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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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base jumping 700 feet off a bridge. - - us, not among them. >> i have a terrifying fear of heights so that would never in 1 million years be made. >> if you don't want to see this. not my tourist hotspot. have a great weekend. >>chris: i'm chris wallace. the stock market takes a big hit and president trump lived on the federal reserve raising interest rates. ♪. >> i think the fed has gone crazy. >>chris: we will discuss the selloff on the state of the economy with the president's top white house economic advisor, larry kudlow. then - - works our message to china's rulers is this, this president will not back down. >>chris: the administration takes a hard line against china on the march. are the u.s. and china in
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engaged in a new cold war? we will discuss the growing tensions with china's ambassador to the u.s., cui tiankai. only on "fox news sunday". plus, >> if he don't look good, we don't look good! this is our president! >>chris: we will ask our sunday panel what they make of kanye's visit to the oval office. and our "power player of the week". >> welcome to blair house. come on and. >>chris: a look behind the scenes of the presidents guesthouse. alright now on "fox news sunday". and hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with breaking news. the return of american pastor andrew brunson to the us after two years detention in turkey. president trump who secured his release welcome tim home saturday. and brunson prayed with the president and the oval office.
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>> from a turkish prison to the white house in 24 hours. that's not bad. [applause] >> god, i ask that you pour out your holyexperience on president trump that you give them supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country and for him . >>chris: the other big story, folks in the southeastern trying to dig out from hurricane michael. one of the most powerful storms ever to hit this nation. phil keating is inmexico beach where the storm made landfall . >>reporter: chris, posthurricane, day for just beginning. fema director and rick scott just landed. they are here getting a look on the ground up close. the catastrophe that in your category five hurricane brings. the search for the unaccounted through the rubble continues. total death toll now at 19 but that number is expected to rise
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today. shellshocked residents returning to the scene sum it up in one tragic word, catastrophe. block after block looks like a bomb went off. most left before the hurricane but not steve ramsey and his dogs, and they probably should not have survived. >> it came in so fast that i had to take the broom and bus this top window out and dump my dogs and and swim out. through them in the boat and voted out. >>reporter: no images hammer home the magnitude. - - have no power, many for the fifth straight day. tomorrow, president trump flies into panama city to take a look at this historic disaster for himself. >>chris: phil keating reporting from florida. there was another big story this week. the dramatic drop in the stock market, raising new questions
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about the state of the u.s. economy. joining us now, president trump's top white house economic advisor, larry kudlow. the dow fell more than 1000 points net this week. that's more than four percent. the other indexes followed suit. why do you think the markets took such a hit and to see them going up or down over the course of this year? >> well, i wouldn't want to give a kudlow investment strategy forecast today.but i would like to say these kinds of corrections are absolutely normal. this one so far is rather moderate. i think it's about five percent or so, six percent still ahead year to date in the major indexes by 4-5 percent. the economy is in terrific shape. we are in economic room. people thought it would be impossible. the reality is we are clicking on all cylinders.
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american entrepreneurs are absolutely crushing it. profits are rising confidence is up your blue collars are up your wages are up. i think the background is very positive for the stock market and i think as i said, corrections, and go to people should stay very calm over these things. it's quite normal. >>chris: you as you just demonstrated are very bullish on the trump economy but some analysts see warning signs on the horizon but let's go through some of those. they note interest rates are rising. so our energy prices. the president trade war with china is hurting growth. in the global economy is slowing and the international monetary fund just revised its projection for u.s. growth down to 2.5 percent. for next year, 2019. question, you see no cause for concern on the economy? >> not to the american economy. not at the present i said, look, this is a story in
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2018 that most folks thought would be impossible. we've created an economic boom. the president's policies have changed the incentive structure in the economy with lower tax rates for individuals and small businesses. and other companies. we've deregulated across the board. we've sparked a tremendous boom in energy which i think will continue for quite some time. what we are also seeing.this is very important in terms of the president's views. blue-collar workers are booming right now. the fastest pace of hiring for the blue-collar workers since the mid-1980s. when i was first they are, as a cub scout for president ronald reagan. another point on wages, not only are wages rising at a pretty good taste, but the blue-collar, middle and service areas, typically a little slower. they are actually raising pastor and the white collar
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workers. i think this is the new face of the trump economy. blue-collar workers and men and women who own their own small businesses. as i said, the incentive to change.the president has ended the war on business. and to the war on energy. ended the war on success. if people go out there and take a rip at the ball, and that's exactly what's happening. >>chris: may have started a war with the federal reserve. he repeatedly called out the federal reserve this week for raising interest rates. here's just one example of that. >> i think the fed is far too stringent and they're making a mistake. and it's not right. and it's, despite that, we are doing very well. but it's not necessarily in my opinion. i think i know about better than they do. >>chris: but larry, isn't that exactly what the fed is supposed to do when the economy
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is going strong? to raise interest rates. to prevent it from getting too hot and using a spike in inflation. and whatever happened to recognizing the independence of the federal reserve as president have for decades? >> a couple things on that. there is no bike in inflation, respectfully.>>chris: but that's what the said does to try to preventit. when the economy is going strong but they don't want to see if a spike in inflation. interest rates are 2-4 percent, they are not high. >> that's true. there's a normalization going on. the president, as a successful businessman and investor, knows a lot about these topics bid and he's giving his opinion. his concern is that the fed might move too quickly and my choke the economic recovery. which is now running free-four percent. okay?
