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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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visited the children's national hospital here in washington. i know that place pretty well. she met with families and read to children, tradition to visit children's national christmas time actually dates back 60 years starting with first lady, beth truman. thank you to the first lady for swinging by. that is it for "special report," fair balanced and unafraid. >> breaking tonight, is the president doing a face on the shut down and what about reports today that he is considering jared kushner as chief of staff? white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders answers those questions and just a moment's. first, let's look back a bit. he has long wanted to call congress on a showdown. >> i am proud to shutdown the government for border security. >> if we don't get border security, a possible shutdown. >> martha: tonight, he is
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tweeting this. let's not do a shutdown. do what is right for the american people. meanwhile in congress today, they enjoy a 26% approval rating. here is how well things are going there. >> what is your plan now and from 6:30 p.m. on wednesday to get us off this time that we are stuck on and have been stuck on now for almost the entire year? >> you don't want to work with us. >> i am going to look forward to seeing how well you do with the new faction coming in. >> martha: with this deadline hanging over them, what do they do? they go home until wednesday at 6:30. earlier tonight i spoke with the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders, watch. >> first of all, here's what nancy pelosi said about the shutdown and the president originally saying that he would
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be proud to have one. >> perhaps he doesn't understand people need their paychecks. maybe that is not the life you lead spirit >> set part of the reason why this latest tweet indicates that the president may have a change of heart? >> not at all, he actually understands people need a paycheck, more than nancy pelos nancy pelosi. partly because he has actually signed the front of a paycheck. you know what it means. that is why he spent so much of the first two years of his administration making sure more people in america get a paycheck. making sure they have a job. the president has been committed to making sure we protect our borders. people can't get a paycheck if they are not around because we have had people come across and take jobs from them or even worse, have a violent crime that have hurt americans. the president is committed to protecting every single american citizen. he knows that without border security and without borders, we have no country at all. he is calling on democrats to
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step up and do their jobs and protect the american people and work with him in that process. >> martha: we've all been down this road before, nothing ever gets done in washington unless there is a deadline. as i said, congress has left town until wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. what does the president think about that in terms of the work ethic and commitment to work something out? be, will he be satisfied with acr orate measure that pushes this whole thing down the road? will he allow that >> we will see what happens. the president is committed to making sure that one way or the other, whether it is through congress or other measures we protect our borders. he is looking at a number of different ways in order to do that. frankly, just add the democrats have changed their condition so much. if you look back, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi, hillary clinton, joe biden, all of these individuals in the past have supported border security. in fact, chuck schumer even said in a public statement that
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illegal immigration is wrong. now that this president is championing the fight and trying to do what is right, you democrats that simply won't join in that effort. they voted 142006, they voted for the wall and they have changed their minds. that is pretty clear. democrats have to decide if they love our country more than they hate this president and so far we have seen no indication that there are willing to do that. >> martha: other news that has been coming out this afternoon, with regard to the michael cohen information, here's what the president said in the interview that he did this afternoon with harris faulkner, watch this. >> he did some bad things. income tax, i heard about a lot of things. i'm not reading about any of that stuff. what he did, he made a deal to embarrass me. in order to embarrass me.
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>> martha: the president has said publicly that he is not concerned about impeachment. he doesn't believe that any of this touch is him and yet there is a story earlier today that said he is confiding to friends that he is actually concerned. what is the reality? >> the president is exactly right, he is not worried about it. i am sure i will take his words over some anonymous sources. he has been very clear, he is not worried about it because he didn't do anything wrong. the things that michael cohen did and did wrong and was convicted of have nothing to do with the presidents. he made that clear today and we've made it clear over the last several months in order to continue. >> martha: any concern about this "wall street journal" story that came out, there is a new federal investigation by the manhattan u.s. attorney office looking into how the inaugural funds were spent? they say that something in michael cohen's materials, whether it is my most indicates that there were some people who were paid money into the
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inaugural in order to get influence with the president or perhaps michael cohen was making those deals. >> not at all. this didn't have anything to do with the president. he was focused on the transition and building out a new government and preparing to take office. the role that he had the inauguration was to raise his hand and take the oath. the same thing for the first lady, she wasn't engaged in this process. this is a perfect example of democrats recognizing that all the accusations that they made in the information that came out on the michael cohen case has nothing to do with the presidents. they're going to plan, this is more like plan d or e or f. to take this president down, i wish they would focus more on actually solving problems instead and sitting down with her president, fixing your borders and helping them build the economy. fixing some of the big problems. and said they are so focused on attacking this president, they can't actually help americans with real solutions. >> martha: it feels like that's.
