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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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protestants, everybody else, why did they not have a grand jury investigation? >> martha: thank you very much. tucker carlson is ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we have marked extensively, we have denigrated the possible run for president, even gave him an unflattering nickname. but tonight after many requests he has agreed to come on her show in return we are prepared to give him the serious treatment he deserves. stormy daniels lawyer joins us minutes from now. but first, or, hurricane florence has arrived in the united states, causing havoc all along the carolina coast, expected landfall tomorrow, rick reckitt has been joining us from the beginning,
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and he joins us now. >> it might make landfall a couple of times, kind of bouncing along the coast. we cannot save that precision, maybe ten, 20 miles one way or the other. we do not have that just yet. but the satellite image, the storm very close, just south of the outer banks. at the center of it, crossing 160-mile path right there and tropical storm force winds, about 40 miles an hour and above, 400 miles across. a really large storm that is -- going to impact so many people. we see little tornadoes pop up throughout this period we have one tornado warning, and i want to move forward and show you the flooding concerns, morehead city flash flooding going on, so the one spot with this. we have probably seen 6-8 inches of rain already fall. and probably 15 or 20% of way
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through what the storm is going to be doing. take a look at this, a buoy out here, recording a wind gust of 112 miles per hour, the winds are definitely with us right in the center part of the storm. going to get closer to the shore tonight into tomorrow. take a look at this. there will be a huge swath of land, north carolina and south carolina a foot of rain, and isolated spots with two plus, probably a few that are 4s is done, and when i say done, that means sunday into monday, this is the track. we do not know what will happen along the coast, eventually moving inland and quickly monday tuesday moving towards the northeast, but we have a long 48-72 hours ahead. >> tucker: rick reichmuth, a real authority. thank you, stay tuned for hurricane updates throughout the hour and the night on fox. we will take your life to the coastal regions that are feeling the effects of florence that is
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happening now. but democrats are powerless to start brett kavanaugh's supreme court nomination on their own, that is the math of the question, but still trying and will keep trying until the bitter end. in the last minute twist today, dianne feinstein of california says that she has sent a letter about cavanaugh to the fbi. it is a secret letter written by a secret person containing a secret allegation about possible misconduct in high school some 35 plus years ago. that's what we know, chris gallagher has more. >> hi, tucker, releasing a statement saying that the reason she will not talk about the information she passed on to federal investigators is because "that individual strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter more, and i have honored that decision." "the new york times" is reporting that the matter involves sexual misconduct between kavanaugh and a female, when the judge was in high school. fox news has learned that senator dianne feinstein heard
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about the claim back in july. annie had during 65 meetings with senators including dianne feinstein, more than 32 hours of confirmation hearings and 1,278 written follow-up questions from democrat to kavanaugh, the matter was never raised until today when senator feinstein sent it to investigators. the fbi says it will include the information in kavanaugh's background file, but we are told any further action on the letter would have to come from the white house. so far the white house has done nothing except call this a democratic delay tactics. john cornyn, the number two republican in the senate and judiciary committee is incredulous saying "let me get this straight, this is a statement about a secret letter regarding a secret matter and an unindicted fied person, right?" they say that this has all of the indications of an 11th hour character assassination. the democrats on the judiciary commit me committee have triedo
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subpoena documents in time, to w did -- george w. bush, including the enhanced interrogation and warrantless wiretapping in the wake of 9/11. judiciary committee chaired chuck grassley who has not yet seen the letter from senator feinstein says that the confirmation vote will go forward as scheduled september september 20th. tucker. >> tucker: think you allowed for that summary, mark steyn has been following this as well. so, market, you will want to withhold judgment on this, because you do not know what is in the letter. but here's what we know. judge kavanaugh went to high school at georgetown prep in bethesda, maryland. if there was a crime 35 years later, that would be related to the maryland police, with the local police in bethesda, instead senator feinstein sent it to the fbi, they have no jurisdiction. so that tells me right there that this is a crock and it is the worst kind of smear, the smear that you cannot rebut
