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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 6, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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pageant is less than two weeks away. their favorite is angela, the first transgender contents and n the history of miss universe. kirsten gillibrand said the future is female,we but that dos not b sound accurate for the miss universe pageant, at least. we'll see you tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. we can't wait. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" tonight. a whole lot of brand-new breaking news, all eyes also on robert mueller's d568 of the witch hunt, and just to recap, a collusion has been discovered, none, we do, however, tonight have no evidence that two top democratic operatives could be in very serious trouble over their shady international dealings. we'll bring that report. also, a huge blockbuster breaking story from "the hill" john solomon, who has new information on the world's
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seediest charity, and there is evidence, the clinton foundation. and we'll show you the latest controversy swirling around democrat kamala harris. we'll reveal the dire consequences from one company's war on the second amendment, and stay tuned, a mini monologue tonight and what is the media in this country's disgusting new low, if you can believe it. but first, that had come about the left, it is time for a lot of breaking news. it will take a full hour, opening monologue. ♪ tonight we are awaiting robert mueller's next move. two reports are expected before the end of the week, including new information on the special counsel's coordination with michael cohen and as well as findings from the never-ending saga surrounding paul manafort. oh, he had nothing to do with russia. neither case is anything to do with collusion. on tuesday, mueller released its report on lieutenant general michael flynn. that memo also providing zero evidence of collusion. a process crime. a lever to fake news cnn to put facts last.
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immediately speculate that the flynn memo was going to be the beginning of the end for the president. lies they have been telling us for two years. they keep recirculating the same eyes. take a look. speak of the t redacted documeny speculating that part of those blacked out part, it matched the number of characters in the words "president donald j. trump." that is the extent to which people are going. you can see it there. >> sean: for nearly two years, robert mueller and his merry band of democratic donors, they have provided ample fuel for everyone who wants to destroy the administration, delegitimize a duly elected president. today, the president made this astute evaluation, writing, "without the phony russia witch hunt, and with all that we have accomplished in the last almost two years, tax cuts, regulation cuts, judges, military, vets, my approval rating would be at 75% rather than 50%, just reported by
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rasmussen. it's called presidential harassment." robert mueller wraps up his investigation, he shouldn't have any trouble getting a job at the dnc. he iss already, what, raise millions of dollars for democrats, worked overtime, full-time, to destroy president trump. he has so many connections, after all, his staff, his entire probe with big-time democratic donors, oh, and even former hillary clinton lawyer over at the clinton foundation. as the hunt continues, we can report good news to you tonight. a few on the left are actually finally being held accountable. tomorrow, james comey, he will not testify under oath in front of the house judiciary committee meant he will have a lot to answer for, and much of it surrounds lieutenant general michael flynn. after all, remember, comey, mccabe, peter strzok, all stated that flynn did not appear to them to be lying. now flynn ultimately pled guilty to that charge, which stemmed from our federal government illegally, watch?
