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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 20, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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money for it. jillian: if you would buy those sneakers tell me why. todd: thank you for letting me hang out. pete hegseth will be here tomorrow. i'm going to my sister-in-law's wedding. jillian: we will. happy wedding. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> dr. ford's attorney says rush ago hearing is contrary to the committee discovering the truth. >> i'm not worrying about anything other than encouraging her to come. >> these white men, old by the way, they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. >> this argument that she is being bullied and into this rush of a hearing is absurd. >> the war on cops intensifying overnight. two deputies rush to the hospital following a chase and shootout in los angeles. in maryland, two officers are shot serving a search warrant. >> former secretary of state john kerry has met four times with iranian leadership. >> secretary kerry can't seem to get off the stage. it's okay to talk with him. but you have to be working for america and they're not.
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>> the president was on the ground today in north and south carolina praising first responders and encouraging those who suffered losses from a storm now being called epic ♪ this is the part when break free ♪ this is ♪ the part where. brian: fresh off thursday night at the clubs. this is the last song steve and i heard when we left the dance floor to come to work. steve: we weren't actually dancing, we were just on the dance floor. when i think of september 20th. brian: what do you think of? steve: come on september 20th? brian: tip of my tongue. steve: national peperoni pizza day. peperoni pizza in half an hour. brian: take the skin off. steve: look at ainsley
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earhart. ainsley: it's weird when you see your birthday on the screen. when you get older you don't see the number. steve: and see the year you are born. ainsley: you know when you fill out forms online and scroll down to the year, it's getting longer and longer and longer. it used to be closer to the top. brian: was a point you have to write your year and now you have to write 19. that's what's bad about changing centuries. steve: why do we do that? ainsley: that's sweet. y'all made that for me. that's sweet. thank you. steve: it's throw back thursday. happy birthday, ainsley. we are glad you were born. ainsley: thanks so much. brian: first off noticing a lot more talk of ainsley's birthday than ours. ainsley: not true. steve: obviously important day for you got a hair cut. brian: no. i got a hair cut three weeks ago. ainsley: he brushed it. brian: i'm washing it about evidence single day.
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ainsley: it k. we gte to the news. chuck grassley sent this letter is he criticizing dianne feinstein for how she handled all of this slapping back at the democrats. steve: essentially what they are doing right now that hearing that will be chaired by that man, the senior senator from iowa is still on for 10:00 on monday morning. and they would like to hear from brett kavanaugh and christine ford. here's the problem. christine ford's side we're not going to show up unless there is another fbi investigation. there she is right there. and we wants more witnesses called. the senate judiciary said on the republican side though that's not going to happen, burr we need to hear from you by 10:00 friday morning, that's going to be the deadline, that's when we have to have your resume -- your biography, essentially, and also we have to have your prepared remarks so we can prepare for the hearing on monday. the republicans are saying it's still on. ainsley: those are the committee rules. they have to follow those rules. they have to send in that information tomorrow, 10:00
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a.m. in order for her to be geraldo on monday. brian: big question is what happened 36 years ago. chuck grassley weighed in and said listen, i have given a bunch of different options. here is what he is hoping to have an answer to this morning. >> well, where i'm focused right now is doing everything that we can to make dr. ford comfortable with coming before a committee, either in an open session or a closed session, or a public or a private interviews. that's four different ways she can choose to come. and so i'm not worried about anything other than just focusing for the next few days on encouraging her to come. steve: right. the republicans feel like they are bending over backwards. remember, it was she who came out in pages of "the washington post" and accused him, brett kavanaugh, of this misconduct years ago
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and said we just heard the story. let's bring her in so she can tell it. if she is going to level she's accusations. dr. ford's attorney said the committee's stated plan to move forward with a hearing that only has two witnesses, he or her is not a good faith investigation. there are multiple witnesses whose names have appeared publicly and should be included in any proceeding. the rush to a hearing is unnecessary and contrary to the committee discovering the truth. there was only one name mark judge. she said he was there and bounced on the bed and knocked them apart there was another name as well. a fellow by the name of patrick smith who came out yesterday with a statement and said i have no memory of anything even close to what she is describing. brian: her friend, catherine poraski was evidently a college roommate of christine ford and she, a couple of months ago called her up, one-time roommate
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and said did i ever talk about being sexually assaulted in high school? she said she had no memory of that i thought that was odd. calling up an old roommate in college and say did i ever bring this up. steve: dr. ford did. brian: dr. ford did to catherine pieroski i'm sorry if that name isn't pronounced correctly. another friend from high school posted did happen and believed her and then she deleted it. ainsley: loot of republicans are upset with democrats why aren't they calling out. why aren't they outraged with the keith ellison stuff? they say it's hypocrisy and double standard. you which chuck grassley who wrote in his letter that she, talking about dianne feinstein she chose to sit on this until politically opportune moment. he wanttammy bruce said this. >> this argument she something bullied and into
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this rush of a hearing is absurd. i would posit that, in fact, she has been mislead. that dr. ford, in fact, perhaps not in charge of any of this at all. i think she was likely promised something that she wouldn't have to testify. i think dianne feinstein thought the accusation alone would knock this nomination off its seat. do you know what they're doing, they are infactsizing her and revictimizing her saying she is emotionally not prepared. she being bull idea. strong woman, now being revictimized by this entire framework of rhetoric and we should allable upset by that and certainly offended at the least. brian brian the question is, if it does come to a vote, we, in fact, pass? a lot of people say listen i don't need a democratic vote. the republicans have the majority. would you get four main republicans who have shown some doubts since this story emerged and that is jeff flake, bob corker, as well as susan collins and senator murkowski all are saying essentially, i think the allegation has been made by
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ford i think her story deserves to be heard and committee's process been made available tore h senator collins, too. i think it's not fair judge kavanaugh for her not come forward and testify. both of them need to testify under oath. all four seem to be looking, including jeff flake, to say if she doesn't show up on monday, let's have a vote. bob corker. i have think he will vote for her. -- for him. steve: something h a moment ago puzzling. christine sat down july 20th with local story and congresswoman said in california i believe her story and suggested that she write a letter to dianne feinstein. and then the congresswoman's staff hand delivered it to dianne feinstein. and she sat on it for the longest time. chuck grassley is simply asking for unredacted copy of that particular letter. he has got one that was redacted when they gave it to the fbi. the democrats will not allow the republicans at this
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point to see the unredacted copy. ainsley: it's not fair to the both sides. not fair to the two people involved. not fair to the democrats or republican stos sit on that and wait just a few days before the confirmation vote. brian: here is joy behar, she is on "the view." she has interesting take on this. i always find them fascinating. let's watch together. >> this is what i grew up with. that men are supposed to protect you. >> did i, too. >> from these predatory males. and and they are not doing that on the contrary. these people in congress right now, on that senate judiciary committee, these white men, old by the way, are not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. if you are not, judge kavanaugh, take the lie detector test. prove it the way she did and the way anita hill did that they were not lying. let's see that from you. or are you a coward? steve: one other thing regarding dr. christine ford, that is because she is no longer at her house
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because according to her attorney she has received death threats and had to relocate apparently and hire security for her family, go fund me page has been set up and i think so far it has raised north of 130,000. brian: i geraldo 200,000. steve: wouldn't be surprising. ainsley: lie detector tests don't hold um in court because they might prove false eye ---that she is saying one thing. whatever. doesn't hold up in court. that's not even an issue. but, as far as these white older men, what more can they do? they are asking her to sit down with them and asking her to sit down with them in private. asking her to choose the time u. steve: send somebody to california. ainsley: we want to hear from her. we want to hear what she has to say. you can't just say is he guilty. there has to be a trial. they have to go through the process. brian: here is something odd. why doesn't it matter if they are older and white? is that a factor? is that in her teleprompter
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or something? why is that a factor? steve: another thing to consider if dr. ford doesn't show up on monday if they don't hear by her by 10:00 in the morning? will brett kavanaugh even sit in the chair? what would the point be? i'm sure they are trying to do the calculus on that politically, because it's all through the prism of politics. keep in mind, you look at what is happening. and there are a number of republicans who feel that the democrats are just trying to suggest let's have an fbi investigation to run up the clock past the midterm election. brian: counter intuitive for an accuser to say come out and be investigated here's my story call the fbi. why don't you believe mee why are you calling the fbi? instead saying call the fbi. i don't understand that logic. 11 minutes after the hour the loveridge call thing for me to do if you guys agree is toss to jillian. jillian: thank you.
