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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  December 17, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> melissa: that sounds incredible! that's amazing! >> kennedy: you part dumb i probably had a classy party. >> melissa: you didn't invite me to yours, though. a likely excuse! did you go to a holiday party customer do you want to get on the last? >> capri: i was at the ambassador francis house. >> melissa: b will be back at noon eastern tomorrow. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert, former fbi director james comey is back for more with congressional lawmakers, the question -- will his memory improve? i'm harris faulkner. this is "outnumbered overtime." , is testifying before a joint house panel for the second time in just two weeks. somehow republicans are saying that his briefing to president trump on an anti-trump dossier will be a big focus of the questioning. the former fbi chief is also expected to be pressed on former national security advisor michael flynn's claim that the fbi pushed him into not bringing an attorney to his white house
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interview. comey recently admitted normal fbi procedure was not followed when flynn was questioned. also, former attorney general loretta lynch is set to testify in the coming days. a lot happening. let's get the news. she's congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill. my? >> harris, good afternoon to you. james comey is on the hot seat again facing questions from republicans on house judiciary and oversight. comey has been here on capitol hill today for about three and half hours after his six hour grilling back on december 7th. there has been some tension between members on the committee and him over the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email case. one of the republicans in that hearing told us a few minutes ago the fbi is not making this process easy. >> consistently, the fbi has had legal counsel there to try to discourage the answering of certain questions that might be good for the american people to know. and yet, often times it would
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suggest that it's part of an ongoing investigation and discourage the witnesses from testifying. >> caliphate california publicn congressman darren isa admitted an interview interview that the court will over term former national security for lying to the fbi. he blamed just as a permanent and fbi misconduct, and criticized comey for saying they were able to question flynn because the trump white house was not as organized. as for democrats, much of their focus is on allowing special counsel robert mueller to complete his investigation and write his final report. one democrat called today's hearing was comey a waste of time. >> the republicans will continue to wreak jim comey over the coals for as long as they can, and it appears to be that the direction of president trump. whenever he decides that he is
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finished with dragging director comey through the mud, i guess the house republicans on the judiciary committee will call off their inquisition. >> one republican in the hearing says that comey has been consistent in the way he has answered questions, which sounds like a fair amount of "he doesn't know or doesn't recall." harris? >> harris: wow. i guess we can add that to the list of the 245 times he has already invoked at. mike emanuel, thank you very much. republican thomas madero isa of the house judiciary committee joins me now. you are in close contact with their colleagues, making news that you are predicting something covertly different will happen with mike flynn prenot a sentencing prude what and why? >> judge sullivan has dealt with this before. you might remember that he picked up the ted stevens case only to find that prosecutors had violated the late senator 's
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rights and lied and withheld information parade in this case, he is faced with a similar situation and that he is seeing a general who was lied to and told he wasn't a target. he didn't need -- she was basically not needing to worry about maranda. didn't need a lawyer. so that they could trap him into a lie where they knew something, didn't disclose that, and then asked him a question in order to get him in a situation where they then had leverage on him. so, this kind of misconduct can only be held accountable by a federal judge prayed and this is a federal judge who goes all the way back through four or three different presidents, and is a no-nonsense judge. >> harris: needs adjusting. how surprised were you to hear james comey admit that a handle been that it handle been handed >> live in playing fast and loose for a long time >> harris: do you think they'ved on this? that it was a mistake? >> every once in a while he
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remembers something. in this case he apparently remembered that most white houses would have said "we aren't making these people available, they will all be represented by lawyers, there will be any such thing as just a harmless question." and that appears to be exactly the problem. they took advantage of a present that's making information available at an extra ordinary rates, very different than president obama. in this case, there's a real question of "did they get what they want from flynn?" apparently they did, but they did by trapping him into a lie. >> harris: do you feel that james comey and the words of democrats congressman hank johnson of the great state of georgia, do you feel that republicans are breaking james comey over the coals? that's his quote. >> i like hank. he and i served to give it for a long time. the fact is, when you have new developments of things such as months and months in which they