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surveillance, unmasking, no minimize agent,al and then leakg raw intelligence on his international communications. so what did comey know about that illegal unmasking? and leaking raw intelligence? while comey prepares for the hot seat, two other anti-trump operatives are in hot water tonight. the ap is reporting that democratic lobbyist tony podesta, the brother of clinton campaign chair john podesta, along with obama's former white house counsel, greg craig, they are now the subjects of a federal investigation into their lobbying efforts for the pro-russia government of ukrain ukraine. no criminal chargesru yet fileda but the investigation is reportedly ramping up as we speak tonight.ak also breaking tonight, a new report from john solomon at "the hill" revealing shocking details about the investigation into the clinton foundation. according to solomon -- he alternates in a few minutes -- 82017 whistle-blower submitted thousands and thousands of pages of evidence revealing shocking
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allegations, including, "serious concerns about legal compliance, improper -- combing personal and charity promises, and quid pro quo promises while hillary clinton was secretary of state." it is important that they raised a whopping $62.9 million in 2016, when a clinton presidency looked inevitable. the very next year, after a shocking defeat, the foundation only managed to raise a paltry $26 million. now that is a very suspicious trend, given clear pay for play accusations surrounding the clinton foundation. a spokesperson from the foundation did get back to us and tell us that it is one of the most heavily scrutinized charitable organizations in the world and is continually subjected to politically motivated allegations and the foundation's's cfo has been denying any inappropriate or illegal activities. we'll see. by the way, solomon has been
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very busy this week. h last night, right here on this program, we showed you another breaking report from "the hill" exposing serious fisa abuse at the highest level of james comey's fbi and obama's doj. according to this report, the new evidence in a form of a huge email chain finally discovered after two years revealing that "the fbi was aware before they secured their first warrant, and for ms. fisa warrant on carterfi page, that, in fact, there were intelligence community concerns about the veracity, the reliability, of the main evidence, the bulk of evidence, that went into the fisa application." in other words, the clinton bought and paid for christopher steele dossier with russian lies. now the smoking gun evidence that high-level fbi officials willfully committed a fraud, multiple times, on fisa court judges to obtain and secure a warrant on the trump campaign
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associate, carter page. they never told the fisa judge that the dossier was bought and paid for by hillary clinton, a massive omission, or that its contents were never corroborated oror never verified, and that or own intelligence community had doubts. yet, because of that phony dossier, and american citizen, for a year, was spied on by our federal government. a grave miscarriage of justice. john solomon will have more in just a minute. but first, we are only weeks out of the midterms and already, believe it or not, the 2020 election is starting to heat up. democrats have an extremely long and weak field of candidates likely running to challenge president trump. tonight, one of the top contenders, far left zealot, kamala harris, is cutting ties with a top aide embroiled in one of the massive progressive scandals, she accepted his resignation today after "the sacramento bee" reported the details of a $216,400,000 suit, and harris is claiming she had no prior knowledge of this
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masses we massive legal filing. we'll find out. senator harris will reportedly decide over the holidays whether or not she wants to challenge president trump at 2020. of course, harris, other top liberals, will make gun ownership a big issue for 2020. make no mistake, they do not believe in the second amendment to the a lot of americans do. democrats showed, well, probably take note of what happened to dick's sporting goods. earlier this year, they took a political stance against the second amendment. they actually hired a gun-control lobbyist who refused to sell guns to law-abiding citizens under the age of 21. they stopped selling ar style long rifles. now the chain sales have dropped nearly 4% and its outdoor focused field and stream stores may soon be closing their doors. sadly, what dick's sporting goods and most of the democrats often take for granted, the second amendment matters to the americanteec people. that is why it is, yeah, number
