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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 4, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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have the duke lacrosse, the truth finally came out there. but i think it remains the same going forward. >> thank you very much. tucker carlson is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the president is speaking at this hour in rochester, minnesota, and we will go right to it if news happens, and it made. much has changed in the past three weeks, we watched slack-jawed as a professional lawmakers attacked the rule of law. we have heard self-described antiracism activists embrace full throated racism on television. we have seen people who call themselves advocates for women destroy the life of an actual woman for political gain. the country is all but inverted during the debate over brett kavanaugh's nomination, it is
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bewildering. in case you are having trouble keeping track of it all, a reminder, it was only a week ago that democrats argued a second senate hearing into brett kavanaugh's high school record was not enough to find the truth. we needed a supplement terry fbi investigation and we needed it immediately. >> there needs to be an fbi investigation. >> the fbi is an agency of sworn trained law enforcement officers. they have the ability to do an investigation. >> at the independent professionals of the fbi do an investigation. >> an fbi investigation is the only way to answer some of these questions. >> tucker: it always struck us as a mindless demand despite all the hysterical demands for it. everyone involved had already given sworn statements under the penalty of perjury about what they knew for this story.
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the two people at the very center that had already testified before congress on television. brett kavanaugh's life had been the subject of six previous fbi probes, and not only was he cleared and all six of them, he was given access to america's nuclear codes. we knew all we were going to know about an event that supposedly took place 37 years ago and that's why the fbi said it had zero interest in getting involved again. and yet democrats involved in ad for a new investigation and then protesters screamed at port jeff flake in an elevator in the senate until he agreed with the democrats. so we got the investigation. it was supposed to take a week but it wrapped up in six days, but there was nothing to find. almost four decades after the fact there were very few people left to interview. not surprisingly in the end, the fbi did not corroborate christine ford's story. you know what that means, don't
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you? the fbi must be involved in a cover-up. a diabolical secret plot orchestrated with their very close allies in the trump administration. that's what they are telling us. the very people who days ago were telling us that the is a impeachable organization, a tiebreaker. but now the fbi as part of the deep state. >> of the investigation was very limited. >> this report is blatantly and clearly incomplete. >> our fears have been realized. this is not a thorough investigation. >> in your view is this a fulsome and edible investigation? >> it's obviously a cover-up. >> tucker: our fears have been realized. the fbi is working with the trump administration and they always have been. it's a plot so secret, we believe the opposite is happening. how is that for clever? others on the left say now what
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we really need is for brett kavanaugh to take a polygraph exam, because those are accepted by science. senator lindsey graham of south carolina said the lie detector was likely the first demand in a long list. watch. >> wanda weed dunk in the water, maybe you will believe he lied about how much he drank in high school, that he threw ice at a bar, or he doesn't have the temperament, that he doesn't handle being destroyed well. enough, enough already. let's vote. >> tucker: why don't we just dunk him in water and see if he floats? it was good enough in medieval france. you know one investigation will never truly be good enough, and investigation of some kind or dunking of some kind that last through january 3rd of 2019 and
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that's when the new congress will be's stock in. that's the real goal, or it has been. win or lose, his nomination will be voted on it looks like in a few days. it seems likely he will be confirmed but we won't know until the last vote is cast. still, it's worth thinking about what the world looks like once this is all over, after kavanaugh's confirmation vote. the left has accused president trump president trump of overturning norms and destroying institutions, but as always, it is pure projection. whatever they are accusing you of is exactly what they are doing. and it's true in this case, too. the left just mounted a full assault on our justice system. they thought nothing of tossing out the presumption of innocence. you saw actual u.s. senators say things like, the accused has an obligation to prove himself and his they said that out loud.
