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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  December 2, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PST

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complicated and interesting
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figure than most of people might think. i was looking at his story and his times about his remarkable life decade after decade of service. and i believe that he was the last of the times. >> the same year bush lost his daughter echo founded the oil company. >> he becomes an offshore oil man with zapata industries. brit: he wanted to serve his country in the political arena. george in 1964 ran for that same office in texas. reporter: george bush is republican candidate for the united states senate. brit: he lost his senate race. not one to give up he ran for the house of representatives in 196 and won.
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-- in 1966 and won. >> he was almost immediately thought of in national terms. nixon was a vital patron, ambassador to the united nations, chairman of the republican national committee. brit: but it was a bad time to be chairman. the gop was falling apart amid the watergate scandal. ford named bush envoy to china, then director of the cia. >> when he was offered the' cia public confidence was at an all-time low. but he had an intense belief a citizen's duty was to do with the president of the united states asked him to do. >> there were questions about the way the agency had been handled. so it was an important time when there was a lot going on. as we put all those pieces
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together. george bush ended up in the cia. brit: after jimmy carter was elected president in 1976, bush retreated to texas. he decided to run for the fence and run for president. >> they break out laughing when you tell them you are running for president of the united states. >> he announces he has the momentum and he'll knock reagan out. he didn't count on one thing, which is ronald reagan. ronald reagan comes back strong and knocks bush out. brit: it looked like it could be the end of george bush's political career. he had been exactly tough on reagan but he did say this. >> he promises to balance the budget and cut taxes and increase spending and stop
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inflation. i call it voodoo economic policy. brit: but at the convention reagan chose him as his running mate. bush wanted to lead, but he knew how to be a good team player. >> bush was the perfect vice president for ronald reagan. he never once articulated a view or feeling or policy that was at odds with the president, and they became extraordinarily close. very, very good friends. and an extremely good team. brit: as ronald reagan's second term was drawing to a close, bush was ready for the biggest moment of his life. while you would expect the second in command to have an easy path. it was anything
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together to break with the past and return america to her greatness. brit: many times bush seemed unfocused and voters weren't sure what he stood for. >> when he was asked why he wanted to be president, there weren't always'' crisp answers. he was not a campaigner who's style, chols style lends it stoafl sound bites and that hurt him. he wanted to conserve what was best about the country and reform what wasn't. that reform would take the shape of sensible often centrist solutions. president trump believed if he was trying to do the right thing and his heart was in the right place and if he produced results, then the voters would
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be with him. brit: on top of this there was the wimp factor. >> called him an ugly shot. some people doubted whether he had the strength or the guts to make the hard call. bush's argument was but then i flew in war with didn't think that. the men i built the business with didn't think that. the cia agents i served with, didn't think that. ronald reagan doesn't think that. brit: one incident that dispel thunder that notion was when he stood up to dan rather. >> it's not fair to judge my career by this one thing with iran. how would you like to be judged'
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for the 7 minutes you walked off the stage. >> it's interesting that it expressed doubt. you think it went okay. better okay. brit: bush won the nomination by getting tough with his republican competitors. >> bush went negative and won the primary and pushed on to victory. brit: his first big decision was to pick a running maitd. he picked a relatively unknown senator from indiana, dan quayle. >> he said we want to keep it a surprise. i said i just was watching television and they said it's not doait'snot dole,'.
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they might figure out it might be me. he said this is your first assignment. don't screw it up. >> i'm proud to have dan quayle at my side. >> bush wanted to be bold and generational. the quail decision was the first decision bush was able to make a totally independent way since he went on the ticket with reagan 8 years before. brit: here at last was a chance to design himself in front of the whole nation in his acceptance speech. >> i want a kinder and gentler nation. >> what was so remarkable about norms was he delivered his speech with power and conviction. >> this is my mission and i will complete it. and he used something he didn't
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like using which was the first person pro nowrn. he said i am that man. brit: the there was one line in the speech that would be remembered above all others. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> he decided to say it. he paid a price for it forever. brit: bush redefined himself. then he had top redefine michael dukakis. brit: he attacked his opponent over a prison release program in massachusetts. >> while out, many committed other crimes like kidnapping and rape. many are still at large. brit: governor duf governor dufe
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recentful than the last years george h.w. bush was in office. >> george bush was his own man, and he did things particularly, i think, in the foreign policy sphere that were somewhat different, perhaps than might have happened under a president reagan. brit: one thing he knew he would have to deal with from the start, the cold war, which had been the central fact of american foreign policy for decade. there appeared to be tears in the iron curtain. in eastern europe, borders long closed by come anything were opening up. then in november, the unthinkable happened. these symbols of the cold war,
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the berlin wall, fell. it was a great moment. but a dangerous one, too. how would mikhail gorbachev react to the dissolution of his empire. >> bush said he would handle it with grace and dignity. he wouldn't stick it in gorbachev's eye. gorbachev later said bush's reaction helped him avoid a counter reaction in europe. he was able to put himself in the shoes of hard liners thinking how would i feel if i felt my world crumbling. well, i would not want other side to dance on the wall. so he refused to do it. >> i was a little more forward. it was my desire to make certain
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the process continued and as quickly as possible. >> i remember very distinctly. he said we'll not be bragging. we'll not be out there flexing our muscles. we have to be quiet. i talked to thatcher, i talked to cole, and we are going to do this in a quite, diplomatic way. he was firm about that from the beginning. >> i remember the criticism george bush got when he refused to dance on the ruins of the berlin wall. they said you have won this 40-year conflict and you are not showing any emotion. what's wrong with you. he understood that we still had a lot of business to do with gorbachev and we weren't going to stick it in their eye. >> he paid the price at home.