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two. and ever present check on the threat of foreign, domestic, and also, it is more than that, to own a gun. it's the right to defend yourself and your family. self-preservation. a protection of all our enable rights as americans. we live in a dangerous and more violent world every day. joining us now, more breaking news, on top of his report yesterday about the clinton foundation, "the hill"'s john solomon. this article means, to me, that, although the evidence, 6,000 pages, is 6 that the total? >> that's right, successive pages, 95 exhibits. >> sean: 95 exhibits. okay. the question is, why don't we go through what they found and why we are here and why they have not been under more fire. >> i yeah. i think first of all, it's interesting who they are, who made this complaint. these are former experts from the drug enforcement agency for the u.s. attorney's office in connecticut for major complaints for major wall street firms. people that live and
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breathe tax law and good governance and they put together this complaint. they assembled a lot of internal documents from the clinton foundation, perhaps most importantly, two legal reviews that the clinton foundation did on itself. what they found is that the clinton foundation itself, its own lawyers, warned that there was a strong possibility that donors were being made promises of quid pro quo favors from secretary clinton when she was in the obamama administration ad return focus to the foundation. they warned that there was a culture of noncompliance, not wanting to comply with the law, with the rules of the foundation had to follow. they said that bill clinton's personal interest and has comingling of his personal business with the foundation posed a grave threat to the foundation itself. these are not republicans, these are not partisans of saying it. these are internal documents of lawyers hired by the clintonin foundation to find out what was going on wrong in the foundation, as to what they found. these investigators assembled
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all these evidence. they then. go and they interview the current cfo, the longtime cfo, for granted validation from a guy named andy castle, and they do this in november '16, they take them out to dinner, lunch, new york, and they ask, are there problems here, and according to their memo, their interview memo afte they met with him, he makes several spontaneous claims, he can control bill clinton, people have been trying to stop them from comingling personal business with the foundation but nobody can control him, and he makes the most provocative of statements allegedly, if you believe this memo, in which he says, i know where all the bodies are buried at at the cln foundation. survey a sample ofof this evidence, they give it to the irs in august '16, they give it to the main justice department of bill clinton -- excuse me, donald trump's justice department inal october 2017, and then in early 2018, they are called by the fbi in little rock and they provide the evidence to the fbi in little rock,e which means the main apparatus, the irs, and the fbi, and, now have access to all of these allegations of
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wrongdoing. >> sean: what is happening -- look, john, you are talking about 6,000 pages, 95 exhibits of a 48 page submission. the evidence, as i read in your article, seems overwhelming and incontrovertible here. been sitting for a year, especiallyng in light of,e already know the issue of hillary's violation of the espionage act by having that mom and pop shop server, we had a top-secret, classified information on it? that's a violation of the espionage act, and obstructing justice as it relates to how she deleted emails, wash your hard drive clean, and had devices broken up. they seem to skate every time. you are describing, literally, systematic violations of every charitable contribution law imaginable, including irs violations. they are sitting on that for a year? who is looking into it? >> that is the question. i think we will get a very important answer. i want w to put a special date n
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your calendar. next thursday, mark meadows, chairman mark manus, house subcommittee on the oversight -t committee, is going to have a hearing. two of theg. whistle-blowers who helped form this complaint, did this, will testify for the first time in public, and they have asked the justice department too come in and say, what have you done with us. mr. uber, john huber, the special u.s. attorney who president clinton 'former attorney general, jeff sessions named year ago, what have you done, how much money have you spent. bob mueller spent tens of millions of dollars, what have you done to look at these allegations. we may get our first answer in public as to whether justice department has done. we have cemented my story. we know that the fbi not only had contact with the whistle-blowers but i am able to confirm from clinton foundation kessel come to the cfo, the guy who ran the financ, was interviewed by the fbi in 2017. we know that doug campbell, the undercover informant for -- that
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was undercover, he was interviewed -- >> sean: uranium one. >> yeah, uranium on informant. we do see some activity. if i had to guess for my reporting, if there was action, it is in little rock, arkansas. we are going to get an answer. have you done anything? how much of you spent on this? is there a legality or should we drop this line of inquiry with the clinton foundation? next thursday, could be the day we get our answer. >> sean: the people that would you've spoken to in the legal side, do they see laws violated? >> i sent this to a half-dozen former fbi, irs experts who focused and charity fraud and financial fraud, and all of them said, if this walked into my door, it would give me a credit for opening a criminal investigation of the clinton foundation and perhaps individuals inside of them. every one of them said. icl think one of them, very well decorated fbi agent, said i
