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tv   Cavuto Live  FOX News  December 1, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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♪ 5. ♪ funeral will be at the ♪ national cathedral, the ♪ president and first lady ♪ will attend. ♪ >> it has been a memorable ♪ morning. ♪ a morning of history, a ♪ morning to look back at an ♪ amazing man and an amazing ♪ life. ♪ stay withfox news throughout ♪ ♪ the day . ♪ [music] >> americans weakens the reality of the former president gone. you're looking at the capitalth. and some of the past presence including his son. writing the best father a senator sasse repair the entire bush family is grateful for his life and love and compassion of those who have cared and prayed
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for dad and for the condolences of her friends and fellow citizens pay the president donald trump saint george hw bush led a great life. when i saw him i saw absolute joy for his life and true pride of his family. from beginning to end he was a truly wonderful man. he will be missed. barack obama, america's lusty patriot and humble servant in george h. w. bush. while our hearts are heavy today there also filled with gratitude, not merely for the years he spent as a 41st president, but for the more than 70 years he spent in devoted service to the country lapeer bill clinton. i'll be forever grateful for the friendship we formed. from the moment i met him as a young governor, i was struck by the kindness he showed to chelsea by his innate and genuine decency. by his devotion to barbara, his
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children and their growing brood. carter, we are deeply saddened by the death of former president, george h. w. bush. is it ministration was marked by grace. civility and social conscience. but not just former presidents or remitting him, mikhail gorbachev, it was a time of great change, great responsibility from everyone. the result was the end of the cold war and nuclear arms race. my wife and i deeply appreciated the intention, kindness and simplicity typical of george and barbara bush as well as the rest of their large, friendly family. the dalai lama.he was in fact the first american president that i was privileged to meet. i recall being deeply touched by your father's concern for the tibetan people in the situation in tibet. it was truly admirable to live over 94 years while nothing can replace the loss of a father, we can rejoice in the fact that this and his was a meaningful and dedicated to public service. and then in ellen degeneres. i will never forget george h. w. bush and president clinton
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meeting me in my old hometown of new orleans. to show support and raise money after hurricane katrina. i send my love to his family tonight. just a smothering of the remembrances of a man who moved a country and lead a world through a tumultuous period. we remember him now. welcome everyone i am neil cavuto. this is "cavuto live". we are talking about the white house press secretary, under president george w. bush from 2005 through 2007. dana, has to be a mixed time free. obviously knew something was up and now we know. but it is interesting the collective response from the dalai lama and ellen generous. >> truly international outpouring. on a bipartisan line. for several years, 41, especially in the wintertime, he had bouts of pneumonia that
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turned to bronchitis and he would be in the hospital. then he would pull through it. >> put away the harps! >> put away the harps everyone i'm not done yet. also with bush 43 had gone in with his dad, and he said how are you feeling, dad? and he said it is not the cough that carries off it is the cop when you go in. [laughter] he did have that, you know there is so much that has happened in his life. barbara bush used to say that he cannot keep a job but he sure isn't boring. because he did so much. people forget that he took over as the rnc chairman after watergate and the time he was in china and he was a special envoy, because we did not have diplomatic relations at the time. and i read today that he thought of that as a sabbatical because you can get to know people and they were so curious about other people. he was fiercely competitive,
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exceedingly kind. very interesting combination. i do love reading about how he made decisions based on risk. he could have been there wall street, wall street, the firms wanted to hire young war hero. who the family was well known. and he said no, i want adventure and he chose texas. >> it was interesting earlier heard you talking, he is probably the most experienced present waiver had as you say, being a cia director, the nation ambassador, obviously, a two-term texas congressman and on and on. vice president under ronald reagan. but i always love the stories of the person. the personal notes and making a point of talking to anyone in everyone. and you've had some interesting experiences yourself. >> yes, i have a couple of those notes. partly because i think that, i was a staffer. i do not think of myself as a family member. >> while they felt that way
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with you. chris and i think that is a privilege of my lifetime to be able to come in and talk to about the great man. i got to see him in june and he loved to hear me talk about stories, he loves politics. he loved media gossip. you did not have to bring housewarming gift, just bring gossip about the media and he loved it. he was strong. he held my hand and after barbara bush passed away last april, of course, everyone thought, he is not long for this world.but he wanted one more summer in maine. and he was able to have that. he saw his grand daughter barbara get married there in a very special private ceremony for the family. and he got a new dog, a service dog that was able to help impair the present was also nervous. he thought well, other people need the dog more than i do. but they said if you give us publicity we can help more veterans. and i thought that you will love this story.
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he loved baseball. he was getting up there in age and when cincinnati opened the new ballpark, 43 was supposed to do the opening pitch but something happened and he could not go see called his dad. he said can you handle it for me? and he said gosh, i do not know -- what if i don't throw it over theplate? answer the practice with rob portman , now senator of ohio. he was very competitive.he practiced all day and he threw a strike. >> is that right? you know, everyone is talking about both parties talking to each other. i was wonder about this, it is what it is. but it is interesting looking back at him as a one term president. one term presidents are always a step down in history but he was a consequential one term president.
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>> absolutely! remember he was also a consequential vice president as well. the 12 years with reagan and bush, remarkable things happen across the country. here in america, you see the economy improve and the downturn, the recession.when the wall came down, in germany, condoleezza rice was a young national advisor. she dealt with the soviet union. and they came and they said we have to plan a trip you have to be part of this and he said no, this is their moment. what am i going to do go over there and gloat? they need to take responsibility now and go forward. very strategic thinking. he was modest. he was also exceedingly kind. but it does not mean that he was not tough. i think people forget that. you cannot go through the things that he did running for office, serving in congress, serving in a ministration, being the cia director and then having to watch her children who decide to enter the public arena get criticized. >> and that really -- >> he said it was harder to be, to what criticism of his
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children then it was to have gone criticism from himself as president. >> i was thought, you know the family for better but he was a historical conundrum in that he had to fight -- remember the media -- he was a war hero being shut down and we say this does not jive. >> a great point. he was exceedingly modest. he was taught that by his mother she said do not use the words i am. when he came home from a baseball game monday he said, mom, i hit three home runs. she said that is nice george, but how did the team do? that was how he was supposed to talk.he also liked the greatest generation, he did not like to talk about his activities in the war and heroism. he didn't want to brag about it. but if you read andy ferguson, the writer for the weekly standard, he was a speech writer for george h. w. bush. pcs today on the website is so wonderful. about how the consultants said in the campaign in 1992, don't talk about the war, it will make you look old compared to
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bill clinton. >> wow! >> in the weeks before they said wait, actually, now you can talk about the war. i didn't know if it made it too late. i think the country, it is hard to have 12 is a power with one party. >> true! and then there was ross perot. we do not know now that would have gone without him. what was your impression when, you mentioned when his son became president, there was much more criticism of his son. did he or did he not offer advice to his son?there was always under -- on condition -- there was always unconditional love. >> i was not there for private conversations between the two of them but from what i understand and what i know of him is that george h. w. bush would offer advice if he was asked. otherwise, he was just a father. can you imagine how terrible that would be if you're president of united states in her father's calling you
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telling you what to do? so there was a respectable boundary around that. that unconditional love was never at risk. because the present, if you need 43 and one advice he could ask 40 148. and i think 41 set the best example for how to be in the post-presidency. >> absolutely! >> we will all expense hardships and losses in life. if you can be a gracious winner that is great. but if you can be a gracious loser, it will take you much farther. >> there is truth to that. dana, i know you have a crazy schedule, with your shows in everything but, it is very special. >> he will be very missed. >> thank you very much. dana perino, you will hear a lot from her and then of course of the next week. obviously, it seems that history is repeating itself outside the bush compound in houston, texas. let's go to casey siegel who is there. >> it is hard to believe, almost 8 months ago we were standing in this spot.
