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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 13, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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challenge, though. it will be an interesting a few weeks. >> she has a 49 percent approval rating, she lost -- >> martha: that is "the story" on tuesday night. it is tucker carlson up next. ♪ >> tucker: a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the latest florida recount, this generation's florida recount is continuing across that state tonight. the president is alleging floord in florida, and meanwhile the lawsuit from both sides is coming up the court. just breaking a moment ago, a florida judge has now ordered that palm beach county be given a five day extension to complete a three count. democrats bill nelson and andrew gillum were down by a lot a week ago tonight. now a week later they say they're being robbed. >> sadly, it's become clear that
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my opponent isn't interested in making sure that every lawful vote is counted. >> we all ought to wonder when people don't want legitimate votes to be counted, we all ought to wonder what's going on. >> tucker: there's a lot to wonder about florida. for example broward county is suspiciously incompetent election overseer brenda snipes is complaining about character assassination. >> i think the lawsuits as they are written certainly cast dispersions on my character. i've worked here for about 15 years and i have to say this is the first time that this office or i have been under such attack. >> tucker: it because it's under such about me, not the jm doing. debbie wasserman schultz says that snipes is of course the victim. everything is just fine, mrs. snipes, she says.
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>> she followed the process as a florida law prescribes and there has been absolutely nothing on this that has been found by rick scott's own department of state election monitors. the process is simply working. >> tucker: it's working. debbie wasserman schultz likes brenda snipes but that shouldn't be surprising because just two years ago snipes gave wasserman schultz a boost by dashed ballots. complaining about misconduct? as christian gillibrand explained today, complaining is a form of voter suppression. >> we are seeing what's happening in georgia, florida, across this country where votes -- a right to vote is being fundamentally undermined. >> everyone is less believable than her. craig petrick's chief investigator at fox in tampa bay. he joins us for the second night
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in a row. >> first you had election managers having trouble keeping track with all of the ballots flying in and now they may have trouble keeping track of all the lawsuits flying in because you look at nelson, and there are nine different lawsuits, and we are just in the first phase of this recount possibly with much more to come. there was signs of things bogging down, though i wouldn't take too much stock in the state court giving palm beach county a five day extension to complete the machinery count, that's ultimately something that may be weighed and worked out in federal court, it is a federal race. but to that point, bill nelson is also calling for the lifting of all deadlines or extending them for all 67 counties, something also purports to work out. and then as you noted, there is broward county and there are more wrinkles. broward county happens to be particularly late to starting its recount. it's just getting started because it seems election
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workers in that county had been bogged down and tied up in just separating pieces of paper so that they would have the right pieces of paper to run through the machines to get the recount started. with that, snipes continues to be the focus of the national debate and the question up for debate seems to be whether she is corrupt or inapt. that's not a place you want to be. you have former governor jeb bush who appointed her 15 years ago saying, she has to go. here's where it gets interesting. she responded by saying, she's going to put in her notice. she put in her two years notice, she said she's not running for election in two years so she is saying let me get through this mess and let me manage the 2,028 presidential election in broward county, and then, let me manage the race to find a successor for me, then i'm out of here. but then of course, the current or incoming governor would have the power to hasten her rick tart mike retirement from the senate and remove her from
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office. that's where we stand in broward county. and we have a big day in court coming up for both scott and at nelson tomorrow because senator bill nelson is asking the state to accept a good number of ballots that have been previously rejected either because they may have been mailed before the election, but arrive in the collection offices late, he says by no fault of the voters. he wants to change the process and loosen the rules in which some ballots are turn for voter intent, and also he wants to count ballots that had been rejected for signature mismatches on the grounds that some people just don't find their way the same from time to time. that's where we stand and that is something that courts will hear tomorrow. then we will get a much better idea of where the story is going. we will tell you that his chances do not look good, still separated by 12,500 votes at this point. senator schumer and senator nelson said they still have a chance at this thing and that may be true but at this
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point i would say his chances may only be slightly better, tucker, than if he had never been born. >> tucker: thank you. the standing question is, is florida prepared for self-government? meanwhile eric eggers conducted a lot of research with the government accountability institute. he's the author of the new book, "fraud, how the left plans to steal the election." that book actually contains a section on brenda snipes. the very present eric eggers joins us tonight. so brenda snipes' position is she's being unfairly attacked as a person. why do you think she's being attacked? >> i think she's not very good at her job, tucker. that would seem to be another
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thing that ms. snipes is not very good at counting because unfortunately her track record is littered with missteps and violations of the law. in 2018, in this election, we know that illegal ballots will count in the governor's race and senate race because they were incapable of cleanly separating illegal ballots and legal ballots once they have been opened from their envelopes. it's not the first time and she has admitted under oath that she has allowed illegal immigrants and felons to cast ballots in broward county in violation of numerous laws. you mentioned the time she destroyed the ballots that seem to have given a boost to debbie wasserman schultz. her office has been found guilty of opening ballots illegally and without profit, proper oversigh oversight. why is the opening balance -- ballots -- her quote was i guess i didn't understand the meaning of the word canvassing.
