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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 15, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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channel. "your world" is coming up. context on the markets from today. started out very low but we're ending up in the green. the dow up around 200 points. neil has it all and the network america trusts for news and information on cable. >> we gave it everything we had. i'm very proud of my time. i'm proud of my partners at palm beach county. we have a good election office and a great team. we just got stuck with some mechanical issues that were inherited. >> neil: they may have given it everything they got but palm beach county unable to meet the deadline. susan bucher expects the hand recount to begin. she will testify later this hour before judge mark walker. he just called the state the laughingstock of the world, this is "your world."
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i neil cavuto. more on the legal fallout in just a moment. first, peter doocy in broward county on the final vote going on there. phil keating on palm beach. we begin with phil. >> hi, the room right now is devoid of people. the machine recounting has stopped. unless the federal judge this hour rules in favor, the democratic house candidate, who has petitioned to eliminate the deadline for palm beach county so the county can finish recounting all the races which would take another three or five days. if that doesn't happen, then the recount is over. as far as palm beach county's numbers goes that they just submitted to the secretary of state, they are from last week. so actually not recounted numbers that went from palm beach county, which could be the
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only county in the state that is still not official yet that failed to meet the 3:00 deadline. on the tables here, you can see the papers there. what is next is the hand recount ordered by the secretary of state. they follow the numbers as they did for the first round of counting. they'll have 40 people at these tables. papers in front of them and pen. on those pages, they will have to go through all of the undervotes and the overvotes. these are ballots-where somebody filled out the bubbles. on one race they didn't do that. that is the undervote. so then they will go through and indicate who they chose and then decide, okay, we think that was actually an intentional vote even though the machine didn't notice it.
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the overvoteds is where they voted for more than one candidate. the number of ballots that would be recounted by hand for the senate race and the local house race here in palm beach county substantially significantly smaller than the total number of county ballots from election day that were just recounted here until two nights ago when their old and outdated machines broke down. also 4:00, tallahassee, the race between the democrat and the republican, that is separated with a total of 37 votes. obviously that will be within the hand recount margin. so everybody is on hold to see what the federal judge decides of the hearing happening right now in tallahassee, whether palm beach county alone will get an extension to finish the recount or whether it's over for all of the state, for all of the counties and we move on to the hand recount. neil? >> neil: so there would be a
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hand recount in those three races for governor, senator and agricultural commissioner regardless what happens here, whether they make an extension for palm beach, right? >> correct. without a doubt. the numbers won't change enough most likely to disavow any expected hand recount. so that will happen whether it's -- anybody else can get involved and sway this judge allow palm beach county to finally get back to work and recount here. we'll see this hour most likely. >> neil: thanks, phil. now to peter doocy in broward county that just did make the 3:00 p.m. deadline. that surprised a lot of folks, huh, peter? >> this is the county, broward, where officials are still finding loose ballots days after the election. today they did submit the election results to the secretary of state a few minutes of the 3:00 p.m. deadline.
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the results as they read out show that between election day and the recount, rick scott lost 606 votes. but bill nelson lost more than 1,300. brenda snipes did say that not every vote was unincluded in the total. a few dozen included in a batch that has duplicates and they couldn't figure them out so they submitted them all to having voters feel disenfranchised. the judge has issued a few big rulings today. some celebrated by one side, some celebrate ed by the other. after giving voters with motions to blow out the 3:00 p.m. deadline today was not going to fly because nobody told him how much he should extend it by. there's new questions this afternoon about judge walker and whether or not he might want to recuse himself.
