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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  December 1, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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border patrol needs the help, of course, we will provide it, but look back to when president clinton deployed troops along the border in order to maintain control over immigration. look back to when president bush put troops there. the longest duration deployment of federal troops on the border were under president obama. 7 years, they were deployed there. so we will look at it, if there's a specific issue that requires department of defense support for the -- for the commission of border patrol then, of course, we will provide that, but we will stay strictly within the constitution, strictly within our laws and the law enforcement functions will be carried out by the appropriate people, either the border patrol or u.s. marshalls or other federal police but not by the u.s. military. >> all right, last thing, the president was asked in an interview whether he was going
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to fire you or you were going to leave, first he called you a democrat or short of a democrat and he said everybody leaves, people leave washington but you have a good relationship. so do you have any plans to leave the administration soon? >> well, if i did, bret, you wouldn't be the one to know. [laughter] >> but, ladies and gentlemen, let me explain something. when the president of the united states, republican or democrat, male or female, none of that matters. when the president of the united states and i've never met mr. trump until i met him as president elect when he called me back for job interview, when the president of the united states asked you to do something in america you just do it, quote, nike, just do it. don't get caught up and wondering and ringing your hands or something like that and say, to do or not to do or whatever, just do it. get up, go up, do your job to
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the best of your ability, uphold the constitution, give the president your best military advice, in my case, but, you know, we've got to get back to the point where service in this country is something you do. i mean, to tell you the truth the only reason i'm back in this low-paying output is because i love the troops, because i learned to hate mind field at age 21 but i love and they would look through something they didn't want to find, they didn't want their buddy behind them to step on it and the other reason is i have love affair of the u.s. constitution, i will just leave it at that. >> let's leave it at that. [applause] >> there is -- obviously there's no national draft. this is the last thing, you mentioned it here, there's fewer than half of 1% of americans currently serve in the u.s. military. fewer than 9% have ever served.
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so many americans don't have a close connection at all to someone who is serving or has served. so civilian military divide is expanding, how do you get people who don't have a connection to buy in? is that a concern for you? >> it is a concern. i think many of us when the draft had developed such poor reputation for whatever reason, vietnam, for unfairness and we got rid of it, many of us in those days wondered would this turn out to be very good for the military and the all volunteer, i should describe as all recruited, there's vigorous recruiting that goes on, have been very good. we have all volunteered but would it end up being for the republic, divorce us from the body politic, would people make decisions quite smugging the
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fact that none of their family members would be in harm's way, we have to consider, ladies and gentlemen, we can't hide from that elephant in the room. i think on a broader level we can get back to fundamental friendliness with one another as americans, if we can rediscover respect as fellow americans even if we have different ideas on how we take the country forward, we probably don't have big differences about where we want to go ultimately, so if we can create a society in which respect and friendliness is the passport that we all have when we meet each other, whether it'd be in our school districts or in our businesses, public life or private life, if we can get back to that, then the military as part of that society representing the most selfless, the most selfless literally will go on harm's way for us will not
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seem alien anymore, they'll seem like your own brothers and sisters. at that point whether they belong to your family, immediate family or our larger american family, i think we can keep this thing together that we call america and just one great big experiment but it's noble work even if it's hard work and we better all go back to finding a way to embrace one another. in the military we are not special, patriots that we decide this is the way we pay our dues and country is like a bank, if you want to take something out of, if you want something out of it, economic opportunity and kids to go to college, you to put something into it. there's a hundred different ways to serve but the military, the most selfless has got to remain embraced by the american people whether you have a member in the military. thank you very much. >> mr. secretary, thank you for your service to the country and thank you for this and i would love to have you on special report some time. [laughter] [applause]
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>> thank you. arthel: defense secretary james mattis telling great bear -- bret baier that we need to find a way to embrace one another and embrace the military in a very lengthy and in-depth and thoughtful interview there that bret baier conducted with defense secretary mattis who thoroughly enjoyed it, mentioned how much he admires bret at fox news, one of the things that i want to point out on this day that we honor and regular life and legacy of president george h.w. bush, defense secretary mattis made remarks to that calling president bush one of our own and he says that president bush, he serves as role model, always puts others first in this order, he says family, shipmates at sea and, of course, his country. so we will have this interview
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with baier, bret baier did with secretary mattis on fox nation and other interview that is took place at the reagan national defense forum as we continue coverage in fox news and remember the life and legacy of president george h.w. bush. eric: very compelling and meaningful address at the forum by the secretary who gave personal advice, don't always think about everything, just serve the country, talked about selfless service and you're looking the screen at a man who did just that. exclusive town of connecticut, son of u.s. senator, went off to midland, odessa, texas to find own fortune fields of the state before turned to public service as chairman gop harris country republican at the same time when you couldn't get many republicans in the lone star