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essentially dragged out dating 302 long after they were essentially using it -- these wrong doings in front of the fisa court, and comey is directly involved. there is certainly a reason to make the record complete. what i will say -- and i challenge hank johnson -- as new information comes forward, not to let the democratic majority in the house shut down the kind of discovery that is necessary in a a free democracy. >> harris: i mean this with all due respect, and even some of your own colleagues in the house have criticized how this has been handled -- is james comey better at this then republicans are? you've had several bites at the apple. 245 times, last time he either didn't know he didn't remember about sometimes basic stuff. does he have an advantage in any of this that we don't know about? >> he has a huge advantage for it he the clock. the administration, if you will, always has the clock. in this case, the clock is
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running out. what would normally be 245 "i don't remember," 245 demands to the department of justice to provide at least some of the information he says he doesn't remember -- there is no time for that. this department of justice, under no real management, continues to withhold information. and even cause him to withhold information on those occasions which he knew something, harris. >> harris: what do you mean no real management? >> it's very clear that between the time president trump came into office and now, these u.s. attorneys and the fbi have continued to do whatever they want. it's not just a special prosecutor. jeff sessions was a good senator, but he clearly did not take control of the department of justice. and they continue to withhold information. a good example, even the fast and furious investigation that it had already been essentially settled by the court -- they dragged their feet for over a year trying to not give us the
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information. >> harris: from the house judiciary committee question what did you have conversations with him? >> say that again? >> harris: did talk with him about this, jeff sessions? >> i did. it wasn't -- recuse, but it was an area in which he allowed the so-called career professionals to continue to not give information that an obama appointee had told them to give us. this is a department of justice that institutionally continues to not want to cooperate with congress. this is where the new attorney general is have to come in and at least restore some level of cooperation in congress' legitimate oversight. that will include the senate and hopefully a democratic house that still wants to know about people's rights being trampled on. >> harris: congressman isa, i so appreciate her transparency. i asked these questions because it's so late in 2018, and republicans have had a shot to get to talk with james comey. heck, he has called into public
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radio. he pretty much talks to everybody. so it's a little bit hard to believe that we have gotten this deep into 2018 without many answers from him. that's why i ask those questions, and i knew you would be transparent about it. >> it's a fair question. investigation after investigation by myself, my predecessor, and others -- you see the slowness that happens. slowness really is the advantage, when you have something that has to be investigated. it doesn't matter what the wrongdoing is. >> harris: from the great state of california today, congressman darrell issa. thank you for your time. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: let's get to the fox news alert. robert mueller is reportedly pushing now again for a sitdown interview with president trump. the president's legal team submitted those written answers to questions from the special counsel a few weeks ago. now his attorney, rudy giuliani, is telling fox news's chris wallace this weekend -- there is no way a sitdown is going to happen.
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>> good luck. after what they did to flynn, the way they trap him into perjury? and knows that it's for him? 40 days for papadopoulos -- i did better on traffic violations than they do to papadopoulos. >> when you are saying good luck, you may know interview. >> they are a joke. over my dead body. >> harris: kevin corke is outside the wild house dull academic white house. >> notwithstanding, it is apparent that this white house under no circumstances will allow bob mueller to sit down with the president. it is manifestly not going to happen. that said, it's also to point out, harris, that the president has submitted written responses to questions posed by the special counsel's investigators. to hear alan to she to hear islanders with telus , >> it's over until they try to subpoena him, and then we have a constitutional conflict because he asserts article two and other rights free to go to court, and we don't have a merely report for a long time.
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>> as for the white house, the president -- as you can well imagine -- has adroitly suggested that he wants to talk. i would just point to this, harris. if his tone on twitter is a window into his thinking, it's probably a good idea that he not avail himself to do that. he wrote this on twitter -- "the russian witch hunt hoax started as the insurance policy long before i even got elected is very bad for our country. they are entrapping people from statements, lies, unrelated things that took place many years ago. nothing to do with collusion. a democrat scam." about which jim comey, who is, as mike emanuel party come is very busy this afternoon preeti tweeted this. "this is the president of our country lying about a search warrant issued by a federal judge. shame on republicans who don't speak of at this moment. from the fbi, the rule of law, and the truth." of course, he's also referencing the dash...
