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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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watching. we will be back tomorrow. 8:00 p.m. the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, all of which are everywhere and hurting our country. good night from washington. "hannity" live from las vegas where the president is about to speak. sean? >> sean: tucker, great show. amazing crowd we are here in las vegas. donald trump is minutes away, by the way, from vegas as we are here. anyway, glad he's taking the stage. a huge rally. after the speech and at some point during the show or later, we will bring the few interview with the president. only 47 days until the midterms. so much to cover tonight. news breaking all over the place. democrats, sadly putting politics above the rule of law. it is sad to watch. dangerous for the country. no due process, no presumption of innocence. according to the left wing in this country, judge kavanaugh is
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guilty by accusation. just moments, will show you how democrats are literally using a serious sexual assault allegation as a political tool, weapon, to bludgeon, delay, disrupt the kavanaugh confrontation. we'll uncover a double standard at the highest levels of democratic party appear they'll be called out tonight. their message to the american people? only allegations against republicans should be taken seriously. not against the fellow democrats. also tonight, we have big breaking news from john solomon and sara carter. this is huge tonight. according to newly unearthed documents, there were fears within the fbi that the obama administration, right up to the top, where weaponizing top-secret intelligence against donald trump. other words, the house of cards are falling. sara carter, john solomon will join us tonight from vegas. also any undercover report.
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project veritas catching employees within government accountability office bragging about breaking the rules, resistance, sabotage within the trump campaign. in all aspects of government. we also end on a good note. we have a report about a booming economy just 47 days away from election day. anyway, it's time for our big breaking news. las vegas in addition opening monologue all right. i have emphasized this over and over again. 36 years ago against professor christine ford. making allegations against judge kavanaugh. of course, they must be taken seriously. her story deserves to be told. republicans, president trump, they have been treating this situation with the pure seriousness it deserves. the judiciary committee chairman senator grassley of iowa, senate republicans, doing everything they can do to accommodate
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professor ford. they have reopened the hearings, invited the professor to appear before congress. they have offered a public hearing, they have offered a private hearing. they have reached up by phone, email, more for background. they even offered to fly the staff anywhere to the united states to meet forward for a private interview. so far? professor ford has not agreed to anything of theirs. according to an email obtained by "the washington post," she definitely will not appear before the committee on monday. but may be open to a later date. if the senate agrees to her terms. we are going to watch this unfold. judge kavanaugh, he's already testified, by the way, under threat of perjury. agreed to testify wherever, whenever, in front of you, the american people. in fact, he's agreed to testify this coming monday. democrats don't seem to care. they have thrown a principle we
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hold so dear, due process, the presumption of innocence, out the window. they've already convicted kavanaugh based on one allegation. according to them, mob rule, much many in the left are governed, kavanaugh is guilty by justin accusation. this is dangerous for every american. according to them, he has no right to be believed at all. not even a right to be heard according to senator gillibrand. no right of the perception of innocence. this is not the american way. watch this. >> the senate shouldn't rely on hearing two conflicting accounts and the side, well, we are okay with not knowing, we are okay with the fact we might be putting someone who committed attempted rape on the supreme court of the united states. >> i believe her. anybody who comes at this point
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again someone nominated to one of the most powerful positions in the united states government? that takes an extraordinary amount of courage. >> not only do women like dr. dr. ford need to be heard but they need to be believed. they need to be believed. >> i want to say the men in this country: shut up and step up. do the right thing. >> right at the outset, i believe dr. ford. i believe the survivor here. every reason to believe her. she has come forward courageously and bravely. >> i believe her. i stand with her. >> do you hope she shows up on monday? >> i don't think she should she they'll make me believe in this scenario it's a sham hearing. i do not think she should participate in it. >> tucker: then made a decision. they do not want to give judge kavanaugh an opportunity to take his side, taking cues from their
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allies in the democratic party. in what is a disgusting, despicable display. they have now picked up their pitchforks, their torches, they are convicting judge kavanaugh based on a accusation. no presumption of innocence from your left-wing destroyed truck media. take a look. >> seeing the stealth intimidation campaign. i think that's what's going on here is to send a message to professor ford that the world is aligning against you. >> i am blown away. before i saw this demo come on, what could be in this yearbook? nonsense? this is sick stuff. the devils triangle in your yearbook forever and ever? >> these people in congress right now, these white men -- old, by the way, are not protecting women. they are protecting a man who is probably guilty. >> i can give a scenario for both of you that if the republicans will not like.
