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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 19, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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the last two years >> if i didn't put a spotlight on the election before it got down to the 12,000 -- >> i think it's good brenda snipes submitted her resignation. no way i was going to let her preside over another election. >> julie: peter, what changed that made nelson finally want to concede? >> julie, he has been down since election day but got 1/6 as many votes as he needed in the recount to win. so after the secretary of state posted the final results yesterday he got governor scott's number, called him and posted this. >> well, things worked out a little differently than grace and i had hoped, but let me say
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i by no measure feel defeated. that's because i've had the privilege of serving the people of florida and our country for most of my life. >> governor rick scott, now senator elect scott had been pressuring bill nelson to drop out for days but changed his tune after the call around lunch time saying i spoke with senator bill nelson who graciously conceded and i thanked him for his years of public service. this victory would not be possible without the work of so many people. the campaign is behind us and where we'll leave it. senator scott will finish up some of the new senator orientation activities that he was not able to complete when he was up there and was not yet the winner. julie. >> julie: let's talk brenda snipes. a lot of pressure on her botching the whole recount situation. why is it that she might be resigning? >> we're checking with the secretary of state to see if
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they've physically got the resignation from her. the sun sent nall is reporting she decided she wants to spend more time with her family. the recount she ran in broward county was marred with controversy throughout. this weekend 2,000 ballots went missing and she said they were somewhere in her building and her team turned in machine recount results two minutes late and rejected by the state for that reason. after that happened she did tell me she was pleased with the way things were going on her watch. >> julie: peter doocy, thank you very much. >> bill: the president defending republicans' performance in mid-terms. fox "fox news sunday" with chris wallace he said this. >> i won the senate, that's historic, too. if you look at presidents in the white house it has almost never happened where you won a seat. we have 53 as opposed to 51 now. and we have 53 great senators
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in the u.s. senate. number two, i wasn't on the ballot. >> you kept saying. >> president trump: i have people and you see the polls how good they are, i have people that won't vote unless i'm on the ballot. >> bill: good interview with chris wallace on sunday and kelly ann picks it up. how does the white house views these? >> joyful and triumphant since we're in the holiday season. the president made a big difference. governor scott and congressman desantis ran excellent campaigns. this president getting in there several times in the last six or seven days really made the difference. and also him encouraging them not to bail on their clear victories. you had andrew gillum not once, but twice concede to governor scott -- excuse me, ron desantis for the governor. they clearly won and i think
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that people got another view of somebody like brenda snipes and her shenanigans and that should be the first order of business for governor desantis to really look at who the running the counties and the electoral committees. nelson won by 1.1 million votes. this time he lost. the people in florida don't want him to be the senator. unremarkable. credited for his service but in the last few years he has been unremarkable in his record and also voted against kavanaugh. >> bill: move out of florida. what is your message for these suburban women who turned away from the republican party this past term? how do you win them back? >> some did, not all did. and frankly i don't like stereotyping people according to gender, race or where they live. we're looking for ways to expand the number of voters who
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like free markets and freedom. who want peace and prosperity which this president has delivered. and i believe as time marches on people will realize if you try to roll back the huge economic boom we have unprecedented unemployment numbers and growth numbers and optimism and confidence numbers from consumers, manufacturers, and small business owners and aspiring small business owners. we cannot afford for people to have less of the hard earned money, to have less job security and job available and job mobility that we have because of this president's financial stewardship. that's a very clear texas and it showed in races like those in florida in the third most populous state with people going to the polls and saying we want to keep peace and prosperity going. suburban women i would note for you something curious that didn't happen in the messaging from the left this time. they didn't talk that much about abortion or guns. they were talking about other things. they're going to struggle now
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in the house as the majority party figuring out are they beholding to this new leftward drift to socialism? they have a 28-year-old socialist from new york and a 72-year-old socialist from vermont. >> bill: i got more i want to squeeze in here. mueller matter he told chris wallace he submitted answers in writing. not turned them over to bob mueller. can you say before thanksgiving if those answers will be turned in? >> i'll leave that to the president and his counsel. i can't comment on the timing. i want to repeat that this president and those around him have been completely compliant with every request. 1.4 million pieces of paper, think about that, have been produced. 33 people or so we read in the paper have been interviewed and asked for information and complied including the president of the united states who from the beginning has said there was no russia collusion.
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if other people didn't have enough faith in donald trump that he can beat hillary clinton on his own. he and governor pence did to get elected. those are the campaign we're talking about. >> bill: on the media we heard about new rules set up not yet made public but here is the answer given to chris wallace from yesterday. here is a chance to hear this >> president trump: we have to create rules and regulations for conduct. it's not a big deal. nobody believes in the first amendment more than i do. if i think somebody is acting out of sorts i will leave, i'll say thank you very much, everybody, i appreciate you coming and i'll leave. those reporters will not be too friendly to whoever it is that's acting up. >> bill: do we know what the new rules are? >> they're in process. the judge's opinion had to do with the fifth amendment process. due process. not the first amendment.
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you don't have a first amendment right to be in the white house. once you are allowed in, of course, then there needs to be a process. that's exactly what the press shop is working on. what the president said is very instructive, bill. he is saying that if somebody ruins it for everyone else, if the president had walked away early in that press conference, which is when the exchange occurred, then he would not have answered 68 questions from 35 reporters who did exactly what he did. he is the most transparent, accessible present in our lifetime if not ever and willing to stand and gaggle and give all these interviews and stand on the south lawn and willing talk about policy and yet one or two are going to ruin that? >> you may have a lot of white house correspondents watching the interview wondering what the new rules are. >> the press shop is deciding that. you'll hear that in a few days
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or weeks. >> bill: what are the bounds when the reporters need to operate. >> the president made clear when you come to the white house -- i agree, you should show respect for the presidency and decorum for the white house. some do and some do not. the particular outlet in question has 50 white house passes i'm told. around 50 white house passes. they clearly have continued to be a 24/7 outlet without that reporter at work. tune in sometimes if you can stand the venom and the poison. i try to go on and state the president's case when i feel like it's suitable. invited there pretty often. >> bill: let's -- we'll wait on the white house for guidance. is that reporter allowed back in the white house? i was given a note an hour ago the white house made a preliminary decision to suspend the hard pass for jim acosta again. are you fighting this?
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>> i'm not aware of anything happening in the last hour. i would have to talk to the press shop about that. obviously it was reinstated. he came here. >> bill: is he allowed access to the white house today? >> i don't know that answer. i've got somebody from the press shop standing here. i don't know that answer. but i want to broaden the conversation out to the white house press corps and freedom of the press. the president is right nobody likes the first amendment more than he does. he sends us out here to talk about that and i'm on tv almost every day trying to talk about policy. look at last week. all the coverage, bill, was about who works here, not the work that is done by the people who work here. are we not interested in policy and in what goes on here and the many different things that happen through the cabinet rather than who is in the cabinet and who is up and who is down? i guess eventually everybody will be right and everybody will leave at some point including the president six
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years from now. it's a shame that the headlines and the twitter explodes about palace intrigue is silly. >> bill: any time you talk policy you're invited back. have a great week and a great thanksgiving. >> julie: another big story today. thousands of migrants on the u.s. border with mexico greeted by angry protestors. hundreds of people in tijuana protesting as the migrant caravan continues to make its way through the north. we're live on the ground. >> bill: the trump team about to receive an official report on the killing of the columnist jamal khashoggi. >> julie: more on the big interview between president trump and chris wallace and the fox news anchor gets a tour of the oval office. >> president trump: the biggest people in the world come into
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decision guide. discover how an all-in-one medicare advantage plan from humana could save you money. there is no obligation and the book is free. >> julie: fox news alert. not a warm welcome at the u.s. border with mexico for thousands of central american migrants seeking asylum. hundreds of people in tijuana protesting the migrants' arrival at a park where they have set up camp along the fence between the u.s. and mexico. 3,000 migrants already in tijuana with thousands more coming across the border nearly 6,000 american troops deployed by president trump are reinforcing border crossings. >> president trump: i don't know, who can really know. >> the crown prince speaking to
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you, the president of the united states directly lied to you. >> president trump: he told me he had nothing to do with it. he told me that i would say five times at different points. we put on very heavy sanctions, massive sanctions on a large group of people from saudi arabia. but at the same time, we do have an ally and i want to stick with an ally that in many ways has been very good. >> bill: part of the interview with chris wallace. the c.i.a. concluding the crown prince personally ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi. the president had declined to listen to the tape that contains audio of the death. john sununu former white house chief of staff to george hw bush. how to work these diplomatic angles. the c.i.a. report says one thing and you think about the relationship. >> the state department followed up. >> bill: do you think anything changes in this relationship? what is your expectation after learning what we have for the past two days?
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>> look, the president acknowledged that what happened to mr. khashoggi was a horrible thing and there have to be appropriate consequences to those involved. bust -- but he knows it's an important region. a critical region and a region is not inherently stable. a region that is extremely complicated and made complicated because a number of our allies there have conflicting agendas among themselves. we've been involved in conflicts there that have cost us trillions of dollars and the lives of thousands of our young men and women. this puts the context of how complicated his decision is going to be. i suspect he will have to sit down with pompeo and mattis and bolton and haspo and hear the report and consider the nuances in the decisions. he will make what i think is
6:19 am
one of the most important decisions of his presidency on this matter. >> bill: this was an interesting moment. in the oval office with wallace and president trump. watch this exchange here. >> when you are sitting at the desk, how do you make decisions? do you agonize over them? do you second guess yourself? >> president trump: i don't think about it. i don't think about how i make them. i make what i consider the right decision at the time. >> the toughest decision you've had to make as president. >> president trump: north korea is very tough. >> bill: what do you think when you hear? >> with a slightly different president, bill. with a slightly different. >> bill: what about making those decisions when you know so much is on the line? what did you think of the interchange there? >> when you listen to the interchange i think the president is right in working hard not to brood over his
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decisions. a presidency can be destroyed if the president makes a tough decision and broods over it. i think he is correct later on in that conversation i think he said he brings his team in and he lets them go at it against each other and he listens. i think that's an important part of the process for any president. the president that i worked for, george herbert walker bush, baker and myself went at it a number of times for the president trying to give him sometimes taking positions that we didn't believe in ourselves but at least giving him the arguments on the other side. that's an important thing for the president to hear. so i think the process is good. i hope the president understands that on decisions like the saudi decision, like the north korea decision, that it should not just be a gut decision but based on what he hears from those advisors. >> bill: interesting stuff. great to get your insight. thank you, governor. see you next week. have a good thanksgiving.