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some recently located ftc data has emerged to show that his wife has in the past donated to some of bill nelson's campaigns. neil? >> just to be clear, in the recounting they were doing there, adding up the numbers, rick scott extended his lead. did i hear that right? or clarify that. >> well, here in broward county, heavily democratic. bill nelson had 100,000 more votes. he did lose twice as many here in broward as rick scott did. >> neil: i'm sorry i wasn't clear. in getting the final ballots here, did the numbers change? i know it's heavily democratic. nelson had a bigger lead there. substantial lead. did the final numbers then favor rick scott? in other words, rick scott has
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more votes than was earlier thought than the substantial votes that nelson already had? >> so and we still have not heard officially from the secretary of state in tallahassee that a hand recount is about to start, what time it's going to start. the numbers that are coming in from all of these different -- a couple dozen different machine recounts show that the scott lead has extended a little bit. but less than 1,000 for now. >> neil: got it. all right. again, he's trying to overcome about a 14,000 point gap between himself and the senator. now to the legal fallout from this. brian silver is here with us. that is an important distinction. obviously in these counts, it's very important for the losing candidate to see if he can gain some ground, whether gubernatorial battle, senate
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battle or agricultural commissioner battle. and then we have the 4,000 absentee ballots where they have to verify signatures. i know there's going to be a hand count as well. a lot of things have to go senator nelson's way even if he got all of those ballots that -- whose signatures that are being checked, it wouldn't be enough to close the gap at this point. >> well, look, it's not a question right now of what will the ultimate outcome be. this is a question of process. the whole idea is we want to make sure that the citizens of this country have their right to vote protected. florida law says when you have a race that is x amount of narrow margin, you have to do a recount. those are statutory safe guards. where that lands in the end, we'll know when we get there. >> neil: but just understand, when it gets under a quarter
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percent of the vote, the next step is the hand recount. >> that's correct. >> neil: the hand recount gets into issues of the ballots, you know, where they were thrown out, some thrown out, because the signatures department match. how do they handle that? >> the first thing you have to realize, in a manuel recount, we're not counting every single ballot that was cast. that is not the situation. we're limited strictly to manually looking at those ballots that the machine cannot read. the reason why they can't read them is because they are an overvote or an undervote. all that machine does is read in pencilled in ovals. when it gets a check a dot, something not registered, that's when a human has to look at it. that is the part that is the manual recount. >> neil: so when broward county officials say the sway in these numbers doesn't seem and i know
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what you're saying about process, a very good point, but a lot of people are looking, what will change in this process as it moves to the hand count and verifying signatures and all that? they're saying at least in their county that the numbers have not starkly moved one way or the other. then it gets to the hand we count. assuming that doesn't change, the final numbers come in statewide by november 20th when all this has to be finalized, right? >> that's correct. in my experience, having handled a recount in the past, you know, this summer in fact, the electronic recount is almost perfect. when we redid -- must have been about 250,000 votes. the numbers came back exact. they didn't change by one single vote. the only time we saw a change is with the manual count. >> neil: very interesting. learned a lot. brian silber. thanks. >> thank you. >> neil: i want to dip in a
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little -- can we -- you're looking at melania trump. she's at the u.s. institute of peace on constitution avenue in d.c. the subject is family online safety to avoid online bullying. let's listen in. >> something interesting about me and vital to the reasons that i'm on the stage today, i am a social entrepreneur and i'm focused on
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since i was 7, i was always on the pc, that sort of thing. i had some personal experiences that led me to be here today. i'm excited to share the stage
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with you guys about talk about these issues. >> i'm baronte johnson from columbus, ohio. like christina said, growing up, i've always been a big gamer, pc games, x box, play station. technology has always been a big part of my life. so i'm happy you have served on the council and continue to do stuff like this. >> fantastic. nice to see you, some of you. nice to meet you. i just want to know what inspires you in your community that you started with anti-bullying and social media. >> so like i mentioned, when i was 10 or 11, i started receiving messages on my phone and on social media. some of them targeted things like my hair or clothes.