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reporting on the passing of the former first lady, barbara bush. and here we are again. since we have been here this morning want to do a little of a scene setter andrea live look at the gate that takes into this upscale houston neighborhood where the bush family had a home for years and years. the most recent addition, you can see a giant american flag now adorning the front gate. one woman earlier, told us that she felt the need to come out and do something the moment she heard the news. here is why. >> he was a true american patriot. above all else, i do not care what party you are from. he stood for american values. >> that seems to be the same sentiment we are hearing from people over and over. republicans, democrats. a lot of people seem to get behind george h. w. bush. up the road from us in college station, texas, that was the scene outside his presidential library and museum last night.
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mourners gathering to pay respects immediately after news broke. it is also where his blood barbara is buried in his daughter robin, who you know died of leukemia at a young age.the president will be laid to rest there ultimately later this week. this is following the state funeral in d.c.. and then a brief service here in houston what's everything wrapped up in dc. obviously, a lot of moving parts to this. and there are going to be a lot of activities planned over the coming days. now, invitations to the state funeral have been sent, as you know, to the first lady and the president. we hand understand the accepted and they will be present at the state funeral. >> thank you.
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♪ [music] >> the nation will be honoring formally on wednesday for the former president george h. w. bush. details of which we are still waiting for. we know invites have gone out to the president of the nicest, current white house and his wife and they have accepted and they will attend at the national cathedral. we have the senator with us this morning, congratulations, first off.
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>> thank you very much. >> it is interesting and i was kidding with the staff here, we say wonderful things about people once he leaves this planet. i was wonder, can we say it a little more when they are still alive? and many did. the president when he was alive and well, but you know everyone talks about a time where both sides talked to each other. i remember the times and covering the presidency. it was not all peaches and cream. but what will his legacy be when you remember? it was many years before you came to power but what we remember? >> first, my condolences to the family. this is a great loss for us. i heard dan expressing personal recollections from the president and what i will share is that, not only did he truly exemplify what america is and is fondly remembered by americans, but he is also
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fondly remembered by our international a young company commander go into kuwait for operation iraqi freedom in 2003, the police that we worked with, they viewed americans as their saviors because of desert shield and desert storm and so, they have great admiration and respect for the president bush and the fact that he was willing to commit in a time of need. it was about relationships and he was a very good relationship maker and keeper. we appreciate his great service not only through his time when he served in the military, but through many difficult years and even after he left the presidency. >> a lot of people do not know of your own military background in the national guard and serving abroad in combat. you are the first combat veteran elected to the united states in for that type of experience shared by president bush. there was a great on his part
7:20 am
to go into create. he said this is a heavy burden another very well the dangers of risk and war. he was very sensitive and taking criticism to that campaign and limited its mission of the result. what did you think of that? >> well, i thought it was very smart and wise move on his part. he knew what was necessary in order to push back on saddam hussein. that was strategically brilliant. he did was necessary but did not overdo it. he understands the cost of war. he understands it is hard not only on the service members but also on the families. i know that it was greatly appreciated, not only by the american people but by the international community and certainly, by the folks in kuwait that were obviously under a lot of stress and angst during that time. he was a great leader for the
7:21 am
american people. i have high regards for him and again, my condolences. >> senator, we talk about a time when you could think of the reagan and bush ticket. the presidency and vice president. you had a conservative with a moderate. now a lot of folks are saying, the two sides can never reconcile the differences. that was proved than that they could and they did. and much as circling now with the president trump invited to the funeral and the family extending the invite. what do you think? >> i think it is a great thing to do. i'm glad that the president has accepted because of course, president bush 41 as we will fondly always remember him as, with a tremendous man and a great leader for our country. it certainly is a time to pull together and he will be always a great reminder that we can do many great things in a bipartisan manner. at a time when our country needs us, he demonstrated such great leadership and as well,
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working in a bipartisan member with a divided government also, exhibiting great leadership. >> thank you senator ernst, we appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you. >> more from capitol hill after this. relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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7:26 am
of a life. and in this case, a remarkable life as we remember president bush, the reverend joins me right now. >> good morning i'm sorry to talk under these circumstances but good to hear your voice. >> same here. talk about the pressure. you have to follow a couple of you will adjust and you have done that 70 key times in history. once again, after barbara bush a little more than you know, 10 months ago or eight months ago now facing again, with this. what images come up in your head, of course the former president was obviously, a frequent member of the church. tell us a little. >> yeah, the president and mrs. bush, both were frequent, they were here every week. as long as health or travel did not get in the way, they were very active members of the church. and behind every initiative the church pressed forward on.
7:27 am
they were very good friends to the people at saint martins. many people do not know but going back to president, he served in leadership at the church was known to serve coffee on sunday morning, he wasn't sure when you have the chance and then, as time went on in he had a security detail with them that did not stop he or mrs. bush from being very warm to the people in the pews. they were very active up until the very end. barbara used to participate in making -- she was part of the rope and his leadership was always evident and we had a, this predates me because it was during his tenure as president but we had to bring a friend to church one sunday. and his friend was margaret thatcher.