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state to congress to the head of the republican national committee, the united nations, ambassador to china, vice president and, of course, president, life of selfless public service, he was gracious, thoughtful, considerate and had character. the one person to work with him closely joins us now, denise ross, distinguished fellow, denise ross, point person on many diplomatic efforts and both republican and democratic administrations and worked especially in the middle east in those administrations and during george h.w. bush's tenure. mrs. ross, thank you for joining us, first, pointing to what the defense secretary said moments ago, he called vladimir putin a slow learner, criticized his continued aggressiveness invasion of ukraine and election interference. george h.w. bush had partner with mikhail gorbachev, how do you think george h.w. bush would deal with putin, deal with
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resurged aggressive russia today? >> well, i think one of the things about george h.w. bush he looked at things as they were, he never tried to sugar coat them. he tried to always look at the nature an adversary were and whether they were changeable. i think basic premise was if someone was going to engage in behaviors that basically violated international norms that there had to be price to be paid. you could create that kind of a price, not only would it affect others but in all likelihood would affect in the case like putin it would affect hymn as well. putin is transactional as long as he gets away and acting a certain way and doesn't pay price he will continue to do that. george h.w. bush would have focused on how do we raise the price in a way that matters to putin. the price you to impose is not
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abstraction. it's not just something that you create so you can say you did something, you tried to do something that would matter to him. now, in this case i think one response would be, for example, to show that this water way is international water way and you move pretty quickly to organize to go to as way of demonstrating what the russians have done isn't going to be respected. simply doing sanctions is not enough. the fact is putin is someone who is quick to use his -- his force but only in ways where he always feels that it's safe to do it. so he's not going to challenge and suddenly international company and send message to him, enough is enough. i think that's kind of -- given george h.w. bush's approach which was also frequently governed by recognizing how weak and mobilized others with us and we are always more forceful if we weren't acting alone.
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i could see him trying to do something like this as described. >> what are your thoughts after serving with him, achievements, especially dealing with the middle east? >> well, think about the fact that under george h.w. bush not only did he reverse the aggression of saddam hussein in kuwait, four days into that -- after the attack he said it will not stand and did not stand but also presided over breaking between talks with israelis, madrid peace conference. up until that time, diplomacies was careered throw denial. you began to create middle east when it came to israelis, you had peace agreement with jordan and you see even today the level of cooperation between arab states and israelis, we still don't have peace but the region looks quite different and in many ways different because of contributions that president bush made.
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eric: he understood the role to have united nations and getting all the other international community on board before going forward in 1991. >> he understood that if we -- if we were going to have our actions seen as being legitimate we needed to have some kind of international umbrella and went about it where he put others on the spot. he would quiet i will go to them along with secretary baker and basically say, look, this is what we are going to do, we would like to have you with us but understand we will do whether you can join us or not, we won't put you in the corner, you need to know that this is what we are going to do and from the beginning he made it decision that getting council resolution would make difference in terms of adding legitimacy to what we were doing. eric: we thank you for your thoughts on this sad, sad saturday and we thank you for your service to the nation that continues in diplomatic efforts, ambassador ross, author to have book doom to succeed, relate and
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discuss tenure in various administrations including that of george h.w. bush. arthel. arthel: stay with us for continuing coverage on life and legacy of former president george h.w. bush, we will have more recollections as we look back at the dedication he brought to the presidency. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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alebut in my mindrong. i'm still 35. that's why i take osteo bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long-term. osteo bi-flex because i'm made to move. arthel: also remembering his personal side. he was an avid outdoorsman, the president fishing in texas, that was just one of h hobbies, joining me now chuck, former assistant to george h.w. bush, what an honor of a job you had, i can't even imagine. anita, thank you for joining us
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here on this day. we, of course, it's a day to chuckle because you have fond memories of president bush. i want to talk about your thoughts on the passing of george h.w. bush, first memories that flooded your mind when you heard the news. >> well, of course, it hurts, but it was a bit expected, of course, we saw the challenges in his health over the last few years but we rallied, he was so strong, fortitude, the first thought what a life well lived and what all of us want to leave this world, love from all over the world not just family and friends but from the whole country but i also thought about the example that he left to a lot of people like me who were young pups that came to the white house in early 80's and he was vice president and ronald reagan was president and many of us met and married, those marriage that is came out of those 12 years, myself included.