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fox news alert. two deputies rush to the hospital following a chase and shootout in los angeles. suspects opening fire as the deputies responded to a call about a man flashing a gun near a park. both deputies in stable condition. one suspect was killed. two others are in custody. and in maryland, two officers are shot serving a drug-related search warrant. both expected to survive. the suspect is behind bars. a manhunt for a killer is intensifying after a jogger is stabbed to death in what police are calling a random attack. wendy martinez ambushed near her home in washington, d.c. she somehow stumbled into a restaurant to try to get help. strangers rushed to her side, but it was too late. martinez just got engaged last week. chilling surveillance video, take a look, now shows police are say something a suspect calmly walking with a knife had his hand just moments after that attack. elizabeth smart delivering this powerful message after
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her kidnapper is set free five years early. >> i just think the best thing that all of us can do, that i will continue to be, that i hope everyone else continues to be is village lengths but also to not live in fear. move forward with their lives. that's certainly what i plan to do. jillian: wanda barzee just released from prison after her sentence was miscalculated. she is on the utah sonksd registry and be on federal supervised release for five years. smart was just 9 years old had when she was kidnapped. now i need to know did you get a hair cut,. brian: brian no. i repeated on shampoo and got extra body. jillian: your hair looks different. steve: sitting next to him for 20 years looks different today. ainsley: a little shorter. the show down over brett kavanaugh now being exarld to the allegations against
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because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy. ♪ ainsley: judge kavanaugh's accuser, christine ford facing a friday deadline whether or not she is going to testify about her
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accusations. possible show down being compared to lawyer anita hill's accusations in 1991 against then nominee clarence thomas. here with more is jennifer mascot. she clerked for both judge kavanaugh and justice clarence thomas. thank you so much for being with us. >> good morning. thank you for having mere. ainsley: good morning. tell us about both of these individuals and their character. >> so i clerked for judge kavanaugh and justice thomas and have respect for both jury lists they have both been leaders on their respective courts. justice thomas a leader on the supreme court and originalist approach to ininterpretting the constitution. judge kavanaugh i have known him for 12 years and he has been a leader on the d.c. circuit. authorizing more than 300 opinions many of them in the area of separation of powers. looking at the constitution. and so, you know, have tremendous respect for both individuals. both of whom have been great mentors. ainsley: should judge kavanaugh be confirmed? >> yes. i do think judge kavanaugh should be confirmed u of course, what's happened this
3:19 am
week, there have been serious allegations and everybody needs to have a chance to be heard. judge kavanaugh's categorically denied the allegations. they are flatly inconsistent of what i know of him. my understanding he has sat for transcribed interview under penalty of perjury and clearly shared his side of the story. you know, from what i know of him over the past 1 years, his character and integrity, his qualifications, he would be an excellent supreme court justice. ainsley: justice thomas was confirmed 52-48. for the democrats or for those who say that dr. ford is right, that judge kavanaugh is guilty, is this guilt by accusation? >> well, look, it's very important, obviously, for both sides to be heard. and my understanding is the senate is trying to give an opportunity to dr. ford to be heard. offered several different settings to make sure it's comfortable for her to share her side of the story. so judge kavanaugh is willing to come and share his side of the story. and hopefully both people will be heard and judge
3:20 am
kavanaugh will be given the chance to clear his name and directly head on fronts allegations. ainsley: jennifer, what's your prediction? how will this end? >> my prediction is i think judge kavanaugh's transparent. he has credibility. and, you know, when he is sharing his side of the story, the senators will hear that. and that i do think that he will be confirmed and be an exlengths justice. it's up to the senate. but i think he will get a fair hearing, and if the senators are going to do best to listen to both sides and treat everybody with respect and dignity. ainsley: jennifer mascot, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: giving free pass on passports. democrats are promise appearing new wave in november. next guest just flipped a seat democrats held for 150 years. how did he do that? we will ask him coming up next. ♪ ♪
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app. zimmer identifies herself as intersection. advocates hope this leads to a third option gender x on passports. nothing the same in this world anymore. steve: meanwhile in other news, a surprise upset down in the state of texas. retired republican game warned pete flores sweeping special election winning 53-47 against democrat pete gallego. hillary clinton won by 12 points in 2016. first time a republican has held this congressional seat in 139 years. here with more on how he defied the odds is texas state senator-elect pete flores. pete, good morning to you. >> good morning from san san antonio, texas. steve: i love san antonio. i love your riverwalk and your food and people. how did you do it? >> we had old fashioned
3:26 am
grassroots campaign and getting out with the folks in all of these 17 counties. face time makes miracles and that's what folks need to see is see you in person and hear what they have to say and what's on their mind. steve: i understand that your campaign made 100,000 calls. you knocked on 20,000 doors. when you would go up to somebody in your district and ask you them what's on their mind, what would they say, pete? >> well, the first thing on their mind is for here is property taxes. besides the point that they are thanking you very much for showing up and not taking them for granted. and that relationship is strong when you face them. property taxes here was the number one issue in texas. >> that's big in the state i live n new jersey as well. but, let me ask you this, why is it you won? because this district, hillary clinton won by 12
3:27 am
points, a republican has not had that seat in over 100 years. and so many people, pete, are talking about how there could be a blue wave starting to ebb and flow in texas. >> well, i believe this election was a benchmark to demonstrate that the voters pretty much give you the answer and the answer to that is there is not going to be a blue wave. folks are tired of the status quo. we are a very conservative population in southwest texas. strong believers in god and family and country. and so they made their voice known that the conservative values represented are what they wanted in the senate district 19. steve: the u.s. senate seat down there currently is being challenged by bait toe o'rourke. the seat is held by ted cruz. i think i saw a poll in the last week or so that mr. o'rourke was actually ahead, i think by two points. which would be within the
3:28 am
margin of error. do you see the possibility of a blue wave come november? >> no, sir, i don't. i think we are -- i don't know who they are polling, but they are not talking to the ordinary folks out in the communities and hearing something totally the opposite. you know, the silent majority, you know, it is -- we will say -- will give a resounding victory to ted cruz in november. steve: all right. let's see what happens. what are you going to do about property taxes? >> first of all make it fair and equitable and do some meeting with tax reform working with leadership in the texas senate where we can -- it's not that we are opposed to paying our fair share but it needs to be fair and equitable and we're going to make sure that we pass reform to make it just that. steve: all right. >> fair. steve: i love that fair and balanced. once he was a game warned anwardenand now is he heading t.
3:29 am
steve: 6:28 in new york city. a driver crashes car in a canal. form a human chain to save his life. oh my goodness. would you jump in that water? dramatic moments caught on camera coming up. liberal hollywood teams up to support brett kavanaugh's accuser, wait until you hear who is behind a brand new video, but, first, happy birthday not only to ainsley, but to our friend philip phillips. the american idol star has 28 candles on his cake today. ♪ you're so magnetic ♪ and right where i want to be ♪ right where you want to be ♪ everybody, sing it out now ♪
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what's in your wallet? ♪ >> dear professor ford. >> dear professor ford. >> we want to thank you for publicly sharing your story of sexual violence. >> as member of the senate determine whether the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> brett kavanaugh. >> brett kavanaugh. >> should serve as a supreme court justice. >> supreme court justice. >> this context is critical >> the behavior you described was wrong. >> wrong. >> wrong. >> and runs directly counter to upholding the law. >> and promoting justice. >> he should not be confirmed. >> he should not be confirmed. >> he should not be confirmed. steve: there you have a video produced by move remember move after the bill clinton impeachment was formed to essentially
3:34 am
their goal was to censure bill clinton and then move on. now they have got a number of celebrities who show support for dr. christine ford regarding the kavanaugh assault that she says took place over three decades ago. brian: my sense is they don't know who this dr. ford is. they never met her. they have known this 36 years ago. so their gut feeling says that you should not believe brett kavanaugh and should believe them. and i'm just wondering does the same thing work for keith ellison? because he has a girlfriend and there is video and there is records and she says she has been harassed by the democratic party and pressured to keep her mouth shut. she was assaulted. and do you know what? her son knows about it. ainsley: that's what a lot of people are upset about because there is so much hypocrisy. there is a double standard here, brian. why aren't celebrities speaking out? why aren't democrats speaking out against keith ellison so we can get to the bottom of that? why aren't they making videos in favor of his
3:35 am
exgirlfriend? steve: i think what everybody is saying why hope kavanaugh and ford show up on monday morning. ainsley: correct, we wants to hear from her. steve: if she decides she doesn't want to do it in a public forum. i hope she decides to do it privately. grassley's staff has offered to send people to california, investigators to ask the questions. so the more we know, the more we will know. brian: i don't think that if there was a tactic to this release being that it was july 30th, i think must be some type of plan here. they ever expected, the republican goes we want to hear your side of the story. ever expected the president say her side is important. let's hear it they expected a knee-jerk reaction i'm going to defend this person with a pristine record and no track record of that and was 36 years ago. instead, grassley and company go yeah, we would like to hear from you. if not, we are not going to wait forever. ainsley: let us know what you think. it's weigh in on that. we will be talking about it throughout the show. communities in carolinas are
3:36 am
starting to pick up the pieces from the wrath of hurricane florence. brian: it could take years to rebuild and recover. steve: griff jenkins joins us live from fayetteville, north carolina. to help with president trump's plan. they have a lot of flooding and roads are closed. griff: that's right, guys it will be days or weeks before fayetteville gets back on her feet. that's the main bridge behind me closed. cape river flooded a yesterday. we spoke to the mayor. he had a message for president trump. take a listen. >> i would like to thank him for expediting the emergency declaration and secondly, i would ask that he would allow free flow of resources to get from the federal government down to the state. i would ask him to make sure shah any barriers were removed, if possible.