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he's not infringing on said independence. he doesn't say i want you to change your plan. i don't want to change or strategy. >>chris: he said all of those things that he didn't order it. but he did say all of those things that he said i think they're going crazy. there loco, raising them too high, too fast. >> that's his view but he never said to the fed, change but i want you to change this or i want you to change that.he respects the fed's independence. and again, what the president is raising your with the matter of interest rate. lots of people are discussing this. people on wall street and in academia. some agree or disagree. he's just waiting in. there's nothing wrong with him weighing in. i think the bigger picture is this, the white house, the president, the federal reserve, everybody wants this economic boom to continue. everybody wants this boom to continue.
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everybody is cognizant of the difficulties and the strategies that have to take part. we are not giving away free money anymore. but we are all in the similar mind on this. just keep the boom going. and i think that's what the president is saying. i don't know, can he speak his mind chris? >>chris: presidents generally don't call out the fed or the chairman but let me move on to another subject. the mysterious disappearance of journalist jamaal - - and concerns he went into the saudi consulate in istanbul and was murdered. the president said this week he does not intend to - - in any way on the hundred billion dollar arms sale to the saudis. secretary manu chen still plans to go to the economic conference in theriyadh this pa
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week. as far as the administration is concerned, it's business as usual with the saudis? >> the president several times said we want a prompt, swift, open, transparent investigation. the story is a tragedy. for - - and his family members as well as for everybody else. terrible thing. we don't know yet. allegations are being made but we withheld our views. the administration will be carefully monitoring this week. i think the president wants a very prompt resolution of what exactly happened. and we will see what actions are necessary should we find some results coming this week. regarding secretary steven mnuchin, at the moment, he is scheduled to go to a meeting. that meeting by the way, is about terrorist financing and how to stop it. a very important meeting. buthe too , like president will want to see how things go in the investigation or the
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general investigation of the tragedy. before he makes a final decision. >>chris: in the interview on 60 minutes tonight, president trump says if it turns out that he was murdered by the saudis, there will be serious consequences to take a look at this clip. >> may be especially so because this man was a reporter. you'll be surprised to hear me say that. there's something really terrible and disgusting about that, if that were the case. we'll have tosee. we will are going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment. >>chris: the question is, what kind of severe punishment if the arms sale is off the table. and the president has made it clear he intends to go through that . what can you do? >> chris, look, as in every case when the president speaks. when the president warns,
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people should take him at his word. obviously, he's very, very serious. i won't get ahead of the curve. he will decide with the appropriate actions are if indeed we find out the saudis were involved. i don't know that this morning. probably nobody knows that just yet but take him at his word. if the saudis are involved, if he was killed or harmed or whatever, that outcome here but he will take action. that's in his strategy. believe what he says. it's a lot like with the reverend coming out of turkey. american foreign-policy now has reclaimed wood 18-20 hostages around the world. - - is not a hostage situation but from north korea and turkey and elsewhere, that's been part of our foreign-policy triumph. we will take strong action with the saudis if necessary. take the president at his word.