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my husband was his personal aide as vice president and president, and just how much we learned at the foot of a great leader. arthel: talk about your day-to-day interactions with president bush? >> sure, during his time as president i was director of white house personnel so i dealt a lot with the senior staff. i see the president occasionally but not a lot but when i started dating personal aide then i got to know him. arthel: what did he think about that, by the way. >> they we wanted to know who i was and barbara bush who was master of match maker anyway, they we wanted to know who i was and coming out party is we were invited to state dinner, talk about pressure for the president of brazil, i will never forget that and when we got engaged barbara bush was one of the first to come and see the ring. [laughter] >> so cute, family people, they embraced all of us who worked
12:19 pm
for them, gentle and beautiful way, memorable for all of us. arthel: you mentioned first lady barbara bush, i think of her when i where the question, who were the silent heros at the white house? >> yeah, of course, she -- barbara bush, generally, you don't put -- i know what you mean that sort very effective, not in your face influence and first ladies generally have that kind of influence. she was partner with george h.w. bush through and through and, you know, they were young kids when they got married, started having family, started leading public life. she definitely, he trusted her, they had fun with each other, the whole family really was, just really a joy to be around. >> clearly, an example couple,
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that was something that you took away based on the eyes are tinkling as you recall wonderful stories, what other life lessons with you? >> well, in addition to just sort of watching these two people and how they led our country and people like me and so many others, politics and how the lessons of leadership and just graciousness and integrity and fairness. we saw that every single day and the reaching across the aisle. he would have all to have democratic congressmen friends that were friends in congress. he would invite for horseshoes or tennis, cocktail, movies to the white house, the white house was always full of people from all sides of the aisle. arthel: we leave it there anita,
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that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. arthel: fox news alert president trump in argentina for the g20 summit holding series of meetings with world leaders. one of the most closely watched upcoming dinner meeting with china xi jinping to discuss critical issue of trade to start any minute, earlier today the president canceled news conference following the death of president george h.w. bush. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live in buenos aires with the latest, jon. >> arthel, the president with angela merkel said death of
12:25 pm
george h.w. bush cast shadow on meeting with jinping but probably the most important meeting that the president has had perhaps all year, the most important meeting in g20 summit after months of stalemate and escalating trade war between the u.s. and china that has led u.s. officials to become profoundly disappointed in the state of play between the u.s. and china, there are some officials who see reason for optimism that tonight's meeting may be the potential for a breakthrough in trade relations and why are they thinking that way, because senior white house official who briefed the press about an hour ago on g20 communique said that there's significant accomplishment coming from the summit that china committed for the first time ever in one summits to do infrastructure financing on transparent terms and ensure it doesn't lead to unsustainable levels of debt in the developing world, what does that mean? china is pursuing something called the one belt -- belt and
12:26 pm
road policy, they want to build infrastructure projects around the world, a lot of them in developing nations that can't afford to do it, therefore the technology would be chinese and in that country would owe a lot of money to china, so china would, in effect own the infrastructure in the country. that's one of the things that the united states has become concerned about. who will be in the delegation meeting with xi jinping tonight? white house telling fox news it would be the president, secretary of state pompeo, secretary of treasury steve mnuchin, john bolton, national security adviser, jared kushner, larry kudlow, chief economic adviser, lighthizer and navarro. earlier this year mnuchin went to some lengths to keep navarro out of that. navarro is a hawk on china.
