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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 6, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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♪ [applause] >> neil: stocks ripon for a second day, but the fed may be coming to the rescue. a top executive in china is arrested. now reports that china could be behind that massive attack at marriott. the fallout and reaction from the white house coming up your president trump set to speak moments from now from the east room in the white house for a hanukkah event. if he addresses any of these things, we will bring them to you. new reports that say that he could be the president's back as attorney general replacing jeff sessions. former whitewater special prosecutor robert away will
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weigh in on that. and we are live in texas, where the train is set to arrive in college station, texas. we will speak with bob dole. he offers a final salute. "your world with neil cavuto" right now. welcome everybody, i am charles, and for neil cavuto. all over the place, but what has got investors so crazy these days. was is on their mind at the end of the day? >> which was such a roller coaster. you saw volume pick up. they published a report saying that the federal reserve may consider adopting a wait-and-see approach when it comes to interest rate hikes. slowing that down to going into 2019. you saw an uptick in volume. up to 800 points lower today. so definitely climbing higher,
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you have a fax that there is oil trending lower. fear of this trade war with china. that was one of the major leaders to the downside. you have the downside of a cfl. a cellular chinese company. a large, large company. and investors are concerned that because that arrest went forward and a vancouver that this could put a strain on trade between the united states and china. let's take a look at some of those now winners for the day. seeing on that list right now, visa climbing higher. walt disney, specifically when it comes to disney, i saw them increasing their price targets. they believe that it is going to be a winner in 2019. that is their expectations. let's switch over. at boeing, when it comes to trade as well as exxon, and that is because of oil. i want to talk about it.
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one-third of their of their 7:30 sevens are actually sold to china. so when you have intentions with china, you are seeing boeing being quite effective. crude oil is down. the reason being you have an opec meeting in vienna. there is still no word yet about whether or not they are going to cut production. last but not least, you have marriott. there is a report from reuters, saying that they could have possibly affected half of a billion people. that it could be linked it to china. however, marriott sold up. right now, they are still looking into it. and a 2-mile, don't forget, we are expecting roughly 2,000 new jobs. >> charles: certainly an eventful period. what effect all of this is having on the associations with china. we are at the white house with more on that. blake. >> hi, there charles.
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arrested by canadian authorities just a handful of days ago. that cfo is now in the process of extradition of that huawei official back here to the united states. the sanction violations, which of course the usa has been cracking down on. that day is important because that of course was the day that president trump and president xi jinping were meeting in one authorities bue. i am told just within moments ago by a white house official that at the time of that dinner, the president was not made aware of an extradition request. the administration throughout all of this has been very tight-lipped. they are referring everything over to the department of justice when we reached out to them today. they did not have an official
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title. john bolton, the president's national security advisor, giving interviews. he was asked at the time of the president was aware of the extradition request, and he sort of walked through some of the processes as to how this could have potentially played out. >> i don't know the answer to that. i knew in advance, but this is something that we get from the justice department, and these kinds of things happen with some frequency. we certainly don't inform the president on every one of them. >> including the then security director, mike pompeo, warned earlier this year of using the devices from the chinese telecom giant. one of the fears is that many china could be using a huawei to spy on the u.s. saying today that he has this worry. >> my fear is whether the trump administration is going to crumble under huawei.
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and as we think about it, we moved to the next generation. that transformation is as big as anything. and it's will be seen in the wireless industry. >> huawei said that they provided very little information regarding the charges, not aware of any wrongdoing by ms. meng wanzhou. they believe that the u.s. legal systems will ultimately reach a just conclusion. i am sure that you have gone over this, or you will. what all of this, what does all this potentially mean for the trade negotiations going back and forth there? it has been a whole lot of goodwill coming out of that on december 1st. i.d. that we know that top huawei executive was arrested. >> charles: thank you. the plot certainly thickens. meanwhile, the dow is down nearly 800 points. parts of those trade woes,
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before they begin cutting those losses. so what does this actually mean? we are also joined by our panel. let me start with you. obviously, it was interesting because the new started last night. it happened sunday. something that we just found out about yesterday. it hit the futures market really hard. we started under a tremendous amount of pressure. what do you make of it? will it impact renegotiations? >> the arrest of the ceo from the chinese company. listen, the market thinks it will. i can tell you traders, they were telling me that they think it's bad for the market. as you know, the market can back it, i should point out. basically going slow, normalizing interest rates. so there is a lot of countering things here for an investor. bounces off of geary, who has skin in the game.