3:37 am
griff: drone footage shows the damage. one of the 37 deaths here in fayetteville. the president on his tour certainly speaking to the families who have lost so much. take a listen. >> to the families who have lost loved ones, america grieves with you and our hearts break for you and to all those impacted by this terrible storm, our entire american family is with you and ready to help and you will recover. griff: here in faithville got about 15 inches of rain, about 30 miles south. more than 3 feet. 36 plus inches. that's why i-95 is it still closed towards lumberton it is exactly as you guys say. it's going to be likely weeks, if not more before they really get on their feet here inland. guys? steve: lat least. griff down in north carolina. thank you very much. ainsley: i'm sure the people were happy to see the president. brian: the president has his
3:38 am
own style. instead of going in there and be griever in chief. hhe tries to lift people um and talk optimistically about coming bang. steve: a guy said i named my dog after you donnie t. they were standing in fronts of his house where a boat had washed ashore. it was right in front of his house and the president said well, at least you got a new boat out of the deal. brian: is that your boat? now you got it. steve: using a little humor. ainsley: saw people going up and hugging him. brian: that child said can i hug you? sure no, problem. ainsley: will you take a picture with me? that's great. 22 minutes now. jillian has news about ourselves. jillian: that's right, satisfies john pompeo tearing in to kerry for. he criticizes the era official for meeting with officials. >> john kerry can't seem to
3:39 am
get off the stage and you have to. one thing to meet with your counterpart. it's another thing to do with secretary kerry, wendy sherman, frankly the whole gang has done, which is to actively seek to undermine what president trump is trying to achieve. it's okay to talk with him. but you have to be working for america. working for american foreign policy. and they are not. jillian: kerry one of several obama era officials upset after pulling out of the iran nuclear agreement. >> vote early, vote often. [laughter] , whatever you can get away with. jillian: those comments coming at a meet and greet with democratic candidates in illinois last week. bailey adding he probably should not have said that but he didn't care. the state republican party calls the comments, quote, despicable and want the attorney general's office to investigate. strangers trowc rush to save a
3:40 am
driver caught in a canal. the dramatic rescue is caught on ram ar on camera. [shouting] >> can you see people forming a human chain to pull the man out of the suv. police think he had a seizure before crashing into the poll an pole and plunging io the water. a college mascot totally misfires trying to shirt a t-shirt cannon. >> whoa. jillian: the university of colorado wants chip the buffalo shooting himself in the groin. ouch. he was taken off the field in a medical cart. don't worry though. he later tweeted i'm good, guys. still though. probably got hurt. brian: if you are a mascot working this weekend wear a cup. ainsley: oh my gosh. brian: know which way you are shooting. steve: big head on hard to
3:41 am
see. brian: if you are on the field, you are an athlete. you should dress like that. ainsley: all of you mascots out there watching, take brian's advice. janice: maybe you should always wear a cup. brian: exactly, especially in our business. ainsley: do the weather, please. janice: temperatures across the you were midwest. 60 in minneapolis. 65 beautiful degrees here in new york city. the good news is the rain has moved offshore from florence and they will get several days of dry, warm weather across north carolina. we are looking at the chance for some strong to severe storms across the you were midwest and the great lakes. we did have a report of a tornadoes across nebraska yesterday. and there you can see the threat throughout the afternoon and the evening for the you were midwest, we have enhanced risk area where we could see the large hair, damaging winds and certainly tornadoes. keep that in mind if there is a watch or warning in your area. there is your forecast today. very warm across the south as well as the central u.s. and it's a really nice 72
3:42 am
beautiful degrees here in new york city for ainsley's birthday which should be a national holiday. ainsley: thank you. brian: we should all be off today. ainsley: yes, we should. i'm not comfortable with all this attention but thank you. steve: once a year. today's the day. brian: all right. ainsley, can i read the tease? ainsley: you can, brian. brian: thank you. president obama says you should thank him for the booming economy. what do students think about that? >> you have been out for longer enough now that it's not on him anymore. it's more on donald trump. >> i would side with trump on that one. brian: wow, cabot phillips joins us with more on that video on college campus in a moment. ainsley: plus the senate setting a deadline for brett kavanaugh's curfew about allegations. judge napolitano says this creates a new dilemma. on capitol hill. he is here to explain it coming up next. his town. by 2030, half of america may take after stonington,
3:43 am
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3:46 am
steve: senate republicans refusing to delay brett kavanaugh's hearing on monday morning. giving his accuser until 10:00 tomorrow morning to decide whether she will testify. what happens next? ainsley: judge andrew napolitano is going to join us now. do you think she will decide okay i'm going to speak on monday and get all my information in by tomorrow? >> if she does that the senate rules require that they know by 10:00 on friday that, you know, 48 hours ahead of time and nature grasslesenatorgrassley is enfort rule. here is the dilemma. there is a basic rule of thumb. this makes sense whether you a lawyer or judge or school yard. you don't deny something until you have been accused of it. until can you get your hands around the accusation. right now we are dealing with an accusation which is hearsay dr. ford spoke to a reporter for "the washington post." "the washington post" printed what, in her view, is an accurate version of what dr. ford told her.
3:47 am
should judge kavanaugh be responding to an allegation recounted in a newspaper or should he be responding to the person who actually says he attempted to harm her? and in the real world, it would only happen with the latter. in the real world, if she didn't show up, if she didn't articulate her allegations against him, there would be no obligation on his part to respond. now, he is dying to say i don't know what she is accusing me of. i wasn't there it didn't happen. but it is dangerous to deny before -- particularly under oath before the allegation is made. so i have a suggestion, if i may for senator grassley and company. subpoena her. she decided to go to the press. maybe reluctantly. she voluntarily spoke to "the washington post." brian: provide the therapist notes. >> correct. if they subpoena dr. ford, if they subpoena the therapist notes. if they subpoena dr. ford's
3:48 am
husband who, according to dr. ford was there when this incident was recounted, then they can interrogate them. steve: could her team still say all right. we will respond and show up to the subpoena but first you have to do an fbi investigation? >> you know, when this happened in 1991, the senate judiciary committee did send the fbi to interrogate anita hill. and when senator specter cross-examined anita hill, what did he use as the basis of his cross-examination? the fbi reports. the testimony she gave to the committee differed from what she gave to the fbi. so, using the fbi as a neutral gatherer of facts is not necessarily going to hurt judge kavanaugh's case. it might actually help it. ainsley: why was the letter that she sent to that made it to dianne feinstein's desk why was that letter given to grassley redacted? all of it is public now. what was in that letter was
3:49 am
redacted? >> i think her name was redacted. senator feinstein says she got the letter but was told don't do anything with it a rational explanation for not doing anything with it my view is senator feinstein had an obligation to share that letter with the white house and with senator grassley. we wouldn't be in this mess if this had been addressed at the beginning of the hearings rather than after they were over. brian: lastly anita hill was years. this was three plus decades. you can't tell high school graduating class. look at the yearbook and try to see what they look like. judge: we are not asking the fbi to go through the yearbook. we are asking the fbi to interrogate her and then to share those notes with the democrats and the republicans. brian: how do you verify the story? >> she would have to corroborate her story. and, look, if she testifies and he testifies, what are the rules? does she have to prove her case? does he have to disprove her case? there are no rules. it's going to be what is the impression at 5:00 monday afternoon. which one is more likely telling the truth.
3:50 am
steve: exit question would what we know so far about this case, would that stand up in court? >> absolutely not. it's too afemoral. it's too indefinite. it's too i don't remember, i don't remember, i don't remember. most judges wouldn't even let a jury hear it. brian: all right. let's clear the courtroom. [laughter] steve: see if chuck grassley takes you up on your subpoena idea. that's something. ainsley: president obama says you should thank him for the booming economy. what do college students think about that? >> it's more on donald trump. >> donald trump on that one. >> i feel like once a president is done, they hand it off. your digestive system has billions of bacteria but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic.
3:51 am
and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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3:53 am
brian: former president
3:54 am
obama raising eyebrows when he suggested that today's booming economy is the result of his administration. not president trump's. so what do traditionally liberal colleges like michigan state university think? >> what are your thoughts on that comment? >> um, he has been out for long enough now that it's not on him anymore. it's more on donald trump. >> i would side with trump on that one. >> i feel like once a president is done they hand it off. >> i feel like all presidents do. this they will take credit for something that's happening down the line. brian: back in session, surprising answers. cabot phillips joins us now. you interviewed those msu students. cabot, are you surprised? >> i'm not surprised to a certain extent. i think a lot of young people are looking at what's coming them from class and looking at what's coming at them from the media how president trump end of the world armageddon and millions of people will die. they realize that rhetoric is not patch matching up with result. this economy right now under president trump's leadership has more opportunity. if you are a young person
3:55 am
getting out into the work force, this is the best possible time for you in our nation's history arguably. i think a lot of people are realizing, wait a second. everyone keeps telling me things are going to go horrible under president trump. they are actually going pretty well. i think that young people are starting to a certain extent being able to separate results from rhetoric. brian: interesting. coming off the summer where traditionally talking tour i don't parents and get a sense of how money is at home. you also ask them about trump, how he is doing. let's listen. >> i think when you are in the role as president of the united states, you are supposed to bring people together, not polarize them. >> the way he goes about conducting his business i don't agree with. but, overall, i think he is going to do some good things. >> i think he should stay off twitter. >> i'm glad he is trying to bring stuff and make it better long term. brian: interesting, correct? >> one of the things i hear from campus reform leadership it's a mentioned bag people saying i have misgivings about the style of president trump.
3:56 am
uncertainty about the way he tweets, things like that. common theme we are hearing from michigan state that day look, i actually feel pretty good about how the economy is doing regardless of maybe my feelings about him personally. and i wonder how much that will play into the midterm elections. a lot of the voters the most important issue for them is the economy and how many people may say well, i don't like president trump personally but when it comes down to the economy i think a lot of voters aren't going to want to mix up the way things are going and they are going to be willing to continue to have republican policies in president trump leading the economy. i that i will play in the mid terms as well. brian: okay some level they are worried about going to war. it would affect their generation and what's going on. so far the president is not looking to take anybody on directly. isis is gone. north carolina is being -- nortg addressed and syria also in the stand still. cabot phillips, interesting results. >> thanks so much. brian: some hope on college campuses, perhaps. run down of the show according to the one i'm going to read to you senator
3:57 am
marco ruby i can't. picking on john kerry. dana loesch will be here and michelle malkin. they all have strong opinions and nice smiles ♪ let me show you how ♪ big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪ go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪ go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together
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4:00 am
>> i'm not worried about anything other than encouraging her to come. >> the fact they are saying this is you vs. kavanaugh on monday i find that not only styling but outrageous. >> in the real world if she didn't show up there would be no obligation to respond. >> korean leaders ending summit today in a final show of unity. kim jong un considered sacred. >> ramping up criticism of president trump. >> it's dangerous. something is going to happen to this guy. if we don't get rid of him, he will undermine america and even the world. >> the president is on the ground today in north carolina and south carolina. encouraging those losses now being considered epic.
4:01 am
steve: it's national peperoni pizza day. fantastic. oh, yeah. it's also ainsley earhardt's birthday. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: happy birthday, ainsly. we are glad you were born. ainsley: thanks so much ♪ brian: are we done celebrating ainsley's birthday? ainsley: never. we celebrate [buzzer] ainsley: we celebrate until midnight tonight. i think we should celebrate all week, maybe a month. brian: let's do that. ainsley: always a reason to have a party. steve: glad we were saying you were born have you been saying that to us on our birthday. ainsley: i have. my boss put a bouquet of flowers glad you were born, love lauren. so glad you were born. i think when i was a child, my baby brother, i always thought he was like my baby. and so on his birthday we would shower him with gifts. we would wake him up with
4:02 am
all these gifts around him on the bed. made a big deal about it because i remember telling him the day you were born just touched my life in such monumental way. all the girls in our family, we love him so much. steve: do you still feel that way? ainsley: yeah. i do. i love him so much. he does a lot more my mom who is sick he loves in our hometown. is he a great guy. married an awesome girl and they have two little babies twin boyds. brian: so he grew up? ainsley: there is hope, yes. he was a challenging child to raise. he was a boy. always was in trouble. my dad -- we survived. we survived those years. it was really hard. then he ended up getting a great job. he is great guy. is he a great husband. i love him. steve: celebrating her birthday. ainsley: i have a sister too who is amazing. she is a school teacher. gosh, she helps me raise my baby girl. steve: all right. great to have you here today on your birthday. meanwhile, talk about what's going on in washington.