12:27 pm
chinese don't like him a whole lot and you pair them together with u.s. representative lighthizer and you have people in lock step with the president and in the middle of everything is chief economic adviser larry kudlow who is free-trader but admittingly said that china is behaving badly and needs to change behavior and in the free trade side of things, international list side of things, jared kushner as well as steve mnuchin. one of the things that the u.s., arthel is dangling out there sweetener for china agreement or china dinner, rather, to delay the implementation and tariff increases which are scheduled to go into effect on january 1st, maybe as far back as april 1st to allow time for negotiation. a lot of people that that would be reward to china for having done nothing and they want to see significant movement. things i'm told are looking better than they were before but
12:28 pm
there's still long way to go before the u.s. and china can reach deal on trade, arthel. arthel: dinner, dessert and diplomacy. >> serving it all out. eric: more on this joined by john bussey, fox news contributor, john, we are heard john roberts report from buenos aires that could be deal, what can you expect zm. >> john was being cautious as he is right to do because nobody is expecting a big breakthrough. the talks running up to g20 were inconclusive, infrastructure building where they are not going to rake developing countries coals, lend them a lot of money but they can't pay it back so china takes control of the poor, that the money was used to build and china doesn't want to be in the business of managing all of this stuff, making the agreement and frankly
12:29 pm
we won't know whether that actually ever happens, because china makes a lot of commitments but then doesn't live up to. eric: we heard something about transparency. >> they are going to stop demanding companies transfer technology to do business in china, are they going to stop stealing intellectual property or stop funding and subsidizing state-owned enterprises so that are competitors, those are the big issues, lighthizer and navarro are arguing and need to be addressed. eric: what do you make of navarro in the meeting? >> he was not initially supposed to go but got on the list. that's very important because he is as john points out in lock-step with the president on hawkish harder line with china, in favor of the tariffs. what happens tonight?
12:30 pm
the communique has been issued, everybody compromised and not a lot was said, multilaterally has role in world but international structures like the world trade organization are not doing good enough job, that's the president's line. eric: do you think there could be a delay, a delay -- >> you know, who knows, there could be because the president likes to -- to run his own show, there could be something that comes out of the dinner that's substantial but the data points right now point to some kind of an agreement to continue talks right up to january 1 when those tariffs would increase, but if the tariffs don't increase and there's this kind of talk, kind of fig leaf, we continue talks behind april and may and kind of on our way, probably perceived as the u.s. having blinked. in a position, they have to put tariffs up or they have to find
12:31 pm
some kind of deal before january. >> we will see what happens. george h.w. bush, former president for china for 2 years, he and barbara welcomed chinese, bicycle around, go to restaurants, what was his tenure like and they liked him? >> yeah, they did. he was kind of -- he was one of those early faces in china from the united states. not quite as early asciis -- asp kissinger and nixon. but kind of more broadly, here is a man who stood pretty large on the international stage, he was ambassador to the un as you say envoy to china as well, president of the united states, kind of navigated the united states through the post-cold war era with russia as wall came tumbling down and exsoviet states to international community. real difficult diplomatic job of walking through the political mind field.
12:32 pm
eric: he certainly had the ability to do that and photos of he and former first lady bicycling around then beijing, fascinating. we will be back in a moment with moreo remembrances. n't grab just any cheese. you picked up new kraft expertly paired mozzarella and parmesan for pizzahyeah! kraft. family greatly. that skills like teamwork, attention to detail, and customer service are critical to business success. like the ones we teach here, every day. andthat grandpa's nosere cri can'is performingsuccess. "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪ no, you goof. i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. nice. i know, right?
