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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 11, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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today they got lucky. off into the mountains you can see some of the smoke and ash that's moving through their returning to 55 miles per hour. their praying people listen to the warnings, stay away from the area as they do the best to get the fire contained. >> thank you.
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>> in florida, it is déjà vu as a recount is underway. several races undecided including the race for senator. governor ray rick scott holds a lead over bill nelson. scott not mincing words on fox news sunday as to what he sees happening. >> i want to pick up on that. you are accusing bill nelson of trying to commit said a noncitin should vote. number two, he has gone to trial and said that fraudulent ballots should be counted. >> villas outside the board of elections. at the epicenter of all of this recent count chaos. this will not be over quickly will it. >> in south florida the three most popular counties, here in
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broward county 800,000 people voted on election day early and by mail. those ballots all now need to be recounted. so two extra tabulation machines are being driven down to tallahassee meanwhile in palm beach county the supervisor there says making the deadline with the recapped could be impossible. >> all 67 florida counties must recount. they are in the process. all of the races where the winner of victory, the margin of victory was less than half a percent. this is a live look inside broward county's vote county center. they have been sorting ballots all day, removing the page once which have the recount races on them. that's going to take about 35 hours. then, the actual recounting of
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those pages with all these recount races on it will happen once the vote tabulation machines get going. smaller counties will be done quicker. scott is ahead of nelson by just 12000 votes. they just file three new lawsuits targeting broward in -- counties. they said in florida the campaign has now filed a motion to seize impound. i suppose his last stunt to send and state law enforcement didn't work out as expected. hence, they found no fraud. the campaign bounced back. nelson believes fraudulent ballots should be counted in this election. that is what career politicians are willing to do to protect their own job. it's wrong, we will not let him disrespect the will of the people. senator nelson has his own lawsuit filed.
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that is that he hopes to get a judge to rule that only counted the votes by burial or predigital era signature on the ballot matches perfectly the signature on file. senator nelson wants that clause because he thinks legitimate votes have been called out. >> in the race to replace rick scott as governor is nationally followed. where does the recount stand on that? >> it is too close to call with the margin still under that half a percentage point. in the governor's races .41%. since tuesday night rhonda santos his lead trunk. guillen conceded the race. going back live, three and a
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half million pages about going for those machines. the recount is a 24/7 operation. insecurity remains tight in and around the building. >> jon: phil, thank you. in the meantime, to other closely watched national races have yet to be called. in georgia, the gubernatorial race is up for grabs. stacy abrams buying tv ad time calling for runoff. her campaign believes it's about 26000 votes away from triggering. brian kemp says the race is over and he is the new governor. in arizona, the democrat extending her lead in the senate race over martha mick sally. they released some new vote tallies. the lead now is about 28000 votes which is a margin of 1.35 percentage points.