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hope you get the drumstick if that's what you want. >> thank you. >> julie: fox news alert on the california wildfires. there are 80 dead so far statewide. nearly 1,000 people unaccounted for. we are live to malibu with the latest. >> bill: horrifying crash. what is next for a young driver who survived this? wow. if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc. at upmc, living-donor transplants put you first. so you don't die waiting. upmc does more living-donor liver transplants than any other center in the nation. find out more and get out of line today.
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6:25 am
dropped to the ground. a german race car driver suffered a spinal fracture, due to undergo surgery today. we hope the best for that. and the outcome. that's a terrifying moment for everybody watching. >> julie: you see the wreckage but not her. where did she land? her car was shredded to pieces. >> bill: back surgery. hope it turns out okay. >> julie: fox news alert now on california's deadliest and most destructive wildfire in the state history. at least 80 people are dead. at least 1,000 people still remain unaccounted for. rain in the forecast could complicate search and rescue efforts but also bring relief. much-needed relief to those firefighters still on the front lines. jonathan hunt is live in malibu with the latest. jonathan. let's start up north. what's the latest there? >> well, julie, the rain will
6:26 am
help the firefighters, as you mentioned. although flames are not the real issue there now. the urgent issue rescuers are facing in identifying any human remains still amid the devastation there. it is a tough job and not an enjoyable one for anybody by any means. and the rains, when they come down, could sweep a lot of that ash away and that could make it even more difficult to identify those who were burned to death in that deadly camp fire. also last night there was a vigil held near paradise, california, the town that was destroyed. a lot of people showing up just to try to find some comfort. listen here. >> just know god is comforting us. it is hard to imagine and we're living it. then i look around at all the kindness. >> my wife, she needs some closure. to be around other people that have gone through the same thing that we have, it helps
6:27 am
with the grieving process. >> it's going to be a tough thanksgiving week for a lot of people up in northern california, julie. >> julie: and down south, jonathan, where you are, some good news at least for folks there, right? >> yeah. a lot of residents now being allowed back into malibu. they are being greeted this morning by a beautiful sunrise. you missed just by a couple of minutes the spectacular scene we had here. but the sad reality is that the sunrise is revealing for a lot of them the stark reality of what they have to come back to. and that, in the case for hundreds of families here, is pretty much nothing. just this kind of destruction is what they are going to find. concerns about the rain here, too, julie. we are predicted to get some around midweek, right around thanksgiving. these homes where we are right now right in the foothills of
6:28 am
the santa monica mountains. when you've had this kind of fire that destroys all the trees and brush there is no anchor for the soil and rocks on the hillsides. the concern is if we get sig -- significant rain we're apt to get significant mudslides. >> bill: rick scott unseating long time democratic senator bill nelson. it is official. the first time in more than 100 years florida has two republican senators. the election drama is not over yet and we'll explain why. plus this today. >> the biggest flaw from my point of view is that he was chosen for the purpose of interfering with the mueller investigation. he auditioned for the part by going on tv and saying he could hobble the investigation. >> julie: congressman adam schiff going toe-to-toe with
6:29 am
the president over acting attorney general amid the russia probe. >> president trump: i think he is very well aware politically and astute, a very smart person. a very respected person. he will do what's right. air frying all in one. with our tendercrisp technology, you can quickly cook food, juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. go from fresh to deliciously done in half the time. which means it may become the only thing you use in your kitchen. (tapping) for cooking, at least. (upbeat music) the ninja foodi, with tendercrisp, the cooking while parenting technology.
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6:33 am
>> julie: i'm up until 2:00 in the morning doing it. thank god for amazon prime. >> bill: i'll get you my list. republicans clinching big wins in the mid-terms. kemp the next governor of georgia, scott and desantis have won in florida and that recount weighing heavily in the sunshine state as you know. here is rick scott. >> it was very frustrating. when i announced we had won tuesday night we were up 57,000 votes and they just kept finding ballots. we'll do everything to make sure these elections are free and fair. we had 65 counties do a good job. we had two that dropped the ball. we want to make sure all 67 counties do these elections in a fair way. >> bill: griff jenkins live from lauderdale, florida. how did it work out? >> good morning, bill. not over yet because fox news has just obtained the resignation letter from the election supervisor in broward county dr. brenda snipes after
6:34 am
losing over 2,000 ballots, missing deadlines she writes to governor scott, although i have enjoyed this work tremendously over these many election cycles large and small i'm ready to pass the torch. therefore, i request you accept my letter of resignation effective january 4, 2019. her term was expected to run until 2020 but she came under too much scrutiny. now governor elect desantis has the opportunity to replace her. the other news of course, over the weekend, after 18 years bill nelson conceding to rick scott in the senate race. he lost by over 10,000 votes. senator elect scott writing now the voters of florida have spoken and i am honored to serve as our state's next senator and chair florida's success with the entire nation. just a lot of people have been asking me if they still found
6:35 am
the missing 2040 ballots. we're not sure but hearing dr. snipes may hold a press conference at 2:00 and we may find out then. >> yes and yes. i think the appointment is unconstitutional. he is clearly a principal officer in the fact that he is a temporary principal officer doesn't mean it's any less subject to senate confirmation. constitution ally. i think they lose that case when it goes to the supreme court. >> julie: there you go, congressman adam schiff taking acting attorney general matt whitaker to task and trading insults with trump online in the role whitaker will play in the russia investigation. let's bring in representative pete king. always great to see you. i want to go first on these two online jabs between adam schiff and the president. adam schiff says democrats
6:36 am
would likely change the appointment of matthew whitaker and president trump tweets this on your screen. funny to see little adam schitt talking about the fact that acting attorney general matt whitaker was not approved by the senate but not mentioning bob mueller was not approved by the senate. i would like to think this was an unfortunate typo but what do you think? the president sending adam schiff a message here? >> yeah. i wish the president hadn't done it. to me the president has a strong enough case on this as far as everything i've seen. i don't think there will be evidence of collusion at all. you shouldn't let adam schiff get him distracted. i've known adam for a number of years. i think he has become very partisan in the last year or so and for instance him saying earlier on that he knows that the president appointed matt whitaker to obstruct or to somehow turn off the mueller
6:37 am
investigation is absolutely no evidence for that. i think adam hurts his own case by making these charges without having any evidence. he tries to pre-judge everything and the president just let adam say what he wants and don't jump into it. he is the president of the united states and the investigation will go forward. i don't know matt whitaker. from allocations he is extremely qualified. the justice department said his appointment is legal. leave it at that and let's go forward. >> julie: we have to read schiff's response. that's a good one, mr. president. was that your answers to mr. mueller's questions or did you write this one yourself? so you also sit on the intel committee. what do you make of the likely intelligence committee chairman's response there to the president? >> i think he is somehow trying to imply the president is not giving honest answers or doesn't know what the answers would be. the president has turned over a million documents to the mueller investigation. >> julie: implying he didn't answer the questions himself.
6:38 am
the president had said he did answer those questions himself and now schiff is implying that he is not. so he is calling the president a liar essentially. >> listen, i disagree with that. i'm sure the president was with his lawyers and that's what you have lawyers for. when you give written interrogatories or questions you always consult with your lawyers. in the end it's the president who is responsible and under oath and submitting these and so they are the president's answers. i think adam is also trying to be a little cute here. bottom line the president is complying and he has done what he is required to do. not even required to do. i don't think he had to do it and he is doing it. >> julie: cute is one way to describe it that's for sure. i would come up with a different one but i can't say it on tv. schiff and other democrats that whitaker should be subject to senate approval. the president said mueller wasn't an firmed by the senate to his position and the senate
6:39 am
appoints special prosecutors. what should happen here? again, robert mueller was not appointed to this position. should it be different for whitaker? >> again this is interpretation of the statute. none of us have really even looked at before to any extent. it will be decided by the courts. the department of justice put out a very reasoned statement and analysis why the whitaker appointment is valid and doesn't require senate confirmation. i think this is a side issue thrown out by the democrats. matt whitaker was qualified. from what i've seen so far i would say the president had the full right to make this temporary appointment and he is serving lawfully and legally. >> julie: i want to just bring up the fact that several house democrats on sunday shows over the weekend said they'll be focusing on targeting trump in the new congress. james comey tweeted this last week. house republicans can ask me
6:40 am
anything they want. i want the american people to watch. let's have a public hearing. truth is best served by transparency. let me know when is convenient. a public hearing. what do you make of that? >> first of all jim comey as far as transparency whenever he testified in public so many questions he says he can't answer them because it's public. he was asking to go private. the questions here involve national security issues, sensitive issues. they also can hinge on other parts of the investigation where you don't want other witnesses to know what he is saying. there are always two parts to this. the private part, the way the f.b.i. conducts its investigations and if we have to, you have the public hearing. you do it in private because you want to have sustained questions and answers and you don't want someone like jim comey to say i can't answer that because we're in public. this to me is jim comey trying to distract attention. trying to be cute. he told those things in private
6:41 am
which he denied in public. he told us general flynn did not lie and then later didn't recall saying . that >> julie: convenient. great to see you as always, congressman king. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> bill: i appreciate that. fox news alert. protests erupting south of the border near tijuana. thousands of central american migrants arrived in the town. this was a scene on sunday. a live report from tijuana coming up in a moment. >> julie: president trump claiming victory in the mid-terms after stumping for months for candidates. jason chaffetz joins us neck. >> president trump: people are saying sir, i will never vote unless you are on the ballot. go and vote. as much as i try to convince people to go vote, i'm not on the ballot. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
6:42 am
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>> julie: potential 2020 candidate and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg making history with his latest
6:45 am
donation. get this bloomberg announcing he is giving a record 1.8 billion with a b to his alma mater johns hopkins university. he says he hopes it will be used to help low and middle income students with financial aid so they can better achieve the american dream. the gift is believed to be the largest private donation ever to an american university. >> president trump: i won the senate and that's historic, too, because if you look at presidents in the white house, it is almost never happened where you won a seat. we now have 53 as opposed to 51. and we have 53 great senators in the u.s. senate. we won. that's a tremendous victory. nobody talks about that. that's a far greater victory than it is for the other side. >> bill: the reaction mid-term results from the president. republican governor rick scott scoring a victory for florida senate race and jason chaffetz former utah congressman and fox
6:46 am
news contributor. good day to you. saw you on "fox news sunday". i know you saw that clip as well. what did you think of his reaction the way he sizes it up in the senate? >> the president is right. to grow the numbers in the senate is quite remarkable. i would worry going into 2020 what is going on in nevada, montana, arizona, out west it didn't go quite as well. you can't have the president campaigning everywhere all the time. but the senate was good. the house maybe not so good. but historically about the norm and compared to what happened to barack obama when he lost 63 seats, what happened under president trump is a pretty good sign for republicans. >> bill: two more points to make. the "washington post" writes. the suburban defeats are the most damaging to the gop. if trump and other leaders don't act to reverse them. orange county is one example but not the only one that produced gains for democrats.
