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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 30, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the hotels and the power companies and the big government buildings, they seem to have come through this very well. >> dana: i'm gonna wrap you up. thank you. we'll have continuing breaking knew coverage. up next here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 11:00 a.m. in anchorage with a massive 7.0 earthquake has struck the state's largest city. it's not over yet. the after shocks are still shaking the communities. president trump in argentina meeting with world leaders and defending his past business dealings with russia. the president also signing a trade agreement with canada and mexico. he's calling it one of the most important trade deals in the history of the world. of course, it's not even done. analysts say it's not that different at all from the nafta deal that he hated. reporting begins now. our reporting begins with
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coverage from the alaska earthquake where a 7 magnitude quake rocked the statist largest city in anchorage. about 300,000 people live there. so far no reports of anybody killed or badly injuries. police say there's major infrastructure damage across the city, this is minnesota drive. we're told it's a major road in anchorage. you can see parts of it's collapsed this morning. cops say it's a similar story across much of the city. with roads and bridges closed and a lot of buildings and homes damaged. a look here inside television station ktva, the newsroom here. we haven't gotten a lot of reports. they had a bunch of awards on the wall. they're on the ground new. producers gave us a look around. a studio camera there. they were recording when the after shock hit. >> we were outside until it completely stopped. that's when --
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>> we're getting an aftershock now. a little aftershop. you just experienced a live aftershock. that was -- we did exactly what we told you to do. we got under the desk. >> shepard: no question this earthquake was a strong one. initial reports had it a 6.6 and raised it to a 7.0, is about four times stronger. crews are still assessing the damage. government offices have closed. more than 100 schools sent kids home. this struck at 8:30 a.m. rebuilding and recovering will be likely measured in months. for now at least, reasons to be grateful. nobody reported dead. folks that live in alaska, no doubt as tough as they come. trace gallagher reporting from the west coast.
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trace? >> communications are getting back online now, this is coming in real time. let's begin with a checklist of the primary infrastructure. aside from damage to roads and bridges and buildings, a lot of access roads are open and flowing or in the process of being reopened. we were just notified the seward highway has been shut down because of a rock slide. residents are being told across the city to stay put for the time being and there are numerous reports of water main breaks around the area. no evidence to suggest the water is unsafe to drink. experts say it's better to err on the side of caution and drink bottled water if possible. for electricity, reports of widespread power outages across anchorage. one of the primary substations has just gone back online. so far there are no reports of powerlines being down. that's good news for first responders trying to get to the various business districts and
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neighborhoods to help those in need and survey the damage. the runways at the anchorage airport are not damaged and they are accepting incoming flights. flights are not taking off. the roads to and from the airport are damaged. so you can't get there and you can't leave. we just have been notified that alaska airlines, the major carrier, has suspended operations. the air traffic control tower is in operation, but because of the aftershocks, the controllers are not in a tower. they're in a vehicle near the tarmac getting the last flights coming in. the alaska pipeline has been shut down as a precaution. no indication of damage to the line. as you mentioned, school children are being gathered at various shelters. parents are being notified about their children's whereabouts. many parents clearly are not in a position right now to pick up their kids, so the kids can stay at these shelters as long as they need to be there. as a point of reference, alaska
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is about the most earthquake prone place on the planet. if you look at the u.s. geological survey charts, alaska has small tremblers about every 15 minutes. today was a monster. 7.0. much bigger than the san francisco earthquake in 1989 and about twice the size as the northridge quake in 1994. today's quake was 8.5 miles outside of anchorage, meaning it was close and 25 miles deep. that is a moderately deep quake, which is good news. while it can be felt across a wider area, being that wide means the earth helps dissipate a lot of the quake's energy. the communications are just kind of getting back on. we're getting first-hand information, shep. as we get more, we'll keep you updated on what's going on in anchorage. so far it's not a good picture,
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shep. >> shepard: trace, thanks. that earthquake hit at 8:30 local time. days are short in anchorages so sunrise was at 9:45. the sun will set before 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. they'll have less than six hours of light. i say this because they want to get all that they can get done before the sun goes down in the way of cleanup and making shove that everybody is okay. let's go to senator lisa murkowski of last last that is good enough to join us from capitol hill. what are you hearing from home, senator? >> it's a very serious, serious mess in alaska. it's a tragedy. as you know, 7.0 on the richter scale is a huge earthquake. we do have a lot of earthquakes in alaska, but this magnitude that we have seen is really very troubling. the early reports are very concerning in terms of damage to
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infrastructure, the roads, the concern about power being out. it's cold at home right now. it's about 25. there's snow on the ground. the damage that we're seeing is quite concerning. we have resources coming together as we speak. sparing no effort to ensure that there is a coordinated response, but this has been a very, very, very hard wake-up call for the population center of our state in anchorage. >> shepard: the governor has declared a state of emergency i just read while you were speaking, senator. i wonder what sort of federal assistance may be warranted. do you know? >> we don't know. so much is preliminary as we get the records in. we're getting pictured posted on facebook. we know the damage to infrastructure, the roads, the bridges particularly in this area, are a great concern.