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>>chris: i want to squeeze two more questions in. first of all, the saudis today again denied they had anything to do with his disappearance and say if the u.s. takes action but they will retaliate. does that concern you? >> i will leave it there. i will leave it atwhatever that is. up to the president . >>chris: but they can have an impact on energy prices around the world.>> that's true point by the way, the united states is the dominant energy player. so we're in pretty good shape in my opinion with our energy boom to cover any shortfalls. that might be a small part of the story. we will wait and see. but rest assured, when the president says we will take actions if we find out that outcome. he means it. he's always meant it. that's been part of his foreign-policy from day one. >>chris: we are sitting down with china's ambassador to the u.s. a little later in this program.
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there is growing talk about the cold war between the u.s. and beijing point how far is president trump prepare to go against beijing to pursue his policies. not only on the economic front but military and political as well? >> look, i will leave it to historians about the term cold war. but i will say this. i've been involved with the trade talks with china. those talks have been unsatisfactory. we've made our asks. you can't deal intellectual property but you can't force technology transfers. just recently, china issued a regulation where their police can hack into american companies in china to still secrets. that is not good. they have tariffs and non-tariff - - the president said time and time again on trade. i think this works for the security issues as well. we want reciprocity. we want rules by the game to be
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observed and china has not. the president and xi jinping will probably meet later in the year. there's plans and discussions and agendas and so forth. but the relationship has not been positive lately and we have to have reciprocity in all of these areas. trade, security, military issues. that's what's at stake here. we have to defend american interests as the president has said many times. >>chris: larry, thank you. thanks for your time and we will watch other markets to this week sir. >> thank you chris. appreciate it. >>chris: 23 days until the midterm elections. we will bring in our sunday we will bring in our sunday group to discuss how left and the right are trying to fire up their voters. to break free from conventional thinking. we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more.
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too extreme. and they've become frankly, too dangerous to govern. they've gone wacko. >>chris: president trump at a rally in iowa pushing the post brett kavanaugh message, portraying democrats as a mob. it's time now for our sunday group. brit hume. phillipe reines, former senior advisor to hillary clinton. julie pace, washington bureau chief of the associate press and karl rove. the associate press is out with a new poll today. it's shows president trump's approval numbers up 5-point since mid-august but still deeply underwater. on the generic ballot question, who do you support in your house district?
11:21 am
democrats lead by 11 points among registered voters.13 points among likely voters. how do you see the midterms 23 days out? >> republicans look good in the senate. because of the map. we have so many republican oriented states. and so few democrat - - republican senators up for reelection. the house is a different story. 196 solid - - >>chris: it's kind of a bible on - - >> there are several others but they are all sort of in the same place. ate solidly democrat seats and 31 tall subs. two democrat seats, 29 republican seats. democrats to take control only need 10 if they hold that solid tulane. about one third of the tossup seats republicans would need to take 71. it's going to be close and a long night but i would suspect we will have a large number of races settled by a relatively small handful of votes.
11:22 am
governorships, a lot of those up this year .36 of them. the publicans are likely to lose seats because they have so many. unfortunately there were the big state governors.>>chris: what you hear from the folks at the white house, do they feel with the brett kavanaugh confirmation battle that they have blunted the so-called new wave of democratic advances? to the degree they still worry about losing the house, how worried are they areabout that? if they lose the house. if it's speaker pelosi and adam schiff in terms of intelligence. the impact it will have in terms of investigations, hearings on and their agendas. >> the question about the wave, i think they've been able to blunt that on the senate side. coming out of labor day, it looks like the senate races that should be a pretty comfortable for republicans were getting closer. that seems to shift and now the senate is leaning more toward
11:23 am
republican. this question about what happens if democrats take the house, is a big cloud over this white house. democrats will have subpoena power. they will be launching as they already said, a whole raft of investigations. not just intimate what bob mueller has been looking at. trumps taxes. financial dealings of other people in the administration in the cabinet. this is something that would dominate 2019 for the president. particularly because he hasn't done a good job of laying out what his legislative agenda would be in a divided government. he has ideas on infrastructure and criminal justice reform but there's nothing really proactive that he's pushing. the white house, because they are understaffed, they don't have the infrastructure in place to deal with a lot of democratic investigations. >>chris: meanwhile, especially
11:24 am
