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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 9, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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broward county and better access to observe the process. the judge agreed, the palm beach counsel is appealing. asking for a stay. we should know more tomorrow. >> stay on it. i know you will. tuckler be back on monday. it is awesome. go to >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." a brycrisis is county. after desantis and scott secured their race, thousands of ballots appearing out of thin air all in deep blue democratic districts only. since election night over 15,000 new votes have been enearth in palm beach county. tens and thousands more mysteriously discovered in broward county. all in violation of florida law
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and now, state is bracing for recounts in both the senate and the governor's races. rick scott, the governor, senator-elect, will join us in a moment. he's alleging that rampant fraud is at play and now broward county supervisor of elections brenda snipes is facing serious claims of election malfeasance. we'll have a full report on her and reveal her shady past tonight. plus we'll have the latest news out of the razor tight senate race in arizona, and we'll pull out conspiracy tvs chief election night anchor, after public promoting far left anti-trump protests organized by the radical group we'll also show the response to crazy behaviors. buckle up and it's time for our breaks news monologue. there are some troubling developments in the great state of florida. thousands of counted ballots
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just turning up in broward county and palm beach counties only. only democratic votes. these 15,000 votes were mysteriously found in palm beach county and in broward county it's far worse. on election night, the county reported roughly 634,000 votes, which they are supposed to do. two days later, thursday morning, that number somehow got move up to 695,000. later in the day, over 10,000 more votes just magically turned up. several thousand more votes were just located hours later. and it continues on and on from there. magically just keep going up, up, up. florida state law states, "the canvassing board shall report all early voting, all tabulated vote by mail results to the department of state within 30 minutes after the polls close." the law continues, "the canvassing board shall report with the exception of provisional ballot results
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updated precinct election results at the department, at least every 45 minutes until all results are completely reported." now, florida has 67 counties. 65 of those counties complied fully with the law on election night, including, by the way, the hurricane ravaged areas in the panhandle. as of today, we have no idea where these votes were coming from. why were they missing for several days? where have they been? why was florida and federal election laws obviously violated? they didn't pay attention to any of them. we didn't even know how many votes were left. we don't know now exactly. governor rick scott is sounding the alarm. rightly so, along with marco rubio. take a look. >> it's been over 48 hours since the polls closed and broward county and palm beach county are still finding and counting ballots. the supervisors, brenda snipes, and susan booker, cannot see to
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say how many ballots still exist and where these ballots came from or where they have been. the people of florida deserve fairness. and transparency, and the supervisors are failing to give it to us. >> sean: florida senator marco rubio is also speaking out warning about a possible attempt to steal this election, tweeting "broward county election supervisors ongoing violation of florida law requiring timely reporting isn't just annoying incompetence. it's opening the door for lawyers to come here and try and steal a seat in the united states senate and florida cabinet. senator rubio's warning, must not be taken lightly. it's getting worse by the hour. tonight we're facing a serious issue, a chain of custody issue with broward county because, oh, they found 83,000 votes after the initial election night canvass? here we are 72 hours later?
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those votes, at this point, can't be trusted. there is tight control now over voter access, security, and custody, because these votes cannot be traced to the actual voter. the time, the location, the law compels the state to dispose of these ballots. in other words, we've no documented way to know in any way if, in fact, these ballots are legitimate or where they are coming from. this means, you know, some kind of malfeasance. by the way, nothing new from broward county or palm beach county. the supervisor of elections there, her name is brenda snipes, we'll have a full report on her later. she has a long history of misconduct. in august, a judge ruled that snipes systematically mishandled mail-in absentee ballots and in 2016, a court found that broward county broke both state and federal laws by illicitly destroying ballots. brenda snipes wants floridians
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to think that their votes are in good hands. why couldn't she do what the other 65 counties in florida did? and that is, obey the law. take a look. >> it's a serious issue with me. i've been doing this since october 2006. we ran 22 states. we ran 14 days. we ran 12 hours. we had a big vote by mail. so don't try to turn it around to make it seem like i'm making comedy out of this. all right. >> sean: she was found in 2016 having violated both federal law and the laws in florida. yeah, long time. thousands upon thousands of votes just go missing for days, and that's all you have to say. brenda snipes, she's either corrupt, incompetent, or both. she's obviously not respecting the laws of florida or, of
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course, country. it's been proven over and over again. no one will ever know the true validity of this vote. now, it's impossible, and today, rightfully, angry floridians were gathering outside of the broward county election office demanding answers. and just breaking, hours ago, a judge ruling broward county violated the constitution of florida. they didn't follow the open records laws, and demanded that election officials hand over important details about the newly discovered ballots. the judge also made no ruling yet on the claims of corruption and the legal fight is far from over tonight. and also tonight, we still have more questions than answers. earlier today, here's what president trump had to say about this dubious situation in florida, which, by the way, this has gone on for years which we'll tell you about in a minute. take a look. president trump: -- why is it the votes never go the other way.
