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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 11, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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r about taltz. [♪] [bell tolling]
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eric: it's 12 noon the east. 9:00 a.m. in the west. you just heard the bells mark the armistice that ended world war i on this day, 1918. we observe a special veterans day.
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we have special coverage of the world war i100th anniversary ceremonies in france. we continue our veterans day and world war i coverage on fox news channel throughout this hour. >> meanwhile the recount is under way in the sunshine state. election workers are retallying ballots in races as observers keep a close eye on everything. i'm arthel neville. eric: there are two high-profile races, but only one can have a winner which is why tensions are so high. andrew gillum withdrawing his concession to republican ron
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desantis. rick scott says he feels good about his chances in beating bill nelson for the florida senate seat. >> there has never been a recount that changed any sort of win like that. so while we are going through the recount. we won. eric: phil keating is outside the broward county board of elections. hiking with phil. reporter: it's continuing to unfold this morning. some florida counties began the recount process yesterday afternoon and into last night. broward county intended to begin first thing this morning. but there have been several hours of i.t. issues inside the supervisor of elections office here. but as of 30 minutes ago, they got that worked out and they are getting underway in broward county. 8 million ballots must be set
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through the cab laying machine one more time. and the deadline to get it all done is thursday. the election in florida decided by less than half a percent is required by law to a recount. broward election workers have spent the morning' after the recount was ordered. senator nelson says we believe when every legal ballot is counts, we'll win the election. president trump lashed out at democrats tweeting, trying to steal two big elections in florida. we are watching closely. former republican congressman ron deand is gave a victory speech. and while his lead hasn't
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shifted. democratic tallahassee mayor andrew gillum conceded tuesday night, disappointing his crowd up in tallahassee. but yesterday he unconceded until every vote is counsel and recounsel. and that's where we are right now. a major recount going on. here is how close the senate race and the governor's race are. out of 8 million votes cast, rick scott, governor of florida he's ahead of incouple tbenlt senator bill nelson by .15% of a percentage point. desantis leads gillum by .41%. eric: that is close, and we'll see where it goes.
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arthel: let's bring in andrew egger. you have the secretary of state reporting no indication of fraud, and a florida state law enforcement agency saying it has not received any allegations of criminal misconduct. why are governor scott and the president alleging voter fraud. there are legal guidelines in place, correct? >> yes. when you see a race this close, there is always potential for people to think things aren't on the up and up. so we have seen that beginning to start from both sides. but you have seen republican and democratic lawyers descending on florida, the two counties most of at issue which are broward county and palm beach, filing lawsuits. then yes you have seen president trump and some republican
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officials accusing democrats of the rampant voter fraud. and hopefully the hope is that the recounts will put that to rest. that's the idea of a recount. it's a way to protect your work. but there is that issue of one group or another with it being as close refusing to accept the outcome of the election. arthel: you mentioned broward county. miss snipes was re-elected in '04, '08, 2012 and 2016. she was named in one of the lawsuits. why does she keep getting re-elected? and why didn't governor rick scott sound the alarm when he could. >> when snipes first came into office, she sort of ran as a reformist candidate for that
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office because as you know, broward county had experienced issues in the past, notably in the 2000 presidential election. i don't think there is any question at this point that snipes and her people have made a botch of this particular election. arthel: the charge is that miss snipes is -- they are claiming she is incompetent. and miss snipes denies those claims. she says i have been re-elected multiple times. but let me move here. we are sitting here talking about this. what does this do to voter confidence and confidence in our
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democratic process. isn't this what the russians wanted when they sowed seeds of confusion through social media during the 2016 election? >> i don't mean to dumb on some random elected official. but that's the issue when you have reports of incompetence and things like that. when that operation is slow and beset by a lot of problems. they are having more i.t. problems. whether that's any kind of deliberate malfeasance or whether it's unfortunate incompetence, what have you. it does have that danger. when people see their public officials behaving in ways they wouldn't expect. it makes it harder for hem to trust everything is above board, particularly when things are as close as they are here it makes it easier for people like the president to swoop in and tell
