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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 24, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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the mower kept him out of arm's reach of the window. >> why is that ugly? >> i think that's great. rob: we will have to have a talk with our producers. jillian: good to be back. rob: good to be back. out of vacation time. jillian: finally. >> brett kavanaugh and the white house firing back after new assault allegations surface against the supreme court nominee. >> judge kavanaugh released a statement adamantly denying the allegation sayinsaying this alleged event from 35 years ago. >> no matter what happens here. judge kavanaugh after these proceedings is going to jail. but you are his career. >> president trump walking back declassify documents relate to the russia probe. >> so-called mccabe memos verify what is was rod rosenstein doing in that meeting immediately prior to the pointment of robert mueller. >> there is a bureaucratic coup against president trump. >> the president's decision
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to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal ha had an effect on iran. >> the iranian people are protesting. >> chinese have retall united states. just announced they are pulling out a new round of trade talks. >> we are going to get an outcome that forces china to behave. >> tap in for tiger. [cheers] >> we thought we would never see it. and i don't believe he thought either. ♪ it's the eye of the tiger ♪ it's the still of the fight. brian: that was one of the most unbelievable scenes you are going to see especially in a nonmajor event. tiger woods after four back surgeries 5 and a half years wins world championship over in atlanta and the walk off the 18th hole is one of the most sensational thing. steve: it was scary. brian: like the old days used to you rush the hole. steve: look at this there is his girlfriend right there.
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anna: tiger claws back. woods on top then after years plagued by sex, scandal and injuries. i saw him at the as well as fargo back in the spring in charlotte, north carolina my hometown just a few months ago. and he drew the crowds more than anybody. everybody followed him no matter what. steve: everybody was pulling for him too, it seems like. everybody loves a come back story and yesterday it was great. as soon as he made that short putt and he went like that, you could just tell that, you know, in the olden days he was not very emotional. he is very emotional now. he smiles more. he gets his place in history and for him at his age, after all the trouble he has had to make it back to the top, it was fantastic. brian: steve, do you know what i think the key was he? wanted to win in front of his kids. dad, you are like a youtube golfer. all we watch is you on youtube. when are you going to win again? it's been a while. steve: speaking of it's been a while. it's been a while since anna
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kooiman was on the couch. anna: people rubbing their eyes going is that -- brian: especially after 8 hours on the weekend. anna: it's great to be back. steve: glad to have you. on thursday, dr. christine ford is going to appear before the senate judiciary committee before a 10:00 meeting. she's going to testify. but, before we get to that the new yorker and ronan farrow has and here is the other paper in new york. a new kavanaugh sex shocker. ronan farrow has apparently spoken to a woman by the name of debra ramirez a freshman at yale with mr. kavanaugh and she alleges there was a drinking game. mr. kavanaugh allegedly exposed himself to her; however, there are a lot of things that are unknown. for instance, the new yorker could not confirm with any of the eyewitnesses that she named whether or not it happened. and she admits that her memory is foggy because she
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was drinking. ainsley: apparently she had spoken extensively with her attorney whether she should come forward or not she knew if she does have to go in front of the senate then she will have to really, really be talking a lot and talking about the whole story because of her drinking that night. brian: by the wayhe has been thh six background checks. brett kavanaugh. dan murphy all discounted. quote we were the people closest to brett kavanaugh during his years at yale. he was a roommate. we spent a great deal of time where they say this incident took place. it did not take place. ramirez acknowledges significant gaps in her memory because she was drunk that evening. if she ever presence her story to the fbi and senate she'll inevitably be pressed on her motivation coming forward after some years and questioned about her memory
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given her drinking at the party. steve: keep in mind, this woman is calling for the fbi to investigated as are a number of top democrats. they say, look, we can't have the vote until we thoroughly investigate it meanwhile, the white house says this is the late nest a coordinated smear campaign. the claim is denied by all those who were said to be present. and the white house is standing behind mr. kavanaugh. ainsley: yes, they are. the statement from him this morning he says this alleged events from 35 years ago did not happen. the people who knew me then know that this did not happen and has said so so far. this is a smear, plain and simple. i look forward to testifying on thursday about the truth and defending my good name and reputation for character and integrity. i have spent a lifetime building against these last-minute allegations. that's just it the timing, is this a drip, drip, drip come up by the democrats trying to delay everything until the midterm elections and really fire up their base saying republicans are bullies. although republicans are the
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ones say we want to hear from mrs. ford. steve: sounds like we are going to hear from somebody else too. in addition to dr. ford who is going to testify on thursday and then second woman ms. ramirez, michael avenatti stormy daniels lawyer says he has credible information about mr. kavanaugh and mark judge who he was classmates back in high school. some of the allegations are in the paper today and they are disgusting. brian: brett kavanaugh also said, by the way if this helps i will release my schedule 1928 between the canks i was after the and what i was doing with college visits. i don't know if i even had time to go to a party like this. we look forward to hearing from him. james roach was a roommate with kavanaugh at the time of the alleged incident and now the ceo of a software company says debby and i became close friends shortly after we became toll yale. she stood out at kind and
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gentle i can't imagine her making it up. other people saying it didn't happen. doesn't sound like her to make it up. is this enough? you wonder why if this meant so much and was so damaging allegedly it has been why wouldn't it come out earlier? why at this point? why would fou dems know about it. the chairman of the judiciary committee didn't know about it until yesterday when ronan farrow broke it. anna: yet again senate democrats withheld information to the rest of the committee only to drop information at politically opportune moments it increasingly appears that they are more interested in a political takedown than pursuing allegations. we will attempt to investigate these new claims. steve: dianne feinstein who the senator charles grassley. steve: thursday's hearing should be cancelled in light of a disturbing new allegation of conduct
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against brett kavanaugh. the fbi must investigate all allegations. brian: why would you cancel thursday because there is another allegation sunday you cancel thursday? you shouldn't actually start moving forward? steve: it's all about politics. it's all about now given this new ammunition for the democrats they are trying to delay mr. kavanaugh's confirmation. they would love and the vote total right now, i think it's uncertain. don't know exactly how it's going to go. but ultimately what the democrats would like to see is it push sod far past the mid terms then they would, perhaps, have at least control of one of the houses of congress and it would change the dynamic completely. brian: not the senate. if they louise the senate, whether they win or lose the senate it wouldn't matter. what's happening in the house. their hope is the democrats would be so motivated by the opportunity to maybe have the majority in the judiciary committee that they would get the vote and turn the senate. anna: we had new information over the weekend that dr. ford had added a new
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attorney over her line up andrew mccabe's accuser and adding to a list of attorneys already to having connections to being anti-trumper-resisters. steve: you have senator mazie hirono who has been front and center during these allegations. listen to what she says about what's going on right now. >> i put his denial in the context of everything that i know about him in terms of how he approaches his case. as i said, his credibility is already very questionable in my mind. when i say that he is very outcome driven, he has an ideological agenda. it's very outcome driven. and i can sit here and talk to you about some of the cases that exemplify his, in my view, inability to be fair. brian: okay, fine. that's an interesting prospect. points out, too. if we are going to -- easy to get confused. first accuser four people come out evidently at the party and said they had no
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recollection of dr. ford's account on their side. steve: right. and according to the ronan farrow story it doesn't sound like there is anybody, any of the eyewitnesses who were at this alleged party. brian: does that matter? i would think it matters a lot. anna: yeah. you would think. so if you are having a hard time who is this name and that name. has a good break down. don't change the channel. go on there so can you follow along there. steve: christie who used to be a federal prosecutor and he has looked at what's going on right now the political dynamic, which is happening at the same time they are trying to confirm this guy and had an observation that a lot of people are making. listen to this. >> no matter what happens here, judge kavanaugh, after these proceedings isn't going to jail. but you are taking his career. and the idea that this guy could in fact go back to the court of appeals and continue to serve after if this if he were not confirmed i think is really unlikely. brian: i think that's a
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great point. all these accusations, whether they are 100 percent right or 100 percent wrong. would have been 100 percent valid when he was in the circuit of appeals and 100 percent valid when he was on the short list to take the gulch seat and 100 percent valid to do this thing. after all the hearings, 30 hours of hearings and weeks of debates then this comes up after it's done in the fall right before the midterm election. it's impossible to look at this case, i would think, and not think timing matters. steve: let's bring in andrew mccarthy former u.s. district attorney for the southern district of new york. contributor of fox news revienationalreview. dr. feinstein sat on ford's letter for two months. why? >> to delay. this is all about delay. it's basically about two things, steve. it's about delaying this as long as they can, notice
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that senator feinstein is the one today saying put off the hearing on thursday. the whole idea is to take these allegations, which wouldn't even get into court. i want to say they would be laughed out of court they are so thin. in fact you wouldn't even come into court with anything like this. the idea is to say these are very serious allegations, they need to be investigated by the fbi. to delay this, and the other very important thing here is the message is to every single conservative that if you try crash our party, this is what we're going to do to you. right now, as they see it, this is about the ideological bent of the supreme court, maybe for the next generation. and they are going to fight this tooth and nail to prevent kavanaugh from being in that seat. brian: i'm all for fighting. but i'm all for justification and a legal fight. my question to you is, andy, when they do these background checks, would high school containry or
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college drinking come up. even when don mcgahn told the president i think this is somebody who belongs on the short list, why did this all survive the scrutiny up until last week? >> well, brian, it's important to remember, these allegations even if there was a lot more evidence for them than there is, are not prosecutable. the purpose of a background investigation is not to develop evidence to prosecute someone, it's to note for the record that these incident are out there to talk to important witnesses and to let the senate weigh this information as it exercises its constitutional advice and consent function. the idea here is not to do what the democrats are suggesting which is to do a criminal investigation. what we have here is one of the most qualified nominees ever been up for one of these seats who has actually
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i didn't know 300 appellate opinions in many years second most important court in the united states. they have more than enough information to decide whether he is qualified to fill the seat or not. anna: i want to get your legal point on this too as well brian alluded. to say kavanaugh to give senate calendars from 1982 to back up the denial. legally, ohio will that hold up? >> well, it's as valuable as virtually anything else here. if it turns out that he kept the calendar entries in realtime it, actually would be more valuable evidence than people who were trying to search through the, you know, the mist of time memories that happened 30 and 40 years ago. steve: andy, let me ask you about the political dynamic. i have heard the name of one republican senator who is kind of leaning toward a no on this particular thing. i think you can say his confirmation might be up in the air at this point.
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but, if he is -- if he were voted down, what does this do for the democrats going into the election? what does it do for the republicans going into the election because you would think it would motivate republicans in a big way but then again by the same token, it would happen for the democrats. >> well, it certainly would motivate both sides, steve. but i think the thing here is the democrats are already very motivated to come out and vote against president trump's side. the republicans are the ones that we have been worried are more-know a midterm elections. remember, president trump would not be president trump if it weren't for antonin scalia's seat on the supreme court. that's what motivated a lot of republicans to come out and support president trump even under circumstances where a lot of them weren't all that enthusiastic about president trump. so i think, you know, i'm not a political expert. but, to my mind, seeing what happened two years ago, this
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can only help the republicans. brian: real quick, before we move on to another important topic. your thoughts about going forward. we thought we were going to have a hearing on thursday and then maybe vote on friday or monday of next week. now, with one, maybe two more accusers, and things have to be investigated. what does the time line look like to you? >> brian, the more delay there is, the more delay there will be. there should have been a vote on this last thursday. there is more than enough information at this point to the better and worse, to cast a vote on this nominee. as steve mentioned a second ago, what we are dealing with is a very, very thin margin in the senate. so, for that reason, senator grassley is understandably proceeding with caution. witbut the problem is if he allows this delay to take hold with this idea that no matter how thinly supported a serious allegation is, that's a basis for more investigation and more
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delay, we're never going to see this guy get a vote. brian: so just forge ahead. the "new york times" talks about. this rod rosenstein you remember suggested the 25th amendment wearing a wire. he said he was being sarcastic when former deputy director of the fbi suggested that to him. he thought trump should be tossed out even though he only had the job a couple of days. when had a radio show he asked him about this. listen. >> it's a very sad state of affairs when something like that can happen. we are looking at it, and it is, you know, he was hired by jeff sessions. i was not hired in that process because, you know, they go out and get their own deputies and the people that work in the department. and jeff sessions hired him. steve: so he is blaming jeff sessions for all of this. >> yeah, i'm very sorry to hear the president say that put on your big boy pants.