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against a man with a wife and small children, i'm not sure that i've seen anything lower ever. >> no, you are absolutely right, as you say the fbi has no obvious jurisdiction. i think in the normal course of events given that this is something that is with a junior prom in maryland in 1981, or in 1979, whatever it was. they would be going to juvenile court, so it would be the supreme court justice to be tried in juvenile court, that is a legal first, i think what we have is the equivalent of what happens when comey briefed the president on the so-called steele dossier about russian in his hotel room. and that gave the pretext to the media, because comey leaked news of the meetings, that gave the media the pretext to discuss the dossier. likewise, senator feinstein releasing as everyone said, the
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secret letter from a secret person about a secret matter about the high school prom has now given cover for a lot of allegations, we do not know what they are. they were half a lifetime ago, and as you say, it is not something that he can robot, and the real battle here, tucker, is that it is between dianne feinstein and the new left. they were disappointed by the big shot democrat dinosaurs performance in the hearing rooms and they want something a little bit more antifa, a little bit more black lives matter, a little bit more bernie sanders. and it is pathetic to see dianne feinstein, and i have no idea what she did at her high school prom how many years ago that was. it is pathetic to see dianne feinstein reduced to this. >> tucker: it is disgusting, and the dynamic is exactly what is happening. the dinosaurs were on their way out, and terrified and
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responding to the mob. i will ask you a question, probably sparking protest against me. somehow. i don't know what the allegation is and i am prepared to withhold judgment on that. a35-year-old allegation, if it exists, never reported to the police, does that raise the question of why has it never been reported? >> yes, i think it is wrong to go back and relitigate a past that you did not litigate at the time. i think that that is very, very dangerous. you see that as part of this moral panic that has gone on over the metoo thing. if you go back to the clarence thomas business, that was within the previous decade. we are talking about something that was never -- i mean, they are only -- the only reassuring thing is that you know that investigations are interminable in this country inn in washington in particular. the only good thing about this is that the fbi has looked at it
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and kicked it out of there purview in 10 minutes flat. and good for them, they are not opening an investigation. they have given it to the white house. they do not want to touch this. diminished her own reputation by participating in this mirror. >> tucker: i have never met brett kavanaugh, i have no personal stake whatsoever. but any normal person should be offended, it is too low, it is disgusting. >> absolutely. it is. and this high school, i gather, this is where neil gorsuch waited till school too. that's where all supreme court judges, the preparatory school is for. so maybe he did something at his prom too, maybe it all goes back to the prom. >> tucker: it is unbelievable, mark steyn, we will see you in a minute. thank you for that. after many months of waiting, we are welcoming stormy daniels lawyer onto the show, onto the site, right here, joining us in just a moment. obviously all night we will be
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♪ >> tucker: a fox news alert, abc is reporting tonight that former donald trump campaign manager paul manafort has agreed to a plea deal with robert mueller. if that is true, that would head off the upcoming trial in washington. being tried on charges of fraud and failing to register as a foreign agent had already convicted in the state of virginia on eight separate legal charges, it is unclear if it would include any testimony about the 2016 campaign. special counsel has declined to comment. we will continue to follow it as updates appear. but in other news today, just days ago, peter strzok said turning to try to claim that the text messages that strzok sent to lisa page, the leaking strategy were actually evidence that he was trying to stop leaks. ha! it was not believable then, less believable today, we have a new
5:15 pm
text message from april 2017 where strzok talks openly to page about talking to the press pretty sad that "the new york times" was angry because "the washington post" got a scoop surreptitiously on page. from september of 2016, strzok told page "i think our sisters have been leaking like mad, kicking into overdrive." an attorney and former member of the missouri state house, representing st. louis. thank you for coming on. there is a lot we do not know about the context of these. but one thing we can be certain of is that the fbi was leaking about an ongoing criminal investigation. >> no, no, we cannot be. >> tucker: really? based on what you just heard. >> page and strzok had a relationship that we can agree was inappropriate and should not have happened, but to take their relationship, it is very flimsy to suggest that they were somehow trying to initiate or corrupt the trump administratio administration.