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so it offers not very good things for florida. >> tucker: it so why would this be a concern of the justice department? this is a federal election and we have a voting rights act. >> that's a question that a lot of people asked. how in the world is this woman still in office. but people i think have historically been afraid to challenge dr. snipes, quite honestly because of what you mentioned. they are afraid of being challenged and called a racist. when the brenda snipes' county office attorney push forward and she was being criticized because she donated to political campaigns, and actually one of the county commissioners who was on the opposing end of one of the campaigns, the broward county attorney donated two, the elections county attorney played the race card
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and try to rally support by generating a bunch of african-american attorneys to show up in solidarity. 8 of 9 were democrats and quite honestly, you don't do very well as a political official in broward county if you attack african-american democrats, even though rick scott is a republican, he obviously had statewide aspirations, how do you you think he would do in florida if you are perceived as a racist? >> tucker: this is how democracy dies. admitting in public she's breaking the law and no one can do anything about it? why is that not an actual threat to democracy? >> i think the larger threat to be honest is she has demonstrated that she is not very good at counting votes. how do you think she's been at preventing illegal votes from actually being cast? we know that there is an effort to manipulate this election through illegal voting. there were 108 attempts to redouble votes in miami-dade which means people try to cast a
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second ballot in the same election. attorneys for bill nelson and andrew gillum have been criticized because they have a objected to the removal or exclusion of no noncitizen votes in palm beach county. so my concern, whatever you want to say about these 83,000 ballots that showed up after election night, what confidence level do we have about the ballots that have already been cast and where they cast by legal voters? >> tucker: that's exactly right. if you care about democracy, as everyone claims to, these are real questions. eric, thank you very much for that. a new report suggests the mueller investigations could soon be indicting new people? who will those targets be and will they make your life better? an investigation into that straight ahead. and hillary clinton has inserted herself into the recount, and in austin, texas, we are monitoring what she's saying so you don't have to. >> to control the minds and the behaviors of the people in their
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ "cbs news" is reporting that special counsel robert mueller may soon issue new indictments, and some suggest the political consultant roger stone may be on the list. another possible target is a man called jerome corsi, a 72-year-old author and harvard trained political scientist, he's an associate of stone's.