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they hire lawyers and the votes never seen to go the republican way -- i don't know, you tell me. it's always the democrats. it's always gps fusion. it's always crooked stuff. look, look at what happened. how many f.b.i. are gone. how many justice department people are gone, that i found out. there is a lot of bad stuff going on in this country, and we're finding out, and i'm getting to the bottom of it and i've done a hell of a job. >> sean: the sanctity of the vote is at stake tonight in florida the all americans need to be outraged. we send election observers to other countries. we need them in broward county, and palm beach county. of course, nothing new from the cheating democratic party. just think about this. it's really just a page out of hillary clinton's playbook on how to rig or steal an election. remember, when she fixed the dnc super delegates against bernie sanders and more?
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donna brazile had to admit to such and make that uncomfortable call to bernie sanders and made it i am for for him to ever win. remember the clinton campaign before the general election in 2016, oh, yeah, mark elias, the attorney for clinton, the attorney now leading democratic cause down in broward county. well, don't forget, he's the guy that used clinton campaign money. they went into a law firm, perkins, funneled the money to fusion gps. it wasn't about legal bills. it was about creating a dirty dossier full of lies about donald trump. throughout the highest levels of government and then sending that information out to the american people. why? to malign the candidate donald trump. why? so they will get extra votes. why? to cheat in an election. don't forget, that information was disseminated by the top levels of government. it's practically at this point the democratic motto, when you can't beat them, just cheat them. we'll have more throughout this show. governor rick scott will join us
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in a few moments. we'll also have an important update on arizona. we'll tell you more about who brenda snipes really is. the senate race between mcsally and crime ma is too close to call but a deal has been worked out a few hours ago regarding many of the contested ballots. an update coming up, but first let's turn to the developing story about a pretty obvious partnership between nbc news and the controversial far left group known as on wednesday, msnbc's chief conspiracy theorist, who refers to herself as a journalist, an election night anchor over at nbc, rachel -- urging her supporters to take part in nationwide anti-trump protests, tweeting, it's happening. this is the break, in case of an emergency. plan to protect the mueller investigation. 5:00 p.m. local time, protest tomorrow, thursday, november 8, we knew this would happen at
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some point. the day has arrived. also tweeted out a list of the protest locations, and last night many far left trump haters answered the call and participated in the left's break the glass of urgency moment that they call it. these protests took place in 60 cities organized by so nbc has aligned themselves with this group, same group that referred to general petraeus, an american hero, as general be-tray us. the same group that compare president bush to hitler, in an ad that was condemned by the adl. it's the same group that accused john mccain of wanting to send everyone's children to war. also partnered with activist linda -- during the women's march. a known anti-semite, and move on funded and promoted the 2016 chicago protests outside of a
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trump rally. that's the one that became violent and forced the campaign to cancel the event. tonight, there you have their big star over at nbc news, election night coverage host rachel maddos denying and organizing the anti-run the protest. we just saw the tweets. claiming she's merely reporting. no, she's telling people, this is the time, the break the glass moment. so give us a break. if reporting that something is happening is the same thing as organizing it, i'm happy to take credit for organizing the new trump family patent on what, you know, chinese, whatever. anyway, resignation of spiro agnew, that was a tough one but i'm a diligent organizer. it's total b.s., a total lie, a total con job, just like the lie she claims to be a journalist. that statement is a lie. of course, we all know maddos
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isn't a reporter. she's a journalist. she's a mueller obsessed anti-trump conspiracy theorist whose constantly and wrongly predicting trump's eminent demise. all part of russia collusion and ignores all the evidence about hillary and her bought and paid for russian lies that was used to commit fraud on a fisa court four times. used to misinform the american people before the 2016 election. used as part of a media elite strategy to get robert mueller appointed. part of the insurance policy. whipping her followers into a frenzy. sadly, with mueller's probe seemingly coming to a close. well, i guess they are about to be in for a whole lot of disappointment. so of course, now, we have msnbc, and their new partners, and you've got cnn, fake news, foaming at the mouth over sessions' departure. many even claiming that the