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i think it is the perfect time to be in cash. for this reason, if you really think about it, we might or might not have a trade war. we may or may not have economic slow down. the fed is thinking of not raising rates or having an economic slow down. generally not great for stocks and corporate earnings. i mean, if there is ever a time to be cautious, it seems like right now. >> charles: melissa, to that point, when this article came out, the headline of the article, by the way, not reducing urgency the pattern. this was music to their ears. a group of somebodies stepped in and started buying this market. >> there's two ways to look at it. everyone is panicking, everything is falling off. this could be a good buying opportunity because price is are lower. a lot of companies that are very strong still. amazon, apple appeared all of the name still out there. we could still continue to drop. i think we hold the uptrend, but
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we don't know where we go from here. there's too much news and it too much reaction. even though the news broke last night about this arrest, if you look at the time and the date, the big sell-off happened on tuesday. so december 1st without. you've got to kind of wonder if some people knew that that had happened before the news broke to the national media. >> most of our viewers are going to go cash and all of their 401(k)s. probably want to hold onto some of these names. you are one who watches and listens to the men in action today. it's a lot of people said that we had to bounce off on this. we close where we wanted to close. we get that big jobs report. cash it all out for us. >> well, i'm not crazy doing the minute-by-minute, but charlie is right on one very important thing. last week, the fed to try to talking, the market went up, then dropped. guess what they did today? they re-announced it to
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hopefully put a backstop on the market. for me, the most important thing that happened today was we hit low, rallied up, we just hit it again, so probably for now, another one is placed. we are going to rally up, but i've got news for you. there are 1200 new yearly lows at this point in time. financials have been wrecked. so many areas of the market are in trouble, and they have seen something fundamentally. so i think this number may be okay. i worry about january. down 80, the best that i have seen in market history. >> charles: or up 790, depending on your view. [laughs] >> i was going to say that i don't think they had advanced word. this is insider trading. that traders knew about the arrest earlier. i think that the sell-off was on the terrace.
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tuesday, i'm sorry. it's just at the market is on edge when it comes to trade and trump. they don't think that he has a coherent plan. he may in the back of his hat, but there is a method to donald trump's madness. we all know that. but the markets don't see it right now, so they're going to trade off on this right now. i will say this. december might be a better month going forward and all of that, but the fed is signaling that is going to normalize the slower, which is essentially what "the wall street journal" article said. that means it is worried about the economy. generally, it is good for corporate earnings. >> charles: that scared people people. i think that is music to their ears. >> it sounds like janet yellen, doesn't it?
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>> charles: who is william barr? what could his nomination mean? former whitewater nominee is here. set to arrive in college station, texas. his final resting place. bob dole will be joining us as he remembers and salutes his fellow patriots and friend. only genuine idaho potatoes have the perfect taste and texture to get your meal started right. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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the united states postal service it's too hot. makes more holiday deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. ♪ with one notable exception. ♪ >> charles: a possible blast from the past at the justice department. new reports that attorney general for president h.w. bush, william barr, is going to be president trump's, right now could be his next pick for ag. the read on this from former whitewater prosecutor ray, someone who has been added. that is a confirmation process. it from a legal point of view, what would you make of that? >> he has experience. i think that's the biggest
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thing. he served under the first attorney general for president h.w. bush. he is very highly regarded. a sense he served as attorney general, he served in a number of different posts in the private sector as experienced in house. a private law firm, he has represented clients. a wealth of experience. very high regard for the justice department. he was thought very highly of by the people who worked there. i served under him when i was in the southern district of new york. >> charles: president trump had a serious problem with jeff sessions from the very beginning. it was clear that there were conversations that they should have had. certainly things that jeff sessions should have told president trump up before accepting the job. is that going to be part of the interview process? the vetting process before the nomination is made? >> i think indirectly or directly, that the
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president asks him is there anything i should be concerned about, relative to any possible recusal looming on the horizon? i think that would be an appropriate question to ask. if he doesn't ask you directly, i am sure that the white house counsel will. >> charles: would that be appropriate for the commander-in-chief to ask a question mark >> sure. i think it is important for him to be able to pick someone who is not going to feel compelled to recuse himself from the investigation. i imagine that is not the case here, but i think the question not one level or another will be asked. >> charles: do you think that he will get pushback from democrats? he has a body of work and has been through the process before. >> i don't think that there will be anything other than what you would expect other than a reasonable inquiry. promises that he's made, if any, to secure the nomination that he had with the president appeared would be deemed to be beyond it just simply vetting questions.