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there's damage to the schools. it's a big issue. >> shepard: senator murdkowski let you catch your breath there. let's go to alaska. chris woodridge said he was on the tenth floor when the earthquake hit. how are you doing? >> thing good, shep. >> shepard: tenth floor. that's high for an anchorage building, huh? >> pretty high. i have to admit, i was scared. i've been through earthquakes before. i went through the quake in tacoma in the early 2000s, which was, you know, pretty intense. this was much, much more intense. really got my attention. >> shepard: do you have a sense for how long it shook there? i've heard people saying it seemed to go on forever, which i guess they all do.
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>> yeah, i would have said the same thing. i would have said two minutes. >> shepard: that's a long time. >> yeah, while i was on hold while the senator was talking, i could feel aftershocks. we're still getting aftershocks. it's been an intense morning. >> shepard: what was happening around you as things were shake something what were you seeing and hearing? >> well, my first thought was to get away from the windows. i'm in an office with a lot of windows. i went to the doorway. it was still dark outside. i looked out over the city. i could see a lot of pops. i assume transformers going out. and then all my colleagues were coming out of their offices, trying to get to a position where they would be safe and figure out what's going on. i thought it would pass quickly. it seemed to go on. >> shepard: our viewers are looking -- this video -- i don't know if you can re-rack this
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here. but the first time i saw it, i didn't realize the significance of it. you'll notice in the -- on the horizon on the right-hand side of the screen, watch that. see where it's at the timed? the flash there. looks like power is out all over the place. >> i was surprised -- i'm sure power did go out. i was surprised the power was on, being in as many areas as it was. i fully expected power to go out but didn't in our building. we have a large bank building across from us. power did go out in their building. they seem to be the only one the right around it. everybody else had power. a little odd. traveling through town, heading towards the airport now. if i can get out, which doesn't look like i'm going to. >> shepard: i don't think it will be easy today. but i was wondering, sometimes earthquakes feels like it's rolling.
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sometimes feels like a sledge hammer. what did this shake quake feel like? >> this felt like a tremble. constant shaking. didn't seem like a roll. it was just constant trembling. >> and the after shocks have been frequent. i'm seeing that they had been after shocks like a 5.4, which is after shocks go is nothing to sneeze at. >> no. some have been a little longer, especially after the initial earthquake. a pretty good after shock within 10 or 15 minutes. i had to be back in the doorway again. >> our understanding is that the airport is minimalist at the airport. that getting around -- there's some infrastructure damage on the roads and that sort of thing. i don't get you have a sense yet for big picture, what it's like around town. >> i don't. i have been listening to the radio. there's been -- a lot of reports
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of gas line breaks, water breaks. currently the airport has had a water break. there's something going on i guess in the terminal building where the tower is. i heard the ramp that goes up to the departure level is closed. they're saying stay out of the parking garage where i have to return my rental car. i'm not sure what i'll do there. but yeah, it's still a dynamic situation. >> shepard: good luck. thanks, chris, for calling in. on the line from anchorage. back to senator murkowski from alaska. do you have a sense for when we'll have a handle on how widespread it is, how bad it is and who needs what? >> that review is beginning as we speak. it began several hours ago. i've spoken with the regional head of fema, the director is on his way to alaska along with a
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second in command of fema. peter gainer who will be onside working already with a local resource management team that is on the ground. the state and local teams that are in place already. but we know that a tragedy of this magnitude will require outside resources. the governor has declared a disaster. we will work on our end here to ensure that we have whatever resources may be called upon to assist in the aftermath of this quake. as of this point in time, we don't know the full extend that we're dealing with. >> shepard: we don't. senator, we're thankful to learn that we have no reports of serious injuries and no reports of deaths. we hope it stays that way. it would be a silver lining for sure. all the best to our friends in
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alaska on getting it back together. >> thank you. we appreciate that and the prayers of so many. we're going to need them in the aftermath. >> shepard: senator lisa murkowski from alaska where they're having a short but difficult day. ahead, more coverage of the powerful earthquake. we'll check in with rick reichmuth who is tracking the aftershocks. a lot of news out of washington and argentina. we'll have that on this friday afternoon. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ and back pain made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back.
