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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 20, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> get ready. janice dean has had a huge crowd. we found someone here. go to fox nation "after the show show". >> bill: merry christmas. good morning, everybody. breaking news on a bold move from the president. he strongly defending his decision to start pulling u.s. troops out of syria. big story today. i'm bill hemmer welcome to thursday. good morning, julie. >> >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. the president is asking a rapid withdrawal of the troops and declaring victory over isis. >> bill: a lot of republican senators aren't happy about it sounding off on the hill. >> i think isis is more likely to come back because i don't agree with the president that they're defeated in syria and iraq. they've been really hurt. i'm sad for the lives that are going to be lost very quickly
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and i'm sad for all the people who sacrificed in the way they have in something that was being won. >> one of the concerns i had from the outset with syria is that officials with the obama administrations and pentagon at the time could never give me a straight answer what's our objective. congress never authorized it. that's a problem and why i applaud president trump's decision. >> bill: kevin, good morning. what's up? >> good morning. i can tell you this, when you go to background briefings on topics like these it is clear the man who occupies the building behind me takes in the information and he and he alone makes the final call. in the case of syria, it is clear saying we're done. enough is enough. let me take you to twitter and share a bit of what the president has to say about this topic. i think this and another tweet will really lay out his thinking on this topic. he said this, getting out of syria was no surprise. i've been campaigning on it for years and six months ago when i publicly wanted to do it i
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agreed to stay longer. russia, iran, syria and others are the enemy of isis. we were doing their work. time to come home and make america great again. if you followed the president's trails on the campaign trail and speeches at these rallies you heard him referring to this idea of global u.s. intervention at every turn and every conflict is not something he wants to do. and he said this on twitter. i think this really spells it out for you. does the usa want to be the policeman of the middle east getting all caps, nothing but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who in almost all cases don't appreciate what we're doing. do we want to be there forever? time for others to finally fight. but you've also as bill pointed out heard fierce opposition to the president's position noting -- emanating from capitol hill in particular from the president's own party.
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here is south carolina senator lindsey graham comparing this move to something president obama did previously. >> the military told president obama if you leave now, the radicals that are still around will regenerate and all the people that helped us in iraq, a lot of them died. same thing will happen in syria. >> marco rubio, senator from the great state of florida said this. the decision to pull out of syria was made despite overwhelming military advice against it. it is a major blunder. if it isn't reversed it will haunt this administration and america for years to come. i want the pass this along. russian president vladimir putin is having his annual talk to the public. he sits there for several hours fielding questions. he said this. we've seen the u.s. make similar prok lowmations about leaving afghanistan. 17 years on there is still there. there is a belief in some
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corners that maybe the u.s. won't pull out entirely. to hear the president tell it, we're out as soon as we can get out. >> bill: thank you so much from the white house. leading our coverage today. thank you, sir. >> julie: another big story today. a short term bill has cleared the senate and lies in the house hands at this hour. though it would avert a partial shutdown this bill fails to deliver new funding for the president's border wall. so will president trump sign it? that's the question after lawmakers spent the night working on the hill. >> the president and the house should follow that lead because shutting down the government over christmas is a terrible idea. >> i'm sorry my democratic colleagues couldn't put their partisanship aside and show good faith flexibility the president has shown. >> we have to change it. we have to change it. fool the american people four times shame on congress because that's what we've done. four times we promised we would
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build the wall and put it on the spending bill and when pelosi is speaker it will never happen. >> julie: the president not breaking down. they're putting politics over country. what they're just beginning to realize i will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect border security. usa wins. peter doocy is on capitol hill with more. is there anything conservatives in the house can actually do to stop this continuing resolution? >> julie, they are expecting this short term budget to pass the house but hoping that president trump then refuses to sign it. >> mr. president, we're going to back you up if you veto this bill. we'll be there. but more importantly, the american people will be there. they will be there to support you. let's build the wall and make sure that we do our job in congress. >> the president's most
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conservative allies in congress are warning that his 2020 campaign for reelection will be a rocky road if he bails on a border wall. they want to fight while paul ryan is still speaker instead of february when nancy pelosi takes over. she is happy to wait. democrats are committed to fully responsibly funding the government in january. in the meantime we'll support the continuing resolution to keep government open and working for the people. only 83% of house members actually showed up for the votes last night. some of them lost their elections and lost their offices. others have had prior engagements. we're camped outside the weekly republican meeting to see if anything has changed or if anybody else has shown up. >> julie: peter, how big of a motivator has the christmas holiday been for senators trying to pass something and leave? they're running out of time. >> it was a big enough motivator last night on the floor of the senate that lawmakers in the upper chamber
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were singing christmas carols. "little drummer boy." and rudolph the red nosed reindeer. >> rudolph responding present. >> the lawmakers who pushed the funding fight to this week so that things could stay civil while the nation was celebrating the life of george h.w. bush two weeks ago aren't really fighting. they are literally singing. julie. >> julie: it's a nice change, right? peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: hasn't been signed yet. stirewalt is with me now. merry christmas to you. mark meadows is on air about 40 minutes on "fox & friends" saying this is a fumble. if not now, when? with democrats taking over the house in january. pete king sees it a different way and argues the politics of
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it and said this yesterday afternoon. >> as republicans in the suburbs it would definitely hurt the republican party politically. we would be blamed for this maybe not in the states that the freedom caucus represents but in the states where the suburban areas it's a bad issue. >> why? >> 2020 elections they could keep that in mind. >> bill: i see the point they are both making. >> who wins a shutdown that they start? the democrats started a shutdown last time we did this. it was democrats who started the shutdown and they wanted daca for the people brought to the united states illegally as minors. protections for them. wasn't part of the bill. they shut it down. they were sorry. you go back when ted cruz shut it down about the we'll defund obamacare thing. it didn't end well for republicans when they did that. if you start the shut down you'll be the one who loses it. here is the takeaway from all
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of this. this is astonishingly fake and empty discussion. we talk about the difference between 1.6 and 5 billion. neither of those things will either insure border security or deprive us of border security. it is a marginal fight for the bases of these two respective parties and making noise instead of doing your job and so if you are the one who shuts it down, you are going to be the one who is stuck with the bill at the end. >> bill: do you agree with meadows it's a fumble. if not now, when. >> this is faker than the we'll make them defund obamacare. >> bill: i thought you would say fake news. >> no. no. no >> bill: another thing here watching paul ryan yesterday after 20 years in the house felt nostalgic. a lot of the things he had to say were pointed. here is a piece of that.
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>> too often genuine disagreement quickly gives way to intense distrust. we spend far more time trying to convict one another than we do trying to develop our own convictions. for all the noise there is less passion and less energy. it's exhausting. it saps meaning from our politics. >> bill: what happens to paul ryan now? >> i think he will probably be very happy to be back in wisconsin. i'm sure that his role as a national figure is not over. he is a talent and he is a person of gifts. it was very poignant because paul ryan's speakership was the result of more than a decade of effort by republicans in the bush era, john boehner and others to protect him and set him up to succeed. his ideas are the core conservative values, so those things. small government conservatism would have its moment. it is bittersweet for ryan. he made it there but in the end
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his party had gone in a dramatically different direction when he arrived and his position as a deficit hawk and tough guy on spending were far out of fashion with his party by the time he was in charge. >> bill: have a merry christmas. i think what paul ryan would tell you, they had a golden opportunity until they got the no vote from senator mccain at 2:30 in the morning. a big opportunity and argue to get some things done financially. >> julie: paul ryan took a lot of heat as well whenever the republicans couldn't get something through they went to him. he was in there. he fought a good fight and did a good job. >> bill: good speech. 11 past the hour now. >> julie: more problems for facebook to tell you about. the social media giant still doing damage control after a stunning report on user data. now an attorney general is suing. we'll have the latest straight ahead. >> bill: the president's nominee for a.g. slamming the mueller probe in a newly surfaced memo. is it a cause for concern or
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clarify things for the west wing? daryl issa weighs in on that. >> this is an obama-like decision. i hope i'm wrong but i don't think i am. and i have no understanding of why we're doing this. to me it's an ill-conceived idea. the down side is really great. the up side is pretty small. >> julie: more reaction to president trump's announcement that he is pulling our troops out of syria. one of his most vocal supporters, rand paul, joins us next. >> i'm proud of the president today to hear he is declaring victory in syria. the president has the courage to say we won in syria and we're coming home. first president in my lifetime really to do that. what would you like the power to do? ♪ listening to people answer that question, is how we find out what matters most to them. for a business, it's the power to grow. for an entrepreneur, it's the power to innovate.