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them the fix is in. they will were the question many people are asking, why are we still here? why hasn't the voting system been vastly improved and updated? and can we expect it to change? >> the reality of the situation is voting is an incredibly complicated process. there are so many people handling slips of paper, trying to get it from one place to another. it's as complicated a national system, people who obviously only do thisser couple years. there is always the potential for problems like this to spring up. that's why the recount system exists and why we have resources to go in and double and triple check these things. if the machine recounts we talked about, if that keeps things within a quarter of a percent, hand count. but hopefully we'll be able to put this all to bed in an
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above-board fashion and this will move back into election controversy past. arthel: the florida secretary of state saying there are no indications of fraud. eric: the california fire zone, sadly the death toll is growing. at least 25 people have been killed so far. more than 100 remain missing as wildfires continue to rapidly spread. in northern california, 7,000 homes and other structures have been destroyed. among the community hardest hit is the town of paradise which now nearly lies in ruins. >> you can't understand it until you are here. because you just have to -- you can't fathom it in your mind. my parents lost their house, in-laws lost their house. my wife's grandfather and uncle lost their house and my
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sister-in-law. eric: meteorologist adam klotz and the latest on california's weather conditions. we'll begin with jeff hall in southern california where the woolsey fire is still burning out of control. bring us up to date with what's going on in malibu. >> the big news today is the return of the strong gusts. we are getting an idea of the damage out here. this one of 177 structures that have been burned to the ground. we have seen many, many homes reduced to ash. take a look at this video. this is called a firennado. eight 3,000 acres burned which is about the size of the city of omaha, nebraska. we got a chance to weak one
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resident who lost his home. we talked about what it was like trying to escape the flames. take a listen. >> it was very vicious. and it jumped like leaps and bound like a superhero. it was crazy. and i don't know. if you even say violent. it was very violent. reporter: the concern today as you look to the mountains is the return of strong guests. some estimates 55 miles per hour. because of the last few days the winds calming down, they managed to get the fire contained to about 10%. but we are hearing about the deaths of two people the sheriff's office is investigating. the concern is when they could be arriving here weren't next hour or so. >> the upscale community in
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malibu has been evacuated. arthel: in northern california the town of paradise is in ruins. claudia? reporter: the magnitude of the loss becomes clearer with each cal fire update. the bodies of 14 more victims were recovered yesterday. four in the nearby town. 10 in paradise. the sheriff who also serves as the county coroner is asking for families to be patient. >> i know members of our community are anxious. and i know the news of us recovering bodies has to be disconcerting. i will tell you we are doing everything we possibly can to identify those remains. and make contact with the next of kin so we can return the remains to the family.
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reporter: to help with the grim task authorities have called in a mobile dna lab and anthropologist. in some cases the only remains are bones and bone fragments. authorities are encouraging people with missing relatives to provide dna. the sheriff's office is looking into 100 reports of people still missing. 4,000 crews are fighting the flames from the air and the ground. the campfire is now roughly the same size as the city of kansas. the fire only grew 4,000 acres overnight and is 25% contained. the big concern here is the return of these winds. a red flag warning remains in effect through tomorrow. that indicates the strong possibility of extreme fire
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behavior with gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. this is not over yet. arthel: thank you very much for the update. eric? eric: the strong gusts are expected to return today. adam, those gusts could mean they could spread the fire further. adam: we got the break yesterday, but the winds are returning today. again portions from northern california stretching down into southern california, north of los angeles is where we are seeing the fire activity. all the way down to san diego and around the bay area, this would be sacramento, and the camp fire three hours north of
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that where the humidity is very low. the winds are strong. and that means high fire danger across the state. when you have a high pressure system which isn't going to allow any sort of moisture. we are getting closer to the rainy season. we just haven't gotten there yet. and they desperately need that rain it's a high pressure system with the circulation around this air. it ends up forcing wind along the coast to the west coast. some of this wind works its way through the sierra nevada mountains. begins to pick up speed, then you start to see windy conditions. you start to see blues from 20-30 miles per hour. you will see gusting winds up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. that will be pushing this fire allowing it to spread rapidly. this is the forecast model. as we get into the overnight hours into monday. particularly in the southern part of the state it does calm
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down for us a bit monday. winds will be worse for folks sunday as opposed to monday. the conditions will stay completely dry. southern part of the state actually getting up to moderate to severe drought levels in some of those locations. futurecast unfortunately, sunday into monday and tuesday, we are staying completely dry. as far as the winds go late tuesday into wednesday. arthel: there are growing calls for the new acting attorney general to recuse himself from the russia probe. >> this fella, whitaker, the new acting attorney general said at one point there was no proof that russia interfered in our elections when 17 intelligence agencies said we did.