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>> shepard: our reporting continues open the alaska earthquake. we're getting new information now to our west coast news hub. trace gallagher is standing by there. trace? >> it's amazing, shep. now we're being told the train system all across alaska has been shut down because the main substation in anchorage was flooded. that has shut that whole thing down. so across the state of alaska, if you want to take a train, you're out of luck. we talked about how the airport is accepting incoming traffic. those planes that were already on their way. alaska air lines, the biggest carrier has suspended its operations for the time being. even though the air traffic control tower is open, there's no controllers in the tower. so the airport is shut down and nobody is being allowed to leave or get into the airport. we're being told by the fire
12:19 pm
department there were three fires after the earthquake. all have been put out. no injuries, no major damage. the fire department is saying that they have gone around the city and have not seen significant structural damage in the city of anchorage. that's amazing. the mayor has echoed that saying that having gone through this size earthquake and not having any major structural damage is a testament to how prepared they have been. if you don't know, alaska gets earthquakes pretty much everyone 5 minutes. trembles. you can feel some, can't feel some. the building codes in alaska are among the most stringent in the country, maybe the most strict in the entire country. this is a -- really a very strong statement in favor of that. we should also point out that there is no damage to the port of alaska. that is a big deal. you have a lot of industry going
12:20 pm
in and out of there. even though we've been told this lasted a minute, 1 1/2 minutes, it was fairly deep. 25 miles. so that energy spread for a long way. it was felt as far as 400 miles away. if the earthquake is shallow, say three, four, five miles, it's akin to someone grabbing a blanket and shaking the blanket. you know the ripples you get. that's what happens to the ground. in an earthquake this size, 7.0, you worry a lot about liquifaction in this case. the roads, you can see they're bad. transportation is bad. power is in the process of getting back on. the fire department says no major structural damage in the city of anchorage, which is
12:21 pm
astounding. >> shepard: that's great. trace gallagher live from the west coast. we just got a presidential tweet. the president in buenos aires. he just tweeted to the great people of alaska, you've been hit by a big one. please follow the directions of highly trained professionals there to help you. your federal government will spare no expense. god bless you all. an earthquake every 15 minutes in alaska. didn't know that. learn something new from trace gallagher every day. coming up, more on the alaska earthquake. we'll talk to a waitress in the middle of taking an order when the quake hit. and rick reichmuth gives us a taste of the aftershocks. that's next. ellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ...and i found out that i'ma from the big toe lian.
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it's simple. easy. awesome. click, call or visit a store today. >> shepard: continuing coverage of the breaking news out of anchorage, alaska. new video in to us. we know what the supermarket is supposed to look like. here's one from alaska. some places it shakes harder than others. some produce on the floor. not too horrible. other places, everything came off the shelves. our chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is live with a look at the aftershocks. there's been plenty. >> yeah, sometimes aftershocks from one big quake can go on for a couple years afterwards. this one not that big.
12:26 pm
this is an idea. this is kind of automatically plot on to the plat from usgs. the red is the last hour. you can see we have that up where the earthquake is. the past 12 hours, we've had some in wyoming. didn't know that happened here off the coast of oregon. the reason why this is so concerning is anchorage is here on the other side here of the cook inlet. that was the big earthquake that hit. you get an idea how many wakes in the last hour in this same spot. because of this quick, this is initially where we had the tsunami warning. sometimes you can have them travel all across the pacific. we had one in chile that we saw tsunami waves in california. they have issued the warning and
12:27 pm
let it expect. we have four hours of day light to see the damages and make sure everybody is okay, shep. >> shepard: thanks, rick. gabrielle black is with us. she works as a waitress and was in the middle of taking an order this morning. had to hide under a counter. how are you? >> hi, shep. i'm better now. >> shepard: how was it at that moment? tell me about the place hand what you were doing. take me through it. absolutely. oh, my gosh. we're having another earthquake. sorry. >> shepard: an aftershock? >> yeah. okay. yeah. i'm so sorry. that was terrifying. you have to act quickly. >> shepard: what did you do? >> i'm sorry. i work at middle way. i was at middle way -- >> shepard: what is middle way? >> middle way cafe, this cute cafe that has vegan
12:28 pm
alternatives, meals and gluten alternative meals. you can sit in there and it's really nice. there's tons of art displayed. while i was taking an order, you hear this noise. you look around and you see things shaking. so at first you're thinking, okay, it's going to pass. oh, we have an earthquake. not a big deal. but then you feel the shock of this -- you're just moving and you can't help it. the quake is still going. so after feeling, you know, being moved around, you just go for anywhere that you can hide basically. i shoved everything that was under this counter and curls up in a ball and grabbed my neck and my co-workers and i were shouting out, get under a table. because we get people all the
12:29 pm
time that come from out of state. we were shouting out get under the table just in case didn't know. >> shepard: nobody go hurt, right? >> no, sir, not to my knowledge. >> shepard: that's the best news of all, gabrielle. glad you're good. hope things get back to normal pdq. we'll have continuing updates throughout the afternoon here. and before sunset, which is probably three or four hours away. on the situations in areas that are a little less travels. should anything break, we'll let you know. there's big news following the. . he signed a new trade deal with mexico and canada. but the rest of the story on the trade deal might fill you in pretty well. the bottom line is there's nothing done yet. in addition, we'll have an update on the investigation out of washington.