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sea trump nominee. and the problem here is he has always been a guy who cultivated his good relationship with democrats. he thought when he wrote this memo, which was used to oust comey, that people were going to be cheering and applauding that he was taken aback by the blow back from that. and he has been trying to get into their good graces or back into their good graces ever since. he did it by talking about the 25th amendment. he did it by talking about wiretapping the president. and did he it by appointing a special counsel under circumstances where there was no legal basis to do that. brian: the president is right. it wasn't his pick. he doesn't even know him. he doesn't know nibble. sea business guy. is he counting on people to put people in their position that are going to do a good job and not be -- and not try to kiss up to one party or the other. >> no, i don't buy it you either -- you know, you are the president or you are not. he is the guy. he is the main guy. he appointed these guys.
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he is a trump nominee. and it's his administration. stop blaming everybody else. steve: all right. andy mccarter joining us mccarts from his remote location. good analysis. >> thank you. anna: other stories making headlines jillian joins us for that. jillian: good monday morning. good to see you, anna. get you started with a fox news alert. manhunt underway for the people who ambushed a police officer. four people opened fire at the selma cop as he was sitting in patrol car. he took off and lost control of his cruiser and crashing. the nonsense absolutely has to stop. we cannot just be targets to them to kill and to gain street credibility. the unidentified cop a 10-year department veteran is in stable condition. to another fox news alert now. the fbi joining the urgent search for a missing 6-year-old with autism. maddox rich was last seen at north carolina park.
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at least 24 agencies and more than 100 people are scanning the 1400-acre area. maddox is nonverbal. his father says he lost track of him after he wandered off. president trump waking up in new york city for the u.n. general assembly last night and heading to trump tower only third time back since taking office. the president set to kick off the gathering of world leaders today by calling for action on the world drug crisis. you will see that live right here at 8:30 eastern time. and tomorrow he will address the general assembly for the second time as president where he is expected to bring back his america first message. that is a look at your headlines. now i will send it back to you. steve: we have john bolton here on the couch with us to talk about the president's speech. anna: down there getting coffee reading the paper. brian: iran expected to be at the top of president trump's wish list when he dreases the united nations this week or i should say target list. national security advisor john bolton just mentioned a
3:21 am
moment ago, we will preview that matchup. steve: that's right. he is having coffee in the green room i heard. we showed you incredible moment. three boys junksd into action to stop the flag from touching the ground. we will talk to them next. anna: don't go anywhere. ♪ i'm proud of the flag of america meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10-25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b. our teens are getting bexsero. bexsero should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects are pain, redness or hardness at the injection site; muscle pain; fatigue; headache; nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals.
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brian: we got some quick headlines here. let's start with china. they are feeling the heat this morning as the u.s. tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese products kicked in overnight. the penalties start at 10% and jump to 25% in january. beijing also handing down retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion of u.s. goods. and an american pastor held in turkey could be coming home within weeks. pastor andrew brun son auto will be back in court october 12th. the "wall street journal" is reporting the judge might be
3:25 am
willing to free him but only if the united states stops pressuring the turkish government who by the way in nato. brunson deputies accusations of support an attempted coup in 2016. i'm going to goup stairs with anna. steve: thank you very much. it's amazing act of patriotism. anna: warms your heart. three young boys working to fold the flag when the flag nearly scraped the ground. steve: third young man jumped into action and laid down underneath the flag so it would not touch the ground. their patriotism quickly going viral when a parent snapped that photo that you are looking at right there. anna: i'm glad she jumped into action. here with more are those three fifth graders from hayden meadows high school in ohio. good morning, boys. you are up early with us. >> good morning. anna: nay lelen, i will start
3:26 am
with you who taught to you value the american flag? >> my dad. and my mom. steve: okay. and it looks like we are keeping jack up because jack is the young man who jumped underneath it. so, casey, tell us what you were doing after school. you and naylen had the assignment of doing what? >> i was holding it and he was moving i folding it for me. steve: after school tough take the flag down. the weather conditions were rough. tell us about the wind. >> yeah. the winged was blowing pretty hard. it was, you know, kind of affecting how we were folding it and what kind -- the wind was kind of going against us. steve: yep. anna: jack, you decided you would lay on the ground because why? >> well, it was because we
3:27 am
have had a bunch of close calls while taking down the flag, so -- so my mind was thinking maybe later on if we have naylen if new person if we had him probably going to accidentally be something. i thought something super quickly aing down under the flag because the wind conditions were rough. steve: very good. so, jack, who taught you about how important it is to handle the flag carefully and respectfully and it can't touch the ground. who taught that you? >> well, our janitor, mr. mac and then his grand father who a visiting friend of mine at school. anna: yeah. it's great that he stepped in to do that for you guys. naylen, one more question for you. what's been the response from people around your community, around your school, your teempsz, did
3:28 am
they notice this happening? >> my friends, yes. -- m teachers. anna: i bet they will know you were on "fox & friends." steve: it's 3:27 in idaho. are you going to go to school or go back to sleep. >> go back to sleep. anna: i hope your parents have pancakes or eggs for you when you wake up a second time. boys, thanks again. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. steve: that is just great. anna: 29 minutes after the hour. a man -- elephants exhibit at the zoo. steve: why did he do that? >> what can we expect from the president's second trip from the united nations general assembly starts today. we will talk to that man who has been in the green room
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>> as president of the united states. i will always put america first. just like you should always put your countries first. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the iran deal is an embarrassment to the united states and i don't think so you've heard the last of it, believe me. we need to defeat the enemies of the humanity and unlike the potential of life itself. steve: there you have got the president of the united states last year. he is set to speak before the general assembly tomorrow. look who is here john bolton u.s. national security
3:33 am
advisor. >> good to be back with you. brian: life used to be simple. come on have a few commence and go home. what's changed? >> this time it really matters. it's not my opinions i'm talking about. it's the president. i like to say i'm the national security advisor. i'm not the national security decision maker. steve: senator. in that soundbite from last year that's when the president referred to kim jong un as little rocket man. we haven't heard much of him referred to as that anymore. why is that? >> i think because the president's policy of economic pressure through sanctions and military pressure brought kim jong un to the table. they had historic summit in singapore. kim jong un pledged there and elsewhere to denuclearize north korea and that's what we are working on. brian: are you worried that north and south korea are no moving forward towards not unification but towards their agreement maybe leaving us out? >> well, president trump and south korean president moon jae-in will meet today and talk about the results of
3:34 am
presidenpresidentmeeting last w. we have always tried to stay as close to our allies in south korea and need to keep our focus on denuclearization as the priority. that's priority 1-2 and 3 for us. brian: does south korea believe that. >> that's what president moon has committed to president trump several times. anna: last week we watched the dials on the rally in missouri. he said i'm the president of the united states not the president of the world. republicans went nuts. what are we hearing from him? will he double down on the american first message. >> i wish i had thought of that line before he delivered it. it sums up in many respects what the president's policy is focused on. he looks out after the best interest of the american people. they are the ones who elected him. they are the ones he is responsible to. i think in his speech to the general assembly on tuesday. his speech to the security council on wednesday. is he going to try to explain that in respect to a number of things. interference in american politics.
3:35 am
interference in our trade relations. how theis the u.s. exerts sovereignty. we mean the voice of the people of the united states being exercised through the constitution. in,000,000 we the people are sovereign. i don't think the president wants anybody to forget that. steve: what the difference between the president donald trump who is going to appear tomorrow as opposed to the man who was there in the great hall last year? >> well, i think he has another year of accomplishments under his belt. i think one of the most significant things he did was get out of the wretched iran nuclear deal. he campaigned against it in 2016. steve: you love that he did that? >> fantastic. glad to be part of it is he absolutely right. it's the worst diplomatic deal in american history. we have put sanctions back on. more sanctions coming back on in november. we will find other sanctions to put on as well to pressure the iranian government to change its behavior. and not just their nuclear weapons program. but their ballistic missile program and their
3:36 am
militaristic activity across the middle east in iraq and syria lebanon, yemen, they are a real threat and the president is dealing with it. brian: there was an attack at their parade and they're blaming us and the gulf states for that attack. in reality they have a lot of unrest because the people of iran are getting a little upset they are not seeing this revenue even when the deal was signed they were supposed to be cascading in world investment went to iran. >> they did get 120, $150 million obama administration no doubt tied to terrorism and nuclear program. they are involved now in a very difficult situation in syria. very dangerous. just last week the syrians shot down a russian plane after israel wecht after iranian military forces in syria. a lot of people in very close proximity. israel just trying to defend itself and now russia has torqued this up again accusing israel of being responsible. you see the problem. israel is responsible. the united states is responsible.
3:37 am
never russia, never iran. you can see what's wrong with that picture. >> ambassador nikki haley was on one of the sunday shows yesterday responding to nations being blamed for that here is what she had to say. >> every conflict that we had, we see iran's fingerprints. whether it's in yemen. whether it's in iraq. we are looking at what's happening in syria. i think what rouhani needs to do is look at his own home base. he has the iranian people are protesting. every ounce of money that goes into iran goes to his military. he has oppressed his people for a long time. i think the iranian people have had enough, and that's where all of this is coming from. but, having said that he can blame us all he wants. the things he has got to do is look in the mirror. anna: what do you think? >> i think that's exactly right. none of this would have happened really unless the president had gotten out of the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions. if the deal would have been continued there would have been a flood of additional investment into the country and the regime would have been protected. i think they are on a very
3:38 am
short leash right now. people are undecidedly happy. we want to work with european friends and others to continue to put pressure. brian: they keep talking about what's happening in the administration is chaos. mattis is on the way out. the president doesn't have dinner with him anymore. the secretary of state is closer than tillerson. i also have reports and not from you that you, mattis and pompeo have been conferring in a tight unit and do mirror the president's thoughts. where is the reality? you have been in other administrations. >> the three of us have breakfast once a week if we are all in town. we try to work out differences. i would say it's fair we are three strong personalities. i think that's what the president needs to give him advice. the president is the ultimate decisionmaker. our job is to give him advice and carry out his policies that's what we are doing. steve: the president of the united states is going to be over at the general assembly today doing what. >> there is going to be a conference we have organized with the united nations on opioids. it's obviously a huge problem in the united states and i think what the
3:39 am
president is going to try to do today is rally international support. much of this problem is international. if you look at fentanyl for example. brian: china. >> which by the sway a prohibited chemical weapon under the chemical weapons possession apart from being a opioid. the vast bulk of it in the united states comes from china. if you worry about china's role in the world you can start right here at home with the opioid crisis. brian: they say they are taking us on economically. they have broken off talks and military face-to-talks. where are we at when the china relationship? are you okay with the fact we are calling him out on trade and military aggression as well as expansionism throughout asia? >> i think this is long overdue. i think we are suffering from years of inaction in the obama administration. the due bills are coming due. i think the president is doing exactly the right thing. china has abused the international trade system for decades, ever since it got into the bolde into the wore organization has not played by the rules. saying oh well they are not playing by the rules.