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his past criticisms of the white house special counsel. garrett tenney is here from washington with the latest. reporter: top democrats sent a letter to the justice department's wheef ethics advisor. that's what happened with former attorney general jeff sessions and he did recuse himself on the advice of doj ethics officials. if whitaker doesn't recuse himself. congressman jerry nadler says one of the things he plans to do is invite whitaker to testify by subpoena if necessary. >> the dismissals of attorney general sessions and appointment of whitaker who is a political lackey is a threat to the integrity of that investigation. totally unqualified. his only qualification seems to be that he wants to be -- the president wants him to be the
9:25 am
hatchet man to destroy the mueller investigation. >> many republicans say those concerns are overblown. you don't recuse somebody because they have opinions different neenlt they are overseeing. mr. mueller will be able to do his job without political interest force by mr. whitaker. i think mr. whitaker is legally qualified to over see this investigation until the appoint of a new attorney general early next year. reporter: a bill expected to be pushed before the end of the year would protect mueller from getting fired. eric: president trump is on his way back to washington from france after paying tribute to those who fought and died during
9:26 am
world war i. we'll recap his remarks. it's takes place at home for the 100th anniversary for the armistice that ended that war. coming up, the president and ceo of that museum will join us to talk about the significance of this day. but first a tribute at the museum in flowers for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> the poppy is a symbol of world war i. it represents hope and rebirth. this field is planted with 9,000 toys. each one represents 1,000 combat vets. we'll have more from the national world war i museum and memorial here in kansas city when we come back in a few minutes.
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of world war i. 5:30 p.m. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live now from paris. hi, john. >> good afternoon to you, arthel appeared good evening from paris for its 30th clock. the president was not about an hour ago after spending the weekend here this morning. dozens of nations to commit to the memory under the moment world war i and the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. his speech french president emanuel macron. >> nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. i say who cares about the others. we erase what a nation holds dear is.
9:32 am
and what is essential. it's moral values. reporter: the second time in a week that -- the president didn't seem to mind this time it lays bare treaty now,, beautiful ceremony today in paris commemorating the end of world war i. many leaders in attendance. president trump has been hit with her to set them back home for canceling an event at the american cemetery yesterday because of rain. the trip was canceled because the weather was too bad for marine one to fly 60 miles to below, which is where the cemetery is located northeast of paris. today, president trump joins guests in the cold rain at the american cemetery outside of paris to pay tribute to the heroes who fight and died in world war i. listen here. >> the american and french patriots of world war i embody
9:33 am
the timeless virtues of our two republics, honor and courage, strength and valor, love and loyalty, grace and glory. it is our duty to preserve the civilization they defended and to protect the peace they so nobly gave their lives to secure one century ago. >> the president will be back at the white house sometime this evening where he will face the uncertainty of control of the house by democrats and the criticism he's been receiving ever since he appointed matt whitaker to be the acting attorney general. >> john roberts i from paris. tanks, john. -- thanks, john. trade to the centennial of the world war i armistice bringing an action against the weekend.