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he said he expects charges soon. what for? apparently perjury. he says he was manipulated into making false statements to mueller's lawyers and if that's true, it's obvious they not good. let's put this in some perspective. while statements are everywhere in washington, that's what the city specializes in. not just about small things, barack obama told you your premiums would go down and you could keep your doctor. jim clapper said the nsa was not spying on you. he said that under oath and it was an outright lie, he was never charged. so the obvious lesson is as long as you are powerful and your lie is big enough, you are never charged in washington, no one i is. you could kill american citizens with drone strikes and you can lie about all of it and nobody will ever think for a moment about prosecuting you. but, gives a finger to the establishment? mark the people in power? that's dangerous and they will
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get you for that. jerome corsi is learning that lesson the hard way just as mike flynn and george papadopoulos learned it. all three and others have been bankrupted and destroyed for doing something to robert mueller that everyone virtually does every day with impunity, lying. so what is the justification for it? it was supposed to be russia, remember? there were foreign spies a foot, the dark forces sent by vladimir putin to destroy our democracy here in america. that's what they told us again and again on cable news. and that's where we were sold on them mueller investigation in the first place. two years after we learned, it was all fake. no plot has ever been uncovered and all we really learned was the independent counsel was a handy way to settle political scores and people on the left don't really believe in the tenets of western justice. watch as one of them, just
5:17 pm
today, one of the resident geniuses on msnbc explains the new link will make a legal standard for guilt in this country. >> when mueller indicted those russian military officers, there was a very big hint in that indictment that there was an american deeply involved and talked about an american playing the role in that russian interference scheme. >> i remember the key stroke intelligence and thinking emailing with russians, you will be in trouble. >> tucker: emailing with russians, that's enough to destroy carter page's life. he served the country for five years as an intelligence officer and then he made a fateful mistake. he backed the wrong presidential campaign. he found himself being accused of being a russian spy and there was never any evidence that he actually was a russian spy. he was never charged with spying, he was never charged with anything. but it didn't matter because the ghouls on tv kept up the
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drumbeat. before long, carter page's life was over, his reputation was gone. who would hire him now? nobody ever. but the ghouls don't care. maybe it will be jerome corsi this time facing a perjury count. maybe someday it will be you. they will make up some official sounding charged but don't fool yourself, what they are really punishing his disobedience. jonathan turley is a professor of law. i'm confused by the focus on jerome corsi and carter page, whatever you think of them, they are clearly not central players in a russian espionage plot. >> that's the striking thing. most of the accounts brought against nonrussians are further false statements or collateral clients end of the culmination of this investigation will be someone like stone or corsi, it looks like you are running around shooting the wounded. there still isn't a clear
5:19 pm
"there" there, in terms of the substantive figure doing a criminal act. supposedly working on his report, closing in on a new group of indictments. what a lot of us are wondering is if these indictments are going to bring some powerful, narrative and to this. it sort of feels like agatha christie where no one is telling you a thing until the last scene because right now, it doesn't look like he has really found central culprits, people who are actually colluded. >> if you are the standards that he applied to general spin mike flynn, who i'm not defending. i'm agnostic on general flynn. but he applies those standards to any public figure in washington, who could and you for perjury? >> it's very easy to trip someone up, and any statement
5:20 pm
you make of that is false on any subject. and i certainly did that here. you look at statements, the flow case is really quite weak if you look just at that false statement. originally the fbi agents were not viewing it as a matter. it they converted it into something they wanted to indict for. there was no indication that when they saw that statement as being false or misleading, they viewed it as a criminal act. are we going to have a figure stepped forward, where we are going to say, i get it? >> >> tucker: yes, tell me what it is, i want to arrest the perpetrators. >> someone like stone, stone himself says he's the performer.
5:21 pm
he's an annoying character perhaps but you are still wondering, why did you wait all this time to indict roger stone? and all the earlier filing said that they have no evidence that anyone knowingly engaged the russians and that would have included stone. so we would have to see a very new shift in the narrative from the past filing. >> tucker: i think it is disgusting. professor, thank you. i guess i'm really struck by the individual. what happens to the american citizen, the actual person, and american people who really have been destroyed. and i'm seeing people on cable television laughing about this. these are actual people who are being destroyed and i'm wondering with the rest of people are gaining from this? >> there is a broadly way and how you prosecute something. the department of justice chose differently when it was investigating hillary clinton and they had a lot of people up
