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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 17, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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all right, mom's. have mom you have fun embarrassing your kids, right? this kid loves it. and kelly clarkson. [kelly clarkson's "since you've been gone" plays] that's my son nico. that's all the time we have today. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. >> shannon: i would totally do that. listen, my mom was the queen of embarrassment. it goes to another level. there is an olympic level of mom embarrassment. no one can do it like mom. >> laura: have a great show. >> shannon: thanks, laura. government funding runs out at midnight on friday. will they are or won't there be a shutdown? mixed messages from capitol hill about a possible funding deal,
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the white house stands firm for its demands for a border well. a live report where everything stands at this hour coming up. a judge who ruled obamacare unconstitutional tonight, even some republicans don't think the texas judge's reasoning will hold up if the case goes on appeal. after a legal eagle, the chances it goes all the way to the supreme court. a defiant fire of the fbi director behind closed doors today. came out swinging. our own chief correspondent catherine herridge face-to-face, challenging james comey. we've got all the details coming up. welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. begin with corresponding kristin fisher and the status of a possible government shutdown. we are four days away. >> there was a moment this afternoon where it seemed like may be a compromise was in sight. the day and then with almost zero progress. in fact, a senior senate
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republican source said we are as unsettled as we have been for some time. not a single republican senator walking into the weekly leadership meeting tonight said they knew anything about a specific plausible proposal that would keep the government from partially shutting down on friday. >> there is talk right now, just waiting. >> the last three days... because i don't know. if the white house has a plan, they are keeping it to themselves. because there is no way mrs. pelosi is going to agree to a single, solitary dime for a border wall. because she wants to be speaker. >> when senator schumer and congresswoman pelosi met president trump in the oval office, they passed really serious as they claim could pass the house and senate. a one year standing resolution for all seven appropriations, or
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a continuing one year resolution for homeland security, that would include $1.3 billion for a fence, but not a concrete wall. speak up resident trump should support some >> president trump should support one of these options and avoid the pain of a government shutdown. >> the democrats say they have not heard a peep from a direct quote, from the white house or republican colleagues about those two options. president trump doesn't like them because neither proposal contains the $5 billion he's demanding for the border wall and he said last week you'd be proud to shut the government down in the fight for his wallet. he might not be giving any guidance for republicans on how to avoid the shutdown, the president is keeping his fight front and center. "any time you hear a democrat saying that you can have good border security without a wall,
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write them off as another politician on party line." it would impact 800,000 government employees four days before christmas. it's a big deal. the shutdown standoffs have almost become routine. this time, though, and i want to quote my colleague chad per from here, what surprising about this is the silence, the darth of information, the lack of panic and anxiety. he attributes this to lawmakers wanting to push president trump up until the deadline in an attempt to force the president to take it or leave it, whatever the it may ultimately be, shannon. >> shannon: that is the question. kristin fisher, thank you very much. a federal judge taking the government to task in the michael flynn case. getting more information from the special counsel on how the fbi went about interviewing flynn and what they learned. prosecutors providing a new memo to the judge tonight about the interview with the form of national security advisor that ultimately led to his guilty
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plea lying to investigators. also tonight, former director james comey testifying in congress again about the alleged bias at the doj. cheap intelligent correspondent following every step of the way. >> shannon, after the closed-door session, james comey took questions -- because they took a big hit because the president of the united states with his accos has lied about it constantly. but that damage has nothing to do with me. >> comey stood by the former interview of security advisor mike flynn, the critics emphasized that flynn was discouraged from having a lawyer and not warned that any false statements could be prosecuted. comey declined to answer fox's questions about he mishandled classified information's when he shared with his lawyers memos documenting conversations with the president. >> that's nonsense. i'm proud of the way the fbi conducted itself. >> following a six-hour session
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behind closed doors, prosecutors were focused by flynn. >> it's all about jim comey. >> the heavily redacted that the fbi memos described them as "private clients." >> he seemed to indicate the other day that he wasn't aware of that until he read reports long after he was gone. i find that very hard to substantiate based on the other evidence. >> on fox news, the president's personal attorney's said his comments are sufficient. >> over my dead body. i disgusted by the abuse in this case. >> calling his former personal attorney a wrath, the legality of a cohen search warrant is more evidence that the mueller
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needs more protections from republicans. >> they want to play defense counsel for the president. >> the republicans will continue to rakes jim colby over the coals for as long as they can and it seems to be at the direction of president trump. >> the transcript from today's closed-door session should be public as early as tuesday. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much for the new filing on michael flynn begins with this fact. it was now fired fbi agent peter strzok that interviewed the former as an essay advisor. the former national spokesperson for the fbi, john iannarelli. way to see you tonight, gentlemen. the judge in this case wanted all the documents. apparently there was still some back-and-forth going on about these additional notes from the fbi from january of 2017.