9:34 am
america remembering our fallen heroes the 116,000 who died on european soil. there was a replay in ceremony at arlington national cemetery's tomb of the unknown soldier at the top of the regarding show to the national world war i museum and memorial in kansas city, missouri where the bell was tolling for the lives that were lost. joining us now is the president and ceo at the museum from the museum, dr. matt miller appeared its good to see you. it's a solemn day of remembrance and honor. what is the significance of this day enough the war itself? >> well, and back in the day when they were looking to its senses come in the moment 100
9:35 am
years ago when the killings stopped in there is believed that there would be a sustained peace in year at the national world war i museum and memorial we've been thrilled to see so many people, so many families come out to mark that moment and pay tribute to the fallen. eric: the carnage in the destruction, devastation was just unimaginable. never seen before in human history. >> 765 million served in world war i and more than 30 million casualties wounded or killed. the world hadn't experienced before with technologies of course, which were new and causing massive destruction. some 7200 deaths a day, 300 our for more than four years. it's really an extraordinary moment that we commemorate that came to an end. >> is sadly with the use of the mechanized machine guns and
9:36 am
flamethrowers and also chemical weapons so tragically still used in syria today. >> indeed. we live with so much of what came out of world war i. the impact of the work can't be underestimated. if shadow continues to live with us right until this very day. trying to talk about that. what are those legacies of the war? redrawing of the map in the middle east and america coming of age itself global power. >> indeed. for the united states i think this is a really consequential war. it's often overshadowed by the civil war and world war ii. but if you consider the u.s. previously was an isolation of the nation drawn onto the world stage to position itself as a financial powerhouse and industrial powerhouse and certainly military might pave the way for the american century. train to the museum started in the 19 is really read unique
9:37 am
because it is funded by the people in 1926. there were visitors can see when they go there because you do bring the legacy alive. as you say it's been receiving the national consciousness. >> yeah, that is one of the things people find when they visit the museum is there something of interest for everybody. we are a global institution, so we have the most up-to-date collection of archival materials in the world beginning collect them in 1920 in every week since. what people will find is objects here that they will see a side-by-side in no other institution from a very engaging some terrific audio and video visual that impacts a complicated war and explains it a way easily digestible. feeling my other great experience. trying to sadly, is stated because frank buckles in the last surviving world war i american veteran died seven years ago 110 years old. you have the magnificent
9:38 am
structure looking at the liberty tower now inside the museum. you've got a tank. you've got weapons. it's really something that is stunning and resonates to this day. >> it does. that is evidenced throughout the commemorative. since 2014 through this year we've had an increase in visitor ship of about 64%. what that tells us is a whole lot of people who want to learn about world war i and its enduring impact in the way in which we tell the story here is very engaging for the broad range we have visiting the memorial and museum we serve an excess of 580,000 visitors a year. some 2 million people have come in the last four years here to the national world war i museum and memorial to remember and learn. that's also something about the depth of interest there is in this cataclysmic catastrophe of the 20th century. eric: there some parallels and talking about nationalism,
9:39 am
french president macron pushing back on that. in 1918 we were in some sense an isolationist country and they've brought us forth in the international -- international affairs. do you think the legacy that is most important to americans, that we step onto the world stage because of this. >> s. come april 2nd 1917 were president wilson came to ask for the declaration used the phrase to keep the world safe for democracy. the defined american policy for the last 100 years that is a core value of the united states that is a game changer. a position from which it really hasn't retreated. eric: finally there is a serious -- very moving because it is covered but he needs against the horrors of what
9:40 am
happened in world war i. on the other side we can see is looking less. with a face covered from the horrors of the future that tragically could have been. >> that's right. one of the things we do here which is part of the strength of the architecture and the exhibition says that we speak of his courage of those who served and also look to a more just and prosperous future. you find coming you know, this is an intellectually rigorous story told here and one which really connects with people's heartstrings. eric: tell americans what the significance of the poppies is. on the other side of the atlantic they know. >> right, so when the field of france the poppies grew in amongst the battlefield spread the seeds could lay in the ground for as many as 80 years and when mr. reddy artillery and dare i say nourished by the carnage of the rotting corpse in a month i grew these poppies.
9:41 am
the famous poem was written in soon after people adopted the poppies is a symbol of remembrance. people are wearing a tear today as they are the world over. each evening this week with the featuring poppies have been bathing the memorial in poppies each evening in honor of the armistice in memory who served and experience. it's wonderful to see so many people wearing poppies. >> the built-in planters once ran with blood in the poppies a symbol of hope and inspiration. we've been seeing some of that video. the national world war i museum in kansas city, and thank you for joining us and for explaining it and remembering on this very special and solemn day. >> thank you. great to be with you. eric: tonight be sure to catch our veterans day special, modern
9:42 am
warriors. he begs attacks or group of highly decorated veterans about their war stories for military and what veterans day means to them. it airs at 8:00 p.m. eastern tonight right here on the fox news channel. you can also watch an extended version of that on our new streaming service debuts in a couple of weeks. fox nation, you're not going to want to miss fox nation. a lot of special things on the news service that i hear about. arthel: north korea canceled its next meeting with secretary of state mike pompeo. both pyongyang and the white house saying it was for scheduling reasons. word of the talks go from here? asia analyst gordon chang wei fan. that is coming up next. >> i was reminded council members to think back to the feeling of us come in every other week and having to deal with another ballistic missile test or nuclear development for north korea. since then, we've done a lot.