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the accuser, dr. ford, appears on television and gives her full story to a reporter, anchor person, and it's deadly. it's deadly. they are stuck with this confirmation. i don't think they'll be very happy with that scenario. >> it's definitely attempted rape. i don't see it any other way. >> sean: not to be undone, they produced this ad full of celebrities. i love you, too. [cheers and applause] anyway. if we are in vegas. but they are so more happy to ignore the rule of law. they are rushing to judgment. they are politicizing this. they don't believe in due process. let's take a look. >> dear professor ford, we know how difficult it is to stand up to powerful people. >> we want to thank you for
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publicly sharing your story of sexual violence. >> supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh -- >> brett kavanaugh -- >> this context is critical. >> the behavior you described was wrong. >> wrongs don't make runs directly counter to upholding the law and justice. >> he should not be confirmed. >> he should not be confirmed. >> to have the chair on the national stage without your protection. >> you should be the decision-maker about how your story is shared. >> we applaud your courage in coming forward. >> we will be with you as you face the inevitable backlash. >> the inevitable backlash. >> the inevitable backlash. >> you are strong. you are not alone. you are a survivor. >> a survivor. >> a survivor.
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>> we have your back. >> you and your testimony are credible. >> you and your testimony are credible. >> you and your testimony are credible. >> we believe you. >> we believe you. >> we believe you. >> signed the, your sisters. >> signed, your sisters. >> sean: the big question: what would happen if a conservative group came out and said those words, except they believe judge kavanaugh? they say judge kavanaugh is credible. can you believe the out wage from the left? this is not a game. this is not about politics, should never be about politics. it should be about ascertaining the truth. these are real people, real families, real cans, real lives, real lives involved in all of this. professor ford has received death threats.
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we are very sorry to hear that. we too judge kavanaugh and his wife. the most despicable of death threats as well. this is unacceptable in america today. the courageous people down dowe keyboard warriors, the need to stop and need to stop now. it's perfectly clear the left is using what is a serious allegation from 36 years ago that has not been proving to use this as a political bludgeoningt politically. according to politico, to a wed democratic operator is advising professor ford. her attorney is inconsistent to this issue. she supported al franken. a the media somehow outed outed ford that only feinstein had. democrats want show set at the
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-- where she met her first allegations. why won't they allow the republicans to see this? this is some sort of political game and it's not. these are real lives in play. democrats? they never wanted him to be confirmed. we saw how they acted during the hearings, we see how they are acting now. this is why every american has a right to be skeptical tonight. we know the democratic party, we know their track record on claims of sexual misconduct. it is beyond suspect. take, for example, right now, not 36 years ago, congressman keith ellison, he's the deputy chair, number two guy, of the democratic party. in august, a month ago, his ex-girlfriend went public with claims that keith ellison, congressman ellison, physically abuse her on multiple occasions. including one instance where she claims he violently dragged her
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through the house screaming, bleep, get out of my house. at least a month ago, ellison goes on to win back the nomination to be the next minnesota attorney general. think about this. he she claims he physically and mentally abused her over and over again. guess what? prominent democrats lineup in support, they believe kavanaugh's supporter, hard-pressed finding any democrats standing behind ellison's ex-girlfriend. that proves its politics! i don't hear from kirsten gillibrand, haven't heard from camilla harris. haven't heard from adam shifty schift. ellison's ex-girlfriend, they wouldn't take her claims seriously despite even a doctors report indicating this abuse
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happened. instead she had to tweet out, the dnc smeared, threaten the, and isolated her. the dnc chairman tom perez, he said that he's still proud he made ellis in the chair. do not see the hypocrisy and double standard? they refuse to answer repeated calls for -- look at them, sherrod brown of ohio. let's take a look at the new political ad. details the abuse allegations against him. by his then wife! these are all court records. take a listen. >> senator sherrod brown is facing his own #metoo moment from his past. she said, brown assaulted her. a judge had to issue a restraining order. later, she said brown violated