4:03 am
senator chuck grassley and the republicans on the judiciary committee feel that they're bending over backwards to try to get dr. christine ford to show up for a monday hearing on her allegations that were posted in the "the washington post" regarding brett kavanaugh. so, right now they are forging ahead. the meeting is still on the books. they would like to have a 10:00 monday morning. however, they have given her a deadline of 10:00 tomorrow morning. they wanting to see her biography and her prepared remarks where she accuses mr. kavanaugh of misdeeds. ainsley: senator grassley slapped back at the democrats. he was furious. he was criticizing dianne feinstein in this letter saying she chose to sit on this information until a politically opportune moment. he said you have misunderstood the role of the fbi. to compile that information in a confidential manner, she has already come forward. you are misunderstanding what the fbi does. then he says he wants a redacted copy.
4:04 am
steve: unredacted. ainsley: unredacted copy ford sent to feinstein. my question is why isn't he seeing unredacted letter? we know the information now. we even know her name. steve: all the democrats have seen that letter. ainsley: republicans should see it too. steve: is there something else we don't know about? brian: people are saying she is 100ers right and she is 100 percent wrong. they don't know. and in fact the accuser doesn't know. they don't know the party. not even sure the summer. summer of '82, she thinks. but there is somebody who came out. this is what i expect to see happen. you know know the way our news cycle is going. this story broke on sunday afternoon when the "the washington post" published a story from her name background and incident how she said unfolded. i imagine the only thing that could change this story and a vote on monday if she doesn't show is if other people come forward and they start saying well, this is what happened, this is what i saw. he already has, does brett kavanaugh, another defender. not only somebody who was there at the time but doesn't want to go public. but he also has somebody else called patrick smith.
4:05 am
he came forward wednesday saying he was one of the two other people, dr. blazey identified of being elsewhere in the house at the time of the assault. he says i have no knowledge of the party in question. nor do i have any knowledge of the allegations or improper conduct. steve: what's interesting about that is the fact that he -- he said, you know, i'm the p.j., patrick j. smith referred to by dr. ford. but she hasn't referred to him in public; at least not in the "the washington post" article. so people are going where is that from? is that in the letter from dianne feinstein? we simply don't know. now, judge napolitano says here is one other dynamic about whether or not judge kavanaugh should show up on monday, and that is that if she is not there to make an allegation, what would he respond to? and then, the judge had this suggestion, which we had not heard before, for chuck grassley.
4:06 am
>> subpoena her. she decided to go to the press. if they subpoena dr. ford, if they subpoena the therapist notes, if they subpoena dr. ford's husband, who according to dr. ford was there when this incident was recounted, then they can interrogate her. steve: would what we know so far about this case would that stand up in court? >> absolutely not it's too infamily northerly, too indefinite it's too i don't remember, i don't remember, i don't remember. most judges wouldn't let a jury hear it. ainsley: wouldn't that be great if they i don't think he should should be confirmed if he is capable of that most women would agree with that if it's not true, this is what 65 women in his past have said is he upunderstanding guy, great man. they don't believe this happened. is he a father, is he a husband.
4:07 am
if someone is going to a could you see man of they need to come forward. already spoke to the "the washington post." already talked to the press about it then she should come forward and speak to these senators so we can get to the bottom of this. that's very dangerous to accuse someone of that and then not follow through with it. steve: it's unprovable. it's 35 years ago. it's how do you prove it? that's the hard part. brian: when it comes to the actual voting. if they had a vote tomorrow, would he have passed? last week, sure. but now flint firefighters union to wonder about four senators are in particular. flake, murkowski. you could have a floor vote by the end of the week be confirmed by october 1st. the democrats are beside them selves. senator gillibrand who i don't think has met her, has this to say about how republicans are acting. >> saying either testify on monday or not be heard i think is fairly outrageous.
4:08 am
what's really shocking to me is that there is a normal process for a supreme court justice nomination. and it starts with an fbi background checks on all allegations to understanding the background. even in anita hill they reopened the fbi background spent time to do it. the fact they are saying it has to be you vs. kavanaugh on monday as the only possibility to be heard, i find that not only stifle ling but outrageous. steve: here's the thing about the fbi background check and ainsley, you touched on it the initially they are all put together confidentially and passed onto the white house and the committee so they can take it under advisement. but the allegations have already been made public jeffrey tuben over on the other channel who is no fan, i don't think, of mr. kavanaugh he said if she, dr. ford, does not show he gets confirmed u here is
4:09 am
tammy bruce. listen to this. >> this argument that she is being bullied and in to this rush of a hearing is absurd. and i would posit that, in fact she has been mislead and dr. ford perhaps not in charge of any of this at all. think she was likely promised something that she wouldn't have to testify. i think dianne feinstein thought the accusation alone would knock this nomination off its seat. do you know what they're doing? they are infantizing her. they are revictimizing her by saying she is emotionally not prepared. she something bull idea. a strong woman is now being revictimized by this entire framework of rhetoric and we should all be upset by that and certainly offended of at the least. brian: senator grassley immediately responded they say two phone calls, voice mails, nine emails. steve: haven't heard back yet. brian: i don't know if there was a problem with legal
4:10 am
team. another lawyer comes out the next day and says oh yeah, she is not going to show up monday. too soon. i want an fbi investigation. it's her that's changing the rules u. steve: which is exactly what the democrats have been saying. they have been say would he go want an fbi investigation first and legal team said the same thing. i think we are all together on the same page. we would all love to hear her story and under oath where both sides are under oath giving her a chance to do that and she is not doing it. >> i just think fundamentally i was asking a lot of my friends do you even remember parties from high school? they blur. do you remember a party from high school. steve: i don't remember high school. ainsley: but if you were assaulted at a party you would remember that if you are the woman. you would remember that. or a man. no matter who is assaulted you would remember that. brian: and are there witnesses. ainsley: that's why it's odd you don't remember the date. if that would happen to me i would imagine you would remember at least the summer. brian: i agree it's hard to
4:11 am
argue. steve: that's why we would love to hear both sides of the story. let us know 7:11 in new york city. jillian joins us with something down in florida. jillian: following a situation that an airport on lock down. so here's the fox news alert. we will tell you what's happening. moments ago a florida airports reopened after a major security scare. police say a college student with a pilot's license jumped over a fence at the melbourne international airport in orlando and hopped on a jet that was undergoing maintenance. unclear why that student was there. the airport was put on lock down but, as i mentioned, that has been cleared. president trump can expect a private message on nukes next week from north korea's kim jong un. south korea's leader moon jae-in will pass the message on himself. ending summit overnight climbing a volcano considered sacred. highest mountain on the peninsula and spiritual birthplace of the korean nation. the trip follows the day of agreement. they consider a marriage step towards peace. president trump providing
4:12 am
hugs and reassurance in the wake of hurricane florence. cameras capturing sweet embrace with the little boy in hard hit new bern, north carolina. the president also touring the devastation and pledging support. >> we're getting all teed up for a lot of money to come down to the area. you are going to need it. and we have it. and we will be supplying it. and there will be nothing left undone. you will have everything you need. jillian: officials fear it could take years to recover from the catastrophic damage. >> football seasonal just started we already know who is taking the stage at the super bowl. maroon 5 reportedly tapped to perform at halftime in atlanta. not everyone though is pleased. one person tweeting quote picking maroon 5 to do the super bowl halftime show is like going to olive garden in italy. buzzfeed posting an article titled 60 people way better than maroon 5 for the super
4:13 am
bowl halftime show. however jacque on twitter y'all saying maroon 5 doing the super bowl boring but omg they got the hits. i had to emphasize omg. ainsley: also olive garden in italy. steve: do they have them there? ainsley: i don't know. steve: senate passing 850 billion-dollar spending bill. what's not included? any money for the president's wall. senator david perdue is here next to call out his colleagues. where is the money for the wall? ainsley: where is it? plus, this guy is taking the meaning of cruz control to a whole new level. look at that. steve: what is that? ♪
4:14 am
before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, lucy could only imagine enjoying a slice of pizza. now it's as easy as pie. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors, you get the one-on-one partnership to grow your business. the dell vostro 14 laptop. get up to 40% off on select pcs. call 877-buy-dell today. ( ♪ ) brian: senate republicans refusing to delay brett kavanaugh's hearing on monday giving his accuser until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to decide whether or not she will testify because they have got to prepare. joining me now to react to that and more g.o.p. georgia senator david perdue. senator, do you believe that senator grassley speaks for you when he says tell me by
4:18 am
friday if you are coming on monday or else we are voting? >> absolutely. they have had democrats have had this letter since july. chairman grassley has done a great job in this process. we have allowed -- provided over 500,000 pages of discovery. there have been six fbi investigations of this man. and it's time. we want -- if this information is there, we want that information before the committee and before the senate. if the information is not provided, after the time we have spent on this, it's time to move forward and get the votes in next week. brian: do you think it would be advantageous to kavanaugh if he gets the bench to have a few days for the fbi to look on this background just to clear the air. >> they have already done it six times. what we want and i think judge kavanaugh would want this, too a clean airing of this new information. he says he is innocent. and we have to get this information out. if the person who has this information doesn't provide it, then i think it's time we face the reality that we need to move on. we have already spent 50% more time confirming judge kavanaugh than the last six
4:19 am
judges. it's time to get this to a decision. brian: well, we have a continuing resolution, you have got to fund the government. and you are. you are spending a lot of money to do it. you didn't vote for this c.r. why? >> it's ridiculous, brian. i mean, for two reasons. one, it's totally irresponsible to kick the can down the road past the fiscal year. people in the real world don't get to do it. only in the united states congress do they do that. this is the 184th time they have done that since the '74 budget act. second and most important reason it doesn't fund the president's priorities, brian. he was elected, very clearly, to grow the economy. rebalance our court system and to secure border security. and right now we have a historic, an historic level of democrat obstructionism. brian: what's wrong with giving them 5 billion to continue the construction. 1.8 got a lot done. why wouldn't mitch mcconnell make sure that's in. >> well, this was the issue. if we got 5 billion in there
4:20 am
for the president, he would take that look, the president is fed up with this and so am i, frankly. it's time to get the government on a process where we can fund these priorities and get this president's agenda. look, this president's agenda is working. the economy is growing at twice the rate as it did under obama. we have nominated and confirmed 68 federal judges, brian. 26 court of appeal judges. and the thing that's lacking is the fact that we can't secure the border because the democrats' historic level of obstructionism. brian: there is no wall funding in this ma mammoth budgt which is a thumb in the eye to the president. a lot of republicans have got to get on board, i imagine. senator david perdue did not vote for it one of seven who didn't and joins us this morning. thank you so much. >> thanks, guys. brian: new trouble from nancy pelosi this time it's from her own party and in writing. forget helicopter parenting don't just hover, how about
4:21 am
mow down any obstacles in your children's way. how to raise your kids right author is joining us next. let them hit a wall and work through problems. i'm out of stuff. ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet?