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would open up on this in the second based on what these investigators put together in this private document. >> sean: back-to-back huge bombshells by john solomon. we'llil have you back tomorrow d the rest of the week, into next week to get into this more deeply. john, thank you. joining us with more reaction, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes is with us. first, do you have any reaction to what you just heard from john solomon and then i want to go to a breaking report from yesterda yesterday. >> it doesn't surprise me, sean. we have actively been looking into the code to foundation, uranium one, if you may remembee leader, peter king from new york, to look into this. we have seen troubling information from this, and i can't verify john's reporting, he always does a good job, has great sources, and i'm sure there is much more to be learned on it. let me go back to the breaking newso what we discovered, i don't know how this was not known when we go back two years now, pretty much investigating this whole
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issue, the clinton bought and a paid for phony dossier et cetera, what we know how i found out, there is an email chain, or a chain of emails, james comey, top doj officials are on it, and they knew, and the intel committee had intel community had massive questions about their veracity, the truthfulness, the validity of the dossier, what your memo and the grassley graham memo .2 as the bulk of the application for the fisa warrant against carter page. what when did you firstst find t about this email chain? >> i don't know that the email chain and john's reporting is the same stuff we are looking at, although it sounds very similar. what we have been saying, and this is when -- we've been requesting for many months about, and i talked about it on your show a couple weeks ago, that there are emails, there are read actions that we are quite convinced that if that is unredacted and provided to the house of representatives, to the intelligence committee, it will be very clear that there is vey
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much -- it was very well known, there was a lot of information that was not provided to the fisa court leading up to the warrant on carter page. so i don't know exactly who john's sources are. but i do know that we have been trying to get these reductions from emails without looking -- is possible that we are talking about the same types of emails. it's also possible, sean, there are even more emails that we don't even know about. but what we are aware of, what i call the fourth bucket of information, it would be very clear that there were people within the fbi and doj that knew well and good before they went to the fisa court that christopher steele and others were upst to some really bad and the various activities. >> sean: to see you are saying these emails will be the fourth bucket. the 302s would be the second bucket. the price applications themselves, especially the last
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one, pages 10-12, 17-34, then the gang of eight information, the four buckets. what john is saying here -- >> that's correct. remember, sean, the first three, the president has actually called to have declassified. speed when he's holding it back, he recently said. what i want to ask is, if they knew, and if the intelligence committeew knew that they were questionable, the whole dossier was questionable, it was the bulk of the prize applications, and they used it anyway, we know that they omitted that hillary bought and paid for it with a footnote that said it might have a political taint into it but they did not say it was the opposition party candidate, is it possible that they knew it was not true, that they gave it to the fisa court anyway, that they didn't do their due diligence, verifying, corroborating, and that they totally and completely committed fraud on the fisa court, not once come , but four separate ,
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meaning that everyone was signing off on an application to spy on an american with evidence that they, at best, that could very likely not be true? >> yeah, remember what we have been at criminally, has been abuse of power, whether or not there was a conspiracy to abuse power, you know about that, you've talked about that for a long time. what this gets into, this would be the first clear evidence that we have on another major crime, which would be called lying to a federal judge, which is a crime, a major crime. >> sean: but the people we are talking about would be comey -- >> it is the evidence we have. >> sean: comey signing off on it, rod rosenstein nine signing off on the last one, sally yates signing off on it, o right? >> they are the ones that signed off on it, but they are not necessarily the ones who would have provided and doctored the information. really the people that are culpable here are the ones who were in these discussions, that do about the information that