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some went as far to attack my family. to say really rude things about me. just felt very alienated in a community that was supposed to soup port me. a long time i wanted to hide my voice. i didn't want to talk about what happened to me. i wanted to forget it like most victim this young girl that took her own life after being cyber bullied and when i did research and realized what an impact this has on teens, i realized that there was an impetus for action. so that's really how i got started. >> for me -- >> neil: we're monitoring this melania trump event. this was a well-scheduled event
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on behalf of the first lady to address cyber bullying put on by the u.s. institute of peace in washington d.c. the first lady has gotten more news lately. she was complaining about the deputy national security adviser, myra ricardel. think said she was not helping out, put out a statement to that effect, saying she shouldn't be working in the white house and now she's not. mrs. ricardel has been reassi reassign reassigned. we'll take you to that if she's answers questions. taking a look at the corner of wall and broad. stocks up, more than 200 points. we were down good chunk hoff the day of what is happening in britain. brexit seems to be bricking apart. everything was going south. that's for the british pound very views the dollar and for the markets and theresa may
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tries to hang on to her prime ministership. everything changed when the administration said they were close to discussing the grounds of troops with the chinese ahead of the g-20 summit and what that could mean. everything started to reverse because the understanding was that maybe they cobble together the broad outline a trade deal with the chinese. keep in mind, the president will be meeting with president jinping before the summit. let's talk about getting whip h. i want to focus on brexit. so muche session, 2/3s of it, we were dealing with the headlines and theresa may to try to sell this withdrawal plan she's put together that nobody seems to like, including her own cabinet. you can see she spent some time on the floor on the houses saying this is the best deal we can get. maybe we can change it for the
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better down the road. this is the best deal you're going to get. people on both sides of the aisle say this is a terrible deal. later on this afternoon, the u.k. prime minister held an address and said this is the best deal and it's up to the parliament to approve it. take a listen. >> i'm going to do my job to bring back the best deal for the united kingdom. it will be put up for vote. >> it's a meaningful vote, neil. if it goes before parliament probably next month and they votes it down, chaos ensues and her future will be in doubt and questions whether or not there should be another vote. bottom line, this brexit deal, this divorce has taken years to bring to fruition and it's par from over. very messy indeed and that does have an impact on the markets,
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neil. >> neil: thanks. ashley webster. we were down 200 points on that on the idea that we were exposed to trouble in britain and europe. but then we got the new data from china that they might cobble together the broad outlines of a truce. whatever that means is anyone's guess. let's get the reed from bob nardelli. god to see you. >> thank you. >> neil: all of a sudden, sellers became buyers on the notion that they can settle their differences with china and walk towards a truce. that was a reminder that this china trade thing is a big, big issue of concentration. >> it's a big deal. i couldn't be happier as i talk to my colleagues and ceos. performance has really been very strong as you said many times across corporate america. greatearnings, great growth, great returns to the consume ev are crushing and somewhat
1:19 pm
demoralizing for the men and women of these companies. then you get the outside events that take it down. so while we had the brexit issue weighing on us heavily, i'm encouraged with the -- as you said, the breaking news about china. i think it will get resolved. i think president jinping and president trump will be winners. they have things that say look, we have a good deal here. china has suffered the last couple months, consumer spending. look at investments and different things. >> neil: they're slowing down. that raised concerns about oil prices that are tumbling. is it your view that global economy is softening, we should worry about that or what do you think? >> i think we have talked orselves into that. within 24 hours, we went from an undersupply to an oversupply of all. think about oil and the impact on gasoline and fuel.
1:20 pm
that has to give us more discretionary spending. that will help the economy. i think we have a lot of goes in and goes outs. but overall, we have a strong economy, a lot of concern with the external events, the fed rate. they're still talking about debts. look at the ppi and the cpi. i don't think we have an inflation issue. >> neil: yeah, the numbers are relatively contained. inching up. >> same thing with the ypi. 2.2%. >> neil: while i'm talking to you, we're getting flashes from regulators that are looking at easing the pressures in california. the reason why i mention, the new democratic majority coming in to the house led by maxine waters is going to be taking over the house finance services committee said we're not going to go slow on easing back on regulations. what do you think of that and the battle to come here? there's two different views on this. >> that would be really
1:21 pm
unfortunate if that is to occur. >> neil: if she gets her way. >> yes. you saw warren buffet put in a significant amount of money into the banks today, which is a real vote of confidence. >> neil: specifically j.b. morgan chase. >> yeah. >> neil: he's betting on banks. >> if they slow it down -- they've done a great job in passing the pressure checks that they have been imposed from the 7, 8 and 9 crisis. the banks are much more under control, much more cognizant of the lending and the lending issues. it's really going to put the brakes on which has opinion a very robust economic situation, neil. >> neil: as bob was speaking, we're getting an urgent coming in concerning this palm beach county move to continue right now and give the state authorities what they have from the ballots they tried to count.
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now senator nelson's attorney, they're suing palm beach county and the florida secretary of state saying they should first do that job before handing off any other job. their ticked. the heat is on and it's still a week plus after the election. more after this. oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (vo) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? (vo) and you may lose weight.
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>> neil: all right. i want to go to phil keating in palm beach county where you heard earlier on, they counted all the ballots they can, had machine irregularitieirregulari. senator nelson is saying they're suing now to require a hand count of all the ballots due to system machine failure during the machine recount. and back and forth we go.