after the brett kavanaugh confirmation fight. there seems to be a push among democrats to take on donald trump on his own terms. to be more aggressive. it's coming from unlikely sources. take a look. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. what you care about. >> when they go low, we go high. no, when they go low. we kicked them. >>chris: we should make it clear, later in that same speech. eric holder made it clear he's not advocating violence but this move to the left on issues, on tactics. do think it's good politics? >> within the democratic party, you see a couple political figures there trying to catch up. a couple beads behind the music. the core base of the democratic party is in a rage and they want to see a rage too. they want to make sure everyone
11:25 am
knows they are part of the resistance too. i don't think it's good politics. demonstrations that surrounded it got pretty ugly and outside normal bounds are helpful, don't think they're helpful to democrats at all. this brett kavanaugh business was a very, very big deal. because it went on so long but it was so conspicuous. in themiddle of it, the new york times came out with a story , very long piece about president trump's alleged cheating on his taxes through the sank without a sound practically. so much so, a few days later, the times ran it again. and it still seems to have not gotten enough traction. that's how big a deal that controversy drowned things out. i think republicans will benefit into the midterms. whether they can match the democrats enthusiasm is entirely another matter but i
11:26 am
doubt that the republicans are in better shape because of it. >>chris: philippe, you can see the republicans and president pushing this idea. they're dangerous. don't give a match to an arsonist. they're crazy. forget the republican talking point. in your view, do democrats take a risk of being seen as too extreme, the mob? with that conceivably hurt them in the midterms? >> first, sitting here as a democrat but i am confused because a few weeks ago, i was the snowflake of the party of snowflakes.suddenly we are in a remodel of terrorists. to the point you are asking, it doesn't really matter at this point whether we are as rageful because we been billed as rageful. i would say the notion when we go high, stay high. that should have died on november 8, 2016. the anger among the democratic party is genuine.
11:27 am
i think in a very simple way, it's good to stay with that genuine emotion. whether it's the most effective tactic next month or in the next two years, i don't know. but it's genuine and i don't think it should be ignored. and i don't think it should be falsely mitigated. we are going to see unfortunately, people trying to modulate or out trump, trumpet. i think in 2019, that will be a real problem for the democrats. >> it's a dumb move and i hope people will keep it up. people who decide this election are people who sort of life what trump is doing but don't like how he's acting. the last thing he wants is for the next two years to be a food fight in washington. the idea of jerry nadler that were moving toward impeachment causes these people to say, the system is broken and allows a smart republican to say the system is broken - - >>chris: i don't think they're
11:28 am
necessarily talking about impeachment but there's that were going to match our passion with their passion. >> it doesn't come across that way. that mob screaming and shouting around brett kavanaugh, - - >> they were protesting. >> let's go through paint on the republican headquarters in manhattan and say that's normal. it's not normal! our politics is broken and the american people will decide. they will vote for more republicans than they should because a republican will say i will go to washington and find a way to make this work. when you have a democrat that says i will create problems for the country by going after president trump. people are sick of it. >>. [indiscernible] you had a candidate on the other side that was the one person donald trump could be. her comments the other day about instability. what is she saying? this is brutal. >>chris: your stealing time for
11:29 am
the next battle. we will take a break here. when we come back, we were discuss kanye west. kanye west freewheeling visit to the west wing. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about the political impact about kanye's oval office event? go to @foxnewssunday, we may use your question on the air. later, are the u.s. and china engaged in a new cold war? we will ask beijing's man in washington. coaching means making tough choices.
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11:32 am
of kanye west's freestyle rap with his meeting with president trump in the oval office. we asked you for questions for the panel and we got us on
11:33 am
twitter from troy carline who tweets, does president trump really think kanye west will help him gain support from the african-american vote? how do you answer troy? why do you think the president invited reporters and cameras and to see him with kanye west? >> i think it's simple but he he does think it will help him with african-american voters. i think that trump, and his core really understands the power of a televised moment. he understands the power of doing something that's a little offbeat.this was certainly offbeat. it's been covered widely. i do think he looks at someone like kanye and things, if he's with me, maybe i can get more support among african-american voters but i do think he makes that connection. having covered a lot of politicians with celebrity endorsers, i can safely say that really doesn't have as
11:34 am
much an effect as the white house thinks they do. >>chris: president trump says he gets substantially more support from african-americans the most republicans have gotten over the years. but the numbers don't back him up. let's take a look in 2012, mitt romney got six percent of the black vote. in 2016, mr. trump got eight percent in a recent poll, 12 percent of african americans approve of the job he's doing while 85 percent disapprove. your thoughts on kanye's visit to the oval office and is there any political benefit? >> i think there's modest political benefit. look, the african-american votf democrat democratic party has been monolithic for years. a republican can only hope to cut into that a little bit. culturally, i think the black vote is so oriented toward the democrats. this bizarre event and that's what it was. might help a little but only a little as julie suggests.