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let's just call it the collection of materials for michael cohen's office. this been devastating back and forth, not between these two men but between very ensconced institutions in washington here. there's a sense that this could go very badly for the country if they don't figure it out soon. harris? >> harris: that is a very interesting foretelling message that you are talking about. i'm going to scoop up some information from the other side of the political aisle. kevin, thank you very much. a former assistant attorney general in maryland, and a former chief counsel to senator dianne feinstein. neo, thank you for being with me. i also want to mention this -- when he had with the program before, i don't the guy had -- you handled the consideration of the impeachment of president clinton for senator feinstein. could you tell me a little bit about how you see this process compared with your experience doing that? >> well, i think you have a much more extensive set of potential wrongdoings involved. there's a lot of investigation of the whitewater watergate tr,
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but that's not what led to the impeachment of president clinton. the impeachment of president clinton was over one line. give a much wider range of wrongdoing by president trump, here. the scope is a lot larger. >> harris: you say that, but we haven't seen evidence of anything. moving along. i know we don't know all of what robert mueller has, but what do you think in terms of this case? >> i think we have a pretty long record so far. there have been 36 people on companies so far. there's been a lot of wrongdoing laid out in those documents. we have some pretty clear attempts to obstruct justice. just because they haven't happened in public doesn't mean they aren't obstruction. i'm keeping my on that. of course, the question that professor dershowitz talked
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about, about potentially subpoenaing the president, i think it's a very live question. i don't know this, i just know what's been reported. >> harris: what do you mean "live question?" >> there is a subpoena battle, a grand jury subpoena battle, that is playing out right now in the federal court in d.c. it's sealed. i don't have direct knowledge of it. on friday afternoon, they shut down the entire fifth floor of the courthouse to hear arguments in that case. at least one former prosecutor has a speculate on the record that it could be over a subpoena of the president himself. so it's all under seal, but when you think -- there's already been high-ranking officials that have cooperated. >> harris: let me step in, there. i want to visit the situation, if we can, of general michael flynn. and the claims by some on the right, and those who support him, particularly, that he was
10:15 am
an trap. even james comey has admitted that they didn't handle his interview the way that protocol would have dictated in terms of telling him to get an attorney. that's problematic, isn't it? >> i think the investigation has really investigative and prosecutorial techniques. i don't think that many investigators and law enforcement professionals encourage witnesses to get attorneys. of course, they have to cooperate -- >> harris: then why would james comey say he wasn't followed the correct way? >> you would have to ask director comey about that. >> harris: i imagine they are doing that right now and capitol hill. i wanted to get your take on it, though, because when you have the former head of the fbi say that one person wasn't treated the way others would have been -- i'm just curious to get your response to it. >> everything that i have seen has been consistent with normal practices. >> harris: neil, thank you for your time. some front runners are starting
10:16 am
to emerge in the democrat search for the perfect 2020 candidate. who came out on top in a poll of likely iowa caucus goers? and should the trump administration be worried? plus, congress fighting over the border wall with the government shutdown on the line. what will the president do as democrats stand firm in their opposition? >> he's off the deep end, here. all he's going to get with his temper tantrum is a shut down. he will not get awol. ♪ as the one who is always trapped beneath the duvet i'm begging you... take gas-x. your tossing and turning isn't restlessness, it's gas! gas-x relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort...
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>> harris: we are moving closer now to the deadline for a partial government shutdown looming over capitol hill. congress will just -- with just a few days left, to reach an agreement that would keep some key federal agencies open over christmas. this is the trump administration doubles down on the president's threat to regret any deal that does not provide $5 billion in border spending. meanwhile, senate minority leader chuck schumer says that democrats are not going to budge, either. >> president trump should understand, there are not the votes for the wall in the house or the senate. he is not going to get the wall in any form. we should not lead a temper tantrum, threats, push us in the
10:21 am
direction of doing something that everybody, even our republican colleagues, know is wrong. >> harris: peter doocy is following what's happening now and capitol hill with us. peter? >> harris, if this funding fight is going to be about the wall, house leaders are trying to figure out right now if they could pass a spending bill that just to fund the wall and nothing else. >> everybody knows, good common sense -- we should be able to secure our southern border. we need to stand firm and get that done. i do think, contrary to what pelosi has said, i do think there are the votes in the house to get that done. i just hope our leadership puts that bill on the floor. the full $5 billion for the wall. >> if $5 billion worth of wall money was to pass the house, it would have a really tough time clearing the senate. but, the white house still wants this fight. >> we are going to do whatever is necessary to build the board are welcome to stop this ongoing crisis of illegal immigration. this is a very -- if it comes to it, absolutely. this is a very fundamental issue. at stake is the question of
10:22 am