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tonight, we get a look. very redacted. i was struck by reading it that flynn was a very equivocal and noncommittal about a lot of his answers saying, i don't remember, i'm not sure. that could have been. do you think the fact he wasn't so blatantly adhering to the things that later turned out to be true is part of the reason we didn't get it right away? john? >> i'm not sure we didn't get it for that reason. i think the fbi is trying to hold everything close to the events fest until it's close to the actual hearing. there is references to flynn saying things like saying, good reminder. those are indications of somebody who's trying to tell the truth and is being encouraged to do so by them providing information he hadn't thought of. >> to this point, whether or not the flynn interview was unusual of any way, we experience now
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it's interesting to find out that they intentionally decided they were not going to remind him or warn him about that, bradley, also the fact that last week the former fbi director james comey said we essentially got away with something because we went over there, and fresh new administration. told him he didn't need an attorney. you know that's going to give ammunition to the critics who say that the fix was in. >> for a political narrative, i'm sure that some ammunition. but let's get it straight here, when andrew mccabe went in, he ventured the contacts in terms of the recent media reports about the contact with kyslyak. flynn said, no matter, i don't need it. they ran through a standard interview. i'm reading through this 302, it's everything i've seen with
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every interview with client sitting with the fbi. someone of michael flynn stature, his seniority, should have known how this process played out. he is not a junior intern. >> shannon: john, it was clear they noted in some of these documents in the case that he viewed them as "allies." he was relaxed, having a conversation with them. he was not guarded at all. clearly it's the purpose appeared that's how you want a subject to be interviewed. does it suggest to you that he was lulled into being just a little bit too comfortable with these agents? >> there is nothing about this interview that strikes me as the typical fbi interview. first of all, peter strzok was a deputy assistant director of the fbi. deputy assistant directors don't conduct interviews. special agents, street age of the conduct interviews. even at that level, i have interviewed very high level people myself. that shows me that they were dealing with this outside the norm of fbi procedure. >> shannon: i want to touch on jim comey on the hill today.
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catherine herridge had a chance to meet up with him today. here's a little bit of their interchange. >> the fbi's reputation that has taken a big hit over the last year. do you share any other response abilities for that? >> no. the fbi's repetition has taken a big hit because the president of the united states with his accolades has lied about it constantly. >> how much of that is the president's fault, and both democrats and republicans have been furious at comey at some point the last year oratorical. >> especially when james comey come there are plenty of reasons to criticize and whether you are a liberal, conservative, democrat. i think what the forward director was getting it in particular was what we saw the last few years of every aspect of law enforcement being politicized with the president with his former tweet tweets. he went after peter strzok. look, this is a simple process, let's run these investigations.