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then they try to use the fbi as a weapon against their political opponents, and not for the first time. the obama administration to the same. think this. think again. thought leaders, except that's not an oxymoron on the left, are already laying groundwork to pack the courts, something that hasn't been tried since the 1930s. adding more democrats to change the balance, the small democratic option available. it's only fair to offset the theft of mayor garland's seat, and the appointment of a teenage sex offender. going forward, look to the left to delegitimize any decisions by brett kavanaugh of the court or even decisions in which he is the majority. some states may decide to ignore the supreme court. does that seem far-fetched? maybe not. look what's happening in california right now. lawmakers in that state, the
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largest state in the union have already made it a crime for citizens in california to assist in the enforcement of any federal immigration law. california is, in effect, in open revolt against the laws of the united states. suppose the supreme court were trying to crack down on that. brett kavanaugh sits on the court. his edicts are illegitimate and that could happen. that up by the way is what crisis looks like. so get ready for that. before we get to our first guests, we do have a fox news alert. brett kavanaugh wrote an op-ed published in "the wall street journal" literally a few seconds ago. here's a selection from it, and we are quoting. "i was very emotional last thursday, more so than i have ever been. i might have been too emotional at times. i know my tongue was sharp and a set a few things i should not have said. i hope everyone can understand that i was there as a son,
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husband and dad. i testified with five people foremost in my mind. my mom, my dad, my wife and most of all my daughters. going forward, you can count on me to be the same kind of judge and person i have been for my entire 28 year legal career. hardworking, and even killed, open-minded, independent and dedicated to the constitution and the public good. there is " there's a lot more to that op-ed. meanwhile, though joe did joe a joins us tonight. do you think it's likely as democrats are now suggesting, that the fbi is in secret collusion with this allies in the trump administration to subvert the will of the democratic party? do you think that's a likely scenario?
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>> it something called the big lie. what they have done is associated themselves with anarchy and they are now in full revolt against the constitution of the united states, the union and the rule of law. what you are hearing are the cries of an injured child, not unlike those of ms. ford when she testified before the committee as an injured adolescent. the democratic party is in full retreat from good government, the rule of law and sanity. these people are crazed, seeking power and there they are, calling into question the integrity of the fbi who didn't want anything to do with this, and were asked to do it by senator and senator flake. good lord, they are appalling. the one so if you are one of the fbi employees who doesn't want the agency to become politicized or used as a weapon by a political party or other, what do you make of all this? >> i think they don't like the results. it's very simple. i said when the investigation
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began that you will get your investigation but you may not like what they found out. what they found out is, not only is there not corroboration of dr. ford's story, the important thing is her story was rejected by her own witnesses. i think that's very difficult for the democratic party to handle. the fbi doesn't really care how those things come out, that's why there was so much aversion to james comey's record as the director. they want to be known as independent. we want to be fact finders, and they do today. i will tell you they did not parse this investigation, they did a thorough investigation. just because you like it doesn't mean it's not valid and i think that's what we are dealing with here. if you don't like the results, then attacked the investigative agency. i don't think it will play out very well. >> tucker: state joe did jen about his from the fbi investigation, they don't have the opportunity to prove those.
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this is an example of what happens when a party decides to uproot itself from the rule of law from decency and honesty and integrity. they are hurting innocent peopl people, a man and his family, and the confirmation process was in shambles as a result of the conduct of senator feinstein and a senator booker and senator harris, and the little man from delaware, senator, who is a blathering fake lawyering has become an embarrassment to the senate. but that's where we are. so what do they do, they attacked the fbi. the fbi is a great institution, notwithstanding james comey's leadership, there remain a great institution today. >> tucker: is a really quick, democrats are saying that he needs to take a polygraph exam. is it even within the realm of
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possibility that he has over two fbi hq and takes a polygraph exam? what does that even mean? >> i totally reject that. and i've seen polygraphs be successful, i've seen them fail miserably but this is a matter of credibility and we have the ability as human beings to adjudicate credibility. we do it every day in our life. courts do it, juries do it and we all do it. >> thank you very much, that was great. for months it seemed like the republicans could be in deep trouble in the upcoming midterm elections, has that changed as the brett kavanaugh nomination process awakens republicans and changes the forces of the party? it's possible. we will have a full analysis of that next. the president is speaking live in rochester, minnesota tonight.