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acting attorney general matt whitaker will derail the mueller investigation. the president said yesterday that's not happening. and while democrats are fueling more conspiracy theories president trump fired back today when asked if he wants whitaker to rein in the special council, here's what he had to say. president trump: it's up to him. >> do you want him to rein in robert mueller? president trump: what a stupid question that is. what a stupid question. but i want you -- you ask a lot of stupid questions. >> sean: whitaker has a strong record and that's why the left is rushing to demonize him. he has been critical of mueller going too far with this endless investigation, and he wrote in 2016, hillary, yeah, she's lucky she wasn't indicted but in no way is anyone talking about meddling with the mueller witch-hunt. it will play out and when it does president trump will be able to move on, if you will, to
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use a the president, uni am cumbered by conspiracy theories de legitimizing his presidency, although, i'll warn you, they will create new ones, by maxine waters, adam schiff and company. nancy pelosi, finally, before we go, we have an update from the ongoing jim accostas sagga. he acted in a combative, unprofessional way even making contact with a white house intern. she's trying to say your questions are over. the president told you to sit down. how many times does a president have to say enough, enough, enough. enough. just rude. another example of egregious self-serving narcissistic behavior and his white house pass has been revoked and the cnn head is now standing behind his embattled trump hater spewing some trump hate on their own writing in a statement, "the president's ongoing attacks on the president have gone too far. they are not only dangerous, they are disturbingly unamerican."
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earlier today president trump responded to the attack against him and acosta's terrible conduct against him. let's listen in. president trump: i think jim acosta is very unprofessional. he's a very unprofessional guy, whether it was me or ronald reagan or anybody else, he would have done the same thing. look. i don't think he's a smart person but he's got a loud voice. when you're in the white house, this is a very sacred place to me. this is a very special place. you have to treat the white house with respect. you have to treat the presidency with respect. if you have every seen him dealing with sara huckabee sanders, it's a disgrace. >> sean: acosta wanted a debate. he wanted a fight. he wanted something that would help make him a bigger star. president trump, well, he doesn't respect cnn's ugly coverage, their abusively biased coverage and that's okay. they don't like when it the president hits back.
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criticism, by the way, is not an attack on the first amendment. by the way, had they acted respectfully, he would still be in there but without a doubt, cnn's coverage has been obsessive and despicable. i hope cnn is watching. >> -- causing stormy weather. >> porn star stormy daniels claims president trump broke the law. >> does stormy daniels have the president's number? it sure seems like that. >> president trump might have met his match with stormy daniels. >> how is stormy weathering this? stormy speaks. >> we're hearing quite a bit from stormy daniels. >> every second, every minute, every hour, every day, day in and day out, hate trump. yeah, that kind of coverage deserves criticism especially when so many of the people you saw, they claim to be unbiased. not partisan. they think they are journalists. they are not. when we come back, governor rick
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scott, senator lindsey graham all weighing in on today's big breaking news. going on down in florida. don't change that channel as we continue.
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>> this is a fox news alert. we're still monitoring races in three critical states, three days after election day. in florida tonight, two critical victories in court for republican governor rick scott, who is challenging democrat bill nelson for his senate seat. a judge has order broward county election officials to immediately disclose how many ballots have been cast and how many are still counted. governor scott is accusing liberals of trying to steal the election. right now he's ahead by a razor thin margin which will likely prompt recount. the outcome is equally uncertain in an arizona senate race where
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sinema is ahead of mcsally by 20,000 votes. there are nearly 300,000 ballots statewide that still need to be counted. in the georgia race, kemp has already declared victory. but his opponent is hoping to force the election into a run-off or recount. as of now, returns show kemp with a large enough lead to be declared the leader without a run-off. now back to "hannity." >> sean: focusing in on the florida crucial election we have senator-elect rick scott with
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us. great to see you. obviously you had a good court ruling. let's talk about where we are and with we go from here. >> so as you know, i ended the night tuesday night with a 57,000 vote lead and now i'm down to 15,000 vote lead. we want to go to court to get the supervisor of elections in palm beach and broward county to actually do their job, to not violate the law and to provide us information. we won that lawsuit today. so we're looking forward to getting that information. we're, you know, we've hired the right lawyers. we have gibson dunn, who won -- argued the case with bush versus gore successfully. their lawyers, bill nelson's lawyers who is trying to steal this election, they went to federal got today trying to get the certification postponed. they were not able to do that, so basically tomorrow, my win will be certified by the court subject to a recount.