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this doesn't have to be this hard. doesn't have to be this vitriolic. but the president cannot stand that his justice department is still inquiring to this probe, cannot stand that they were able to convict his former lawyer of committing felonies. >> shannon: 's it's clear that this administration doesn't trust a lot of these agencies because they look back to the carter page, the fisa warrants,a lot of questions there. surprised they didn't declassify a lot of it. in the meantime, bradley and john, thank you both very much. >> thank you. have a good evening. >> thank you. >> shannon: the judge that declared obamacare and unconstitutional late friday. has another obamacare hearing coming up. this has to deal with obama administration's -- the transgender health and abortion-related services for trace gallagher digging in. he's on the case tonight. >> we have a good road map, a legal road map of where district judge rita carter stands on
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federal transgender protections because judge o'connor how an appeals court later stayed the judge's ruling but it will come up again on february 4th but that's not judge o'connor's controversial obamacare ruling. in august 2016, the judge appointed by george w. bush also blocked an obama administration's order allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice. meantime, judge o'connor's ruling is getting hammered by obamacare supporters and opponents alike. university of michigan law professor of nicholas bagley who supports the affordable care act because judge o'connor's decision frivolous, quoting i think the judge's opinion could be naked as a piece of judicial activism as i've ever seen. i don't even think it's close to jonathan adler, conferred conservative --
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called it nonsensical and surprisingly weak. legal expert also noted the supreme court where the case could be had egg has historically been reluctant to strike down federal laws that have become ingrained in the lives of millions of citizens. "the wall street journal" published a op-ed board titled "texas obamacare blunder." democrats are now confirming that it was designed as a way station to government run health care, but a federal judge's ruling friday that the laws unconstitutional is likely to be overturned on appeal and may boomerang politically on republicans. finally, california attorney general javier becerra is vowing to fight judge o'connor's ruling saying, quote, the courts left it to the trump administration and states to decide how to respond. with the health of millions of people at risk, we want to for this backwards and dangerous
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determination. we should note that the five supreme court justices who voted to uphold the affordable care act in 2012 are still on the court. >> yes, they are. let's bring in the -- robert had a key, assistant general john yoo. >> thank you for having me on the program. >> shannon: >> we are going to fight this tooth and nail. the first thing we are going to do when we get back there in the senate is urge, put a vote on the floor urging an intervention in the case. >> i think this will be overturned on appeal. >> you do? >> i do. >> shannon: let's talk about that. this goes to the fifth circuit
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which is viewed as middle of the road leading conservative a little bit and then all the way to the supreme court. what do you make of the prognostications that it won't stand up? >> the critics are wrong. federal justice read o'connor got it right. he followed the statute, the text of the affordable care act. he followed the language of the supreme court when it ruled obamacare could only be constitutional because the taxability generated revenue for the federal government. not a has-been zeroed out, the individual mandate recognized to be unconstitutional in the aspect remained. it's right for the judge to strike down the entirety of the act because it would've been judicial activism for him to cherry pick bits and pieces of the act he wanted to keep her set aside. he did his job. now the case moves forward. >> to remind folks come back in 2012 when the supreme court
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upheld the --dash it still exists, but this judge essentially saying at that point, it really -- the rest of the law can't hold up. there is this question about severability where you keep the parts of the law that can survive and get rid of those that can't. this is part of judge o'connor's decision. congress stated many times unequivocally through an active tech side by the president that the individual mandate is essential to the aca. rewriting the aca without its essential features beyond the power of a article three chord, congress expressed intent to find the individual mandate is inseparable from the aca's remaining provisions. john? >> first i think the court did get it right on the individual banded. it's unconstitutional because it's based on the tax power and it's gone now. severability is very difficult. i have a lot of sympathy for the
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idea that the whole law would fall because the individual mandate is now unconstitutional. so intertwined in the law and congress may not have intended it to be struck out as a piece and keep everything else. the problem is in 2012 in the case went to the supreme court, that view that the whole law should be struck down was held by the four dissenters. kennedy, thomas, alito, scalia. that means, i think, it's likely to fail on appeal because, as you said, in the report for the justices, the five justices in the majority who upheld obamacare who rejected the severability argument are still there on the floor. chief justice roberts is avoiding to make a sweeping decision striking down the whole law which led him to uphold obamacare twice to the disappointment to me and many other conservatives. >> shannon: that's true. you know a number of groups are weighing in. outside groups too, the
8:19 pm
president of planned parenthood saying this. this would take health care away from millions and the direct attack on anyone who cannot afford basic health care. this would harm those who face systemic barriers, what do you make of that criticism? does it change your feeling that the law needs to go as it stands? >> there needs to be parallel paths. that criticism is misplaced but let's recognize that obamacare has failed. you have 220% increase in premiums, millions of people who lost their health insurance because they cannot afford it. you have people who lost their doctors because it will be covered by one of these obamacare type plans. the system is crumbling. it was doing so long before this ruling. but while the case works its way through the appellate courts, i think the important pivot point is to now pivot to get the policy right. we need to not look to washington, d.c., to be the solution on this. instead, we need to look at the states. we need to look at the states to
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stand up and use market-based solutions to make sure that those who are sick can get care, can afford care, can get that care from the doctors that they choose. let's look for the right solutions. not just the partisan rhetoric. recognize that obamacare has failed. we need to find the path for it. that's going to be for state readership leadership. >> i couldn't agree more. the problem is those decisions should be in the hands of congress and i do not expect the next few years that the democratic house and republican senate are going to be able to pass anything with obamacare which unfortunately kicks the football into the arena of the courts, the last institution i think should be making decisions on how health care should look. the other thing we are overlooking is it also puts it in the hands of the executive branch. a lot of discretion to shape how the health care system is going to work for the next circle years. >> shannon: this takes us also into the 2020 election, so we will see. robert and john, thank you both
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very much. a group of democratic lawmakers heading to the border tomorrow to investigate the circumstances surrounding a 7-year-old migrant girl's death. 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke already visiting a child detention centers saying he wanted shut down for good. the lieutenant governor of texas curator way weigh in on all these tidbits on immigration after the break. and now they're re-airing some of their all-time greatest hits. with classics like... hump day. caveman airport. and even... celebrating squirrels. this crudité is great, but those geico ads are even better. but that's not all. vote today and you can enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming geico commercial. just visit oh, geico.