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there were democrats in congress saying he didn't understand the historical moment. nobody understood the significance of the berlin wall falling more than george h.w. bush. >> i thought he did a good job of managing america's role in the afterpath of the berlin wall. getting at the chance to have a positive relationship with both the united germany and the united europe, and hopefully a democratic and more peaceful russia. e maximized the chances of a good outcome with the decisions he made. >> the potential for chaos and the potential for the united states mismanaging that, the potential for us to see this as a moment of extraordinary weakness in an arch enemy, and to push as hard as we could, all
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those temptations were there. and i think the bush administration understood that for us to be able to reimagine europe and reimagine the world was going to require restraint and care and the way the president managed that was really important, and his national security team helped usher in relatively peaceful transition to what we now know is a unified europe. and purchased at least 25 years of relative stability and peace in relations between the united states and russia. brit: the soviet union fell without anyone firing a shot. but before his time in office was over, he would go to war and be tested as he never had been
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brit: it was the most of hectic 48 hours for president bush. hours earlier the forces of iraqi dictator saddam hussein invaded their tiny neighbor kuwait. bush led the world's leancht super power. but instead of intervening alone. he formed a coalition with the rest of the world. brit: some of his friends in the region for reluctant allies. >> one of the worst offenders is king hussein who is apologizing
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for saddam hussein and being almost a spokesman for him. >> we had a number of the arab companies as part of the coalition. the arab countries' demand was we not invade iraq or target saddam specifically. we said we are not going to invade iraq. our objective is to get him out of kuwait.
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>> had the soviets not come on board right after the invasion, we never would have been able to build the coalition that we ultimately -- and we would never have gotten a resolution in the security council. they would have vetoed. people talk about building a coalition. we talk about a coalition in syria today, but it isn't there. others talked about a coalition, but the on one that was a strong, substantial, functioning, overwhelming coalition was this one president bush built to eject iraq from kuwait. this is a guy from world war ii. the veterans of world war ii remember what it was like, but we are strong believers in using force when necessary. when it was time, the president
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was there. brit: the decision to go to war was not taken lightly. i want you to hear christmas eve 1990 right before the start of the gulf war. >> i'm not surprised he carried
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the burden of the decision. he had seen war. he still talks about the two men that died when his plane got shot down. secondly he already committed troops once in the panama and there was loss of life. i can remember the anguish he felt. i am not surprised he deliberated over the decision. but george bush is a man when says something, he means it. and he meant it. >> when you listen to the tapes,
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you are rinsing to a man gramming with the most of important problems of the modern age. >> i never saw a day like this in my life. >> just two hours ago allied air
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forces began attacks on military targets in iraq and kuwait. tonight as our forces fight, they and their families are in our prayers. may god bless each and every one of them, and the coalition forces at our side in the gulf, and may he continue to bless our nation, the united states of america. brit: operation desert storm with a coalition of 34 nations lasted six weeks. it was a decisive victory. >> what we and our coalition partners did to stand up against
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saddam hussein's aggression was right, just and moral. and we did the right thing. >> it was over in quick order. it was necessary. clearly the united states was the sole power left. brit: the on question was whether united states forces should remove saddam hussein. >> it was the right thing to do. they didn't know what would happen if saddam was gone. they knew it weren't be a walk in the park. he said he wouldn't do it and he kept his word. >> people said why didn't you go to baghdad and take care of saddam when you had the chance. people don't ask that question anymore. the ethnic conflicts that would have resulted and have resulted. it was a wise decision.
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we would have lost our coalition, and it was the right decision as history has shown us. brit: baker's assessment is a subtle dig at the second bush administration. the elder bush was not so subtle. he thought his son's vice president and defense secretary rumsfeld were hawks. he said of rumsfeld, i don't like what he did and it hurt the president. after the gulf war president trump had a near 90% approval rating. but he would discover in politics as in physics. what goes up must come down.n.n. with the united explorer card, i get rewarded wherever i go. going out for a bite. rewarded. going new places. anytime.