3:40 am
i guess we will let them get away with it i think they are confused. i don't think they know what to do. they haven't seen an american president stand up to them like this in recent years. i think if there is any way to bring them to their senses and make them play by the rules they voluntarily agreed, to this is the way to do it. brian: taking the rest of the day off? >> yeah. i think i'm done for the day now. [laughter] steve: it's a good luck to work day. good luck getting five blocks. >> exactly. brian: he can probably get across any day. we are the problem. he has his team. steve: ambassador, thank you very much. >> always glad to be here. steve: 20 minutes before the the top of the hour and jillian joins us with some news. jillian: that's right. good morning to irving. to you at home as well. michelle obama urging everyone to get out to vote in the mid terms. telling a vegas crowd they can't stay on the sidelines. >> you can't vote some of the time and then sit out. you know, we saw that
3:41 am
happen. we experienced that. where we had a great president. if we want qualified people that we trust, then people have to vote. >> the rally kicked off a campaign when we all vote encouraging people to register for the november elections. take a look at this. a school bus driver is out of a job for letting students get behind the wheel, including an 11-year-old. steve: what? >> okay. okay. first, we got to do is put on the brakes. jillian: this is real. charged with felony neglect in indiana accused of letting three miners drive her school bus. she was immediately fired and arrested when she went to pick up her last check. take a look at this, a man taunting elephants after jumping into a zoo exhibit.
3:42 am
the animals becoming a bit aggressive after protecting the calf between them at the copen hague again zoo. that's when the unidentified man gets up puts his hands up and slowly walks out. elephants following him as he leaves. he survived. just unclear why he hopped inside to begin with. not a good idea. brian: get to the bottom of that jillian. jillian: a throws surprise birthday party for one of their customers. has kind at the location every day nearly 20 years. the restaurant awarded him with a party and chick-fil-a for life. >> i come here to chick-fil-a. >> any time you want. >> that is the best gift i can ever receive. jillian: the employees know him as mr. steve and say he almost always orders the
3:43 am
same thing and sits in the same booth. a very happy birthday to mr. steve. anna: i wonder what his go to order is. brian: what is he is having a commercial for chick-fil-a lived to 100. steve: eats there every day except for sunday because they are closed on sunday. brian: would you follow the he will fact story in the break? jillian: sure. steve: meanwhile, thanks for joining us on this monday. we have a very busy program. congresswoman mia love is going to join us. tom homan knew fox news contributor. geraldo rivera and dr. oz all here live. brian: plus, it's the moment golf fans have been waiting for for five-plus years. [cheers] >> we thought we would never see it. and i don't believe he thought either. brian: he said he had to do everything he could to keep the tears out. the tiger woods wins a tournament and internet goes wild. carley shimkus prom milled to come on and talk about it she has fulfilled that
3:44 am
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the full value oft wyour new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that.
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with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ brian: yesterday tiger woods wins his first tournament in five years, 80th for his career. anna: it may not have been a major but it certainly felt like it with all the fanfare down the stretch. steve: carley shimkus joins us right now. and carley, this is the biggest sports story in america. >> in december he was ranked number 1,199th in the world. now he is number 13. tiger woods scoring his first victory since 2013. he finished 11 under par. hundreds of fans. take a look at this video. steve: it was crazy. carley: walked up with him. steve: ran up. they want to see history.
3:48 am
anna: take a look at his reaction after he clinched his victory. [chanting u.s.a.] >> tiger woods means america to a lot of people, i guess. so many people like him in the game and they think it's a better game because of him. brian: tweeted congratulations how well is he playing and they were chanting u.s.a. because is he going to be part of the ryder cup team. >> he was inching his way towards this all season. he was doing really well. this was his last chance to win a pga. right? here is what he had to say after he scored his victory. >> have hard time not crying at the last hole, you know. i said, you know what? i can still play this thing out of bounds. suck it up and hit some shots here. carley: you mentioned the president tweeted about it tiger is playing great. looks like a big win can happen. very exciting. most interesting thing about his win and reaction usually it's a big fist pump.
3:49 am
it's a major sort of sports, manly reaction. this was emotional. steve: sure, you could see after he clinched it, he pulled the brim of his hat down a little bit. he was having a moment. anna: one of the reasons, too, his kids will be getting to seeing him as tiger tiger woods that everybody knows him at. atan. carley: exactly. he was so young is he back on top? brian: you have a new generation of great golfers. they are twawlg pulling for him. for many of them he inspired them to golf. one of these things they said last year after he was cup team our goal is to make tiger great again. carley: wow. brian: they did. a. carley: after the four dui the i arrests and four back
3:50 am
surgeries. steve: his pals down in jiewntd ter were all waiting for him and so happy he's back. carley: is he going to wake up feeling very very good about himself. brian: get a free meal at his restaurant in jupiter. carley: a little plug there. anna: carley, thanks so much. we appreciate it first day of fall is, your home ready to go for the new season? we have the checklist live on the fox square next ♪ i'm coming home ♪ sometimes, the pressures of today's world can make it tough
3:51 am
to take care of yourself. but nature's bounty has innovative ways to help you maintain balance and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
3:52 am
3:53 am
anna: hey, everybody, fall is officially here. steve: next guest says now is the perfect time to make simple updates to home and
3:54 am
lawn. brian: we think he says that here so explain is ace retailer. >> good to see you. steve: where do we start. >> exterior stuff for home maintenance in the fall. start with some turf builder. most people don't think of fall as being the time of year to work on your lawn. actually a great time to put down some fertilizer and it will ensure a nice healthy lawn for the spring. brian: we used it here. >> this turf is wonderful. absolutely. brian: where is the brady bunch? steve: this is what i'm interested in. i already have leaves in my gutter and i would like not have that problem. >> clean them out first but this is a phenomenal product. i actually use this in my own house. all this is a foam sleeve that you drop in your gutter or stuff in your gutter as the name applies. witness once you put this in the leaves will blow off and water still in your gutter. last time you have to go on your latter. >> it's foam, can you feel it, it goes through here. won't get saturate you had.
3:55 am
stop going up on your ladder and cleaning the gutters. steve: australian oil is what i used on my deck about a month ago. it's terrific. >> you are a smart man. that's one of the best deck stains throughout. after a long summer of ketchup stains and whatnot on your deck it's a great time to get out there, power wash the deck and put a gallon of australian oil. great color. a bunch of different colors. anna: pressurize. >> always a good idea to power wash and do any repairs and whatnot. absolutely. basic cleaning. steve: at the end of air conditioner season now we are moving into furnace season. >> this is 3 m filltrete all the allergens and dust mites in the house. all different sizes and types. check your size and do a free in store pickup on these as well. brian: what about this? we want to survive, don't we? >> one thing do you this
3:56 am
fall, please, check your carbon smoke detectors and make sure they are in working order. this is a plug in explosive gas and carbon monoxide detector. this will detect natural gas as well as carbon dioxide. >> when you first turn on the furnace for the season, if there is going to be a carbon monoxide side problem. >> could be furnace or hot water heater. really important to make sure that's working. anna: thank you. brian: find all these products ace hardware store and online that's not your nickname that's where you work. >> that's who we are. steve: place for the helpful hardware man matt. >> thank you. steve: coming up on the show dr. geraldo rivera, thomas homan and dr. oz. and mia love. we will be right back. brian: i hope they all show up. i can't believe it.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
anna: brett kavanaugh and the white house firing back after new assault allegations if yo surface on the nominee. anna: event from 35 years ago did not happen. >> this is about the ideological bent of the supreme court maybe for the next generation and they are going to fight this tooth and nail to prevent brett kavanaugh from income that seat. >> there is a bureaucratic coup against president trump. >> the so-called mccabe memos which would directly bear upon what was rod rosenstein doing in that meeting immediately prior to the appointment of robert mueller as the special counsel. >> america first is coming back to the world stage. he is set to speak before the general assembly tomorrow. >> one of the most significant things he did was getting out of the wretched iran nuclear deal. >> pulling out of new trade talks. >> forces china to behave. >> tap-in for tiger.
4:01 am
[cheers] >> we thought we would never see it. and i don't believe he thought either. [ either. thought ♪ this is my town ♪ that steve: $10 million from fedex. toad is the big winner he is back. anna: about broke the internet yesterday. brian: he finished sixth and good enough to win 10 million bucks. that will pay a few bills. that will take care of the visa and american express. steve: we are smiling today. anna kooiman is back with us on the couch. anna: good to be here. brian: promise nod competition. she has a bruised chin from yesterday. we don't make do you that. anna: rope burn. steve: last week we told you about this woman dr. christine ford who has come forward and said that brett kavanaugh back in high
4:02 am
school assaulted her. you know that she is now going to be testifying before the senate judiciary committee on thursday. and now the new yorker and ronan farrow have a story that apparently and here's the headline from the new yorker senate democrats investigate a new allegation of sexual misconduct from brett kavanaugh's college years. and what he suggestside a woman biden bra ramirez has come forward. she talked about how they were freshman together at yale. there was a drinking game and she alleges that he exposed himself to her. >> right all part of the article in the new yorker. ramirez acknowledges there are significant gaps in her memories of the evening. if she ever presents her story to the fbi or members of the senate. she will inevitably be pressed on her coming forward. at the new yorker. they have not corroborated
4:03 am
whether kavanaugh was at this party. anonymous classmate they were certain it did happen but a whole host of others said that it didn't. brian: they came out in the article, deanna yunk, gary, dan murphy. disputing ramirez's account of the event. they live closest to brett kavanaugh. as far as how does brett kavanaugh handle this? think about this. he was on the glide path towards confirmation. he had his family there. his team -- his kids that he coached with there. he was on a roll after a very fascinating career no one doubts he was able to defend what he did. over 30 hours worth of testimony. now he is defending behavior and accusations that date back 36 years to high school. and a few years after into college. he said this in a statement yesterday. last night i should say. this alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. the people who knew me -- knew me then know this did not happen and have said so. this is a smear plain and simple. i look forward to testifying
4:04 am
on thursday and the truth and defending my good name and reputation for character and integrity. i spent a lifetime building against these last-minute allegations with six background checks. and everyone asking everything about you to get you even to the nomination process or even on the short list. a lot of people have questioned the timing of the emergence of these allegations. steve: the timing, according to the democrats is the republicans are publishing this guy through. we need to have a thorough investigation. but, regarding these new allegations, the "new york times" has a quote that says this: the "new york times" interviewed several dozen people over the past week in an attempt to corroborate her story. debra ramirez's story and find no one with first hand knowledge. ms. ramirez herself contacted former yale classmates asking if they recalled the incident and she told some of them that she could not be certain mr. kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself.