5:22 pm
to and including hillary clinton on charges. she was never charged with a crime though she could have been, and she's mentioning that she could have been charged with crimes with how she handled her class information. not only individual investigations but i guess investigations. he's the one group gets away with anything no matter what it was and another group its product and process charges, and >> tucker: this engenders all of us, we don't believe in the system and more. >> defined the man and, that's not how we are supposed to do it in the country, we are supposed to start with a crime and work back from there. they are going after people who supported trump, it doesn't even
5:23 pm
matter in the end how much they charge them with because the real problem is they spent all this money defending themselves and made it hard for people to stand up. >> tucker: i know a lot of people personally that have been destroyed by it. no one seems to care, but i care. the central american migrant caravan is a myth, you've heard that many times. one reporter went to find out for himself and investigated it, and we will tell you what he uncovered after the break. also the recount and of the associate that hillary clinton went down to influence it. hillary clinton is back. that's after this. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler
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see how lincoln can help. >> tucker: the migrant caravan is fake. you've been watching cnn so you know that. look at this graphic, "invasion" and then myth. it's a myth, a pernicious one. is it actually? ami horowitz decided to find out himself. he went to mexico looking for the fake caravan, found a real caravan and filled it. >> despite the framing of the caravan being full of women and children, the reality on the ground is quite different. proximally 90-95% of the migrants are male. the major narrative being pushed by the press has been that the migrants are leaving honduras because they are escaping extreme guidance. they would be able to enter the lesson by asking for asylum. i started by asking them a
5:28 pm
simple questionnaire. >> why are you coming to americ america? >> [speaking in spanish] >> it's clearly costing someone millions of dollars in transportation, food, water, medicine and services that are being provided by the members of the caravan. the mexican government also seems to be sending police to escort the dozens of buses and trucks that are carrying migrants and supplies along the route to the next generation. plaid and black t-shirts and colored events. they are the ones that seem to be most involved in organizing and mobilizing this caravan. the organization as the name
5:29 pm
implies is looking to create a world without borders which seems to be the reason why they organize the caravan and the first place, to flout american sovereignty. there is an undeniable element. >> [speaking in spanish" >> it seems to me that there are leftist organizations using these migrants as a tool to push a certain political agenda which includes the weakening of sovereignty in our border security. unfortunately these migrants are going to be caught in the cross fire. >> tucker: ami horowitz joins us tonight. that was really interesting. the thing that jumped out at me was that you said how organized it was. i know we are not allowed to
5:30 pm
speculate, but what do we know the answer? >> ami: we do not but what we do know is this thing cost millions and millions of dollars. in the mainstream media, so many layers of onions to peel back, it's hard to know where to begi begin. the media is trying to propagate the fact that all this weird organic thing and all the water and the food and medicine, at all dropped from heaven. it's all highly organized and paid for by a number of organizations, and we do know that the main group was organized this caravan with a couple of the front organizations in the united states and the money is flowing from them. we know there are some leftist groups, it's forbidden to say that soros is part of it but he has funded at least some of those groups in the past. so we don't know where the money is exactly coming from but we know it's not coming from
5:31 pm
honduras. >> tucker: it such an interesting and obvious question, who is paying for this. why haven't other news organizations got into the bottom of this. you are one man doing this independently. why isn't nbc or pbs on this? >> ami: you know the answer to that. the same reason why, i see a photo in "the new york times" or "the washington post" or a video on cnn or the bbc or msnbc. what do you see? the entire framing are women and children when the reality is so far from the truth, 90-95% of all the people in this caravan were men. although i do apologize for assuming their gender. because they are liars, that's the answer. that's why they are not reporting, they are liars. there is a huge debate over the question of nationalism. some people say the word itself
5:32 pm
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>> president trump: you know, they have a word that sort of became old-fashioned, it's called a nationalist. and i said really, we are not supposed to use that word. i'm a nationalist. >> tucker: not too long ago it wouldn't have seemed strange for an american president to call himself a nationalist, lincoln was a nationalist, so was teddy roosevelt. but this president's critics say it's not just wrong to call yourself a nationalist, it's immoral. in the french president agrees. emmanuel macron has copied the style and to some extent the substance of charles duco, a nationalist french president but he attacked trump.