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to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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4:24 am
♪ steve: now it's time for news by the numbers. first number? 67 million. that's how many people living in the united states do not speak english at home. the center of immigration studies revealing california has the highest percentage of non-english speakers. 44%. next, 10 bucks. that's how much the obama presidential center in chicago will cost as part of a 99 year lease. rahm emanuel expected to sign the agreement today to approve the 350-million-dollar obama
4:25 am
project. finally, $530, that's how much these sneakers are going for. the company golden goose releasing the dirty shoes that look like they are being held together by tape. would you pay 530 for that? just asking. all right. ainsley? ainsley: no, i would not. thank you so much, steve. hollywood loves poking fun at young children, young adults over a lack of real world skills. including the millennials, gosh, everyone bashes millennials like look at this scene from a failed job interview. >> william davis and your clients will. [phone notification] >> hire lane davis. [phone notification] >> so sir sorry about that. [phone notification] >> my girlfriend and i are having a fight. do you mind if i -- ainsley: that's pretty funny. next guest interacts with adults on a regular basis.
4:26 am
he says they just need a road map to help guide them. that's why he wrote a book. great new book welcome to adulting. navigating faith, friendship, finances and the future. he is an author. he is also a very popular pastor out of dallas in texas, his name is jonathan or j.p.pokluda. >> thank you. happy birthday i got you a gift. ainsley: i love it i need these because i'm raising a child. your church is water mark church you have the most millennials in the world join you either on site or online in some capacity walching you on tuesday nights. so y'all have services saturday, sunday and tuesday. >> >> that's right. water mark has services saturday and sunday an the porch our young adult gathering gathers on tuesday at 7:00. one of the largest of its country of its kind. ainsley: have you such a heart for these kids trying to navigate. >> i do. ainsley: toughest years for trying to find way. we heard of helicopter
4:27 am
parents. now there are lawn mower parents. the definition is a parent who goes to great lengths to avert their child from adversity, failures or struggles. >> mowing down the obstacles. ainsley: why is it important? i imagine you are going to say it's important to let your child fail, right? >> i think, you know, so often we try to remove those obstacles but we know the world is hard. when you get out there, and you kind of graduate from college you are out there in the real world and it's just oh man, this is so difficult. so parents just continue to remove those obstacles and we are not ready i think young adults really wants to rise to the occasion. if we give them opportunities to fail hey, let me do my thing. like give me an opportunity to change the world. that's what's deep inside heir heart to do something bigger than themselves. ainsley: when i was going through a tough time and failing. that's when god changed my life. >> me, too. ainsley: i called out to him i said i can't do this anymore. >> same here. absolutely. that's my story as well. ainsley: what is your story? how did you get in ministry? >> so i was raised in the
4:28 am
church. then, when i went to college i didn't want anything to do with god because i thought he was this kind of police officer in the sky waiting for me to do something wrong. 16 years ago i was at a bar and i bumped into an old friend and they invited me to church. so i went to watermark. the church i work at now. sat in the back row. hung over and smelled like smoke from the night before. i began to russell that w. that i always said there was a god but never done anything based on that belief. who is he? i went and bought a book on world religion i looked at hindu, buddha, i explored them all and kept transcription over the faith of jesus christ. all the evidence supported his death and refresh your recollectioresurrection.who i h. what did i for fun changed. how i talked changed, my relationships came. god came in and changed my life. i'm so passionate about this age group. people in 20's and 30's. ainsley: how do you raise
4:29 am
children when you have video games, phones and spring break. kids are going to exirmt with stuff. >> absolutely. you continue to call them to something bigger than themselves and redefine what relationships are with social media we have some friends. thousands of friends on facebook and instagram. followers on twitter. what does it mean to have real relationships to go deep on a deeper level to have people who actually know you and will help hold you accountable in this life. ainsley: j.p., that's awesome. this is his new book it's called welcoming to adulting. >> yeah. ainsley: god bless you. you need to open a church in new york we need church on tuesday night. >> i have a friend who is coming here. ains we will talk. god bless you. move support brett kavanaugh's accuser. >> what you did was wrong, wrong. >> wrong. >> he sudden not be confirmed. >> he should not be confirmed. ainsley: you bet mitchell
4:30 am
malkin is coming up next. she is coming up next. football player scores two touchdowns. his courage isn't stopping in the end zone. that player and coach is going to join us life. ♪ ♪ benjamin franklin
4:31 am
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♪ >> this woman is to be believed. >> you can believe dr. ford. this was attempted rape, and this is a woman who exhibits dr. ford courage but the classic signs of post-traumatic stress. >> i believe her. listen. first of all, anybody who comes forward at this point to be prepared to testify in the united states senate against someone who is being nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the united states government, that takes an extraordinary
4:34 am
amount of courage. >> let me just say right at the outset, i believe dr. ford. i believe the survivor here. she has come forward courageously and bravely. steve: well she has come forward only to a newspaper reporter so far. although she did talk to her local congressman out in california. there are a number of prominent democrats who believe her. that's why some people want to hear from her on monday morning. the deadline tomorrow at 10:00 the senate judiciary committee has got to hear from her giving them the high sign she will be there. ainsley: let's bring in michelle malkin of cr-tv investigates. i'm sure you have a lot to say about this. what do you think about the double standard here. because you are not hearing them come out against keith ellison? >> that's great point, ainsley. there is a huge double standard in the selective belief by democrats of certain women who lodge allegations of sexual
4:35 am
assault or rape or sexual impropriety versus other women who do not fit their narrative and there have been many g.o.p. or conservative women who threatened the careers of lewd or lascivious democrat men who have never got then kind of support there is another very important point. i don't think it gets enoughics posh in these kinds of malestroms in the media. that is the fact that you have idiotic democrats who have turned off their brains for electoral and political gain in bashing men and the one clip that you didn't play that has really been on my mind all week is this senator hirono telling men to shut up in this debate. would she tell that to the innocent men and their families who have been falsely accused of these kinds of allegations who have had to fight for 10 or
4:36 am
15 or 20 years in some places to get out of jail because women lied? it is a commonality over time that people lie for all sorts of reasons. and to turn off your brain and say that there is no motive to lie when there are myriad motives to lie whether it's for personal or financial or political gain, for revenge or anger. brian: right. >> or vendetta, i mean, come on, people. this is insane. and to hijack the courtroom of public opinion, let alone courtrooms of law by overturning what the burden of proof should be here it is so dangerous. where are all the civil liberties advocates and people who believe in defending the rights of the accused, particularly of the falsely accused. i'm just -- i just don't know what's happened to this world, guys. brian: it just leaves logic. it this woman might be telling the truth.
4:37 am
we don't know. never talked to her. it was 36 years ago. she tells us she doesn't remember everything including the year, the place, the time, whose party it was. so how could you actually go out there and say i believe them? you don't even know them. and why the way senator blumenthal violated the senator from hawaii's declaration all men should shut up. i believe is he a man and spoke anyway. i believe he is going to get reprimanded. in case you want a tie breaker. let's look to hollywood. let's see how they feel. >> dear professor ford. >> dear professor ford. >> dear professor ford. >> we want to thank you for publicly sharing your story of sexual violence. >> as members of the senate determine whether supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. >> brett kavanaugh. >> brett kavanaugh. >> should serve as supreme court justice. >> supreme court justice. this context is critical. >> the behavior you described was wrong. >> wrong. >> wrong and runs directly counter to upholding the
4:38 am
law. >> and promoting justice. >> he should not be confirmed. >> he should not be confirmed. >> he should not be confirmed. brian: they felt that way before this came out but go ahead, michelle, your thoughts? >> yeah. that's right. and, remember, that even before brett kavanaugh's name had been announced that they were already opposing fill in the blank, stop fill in the blank. ainsley: that's right. >>ing that ad you just played that's a cult, okay? these hollywood liberal women belong to an unthinking cult. and i will tell you there is a huge cognitive dissidence because many of these hollywood women are the ones who champion some of the people who have been exonerated over the last 20 years. 2200 people, more than 2200 people, many of them falsely accused by lying women of things even far worse than rape, murder. and, yet, there they are telling us we have to believe, believe, believe, believe. i don't believe a gender.
4:39 am
i believe evidence. and that is what we have to subject this woman to. this kind of process. and the fact that she doesn't want to speak after we let her speak, let her speak. let her speak. now it's called bullying to ask her basic questions about her memory and recollection of something that i frankly believe never ever happened. if people do not rise up against these kind of false allegations, their sons, their fathers and grandfathers who will be next. it could happen to you. brian: by the way. with keith ellison you have a girlfriend -- exgirlfriend and a son with witnesses and medical records and he is the second most powerful person in the dnc. >> yes. brian, the basic point here is what is the evidence? what is the credibility? were there contemporaneous accounts? when are these hollywood women going to say dear juanita broderick, i apologize. we apologize. your allegations were
4:40 am
credible. these are not. steve: well, let's see what happens. she, dr. ford has the deadline of 10:00 tomorrow morning to tell them whether or not she will appear and, of course, we would all love to hear her story. michelle, thank you very much. >> tick tock. steve: you bet. ainsley: thanks, michelle. steve: 24 minutes before the top of the hour. time for news with jill january. jillian: that's right. do you remember when house minority leader nancy pelosi said this? >> let me just say this self-promotion is a terrible thing but somebody has got to do it. i'm a master legislator. jillian: some members of her own party don't agree. they want to make it harder for her to become speaker again. if democrats regahanna control in the house in november. according to the atlantic. at least 10 anti-pelosi lawmakers signed a petition requiring her to get more votes. this self-described tough broad, her word, not mine. won't hold back if she ever comes face-to-face with the man who carjacked her.
