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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 30, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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watching on video, this young girl had a wand or something and you pointed over and what did you tell her? >> it was a cobra and i said that may have and i looked at the press. >> that is all we have tonight. shannon bream, take it from here. we didn't get an answer on that. inquiring minds want to know, what did he say when he held up the snake? >> a lot of interest -- a lot of other interesting things. we begin with a fox news alert, the president and first lady preparing to pay their respects in pittsburgh as some say he is not welcome fair. analysis of the president expert exclusive interview tonight. a military operation to keep the multiple caravans of migrants from entering the us.
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violence at the mexican border with guatemala clashing with migrants determined to get into mexico. the media is contributing to the divisive political tone in america and shot down the suggestion he is anti-semitic given his pro-israel stances and the fact that his own grandchildren jewish. kristin fisher starts our coverage. >> the plan is for donald trump at the first lady to travel to mosul vania tomorrow afternoon. the rabbi of the synagogue where the attack took place said donald trump is welcome but nearly a dozen other jewish leaders from a national organization say this president is not welcome in their city. >> i'm going to the hospital to see the officers and some of the people who were hurt. >> reporter: donald trump has used words like wicked and evil to describe the deadliest attack
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on jews in american history but 11 jewish leaders say the words he used in the past three years have, quote, emboldened a growing white nationalist movement. the letter says donald trump, you're not welcome in pittsburgh until you fully denounce white nationalism. after this headline making -- >> i may nationalist. >> tonight laura income asked donald trump if he would like to clarify what being a nationalist means to him. >> i don't have to clarify. i love the country, and fighting the country. i'm proud of this country and i call that nationalism. i call it being a nationalist and i don't see any other connotation in that. >> as his critics blame him for the violence and eroding stability donald trump blames the media tweet mister chambers great anger in our country caused in part by inaccurate and even fraudulent reporting of the news, the fake news media the true enemy of the people must stop the open and obvious hostility and report the news
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accurately and fairly. that will do much to put out the flames. today at the first white house briefing in almost month the white house press secretary was pressed to name journalists and news organizations donald trump was referring to. he declined. >> if you are going to stand there and continue to say there are journalists and news outlets that meet that characterization, shouldn't you have the guts to state which outlets, which journalists are the enemy of the people? >> it is irresponsible of a news organization like yours to blame responsibility of a pipe bomb that was not sent by the president, not just blame the president but members of his administration for the heinous acts. >> donald trump was pressed why he continues to call journalists enemies of the american people in his predecessors like ronald reagan to criticism from the press as part of the job.
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>> he didn't have social media. it is my form of telling the truth. >> the president and his critics are dealing in, neither side giving an inch with eight days until the midterms and most white house briefings are pretty tense but this one felt especially tense especially with the press secretary getting really emotional when talking about the victims in pittsburgh. >> and having to reenter the same questions over and over again. we do get information from them. survivors of the shooting at the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh are morning and comfort each other tonight. the shooter opened fire during a baby naming ceremony killing 11 and injuring 6 others. the suspected murderer made his first appearance in court this afternoon. garrett tenney has that story tonight from pittsburgh. >> prosecutors of already started the approval process to seek the death penalty against the man responsible for the deadliest attack on jews in us history.
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a discussion on religious liberty, the full force of the justice department will be behind this prosecution. >> this is not just an attack on the jewish faith but an attack on all people of faith. >> prosecutors say robert bowers killed 11 people on saturday, all of them jewish and told police he wanted to kill all jews. he made his first appearance in court, the pittsburgh native is in a wheelchair recovering from gunshot wounds as a federal magistrate won the charges he's facing. prosecutors say the gunman carried an ar 15 rifle and three glock handguns. >> i'm pressed up against the wall. carol is kneeling on the floor to my right and the gentleman walks in with a long gun. i could see he looked around only because there was a chapter light as he opened the door. stepped over mel's body, stepped up and looked out. >> 6 others during the attack including four officers.