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>> tucker: i'm not just saying that. i am saying leaking to the press prayed he says it in the text. >> he does not, that is very unclear. >> tucker: "the new york times" is mad -- >> he says our sisters are leaking. we do not know who that is paid >> tucker: he suggest that he has been in contact with "the new york times" and "the washington post" in a competition for the fbi. >> he does not say that he did that. it also does not say, it is also inappropriate to suggest that page and strzok's relationship if they were trying to bring down -- >> tucker: i am not saying that. >> it is inappropriate to transmit that to the entire fbi. >> tucker: i am being careful and precise. and i have a lot of theories about this, but here's what i know. the fbi was leaking to the press about an ongoing investigation. he says it repeatedly. >> let's review. >> tucker: shall i read it to you? >> we shall. >> tucker: he talks about a media leaking strategy about the
5:17 pm
fbi. >> about the fbi. >> tucker: so there is leaking going on at the fbi. >> these techs do not confirm that. >> tucker: well, they do. >> they don't. >> tucker: he says that they have been leaking like mad. >> we do not know who our sisters are. >> tucker: he says earlier leaks about carter page. here's my question, why defend this? you don't have to like trump period all of us as citizens, leaving trump out of this, carter page out of it, why should we allow the most powerful law enforcement agency to leak against u.s. citizens about cases that have not been tried? >> we do not like it. i do not like it. i do not like their relationship, but to suggest that this was something that was happening throughout the fbi. >> tucker: i am not suggesting anything paid what i am at doing is repeating his text. >> he says our sisters. we do not know who that is paid >> tucker: in the text from yesterday, again -- >> there is not evidence of that. >> tucker: he refers -- referring to news organizations being mad that they did not get
5:18 pm
the scoop, how would he know that unless he had spoken to them. >> so much of this is nebulous, and talking about things around town. >> tucker: this is not things around town. >> t is expressing to lisa page -- >> tucker: you are running interference for the fbi? >> i am not at all. i am saying that page and strzok's conversation does not suggest that there is a large or leaking fbi. but when it does not suggest anything, it tells us in plain language that the fbi is leaking about a criminal investigation. why would you not want to know more? speak i do want to know more, and i am so glad that we have inspector general michael horwitz on the case. >> tucker: why are you not mad about it? does that not bother you? >> he is looking into it. and i actually unlike the president welcoming the russian investigation, i am very happy about it. >> tucker: i will leave this question. >> i am very happy that the
5:19 pm
united states inspector general is looking -- >> tucker: yeah, okay, we have been here too long. i want an answer. >> i'm glad it is being investigated. >> tucker: it is really simple, yes, investigated. if we find out that the fbi, and i think any reasonable person would conclude that we know, leaking about a political investigation, would you be outraged? >> absolutely. >> tucker: then why are you bothered by the obvious suggestion. to speak of those texts are not innocuous, but they are nebulous. >> tucker: obviously democrats have to defend. why, nobody likes this. >> i do not like it, but it is hard to say that this is applicable across the board in the fbi. >> tucker: getting any struck out of "the new york times." >> while he is an agent. >> tucker: it's to see you. michael moore is a crusader for the average american, he told you that countless times. but in business according to people that work with him, it is
5:20 pm
more like the robert bearer that is denounce it. greg gutfeld will uncover the mystery, and to the interview with stormy daniels lawyer who joins us onset. ♪ (music throughout) uhp. i didn't believe it. again. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪ i want to believe it. [ claps hands ] ♪ ooh i'm not hearing the confidence. okay, hold the name your price tool. power of options based on your budget! and!