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the president trump at this hour on his way home from paris where he joined world leaders to mark 100 years since world war i. on a chilly day at the arlington cemetery he prays the heroes of the great war. >> the american and french patriots of world war i embodied the timeless virtues of our two republics. honor encourage, strength and valor, love and loyalty, grace and glory. >> jon: john roberts is live in paris. >> reporter: we just heard after midnight here in paris. the city of lights not looking like because they turn everything off at midnight. the president should be arriving back in d.c. sometime in the next 90 minutes. he departed air force one before noon. this morning view he enjoyed dozens of leaders for a simple
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but very moving ceremony to mark the moment the war to end all wars finally came to an end. in his speech french presidents emmanuel macron warned about the return to the forces of nationalism that gave birth to both world wars one and two. listen. >> i know there are old demons which are coming back to the surface. they are ready to wreak chaos and death. there are new ideologies that manipulate religion that spread. history sometimes threatens to take it sinister course once again. let us once more pledge as a nation to place peace above all else. >> in recent weeks, president
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trump described himself as a nationalist. saying he loves the united states and puts it above all else. and what appeared to be a rebuke to the president, macron warned about patriotism saying quote, patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism say in our interest first, who cares about the other. if it was a dig at president trump he didn't seem to mind. president trump thinking macron for invited him to paris. >> melania and i were deeply honored to be the guest are the president at the centennial commemoration of armistice day. it was very beautiful and well done. >> it's been a wonderful two days that we spent in france. this is certainly the highlight of the trip. >> what president trump and russian president, vladimir
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pretended brieflyshake hands, plans for a summit were scrapped. president trump said there wasn't enough time. they do plan a lengthy sit down on the sidelines of the g20 meaning. that will be at the end of the month in buenos aires. >> that's going to be interesting. thank you. >> president trump's appointment of matthew whitaker to be acting attorney general has democrats crying foul. their questioning his motives and demanding that would a care recuse himself from the molar investigation. garrett has more and where this might go. >> across the shows today democrats argued that matt whitaker is essentially the president's hatchet man. today, top democrats also sent a letter to the justice department chief ethics official asking if he had advised him to recuse
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himself. similar to what jeff sessions was told. if he doesn't recuse himself, democrats are bowing to launch investigations into his appointments once they take control. >> i want to make himself very clear. if he doesn't recuse himself or has any involvement whatsoever, we are going to find out whether he made commitments to the president about the probe, whether he serving as a back channel or his lawyers. whether he's doing anything to interfere. >> reporter: at kelleyanne conway defended the choice of matt whitaker and said the concerns of democrats are overblown in part because she's not clear whitaker has even been briefed on the molar probe. given he was chief of staff to jeff sessions who had recused himself from the case. >> the president said he had not discussed this with whitaker. it would be a mistake to try to shut down the molar investigation in the way you
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describe it. we have been so compliant. >> reporter: democrats aren't buying that. if whitaker doesn't recuse himself they will pass legislation to protect molar and i must past spending bill. which means democrats could threaten to shut down if republicans decide not to get on board. >> jon: today marks 100 years since the end of world war i. the word itself marks the introduction of a horrifying new way to kill. chemical weapons. why they are still with us all these decades later. plus, more on the midterm recounts across the country and how various results could impact the balance of power in washington. and house democrats working with president trump. i've always looked forward to what's next.
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> november 11 marks 100 yearssd world war i. a century later, the chemical weapons which saw the first widespread use in that war are still in use. fox news has their unpleasant history.
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>> it was a war known as an especially savage and unforgiving new way to kill. chemical weapons. one cruel legacy of world war i was the first widespread deployment of poison gas on the battlefield. a development that so shockingly continues today. >> in today's world it's unconscionable. >> he's chairman of the syrian counsel. he criticizes the world's acquiescent to bashar al-assad's repeated use of chemical weapons against his own people. >> i can imagine what it would do to someone hiding in their basement with their children in a dimly lit area waiting for a chemical weapon to rain down on them and suffocate them. >> it's a lesson not learned since 1918. on november 11 it's 100 years since the armistice. but the silencing of the gun did not mosul chemical weapon. >> countries can get away with it even though we know what they do. >> doctor timothy is a professor of history in parkville,
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missouri. he's also director of the center for the study of the great war. >> phosphorus was a powerful one that people may have seen some of the cloud. it just eats the skin away very quickly. maybe some people have some familiarity with mustard gas and inhaling them. it just eats your insights at work. >> the germans first years poison gas, chlorine against the british in 1915 to try to break the long stalemate on the western front. even though it constitutes a war crime, first outlawed in 89 that didn't stop their use by both sides. >> it's like this terror weapon. >> jonathan casey is the director of archives. there, visitors can study the rudimentary gas masks and grenades that were used during the war to not only kill but
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spread terror. >> it was quite a shock. caused a lot of panic and soldiers. suddenly there is something that they didn't have any training or defense against. so from that there is a natural outrage. >> we have international agreements that these are not to be used. unfortunately, we have not enforced those. >> at the united nations, there has been harsh condemnation of the continued use of chemical weapons and poison gas to little effect. >> i find it unconscionable that after all of these years, in the 100th anniversary year of the end of the first world war, that any government can even think of using chemical weapons against its own people, or indeed against anyone else. >> d.c. a day when there will never be use? >> unfortunately not. humans will be humans, and they
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will use them particularly if it's at a last resort. >> a programming note, powerful special tonight with some of our nation's heroes. >> people ask what you do? i do what i was trained to do. there were so beat us to death and then safety is our biggest thing. that's when they put something in her hands to her become muscle memory. this is what the enemy doesn't understand. we start going faster when they were so. when chaos and pain come in that's all relative. >> the more chaos and pain we get. >> pete host modern warriors tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern fox news. don't miss it.