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>> shannon: 2020 hopeful beto urging the public to keep pressure on the trump administration. wants to see this one in texas close for good. >> this facility is open because this administration has decided that those family members who can sponsor these kids are going through onerous background checks, which have produced 170 apprehensions. >> shannon: another group of democrats from the congressional hispanic congress is going to investigate our border patrol station in new mexico tomorrow where a 7-year-old girl crossed into the u.s. where she died a day later in el paso children's hospital. the lieutenant governor here to weigh in. that's the case that bothers everyone across the board, but
8:26 pm
there have been a lot of misinformation's about that case too. >> those cases do talk at all of our heartstrings when it happens, but none of it should happen for the inaction by mexico, the inaction by washington and democrats of not securing the border and not following the president's agenda of building the wall is part of all of this. i'm not blaming anyone person but this is what happens when you have chaos on the border. i look at beto who was such a lightweight on every issue pier he always says something generic but never has a specific solution. he didn't complain when he had 20,000 kids at fort bliss under obama. what would he do with those 2700 people that are there? shannon, we cannot educate, medicaid, and incarcerate the entire world. in texas alone, we spend about a billion dollars a year in border security we shouldn't have to spend. our education costs are through the roof because one of every five children are not proficient
8:27 pm
at english. when you have students who don't speak english, we don't have enough english speaking teachers. try to find a spanish speaking calculus teacher. our emergency rooms are overrun. the report came out this week, the census bureau, that 70% -- 63% of people here illegally are on some type of welfare compared to 30% of native born? the states are the ones who bear the brunt of this. no state can afford to do this. >> shannon: what do you say to the critics, they are going to be incarcerated, they are going to be a net negative to our society? let me read you a couple of critics for the guardian saying this, do not blame jakelin caal's death on her father, u.s. policies did this. another one says jakelin caal, 7-year-old girl killed by u.s. border militarization. a tweet from the indy star says, the 7-year-old was excited about a new life in the u.s. maybe she'll get her first toy
8:28 pm
or learn to read, instead she died in border control custody. >> as tragic as this is, i've been with you several times and i talked back in june that there are 25-30 million people here illegally. not the 11 million that people talk about. mit backed me up three months later in my report it we have 35 lien people here illegally paid most are criminals. but a lot are. every time i hear people on fox people talk about, these people are law-abiding citizens, -- those are real numbers, we apprehend people from the middle east. it's not just people coming here from central america. they could be terrorist. we have to have a secure border. the president is right. i hope you hold the line, shut down the government if we don't build the wall. we cannot absorb the criminals, can't absorb the cost of the taxpayers have to pick up.
8:29 pm
>> shannon: i want to give a respond to what beto say that there are sponsors waiting to take care of these kids so they are not held in these -- >> we have to be careful we don't release these children to just anyone. in child protection services foster care can we just do not release children to someone because they say they can take them in. we have to be sure that they aren't going to be sex trafficking. we have to be sure there are really loved ones. we apprehend people at the border, i can tell you that these are my children but they are really running sex trafficking. beto does not know what he's talking about. he ran on a campaign on nothing. i'm going to bring everybody together -- >> shannon: very close to winning. >> $80 million will do that for you. the most expensive campaign in the history of any senator. he worked hard, but has nothing to say, nothing to add. he would be a nightmare if he runs for president. >> shannon: will talk about how he's pulling a little bit later.