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with regard to the chief of staff position, as you know on the list of those who may be considered for that position? >> i'm not aware of any conversations that have taken place. he is been incredibly valuable. i think you'd be great in any role that the president put him in. he is very committed and very focused in the efforts that he is working on. we saw some big movements on several of those take place this week, both an opportunity zones as well as in the criminal justice reform, massive movement and progress that we have seen on that spirit that is been a huge effort that is been led by jared. he has been working on that for the better part of a year. we are starting to see a lot of that. hopefully we will see congress passed that in the next several days. >> he is not on the list? >> i will let the president -- though he has a number of qualified individuals that want this job, he is going to continue to talk to, when he is ready to make an announcement, he well. >> martha: sarah, thank you
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very much. here know it has analysis, geraldo rivera, the correspondent at large and author of the show. great to have you with us on the story. a lot is going on here obviously. you were tweeting quite a bit about this earlier today. with regard to michael cohen, this new story from "the wall street journal" tonight that said that there is a manhattan investigation and how the inaugural funds were spent, what you think is the origin of all this? how do you read into this investigation? >> i remember being taken aback breathlessly when the feds rated michael cohen's law office in his apartment the predawn raid. i just thought it was way beyond the panel there, whatever happened to the lawyer client privilege? knowing the michael cohen is the kind of semishyster that is
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always out for himself. he represents the president, but he always seemed to be out for himself. it seemed to me likely that they would find stuff. it is unfortunate that the president's choosing michael cohen as an intimate, has left himself vulnerable to someone i'm not particularly stellar character who obviously when push came to shove, writing out the president was a better course for them to take for his future. let the president be. it is very unfortunate. compare michael cohen do jared kushner, jared kushner, i think he would be a wonderful chief of staff. he is trustworthy, he is highly confident, one of the most underrated people in washington. i think that that would be a great selection. i wish that more like him as with the president needs, not
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new york shysters knifing him in the back. >> martha: one of the most interesting lines and all the memos that have come out from investigation, it became clear to michael cohen that he would not get a job with the white house he turned to corporations, he turned to countries, he tried to cut as many deals as he could and get people to put them on retainer and pay him a fee. it is not a big stretch of the imagination to prove that he was doing the same in order to get people to pitch in for the inaugural. whether or not anyone got anything for that relationship is another question indeed, it seems as you say, at least given what we know so far that he was clearly out for michael cohen, more than he was concerned about anything else. we will see. >> when i was done puerto rico, michael cohen told me and said, can i hook him up with someone in puerto rico that is in charge of selecting the company to put in a new electric bridge?
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i said, i don't know. i called the energy secretary of the commonwealth governments, he is that kind of guy. not the kind of person -- i feel sorry for him. i see him with his family, his two children. i don't know why his daughter has a and all that. it was heartbreaking. i feel sorry for anybody that is caught in the gym. it is clear that he is decided that telling of the president and embellishing, i don't know were facts and speculation began, it is pretty clear that he chose that road. if anything, he rolled over and said, anything you need. may be able create stuff if you need me to to take down the presidents. it is very sad and very unfortunate. the president has his hands ful full. the border wall, the government shutdown. i think that he was outmaneuvered by chuck schumer
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and nancy pelosi. they got him to commit to the government shut down, it is his fault. >> martha: he volunteered that. he is been saying that for a long time. i think it is a principle perhaps with him, he believes that it is okay to put the brakes on the governments for 5 minutes. we all know how those work. they should on the government for 24 to 48 hours and anyone who perhaps didn't get a paycheck for the 24 hours gets paid in full as soon as the places are back open. this idea that there is thousands of government workers were suffering during shutdown, do you think that that is the reality? >> i do. i have a little radio show and cleveland, today i had a woman named judy on. she has three children, two of them served in the military, another was in the navy. they all have jobs in government. homeland security or interior,