11:35 am
>>chris: then there was another interesting event this week and that was melania trump's primetime interview on abc. her first time being interviewed at length. here's a clip. >> i could say i'm the most bullied person in the world. >> you think you're the most bullied person in the world? >> one of them. >> you're not the first lady to deal with her husband's alleged infidelities. has this put a strain on your marriage? >> is not a concern or focus of monday and i'm a mother and first lady and i have much mor important things to think about and to do . >>chris: philippe, you have experience having advised hillary clinton how to deal with these questions. how did you think melania did? >> it was cringe worthy to say choose one of the most bullied people in the world. it's cringe worthy. the role of first lady is ill-defined. it's not a job, it's what you make of it. the first lady often takes a
11:36 am
signature issue.for her to pick bullying and then to sort of disregard the bullying her husband does on a daily basis. and then to double down and say she's the most bullied. i'm sorry, that goes from bad joke just being tone deaf. i'm sure a lot of people saw it and said you are absolutely right. i'm not sure what the point of it is. >> the point maybe is this, can you imagine if she was the spouse of a democratic president? the adoring coverage she would receive and she has not gotten that. she's been treated either almost completely ignored. she's not on the cover of the big fashion magazines the way a democratic first lady that looks like her would be. she's been mocked and ridiculed. being one of the most bullied people on earth, i don't know. >> this is a woman only a few years ago was full on on the birth or attack the she's never been pressed on that. she was in kenya last week.
11:37 am
the very point where her and her husband were sang president obama was supposedly born. she's not being pressed on that. not being pressed on why is your office lining a singer just wearing a jacket because you pulled it off the racket. >> i've seen all types of coverage on that. >> it was very widely covered. >> i wasn't sure we'd have much to say but evidently, we are. >> i have a slightly different view. i thought we saw a strong, independent, thoughtful, caring person. maybe she would have found a better way to express the negative press she's gone. i saw somebody who people could admire and appreciate. clearly independent. this is a woman who's had tough questions about relationships about her husband and made it clear she was in charge and she was going to do what she wanted to do. i thought it was magnificent and i'm glad she did it.
11:38 am
don't touch me, man. your bullying me. >> when carl came into the white house and he took over hillary clinton's office which was a big deal that she had an office. what was the first you did? he took over that office but this is my favorite karl story. >> go ahead. >> you had an exorcism. >> i had a catholic priest that prayed and wished me the best. >> i'm disappointed. >> everything is about you and the clintons. >>chris: question, how is mrs. trump regarded in the white house? we know how hillary was regarded. we know how nancy reagan - - how is she regarded? are people scared of her? is she seen as an important advisor to the president, where
11:39 am
is she seen in terms of weighing in on policy? >> this is indisputable, she is an important advisor to this president. but she does in her own way. she's not first lady that spends time in the west wing. she's not somebody like michelle obama who developed strong relationships with people in the west wing and had people there who served her voice. this is more her to the president and their private time. there's this effort to put her in a box and define her. what we have seen over these last years is that's really impossible to do.on the one hand, she's as strong a supporter of her husband as anyone but yet, she finds moment where she's willing to speak out against them in a really public way. on some of his policy decisions. some of the things he says on twitter. i think that's what we will see in the next couple years. someone who you have to look moment to moment to figure out where she will be but indisputably, she's in line with this president. >>chris: thank you panel.