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we shouldn't be there anyway. >> bill: senator mike lee backing the president's decision to get troops out of syria. senator rand paul, member of the foreign relations committee. a lot of our colleagues disagree. why do you support the beginning of this move in syria? >> this is a very bold move for president trump. exactly what he promised the american people. in fact, it is one of the reasons he won the election. he is different than so many republicans that want to be everywhere all the time around the world that they want us to be the world's policeman that every war on the planet we have to have our soldiers involved with. president trump said he would treat america first. i think bringing some of that money home, whether it goes towards border security, whether it goes towards building bridges and roads in our country. there are a lot of independent voters and people in the middle in the states that president trump won, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, these are states that no other republican won. they want to be at war everywhere all the time. president trump said we'll
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fight when we have to but when we win we'll come home. incredibly bold maneuver. all the naysayers in washington will be against him. if you ask the american people, this is why president trump won the election. >> bill: pointed questions for you then. do you believe it's a veiled way of getting more border security? you save money in syria and put it toward the border in the southwest? >> i don't think that's the intention. i think we have won the war against isis and taken back 99% of the land. the upper hand is with the people who live there. self-determination is the people who live there standing up and fiengt. we spent trillions of dollars. should the iraqis defend their territory and the kurds defend their territory? absolutely. we should not always have to fight everyone else's battle and pay for it. can any money be shifted for a wall? i don't think that's the purpose. i advised the president that we're spending $50 billion a year in afghanistan and we should declare victory, come
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home from afghanistan and that money would be and could be used for the wall. >> bill: i think a lot of people in bowling green, kentucky would agree with you on that. however, you have bigger players in iraq. you have iran and russia. this is a stew that's happening in syria. to leave the possibility of a power vacuum puts a lot at risk here. saudi arabia, progress in iraq, friend and neighbor israel as well, senator. >> this was the decision we should have made five years ago when we started supporting jihadists. hillary clinton was a big supporter of the radical islamist. the people for violent jihad in syria. they were no better than assad but hillary clinton and obama got us involved in that syrian war and at the time republicans were more unified in saying wait a minute, they were saying like senator lee is saying, we didn't vote for war in syria. syria is a mess but we didn't create that mess. what you really need now and if you talk to the generals, not one of them will say there is a
6:19 am
military solution over there. we need to get together with russia, with iraq, with iran, with turkey, with all of the players, with syria and we need to have a peace negotiated now. because no one is going to completely win that war. >> bill: it's a tough neighborhood. the tweet from the president, one of many on syria. does the usa want to be a policeman to the middle east nothing but spending lives and spending dollars and they don't appreciate what we're doing. do we want to be there forever? time for others to finally fight. i mentioned the vacuum. let me move to the opposition. senators yesterday gave mike pence and earful behind closed doors. it will only result in increased presence in the region and the distrust of our partners and allies. valid point there. >> our original goal was to defeat isis and we did. 99% of thaifr land is gone. the people who live there need
6:20 am
to stand up and keep isis from reorganizing. we have people struggling in our country to make a living, struggling on bad roads and bad schools. let's take care of america first and not say we have to rebuild every other country and send our soldiers into harm's way in every other country and that we're never coming home. i think it's interesting. you had a solder on earlier this morning on "fox & friends" who said it exactly right. he served over there and he said look, we can't stay forever. we shouldn't stay forever. when we risk our young lives there is no reason why we have to keep doing it and keep doing it. the people who live there need to stand up and defend their countries. we can help but you know what? we should obey the constitution and vote on it when we go to war and come home when we win. >> bill: more to come on this. you voted for this criminal justice bill the other day. it passed overwhelmingly 87-12 in the senate. all 12 no votes republicans. you were a yes vote.
6:21 am
how come? >> most people getting out of prison and they are going to live amongst us. we have a couple of choices. if we don't try to reform them in price on. if we just house them in prison when they get out they recommit crimes. i want people when they get out of prison to commit less crimes and stay away from drugs and not be on welfare. so there are a lot of ways we can get people back to work. they're all getting out at some point in time. in texas they've done this and had these programs where people get job training while in prison and guess what? they've closed eight prisons in texas. people are not recommitting. the numbers of recommitting crime have gone down dramatically. i'm for less crime. i think it's a real law and order bill and was a good idea. >> bill: please come back and spend more time with us. merry christmas to you and your family. >> julie: there is new outrage over california's sanctuary policy after a man wanted by ice is accused of murder.
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>> bill: 25 past the hour here in new york city, lower manhattan. harvey weinstein expected back in court today. his attorney is going to argue the case should be thrown out. his lawyer accusing the alleged victims of lying claims the d.a.'s office and police department withheld evidence from the grand jury and the case is tainted by misconduct. urging the judge to dismiss five charges of rape and sexual assault against the former producer. more to come on that. there is this today. a federal judge ruling in favor of buzz feed after a defamation lawsuit was brought over the
6:26 am
steele dossier. last year a russian tech ceo sued buzz feed for publishing the dossier claiming statements in it were false regarding him. the judge found the publisher cannot be found liable. in a statement the editor in chief says the ruling has vindicated buzz feed for publishing forthat dock -- to that document. >> julie: lawmakers want facebook to talk about access to -- we've been paralyzed in washington from doing anything on this. at some point when people's information is getting shared and they don't know it, we have to put some rules on the road in place. they can't say trust us, we got your back. that's not what has been happening. >> julie: a lot of people dumping facebook saying they're deleting their social media account.
6:27 am
what is facebook saying, jonathan? >> good morning, julie. facebook is giving some answers in a statement last night the company responded to the accusation that it shared people's private messages without their knowledge saying quite simply that's not true. now the company admits they used what it calls a common practice in tech allowing people to integrate messaging capabilities through facebook with apps like netflix and spotify and several others but facebook says it was always with the user's permission and no third party was reading messages and writing you messages without your permission and the services were experimental and have been shut down for nearly three years. some of the companies named in the "new york times" which first broke this story are also hitting back. netflix saying in a tweet, quote, netflix never asked for or accessed anyone's private
6:28 am
messages. we're not the type to slide into your dms. facebook stock fell 7% yesterday. one of the company's single worst days in a year when its shares are down 25% over all. >> julie: at one point yesterday they went up a bit which was surprising considering the fallout. now facebook i understand is facing some pretty real legal trouble over privacy concerns, right? >> yeah, very real legal trouble. the attorney general for washington, d.c. has filed a lawsuit accusing facebook of failing to protect users' data. this particular action refers specifically to the cambridge analytica scandal in which the research company was able to secretly gather facebook users' data through the quiz app to target ads for the trump campaign during the election. the lawsuit says, quote, facebook failed to protect the privacy of its users and deceived them about who had access to their data and how it
6:29 am
was used. of course, julie, many on capitol hill as you heard in your introare running out of patience. another voice democratic senator mark warner saying quite plainly congress must step in and start regulating the social media giants. tough year for facebook. >> bill: daryl issa has a lot to say about loretta lynch and her seven-hour interview that took place yesterday. >> could have helped her career considering her career was about to end. the influence that somebody like president clinton had was undeniable. >> bill: she was behind closed doors answering questions about the tarmac meeting. congressman issa is standing by. >> julie: more media backlash targeting the first lady. vogue magazine is going after the first lady. is this going over the top? our a-team will take it up.
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>> bill: bumping up against the holidays and trading on wall street. we're off the open more than 350 points the down side. this after the fed yesterday at 2:00 in the afternoon bumped interest rates another quarter point higher. i believe in math tells me correctly it's the ninth hike they've had going back about two years. the president did not want it to happen. earlier in the week he sent a message to the fed and others by way of twitter. feel the market. just don't go on the numbers that he considered meaningless as they reflect on the economy and gdp and what we need and what's happening around the world. but the president wasn't alone. let's see how things shake down. things have been moving well. >> julie: a humbug move. >> bill: they're seeing something out there. the silver lining in all the analysis from what i picked up yesterday is that they believe what the feds signal is they're near the end of the rate hikes
6:34 am
which could mean in 2019 depending how things go maybe get one or two more hikes, which would signal they're winding down this intervention. we'll see. it is all out there and we'll see which way we go today. >> julie: we'll have to see. all right. turning now to house lawmakers questioning former attorney general loretta lynch for about seven hours yesterday in a closed-door session. democrats calling the interview a waste of time and slamming the republican colleagues for rehashing what they consider old news. >> the attorney general has given tremendous service to our country. our republican friends want to rehash issues already resolved. >> she saw no reason today based upon all that was reviewed and presented regarding former secretary clinton's emails to prosecute or to hold her criminally liable.
6:35 am
>> it was a total waste of time. simply rehashing things that have been gone over in public many times before. >> julie: joining me now republican congressman darrell issa of california who sits on the committees. i know it's been a very busy week for you. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. i just want to start off by when people get to see the transcript what they'll see is republicans asking important questions, questions that quite frankly she answered pretty straight forward. and then they'll hear democrats talking sort of almost like a social chitchat about what were her opinions on unrelated matters. let's talk about three hours of interview, not seven. >> julie: democrats are calling it old news. did republicans learn something news? >> it is old news but it still has not been put to rest.