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they -- if the government shuts down, they will not get paid to christmas time. they will eventually, these people live paycheck to paycheck. it will eventually get paid. the government will have to pay, people will be inconvenienced. shutdowns are dumb and for the president to take ownership of it, as you mentioned at the top of the program, chuck schumer or sarah sanders, chuck schumer, barack obama, hillary clinton, joe biden, they all voted for a border fence in 2006. the president is the president when they came to the oval office. if he had read them from their own statements back in 2006 and subsequent years when they come out in favor, i think they would've trapped them rather than the other way around. now they are coming back wednesday night. it will be a continuing resolution. >> martha: of course it will. the family that you mention, no
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one wants to see the members of the military or homeland security folks going without their paychecks. often it looks like the hype that surrounds these issues. ultimately what happens is exactly what you said, you have to stop cap, everybody goes down the road. the rest of the country does their work from monday through friday and tries to get stuff done, for some reason the government can't function unless they are up against this kind of wall where the thread start happening of shutting down the government. >> it is so ridiculous. i remember when ted cruz did it last time. he was so widely ridiculed that i think it ended any aspiration he had to become the republican nominee for the presidency. people regarded it as incompetent and not competence. they see it as stubbornness. that is my take on it. i want the president to succeed. he has so many things that are going so well in terms of the
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economy. the unemployment rate being so minuscule. even our relations with people like the north korean dictator and may be the chinese in a trade deal with. there is a new deal. it accentuates the positive scum that old song? [laughs] >> martha: accentuates the positives, not the negatives. it doesn't seem to be the world we're living in right now >> martha: i think the trade deals are fascinating, we will see where it goes. good to see you tonight. thank you for being here. why did president trump and then ultimately robert mueller himself tell the authorities, go easy on michael flynn. the president says the special counsel is now embarrassed about how they handled the michael flood situation. is he right?
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tonight we have learned that a u.s. district court judge is now ordering robert mueller to hand over his secret documents related to the questioning of michael flynn. he is trying to figure out why james comey advised andrew mccabe to tell flynn that he would need a lawyer present when the agents came by the white house just asking a few questions. according to andrew mccabe, i thought the quickest way to get this done was to have a conversation between floyd and the agents only. i further stated that if you wanted to include anyone else in the meeting, i would need to involve the department of justice. he stated that would not be necessary and agreed to meet with the agents without any additional participants. americans deserve to know what was up here. certainly sodas michael flynn. both president trump reportedly and ultimately robert mueller himself asked the authorities to go easy on michael flynn. he claims it was because he provided
4:21 pm
substantial assistance, the president said today it is because of this. >> they took a general that they said didn't lie and they convinced him that he did live and he made some kind of a deal. they recommending more time. they are embarrassed that they got caught. >> martha: let's bring a jonathan turley, george washington university law professor. what is your reaction to the circumstances under which michael flynn was question? >> it is highly irregular, i've litigated in front of him for years. he is a very good and respected judge. he knows his way around criminal investigations. this thing really gives you pause. these reports are supposed to be written tempering a sleek, they were written months later. you are supposed to notify the white house counsel if you are going to conduct a interview like this. james comey said today, he
4:22 pm
decided to simply bypass that protocol and have them go directly into his office. >> martha: let me pause you there. you want to play >> something i wouldn't of done or gotten away with in a more organized investigation, a more organized administration and the george w. bush administration or the obama administration. if the fbi wanted to send agents to the white house itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the white house counsel on there would be discussions and approvals, it would be there. i thought it is early enough, let's just sent some guys over. >> martha: [laughter] >> what is amazing, that actually could be his epitaph of how he was director. everyone criticizes trump for going outside the line, james comey's entire career at the fbi has been so improvisational, tot is shocking. he did that with hillary clinton
4:23 pm
commented that with his work in the trump administration including removing fbi at mark meadows. it is all disturbing how he tosses aside protocol and rules that what he feels is right. this is important protocol. there is a lawyer who was in charge of the white house facility. you were supposed to call him. what did they get from michael flynn? they got that he met with the russians which was nor legal nor unprecedented, they failed to talk about sanctions. they intentionally did not bring that up to him, the agents of the time set apparently they didn't believe he was lying. mueller decided to go back and charge him. it became a hunch, they put this guy and the cave. they shot him. it is not a very compelling criminal case, it is pretty anemic. regardless of what he recommended, i doubt seriously any judge would have given this