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>> give me additional resources. >> containing one room, one operator down. >> reporter: with the gunman didn't know was the first hospital workers to treat him after he was shot were all jewish. >> he was continuing his rant of kill all the jews. what he didn't realize was the nurse that took care of him, his father's a rabbi and the doctor in the emergency room was jewish and these people put aside whatever beliefs they had about what this gentleman was and to us he was a patient. >> reporter: it has been incredible to see the outpouring of love and support from people of all faiths. there's been a steady stream of people, thousands coming to the tree of life synagogue to pay their respects and express solidarity with the jewish community. tomorrow donald trump and the first lady make their way to
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pittsburgh to express support and offer their condolences on behalf of the country. shannon: donald trump said the 5200 troops now deployed to the border will keep the caravan, three of them from crossing the border. trace gallagher is following this from the los angeles newsroom. >> reporter: we are told the additional 5200 us troops should be at the border this week including 800 today. the goal is hardening points of entry and that sounds like a human barrier the military members are only support troops. they can carry weapons for protection but are prohibited from contracting, confronting or detaining the migrants. they will provide things like helicopter air support, medical personnel, engineers and heavy equipment. the police work per se will be done by the border patrol.
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>> reporter: that is the start of this operation, and please know that is in addition to the 2092 that are already employed from the national guard that has been so effective. >> reporter: as for the caravan the numbers are all over the place. at one point it was estimated to include 7000 migrants but now that some have accepted mexico's offer of asylum and others dropped out because of exhaustion or sickness it appears the number is now around 4000 and most -- most are still 850 miles from the us border, donald trump is again saying the caravan includes bad people like gang members though he has already acknowledged not having any proof but tonight he told laura ingram they are not getting in. >> we are going to put tents up all over the place, we are not going to build structures and
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spend hundreds of millions of dollars. we will have tents, they will be very nice and if they don't get asylum to get out. >> if they do apply for asylum, history and law suggests they will be allowed into the us until the case is come up in immigration court, hundreds of thousands of cases are backlogged. meantime another caravan of the guatemala mexico border is building and battling, the mexican interior secretary has accused the group of violently attacking mexican police and immigration agents with rocks and glass bottles. 100 and migrant was killed by a rubber bullet the mexican authorities are denying they fired it and there is word tonight of a third caravan now making its way through el salvador toward guatemala. shannon: tens times often call for commander-in-chief with a healing touch. the president said he would tone it down around the saturday in illinois.
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the same day the pittsburgh synagogue shooting. the president claims the media creates the impression he is divisive making it hard to unify the nation in times like these. >> they talk about trump in the headline. they didn't do that with bernie sanders, they didn't do that with democrats when other people came out, they didn't do that with president obama with the church. >> we are joined by britain human, welcome. i was struck by your tweet earlier today where you said he thinks everything is about him but one of his critic's problem is they think the too. >> trump is very self absorbed. but he does think everything seems to revolve around him and sees things through that prism. of something happens, how it affects him and his standing and how it reflects on him and his
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critics have the same issue. they are obsessed with him and everything that happens they trace back to him. can't stop thinking about him, talking about him. the result is these hideous events come along, one thing to say inspiration had something to do with the guy who sent pipe bombs because he was a huge fan but this guy carrying out this hideous atrocity in the synagogue is down on trump. how do they blame both ways? shannon: she knows how this works and has seen this country through tragic terrible times, she said it is difficult not to draw direct lines between hateful divisive rhetoric of donald trump and increase in such crimes, she was detailing what we have seen in the last week.
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>> that is bad analysis, you don't know what was in the mind or influencing factor. that is the connection you can't make it illustrates the obsession with him. a lot of people on the left and in the media, and it is a national emergency, appropriate for them to abandon the usual standards and customs we have observed as journalists through time and it has gone by the boards and the most extraordinary level of opinion being expressed look like normal news stories, turned out to be different indeed. the dislike of trump in the mainstream media is universal, journalists can't stand the guy, can't stand the sight of him and they think they are doing a public service in trying to bring him down.