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introducing the all-new lexus es. every curve. every innovation. every feeling. a product of mastery. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. >> tucker: here's an odd story we want to tell you about. a week ago today last thursday, federal authorities swooped in to something called the national solar observatory in sunspot, new mexico, above the mexican border. they evacuated the premises. it is a federal facility. the post office next door and they shut that down too. local residents watched all of that. they saw a black hawk helicopter circling the site. the local sheriff told reporters that the fbi refused to explain any of what was happening to him. "to the fbi to get involved at click and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on out there." what stuff? we asked. the feds won't say, but the observatory today using in
5:25 pm
corruptive statement about a security issue. maybe it is nothing, maybe you do something. we will keep on it and find out. american society seems to be praying at the edges, but filmmaker michael moore believes that he is part of the solution. he is the hero that can save it. watch him describe his role earlier this year. >> we must also cleanse our american soul of its white male privilege, its voracious greed, and its enforced ignorance. that has made a population of semi-illiterate and unaware people. >> tucker: michael moore, the soul cleanser. one of the things rotting our soul, he just said is greed. and many people close to michael moore, people that would no says that he is exhibit a for that problem. his film festival has been sued for a julie failing to pay vendors, the little people, and smearing them in the press. meanwhile his ex-wife says that he stiffed her on the profits
5:26 pm
from the films that she helped produce, that would include bowling for columbine, and fahrenheit 9/11. greg gutfeld has made a passion of studying the career of michael moore, and hosts "the five" i'm a little bit confused by this, michael moore, we know that he is a champion of the people, so why is he not championing individual people? and instead scamming them? >> he is a man of the people, unless those people are working for him. then he will get rid of them to pay for his prize. he loves his prize, it is the truth of the activists, tucker. they think globally, but are jerks locally. the active caring actually excuses their own obnoxious, self-involved, arrogant behavior. if you ever were in college you know this, if you had a roommate that was an activist, they would go to the peace marches, but they would never pay their rent on time. they would never spring for the
5:27 pm
toilet paper and they always ate your food, tucker. i'm also worried, because michael moore is looking -- he is looking more like large marge from pee-wee's playhouse, the movie "pee-wee's great adventure" do you remember him? >> tucker: i saw the sequel, maybe. >> he believes that the world is coming to an end, why is that the people that think are so brilliant and they think the world is coming to an end, they never bathed or where fresh underwear? >> tucker: maybe that's why, because it is not worth it. i'm confused, so if you really cared about the world and making it better, wanted to begin with the people around you? i >> they are unimportant, tucker. they are unimportant, because you have a greater mission in life to save the world. therefore you can be mean to your wife. you can ignore your kids. you can cheat, you can be terrible. and by the way, tucker, you are not so perfect, yourself.
5:28 pm
you know what yesterday was, tucker. man of the people, tucker, populist tucker, it was my birthday. it did i hear from tucker carlson? >> tucker: yes, you did, i texted you. >> i waited, i was playing our song. >> tucker: you lost your phone in a bar and you know it. anyway -- i'm going to ask you this, because you're the perfect person. very shortly we will speak to a stormy daniels attorney, if you were sitting in this chair, what would you ask him? >> he is a porn expert, so i would say, how do you permanently erase your browser history? i'm always interested, a lot of friends asked me that question. no, i have nothing against porn, but this is a highly immoral activity that stormy daniels is acting in, it is not adult films, she is a paid sex worker.
5:29 pm
she gets paid for sex, what did trump do? >> tucker: that is a sincere question, i feel sorry for stormy daniels, i think she is being exploited. i do not understand what the injury was, i'm not being mean. >> it was a deal that they made. and i think -- maybe she is mad that she could have got more money out of it? then she did, because he became president, maybe that is why she is upset. the other sad thing about porn, no one ever retires. they always -- the whole thing is they try to get out of porn. everything is it -- it cannot be a good vocation if their first goal is to get out of it. >> tucker: [laughs] where is no one ever wants to get out of television. >> no, that is true. you will have to carry me out on a stretcher. >> tucker: you only get fired, that's the way out. great to see you. >> always a pleasure, thank you for the gift. >> tucker: [laughs]
5:30 pm
as we told you, the wait is over, after months of trading on air and online, we will meet stormy daniels lawyer right here. that is next. and of course we will keep you updated on the path of hurricane florence bearing down on the carolina wireless. ♪ because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell you doctor if you were in a region where fungal infections are common and if you have had tb,
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>> tucker: you may recognize this man, he is a lawyer, he represents the porn actress stormy daniels in her lawsuit. but the last six months he has been famous in his own right, one of the most fixtures in history, appearing on cnn and msnbc literally hundreds of times. but moving beyond being a mere television celebrity paid and now talking about running for president. releasing his positions on major issues. to travel to iowa and new hampshire, michigan, ohio. he seemed serious about it. we invited many times to talk about his plans, but he has decline until tonight. i agreed to appear on his side divided that we give him time to state his case, and we are happy
5:35 pm
to do that. in the past he has demanded that we stop referring to them by a certain unflattering nickname. we have not agreed to that, but tonight as a gesture of goodwill we will not use the nickname, because we are grateful when guests are brave enough to show up in person including this case. thank you for coming on. >> -- we could hurl insults at each other, but let me take you seriously as someone who wants to be involved in the public conversation and ask you about things that you have said on questions of policy to flush them out a little bit. so this is a you at a rally in july, i think it was the day after the president spoke with vladimir putin in helsinki, and you are suggesting a rally. here's what you said. >> one vladimir putin and russia did to this country in connection with the 2016 election is no different than if they would have placed 100,000 troops on our border.
