugh has mentored young women, more female clerks than male and a personal investment through that. shannon: they were adorable and smart and fabulous and a couple senators -- there goes my line of questioning as i deal with team members. thank you very much, coming up next, outrage over a deadly drunk driving accident involving an illegal immigrant and overturning the nation's oldest sanctuary state law. the issue on the november ballot making waves across the country.
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if they are not abolishing ice they are cutting ties with the immigration enforcement agency. what does it mean for law-abiding citizens? we will ask a mayor who has got ice's back. you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates
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>>deep blue oregon led the way on becoming a >> deep blue oregon led the way to being a sanctuary state for people entering the station illegally. their face a real test in november when adobe tragedy involving illegal immigrant is heating up the debate. trace gallagher has the fact. >> reporter: midterm elections every percussions beyond who controls the house of representatives. voters in oregon will decide whether to repeal the state's sanctuary law, the nation's oldest. there is a major case fueling the debate. two weeks ago 39-year-old at wino vargas, an illegal immigrant from mexico, was driving a truck to a horse
12:32 am
trailer drunk. he ran a stop sign, struck a motorcycle carrying two people killing them both duties in the marion county jail and according to a man who voluntarily compiles numbers on illegal immigrants for lawmakers and law enforcement, mister vargas is one of the nationals being held in oregon jails. 731, a full 77%, have been convicted for violent crimes, murder, rape, aggravated assault but when it comes to local police cooperating with federal immigration agents oregon is the country's most resistant state. integrations and customs enforcement or ice has placed dictators on all 943 illegal immigrants being held but jails won't accept the melissa magistrate judge issues a criminal warrant which is rare. when these inmates are released instead of being deported, they are back on the street. ice says sanctuary policies not only provide a refuge for illegal aliens but they shield criminal aliens who prey on
12:33 am
people in their own and other communities. advocates in favor of sanctuary policies say repealing the law would lead to rampant racial profiling. >> we believe in fairness and looking out for our neighbors and protecting people's civil rights. >> reporter: the repeal effort is getting a boost from local law enforcement. 16 of oregon's 36 sheriff's are calling on their voters to get rid of the sanctuary law. shannon: we will watch that one. the mayor of atlanta has terminated the city's relationship with ice. going a step further ordering all removed from the city jail system. the mayor of a lot of amigos is rolling back century city and state policies. mayor, good to have you with us tonight. i want to read you what they said in the press release. until this comprehensive
12:34 am
immigration reform this is the only way atlanta can fulfill its legacy of compassion and tolerance. civil offenses do not warrant criminal consequences and no one should be jail because they seek the american dream. your response? >> my response is i don't think the mayor is thinking through this completely. they need to be working with ice. when you back out, just because she is declaring the city of atlanta won't work with ice, ice will not relinquish their responsibility to do their job and enforce immigration laws. what will end up happening is the ice footprints will increase because they will need more people because they don't have a centralized place in this issue. the folks out there, more potential, what ends up happening is the community less safe with more happening on the streets. shannon: this started with the
12:35 am
atlanta mayor in june with all the stories of the separation of families at the border and she signed the executive order saying we are breaking with ice and now we want all ice detainees out of jail. $7.5 million this fiscal year in federal funding, they were paid to house these people that are willing to let go of these funds because of the policies of the federal government are unconscionable. >> i have been working with the white house to embrace ice. law enforcement is not a partisan issue. she was elected mayor in a nonpartisan seat. part of our job is to work with both sides of the aisle, not take extreme positions. if you look at atlanta in a bigger picture, they have dependency on federal dollars and need to maintain their relationships and that is what we did when trying to decide to
12:36 am
follow california sanctuary laws. what with the financial impact to be? shannon: how does this make folks on the frontline field, men and women of ice doing what they believe is their mission? >> it is tough for them. i spent a lot of time with ice folks in southern california. a big ceremony at the white house. it is hard because they had people release their personal information online, people coming after them. the biggest thing for mayors in california who don't support the abolish ice mentality, we have to make sure our communities understand the job ice does, not just the enforcement are more investigative arm keeping human trafficking. a lot of roles are critical to cities and is shortsighted when they see people like the mayor of oakland taking similar positions.
12:37 am
shannon: there are new developments in southern california as the state takes sanctuary state policies to the next level. thank you for your time. >> good seeing you. shannon: syria stand on the brink again. stick around for what came out of a diplomatic effort told syria, iran and russia back from what the president calls a great humanitarian state. your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? they have businesses to grow
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>>two of california's >> the best-known democrats are slipping. in a new paul, democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsom, by john cox by 11 points and dianne feinstein increasingly under attack, with pharmacist democratic challenger
12:42 am
kevin leon. urgent concerns as country's race to stop troops from attacking the last rebel stronghold in the country. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg has the latest. >> a trilateral meeting in tehran to see if iran, russia and turkey could come up with a solution for avoiding a bloodbath. the last important rebel held stronghold in syria which is now bracing itself for an all-out assault by syrian government forces backed by russia. iran lashed out at the united states saying it needed to get out of syria and vladimir putin insisted the fight would go on until the last terrorists i wiped out. there are 3 million people displaced from other parts of syria, and 30,000 fighters belonging, turkish president erdogan calling for a
12:43 am
cease-fire. people are taking no chances making improvised gas masks. they are worried the syrian president will use chemical weapons in the anticipated assault. russians have been conducting airstrikes preparing the ground for invasion by syrian troops. us ambassador nikki haley concerned that scenes of humanitarian disaster will unfold if syria goes in. >> reporter: the playbook of death. the bashar al-assad regime has been 7 years refining it with russia and iran's help. ambassador haley had a stark warning for syria and russia not use chemical weapons, not to bet against the us responding again as it did with airstrikes in april.