6:47 am
paige county. now not a single house member of the new congress his district includes a part of due page county will be republican. what do you make of that? >> republicans better figure out a few things. one is how to answer the healthcare question. i don't think they properly asked just say are you opposed to something is not a policy that people say is their number one issue. the cost of healthcare continues to go up and they have got to figure out how to answer that question and match the so-called green wave. act blue is an effort to get money to democrats and you have people that were on the receiving end of some $20 million in a house race for instance like in northern california. you have to be able to match that. the third thing is you better be able to register young people and get them engaged in the party. the republicans are pathetic to get new people to register.
6:48 am
they have to figure that out. >> bill: nancy pelosi is likely the next democratic speaker, right? here is the president on saturday. >> no, no. >> bill: i'll play this and let you analyze it. >> president trump: i would help nancy pelosi. i will perform a wonderful service for her if she needs votes. can you believe it? i like nancy pelosi. she is tough and she is smart but she deserves to be speaker. >> bill: is she or not? >> well look, it is normal and customary for the week after the election for the leadership races to happen. the democrats had to delay that leadership vote because she doesn't have the votes. and she is going to have to go back to the people and ask them to rescind a campaign promise to vote for her. i think she is a great foil for republicans. we would love nothing more than to be able to talk about nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi, nancy pelosi going into 2020.
6:49 am
democrats, i don't think, are organized enough to get new, young leadership up there. if they put o'rourke in as speaker that would be a problem. they will go to the old guard and old arguments and in 2020 will help the republicans. >> bill: you were hinting she is not a sure thing for the speaker of the house. perhaps you're right. i don't see a big challenge. maybe marcia fudge from northern ohio. >> well no one person, bill, will be able to pull this off. and they're afraid to do it. the reason nancy pelosi is at the top of the food chain is she has raised more money than anybody in the history of the united states congress. democrat, republican, house or senate. she is the money machine and she rules with an iron fist. people are afraid to go take her on if they aren't going to win. at some point between the hispanic caucus and the congressional black caucus and the new young democrats going
6:50 am
to come up. at some point something has to break. maybe she pulls it off but it will be to the advantage of the republicans. i hope she does. let's run against her. >> bill: we'll see. thank you jason chaffetz. good to see you again. >> thank you. >> julie: breaking news out of syria at this hour to tell you about. the u.s. is launching another round of strikes to take officially crush isis in that nation. the latest on the fight on the ground next. a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power to create better futures for us all.
6:51 am
6:52 am
we have the power michael vasquez! come over here.
6:53 am
i've heard such good things about you, your company. well, i wouldn't have done any of it without you. without this place. this is for you. michael, you didn't have to... and, we're going to need some help with the rest. you've worked so hard to achieve so much. perhaps it's time to partner with someone who knows you and your business well enough to understand what your wealth is really for. >> bill: british prime minister theresa may battling low keep last week's brexit deal alive. may saying that in a speech at the business community is on her side. >> don't just listen to politicians, listen to what business is saying. listen to what business that is providing your jobs and
6:54 am
insuring that you have that income that puts food on the table for your family is saying. a business is saying we want a good deal with the e.u. and we want a good trading relationship. >> bill: she has been fighting to keep her job after the draft agreement on how britain will leave the e.u. next year triggered an avalanche of criticism. >> julie: u.s. led forces carrying out air strikes in eastern syria over the weekend in the fight against isis. they're continuing the fight now as trey joins us now. >> they continue to target the final pockets of the terror group in syria dozens of people were killed over the weekend in a coalition strike. the coalition is denying no people died. but there were reports that
6:55 am
people were killed. they said the coalition took part in 19 legitimate air strikes to support an operation against isis. they targeted at least 10 isis positions in eastern syria around the same time. 191 civilians have been killed in the fight against isis in iraq and syria according to the syrian observatory for human rights. most of the deaths come from family members of isis fighters. the u.s. led coalition against isis released statements over the weekend amid reports of civilian casualties saying we never said or thought the fight would be easy. as the u.s. led coalition continues its fight against isis there are thousands of u.s. advisors on the ground in syria. president trump and the white house indicating that those troops will not be removed from syria until iranian and iranian-back troops leave the country. >> julie: thank you very much, bill. >> bill: florida governor rick
6:56 am
scott a u.s. senator elect. new reaction pouring in on that. and then there is this today. >> is he the legitimate governor elect of georgia? >> he is the person who won an adequate number of votes to become the governor. >> stacey abrams refusing to call kemp's victory legitimate. more on that coming up with our a-team next hour. come on back. s on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ hello! i'm an idaho potato farmer. did you ever notice that the very first bite of every great meal is always the potato?
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>> bill: thousands of migrants
7:00 am
massing at the border with thousands on the way sparking protests in mexico. we saw it over the weekend. brand-new hour starts now. i'm bill hemmer live in new york. nice to have you back, julie. >> julie: hour two. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. a growing crisis at the border. tensions building as the residents of tijuana, mexico, protest the caravan. the mayor saying the arrival is an avalanche. the city is ill-prepared to handle this many migrants. the backlog could last six months. likewise the u.s. is ill-prepared for this invasion and will not stand for it. they are accusing crime and big problems in mexico. go home. >> bill: william la jeunesse is live with more. how is it? >> good morning, bill. up until seven minutes ago this was empty. this is something you never see. the u.s. shut down the border. we're sending a message. let me show you how it's
7:01 am
working. the mexicans have brought in these barriers, right? basically cutting down the amount of traffic. i'll take you over here. they have more barriers they can bring in very quickly in anticipation that the migrants will make a run on the border. they want to stop that from happening. back here there are 28 lanes of traffic. this is 90,000 cars a day come through here. this is the lifeblood of any border economy, especially tijuana. this is one way to turn tee with a yeah against the migrants. mexicans saying go home. residents, they threw water bottles, beer cans at riot police. 1,000 locals chanting hond -- police stopped them short of the migrant shelter on lockdown
7:02 am
for their own safety. >> of course i agree with that 100%. they should have. they just for whatever reason, i don't know why they didn't stop it. they got the manpower to do it. >> i'm here for work. to have a better life. and no trouble. not troublemakers. i think that we are here only for better future, i think. >> there was anti-immigrant rally in mexico. they say in the caravan they entered illegally. they violated and came in here basically in a violent manner across the guatemalan border and fear some may have criminals records and they're saying to their own government we have 40% of our people living in poverty, why did you invite them here? >> we don't dislike a certain group of people because they are from one country or another. we're here because our government has not taken control of these what we call
7:03 am
invasions, breaking down the barriers and throwing rocks at police. >> there is only a small group of people that show acts of violence in the border, so i think it is important not to generalize to a whole country or a whole country. only for that people that didn't act well. >> mexico has a mess on its hands, right? that shelter is becoming a refugee camp. it is a symbol, really of the problems and controversy it has created. some may regret coming here and mexico may regret letting them in. this to show you so these are k-rails, what the runts is doing is shutting down more and more lanes. if there is a run on the border they can quickly shut it down. for the migrants there will be a job fair saying there are 20,000 jobs around the country
7:04 am
to try to get them out of tijuana. >> bill: thank you, sir. >> julie: all right. now meanwhile the election madness in florida is finally over, folks, after all the recounting by hand the votes have been tallied. >> bill: ron desantis the next governor of florida and rick scott the next senator. >> why are florida elections so often a mess? >> i don't know. >> election drama in florida. who would have thought? >> it is all now finally over. one of the closest elections in florida history with republican ron desantis will be the state next's governor. >> the only thing being elected governor is being elected twice in two weeks. we wanted to take a moment to congratulations mr. desantis. >> senate race between rick scott and bill nelson is finally over after a recount and with a concession. >> after 18 years in office bill nelson in the senate is conceding to rick scott. >> things worked out a little
7:05 am
differently. i was not victorious in this race. >> governor rick scott will become senator rick scott. >> excited about the win. exciting to go to washington >> marks the first time in a century that florida will be represented by two republican senators at the same time. >> i can't stop the feeling of relief that the madness in south florida has officially ended. >> bill: our next is rick scott's designer. kurt anderson. founding partner of on message and today's headliner. good morning to you and thank you for being here with us today. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: at what point were you most concerned? >> well, i would say -- i don't think we were ever concerned we would lose the recount because the votes were there. i would say the most concerning part was when in both broward and palm beach they kept changing the tallies and wouldn't tell anybody why they were doing it and finally we had to go to court to get them to enforce the law. that was probably the most unnerving part of it.
7:06 am
>> bill: i lot of that was early on. you declared victory early on. part of the strategy sometimes is to force your opponent to catch you. >> that's right. the fact is there has never been with this big a margin overtuned. there wasn't a question about that. what the democrats did was bill nelson shut his campaign down and went into hiding and they turned the whole thing over to their lawyers that came down from d.c. and they put at least nine federal lawsuits trying to change florida law after the election. so it was an absurd strategy but fortunately we prevailed. >> julie: what was absurd was the deadlines that were missed particularly in broward county by two minutes. brenda snipes is apparently resigning over this whole thing. what a mess. they didn't know how to use the computer? you are responsible for hand counting hundreds of thousands of votes but you don't know how to use the voting computer? >> they had used the computer five days earlier to submit the
7:07 am
initial results in on time and mysteriously they didn't know how to afterwards. with regard to brenda snipes resigning, this is a dark day for the democrats. the dnc should lower their flag to half staff because this is a blow to their chances of winning florida in the presidential race in two years. >> bill: you believe that, huh? >> well, you can decide if you think it's more incompetence or corruption or whatever. but it is mayhem and it is so terribly run that this was part of the democrat strategy was just confusion and broward and still 2000 ballots they admit are floating around some wr. >> julie: there was a lot of politics, red tape and b.s. if you don't mind my french that republicans had to cut through. they had a secret weapon in the florida recount. her name was jessica johnson, a 37-year-old general counsel to the senatorial committee and
7:08 am
had to go down there and try to cut through all this mess. how essential was she to this recount process? >> jessica was crucial to the recount. we had a lot of firms engaged, firms that were veterans of bush versus gore. we had our campaign lawyer who was great. jessica came down there and brought a lot of order to the madness. and she was indispensable. the one thing i would tell you about this recount and election that people don't understand, this election and this recount was rick scott versus chuck schumer and the national democrat party. that's really what it was. bill nelson was only a little involved. this was all about 2020. schumer and his group spent more than $50 million. the most they spent trying to beat a republican running for the u.s. senate and that's who the participants in this election were. >> bill: the tweet from the president. from day one rick scott never waivered. he was a great governor, even greater senator representing the people of florida.