4:05 am
so that is very damning from the pages of the "new york times." meanwhile we had andy mccarthy on with us just about 45 minutes ago, and he said there should have been a vote last thursday. listen. the whole idea is to take these allegations, be laughed out of court they are so thin. wouldn't come into court with anything like this. the idea to say these are very serious allegations, they need to be investigated by the fbi to delay this and the other very important thing here is the message is to every single conservative that if you try to crash our party, this is what we're going to do to you. right now, as they see it, this is about the ideological bent of the supreme court, maybe for the next generation. and they are going to fight this tooth and nail to prevent kavanaugh from a being in that seat. brian: dr. ford is supposed to go on thursday. at which time four people come out and said they back
4:06 am
kavanaugh about those 1982 allegations that they're at this party that kavanaugh says he doesn't even believe he was at. they said nothing like that took place nor did she say anything. we know last week it was reported and called college roommate. did i ever mention anything about this? they said no. there is a story today in the "the washington post" quoting her husband saying she was so traumatized she went 3,000 miles away to the west coast to forget about it after nominated they decided to come forward. we also know the original letter was out sent to dianne feinstein at the urging of a california lawmaker and also factor this in. michael avenatti says he represents a woman with critical information and he says credible information about kavanaugh. but it's not debra ramirez. so you might have a third person with allegations that aren't verified. ains. anna: you are talking about dr.. we learne learned andy mccabe's
4:07 am
former attorney. known as anti-trumper resisters. the timing doesn't look good either. steve: absolutely right. a spokesperson for the judiciary committee said that dianne feinstein actively withheld information as part of a political take down and then the white house, through their spokesperson said this is the latest in a coordinated smear campaign. the claim, the latest one with debra ramirez is denied by all who are said to be present. >> the white house stands behind judge kavanaugh. however, senator mazie hirono says, you know what? we need to have an investigation. watch. >> i put his denial in the context of everything that i know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases. as i said, his credibility is already very questionable in my mind. when i say that he is very outcome driven he has an
4:08 am
ideological agenda very outcome driven. i can sit here and talk to you about. so cases that exemplifies his, in my view, inability to be fair. brian: those are the good old days when we used to look at his cases, fine. steve: that's how you vogt on somebody. brian: that's what i thought. senator lindsey graham just about fed up with the unsubstantiated allegations and on "fox news sunday" let everybody know where he stood. >> what am i supposed to do? go ahead and ruin this guy's life based on an accusation i don't know when it happened. i don't know where it happened. and everybody named in regard to being there said it didn't happen. i'm just being honest. unless there is something more, no, i'm not going to ruin judge kavanaugh's life over this. but, she should come forward. she should have her say. i will listen. but i'm not going to play a game here and tell you this will wipe out his entire life because if nothing changes, it won't with me. steve: now, given that we
4:09 am
are on a monday, there is a possibility the senate could vote judiciary committee could vote as early as friday after they hear from dr. ford going forward. there are so many allegations seemingly coming out. we have, you know, it's kind of snow balling as things are going that way. we do understand that mr. kavanaugh and we talked about this earlier is apparently going to give over to the committee his calendars from 1982. what they show is on these weekends in question, during that summer, that dr. ford has described, he was either with his family or he was down at the beach. a few parties were mentioned but include the names of friends other than those ided by dr. ford. he could have attended a party that he did not list. but, nonetheless, is he goinhe is goingto enter that ast i don't know anything about this. anna: mid terms are less than six weeks away.
4:10 am
what will the ramifications come from this if he is confirmed or doesn't. brian: oh you were at that party? mark judge mat trick. judge kavanaugh himself all have categorically denied anything took place that they were part of anything or that there that was ever brought up. we don't know the facts. i have news for you we will never know the facts. 36 years ago, no one was rolling surveillance tape. we will not know about yale college. remember lindsey graham when he comes out. he got a lot of blow back from republicans why did you vote for kagan and sotomayor. you know they are liberal judges. he said because they are qualified. it's not up to me. i'm not the president. i was told to look at their background i think they are qualified. he look as the brett kavanaugh he says is he qualified. now he is getting blow back for supporting him. why would i thought support him? support -- why would i not support him. this guy belongs on the bench. former lawyer and judge, doesn't look like anything has been proven differently.
4:11 am
anna: it is right now he said, she said. we will be hearing them on thursday. steve: you will see it live here on the fox news channel. do you know what you will see right now on the fox news channel? jillian with the news. jillian: good morning and another fox news alert. officer injured during overnight shootout in baltimore. the cop patrolling a crime-ridden neighborhood when a gun fight broke out with unidentified man. one witness describing as it a caesar zone. war zone. officer veteran of the department is now recovering from non life-threatening injuries. save the date. the wife of demoted doj official bruce ohr will now testify on october 19th. nellie ohr agreeing to appear before the house judiciary committee after republicans threatened to subpoena her. she worked for fusion gps the firm behind the fake anti-trump dossier. republican lawmakers believe her testimony could support their claims that there was bias against president trump within the fbi and doj.
4:12 am
supreme court justices are returning from summer recess today. meeting privately to consider pending appeals that have piled up. one of those divisive issues taking center stage is whether to step into a legal battle over a 40-foot cross honoring world war i veterans in maryland. a federal appeals court ordering its removal ruling that it is unconstitutional, excuse me, government endorsement of religion. the high court's first public session is set for next monday. and a major upset caps off another exciting week in the nfl. how about this? the lions beating the patriots 26-10. we saw that coming. new england is 1-2 for the first time since 2012. future hall of famer drew breeze set another record this time for the most career pass completion completin nfl history. he led the new orleans saints for overtime win against the atlanta falcons. 13 thowdz in three games that's the most ever.
4:13 am
his chiefs beating the san francisco 49ers, 38-27. back to the patriots for a second. did you see this before the game? head coach bill belichick snub as group of kids wanting to high five, shake hands, whatever the case may be. i don't think anyone is surprised by this. it's very bill belichick. brian: right. he has he a lot on his mind. who knew a couple hours later they would have. brian: kids have to get used to disappointment. another example. no more lawn mower kids. thank you very much, jillian. 13 minutes after the hour. congresswoman mia love facing allegations she took over a million dollars in campaign donations she is here to respond next.
4:14 am
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i know. (vo) go national. go like a pro. ♪ brian: the nonprofit group alliance for a better utah filed a complaint against utah congresswoman mia love accusing her of campaign violations claiming she illegally accepted over $1 million in campaign contributions. love denies any wrongdoing. here with her side of the story utah congressman mia love. not only do you deny this. you are alarmed by. this why? >> well, the fec just asked a question it was a routine question. they said it was a routine question about how our
4:18 am
electoral process works. and, you know, you have the dccc decided they were going to take it, bring it to one of their media friends and then they ran with it. without any -- anyone at the fec saying anything was illegal. as a matter of fact, it wasn't even being investigated at the time. and of course you have got a left-leaning -- not left leaning, a leftist group that worked for my opponent that decided they were going to file a complaint. i wanted to say clearly that there is a coordinated effort out there around campaign time to smear, to do whatever they can to hurt reputations, to do whatever they can to assassinate these people that are out there that are doing good things for their constituents. so i just needed to put it out there and say, absolutely, nothing that was -- nothing that we did was wrong. brian: so the fec just inquired about the million dollars now they are saying it's a complaint. here is what the nonprofit
4:19 am
group said anyway you look at it she broke the rules and got 1.1-million-dollar advantage. your thoughts. >> bologna. it's bull. as a matter of fact, there are two complaints filed against my opponent. the same question was asked of chris stewart. the same question was asked of mike lee. yet, they haven't said anything about those -- about those numbers. this is absolutely a coordinated effort. i just wanted to get out there that we are doing some great things for our constituents. we have passed four bills. one became law. and they want to just completely distract from the fact that we have been doing good job. brian: there is something else. you think that the dnc is coming after you guys. you, in particular, as a female black republican who is successful. why? >> well, you know, i take away their narrative. i have worked together -- i work well with even the congressional blawction. a loblack caucus.
4:20 am
a lot of them claim the nancy pelosi and dccc claim they like diversity. if you think on your own and independent thinker that's not the diversity they like. if you are republican, that's certainly not the diversity that they like. and they're frankly afraid we will bring more people to come along with us. i would be happy to bring more black women, more minorities to the republican party and that's certainly not something that nancy pelosi wants to see happen in washington. brian: they even targeted your family, harassing your daughter, which is way out of bounds. you are alarmed and you think in many respects the rnc does not know what's going to hit them because the democrats are doing whatever it takes to up end the house and the senate. congresswoman, thanks so much. getting out in front of these allegations and defining it because the media, local media is not helping you out there. congresswoman mia love, thank you. >> thank you. brian: all right. next. the doctor is. in we are learning thousand save lives.
4:21 am
dr. oz is telling us. by the way, he does have a big heart ♪ ♪ you better call me a doctor ♪ faster absorption. so you can have worry free nights, and wake up feeling fresh and free. for a free sample visit billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you. therabreath fresh breath oral rinse instantly fights all types of bad breath and works for 24 hours. so you can... breathe easy. there's therabreath at walmart. the riskiest job. the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera.
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4:24 am
jillian: hope you are having a good morning so far. time for news by the numbers. first $3.1 million. that's how much money michael moore's new film fahrenheit 11/9 made this weekend. anti-trump documentary coming in 8th place. the house with a clock in its walls pulled in 26.8 million bucks. next 96, that's how many times this canadian man has run for office. trying to earn his first wins a he campaigns to be mayor of his hometown brantford ontario. finally 30 hours. that's how long you will have to spend in a coffin if
4:25 am
you want to win a morbid contest at six flags. missouri park hosting a 30-hour coffin challenge with winners getting season passes v.i.p. prizes and even chance at cash. interesting, steve? steve: all right, jillian. nearly half a million people die from cardiac arrest each and every year. >> knowing the basic steps of cpr can mean the difference between life and death. brian: dr. oz is here to give us a lesson in cpr. this is different, right. >> breaking news last night. big trial showing can you mix the m mitral valve using ven from the groin. steve: you inventinged this. >> yes. it had the chance of being readmitted to the hospital two years after the clip was placed. 40% reduction in dying from heart failure. talking today about failing hearts. brian: what exactly. >> you go through the groin
4:26 am
and then it's like you would if you were getting a stent and take the mitral valve which is that valve and clip it so that it no longer is able to leak. it snaps shut when it gets gets pressurized with the heart. the heart when it's failing balloon over inflated and flabby and pull apart the valves. this is a clip that tightens up the -- longer it leaks it makes the heart more -- good sij tises pursuing it ultimately you save a lot of lives. history of american technology and medicine. steve: part of your legacy. congratulations. anna: recommendations have changed. same if you are a doctor or nurse or first responder. but for the average american trying to do cpr what do we need to know? >> when you are pushing on the chest you push on the heart like this that's the goal. get the heart to squeeze because it's not working anymore. translate that's what happens. walk over to someone passed out. are you okay? are you okay? no responding. i do want to put my lips on
4:27 am
their lips. i don't know who they're. passed out stuff drooling on out of their mouth. average american doesn't do anything. two thirds of the time person lies there and dies. not to be harsh but that's what happens. don't worry about the breathing. do you hear clearly. steve: no mouth to mouth. walk up there you right there go point to someone. did you go get 911. and then get your hand, the palm right between the nipples hand on the other side of the nipples and press down about two inches. steve: that's a lot. the worry is that you might break a rib. anna: and you a might. what do you do about that brian? brian: rather break a rib than die. >> major decision. doesn't matter if you break a rib. if they complain about it later on that's okay they are alive. anna: cadence used to be staying alive. >> can't say that because of rights issues row, row, row,
4:28 am
your boat. that fast. 100 times a minute. and you need to do that because that little bit of pulsing pulls the blood forward. like i could start and say all right, you come in and you take over. anna: what if no one is there? what do you know when to stop? brian: start breathing and cough their way out of it. >> cough their way out of it which doesn't happen that ongeg. or when the ambulance comes to shock them. you keep going until you get help and don't stop. finally this is important. person whose life you save will be someone you love and care for that's how spend your time with don't think about this as foreign issue. 80% people drop at home. learn cpr now. call for help and compress 100 times a minute. don't stop until you get support. don't worry about breaking ribs. don't pass go. just keep going. brian: are going to change the way they are trained.