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but other than that, no, i think that he will sell true confirmation easily. >> they have been able to hammer out certain circumstances regarding the hearing of james comey. it will be behind closed doors, but the general public will get a chance to hear about it. republican senators wanted to do this the right that way. everyone plays the clock at, and we never get answers. >> i hope that there is a reasonable follow-up and some coordination among the members of the house judiciary committee to ask what i think are some pertinent questions about the origins of the russian investigation and what, if anything, was known about where the information came from, and then ultimately disclosures that were made to the court. it >> charles: what about his handling of hillary clinton? i think a lot of people still are not happy with the way that
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that happened. >> i don't know that much more can be added to you that public record. i suspect that you will hear from jim comey to the effect of what he has testified previously. it wasn't a perfect solution. i think that there are reasonable differences of opinion about whether haley clinton could have been prosecuted under statutes that don't really require proof of criminal intent, but at the end of the day, discretion had to be exercised. maybe jim comey was on the one to be exercising it, but i don't know that we are really going to change the end result that a prosecution was not brought. >> charles: less than a minute, i've got to ask you, the mueller probe, where do you think it is? >> we are seeing a lot of sentencing initiated. i think what you should look fo for, the rest of sort of the cast of characters that are going through this process,
1:20 pm
whether there is cooperation, and to what extent there has been cooperation. it doesn't seem to envision that there is going to be future testimony, which suggests to me that these sentencing proceedings are bringing things to a conclusion. you should expect the mueller probe probably to wrap up. >> charles: we very much appreciated. lawmakers putting new pressure on the white house over the khashoggi killing. could president trump would be on board with what they are now asking him to do? and we are alive in college station, texas. george w. bush makes his way to his final resting place. we will be joined shortly. they will arrive in college station in about 10 minutes. over 100 years ago, we were talking about the model t. now here we are talking about winning the most jd power iqs and appeal awards.
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>> charles: had brought a growing number of senators from both parties putting pressure on the white house over saudi arabia. calling for -- on capitol hill. >> hi, parts of the problem, they say that saudis are not trustworthy on the issue of the jamaal khashoggi murder. >> last time i talk to the saudi ambassador, he told me an outright -- and outright untruth. he has your credibility. i would not have come back to the country. >> one option is a senator passing a resolution very critical of the saudi crown prince on the murder of jamaal khashoggi. he said that could start next week.
1:25 pm
presenting a strong message to the saudi royal family. "we should formally expel them to the united states, given the crown princes and direct involvement in the kidnapping and murder of jamaal khashoggi. we should call on our allies to do the same. another key democrats says that there must be a response." >> i think we should have a thorough re-examination of our relationship with the saudi government. that would be one of a number of strong stances that we could take you it's because these are clearly awkward times between washington and the saudis fury to >> charles: thank you. reaction from greenbrae commander. you know, universally, i think in washington, d.c., there is a feeling that perhaps there should have been stronger condemnation, even though we have complicated relationship with saudi arabia, where do you think this is going to go? >> well, to begin with, there is
1:26 pm
no question that they ordered the killing of khashoggi. there is no way to dispute that. i think that that is what they eventually told the senators when she briefed them. that said, we are in a dilemma now that i think is going to be very difficult for the trump administration to work its way through, and the reason is that there is no good outcome. but we also need to reflect on history and realize as we go into you know whatever lies ahead, that we need to reflect on world war ii and realize that our president hugged and praised the man that killed 30 million people because he was our ally and important to the outcome of the war. >> charles: bad people, bad leaders. some of it was unnecessary.