7:09 am
congratulations, rick on having waged such a courageous and successful campaign. your analysis about 2020 is interesting. do you think that broward ballot, the way it was constructed, cost bill nelson votes? >> no, i don't. and in 2006 there was about the same difference between the number of votes in the governor's race and senate race. it's just one of a bunch of red herrings that the democrats threw out there. and they just have endless -- every time he beat down one of their crazy theories they come up with another one. the truth about them is they say bill nelson and mark elias say they want every vote counted. they do. they want the legal votes and illegal votes. they want the votes that came in after the deadline. the ones from non-citizens, the ones that don't have signatures anthem. that's their definition of having every vote counted. >> julie: you've been with the governor since the very beginning in 2000. now that this election is over, how is this going to help floridians move forward?
7:10 am
>> well, you know, the governor -- the thing that people in florida appreciate about the governor and the reason he was able to win four races that everyone said he couldn't win. he has this weird thing he does that doesn't happen in politics. that is when he says he is going to do something, he does it. it is just really odd. and he really looks at things, you know, exterior to politics. one example. when he came in as governor, they would say hey, sir, you have to sign this and do this and he would say why. if the answer was we aren't sure why we've always done it that way it is like i'm not doing it. come back -- he really believes that government needs to be reinvented. that's the approach he will bring. >> bill: interesting answer. you know how washington, d.c. can swallow politicians. but given rick scott's track record you think about mitt romney coming into the senate from utah as well, what is the impact of these two men on that body do you think, if there is one? >> everybody in washington, when you say oh, there is a
7:11 am
reformer coming up they yawn and go back to their next cocktail party. i understand that. but i will just tell you rick scott means what he says, he brings -- he doesn't need the job. i think that's what part of it. he had a tremendous amount of success in business. his view is government does not need to be incompetent. the whole thing about it's good enough for government work, he doesn't accept it. he has a lot of ideas on how to reform the system. he will push them hard. he is an easy to get along with person. a unique politician in that he is not the politician who comes in slapping backs and telling stories. he comes in listening. his view is that he has never learned anything while he was talking so he is a very cerebral guy and somebody to be taken seriously. >> bill: thank you for your time. kurt anderson, congratulations on the victory. >> julie: thank you. >> thank you. >> yes and yes. i think the appointment is unconstitutional. he is clearly a principal
7:12 am
officer in the fact that he is a temporary principal officer doesn't mean that it's any less subject to senate confirmation, constitutionally it has to be subject to confirmation. i think they lose that case when it goes to the supreme court. >> julie: adam schiff is likely to be the chairman of the intelligence committee. many in the party vowing to go after acting attorney general matt whitaker if he doesn't recuse himself from oversight of the mueller investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. hi. >> good morning. the administration is standing by the acting attorney general and the official of legal appointment opinion. the president wasn't aware of matt whitaker's negative statements about the special counsel investigation before he made the appointment adding that whitaker is independent and the president will not intervene. >> whitaker decides to limit or curtail the mueller
7:13 am
investigation, are you okay with that? >> president trump: will -- it will be up to him. he is astute politically. he will do what's right. i really believe he will do what's right. >> the answers won't be submitted by the president's legal team today, julie. >> julie: and this isn't sitting well with democrats. >> that's right. on the sunday shows congressman cummings who is expected to become the chairman of the house government oversight committee insisted it is not a legitimate appointment despite the office of legal counsel's opinions that reads the constitutionality of mr. whitaker's designation is supported by supreme court precedent and acts of congress and countless examples of executive practice. >> with him being in there, i don't think so. i don't think that -- i don't know that we have that power. i would love to see him recuse himself because i think the things that he has said about
7:14 am
defunding the special probe and the many things that he has talked about with regard to his opinion, negative opinion with regard to special counsel and the process i don't think that he is the proper person to be in that position. >> context just before the holiday break republican leadership in the senate refused an expedited vote protecting the special counsel on the basis it is not necessary given the president has no intention of intervening and he has stated that publicly. >> bill: breaking news on the murder of the columnist jamal khashoggi. the official u.s. report is expected out tomorrow. was the crown prince directly involved in the brutal execution and how will that affect our relationship with the kingdom? >> julie: hell on earth in california now. 80 people now dead. 1,000 others still unaccounted for. now rain bringing believe it or not even more catastrophe.
7:15 am
we'll go live to the golden state next. >> president trump: nobody would have ever thought this could have happened. so the federal government is behind you. we are all behind each other. (chime)
7:16 am
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7:19 am
assigned a presidential declaration giving california substantial funding, but he said and pledged very specifically to continue to help us. so i think we're on a good path but it is still going to be difficult. the only way to assure the long-term forest health is not just cutting trees, it is going to require reducing carbon emissions. >> julie: that's california governor jerry brown on the devastating wildfires raging in both ends of the state. 80 people now dead and 1,000 other still unaccounted for. firefighters struggle to gain the upper hand with rain in the forecast that could bring new challenges. we're live in california with the latest. hi, pedro. >> good morning. the latest numbers coming in from cal fire the camp fire burning in northern california
7:20 am
66%. hopefully those numbers continue to go up. like you mentioned with rain coming in they're hoping it could bring moisture to the ground. a good thing. there are difficulties. it could trigger debris flows, a lot of where the fires are is already in some places that are really steep and tough, rugged terrain to get to. if the moisture comes you get debris flow it could be a major problem for cal fire crews. since the fire started more than a week ago it has left thousands and thousands of people displaced all throughout northern california. many of them staying right here in this parking lot behind me. the wal-mart parking lot in chico. a number of tents set up here. many people sleeping in cars. this camp is being shut down because city officials are asking them to move inside. we have a lot of unhealthy air here. the air quality is really poor. cooler temperatures and then that rain that we are expecting. many of these people coming from the town of paradise. it is just one of the many communities devastated by that
7:21 am
camp fire. 90% of the homes in that area destroyed. utility crews have been working tirelessly to restore power to the town. other small towns here in butte county in northern california destroyed to go along with that fire. now so far the fire has burned down more than 151,000 acres, destroying more than 11,000 homes. it is the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california history. the original expected containment date to get the camp fire fully contained was november 30th. it appears they're on track with that. as for people staying in these makeshift tents and these communities, there are shuttle buses that plan on taking them to a more permanent shelter to avoid that rainfall that is expected. of course, keep them inside because again the air quality here in this community unhealthy at the moment. back to you. >> julie: pedro rivera from ktxl. thank you very much. >> bill: the white house
7:22 am
speaking out by the cliffhanger election that was florida. >> the president made a big difference. i think that governor scott and congressman desantis ran excellent campaigns. this president getting in there several times in the last six or seven days really made the difference. >> bill: the florida results giving republicans a boost after losing the house. america's a-stream straight ahead. >> julie: former navy seal dan crenshaw. >> i would argue that our president is consistently disruptive in those same press conferences and i would argue. >> how is that an impact on the press, though? >> it is literally an attack. >> i have literally been attacked. choose our words carefully. i have fantastic news for veteran homeowners
7:23 am
7:24 am
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they even do all the va paperwork for you, so your loan could close in as little as 30 days. so if you're a veteran and need money for your family, call newday usa. go to, or call 1-855-429-4863. ♪ >> they clearly won and i think that people got another view of somebody like brenda snipes and her shenanigans and it should
7:27 am
be the first order of business for governor desantis to really look at who is running these counties and this electoral process. >> bill: time for america's a-team. mary anne marsh, former advisor to john kerry, chris bedford from the daily caller, james freeman from the "wall street journal." florida is over, or is it? >> it's over for this election. we have concessions from the democrats and victories from the republicans but this is a really close one for florida. this would have been the first democratic governor of florida in 20 years. the democrats gained considerably and i think that it is certainly not over for the state. if you're a republican in the state it was a shout across the bow and same thing for texas. the democrats are getting more votes and republicans are struggling to win. they won this election by 10,000 or 11,000 votes. that's not a lot. over the next four years or
7:28 am
eight years in 2020 election florida will be a real battleground. >> he's right. the fact is democrats are making gains in red states historically across the country in this election. what it also highlighted is the problems we have with our voting system. it is clear we need to reform all of it from the machines to the voter intimidation. voter registration, voter security. and the inability to tabulate and record fairly and honestly these votes. >> bill: i don't know, 65 of the 67 didn't seem to have a problem with it, right? you had two that are continuing offenders. >> first of all, all appointed by jeb bush as governor and they've been saying we've known since 2000 florida has problems counting ballots, now the florida senate says we might actually do something about it 18 years later. >> brenda snipes was appointed by jeb because he had to put a democrat in and she was elected by the voters over again. she is not a jeb political
7:29 am
appointee. >> she was. >> bill: the point you make about florida. but james florida has always been razor tight. the president won by a point in florida several years ago. it's close. >> it's a swing state. you can look at this and say if you are on the small government side of things isn't it scary how close the socialist andrew gillum got to becoming governor? on the other hand ends up being a win for republicans and one thing you take out of this just like you take out of massachusetts is as much as a lot of folks in the media instruct latino voters they are supposed to hate republicans now, they aren't buying it. running pretty strong in a number of jurisdictions. >> gillum was a democrat and the nominee of the party and gave your guy a good run. to throw out the word socialist is pretty cheap. you can do better than that. in massachusetts i don't understand your latino point. >> charl owe baker running well
7:30 am
with latino voters and desantis tied himself to trump as much as anyone in the country, and won and won in a diverse population. >> charlie baker ran better with democrats than the democratic nominee because he was a lousy candidate. charlie baker won with 67% of the vote. didn't have anything to do with a particular demographic. that's what he did. >> bill: we won't settle this today. chris wallace "fox news sunday" and presidential tone. here is president trump. >> president trump: the tone is something that is important to me but a lot of times you can't practice tone because you have people coming at you so hard. if you don't fight in a somewhat vigorous way, you aren't going to win. we have to win. this country has to win. >> bill: what do you think of that comment? it sets up his attitude more so than many things i've heard in some time. he is going to battle back because he is in a town where
7:31 am
he thinks it's necessary. and if you don't, the other side is going to hit you. >> especially in washington, d.c. if you bring up any kind of support for president trump even at a lot of republican gatherings people get quiet and edge away from you. he is surreasoneded 95% democratic town. president trump won't be one of those politicians that points his his thumb and does the things not threatening. he will never be that guy and it works for him. >> julie: points with his thumb is a good one. he takes a lot of credit for the florida wins on both republican side. he earlier said that if it hadn't been for him sticking his head out for the republicans rick scott could have potentially lost this election. as close as these elections are with the president in the office, how does this florida recount and how does florida affect 2020? >> well, it's huge obviously and it's a swing state as we discussed. some of the other senate pickups. north dakota and others are
7:32 am
naturally conservative voters. republicans should take comfort from. that as far as the tone and the toughness, which is part of why people sent donald trump to washington, he also has an opportunity here to soften a bit. maybe not his nature but as we think about potential either nancy pelosi or similar leftist running the house, he has an opportunity to be the more -- the more reasonable adult in the room. >> julie: i lived in florida years ago. it hasn't changed. that was a long time ago. palm beach and broward county need to get their acts together. snipes is out. who comes? how critical to the 2020 election. >> someone who can do the job. i don't have any idea who it will be. we saw throughout this election, whether it was in florida, georgia, texas, and a host of other places, problems with voting. and that's unacceptable.