12:30 pm
lots of news. we'll have it for you next.
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oh, this is too hot, mate. >> shepard: president trump now is far from washington but still feeling the shock waves from the bop shell back home in the russia investigation. after insisting on the campaign trail that he had no ties to moscow, the president now says he was lightly looking at lightly building a trump tower there. according to buzzfeed, the trump organization was ready to give vladimir putin the $50 million penthouse. there's reports that the special counsel robert mueller is looking into president trump's children as well. not just don jr. but ivanka. this comes after president trump's personal lawyer and fixer michael cohen flipped, spoke with the mueller team for some 70 hours and admitted in court that he lied to congress against his contacts with the russias to follow the president's political narrative. cohen confessed he was in talks
12:35 pm
with putin's right-hand man and spokesman about the moscow project during the 2016 campaign. at the same time, the russians were interfering with our election and targeting his opponent. trump is in argentina for the g-20 summit with world leaders. he was supposed to have a meeting with putin. after the cohen news broke, president trump cancelled it. the president claimed it was -- he was cancelling the sit-down because of an incident at sea between russia and ukraine. according to the kremlin, the president's trump and putin will still have some sort of informal meeting on the sidelines of the summit. take a look at this remarkable moment caught open camera. that's putin and the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin salman, two men accused of killing their opponents and sharing a handshake. it's mbs is the one that
12:36 pm
murdered jamal khaishoggi or ordered it. john roberts reporting live in buenos aires. hello, john. >> good afternoon. it's interesting when you take a look at trump's most recent big international trips, this one, his summit with putin in helsink and the one in hamburg. we know that robert mueller asked the question about what he knew about the development of trump tower in moscow. we're learning that robert mueller is looking to what involvement the president's children, don jr. and ivanka might have had in that. don jr., when he appeared before the senate intelligence committee said he was her representative rally aware of what michael cohen was doing of researching a potential trump tower in moscow and he said hi himself, don jr., through the trump organization had been
12:37 pm
developing a real estate property in russia going back to 2011. according to yahoo news, his sister was also involved in that effort but that ended in 2013. that was two years before the president declared that he was going to be running for president. now this idea of the $50 million penthouse for vladimir putin, felix sader a real estate promoter and convicted felon, the one behind the trump tower, said it was his idea to float the idea to vladimir putin to give him a $50 million penthouse for free figuring that all of the other russian oligarchs would want to list where vladimir putin is living. sader has tried this before, giving away apartments to celebrities to entice people to come in. he called it a marketing ploy. one of the people he tried to do this is with madonna. nobody can reach her. sources close to the president said that the president knew nothing about this offer to
12:38 pm
putin and it was a stupid idea. >> shepard: what is the white house saying about this cancelled putin meeting? >> well, it's more what the kremlin is saying than what the white house is saying. the kremlin casting doubt on it saiding it was domestic politics in the united states. you mentioned the optics of meeting with president putin after this cohen business came out. sarah sanders issued a statement saying the russian witch hunt hoax which is hopefully is nearing an end is doing very well. it does undermine our relationship with russia. the meeting for the cancelled meeting is ukraine. hopefully that will be resolved soon so the productive conversations can begin. the president insisting that he did nothing wrong. he said oh, i'm a very good developer living my life. when i see our country going in
12:39 pm
the wrong direction against all odds, i ran for president and ran my president. talked about it on the campaign trail, doing money in russia ant didn't do the project. witch hunt. according to white house officials, the president briefly encountered mohammed bin salman, the crown prince of saudi arabia. they didn't have much of a conversation. they exchanged pleasantries. there was an encounter in which macron was very stern and sent a severe message to mbs. shep? >> shepard: let's go to chris wallace on all things, all of this. how are you doing? simi valley? >> yeah, we're at the reagan library for the reagan defense forum. we're in simi valley where
12:40 pm
president reagan and mrs. reagan have been laid to rest. there may be troubles all over the world but not here in simply valley. >> shepard: what is your take on the developments with russia yesterday? i didn't get to talk to you. >> look, it certainly doesn't look good. here's the president of the united states as candidate in 2016. people talk about now and the white house talk about michael cohen as if he was this very much a subsidiary figure and not very important. he was the president's fixer. the fact that he was negotiating about the trump tower in moscow, the fact that he was dealing with hush payments to karen mcdougal and stormy daniels shows how important he was in terms of being a fixer for the president in messy business. having said that, there's nothing illegal with the president, may seem politically