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my other view of that, straightforward and accurate and balanced news coverage will illustrate that of the public is not stupid and will see that. and they are so distrusted by so many people that it is counterproductive for them in terrible for journalism. shannon: shrugging off blame, donald trump rather than taking on the traditional task of unifying the nation after deadly shooting rampage reverted to his usual rhetoric monday morning attacking the media as the true enemy of the people and stirring up fear of immigrants. there was a lot of push back and forth, here's how sarah sanders responded to that. >> the first thing the president it was condemn these attacks in pittsburgh and the pipe bombs. the first thing media did was blame the president and make them responsible for the ridiculous act, that is outrageous that that would be
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the first reaction of so many people in the country. >> that she make a point? >> he does, it would be better if donald trump had the ability to soothe people tempers at a time like this. i don't think that is in his skill set. he can become sized for that. but basically the words he spoke in reaction to both these actions were appropriate. after pittsburgh, was appropriate. and yet we hear the claim made based on what we can't fathom that he is an anti-satellite and a racist. the basis for that is very thin and especially in the argument that he is an anti-semite but this is where people go to battle stations almost automatically including those in the media immediately after things like this happen and see things through that prism and
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respond as they do and it damaged them and is helpful because to the country. shannon: not just the president taking away. death rather says a killer targeting african americans in kentucky, another case that hasn't got as much attention, the bomb maker, the focus should not the only on trump but all who excuse standing in silence while hate is difficult political gain. if you're not criticizing this present your part of the problem. >> complicit in these crimes. i would say across the country, there are sensible reasonable people looking at those who don't care for trump but may appreciate the results he seems to have gotten. nonsense, ridiculous, the person responsible is the person responsible and we can to draw that connection. we don't know enough to do that if it were there to be drawn. it is regrettable and if you look at the standing we in the news media enjoy, as low as it
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has ever been, this is one of the reasons for that and it is not credible to people. it is unfair and biased and not wrong. shannon: that is after the president's argument for a lot of folks. thank you, great to have your insights and expertise. the man suspected of sending pipe bombs to a number of prominent democrats and cnn was in court today. emotional during his court appearance in miami, phil keating is live with what we learned today. >> reporter: the pro-trump partisan zealot mail bomb suspect was somewhat relaxed and joking around, smiling with his attorneys in the courtroom but then the us magistrate walked in and the tone turned more serious as the charge and the sentence that faces him suddenly seemed to materialize. a virtual life sentence if convicted. cesar sayoc shackled and wearing
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prison scrubs, his initial appearance over and four minutes. the magistrate went for five counts including illegally mailing explosives and threatening a former president, two of them, barack obama and bill clinton. he said what was needed invoking his right to remain silent. at one point he looked around at the standing room only courtroom, spotted his sister and appeared to tear up. afterwards new video surfaced of cesar sayoc at a melbourne, florida trump rally where he is seen slamming cnn, holding a sign with a huge biceps as the crowd chance tell the truth and cnn sucks which have become automatic and hostile at every trump rally. this footage released tonight by michael moore, an outtake from his film fahrenheit 11-9. if convicted cesar sayoc faces 48 years in federal prison.