4:24 pm
guy anything other than zero jail time. he was looking at zero and six months, mueller hardly did him a favor. he will not be that important, most churches would not give him jail time. >> martha: jonathan turley, thank you very much. it is good to see you. coming up, five women elected to leave the democratic party and sit down with me for a candid conversation about the hot button topic and stirring up both sides of the aisle. >> i am sick and tired of people trying to say the democrats don't care about national security. there is not a single person who does not want to keep country say. safe. ♪ ♪
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i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my metastatic breast cancer with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. >> martha: there are new clues and the mysterious case of a missing colorado mother. she was last seen on thanksgiving day with her 1-year-old daughter, her mother and investigators are on the hunt for her and for answers. trace gallagher is tracking the latest in the story. >> lived in a lot of these cases, this one has some baffling elements. on thanksgiving day, 29-year-old kelsey is captured on surveillance video at a safeway grocery store and woodland park colorado where she lives. she is wearing jeans, sneakers
4:29 pm
and a tan shirt. her 1-year-old daughter is in the car seat and that is the last evidence of kelsey in public. after leaving the grocery store she goes to her fiance's house to drop off their daughter. they are engaged and share a child, but they don't live together. the last time she communicates with her fiance is three days after thanksgiving november 25th when she sends him a text, details of that message have not been made public. the same day, aviation where she works as a flight instructor also gets a text from her saying she needs time off. later the same day investigators say her phone pings to a location in gooding idaho. that is 700 miles away from woodland park. her mom lives in idaho but nowhere near gooding and she says her daughter never mentioned travel plans. today the mom told nbc none of this makes sense. >> i can't think of anywhere she has ever gone that she hasn't
4:30 pm
told me, it is not in her character to take off and be gone. >> except for her purse, all of her belongings including her car is still in colorado. when asked if the fiance of the suspect, the police chief says, he is the father of her daughter and we are going to leave it at that. patrick phrase he also didn't show up in the news conference on monday concerning the disappearance but his lawyer says he is cooperating including turning over his phone, giving a mouth swab for dna and submitting to police interview. we also mentioned she is a flight instructor but there is no evidence that she flew anywhere. >> martha: thank you very much. coming up next, continued backlash over this characterization of our secretary of state. >> is that a patriot speaking? is that they want to be butt
4:31 pm
boy? i'm honestly asking. >> martha: up next. ♪ hi, i need a thriller for my wife. political or psychological? psychological. small town or big city? small town. methodists...or mules? mules. how's this? signed?! no way. nobody knows thrill seekers like we do... barnes & noble what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
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>> why doesn't mike pompeo care right now? the pathetic deflections that we just heard, he appeared on fox & friends. is that it patriot speaking? is that i want to's butt boy >> the host has now apologized for that remark tweeting, if it was a conservative that said that, using a certain horrible term, that person would be banned from television, she will be given a pass. she was absent today from the show and what was a long day off. cap anson marie harf from the radio show. good at of you. this is the secretary of state,
4:36 pm
what do you make of that? >> i saw this happen live and i was pretty shocked. i did a double take and i said, is that what i heard? i'm surprised she didn't apologize and the moments. suppression didn't say, i shouldn't have used that term. when we do live tv, i've never said anything like that. sometimes things popped out and she should have apologized for it then. i'm glad she apologized for it later. you can criticize mike pompeo for a lot of things using a lot of language. i'm surprised that came out. i'm glad that she apologized. >> it is clearly something that she should not have said. think about the connotation. she was clearly looking to look to use this as a pejorative.
4:37 pm
that is not cool. i think it took her finally a wild to get around to apologizing. she was right to do it. i'm not one of these people who like to jump down people's throats and get them fired or suspended all the time for what they say. >> martha: an apology is in apologies. >> very briefly, the other thing that also offended me about what she said aside from the formulation, i also don't like the patriotism came. she was questioning the patriotism of mike pompeo. that is out of line. it was such a good segment. >> martha: that is what is happening right now. if you worked with the administration and you are supportive of the president, and i agree. if she doesn't agree with the findings of the report, that is a fair assessment. to go to this level, it raises a lot of questions. it does appear that the hatred is so strong sometimes, it overwhelms everything else. she is angry with orrin hatch because he said he doesn't really care about the russian investigation did there's lots of people out there who might share his feelings. watch this. >> has twitter is very funny.