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flying high. >> now i sign little laying that takes a sledgehammer to another wall. one which has separated americans from dips business from the freedom they could glimpse but not grasp. >> he passed a sweeping civil rights legislation with the americans with disabilities act. he passes the clean air act. he does things trying to make the bill as conservative as possible, but were in fact bills that involved a big role for the public sector. how do you justify it? he justified it because he thought that was what was right for the country. and the politics of it, the politics of explain weighing was doing was never his strong suit. brirt * the domestic agenda got
2:45 am
him in trouble with the conservative wing of his party. >> there is going to be a lot of people in law offices and a lot of people in the federal courts. brit: the domestic issue that hurt bush the most of was the economy. he knew from the start of his presidency a tax hike may be necessary. >> he knew it was a breach of his word and he took that seriously. brit: he felt congress had him over a barrel. budget passed in 1990 included new taxes. >> in my view it was a mistake to raise them, having made it
2:46 am
such a high profile promise or commitment. i understand full well why he did it. we were running huge deficits. he negotiated a deal with congressional democrats under which he would agree to some tax increases for exchange for spending cuts. >> the deficit at that time was seen as an existential issue. it was about america's decline and our capacity to project power around the world. and getting the deficit under control. >> raising taxes angered his base. >> his sense of duty and putting the country first, he would take the political hit that was required. but he would not shut the government down in october and november of 1990 as troops are streaming tine the middle east. >> he said i'm not going to be
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judged by my mistakes. i will be judged by the decisions i make. brit: was he destined tooooo place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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brit: heading into his reelection bid george bush seemed like such a shoo-in that the marquee democrats side away from the race. after the successful prosecution of desert storm, bush's approval rating was the highest any president had seen in the post world war ii era. >> the troops got back to a normal routine and normal business with respect to budget and tax policies. the public moved back away from the war. they were concerned about the domestic issues. >> there is an unsatisfactory number of people out of work. brit: by 1992 his approval
2:51 am
rating tanked. in a routine photo-op. made him seem out of touch with a supermarket scanner. and at a world meeting in japan he threw up at a dinner. brit: there was doubt in the air. his democratic opponent bill clinton was his polar opposite. clinton a baby boomer. bush served his country. clinton avoided the draft. clinton's political style was another era. >> the idea of i feel your pain is impossible. >> i feel your pain.
2:52 am
>> clinton was i'm one of you. bush was i can lead you. that's a fundamental distinction. a generational distinction. brit: worse for bush, third party candidate ross pe ross pes polling well. >> without per perks rot we would have been re-elected. >> i just called bill clinton. and offered my congratulations. brit: while he maintained a so i can facade, he was hurting. >> he is in suite 271 at the houstonian hotel and begins to
2:53 am
dictate. >> he had to design somebody to be commander-in-chief, you would be hard to find anybody as qualified as george h.w. bush was.
2:54 am
>> yes, he did that. and every departing president leaves his successor a note. and the note he wrote me which i treasure did exactly that. that it was the most of wonderful opportunity in the world. he wished me well, and he wished our country well.
2:55 am
brit: thomas jefferson once said no man will ever carry out of the presidency the reputation that carried him into it. that seems to be true of george h.w. bush whose standing was in low ebb when he left office. but the further we get away from the bush presidency, the better it looks. >> george bush was an incredible leader. he led by making tough decisions, good decisions. he was a result-or yerntsed
2:56 am
president. >> when he took the office nuclear armageddon was a possibility. when he left office, it was not. not a bad record, that. he went out of his way to show respect to other humans whether they were americans or his diplomatic work or as president. he was extraordinary as showing humility. >> i argue he's the greatest one-term president in american history. he had principles and also he had common sense. when you look at how he handled foreign policy and domestic policy. he was thoughtful, restrained, and made good decisions. i think he was one of the most of underrated presidents we have had in modern times. >> i genuinely love the guy because of the feeling he has
2:57 am
for his family. he's an innately kind person. and because i think he really did want the best for the country. he's my best friend and he says i'm his. that's a big deal for me. we had an honest administration. there were no scandals, and he put the country first. ( ♪ ) ready to juvéderm it? correct age-related volume loss in cheeks with juvéderm voluma xc,
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. we lost a president who truly was a wonderful person, a wonderful man a great man. he was a terrific guy and he will be missed. america many mourning after the death of president george h.w. bush. >> that true patriot george bush. he taught us how to live a life without regrets. >> plenty of work to do for the president here in argentina. including the dinner with thigh that president xi jinping. the two men agreed to working toward increasing world security. >> ain anchorage recovering quiy given the intensity o


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