5:36 pm
this was an invasion, it was an electronic invasion. they used hackers and tweeters to elect this president. >> tucker: so if russia had 100,000 troops on our border, that would be an act of war profound provocation. what would be the rational response to that? if you felt that the threat was that profound? how would you respond? >> i understood that i was coming on to talk about the case involving my client -- >> tucker: i am happy of to talk about the case. >> tucker, you have to stop interrupting me, because one of the conditions of me coming on tonight was that you are not going to do what you do routinely to guests, which is talk over them and interrupt them, so just let me finish with my answer. >> tucker: i said that i would give you a fair interview, i do not have any interest in squabbling with you or name-calling. i've done a lot of that to you. >> but not to my face. >> tucker: i could, what is the point?
5:37 pm
i want to take you seriously. so i played a clip of what you said at a rally, you were traveling to states because you want to influence policy direction. i do not think it is unfair to ask you about something that you said. >> what is a question? >> tucker: let me restate it, you said that russia has done something equivalent to putting 1,000 troops on our border? >> correct. >> tucker: i wonder what you would do as president if that happened under your watch, and what you think russia things watching public figures like you say that we are at war with russia? what do you think that has? >> there is no question that russia interfered with a 2016 election in a very serious way. the only question was what was the involvement of donald trump or by donald trump and his cronies in the process, that's what bob mueller is in the process of getting to the bottom of -- there you go interrupting me again. >> tucker: asked you three times. >> we should respond with the absolute force of the law. doing everything in our power to bring those individuals to
5:38 pm
justice. those individuals that are also in russia. and let me tell you what we should not be doing, we should not stand shoulder to shoulder with vladimir putin in choosing russia over the hardworking men and women of the intelligence community that risked their lives for this country. the president has sold out the united states -- >> tucker: the administration announced today a new round of tougher sanctions against russia, do you support that? >> i think it is a start. >> tucker: what would be the end? >> it is not a step in the right direction. to the president has not shown any leadership -- >> tucker: sanctions are not a step? >> i said it is a step, but he should get the extradition of each and every individual in russia that bob mueller and others believe were responsible for the election meddling in 2016. >> tucker: that would be that charge, but if you believe it is the same as 100,000, you are using reckless rhetoric that you
5:39 pm
do not understand increases the temperature between the united states and the nuclear adversary, is that a responsible thing to do? >> under the circumstances i stand by my words. >> tucker: 100,000 troops at the border? >> i think for you to lecture me about reckless rhetoric is a rather ironic, tucker. in light of some of the reckless rhetoric that you engage in. >> tucker: reckless rhetoric, okay. so you said that you are a civil libertarian in effect. a libertarian on sex questions. that's fine with me. does it bother you that the obama administration authorized testifying, before a presidential campaign? >> it is not been established that that occurred prior >> tucker: that carter page was spied on? >> that is not been established, number one. then in fact president obama authorized -- >> tucker: his administration authorized -- >> are you going to interrupt me for the entire segment?