4:29 am
emts the change the way you are trained. >> people waste time breathing the wrong way. remember how many times. inner sexual harassment biggest enemy in a crisis is being intellectual. you want to be a person of action. you don't have to remember anything except get on chest and start pressing. don't worry about breaking stuff. keep going until someone relieves you. steve: week two of new season of dr. oz, this is important. is salad safe to eat again for a while people are like why would i eat that stuff. >> we have all the salad manufacturers coming on. big summit it is safe to eat again. i will say and this may be provocative better off-paying a bigger price avoiding lettuce for fear of getting infected than to your body for not having eaten the lettuce. eat the let us. if there is a breakout pick the type of lettuce. usually one kind of lettuce like romaine and not iceberg. a lot of statistics.
4:30 am
brian: i didn't know salad wasn't safe to eat. anna: another question you will be answering is there dairy in your almond milk? steve: what? holy cow i'm watching. >> good luck with your book by the way have you superb recipes in there. steve: one of the recipes is his he loves his german chocolate cake. brian: and you like germans. >> i like germans and their cake and their dogs. anna: 30 minutes after the hour now. one woman rescued dozens of animals from flooding after hurricane florence. why did she just get arrested for it? steve: plus, thought there were only 11 million illegal immigrants in the united states? turns out there could being twice that number. former acting ice director tom home with reaction and he is coming up next. brian: now we all need cpr ♪ i'm still standing after all this time ♪ and i'm picking up my life ♪ without you on my mind
4:31 am
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brian: time to bring in tom homan the former ice director and fox news contributor. mr. homan, we have so much to talk about in terms of what's happening now with immigration. first off, how about the fox news poll that says less than half the country is for the wall? >> hey, look. it's incredible how that story has taken such a turn. look, i have been doing this for 34 years. as you know i started border patrol. every place they have put a wall up or barrier it has worked. 100 percent of the time. not some of the time. every time they put a barrier up illegal crossings have dropped. why would we want the wall? the far left media is pushing a false story to the american people. steve: tom, what about the republican led two houses of our congress? there is no money for the wall in the latest budget. >> that irritates me even more because those people
4:35 am
are putting their political ambitions ahead of their job which is to protect the sonct of you this country and protect our border. they know it works. i get frustrated with the democrats because nope of them want the wall. they have all want sanctuary cities to keep illegal aliens in but don't want to a wall to keep them out. which i think is completely backwards. these people have taken an oath to defend this nation. they are supposed to be workin -- are work fortheir con. steve: they say increase border security and they don't just mention the wall. >> again, that's unfortunate. i will add one more point. it's not just about the wall. they need the technology and manpower to respond pot wall. you need interior enforce. ice officers. if you are lucky enough to get by the border patrol. enforcement in the interior to look for you and remove you once they find you. anna: there is a new trump rule that could deny green card to immigrants who use food stamps and medicare
4:36 am
legally. this is insensitive and flawed or make sure the system isn't strained so much. >> this has been in law 100 years. 1898. like other laws they weren't allowed to enforce them. a director of citizenship and immigration services the patriot himself and he is doing what i did when i was ice director. takes the laws and enforcing them the way they are supposed to be enforced. the president wrote a memo to the secretary of homeland security saying they wanted these laws enforced. it's comment for 60 days. great regulation. 400 pages. i must live a boring life i have actually read it i think it's the right way to go. anna: immigrants are already turning down government subsidies to help buy staple foods and infant formula to bar them from receiving a green card. is that something that's really happening or is that not true. >> if it's happening it's happening again because the far left media is misinforming the american people. they want people to panic.
4:37 am
they want the american people to think this president is racist and against poor people. if you actually read the regulation. food programs for children, those are refugees and asigh aasylees. this requires them to be self-sufficient. that's what this country should want. under this president a lot less americans are on food starps. why wouldn't we want the same for people who come to this country on a visa. brian: another study. talk to people about immigration reform, what do you do about the illegals here already? now even a bigger problem than we thought. turns out they do a yale stud i can't understand look at the number of illegal immigrants in the united states, it's nearly twice as great as we thought. could it be up to 22 million. >> i read that last night i don't know whether to believe it or not. i would like to see the study and how they did it? what was the purpose of the study. swing both ways. some people you can't possibly do anything but --
4:38 am
on the other hand, regardless of that's a tact you want to take. that shows you even more we need border security. we need the wall and immigration enforcement. we finally have a president that wants to protect the sovereignty in this country. and border agents and ice agents and let them do their job. this gives the president more ammunition to say look, we need to fix this border. steve: sounds like researchers at yale over 25 years looked at things like deportation. apprehensions at the border. visa oversays along with death rates and immigration rates and they base their presumption that 2 could be anywhere from 16.7 million to an average of 22 million, which is a lot bigger than we thought. >> how much bigger than 12 million do you need to be to recognize? i mean, even i accept the lower million 12 million, that shows there is a problem. that shows we need border security and immigration enforcement taken seriously in this country. i'm hoping the american people are paying attention and they make this known to
4:39 am
their representatives. democrats and republicans. they need to step up and support this president. brian: a lot of cities are on a tight budget. in portland they found a million dollars for illegal alien defense fund. so illegal aliens can get this elite representation in portland for free. >> doesn't surprise me. port land is the same place we had office shut down several weeks because the mayor had ordered the police department not to assist ice officers. even ice employees weren't gun carriers. also portland taxpayers he had a duty and obligation to protect them. portland with all their problems. homelessness and things going on those funds got taken straight out of pockets of firemen and police men. once again a politician who puts his own political ambitions ahead of public safety. you telling me the police chief couldn't use that money to answer calls for emergency and put more men on the street? >> no, they are going to fund illegal aliens to help them stay in the united states which is going to be a further enticement for
4:40 am
more people to dom sanctuary city like portland and even get an attorney. every illegal is going to be heading across the border to portland. steve: finance their choice. they can do whatever they want with their money. >> it's unfortunate. whenever you entice illegals into this country it puts law enforcement at risk. this isn't just about enforcing the law. this is about women being raped. children dying across rivers. women and children put in backs of cars and backs of tractor trailers. we see what happens. when you damages gel protection from ice, abolish ice, we will give you free attorney to help fight your case, that entices more people to come to this country illegally. puts more lives at risk and bank rolling the very criminal organization that smuggle people that have murdered border that parole agents and special agents. it's just ridiculous that they chose to do. this same thing new york city did a couple years ago. brian: tom homan, thanks so much. good to see you on the couch. >> good to see you. brian: something golf fans have not seen in more than five years. tiger woods winning on
4:41 am
sunday after four back surgeries. the internet went crazy. carley shimkus has the reaction that's still happening at this hour. it's more than just a game. anna: plus our very own pete hegseth is in illinois working on a special project. pete, what is it. pete: good morning, i'm in johnsburg. recognize this guy major dan rooney, bill shae helped build this home behind us with all these guys and gals with their own time and money so they could sell it and give it to kids of the fallen for scholarships folds of honor. we will unveil it to you all morning on "fox & friends." ♪ there goes my hero ♪ waze integration- seamlessly connecting the world inside with the world outside. making life a little easier. ♪
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♪ jillian: good monday morning. welcome back. a quick look at your headlines, president trump waking up in new york city for the u.n. general assembly. national security advisor john bolton joined us earlier telling us out president will bring back his america first message at the gathering of world leaders. it really sums up in many respects what the
4:45 am
president's policy is focused on. he looks out after the best interest of the american people. they are the ones who elected him. they are the ones he is responsible to. jillian: the president will kick off the general assembly by calling for action on the world drug crisis. you will see that live right here at 8:30 a.m. eastern. a brutal uptick in deadly stabbings now have british parents considering desperate measures to keep their kids safe. a london trial judge saying there are, quote. parents who are thinking of buying their sons stab-proof vest just to ensure they are safe to go about their every everyday lives. those comments coming after a sentencing murder convicted of stabbing a man to death. there have been at least 5 the fatal stabbings in london so far this year. a good samaritan arrested after helping animals survive florence's floodwaters. >> the goal was to make sure that they were not out there drowning. the owners were just going to leave them in a flood zone on chains.
4:46 am
jillian: tammy hedges saved more than 30 cats and dogs guys in north carolina now she is in legal trouble since she didn't have a permit or license to treat some of the animals for illnesses and injuries. she is due back in court next month. now to you gis. brian: making sure we were paying attention? jillian: wanted to believe. i couldn't believe she took our camera like that. steve: thank you very much. despite exciting weekend in the nfl. talk of the sports world is this man, tiger woods. [cheers cheers] >> we thought we would never see it. and i don't believe he thought either. brian: tiger winning first time since 2013. his 80th of his career. anna: that's right carley shimkus on sirius xm. >> tiger fight claws back.
4:47 am
steve: he has had so much go wrong. carley: he had such an incredible rise when he was young and equally notable downfall. take a look at this video. brian: i have never seen anything like this. carley: hundreds of people following him to the 18th hole. of course, those fans celebrated after he won. listen. [chanting u.s.a.] steve: got out of that bunker and got up 10 feet from the stick. carley: a lot of people had a lot of fun watching that when somebody is as talented as him, i always think about their lives in terms of what the movie version of their life will be. and at least now we know he is not going to end on the bottom. he had it to celebrate and look back on. brian: we had the surveillance video so much pain taking pain medication. he had opioid issue. there he is unconscious. they find him behind the wheel of a car. remember, he couldn't walk the line.
4:48 am
everyone is like wow. steve: california. brian: didn't know where he was his car was all banged up. carley: now is he back and going to the ryder cup. we have that to look forward to. brian: next year. and jack nicklaus record is now maybe real. carley: i want to get to his reaction. we have to hear from him. he got pretty emotional after he won. >> i was having a hard time not crying on the last hole. i said hey, you know what? i can still play this thing out of bounds. just suck it up and hit some shots here. steve: that's right. carley: this may not be his most impressive victory in terms of what the competition was. i think this is probably one that he is going to remember for the rest of his life for sure. anna: in terms of what he was up against and his children are able to celebrate this big win with him. golfers kind of clap like this kind of quietly. carley: this looks like more something that happens at the racetrack. brian: puts the whole thing in perspective.
4:49 am
they predicted that he has more winning in him. steve: it was a win yesterday. carley: 42 years old. brian: carley thank you very much. carley: appreciate it. steve: president trump blaming his attorney general for the controversy surrounding rod rosenstein. geraldo rivera got that exclusive interview with the president. he joins us top of the hour. brian: pete hegseth with our friends folds of honor. they all join us next ♪ ♪ only in america ♪ dreaming in red, white, and blue ♪ grain. we grow it. give us the frontiers. the places where success is measured in pushed limits. give us the middle of nowhere. where the only map is your buddies' tread marks. this life? no one's born ready for it. ( ♪ ) ( ♪ )
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brian: teaming up to help our heroes over 40 construction workers, contractors and veterans donated their time money and material to build a home, a
4:53 am
new home in johnsburg, illinois. anna: the proceeds from the home sale will be donated to folds of honor, a nonprofit that provides scholarships to families of fallen and disabled service members. steve: "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth is live with co-founder major dan rooney and bill shae who organized ththe project for folds of honor. pete: that's right. good morning, guys. i'm trying to keep all these guys and girls under control. they are rowdy bunch. they are rowdy for a reason. they are proud of what this house represents of what folds of honor does. and frankly what bill shae and your wife connie, what did you stepping up to make this project possible. bill, you are a marine corps veteran yourself. there was a memorial in your town. you noticed a name was missing. it inspired to you give back to vets and honor them. and why did you specifically get involved in this project? >> well, we wanted a way to raise money. we started out with a couple of runs and a golf outing. this is the second house we
4:54 am
built. we have been very successful and were able to contribute quite a bit of money. steve: i can see right there. i don't know if you can pan to it another house down the block raised half a million dollars that goes ultimately to scholarships for kids whose parents were in the military or lost their lives. >> correct. pete: how does that resonate with you as someone who can do this type of thing and give back? >> it's awesome. issue fortunate to be a conduit for all these guys looking for a way to help veterans and the military. and fortunately i have been in a position where we can do that. pete: absolutely. major dan you get a chance to go across the country and support this foundation that does incredible work. to come into chicago and see these great folks giving of their time money and resources. your reaction? >> it's all about fuel dreams. this year at folds of honor we donated 4176 scholarships, pete. over $20 million to spouses and children to have had somebody killed or disabled defending our freedoms.