5:37 pm
why has this become a theme? putting her own country first is not allowed and would like to get to the bottom of it. thanks for coming on. so sincere question, nationalism, there have been people who have claimed the title of nationalist who have had all kinds of creepy agendas. strictly by definition it seems a common sense one. that simply about the state with the interest of other states. >> of course, the leader of the state will put the interest of his own country head of the others. nationalism is a loaded term. the definition of patriotism is i love my country and nationalism is, i hate my country. >> tucker: when did it become that? who came up with the idea that that was the definition? i miss that. >> the definition of nationalism in the european context when president trump made that
5:38 pm
statement is the nationalism that engulfed europe in the 1920s and 1930s. the nationalist social workers party which was at the end for for -- and that's a loaded and he knows that. >> tucker: gandhi was a nationalist sold the leaders in almost every state in history up until 20 minutes ago describe themselves as nationalists. i understand what you're saying but it seems glib and unfair. let's address the substance of it. we have all kinds of multi-and lateral agreements with other countries and the nationalists would look at those agreements and say, i want to make sure that my country doesn't get hurt in this agreement. but that's not the way that our leaders who benefit from a borderless world, the finance community, doesn't benefit from that. so they attacked the idea, the
5:39 pm
definition -- ronald reagan never use the term death mike nationalist. he is using this as separating separating -- >> tucker: from other nations? >> in the european context, everyone knows that nationalism -- >> tucker: you are throwing the thing at me. he does it in this country and i'm doing it here because i think it's important to have an adult conversation. and sincerely, i don't understand why the average person living in any nation state wouldn't want his leaders to put his interest above those of other countries, and consistently we don't. i've given you ten examples and you know what i'm talking about.
5:40 pm
of course, you want the leaders to put the interest of your nations, and that's basically saying our country is always right, other countries are always wrong and that's to separate him from other countries and he's using that term as a weapon. his strategy is always to divide and country, concord. >> you are coming out this believing that all countries must be united some four. >> tucker: also is not a shared loyalty -- what would be more important than that? >> so what does hold this country that doesn't have a common race or religion? so what does hold us together? >> ami: a common belief in democracy, pluralism, the american dream and being inclusive and i think those are the american values and those are not nationalist values.
5:41 pm
at nationalist values are basically separated into sort of the in the group in this country and the outgroup in this country. >> tucker: may be or misunderstanding the term. nationalism by definition includes everyone in the nation, it does not exclude fellow american citizens, it unites them. when the left is hell-bent on dividing us by race which is the basis of -- the whole concept is, we though our first allegiance to the tribe. >> i am a melting pot. >> and we agree on that certainly. in a time when we are divided by tribe, -- ronald reagan wouldn't say it, george h.w. bush wouldn't say it, bill clinton wouldn't say it, george w. bush wouldn't say it and barack obama wouldn't say it. but president trump said that and he said it in europe. >> tucker: george w. bush
5:42 pm
wouldn't say it? [laughs] you are not winning me over. that's not an argument, that's motivation observation. >> ami: that where it is now a loaded term based on what happened in the 1920s and 30s and you know it. nationalism is not the benign -- you know, teddy roosevelt -- >> let's reclaim that word. you defeated the, americans died to defeat them, and that has nothing to do with what we are trying to do. and, we are out of time. the florida situation couldn't get any weirder, a former presidential candidate from the next time around is getting
5:43 pm
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♪ >> tucker: the election ray kept going on in florida tonight has been sorted enough but now hillary clinton has gotten involved. and if you don't like it, you are sexist. clinton is deploying organizers and lawyers to florida to set up a third presidential run for her, more evidence that god may be punishing america. lisa boothe joins us tonight to decode these latest events. at what is she doing down there and what does it mean? >> she sent out a fund-raising pitch on behalf of the dfc c as well as bill nelson, specifically for attorneys and organizers to get down there and fight for this election. i thought it was interesting for
5:48 pm
two reasons. one it comes on the heels of "the wall street journal" column, written by mark penn and andrew stein as well, basically saying that hillary clinton is going to run again in 2,020. the second reason i found it interesting is she's took a swipe at present rick scott and they are trying to undermine the florida election. what do they think hillary clinton has been doing since 2016? she has specifically came to russia for he wow her election loss, and also john podesta who was her check campaign chairman, she was encouraging the effort for faithful electors that was organized by nancy pelosi's daughter. so what do those two do to undermine the faith in the system? >> i should know better by this point. >> the rules only apply to republicans it seems.
5:49 pm
>> tucker: lisa boothe, thank you for that. news from the tech front tonight, amazon has announced after months of hype that it is building two new headquarter facilities. one outside of new york city and the other outside of washington and virginia. jeff bezos who is the world's richest man will receive more than $2 billion in subsidies from you, the taxpayer. new congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez had this to say, "amazon is a billion-dollar company. the idea it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax rates at a time when a subway is crumbling in our communities need more investment, not less, is extremely concerning to residents here." i hate to admit it but alexandria ocasio-cortez has a very good point. professor, thank you very much for coming on.