12:44 am
shannon: thank you. protesters storming the iranian consulate in bosnia, burning amid intense demonstrations against iran's influence on iraqi. 10 protesters died in clashes with security forces since monday including 3 who were shot last night. the state department condemning the violence against diplomats and demonstrators alike. a 2006 letter confirms information in 2000 about the sexual misconduct of a now resigned cardinal in the us lending could ability to bombshell accusations of a cover-up at the highest levels of the catholic church. bermuda residents taking no chances in preparing for landfall of tropical storm florence. the storm expected to strengthen to a category 3 or 4 hurricane by next week. north carolina's governor declaring a state of emergency though official state is too early to predict if florence will make landfall on the continental us. no laughing matter, says roy
12:45 am
moore suing comedian sasha barrett cohen for $95 million because she defame and him. we will take it to night court and have attorneys make arguments, you are the jury next. ign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>>time now for night court. judge roy moore, the republican who lost the alabama senate race, recently f shannon: judge roy moore who lost the alabama senate race after being dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct recently featured on sasha baron cohen's who is america. during the appearance the comedian pretended to be an israeli antiterrorism expert who demonstrated what he called a pedophile detector. >> i am not a pedophile okay?
12:50 am
>> but the machine -- >> maybe israeli technology hasn't developed properly. >> it is 99% accurate. is not saying you are a pedophile. >> i'm not having this conversation right now. i support israel but i don't support this kind of stuff. shannon: they are suing cbs for $95 million for defamation, intentional emotional distress and fraud saying more was lured into the interview on false pretenses. legal eagle criminal defense attorney and ceo brian otella, is that the right pronunciation? >> perfect. >> i want to read what we got from the complaint they filed and they said they were lured in
12:51 am
believing this was an israeli tv show and roy moore was going to get an award for supporting israel. plaintiffs had reason to rely on defendant cohen and his agent's representation including showtime and cbs which he was led to believe were truthful and had no reason to doubt. how do you defend this when? >> this isn't a contract cases but a libel case for defamation case. what they are saying, in false like to the public that he was a pedophile, it was a satire, apparently. they took a want that beeped at him and call that a pedophile detector. boy is clear with respect to this lawsuit. back to the hustler decision, if it is a parody and it can't be true that there is no way with a public figure you have an expectation of privacy to the point an ordinary person would be protected this go down in flames.
12:52 am
shannon: the press has been sent copies of an alleged complaint but showtime has not been served, we do not comment on pending litigation. where do we go from here? >> the big story being missed, why was this not in the brett kavanaugh hearings? why not have that instead of a spartacus moment? shannon: there were a lot of moments, protesters in costume. it was entertaining. as far as i know sasha baron cohen did not -- >> could have taken a different direction. i have just like -- i have penalties here, roy moore, not a good defendant, we know -- the party you are representing is tough.
12:53 am
second, as bob said i'm dealing with defamation which for a public figure like roy moore is a mount everest you got to climb because you have to find that mister cohen acted with malice or intent. i will go where bob didn't want to go which is a contract. cohen came to deal with this before. he has been sued, in the bruno movie what they sued over was a standard location agreement these folks hide and it is likely that mister moore signed a document that i am waving all my rights to whatever this is. i do think that is fraud. you sign up to go on the teacup, you think it is the teacups, better not turn into space mountain. shannon: the new york times piece, it does seem it is designed to indemnify mister cohen and his producers from legal claim. if i were is a lawyer who said this happened the first question would be did you sign a piece of
12:54 am
paper? is that enough to shield him? >> i would not be concerned about it. let's say it was a fraud and they throw that out and invalidate that. that does not stop somebody from being able to tape a public figure and putting it into the media because that person voluntarily went in there. of that agreement said something to the effect we have a certain provision this is what it is if nothing else and won't use it for anything else it could be a problem but that is not how those releases are. you sign a release that says you allow them to use what they give and there is no caveat. he will go nowhere with this. shannon: think about things like intentional infliction of distress and others, $95 million does sound like a lot.
12:55 am
>> the damages for mister moore are not there, let's be honest with everybody. i think bob would agree what happens if somebody does this at some point and someone takes it so seriously, hurts so bad they hurt themselves, that is what we have to wonder. creative lawyering with writing these releases where you don't know what you're getting into, something like we saw on screen, somebody who wanted to hurt themselves, then you have a real damages case. shannon: have a fantastic weekend. let us know what you think. this weekend is the race took your to fight breast cancer at fox news will enter a team captains by jerry willis who is a breast cancer survivor. 50 fox news and foxbusiness employees will participate to raise money for the great cause. if you would like to support our midnight heroes you can come out and cheer them on and show your support for the great cause. to find out more if you ones to donate to the team check it out
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see you then. >> sean: welcome to hannity this friday night. you will decide the fate of this country. the democrats are out for blood. they want to impeach the president and now they are rolling out their savior, barack obama all over the country to tell you how to vote. of course, he wants to destroy the trump agenda, he wants to decide your future after all of his failure because he thinks he knows better. tonight with the help of a new report from john solomon, we will connect all of the dots tonight. we will show you how dangerous this country's


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