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president. trump's economy, immigration policy, tax cuts and tweets, but at the last moment a new issue has emerged and completely transformed the political calculation. of course that's the brett kavanaugh nomination. democrats are angry about it and fired up in opposition to kavanaugh, but more importantly could be the reaction of many republicans. in some cases they are not even behind the nominee. as a complicated question so we have asked to talk to our favorite correspondent gillian turner who has the numbers. >> for months all the d.c. posters have been telling us that democrats have been revved up for d.c. midterms, and now a whole slew of new polls this week are turning that conventional wisdom on its head. the give isn't the mueller investigation or tax cuts for reform, party leaders say it's brett kavanaugh. >> the defining issue in 2018
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has changed. it's about this. >> a marist poll shows the enthusiasm gap between republicans and democrats drinking by the day. just two months ago there was a ten-point gap between the democrat and republican interest in the midterms but that playing field has leveled off. now the number of republicans who say they feel extremely interested in the election is up by two points in arizona, nine points in indiana, eight points in missouri and north dakota and up 11 points in tennessee. meanwhile, the new round of fox news battleground poll shows a fight for republicans, but stoking it interesting republicans all across the board. all five states surveyed showed an uptick in conservative interests. it could tip tight races especially in missouri and north dakota, and voting against his nomination will hurt more than help the democratic candidates in those dates. and while it's true supreme court bites while at both parties bases, this is
5:19 pm
strictly bad news for candidates running against the partisan grain of their constituents. >> whether you are a chump republican, bush republican, mccain republican, libertarian or vegetarian, you are paced. i have never seen the republican party's unified as i do right now. >> the national report and congressional committees house fox news republicans are voting with their dollars, too. they say from august to september their donations are up 175% with the average individual gift up by 111%. all of this type may not be due to kavanaugh but all signs point to yes. >> tucker: it sure seems that way. this is a former cia officer and democrat and he recently wrote a really interesting piece in which he wrote about his party's approach to the kavanaugh nomination could be a problem for them in november. this is an interesting piece,
5:20 pm
and this is part of a strategy of attacking cavanaugh, obviously. the media have been relentless in backing ford and her claims with rapid response outrage if anyone dared to challenge her fax or insist on careful due process. meanwhile, kavanaugh has been vilified successfully as a rich, drunken, lying gang. if all that were true, that seems to work politically for the democrats and what's the downside do you think for them? >> we are seeing it in the polls and the fantastic recap that we just heard. certainly the republican base is getting riled up and rightfully so. we are also seeing independence. if you break down any of these polls, all lot of that movement especially in the generic poll is independence. they are either splitting more towards a republicans or notably morse towards the republicans and we are seeing that across all age groups.
5:21 pm
also, that's the the trump coalition. so that's what it looks like to me. >> i'm not sure -- you pointed out in the peace that the democrats knew from the very beginning that they are unlikely to block this nomination because they don't control the u.s. senate. so this is the only strategy they might have employed. so they are mad about his views on roe v. wade. okay. wouldn't you get more in the end if you stood up for your own principles instead of just trying to destroy a guy on the basis of high school stuff? >> here's a part as an american, forget being a democrat but it outrages me over a democratic strategy. a sexual assault victim used her to achieve a political aim or political goal, to destroy the republicans and the press. if we are going to have a debate in this country about things like roe v. wade or tax policie policies, gay rights, et cetera,
5:22 pm
let's have that forthright. let's not drag somebody through the mud. we certainly could have had this investigation the first part of our guest but we didn't. we chose to drop it out in the middle of september to make this even more horrific. and we are getting exactly what we deserve. >> tucker: you are totally right, let's have a real debate. thank you very much. just the other day, we talked to alan dershowitz at the aclu calling cavanaugh a without providing evidence that he is. >> in america we don't allow people to destroy other peoples career based on what the aclu says. the aclu says we should presume guilt and not innocence. >> tucker: they are here to defend that after the break. plus trump at a rally in minnesota. if anything happens, we will take you there. >> president trump: we have
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too hot to work? nah. will will >> tucker: the aclu