whether or not the united states remain the sovereign country. >> now those democrats who insist there won't be any wall money this week are offering up a plan b for the border. >> we could be scanning the vehicles coming into the united states to see if they contained contraband, narcotics, firearms, even victims of human trafficking. fewer than 1 out of 5 vehicles are being scanned now. i asked the people at customs and border protection, would it cost to to have scanners to scan all the vehicles coming in? they said $300 billion. that's a far cry from the $5 billion, and a much more effectively to have have a secure border. >> dozens of republican lawmakers who either lost elections or just have other steps to do and may have had their offices taken away from them already have left washington, d.c. they say they will not be back for any more votes this year. that makes gauging support for anything really, really tough. harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. let's bring in house majority
10:23 am
whip yves scalise of louisiana. great see you today, congressma congressman. when you hear senator schumer and nancy pelosi on the house side saying that there are not the votes for this, the senate, not so surprising. why is the story so different on the house side? >> well, harris, it's good to be with you. i'm sure you've heard chuck schumer having another one of his tantrums. there was the schumer shut down not too long ago, and he didn't fare too well from that very few won't fare too well here again. when he is saying he wants to deny the president the ability to build the wall, with the president ran on securing america's border. his fight is about securing america's border, not just the wall. it includes other technology that's being mentioned. not just a skin vehicles, but to protect our border patrol agents. harris, you see what this caravan that is coming over -- homeland security has already identified convicted criminals in the caravan, they've been attacking our border patrol agents. we need to make sure they have the money should be safe, doing
10:24 am
their job, keeping america safe. >> harris: there are competing objects and all of this, and realities. you are talking about the groups of caravans, now. some 6,000 or 7,000 people who are clustered in tijuana waiting to get into our country. and then you also have the death of a little 7-year-old who was in the custody of the united states after crossing over illegally. it is difficult at this point to come up with answers. so, what will it take? >> it was a horrible tragedy to see what happened to the baby that was being brought over, part of the caravan as they were coming over in mexico. they weren't taking proper care of the people coming over. what the president has said is "look, if you are seeking asylum, there is a legal way to do it." frankly, the people in this caravan were offered asylum and jobs by the mexican government and they turned that down. it's not about asylum. this is about the rule of law. there is a legal way to come to america. just follow that process.
10:25 am
don't be part of a caravan that is, again, infiltrated by a lot of convicted criminals and potential terrorists every day. on average, ten known terrorist try to enter america every day. this is about keeping americans safe. >> harris: congressman scalise, what do you make of dick durbin's offer to spend just $3 million rather than border wall-type money like $5 billion? for searching vehicles in a different way? is that taken seriously on capitol hill? >> i'm glad that he is at least recognizing that you have to be more creative about securing the border. and acknowledging that people do come over to bring drugs. there's a lot of human trafficking that happens across the border. last week, her eyes agents -- which pelosi wants to get rid o- they save more than 900 kids from human trafficking. this is really going on on our border. it's about border security. there is a legal way to come here. follow the law if you want to come here. we have got to make sure that we are securing the border.
10:26 am
president trump is committed to securing our border. let's just stand up for the rule of law. >> harris: have you talked to the president recently about this topic and gauge how serious he is about a partial shutdown? >> i talked to him a few days ago and he is passionate about this. he cares about securing america's border. he campaigned and talked about it. it wasn't integral part of the election when he ran against hillary clinton. it was one of things front and center, and the president saying he's going to try and keep america safe. it's a poor and that we border. it's a bipartisan issue. we stand on it come in general. most people believe that we should secure the border. the money that we need to keep america safe. >> harris: i hear a lot of positivity in your voice. when i brought up dick durbin, you see the positive nature of "at least they are looking at the situation come because they have to." the democrats on the inside of the eye. i want to give you the last word
10:27 am
on what happen. who gets blamed if the government has a partial shutdown question are coming people that truly does affect? the numbers are moving. >> harris, i think it's really important that we continue to let the american people know what is happening at the border. what kind of people try to come over illegally. the sun might be coming over here for work, but some are coming over here to bring drugs. to human traffic, to prey upon their young children. they are clear examples -- again, last year alone, our eyes agents saved over 900 kids from human trafficking. there is a legal way to come to this country. if you want to seek asylum, or if you want to stand in line like millions of other people that are willing to come here legally. america is a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. let's stand up for the rule of law and keep america safe. >> harris: house majority whip steeps the least, this holiday season. thank you for your time. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, harris. >> harris: a federal judge
10:28 am
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>> harris: new developments after a federal judge in texas has ruled obamacare as unconstitutional, putting coverage for 20 million people in limbo. the decision is expected to be appealed, setting up a likely supreme court level fight. president trump tweeted this today -- "the deductible that comes with obamacare is so high, it's practically not even usable. it hurts families badly. we have a chance, working with the democrats to deliver great health care. a confirming supreme court decision will lead to great health care results for americans." doug mckelway live in washington with the news on this. doug? >> good afternoon, harris. the first thing people should know is that they won't be immediate changes to obamacare, pending appeals perhaps all the way to the supreme court the law remains intact.