7:28 am
that is who he brought to church with him. [ácustomá it is hard to top that! he had his own little wilderness years. they say he did not stay melancholy long but he was trying to write his life and what do i do now with the rest of that life? and the church and i know this predates you taking over, but what was your sense of his faith and what kept him going? >> sure, i've been here almost 12 years. we are -- we have been together a lot and we have had long discussions. a man of deep faith. and a simple faith. i do not mean that in a way many people would interpret that. it just came easy to him. one thing he would like to say was worship was essential. and what is a patient in church was part of that. but it was a very real faith that he had and he and barbara were christians, very active
7:29 am
and committed christians to jesus christ. at the same time, had a large circle as we all know, of people who were friends across the aisle but friends across faith, traditions. lots of people, you have wonderful on this morning including the dalai lama. he was friends here in houston with the jewish and muslim community. and we hosted several interfaith services here. at. [inaudible] unity and peace and they always participated in the service. you know, a very faithful man in every way. >> i was think when someone like you, you have to deliver a eulogy. they are so much a burden here especially after others pay their respects and then, you are playing cleanup. [laughter] i think of that in the powerful clientele at your church that extended to the late great --
7:30 am
and of course barbara bush and so many others. and yet you find a way as evidence in their lives, they were just good human beings at the core. i noticed that was, it tended to be the way that you went about remembering them. >> i think that is a good point. in a moment like this, when we call for barbara's service back in april, that was a service that the world audience saw. that interestingly enough, that was a period in which 10 days we had actually six funerals. that was one of six and aside from the crowd, all of the other services were very similar. and that we read from scripture and we sang hymns and offered prayers from the episcopal church. and that is what mrs. bush wanted and what resident bush
7:31 am
wanted. so my role is really to not focus on anything other than the service itself and in my role as a pastor and a priest, with their faith and really remembering this remarkable life and their faith in god and the role that certainly, president bush had inspiring us all to great unity, humility and service. which was of course, his watchword all the time. service, service, service. >> thank you very much. very good to speak to i'm sorry under the circumstances my friend, but be well. >> thank you. take care and god bless you. >> after this, reflection on the message of the bush years. , a place with one of the highest life expectancies
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in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. >> the g 20 conference is going
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on in argentina. if you're looking for a big press, that's not happening for the president says we were looking forward to this but we are dealing with various countries but however, for the honor of george h. w. bush we wait until after the funeral to have the press conference. obviously that can be a number of days. and joined now by brit, something that struck me right away was at the bush family going ahead and inviting president and the first lady to attend the funeral service.
7:36 am
what do you think of that? >> i think it was a sign of the graces of the bush family. i was struck as pastor levenson said, he did not make a lot of noise but you may recall that i stood up quite a controversy some years ago when in the midst of the tailspin that tiger woods had gone into because of his consorting with all sorts of women and not his wife. and i said on "fox news sunday" that would be a wonderful thing for him and a good example to the world if he were to turn to christianity and become a christian. and there was a lot of controversy about that and i got the nicest note from president bush 41 saying that he was proud of me for saying it and he agreed with that and i was very glad to get that at the time. because it was not universally praised, what i said. >> i remember very well. >> it was a sign of his faith. >> and let me ask you, having
7:37 am
covered presence, we are stuck by different presidents, their messages and their themes and we tend to look down at one president that is somehow a badge of dishonor. which of course, is not the case but his impact, you are a history buff in your own right. what do you think? >> one of the things that stand out, he managed the u.s. reaction to the collapse of the soviet union and coming down of the berlin wall. he was under considerable pressure when the berlin wall came down. and something people dreamed about for years and it was a huge story and i remember cbs news, leslie was covering the white house as i was at the time, can understand why he was not out celebrating it and reflecting as she put it, the feeling of the nation and much of the world that is great thing it happened. that he was being very careful not to seem to gloat. it seemed that he and the country would have to play a
7:38 am
large role in managing the aftermath which he did and he was intense on such things as reunification is the germanys. which became possible after the wall came down. and he dealt with it very carefully, enthusiastically, and calmly. and he reached out as president reagan had done before him tim- to mikhail gorbachev. i do not think the job of managing the aftermath at the end of the cold war could've possibly been better handled. and then came of course the event that all of us remember so vividly which is the first gulf war. and it came at a tricky time in the national life because you may run by there was something called vietnam syndrome.which gripped the nation for years after the vietnam war. it was antipathy and aversion to military action by the
7:39 am
united states which was pretty pervasive. and the president said, i will never forget this. i cover the white house and i remember when saddam hussein invaded kuwait in a remember i rushed down to the white house to be on the air, remember nightline with ted koppel. there was an anodyne statement that had been issued by the white house encouraging all parties, i forget what it was. it was very antiseptic and i remember saying, this is the kind of thing that you say when you do not have any options. boy, was i wrong! the president proceeded to build the coalition of nations for a military response and put pressure on saddam hussein with un resolutions which he ignored. there was able to get a un resolution passed which authorized military force to remove saddam hussein from kuwait. and that came ahead of approval in congress.which the
7:40 am
president needed and which is going to be very hard to get. and he got it and it was a close thing and a number of senators close to it disgraced themselves. in the military action, it was over in a matter of days. saddam hussein was you know sent his armies scampering back into iraq. there was a lot of criticism. you may remember this, i am sure that you do. he did not gone to baghdad. the un resolution that he based the operation on in which validated it, did not authorize anything like that. it would have been impossible i think for him to have gone any further than he did. but it was quite an extra ordinary triumph. and you know, afterwards, the approval rating went to the moon! who would have known that only a year or solater he will be defeated for reelection ? remarkable. >> do you think of ross perot were not on the ballot in 1992, he had 19 percent of the vote. that bill clinton would have won that year? >> you know, i've seen the analyzed every which way.
7:41 am
and i am not sure that is true. i think what defeated president bush was the state of the economy and the perceived state of the economy. >> right. coming out of the ace recession at the time and -- >> but you know how recessions are better than anyone. the effects linger long after it is over. and he was in the middle of that. and what bill clinton inherited was really the bush recovery. but the unemployment rate was up a bit and confidence was down and it was a dark moment and people were ready for a change and he had been, president bush 41 was so preoccupied with his role on the world stage and i think a lot of people thought he did not really care about the economy. and he ran sort of a semi-halfhearted campaign. i think he felt like in a way his heart was not in it.
7:42 am
anyway, he lost and of course if anyone wants to know what kind of man he was, we need to do is read the brief time in extra ordinary gracious note that he left her bill clinton. on inauguration day. it is great stuff. >> you know all of the presidents i've covered, he was easily the nicest. and it was remarkable combination of steely ambition and personal kindness, qualities not always found in one person. but he certainly had them and i think the world will miss him. >> i was like that personal note touch and all of that. you're not so bad yourself, young man.thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> we are getting a few more details about plans to say goodbye to president bush. including events that will take us essentially, through the entire coming week. we will detail them for you. from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back.
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push me to raise taxes and i will say no. and they will push, and i will say no.and they will push again, and i will say to them , read my lips -- [cheers and applause] >> let me put that into context. that was there during negotiations. president bush was very reluctant to go with tax increase. but he had to move a budget because he had looming were with saddam hussein. this was in late 1990. >> and he deserves -- >> the new democrat support and it was a genuine compromise. what we did, was major that for two years, spending was frozen at certain levels. the problem was after the two years, the came off.
7:47 am
now, having said that, it did cost him politically, no doubt about it. i do not think we lost the race because i think ross perot -- >> we will never know, will we? what we do know is that the former president probably did not see the rage that he would get from republicans on the and then again and again that would be on a loop to kill him on the campaign program. a little look at history there. do you think in retrospect, chad, it undid the whole thing? >> it is one of the things that is key to the bush presidency. and you know the end of the week here we will be dealing with funding the government. seven of the 12 spending bills are not complete. and i was thinking about these compromises. that compromise that president bush entered into with the democrats at that point with the press of the gulf war there was a short government shutdown over the weekend.