1:26 pm
phil keating in riviera beach florida now. what does this mean? >> the federal judge in tallahassee that has been handling all of these lawsuits filed by not only the nelson campaign, the governor scott campaign and other groups, he's tried to assume them all. actually right now in tallahassee, that judge is hearing arguments to allow palm beach county to actually resume the machine recount just for this county alone. could take three or five more days to complete the recount. we'll see what the judge says there. as far as senator nelson goes, because the machines here tuesday night broke down and they lost a day's worth of counting and in the end 3:00 p.m., palm beach county failed to meet the deadline to get the recount complete, so the original vote numbers from last week, which were submitted saturday to the secretary of state, that's what palm beach county now has to go with. well, nelson wants all of those
1:27 pm
ballots, the entire county, hear in palm beach to be hand recounted. we'll see what the secretary of state decides about that. i'm sure that will be heard in federal court by the same judge. also, senator nelson took a couple of losses today. he was hoping that the deadline could be eliminated and everybody could count until everybody got the recount completed. that was denied as well. so senator nelson, governor scott, a very tight race. so tight it's .14% of a difference with scott in the lead. so everyone fully expects an order from the secretary of state to order every county to do a hand recount in those counties of the ballots, only the ballots that were under votes or over votes. so the number of ballots is different. the deadline for having that dead will be on sunday. so there will be a hand recount
1:28 pm
for the senate race here. senator nelson wants a machine recount of all the ballots as well. >> neil: thank you very much. again, why that is important, broward county heavily democratic and senator nelson won the county. there was nothing that narrows the gap between senator nelson and governor scott statewide. if anything, governor scott picked up some votes in this process. that was not expected and obviously that was a development that democrats did not plan on. palm beach is a separate issue here but the same continues. the numbers that the democrats are hoping to pick up, both from the gubernatorial battle and senate battle and the agricultural commissioner's battle, the overall numbers have not changed. in other words, would take a
1:29 pm
herculean leap right now for the math to change. it's an issue i'm sure that came up at the white house today as the president was meeting with gop leadership at the white house right now. hi, john. >> something that's been on the president's mind, no question about that. last weekend while in paris, he had one eye on what was going on in arizona. he wasn't happy that it came out in favor of kirsten sinema over martha mcsally. but with a number of things on the agenda, he made with mitch mcconnell, senator john thune and senator richard shelby. among the things they talked about, the pending judicial nominations the president wants to get through and appropriations including border security funding, the farm bill and prison reform. the judicial reviews came back up after jeff flame complainted about the appointment of matt whisker saying the mueller investigation would be in jeopardy and would vote against
1:30 pm
the president's judicial nominations until and unless the senate took up legislation to protect the mueller investigation. listen to flake here. >> nobody expected him to not just leap frog over temperature deputy attorney general who was overseeing the probe now but to take away his authority and give it to something who has not been confirmed by the senate, who has expressed hostility towards the probe. i can't understand why we're not doing anything about that. >> neil: the reason is, mitch mcconnell says while he knows how the president feels about the mueller investigation, he doesn't believe the president would jeopardize the mueller investigation. democrats have called on whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the mueller investigation. after meeting with lindsey graham today, the south carolina senator says he sees no reason for whitaker to do that. listen here. >> he believes he does not have a reason to recuse himself legally or factually. nothing i have seen that would require him to be recused.
1:31 pm
he has the background and the judgment to fulfill this job. >> the white house is in no hurry to replace whitaker. he can be there under statute for at least 200 days and they like him running the justice department. on an interim basis. >> shepard: they may the choice. john roberts, thanks very much. the read from joe manchin from these ross currents. he carried his state and won comfortably. the question is how does he get along with both parties after this? i just got my ancestrydna results: 74% italian. and i found out that i'm from the big toe of that sexy italian boot! calabria. it even shows the migration path from south italia all the way to exotico new jersey! so this holiday season it's ancestrydna per tutti! order your kit now at
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are standing by. so call now. >> neil: it's hard to build this up. it's tension you can cut with a knife. in palm beach county, they're done counting votes here. the hand count now ensues. the lawsuits are piling up. how palm beach county deals with that after this. embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz, the first and only treatment of its kind offering people with moderate to severe psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin?