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>> jon: more ahead on our top story. wildfires engulfing northern and southern california. the condition fire crews are dealing with and whether the winds will die down. the wildfire forecast is coming up. plus, two major florida races are still up in the airport. evan or rick scott now charging senator bill nelson with fraud is a controversy will races underway. >> i understand governor scott's frustration that there are people who are breaking the law violated the constitution of florida in broward county. what we have to do now is protect the integrity of the selection. >> president trump wants to make a deal but the democrats want to block and obstruct. make a smart choice.
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our members are the mission. >> wildfires continue raging in both ends of california. could mother nature help slow down the infernal? i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. this the bottom of the hour. the campfire leaving a trail of death and devastation in northern california. it has burned at least 105,000 acres so far. it has destroyed 6700 structures including the entire town of paradise. it triggered more than 52000 evacuations and has caused 23 deaths. in southern california, the wolsey fire bringing more death and destruction. more than 83000 acres burned 177
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structures incinerated in more than 200,000 evacuated. for more on the conditions will bring in the meteorologists. >> unfortunately today on this sunday, conditions have not been good for fighting fires. we continue to see red flag warning stretching across the state from northern california to southern california. the wolsey california's 40 miles north of los angeles spreading towards malibu. we have the conditions ready for high fire danger stretching to the national line we can run up with this fire danger whether all the way to northern california getting around the bay area, this would be sacramento the campfire is about three hours north. there has been bone dry. seen an increase with the winds and no signs of precipitation. this is your satellite radar. clear conditions across the west. you get a high pressure system that sets up and you start to
3:32 pm
see some wind pushing that direction. that needs to go somewhere. that's when you can get a wind tunnel effects. it can help fan the fire and make them spread really quick. that's what's been happening. these are some of the winds. higher winds in the southern part of the state. currently 15 - 20 miles per hour. some getting up to 40 and 50 miles per hour continuing to spread the fires. a little bit of good news, the wind effects down as we get into monday. it doesn't stop entirely. we'll see that when come and go the next couple of days. that's why we have a red flag warning taken us into monday. these are your drought monitors across the state. you'll get down into southern california indicating severe or
3:33 pm
extreme drought. all run you from sunday into monday and tuesday. we stay dry out west. what will change in the next couple of days the scene may be these wins back down by the middle of the week. we will likely lose some higher winds in the red flag warning. >> thank you adam. >> after a week of backlash for poking fun at a congressional candidate who is wounded serving in afghanistan, saturday night live comedian apologize last night to texas republican dan crenshaw. an apology he said he didn't need. still he was there in person to it turned out to be a rare and memorable moment. >> amends were made and it ended
3:34 pm
in a handshake. with dan crenshaw he also got the chance to take a few jabs at the snl host and he made the most of it. >> i made a joke about dan crenshaw. on behalf of the show and myself, i apologize. >> thanks for making a republican look good. this is pete davidson, he looks like from the meth from breaking bad was a person. >> the ring tone playing and ariana grande a song. the singer broke off her engagement with davidson last month. it quickly turned to veterans and american heroes including david's father who died in the 9/11 attacks. >> when you say never forget to a veteran, you are implying that as an american, you are in it with them. not separated by an imaginary barrier, but connected together is grateful fellow americans.