7:48 am
i remember i was in college and i worked at a radio station in cincinnati and i remember getting reports from the stations in washington about what was going on.what struck me was that he went back on that promise. and with that in the clip, the democrats held that against him. but what initiated was newt gingrich. newt gingrich was the whip. i remember him going on abc that weekend and kind of throwing the president under the bus.and that kind of was the rise of newt gingrich to develop his upstart caucus on the other side of the aisle, against the astonishment. and it was kind of the beginning of the undoing for president bush. and the beginning of the rise for newt gingrich, who is new on the scene as the whip. >> and never thought of that connection. we are getting some of the details about how this will all go down this week as we say goodbye to president bush. we told president trump and the first lady will attend the
7:49 am the national cathedral, also indicating december 5 will be a national day of mourning in the presidents honor. what else are you learning and the significance of that, just i think polite to say a chill between the family spirit what you make of this? >> what usually happens is there is a ceremony at the united states capital. what we usually do is let former presidents lie in state in the capitol rotunda. the last time we did this for a present was gerald ford at the end of 2006.and early 2007 president reagan in 2004 and i've just been told in the past hour, this could be subject to change but we expect this to start may be as early as monday night. and go through wednesday in the capitol rotunda. what they will do is bring up from the capitol visitor center, is a vocabulary term for you, the -- it was a
7:50 am
platform built for lincoln in 1865. they will put the casket atop that and drape it within my conflict. since president reagan and ford, john mccain at the end of this past summer and the late senator from hawaii in december 2012. i should put as a footnote, richard nixon, when he died in 1994, he did not lie estate which is contrary to typical protocol. some family members did not fill the public would be respectful. and that is what will happen whether be monday, wednesday, tuesday or thursday. they will keep the united states capitol open in members of the public would be able to file through and pay respects. one of the things that always remember and it will be interested to listen for when they do that later this week, the silence of the footsteps filing past the capitol rotunda out of respect and echoing through the big cavern of the
7:51 am
capitol rotunda. >> it is powerful stuff. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> chad pergram. to that, richard nixon, the nixon family, it was their call not event planners in washington. this was a courtesy given to former presidents when they pass. and of course, the funeral went on in california where he is buried right now. we will have more after this. i'm really into this car,
7:52 am
but how do i know if i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. >> we are getting word now the
7:53 am
7:54 am
white house has announced saturday, i'm sorry, wednesday, december 5 will be a national day of mourning in honor of the late president, george h. w. bush. flags at half staff including at the white house. a former white house press secretary under george w. bush,
7:55 am
the presidents son from 2001 through 2003, what a historic period. joining us on the phone. a curious point we have been bringing up, and the relationship between the father in the sun. the president and of course, the guy that you worked for. that they sought each other's opinions but not counsel. what was that relationship like? >> you know, i've been with the president, george w. bush, numerous times including many times since he left the white house. where people have asked him about what advice did your father give you? >> his answer was the same, he did not give me advice, he would give me love. when he would talk to his
7:56 am
father's president he would just say to him, you're doing great and i want you to know i love you. you might unrelenting love. and that is what the president george w. bush kept talking about. i never once heard president george h.-- george w. bush say talked about u.s. international relations in the middle east. he told me when he was there he did this or that. i never once heard george w. bush talk like that. so i presume that was not the tenor of their conversation. >> quickly, we do know that bush senior, how he felt about those around his son's administration. rumsfeld to a lesser degree was not a fan. what do you know about that? >> that is all true and it sure is george w. bush when his separate ways when it came to the personnel in hiring. he was aware of that. george w. bush was a keen observer of his father's administration.when he hired people he wanted to learn lessons from who his father hired. and that guided him. and so, i think when he hired some of those people he knew his father did not like them.
7:57 am
but he was setting his own presidency and that is how he did it. >> i always wondered, did he telegraph his son that he was going to say what he said in the book? >> did george h. w. bush telegraph his son or did -- i do not know the answer to that. really, the two did not have identical worldview. the 2000 campaign people would always say what is the difference between you and your father? and george w. bush would answer, i am more conservative. naturally, it will never be two people carbon copies of each other. there are in their graciousness though. george h. w. bush did instilled in his children the sense of old-fashioned decency, manners and treating people well. and i saw that in his son and i saw that in george h. w. bush. >> well put. thank you for taking the time i my friend, i appreciate it.>>
7:58 am
thank you. >> with us now, a commander, i was think before 9/11 there was an attack on your ship near yemen and we know that set the stage for, a full year before 9/11. you can look back at the bush presidency, senior, trying to eradicate the very elements that would later fester in the entire region. and still to this day, what you think his legacy will be? >> i think that president bush 's legacy will truly be defined by two words. honor and character. the way he lived his life, truly set the example for not just his family, but in reality, the reality the military and nation. those two words define how we did work on a personal level, professionally, how he carried himself as the president and when you lead by example, that truly does provide the beacon that other people follow.
7:59 am
>> we look back at that time and the criticism i remember building into the battle to take kuwait from saddam hussein, and that he was trigger-happy. he would often tell the president on multiple interviews, this is last thing i want to do and give my spirits certainly world war ii, a fighter pilot, it was not something he relished but something that he felt he had to do. but that distinction was his outlook. >> absolutely. i think the way he approached and carried out the war to free kuwait is truly an example that both political and military leadership could learn from today. 58 combat missions in world war ii. getting shot down not once but bailing out of an airplane twice. when you look at what he had to live there and risking his life numerous time and knowing the cost of war and seeing those on a mission with never to go home again. he knew what the cost was for our nation and what it meant
8:00 am
for freedom. i think today we become removed from that in so many ways because of the distance that we see. kind of a disconnect from the wars going on. the american people right now, truly need still bearing a cost, george h. w. bush understood the cost and tried to frame how he will frame kuwait exactly like that. living in in the con construct the united nations and the ruct military mission that achieved all of our objectives. it left the iraqi army intact, but had he not done that, we might have had a vacuum in iraq that had far worse consequences for the region and our nation. neil: and not the removal of saddam hussein for power, but kicking him out of kuwait. >> he lived up to the commitment. he stayed within its confines. had he not done that, the political ramifications for our
8:01 am
nation would have rippled for years, people would have looked at 20 years earlier, you know what? the united states can't be trusted to do exactly what they're going to say. they're out for a power grab and i think the whole world would have approached things differently. how he managed the complexity as the soviet union dissolved, was a true testament to what a graceful picture he -- person he was, and saw the bigger picture and what the united states was doing to try to manage that complex scenario that allowed for a peaceful dissolution when it really came down for it. for all of these countries to come up and become democracies and independent without being under the thumb of the soviet union. neil: commander, thank you, very very much. and nice chatting, i'm sad under these situations. >> thank you, neil. neil: the legacy of george herbert walker bush coming after
8:02 am
ronald reagan which is a tough act is follow. the host of special report bret baier is there, a beautiful place, sort of like the old line, who remembers who came after muhammad ali? hoe comes after ronald reagan, but there is a separate and distinct legacy there as well. how is that being read at the reagan library this weekend? >> neil, good morning. this remembrance here is pretty significant. here at the reagan presidential library, the flags are at half staff, of course. there's a memorial at the front of the library for president reagan's vice-president, president george h.w. bush and there's a fond remembrance of this man and everyone is talking how they remember president bush. not only from the reagan years, but as president. just moments ago, neil, vice-president dick cheney, who then, of course, was defense secretary under president h.w.