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ask your doctor about taltz. did you know not all fiber is the same? try citrucel. it gently relieves occasional constipation by absorbing water to make stools easier to pass, without causing excess gas or bloating. help relieve occasional constipation with citrucel. >> neil: we might not know for sure the makeup of the house and the senate for maybe another week or longer. that's because some house races have not closed etch though it looks like democrats are getting more than 38 seats by this point. in the senate, the early gains that looked like republicans were getting have evaporated in close races in florida. let's get more from the guy that did win comfortably, joe manchin. republicans wanted that seat. they didn't get that seat.
1:36 pm
the senator with us now. senator, do you call what happened a blue wave? >> neil, i don't know about a blue wave. there was sure an adjustment that happened. in west virginia, we picked up some house races, local house delegate races. picked up a couple of senate seats, which would be unusual unless there was movement. there was. i won in a state where president trump came in multiple times, tried everything he could in spite of me voting with him more than any democrat in washington. >> neil: have you talked to him, senator, since your victory? >> a couple times. yeah. we're going to have lunch and everything. here's the thing. he gave it his best shot. i told him, you're not going to beat me. i guess they're pushing you. the base is pushing you to go after me. you need democrats like me to put my country before my party and want you to be successful.
1:37 pm
if my president is successful, my country does well and my state does well. that's more important than any party affiliation. that being said, he needs democrats like me that want to work and make things happen. i'll try all i can. the race is behind us. it's over. they gave their best shot. they department win. now we move on and do what we're supposed to do, work together an govern. >> neil: in retrospect, do you think your support for judge kavanaugh, justice kavanaugh, was the big difference? some of your democratic colleagues that lost like in indiana and missouri did not. >> first of all, neil, i know it's hard to believe in this toxic atmosphere of politics, people have a hard time making decisions based on the facts. if i found one corroborating fact that judge kavanaugh was involved with dr. ford, i
1:38 pm
wouldn't have voted for him under any conditions. when i saw the fbi report, the facts weren't there to justify anything different. i had a lot of progressives that left me and the democratic base that left, a lot of them came back. >> neil: how is your relationship with the democratic colleagues now, sir? >> i think they know -- when it comings to healthcare, people fighting for healthcare, pre-existing conditions, that i'm going to be there fighting because i think president trump has a golden opportunity to fix healthcare in america. we have a bill laying on mitch mcconnell's desk that was worked out after john mccain voted not to repeal it. it's been there about 15 months. it could be called and -- could be a legacy for president trump. it would be trump repair care. we can fix it. i'm hoping he takes it up. i'm working with everybody. >> neil: to that degree, sir,
1:39 pm
mitch mcconnell came out of this white house meeting with republican leaders and the president and he said he's optimistic to fund the border wall. would you support that? >> oh, i do. not only would i support it, neil, i supported and along with a bipartisan group of democrats and republicans in 2013 over $42 billion for border security and that border security bill was written by both -- by republicans. totally in support of it. the president could have a major immigration reform bill that works and give him a legacy that no other president has ever had. just adopt the 2013 bipartisan bill and he can make it happen. i think the senate would go along with him and hopefully we could get the house. yeah, i'm supporting border security. it has to be done. >> neil: in florida, you know the battle going back and forth. senator bill nelson the latest
1:40 pm
to sue palm beach county for halting what was a machine count, recount. now it's down to handwritten recounts. they take all of them by hand and count them for the state. none of these numbers have changed in this process. if anything, rick scott slightly widened his lead. would you advise bill nelson to give up or let the process work its way? >> i think the way their code is written, when the closeness is of the race is as close as it is, it's a mandatory recount. i could with wrong. >> neil: you're right. the hand count is next, to that point. but these lawsuits could push things back is what i'm saying. >> i would let -- both sides are skeptical and everyone is paranoid. i can understand that. the process, if it continues, the count the way it's mandated by their laws and then decide if you need to go on with a legal
1:41 pm
pursuit or not. >> neil: you know, there's a number of ballots in question where the signatures don't match, senator. i know this is outside your state, outside your area. you don't like to weigh-in on other races but it does come back to remind folks, florida after all of these years can't get their act together. it's happened under republican leadership, democratic lead leadership as districts in republicans and democrats. frustration that this could happen again. are you worried for the 2020 presidential election, that we'll see it play over again? >> they should be. let me tell you one thing, all these national races will be extremely close. i was fortunate enough to be a governor of my state of west virginia and i enjoyed support from as many republicans as i did democrats. it was a wonderful time. but that doesn't happen in national races. they believe that washington captures it and changes it. maybe it changes some, but it's not changing me. but with that being said, i