7:33 am
frankly the state of georgia should have yellow crime tape around it for the way that election was run by brian kemp. >> come on, a lot of times you can't practice tone because you have people coming at you so hard. you mentioned georgia, stacey abrams not conceding. certain language. >> the law as it stands says that he received an adequate number of votes to become the governor of georgia. >> is he the legitimate governor-elect of georgia? >> he is the person who won an adequate number of votes to become the governor. >> bill: hard talk contest but eventually you have to concede. you heard the statement from gillum over the weekend and she was not giving much in that interview. >> it's extremely common whether over the electoral college or supreme court or goes down to winning enough votes to become the governor, if the democrat doesn't win they often accuse the system of being broken. we need to fix the system. >> bill: it is what mary anne was referring to with the crime
7:34 am
tape. >> julie: she said the votes were stolen from the democratic party. >> she conceded the race but no one will concede it was a well-run election. brian kemp oversa*u his own election -- he closed 214 polling locations alone and shortened early voting not going into the 2016 election where his election got hacked and he erased the servers. it wasn't a fair and free elections and we should support that. let the victor -- >> bill: not fair or free? >> it was not. >> this is remarkable. this is a problem. he was freely, fairly elected under the laws of the state. 55,000 votes. it wasn't that close. that it's somehow illegitimate to want to make sure phony votes were not cast? it is an article of faith among democrats to say it's bad to
7:35 am
ensure we have honest elections where people who are legitimately registered voters are voting. >> bill: you were suggesting it wasn't legitimate. >> i'm saying the way -- the way he played that game was not fair. >> bill: you said it wasn't free and fair. >> 1.5 million voters removed because of maybe a comma or hyphen in a name. >> it all goes to the next comment here that congressman elect crenshaw on cbs and the suggestion is that american democracy is under attack. that was the comment and here is how it went. >> the principles we live by, i have been under attack for the bert part of the last two years. >> what's the undermining exactly? what dream democratic freedoms have been undermined. we had an election where we switched power in the house. democracy at work, people are voting in record numbers. i always ask for examples and hit them one-by-one. >> i have would argue the president is consistently
7:36 am
disrupttive in the same press conferences. >> how is that an attack on the press, though? >> it's literally an attack >> i have been attacked. choose our words carefully. >> bill: a fascinating exchange. >> i loved it. talking about reporters all the time in washington, d.c. they go out to their brufrn muchs on sunday and talk about how they are heroes and compare themselves with reporters and put their lives on the line in mexico, iraq and turkey. they are not heroes and they are so obsessed with themselves. watching the press coverage of seeing them returning to the white house like a returning, conquering general. americans will be bored of the press covering the press and being martyrs on the press for another two years which they'll get. >> if the press didn't get as much pushback as it does from the white house it wouldn't be a story. certainly the press should not be covering itself. we have become the story unfortunately. >> part is the confusion that
7:37 am
somehow it's a violation of the first amendment for the president to be harsh and critical toward someone in the press. it's not. as long as he is not restricting their ability to speak, to publish, to report. he is allowed to exercise his first amendment rights and be harsh and critical in his appraisal. >> the point that he is making is that we just went through a peaceful mid-term election and democrats picked up how many seats? >> 37. >> bill: 37 and maybe a few more. and republicans did well in the senate side. they picked up a few. and that guy has seen combat and we're a long way from that in a democratic process that we watched a week and a half ago. >> reminds me of a conversation a week ago with a guy who said that well, in india we get the day off from the elections when we have this. i said that's great. interesting holiday. he said we have to. our elections are very violent. people get attacked at the
7:38 am
polls and rival political parties. we haven't had that kind of election violence in this country in 150 years. we have -- maybe 50 years we've had it in small scales. >> bill: enjoy your mimosa. >> i don't drink. >> bill: a virgin mimosa for marianne. >> julie: the murder of the saudi columnist. president trump saying the u.s. report on the khashoggi killing could be and should be out tomorrow. the president has not heard the recordings allegedly made during the gruesome act and has been briefed on them but he doesn't plan on listening to them. benjamin hall is live with the latest. >> for some time we've known the u.s. has a copy of this tape that claims to record the last few moments of khashoggi's life. now we're hearing directly from president trump just on what is on that tape and here is what he told chris wallace. >> president trump: we have the tape.
7:39 am
i don't want to hear the tape. no reason for me to hear the tape but i've been fully briefed. it is a suffering tape. it is a terrible tape. i've been fully briefed on it. there is no reason for me to hear it. >> according to turkish authorities the tape captures those last brutal moments of khashoggi's life and his torture and the president went on to acknowledge the tape was, quote, very violent, vicious and terrible. it has been over a month since secretary pompeo met with the crown prince and looking for answers. the "washington post" on friday the c.i.a. has concluded the crown prince did order the killing but the white house has yet to endorse that assessment. >> president trump: they haven't assessed anything yet. it's a premature report. it's possible. we'll see. >> so we're expecting this report to come out tomorrow. if indeed the c.i.a. concludes that el salvadorman was behind
7:40 am
it, it will be a difficult decision for president trump to take. >> bill: in a moment tensions between the u.s. and beijing front and center. world leaders urging the u.s. and china to resolve their trade war. we'll look at that coming up. >> where do you rank yourself in the pantheon of great presidents? there is lincoln and washington, f.d.r. and reagan. do you make the top 10? >> bill: that answer in a moment. president trump giving himself high remarks so far. charles payne has the grade coming up next. imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs.
7:41 am
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the united states virgin islands.
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♪ [ telephone ringing ] -whoa. [ indistinct talking ] -deductible? -definitely speaking insurance. -additional interest on umbrella policy? -can you translate? -damage minimization of civil commotion. -when insurance needs translating, get answers in plain english at ♪ -he wants you to sign karen's birthday card. it's a high honor. ♪ >> bill: kind of a mellow monday, oh, mr. payne. wallace was asking the president how he would grade his first couple of years in
7:45 am
office and here is how that exchange went. >> president trump: i think i'm doing a great job. we have the best economy we've ever had. look, i hate to do it but i will do it. i would give myself an a plus. is that enough? can i go higher than that? >> bill: he could a +. >> my grade is a minus. the only reason i wouldn't go a plus is because of the spending. i was hoping we could get spending down. the spending bill is way too much. everything else is a plus, a plus, how could you deny the president that from unemployment rate, wages 3.1%. the last number that came out was 3.2% for non-sup vice re workers. i hadn't seen that wage increase faster than their supervisors for three or four years. it is getting down to the
7:46 am
heartland and getting to folks who hadn't seen pay raises for a long time and millions of people working who had given up on the job market let alone ever finding a job. they stopped looking for a job because they didn't think they could get one. a plus take it to an a minus when you consider the spending and debt >> julie: employment and economy doing great. what sup with housing? >> a lot of issues. labor. they can't find construction workers, not enough lands and lots and supply. the biggest issue more recently are mortgage rates. starting to go up. this is why i have oef been screaming federal reserve, wake up. the national home builders association, wall street thought it would be unchanged. it was down eight points. only a couple of times in history has it been down like that. the main issue traffic. people aren't looking for homes anymore. the one thing -- this is one of the first indicators i saw after president trump was elected. we had gone over 10 years
7:47 am
without expansion and people looking for home. the foot traffic was down and now it's back under the 50 number. >> bill: up 245 on the dow 30 now. vice president pence from overseas says every nation gathered here at apec has a place in potuss vision. we exclude no one. we expect they embrace free trade and individual rights. what's going on with china? >> i love what vice president pence is doing. as everybody out there, this is really just to me incorrect and inaccurate media reporting. we want nato to pay their fair share and the united nations to do the right thing doesn't mean america is retreating from leadership on the global stage. vice president pence tells china stop the death trap financing. you are ripping off countries. you are taking them over.
7:48 am
the president of malaysia called it colonization. example. tonga, small country, china leant them 1/3 of their gdp. china wants it now. we don't have it. we have we didn't hear anyone from anyone in the world. what do they do? they sign on to china's program, get a five-year reprieve having to pay the money back. china says we may lend you 10 times your gdp. they'll own that island. they don't have to make manmade islands anymore. they'll own it. vice president pence is the only person in the western world standing up to that. it is crazy stuff. we call it predator lending but much more. >> bill: the store -- story has gone under the radar. >> julie: holiday shopping season is almost here. the tips and tricks you need to
7:49 am
know. are you ready for black friday and cyber monday? plus washington redskins quarterback alex smith goes down with a serious injury. the 24/7 crew is here next. - [narrator] meet the ninja foodi,
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>> julie: 'tis the season of
7:53 am
football and shopping. 24/7 crew is here. i'll let you take off on football. >> bill: big day yesterday. >> november 18th is a horrible day for redskins quarterback. alex smith suffered a gruesome injury. almost the exact same injury we saw 33 years ago to the day. 33 years to the day since joe theismann's career was ended by lawrence taylor. lawrence smith east may have been ended by j.j. watt. connections are erie. joe theismann was watching it. the broken right fibula and tibia. smith's injury happened near the 40-yard line same as theismann. same score 23-21. theismann got hurt in his 167th regular season game smith's 166.