6:36 am
comey was insubordinate. comey did not inform the attorney general, who had not recused herself, that he was about to dismiss a case for lack of evidence when, in fact, he wasn't a prosecutor but rather an f.b.i. head. he did a lot of things that justify his firing and ultimately one of the greatest questions that had to be resolved was, was f.b.i. director comey fired for good and valid reason. i think we put to rest in no uncertain terms that he was. that he was appropriately fired by the chief executive for his ongoing insubordination and attitude. that's separate from his efforts to try to undermine the presidency before donald trump was elected and right afterwards with his deceit, his actions toward flynn, all kinds of other things. ultimately the firing of comey -- of james comey was correct and appropriate. we put that to rest yesterday with the help of the attorney
6:37 am
general. >> julie: now both the judiciary and oversight are jointly examining allegations of bias. that is a big sticking point for republicans and one that democrats might not understand because this is not old news, it just happens. about a year ago. specifically i'm referring to the former a.g.'s controversial tarmac meeting with bill clinton at a time when thinks wife, the former secretary of state hillary clinton just happened to be under investigation. comey i thought was interesting we read in the transcript called the meeting a coincidence. how did lynch explain it? judging by your face i don't believe you think it was any coincidence. >> it's 140 degrees out on the tarmac. you don't even want to keep these jets out there with people in them. the reality was it is a long way from one side to the other. president clinton had to basically stalk the attorney general, set it up so this coincidence would happen. then he not only had private conversations with the attorney
6:38 am
general, who was about to move out of her position and want somebody of influence to help her in her future life, but he also privately and separately talked to members of her staff and we still don't know what was said there. but the same was true, these people were about to go out of office and having the president of the united states and a former president and man who controlled half a billion dollars of charity assets and global reach you better believe he had influence far beyond that of the average citizen talking about chitchat and children. he had influence that affected the decision of whether his wife was prosecuted, for what was clearly wrong. we can debate prosecution but there is no question she failed to obey the law and he was in there interveng for her. >> julie: switching gears a bit. the president's pick for a.g. william barr getting more criticism from the left with a memo that said -- called the obstruction of justice by the
6:39 am
special counsel fatally misconceived. does that present a conflict of interest or more of the left picking on another trump pick? >> first of all, this is somebody who even the moment he was announced they had to agree was incredibly qualified and had no question about his previous service. he can have an opinion that happens to be right. the fact is it was fatally flawed. the reality is that what we're learning is there is a weak and unjustified case to prosecute the president for obstruction for firing comey, just the opposite there is good and valid reason for the firing of the f.b.i. director. those are real questions but just because he has a view on it doesn't change the fact that he is very qualified and, in fact, he is right. >> julie: congressman darrell issa, great to see you. thank you for coming on this morning. >> bill: california, a sheriff calls for changes in the state's immigration laws after police say a man shown here
6:40 am
wanted by ice killed a stranger and carried out random acts of violence. william la jeunesse picks up that story from los angeles. what happened? >> california sheriffs warned the governor and democratic lawmakers that one day they would have blood on their hands if they made california a sanctuary state. well, that day is here says the sheriff because the law prevented him from honoring an ice detainer on 36-year-old man, a career criminal. violent offender with priors and two deportations. now, instead the law forced him to release garcia, leading to this. two dead, a car chase and a shoot-out with police. police picked him up high on drugs on friday. seeing his prior deportations ice issued a detainer, 10 hours later the sheriff released him because the sanctuary law banned him from honoring that detainer. released, he stole 300 rounds
6:41 am
of ammunition, shot six, killed two, injured three more before dying in a car chase. none of which would have happened, says the sheriff, without this law that prohibited him from communicating with ice when a criminal alien is released. >> that tool has been removed from our hands and because of that, our county was shot up by a violent criminal that could have easily been prevented had we had the opportunity to reach out to our fellow counterparts. >> basically ice said in this statement this is unfortunate and extremely tragic example with policies that limit law enforcement agencies' afwoilt cooperate with ice. this guy had gotten two years in federal penitentiary for armed robbery and assault and drug possession. that isn't serious enough to
6:42 am
hold him. he is forced to ignore 75% of detainers. >> julie: president trump defending his announcement to pull troops out of syria. michael anton, former national security member in the trump administration. >> bill: a mysterious light moving across the night sky. what people saw streaking across the heavens, julie. look closely. >> julie: very cool. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan.
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>> iran will be really happy and isis folks have a shot in the arm and turkey is licking their chops if you're an american who believes that we need to keep the war over there, not here, bad day for you. >> i think we're all just in shock that we would leave the
6:46 am
fdf having, the kurds and others who have been doing what they've done, to leave them to basically assad and to turkey. >> bill: some of the republican lawmakers as the president makes a decision on syria ordering the rapid removal of u.s. troops from that country and declaring a territorial victory over the isis caliphate. getting word from jennifer griffin at the pentagon. your reaction, there has been a lot of surprise on this decision. explain it. >> i don't see how anyone can be surprised especially. president was clear all along in the campaign that u.s. involvement in syria in his view should be limited to the isis fight only. the mission should not go beyond that. he has said publicly more than once he wants to get out of syria. i think he surprised a lot of people when he said it this spring, something like eight or nine months ago. we're still there and now he says it again. this is going to move forward.
6:47 am
the only way you could be surprised if you weren't listening to him or didn't believe him all along. i've been listening and believed him. i thought this day would come. if anything it seems to me it came later than probely wanted it to. he waited longer than he was inclined to do. >> bill: interesting. i can understand chad or jabudi or ghana, but this is a wicked stew in the heart of a very tough neighborhood, michael. >> that's true. that's not a reason necessarily to stay in. look, it is a wicked stew. a very complex, difficult situation. one of the things that i think you are not hearing enough of is there is a big constituency in washington and has been since well before the 2016 election to get the united states more involved in the civil war. to take sides in a primarily war not against isis. the president during the campaign made clear that he would support a limited presence in syria and iraq and
6:48 am
elsewhere for the purposes of defeating isis but he did not want to get the united states more broadly involved. that went against what his opponent hillary clinton wanted to do in the 2016 campaign and went against a lot of -- what a lot of his republican allies in congress want him to do. i think some of the frustration you're hearing about this decision is less to do with the decision itself but to do with the fact that people who wanted the united states to get more involved, to take sides, now realize if this decision goes forward that will never happen. i think there is some unhappy about that. >> bill: you are really smart and happy to get you on today to get your analysis. here is what the president said on twitter. does the usa want to be the policeman of the middle east and most people don't appreciate what we're doing. do we want to be there forever. time for others to finally fight. a lot of good points in the tweet. a lot of what he campaigned on. i agree with you entirely on that. you have to wonder whether or not the syrian defense forces or iraqi forces are up to that
6:49 am
battle or whether forces like iran move in and russia as well, or assad does more damage in that area and then we're coming back in a year from now looking at the decision and wondering what it was all about? >> what would cause us to come back a year from now? a year from now the country could still be in turmoil and there wouldn't necessarily be a necessity for a major u.s. return. the united states was there to fight terrorists who have the potential to project power against the united states, either against the homeland or against our allies and assets in the region. and we will be there if that situation recurs, i can conceivably see us going back. if isis remains small and holds as you heard others say earlier almost no territory, no population centers. >> bill: according to jen griffin at the pentagon 1% to 2% of the former caliphate. others warn there could be 20,000 to 30,000 isis fighters in syria and iraq.
6:50 am
do you save money in syria and put it toward border security? >> the president is looking for money to border security wherever he can find it given democratic and some republican hesitation about funding the wall. i don't think that's what is ultimately driving this decision. it is part of it. we have limited resources and we spend them all over the world and some of those have to come home, i think. >> bill: thank you, appreciate you coming on today. michael anton. more to come from the white house, pentagon and others. >> julie: a holiday sweet treat has some people up in arms. what's amiss with the hershey kiss when our own investigated? we're on the case, too, me and bill. we'll put it to the test. with days left until christmas, the holiday mad dash is on. stay with us. ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell rock ♪
6:51 am
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♪ santa baby ♪ >> julie: christmas just days away and the dash is on to get gifts. some stores are catering to procrastinators. hillary vaughn is in los angeles with more. >> select kohl's stores are opening doors and staying open around the clock until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve to get as many shoppers through their doors in the final holiday sprint to finish off their christmas list. there will be a flood of people headed to stores this weekend.
6:55 am
a record 134 million people say they are going to shop. a lot of people are double dipping. some people plan to shop online but want to head to stores to pick it up in person. kohl's say they've seen a record number of people do that this season. if you're a procrastinators, you're not alone. 7% say they'll finish their shopping on christmas eve the day before christmas. >> julie: there is the online option, called amazon prime throwing that out there. that's my favorite. thank you so much. >> bill: 'tis the season to be jolly. apparently not for some bakers across the country. an outcry over chocolate drops. they're missing the tip of the chocolate dollop. bakers claim it's affecting the look of the cookies demanding hershey do something about it. >> bill: it doesn't taste the same.
6:56 am
>> julie: our crew did investigating. we have top notch behind the scenes -- >> bill: a small sample. >> julie: they said -- i actually -- they are, yeah. >> bill: if it doesn't have the tip it's another piece of chocolate. >> julie: yeah. might as well eat m & ms, you know? okay. >> bill: we'll send them back. we'll demand. >> julie: mine has a tip. do i win something? >> bill: more from hersheys. minutes away from house republicans. what will we learn about the spending debate ongoing? we don't have a deal yet. hersheys kisses are incensed. me, you could take out 54,000 dollars or more. you could use that money to pay credit card debt and other expenses,
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7:00 am
house republicans about to hold a news conference any moment now after the senate passes a short term spending bill the avoid a government shutdown. the investigation on the hershey kiss continues. brand-new hour. merry christmas, i'm bill hemmer. good to have you with us. julie, welcome back. >> julie: glad to be here. i'm in for sandra smith. it's up to a vote in the house where the conservative freedom caucus and they want the president to shut down the government if he doesn't get the money to get the border wall. >> shutting down the government over christmas is a terrible idea. >> four times we promised we
7:01 am
would build the wall and put it on the spending bill and now we're saying no, no, pelosi will be speaker, it will never happen. >> the problem is i don't see the democrats paying any price whatsoever for essentially sanctioning open borders and not funding border security. it may be a political fight that will take us into the 2020 election. >> mr. president, we'll back you up. if you veto this bill we'll be there. but more importantly, the american people will be there. they will be there to support you. >> bill: mike emanuel is live on the hill. where do things stand at this hour, mike? >> good morning. we expect later today house lawmakers will vote on the six-week government funding extension. it will not contain the $5 billion for the border wall that president trump has wanted. bottom line the democrats aren't playing ball on that issue. president trump is not giving up hope in terms of getting that border wall. he continues venting on twitter saying the democrats who know steel slat wall are necessary
7:02 am
for border security are putting politics over country. what they're beginning to realize is that i will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect border security, usa wins. there is a lot of frustration both sides of the aisle particularly with republicans who wanted the democrats to come atlong to give them some border security money to help the president tighten up things down at our southern border. bottom line democrats feel like they have leverage. they needed a 60-vote threshold in the senate. they passed a six-week government funding extension and send it over to the house. >> bill: see if it gets signed. kirsten neilson. what are the expectations for a high profile hearing. >> you have kirstjen nielsen talking about efforts her department has done to -- sending the u.s. military there to try to help with efforts to
7:03 am
try to tighten things up as well. nielsen is on the hot seat also internally. a lot of speculation about her future, questions about whether she may be leaving the trump administration. so a lot to watch in that high profile hearing getting underway any moment now on the house side of the capitol. >> bill: mike emanuel live on the hill. >> julie: another story to watch. president trump ordering the pentagon to pull all u.s. troops out of syria saying isis has been defeated and there is no longer any reason to be there. reaction pouring in from republican senators both for and against the move. listen. >> president trump said we'll fight when we have to but when we win we'll come home. an incredibly bold maneuver. all of the naysayers in washington will be against him. guess what? if you ask the american people this is why president trump won the election. >> i believe it's a catastrophic mistake that will have great consequences for the united states and interests and
7:04 am
allies in the months and years to come. >> to those who say we have defeated isis in syria, that is an inaccurate statement. they have been hurt, they have been degraded, i give the president all the credit in the world for changing our policies regarding the fight against isis, but i will not buy into the narrative that they have been defeated in syria, iraq. >> julie: and the president tweeting this this morning. does the u.s. want to be the policeman of the middle east getting nothing but spending precious lives and trillions of dollars protecting others who in am all cases do not appreciate what we are doing? do we want to be there forever? national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. >> well, a senior u.s. defense official tells me the president made the decision to pull out of syria after speaking with
7:05 am
turkish president erdogan last friday, december 14th. secretary of state mike pompeo was there at the time and was the first to be told we are leaving. the turkish president told president trump that turkish forces were planning to enter syria soon to go after the kurdish pkk and warned u.s. troops to get out of the way. this i am told hastened the president's decision, something he had been mulling for some time. the president gave the military 30 days to pull out. the fear among u.s. military commanders and pentagon chiefs is that the u.s. will not be able to protect its kurdish and syrian allies. the syrian democratic forces or sdf who fought alongside u.s. forces to retake raqqa, those cud i shall forces and other allies are likely to be slaughtered. as one u.s. defense official put it to me, no one will ever work or fight with us in the middle east again as a result of this hasty withdrawal and the abandonment of those kurds who risked everything to fight with the u.s. against isis.