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the court order. pushing, shoving, bullying her. brown claims as a family matter, but his ex-wife, like other victims, has a right to be believed. the senator had to resign when evidence emerged he mistreated women. why is senator brown different? >> sean: sorry. saying hi to people. where are the democrats? this is serious. lining up -- i just got this thrown to me, by the way. lining up with senator brown. where are they? without refuting any of those horrible claims, even his wife is supporting him politically. but that's up to her. the court papers remain. you've got senator cory booker, spartacus himself, gearing up for a president to run for the democratic party. 1992, wrote a column detailing how he groped a woman when he was a teenager with "the "top
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gun" slogan ringing in my head man, i grabbed toward her breasts once i reached my mark?" cory booker now calling on his vote to be delayed? the office called history a right-wing attack. those were his words. first up, how could you ever forget the most notorious predator inside the democratic party, bill clinton himself. here are what a few of clinton's accusers had to say about the former president. watch this. >> you describe the scene where he was biting on your left and when it was all over, he was leaving, said "you better put some ice on that." >> casually put on his sunglasses and walked out the door. >> is a terrible or deer and that women should be subjected to it. >> he assaulted you. he touched, grabbed, fondled, kissed you against your will. it's an allegation not made by
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one woman. >> next thing you know he pulled down -- sit down, pulled down his pants. his whole everything. he was exposed. i said, i'm not that kind of girl. i need to be getting back to my bed. >> sean: she worked for bill clinton at the time. he dropped his pants! exposed himself! said, kissed it! juanita broderick said rape, where is my investigation? all the senators feigning moral outrage, they said nothing in the case of bill clinton. in fact, he was beloved by most of his colleagues, many still in the senate despite what is a long, long, long track record of exposing himself and allegations of rape, groping, fondling,
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grabbing, attends their well , so many other democrats, they enthusiastically support everything clinton, they all thought the man they just heard described was perfectly fit to hold the highest office in the land. but not judge kavanaugh. one instance, one person, no evidence, nothing. from 36 years ago? they rush to judgment. no due process. in this particular case, an exhibition is definitive. they believe, but they haven't heard the other side. i believe we have the resumption of innocence. they are ready to lock up judge kavanaugh and throw away every other key factor in his life the last four decades. but when it comes to any democrat, the party is more than happy to sweep those allegations under the rug, not take them seriously. the mainstream media backs them up the rest of the way. they should be ashamed of what they are not. the democrats are not the party of woman that they claim.
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also the party of clinton, ellison, weinstein, weiner. we have big news. the hill's john solomon, sara carter, making a shocking discovery tonight. even more struck text and emails have been on earth. this time, they are casting a suspicious light on the obama administration. according to attacks on january january 23rd, strok texting page, they are concerned with over sharing. they do not want clapper -- potentially makes enemies. we are unclear what that stands for, but it may mean the classified raw intelligence. high-ranking peter strzok is concerned that the obama white house may potentially
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weaponize intelligence and use it against political enemies, the same clapper who spewed anti-trump federal at his cushy gig at a fake news. these text are before they released a report showing approach from interference, one more piece of evidence that those of the highest levels to prevent trump ever getting elected and destroy the president after the election. sadly tonight, we still have people working in our bloated federal bureaucracy actively working against the president bragging about it and are proud about it. we have the proof. james o'keefe, project notice , they have uncovered the deep state anti-trump operatives. day three of their release. they released a new video showing one employee at the government accountability office, the gao, was working on
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behalf of the democratic socialists of america and using their position, you are paying them to undermine the president and their agenda. important to note that the gao is a congressional watchdog group, at least supposedly that issue reports on the congressional spending. we haven't verified the uncovered video. but we'll let you watch, you'll decide. >> may be you get in trouble. maybe you get fired, but you slow them down. everything i'm doing with dsa >> sean: you see that guy you just saw? the gao has knelt earlier today released a statement.