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then the 40 something thousand votes needed to do a recount. and then we'll just keep going. it looks like they are going to do everything they can to steal this election. i'm so disappointed in bill nelson. a career politician has been there forever and all he's doing now is he's hired hillary clinton's lawyer to say, and his lawyer said it, i'm here to win this election, not a fair election, not make sure all the ballots are cast. i'm here to win this election. >> sean: laws broken here. within 30 minutes of the polls closing, by state law, you're supposed to literally have a vote tally in terms of mail absentee ballots, they are supposed to be counted within 30 minutes. we're also supposed to have observers, and by law, every 45 minutes, there is supposed to be an update. none of that has happened here, and this particular woman that we keep talking about, brenda snipes, she has a history of violating florida and federal law. how is it possible 72 hours
6:26 pm
later, plus, that we're in a position, where they are still dumping ballots. they never report on time. they are not allowing the people to observe as is protocol. how is that possible? >> we've gone to court. we've asked the florida department of law enforcement to investigate. but they have come up, in broward, broward by itself, election night they came up with 78,000 more votes. we still don't have the information on it. that's why we've gone to court. another 15,000 in palm beach county. no idea, how they showed up, when they voted or anything about them. we won the lawsuit today. we're waiting to get that information. so it's just -- it's hard to believe. you can only assume that this is just, you know, you have to assume that they are doing this just for fraud, to try to steal the election. >> sean: but there are 67 counties, governor, senator-elect, in florida, how come the other 65 counties never
6:27 pm
have any problems and the problems all exist in these two counties? and at what point, where is law enforcement, fact that they would allow three full days to have zero supervision. they should have gone in there and shut this place down because again, they are just violating laws left and right, which she's been found to do. so it seems now, god only knows what they have done in the 72 hours, and, by the way, she express -- she didn't appear to like you very much. seems like she has a strong opinion against you. >> right. well, clearly, she's got, you know, she's got a bias, and -- my expectation is law enforcement will find out exactly what happened. the courts, we're winning in the courts so that will help us to get to the bottom of this. look. i won, or the citizens of this state won this election fair and square. i am the next -- i'm the senator-elect in the state. we'll be certified tomorrow and we'll fight every one of these lawsuits and we're going to win.
6:28 pm
we're not going to let these liberal activists from all over the country come down here and say we're going to steal this election from somebody that, you know, we're going to follow the will of the people in this state. we're going to work hard every day and win this. >> sean: so there will be an investigation. this will go on but you're saying by saturday you will be declared the winner? >> the first thing will be the certification based on information that comes from the local supervisor of elections. we should be certified as the winner at that point on saturday subject to a recount, and then we'll have the machine recount through next thursday. in the meantime, any -- votes that come in from the military, which can come in a little bit later, those will be counted, and then if i'm below about 21,000, then there will be a manual recount after that but in the meantime, you know, the democrats, bill nelson, who can't stand to lose is just going to file every lawsuit they can and we'll have to fight back
6:29 pm
every lawsuit there is. >> sean: unbelievable. governor, no one sh-- should ha to go through this. the history of these two counties, even the panhandle, 27 days earlier, hit with one of the most severe hurricanes with so much damage, they didn't have a problem. this is unacceptable, and it looks like a banana republic. we send observers over to other countries. we need an observer in broward county. maybe we can get somebody to observe from now on, and she cannot be allowed to do this again. i hope we get to the bottom of it. we're watching, governor. we'll pay close attention. joining us now with reaction to the midterm election chaos, south carolina senator lindsey graham is with us. i'm literally watching this as the world is, we go from 57,000, i'll read it to you, then 38,000, then 30,000, then 21,000, then 15,000. i mean, you can't make this up. and -- >> no, you can't.