7:06 am
not a single u.s. military commander or leader i've spoken to at the pentagon agrees with the president's unilateral decision to pull all 2,000 u.s. troops out of syria leaving a vacuum that iran and ice is will fill. the decision is being viewed by the military as a christmas gift to russian president vladimir putin who just spoke in moscow during his annual news conference. >> as for the islamic state group defeat, i agree with the president of the united states. i have already spoken about the fact that we have achieved significant changes in the fight against terrorism on this territory and have seriously hit isis in syria. >> most believe the russians will move into the vacuum created by the u.s. pull-out. the russian embassy in washington tweeted the following praise for president trump's decision quoting the spokesperson for russia's ministry of foreign affairs. the u.s. decision to pull its troops from syria creates good
7:07 am
prospects for a political solution in that arab country. critics point to the pull-out of u.s. troops from iraq in 2011 as giving rise to isis. defense secretary mattis and john bolton convinced the president to keep american troops on the ground in syria not only to continue the isis fight but keep an eye on iran. it shows he is not listening to them anymore. >> bill: retired general jack keane and analyst. an early merry christmas to you. i take it you don't like this move. how come? >> well, you and our viewers know, i think, that i've agreed with most all of president trump's foreign policy and national security decisions and i have great respect for the national security team that provides him advice. all that said, this is a huge
7:08 am
strategic mistake that i hope the president is willing to reconsider. if he does not, i believe with some degree of confidence that he will come to regret this decision. i mean clearly we're repeating the obama mistake of premature withdrawal which got us isis. it is a misstatement to say that isis is defeated in syria. what is accurate is we have destroyed their safe haven in raqqa and have now taken down another town which isis put up a fight for over two months, which demonstrates their determination and resilience. and there is remnants of isis still in the area. in my judgment, we need to stick to it and finish the job. when senator paul and other supporters of the president's decision say that the united states has got to stop doing the heavy lifting in the middle east, we have to leave the fight to the people in the
7:09 am
middle east, that is exactly what we have been doing. the primary fighters are syrians, kurds and arabs. day in, day out fighting this light infantry on the ground engaging the -- obviously the isis fighting forces for better part of a year now. what we have there are advisors, 2,200, who are helping to put together the plans to conduct that fight and also our air power and artillery support. that has been decisive. if we pull away -- >> bill: to be clear on this what the white house has said. they aren't declaring victory on isis. they're deliberate in their language about a territorial victory over the caliphate. if you consider 1% or 2% of the territory between iraq and syria ruled by isis. to that what would you say? >> i agree with that.
7:10 am
but it's not idle speculation that isis has the capacity to rebuild because they are very resilient organization. and then reemerge to retake territory again. my sources in the intelligence services have forecasted that event. then we'll have a decision to make. what are we going to do? do we go back in there? there will be considerably less political support for that. it is much easier to leave than it is to go back. the second thing that is really crucial to understand here, bill, by pulling out of eastern syria, we have given all of syria to the iranians. syria is and will become their strategic anchor in the middle east. they will have achieved their number one strategic goal to have established a crescent from iran, through iraq, through syria, to lebanon, to the mediterranean. that will be a victory of
7:11 am
strategic proportions that will have huge consequences for years to come. >> julie: you hit the nail on the head. this is about iran and iran's assisting syria in carrying out these atrocities to its own people. the president defending his decision on syria on twitter today writing this. getting out of syria was no surprise. i've been campaigning on it for years and six months ago when i wanted to do it, i agreed to stay longer, russia, iran, syria and others are the local enemy of ice is. we were doing their work. time to come home and rebuild. when the president that we're not responsible for solving all the world's problems, however, when assad went ahead and gassed his own people we dropped bombs. we dropped rockets on them. so the president while he doesn't want to solve all the world's problems did get involved with assad had carried out the atrocities. what happens if we stepped back? iraq fell apart. what happens to the people of
7:12 am
syria specifically because we won't be there to defend them? >> well, the consequences are very significant because we said as part of our strategy in syria not only did we want to contain iran, that we wanted iran to leave syria and intended to work toward that end. by having a piece of ground in eastern syria that we were able to drive isis out of and stay the course there. that gave us a seat at the political table to get a political solution in geneva. we just forfeted that. we have turned over the political solution in syria to the iranians and russians because we no longer will have that influence given we're pulling up and walking out the door. much to the frustration of our allies in the region and also obviously in syria. i do accept the president's concern about our allies not doing enough. they clearly could do more.
7:13 am
>> bill: when you talk about a modest troop investment. a quick answer. you mentioned 2200 troops there now. what is considered modest? is it 2200, half of that? what's the number. >> modest is the 2200. the right size advisor to help the syrian democratic force in what has been one successful battle after another against isis. >> bill: thank you for your analysis. thank you. >> julie: thank you. >> bill: breaking news here in new york in the harvey weinstein matter. he was in court in the last 30 minutes pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for march 7. weinstein and his attorney came to order on behalf of the detectives in the case and nypd to get the judge to dismiss the charges against him making allegations of malfeasance. some has been successful for weinstein's defense. apparently the request to dismiss the trial was not successful. they will move forward after the new year three months from
7:14 am
now. >> julie: not a surprise there. nonetheless, a development. federal judge blocking the latest efforts to limit asylum. how this could impact the trump administration's immigration efforts. >> bill: vogue magazine the latest media outlet to go after the first couple. have you heard about this article? did you see the comments? our a-team will take it on and we'll ask the question whether or not it's a little over the top. come on back next. >> sometimes it's fast we could see the media wants to bash and focus on negativity. (chime)
7:15 am
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show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> bill: news now on matthew whitaker the acting a.g. he met with ethics officials and has been cleared. they told him he is fine to oversee the mueller matter as it relates to russia. there was question about that but apparently he has been given the green light. how that affects william barr appeared his nomination going forward we don't know. matt whitaker has been given the a-okay. >> julie: the senate approving a short term spending bill with no funds for a border wall sending it to the house where it is likely to pass averting a government shutdown. the house freedom caucus is spoiling for a fight calling on president trump to veto the bill. let's bring in our a-team.
7:19 am
jessica tarlov fox news contributor. james freeman from the "wall street journal" and morgan ortagus former financial intelligence analyst for the treasury department. jessica, i'll start with you. a lot of republicans are upset by this because the president had been steadfast, i will shut down the government until i get the funding to build the border wall and less than a week later he has changed his tune. >> we were talking about this last week when sandra was here that chuck and nancy were the ones who won that little bru-ha-ha in the oval office that was televised. >> bill: depends on your view of that. >> the president said i will shut down the government if i don't get my $5 billion for the wall. he is not getting his money and won't shut down the government over it. a lot of his biggest supporters upset. ann coulter who he has unfollowed on twitter now. >> julie: oh, he has.