4:55 am
in neighborhoods all over america like these. great americans who step up to fuel these dreams and ensure we don't leave any family behind on the field of battle. pete: when it sold for half a million dollars or whatever that goes directly to that scholarship? >> that's 100 life-changing scholarships. despite a record year at folds of honor, we have millions of unfunded qualified requests from families across this great nation and it's just awesome to see that america is great. there are great patriots all over this country that are committed to support folds of honor and ultimately leave no family behind on the field of battle. pete: you guys had to go to these great folks and say i want you to work for no money and provide all your resources. your for profit businesses come in here on a saturday. was it difficult to convince these guys and gals to do that. >> no, it was amazing how easy it was. they stepped up. what do you need? they were there and we got it done.
4:56 am
pete: sell this house for half a million bucks you spent 3 or $4,000 ultimately to do it? >> it will sell less than that we raised money on the side. we will probably be able to donate 500,000. pete: you lost friends in vietnam. >> yes. pete: personal thing for you. >> yes. pete: part of that is giving back in this context, too? >> right. keeping their names alive and what they did. pete: do you mind if i talk to a few of these knuckle heads? >> go ahead. pete: i'm just kidding. sir, come on in. that's about right. that's an apt description. what's your name. >> bob field. what did you contribute. >> contractor on this. excited to be part of this. when he came to us only way we knew how to raise money. we build houses that's what we do. we are contractors excited to be art pa of it. generosity of ownership and field carpenters their time to build this home. pete: you built a beautiful home. we don't have enough time to talk to everybody. we will take you inside this home the next hour to see what the sweat and patriotism and effort of this group has build that will raise money to go to
4:57 am
this amazing foundation folds of honor. stick with us next hour. brian: all right. thanks, pete. folds of great cause. great job guys to build a house. next hour, one of our lead guests jonathan turley. steve: plus, ips, even bigger. with dell small business technology advisors, you get the one-on-one partnership to grow your business. because the only one who decides . . call 877-buy-dell today. ( ♪ )
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wanna try it? yes. it intensely moisturizes your hair and scalp and keeps you flake free. manolo? look at my soft hair. i should be in the shot now too. try head and shoulders two in one. >> brett kavanaugh and the white house firing back after new assault allegations surface against the supreme court nominee. >> he says this alleged event from 35 years ago did not happen. >> this is about the idealogical pent of the supreme court, maybe for the next generation and they are going to fight this tooth and nail to prevent kavanaugh from the seat. >> what if her allegations are true? >> let her have her voice. say whatever she has to say. let him say what he has to say the in the end the senators will make the choice. >> the so-called mccabe memos e most which could bear on what
5:01 am
rod rosenstein was doing in the meeting immediately prior to the appointment of robert mueller. >> coming back to the world stage. speaking before the general assembly. >> he looks out after the best interests of the american people. in america, we the people are sovereign. >> tap-in for tiger. [cheering] we thought we would niche see it. this is a fox news alert. manhattan, midtown. as you can see. beehive of activity. today is the kickoff day for the united nations general assembly. very, very short lit president of the united states will be limoing over to participate in the global call to action, the world drug program. terrible fentanyl problem in the world. that is what the president is going to be addressing today. tomorrow he will be before the general assembly to talk about america first, our sovereignty, security and the world beyond.
5:02 am
anna: u.s. national security advisor john bolton was on the program earlier. he said both of those things. he thought he wish he would have come up with the line, i am president of the united states, not president of the world because it has been resonating so well with republicans and hopefully with americans as a whole when president trump does that tomorrow. brian: president will be speaking about 8:15 eastern time. chair the global call to action on the drug problem. he will participate in bilateral meeting with the republic of south korea. the president participants in a signing ceremony, not many people are talking about, the u.s.-south korea trade agreement. a bilateral with the egyptian leader. the president will participate in a bilateral with french leader macron. whose personal popularity ratings are plummeting. steve: we'll tell you what is going on this week in politics,
5:03 am
supreme court nominee, brett kavanaugh, dr. ford will be testifying before the senate judiciary committee. now there is a backdrop that the new yorker and rona farrow, she was now alleges they were at a bilge boozing party, a drinking game, mr. kavanaugh allegedly exposed himself. however there are some problems with her. anna: yeah, there are. in fact "the new yorker" they have not been able to cooperate was even at this party. anonymous person who didn't want to be named said that they were certain it happened but a whole host of others, no it didn't. never heard anything like this. doesn't sound like brett kavanaugh. brian: when story was brought to her, democrats got wind of the story. they sought her out. next thing the story is front and center. similar to what we hear happened
5:04 am
we'll find out details from dr. ford, didn't want to come out. everybody somebody leaked her name because she wanted to stay anonymous. we'll see how that story pans out. with her had story she admits she was really drunk. playing a drinking game. ramirez. they were sitting in a circle. kept getting picked. really drunk. it has been over 30 years. she didn't remember at first if it was kavanaugh or not, after weeks of thinking about, she said it was him. not to diminish the claim, if you're brett kavanaugh, you swear it is not you, somebody corroborates for a while swears it wasn't you. she didn't ion know it was him. steve: here is quote out of the new yorker article. ramirez acknowledges there are significant gaps in her memory of evening, if she presents that, in front of the fbi and members of the senate and questioned about her memory given her drinking at the party. "the new york times" has a
5:05 am
quote. "the times" apparently interviewed several dozen people over the past week in an attempt to corroborate her story an could find nobody with first-hand knowledge. miss ramirez herself contacted former yale classmates asking if they recalled incident and they told some of them she could not be certain that mr. kavanaugh was the one who supposed herself. to brian es point she was telling people she was not sure whether or not it was kavanaugh. after six days she started to have a memory and he was there. anna: kavanaugh saying this is smear campaign against me and i'm going to clear my good name. brian: geraldo rivera has a radio show. not only does he work here. he has a radio show in cleveland. he talked to the president yesterday. you talked to the president before the new yorker article broke. what we've told you, what you already read, what do you think of the second accuser? >> we want every accuser to have a full opportunity to air their
5:06 am
grievance, air their allegations. this one seems in all fairness to all parties concerned a little cheesy. a little sketchy. she remembered. she didn't remember. did it happen? was kavanaugh the guy? i thought about it years and years, suddenly becomes clear it is kavanaugh. in a court all i can tell you, i'm a lawyer. if this was a criminal trial it would just not, and burden was beyond a reasonable doubt there would be no doubt this would be thrown right out. is there a preponderance of the evidence? i still think it fails that test as well. you know, if i did talk to the president though about dr. ford's allegations which will be aired before the entire nation on thursday. we'll hear from this accuser dating back not to yale, but rather to the nominee's prep school days. so here is the president, is the president of the united states
5:07 am
giving me an interview for my new radio station, wtam, here in my beloved cleveland, asking him about, asking the president about judge kavanaugh. >> well i think he is an outstanding man. we went through a whole hearing. the hearing was over and then all of sudden a letter that was being held by senator feinstein emerged. it could have emerged much earlier. i think that was a shame. i think that was disgraceful not to bring it up in proper course. i can say this he is one of the finest people. >> what if her allegations are true? what if dr. ford, people believe this really happened 30 odd years ago, do you still think he should be confirmed to the high court? >> number one, i don't think that will happen. and number two, i want her to have her voice. let her have her voice. let her say whatever she has to say. let him say what he has to say. at the end the senators will make a choice.
5:08 am
brian: geraldo you talked to the president before the second accuser came out. her story by ronan farrow by "the new yorker." he listened to what he has to say. brian: ronan farrow. steve: here what he has to say about debra ramirez a freshman with kavanaugh at the. >> she came forward because senate democrats looked, this came to attention of people on the hill independently. this cornered her into awkward position. she took time to think about this carefully. she said point-blank i don't want to ruin anyone's life. she feels this is serious claim. she considers her own memories credible. she felt it was important that she tell her story before others did without her consent. steve: sounds like senate democrats looking for this claim he says. >> well, you know i have no doubt about that, steve. this is war. this is something that these folks on both sides of this
5:09 am
emotional, this fraught issue, are i think willing to do anything by any means necessary. they understand that what's at stake here, presumably is roe v. wade, a woman's right to choose. brian: but it is not. >> laws to restrict abortion rights. people are very emotional about it. it seems also. i hate to say this. there is an unseemly aspect to the, to the vigorous recruitment of allegations to throw at the nominee at the very last moment. and i think it is fair to say that sober analysis from either side of the political aisle would suggest the ramirez allegation particularly, even though more recent presumably than the dr. ford's allegations seems very sketchy. there is political activism involved here. background of the folks involved. brian: right. >> they are using this different kind of approach to thwart at president's nominee but it just
5:10 am
doesn't seem there are credible, if i were a betting man, i would say that the judiciary committee will pass dr. ford's nomination on to the full senate where he will be confirmed in very contentious vote that will be narrow but i think dr. dr. kavanaugh, professor kavanaugh, judge kavanaugh will be confirmed. brian: it comes down to jeff flake, sues can collins, and lisa murkowski. steve: it's a math problem congratulations on your show. brian: pretty good guest. anna: would be nice to have him on speed dial. ten minutes after the hour. jillian has look what else is making news. jillian: good morning a fox news alert. we've been covering this. intensifies across the nation. urgent manhunt underway after an alabama officer is shot in an ambush. police say the selma cop was shot while sitting in his patrol car. the 10-year department veteran
5:11 am
is in a stable condition. a officer in baltimore patrolling a crime-ridden neighborhood. the suspect is dead. the officer, veteran of the department is recovering from non-life-threatening injuries. another fox news alert. the fbi joining the urgent search for a missing 6-year-old with autism. take a look at his picture on your screen. that is maddox rich. he was last seen at a north carolina park. 24 agencies, 100 people are scanning the 1400-acre area. he is non-verbal. the father says he lost track of him at at park after he wandered off. bill cosby is will be walking into a courtroom, the start of two-day sentencing hearing after sexual assault in pennsylvania. his future lies in the hands of one judge. he is guilty of assaulting a woman sexually in 2004. hears been on house arrest since
5:12 am
the guilty verdict in april. more than 300 new words are on the way. some of the most notable ones players can now use in the game's sixth edition, okay, eww, emoji. the game uses more than 100 had thousand words t has been four years since mere ram webster and hasbro updated the official scrabble players dictionary so. steve: what about made-up words? can you make up words? jillian: make up your own rules. that is how we do it in our household. steve: thank you, jillian. meanwhile what cuts knew accusation against brett kavanaugh mean for his nomination? law proprofessor jonathan turley has some ideas. anna: this little girl turns into an all-star with her incredible anthem performance. you have to hear it. ♪ hear through the night that our flag was still there ♪
5:13 am
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♪ steve: judge brett kavanaugh facing brand new allegations after a second accuse hears gone public in the pages of "the new yorker." the supreme court nominee firing back, calling the accusation quote, a smear, plain and simple. he says he looks forward to
5:17 am
defending his good name at thursday's hearing. what does it mean for his confirmation? where do we go from here? let's talk to constitutional law professor, georgetown university, and projeff jonathan turley. good morning to you. >> thanks, steve. steve: the second woman comes out and said she was freshman at yale, it was booze party, things happened there. look it, was a drinking game. i was pretty lit up at the time. sounds like last week she wasn't sure if it was even kavanaugh. she has been thinking about it. she is pretty sure that was him. >> for objective observers, there is, it is impossible not to be troubled by the timing of all this. these types of allegations coming after the hearings were completed. right before successive votes were scheduled. all leads to real concerns about how this process should unfold. but more importantly it really goes what is the burden not of
5:18 am
these women coming forward or to be heard but what's the burden for senators? there has to be a modicum of fairness for brett kavanaugh. you cannot be the standard suggested by some democratic senators that we'll just believe the accuser. that's too easy. too opportunistic. it is not what their function truly is. they're not a court of law but they do have a right, they do have an obligation to be fair to this nominee. steve: right. >> as you know, this last allegation is subject is likely subject to a lot of scrutiny, unlike dr. ford who says she was assaulted in a room with these, these men. this is, the ramirez algation involved multiple people that presumably could confirm whether this happened or not. steve: right. >> "new york times" was unable to find someone who could do that. there is one person who says that he heard a couple days later that this occurred.