3:35 pm
like pete's father. i'll just say pete, never forget. >> never forget. >> a republican congressman, former navy seal who lost an eye on his third tour in iraq urge them to connect with veterans and call for republicans and democrats to come together. learn to forgive and show unity. the congressman has been gracious since the host made his joke. in the victory speech he made light of the situation saying agaigained him twitter follower. he doesn't want to live in a world where everybody had to handle apologize for everything. >> jon: things are not so good-natured in florida. recounts are underway. including senate races. rick scott accuses bill nelson's team of fraud. >> bill nelson is a sore loser. he's been in politics too long.
3:36 pm
he won't give up. he is saying that if you're not a citizen your botox account. he same fraudulent ballots ought to come. that's wrong. >> more with this race and the landscape is jamie weinstein. host of the podcast at the national review online and founding partner at jm w. the distance between these two men in terms of the number of votes is shrinking. it raises questions as to how can we trust that any election is legitimate when they were separated by 60000 votes at first. then a recount and the gap is down to 12000. how do they explain that? >> the gap has narrowed. i come from palm beach county which is not a place unfamiliar with recounts. once again it's in the spotlight with the midterm election. certainly questions to be raised to broward county.
3:37 pm
i don't think the facts are out. the spotlight is being shined on these two counties. hopefully when the recount finally comes to an end we will have a fair outcome but right now there are questions from the republican side as to what's going on or what went on. >> we heard from governor scott at the beginning, i want to read a statement from bill nelson the democratic incumbent. >> he said if rick scott wanted to make sure every legal ballot was counted he went be suing to stop voters from having their legal ballot counted. he's been making false claims about voter fraud. he's worried when the votes are counted he will lose this election. >> that term legal ballot gets turned around. what scott is complaining about
3:38 pm
was the boat counters want to let anybody vote or any ballot count. >> what the strongest argument is transparency. how many votes do you still have to count and they couldn't get an answer. that's something they have to reveal and should be able to reveal that we have so many ballots to count. i think that was the most troubling aspects. now i hope the sunshine is on these two counties. hopefully that means it will be more difficult. if anyone did want to do something they would be able to. let's hope for a legitimate outcome here. >> there are a couple of races to be decided. we know that president trump will be facing a house led by a
3:39 pm
democratic majority. what will that mean for this president. >> it will mean overreach. whether that turns into overreach that means the president is going to have cabinet members and members of the administration being called before capitol hill to testify before things they weren't having to do under the republican house leadership. perhaps he won't have much of an agenda cooperating with democrats to get things done. they will want to pursue investigations. and while they're doing that he's not going to have the ability to cut compartmentalize. that might mean he might have an agenda focused on foreign policy issues, thinks he has more control over and perhaps executive orders. pushing the envelope on things.