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became famous all over almost a hundred years by defending due process and free speech. especially for deeply unpopular people. that long and noble tradition is over now in the name of left-wing solidarity. the aclu has been running an ad likening kavanaugh to bill cosby even though they have nothing in common, of course, judge kavanaugh has not even been tried. >> i did not have relations with that woman. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> judge kavanaugh: i categorically and unequivocally deny the allegations against me by dr. ford. >> is which choose a lifetime seat on her highest court, integrity matters and we cannot have any doubt. senator gardner, oppose the confirmation of judge kavanaugh. >> tucker: shakira is the aclu
5:28 pm
representative who is joining us tonight. this is a disgusting add obviously but what's so stressful is you ran it, because this is guilt by association. during for instance the black list. bill cosby and brett kavanaugh have nothing in common and yet you twinned them in to discredit cavanaugh, kavanaugh, how would you do that as the aclu? >> we appreciate your comments and the common thread here is men whose careers are on the line. in this instance we believe the denial issued by brett kavanaugh goes right to integrity, a position he is applying for on the supreme court in which he sits in judgment on the rest of the nation. and we have thought about his integrity -- >> tucker: i would never argue against the importance of integrity but bill cosby has been convicted of crimes in court. he went through the process, the
5:29 pm
one that the aclu before was taken over by partisans like you that once defended, and brett kavanaugh has not been. so putting them together is by definition guilt by association, and unfair. do you think a person in your possession 20 years ago would have seen that? >> if this isn't as civil criminal trial, i think you understand that. the standard of proof now is not beyond a reasonable doubt. be one so why would you put them next to bill cosby? >> is not entitled to that presumption of innocence and if you assume that you are saying he's entitled to the job on the supreme court. >> i'm not arguing that. i'm asking you why you put him next to a man who was tried in court and convicted of felonies and sentenced to prison, when he as you just noted -- speak out that individual has also denied investigations and i think you appreciate tucker that we are criticizing people on the left and the right. >> i'm -- i'm saying those are
5:30 pm
things you once defended. >> i think that you are often crowding out the voices of women, and in this case the woman came forward. you are the aclu, you don't believe in collective judgment or collective punishment. >> let me just remind you, -- it's an individualized determination about this woman who came forward. >> exactly. now you are back and reasonable mode. so why would you say it's about women being heard when of course, it's not. >> in those instances there have been other men who denied accusations and all we are saying is that in this instance, like in previous instances, women deserve an opportunity to be heard. >> so you are endorsing
5:31 pm
collective judgment? other women have nothing to do with this. this woman -- he has not been honest and forthright. had he come forward and said, listen, all of us are young at some point in life, he would have one vote. >> let me ask you one thing that i wanted to ask you for a long time. the aclu was the reason the first amendment was defined in the clarence brandon, and he was a klansman. i have the right to say what was true. now the aclu has decided they are not -- -- you know, do you want me to read the quote? >> name another quote out there. >> we can refuse -- >> this is
5:32 pm
your standard. you are trying to shout me down because you know -- >> i'm trying to defend my principal here. >> let me read the memo from your group. we are not going to assist in cases that may advance the goals of white supremacists or others whose views are contrary to your values. if you are not defending people who are unpopular who you disagree with, then why do you still exist? >> we absolutely defend those people. if you look at a case in new york where we are defending the nra, or you look at the case and we are defending milo. >> what about someone who is really unpopular? he made the country better and now you are making it worse. you mean that with total sincerity. >> it's totally true. the left has tried to fire up women against brett kavanaugh, you just heard that. that could be backfiring. conservative women are paying attention to and some of them are every bit as mad. tammy bruce joins us to discuss that, next.
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5:38 pm
good for this position. >> you heard that right. a group planned confirmed thate doesn't have the right temperament. our camera crew went down to d.c. and braved all that to bring those pictures to you. that was a mob pressuring senators to unquestioningly believe the allegations against brett kavanaugh. meanwhile the author of the china monologues which you haven't seen and probably shouldn't, lashing out at women of a certain skin color whose support brett kavanaugh for some reason. that's an open letter published by "time" magazine, eva endler suggests that white women who back kavanaugh are supporting violent abusive behavior. "i don't think you want to apologize to her daughters 40 years from now, stop the ascension of a man who is angry, aggressive and vengeful and could wear very well be a sexual assault her. tammy bruce is a radio show host and has been watching all of this very carefully.