5:19 am
steve: going forward with the testimony of dr. ford on thursday, it sounds like it is going to be public. we don't know whether or not it will be on television for sure or not. what sort of track do the questions follow? i know we're not even sure at this point who is going to ask the questions. >> i think that the committee is looking at using a female attorney to question both witnesses. that would certainly take the optics, the bad optics away from the all male republican senators in questioning dr. ford. it would, dr. ford does have to answer some questions. you know, the committee is going to be interested if she talked to anyone on contemporary basis about these allegations. all the individuals she named said they don't recall the party or the incident. now her argument is, well i didn't tell anyone, so there is no reason for that party to have stuck out in their mind.
5:20 am
steve: right. >> but kavanaugh has come forward with a calendar that says this party wasn't even on my calendar. putting i'm astonished a high schoolkid had a calendar and kept a calendar -- steve: jonathan. we're taking you live to the manhattan, the president of the united states entering the general assembly, he is entering the background with the security team. the president will be taking part later this morning in what is being described as the global call to action, the world drug program, that is happening at 8:30. you can see the president in a red tie. he traveled just about a mile from the trump tower. somebody is barking out a question. let's see if we can hear his answer. sounds like the microphone is too far away from the president of the united states.
5:21 am
we can see nicki haley there, and mike pompeo. after the president make as few comments, we don't know the nature of the question shouted his direction, when he does make the comments at the general assembly we will take you there. live. [shouting questions] jonathan turley, as we watch the president head toward the general assembly, he would like to get this vote done as quickly as possible but a number of democratic senators are calling for an fbi investigation. is that appropriate at this stage? >> well, the real question is, what they would investigate. the most important thing is to get these statements under oath before the committee to see what would be investigated. if there aren't any witnesses, if all the named witnesses are saying they can't recall, it's not clear what the investigation would entail. but you certainly could have it. i think the priority is to get these individuals before the committee, get their statements
5:22 am
under oath, and we'll move from there. steve: right. when you say these individuals, you're talking about kavanaugh and ford? you're not talking about anybody else, are you? >> that's right. i mean the question about ramirez is still an open one. the committee is looking into the allegations but she herself said her memories is a bit spotty. we don't have any direct confirmation of the incident even though there were other people in the room and she apparently named a couple of them. steve: so far it sounds like every, in both of these instances people whose names have surfaced who were eyewitnesses to these alleged incidents, nobody remembers anything about it. so after we hear from both of them, kavanaugh and ford, then presumably it would be time for people on the judiciary committee to go ahead take a vote. how many people do you think are actually going to vote on how he has ruled in the past and how many will, these allegations will weigh heavily on their yea
5:23 am
or nay vote on him? >> steve, that is the interesting aspect of all of this. people like susan collins was getting a great deal of pressure over issue of roe v. wade. this appears to be credibility vote. the center of gravity moved dramatically from his judicial philosophy to his personal credibility and integrity. and that could be the up-or-down vote for these senators. the problem is that i'm not too sure these senators will have much more than they have today to make that decision. it will come down to, how credible do these people appear? i expect both of them are going to appear quite credible. steve: ultimately if he does not get a favorable vote in the senate judiciary committee -- can you tell hear me, jonathan? hello, jonathan? >> i'm out here. i can't hear you, steve. steve: okay. well then, we probably shouldn't continue the interview, right?
5:24 am
probably not. all right. we have plenty of time with him. professor jonathan turley, thank you very much. upstairs we go to brian and anna, and dan bongino. brian: we could get a whiteboard, get you a marker, hold out the questions, hold him up, let him read it. do you want to try that? anna: you can upstairs to join us on the couch. dan bongino, former fbi officer, former secret service agent and host of the dan bongino show. host of spy gate. >> i can hear you loud and clear. don't worry about that. brian: dan, yesterday we thought we would be focusing what is happening on thursday. this high school accuser comes out, her memory against brett kavanaugh's memory. now we have ronan farrow come up with a story in the new yorker. michael after -- avenatti coming
5:25 am
up with another person. your reaction to all these surfacing when they did is? >> the timing at this point is suspicious but. doctor h doctor ford's why would the democrats thought as series as they allege, decide to hold it for weeks until the day before the vote invites the obvious question, was your motivation to really get tan answer on this, or is your motivation purely political to obstruct and damage this man's reputation? are these not honest questions? why did you with hold the information and why aren't democrats held to account for that. on the second story by ronan farrow. we see the same pattern now emerging. decades old allegations no corroboration, no corroboration significant enough to meet
5:26 am
journalistic standards, "the new yorker" almost admits that, no evidence which means judge kavanaugh can't possibly get his name and reputation back if he is innocent of this. anna: no matter how you slice it. one doesn't look good, two looks worse. there is report that stormy daniels attorney may have another storyline that will potentially be following as well. what do you think, if more happen to come out? >> well, again, we have to ask ourselves, this is zero sum at this point. as these allegations come out something is taken away from judge kavanaugh as well. is he entitled to defend himself? these allegations have been taken seriously. chuck grassley has done a pretty good job i think up to now. i think they're blowing it now at this point, we have to ask ourselves is there obligation to provide evidence? this is not a consequence-free environment. taking a pound of flesh from judge kavanaugh as well and these allegations, anybody can make an allegation.
5:27 am
brian: senator grassley said about ramirez, what grassley said about a mere rose, now the president of the united states is walking into the room. we'll continue to watch that. when audio comes up to the surface. he said this, the committee's majority staff learned allegations made by deborah a mere rose from "the new yorker" report. neither she nor his legal representatives contacted the chairman's office. the democratic staff were aware of these allegations but were american informed, specifically my words now, four were informed. two have their own investigations going. the chairman never knew about it. >> brian, i'm telling you, i have never seen the republican base as fired up as they are about an issue as they are about this. these allegations, these are serious allegations. this isn't a joke, people making these kinds of allegations. if you're going to do it, going to inform what which believe to be serious politicians in d.c. on democrat side it is their
5:28 am
obligation to put it out there they can reviewed. it is clear they're not law enforcement matters. they're not. there is no evidence. i was former law enforcement officer. there is nothing to investigate. there are no corroborating accounts of this. this is political matters of advice and consent in the senate. how do you expect them to advice and consent if one side of the political aisle will not share the information. these are basic questions we all should be asking. the republican party has to get savvy to this. time to move on, take a vote. if they blow this the political ramifications, taking it to the bank and cash that check, are going to be severe. steve: in what way? >> the republican base, steve, is pissed, they're fired up. this was the one thing a lot of people came out and voted for donald trump for. if these allegations were corroborated, there was evidence, yes, i believe even die-hard republicans say let's step back, maybe review this nominee and look elsewhere, maybe pull the nomination. the fact that no corroborating
5:29 am
evidence has produced itself, the time being so suspicious republican voters aren't stupid. they're starting to figure out that democrats have another agenda here. anna: dan, but republicans are being painted as bullies by democrats. that will likely fire up their base as well. >> well, anna, how can they be bullies? senator grassley i thought earlier last week did an admirable job presenting multiple opportunities for dr. ford to present these very serious charges to the senate. we'll come to you. you come to us. private, public, on the record, off the record. what else did you want senator grassley to do? they presented multiple, how is that being a bully? if they didn't let dr. ford speak they would be bullies. now they let her speak they are bullies too. republican voters understand what is going on. the democrats are not serious about this. this is not a joke. lives are at stake. judge kavanaugh has kid.
5:30 am
this is dad and public servant. steve: dan the white house says this is latest coordinated smear campaign. the claim is denied by all who were present. the white house stands behind judge kavanaugh. president is not in the white house. he is on the east side of manhattan. he is sitting by nikki haley and national security team as well. very shortly we'll hear from the president talking about the international, they're gaveling things into order. let's listen to ambassador nikki haley. >> good morning. thank you, welcome to the first major event of high level week, 2018. we're very excited to see all of you this morning. president takes a personal interest in the fight against drugs. the u.s., like many of your countries has seen too many lives lost and families destroyed due to the illegal movement and abuse of drugs. so we thank you very much for signing the compact and for being here. what bringing us together today is something that has touched
5:31 am
every american, everyone knows someone who has suffered or died from abusing illegal drugs. drugs are not only an american problem, the drug problem is global. it is a demand side issue and a supply side issue. drugs are a corruption issue, a law and order issue, a civil society issue. all of these issues are part of the drug problem. and they don't stop at geographical borders. it will take every country at the united nations to address the drug problem. the united states is confronting a serious opioid crisis that is fueled bit rapid increase in the illicit supply of synthetic drugs like fentanyl. we're not alone. countries around the world see similar trends of increased addiction and significant loss of life due to deadly drugs like
5:32 am
those. we expect this upward trend to continue. so we're here today to talk about solutions. we've seen first-hand how complex the global drug supply chain is. we have seen what's working and what isn't to stop production, trafficking and use. we've been to cocoa fields and sat down with leaders in colombia, guatemala, and honduras. these countries are committed to doing good work to combat this crisis, work that benefits all of us. our partnerships are making a difference. the president wants to give, get even more countries involved to pursue action on a global scale. the president will say more about this in a minute. but the global call of action began as a way to build awareness among world leaders about the drug problem. the next step is to reaffirm the commitment of u.n. member-states to key u.n. conventions and institutions devoted to this
5:33 am
issue. and we need to pay more attention to emerging challenges specifically those posed by synthetic drugs. finally, we want every u.n. member state to commit to action. the global call to action asks every country to pledge to develop action plans for addressing drug supply and demand, treatment options, and international cooperation. the response we've received so far has been nothing short of outstanding. mr. president, we're proud to join our 31 co-hosts including colombia, the united kingdom, afghanistan, kenya and jordan who helped gather the countries assembled here today and we are honored to be among 130 member-states who are here and have signed on to the global call to action. your commitment is an inspiration. we hope at least more nations to
5:34 am
join us but none of us would be here today without the leadership of the man it is now my honor to introduce. as president of the united states donald trump has taken on the challenge and felt the weight of leading a nation in pain and grief over the abuse of illegal drugs. now he has taken this leadership wordwide. he has relentlessly committed to building a global coalition to fight the global problem of drug abuse. we are grateful for his leadership in this event. ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce my boss, president donald j. trump. [applause] >> thank you very much, nikki. thank you very much. thank you all for being here this morning. it is a great honor to address you on an issue that affects every nation across the globe, the world drug problem and a big problem it is.