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was not provided to the court. >> sean: even though adam schiff, who i have a lot of issues with, will be the chairman of the committee come tinuary, will you still have the authority and the ability to get this information to the american people? >> yeah, the only difference is that i will be the republican leader on the committee. the question is, the subpoena power will lay in the hands of the democrats. >> sean: the senate would have the power, too. >> that's true. but we have also, for many months here, sean, been willing to -- we've said, our investigation is over with. the white house is going to be able to declassify a lot of this information to help us out. >> sean: congressman who knows, you've done great work, so has john solomon. if so, basically what i said is true but that is there is no equal justice, equal application of our laws, that will be shredding, literally shredding, if you are giving false information to a court, to
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obtain fisa warranties warrant to spy on anti american, and not even verifying it. wow. michelle malkin debates and immigration activist about the crisis at our southern border. that is next on this breaking news night. also later a school principal trying to ban candy canes because it has a jay shape and it might have to do with. steve doocy and ainsley earhardt are here to react straight ahead. ♪ ♪ laugh like there's no tomorrow... ♪ ...and welcome you... do the same. ♪ the united states virgin islands.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: as the migrant caravan continues to cause chaos on the border, reports are emerging of a migrant woman, a member of the caravan, who entered the u.s. illegally, gave birth to a baby less than 24 hours later, and then i.c.e. released a statement saying they have arrested 58 illegal aliens in five-day raid in the
10:26 pm
new england area. according to i.c.e., among was arrested, 30 had prior felony convictions for serious or violent conventions, 33 have criminal charges pending. 15 were previously released from local law enforcement custody without an active detainer. nine were referred for criminal prosecution. one is being referred to the u.s. marshals for failure to register as a sex offender. nine have been previouslyed removed from the united states, and returned illegally. four had active, well, interpol red notices. meanwhile, nancy pelosi says she will not accept a daca deal in exchange for the wall. guess they don't want to fix the problem ever, even if you give them what they want. take a t look. >> would you be willing to support some degree of wall funding if there was a solution for a daca? >> no. because they are two different subjects. >> sean: here with reaction, conservative columnist, our friend michelleav malkin, and immigration activist roberto
10:27 pm
hernandez. roberto, you look at all of that and ii understand that a lot of people want to come to america, i just want people to come legally so we have a chance to vet them, to make sure we pay, on average, $70,000 per year per illegal immigrant, the american taxpayer. health care, education, criminal justice system, and we have obama authorized $300 million to pay for free legal advice. we have two recent cases where innocent people, one in oregon, one in texas, were murdered by illegal immigrants. why can't we just do this all legally? >> first of all, when obama campaigned to be president, he promised that he was going to do immigration reform first year he he was in office. and nancy pelosi was the head of the speaker of the house -- >> sean: sir, i ask you a very simple question, what do you say
10:28 pm
to the families -- >> let me finish. >> sean: the families in the last three weeks that lost loved ones because of illegal immigration? why can't we, as america, have the right to bed people to make sure that they can take care of themselves when they are here and that they don't have any criminal ties or backgrounds? is that fair? >> the democratic party failed to do immigration reform. >> sean: you're not answering my question. is that fair that we vet people? >> what we ended up getting was a program for -- >> sean: you have no intention of answering my question. what do you say to the families -- listen to me! what do you say to families who lost their children because of illegal immigrants coming to the country illegally, violating our sovereignty and our laws, and they end up killing innocent people? that is not the vast majority but when that happens, what you say those parents? >> that is just a few people.
10:29 pm
we have criminals every day in this country. how many white people are killing people in this country? what, you are picking on a few incidents, a few incidents. that is what you are doing. you are picking on a few incidents. when you look at -- >> sean: michelle malkin. michelle? >> the majority of the criminals in this country, they are white. >> sean: we are not talking about them. >> michelle? >> they avoid the basic, fundamental question, and the basic distinction between people who want to come here illegally and people who want to come here illegally. sean, you could have one of these open borders extremists on every single night, and they sound so reasonable, and actually i agree with what he was trying to stay there when he was avoiding your question, yes, democrats are hypocrites, they talk out of both sides of their mouths on this issue, and i know that people like him and his lobbying groups are very disappointed that they didn't get to the wholesale amnesty they wanted.di the bottom line is, people like