4:41 am
listen to this. >> i told the [bleep], the way he pushed me and everything, i said no. he didn't care. he was very strong. jillian: 88-year-old gloria keveligham said a man punched her before stealing her car and purse outside walmart in michigan. two people are under arrest. >> take a look. >> driving down the road. >> water. >> turns out that hybrid between a seado and honda scooter is legal. the 23-year-old driving it modified it himself. look at your headlines. having way to get around. steve: it travels on land but does it go in the water, too? jillian: great question, i don't know. steve: great way to find. ainsley: likes paw patrol. wheels go up and able to land in the water. kid in the car said there is no water.
4:42 am
steve: like in the olden days the aqua car. brian: or the duck boat. ainsley: true. same idea. steve: urgent manhunt underway right now after a jogger stabbed to death in random act in washington, d.c. we are live in the nation's capital with chilling details. ♪ as moms, we send our kids out into the world, full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10-25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose.
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a newly engaged jogger is murdered in a random attack. steve: the police in washington, d.c. now on the hunt for the suspect seen in chilling surveillance video right there. moments after the brutal attack on her. brian: todd piro has been all over this story. he has the breaking developments. todd? todd: absolutely heart breaking story. manhunt intensifying after a jogger stabbed to death in what police are calling a random attack.
4:46 am
wendy martinez ambushed near her washington, d.c. home. desperate to save her life, witnesses say she somehow stumbled into a restaurant covered in blood after she was stabbed multiple times. strangers rushed to her side but it was too late. her family saying she just got engaged to her boyfriend last week. local joggers now terrified of the neighborhood they once considered safe. >> this is the safe route, right? like this is the area we go where we are supposed to feel safer and i guess we're just not safe anywhere. it could have happened to any of us. can you see all of these people running over here now. it could happen to any of them. todd: police releasing this chilling surveillance video showing the suspect calmly walking with a knife in his hand moments after the attack. the murder weapon later found nearby. authorities offering a $25,000 reward to anyone who gives information that leads to an arrest. back to you. steve: awful story. ainsley: sad. steve: well, thank you very much, todd. ainsley: thank you, todd.
4:47 am
steve: at least they have got that video. there is not to really go on. you don't really see ad go image of the face. ainsley: surely someone recognizes that person. you would hope. so. steve: in the neighborhood, the clothing. ainsley: let's show out video again. if you recognize this individual, then, please call 911 so that that family has some closure. she just got engaged. she is planning her wedding. her parents are probably so excited. brian: only thing can you hope for all the surveillance on all these buildings and people's homes, you wonder if there is other video available. they quickly hit the neighborhood, hit the stores. and you wonder where these investigators could be finding some footage. steve: it's hard to see the face. ainsley: just walking. just killed someone. just stabbed someone. how do you do that? changing her parent's life forever. changing her life forever. i don't understand it. brian: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. play of the day. you have a blind football player scoring two touchdowns.
4:48 am
his courage is not stopping in the end zone. that player and that coach join us next ♪ whatever it takes ♪ because i love being true to my faith ♪ i do whatever it takes ♪ because i love our -- whatever it takes ♪
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♪ jillian: good morning to you and welcome back. time for quick headlines now. the marijuana industry wants to send the stoner stigma up in smoke. these billboards featuring nurses, cops, even grand mass popping up in california with the word stoner crossed out. 2-million-dollar campaign wants people to see marijuana users come from all walks of life. it's not just people using pot. how about that? a seafood restaurant in
4:52 am
manuel is getting their lobsters high before boiling them. charlotte's legendary lobster pound thinks blowing marijuana smoke on them is the main thing to do since it lessens their pain. steve? steve: haven't heard that before. thank you, jillian. meanwhile, look at this. a high school running back making a touchdown in the final minutes of the game. but, what is more amazing is that this high school freshman is blind. and he is not letting that stop him or his dreams of one day playing in the nfl. joining us right now is that student and football player at brophy college prep and his coach join us today from the beautiful city of phoenix, arizona. fellow, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: donnis, let's start with you, tell me about your big day where you scored two touchdowns. >> well, my coach put me in. i came through and did my job.
4:53 am
steve: you did do your job. and what is extraordinary about you, donnis, is the fact that you cannot see. you can't see the ball. you can't see the other players. how do you do it? >> trust your instincts. trust your players. you know, just trust the play. you know, to be blind you got to be able to just trust other things, you know, since you can't trust your eyes. steve: when you got the football, how did you know where to go? >> i mean, that play -- those plays where i scored are just specific plays that we run every day in practice. i mean i know where like the hole is. like where it's supposed to be. i know where the linemen is supposed to be and all that type of stuff. steve: scott, as his coach, obviously there are unique challenges in coaching adonis, but you have got to give it to him for him to
4:54 am
have this, being blind, unable to see what's going on and for him to come out every week and do so well, that's got to be inspiring for you. >> sure. you know, i think it's -- being blind, i don't know if that necessarily means that he can't see. i'm sure he has got the visual image in his head of what he is supposed to do and he has seen it numerous times in practice. so, i think he just sees it a little bit differently than what we see. steve: i read in one the local papers out there, scott, that before one of the games, maybe the first game, you didn't tell the officials about his condition. tell me that story. >> it was the last game, the one where he scored the two touchdowns. we didn't say anything in that game. steve: wasn't there a game earlier in the season where he had a 45-yard touchdown win? >> that was correct. we thought it would be prudent to let the officials know in case there was lining up or if they saw him getting into a spot that,
4:55 am
you know, he has got to find his way to get lined up correctly. so we just thought it would be a good idea to let them know so they would be ready for it in that game. steve: and so the other team knows, the referees knew as well. adonis, we're looking at this video. it's amazing. what do you want to do in football in the future? >> well, first, i need to go to college, you know, do good at that. i mean, hopefully get into the nfl, get some rings, get a lot of money and go in the hall of fame. steve: you know what? that is the dream of a lot of guys. and you are not letting this slow you down it's truly inspirational to talk to you adonis watt thank you very much and his great coach scott hiddleman. good luck. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you.
4:56 am
steve: that's great. a little before the hour. you heard president trump say that time and time again. >> build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. [chanting build that wall] steve: yep, well, this morning he is talking about building a new wall in the new place. where? we have that straight ahead. plus, senator marco rubio and dana loesch both here in our final hour that starts in about three minutes ♪ ♪ with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you never know how your skin will look. and it can feel like no matter what you do, you're itching all the time. but even though you see and feel your eczema on the surface of your skin, an overly sensitive immune system deep within your skin might actually be causing your eczema. so help heal your skin from within. with dupixent.
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4:59 am
>> i'm not worried about anything but encouraging her. >> suggestion for senator grassley, subpoena her. if they subpoena doctor ford they can interrogate her. >> he doesn't want to speak after we let her speak, let her
5:00 am
speak, now it is called bullying. ainsley: florida airport reopened after a security scare. police act college student with a pilots license jumped over a fence and hopped on a jet that was undergoing maintenance. mike pompeo terry into john kerry for undermining the trump administration. >> john kerry can't seem to get off the stage. it is okay to talk to him but you have to be working for america and they are not. >> national pepperoni pizza day and also ainsley are heart day. happy birthday, glad you were born. mike:the nation celebrates ainsley's birthday, they do not recognize your birthday is a holiday. ainsley: that is a shame.
5:01 am
the earlier comment about whether there were all of gardens in italy, i received many emails and apparently they do not. they have a number of international locations. >> olive garden those when they are beaten. if they can't get corporate support they cannot do it. >> you can ask for breadsticks without the butter and they are delicious, all-you-can-eat salads, so good. sydney and lindsay sent me a card, getting older is fun if you do it with the right people. choose people wisely, people. pete: or break up with them. ainsley: this is not addressed to her. ted is already living right. talking to people that are. pete: let's talk about this. looks as if 24 hours from now
5:02 am
the senate is going to have to hear from doctor christine ford's lawyers but will not be showing up on monday because that is the ultimatum from senator grassley who runs the committee. they would like to hear from them by 10:00 tomorrow morning. they want her biography and prepared remarks. if she will speak on monday which is the whole plan regarding allegations against brett cavanagh. ainsley: chuck grassley sent a letter to the democrats, he is furious with diane feinstein because he says she chose to sit on it until a politically opportune moment. asking for unredacted copy of doctor ford's letter. we can't understand why he doesn't get that because we know the facts, we know her name. brian: she doesn't remember in 1982, the summer, the party, listen to this. go to the wall street journal
5:03 am
today, doctor ford did reach out to a college roommate and post on facebook, sent an unusual facebook message that had a question, had she ever mentioned a sexual assault that occurred when she was in high school? she seems to be reaching out to college roommates, did i ever share this with you? the other high school friend that was at this party, patrick smith with a y came out and said i'm the guy you referred to and i will say this. i have no knowledge of the party in question nor do i have any knowledge of allegations of improper conduct leveled against brett kavanaugh. pete: she's looking for someone to corroborate her story because the washington post, she said she never told anybody at the time and it wasn't until 2012 she revealed in therapy the name and the story. nonetheless, republicans feel they are bending over backwards to make it easy for her to
5:04 am
appear in washington or give testimony in california. here is senator grassley. >> where i am focused right now is doing everything we can to make doctor ford comfortable with coming before committee either in open session or closed session or a public or private interview. that is four ways she can choose to come. i'm not worried about anything but focusing for the next few days on encouraging her to come. >> reporter: she was on the first for the gore such seat and had to be confirmed and with the district court seat, nothing. it was after he was nominated for the short list of this seat in july and named in august, that is when the started to come up. pete: they go way back in a
5:05 am
person's history to find something. the fbi could not find it but the lawyers would like to see another fbi investigation. ainsley: she said days ago about these proceedings, she will participate but now they won't do it on monday, here is what they said. the committee plan to move forward with the hearing that has only two witnesses, multiple witnesses who appeared publicly and should be included in any proceeding. the rush to a hearing is unnecessary and contrary to the committee discovering the truth. >> one other student as at the same time as she, and she deleted her to tweet, and after she said this particular incident was spoken about days
5:06 am
after school and after an uproar, people wanted to talk to her, i have no firsthand knowledge but i do support her. there were a lot of holes in the story because according to the accuser she never told anybody about it. according to the accuser it happened during summer and there was no school. what happened from the monday lawyer who said she will appear anytime anywhere to the tuesday announcement where she's not going to come so what happened in between but changed her mind? pete: looks like politics to a lot of people. ainsley: this would change how many people would vote. we want to hear from her but if she is not going to talk we don't know what to believe.