5:40 pm
>> tucker: i'm clarifying. authorizing spying in connection to the trump campaign, does that bother you? >> that has not been established. if it was established, of course it would bother me. are we going to get to the facts of my clients case? >> tucker: i'm going to ask another question for us, because you are traveling around the country as a commentator on politics. i'm curious about what you think. i do not think that is illegitimate. it has not been established that carter page was spied on? >> how many times are you going to ask me and the same question. i've already stated in my view i do not believe that president obama has been shown to have authorized this spying -- >> tucker: my dog to the question? you traveled here with policy advisors working on other campaigns. i think it would be ready for a simple question. >> i did not travel here with policy advisors, let me ask you a question -- >> tucker: get a tv show, then you can ask me a question. you are not answering. >> why is it that you do not call donald trump the creepy porn president, he is the one
5:41 pm
that had sex with a 4-month-old at home without a. you do not want to acknowledge that. or do you believe that he had sex with my client? >> tucker: i have said that many times. >> what does it matter if the president lies? >> tucker: let me finish my question to you. what is the crime, the harm, the injury to your clients by donald trump? as far as i understand this was a consensual relationship, and i believe that it occurred, i do not know that, but i'm willing to believe that it did. but it seems consensual, and she was paid at the end of it, and yet you, and i'm not attacking stormy daniels, i feel sorry for her. >> you have attacked her for six months. >> tucker: i feel that you are exploiting her, i feel bad. >> i think you demean her repeatedly. and i think you are a hypocrite. >> tucker: let me ask you -- you want to talk about the case, i am asking you the court
5:42 pm
question in the case. what is the injury to stormy daniels? >> the injury is is that the agreement that was entered into was not adhered to by michael cohen and donald trump. they did not fulfill their end of the bargain. now do you want to talk to me about the injury to the american people? >> tucker: so you believe -- you just went off on this moral lecture about how it was wrong for the president to have an adulterous affair. i would agree with that. but you are outraged. yes, you said it is an injury against the american people that he had sex with someone else while his wife -- >> i said that -- covering up the $130,000 payment and violating campaign finance is, -- i'm not done, that's why michael cohen -- >> tucker: let me ask you a question. i've been following the news as well. did donald trump have a moral obligation to tell the american people that he had a relationship with stormy daniels?
5:43 pm
>> i don't whether -- care whether he had a moral obligation or not. he had an obligation not to cover it up and lay lie about it and commit campaign finance violations. michael cohen played to guilty to the felony. associated with miss mcdougall. i thought you were following the news but i thought you were knowledgeable. >> tucker: i'm a little bit confused, you are the protector of stormy daniels, stormy daniels is right now working in strip clubs in little towns on stage, people are throwing things at her. you are wearing a $1,000 suit, why is -- why are you not paying her? you have profited from stormy daniels. tens of millions of dollars of free media on your relationship with her, and she is working in strip clubs. you are exploiting her. why are you not paying her some of what you are making? >> this is absurd. you do not know the facts as evidenced by the fact -- >> tucker: is she working instead of the cubs? >> are you going to keep interrupting me? you did not even know that
5:44 pm
michael cohen planted two felonies convicted against the violation. >> tucker: i do not believe that what he did was a campaign -- i think it is absurd. everyone who pleads, we have an honest disagreement. i do not think it was a campaign finance violation. the stormy daniels was to perform enrichment in a depressing strip club, the hero that you say you are protecting, why is she working in cd strip clubs while you are on television wearing expensive suits? why are you not exploiting her? >> because she wants to. this is america. and guess what, if a woman wants to perform in a strip club, she does so. >> tucker: while you are getting rich? >> i'm not getting rich. even though people like you demean her. >> tucker: i'm not demeaning her. you are the one -- >> you refer to her consistently as a porn star, and as a creepy porn lawyer. and you give the president a
5:45 pm