12:41 pm
foolish, but nothing illegal with the president as a candidate to -- he was running the trump organization to be floating this idea of a trump tower in moscow at the same time he was running for the presidency of the united states. it obviously raises questions whether there were financial obligations, connections we did know about. between this and the information that we got this week that jerome corsi was in touch with wikileaks and getting information for them at the same time that stone was talking to the president, it just draws connections. there's no ill legality here. it's all smoke. there's more smoke this week. >> shepard: do you have a sense now, many following this are suggesting that judge napolitano said this is the tip of an iceberg. you don't start with this. there's no reason to charge him again except to lay a marker. we know we're going to at least
12:42 pm
the middle of march now because it's going to take that long for manafort. >> look, anybody -- there's an old line when i covered the reagan white house. it's appropriate to say those that know are not talking. those that talk don't know. nobody outside of the special counsel's office knows what he has and how he will proceed. there's a lot of talk this will be done by the end of the year. we said this at the end of 2017. so the idea that this will be done in the next month, i don't think anybody has a clue. it's clear this much is clear, is that because none of us on the outside knew about this. none of us knew he had this information from michael cohen. nobody knows what he's said in estimated 70 hours of talks with the special probe. clearly robert mueller and his team know more than we know. we're going to have to wait to find out whether it is substantive or not. clearly there's a group of people around the president that have lied to congress or lied in
12:43 pm
other situations and what are they lying about? about their ties to russia. >> shepard: chris, looks like you have a big show. live from the reagan library in simi valley north of l.a. two big guests after the g-20 wraps in argentina. mike pompeo and the democratic senator ben cardin. a member of the foreign relations committee. that's this sunday on "fox news sunday" on your local fox stations. check your local tv listings. coming back, we'll head to buenos aires as the u.s. signed a new trade deal with mexico and canada. what you may not know about it coming up. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid, plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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12:48 pm
so much better than nafta. actually, the nafta frame work is still exactly largely intact. with some changes for cars and labor and the environment. this deal, the new deal, is not a deal yet because it still has to overcome major obstacles before it will be able to achieve much of anything. all three countries governments have to ratify the agreement. right now canada and mexico are in disagreements over import taxes on steel and aluminum. here in the united states, the agreement faces an uphill battle in congress because they won't do anything on it till next year. by then, democrats will be in control of the house. then expect side deals if there's any deal at all. blake burman reporting. he's live in argentina. >> hi, shepard. still a lot in play here as you just picked through. no doubt about it, this was a celebratory moment for president
12:49 pm
trump here in buenos aires. he campaigned for years and talked about it for years about getting rid of nafta. this morning he signed into place its possible replacement, the usmca. the president describing it as a win for the home, auto and ag industries. >> this is a model agreement that changes the trade landscape forever and this is an agreement that first and foremost benefits working people, something of great importance to all three of us here today. >> congress will have their say in a couple different ways. first, they can work with the white house, talk with the white house and negotiate as to how to implement this thing going forward and after that, both the house of representatives, democratic controlled in 2019 and the senate will have a vote on it. chuck schumer noting that process in a statement today
12:50 pm
saying -- >> the president's top trade rep lighthizer said that they feel no doubt about it, that democrats will come on board. shepard, they might have to convince some republicans as well. for example, senator marco rubio came out on twitter camming the usmca unacceptable, shepard. >> shepard: the president is set to meet with president xi of china, yes? >> that's the big meeting tomorrow night. a dinner between the two. leading into this, the president is sending a couple of different mixed signals. yesterday when he was asked about a potential trade deal, the president said, i don't know that i want to do it, but today he had a much different tone. >> we'll be meeting with china as you know.