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that employee you saw has been removed from any gao work. they are taking this seriously as they are in the department of justice and the state department. will update you, of course, as o'keefe uncovers more and more of these bureaucrats, the saboteurs within the administration abusing their power and trust, we pay them here we end on a good note. the economy in this country is booming for the third week of a rope or jobless claims covering to a 49 year low. when you go to the paul's, it's important to ask yourself this question: are you better off than you were two years ago? is the economy better off? we have record after record. record low unemployment. african-american, hispanic americans, asian american, youth unemployment is at a 59 year low. the atlanta fed is protecting 4.47 gdp growth for the next
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quarter. this country is thriving, it's getting better. in 47 days, you get to to the . the people here, they get to decide whether the good news continues. the wall is beginning to get billed. security has increased with iran and north korea. of course, getting out of the bad iranian deal and tougher sanctions ever will then ever we had with russia. [crowd chanting "hannity"] much more as we say hi from vegas! omar, check this out. uh, yeah, i was calling to see if you do laser hair removal. for men. notice that my hips are off the ground. [ engine revving ]
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>> sean: we are live in vegas tonight. by the way, president beginning to touchdown as he's coming to the rally as he comes to the convention center here in vegas. fox news has learned moments ago that kavanaugh's accuser, professor ford, through her attorney has now issued a new list of terms for any "congressional testimony." among the new terms, we report that she only wants members of the committee, no lawyers questioned her, kavanaugh can't be in the room, and kavanaugh must be question first. author of the number one "new york times" best seller "the russia hoax: the exclusive story to frame donald trump." number one best seller, "liars, leakers, liberals: the case against the antitrust conspiracy."
6:28 pm
judge jeanine pirro. you are both battling out week after week for number one on "the new york times." >> it couldn't happen to two better people! >> what a great crowd out here. >> fabulous! >> sean: they are great. >> i was crowd surfing. it's fun. >> sean: originally... [cheers and applause] this is a great crowd. originally they said we want an fbi investigation. fbi says -- because that's not what they do. >> sean: we are hearing all these other things. we do not want people to disagree with us. we've got a new set of terms. the lawyer, professor ford, she didn't believe paula jones. she stood up for the creep al franken. it's political. none of the people they are attacking -- here, judge kavanaugh, none of them have gone after keith ellison, number two of the dnc, congressman. doesn't that prove the
6:29 pm
hypocrisy? >> it not only proves the hypocrisy. but since when does truth and justice or guilt and innocence depend on your political party? i fear the nation that this is the standard. you believe any >> sean: judge, what would happen. you saw the -- we believe you, your story is incredible. we don't know what happened and neither do they. it's a serious allegation. rightly the president has taken it seriously. the they are trying to accommodate professor ford every way they can. i agree with that. but if there was an ad that said, you are credible, judge kavanaugh, we believe you, with the reaction be? >> they would hit the ceiling. a contradiction beyond anything i've ever seen. i worry for the country. i do not want these people who
6:30 pm
sit on juries. it's no longer about the facts, truth and justice. it's about politics. this is a sad state of affairs. >> sean: everything sadly gets politicized. a rush of judgment to ferguson, missouri. the cambridge police, trave on trayvon martin . thousands of people get shot in chicago. why are people willing to throw out due process, equal justice under the law, the resumption of innocence? >> because they are overzealous to the point that they've really lost their common sense. i will give you an example. the united states senator kristen gillibrand of new york stood in front of television cameras the other day and said of the accuser, i believe her, i believe what she said. >> sean: shouldn't even have to answer a question. >> forget the fact that gillibrand went to law school.
6:31 pm
she must've slept through resumption of innocence. here she is rep resenting the people and she is concluding, on camera, that the accuser is telling the truth when gillibrand has never met the accuser, never spoken to the accuser, has never heard from her lips the story that is alleged? >> sean: why won't they even release the letter they got in july? >> right. >> sean: they are not giving the unredacted version to the republicans in the committee. >> and even bigger problem, sean, you have a victim who went to high school with the alleged victim and set it absently did happen. she was put to the test, she felt empowered -- be when there no facts. didn't they say they said it came up for the first time in couples therapy in 2012? >> what was that about, what was the first time kavanaugh's name came up?
6:32 pm
what about the hypnosis? the confabulation? this is all stop contrary. >> if they cared about the issue, the attorney would support paula jones, the attorney would be speaking out against keith ellison, the attorney wouldn't defend al franken. this is the point. kirsten gillibrand, kamala harris, all these people, blumenthal from connecticut, they wouldn't be saying i believe her, but why wouldn't you say you believe keith ellison's girlfriend who says she was beaten and abused by the number two at the dnc? >> nobody knows the truth of what happened. >> sean: dianne feinstein said it. >> it's why it's important. we do it in public jury trials to hear from the lips of the accuser and if he wants, the accused. i'm baffled by the demand of the accuser saying, oh, i want him to testify first.
