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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  December 16, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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discussions about the coverage of these investigations and the way the president and michael cohen portrayed the media. i would love to hear from you. we'll see you then, 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. arthel: the clock is ticking on capitol hill. lawmakers coming up on a deadline. the funding of president trump's border wall. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. eric: nice to see you. i'm eric shawn. president trump threatened to shut down the government if lawmakers don't allocate $5 billion for his wall. nancy pelosi and senator chuck
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schumer say that's not happening. an exclusive interview on "sunday morning futures." >> it's a sign of the dysfunction in washington. we have to figure out how to come together around some basic budgets. we believe in border security. i believe in border security. we have technologies today that are far surpassed a wall. this is not the 15th century. eric: mollie, it looks like the democrats are digging in. reporter: the position of the top democrat in the senate, chuck schumer says the president does haven't the votes in congress to get more money. and they should get on board with two other options such as a
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continuing resolution or cr to fund the government and take up the law again in 2019. >> those two options are the kinds of things republicans supported in the past. when you talk to them privatelier. >> publicly, some of them have said a cr is preferable to a shutdown. they don't have the guts to tell president trump he's off the deep end. he'll not get a wall with the shutdown. reporter:' he wants $4 billion more than they want the provide for the border wall and border enhancement. the president said he'll be proud to shut down the government for border security. eric: what are the republicans saying. >> it's something he campaigned on and they want that wall.
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>> there is no excuse to shut down government on this issue or any other issue. i suggested that we revisit a compromise proposal that we brought forth earlier this year. i helped craft it. it was offered by senators king and rand. reporter: one of the president's top advisors says this goes beyond the wall, it's a matter of national security. >> this is a president who knows we have been spending billions of dollars helping other nations protect their borders. it's time we do it here. reporter: nor mcconnell says magic things happen at christmas and he would like to see a smooth ending to this battle.
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arthel: let's bring in francesca chambers. a correspondent for the "daily mail." >> i don't think the president is getting a big bag of $5 billion for the border wall this christmas. arthel: is the shutdown imminent or what will wait off? >> the white house is shopping a potential short-term continuing resolution which would push off this debate until early next year. the only problem with that is he currently has leverage because the republicans control the house of representatives. early next year the democrats will take over the house of representatives. so the freedom caucus said now is the time. if the president is going to force the issue in a shutdown
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he'll have to do it by this friday. arthel: will the mick mulvaney promotion make a difference? he's currently acting. he still remains the head of the budget office. but his deputy will be doing the day-to-day activities. but if there was a shutdown, he would be the one who would technically have to oversee that. john kelly is still there. but he's leaving at the end of this year. to put mick mulvaney in a position where he would have to oversee a shutdown while's learning the ropes of being white house chief of staff complicates the issue. the white house and president trump are we thinking the idea of a government shutdown. arthel: the concern should be for the people, americans. talk to me about which party
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stands to get stung by a partial government shutdown. which party. >> the president previously said he thinks it would be a political winner for republicans. but that was before we were talking about a shutdown a few days before christmastime. a shutdown would only affect 25% of the government roughly in this case. it's not the same in the past. this is a sliver of the government. the defense department has been funded. dhs have not been funded. and among has there are federal workers who would be furloughed without any pay. congress often comes back and gives them that pay. but at the time it would be an unpaid leave of absence. and other federal workers would be required to work without pay and they would definitely be paid back after the fact. it would put families in limbo over the holidays.
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arthel: here is chuck schumer. >> president trump should understand there are not the votes for the wall in the house or senate. he's not going to get the wall in any form. we democrats, leader pelosi and i offered the president two options as to how to avoid the shutdown. we should not let a temper tantrum threat push us in the direction of doing something that everybody, even our republican colleagues know is wrong. arthel: in that publicized meeting with the president and soon to be speaker pelosi and chuck schumer. the president said, i will take the blame. he would take it mantel if there is a partial shutdown. can the president afforded to hang the gold trump sign on a partial government shutdown? >> he just had an election. there is not another election for two years. it's not something that in the
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short term would have a huge political effect on the president. his border wall is something he has been promising this entire time. so it's clearly something the president wants to see to be completed to see finished. but chuck humaner in that interview saying he would give a little bit of wiggle room. it would either be the 1.6 billion dollars used for fencing and border security but not a concrete wall. but to mirror funding that's there from this last fiscal year. but fencing and not a concrete wall. the president has to make a choice about how he wants to proceed. when he pushes it off again, republicans will not be in charge of the house. he'll have the senate, but he won't have the house and it will be several months before the conversation restarts.