7:54 am
we'll see if modern medicine. he was talking about the anniversary. he said he was sick to his stomach watching it. on twitter he wrote how bad he feels for alex smith and that watching this he says the leg is exactly like mine. you see that. >> bill: j. watt thoughts are with you, gutted about it. never want to see that for anyone ever. wishing you the best. >> colin kaepernick will not be considered. people are throwing this out there. it won't happen. >> bill: cheer us up. >> julie: i've never broken a finger going online going shopping. >> you might get repetitive stress injury from shopping. 'tis the season. email inbox filling with deals for black friday and cyber monday. they're already here.
7:55 am
a couple of things i want to point out. 'tis the season for hackers. it's a great time because they can get you with the there was a problem with your order. your shipping will be delayed and you will not process it as we normally would because it's the time of year when you get all these things. beware of phishing scams. a great time of year to buy in new tv. they are discounted. retailers want to get them out of the stores. a good time to get a good price. look out for the countdown dee.s amazon is big on this. online retailers, 54 minutes to go to buy this for a certain price or only 10 of them. don't stress yourself out over stuff like that. don't forget free shipping. oftentimes free shipping doesn't get it there in time. you might want it shipped -- >> bill: how much do you think the online shopping will increase this year over last year? >> it goes up a lot every year. i would say this year we'll see 20 to up to 50% increase because it is just so much easier. you don't have to deal with
7:56 am
crowds. some people like that. some people like going and being in the crowds and trying to get things. i prefer a nice cup of coffee, a comfortable pair of pajamas and good internet connection. i'll shop when i'm at work. >> the more often you do it, you don't have to keep looking in your card to look at the credit card number. >> bill: in a moment new details on the mueller matter. trump sounding off. what he is saying about that coming up next on the "fox news sunday" interview. >> if whitaker decides to limit or curtail the mueller investigation are you okay with that? >> president trump: it will be up to him. i really think he will do what's right. new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:00 am
investigation. i'm julie >> he probably won't sit down for an interview with mueller's team but soon submit responses if writing to them. >> president trump: the questions were asked and answered. it wasn't a big deal. they make it like i had meetings for manymany hours. i got the questions, i responded, we wrote them out. i read them once and a second time and we made some changes, that's it. >> bill: john roberts a
8:01 am
brand-new week there, john, how are you doing and good morning? >> good morning. a brand-new week. a short one. the president heads off to mar-a-lago. people are off for the week. it is thanksgiving. the president talking about potential changes to his cabinet giving a little bit more detail to our chris wallace in an interview on friday that aired yesterday. one of the changes that is said to be being considered is switching out dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen. he indicated he has not yet made a decision but thinking about it. >> president trump: i like her a lot. i respect her a lot. she have is very smart. i want her to get much tougher and we'll see what happens there. i want to be extremely tough. >> bill: kirstjen nielsen is liked around the white house. supporters say she has been
8:02 am
tough on border enforcement doing everything she can within the boundaries of u.s. law. but the president not happy with the number of people who continue to be apprehended at the border. he believes not enough is being done to either keep people out or dissuade them from coming to the united states in the first place. the job of chief of staff also being talked about. in the summer john kelly said the president asked him to stay on through 2020. and he may. but he also may not. listen to the president here. >> president trump: i wouldn't -- look, we get along well. there are certain things i love what he does and there are certain things that i don't like that he does. that aren't his strength. it is not that he doesn't do -- he works so hard. he is doing an excellent job in many ways. there are a couple of things where it is not his strength. >> bill: not his fault just not his strength. there is a group of people close to the president who have been trying to get rid of kelly for months upon months now. another group of people outside
8:03 am
the white house, bill, who fear what might happen if kelly were to leave. >> bill: what can we expect on the written answers or when should we expect that for the special counsel? >> it won't be today. as to whether it would be tomorrow or even before thanksgiving not clear at this point. a lot of people are gone from the white house and the president himself is leaving. but there is a chance but it won't be today. it could be before thanksgiving. the president also suggesting that if the interim attorney general matt whitaker were to do something to rein in the mueller investigation it would be whitaker's decision to do >> president trump: it will be up to him. i think he is well aware politically. a very smart person. >> you won't overrule him if he decides to curtail. >> president trump: i would not get involved. all these people that say i'm going to end the investigation.
8:04 am
they've been saying for, how long has this witch hunt gone on? >> while the president seemed to indicate in his interview he wouldn't sit down with an interview i'm told the possibility of a follow-up interview in person is still out there. though highly unlikely at this point, bill. >> bill: john roberts from the white house. back with you later today. thank you, sir. >> julie: florida, they'll have a new governor and senator come january after gillum conceded to desantis over the weekend and senator bill nelson conceded to rick scott nearly two weeks after election day. a drawn-out recount. senator elect scott already has his sights set on capitol hill. >> it will be exciting to go to washington i'm a business guy and bring an outsider perspective like i did to tallahassee and make sure the federal government starts working for you and me. >> julie: peter doocy joins us live in florida. what will you do now?
8:05 am
>> well, julie, now we're watching what's happening in broward county because the election supervisor, brenda snipe, who said she was pleased with her office's machine recount even though it didn't count since the results were submitted late, she just quit and wrote a letter to governor scott that says although i have enjoyed this work tremendously over these many election cycles both large and small, i'm ready to pass the torch. therefore i request that you accept my letter of resignation effective january 4, 2019. brenda snipes spent most of this weekend explaining what happened to more than 2,000 ballots that went missing. she kept getting defensive insisting they were inside the building, misfiled somewhere. for senator elect scott it wasn't the missing ballots that were alarming. he says it was the ones nobody knew about until after election day. >> it was very frustrating. that tuesday night we were up
8:06 am
57,000 votes and they kept finding ballots. so that's why i'm thankful for a lot of people that brought light to this to make sure we stopped this. and we'll do everything we can to make sure these elections are free and fair. >> around lunch time yesterday scott got what he describes as a gracious concession call from senator bill nelson and shortly after the three-term incumbent who has been laying low posted this. >> well, things worked out a little differently than grace and i had hoped but let me say i by no measure feel defeated and that's because i've had the privilege of serving the people of florida and our country for most of my life. >> tomorrow morning here at the state capitol in tallahassee the secretary of state will certify the results of all the elections. this campaign that lasted an extra two weeks will finally officially be over. julie. >> julie: all right.
8:07 am
thank you very much, peter doocy. >> bill: for more on this, marc thiessen. thank you for your time. kellyann conway two hours ago talked about bill nelson's history in florida the following way, watch. >> the last time senator nelson ran for senate six years ago he won by 1.1 million votes. a one million vote plus margin. this time he lost. the people of florida don't want him to be senator. he has been unremarkable. credited for his service but in the last few years he has been unremarkable. >> bill: rick scott gets the victory at a time where the hill has this headline. dem gains put sun belt in play for 2020. so what is it, republican gains in florida, republican losses in arizona and nevada? how do you size this up, marc? >> well, the death of the republican party in the sun belt is slightly premature. they just won both the governorship and the senate in florida.
8:08 am
they won the governorship in georgia. despite losing arizona senate race in a very close race, governor ducey won. they won the senate in tennessee and texas. you can go on and on. so i think that the republican party is fine in the sun belt. what happened in the election, however, that is changing and may be fundamental is that suburban districts that traditionally voted republican and that voted for mitt romney by double digits in the 2012 elections voted democrat this time around while the obama/trump voters in the midwest, working class voters came out in droves for the republicans this time around. so the trump voters responded. they came out when president trump called them out. what we're seeing is a shift in the electorate where the country club republicans have started voting democrat in the trump era and obama voters in the midwest working class voters have started voting
8:09 am
republican. the question is, is it a fundamental shift or trump-driven phenomena? we don't know the answer yet. >> bill: you're talking about the romney/bush/mccain republicans. how do you win back the weak spots now? >> that's the fundamental question. does the republican party simply turn around and say okay, we're losing these suburban districts. are we going to try to win them back or try to consolidate its gains with the working class democrats? that has policy implications. the obama/trump democrats working class democrats aren't for small government or entitlement reform or free trade. a lot of traditional republican policies would go out the window if we did that. i think republican party can walk and chew gum at the same
8:10 am
time. trump can consolidate the voters but do a better job of winning back suburban voters. they should be voting republican. we talked about this the morning before election day. the cone me is booming. women's unemployment is the lowest in 65 years. yet suburban women have fled to the democratic party. there is no reason for that. the president as successful as donald trump in the economy shouldn't be hemorrhaging suburban women. he has to do a better job of trying to bring those people back into the fold. >> bill: what do you expect on the mueller answers? what do you expect on cabinet changes? care to go on the record with predictions? >> i think there is a lot of hyper ventilating about all the changes. it is normal for the president of the united states after an election to try to reshuffle his cabinet and move some people in and out. there is no evidence whatsoever he is going to interfere with the mueller probe in any way, shape or form. if he did there is a check called impeachment. the democrats control the house
8:11 am
and can impeach him if he tries to interfere with the mueller probe. i think everybody is getting a little worked up over nothing. the president is going to make some changes in his cabinet and that's the same -- george w. bush after the mid-term elections in 2006 replaced rumsfeld with bob gates and it was seen as normal. i don't know why everybody is so worked up about cabinet changes. it's normal. >> bill: thank you. we'll talk soon. >> julie: fox news alert on the deadliest wildfire in california's history. the president got a look at the devastation on the ground. now wet weather moving in bringing a new set of problems. live with the story. >> bill: the u.s. plan for syria in the fight against isis. why our troops are staying there for a long term. retired general jack keane is here to weigh in on that next live. >> what we're looking for is the enduring defeat of isis
8:12 am
will include all command forces departing from the entirety of syria. a community sees new life rise from ruin. in southern california, a small family business becomes a beacon of hope. in seattle, people with disabilities create success and shatter barriers. day in, day out, people prove that when we work as one, we have the power to create better futures for us all. there lots of people who are confused about which medicare plan is right for them. hey, that's me. i barely know where to start. well, start here with me, karen. i'm a licensed humana sales agent. well, it's nice to meet you, karen. i'm john smith. hi, john. at humana, we know you're unique. so you have different needs from other john smiths. yah, i've always thought so. and together, we can find a plan that's right for you. great! i go to the doctor a couple of times a year. and i
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8:15 am
>> bill: the titan of toys is back for the holidays. f.o.a. schwartz is making a comeback. the flagship store on 5th avenue opens a brand-new 20,000 square foot store in rockefeller center. how about that? >> julie: very excited. >> bill: i'm told to tell you the giant dance floor piano
8:16 am
returned as well. >> julie: thank god. have you ever tapped on that thing before? >> bill: maybe 'tis the season. >> julie: yeah, it is very fun even for adults. you should try it sometime. >> bill: you have done it? >> julie: i have. i'll admit as an adult i did not do it. i did it with children. what the heck, i'll take you. it is right around the corner. u.s. appearing for a long-term stay in syria after defeating isis for a plan for the troops to remain there until the country is stabilized. the u.s. is also require iranian command forces must leave syria. >> you cannot have an enduring defeat of isis until you have change in the syrian regime and fundamental change in iran's role in syria that contributed to the rise of isis in the first place in 2013 and 14. >> julie: jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news senior
8:17 am
strategic analyst. great to see you as always. the united states is laying strict ground work to stay in syria for the long term including stabilization after defeating isis. the u.s. also says that iran command and forces need to leave syria before u.s. withdrawal. what do you make of the u.s. staying in sir ja? >> we've changed our strategic framework in terms of our objectives. initially we had very fixed military objective to the defeat of isis. we've taken their territory away from them and cleaning up the remnants of isis and also as you mentioned, stabilization. we're trying to insure by helping the people in the area, particularly the war torn area of eastern syria to reconstruct and build schools and get electricity and water that ice is does not return. that major objective is ongoing. what is enough is what you and bill have mentioned is that we have a new strategic objective which is essentially to contain
8:18 am
iran and stay in the country and have geopolitical influence on the assad regime, russia and iranians to eventually get a political settlement that involves iran leaving the country forever. that is a new strategic goal that the united states has. >> julie: the u.s. state department has yet to spell out a clear policy and the pentagon doesn't seem to know if remove iran and iranian proxies will happen. what is the official stance on that? >> that's a great question because here are some of the issues. i've spoken to ambassador jeffries who you had here, he is president trump's envoy to syria. he is very capable. middle eastern expert. here is the challenge we have. we have a strategic geopolitical objective to contain iran and force them to leave. we do not -- i say again we do not have a military objective to fight iranian proxies in
8:19 am
syria. that would require a legal authority that we do not have. we're operating in syria based on 9/11 legal authority coming out of the horrific attack on the united states to be able to chase down radical islamists. we don't have legal authority to conduct military operations against iranians or their proxies and why we have a geopolitical objective and not a military one and also why the pentagon if somebody is poking at them and giving you an answer that may not have all the clarity that you are used to getting, that's the reason behind it. >> julie: that's very interesting. i want to move onto another topic between the interview with chris wallace and the president. the backlash that the president received on veterans day. the president said he should have gone to arlington. >> here is the question. you are back in washington on monday, veterans day.