7:20 am
>> bill: lots of her -- lots of his supporters as well. she wasn't alone in this. it's a big failure on his part speaking to his base. i don't think moderate republicans care that much but the red meat stuff. >> bill: mark meadows says it's a big fumble. veto it if you have to. is it a fumble or a creative way to make it happen ultimately? >> part of it is rhetoric. the democrats have to tell their base we aren't giving trump his wall. schumer is saying we'll do enhancement. a lot of fencing there now. maybe a bill without a word wall he can get the wall. >> he offered 1.6 billion and trump said no. >> bill: your point is well taken. if you don't spell out the word wall. probably still get it. >> ultimately we hope there is a deal where you get a very
7:21 am
strong fence, maybe you call it a wall, and in return more legal immigration. >> build the strong fence doesn't have the same ring to it as build the wall. i think this is an epic failure by republican congressional leadership. the president has been in office almost two years and had a chance to get the wall funded and punted doing so. in august the senate canceled their recess because they were going the take care of all the spending needs supposedly. they got 75% done. they were worried about the political optics of a fight over the wall before the november mid-terms. so they convinced the president to punt. guess what? they lost the house anyway. >> bill: why such distaste for getting it done? >> that's a good question. eight years of saying we'll repeal and replace and two years into a republican administration and we didn't get that done, either. we don't have a republican plan i know of other than the graham-cassidy bill put forth
7:22 am
in the 11th hour during the last obamacare repeal and replace. republicans have every right to be upset with congressional leadership and quite frankly with the president and his team. i would say the president, they can try and pivot on this. they have suggested that they maybe could have the military build the wall. i don't know if i'm sure they'll do that with the d.o.d. budget. >> she is describe how the president of the united states is trying to work around a republican majority in the house that dissolves in two weeks. >> yeah. i think -- i share the sense of i think a lot of republicans that the wall is not their first priority but i think for both parties this is kind of telling you how much they want solutions versus fighting. again, this is a signature promise. he has come back to it again and again. if you wanted to do a deal to get the immigration fixes with the people say they want they
7:23 am
ought to be able to work this out in return for his wall. whether or not they want to call it a wall. >> bill: what we're driving at here sitting on this side of the table. many people talk about how the left despise this president. do some on the right show their cards as well with their level behind closed doors about how they feel about him and some of his big proposals that have gone nowhere? >> the republican base is frustrated. for so many years they've voted people into office who made a lot of series of promises. i would agree with james for the things i care about the wall is not even in my top ten. it doesn't matter. the wall is symbolic does this administration and do congress stand by and stick by the things they say they are going to do? and republican base is frustrated they're promising and they vote people into office and it doesn't materialize. to be fair this administration has had a lot of wins but they will have to come out quickly and explain how they will get this wall done whenever they
7:24 am
have an incredibly hostile democratic house that's about to take over. >> julie: wouldn't democrats like to see this as perhaps the president will be willing to negotiate with them and maybe turn this into a positive where they can negotiate on something? the president is making are a huge step here angering even his own base in the process coming up with some bipartisan immigration reform. >> i would love that. we got bipartisan criminal justice reform. we should feel good that it is possible we can work together. opioids is another area of compromise we can do. i think that the harsh reality is congressional republican leadership looks at the polling and how people feel about the wall overall. it is not your top ten. for a lot of republicans it's fifth or sixth but they're mostly concerned with healthcare and both parties have to move on. number one issue in the election. >> bill: i'll squeeze in jim jordan from last night on his
7:25 am
level of frustration on the house floor. watch. >> you've got to be kidding me. really? february 8th when nancy pelosi is speaker do we really -- i'm supposed to believe, we're supposed to believe we're then going to build the border security wall and keep our promise on the 2016 campaign? >> he is not wrong, is he? we can conclude that from this conversation. >> one thing they aren't talking about is spending restraint. this is after all about the amount of government is going to spend. it is north of 4.1 trillion. that's what you would love to see if it's two more months they're arguing about this, maybe it will come into it at some point. >> bill: federal judge took the step of ordering asylum seekers who sued after deportation be returned to the u.s. to have their claims heard. where does that go and what is your feeling on that? >> the administration will repeal this. what you'll continue to see is unless we have bipartisan compromise on things like immigration and things like healthcare as jessica brought
7:26 am
up you'll continue to see immigration litigated in the courts. i don't think that's successful for anybody. certainly happened under the obama administration when he took unilateral executive order action and i think you'll continue to see this administration have to fight it out in court. the best solution would be a bipartisan compromise. the two parties come together and make a decision. >> what the trump administration did was change a longstanding policy you could seek asylum if you were fleeing from a person or persons physically abusive and gang violence. now it has to be government abuse. harder to prove. a lot of women who are coming to this country because they live in abusive households and under attack bringing their kids here for a better life and safety. it is up to congress. they're the ones that change the immigration laws. i have think that congressional democrats can lead on this.
7:27 am
>> bill: this is a moving target. come back in a couple minutes. loretta lynch was on the hill for seven or eight hours. former a.g. closed door hearings. lawmakers are looking into how they handled the hillary clinton email matter and russian interfeerns. what did they learn? >> julie: a memo written by president trump's pick for attorney general raising questions how he would oversee the special counsel investigation and we have a lot of breaking news. we'll bring it to you next. >> an individual writing as a private citizen. he is entitled to his opinion. he wasn't speaking for the government ar whispering in the president's ear but expressing his own personal opinion on a matter of legal concern. it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. tina: i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx.
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7:32 am
prosecute the president for obstruction for firing comey. >> bill: darrell issa last hour after a memo written by president trump's pick for attorney general william barr called into question part of robert mueller's investigation. catherine herridge live in d.c. with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. word that justice department at this hour a few minutes away from a news conference about an indictment against some chinese hackers but we're hoping to get questions in to the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. in the meantime there are major headlines coming out of the justice department this morning. one of our contacts has confirmed that the acting attorney general matt whitaker has met with justice department ethics officials and told him he is fine to oversee the robert mueller investigation. this is significant because there has been criticism of whitaker given his past comments to the media that were highly critical of the probe and talked about diminishing or narrowing the scope of that
7:33 am
investigation. in addition, we've been able to obtain this memo which was provided to the judiciary committee for the upcoming confirmation of the president's choice to lead the justice department bill barr. the reason the memo is important is that it was sent to the deputy attorney general last summer, unsolicited and it talks about whether there is a strong legal foundation for any kind of obstruction probe by the robert mueller team. it reads in part, quote, as i understand it, his theory is premised on a novel and insupportable reading of the law. in my view it would have grave consequences beyond the confines of this cast and do lasting damage to the presidency and the administration of law within the executive branch. we'll have an opportunity hopefully with questions to the deputy attorney general to respond to the issues. one the acting attorney general matt whitaker will have principal oversight for the
7:34 am
robert mueller investigation and the idea if the mueller investigation is looking at a obstruction case there isn't a sound case. >> bill: what happened on the hill now, loretta lynch, seven hours behind closed doors. what comes of that? >> she was behind closed doors for seven hours. we're just about to begin. we'll be back with you. >> catherine herridge with that from the department of justice. she has had a very busy, busy week. thank you, catherine. back to you when the news happens. >> julie: you would never think we're about to take a christmas break. let's bring back in the a-team with us, jessica tarlov and james freeman and morgan ortagus. let's first talk about the information that we're getting from catherine herridge and your reaction. >> loretta lynch hearing. i understand why democrats are
7:35 am
frustrated to bring her back. >> julie: the last interview. >> the last time they'll have accountability on this matter. republicans continue to have frustration about every step along the way of these investigations last year how the f.b.i. conducted themselves with hillary clinton versus how they've conducted themselves with donald trump are just two mon mentally different things. all the text messages that have been revealed. all the communications where we have found consistent bias against the trump administration and campaign. is there one thing that was close to the same sort of bias? nothing that i found. >> we haven't seen everybody's text messages. we've looked into this over and over again which is frankly why there were more democrats that showed up for the loretta lynch questioning than republicans yesterday. both sides admitted there was no new information. they were more interested in
7:36 am
coming for the comey pile onon *r and talking to him about the hillary clinton email investigation. he did the reopening and shutting of the case within 24 hours had a causal effect on the election outcome. i'm not accusing -- trump was the one who was hurt by this. there was an open investigation into his campaign the f.b.i. does not feel the american public needed to know about but needed to know about anthony wiener's laptop. hillary clinton considering the number of investigations that cleared her was grossly mistreated by the f.b.i. and republicans on the hill who continue to parade the actors in this false story in front of them over and over again. >> bill: false? >> it is a false story. what is going in with loretta lynch or jim comey. jim comey hurt hillary clinton. >> bill: the answer was so elusive and why it continues to go on. rod rosenstein is talking about
7:37 am
penalties for china? do we want to take this? listen for a quick moment and james we'll come back to you. >> 90% of the department's cases economic espionage over the past seven years involve china. two thirds involving thefts of trade secrets are connected to china. in the last few months of this year alone, our department has announced charges in three separate cases alleging crimes committed at the behest of a branch of the chinese ministry of state security. it is unacceptable that we continue to uncover cybercrime committed by china against america and other nations. in 2015 china promised to stop stealing trade secrets and other confidential business information through computer hacking with the intent of providing competitive advantage to companies in the commercial sector. but the activity alleged in
7:38 am
this indictment violates the commitment that china made. a commitment they made to members of the international community, to the united states, to the g20 and apec. we want china to cease. >> bill: not only is the u.s. making this announcement but word from london at the same time and britain will join the united states and others in holding the chinese responsible for the global hacking campaign. when you marry with with the tariff battle. >> you see coverage about trump as being alone in the world. but i think these -- this is one of a number of events that have to make the communist thugs who run china very nervous. you have law enforcement laying out a disturbing long pattern of cyberhacking, espionage. ties to the chinese government. they would love to say it's trump. some part of a negotiation. as you said you have our allies
7:39 am
saying it is around the world. >> julie: he said he would be tough on trade and china. >> as anyone watched me i'm the ultimate china hawk. what this president is doing to move the country and both parties really the foreign policy establishment toward a more aggressive stance toward china is the most important thing he will do in these four years and the important thing is it's not just republicans he has moved on china. among the democrats and foreign policy establishment i talk to there has been a clear reckoning that we have grossly mishandled the relationship both sides over the past 20 years. we had the theory if we open up economically to china they would slowly reform and become more democratic. that hasn't happened. we're in a complete cyber war with them and they are attacking our companies and government on a daily basis and we've had our hand in this collectively. the criticism is bipartisan. we have had our head in the
7:40 am
sand with cyberhacking. aggression against our allies in china. to bring the foreign policy establishment and bring our allies together to really -- >> bill: you are both right about a wholesale look necessary with what is happening with china. a lot of things are moving on a lot of fronts. word from the capitol that the republican press conference has been canceled. why that is we don't know. it may happen later today. the official reason is that the meeting this morning went too long and they are in votes now. it is worth noting republicans control the floor. we'll get updates as we hear this. i would just keep in mind what mark meadows said two hours ago. he said you cannot fumble at this point over border security and he urged the president and said if you want to go ahead and veto this budget we'll have your back. do we think that some of that is in play now? >> yeah, of course we have to speculate on why they are
7:41 am
cancelling. the good point here, the president has not signed off on this deal. we're talking about what people don't like about it, what they're criticizing. he may say no and if you look at recent history, shutdowns don't actually do that much political damage over the long term. so he may be thinking now is the time. i'm going to hold out the essential functions of government, national defense continue, but i'm not going to let the full bureaucracy run and keep the paychecks going while we have this discussion. >> bill: an interesting development. let's see where it goes. >> 40 votes for so from the freedom conference. in the near term it hurts republicans no matter who is responsible for it. the polling -- no one talks about that and no one calls it that but republicans. >> bill: mark meadows said if not now, when?