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according to the miami herald federal agents found a potential hit list of 100 targets in his van which included all of the intended mail bomb recipients of the past week. representing in court, attorneys who represented him before. a dozen or so other run ins with the law. >> if you were in custody facing probably potentially the rest of your life in jail you cannot by definition be doing good. shannon: with a possible 15th package bomb in atlanta addressed to cnn all were to either prominent democrats, trump critics or recipients of trump's anger. they arrested him in broward county. investigators connected him and his fingerprints with evidence found on a package sent to democrat maxine waters. this infamous white van with stickers and slogans including
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those glorifying trump, hillary clinton and barack obama in the crosshairs, is in the fbi's position. cesar sayoc has been living in that van for a couple years and his jobs over the past two months, 7 months, delivering pizzas, nobody was alarmed enough to alert authorities. in miami friday, at least one more hearing where they will discuss his upcoming extradition to new york city which is where the department of justice ultimately plans to try him. shannon: thank you very much. new development coming up on the caravan and we will take you inside, traveling with the migrants as they make their way to the southern us border. we have a live report. donald trump since 5000 troops to the southern border, texas attorney general paxton joins us
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i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. shannon: we are getting reports the first caravan still hundreds of miles from the us borders showing signs of wear and tech, some migrants asking for help to
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get back to honduras, looking for misbehavior from fellow travelers and exhaustion. from southern mexico, traveling with the group. >> tomorrow we expect 10 buses to the women and children to the next town but the big news is organizes requested from the state of oaxaca 150 buses to move the entire caravan to mexico city, 450 miles, a lot of mountainous roads and for the safety of the caravan they need those buses. there was an official from mexico city looking at the needs, to care for a group this large and one of the only areas to handle that is the stadium that has the facilities and we are told, this is remarkable, from october 31st to november 5th mexico city,
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3.5 million residentss will be without water as they prepare pipelines, not an ideal time to deal with 7000 migrants. we have been talking all week how uninformed many of these individuals are, coming from hunter is, don't know a lot about the us. we saw the us advisory council from on how to apply for asylum in the us, the questions they needed to answer, why are you running away, who is threatening you, what is your relationship to that person, why did you not tell police and why can't you live in another city and honduras. he did not say they should be prepared to be detained for week or month are separated from their children. some may take a train. we saw some this weekend on the train, they can catch the train,
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and get to the border quicker. what do we have so far? 7000 in this caravan, 1700 and requested asylum, 700 said they want to go home and 100 applied for work permits in mexico but one man said i will pay a coyote to cross illegally. >> to make the money to pay the coyote for path to the united states, we need to make the money. >> reporter: one world official told as he's concerned when the caravan arrives in tijuana they don't have any facilities where young kids could turn into drug dealers for the cartels. shannon: thank you for reporting on the scene for a number of
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days. two big take aways from the president's interview with laura ingram, sending active duty military to the border rather than additional national guard troops, 2000 of them. is signaling it will be tougher for migrants seeking asylum so let's bring in the texas attorney general to talk about this. good to have you. we know active-duty troops are going down, they are not going to be confronting migrants but will be logistic with aviation, medicine, staging areas but there has been backlash. donald trump has chosen just before midterm elections to force the military to furthering his anti-immigrant agenda of fear and division. the reality is many of the noncitizens are exercising their right in international and domestic law to seek asylum from violence and persecution at home. a response. >> the president has an obligation to defend the border and protect the citizens of the country from illegal immigration
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and the consequences i had to deal with over the last decades and decades. he is doing his job and hope he continues to do his job. they make interesting in the washington post reporting, the mexican president offered temporary work permits, medical care and other benefits to migrants to register with authorities and remain far from the us border. the core group of migrants has rejected his entreaty and continued heading north toward the us border. what obligation to people have if that could be a safe spot versus coming to the us? there could be a better economic situation. >> there is an opportunity for them to avoid what will happen at the border. i don't think trump will let them in. if you look what he is relying on, the same law as the travel ban which says he has the authority to limit and free of any class of nonresident aliens
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and in this case, the supreme court upheld that, trump versus hawaii, they said the president could limit the scope when they came in and the conditions of how they come in so he is within his rights to stop them coming into the country including this. shannon: another case, a voter fraud case, four people have been arrested, indicted on voter fraud charges, they were literally going to put together absent your mail in ballots and mark them up and scam people out of their ballots, the attorney for the woman charged so that is politically motivated and will be dismissed. a lot of folks casting doubt on whether there is an issue of voter fraud in this country. >> this is an ongoing investigation but i will say we have prosecuted many other cases
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in this state. if we had more resources we would prosecute more, i can tell you we are pursuing many cases in this study and if we had more resources we would pursue more. >> we will keep an eye on the border. attorney general ken paxton, thank you. up next the aftermath of the tragedy in pittsburgh, some blaming donald trump for his rhetoric asking him not to visit the city. others say the president is welcome. the panel will talk about it. >> he is my president, he is certainly welcome.