10:33 am
the centers for medicare and medicaid services says "the exchanges are still open for business and we will continue with open enrollment. there is no impact of current coverage or coverage in 2019 plan." and friday's ruling, the federal judge sided with 20 20 state attorneys general that requiring people to pay for insurance coverage through the individual mandate is unconstitutional. last year's tax law eliminated the penalty for not having health insurance. many believe his ruling is overly broad and republican senator susan collins of maine, she expects his ruling will be overturned. >> there's no reason why the individual mandate provision can't be struck down and keep all the good provisions of the affordable care act such as coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. >> even among those republicans who want to see obamacare end, there is support for coverage of pre-existing conditions.
10:34 am
>> i think government does big things really well. i'm for more of the step-by-step, starting with the first step of people with pre-existing conditions. >> many democrats believe that judge o'connor's ruling may come back to haunt republicans. >> now this issue is alive and well again. the republicans have no alternative to the affordable care act, they have been refusing up until this point even to sit down with us. >> whatever appeals lie ahead, obamacare room remains deeply dependent on healthy young people to support less all the patients. absolved of paying the individual mandate penalty, the log really is struggling to maintain itself. harris? >> doug mckelway, thank you very much. let me bring the republican commerce and louie gohmert. for this discussion, is worthy to note a former texas state judge. he has considered things like this in his history. great to see you, congress and predicts her being with me. let's jump in. why can't you keep people what
10:35 am
say they like and pulling widely, and just get rid of the mandate? what can you do what senator collins as is possible? >> actually, to borrow from shakespeare's "hamlet," chief justice roberts and the democrats are hoisted by their own petard. they all said -- they made it very clear that the individual mandate was the absolutely essential element. roberts, in his opinion -- of course, he said it was not -- page 14, 40 pages later. he said the only way additional constitutional, only because of their taxing authority. you remove what the democrats and robert say was the absolute in central element. the individual mandate, which we did, in the tax cut bill of a year ago. the whole thing has to fall. they're the ones who said it does have to fold. the whole thing hung on the individual mandate. and now that tax is zero, it's gone away.
10:36 am
the act must follow. their words will come back to haunt them. this garbage about "we have no alternative," i know it sounds good to say that but it's just not true. we passed a bill in the house and the senate lacked one vote, getting a bill through so that we could have a conference committee. we still can do that. senator mccain, god rest his soul, is not there. but we ought to be able to get something done. why wait for the democrats? let's stay in session. the people of america have health care needs that are at stake. let's stay in session, let's get it done before the democrats become the obstructionists. let's pass funding for the ball. >> harris: and sessions, basically, over the christmas holiday season to get something done. >> you you but you it's the best christmas present. >> harris: will happen to your former judge ship, to see with
10:37 am
this federal judge o'connor was looking at? per those attorneys general that he agreed with. >> right. well, he made clear -- you read the opinion, he cites the obama administration, judge roberts 'opinion. both about saying the absolute essential element was individual mandate. that's why i reference to that. he makes clear in his opinion, he is using their own words. they said, without the individual mandate, the whole thing must fall. that's why roberts upheld it. now it should get to the supreme court and roberts is either going to have to say "you know what? i was just lying. i was trying to come up with some reason to uphold obamacare." or, he would say "you know what? i said it, and i meant it. therefore, the whole thing must fall." >> harris: what you say to the 20 million people that potentially, if this makes its way through the courts and heads
10:38 am
to the supreme court, and gets called again on the constitutional, what you say to all those people who will lose their health care? >> i say, we have to have the alternative that it alternative ready to go. it's not something they were willing to do, but we need to do it. we need to have it ready to go. >> harris: can you do it with just republicans? he said that you could, but are there any democrats they could pull over with you? >> i think we could. there are precious few moderates in the house these days, on the democrat side. but we could do it before january 3rd. we did it before in the house, the first bill was bad but the second one was okay. we can just do it again and get something done before january january 3rd. after january 3rd, we can't do it without democrats. so, let's do it now. >> harris: that's a lot to get done. i don't know if you've been hearing representative mike gallagher from wisconsin on your side of the political
10:39 am
aisle. he's when willing to work every day of the year. he can't wait to see if based on the hill. i appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> absolutely, i love talking to you, harris. thank you. >> harris: likewise. we are looking at the profile. president trump has named mick mulvaney as acting white house chief of staff. is he the best choice for the job as the white house braces for a slew of democrat-led investigations? our power panel will slide in next i found my tresiba® reaso. now i'm doing more to lower my a1c. once daily tresiba® controls blood sugar for 24 hours for powerful a1c reduction. tresiba® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles.