8:03 am
bush put out a statement and said george bush was a president who welcomed responsibility, kept his nerve, stood behind his team and brought out the best in all of oust and concludes by saying our 41st president leads a legacy of public service and character that will stand down the ages. he was also by good friend for more than 40 years and i will miss him. i think you're going to see those tributes pour out and continue to from both sides of the aisle and around the world because this late president is the last cold war president. he's the last world war ii vet who was president. and he was just well-respected in a quiet dignity that he held the office. neil: i'd be curious to get your thoughts, bret, on president trump is going to go up to the funeral along with his wife melania, we don't know if he'll be speaking there. we do know there will be a national day of mourning recognized on the part of the
8:04 am
white house on wednesday. obviously, overtures on both sides to the bush family, and the president, back to the bush family. your thoughts. >> i think this has long been orchestrated as many of the big events have for some time and obviously, it's no surprise that people were waiting for this moment to happen. they have a plan. he will lie in state in the capitol as other former presidents have. there will be a funeral at the national cathedral, and one of the eulogieses this time will be his son, 43, president george w. bush which surely can be an emotional eulogy as we saw for the funeral of barbara bushbacher in april. neil: is it your sense then, when you look back at president bush, much has been said, written about how, you know, he was not ronald reagan's first choice. i know he, you know, sort of flirted with the possibility of putting gerald ford on his
8:05 am
ticket in 1980, ultimately that wasn't going anywhere because there was fears that a co-presidency or that and they went to finally his challenger, george bush, and so it started out, i guess, a little icily, but they got quite close? >> they did. you're right. they were opponents and it was seen as a kind of bringing the party together when reagan chose george h.w. bush, they did establish a rapport, that through the eight years, he was really someone that reagan turned to, especially when it came to foreign policy and all of his experience as ambassador, as cia director, and around the world. one of the great stories is of the assassination attempt early in reagan's presidency. vice-president bush at the time is travelling and they are trying to get him back in position to the white house. and they say to him, we need to
8:06 am
get you back quickly. maybe we should land on the south lawn. and bush, ever concerned about appearances and not wanting to take control at that moment or show that he wanted to take control said, no, we need to land at andrews. only the president lands on the south lawn. and even in that moment, he was all about humility and dignity of the office and i think that that's where a lot of people will remember this president. neil: i'm remembering al haig at that time the secretary of state saying i'm in charge and that rough ruffled a lot of feathers at the time. >> a different choice. neil: very good seeing you again. >> you, too, see you. neil: bret baier in simi valley, california at the reagan library. we're going to continue following these developments here as we get more details of services that will honor a former president. we do know as well as bret pointed out that the president's
8:07 am
son, george w. bush will be speaking and delivering a eulogy on his dad's behalf. that is a distinction, if you think about it, that's so rare in history. george herbert walker bush, say what you will of being a one-termer, a lot of people say well, as the 41st president of the united states he's still the father of the 43rd the first vice-president to win election to the presidency while still serving as vice-president the first since martin van buren following andrew jackson. andrew jackson the model and inspiration for one donald trump. a little more after this.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> all right. now flags at half staff throughout america here, right outside our offices here, governor cuomo has ordered that they all be flown at half staff
8:11 am
in honor of the 41st president of the united states, george h.w. bush. if you went to bed a little early last night and you're just hearing this, the 41st president of the united states passed away late last night. funeral services are being planned, formally for wednesday, that will be recognized on the part of the present occupant of the white house, donald trump, as a national day of mourning. he and his wife melania will attend that funeral. the bush family invited them. and they have accepted that invite. carla hill, a u.s. trade representative under the former president. she joins us now. ambassador, thank you for taking the time. >> it's a pleasure to join you. >> you know, it's interesting, we think of these overtures and these big trade deals, many of which which are reworked under this administration, but it started under president george h.w. bush. we forget that, don't we? . you do. and you are correct. he really believed in opening up
8:12 am
markets, knowing that the opportunities provided to our workers and our businesses would make the nation better and he talked about opening trade from the tip of alaska to the tip of argentina to make this hemisphere the most efficient and competitive region in the wor world. neil: so when you think it, ambassador, that was the beginning of nafta, concluded under president clinton. now this president has rejiggered that with something called the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement which he says takes away a lot of the abuses built into that. without getting in the weeds, what are your thoughts on that? >> first of all, i think that the opening up of the market between canada and the mexico, the data shows what an enormous benefit it was in terms of our country, jobs, gdp and investment. and i agree that the agreement needed to be upgraded in terms
8:13 am
of modernized because we didn't have cell phones and digital trade in 1990. but i do hope that we could keep the relationship with our neighbors, which not only flourished economically it also in security terms, we share intelligence with our two neighbors, we work together on all sorts of issues and it is absolutely vital that we maintain that. we are so blessed to have an ocean east and west and two wonderful neighbors north and south. there's not another country in the world that is so blessed. neil: you know, i was reading one article today and i don't remember where, if you'll indulge me, ambassador, says that george bush was this past century's internationalist president in that he recognized how important it was economically and what have you, overtures to china, kind of our
8:14 am
first ambassador there and there was a growing appreciation of that. you can go too far with that, obviously, and say it's the world and not the u.s. what is that tricky balance, in your eyes? >> well, we do have complaints against the activities of china, economically in particular, but i think that we can and should sit down, as i believe george bush, sr. would have advised, and tried to work out a solution. you know, he was the most experienced president we've ever had, served in the air force, so he knew the military. in congress he served. he served at the united nations as our ambassador. he was our envoy to china, vice-president. i've never met someone who was so committed to public service and who understood the issues that came across his desk. neil: all right. ambassador. i very much thank you for taking
8:15 am
the time. it was a joy covering you in that administration at that time. i was only just a couple of years younger than i am now. [laughter] >> but thank you, very, very much. carla hill on this life that we celebrate today a president who was very, very consequential on foreign affairs and reaching out to any and all and it occurs to me we say such wonderful things when people pass away, but the good thing about george bush was a lot of people were saying them long before he did. telling pee that geico has been offering savings for over 75 years. that's longer than the buffalo wing's been around. dozen wings. and did you know that geico... (lips smacking) offers mo... (coughing) motorcycle insurance? ho-ho... my lips are burning. (laughs) ah... no, my lips are actually burning. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. see how much you could save at
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8:19 am
and appreciated the life of george herbert walker bush. you look at the connection and that's interesting there. trisha nixon and julie nixon eisenhower, our father believed in george h.w. bush, encouraged him to run for senate and supported him tirelessly when he was president for four years. george h.w. bush lived a life that was powerful and extraordinarily rewarding for our nation and for our world. among many of the tributes coming in from everyone, from all the former presidents, to the dalai lama and ellen degeneres now that's a tribute on a life. and miikka's husband was secretary of commerce under george h.w. bush. they good to have you, i'm sorry under these circumstances. your remembrance? >> it's a sad day, but my life was influenced by president bush and touched in so many ways and
8:20 am
i first met him in 1986 when i was a volunteer in his vice-presidential office in however, texas. and i'll never forget the first time i met him. he came bounding into the volunteer area, and said, hey, who is this? and how are you getting along? how are you being treated by these old-timers here, referring to jack white, and betty green, his long time assistants and he said to me, you know, i'm considering running again for president. and a few weeks later, i was asked to work as a volunteer in his advance office as a press secretary in houston, texas and what i observed was he was consistent with everyone, whether you were a world leader or head of state or a valet parker. he just had a boundless sense of humor, which i saw on many occasions, especially when we were visited him much, much later, many years later in 2000
8:21 am
in kennebunkport at walker's point and the first thing he did, he greeted our car and he carried my bags to my room in walker's point and then asked us to hop on fidelity, which was his speed boat, and he -- and he went flat out on that speed boat. neil: i don't know if that was a badge of honor, he just like put you through the ringers here. and there was an opportunity when all presidents meet with economic journalists and nerds like myself and i was very impressed and i know they get research on each and every one in the room with them and including myself and how is it going, where i was at the time and i remember a handwritten note a few days later and i was just one of many coming in and out of there. and i found it remarkable, of course, that he would take the time to do that, but, more to the point that i wasn't, you know, necessarily special.