5:50 pm
it's hard to argue with the internal logic, the richest man in the world just got $2 billion in taxpayer subsidies. how does that work? >> and again, the whole point is he's trying to cozy up to politicians so they will give him and his company, a 200 billion-dollar company, the biggest tax breaks around and put them in a position where they can send off competitors for years to come because they are cozy with the rule makers. >> tucker: so you are saying that they are paying him to lobby them, and then you see adam schiff saying he is going to investigate a president for daring to criticize jeff bezos. it's making my head spin. >> jeff bezos is moving into town because he wants to control the narrative, control what's happening in the halls of power.
5:51 pm
$13 million worth of lobbying on 100 lobby is to deal with, and he will put 20,000 more people right next to d.c. in northern virginia every time there is an issue that affects amazon, there is boots on the ground and the office of politicians. even if it means consumers into their small businesses lose out. it's all about getting his hands on the leverage of power. >> tucker: i'm a property owner in the district of columbia. having lived here for a long time, i can tell you the last thing we need is more money in washington, it's rich enough. why wouldn't amazon, subsidized by taxpayers, spread the wealth to detroit or cleveland or toledo, someplace that actually needs it. >> it's because, tucker, detroit isn't anywhere near congress. this is purely of play for amazon to buy political influence. they look around the world and
5:52 pm
they see potential competitors. they like being on top and they want to keep it that way on the way to do that is to write the rules or write the regulation. they are buying prime real estate where all those rules are written. they disrupt industries to a company that stays on top by buying political influence. >> that's a whole political party. professor, thanks very much. something pretty remarkable and pretty strange just happened in the skies over europe. authorities are looking for an explanation tonight. we don't know what it is, but we have some facts about what happened. the truth could be out there. we will bring those to you when we come back. liberty mutual won't raise their rates
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>> tucker: a very strange event recently in the skies over ireland. two different commercial airline pilots reported seeing unknown objects moving remarkably quickly through the sky. aviation authorities have launched an investigation into it because we are interested in what is true. >> it is another one from "the x-files," several airline pilots flying across the atlantic that saw something out there, a bright light from the sky moving at what the pilot thought it was at least a mach two, or two times the speed of sound. concern for what it was, both pilots on the flight contacted air traffic control first to inquire if there was a military exercise and then told air traffic control -- >> there are
5:58 pm
multiple objects following the same trajectory. very bright where we were. >> it's roughly a bit to the north. i'm just wondering, we didn't think it was a likely collision course. >> multiple pilots reported these lights, but as an astronomer chimed in on the sighting they suggested it could likely be a piece of dust entering the earth atmosphere at a very high speed. remember a busy time for shooting stars, pilots and members of the military have reported citing similar objects in the past but attributed to simple space dust. >> tucker: what is interesting about this is, these are commercial airline pilots who by definition are experts at identifying other aircraft, and lights at night, behavior and
5:59 pm
the skies. you have to take those perceptions a little more seriously than you would, say, mine. >> and you recall earlier or late last year there was a situation with some air force pilots who saw and filmed the video of this device sort of flying through the air, and they gave them a very similar sounding description of it being very unusual. >> tucker: very quickly, almost out of time but i'm stuck in these stories that nobody ever seems very interested in following up? why is that do you think? >> i think it's because if you follow it up you are considered crazy because you are chasing after the unidentified flying objects when really we should be investigating this stuff to see what is out there. not just space dust. >> tucker: it might be nice to know. of course, we don't care what people say obviously. brett larson, great to see you tonight. thanks for looking into that for us. unfortunately our hour is done.
6:00 pm
what a great time that was. we will be back tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. this is the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink and hopefully, a cheerful enemy. at night, and we will be back tomorrow. now sean hannity live from new mexico. >> sean: great show as always, welcome to "hannity." the chaos continues in south florida. tonight, a criminal investigation is now underway as republicans ron desantis, rick scott now look poised for victory. we will bring you the very latest updates from florida. plus, get this. jim acosta, fake news cnn, they are now suing the president in a complaint that is chock-full of abject lies and distortions. acosta and his employers at cnn claim that the white house is stripping his constitutional


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