3:40 pm
>> that might be what we could see. >> he prides himself as a dealmaker. might that be a pragmatic president trump who could work with nancy pelosi? >> there could be an opportunity especially on things. but if you take president trump at his word he can't compartmentalize. i think the democrats are going to pursue many different investigations, if he can overcome that and compartmentalize i think some deals can be done. we'll have to wait and see whether he's able to compartmentalize. >> we are just two years away now from the next presidential election. when you look at the democratic
3:41 pm
landscape who do you see as leading contenders to take on president trump? >> it's probably easier to list those not running. seems like everyone on the democratic side is running. i just have felipe on my podcast. he is worried that whoever can win the democratic primary might not be able to win the general election. a lot of these need to go hard left almost taken a trump stance on the way they fight and acts. that might alienate voters. we are several years out. it's hard to see who will emerge. there is worry in some parts of the democratic intelligence that whoever can win might not be able to win a general election. >> it will be a fun couple of years to watch. >> jon: jamie, thank you. president trump poison as polin celebrates 100 years as an
3:42 pm
independent nation with a massive march in a first for the country. that's ahead. plus, the president talks with his turkish counterpart during dinner in paris. as international pressure grows over the killing of jamaal khashoggi. what to world leaders discussed is coming up
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3:47 pm
watch alongside far right groups. president trump offered his congratulations twitter polin, great country, congratulations on the 100th anniversary of your dependents. i will never forget my time there. while in europe, president trump met with his turkish counterpart during dinner. this communis questions remain about the killing last night of jamaal khashoggi at the saudi consulate in istanbul. we have more from jerusalem. >> john, were learning that president trump addressed the death of jamaal khashoggi when he spoke with the turkish president. the calmness was last seen walking into the saudi consulate in istanbul on october 2. during a meeting in paris, france had a dinner to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the world war i armistice, president trump spoke
3:48 pm
with the president about different ways to respond to saudi arabia for the killing of khashoggi. earlier he indicated he was working with the u.s. congress, turkey, saudi arabia to determine who is responsible for the death. the trump administration is prepared to sanction the governments in the move that could negatively impact the relationship. last year they brokered an arms deal with the kingdom. now directly related to the death there -- with military operations in yemen. later they confirm that audio can recordings exist of his murder putting more pressure on the trump administration to respond. >> we gave the tapes to saudi arabia, the united states, german, french and british. they have listened to all the conversations. they know, they know for certain the killer is among the 15
3:49 pm
people. >> president trump said he would have a stronger opinion on the case this week after meeting with the turkish president. now, the world waits to see who will be sanctioned by the government and how strong the trump administration will be on saudi arabia's thank you trey. the nation coming together to honor their brave men and women who put their lives on the line for the country. we have a look at the ceremonies up next. ur money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier on this veterans day. one of the many ways our nation honors past and present service members who risks her gave their lives for our freedom. molly is life in washington with more. >> secretary of veterans affairs, robert wilkie says this day reminds all americans that they can sleep soundly at night because of the sacrifices of millions of ordinary men and women. he placed the wreath on the tomb of the unknowns today which honors americans who dies on
3:54 pm
wars without the remains been identified. he spoke about the 41 million american men and women who have served during times of war. >> if you ask any of them why they didn't. they will tell you it was the right thing to do. this day is for them. it is for those who have served in all of the lonely outpost the military at home and in distant lands left families and loved ones and who overcame challenges that many of us would find unimaginable. >> today is also the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. once called the great war and the war to end all wars. one of the sites marking this anniversary, the national world war i museum and memorial in missouri. they rang the bell on 11t 11th a.m., the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th
3:55 pm
month to mark the end of the war and to honor the americans who died in the great war. the president of that museum spoke of world war i significance. >> it's often overshadowed by the civil war and world war ii, but if you consider that we are can previously an isolationist nation to position itself as a financial powerhouse paves the way for the american century. >> earlier he saw president trump in france for veterans day. vice president mike pentz and his wife are in alaska. in 20 minutes they will meet with veterans and active-duty members in anchorage. >> think you. >> the deadly campfire destroyed 6700 buildings in california. amid that something turned up in
3:56 pm
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the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? >> a couple who lost her home t. jake also says his wife left her wedding ring behind. but when he returned he found the wedding ring in the ashes. whose wife said he couldn't believe it was still there.
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that's how fox reports this sunday november 11, 2018. i'm jon scott, fox news sunday begins now. chris has an exclusive interview with rick scott who has plenty to say about the heated battle of the u.s. senate seat in florida. >> chris: i am chris wallace, president trump it's a new man in charge in the justice department. throwing the future of the special investigation into question. >> i find the time a very suspect. they should not be able to interfere with molar zone going forward. >> the president defends acting attorney general, matthew whitaker. >> the choice was greeted with raves initially. it's a shame that no matter who i put in they go after him. >> what will whitaker do about the probe?


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