8:22 am
did he that with everyone who visited or most everyone who visited and it was the personal touch from the most powerful man on the planet that struck me and yet yet, i've heard that again and again a consistent theme that was in his dna. >> a unique quality and i was so touched when he reached out to me when my husband was dying of pancreatic cancer. he often gave me a quick phone call just to buck me up. he'd come bounding into bob's hospital room with the latest joke. he'd entertain the nurses with some of his stories from the past. he just was such a bright light in so many people's lives. in fact, my son called me last night to break the news to me and cameron who is now in his 30's remembers meeting president bush as a young kid and what he-- his legacy even on cameron's life, he touched so many people, just effortlessly, just by being himself, really remarkable man. neil: and you know, his funeral
8:23 am
now seems to be uniting, i don't know, you know, some chilled parties, if you think about it. i'm not talking about democrats, i'm talking about within his own party, they invited donald and melania trump, and donald and melania trump accepted and will be at the ser have is on wednesday and further, this president will recognize it as a national day of mourning. and maybe it's an honor accorded any former president and should be. and maybe refreshingly remarkable, what do you think? >> from a historical perspective look how he and president clinton came together after the hurricane in haiti and barbara bush referred to them as the odd couple. they had differences, arch rivals so they came together for the greater good.
8:24 am
i think that president bush was able to set an example of bipartisanship. something that president trump said that he's willing to do now that we've lost the house. i think that president bush with his statesmanship-like personality, his really low -- his lack of braggadocia and barbara bush used to say your father said don't get a big head. and these post world war ii qualities a shining example to so many who are entering politics today. >> i liked his line about a big head. do you mean a physical big head or-- very funny. mica, good to see you again. >> thank you. neil: we remember so many people with different reflections on the same life and a well-lived life and we talk about that all the time when people pass away. what is nice to see and we're seeing this sadly to the buildup
8:25 am
a lot of people were expecting is that, they were saying it while he was alive and could appreciate it, he made a difference and on this world, he was highly regarded. we'll have more after this. when my hot water heater failed it rocked our world. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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and visit to learn more. >> all right, you're looking at college station, texas. this is outside the george h.w. bush library. the former president of course passing away last night. flags at half staff as they've been put at half staff across the country to remember a former president, the 41st president of the united states. the father of the 43rd. only john adams can claim that distinction in american history. a good view of history and someone who was there, very tight with the bush family, anita mcbryant, a former
8:29 am
assistant of busgeorge w. bush laura bush and anita even under these circumstances. >> thank you for having me. neil: we were talking quickly on the break and i don't want to give that away your impression with the whole bush family and personal approach led by the dad. >> led by the dad and by the mom. i mean, they were two kids when they got married, you know, 18 and 20 years old. neil: incredible. >> incredible and look at the lifetime of service and partnership, the example that they gave not only to their own kids and grandkids, but to all of us that had the privilege to work under them. i was director of white house personnel during 41's time and i met my husband. and it was a far-reaching example for all of us. neil: can you settle a family score i'm trying to get right. >> i'll try. neil: know the a nasty thing.
8:30 am
the relationship between the father and son and i know the father would come to visit a number of times, but we're told, or the rap is that he would stay out of his son's business, make it clear that he didn't like some of his top lieutenants, including i guess donald rumsfeld, the defense secretary, but that was the extent of it? >> i think that's what you hear on the outside and i think it's absolutely what the reality was. i mean, this-- and george w. bush talks about that a lot openly and repeatly that this was a relationship of love between a father and a son, and of course, he knew he always would have his father's moral support, to buck him up, and to offer, maybe guidance, but not always advice. i mean, i think the president, george h.w. bush knew what it was like himself to be in the oval office so to that extent he knows the moral support that a president would need, but he knows that his son was up to the task of the job, too. neil: you know, you think about it, too, i mean, we talk about
8:31 am
this as a second father-son team we've had in the white house, but with john adams and john quincy adams, there was a quarter of a century and here it's eight years. i wonder how it went down and whether they were trading stories or ideas, particularly after 9/11? >> well, i think, you know, and the point you made about the adams, too, john adams never visited his son in the white house. and george h.w. bush and barbara bush were guests often, frankly and you felt the sense of perspective of history and the arc of history in this short period of time that these-- that father and son, you know, were in the same house. neil: yeah. anita, president bush, with whom you worked, the son, said that i was, quoting him here, kind of quoting him, i was more conservative than my dad. was that your sense? >> i think in some ways. i think that that is true.