8:20 am
why don't you go across the river to arlington for that ceremony? barack obama went every year when he was in d.c. >> i should have done that. i was extremely busy on calls for the country. >> this is veterans day. >> president trump: i probably in retrospect i should have and i did last year and i will virtually every year. >> julie: how do you think the military community took it by him not being there given the president's explanation that he was busy taking care of state matters? >> i don't think the military our the vets are offended by the veterans not being there. the reason is he clearly stands out as a president so supportive of the military. rebuilding the military with two down payments in terms of budgets and the support he has shown for the vets. we've never had a president post world war ii that has been as supportive to do things to help our veterans as this president has. i think he has a lot of money in the bank when it comes to
8:21 am
something like this. he made a mistake and he admits it. he should have been there, that's the reality. he was influenced when he left europe the last thing he did in europe he was in the pouring rainmaking a speech at an american cemetery. i think that included him to stay well, i probably don't have to go to arlington. i won't get there until the morning anyway and i have other things to do. that was a mistake. he owns up to it. >> julie: i'm glad you brought that up. he was paying tribute to all americans lost fighting for our country as he did that in that rainy day in france. thank you very much. always great to sigh. >> bill: thank you, sir. a man who once pleaded for his family's return before being charged with murdering them is back in court today after a surprising guilty plea. >> julie: thousands of migrants reach a u.s. border towns as residents protest their arrival. we have a live report for you. >> i am protesting we want the government to take control. we want them to stop them at the border and register them.
8:22 am
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> julie: well, the colorado man who murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters will be sentenced today. 33-year-old christopher watts pleaded guilty after prosecute oo*rs agreed not to seek the death penalty. in august his 34-year-old wife and two daughters were reported missing. the girls' bodies were found in an oil tanker owned by the company he worked for. his wife's body was buried in a shallow grave nearby. >> bill: tension time on the border with mexico in tijuana. residents protesting the arrival of migrants from central america. thousands pouring into town over the weekend overfleeing shelter and staying for months to seek asylum in the u.s.
8:26 am
william la jeunesse is back on the story. how goes it today >> what you see here is the united states sending a message to mexico city. unless you solve your problem on your southern border you'll have a problem with your northern neighbor. what you see here is the united states is narrowing the amount of territory it has to defend in case indeed the migrant caravan tries to come to the border, have a sit-in or run the border here at the port of entry. the mexicans have helped out and shut down four lanes of traffic here. they brought in these barriers in case the people come up. then they have these they can bring in quickly, mobilize and move them here. what the united states did today they've never done before. shut down the border for five hours so they can bring in for concrete barriers and wire. i want to show you video we shot yesterday of how mad people are in tijuana with
8:27 am
caravan. 1,000 passionate people throwing things at riot police, hondurans go home. immigration yes, invasion no. the barricade barely held. they stopped the confrontation near the migrant shelter. >> you see people within the migrant caravan smoking weed, drinking, throwing rocks at the cops, causing chaos. >> some of these people coming with the caravans are committing crimes and so we are protesting -- i am protesting we want the government to take control. >> their point of view is this, they feel that these migrants entered illegally and violently at the guatemala border. they feel they lack documentation. they'll bring crime and they're ungrateful. one media post said she didn't like the beans and rice went viral. if you don't like our food go
8:28 am
home. there are defenders as well saying tijuana has a responsibility to welcome and protect the migrants. >> it feels like they invaded and that was not the correct way. but i know all of them are not like that. they are here for work, to have a better life, and no trouble. not troublemakers. >> so there are 6,000 migrants here right now. that shelter has become a refugee camp. many want them gone. there is a job fair today for jobs here, 3,000 and elsewhere around the country. >> bill: william la jeunesse, more to come on that story certainly. thank you, sir. >> julie: they served our country and looking to make a change in congress with the mid-terms boosting the number of veterans on capitol hill. we'll talk to newly elected florida congressman michael waltz about what veterans bring to the table with policy. >> bill: a grim task in
8:29 am
california. crews searching through charred wreckage for human remains. the state's most deadly wildfire continues and we get a report from the ground coming up shortly. >> the fire grew so quickly in the brush around this area and grew into the trees. when it goes into the trees it creates a shower of embers as well. from the first loving touch everything that touches your baby should be this comforting pampers swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, is 2x softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection so every touch is as comforting as the first pampers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents
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>> julie: fox news alert on the deadliest wiel fires in california history. 80 people have died. 1,000 others unaccounted for. now rain that could help the firefighters could actually hamper search and rescue efforts. over the weekend president trump toured the devastation firsthand. >> president trump: it's a very big problem out there. they're fighting like hell. we've never seen anything like this in california and never seen anything like this here. it is total devastation. the men and women fighting this fire are incredible. >> julie: jonathan hunt is live
8:33 am
with the latest there in malibu. >> good morning. it is a race against time up in northern california. the rescuers searching for the bodies of the missing and remember, there remain nearly 1,000 still unaccounted for at this point. they're trying to complete their task before expected rains arrive over the next 24 to 36 hours because when everything has been burned down to tiny particles of ash, that could all be washed away in those rains and it might mean therefore that they never get to find the bodies of all of those who died. there was also a vigil near paradise, california, the town that was pretty much wiped out by the camp fire last night. a lot of people showing up and sharing the stories of what they believe are the miracles that led them to safety. listen here. >> we were basically a moving
8:34 am
bomb. we had a bunch of propane tanks in the back of our truck and in our trailer. just to think we could have exploded. so many people could have died. >> getting out was mayhem. it was like a war zone. >> here in southern california in malibu where we are now a lot of residents are finally being allowed home. this is the kind of thing, julie, that a lot of them are coming back to when they get here. the realization, the stark realization that there is essentially nothing left to come home to. julie, it is going to be a very, very tough thanksgiving week for the victims of both the camp fire up north, and the woolsey fire down here in southern california. julie. >> julie: jonathan hunt. thank you. >> bill: from the front lines of capitol hill the mid-term saw a number of military veterans elected to congress.
8:35 am
the hill reporting this, 16 former service members including three women won their races and will serve their first term starting in january. the most new veterans since 2010. what an honor. michael waltz who won desantis's district around daytona beach. congratulations and welcome back to "america's newsroom." how do you remark on the gains that these veterans are making out of iraq and afghanistan? >> we're at a record low in terms of veterans in the house and in the senate. we're at a record low in our nation's history hovering around 17%. i'm thrilled to see more veterans running on both sides of the aisle. why is that so important? because veterans know how to get things done from the earliest age we put our life on the line for our country and we are about mission, we're about country, we're about getting results. i think you are going to see.