6:33 pm
that's backwards. in a court of law, it's always the accuser that first testifies to allow the defendant to be able to respond to her allegations. how can you respond to something -- >> sean: could the demands keep shifting and changing? >> no. senator grassley and the judiciary committee should try to retain control of these proceedings for their constitutional duty is to advise and consent. >> sean: if you care about women -- and i do. it's a serious allegation. wait for all sides to be heard, but you've got to look at the 40 intervening years. i go back to allison. that's august. not saying a word. >> it's not just time with ellison. there are photographs. there are injuries. there are witnesses. there are videos. we have facts. look, i prosecuted these crimes for 30 years.
6:34 pm
it's what i did for 30 years. you've got to be able to support an allegation. here's the problem here they are willing to destroy a man and his reputation for a woman they know nothing other than her allegation and her politics. >> sean: do you know what side? all i see is the rush to judgment. i believe her. i see this man who wants to serve his country. he has to hear that he's guilty. they are saying he's guilty. that is mob rule. >> this is a man who spent his life in support of truth and justice. and the nation. >> sean: that's not how this country works. >> absolutely. everybody should actually be presumed innocent until and accuser steps forward and actually speaks, we need to judge the credibility of dr. ford. >> sean: the 40 years, the woman who knew him at the time, the people in the bush
6:35 pm
administration, the female law clerks who served under him, people who work with them now, they all tell a different story. >> all of us have been mishandled and that can be laid at the feet of senator dianne feinstein. she knew about this six weeks ago and sat on it, did nothing about it, had ample opportunity to bring it up. her explanation makes no common sense. >> sean: vegas, do you know these guys? really good friends. number one best seller. thank you. great job. when we come back i'm a huge baking done late breaking news. john solomon, sara carter, new reports as we continue to live from vegas. president trump expected in the building any second.
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>> sean: we continued tonight from vegas. the president walking down the stairs of air force one.
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by the way, do you see the president? he will be here. this crowd is packed. having a great time. we have been reporting on the ongoing scandal unfolding at the fbi, intelligence community, at the very highest levels of the justice department, even. john solomon, sara carter both have stories tonight. john the positive story in the "the hill," secret conference bd the russian meddling. sara carter's piece out today, fbi memos raised deep questions about russia, trump intel assessment. joining us now, she's here in vegas. the hills john solomon invited but declined our invitation in. sara, let's start with you. let's talk about what this means. >> what we are seeing with the new developments with the text messages and emails, the
6:41 pm
intelligence community itself was divided. remember, every body for the last few years they were all on the same page about the fact that the russians meddling in the election to help president trump win. what we found the, these text messages and emails, that is not what they were saying at all. in fact, the fbi did not believe at that point they had evidence enough to say that. to publicly say that. the assessment did stick with that. >> lisa page's testimony months later, they did not have any evidence. this is where i will throw it to john. in your report, john, do you think they actually were afraid because the administration of barack obama wanted a narrative and they wanted to believe the worst so they could push it out and use intelligence as a weapon against donald trump? am i framing that right? >> that certainly the inference of the text messages.
6:42 pm
anybody who says there isn't public text in the intelligence community -- they are talking about political acts afee and back of the obama administration right as the russian report is being crafted and released to the public. they talk about politics, talk about not trusting the d and i, james clapper. these are things, it is functional intelligence committee it seems like. sarah hit on one already. peter strzok writes in an email that you can't say for sure singly that russia's intention was to help swing the election to trump. as a combination of factors and we cannot say any one of them is the motive. that's very different from what we've heard. there is a reference in one of the text messages that the secret information, classified information that the fbi had was different than the intelligence community fosters public narrative. those things have to be investigated further. those are two points amidst the
6:43 pm
politics. >> sean: you literally have a conflict within the intelligence community, but they know the administration wants to weaponize it as a tool really to bludgeon to trump and advance a false narrative, sarah. >> yes. not only did they want to do that, but we know on the fbi side that they have the dossier, right? the dossier was intentionally added to the assessment, right? the intelligence assessment. they use that dossier to propagate disinformation about the president. >> we get to the bare bones of this. not only did they exonerate hilary, but then it got worse. she pays funnels of money, fusion gps, foreign national, lies on a dossier. the lies are used and disseminated before the election to destroy trump and they weaponize it after. this is the insurance policy. tonight, it now gets right into the oval office. we are getting very close to what did obama want to?