10:30 pm
mr. hernandez, your guest in san francisco, which has been absolutely ruined by illegal alien sanctuary policies, and you want him to confront the violent crime that has wracked families of all colors and to in san francisco and he won't do it. instead, he'll talk about the plight of all of these migrants from around the world who want to flood our borders and cause even more chaos, the costs of health care, welfare, education, crime, and the impact on american workers, of all colors. >> sean: thank you, both. we appreciate it. when we come back, the media now stooped to a new low. using the memorial service for bush 41 to once again attacked president trump. is there any decency? a mini monologue straight ahead. ♪
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm robert gray. they phoned in bomb threat prompted the evacuation of cnn's offices in new york city late thursday night. according to the new york city police department, the caller allegedly said five bombs were placed around the time warner building. nothing was found after a sweep was done of that building. back in october, the station's new york headquarters were evacuated. this, after a package with an explosive device addressed to former cia director john brennan was discovered. a burial was held thursday for former president george h.w. bush. it capped off a week of mourning for the commander in chief. his remains were taken on a 70-mile journey from houston to college point. he was laid to rest next to his wife, barbara, and daughter, robin, next to his presidential library. now back to "hannity." ♪ >> sean: as i have explained
10:36 pm
again and again, when it comes to trashing president trump, nothing is off-limits. if you thought what we showed you last night was bad, it's got even worse. that is a subject for tonight's mini monologue. ♪ tonight, the media sinking to new depths, if that is even possible. clearly it is, as they continue to use the funeral, the life, the legacy, a former president george h.w. bush to attack president trump. after yesterday's powerful memorial service in washington, d.c., for the late 41st president, your mainstream media still cannot stop using these events to demonize theirde current enemy, president trump. it's getting even more ridiculous. they are now going after president trump over how he prays. i'm not making this up. even standing silently during the apostles creed at a funeral is cause for an attack against him. it shows how the media is getting more and more unhinged. more hateful, far divorced from any sense of reality, or what
10:37 pm
their real job is supposed to be. they wonder why nobody trusts them. of course, the destroyed trump media didn't stopoy there. rather than focusing on the life, the accomplishments, theth sacrifice, the service of the 41st president, the coverage looked lthis. take a look. >> it was a post a funeral, quite m a moving site to see the president and the first lady's in the front row waiting to honor president bush, until trump showed up, then it became silent staring time. donald trump is the only person in the world who can bring down a funeral. >> hillary is just staring straight ahead. like she is on an elevator with a weirdo. it was like all of america's divorced parents together in the same room for the first time. >> it was extraordinary to see president trump sitting with the former presidents, paying tribute to a leader whose humility and decency is so
10:38 pm
different from today's politics. >> i don't want to give out too many metals were not screwing up a presidential funeral. the president was on his best behavior but that is a fairly low bar. >> in the era of covering white-collar crime and porn stars and vulgarity, it was nice to look back to someone who was trying to represent decency and civility. when they were planning his funeral in 2011, he said to a need, do you think anyone will come? and that modesty is in such contrast to trump's endless odyssey of narcissistic self-discovery. >> sean: thought is not egregious enough, so-called journalists at "abc news," joked about a future a funeral for president trump. you can make this. >> perhaps au recognition in terms of his involvement in the proceedings by president trump that he someday will be getting a similar treatment when he
10:39 pm
passes as a former president of the united states. >> probably a different tone at that funeral. >> perhaps. >> he will choreograph it. >> he would do it bigger. one would imagine. >> it would be the best presidential funeral ever. no one will ever have seen anything like this. >> sean: as disturbing as that was, well, no one embarrassed themselves more than fake news cnn, our friend don lemon said something so outrageous that even his colleague had to call him out. take a look. >> i'm going to say that i don't think i would shake hands with him. i would just -- nope. couldn't do it. i'm not that big a person. i would hope that i would be, but i don't -- i can't fake the funk, as they say. >> i will tell you what i would have done. come here. come here, don. you are petty and small. >> i'm not petty. that is real, brother. that is real.