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president george h.w. bush, died last night in home in houston, he was 94 year's old, the former president will lie in state in rotunda starting on monday as president trump declared wednesday december 5th of national day of mourning. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel who covered the bush's in texas many years joining us with more. >> remembering him as statesman dedicate today service to this nation, this morning the flag over the u.s. capitol lowered assign of respect following the passing of the 41st president, the public will get to pay respect, senator majority leader mitch mcconnell saying george bush was blessed with many gifts, first among them were beloved barbara and family they built together. today we accompany the entire bush family in mourning and prayer and join them in gratitude that god gave this
12:37 pm
country, george and barbara bush and iowa republican senator praised the former president of life-time of service. >> he was a very good relationship maker and keeper. so we appreciate his great service not only through his time when he served in the military but through many, many difficult years and on even after he left the presidency. >> senate democratic leader chuck schumer offered tribute, president george h.w. bush will be greatly missed in many ways, fine man and even when he opposed views you know he was doing what he thought was best for america, yearning for kinder for nation. hillary and i mourn passing of george h.w. bush and give thanks for great life of service and friendship. i'm grateful for every minute i spent with him and will always hold our friendship as one of my
12:38 pm
life's greatest gifts. speaker nancy pelosi saying duty, sacrifice, commitment and patriotism, always a gentleman. his friendship will always be cherished by all who are bless today know him and retiring house speaker paul ryan noting about mr. bush, great in character leading with decency, war hero and statesman, the country inspired by example. many remembering him as man of principles with remarkable legacy, eric. eric: that is for sure, mike, thank you. arthel: eric, as the nation remembering president george h.w. bush we will have a live look now at presidential library in college station, texas where as you can see the flags are now at half massed, brat blakeman, former assistant to president bush and brad, i understand that you helped open, part of the
12:39 pm
team that helped open the library there in college station, i want to ask you on this day, how is president bush's leadership, his style and legacy amplified. >> well, town full of politicians president george h.w. bush was statesman, he lead on principle, decent, honest, he put duty, honor, country above all else. it wasn't about him, it was about us and i remember vividly being on the team to open his library and he arrived from houston on train with former heads of state and all kinds of friends and he lectured us that there's not to be any hoopla when he arrives the day before, it'll be plenty of hoopla, he was going to arrive at a crossing with the arms that come down and he was going to arrive at intersection and we said to
12:40 pm
ourselves, we can't let them do that, we had about 7500 or 10,000 people for his arrival, college station students as well as citizens, the mayor was out there, we had bands and the governor spoke and he arrived as he should and after the event was over the president looked at me and said that was a lot of hoopla but i appreciate it with doing the right thing to do. arthel: you have to love the humility. and president bush was big on foreign policy, what are the present day precautions? >> the wall coming down was left to president george h.w. bush in the after math of the wall in free societies like poland and
12:41 pm
czech republic and i remember him going back to tell those who are free we are still with you and i remember standing in square a year of velvet resolution and bush came in 1990, you know what the song of revolution was we shall over come. our anthem of civil rights and their symbol of freedom was a bell just like our liberty bell and president bush stood before a crowd of 700,000 people and proclaimed how he was that they were free society with president havel, that's the kind of legacy that george h.w. bush brings. it's laying the seeds, it's tilling the soil and reaping the benefits of the fruit and that's what he has done all over the world. arthel: i think that's a great note to end on, brat blakeman, thank you very much for sharing
12:42 pm
stories and perspective. eric: we know president bush's legacy at presidency, shot down in pacific, we will have more on that next. so a tree falls on your brand-new car and totals it. and as if that wasn't bad enough, now your insurance won't replace it outright because of depreciation. if your insurance won't replace your car, what good is it? you'd be better off just taking your money and throwing it right into the harbor. i'm regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand-new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ eric: we are remembering the life and legacy of american hero, youngest aviator in world war ii, the war's last veteran to serve as president. the u.s. navy tweeting its farewell today saying, quote, fair winds and following seas, sir, we have the watch. joining us now is john jordan, attorney economists, hoover institute to talk about the president's service, john, it is
12:46 pm
astonishing story, pt109 but perhaps well known is the young commander 20 year's old george bush of yale shot down radio tower and plucked out of seat. how do you think that experience shaped him for the rest of his life? >> well, as a naval officer and i have been one your highest -- your highest most sacred duty second only to accomplishing the mission is that care and welfare of the sailors who are entrusted to your care. now, in september of 1944 then lieutenant bush was leading a 4-plane element of torpedo bombers hitting radio station in island, tough assignment because the japanese have been known to eat american prisoners that they captured, sometimes dismembers them when they were alive.