6:44 pm
he wanted the phone a narrative. >> he wanted the phony narrativ narrative. the white house was going to eat this up. they will eat this assessment alive because, one, it didn't reflect on them. they could push it off to the fbi. the white house could use the dossier and the assessment as a weapon against president trump. >> sean: they were even afraid to give them the information because it wasn't verified, corroborated, because they knew it would be politicized. another intelligence politicized as a weapon against their opponents. >> that's really the inference. what troubles you the most when you read these things, they are talking about political acts, talking about politics. it's all political. worried about the intelligence being disseminated far enough so a lame duck intelligence community, the obama apparatus, might this misuse it. how reluctant they were to put
6:45 pm
more information into the apparatus at that very moment when power was changing hands. this has to be looked at more closely with congress. more people have to be answered. breaking news tonight about nellie ohr and james baker, getting a volunteer agreement that's falling apart. sounds like we are going to need subpoenas to get their stories. >> sean: click last word? >> they are going to need subpoenas are going to the to to classify those documents. the president is going to get some pushback, the american people are going to get the truth and they are going to get the documents appear that's the most important. >> sean: great work, both of you. you both deserve pulitzer prizes. we get a lab report from washington. the president expected in this building, ari fleischer and dan bongino weigh in on the accusations, the demands against
6:46 pm
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♪ >> sean: we are live in vegas. y'all having a good time? momentarily we expect the president is going to be right here in this building on this set. by the way, live from d.c. first with an update on the kavanaugh confirmation. kristin fisher has the latest details tonight. >> if they hearing happens, judge kavanaugh says he'll be there on monday to testify. in a letter tonight to the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, kavanaugh says, i continuing to want a hearing as soon as possible so i can clear my name. the question now, well his accuser shoe up? her lead attorney sent a letter
6:51 pm
to the committee this afternoon saying that she wishes to testify provided we can agree on terms that are fair and which ensure her safety. a hearing on monday, though, is not possible. right now, negotiations are ongoing and two sources confirm the thought that christine ford's legal theme insisting on two key things. first, no lawyers can do no questioning. only the committee. kavanaugh cannot be in the room. and kavanaugh should go first. missing is the demands for a full investigation first, and a hearing, which democrats have agreed with. >> we have to get to the bottom of this as americans before we put someone on the supreme court for life. but dell makes >> republicans offer that she can testify in whatever setting that makes her feel comfortable. they believe that should be enough. >> ultimately if that doesn't happen, number one, she shouldn't be criticized for not
6:52 pm
doing it. number two, we can't force her and we shouldn't. and they must move forward based on the information we have before us. >> regardless this hearing on monday actually happens, the white house remains very confident that kavanaugh will still be confirmed as the next supreme court justice. but it's getting ugly on both sides. >> sean: all right, kristin fisher in washington. thank you for that report. the president going to sit down with us in just about a minute or two, so we are told, we'll bring it live. author of the new book "spygate: the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump," former secret agent, nra tv contributor, dan bongino, former white house press secretary, a man that has been in a lot of fights and fires himself, ari fleischer, is with us. you know judge kavanaugh. you've heard him describe a very different man by people who knew him from high school, through
6:53 pm
the bush administration, through the time he has been a judge. it's got to be very troubling. you knew him personally, know him personally. what are your thoughts on all of this? >> i observed with brett in the white house and this is not brett kavanaugh. brett would never act like that. not his nature, not of personality. the whole thing comes as a shock. i think brett kavanaugh don't like is chomping at the bit, going before judiciary, say it wasn't him. i think he cannot wait for the country to watch him. >> sean: i think it's right to take it seriously. the president has shown the proper seriousness on it. the senate judiciary committee committee -- if anyone has not been serious here, dan bongino, it's been people like dianne feinstein. they had this in july. even tonight still, they have not shared the unredacted letter she got back in july. the fact they do not criticize keith ellison, the number two at
6:54 pm