8:36 am
setting specific policy issues aside the ethos we bring in office will change. in the foxhole, on the ship, on the plane, nobody cares about race, religion, socio-economic background. it's accomplishing the mission for your country and what you'll see with more veterans going forward. >> bill: washington can beat down good people. there is a long track record for that, right? >> i used to tell people on the campaign trail the bar for a bad day for me is getting shot at or blown up. the other thing you'll see with veterans is keeping things in perspective. we resolve things in america through debate and voting, not through hatred or violence. that's what all kinds of countries around the rest of the world do. but not here. and i think you will see that perspective. our enemies have names like omar and bin laden, not nancy or paul or mitch. i have think that's the
8:37 am
perspective you'll see. you don't see many extremists. >> bill: it strikes me as a different tone. >> absolutely. i can disagree -- i can list you half a dozen democrats i may disagree with how to get from a to b but i also know that we can sit down, have a beer at night and say this is the country we fought for and our democracy that we were willing to die to defend. and how do we find common ground and how do we move the country forward? i'm convinced if you see that increase in that percentage from 17% back to where it was in the 70s and 80s at 70% to 80% you'll see something different. >> bill: give this a lesson. >> we understand what leadership is. taking care of your people. above all else, and aspiring people to be better and understanding when we work with fellow veterans we know we both
8:38 am
started off this career just trying to serve our country before we got into politics. that's a way to bridge that gap between us. >> bill: it sounds similar to what you are sai, michael. >> that's right. dan is fantastic. congressman elect crenshaw. we've done a number of events together. so not only are we bridging the political divide but the army/navy divide. i'm army, he is navy. this is very serious and it is cause for optimism for our country going forward. we have know how to get things done. we know how to move the ball. if you don't get results in business and in combat, bad things happen and the more people with that perspective that we get on capitol hill i think the better for america. >> bill: great stuff. thank you, michael. good luck. we'll see what's possible. >> thanks so much. >> bill: a lot there. congressman elect out of florida today in washington, d.c. >> julie: what was supposed to be a celebration of life turns
8:39 am
terrifying. why a hot air balloon exploded right after taking off. >> bill: deadly wildfires in california now pose a new threat. rain could trigger mudslides and air quality reaching dangerous levels over the weekend. live to the fire lines coming up shortly. >> wow, at least from our house we could only see one block. it was pretty scary, really. hello mom.
8:40 am
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but the va home loan benefit is a big one. by re-financing up to 100 percent of your home's value, you could take out 54,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses, plan for retirement, and get back on your feet financially. call newday usa right now. call 1-855-510-4063. >> bill: hot air balloon packed with fires work exploded and crashing in a crowd from burma. marking the end of the rainy season. no one was killed but nine people injured when the unmanned balloon burst into flames. fireworks went shooting out everywhere. man, before that came crashing down in burma. >> julie: california facing the most december struktive wildfires in state history claiming the lives of 80 people with 1,000 others still
8:43 am
unaccounted for. now the situation could get worse with rain expected that could trigger mudslides in southern california. mike mueller is director of communications for cal fire. thank you for talking to us. i want to talk to you about the grim task of searching for survivors. the suspected rain coming in this week is posing a huge problem for search and rescue crews. how are you handling? >> that's absolutely right. thank you for having us. the weather th's expected is definitely going to impact operations. especially during the recovery. i'm working with the sheriff's department and first responders. again we have additional resources out there trying to work ahead of these storms prior to their arrival. >> julie: so the national weather service of los angeles tweeted this and i want to read it to you. recent burn areas are at risk for mud and debris flows when heavy rain occurs, a 20% chance of debris flows on wednesday.
8:44 am
in addition, rock, mudslides are always a risk on canyon roads when it rains. are there further evacuations that are going to be put into effect in order to prevent any of those who did not evacuate from evacuating? >> well, what we do as part of our response with cal fire is as soon as we get a large fire like this we dispatch a watershed emergency response team in anticipation of the weather, we create inundation maps and start to structure the hillsides so we don't get the runoff. are evacuations possible? there could be. coordination between cal fire and local law enforcement. where the inundation maps might see debris flows we'll make sure the community is safe. >> julie: on sunday night the blaze was 2/3 contained consuming 150,000 acres. i want to talk about the air quality there. it is so dangerous. california has never seen anything like it. the air quality map shows you
8:45 am
that air quality is unhealthy in most of northern and central california. are these livable areas for those people that are allowed to go back home? and when they go back home there is nothing there. so what happens to those that are displaced and those currently residing in california? is it safe to even live there right now? >> it is. the other day we had some of the worst air quality in the world. if you're outdoors, limit your activity. have a mask, a particle mask with you at all times and then sensitive populations if you have asthma, elderly, to stay indoors as much as you can. the smoke will be in the air for a while. rain will help with that. again, if you're in any of that area you need to stay out. not just the smoke from the brush burning but we had structures, vehicles, very hazardous and again we ask the public to limit their exposure outdoors as much as possible. >> julie: it's hard to grasp
8:46 am
the enormity of the devastation. we've seen the pictures on the ground where everything is smoldered and destroyed and nothing is left. you talk about all the unaccounted. those are missing people for over a week now. what do you do? how do you look for them? how do you conduct searches in conditions like this? >> it's very methodical. we do what's called a grid process. the sheriffs office and the coroner along with the urban search and rescue teams through california office of emergency services are out there griding the areas and moving through a sweep. they will not miss -- in addition to the cadaver dogs that will grid all those areas. seeing the devastation and being up there, there is a lot of work to be done. it's apocalyptic and destructive it will take more time. >> julie: how long do you expect it the take and how long before air quality resumes to normal and will california ever resume to normal?
8:47 am
>> when we talk about fire conditions this is normal unfortunately due to the climate change. we still never recovered from the drought. so these large devastating fires unfortunately have been common. but yes, the air quality will change. the rain will help. this will take several or over 10 years to recover from. you have to remember once the fire is out, we're just entering into the recovery process with the community and actually debris removal and rebuilding. a long road to go. >> julie: the president won't be cutting off funding. you have the government's assistance. our thoughts and prayers as well. thank you very much, mike moehler, for talking to us today. >> bill: "outnumbered" comes up in a moment. a check of what's happening with melissa and harris. hey, ladies, happy monday. >> great to see you, bill. democrat senators are suing to block the president's appointment of acting attorney general matthew whitaker. the white house has responded. this after the president
8:48 am
defended the appointment right here on fox news and said he had no idea whitaker had criticized the mueller investigation. >> the democrat who lost the georgia governor's contest refusing to call the republican winner legitimate saying voter suppression tainted the race. is that a fair claim to make without smoking gun evidence? >> all that plus our guy in the center seat. "outnumbered", you have to watch it to see. >> bill: happy monday. in a moment u.s. led coalition in area at work carrying out air strikes on an isis stronghold. the latest attempt to take out that group coming up next. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> julie: terrifying race car crash that's amazing to see. the driver survived.
8:52 am
the car driven by 17-year-old went airborne in the formula 3 grand prix sunday. she suffered a spinal fracture. it's a miracle she is alive. she tweeted she is fine. her car appears to clip another one and flies off at a high speed on a bend during lap four. holy cow. >> bill: amazing she will be okay. amazing nobody on that track was taken out either. our best to her, she tweets she will be fine. >> julie: amazing. >> bill: fox news alert now from the middle east a u.s.-led coalition ramping up air strikes and pushing its effort to crush isis in syria. ongoing battle. trey on the latest on what's happening. >> as the u.s.-led coalition continues to target isis in syria, over the weekend there was a group of civilians reportedly killed. this leading to new criticism when it comes to the actions of
8:53 am
the u.s.-led coalition. the coalition denying that any civilians died in saturday's strikes in eastern syria. a.p. reports that 43 people including 12 women and 17 children were killed. american officials confirm the air strike occurred and added the coalition took part in 19 legitimate air strikes over the weekend to support a ground operation against isis. now the syrian military backed by iran targeted at least 10 isis positions in eastern syria around the same time. since mid september 191 civilians have been killed in the fight against isis in iraq and syria according to the syrian observatory for human rights. they say that most of the civilian deaths come from family members of isis fighters. despite this is u.s.-led coalition released a statement about fight against isis over the weekend saying we've never thought or said the fight would be easy. as this u.s.-led coalition continues to fight isis, there are thousands of u.s. advisors on the ground in syria and according to the white house
8:54 am
and trump administration they won't pull the troops out of syrian until the iranians pull their troops out of syria. >> bill: what about the iranian involvement in syria and how it will be addressed by trump and netanyahu? >> this is what president trump has been trying to do for the past number of months now when it comes to reimposing sanctions on the iranian regime and key players in the region. the issue has to do with pressuring the iranians to stop a number of proxy wars in the region whether you look at yemen or involvement in syria trying to help the regime of bashar al-assad take control of the country, fighting off isis pockets in east syria or fighting militants trying to take over the regime of bashar al-assad. the key issue for the prime minister here in israel president netanyahu and president trump does have to do
8:55 am
with the pressure iran is putting on israel and other key allies for the u.s. in the region. you look at gaza and islamic jihad who is receiving monies from iran. all of it getting mixed up and a key problem and issue that the prime minister in israel is going to continue to look to president trump and the united states to put that pressure on the iranian regime to try to change some behavior. >> >> bill: a lot to track. thank you. >> julie: the dow jones down triple digits. interesting to notice the start of the week for thanksgiving week and the dow down right now. we had talked earlier with charles payne about how the housing market has been certainly having an effect on our economy other than the fact that employment is doing well and the economy is strong. right now dow is down almost 400 points just last hour. it was down a couple hundred. >> apple is having news, too
8:56 am
and they get hammered as well. >> julie: facebook, too. >> bill: we'll see where we go coming up shortly. >> julie: president trump saying he has answered robert mueller's written question. when does he turn it over? does it mean the russia investigation is wrapping up? lots of questions. "outnumbered" takes that on next. when you're looking for answers, it's good to have help. because the right information, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare
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8:59 am
>> julie: the christmas spirit, coming to pennsylvania avenue. president trump and the first lady will fly to the christmas tree. it's a 19-foot freezer for her. it was cut in the mountains of north carolina last wednesday. the tree is scheduled to arrive around 1:00 p.m. eastern time. there's nothing like a frazier firm. >> bill: right, there's nothing like a christmas at the white house. every american should get the chance to walk through there and check it out. it's really stunning. nice to have you with us today. maybe we will turn this dow thing around. i don't know. there's time, right? >> julie: it's early in the day. >> bill: house and an issue. we talked about that.
9:00 am
>> julie: i think the economy is doing well. i think people are little skeptical, but -- >> bill: good to have you back. the >> julie: enjoy your thanks giving. the >> bill: thank you. i hope you get a drumstick. have a great day, everybody. we will see you tomorrow. >> harris: fox news alert, a group of senate democrats have fired don mike filed a lawsuit today. it challenged president trump's appointment of acting attorney general matthew whitaker. calling the move unconstitutional. the president is weighing in on that appointment, and the mueller investigation. keep watching. this is "outnumbered," and harris faulkner prayed here today, melissa francis. fox news contributor jessica tarlov, host of "kennedy" on fox business network, kennedy. and, in the center seat, lawrence jones. editor in chief of campus reform. he outnumbered. great to see you. let's rock 'n' roll. the justice department is pushing back on the lawsuit, saying the president's appointment as


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