7:42 am
>> definitely not next month. >> the numbers don't get easier for him. >> mark meadows is absolutely right. it's not even about the wall. it is about the fact are we going to stand by the things we commit to our voters and just giving people just sort of saying we'll do x, y, z and not doing it. our base and the country is so over that and they should be. >> julie: he will get mexico to pay for it. >> a gofundme. congratulations. i look forward to seeing that. the president even walked it back the other night on twitter when he said i didn't mean a hard wall could mean steel slats. he is trying here. his base that 2025 will always stick. that top 10% there. >> bill: we have to roll. thank you all. have a happy holiday.
7:43 am
merry christmas, whatever applies, okay? >> julie: they're coming back. we'll ask them one other thing. >> bill: all eyes on the market. what's going on wall street in the wake of the fed rate from yesterday. the hike up a quarter point. we'll talk about investor response coming up in a moment right here when we come back.
7:44 am
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>> bill: a couple things here we're trying to put the pieces together. this bill has not been signed. the showdown for the government could happen tomorrow night. friday night at midnight into saturday morning or not. chad berg rum says things are getting squirrelly on the spending bill. there was a press conference scheduled and it was canceled. the president shot out this tweet 18 minutes ago. while i signed the omnibus bill i was promised the wall and leadership would be done by the end of the year, now. it did not happen. we foolishly fight for border security for other countries but not our beloved usa.
7:48 am
not good. we'll try to read between the lines and figure out what's happening behind closed doors. we'll get back to that in a moment and tell you what we think we know. back with the panel here. this is a special surprise, christmas surprise, part three. we have this beautiful picture of the first couple in the cross hall of the white house. and vogue came out with a rather scathing review of this photo. do we have it? called it surreal quality, called it a cardboard cut-out version, said they are, quote, very, very smiley. they are also holding hands. a move that famously out of character for them and why it feels so strangely off. wax statues with a question mark. that's vogue magazine. >> bill: don't go to freeman first on this. >> sorry. if you think that's nas nasty
7:49 am
and mean spirited. it's the vehicle for trying to teach young people to be leftist radicals. >> it is gorgeous. >> julie: i want that to be my christmas picture. i want that dress. holy cow. took my breath away. >> she is one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet and how anybody can be nasty of her. it is because they're jealous. >> bill: knows on the left can't find a way to say anything good about this white house, jessica. this is petty. >> it is petty. what vogue should have done and that dress, oh, all of it looking great. i think it is important especially when left publications and leftists like myself are attacked for having nothing good to say especially about melania you focus on the issues here. melania with her be best
7:50 am
campaign about cyberbullying her family benefited by chain migration. >> bill: we're talking about a photo. >> it is more than the photo. it is about the photo because that's the issue here. it allows the right to say oh, you just can't say anything good about her. >> julie: but she is bashed more than any first ladys ever been bashed. >> hillary clinton -- >> bill: sorry, jess. they would never consider this for the obamas over eight years. we can call on the guy. >> the trump cyberbully thing. he is typically on some of the most powerful people in the world. if he says crying chuck schumer on twitter, are we really upset about this? >> bill: all right. guys. i thought we would find agreement on one topic before the holidays. >> julie: she looks beautiful. merry christmas. the dow looking to gain
7:51 am
traction this morning after the fed's interest rate hike and we'll see how stocks are responding this morning after a taking a freefall yesterday. - [narrator] the typical vacuum head has its limitations,
7:52 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: markets down yesterday after the fed made a move. down again today. gerri willis, what are you
7:55 am
hearing down there? good morning. >> it has been intense for the last couple of days. yesterday was a coal in your stocking day. we're used to a santa rally. that isn't what is happening. they're on pace for their worst year since 2008. the dow is down, a nasdaq negative as well. all three major a-off. a steady drip of negative news. the philadelphia fed index pointing negative here. people didn't like that. lots of folks they expect stocks to continue lower today. you never know. normally what happens is the stocks go higher in the morning and lower in the afternoon. the kind of pattern we've seen for days and days now. started differently today. we started lower. anything could happen. i have to tell you the santa claus rally, santa may have
7:56 am
left the building. back to you guys. >> bill: go find his sleigh. bah humbug. merry christmas. a major policy shift here. u.s. policy, the president announcing plans to pull 2200 u.s. troops out of syria. a lot of reaction all over the dial on this. talk to bret baier and adam kinzinger at the top of the next hour. come on back. deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials. vascepa looks different because it is different. over a decade of extensive research and development achieved proven results. that's the prescription power of vascepa. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa.
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>> bill: fox news alert. house republicans canceling a scheduled news conference as question arise whether or not that spending bill to keep the government open over the new year is in jeopardy or not. we're trying to read through the lines. good morning, everybody. hour three. i'm bill hemmer in new york. how are you doing? >> julie: let's do this. i'm julie banderas in for sandra smith. the senate passed the measure last night but a lot more questions at this hour about the bill's future. >> bill: let's get to it now. peter doocy is on the hill to piece it together. good morning. >> good morning, bill. normally at 11:00 today it would be very impolite for me to be standing in this room because the speaker of the house and republican leaders would be at the podium briefing what they just told their conference behind closed doors. the speaker of the house and his team have canceled this press conference this morning. that is as lawmakers are telling them they want assurances that president trump will definitely sign and not
8:01 am
veto a spending bill. right now republicans do not have those assurances. >> no, no guarantees were made in that regard and some members did ask. >> so here is why things are so uncertain. president trump a few minutes ago tweeted this. when i signed the omnibus bill i was promised the wall and security by leadership would be done by end of year. it didn't happen. we fight for border security for other countries but not our beloved usa. not good. a problem that some republicans have is nancy pelosi seems totally on board with this approach. she says this, democrats are committed to fully responsibly funding the government in january. in the meantime we'll support the continuing resolution to keep government open and working. but the president's most conservative allies here in congress are telling him that they will have his back if he vetoes this measure that does not have any new money for the border wall. >> there are a number of people
8:02 am
in the house of representatives who would support a presidential veto enough to sustain the veto and probably enough people in the house of representative to support a stand alone bill for $5 billion for border security. >> mark walker the republican from north carolina tweeted he wants a vote on a bill that would just be $5 billion in border wall money and wants it today. we don't know if that is something that leadership is talking about right now. we also don't know for sure if we will hear from them again today. it's possible but things are kind of up in the air right now. >> bill: a little bit. what are you piecing together? chad said it was squirrelly. a pretty good word for the moment. >> it is squirrelly. you look at the president's tweet where he is expressing great frustration about this giant spending bill that he had to be talked into signing last time and it is not clear if
8:03 am
that is a veto threat, is it a veto warning, is he just expressing displeasure? a big problem that republicans have right now they are about to lose the unified government and there are conservatives in the house who are making the argument that they have to do this while paul ryan is the speaker. if they kick the can to february they come back and nancy pelosi is the speaker. so she is speaking very glowingly about this approach. yes, let's wait until february when i'm the speaker and i have more say and committee chairs and control. but not every republican wants that. again, the christmas holiday a big motivator on the senate floor last night. some senators were singing christmas carols. singing rudolph the red nosed reindeer when they had the support to have a spending bill and they could go home for the night. they're sticking around today to see what happens and they might be here past today.