5:39 pm
>> we are seeing something that i think has actually been pretty predictable. hillary set up one point that women voted for trump because of their husbands told them to. do you remember that big controversy? because she was relying on the women's vote to elect her as president, and the majority of white women as the polls tend to categorize people, voted for donald trump. so in her explanation, it was because those particular women clearly are zombies. they have no mind of their own. and maybe, they are the walking dead, i don't know. but they certainly don't have personal agency, that was her message. i contend with all of this and i know you've been covering the issue about why has reese been interjected into this? i contend this. in fact now the democrats haven't decided that they have to figure out a way to divide even the households to make women think that the men in their lives are the enemy. whether it's your husband or your son or your brother or your
5:40 pm
dad, in fact men, white men in particular because women's but was issue, you can't trust. >> tucker: that's a high cost. >> then of course it will fail. this is truly a diluted framework, and it tells you the nature of who we are dealing with here. it's also desperation so it explains both those approaches. what you are also seeing of course at the polls now, the enthusiasm of course is soaring amongst the g.o.p., and i believe with republican women it has gone up like 14 points i think. it's been a remarkable surge and most people thought everything was going to be okay but this has been a reminder about the what the left is really about and what the democrats have become. when it comes to women who have been sexually assaulted, women have either had an experience or know someone who has. we all understand that. and this kind of patronizing, we
5:41 pm
know what our lives have been. we know what we require and we require a justice system that is fair. we required to process and we do want to be taken seriously but the only way we will be taken seriously as if the system can be trusted. and how dare they lecture every other woman, whether they be liberal or not. it's the polls are the liberals. liberal women, during the presidential race, there is such anger and rage on the left. it's not safe to be honest about what you think of the situation. so when we see the enthusiasm going up for the republicans, and you see a static framework for the democrats, i contend that the midterms, women on both sides of the aisle liberal or conservative, we know that 75 or 80% of americans did not like what dianne feinstein did. they consider it a national disgrace and they will vent that
5:42 pm
for both liberal and conservative women. this issue is nonpartisan and they will find out what that means in november. >> tucker: it certainly should be part of sin. thank you. you always take it a level beneath was obvious and i appreciate that. >> tucker: time for final exam. believe it or not, there were stories in the past week that did not involve the confirmation hearing. do you remember any of them, and for that matter, did greg got failed or judged in nan pirro remember any of them? they are facing off against each other after the break. and of course the trump rally is still in progress in rochester, minnesota. we are following it and we will bring you there live if news emerges. >> president trump: returning power to the american people. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> tucker: time now for a "final exam" where we put the news professionals against each other to see who's been paying the closest attention. tonight, it really that much of the century. the topics, they may be hard to believe but there were news stories this past week that had nothing to do with judicial confirmation. did anyone notice them? we are finding out. joining us as greg got failed, and judge jeanine pirro, host of justice with judge jeanine. we both know the rules as avid weekly viewers of this game but i will repeat them for our viewers just tuning in. contestants, and on buzzers. i asked the questions on the first of the two of you that buzz and gets the question. this is a tough one, you must allow me to finish ask you before you say the answer. if you get it wrong you lose a point, each correct answer is worth a point. i'm now the judge. first one. the most famous phase of the pennsylvania gubernatorial debate this week was the
5:48 pm
moderator. the candidates were questioned by which longtime tv game show host? [buzz] judge jeanine pirro. >> alex trebek. the one she's right. i will not tolerate any booing or hissing, not even if you directed at the candidates. >> tucker: it wrong. [laughs] >> wagoner is running for governor there, i know him. >> tucker: question number two. which world leaders featured in a popular new calendar that shows him riding a horse, cuddling a leopard and posing shirtless with the fish? greg got failed. >> putin. >> tucker: let's find out if you are right. >> there is putin with a pop. put in with a cut of the, putting on a horse, and putin taking the epiphany dip in ice
5:49 pm
water. >> if a foreigner buys this calendar, i will definitely have a good impression of our president and they will see that he can do it all. he loves animals, he can shoot, he looks good and love sports. >> tucker: i detect a kind of sarcastic tone in that. >> is a very make vlad great again. >> tucker: i don't know, i'm not against epiphany dip's. question three. multiple choice. rapper kanye west is washington's newest diplomat and wants to arrange a sitdown meeting with donald trump and some of the president has long feuded with. who is that person? is it a -- [buzz] >> wait, he didn't finish. >> tucker: it's multiple-choice. let me give you the multiple choice. it's three choices. >> this isn't fair. >> this is why we don't want anchors on the show. >> all right, go ahead. [laughter] >> tucker: the question goes
5:50 pm
to jeanine pirro first according to our judges because mr. got failed violated the cardinal rules. >> calling capra nick. >> tucker: you really think so? >> i have been calling him this this's morning, reaching him, so i can bring into the white house and so we can remove that [bleep] statement and be on the same page. >> tucker: you said before the show that you thought you would do badly because you only follow legal news but that's not true. >> i follow news when i'm awake. >> tucker: well let's see if you can get this one, question number four. the prime minister of great britain theresa may 8 headlines around the world when she started an important speech with an awkward dance. she was dancing like a robot to a 1970s disco song by a swedish pop band. which song was it? [buzz] you are just jumping the gun every time. judges?