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>> the president of the united states is always welcome. i'm a citizen, he's the president, he's welcome. >> reporter: rabbi jeffrey myers when asked if he would ask if donald trump would enter his synagogue. when the president and first
12:35 am
lady visit pittsburgh to visit victims and survivors of the tragedy. in the wake of the shooting criticism of donald trump emerges. despite being unabashed pro-israel the president is accused of being anti-semitic. new york magazine said trump and ideology is anti-semitism without jews, trump lambasted enemies as globalists which the implication of extra national loyalty closely tracks the primary accusation made against jews. we talk about this with charlie hurts, assistant editor of the wall street editorial. james freeman and thank you for being with us tonight. is this a tough horrible story? this is what the president said in his tweet about what happened. all of america is in mourning over the mass murder, we pray for those who perished and our hearts go out to the brave police officers who sustained
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serious injuries. this anti-semitic attack is an attack on humanity. it will take all of us to attack the poison of anti-semitism from the world. what more do you need to hear from the president beyond that? >> this is an attack on all of us, people of all faiths, any group that has been discriminated against and anti-semitism is older than america. this issue is bigger than donald trump. we cannot talk about it and covered through the lens of donald trump but no question this president has parroted the playbook of white supremacists and neo-nazis and provided comfort to people like david duke and richard spencer and their followers and that has real world consequences and this
12:37 am
stereotyping has real world consequences. shannon: what would you point to him saying? he has emphatically denied and denounced those people and their statements so you identify him being supportive of this. >> a wink and a nod and the lipservice and joking is inappropriate in these moments. when thing when he turned on the teleprompter and so the right thing and get on stage and says the complete opposite thing. from a policy standpoint we cannot forget this administration cut funding to fight domestic extremism, to fight white supremacists and neo-nazis in america. that is something that cannot be explained. looking at the rise in these incidents this is bigger than trump, something to be responsible for in the media, something college presidents, increases on college campuses.
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shannon: there are those who point to the president saying national store globalists, they say those are dog whistles that are viewed as anti-semitic. is that fair? >> it is not fair. this is an attack that has nothing to do with the president carried out by a person who is critical of the president, specifically seems to believe the president was either too pro is really too supportive of jewish groups. there is no connection to donald trump but you could think that looking at media coverage the last several days. but i hope when he goes to pittsburgh he takes that on. >> what do you make of that? he was described as very pro-israel. he found a nazi war criminal hiding out in the us, moved the embassy as was promised for decades, he has taken a lot of
12:39 am
steps, he has family members for who are jewish. nathan friedman says if, quote, i can criticize george soros and not be anti-semitic, your hill to die on this weekend, and i soros rhetoric feeds anti-semitism if you don't see this, you're either foolish or perfectly okay with it. people raising questions what about criticism of nielsen who are on the other side of the political question who happen to be jewish. >> it is insane. this happens when people take politics and make it govern every aspect of their lives, so twisted up they can't see pure logic, that they go off on these crazy tangents about donald trump being anti-semitic and being partly responsible for this horrible horrible event that happened in pittsburgh.
12:40 am
it is dishonest and dangerous, i don't want that animal that did this to share the blame for what he did with anyone. i want him to own every ounce of that as he should. as the law will find. the ideas that we will spread blame beyond that. the other thing that breaks my heart to think about is think about the families, the congregation. they are going through the most horrifying, unspeakable grief of their life and all of the country people are trying to turn it into politics. it is insane. people need to take a breath, step back, put the politics away and realize an unspeakable tragedy happened here and we pray for these people, light candles for them, try to come together but it is not about politics.