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♪ >> harris: president trump has tapped budget director mick mulvaney to be his acting chief of staff. mulvaney will replace general john kelly, who is leaving at the end of the year. the president tweeted this -- "mulvaney will do a great job, but he is expected to face tough times ahead once democrats retake the house and the special
10:44 am
counsel's report is released." let's light and now to the power panel. noel, republican strategist and former florida congressional candidate. jason nichols, democrat commentator and professor at the university of maryland. good to see you both. >> think you. >> harris: i will start with this -- do you like this pick? >> actually come it's okay. the reason i think that, first of all, he's an acting chief of staff. i've got to tell you, i think that he can navigate his way through the troubled waters that are going to be coming through. we've got the mueller stuff that's going to be coming. we've got 2020. >> harris: why do you think he can do that? >> i think because -- let's face it, he has had some comments. we all know his comments, that he wasn't a trump fan. now he is on board, and he is with the president. with the agenda. i think you might actually be able to have some thoughtful conversations with people on the opposite side of the aisle. i really do. because if you think that you
10:45 am
are all for trump, and you won't be able to talk about anything but pro-trump, i think he may be able to get in the ear of some people that are not fans. >> harris: jason? >> i agree that he's a good fit for the president. i disagree on the reasons. i don't think is going to do very well democrats because of the fact that he is the founder of the freedom caucus. he is pretty much on the very hard right. he is a believer in physical fl austerity, which doesn't go along with the president's beliefs. >> harris: can i ask you a question? you are one of those democrats i like to have on the show who brings civility to the table. not that all caps, but sometimes the conversations can get a little chippy. what i hear noel saying is that he has the ability to do that and reach across the oil. you are saying that because you are seeing a difference in his politics, that that might not happen. what about looking at the man? >> i think his history, with the freedom caucus -- they have come
10:46 am
in, particularly in the last administration, they were the obstructionists. i think that many democrats remember that. many democrats have had to deal with the 30 some odd members of the freedom caucus not really going along with anything that they wanted. i do think he's not going to have an easy time working with democrats. >> harris: you made a point, noelle -- this is acting. he may only stay for a few months. we don't know. the president has this decision to make again. >> yeah. >> harris: potentially. >> he's going to have to make it again, unless this is a really great fit. i like the fact that the impetus is on "acting," because it gives president trump the freedom to -- if you find someone, or if mick mulvaney doesn't enjoy the position, it gives both the president and mulvaney a chance to bow out if it's not working. i like that, because it has been an interesting revolving door to
10:47 am
find a good fit for president trump. >> harris: general kelly has been there for a while. >> he has been there for a whil while, but, obviously -- >> harris: nobody stays for four years, anyway. >> i guess not, good point. >> i think president trump is not going to be reined in by anything, to be honest. he's a guy who goes on his gut, he makes his own decision. whether he will listen to counsel -- we will see. i think he definitely chose a good person in mulvaney, because mulvaney is an attorney. he can use as many good attorneys around, capable attorneys, as he can get. >> harris: when i sat down with him in the white house lest we come he said he wanted so many strong, as well. the power panel stays. all eyes on iowa already. jason? democrat voters are favoring some old faces. what are y'all going to young up? is that a word? a rising star. in a 2020 race to the white house. can any of them beat
10:48 am
president trump? ♪
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
>> hi it, everyone. i'm dana perino. james coming back on capitol hill behind doors as we speak. catherine herridge will have the
10:52 am
latest. plus, a federal judge declares obamacare unconstitutional. how does that affect you if you use it, or if you have parking to preexisting conditions? we look slain. what is present from thinking about a possible shutdown over r the border while? where live with that story and much more on "the daily briefing." ♪ 's view on the 20 election already heating up as a new poll of democratic iowa caucus goers shows the front runners and what's expect to be a crowded field. former president joe biden -- wow, never heard of him. [laughter] a commanding lead over president bernie sanders come also a newcomer. left back an actual newcomer, but it will work. and elizabeth warren. meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, susan collins says there is nothing wrong with republicans challenging present trumpet 2020. watch it. >> it's up to those individuals to decide whether or not they are going to oppose the president. it would probably have an uphill