5:51 pm
to greg got failed. >> it's abba. the name of the song? >> it's dancing queen. >> tucker: 's at dancing queen by abba? ♪ >> tucker: all right, we are two-2. the contestants, final question. here in new york city, researchers are about to begin work on a new senses. this time they are not counting people, however. they are focusing on a small furry creature in central park. what kind of animal is it? >> no, are they counting? i was waiting. you have to read the script. >> she is reading the
5:52 pm
teleprompter. >> you are not allowed to read the teleprompter. >> i win. >> i don't think -- there is no answer. >> tucker: when you have cable news anchors on your show, things can fall apart. let me check with the judges really quick. >> the judges say the host of the program is allowed to add live on his own scripts. i think that's -- she's reading it. so greg got failed, what is the answer? >> i'm going to say squirrels. >> why would it not be rats? is it squirrels? >> new york city is about to conduct its first official squirrel census next week, volunteers are needed. >> tucker: this is literally the most contentious show we've ever had to. >> but i won. >> it's not fair. >> tucker: we will give one to
5:53 pm
you later. >> i want one. >> tucker: for our viewers, we described him night after night as a "washington post" writer and it turns out he's not. he works for a website. but if you don't know who he is, this is eric one poll, the guy on the mug. watch. >> be nine mitzvah jewish wedding, what a great obligation. how do they do all this great content for free? it's got all these great tips on things. the author of the story is a caterer. we checked. they do happy hour specials. >> tucker: you can't get enough of that, we got more on her facebook page and i would strongly recommend it. >> where did you find that? >> tucker: we have a crack research team. there he is, eric wemple from "the washington post" website. >> i want a coffee mug. >> i don't want it. remember you said that you
5:54 pm
had -- >> i have one again! >> tucker: we will be right back. thank you. [laughter] ♪ you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ with advil liqui-gels, what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels a new way to save on travel. now when you book a flight you unlock discounts on select hotels
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♪ >> tucker: alexander because of cortez looking like she might be the face of the 2018 electio. she has lost that status to brett kavanaugh temporarily, but still having a good week. president obama just endorsed her, which is kind of amazing. president obama is endorsing someone who views his presidency as a disappointment, and embarrassment, something that needs to be replaced by something far more extreme. oh because your cortez wants obamacare replaced by health care for all. obama sucked up hard to wall street, and they replayed him.
5:59 pm
ocasio-cortez didn't pause to savor the irony. she said in a recent speech she looks forward to being inaugurated in 2018 paid members of congress, of course, are not inaugurated, they are sworn in r eyes on something bigger. we will see. we did a segment tonight on the aclu. i'm embarrassed to say i lost my temper in the middle of that. why did i do that? because i thought about the aclu and their role in defending freedom of speech. they no longer do, they're part of the mob trying to take your free speech away. you are now the most unpopular segment of our society, the aclu thinks you should shut up. that is a huge change, and it is a metaphor for how the left has changed and represents the things they have hated. i explain it much better detail
6:00 pm
in the book, and you can read it. we unearthed videos of a man who claims to be a "washington post" reporter, works at a website with them. we hope you will check them out. see you tomorrow, sean hannity next. >> sean: tucker, thanks for being with us. what a busy news night paired welcome to "hannity." the fbi investigation is over, the results are in. the findings have been totally confirmed and brett kavanaugh is an overwhelmingly qualified candidate for the united states supreme court. now he is backed by a long and extra ordinary track record. he is admired by his colleagues, well-liked by the community, loved by his family and friends. until 17 days ago. and the fbi inquiry showed once again that the allegations against him have zero corroboration. none. instead, the claims are refuted, denied, by everyone who was interviewed. the democratic witch hunt is officially over, their delay tactics have hit a dead end, but


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