8:30 pm
lieutenant governor, thanks for coming in. >> merry christmas. >> shannon: thank you. merry christmas to you too. christopher steele expresses doubt about the dossier. in an interview with the online news site mediaite, the steele dossier has not been proven true in several important details. also points out there seems to be a preponderance of evidence that presidents be if i may be able to claim against the allegations that he colluded with russia and some way, shape, or form. once owned by donald trump, what abc calls a major step for the miss university -- ponds didn't when i come, but nbc said ms. spain broke barriers for the competition. the popular online website airbnb claims an online report is not true, that it's reversed a claim in west bank lift things. suggest that there is a difference in airbnb listings in
8:31 pm
the hebrew and english. what we do know is airbnb is sticking by its ban on accommodations in israeli settlements in the west bank. the weekly standard publishing its last issue today after shutting writing for years and running afoul of president trump's populist revolt. many conservatives say they will miss it. cbs announcing les moones will not get his severance package after the board determined he failed to fully cooperate with and investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. not saying if you'll formally challenge it. early poll of iowa democratic voters shows beto o'rourke behind leading laura bernie sanders. let's hear what she has to say. plus brand-new fox news paul, how americans view 2018 and as a good a bad year.
8:32 pm
how was it for you? stay tuned. tonight's power panel here to weigh in. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> shannon: joe biden, bernie sanders, birdie dominic beto o'rourke, the three best dating elizabeth warren kamala harris, >> i aspire for our country to recognize the beauty of our diversity is in some point in the future and i hope someday we have a woman president. i love the fact that barack obama was our president for eight years. i hope more people of color not only aspire and win the presidency. the one democratic governor kirsten gillibrand. the daily white house correspondent gentlemen, welcome to all of you. a couple of these polls. they see it in
8:37 pm
"des moines register," biden first, sanders second, o'rourke third. the similarity there, biden's, sanders, o'rourke. this is what i find interesting. the polling was, what you prefer in a candidate, younger or lifetime inexperience? younger candidate, lack of -- group we have biden and sanders at the top of the polls. >> what really senator gillibrand is concerned about here and they all are there are so many potential democratic candidates, it's like we have 2-3 that are set to be announcing in the coming days just this week, we could have dozens on our hands which is going to split a lot of that support. >> we still have quite a ways to go, but these things run into-4 years cycles. how does it get to window down in a way that gets democrats. senator gillibrand, this does not look diverse with three
8:38 pm
white guys at the top. >> we have a wealth of candidates on the democrat side. if you look at the democratic primary right now, there are 20 in the poll you reference. 22 political candidates in the race right now. we have a wide field of really talented people who represent every aspect of america. our thankful to have a rich badge of talent to pull from this primary. republicans are stuck with donald trump. i take those odds any day of the week. >> charlie, what about that? republicans do a good job of annihilating each other in the primaries. democrats seem to do less of that but you've got serious people who are all in now and a lot of them. do they refuge other up enough to make a difference in the general? >> let's not forget so much of the focus in 26 teen was against donald trump and all the republicans. a pretty feisty fight between hillary clinton and
8:39 pm
bernie sanders, arguably bare knee sanders had the momentum behind him. the excitement behind him. >> he won 22 primaries. it was not a blowout by hillary. >> it went late into the game. not only that, we now know given a lot of the stuff going on behind-the-scenes that if he had been -- if he didn't have so much going against them with the dnc and others trying to help hillary clinton, he could've very well got the nomination which, of course, ultimately the problem with the thing that senator gillibrand talked about, celebrating diversity which is great and everything. if you are going to hold out that somehow somebody based on the color of their skin shouldn't be the nominee, that's a real problem. that's the opposite of what martin luther king instructed all of us, which is a very good thing. judge people on the content of the character and not the color of their skin. >> shannon: the key question is whether the party will find somebody who will appeal both to
8:40 pm
its coastal base, upscale college, millennials and minorities, or choose someone who is more -- such as pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, all of which helped democrats reclaim the house in this year's midterm protection dominic election. >> these are some of the most divisive issues we face. senator gillibrand, the identity politics we've seen which excites the money and the the - it's not something that's going to excite the people that were lost by the obama coalition to president trump. it's a central concern for any democrat in this race right now. >> shannon: how do you feel about this notion that even if joe biden ends up to be one of the top front runners like he is this early that there is going to be a serious pull to the left because of the younger, more progressive folks that are running not only in 2020 in the
8:41 pm
presidential race potentially but folks we see on capitol hill and this talk of democrats primary and other democrats who are not left enough? >> that's why we have a primary, to see who best represents their rules. you have heartland progressives like governor bullock who are running aggressive primary campaigns there is a lot of energy behind. you have that diversity from every part of the country. every geography, every aspect of the party, every aspect of the country, that's what we need pure that's what democrats have on our side. it says a lot that democrat talking points right now are all about republicans trying to debate the democratic primary in two years rather than acknowledge the elephant in the room, which is having donald trump there likely nobody again. >> shannon: would likely nominee? are we talking a john k should sneak attack? >> i think bob corker...