5:07 am
brian: there's one way to get her in washington on monday, listen. judge napolitano: subpoena her. she decided to go to the press. they subpoena doctor ford. if they subpoena the therapist notes and doctor ford's husband who was there when this incident was recounted then they can interrogate. pete: what do we know about this case? would that stand up in court? judge napolitano: absolutely not. it is too ephemeral, too indefinite, too i don't remember i don't remember i don't remember. most judges wouldn't manager here it. pete: feinstein got word from a lawmaker who said i have this person who wants to come forward against brett kavanaugh and on september 12th feinstein share the story with democrat and then says she sent information about
5:08 am
brett kavanaugh to the fbi. so brett kavanaugh had anonymous allegation and on the 16th, ford reveals herself to the washington post, and says i will speak to her lawyer, the next lawyer says we won't do that. >> would see her expression or if she is upset or emotional but it would be a problem if true. if it is not true that is a problem too because you can't claim someone did something and not follow through or come out publicly. this is a dad, a husband. he has a reputation. you have 65 people from high school pending the letter that said he was a great guy, amazing person and think about the guy that ended up very successful as brett kavanaugh has, who was a leader, a person of character and a really good person and if you heard this about them you
5:09 am
would be shocked. it is hard to imagine anyone who didn't care to get 65 people to write a letter saying he was a nice guy, man of character, his girlfriend said that. if this is true, if she is telling the truth i want to hear from her. >> we would also like to hear from brett kavanaugh but as the judge told us earlier he would have no obligation to respond to her claims if she doesn't appear on monday. >> you think he would not appear, no reason to bring brett kavanaugh out in front of the judiciary committee but if she does not. ainsley: the judge said no, he would be under no than saying no to claims he thinks she might make against him but he doesn't know what her claims are. brian: claims have not been made in public. looks like the timeline, looks as if they may have a hearing monday if she shows up, we will hear from both of them but
5:10 am
sounds like mitch mcconnell will start the wheels of the confirmation process monday, tuesday, looks like a vote. if that happens on friday, claire mccaskill who is a democrat, some thought maybe she would vote because she's in a tough reelection race, said she would not vote for him. it is about his politics and find these allegations troubling, susan collins said yesterday she really wants to hear from both of them. ainsley: she says it is not fair to either side the democrats had this information since july and decided to release a days before the confirmation vote. >> republicans could lose 51-49 and they have a vice president to break a tie but it would be the first time a judge was confirmed with 51 votes. stay tuned. we should know whether she is going to show tomorrow morning. jillian didn't show up on monday but she is here today.
5:11 am
you don't have to stay the whole show. >> happy birthday, so glad you were born. ainsley: something in the air. >> we are following a story in florida, fox news alert. fbi and terrace task force questioning a man who prompted a lockdown at a florida airport. police say he was born in trinidad, he jumped over a fence at the melbourne international airport in orlando and hopped on an american airlines jet undergoing maintenance. he was taken into custody. the airport was closed and is back open. a teenage girl says ms 13 forced her to laura man to his brutal death in a schoolyard. the 17th at carla at her first court hearing in texas, investigators say she got the victim to leave his house but
5:12 am
promising to give marijuana as a birthday present, gang members shot him several times and hacked him to death with a machete. if convicted, could face the death penalty. donald trump heading to midterm battleground nevada today, make america great again rally in las vegas before attending fundraising events for republican dean keller and danny shark any and tomorrow. senator heller is locked in a close fight for reelection against immigrant congresswoman jackie rosen. the president's visit comes one week after mike pence went to las vegas. one of his key promises. >> build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. ainsley: as donald trump continues his work getting the wall built in the us he is taking the idea international. the president suggesting to spain's foreign minister a wall should be built across the sahara to solve europe's migrant
5:13 am
crisis. talks came during the visit to the un in june. pete: speaking of international and the whole olive garden thing. got a tweet from sean coles who said olive garden does send staff to italy to train. in michigan, they spent a month in italy. >> the new york times sounding the alarm, the trump economy claiming the president is putting up on the brink of a new cold war. stuart varney says not so fast. >> social media, the outrage online after cooking for a venezuelan dictator nicholas madero. marco rubio is calling the chef
5:14 am
out. ♪ ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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>> this morning the new york times giving a prediction of the
5:18 am
trump economy, donald trump is confident the united states is winning its trade war with china but on both sides of the pacific a bleak recognition taking hold, the world's two largest economies are in the opening stages of a new economic cold war. pete: nobody told the stock market, stuart varney, host of varney and company, is it happening? >> yes it is happening. when you call it a war or a fight, doesn't matter what the nomenclature is, there is a dispute going on. first point to make is this. china's economy is suffering much more than america's economy, china slowing down, we are speeding up, their market is going down, our market is going up. so far in this dispute we are getting the upper hand. however, it is not going to be easy to solve this thing. it is not going to be easy to come together and get a clear and effective agreement because what they are discussing is
5:19 am
something that is not easily settled. they are stealing our technology. they are forcing the transfer of our technology to them. how do you come up with an agreement that fixes that? very difficult to do and very difficult to come up with an agreement where neither side loses face. that is very important in these. >> the president saying america first, don't care about your interests, i care about interest of the americans who put me in office. why hasn't that been vocalized in the past? why are we in this position? leland: in the past, trade agreements were made with all kinds of parties involved. we gave some, we got some. largely we gave a lot. we really gave a lot to china in previous negotiations. donald trump has changed that. he is standing firm, building the line and saying our interests first, yours second. brian: it will be a big mess.
5:20 am
leland: the guy has been dragged into the china america trade dispute. he is in the middle of this dispute. pete: somebody else in the middle is apple. they make all their gizmos over there. build a plant in kansas, michigan, new jersey. >> spent $20,000 for it. >> don't hold your breath on that happening, very sophisticated building process in china. to transfer all of that to america -- ainsley: would americans rather pay more for their iphones of companies might come here. >> we might find out. ainsley: it is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. moments ago police arresting a suspect in the stabbing death of that washington dc jogger, breaking details next. brian: john kerry trying to save the iran nuclear deal scuttled
5:21 am
by the president. he has met with iranian leaders. marco rubio once the department of justice to do something about it.
5:22 am
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5:25 am
same man police picked up last night, but we will learn more about that arrest in a news conference two hours from now. pete: secretary of state mike pompeo tearing into john kerry for meeting with iranian officials and undermining the trump administration. >> don't carry can't seem to get off the stage. stop it, but it go. you had your day. we think you fundamentally got it wrong with iran and we are trying to make it right for america. pete: our next guest to send a letter to the doj asking them to investigate whether john kerry violated federal law. joining us to senator marco rubio, foreign relations committee. i think it is inappropriate especially with an anti-trump agenda he made clear in every appearance he makes, what makes you think he might be breaching the law? >> the words in the law. the logan act, i took quick notes again to make sure i read
5:26 am
it appropriately. basically what it said is if there is a us citizen that without the authority of the us government is talking to a foreign government, influencing a measure of the us government. we know for a fact john kerry talked to the foreign minister three or four times, we have seen reporting, and we have seen reporting to foreign heads of state, to wait trump out when it comes to the iran deal. when you apply things that have been reported in the media the we should always believe and apply those facts according to the media to what we know the law is that merits an investigation because this is someone operated without the authority of the government, not a member of congress, not a senator and has not been deputized by the trump
5:27 am
administration to conduct these talks and try to undermine us policy. ainsley: you have to prove intent, that he was trying to influence them. >> i don't think he would deny it. it seems he has been bragging about it. he thinks he's doing a heroic thing but he's violating the law. ultimately this needs to be looked at because not only should there be consequences but the president this sets is disturbing. you cannot moving forward have in the future mike pompeo for example undermining a democrat president's foreign-policy. these are the things you need to be dealt with, not just what happened but the precedent it sets. brian: he said this last, henry kissinger met with every war leader the last two or three decades. what is your answer to that? >> it is not illegal to meet with heads of state from other countries. what is illegal is a concerted effort to use that to undermine
5:28 am
the foreign-policy of the united states. if he is meeting with the leaders and working with them and others to figure out how to undermine us foreign policy or encouraging them to wait out the united states and so forth then he is violating the logan act. meeting is one thing, carrying out with the intent of undermining us foreign policy according to the logan act is violation of the law. pete: less famous american accused of filing the logan act, mike logan. what happened to him? let's talk about this. it sounds as if charles grassley has given doctor christine ford's lawyers until tomorrow to let them know if she's going to show up to testify against brett kavanaugh on monday. it sounded like when she was writing in the washington post last week and she wanted to tell a story. why do you think she is barking, to tell that story.
5:29 am
>> that is an uncomfortable position to be in. i understand that. here's my point. this information emerged later than it should have, should have been disclosed earlier and dealt with in a different way. this information was brought before us, it deserves serious attention and respect and we should hear from brett kavanaugh who denied it. i encourage and want the committee under senator grassley to provide the opportunity in the forum she was comfortable with to share this information and she has been given that opportunity is my understanding publicly or privately but ultimately if that doesn't happen she shouldn't be criticized for not doing it and can't force her and shouldn't try to but the senate has to move forward based on the information we have before us. ultimately it is a difficult choice for someone like her to make but got to move forward one way or the other. the important thing from the
5:30 am
senate perspective is she be provided a professional and respectful, incredible platform if she chooses to do so and that was offered. ultimately the decision is hers to make it to be respected either way. >> if we don't hear from her monday or from him in turn, given what you know about him, which way would you vote on the confirmation? >> we can only make votes depending on the information before us that is credible and that and be proven or at least, if only we have seen these allegations that have been out there in the press but no testimony about it has been presented, no further information made available, we heard his denial and that is what we will hear on monday and based on that information and not just that but everything else we know about brett kavanaugh we have to make a decision and i continue to be supportive of his nomination. if there is credible information that emerges that undermines that, obviously the forum if there is such information out
5:31 am
there, for that information to be made available. you can't force someone to provide that and ultimately we have to move forward based on what we know and that is years of experience on the bench, 12 years on the circuit court already and move forward from there. >> the vote could take place next week. ainsley: thank you for joining us. >> straightahead, joy behar at it again lashing out at senate republicans over brett kavanaugh's accuser. >> white men, old by the way, are not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. ainsley: dana loesch might feel differently, i am not sure. can we clear this up?