1:27 pm
suggest that we very well may have to reevaluate this relationship. do we go that far? a reliable ally with respect to the most dangerous volatile parts of the planet? >> well, i think that even the people who are calling for expelling the saudi ambassador realize that it is strategic in the persian gulf and in the middle east, first being israel, and they are a buffer between israel and the iranian regime, which has -- as we all know, on the pathway to a nuclear weapon. has a compelling theology to actually use one. so if we stop and think they're
1:28 pm
exactly what's at stake here and get beyond the emotion of what i think a lot of people are dealing with now, and it's bad. what happened is bad. there's no question. but get beyond that emotion and think in terms of what is this really mean to america? the saudis still are the center of wahhabi islam, but they stand against the regime of iran, which has made very clear there intentions to destroy israel, as well as to dominate the future, which they see being -- >> charles: there is no doubt about it that it is an extraordinarily complicated situation. they play a big role in oil. commander, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> glad to be with you. >> charles: folks, you are looking alive at college station, texas. history in the making. the train carrying a present george w. bush makes its way to
1:29 pm
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>> charles: president trump right now at a hanukkah event along with the first lady and vice president pence sang really gracious things about former
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♪ >> charles: we're a few minutes away from the arrival ceremony as the train carrying president george w. bush makes his way to his final resting place in college station, texas. bob dole will be with us in a moment, but first it to alisha acuna. >> hi, charles. we await the arrival of that train into college station. i want to share a photo with you that was treated out by gemma graff. of course, he is a friend of george and barbara bush. he was their spokesperson after their life in the white house. and he put up this absolutely beautiful photo of that flag draped coffin as it was making its way. and you can see as the train made its way from houston to college station, slowing down in part so that all of the people along the way could take a look
1:34 pm
at that coffin and say one final goodbye. and here in college station, after they depart the transition, they will come here to the campus of texas a&m, where the former president will have his remains. i can give you a little bit of an idea of how things will go. just behind me here is that george bush library, presidential library and museum. the procession will come up along barbara brochu driveway. it will be flanked by the cadets from texas a&m university. they will salute the hearse as it moves along. and then things will become very quiet. they will move along behind that building and be greeted by pond. an entirely a beautiful wooded area that was designed by the former president and first lady when they had to this museum and presidential library bills. the family will then get out of their vehicles, and they will go along a pathway behind the gates
1:35 pm
and over a small bridge. and to the camera shots will end at that point. they will have a very private moment to say their final goodbyes. charles. >> charles: thank you very much. perhaps no other moment in this weeklong remembrance of a george w. bush captured the nation's attention more than this. bob dole, patriot, and once political rival, standing and saluting his casket in the nation's capital. it bob dole is on the phone with us right now. senator dole, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> charles: a very powerful moment. in fact, gemma graff went on twitter to say it was the last powerful gesture of respect from one member of the greatest generation. please walk us through what you were thinking as he made that salute. >> well, i came to the rotunda just to say goodbye, to wheel up
1:36 pm
to his casket, stand up. and so i did that. and they stood me up, and it was almost automatic. my left hand went up to my forehead without even me -- i will put it that way. >> charles: of course, you and to president bush, both world war ii veterans. you both fight for the presidency in 1988. he went head-to-head. of course, he came out on top, but you together forged powerful combination that left a tremendous track record in washington, d.c.. it talk about how you worked together to create some of the things like the americans with disabilities act so that many people still regarded as one of
1:37 pm
president bush's biggest achievements. >> well, he signed the bill. but the bill was passed in a bipartisan fashion. i worked with senator kennedy, and we worked it out. we had help from the white hous white house. and we passed it. president bush had a big, big ceremony on the white house lawn. and everyone there, must have been ten or 1500. most of everyone there had a disability. and it was quite an event. and certainly one that i remember. >> charles: speaking of remembering, it feels like all of the religious sort of reminded us that the passing
1:38 pm
of president herbert walker bush may also coincide with the passing of the greatest generation. in a time of greater civility, greater understanding, greater reaching across the aisle, and not just in washington, d.c., but perhaps in america itself, what are your thoughts on that? perhaps the spirit of your generation is fading with the passing of great men like the presidents. >> when he was president, i was a republican leader in the senate. we got things done because we worked with our democratic colleagues, and most of the things that we passed were bipartisan. >> charles: how do we get back to that point? >> how do we get back? i wish i knew. they are not there now by a long shot.
1:39 pm
>> charles: sir, with the train pulling in, will be momentarily pulling into college station. of course, the final resting place for your friend, former commander in chief. what are some of your thoughts on the final truck? >> well, it has been a very busy week for the bush family. and this will capture the entire proceeding. and i'm certain it will be a very heavy burden for the family to carry for a while. >> charles: there is no about that. and of course, when they do arrive, there will be a private ceremony. the world has had their chance to pay their respects. the family will be able to do so in person themselves. thank you very much, sir.