12:47 pm
plane was hit by aircraft fire and able to maneuver it, get over the ocean while struggling free his radio man and gunner to save their lives. great personal risk and enormous amount of pain, he did this. and he was able to escape but unfortunately both of his crew members died. he was later rescued and spent 30 days on submarines and joked with the crew that being shot down with antiaircraft fire was nothing compared with what they had to go through. humility, president bush. navy values and tradition, continued to find expression in his career when commander in chief he had to send men and women in harm's way and with deeply felt pain and concern for their welfare that he had learned as a teenager in world war ii. eric: he knew about it firsthand and he didn't really talk about
12:48 pm
it a lot. they didn't really make it major cornerstone of personal story. >> no, president bush starting from a very young age it was never about me or i in contrast with politicians, experienced more recently, perhaps the greatest tribute to him is the friendship and relationship he had with president clinton, the man who defeated him, took the presidency from him in 1992 when they worked to bring relief to haiti and hurricane victims in the united states. someone asked him, how would you work with the man who beat you and deprived you of second term and answer was, just because we ran against each other doesn't mean that we have to hate each other. fine example for americans today. eric: he absolutely is, i'm sorry to interrupt you, breaking news from the g20 in buenos aires, arthel. arthel: in fact, we want to take you there to the g20, president trump is having dinner with chinese president xi jinping, let's listen for remarks.
12:49 pm
>> i want to thank the president for his nice best wishes to the bush family on behalf of a man that we all respected and liked very much. president bush and we very much appreciate that, mr. president. we will be going back, i will be going back to washington right after this and we will be spending 3 days of mourning and 3 days of celebrating a really great man's life and we look forward to doing that and he certainly deserves, he really does, a very special person. i spoke with jeb and george today and we had great conversations and we -- we discussed actually for quite some time their father and how much they loved him and how much that he loved them, so we are now going to start our meeting, we will be talking about a number of topics and number talking would be the fentanyl
12:50 pm
problem in the united states which is a tremendous problem. i'll be asking the president to do something about that, i think you'll be able to, restricted category, we would be able to stop it right there. that would be to criminalize itn china, we will be discussing trade and at some point we will end up doing something great for china and great for the united states and i look very much forward to dinner and i look very much for discussion and discussions after but the relationship is very special, the relationship that i have with president xi and i think that is going to be a very primary reason why we will probably end up ending up getting something that will be good for china and the united states. so we very much appreciate it.
12:51 pm
[speaking in native tongue] [speaking in native tongue] arthel: president xi is getting the translation of what president trump just said there before the dinner that they are having, you see the two men sit ago cross from each other at a very long table of diplomats. as john roberts says, lots on
12:52 pm
the menu besides the food on the table. eric: the president sounded optimistic that he can come out of the dinner with something, perhaps delay in negotiations but good more china and good for the united states and certainly talking about the passing of former president george h.w. bush saying that he did speak on the telephone with george w. former president and with jeb bush, saying they had a great conversation. arthel: they both expressed reverence for their father and president bush to him. eric: yes. arthel: for more on the president bush's life and legacy we want to bring in jane hampton, presidential historian, former george h.w. bush staffer and helped plan the opening to have george h.w. bush library, thank you so much for being with us and a little bit earlier we had brat blakeman on and he was part of the planning team at the library there in college station, you were as well, how was that, what was it like?