1:42 pm
think the national secretary of state association should basically put people and get its act together and help the state that has continuing troubles. florida has had perpetual trouble. they've been deciding these issues clear back to 2000, george bush and al gore. you'd think a national organization should be embarrassed enough to step in and clean it up. >> neil: all right. senator, thank you very much. congratulations on your victory. >> thanks, neil. always good to be with you. >> neil: same here. we're getting interesting corporate news here. one involving a titanic struggle between two gazillionaires and michael dell. michael dell is trying to take his company public. it went private. and litigation has been
1:43 pm
withdrawn against dell, terminate add proxy contest. so it would seem to be a victory for michael dell, a company that he started in his dorm room making computers for some of his friends and buddies and grew a little bit to go back doing be a publicly traded company. more after this. ♪
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you can snap a photo and get your claim processed in hours, not days. plus, allstate can pay your claim in minutes. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? >> neil: all right. we just got word that the president plans to head to california to meet with those hit by the deadly wild fires racing across the state. the state is reporting at least 58 deaths. you go much higher because there's at least 100 people we're told that are missing, considered still missing. claudia cowan with more. >> breaking just now, word of an officer-involved shooting that happened near an evacuation center. we're working to get details. as mentioned, the president is
1:47 pm
coming to california to meet with first responders and get briefed on what is needed right now to help the victims. with the death toll here in butte county rising to 56, more than 100 people are still unaccounted for, almost all of them elderly. officials hope people check the lists and mark themselves safe. yesterday governor jerry brown visited a burned out school along with ryan zinke that called for changes in forest policy. >> let's actively manage our forests and make sure that these catastrophic fires don't happen year after year, season after season. >> this is so devastating that i don't really have the words to describe it. it looks like a war zone. it's the devastation that only fires of this kind can bring about. nobody is really expecting it.
1:48 pm
but it happens. >> i vaccees that lost everything are wondering if the local utility company is to blame. there was a problem with a transmission line before the fire started. officials say they're wrapping up that part of the investigation. it's not clear when a cause or criminal liability will be determined, a negligence lawsuit is causing pg&e's stock prices to plummet. and a norovirus outbreak has made dozens of people sick in chico. as for the camp fire itself, it's now 40% contained. it might not be fully contained until the end of the month. neil? >> neil: thanks, claudia. as she said, the president will be visiting the region saturday. more after this.
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1:52 pm
>> neil: crazy weather. really crazy. outside our building here. winter storm is delivering a lot of mixed snow, rain, sleet. seems to be getting worse than they said. i don't know if that applies to our own rick reichmuth. man, rick, what's going on here? >> i was off yesterday. i didn't say anything. >> neil: i'm not blaming you. >> yeah, don't blame me. i know you care about new jersey. it's going to get worse than the coastline where rain mixes in and problems in the airports, delays across all big airports there from philadelphia, baltimore, d.c., new york. carry-over delays and problems all the way too tomorrow morning. check your flights. temperature-wise, we're here freezing in new york. warming up in d.c. we had snow earlier, starting to see rain move in. that will be the case for a lot of areas along the coast,
1:53 pm
starting as snow and moving to rain. interior sections will be all snow, all the time. that's where we see some spots up to 10 inches of snow. here we're in towards mid november. heavy snow at la guardia. newark, heavy snow. that's why we're seeing the delays. the last couple images, the warmer air starts to get in the air and that's where we'll see it switch over to rain. winter storm warnings are in effect. we put the future radar in motion. temperatures in philadelphia, 45. new york, 40. boston, 37. so warms up along the coast. the transition to rain means it's going to be slushy and before that happens, we'll see almost ever see a really quick downpour of some heavy snow and that will cause problems along the roads. a lot of connecticut, mostly snow all the way through. want to show you this. behind this, cooler air comes in. miami tomorrow, the cold front goes all the way through south
1:54 pm
florida. so only the 76, 66 for a high in orlando. take a look at this, neil. saturday, winter comes back across the northern plains, 17 degrees in fargo. >> neil: you're not giving us a lot of good news. you're so good at what we do, it's closing in on winter in a month. thanks, rick. he mentioned florida where it's getting cold. it's legally chilly right now. senator bill nelson now adding to his lawsuit flurry here. this time challenging palm beach county for stopping the machine voting. they've progressed on to hand counting. that's statewide. this will be a mess before 2020. in fact, growing concerns that it's not going to be fixed by 2020. democrat strategist jessica tarlov, kat timpf and kaitlyn owens. kaitlyn, your thoughts of what is happening in florida now.