5:32 am
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
>> this is what i grew up with, but who are supposed to protect you from these predatory males and they are not doing that. people in congress right now on the senate judiciary committee, white men, old, by the way, are not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. if you are not, take a lie detector test, prove it the way she did and the way anita hill did that they were not lying, let's see that from you. a coward. pete: let's bring in dana loesch. what did you make of those comments about probably guilty brett kavanaugh? >> happy birthday to ainsley.
5:36 am
i am not sure how to take joy behar. look at it in this way. it wasn't old white men that for six weeks sat on the accusation from this particular individual, doctor ford. it wasn't old white men who kept quiet and did nothing to verify the claims or investigator reach out and comfort the accuser. it was those old white men joy behar is a sailing on the view who moved swiftly within a day, within 24 hours to immediately reach out, offer to privately come to this individual, to hear her claim that her accusations. it was those, quote, old white men who decided to seek a pathway to justice of justice is to be had. it wasn't diane feinstein who did a disservice to this individual and separating the claims from the way was handled way was handled was atrocious and if democrats were doing everything they could to cast
5:37 am
aspersions on to this doctrine these claims and undermine them by handling them a certain way this is the way they chose. to further the point, we can talk about the old white men in the democrat party ignoring the claims amid monahan, the accuser of keith ellison for a party that claims to protect women, here's a woman who came forward with medical records and reputable claims and corroboration to back it up and i heard nothing about protecting women from this party, where it concerns the accuser, keith ellison. pete: she says she is attacked by the democratic party and her twitter account that has the medical records she posted keeps getting deleted so no one brings it up. we don't know what happened 36 utica, they don't know what happened 36 years ago. how can you possibly sit here and say anybody is innocent or guilty? just because you are bidding on a gender? >> that is the big point.
5:38 am
there is not any evidence to support these accusations. i'm not saying you don't look at the accusations but the bigger picture is if you want the fbi to investigate that is not in the fbi's jurisdiction. they know this. why not file a police report in the county in which this took place in maryland. i don't know if the statute of limitations will come into effect, maryland doesn't have where sexual assault is concerned, look like a verifiable path to go down, maybe file a police report but to bed demand the fbi act outside its jurisdiction and using that as a way to claim nothing is being done, i go back to why feinstein and democrats sat on this. feinstein hasn't even shared this letter with the senate judiciary majority in the committee. that is an important point to raise as well. >> she redacted it but what did she reject? we know the lady's name and what she is claiming, make it seem like there's something in the
5:39 am
letter they don't want republicans to see. >> this is they rush job. that is a common talking point senator jill a brand has made and others but this is not been a rush job. it is not a rush job to sit on it for 6 weeks and not investigate, not to reach out and demand that everybody move. this isn't a rush job. you don't sit on 6 weeks while calling it a rush job. pete: thanks so much. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. here is jillian. jillian: so much news, a government spending bill does not cover funding for the border wall. donald trump tweeting, quote, i want to know where is the money for border security and the wall in this ridiculous spending billions where will it come from after the midterms? democrats are obstructing law enforcement and border security. republicans must finally get tough.
5:40 am
earlier republican senator david purdue said he is concerned about his colleagues caving to democrats. >> time to get the government on a process to fund these priorities and get this president's agenda, this president's agenda is working and what is lacking is the fact we can't secure the border because the democrats historic level of obstructionism. jillian: a union leader sparking outrage after seemingly encouraging voters to commit fraud. listen to this. >> vote early, vote often, whatever you can get away with. jillian: those comments at a meet and greet with democratic candidates in illinois. kathy bailey adding he should not have said that but he didn't care. the republican party called the comments despicable, they want the attorney general's office to investigate. a community is fighting back after activists demand a high school football field be free from religion.
5:41 am
a civil rights group, showing students and parents praying for the coach at 6 daughter harbor in michigan. it takes place on school property. the school took down the post to avoid a legal battle. the town is continuing to support by spreading the hashtag harbor strong. here's a look at your headlines. >> i cannot wait to ask janice dean, might be somebody special behind her. >> a lot of special people behind me, where are you from? >> north carolina. >> amazing, beautiful ladies from maine. are you ladies getting into trouble? >> we hope so. >> and anniversary, how long have you been married? >> 25 years. >> what is the secret? >> always give in. >> i love it. it is a little cooler on the northeast, 65 in new york city, 70 in cincinnati, warm across the southern plains and the good
5:42 am
news is we will see dry conditions across the carolinas but the rivers continue to rise. you know my friends came to do? wish somebody a happy birthday. are you ready? are you set? >> happy birthday, ainsley. >> tell them thanks, janice. pete: they are all special. i don't know any of them in particular. they are our viewers. we love each and every one. before they are all god's children. >> especially the ones related to us. related to somebody. >> 42 after the top of the hour. new op-ed claims government employees working with the media to wage war on donald trump and his supporters. our next guest says he can prove it because he became a casualty of the deep state.
5:43 am
is next. >> a major announcement next. ainsley: they said hello, now they are saying goodbye. ♪ well, with your finances that is. we had nothing to do with that tie. voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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whoooo. tripadvisor makes finding your perfect hotel... relaxing. just enter your destination and dates. tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the hotel you want for the lowest price. dates. deals. done! tripadvisor. pete: the trump administration and a new op-ed, our next guest claims high-level intel officials are colluding with the media to wage war against donald trump to overturn a result of the election. how to say no? it happened to him. here to tell us that is former national security campaign director for donald trump, former pentagon spokesman jd gordon. >> good to see you. pete: this happened to you,
5:47 am
leaks happens to you after you talk in secrecy to the special counsel's people. then what happened? >> last summer i talked to the special counsel, i had a 4 hour interview that was supposed to be private. it was professional and collegial but the next day an investigative reporter for the washington post calls me up and says i hear the special counsel is interested in a topic that came up at the end of my interview. i called the fbi. i was furious, is this how it is going to work? will there be a leak against a person who did nothing wrong? i want of consequences if that would happen. the fbi agent says it wasn't us personally, we can guarantee that and we will talk to our supervisors but it was very shaky. how could a country operate like that? that is what they do in banana republics, steve. pete: your sure it is not somebody on your side, somebody you knew who might have said
5:48 am
washington post, look what is going on. what you are suggesting is the mueller team which we heard is applicable, leaked to make you look bad. >> it certainly seems that way. it didn't come from me because i didn't want to tell us all because if i knew it would go to the media. what the media did like the new york times and washington post, they have dishonest reporting to make you look guilty even if you have done nothing wrong. it is called character assassination. it is what they do in banana republics to get rid of political opposition, they kill your character. they used to kill people physically. in 1692 in salem, massachusetts they executed 20 people for being witches. thank god we are not in those times i would have been executed last year. pete: who do they want to see the end of? >> donald trump and as many associates as possible, the end game is impeachment of the president, that is what they want and they are trying to do it via this -- it is incredible to think you have the top
5:49 am
leaders of the fbi and the doj and cia who leaked and colluded with the media. talk about collusion, that is the collusion, i hope viewers take a look at my column in the daily caller because i detail it in good detail. pete: how did that leak impact your life? >> my life is been turned upside down. the last couple years i had different legal bills, death threats, had to file four complaints with the fbi about stockers and people engaged in horrific online harassment. i lost a chance to go to the administration even though i was director of national security on the campaign because no one will nominate you for something if they think you're going to be indicted and that is the way the media made it sound, but i would be indebted. watch cnn or msnbc they are talking about trump and treason and so over-the-top and dishonest night after night so it ruined my life over the past couple years.
5:50 am
>> further details in the daily caller, thank you very much for telling your story. 10 minutes before the top of the hour, let's check in with sandra smith. she has a preview of what happens on the channel in 11 minutes. >> the deadline is set for 10:00 tomorrow for brett cavanagh's accuser to respond. chairman grassley making it clear he wants this wrapped up by monday or move on. the latest on that. donald trump heading to las vegas for some campaigning. and the us stock market on pace for another record-breaking day. how high will it go? alan dershowitz is our headliner. join us this lovely morning in america's newsroom. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real.
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>> brian has been dispatched to the airport on assignment for fox nation. in the meantime, let's talk about this. what is the important part about today? ainsley: it is national pizza day. pete: it is ainsley's birthday. ainsley: thank you. i love you all. >> i am a chocolate girl. no way, no way, the best cake i ever had. a restaurant in long island. what town is? if you are ever in that area you
5:55 am
got to go. the best chocolate cake, he can only get it there and for a recipe. the flowers are beautiful. >> is there another surprise? if you listen on the phone a special newsmaker, hello. >> hey, dad, you are the reason i'm here. i'm very grateful. >> happy birthday. can't believe you are 50 years older. >> how does that make you? >> i am 39. >> thanks, dad. there is a picture of my dad. >> we are very proud, love you dearly. >> love you too, you taught me everything i know. >> did you have a ritual, favorite cake on your birthday or favorite meal?
5:56 am
>> yes, dad knows what it is, mom got us ice cream and chocolate chip cake. all the kids love that cake and it would go quickly. see that picture? i had a potbelly. that is the first time they saw me pregnant, i had a button-down shirt, didn't want anyone to know i was pregnant. and i will be celebrating with hayden. the second day of school today. >> thank you for calling in. >> tell mom hey, we love you. >> have a great day. pete: ainsley ehrhardt, we are glad you were born.
5:57 am
ainsley: god bless you all, thank you. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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>> thank you for the great birthday cake. >> heavenly. >> and his wife. she is so amazing. a great chef. >> we love you, ainsley. >> bill: welcome, the accuser now has 24 hours to decide whether she will speak to congress. i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> sandra: good morning, bill hemmer. everything is good. i'm sandra smith. so here is where everyone involved stands. making it clear that dr. fort can testify however she wants appeared in public, in everett, on capitol hill, or even throughout the whole state of california. >> bill: so far, democrats continue to push for a delay on this. >> where i am focused right now is doing everything that we can to me


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