12:53 pm
>> well, it was, you know, i was not part of president george h.w. bush's staff, i was texas a&m staffer. it was inspiring and what stands out to me about the time and life, planning library is he opened the bush school but he didn't want it to just be about government, he wanted it to be about public service and that's actually part of the name of the bush school, it's the government and public service and that really encapsulates philosophy. i was struck by inaugural address, he talked about we are not the sum of our possessions, the possessions don't define our lives, it's about being loyal friend, loving parent and then he said this, really stands out to me, it's about a citizen who leaves his home, his neighborhood and his community, his town better than he found it and that just strikes me as that's what george h.w. bush was. he was a man, a citizen who left
12:54 pm
his nation better than he had found it. i think that just really says a lot about who he was as human being. arthel: having said all of that, where do you think he would live in the presidents? >> that's hard to evaluate the presidents. the civility with which he led, not very many vice presidents actually became -- arthel: jane, let me -- let me jump in for a second. we want to go back to dinner there in buenos aires and take a listen. excuse me. >> and over the past recent period -- china and the united states, two important countries with major influences in the world show important responsibilities for international keys and prosperity. only can we serve the interest of world peace and prosperity and that is why i look forward
12:55 pm
to this meeting between the two sides where we could have exchange of ideas on issues, mutual interests and also especially to jointly future for u.s.-china relationships and also saddened by the passing away by the late president bush who is someone who had made important contributions to china-u.s. friendship and relationships during his lifetime and this morning via chinese foreign ministry i have sent message of condolences to president trump and hopefully you will convey our condolences to the bush family, thank you. >> thank you very much. very nice, i appreciate it. i want to just add that air force one will be taking myself and a large group of our people back to washington, it will then be reset and it will be sent to houston to pick up the casket of
12:56 pm
president bush and be brought back to washington, so that will be done in rapid order, most of you know the process, the procedure, but we will be sending air force one which is special tribute that he deserves very much and my honor and, again, he'll be missed, greatly missed, terrific person, terrific man, thank you all very much. appreciate it. arthel: president trump there with fond words for president bush saying that he will send air force one to texas, to houston to pick up the president and bring him to washington where he will -- i believe eric, december 5th is the national day -- eric: alliance day starting on monday. >> december 5th. eric: wednesday is national day of mourning for president george
12:57 pm
h.w. bush. arthel: interesting to hear president xi, they were there for bilateral meeting with president trump and president xi on how to move toward in tense war but interesting to hear president xi through lance -- translator that he's looking for cooperation between u.s. and china and as they work through world peace and prosperity and also said that he sent those condolences to president trump in order to president trump to transfer and relate them to bush family. it's very much president george h.w. bush at the top of mind there as he -- bringing in jane hampton back, it's very interesting because as you well know, jane, as historian, president george h.w. bush was very instrumental in starting up the u.s.-china relation and we built on that from his impetus.
12:58 pm
>> he did, i was reading today that president bush had told barbara, you know, if president ford says you can be the ambassador to great britain or to france, you know, i'm going to tell them i want to go to china, i want to be part of the beginning of new relationship with china and he did, it wasn't the easiest, you know, a place to go, had to ride a bicycle wherever he went but he deared to chinese president. the reason president trump is with president xi at the summit in large measure because of the diplomacy of people like president george h.w. bush. arthel: absolutely. we are wrapping our coverage, we will toss it to dana perino momentarily. do you have any personal thoughts that you would like i would just say that president george h. w. bush loved his
12:59 pm
country, and he loved his family, and he was the real deal i. wasn't a cliche to serve the public. it was something that i think was genuine from his heart and something that he passed along, of course, to his son. and i think, you know, our country is better for it. arthel: indeed. jane hampton cook, thank you very much for joining us on this very special day. >> thank you. arthel: fox news continues to remember the life and legacy of president george h.w. bush. that's going to do it for us for now, but it's just been really remarkable to see -- i feel, hopefully, it will last. but for this moment on this day and for the week to come, it's very nice to see the nation really come together as americans and honor someone who represented our country so well and himself so well as a man. eric: you know, it's remarkable, because as we said, he did go from the cushy, exclusive confines of connecticut. he could have done anything in his life. arthel: yeah. eric: didn't have to go down to texas, didn't have to run for
1:00 pm
newing, didn't have to go for public service, but he did. in world war ii and the white house, where you see the flag is at half staff. deign are that perino -- dana perino next, she served often president bush's son, she knows the family well. dana: good afternoon, and thank you for joining us. we continue to remember the life and legacy of george herbert walker bush, the 41 president of the united states. he passed away last night. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino, and this is a special two-hour edition of "the daily briefing." ♪ ♪ dana: the former president is set to lie in state at the u.s. capitol for two todays starting monday evening. rick leventhal is outside the bush residence in houston. rick? >> reporter: dana, we're outside the gates of the community where george h.w. bush spent about the past 24 years


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