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arthel: before i let you go -- >> we are all hoping santa is generous this year. arthel: merry christmas. eric: president trump and his lawyers are firing back at michael cohen and robert mueller after his so-called fixer was sentenced to prison. rudy giuliani slamming cohen as a liar, saying the president did not know about the payments that were made to women during the 2016 campaign. ellison barber is at the white house with the latest on these claims. >> michael cohen says nothing was done within the trump organization without the knowledge of donald trump. he also says president trump not only did he know about the payments, but michael cohen claims the president directed him to make them and directed
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him to become involved in these matters. the president's attorney rudy giuliani says it's false. that the president has repeatedly said it's false piepter way, giuliani claims it's not a crime to make that sort of payment. here is mr. giuliani followed by michael cohen's lawyer. >> paying stormy and the other one is not a crime. crime. she was paid a million one to be a no show in the campaign. >> the judge in that case said -- >> it's not the judge it, the fec. the fec ruled on the edwards case' before they prosecuted it. >> the fec never ruled what john edwards did was appropriate. that's not true. there was never a ruling. limits see what the facts show.
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reporter: mr. cone was sentenced to three years in prison. around that time president trump tweeted i never directed michael co-on break the law. he's a lawyer and he's supposed to know the law. it's called advice of counsel. he's a lawyer and is supposed to know the law. the president said cone is a rat, a liar, pathetic and he's trying to embarrass the president. while admits he has not always told the truth in the past. he says in this instance he is telling the truth and there is plenty of information to support his version of events. arthel: a bombshell ruling by a federal judge after he decides obamacare is unconstitutional. lawmakers are speak out as this issue is sure to be front and center in the new congress.
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ed. >> unfortunately billions upon billions of u.s. taxpayer dollars have not achieved desired effects. they have not stopped the scourge of terrorism, radicalism and violence. they have not prevented on thered powers such as china and russia from taking advantage of african states. arthel: mr. bolton unveiling a new approach in a speech urging leaders on the continent to ally themselves with the united states because it's to their economic benefit. congressman from california
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devin nunes reacted earlier today. >> the american people have been having to listen to this russia nonsense for so long. it's not that putin is not a bad guy, in fact we were the ones who warned about putin's ever advancing capability. but at the same time we totally ignored china. arthel: general keane joins us. who is poised to serve as africa better, the u.s. or the china-russia combo. >> we haven't had much of an african strategy for years. that's what this administration has accurately done. they set the strategic framework in the right place. we return the big power competition once again. now it's with russia and china.
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with russia and china, they have been very aggressive in africa. china economically speak. there are economic predators there. and russia in terms of arms deals. what they have created is dependency and domination. the united states is trying to push these countries and move them toward self-reliance, independence and economic growth. i think the strategy is absolutely the correct one. and it will go a long way to countering the chinese and russian influence. arthel: i was fleeghtd "wall street journal" that -- i was reading in the "wall street journal" that china is spending billions to build trailways and dams and roadways across africa. what is the worldwide fallout if
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russia and china become the political gurus for africa. >> we are countering russia and china in other places as well. this is a place that needs stabilization. the strategy in the past has been counter-terrorism. we'll continue that effort. but what the chinese are up to has been quite significant. when i say they are economic predators, what i mean is they go in there and give out major loans so they can build dams, bridges, et cetera. and the countries have difficulty meeting the interest on the loans and they default and china takes over everything. and they only use china labor forces. they don't allow locals on the projects. that strategy china is use over time we are starting to see some of it in southeast asia wears
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people thin. they are economic predators and they are bullies in the execution of it. arthel: what is the advantage for the u.s. if africa cozies up to the u.s., and why does it matter? >> we want those countries moving in the right direction in terms of their own independence and economic growth for the stability of the region. the natural resources in africa are staggering. the united states has interest in that from an economic perspective. this strategy will be largely economic. we already have a military presence and some of that will be reduced in the near term. this economic strategy had a chance for a huge payoff. it's a long-term strategy. arthel: the way you explain it, it seems to be beneficial to africa. will africa agree to it? >> they will be interested in
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what the united states is promoting. we are not seeking dependency on us and control and domination. we are seek their economic vibrancy and that will have a payoff for us because our businesses will be investing there and they will be reaping the benefits of that investment. but the payoff will be the prosperity of africa itself, something the united states has interest in as a global leader. i think what the trump administration has done largely with their change of national security strategies is putting the united states on the world stage as a global leader promoting security and prosperity. arthel: you think the african leaders will sort of put it in the past, president trump's missteps and derogatory remarks he made early in his administration and move forward.