5:35 am
the scourge of drug addiction continues to claim too many lives in the united states and the nations around the world. today we commit to fighting the drug epidemic together. i want to express my deep gratitude to ambassador haley nor her outstand leadership in countering narc kicks it at the night nation and great work of our great secretary of state mike pompeo who has done an absolutely fantastic job and ambassador john bolton. thank you very much. we also thank the secretary-general for joining us at our special guest, as our special guest. he has become a great friend and he is doing a wonderful job at a very, very complex situation but a beautiful situation and i've always said the united nations has tremendous potential and that potential is being met slowly but surely it is being
5:36 am
meant. we're likewise grateful to our 31 co-host countries. each of you is taking critical steps to combat the global drug problem. as the 2018 world drug report highlights cocaine and opium production have hit record highs incredibly and global deaths caused by drug use has increased by 60% from the year 2000, to 2015. so in 15 years it has gone up 60% which is absolutely terrible. as we know illegal drugs are linked to organized crime, illegal financial woes and corruption and terrorism. it is vital for public health and national security we fight drug addiction, stop all forms of trafficking and snuggling that provide a financial lifeblood for vicious transnational cartels. in the united states we're taking a aggressive action securing our borders, supporting
5:37 am
law enforcement, devoting record funding to the opioid crisis and promoting treatment and recovery. many nations here today are also taking bold action. newly-elected president duke, from colombia campaigned on a anti-drug platform and won a very, very impressive victory. congratulations. we look forward to partnering with his new administration to eradicate cocoa production in his country. all of us must work together to dismantle drug production and defeat drug addiction. for this reason last month the united states announced a global call to action on the world drug problem. the call is simple. reduce drug demand, cut off the supply of illicit drugs, expand treatment, and strengthen international cooperation. if we take these steps together we can save the lives of countless people in all corners
5:38 am
of the world and when i say countless, i'm talking about millions and millions of people. i'm thrilled that every country in the room today has agreed to answer our call and i want to thank each and everyone of you for your commitment to this important initiative. the united states looks forward to working with you to strengthen our communities, protect our families and deliver a drug-free future for all of our children. thank you very much and thank you for being here. we appreciate it. thank you. [applause] thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. we are very grateful that the secretary-general is with us today to kick off high level week and -- brian: there you go, the president of the united states saying what we thought he was going to say. he has come out against opioid abuse from around the world. he knows where it comes from and how it gets here. we're not the only ones with the problem. ambassador haley with the introduction, gaveled the
5:39 am
meeting to start and i imagine our secretary of state will talk as well. steve: i think you're right. let's bring dan bongino who was with us before we went from the east side of manhattan to the u.n. general assembly. the president makes a great point, there is epidemic with opioid not only around the united states, but around the world. this is the time to do something about it. >> i think he is obviously choosing to address the u.n. about this issue, it has been a sensitive topic from him from day one. that is no mystery. this is on his mind for a very long time. secondly, not just about drugs, steve. my experience in law enforcement over nearly two decades of my life at local and federal level. this is more become a transnational terrorism issue as well. we see groups from afghanistan, poply fields of afghanistan, to the cocaine field field of colombia, groups like farc, who
5:40 am
used proceeds from it to support international terror. it is not just a public issue about the dangers of drugs. it is international issue involving more than just narcotic sales, but terrorism as well. he has been on this from day one, the p. steve: do you think the united nations can actually get anything done? >> candidly no, i don't think the united nations has been very effective doing just about anything. with the united states 'leadership and some legitimate -- you have to use the bully pulpit, president trump. this is what i like about him had. we provide a lot of operational funding for the u.n. from the united states and a lot of mission based funding. if he use as carrot-and-stick approach we want to see results you will not get money flows in the future, they may get something done. but are they getting things done now? no, not really. anna: how do we make sure this is not lip service? everybody wants a drug-free future for our children but how do we make sure it happens?
5:41 am
>> we have a problem with drugs, drug sales, drug trafficking across both borders for a very long time. this is not easy problem to solve. there is demand side and supply side. we can provide help on supply side but demand side there is much economic issue as it is a drug issue. we go through deep periods of economic malaise in the united states, people seek out let's. this is not a easy problem. there are a lot of prongs and spokes on the wheel. it will not be solved overnight. this is an issue the president brought up multiple times. this isn't a daily thing he just thought of this morning. he has been on this for a long time. brian: it would be nice if china stopped dumping fentanyl into mexico and have it stream across the border. that would be a good start. thanks, dan. >> appreciate it. brian: 19 before the top of the hour. thought there was only 11 million illegal immigrants in
5:42 am
the united states. it might be 22 million. thomas homan is coming your way. steve: these navy seals headed the most highly decorated unit in iraq war. jocko willink and leif babin is here. >> great to see you guys. come on up.
5:43 am
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brian: every leader must be ready, willing to take charge and make hard, crucial calls for the good of the team. that's the message behind the brand new book, the dichotomy of leadership. anna: the decorated navy seals behind the book are no stranger to success, leading a team. three years ago the two wrote best-selling book, extreme ownership. steve: it is great. here to tell us more about the follow-up book. authors, jocko willink and leif babin. gentleman, good morning to you.
5:46 am
>> thanks for having us. steve: what is the dichotomy of leadership, leif? >> about balance and between two opposing forces. jocko and i worked with hundreds of companies and literally thousands of leaders over the that three years. this is the biggest challenge leaders have, trying to balance between two opposing force, being a leader and being a follower. in order to be a good leader you have to be a follower. being detached not into the details seeing bigger picture, not so detached you're not too far away you don't know what is going on the front lines. brian: does a leader admit if they need help from people they're supposed to be leading? >> absolutely. you came up with a better idea than me, you don't say, no we go with my idea. brian, you come up with a better idea and better plan you lead and i will follow. there is nothing wrong with that. anna: how did it prepare you for talking to bigwig business
5:47 am
owners and corporations help them get their employees in order? >> it is really the same. combat leadership is diverse group of people with different perspectives and different egoes, different agendas working together to accomplish a mission. that is no different from any team, any organization, trying to accomplish that mission. i think for me -- anna: for you, life or death in some situations. >> i made every mistake as a leader you can possibly mistake. it is not being mistake-free but as a leader getting better. and trying to balance between the two opposing forces. steve: jocko, the average person not in the military use the lessons you make in the book in their everyday lives. >> make sure you don't go from one extreme in the one direction to the extreme in the other direction. for for instance, can a leader talk too much? yes they can. can a lead irtalk to little? yes they can. you want to be somewhere in the middle. can a leader be too aggressive?
5:48 am
can you be not as aggressive enough? yes. you need to be in the middle. some forces pull you in different directions. it can go, there are limitless number of these forces. once you recognize them you don't want to be on extreems, need to be balanced. brian: are you worried we're losing our edge as a country, our tough know with the next generation? our attempt to be kind and give our kids everything they need to be successful we're making them too soft? >> we definitely have to be careful about that. you have to remember on the front lines, we know guys still in the military, the kids, coming up, 18, 19, 20 years old they're taking the fight to the enemy. america still has it and we're never going to lose it. steve: the new book, dichotomy of leadership. jock cano, leif, thanks for talg to us. >> i will talk to you on radio and be a little tougher. steve: pete hegseth with our
5:49 am
friend from folds of honor with heroes. he join us next in front of that house. there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors,
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>> totally political. totally political. thank you. [shouting questions] steve: okay, the president is leaving the united nations general assembly that we just, he was talking about drugs. he was talking about kavanaugh and mueller investigation, all political he said. we'll have the complete sound bite probably, i would imagine in eight minutes here on the fox news channel. brian: they like the president to, for the most part when it comes to this, mitch mcconnell saying, kind of stay out of it. don't pick sides. i want to hear both. that was his message with her ruled he dough. there -- geraldo. saying total political. steve: sounds like he is frustrated. brian: yeah. anna: 52 minutes after the hour. we have entire community teaming up to build a brand new home in johns berg, illinois.
5:53 am
steve: entire proceeds is donated to folds of honor which is nonprofit we provides scholarships to families of fallen servicemembers. brian: pete hegseth, mr. everything is there. pete: i will take that title, brian, thank you very much. we're on the back deck of an house that they given tire house to folds of honor. you're flying jets this week. a connection to service and though that help those that serve. >> this is what this day is about, pete. i'm honored to sill serve. we saw president trump at the u.n. military budget this year, $717 billion, getting resources we need as fighter pilots in the united states military to do our job. today we have great americans stepping up to take care of our military families. that is what this day is about. pete: the house will be sold but everything went into it cost
5:54 am
nothing. they donated time and labor and effort. let's go into the house. we're walk into, i have negative done a home show, now i pet my chance a sun room, a living room, a beautiful, beautiful kitchen. this is connie shea and her husband bill we spoke to already this morning. come over here. you helped design the kitchen. put a lot of love into it. why do you care about the project so much? >> because the cause is awesome. i love the cause. pete: cause giving back to -- >> to the families and children, so they can go to school. scholarships for the kids. it really helps parents. pete: you have raised, you have done walks, done homes. raised over a million dollars. this house will add to that as well. what a testament. thank you very much. appreciate it. this is absolutely beautiful. i might change my zip code. major dan, come with us too. katy, how are you doing? >> good. how are you? >> this is dining room. master bedroom, dining room,
5:55 am
living room. when you got here there was no furniture here. what is walter e. smith with an e, is doing here? >> we staged it like a home so perspective buyers can envision themselves here. pete: for free? >> oh, yeah. pete: why for free? >> walter smith loves folds of honor, they identified guaranteed number one way to give kids best opportunity of life, long-term opportunity is education. pete: follow through on service. thanks for being a part of it, katy. >> of course. pete: this beautiful furniture, can i take some with me. you heard it. we're going back outside to the front. where it all began. bill, great to see you again. we're the reason we're here. you helped make this all possible. this plaque what motivated you. these are men from your town that lost lives in vietnam. you served in the marines.
5:56 am
this is personal and passionate for you. >> i want to keep the memory alive and help families of fallen military in the future. pete: when this house is sold, it will go to the kid of parents that gave so much. >> 100% of the sales price goes to them. pete: 100%. major dan, that is the foundation. you run it lean and mean. >> 90 cents of every dollar goes directly fund scholarship programs. four out of four stars on guide star. more importantly one house, and 100 lives will be changed. we're so proud to be aligned ald with great americans and committed to never leave the family behind on the field of battle at folds of honor. everybody's help. fox nation is incredibly generous. we hope people visit the website to make a donation. pete: love it. these are the guys that made it happen, no cost, their time. nice, thank you very much. for "fox & friends" on the other side here in illinois.
5:57 am
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>> it has been a very busy three hours here on the tv show. you have a busy three hours on radio. >> we'll talk about leadership and be talking to ken about what's going on on capitol hill. >> bill: the cavanaugh confirmation battle getting more complicated today. another woman coming forward with new allegations from 3 1/2 decades ago. days away from the expected hearing from the original accuser. we'll see where we go throughout the day today. hope you had an awesome weekend. go tiger. just talking about that. >> sandra: it was fun to watch. i'm sandra smith. both the white house and brett kavanaugh swinging against the latest report in which another woman is accusing kavanaugh of sexual misconduct this time at a dorm room party when they were both students at yale. >> kavanaugh putting out a statement. here is


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