1:40 pm
we salute your service, and thank you for everything, including that image. it's may not have unplanned, but it will be in history for all of us to look forward to and remember the greatest generatio generation. >> thank you. bush 41 a train set to arrive in college station, texas. we will have more right after this. your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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1:44 pm
act of solidarity. george w. bush treated his service members like family. we want to bring and former head of president george h.w. bush is security detail. john, we have got a split screen right now. and we are showing the train. people lined up. everyone eager to pay their last respects. this will be the final resting place for bush 41. and it's college station, texas. a lot of anticipation here. >> yes, this has been on momentous 60s. as you can imagine, we have been involved with the plans for his funeral for a long time as it has developed. prepare to execute it in the best and most respectful manner way that we could. i think that has happened.
1:45 pm
as 43 said, bush said yesterday, you know, my dad only knew two things. run, run, run all day, and sleep all night. it reminds me of how he used to play golf. he would hit a shot, and he would run. nobody would want to play with him. he would run to the next job. he said to me between deep breaths, i don't understand why he can't put. now he is at rest. i am so pleased that the secret service meant so much to them. that we could bring him through these years, through kuwait, and all of the risks that he took. he is safe now. and in good spirits. may he rest. >> charles: john, let's listen listen.
1:46 pm
[cheers and applause] okay, john, we just took a moment they are because we heard the crowd cheering as the train came to a halt there. in college station, texas. what i wanted to ask you is because we talk about these personal, the humbleness, how a president george walker bush made it people feel, he took down names of people. then that photograph that has become an iconic photograph of him of course with the agents while his son was undergoing leukemia treatment. just share with us some of those stories and how he related to the men and women who guarded him. i heard it treated them like family. >> yes, he did.
1:47 pm
by trusting us, seeing the professionalism, not crossing that personal lien, he really had a lot of trust. this should give you an example. nothing comes to mind. one time we were on our way back from golf or something, and the dog has an accident in the backseat. so we just drop him off, and he is making all kinds of comments about how bad the dog was, but he's doing it friendly, so the dog is not misunderstanding what he's saying. he says gentlemen, i'll be back in a few seconds, and i will clean this up. of course, we are not going to do that. so we went back down to our command post, buckets of water,
1:48 pm
to clean it up. >> charles: john, hold on one second. i just want to let the audience know that president george w. bush and are ready depart the train. everyone is in position. this will be the final ceremony. let's take a listen. [silence]
1:49 pm
[silence] [silence] ♪ ♪
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♪ >> charles: we lost our field right now.
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we will probably get it back in a moment. i'm sorry? we've got it back. ♪ ♪
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[silence] [silence]
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>> charles: we still have visual. as you can see, they are bringing out the casket. george herbert walker bush, making his way to his final resting place. college station, texas. anna moment, the family will bid they are farewell. the last public ceremony. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> charles: ♪
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>> charles: historian and former special assistant to george h.w. bush. moments ago, they were playing the aggie theme song, texas a&m. we are ending the week, another spectacle here, celebration of an extraordinary life. from your perspective as one of the most renowned historians, give us your thoughts on everything, please. >> i was amazed that you got bob dole on the phone. kudos to our producers are to you, charles. as i'm watching this unfold, i thought back to february 9 8, 1988 when the bushes almost lost everything. bob dole defeated george w. bush in the iowa caucus. bush came in third place.
1:59 pm
he had already said he was going to drop out of politics if he didn't win. there were rumors he would become the president of the pearl later corporation. the dreams jab had once becoming governor of florida. neil, governor of colorado. george w. bush. the dreams of the family would've been dashed in that moment. i walked george w. bush to his hotel room, stayed with him 30 minutes. he finally went to sleep. i went to the bar, and there was doro and she was just in despair. is it over, is it over? it looked like it was over. the whole future of this great family and to presidents hung by a slender thread. johnson uno hadn't given up in the next tuesday, bush won and upset victory in new hampshire. the bush dynasty as we know it today, political historical
2:00 pm
dynasty survived and thrived. >> charles: doug, thank you very much. it's been an extraordinary week for all-america. thank you very much for watching and we appreciate it. now "the five" is next. >> jesse: this is "the five." you are looking live at college station, texas, where president george h.w. bush has arrived. his casket is traveling to his presidential library where he will be buried. hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with martha maccallum, juan williams, kennedy and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." president george h.w. bush's final journey home, the 41st commander in chief. to be laid to rest this hour next to his wife barbara and his daughter r


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