10:40 pm
>> real petty and small. >> sean: it's like i keep telling you, this is all part of a pattern, demonize, denigrate, delegitimize every second, every minute of every hour of every day, president trump at all costs, even if it means using the passing of an american icon who, by the way, they were pretty mean to when he was alive, president h.w. bush to try to score cheap political points and further divide the country. here is a reaction, the media reporter from "the hill," joe concha, and former secret service agent, dan bongino. joe, they say he was a gentleman, and he was. but they didn't say nice things about hand when he was alive. being a gentleman back then, he was aa wimp. he was, you know -- he was out of touch. he didn't know how tot use a scanner, which, by the way was a fake news story back in the day. and so reagan, bush 41, mccain, bush 43 while he was alive, they trash these men,
10:41 pm
utterly destroy them. now they die, they say nice things to appear, create a veneer they are bipartisan, and they are not. >> george w. bush was also called a racist before it was fashionable to call someone a racist. interesting stat, 99 view, 7% of journalists voted for george h.w. bush. the rest obviously for bill clinton. you played some clips there, and kimmel and stephen colbert were joking. i give them a pass butut it's classless, given it was a state funeral. but abc news, their seniors analyst, a guy like terry moran, is making jokes while you're watching the procession of the cascade of of george w. bush being taken out of a plane, and he's making jokess about president trump's future funeral? to these guys have any self-awareness? the answer is none whatsoever. sean, this is why the media is not only mistrusted but held in
10:42 pm
contempt by half the country. it's not even mistrust. it's like, i don't like these people pray they don't have any class and they are cheesy. that don lemon's get? i will show you how i will blow off donald trump are not shaking his hand. what is that?is is called an anchor, he's not even an opinion guy.r >> sean: dan, i always had in the obama years, especially on radio more than television, it wouldn't be good for me to get an interview with then-president obama because i respectnt the office. i thinki he's a good father, a good guy, just a rigid radical ideologue that govern horrible. it's a hard thing because i respected the office. i wouldn't be able to interrupt him like i can you are joe, let's put it that way. >> and you do that. >> sean: what did you think of that? >> yeah, sean, you are right. i served as a secret service agent for years, proudly under barack obama, because i believed in the constitutional republic, although i, like yourself, disagree with almost every
10:43 pm
ideological position he has. this is what is known as the myth of the good republican. you probably know what i'm talking about. when a republican is powerless or has left the political scene, what the media will do is they will paint their coverage of this republican as something it wasn't. you were absolutely right, when george h.w. bush was in office,h it was merciless, the media coverage. i was just a young man back then but i remember it and it was merciless. they doey it for a reason, sean. they do it because of the foil effect. they wanthi to make the current republicans appear really bad. why do you put a diamond on the black background? because it seems shinier. they want to do the reverse oil. they want d to make his republicans, especially donald trump, seem awful, so they go back and rewrite history about how they covered past republicans. it's total nonsense. everybody sees right through it. >> sean: got to roll. thank you, both. you are not going to believe it. what we tell you next, liberal
10:44 pm
lunacy, around christmas, at an all-time low. one principal trying to ban candy canes because they are j shaped when you hold them that way, and they think that means jesus. steve doocy, ainsley earhardt from "fox & friends" next. hi, i need a thriller for my wife. political or psychological? psychological. small town or big city? small town. methodists...or mules? mules. how's this? signed?! no way. nobody knows thrill seekers like we do... barnes & noble
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: last night we toldt you about the massachusetts pastor who put baby jesus in the cage. there it is, the nativity scene, to make a point, what, about, not christmas, not about what christmas eases is about, but immigration. there's more left wing insanity. a principal at an elementary school in omaha, nebraska, literally banning candy canes, saying this j shape represents jesus. she also banned christmas carols, ornaments, and reindeer. we reached out to the district
10:49 pm
for comment, they told us in part, "the memo does not reflect the policy of alcorn public schools regarding holiday symbols in the school." the school noted the principle was placed on administrative leave. i can't believe we are doing this. joining us now, the author of the best seller, "the happy cookbook," "fox & friends" go host a steve doocy, also, another best seller, "fox & friends" cohost ainsley earhardt. she is doing a special on here's a clip. >> how did you decide to use this this was different from last year? >> it is very important to show the people something different each year. we have thousands and thousands of people coming through here to see the decorations. so it is very exciting. >> sean: they also cohost the number one morning show and all of cable. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> sean: i'm on page 184.