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shannon: we will watch as they visit tomorrow and we will see if the unified. that is their mission and we will watch, james and charlie, thank you all. with the midterms days away who will voters
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these wasn't an attack on american values, protecting those of faith, cannot and will not be tolerated. >> on the pittsburgh synagogue shooting where 11 were killed saturday, 6 others injured. congressman mark walker is a pastor who joins us live to talk about this and other things. good to have you with us. you felt in your own community it was important to reach out to your jewish brothers and sisters and constituents. >> we heard the news and headed to the local synagogue in greensboro, offering whatever support we could at the moment. >> i wanted to bring up something that comes from a piece in the hill, and experience from the rabbi who says more jewish blood is absorbed to the earth, we cannot allow these events to be hurled
12:46 am
against political opponents. that would deepen the divide in a nation that direly needs to be healed. how do we heal from something as horrible is this? >> great question from the 21st-century, not just politics but our age in general, almost like we have a thirst, waiting for any tragedy to happen that we can spend a political advantage. it is a travesty and we should allow those people to grieve. we should grieve with them but we are so quick to jump. shannon: let's talk about the midterms. watching closely as everyone else is interesting pulling numbers out of the la times talk about how people are mad at both parties and the, quote, hold your nose and vote brigade makes a sizable chunk of the
12:47 am
electorate according to the latest poll with election day a week away, indicating democrats, one reason democrats remain favored to win control of the house, the base will turn out for both sides but people in the middle are sick of everything and will hold their nose and vote. >> i was talking with staff today, you can tell there's something going on, but bombarding of these commercials, this person said this or that. i believe we will see an uptick for the midterm election in north carolina, no statewide race polling is tracking more people, people exercising the privilege. will it be close in the house? very close, too close to call. shannon: a number of fascinating -- bret baer on special report and senator mccaskill, they ran
12:48 am
a piece about this and that after years of running as far as they could from barack obama's healthcare law, vulnerable senate democrats in florida, west virginia and other political battlegrounds of focused their argument on a single issue which is saving the affordable care act, pulling shows healthcare is if not the top one of the top two issues for most voters. the gop is not trusted to handle it. why aren't you connecting on that message? they trust democrats to do a better job. >> we have to continue the message of what we accomplished. we got the individual mandate repealed which was allowing people to be forced to go by a government product but foursquare mccaskill and others in a district, my brother was born in missouri, the show me state, they went to see the result of what transpired and the democrats are talking how bad healthcare is. they remind them we are operating under the aca and the only thing we have been
12:49 am
successful is to repeal the one particular component of the aca. talk about preexisting conditions and the things they are concerned about we are under obamacare. republicans in the house, what we hear sometimes, preexisting conditions will let the preexisting conditions on and make sure there's a pool for preexisting conditions and lower premiums for everyone else. >> a huge issue with one week left, congressman mark walker, thank you for coming in. next the mainstream media turns on beto o'rourke. donald trump unveils a new midterm added telling voters you can't go back. that and more in the midterm roundup coming up. >> we can't get distracted from the biggest issue. winner! that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched.
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shannon: a critical piece about beto o'rourke, detailing a development deal, and an official in el paso, widely criticized targeting a historic mexican american neighborhood.
12:54 am
backing money, eight states six days, donald trump ramping up his campaign schedule in the final days of the midterm races. and the final stop in missouri. the president's campaign arm out with a $6 million ad by focusing on the economy and making a final pitch. >> you could all go away and what we came from. and choose the right future. >> florida democratic senator bill nelson comparing political tensions from those of rwanda before the african nation's genocide. 800 died in the trouble fighting, and republican governor rick scott.
12:55 am
>> to the genocide, 1 million people -- we got to watch what is happening. >> will ferrell went door-to-door with volunteers. and stacy adams. and set up in the wake of the tree of life synagogue shooting in pittsburgh, the go fund me page may be most impressive, a graduate student at johns hopkins school of advanced studies in political refugee from iran. he thought he might raise $500 donated to the synagogue. the amount raised, there's a new goal of $1 million. the recipient of the jewish
12:56 am
community's generosity, to find ways to get back. and you are the midnight hero's. the most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, i am shannon bream. stick around for tucker. that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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>> to tackle the 30th, this is "fox and friends first". at 4:00 on the east coast funerals begin today for the first of nearly a dozen synagogue shooting victims, the message donald trump and the first lady bringing to pittsburgh today. no rest for republicans one week out from the midterms. >> democrats are worried. >> the best employment numbers and median income numbers. >> african americans are going to lose it. heather: the president's


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