pass, who had unprotected sex with a porn star with a 4-month-old at home. >> tucker: you are the moralize or, you are like we are in church now. i'm officially shocked by donald trump's behavior, i had no idea, it blew my mind. but answer my question, why are you rich and your client is working in strip clubs? >> do you have any idea how much money i make? you have no idea. >> tucker: i know that you have not paid her taxes, because you have over $1 million -- >> you do not even know your fax, tucker. how do you have a show and you are this ignorant on it? >> tucker: i know for a fact that your client is not thriving, for you to look at me in the eye and say that she wants to perform in strip clubs and people throwing at her, that is insulting, people do not do that unless they have no choice. >> now you are the defender of my client? >> tucker: you are exploiting her! >> you do not know anything about my client. >> tucker: i know that she is
5:46 pm
working in a strip club. >> can i finish? >> tucker: pleads to do. >> i've done a remarkable job for my client, she will be the first one to tell you that, if you listen to her interviews or see her comments, you would know exactly what she thinks of me. i am not just done. i am not exploiting my client. i am representing my client to the absolute -- i am still talking. >> tucker: you have to pretend to be someone from cnn to get through to you. >> that is disgusting. >> tucker: what is disgusting is -- >> why don't you show respect to my client and meet, and stop calling us a porn star and a creepy porn lawyer. do you have that big of a problem with porn? when was the last time you saw porn? >> tucker: oh, you busted me. i'm into humiliation porn. that's why watching on cnn. [laughs] >> when was the last time you viewed porn? >> tucker: you are worse than i realize. you are dodging with a question
5:47 pm
that i have asked you repeatedly. >> you that people that you porn should watch your show? >> tucker: i'm not sure what that means, but sincerely i have never attacked stormy daniels. >> guess, you have. >> tucker: i think you are exploiting her, and you have not answer the question which is why is it that her life has stalled and your life -- you are planning a new career as a politician unlike so many lawyers who are taking advantage of her, and you pose as a feminist hero because you are shameless and the other channels let you get away with it, but you are an exploiter of a woman then you should be ashamed of i it. that is my -- >> you are going to let me respond? >> tucker: no, we are out of time. more time than i promise to pay >> you are a hypocrite. you do not know what you're talking about, yet again. >> tucker: 12 minutes, creepy porn lawyer, great to see you. mark steyn joins us to react to the interview, and more on hurricane florence as it cuts its potentially deadly path
5:48 pm
through the carolinas, stay tuned.
5:49 pm
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♪ >> tucker: we just finished speaking to stormy daniels' attorney during interview, mark stein was observing from the wings, and he joins us now, so what struck me about it, maybe it struck you, and i am not really attacking him, i am just noting, there was this under tone of moralizing, it is unbelievable that trompe l'oeil do this, betraying the country! either you get to be a libertarian or you get to be even jenna cole, but you cannot
5:53 pm
be both, can you? >> and as you said, it is particularly absurd when his clients, and i'm glad that you mention her name, because he is now far more famous -- only in america, normally in sex scandals, the person having the sex is famous, but now the lawyer representing the person having the sex is more famous. >> tucker: that is so deep and true what you just said, i am printing it out and putting it on my fridge, that is totally right. sorry, excuse me. >> and she is in cd strip clubs, the worse of the worst, an 18-inch bar, while they are flowing dollar bills that you, and engaged in the same thing that this guy was doing on your show, they both are trying to figure out a way to monetize the case. and as you say, his way of monetizing is in being on
5:54 pm
prime-time tv shows, and you insulted him by saying it was $1,000 suit, it was a $4,000 suit. that's how well he is living, she is on the strip club bars collecting those dollar bills, because i take it even if he is on a pro bono basis, she is still having to pay all of the "costs." >> tucker: then he says, look, i do not even judge her in some ways, because it is hard to make a living. i do not think that you should be dancing in a strip club. but i know that people do things they should not do because they are desperate. what infuriates me is when he takes something as depressing as dancing in a strip club in richmond, or a bend, oregon, and says, well that is her choice. it is empowerment. as a feminist woman. that is not empowerment. it is sad! >> this is an evolution of the cliche. the cliche used to be that you are working in strip clubs to put yourself through law school. she is working in strip clubs to put her lawyer into the
5:55 pm