8:04 am
>> bill: we'll report until we get it. things are moving on the hill. thank you, we'll find out what direction real soon. >> julie: another fox news alert. the president's decision to pull out of syria making news dividing the republican party as most of washington is caught offguard by the announcement. the white house is standing firm. senator rand paul backing the president earlier on "america's newsroom." >> i think there are a lot of independent voters and people in the middle in the states president trump won, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin, these are states that no other republican won because they want to be at war everywhere all the time. president trump said we'll fight when we have to but when we win we'll come home. incredibly bold maneuver. all the naysayers in washington will be against him. if you ask the american people, this is why president trump won the election. >> julie: john roberts picks up the story and joins us live from the white house. >> good morning. the president may say it's no surprise he is announcing the
8:05 am
pull-out of troops from syria. he is getting blowback. a lot of his colleagues are trying to talk the president out of the move. rubio tweeted it is a major blunder. if it isn't reversed it will haunt this administration and america for years to come. lindsey graham who returned from afghanistan yesterday likeened to president obama's pull-out from iraq. listen here. >> the military told president obama, if you leave now, the radicals that are still around will regenerate and all the people that helped us in iraq, a lot of them died. same thing will happen in syria. >> bill: mike lee on the other hand applauding the move. listen to what he said. >> one of my colleagues called it an obama-like decision. i couldn't disagree more and i couldn't agree more with the president's decision. >> rubio pointed out another person who liked the move was
8:06 am
vladimir putin in russia. he said donald was right to do it. >> julie: a big announcement from the department of homeland security today. what can you tell us about that? >> an announcement we thought would happen before the house judiciary committee a short time ago. they went into recess after kirstjen nielsen sat down and about to give testimony. when i came out here they had not gone back into session. she will be making an announcement that after months of negotiation, the united states and mexico have agreed that anybody who is either at the border or crosses the border between mexico and the united states to seek asylum will stay in mexico while that asylum claim is adjudicated. in a statement from the department of homeland security she said aliens trying to game the system to get into our country illegally will no longer be able to disappear into the united states where many skip court dates. instead they'll wait for an immigration court decision
8:07 am
while they're in mexico. catch and release will be replaced with catch and return. the department of homeland security worked this out with the mexican government during the summer and early fall. it was unclear whether the new administration would agree to it. it appears they did and will likely go into effect in the next couple of weeks and we're awaiting that announcement. she was supposed to make it again they went into recess. homeland security came out with the official announcement. one other thing i can tell you going back to the budget. yesterday afternoon it appeared as though the president would have to sign this continuing resolution. he really didn't have much choice. they've been in meetings with the president all morning so we're not exactly sure which direction this is going at the moment. >> julie: interesting. a bit unexpected they would go into recess right before this announcement. we'll have to wait and see what it was all about. thank you. >> bill: from the white house. bret baier, busy day in d.c. you have breaking news on a
8:08 am
telephone discussion a short time ago. what happened? >> just getting word from sources that the president has called the hill specifically speaker paul ryan and apparently there was a heated conversation. according to one source. another confirming the call. but now what is he upset about? i think it's clearly the funding for the wall but he is now in this corner and there is a decision to be made whether you sign a c.r. whether they get the votes that it can actually go through or whether they are recalibrating and saying is there another avenue here? it is late in the game for that as you all just discussed. remember this, too, there are 100 members of the house who essentially don't have an office after this. some of them don't have a place to sleep anymore. and some of them are not here. so you have a different scenario with a lame duck congress heading into christmas and the math starts to be very crucial on something like this.
8:09 am
>> bill: i was looking at mark meadows comment from earlier today. he called it a fumble and he said if you don't do it now, when? so he is a member of this conservative caucus talking to the white house, i would assume urging the president to stand tough on this and don't give in. his words just to repeat, if not now, then when, bret is their position? >> it's not just mark meadows. you have voices that the president listens to. some opinion makers, rush limbaugh was railing against this saying he should not sign it and go to mar-a-lago and let the government shut down. that's not where the administration overall is. the president is clearly feeling it today from these conservative members. i think we're in for a bumpy ride before either passage and/or signing. >> bill: that battle will go down to the wire if not beyond. heated phone call. you confirmed that between paul ryan and the president earlier
8:10 am
today. a press conference was supposed to happen an hour ago. that has been post poned or canceled. we have the news we woke up to today about 2200 u.s. forces operating in eastern syria that within a period of about 30 days will be withdrawn from that country and that decision has been met by some who are decidedly against it and others say it's the right move. president has already defended himself saying this is what i told you i would do during the campaign. once we win with he come home. in a territorial sense they believe they defeated isis in that part of the world. what are you hearing on that? >> well a couple of things. one is that it is not a surprise that the president wanted to get these troops out. he has been saying it for some time both publicly and privately. he has said, you know, essentially when this reauthorization all along, how long can you say until you
8:11 am
defeat isis there? they've been giving him a window. they were getting close and the problem that a lot of folks at the pentagon who i've talked to and others was with the process. the policy first but the process of how it happened and how people were out of the loop, all aisles didn't know what was happening. capitol hill didn't know what was happening and you look at the policy. a lot of people. lindsey graham is not alone say it could open the door for iran, russia and assad. >> bill: can you take the thread and draw the line about the border wall through all three of these stories? the government shutdown. pulling troops out of syria which would save some aspects of money within the military and these discussions that sarah sanders broke on our show two days ago taking some military money and using it for the wall for security on the southern border? >> i don't know if you can do a direct line. it is in the president's head that he does not want to be
8:12 am
deployed all over the place and doesn't want to be the policeman of the world. he thinks that sells internally and saves money and clearly this white house believes that they can move money around and can do the wall with money that's already allocated. the question is how much pushback they get from the house on that. they could probably only do it once but they may do it for the wall. >> bill: see you tonight at 6:00. ryan zinke exclusive interview. look forward to seeing that. >> julie: new demands from north korea and talks between the u.s. and the kim regime hit a wall. >> bill: president trump's nominee for a.g. calling parts of the mueller matter fatally misconceived. a memo sent to the doj and we'll talk about it with tom dupree coming up next. >> i think it would be absolutely irresponsible for the democrats to try to stop the confirmation of an
8:13 am
extraordinarily well qualified nominee for attorney general based on this memo which to me expresses the law properly. on.♪ it looks like emily cooking dinner for ten. ♪ the beat goes on. it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di. entresto is a heart failure medicine that helps your heart... so you can keep on doing what you love. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. it helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure.
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i wno matter how long ago ent to addresyou served, veterans. you earned the powerful va benefit that lets you buy a home with no down payment. and with a newday va loan, you don't have to save up to move up. and because newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va, they can say yes when banks say no. helping veterans buy homes. that's newday usa. go to, or call 1-877-423-5745. >> julie: fox news alert. president trump's nominee for attorney general william barr slamming the mueller probe in an unsolicited memo to the justice department in june calling parts of it fatally misconceived. let's bring in former assistant attorney general tom dupree. thank you for coming on, to*fm.
8:17 am
great to see you. i want to get your reaction and we'll get to the bill barr story. your reaction to the acting attorney general matt whitaker not recusing himself from the russia investigation just breaking in our last hour after he met with d.o.j. ethics officials and told him he is fine to oversee the mueller/russia investigation. what say you? >> i say it's good to see he followed the appropriate process. when you're in a situation like this you seek out the counsel from the nonpartisan professional ethics advisors within the justice department and put your fate in their hands. i never saw a reason for him to recuse for his comments on the mueller probe. you have people placed in high government position who have talked about issues of the day and sharing their views. just because you express an opinion on something before you are in the government doesn't mean you have to recuse yourself from touching that issue once you're in the government. >> julie: bill barr and his comments. he was a private citizen at the time.
8:18 am
should his opinion then matter now? >> well, i think it matters in the sense that it certainly would be fair game at his confirmation hearing for senators to ask him about his views on these issues. that said i guess i wouldn't make too much of it. as we understand what was in the memo it seems as though barr, who himself is a former attorney general, was weighing in on his views when he was the attorney general he wrestled with these types of issues which are issues that right now as we know are being hotly debated by lawyers, by constitutional scholars how far the special counsel's authority extends, whether it's appropriate to prosecute or challenge a president for obstruction if he is exercising his sup advisory. i don't see it as a basis for pulling the nomination in any sense of the word. >> julie: i want you to listen to mike lee talking about this point last night.
8:19 am
listen. >> this is an individual who was writing as a private citizen. he is entitled to his opinion. he wasn't speaking for the government. he wasn't whispering in the president's ear. he was expressing his own opinion on a matter of legal concern. this is a person who is imminently qualified and a person who should be confirmed as the next attorney general. >> julie: in the memo william barr called the obstruction of justice misconceived. private citizen speaking his mind. we all do that. robert mueller hasn't proven collusion. is that not why the reason this investigation start evidence from the beginning? >> that's the purpose of the investigation to find out what extent russia tampered with the election. >> julie: we know they did tamper. that i think we all know happened, right? >> absolutely. >> julie: we've conceded to that. it's the collusion part was the part robert mueller is going after and chasing that one and hasn't caught up.
8:20 am
>> he hasn't. to be fair, his investigation as we all know is still ongoing and we'll see what he has at the end of the day. from barr's perspective the fact is he wrote that memo in his capacity as a private citizen. there are many instances where people hold views as a private citizen and in a government role they're exposed to more information and they different perspective. i won't necessarily conclude with 100% certainty the views that barr held as a private citizen would automatically translate to views he would hold as the attorney general of the united states. >> bill: former a.g. loretta lynch questioned seven hours by house lawmakers. mark walker was in the room and we'll talk about what came out of that hearing and the big story. the clock is ticking on a government shutdown. house republicans. where are they? marshalling opposition to the spending bill? could it pass? will it pass if border security
8:21 am
is not in it? >> fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. fool the american people four times and shame on congress.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> julie: north korea says it won't denuclearize unless the united states removes its nuclear threat first. it will demand the u.s. withdraw its troops stationed in south korea. the white house has yet to comment. >> they believe he is getting bad advice. they know he has promised not once, twice, but three times he would get border wall funding and here we are about to punt and i would argue it's not a
8:25 am
punt. a punt actually helps improve the field advantage. this is a fumble and we need to make sure that the president stays firm and a lot of people are very nervous this morning about whether the president will cave or not. >> bill: that was mark meadows earlier today. the senate approving the short term spending bill to avert a government shutdown tomorrow night. it's now up to the house and president and things are at the moment appear to be rather unclear. north carolina republican mark walker is with me now. good morning to you. you represent a republican study committee 123 conservative members. where are they on what the house could possibly vote on? would it pass or not, sir? >> i will tell you this, bill, my four years here it is one of the more lively conferences. a strong rebuke of the senate's voice vote on this c.r. leadership i'm going into that as vice chair. a strong rebuke to say we must fight in the time to do so is
8:26 am
now. we've had one member, one of the chairmen of our committees had not spoken in conference in eight years. he made the compelling argument that we have to draw the line now. >> bill: okay. here is a statement from sarah sanders just a moment ago. i'll read it for you. we're seeing it for the first time. quote, the president is having a meeting with republican house members at noon today. 34 minutes from now. he does not want to go further without border security which includes steel slats or a wall. the president is continuing to weigh his ontions. signed from sarah sanders. you are hearing that for the first time and your reaction. >> it is. i'm familiar with the noon white house meeting. we will be working in on that. but yes, whether it's steel slats, concrete, we believe that it's time to make sure that we fulfill our promise to the american people. the amount of drugs coming in. this isn't just about illegal immigrants. this is about drugs, human trafficking. i feel like our conference got to the place we said enough is
8:27 am
enough. and i think that we're seeing that play out today. we were waiting for the president to make sure that he was willing to go to the mat. it looks like he is. we will have his back 100%. >> bill: are you willing to shut down the government partially over the holiday? >> we're willing to do whatever it takes. now, i'm not one to jump out there and advocate for shutting down the government. but when it comes to securing the border on behalf of protecting the american people, i believe what we have to do is make sure that we're willing to make a bold statement. now, republicans we have to be smart. we also have to have an exit plan what it looks like long term and make sure government employees are taken care of. this is a hill we should be willing to die on. >> bill: back on the exit plan in a moment. two weeks from today nancy pelosi will likely take the gavel as speak evening -- speaker of the house. how are republicans feeling? >> if you think you're trying to sell this that things will get better february 8th.