4:38 pm
he has to be out of office. >> he has nothing to lose with speaking against a truth to power. even if he commits a crime. >> favors have been done. >> martha: it is incomprehensible how anyone can understand how anyone can be supportive. there must be something wrong with him if he is leaving office and doesn't have the gumption to stand up for what he thinks. i think he did right there. want to get your thoughts -- want to get this end. melania tromped talking to sean hannity last night i met some of the responses. let's watch. >> what has been the hardest thing? >> i would say the people who are using my name or my family's name to advance themselves, the comedians, journalists,
4:39 pm
performers. >> martha: a cnn gast said that she was whining with that. what are your thoughts? >> i think melania is interesting because she when she has asked questions about difficulties in this job, being first lady has a lot of responsibility. a lot is on your shoulders. that weighs on you. she often answers with very personal answers. how people have gone after her, help people have slandered her online. i think people don't like that she hasn't make it about the broader responsibilities of the job. the answers are often about her. i would not use the term whining, again, people say things on cable. >> martha: she gets attacked an awful lot. i'm surprised the other ladies don't try men. michelle obama also got attacke
4:40 pm
attacked. >> in this particular case, she was responding to a direct question from sean hannity and it was very responsive. he said, what has been the toughest part? she said, here's my answer. it is not whining, does a reasonable answer. >> martha: thank you guys. coming up, my exclusive interview with five women in the leadership and what they think about having another female on the ballot in 2020. give kamala harris, elizabeth warren, lodge of prominent women who are talking about women. would you like to see women being the candidate? >> absolutely. ♪
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♪ >> martha: my exclusive interview with five democratic house representatives, all recently elected to serve new positions. they are opening up in their first joint interview about what they plan to do and they knew congress come everything from the border battle to who should run against him in 2020 and the me too movement. congresswoman of illinois, of california, of california, massachusetts and michigan. welcome, just great having all of you join us this morning to
4:45 pm
talk about the new congress as we head towards the end of the year. thank you for being here. you've said that you are in favor of border security. we know that democrats were in favor of spending $25 billion for border security in exchange for 1.8 million dock that reciprocates to be able to stay in the country. now the president is asking for 5 billion, 25 billion was acceptable. wise and acceptable? >> what happened for mexico paying for the wall? i don't think there is anyone sitting in front of you that is not for a safe and secure border. that is important. there is some give-and-take that we can have here but for the president to say he would be proud, it was head word that he would be proud to shut on the government. he won my district, the people that come don't want to hear him saying he would be proud to shut on the governments. they want to cs work together, they want to see some compromise. >> we need to be clear, the president is saying i want a
4:46 pm
wall and that is all he is talking about. what democrats are saying is, let's talk about border security. in the 15th century, we fortified our castles because that was the best technology. what do we have today to keep her border secure? let's make our investment in that. let's not have the wall be the entirety of our immigration policy. let's look at the issue of dreamers. let's look at how we can improve a very broken immigration system. i am sick and tired of people try to say that democrats don't care about national security. everyone cares about that. we want to do it in the most effective way possible. we want to use technology. the democrat from texas was talked about the wall that is being built, it does in the most effective way. we should be looking at drones, biometrics. it is not clear what is and there. the president to say my way or the highway.
4:47 pm
compromise is not a dirty word. the american people are tired of partisan bickering, they want to get something done. sit at the table. let's not shut down. >> martha: do you imagine that there will be a package that will past before the 21st that will include homeland security funding and how much for the wall? 1.3? 5 billion? >> we don't know. if we should on the government, do you realize that -- the president would like to keep that, that is nice. homeland security is all the airports. is he going to shut out the airports at the time that families are traveling across the country to go home? >> martha: no one wants that. >> democrats going to the white house, trying to reach out and sat down and compromise. it turned into a bit of political theater. i help the president will reconsider and not make this just about the wall come at looking at exactly my colleagues are talking about.