10:53 am
climb, since he is the president and is in office now. but i see nothing wrong with challengers. that is part of our democratic system. >> harris: noelle can't wait to answer. the power panel stayed. no only for nj sigma souls >> i like senator collins, but as a national fund-raiser, t really is a raw deal to have someone like a john kasich or having somebody like jeff flake or anyone run against the incumbent. we need to be together as one. we need to be raising money as a collective effort. we do not need to try and divide the party against who we already have. when trump runs. >> harris: i heard a little "bless your heart" in there. "i like senator collins, but --" here's with the president said when i sat with him last week. >> i'm going to bring up john kasich and arizona senator jeff flake. they say they may run against you against you.
10:54 am
>> harris: i hope >> i have the greatest base in the history politics. i people who i love and who love me, that includes a lot of women. i got a german's percentage women last time. >> interviewed some of the women for trump. yes. >> i've got women, they are the greatest. i have tremendous women support. >> harris: before we get to democrats, why are you laughing? >> [laughs] well, the president has had his issues with women and some of the statements that he has made. i thought it was a little interesting that he said he gets all the support from women. one of the reasons i think you saw that blue wave and all those women elected was because they were women voters and particularly in the suburbs reaching out against president trump. i think he does have a base, i think he's correct about that. the idea that he has this wide-ranging support from women -- i beg to differ. >> harris: speaking of women, i don't see any among the top front runners in this poll that
10:55 am
was taken. the only fresh face we see, if we go to the big wall, is beto o'rourke. you are not a fan of hillary clinton and you didn't hide it during the commercial. [laughter] i will put you in the hot seat and ask you why. >> first of all, one of the people i am a fan of it is a woman and a woman of color. she is not some to being talked about right now. when you look at it, republicans at this point -- coming toward 2016 -- i think it was mike huckabee who was in the lead. >> i worked for mike huckabee. we had a great strategy. >> harris: joe biden, bernie sanders, or beto o'rourk beto o'rourke. in the top three. >> yeah, i mean -- i think beto has the best chance out of those three. >> harris: really? he raised $80 million in texas. he talked about how he could have helped them win. talking with the right stuff. in terms of that woman that you like, who is she? >> her name is chelsea gabbard, combat veteran. i think she will actually pull
10:56 am
people from the other side of the aisle who aren't comfortable with president trump. she is also very progressive in her beliefs. >> harris: she is very progressive. yep. your thoughts? >> it will be very interesting. whoever is the nominee for the democratic party on the 2020 election is going to determine the narrative of their message. exactly what do they stand for? is it going to be the progressive representing the party, was going to be -- >> harris: is a really about that, or is it more about who can beat president trump? in a marketing sense, and center stage on a debate? i think that has a lot of weight. great to see you both. i have to let you go, but i hope you will come back. i will be right back. stay close. ♪ but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. rafiekian bijan kid that can lot now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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i'd like tddress my fellow vete, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa.
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with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. call now: 1-855-376-1361. >> a busy week ahead, glad you started it off with me at 1 p.m. eastern. i'm harris. here is dana. >> dana: the clock is ticking as the government appears headed for a possible shutdown. the deadline just five days away, congress and the president butt heads over border security. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing with dana perino." >>-- telling fox the president is not inclined to support a short-term resolution that would kick the can down the road. the president tweeting, any time you hear a democrat saying you can have good border security without a wall, write them off as just another politician


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