6:30 pm
>> florida and federal law is very clear. >> the law exists to avoid this situation. you want to account for the vote 30 minutes after the election, every 45 minutes. there have been over 90,000 votes to come in after the close of voting in clear violation of florida law. it's designed to prevent this situation. broward county is a national joke when it comes to elections, and here's where kavanaugh has a lot in common. when it comes to counting votes and confirming judges, there is nothing democrats won't do to win. they tried to destroy brett kavanaugh. it didn't work. they are trying to steal this election, it's not going to work, and i can't wait to get back to work and make sure we put men and women on the judiciary who actually follow the law. the law means nothing to liberal democrats. it's all about outcome, and they are not going to -- they destroyed cav katrina -- tried to destroy kavanaugh and they aren't going to screw rick scott. >> sean: hillary cheated bernie
6:31 pm
sanders out of the nomination. mark elias is her attorney. he's the one involved. the money funneled through a law firm. i would argue that we should investigate if that's a campaign finance violation. labeled as a legal expense but it wasn't. it was used to higher fusion gps. this is the same mark. that leads to the russian dossier. it's disseminated, leaked, its contents, before the 2016 election. why? because they wanted to steal that election by misinforming and propagandizing the american people. same players, same characters, same m.o., same objective. win by any means necessary. >> look at brett kavanaugh. they tried to deny him a place on the court by being deceitful, withholding information from the committee, ambushing him, changing the legal standards, you're guilty until proven innocent. what are they doing in broward county? they are taking florida law and turning it upside-down to get a
6:32 pm
result. this liberal activist lawyer, the clinton lawyer, went to florida with the purpose of winning the election. the election was held on tuesday. you know, bill nelson was running, not the lawyer. rick scott won fair and square. what's going on in broward county is not fair and it's not square, and we're going to get to the bottom of it. rick is going to win. but please remember this about 2018. the 2018 cycle is going to be remembered for liberal democrats doing whatever it takes when it comes to judges and votes to win. the law be damned, in the eyes of liberal democrats, the law is just something to get around when it comes to winning what you want. >> sean: remember a judge found that snipes had violated state and federal law. that was the debar wasserman schultz recount. she just destroyed the ballots illegally. she's not updating every 45 minutes. which she's supposed to do. she didn't -- she didn't give an accurate number. 30 minutes, all the other counties in florida, including
6:33 pm
the panhandle did. i just -- if this is not stopped, there is no stopping -- the level of cheating that will go on will be unprecedented. >> yeah. incompetent and deceitful is no way to go through life but if the shoe were on the other foot and a republican held county -- >> sean: the media is ignoring it. senator, thank you. appreciate it. coming up, former doj official request exclusive details about the broward county election chief's highly checkered past. wait until you hear this. it will blow you away. breaking news out of florida tonight as we continue. glad you're with us. alexa, play weekend mix. the new lincoln mkc. connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier.
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6:38 pm
under the reigning of election supervisor brenda snipes. an election lawyer at the public interest legal foundation, jay christian adams, who actually wants to post snoops along with rnc chair, and the author of the "new york times" best seller, "deep state." let's start with you. you had a chance to depose her. let's put up on screen, we found that she destroyed ballots illegally back in the 2016 -- that was the primary race, that she had more registered voters than citizens, that she documented reports about cleaning voter rolls, and lost the manual on removing dead voters. now, on top of that we know the laws that have been broken here. within 30 minutes of the polls closing, all of those absentee ballots and early voting, all of those numbers should have been handed over. they were not. they were supposed to be dating
6:39 pm
a every 45 minutes. they have not. you see this -- updating every 45 minutes. they have not. going from 7,000 to 15,000. what do you know about brenda snipes? >> a lot. they have been fighting her in federal court for over two years. it's called acru versus snipes. she was my witness in a federal trial. she admitted that noncitizens vote in broward county. it's a total clown show, sean. i mean, she has people on the voter rolls there who were born when grover cleveland was president and she's not removing them from the rolls. she lost the manual actually to tell her how to do it. it's a clown show over and over again of incompetence. hiding the ball from the public. she just simply is the worst election official i have ever seen in the united states. >> sean: it's worse than that, though. even the ruling today by this judge, violating the constitution, we know they violated numerous florida
6:40 pm
election laws, already up to this point. no one intervened here. why she was allowed to do this after all the previous mishaps she's had, and, again, a court said she violated both florida and federal law in the past, and yet she's still in this position. >> when i had her on -- it's stunning. it really is stunning. rhonda santis and governor scott, they deserve to have people to watch this. if there was a ballot that had some sort of question mark they could literally have an election official fill out another ballot and run it through the machine to vote and i'm sure it's not a coincidence, that every time this happens it seems to be going in the direction of the democrats. they have got to get a grip on this immediately. >> sean: when you're talking about that many votes it's unbelievable. let's get an update in terms of, do you have enough lawyers on
6:41 pm