8:32 am
i think that some of it, in the way that president george w. bush's demeanor was different than his dad's and you know, perhaps that was a -- and to the point that you made about secretary rumsfeld, too, that, you know, president george w. bush was comfortable with his defense secretary for quite a long time. neil: that's right. >> and his approach, to his job as secretary of defense, where maybe bush 41 might have handled it differently. neil: he was the diplomatic one. we don't know and it's all just a guess. >> but they supported each other and loved each other and so, barbara bush, too, and it hurt her more to have her son criticized than her husband and hurt a fair amount. neil: president bush, sr. would say that, as well the clinton relationship fascinates me because they had a heated campaign and ended up losing to someone, a lot of people thought it would be an impossible mission going up against
8:33 am
president bush height of the gulf war, goes back to houston, he's despondent, but then they strike up a relationship where even your old boss president bush said he was a brother from another mother. and it lasted to the very end. >> and what a great example. and, sure, that loss in 1992, it hurt. it hurt george h.w. bush, it hurt barbara bush, hurt the family, it hurt all of us, his staff, the rhetoric of that campaign completely changed the way not that we felt about president bush, but the public felt about him. neil: so there was nothing fake about that when they warmed up and going on missions together, raising money for haiti earthquake victims. >> yes, and thanks to george w. bush who put them together and i think, yes, that developed a really close relationship, and again, with george h.w. bush and george w, too, when you're out of politics, you're out of politics, but the country needs you, you come together. >> that's true, i didn't think
8:34 am
of that. neither really talk much about their successors or second guess them. >> no, not at all. and i do remember asking on the air force one ride over to pope john paul ii's funeral in april of 2005, this is about eight, nine months after this relationship started developing between 41 and 42, and i asked president bush 41, what is this relationship you've struck up with president clinton, what is it? look, he likes to talk, i like to listen and i think i'm the father he never had. and that tells you everything about george h.w. bush. neil: i think it does. that's a beautiful story. anita mcbride, former chief of staff to bush and you were in new york and we tackled you. my daughter and nephew are sitting in the room because we were out here visiting. neil: very good to have you even upped these circumstances.
8:35 am
these are nice stories. >> beautiful stories, the country needs them. neil: woo do as a country. >> right or left, something very decent about everything going on in this country right now when we talk about this. it's united all political families, including these overtures that both had sent, that is from the trump white house, to the bushes that dominated the white house for so many years. they have invited the president and melania trump to go to the funeral. the president has responded that they will. strange things happen in tough times. more after this. i know you want to leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question. tecky, can you offer low costs and award-winning wealth management with a satisfaction guarantee, like schwab? sorry. tecky can't do that. schwabbb! calling schwab. we don't have a satisfaction guarantee, but we do have tecky! i'm tecky. i ca... are you getting low costs and award-winning wealth management?
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8:38 am
>> this is is a historic day in many ways, not only with the passing of president bush, the 41st president of the united states and what's going on in the g20 summit in argentina, but in mexico they're swearing in obrador, the new president, and
8:39 am
they are mike pence put out a statement. president bush loved his family, loved his country and his legacy will be a lifetime of service to the united states of america. lamar alexander joins us right now to take this, he will be shortly with us, but just to-- before we get to him to give some plans, and sadly the bush family had to prepare for this, the former president's condition was deteriorating. they will have a national day of mourning for the former president on wednesday and put out invites to donald and melania trump to join them at the service for the 41st president and the president has responded that he will attend the service, don't know if he'll speak at the service, but he'll be at the service. we also have clark judge with us, a special assistant and speech viter then for vice-president george h.w. bush, he served in that capacity for ronald reagan before assuming
8:40 am
office in his own right. clark, very good to have you. we always look back at that dynamic, i guess, between ronald reagan and the vice-president, and then the vice-president and how it might have started a little politically, the overtures that were made to gerald ford on the part of ronald reagan and then settling, i think, i don't mean that to be dismissive, but choosing instead george bush. and they had had a heated battle for the party's nomination, but an it grew quite close, didn't it? >> it was very close. they met every week over lunch. they very early in presidency-- actually on the first inauguration day vice-president bush called together his staff, or the day after and said, look, we are loyal to the president. his staff, of course, is made of former campaign aides and they had-- a lot of them hadn't quite got
8:41 am
over the campaign. he said we have -- we are loyal to the president and i don't want anybody to do anything otherwise, suggest anything otherwise. he was clear that that was his priority, to support president reagan. he did and the country was very, very fortunate to have him ready take over when president reagan left office. it was a time of tremendous upheaval and we needed someone who understood the international scene, who knew the players, who had tremendous good judgment. neil: clark, i don't mean to jump on you, my friend. the president right now is speaking in buenos aires, with angela merkel. and he might addressing this. >> and i want to say it's a
8:42 am
great honor, thank you very much. >>, [speaki [speaking foreign language] >> i'm very glad for this international meeting. we shall address issues related to trade and also fair trade and trade organization. we will also talk about the national, ukraine, syria, and the imf treaty by russia, there's quite a lot to do, quite a lot on our plates. >> thank you very much. >> okay. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> mr. president, have you
8:43 am
spoken to president george h.w. bush -- george w. bush? >> yes, i have and jeb, also and angela and i were just talking about it, he was a wonderful man and you might just want to explain your little meeting with him. i found it very interesting. >> and i was in the white house visiting george bush and he's the father or one of the fathers of communication and we will never forget that. >> i found that very interesting. so we extended our best wishes and he was a very fine man. i met him on numerous occasions. he was just a high quality man who truly loved his family. one thing that came through loud and clear, he was very proud of his family and very much loved his family. he was a terrific guy and he will be list. and he led a full life and very
8:44 am
exemplary life, too, i will say. we've decided as you know we are going to have a big press conference which i actually look forward to because we've made tremendous progress at g20 with many nations and we are going to have a very big press conference and out of respect to president bush we've canceled it here and we'll have it back in washington at some time in the near future, sometime after the funeral service. okay. >> do you reget any of your comments about --. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> mr. president! >> we will be meeting with president xi tonight, my group, small group and he will have a small group of representatives and about trade, a very important meeting, but again, the fact that we lost a
8:45 am
president who truly was a wonderful person, a wonderful man, a great man, it really puts a damper on it to be honest with you. we are going to have the meeting tonight and then i'll be going back to washington and we can all meet sometime during the week or shortly thereafter. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> i never know when to leave one of those, because a question or a comment might come up from president bush, but interesting his comments and nice words and praise he has for george h.w. bush. said he has spoken to his son, the former president, as well as jeb bush. those two had a very dense relationship of course during the 2016 campaign, but much seems to have made this water under the proverbial political bridge here. the bush family invited president bush and his wife melania to attend the funeral service and the trump family has accepted. so, as is often the case and sometimes sad news like this, it
8:46 am