the dnc, recent allegations not 36 years ago. >> you are right. they should be taken seriously and they have been. the democrats continue to move the goalpost here. two things jump out to me. why would you demand that brett kavanaugh will go first? brett kavanaugh defending himself and needs to counter these allegations. how do you counter these allegations if he doesn't know what the allegations are. prior demands for the fbi investigations -- i did backgrounds, they did not do criminal backgrounds. they do criminal history backgrounds. this is not a criminal investigation. setting up a bunch of obstacles. they know republicans cannot possibly meet. >> sean: unbelievable. look, if we are going to the lif demands -- been changing. at first the attorney who is very political, didn't believe paula jones, didn't -- also defended al franken. donated tens and thousands of
6:55 pm
dollars to democrats, that's fine, ari, which is fine, but she's not consistent on the issue. near is kirsten gillibrand, kamala harris, all the people who supported bill clinton all these years. juanita broderick profoundly tweeted out this week, where is my fbi investigation? >> this shows the undying hypocrisy of the democrats. what's motivating democrats in the senate is not justice and right or wrong, it's protection of senators in red states who are up for free elections were donald trump won those states. that's what's motivating the democrats, to push these back beyond the election cycle which is why diane feinstein sat on it, it's why it's an 11th hour demand, which is why they seek to delay the hearings with every step they can take. that's probably what's going on with these negotiations. we are not hearing from dr. forward. we are hearing from the lawyers who are democratic donors about what they see the ground rules must be. all designed to protect those democrats so they do not have to
6:56 pm
take the hard road before the election. >> sean: dianne feinstein said today, dan bongino, actually said today, we didn't leak the information. the only people who had the letter were democrats. so it wasn't a republican who lead to the information. they do it, may be, against the wishes against professor ford. what does that tell you about it? >> that's an interesting question, sean. the democrats have not been cryptic for this strategy. you've seen senator hirono come out and say we'll leave this empty for two years. if kavanaugh is appointed, every case considered in front of this kavanaugh supreme court would be considered a legitimate so this is a lose-lose and it's time for the republicans to stand up and say, listen, we've given you multiple opportunities, taken these charges very seriously, given the multiple avenues to testify, we want to hear your story. if you want to be heard and lay
6:57 pm
out a bunch of interminable conditions for us, it'll be difficult to hear what you have to say. no more delays for they've got to take this vote. >> sean: they are now saying they want, ari, that they have these conditions. kavanaugh has to go first. why would he not have the ability to respond to these accusations and should senator grassley -- by the way, they are very accommodating, which i thought was appropriate. private, public, will come to you if you are more comfortable why do they get to dictate? i would think the logical thing is she speaks and judge kavanaugh gets to respond. >> that's how it should be. it's called justice. that's how basic fairness works. in this case, professor ford should be entitled for that right to make the accusation. witnesses do not get to the term and the witnesses of the united states senate, senator is dead. there is a bipartisan process for these things pure that's
6:58 pm
where the accuser goes first, makes the case, and then in this case, the ability to listen not from the same room, i agree with professor ford's lawyers with that. he shouldn't be in the middle room. if he hasn't heard them, there is no fairness to the process but he needs to hear them first. i think chairman grassley indicated the senate is not going to go along with letting her go second. they are going to do if the standard way, accuser goes first. >> sean: you know, dan bongino, such as sears accusation. i also believe we should be hearing from people that have known judge kavanaugh since high school, college, law school, et cetera. >> i think that would be fair. in my experience, working criminal cases for most of my adult life, this is not the type of incident given the seriousness of the charges that just randomly presents itself out of nowhere, sean. there is typically a fact
6:59 pm
pattern in the past, pattern of behavior, a witness, corroborating, you do not see this with kavanaugh and he's entitled to defend himself. i think it's odd that they want ford to go first. it's very strange. >> sean: amazing music playing in the background. i expect the president -- i've just been told the president is walking in now and he'll sit down with us. laura ingraham gave us her time tonight. we love her for it. his detail came a two minute warning that he's >> sean: let me go to ari in the meantime. yes, sir. regarding. go ahead. >> go ahead, sean. >> sean: ra, we have watched
7:00 pm
all of this happen before, we have seen it happen with judge, we've seen it happen with clarence thomas. every two or four years, republicans are zena foley, homophobic. it is out of the playbook. >> why did dianne feinstein sit on this information? i think she sat on it because she wants to take advantage and push it back beyond the election, wait until the last minute. if you are a united states senator and you get, you have a constitutional requirement to go to judge kavanaugh and say this is what i have been told, is this true? she has to take constitutional action. we smell politics here. that might not be the case, but it certainly is the case for the democrats. >> sean: it would be fair to take it


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