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do you think that would be the case? >> i think it rhetoric sometimes that the president is accused of having, some of that is false. arthel: he called them s-hole nations. >> i think what these countries -- i have been around the world talking to leaders since president trump has been inaugurated. what they follow are u.s. policies. u.s. actions. they have learned just like a lot of americans have learned. the president tweets a lot and you listen to the rhetoric. you take it into account. but it's u.s. policy that is impacting these countries. that's what they are going to pay attention to. arthel: we'll leave it there. general jack keane. thank you very much. eric: climate change is the focus of delegates from 200
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countries. environmentalists are expressing frustration that the goaled don't go far enough. saudi arabia and kuwait push back on some of those demands. reporter: global leaders decide on a set of rules to govern the paris climate accord. 196 countries approved the new guidelines to me sure and report greenhouse gas. but the united states wct second highest in the world for emissions said they didn't welcome the findings of the climate report. president trump vowed to bow out of the paris climate accord, but the united states still had a presence at the conference because the united states can't
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officially withdraw until 2020. president trump: if i was in the paris climate accord we would be paying trillions of dollars for nothing. >> i am concerned the united states will lose trillions and trillions if it doesn't take action. that's in terms of the impact we'll face. we have seen it with hurricanes and fires. reporter: environmental activists threaten to block that resolution over concerns over carbon credits to countries to reduce their emissions. brazil insisted on new language which critics say may allow them to double their rar won credit. it also drew criticism saying it failed to deliver a clear commitment to further reduce climate change by 2030.
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our governments continue to fail on behalf of the negotiators. reporter: the current set of guidelines would put the world and path by the end of the century. the council wanted a 1.5 degree cap. arthel: a ruling from deep in the heart of texas putting obamacare in doubt. what it means for millions of americans. the family of a 7-year-old girl who died in the custody of the u.s. borderer patrol disputing the official account of what happened. >> the family is still coping with their profound loss. the death of a child is the most of painful experience a airport or family can endure.
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>> it's an awful, awful ruling. we are going to fight this tooth and nail. the first thing we're going to do when we get back there in the senate is urge, but a vote on the floor urging an intervention in the case. arthel: democrats aren't too -- otherwise known as obamacare is unconstitutional. the decision doesn't immediately affect coverage for americans. meanwhile, president trump are acting on twitter sane as i predicted all along, obamacare has been struck down as an unconstitutional disaster. congress must pass a strong law that provides great health care and protects preexisting conditions. mitch and nancy get it done. garrett tammy is live from washington with more. reporter: arthel, the big question is what is next that it does not affect coverage because it will be appealed and is expected to eventually reach the supreme court.
9:31 am
if that happens democrats or predict dean for a third charm world that obamacare is constitutional. senator chuck schumer doesn't want to take any chances as you've heard there he is urging congress to get involved and stop the lawsuits from going any further. >> we first have to undo this awful decision because look, we have a republican president, republican senate and they've spent time sabotaging health care. so that's a first job. after that come the democrats as we did in 2018 rather successfully are going to make health care a major -- probably the major issue in the upcoming campaigns. >> most public and lawmakers hope the supreme court will do what they've been trying to do for eight years now and finally and obamacare. at abc this week, senator susan collins of maine says they believe the courts will overturn this latest ruling in the obamacare in place. >> the judge's ruling was far too sweeping. he could've taken a much more
9:32 am
surgical approach and just struck down the individual mandate and kept the rest of the law intact. i believe that it will be overturned. >> either way, health care continues to be a major issue across the country and one that congress particularly now a divided congress doesn't have any clear answers to a use that for now. arthel: garrett tammy, thank you. >> a death of a child is the most painful experience a family can endure. they came to the united states seeking something that thousands have been seeking for years, and escape in a dangerous situation. this was their right under u.s. and international law. eric: that the attorney for a good father of the 17 or a guatemalan girl who so tragically died in u.s. border patrol custody. jacqueline mccall family is also disputed the account who said their daughter had not been given food or water for several
9:33 am
days while crossing the border. chuckling in her father were a large group of migrants arrested earlier this month near a remote border crossing in mexico. live in los angeles with more and easier development in this tragic case. >> eric, we'll are poor today about the little girl who died. 7-year-old and for the first time we are hearing from family members back home in guatemala. she had just received her first parachutes from her father for their journey. they ended up traveling thousands of miles to their critically poor village to the u.s. border. they are among a large group of migrants arrested at a remote border crossing near new mexico. while on a bus headed to the border patrol station shackling started vomiting and then stopped breathing. she then later died at a texas hospital. >> my husband went away because of the poverty appeared the
9:34 am
extreme poverty that we live in. >> some people asked us about her feelings about the trip here july put joy because she wanted to write to the united states. >> border patrol says they did everything they could, but they say she hadn't had food and water in days. the screening showed no health issues and jakelin's father signed that she was okay. no complaints about how border patrol agents treated him in a starter but lawyers are still calling for a thorough and objective investigation. senate democrats echoing the call to actions and in the letter to the her general of the department of homeland security. eric. eric: just heartbreaking. arthel: taking into france now where we follow another big worry. protesters dwindling in numbers this weekend that thousands remained defiant occupying major traffic circles around the country. police officers had been mobilized to keep the crowd under control.