1:55 pm
any lawsuit could delay this process. what do you think? >> as you said, it's a mess, neil. it's practically very messy in a logistical since and politics, lawsuits flying back and forth. we're seeing the president make allegations about voter fraud. it doesn't -- >> neil: where did he get that, by the way? people changing or putting a hat on and coming to vote again? where did he get it? >> i searched for that today and couldn't figure it out. i'm not sure. your guess is as good as mine. this is going to keep going. bill nelson says he will keep going until there's no other legal means. we're in for a long one. >> neil: we could be beyond the 20th when the state is supposed to certify everything. kat, one thing that has come up, what ballots they have come up with tip in the republican's favor, rick scott.
1:56 pm
the nelson people were homing -- they won palm beach county by overwhelming numbers, but they were hoping they would pick up votes there and they didn't. what are we to glean from that? >> that is obviously what they were hoping and not the case, republicans will win on this issue. the bigger focus needs to be we need to make sure there's not the same mess in 2020 as here. >> neil: i bet there will be. a state so close -- >> that's the issue. there's problems in lots of states like wet ballots. we know new york will go blue. it happens in florida, it's this big national story. they have issue with old machines causing problems. they shouldn't have old machines when they know there could be an issue coming up like this. they'll need to have to deal with it in a timely manner. >> neil: what do you think of this back and forth? let's say scott wins legitimately. still it's a close vote. that they're saying it's close.
1:57 pm
is there going to be an asterisks next to the winner's name forever? >> i'm not completely sure. what happens in georgia, there there be an asterisks there, the case stacey abrams and her people are making, more relying on voter repression. >> neil: that some couldn't vote. and that was deliberate on his part to squelch the voting for her? >> that's the accusation there were hundreds of thousands of people removed from the voter rolls over brian kemp's tenure there. in terms of the asterisks, as long as they give them what they're asking for, people will
1:58 pm
always say there's an asterisk but generally speaking, florida does elect republicans. by slim margins. this happens all the time. >> neil: this gets punctuated by close races -- >> we talked about this saturday morning. the idea that that ballot is did signed in a way that bill nelson could have lost up to 3% of his vote because of name placement is so ludicrous. it has to be changed by 2020. i don't know why election day is not a national holiday. >> neil: same reasons elsewhere. who knows. >> a lot of this is who knows. but the voter fraud claim that the president is making, which is conspiracy -- >> neil: by the way, you're intimates that the georgia winner was doing something is a i'll will stretch. it will be debated -- >> no, no. that is the narrative more so than in florida. i'm not -- >> neil: he had 50% and --
1:59 pm
>> they're both declaring victory. maybe we'll have two governors. >> neil: i mentioned, the blue wave thing. when i look at the numbers, i guess it's 38 seats now picked up in the house? >> by tomorrow. >> neil: then look atirror the senate, which is good. republicans still maintain their need. is that a blue wave to you? >> you know what is a blue wave is -- >> neil: more blue than red. >> yeah, if you look at where we were at this point two years ago, right after donald trump won the presidency, you know, democrats were looking at the senate map in particular with dread. there were ten seats democrats had. so you know, could have been worse than it was. you counts that as a blue wave -- >> it's like half a wave. you couldn't surf on it but you could play in it and get knocked over a little bit.
2:00 pm
>> i feel like you could stand up for a second and fall back down. >> neil: i don't think you can deny it's a blue wave. >> i'm with neil. >> it's a small wave. >> neil: blue wave nevertheless >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with jedediah bila, juan williams, jesse watters. a paper clip is her trombone. dana perino. "the five" ." stormy daniels lawyer, the esteemed mike alani was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence for the whole story is pretty murky but it seems he's accused of similar -- accused of similar stuff. i'm not going to lie, i felt like there was some adjustments exacted in the universe. i may be small for feeling that way but nobody is as small, petty,


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