4:48 pm
brought immigration fixes, looking at her border security and its entirety. not focusing on one issue. that is what we have been trying to do any work that the caucus has been putting forward to republican leadership. i certainly hope that they will listen, challenge the president. this just isn't about a wall. this is about far greater issues of security and immigration reform. >> martha: i want to ask you about the me too movement and the changes that have been proposed for title ix. to think that we will move forward in a way that has more due process for the accused and for the accuser? >> i think we have a shared goal and that we want a fair process. know that sexual violence on campus continues to be a very serious issue. 12% of women who attend college will be the victims of sexual violence and rate. that has a staggering percentage
4:49 pm
a very small percentage of the 12% will actually report and come forward. we want a system that is balanced, that is fair to both the accused and two survivors. we have to make sure, it is our job in congress that we are addressing this issue of sexual violence and that we don't go back to suppressing women from coming forward. my concerns with second betsy devos, since she has been secretary of education, she has often cited against students. >> i'm coming from michigan. michigan state where the president when asked about the title mind-set, there might have been one. we see the same situation across the country that we see -- we've all seen nets. women are generation in particular. when the power relationship, it
4:50 pm
if someone in an athletic department is accused or does do something, the woman is made to feel like she is the victim. i had high school students coming from michigan, the girl gets ostracized. even if to be. what we have to do was to not take us backwards. we have to respect due process. we must respect to process. at the same time, we could never let michigan state happen again, we can never let a student athlete rape girl and have the program say, that is our athlete. >> martha: in 2020, there's going to be many democrat candidates throw their hat into the rain, without asking you to endorse anyone, what are the qualities that you want and that person? does it matter if it is a man or woman? who do you think will best serve you to go up against
4:51 pm
president trump? >> i think we can take a lesson from the midterms and the success of the candidates that we have, it really spoke. they saw the american people. they saw the challenges, they saw the issues that they talked about on their kitchen tables. whether 'tis health care, creating jobs, cleaning up politics, a cleaner environment, addressing climate change. they really saw those issues and spoke to the people in their district. which i am looking for in a candidate is someone who is going to put the issues of americans, every day, hardworking americans back front and center in the white house. >> martha: do think it is important but it does a women? it would let her prominent women? would you like to see a woman? >> absolutely. women candidates have been so successful because they do bring a perspective that people can
4:52 pm
relate to. they are good at building consensus, working across the aisle and they understand those issues because women are often the ones who make those economic decisions for our families. we care for our children and we care for aging parents. to have that perspective the white house, i think it would be incredible. i think it would be something that american voters are eager to see. >> i'm very happy to see so many potential candidates. i think that will give us an opportunity. >> there is a lot to pick from. >> it is great that we have so many democrats who care about this country into want to run. one thing i will look for, we definitely should finally have a woman as our president. i think we also have to look at a lot of the issues that we have talked about historically. i want to see someone to talk about racial justice, economic
4:53 pm
justice, often times in campaigns, people of color are not really brought to the forefront. it is about time. >> martha: before we go, want to ask you to weigh in on this whole russia thing as it has been referred to. the question of collusion, the ongoing investigation. what seems to be appearing now is that robert mueller is questioning the issue of paying these two women to keep their story out of the media right before the election. if that is all there is, is that an impeachable offense? >> there is a reason why that is called a headline. that is way oversimplifying what we are facing right here. here's my take on it, we have three incoming chairman as of january 3rd. we have jerry nadler who will chair the judiciary, we have elijah cummings who will lead the chair of oversight and adam ship who will head the chair of
4:54 pm
intelligence. they are all good men. they are smart men. they are reasonable men. look, i am a former reporter, i was an investigative reporter for a number of years, the rule of thumb. you know it, follow the truth. but the truth guide us and forever that ends up, it ends out. >> martha: knowing what you know now, should the president be impeached? >> i think we let the evidence show the way. again, we will have three very capable chairman on these three important committees that will be the ones who oversee what comes out of the comey investigation what comes forth through subpoenas or otherwise. again, let the truth show the way. >> when you look at the republican side of the equation, who would you point to as a dear friend? someone that you are close to and do you think it is important to have those relationships? >> one of our core principles as
4:55 pm
the idea that we advance pragmatic solutions in a bipartisan way. it will be particular important to the next congress we have a divided congress. to clear republican health senate, to be fined by republican presidents. >> most importantly, making sure those relationships are respectful and trustful and that you can do something on behalf of the american people. >> martha: i will have to leave it there. i hope you all continue the conversation all stomach on all sides of the aisle. thank you very much. we will see it goes. we will be right back. ♪ or
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new one every week. that's "the story" on this thursday night. thanks for being with us. we'll see you tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson joins us from d.c. have a great night, everybody. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." people debate all the time about mass immigration. what you never hear anybody do is make the economic case for mass immigration. here's why. our country's economy is becoming more automated and tech centered by the day. it's obvious we need more scientists and skilled engineers. that's not what we're getting. we're getting people with waves


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