9:35 am
meanwhile, in taking a pause to mourn the victims of the attack. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg talcott is live in paris at the very latest. greg. >> hi, arthel. things are getting back to normal after another day of protests. this happiness and antigovernment protest basically by activists we've been talking about. we were out on the street but the whole lot of police. and in fact much less violent than we saw last saturday. activists are continuing where they started. along highways across the country. a protest against thai government gasoline tax aimed at combating global warming. french president macron last
9:36 am
week offered more tax cuts and government handouts to the protesters that might have kept saturday's numbers down the numbers continue to go down. a new poll released today, the google rating is at 23% nationwide. another reason perhaps, arthel, that we saw last on saturday. national attention in the last couple days focused on a terror in strasburg. the deadly attack happened tuesday night. today there was a memorial in the center of the city. the mayor of the city had some strong words to say at the memorial. we will continue to defend our values against those who attacked them. churn through absolutely prefixed out of of 6:00 in the evening there in paris. thank you for a match. eric: release the fbi jimmy hoffa files. the bureau has been. the family wants them and the
9:37 am
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eric: and not her exclusive investigation listed in the disappearance of her time, what happened to jimmy hoffa. the fox nation special the search for james hoffa appeared we are going for the fbi files reveal that release finally and find out what investigators knew and when. and when peered into desultory rented this house in detroit or
9:42 am
your compressing the hitman and for ensuring told him he shot hoffa twice in the head in that house back in 1975. fox news producer at barnes and myself taking up the tiles on the hardwood floor, looking for evidence of the murder and locally founded. a blood pattern on the floor that fit the story precisely. the largest amount of possible evidence in front of the closet door where his head at the floor. seven drops trailing down the hallway where he said two accomplices dragged his lifeless body to the kitchen out the backdoor to be cremated. part of the proposed biography became the best book by his lawyer charlie brandt. but this now, and arms who took up before and hasn't investigated frank sherman going back for decades. welcome, great to see you my friend. should the fbi, should the government release all the files finally over.did so the public can see what happened. >> there is no one hoffa files.
9:43 am
the at least other room full before they took it back. new york as well. if you put it all together it finally gives us what is almost the end of the mafia because what happens after hoffa dies or disappears is the thing that coalesce in the law-enforcement agencies come in the calculated killing of an american labor leader and major political figure can get in the way with it. that is stunning and out of the country. >> tree into a really was the decline of the labor union powers of the industrial america in many ways in detroit although still a thriving community represented by the murder of jimmy hoffa. >> more than not, the pension fund was the largest amount of
9:44 am
money ever accumulated. it was the hopes of retirement and the economic well-being because when hoffa died i went into the hands of the mob. eric: the fbi did test 50 samples positive for blood. the dna from two samples. one was incomplete so they did not match the blood of jimmy hoffa to what i found in the house. does that disprove frank sherman story? >> more than likely get than likely get a dna match after that amount of time. he was basically saying so many cases where the fbi is gone out to dig up a body of hoffa and they've got it. this at least gave us analytics.
9:45 am
match the story completely. and they convinced me a new but the story he was telling at that point had great credibility. eric: the evidence of blood which we did find in the house were calling not just to retest the files but the floorboards that we found. in terms of why he was murdered comment always been wanted to regain the presidency. frankfurt commences in the presidency and had a good deal with the mafia and the mom. you have found years ago this is it. this is a 40-year-old -- 40 years ago and wrote this exclusive for the morning newspaper, the morning news. the doctor in the mob. what is this new theory that has nothing to do with him wanting to regain the presidency, but it has to do with money. >> it absolutely does.