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arthel: north korea postponing highly anticipate nuclear talks with mike pompeo as both sides appear to be hardening their negotiation positioning with outgoing u.s. ambassador to the united nations to keeley weightman on the reason for the delay. >> we have given a lot of carrots up until now. we are not going to get rid of the estate because they haven't done anything to warrant getting rid of the sanctions yet. i don't think there was some major reissue. i have talked with the administration and basically what we're looking at is they postponed it because they weren't ready. secretary pompeo and the administration stand ready to talk. arthel: gordon chang and operate nuclear showdown. thanks first of all for being here. this is his mo. what is kim jong un up to in
9:48 am
this instance? >> is trying to drag this out to want to negotiate war. we have a policy that hasn't been working since the middle of june or whatever. at this time the united states should just give it to a more effective policy, which is really starting to enforce the sanctions against the chinese, north koreans, south koreans and russians as well. eric: you keep talking about behind the scenes in the trump administration. does the u.s. have the upper hand apart from the sanctions you're talking about, what is the next move. >> i think we still have the upper hand. the problem is getting away from us and we see this in south korea where moon jaein has been given a lot of attitude which undermine our efforts to enforce sanctions.
9:49 am
he's trying to unify in the two koreas and by doing that he's trying to shovel money into the hands of kim jong moon and that doesn't help us. arthel: that doesn't answer the question why were in the same spot. what happened to the never commit to the nuclear station. does he have a choice. >> he has a lot of choices because he's getting as much money as he needs. probably not as much as he wants, but nonetheless we have not been enforcing sanctions because we've been allowing countries to openly violate them. it's important that nikki haley at the u.n. was the one who put many sanctions in place by some effective diplomacy. the north koreans were concerned about what we might do. i don't think that they're concerned at all about the united states and so there's a lot of latitude to do things which further north korea's purposes, goals, not ours. >> how do we fix it?
9:50 am
i know you said were sanctions, but to what the sanctions hurt? >> first of all it got to go against the chinese tanks which continued to launder money for north korea appeared on the commodity sales are violation of sanctions, the money's being handled by somebody. 99.99% chinese banks. this is something we can do and it's very easy for us. we just do this ourselves. there is news on this. we'll discuss that after this short break. the fact is, there are over ninety-six
9:51 am
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to any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. do you accept medicare patients? i sure do! to learn more call or go online today for your free decision guide. oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. arthel: back home with word and chang and nuclear showdown also becoming collapse of china. as i was mentioning, kim jong subbed release to talk about china. now that leads to portugal in the island. tell us why. >> first of all, portugal. to be able to launch satellites in the atlantic. they announced a $57 million joint venture to decide may
9:55 am
satellites. they have military applications because that gives them the ability to track u.s. missile submarines. it is another to have them be at the atlantic. they will arthel: give me 40 seconds on this. are they planning a counter strategy. the congressman from california, chairman of the house intelligence committee devin nunes warning about the chinese president and the air force is completely ignoring him. we let the door open for china to take over. arthel: devin nunes has the presidency are so maybe he'll raise the alarm directly to the president. orden chang, always a pleasure to speak to you.
9:56 am
nuclear showdown as well as the coming collapse of china. thank you gordon chang. we will have a lot more special coverage of today's centenary of the world war i of the armistice at 5:10 and would impair his bed in such a brutal, horrific and savaged global war. we visited the national world war i museum in kansas city and will be showing you one of the sad legacies of world war i coming up at 4:00 and that is the continued use of chemical weapons. american troops were killed in that war. we remember them.
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