the ground? mark elias, i know jason knows him well, he's the guy involved for hillary clinton's campaign. fusion gps. funneling money through perkins -- hiring, of course, christopher steel. voting dossier, disseminated, propaganda, lies sent out. leaked, so that it would hurt donald trump in that election. stealing the election from bernie sanders. i mean, this goes on and on. what's happening here and can you update us on arizona? >> so we do have enough lawyers on the ground, sean, and obviously, we had this great ruling today where the judge said that they were being unconstitutional in the way they were not being transparent with the ballots. brenda snipes. in arizona we just also got a good court ruling. we had two democrat counties in arizona that were continuing to try and fix ballots and cure votes and none of the republican counties were doing it the court ruled today that all the counties get to do that equally, and so there will be going on until next wednesday. that will be very good for mcsally but our lawyers have
6:42 pm
been on the ground. the rnc is on the ground. we have over 300 staff in each of these states to monitor the machine recounts and all this curing that's happening in arizona and we have to do this. it's unfortunate. it's not incompetency, it's intent. this is corruption, it's election meddling. i don't know where adam schiff is. collusion and election meddling. >> sean: the reason we know it's intent is because we've got 67 counties in florida. great people of florida. the 65 other counties, they abide by the law. they reported within 30 minutes. they update every 45 minutes, and they respect both federal election laws and florida state laws, and the constitution. now, she's been found to have ru -- violated those in the past and we have a court decision having been found to have violated them again. why are there no consequences? >> don't forget her predecessor was removed by governor bush for incompetence. when i asked her on the stand in
6:43 pm
the federal trial how many changes did you make to the personnel of her, woman who was removed for incompetence, how many people did you replace? guess what the answer was? no one. she kept everybody there. all the people who were screwing it up 15 years ago are still screwing it up today. that office is unbelievable. it's like they hand out sedatives in the morning to all the employees. i did depositions of these employees. they don't know what they are doing. it's incredible. incredible the cheating allowed for them to stay in office. >> sean: i think it's impossible, i don't believe this is credible at all, and if the panhandle, congressman, if the panhandle can get it right after hurricane michael and what happened to them, and abide by the law, they would have, i think, a reasonable excuse. if they had some problems or whatever, maybe needing a little more time. not 72 hours, you know, and every 12 to 14 hours, 3:00 in the morning, we'll announce, we just found another 10,000 votes
6:44 pm
for bill nelson but not for rick scott. >> yeah, refilling out a ballot, suddenly finding boxes of ballots. and remember, the election campaigns in the past, maybe there has been a discrepancy of a couple of hundred votes moving in this direction or that direction but we're talking about tens of thousands of votes, and it's impossible, as you say, sean. >> sean: ronald, i'll give you the last word. >> i hope governor desantis as his first act as governor removes brenda snipes as county clerk. she's broken the lawyer, she's broken the trust of the people of florida. she's disenfranchised every voter in florida with these 70,000 found votes and we need to get to the bottom of it. >> sean: it is impossible to know the truth at this point. she's tainted the election in a way, all in favor of bill nelson. of course, hillary's careen --
6:45 pm
croneys are in there doing what they always do and you might ask them about the phony dossier they were leaking to the republic. all right, thank you guys for being with us. when we return, a lot more. michelle obama, new book. tammy -- weigh in and much more, stay with us. ♪ ♪ -[ slurping ]
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>> sean: -- copy of michelle obama's upcoming book, "becoming," where she writes she would never forget president trump for his "birther remarks about her husband." meanwhile the president was asked about her comments this morning. let's take a listen to his response. >> i guess she got paid a lot of money to write a book and they always insist you come up with
6:50 pm
something controversial. i'll give you a little controversy back. i'll never forgive him for what he did to our united states military by not funding it properly. it was depleted. everything was old and tired. and i came in and i had to fix it and i'm in the process of spending tremendous amounts of money, so i'll never forgive him for who he did to our military. i'll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways, which i'll talk to you about in the future. >> sean: joining us now with reaction, fox news contributor tammy bruce. it's good to see you both. whatever happened to, they go low, we go -- oh, the democrats want to kick them and get in their face and create a crowd and after they create a crowd they will follow them into a grocery store, department store and gas station, we don't want you anywhere, anymore. >> considering the environment that we've got, right? you would think she would think twice about the nature of that kind of rhetoric. but look, you know, she's
6:51 pm
speaking her mind. if people thought she was not a political person, obviously, this -- i would also suggest she's also very angry at the wrong person. not the clinton campaign in particular but said -- blumenthal created this. he went to the news service bringing this up, bringing up this argument which, of course, most of us found absurd that he was not born in this country. she should just never forgive him. but beyond that, it's also interesting, though, that her husband, and i'll remind you, in this exchange, she, of course, made it personal about him. the president talked about the military. he talked about their impact on something for this country. but her husband, then, during his term, accused donald trump in his rhetoric of helping isis do its job.