8:42 pm
>> if you look at someone like amy klobuchar could give someone like donald trump a real run for his money in those places where donald trump won the election. the problem is the party has been pulled so far to the left by the base and some of this talk about socialism, the sanctuary cities, the no borders crowd, that i do not think that amy klobuchar or more moderate midwestern type sensibility democrat can actually get the nomination. >> wait a second. the base of the democratic party is pulling into the left? the base of the democratic party is pulling it to say that republicans should take away millions of americans' health care. to say it is wrong for a 7-year-old child to die for that's not the left. that's the center. those are american values. >> shannon: nobody wants to see those things happen. we are out of time but i want to
8:43 pm
get this ball back out there. how do you feel about the direction of the country, 51% hopeful, up 10%. how do you feel? i feel very >> i have a very hopeful fr 2019. >> shannon: bullish? >> i think it's a good year for democrats going into 2020. the polls said there is a ten-point drop, that's the biggest drop on a fox news poll. >> charlie, quickly. >> these polls are hit or miss, but the bottom line is all of the -- the fury you get out of washington among the political types? it's not being thought out there in regular america. >> shannon: gentlemen, thank you to our power panel tonight. still no sign of that missing mother out in colorado. authorities wrapping up the search for his fiancee's.
8:44 pm
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8:48 pm
side. shocking undercover video of an alleged isis sympathizer accused of planning attacks on uc berkeley. >> this suspected terrorist pleaded guilty earlier this year to try to provide support to isis, but today prosecutors accused him of plotting an elaborate scheme he said would redefine terror. an online chat rooms, a mere in newly released surveillance videos, he detailed his plan on a series of attacks on the san francisco area. >> how i'm seeing it, we can get away so easily. >> prosecutors say the plan involved bobbing bars, lacing given away at
8:49 pm
>> on a drive with an undercover agent he thought was going to carry out the attacks, also talked about starting our wild massive wildfire in the hills. >> there's a lot of trees and homes over there. >> court records show the 23 year old accessed and isis bobbing material and applied for a job with the oakland the police department 's goal was to make an attack last thing in. >> claims he's a sarcastic young man being provocative, but he's facing up to 47 years in prison and scheduled to be sentenced next month. >> shannon: it's shocking when you actually get to see the video of what the allegations are all about. garrett, thank you.
8:50 pm
a29-year-old mother still missing in colorado. the search of his fiancee's house and includes four authorities? will take you there after the break. people here to help you, not sell you. and savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. because that's how it should be. you can open one from right here or anywhere in 5 minutes. seriously, 5 minutes... this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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>> shannon: colorado police say they see no sign of finding
8:54 pm
29-year-old -- >> woodland park police are only telling us they have 75 people out there for multiple jurisdictions searching that 35-acre property and home that belongs to kelsey barris' fiance. members of the district attorney help, they used a backhoe and removed at least one vehicle. investigators say her disappearance on thanksgiving is suspicious and they do not believe she's out there intentionally avoiding efforts to find her. the last person police say to see her face to face is patrick fraise. was never asked to voluntarily participate in this search. his attorney insists his client is cooperating, providing a dna example cell phone, but has not
8:55 pm
given in interviews. they want a sit down, but only communicating with them through his attorney. >> there is been -- at this point, we are considering every possibility, or label people involved in this conversation. >> this is the last public sighting of kelsey berreth on thanksgiving day. $25,000 award is being offered in this case. shannon? >> thank you very much. saturday was graduation day at middle tennessee state university and one of the graduates say the day was like a dream. jace trevino survived being shot 13 times at close range while he was serving in iraq in 2006. after a lengthy rehab, he graduated saturday with a degree in exercise science and a minor
8:56 pm
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listen to podcasts. general at the trail is now. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the left would very much like you to stop talking and thinking about bad decisions i've made -- they've made over the years they have been profiting from. shut up, they are screaming. but first, the trump administration is trying one last time to get funding for that promised border wall on our southern border. the president says he's willing to shut down the government in order to get the first 5 billion in construction money. over the weekend, senate minority leader chuck schumer pr


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