9:46 am
from having a casino in vegas was re-create what they had in havana, which was the golden age of the mob. i think other organized crime figures in new york: why are we on the vegas strip. so his partner dies. another reason this really works. when they were killing hoffa, his partner is actually buying this name .3 acres on the strip in vegas. and they were having really hard problems in new york funding a casino. it was again the largest single cache the world had seen up until that time. so yes, we know he is there at the scene. arguments whether he's killed the guy. eric: we have some video salad
9:47 am
with leo when it testifies, but areas i.e. no comment. even the reporters at the detroit grand jury a few months after hoffa disappeared he took it. he and his brother, gabe for genovese crime family assist you and sally bugs were shot to death three years later. your theory is his boss, tony pro had a fistfight in prison. the fistfight in the meeting was not about regaining the teacher's presidency but the fact that half open own money to fund the casino. >> going all around. he went through the local 282 pension fund out of long island and gave $50 million. 38% of the workers pension. they were getting blocked almost everywhere. at that point new jersey there were so many corrupt point.
9:48 am
the first money to buy came by in a shoebox, which was basically a mod hostage bank and used for the down payment of the land. partnership is partners with the guy who's dying -- eric: we don't note the date of chad still exists. so there is bad. there's a meeting in the house supposedly in detroit and the meeting was to settle the money over this casino that hoffa refused to run from basically doing the right thing. seem like a reconciliation meeting. >> they walk in the house and there was totally in the in jimmy hoffa realizes any leads
9:49 am
and shot them in the back of the head. >> for historical reasons. the doctor he was indicted, pled guilty. he was the front man. he went on to become chief of surgery at valley hospital. eric: but would you say to the hoffa family now? >> ever reporter has one of the stories they carry. eric: what kind of comfort can you get to james hoffa and his sister barbara krantz. >> i don't. will they find a body, no. what i've been told it was put in a 50-gallon drum and it was brought to new jersey.
9:50 am
it was brought to the south new jersey for a chicken farm run by briguglio. the body was shredded in the remains of a body in the shredding machine were taken out. there's no funeral, but the most logical answer you can have is that the solid sense of what happened that day. and just knowing what happened, the problem lies with the enemy was and what the fundamental motive was. coming back in challenge and were seeking years. politically he might not have gone very far. eric: you've done amazing work. it's a joy to be partnered with you on our best station and we've done that. we are going to continue. >> we are going to continue here on the fox news channel for the
9:51 am
next year again. special program on fox nation. the search for james hoffa. go on fox nation to take a look. >> i don't know which is more impressive come in the story or the fact you have that vintage newspaper. anyway, and great job. millions of people under blanket of messy wet weather this weekend. how long will it last? is it too soon to predict who might be a white christmas? live to the fox weather center. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking,
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ends monday.
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arthel: ran i.c.e. storm systems claiming the northeast with i.c.e. and rain. meteorologist adam klotz in that weather center. do tell, adam. turn a kind of a nasty day along the mid-atlantic running into the northeast. temperatures currently 40 degrees in new york which means too warm for them to be snow along the coastlines. here is the big system. if you're in land, there are some areas upstate new york running towards portions are really in lands dates. all areas where you might see that wintry mix, more of that rain, more that i is. it's an ugly one per this'll
9:56 am
linger through the day before eventually clearing out cold air on the backside of this. at the time he gets really cold it is moved offshore. not expecting a huge amount of snow from it. winter weather advisories and state locations i was talking about. even snow that falls here is not going to last long because in the next couple days as temperatures bounce back up into the four days. is this going to be a white christmas? nine days out is a bit on the early side but traditionally the probability of we usually see perhaps the way chris is stretching over to the western state. that's where the odds are best, guys. a little bit of breaking news here. it's a little too early. don't look at your phone and know if it's going to be a white christmas yet or not. arthel: fair enough, thank you. eric: that does that for us now. we'll be back in four hours at 3:00 eastern.
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gillian: >> it's an awful, awful ruling. we are going to fight this tooth and nail. >> obama to his will to be unconstitutional. leland: plus come with five days to go before a government shutdown, no compromise yet when it comes to funding. president trump's border wall. gillian: as the clock


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