11:40 am
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traffic and roads... a mess, honestlyrents going up,le. friends and family moving out of state, millions of californians live near or below the poverty line. politicians like gavin newsom talk about change, but they've done nothing. sky-high gas and food prices. homelessness. gavin newsom, it happened on your watch. so, yeah. it is time for a change. time for someone new. toward china keeps getting
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tougher, as the world's two biggest economies face off. not just over trade but military and political issues. earlier, i sat down with china's ambassador to the u.s., cui tiankai. to discuss relations between our two countries ambassador, welcome toturn to. >> thank "fox news sunday". >> thank you. >> when it comes to beijing's
11:44 am
influence and interference in american politics and policy, we will continue to expose the . no matter the form it takes. >>chris: the vice president call that what he calls your economic aggression. what he called your emboldened military and what he alleges are your efforts to interfere in the u.s. midterm election. are the u.s. and china now engaged in a new cold war? >> first of all, i have to say, all of these accusations are groundless. one of the fundamental principles with china foreign-policy is noninterference in the internal affairs of other countries. we have been consistent in this session. we have a track record. >>chris: you had a quite tough meeting with secretary of state
11:45 am
mike pompeo in beijing this week in which top chinese officials said they would quote, take all necessary measures to safeguard your country. how far is china prepared to go in terms of standing up to the u.s.? >> i think it's the legitimate right of ever country to defend its national interests. and china is no exception. but the talks that secretary mike pompeo had in beijing was a very good communication at high level between the two sides and it's very timely. >>chris: let's unpack some of this and let's start with the allegation of election meddling. vice president mike pence is china is specifically targeting tariffs to hurt republican voters to turn them away from voting for republican candidates and president trump in 2020. he says you're putting propaganda mailers and u.s.
11:46 am
newspapers. this week, the fbi director said that china is now the number one, the greatest counterintelligence threat the u.s. cases. are you engaged in trying to metal in the election of 2018 the way the russians did in 2016? >> the chinese media are learning from american media to use these means by commercial pages from newspapers. to make their views known or to cover what is happening here. this is normal practice for all of the media. >>chris: i want to turn to the trade war. president trump has imposed tariffs on $250 billion of chinese goods. your country has responded with tariffs on $110 billion of u.s. is president trump on the situation. >> we have tremendous potential to grow incredibly. when we get rid of these horrible, disgusting trade deals.
11:47 am
with china. over the last 5-6 years, we've been losing 300-500 and billion dollars a year. billion. >>chris: i know you say the u.s. started it but at this point, whoever started it, or the u.s. and china engaged in a trade war? >> we don't want to have a trade war with any country including the united states. but the fact is, through the balance of through between china and the united states. do you know how how much benefit american consumers and american companies through their operation in china, you have to look at the whole picture. it's important to notice who started this trade war. we never wanted a trade war but if someone started a trade war against us, we have to respond and defend our interests. >>chris: u.s. officials say china is not so innocent.
11:48 am
they say you steal intellectual property. that you force technology transfers from companies that invest in china to chinese companies. and here is trade advisor peter navarro talking about china. >> structurally, it's geared toward being the parasite in the world. everything it does to grow its economy often comes at the expense of everybody else. >>chris: and just this week, a top chinese intelligence officer was extradited back to the u.s. for allegedly trying to steal secrets from ge aviation and other aerospace companies. >> i think all of these accusations about how china has developed are groundless and not fair to the chinese people. china has 1.4 billion people. it would be hard to imagine 1/5
11:49 am
of the global population could develop double does not by relying on their own interest but by stealing or forcing transfer of technology. that's impossible. the chinese people are as hard-working and diligent as anybody on earth. >>chris: are you clear who president trump listens to on trade issues, whether it's moderates like larry kudlow and steven mnuchin or hardliners like peter navarro? >> you tell me. >>chris: you have confusion about this? that's part of your job as the chinese ambassador to report back to beijing who has the president's ear. >> i've been talking to ambassadors of other countries. this is also part of their problem. >>chris: what? >> they don't know who is the final decision-maker. presumably, the president will take the final decision but who
11:50 am
is playing what role? sometimes it's very confusing. >>chris: there are also military tensions. a chinese warship recently harassed a u.s. ship exercising freedom of navigation in the south china sea. the u.s. is close to approving a $330 million arms sale to taiwan. do you view these, the u.s. ships in the south china sea, sales to taiwan. as u.s. provocations? >> first of all, i think we have to be clear. what the incident that took place. you are right to say it was in the south china sea. so it's at china's doorstep. it's not chinese warships going to the coast of california or gulf of mexico. it's so close to the chinese island and so close to the