white house. >> tucker: [laughs] >> i said it when the whole thing started that the tragedy of this, he is basically a category five hurricane porn lawyer, and she is a house on the beach that will be left busted, broken up into pieces, and with nothing to show for this. >> tucker: that is so true, in the end, the only ones that thrive are the lawyers. the parasites. and that is actually a metaphor for what is happening in the country, more broadly. shakespeare was right. mark, thank you for that. >> no further questions, your honor. that's how we wrap it up with him. >> tucker: unbelievable. >> you need a stenographer to read back the question. >> tucker: is there anything that i did not ask that i should have asked? i'm not sure he will come back, but that we should ask? >> i was fascinated by his idea that 100,000 troops on the
5:56 pm
canadian border from russia is something that you need to prosecute according the law. brilliant. we should have tried that with pearl harbor. filed suit in tokyo district court. it would've all been over a lot quicker. >> tucker: so good. mark steyn, always a pleasure to have you here. thank you. >> thank you a lot, tucker. >> tucker: by the way, stormy daniels' book comes out on october 2nd. i know that because in one of those weird coincidences that happens, my book comes out the very same day. stormy daniels has written a tell-all, time told democrats, probably advised by her lawyer to do that. i've written a book wiped powerful forces are promoting people like stormy daniels and creepy porn lawyer in the first place. a story of how the political class manufacturer side closed mack shows like this to hide the fact that they don't know what they are doing but are getting h doing it. two the same day, if you want to send a message, this might be the time. you can preorder to make that
5:57 pm
message crystal clear. ♪ we have a fox news alert. the outer edge of hurricane florence made contact with the coast of north carolina, bringing with a powerful winds, huge amounts of rain, and a storm surge that could be deadly. steve harrigan is in north carolina right in the path of the hurricane, what is it like? >> tucker, it has gotten worse every hour. right now we are seeing sustained tropical storm force winds, and a couple of hours we will probably see hurricane force winds of over 100 miles an hour. the rain is coming down in sheets. it is actually blowing right into me, it has been like that for the last several hours, that is a real concern is that after the wind passes through we could see 30 or 40 inches of rain in some places. it was described as potential total inundation and parts of north carolina, so that is the real fear. most of the people are off of the island. we lost our electric power a
5:58 pm
short time ago. it is complete darkness all the way down. the people were well warned, and they took the warning seriously. most of them have boarded up the houses on the beach and left. so they are there for the large part gone, but for those that stayed and know the risk, there is going to be some brave first responders that are prepared. a swift vote rescue teams, and the national guard has been called up several thousand members, and also the army is ready to save people as well with high water vehicles as well as helicopters, so this could be dicey and dangerous next 48 hours on the coast of north carolina. tucker, back to you. >> tucker: steve harrigan always on the scene no matter what, no matter where. in morehead city, north carolina, what is it looking like? >> well, the storm hit here a couple of hours before it hit steve, it has been a little bit stronger here. that is the real concern, as these conditions have been going
5:59 pm
on for hours, typically a hurricane, the bad stuff only lasts a lot of -- a couple of hours, 12-24 hours where we are, 80 miles an hour, some dust stronger than that. the power has been out for six hours, complete darkness, and you can see the tide has begun to come in, getting the storm surge. it is much harder to stand than it ever has been here. the storm surge in the next couple of hours with these docs clearing up, where i am standing will be flooded. and turning those docs into barges of destruction here throughout this town. then of course, that is the issue of inland flooding, we will be talking about hundreds of thousands if not millions of people without power and weeks of destruction. >> tucker: be careful, you do not want to go over that edge at all. good luck. thank you. stay with fox news for continuing coverage of hurricane
6:00 pm
florence all night long and as long as it lasts. we will see you tomorrow night on the show for the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. we mean that with the deepest sincerity, good night from washington, sean hannity live from new york city right now. >> sean: by the way, are you and avenatti going out to dinner? >> tucker: i don't know who that is. oh, yeah, creepy porn lawyer. >> sean: out two drinks come out to dinner, great show. thank you for being with us. welcome to "hannity," north carolina, south carolina, virginia, bracing for major impact, hurricane florence a few miles off the coast, wreaking havoc on some of america's beaul coastline communities. we will have life hurricane coverage on the ground as this massive slow-moving storm makes its way towards land. and meanwhile democrats and their friends on the left, they are about to let the national disaster be publicized. never let anything go to waste,


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