6:52 pm
there he's being complicit in mad murder and terrorism and i think there would be a worry about the impact on barron trump, a boy at the time, but that seems to not be a concern here. i think that there is, of course, a lot -- everybody in a political environment needs to think about that but i think this is a bit of a low shot, and considering, of course, what her husband has said in the past about mr. trump, and that maybe we can all move a little bit higher when it comes to all of this. >> sean: i just thought it was stupid. >> it's idiotic. >> sean: just a stupid thing, and it became a big thing about releasing the birth certificate. let me play michelle obama. she's political and she inserted herself a number of times, her saying something that i found pretty shocking at the time. >> for the first time in my adult life, i'm proud of my country. because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback.
6:53 pm
>> sean: it wasn't the only time she said that and i'm thinking, well, i was kind of proud of my dad and all the heroes of world war ii, and our brave guys that slammed the beaches of normandy and defeated imperial japan and fascism and communism and nazism. i was proud of them. >> well, sean, let me just say for the record i've always been proud of our country, of my country. listen, michelle obama is bitter. this is the same michelle who came from chicago, who went to princeton, who went to the white house. she's one of the most well known women in the world. she's a globe traveler and multimillionaire. yes, she made that statement in 2009 for the first time in my adult life i'm now proud of her country. where else in the world could you achieve so much? only in america. >> can i ask, sean, i'm real curious, great points on that point, i'm wondering if she
6:54 pm
writes about the three million that fell into poverty during her husband's two tenures? if she regrets any of that. >> sean: it's more than that. eight million that went into poverty. 13 million more americans on food stamps. i'm not trying to correct you. >> when it comes to the number of women specifically that had -- >> sean: women, okay, i didn't hear you. >> normally, we've got a record, of course, of women who vote and have started their own businesses upped president trump, lowest unemployment rate in american history but under barack obama, the condition of women's lives were destroyed effectively. poverty, no jobs, the future gone, all their money was gone, no money in their pocketbook. doctors gone. hospitals gone. >> sean:you make a good point. we talk about the democratic breakdown. we now have record low unemployment, denine, since trump has been elected. unemployment in 14 states. african-american americans, hispanic americans, asian americans, women in the
6:55 pm
workplace, youth unemployment, and our vets are now getting back to work thank god. they had so many multiple deployments. those are huge records. >> i totally agree with you. don't forget, former president obama, the one who said you didn't build that to the small mom and pop shops and to the entrepreneurs, president trump is putting america first. he's remembering the forgotten men and women, you just mentioned a number of startling accomplishments that we have recognized under this president because of tax cuts and roll back of regulations and it's about america first. we're open for business. >> sean: good to see you, thank you for being with us. i'm sure the media will go nuts. here we are. the annointed one, barack obama, they are back. when we return, we'll have some closing thoughts straight ahead.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. remember, we're all fair,
7:00 pm
balanced, yes, we're not the destroy trump media. we'll be on this florida fraud on monday. we hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you back on monday. let not your heart be troubled. *-*-*- >> good evening, i'm mike huckabee in for laura ingraham ham. this is "the ingraham angle." >> a lot of breaking news to get to. we start with a chaotic recount effort in florida. the recou. the republicans are rightfully pointing to broward county. the second most populace county in all of florida, and it may also be its


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