10:50 pm
what pager you want? >> i'm on page 158. >> sean: great christmas gift. where is brian kilmeade? >> he's on 1:30 four. >> you are talking entrées. if you want to be on page one -- >> sean: brian does three hours a radio, three hours if you guys, then he does outnumbered, "the five," "tucker," why is he not hear? >> we are proud of him. >> sean: you know, i'm a christian. i know you are a christian, you're right about your face fa lot. i want to be a better christian. but this is what christmas is about. we have a teacher telling kids, 5-year-olds, that center does not exist. the j represents jesus. we have to politicize christmas and put a nativity scene, the baby jesus in a cage. >> we have a satanic statue called the nativity and the estate house rotunda and between the menorah and the christmas tree. you have this lady, the
10:51 pm
principal at the elementary school who doesn't want to have candy canes because they have a j. i didn't even think about that but i thought, now i even like candy canes even more. a j for jesus, the white is for the resurrection on the red is for the blood. >> sean: you have young kids. would you ever want to take away the joy and happiness of christmas morning? >> absently not. this is what you want to take away, and in addition to what you listed, elf on the shelf, the christmas trees, green and red items. a she wants to take away christmas videos and movies. you you can have snowflakes, yon have hot chocolate, scarves and gloves, and you can have hats. >> sean: wait a minute. he is getting cold --dash go ahead. >> i think, great point. i think that this principle, who more people in education who are very creative, because
10:52 pm
if you look at a candy cane, and you see jesus, that is very creative. that is very interpretive. having written a cookbook and on page 186 are candy canes -- >> sean: two pages away from hannity's recipe of corned beef. >> candy canes used to be straight. about 250 years ago, a german guy decided, i'm going to bend to the top to make it look like a shepherds hook. that -- >> sean: wow. >> it's not a j for jesus. >> sean:. lesson, there is a hostility towards christmas. when you look at it, there is a fear that has consumed people to the point where they even are whatng to destroy christmas is for the fun side a for kids, and also the meaning of the holiday for christians. that, to me, where is their tolerance on the left? >> that goes back to the beginning of time, though. that is never going to change. they areth always going to be
10:53 pm
people who want to destroy what the season is all about. think about herod. he was trying to kill the firstborn son. he goes back to the beginning of time, sean. people have always been like this and they are not going to win. thi'mm sorry. the battle is going to be won by our lord and savior. >> sean: is a christian, i believe that too. steve? >> the problem is, because there are so many -- we are a litigious nation. everybody thinks they want to people for a variety of reasons. >> sean: i want to sue you for putting my recipe in your book and i did not get any proceeds. [laughs] go ahead. >> so many people are willing to bend and do things they don't want to do, simply because of the threat of a lawsuit. when you look at how many schools don't do christmas parties anymore, christmas programs, they do holiday parties ore, winter in our town parties because they are afraid of a lawsuit at and they can't afford a lawsuit. >> sean: if they celebrate hanukkah, i say happy hanukkah. it's crazy. you're christmas special errors
10:54 pm
on >> fox nation, and we visit with a great organization, outfitted for him, we want inside the white house with t melania, we also did make-a-wish foundation, you can find out what they are doing behind the scenes and how many kids are getting bushes. >> sean: only on fox nation. >> only on fox nation. >> sean: will you do a cooking show? >> i do a cooking show on fox nation. >> sean: i have an announcement soon about fox nation. merry christmas to both of you. i watch every morning, you guys are the best. congratulations on a great year. if you don't have fox nation, sign up, i will have an announcement about this. when we come back, highlights from president george hw bush's funeral from earlier today. ♪ (male speaker) remember when christmas was magical? when the mailman delivered to the north pole?
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♪ . >> sean: alright today the funeral service for president george h.w. bush was held in houston. a powerful ceremony and testament to what an extraordinary selfless life, leadership, sacrifice that he
10:59 pm
led. take a look. [ music playing ] ♪ ♪ >> today after 94 years the heavy hands of time has claimed the life of my gamps. but in death as in life my grnd father has won. he has a heavenly home and he is at peace.
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