can bring some good news and can unite political opponents or those who have had dinnefferenc and it seems silly when someone passes away, what are we fighting for. and the president has his big meeting with xi jinping, and sad under this cloud, but the meeting will go on, on the trade front and potentially his final chat with angela merkel in germany, she's in a hope of political friction at home and enough of that. the passing of iconic symbol, the 41st president of the united states, the father of the 43rd. and secretary of state for him, senator right now from the beautiful state of tennessee. senator, secretary, very good to have you. we were talking about these overtures between the bush family and obviously president
8:47 am
trump and the kind words of the president reaching out to not only president george w. bush, but his brother jeb bush. hopefully, and maybe i'm being naive, bygones are bygones. >> that's the way people are suppose today treat each other. i remember president bush, h.w. bush never did quite understand how bill clinton could beat him. they were from different generations, but after a while, i think george w got a little jealous that president bush was treating bill clinton as another son. so presidents have a way of learning to treat each other with respect and i think all of us appreciate it when they do. neil: it's remarkable when bill clinton revealed this note he got from president bush when he assumed the presidency, i guess this is something a tradition that all presidents leave for their successors and i won't read the whole thing to you, sir. but he starts out by saying dear
8:48 am
bill, when i walked into this office i felt the same sense of wonder and respect that i felt four years ago. i know you will as well. i wish you great happiness here. i never felt the loneliness some presidents described. there will be very tough times, made even more difficult by criticism you may not think is fair. it is very good-- it's very good to give advice, i'm not one to give advice, but i just don't want the critics to discourage you. that's pretty classy coming from a guy who probably just chaffed at seeing that he lost the presidency and didn't want it to get in the way of the next one. >> well, he did chaffe at it. it was after one term. he was a combat hero, nearly lost his life in world war ii. bill clinton, like a lot of the rest of us didn't serve in the military, and he just didn't understand it, but the thing to remember about george h.w. bush
8:49 am
is a good title for his biography with jon meacham might have been the last gentleman. there might be other gentlemen, but the fact that he was so well prepared for the president and so self-secure made him in retrospect an enormously effective president particularly when we think of fact we got to baghdad after that war he did not go into baghdad, he was wise enough to do that presiding over unification of germany, didn't feel the need to boast and beat his chest and he knew that would make it tougher for gorbachev. and gentlemanly. and one said he thinks he's the only person elected to the presidency primarily by being nice. neil: i like that. senator, thank you for taking the time. i do appreciate it. >> thank you. neil: all right. karl rove's association with the
8:50 am
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past anything that stands in its way. ...well almost anything. leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> with all the bad press he would get and throw things at the tv hearing it and even allowing for the war, take it out of the equation, you'd still get bad press. >> i really don't worry about what people are saying about me. >> even a little bit? when you hear something like middle class, born in the middle class, broken department of the? >> well, i know the facts are what they are and it's a job of a dad and a mom to worry about the son. it's the job of the son to worry about the country and the people in this country.
8:54 am
neil: there was that. that the father would really not really give his son advice as much as bristle as the criticism that the son got in office. karl rove a senior advisor to george w. bush and got the influencer with george h.w. bush. karl, it's interesting that he bristled at the criticism that his son got and maybe tried to ignore it when he was in the same office. what do you think of that? >> yeah, well, both president bush 41 and 43 had the same attitude, history will get it right and by the time it does they'll both be dead. they didn't worry about the criticism. they let it go past them and focused on the job and i think it was a sense of mission and values that the father passed to the son that helped 43 deal with the vicissitudes of the office. neil: the dynamic between the two, karl and you worked closely with both of them and got your
8:55 am
start, a young college republican and sort of picked out, i wouldn't say out of nowhere, you were not insignificant, but-- . >> i was out of nowhere. i was picture picked out of nowhere. i was 22, got summoned to the fourth floor of the republican national committee and lecture how we were suppose today behave ourselves and not cause problems. for some reason i never understood six weeks later president bush, then chairman bush, offered me a job and less than a month after that one of my mission on the day before thanksgiving was to meet his son, who was a harvard mba student, who was coming down from boston to spend thanksgiving with his parents and i gave him the keys to the family car, a purple gremlin with levi strauss interior. say what you will about the 41st president of the united states he was not car proud. neil: style only went so far. we were talking about history, a great student of that, that's an
8:56 am
understatement, that the bush name has been on four tickets, four presidential tickets and five, if you think about it, so, i'm wondering what that legacy means. >> well, it's an extraordinary family, informed by values and character, a lot of it comes from president bush 41 and a lot of it comes from his remarkable mother and father who are extraordinary people in their own right, but i look at president bush 41 and think about all that he did in his lifetime. you know, a child of privilege, growing up in the northeast, going to a finishing school, you know, phillips andover academy, accepted to yale, the war comes and he at age 18 becomes the youngest navy combat pilot in world war ii and decorated, shot down in combat. and then, the arc of that life. i mean, extraordinary life. when he gets out of yale, he rushes through yale, married-- he always referred to her as
8:57 am
barbara pierce of rye, new york. when he married barbara, rushes through yale and starts a family, rather than going to wall street where his family had deep roots and father was involved instead an oil field salesman and moves to bakersfield, california to learn oil field business from the bottom up and moves to odessa, texas and founds his own oil company and when they hunted republicans with dogs in texas and gets elected to congress and the rest is visit. what a remarkable life, but it's based in character, in integrity, in humility and respect and decency that is hard to fathom. my association with him, the time that i got to, would for him, and as a very young man, literally set the arc of my life. and so many people were similarly influenced by their association with him. neil: some people might welcome that arc. others might bristle at it, but that's for another day, young
8:58 am
man. but, karl, what do you make of what seems to be nothing, but kind words and eloquence coming not only from the bush family towards the trump family, but the president and melania back to them. they've been invited to the funeral, they're going to the funeral. we just heard out of buenos aires, the president had spoken to president bush, jr., and also spoke to jeb, who they had a pretty heated contest for the nomination with him a couple of years back. fairly remarkable, isn't it? >> look, there was -- i'm probably breaking the cone of assignments, but there was some concern months ago with some trepidation on the part of the trump white house if something happened, what would the reaction of the family be. and it was amazing the reaction of both president bush 41 and president bush 43 was immediately please reassure the trump white house that the
8:59 am
president and mrs. trump would be welcomed, we'd be grateful for their attendance when the time comes. and this is a moment-- these are moments important to america, when we come together as a nation. republican and democrat, right and left, in order to honor our fallen leaders and particularly this man who lived an extraordinary life of service to our country. you know, a true patriot in every meaning of the word, and, yeah, i've got to tell you, i know that one of the memorials that he would most cherish was just issued by the u.s. navy, which tweeted out, you know the-- the words fair seas and following winds sir, we have the watch. that would mean a great deal to a man who entered the navy at age 18 at beginning of world war ii. neil: i can hear it in your voice, hear it in your demeanor, you loved the guy and understandably. >> i do. neil: karl rove, thank you very
9:00 am
much. we remember a president, a one-termer as they say, but so consequential. touching us in areas that bespeak not of politics, but of simple humanity. remembering him on fox. >> and what a life it was, the nation mourning of loss of a true public servant dedicated his whole life to public service. george h.w. bush, the 41st president of the united states has died at age 94. memories pouring in not only in washington, but around the world. next two hours we'll take a look at the life and legacy of george h.w. bush. america's news headquarters from washington now, i'm deland vittert. >> i'm ebonik williams. >> good to be with you. and the tributes to


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