12:51 pm
we'll be meeting tomorrow. we've spoken. we're working very hard. if we can make a deal that will be good. i think they want to and we'd like to. we'll see. >> lighthizer made news saying this dinner meeting could end up with a positive feeling but a positive feeling, a trade truce, a trade deal are three very different things. shepard? >> shepard: blake burman reporting from buenos aires. coming up, back-to-back hearings in washington. mueller's team facing off against manafort and the feds say more charges could be coming. there's the former fbi director, james comey. he's asking a judge to throw out a subpoena from house republicans. we'll have that news reporting next. when my hot water heater failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do.
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>> shepard: manafort and mueller facing off in a dc courtroom. prosecutors for the special counsel told the federal judge they're considering more charges against president trump's former campaign chairman. manafort's plea deal fell apart after the government said he lied to investigators. paul manafort is 1 of 33 people facing charges. catherine herridge reporting
12:56 pm
live from washington. >> new information from inside the federal court here in washington. the judge sending a target date for sentencing of march 5. paul manafort's legal team arrived at the courthouse without speaking to reporters. the special counsel have until december 7 to explain allegations that the plea deal fell apart because manafort lied and didn't fully cooperate. andrew wiseman said they're considering more charges against manafort. manafort's team accuses the special counsel of pressure tactics and wanting information that their client doesn't have or cannot provide. fox news has learned that investigators pressed manafort on the june 2016 trump power meeting and specifically the involvement of the president's son-in-law, jared kushner that trump tower meeting is back in focus with the michael cohen plea. cohen acknowledged negotiations over the moscow real estate
12:57 pm
project were happening at the same time as the trump tower meeting. there's no public evidence of a connection at this time, shep. >> shepard: catherine, we're watching another hearing in washington. this time it involves james comey. lawyers for comey are asking a federal judge to throw out a subpoena from house republicans demanding he testify in front of the house judiciary committee next week. the former fbi director's legal team says he's perfectly willing to talk but he wants to do it in open. >> comey's lawyers are fighting this subpoena to answer questions about the 2016 presidential campaign including the clinton e-mails and the catalyst and early stages for the russia investigation. republicans are accused of fuelling the subpoena as a
12:58 pm
poisonous combination of presidential tweets and the selective leaking that has become standard practice. the committee's republican chairman bob goodlatte said the push back makes clear that comey doesn't want to answer detailed questions. >> he's trying to run the clock on it. that's why we think he's filed this motion to quash. they also -- fusion gps tried that. they were knocked down. instead he came in and took the fifth. >> fusion gps is the firm that was behind the anti-trump dossier. it is someone ironic that comey is making accusations about leaking because his own decision to release memos to the media and kick start the special counsel investigation is under a probe by the inspector general at the justice department right now. >> shepard: catherine herridge reporting from washington. hackers may have stolen the personal information of half a billion guests that stayed at one of the world's largest hotel
12:59 pm
chains. marriott reports that that include credit card numbers, birthdays, addresses and passport numbers. hillary vaughn reporting live. >> hi, shepard. marriott says any guests that made reservations at a starwood brand hotel on our before september 10 of this year could be caught up in this hit. outsiders may have been grabbing information for year from this database. they took names, mailing addresses and passport numbers. preferences that would be listed in your starwood profile. marriott says credit card info was encrypted, but there's no guarantee it's protected. marriott apologized for the breach in a statement and making sure that they get the information to anyone. you'll get an e-mail if you were caught up in the breach. shepard. >> shepard: thanks, hillary. after our reporting here, we'll
1:00 pm
have a news cast on facebook watch in just a few minutes from now. once it's concluded, it's available any time on demand. the news continues now, "your world" with neil cavuto. >> neil: all right. video that just came in a little while ago. high school students ducking for cover as a earthquake rocks alaska, a 7.0 quake that caused close and roads and other facilities. everybody okay so far. this was the taken at ktva where a ceiling collapsed. debris, cracks in walls. when you size it all up, it could have been a lot worse going down. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. here's what we know right now ant a tsunami warning that is officially been lifted and 21,000 that are officially without power.


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