11:51 am
chinese coast. so who is on the offensive, who is on the defensive? this is very clear. arms sales to taiwan, this is a good example of american intervention into chinese internal affairs. >>chris: let's talk about north korea. does china agree with north korean leader kim that any states he takes toward denuclearization must be matched by u.s. concessions on the other side. how do you respond to allegations, even by president trump that china has relaxed its sanctions against north korea and is allowing goods to flow into north korea? looks>> china has voted in favor of the un securitycouncil resolutions . we are - - >>chris: you have not relaxed them? >> we will implement them. >>chris: do you think the
11:52 am
united states is right? that denuclearization has to happen first or do you agree with kim, that north korea takes a step, the u.s. takes a step? >> i think in order to achieve our goal, we have to have a coordinated face and step-by-step approach. >>chris: that's the cam position.>> this is reality. how can you convince him to give up nuclear weapons without any hope that the u.s. will follow a more friendly policy toward him? >>chris: finally, president xi jinping and president trump will meet at the g 20 summit next month in november. what do you think are the possibilities they can turn this situation around: make it less tense? >> i was very honored to be present at the meetings between the two presidents. both at mar-a-lago and in
11:53 am
beijing last november. and it was so clear that such top-level communication played a key role, irreplaceable role in guiding the relationship forward. and there's a good mutual understanding and good working relationship between the two. i hope and i'm sure this will continue.>>chris: ambassador cui tiankai, thank you so much but please come back. >> thank you. >>chris: up next, our power player of the week. what do queen elizabeth, vladimir putin and benjamin netanyahu have in common? they have allstate here all have stayed here. of peoplee confused about which medicare plan is right for them. hey, that's me. i barely know where to start. well, start here with me, karen. i'm a licensed humana sales agent. well, it's nice to
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>>chris: there are some landmarks in washington that people rarely get to go inside. we got to wondering about one famous building here that's off-limits to all but a few. here's our "power player of the week". >> we recently had korea visit. >>chris: matthew wendell is talking about heads of state visiting blair house. the presidential guest mansion across from the white house. the general manager gave us a rare look the high thescenes there . mr. wendell. >> welcome to blair house, come
11:57 am
on in chris. >>chris: since 1942, blair house has hosted hundreds of foreign delegations. wendell brought out the first of a dozen guest books. >> i will show you the signature of charles de gaulle in 1944. >>chris: the height of world war ii. >> yes. >>chris: over seven decades, the blair house has been washington headquarters for visitors like winston churchill and queen elizabeth. and vladimir putin. benjamin netanyahu and emmanuel macron. >> told the rooms is about 119. this where footage is close to 70,000 square feet. full-time staff of 15. >>chris: in effect, it's a hotel. >> we consider it a home, bed-and-breakfast. >>chris: - - bought the house in 1836 four $6500.
11:58 am
that's just the start of its place in history. >> this is the lincoln room. it's called that because when lincoln was president, he often came over here to get advice from the blair's. >>chris: blair house took on a new role in 1942 during world war ii. when churchill used to stay at the white house. >> he would be up late at night having a drink or two. waking up the president and mrs. roosevelt had had enough. >>chris: so they bought blair house. >> the trumans arrive at their new home ready to set up housekeeping. the presidential address is the blair house. >>chris: starting in 1948, harry truman lived here for years while the white house was under renovation. >> this is what's called the lee dining room. back in trumans days, he used this table in these chairs as his cabinet room. it was also where we made the decision to join the korean
11:59 am
war. >>chris: and then there's the study. >> that's where truman had his oval office during the renovation of the white house when he lived here. >>chris: in 1950, two puerto rican nationalists try to shoot their way into blair house and kill the president. >> president truman continued to take his daily walks. two quick shooting white house guards were wounded in the - - that marks the assault. >>chris: jimmy carter gave blair house a new role. every president-elect sent has been the night before his inauguration and what's called the principal sweet. with two separate bedrooms. but the main role of blair house is what it's been for 76 years, to extend the nation's hospitality the presidential guests. no matter how short thenotice . >> the house is always ready no matter what. if one showed up this morning or tomorrow, we are always ready for a visitor.
12:00 pm
>>chris: i asked wendell what's the strangest request the blair house staff ever got from head of state. he said, to roast a goat in the bedroom fireplace. and that's it for today. have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday". paul: welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot, justice brett kavanaugh officially took his seat on the supreme court this week but the political fight far from over helping reignite debate over civility, something presidential candidate hillary clinton says will only return to politics if democrats take back congress. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about, that's why i believe


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