8:28 am
the proposed date for this continuing resolution, they won't. this has been something that has been discussed the entire year. this is something that president trump made the foremost king pin foundation of his entire campaign running for president. the time to deliver is now. >> bill: a couple pointed questions. of those 123 members i referred to are they all in agreement with you or is their squishy room? >> i have 18 or 19 members of the freedom caucus. we have a lot of different factions within the committee. >> bill: they're not all in lock step. >> there are two parts of this. today some members want disaster relief. some members from florida, north carolina, that are trying to come together. is it possible to merge these two and have a vote today $the 5 billion for border security for the wall as well as disaster relief. we've called an emergency
8:29 am
conference and not listed which time it could happen to let members in the work. we have our best work when everybody is in the room. the president meeting comes first. >> bill: you talked about an exit plan. politically the hammer could come down on you if the shutdown happens. what's the exit plan? >> the exit plan right now is the big tbd. to be determined. some people in leadership haven't been willing to say it's an easy call because it is always easier up front to say let's shut it down. the components of this are very complicated. we want to make sure it's a partial shutdown we want people to be taken care of. other components as well. we have to make sure that both going in and out is taken care of. >> bill: tbd doesn't sound like a plan. you meet with the president in 30 minutes and see how it goes. nothing focuses the mind like a deadline. thank you for your time.
8:30 am
>> julie: facebook fighting back and say why some tech giants got access to users data and why some users are giving facebook a thumbs down. >> we've had issues with the ads and what we found out and the bipartisan commission report in russian involvement in the last election. they have to get their act together. (chime)
8:31 am
8:32 am
8:33 am
- [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. >> bill: breaking news from the hill. kirstjen nielsen on the hill now. a moment ago announced this asylum agreement with the mexican government which means all the asylum cases at the border, for example the caravan in tijuana, mexico, will be handled on the mexican side of the border. that deal has been cut with the mexican government. want to bring in thomas homan. former acting ice director. what does that do to the immigration, the illegal immigration issue? >> that's a huge win.
8:34 am
before i retired i actually participated in meetings with the mexican officials on this very topic. we made some headway but when i retired the deal wasn't signed. with the new leadership in mexico i was pessimistic would it get done. a huge win for the secretary and president that these people can wait in mexico. if they are escaping fear and persecution based on the rules of asylum. 91% will end up losing their case. for those really escaping fear and persecution they've escaped that fear and persecution. mexico has offered them jobs and sanctuary there until their cases are herd. it's a win/win. >> what does mexico get from it? >> a partnership. last year we have to remember a lot of people say mexico doesn't help. when i was the ice director mexico actually arrested a lot of central americans on their southern border and returned them. they arrested tens of thousands at the southern border. they're stepping up and saying
8:35 am
we don't want illegal immigration coming through our country either. they're a sovereign country and they have narcotics and gang issues also. they realized it isn't helpful to them or us. >> bill: there is a report that suggested mexico and the southern part of the country would get billions of dollars in the deal and perhaps central american countries would get billions of dollars as well that would build programs and incentive long term to let people who live there have the incentive to stay in their country. is that part of this? >> i'm sure it is. when i was the director i went down to miami and met with officials from the triangle countries along with secretary kelly where they called it security and prosperity. we talked amongst ourselves how we can increase security amongst our countries and make sure we arrest the bad guys and don't let them migrate to our countries but a lot of banks and big businesses talking about how we can create pos
8:36 am
parity for these countries so they can find good employment and hope so they aren't living in poverty and no reason to leave. >> bill: are you convinced it's a program that can work. throwing money at the issue might not get the results you're looking for. >> it is worth a shot. i think if we can build business down in central america and pay them a decent wage. the governments down there don't want their people leaving, either. they have some pride if their country and i think people can earn a decent living and be able to take care of their families, less of them will want to come to the united states. there will always be a population that wants to get to the united states but it will stop a lot of them making the journey. >> bill: jim jordan was vocal and what he said now about the ongoing battle on the floor of the house but on the hill. watch. >> shame on congress. because four different times this year we have promised them that we would put money in a
8:37 am
spending bill and actually build a border security wall. here we are with a bill that was voice voted in the senate that says wait a minute, we're actually going to get it done february 8th. nobody in the country believes. none of our constituents believe it, no one believes it. >> bill: that's from jim jordan. the tweet from the senate. trump says the dems are putting politics over country and what they're beginning to realize i will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure unless it has perfect border security, usa wins. is he going to get it? there is a meeting at noon of republicans in the house. >> i agree with jim jordan. he is an american patriot saying the right things. if the president don't get the money for the wall he needs to veto any sort of continuing resolution and he can stand up and say i have done everything i can to protect our border. so the last thing he can do is shut it down and make nancy and schumer come back to the table.
8:38 am
look, schumer put $25 billion on the table just back in january. now he is asking for 20% of that and they won't give that up. the president stands by his promise to the american people. shuts it down, stands proud and we get back to the table. we cannot kick this can one more time. it can't happen. >> bill: we'll find out one way or the other very soon. thank you for your time. nice to have you here today. 22 before the hour. >> julie: pushing back on report when it gave -- facebook explained why firms and spotify and netflix were able to read and delete your private messages. >> facebook is trying to fight back on the accusation it shared people's private messages without their knowledge. facebook says simply, that's not true. the company does admit it used what it calls a common practice in tech allowing people to
8:39 am
integrate messaging capabilities with apps like netflix and spotify and several others but facebook says it was always with users' permission and adds, quote, no third party was reading your private messages or writing messages to your friends without your permission and said the services were experimental and have now been shut down for nearly three years. and some of the companies named in the "new york times" which first broke this story also hitting back. netflix saying in a tweet, quote, netflix never asked for or accessed anyone's private messages. we're not the type to slide into your dms, facebook stock fell 7% yesterday, climbed a little bit today, julie, but certainly 2018 is the year that facebook will be happy to say goodbye to. >> julie: other than deleting your facebook because some people have done that if you choose to stay, what can users do to protect themselves? >> well the bottom line is if you use social media and a
8:40 am
range of other apps you basically have little to know idea where your private information might end up. the simple but most draconian way to do it is delete facebook. short of that it's hard to protect yourself completely. you might want to start reading those permission contracts that we usually all just scroll through and click agree. that will give you more information about what is being shared and when. julie, if you are mad as hell and can't take it anymore you can delete facebook and the appears such as spotify and netflix. we'll lose the vital ability to see hundreds of pictures of your friends. ugly christmas sweaters. lose access to the cheesy holiday play lists and you won't be able to watch netflix movies like the christmas prince. who wants to live without that? >> julie: my friends on facebook would die if they didn't know what my elf on the shelf would do every morning. >> i would die if i didn't know
8:41 am
that information. >> bill: the president defending his decision to pull u.s. troops out of syria. lawmakers both sides of the aisle, there has been criticism. adam kinzinger will give us his take in a moment. first senator rand paul who sides with the president. he likes this call. >> we spent trillions of dollars over there. for goodness sake should the iraqis stand up and defend their territory and the kurds stand up and defend their territory? absolutely. we shouldn't always have to fight somebody else's battle. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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i need a new book for my son. stories. stories or quotes? time for a rhyme? or not rhyming's fine. no rhymes. skivvies. gadgets or skivvies? boxed set? perfect! nobody knows young readers like we do... barnes & noble overwhelming air fresheners can send you running... so try febreze one. with no aerosols and no heavy perfumes. so you can spray and stay. febreze one. >> bill: watching the deadline of the partial government shutdown. conservative voices in the house. we aren't sure where they'll go now putting pressure on the president and responding in kind suggesting he wants border security. on the outside you have influential conservative voices in america like the one you're about to hear. rush limbaugh who makes the case it's now or never on the wall and border security. >> that's been the objective to
8:45 am
end this congress without a shutdown? that's how we're going to define success? meanwhile the border remains wide open and the democrats will be controlling the house in just a few weeks and now gloating and telling the president you can't get any money from anywhere else. this is textbook. a textbook example of what the drive by media calls compromise. trump gets nothing and the democrats get everything, including control of the house. >> bill: the bottom line at this hour it is not a done deal yet. there is a meeting at the white house. we believe that begins in about 15 minutes. up dates on that as we go through the day today. >> julie: all right. >> one of my colleagues called it an obama-like decision. i couldn't disagree more and agree more with the president's decision. by definition it's the opposite of a obama decision. obama got us involved and trump is taking us out. congress never authorized use
8:46 am
of military force in syria. we shouldn't be there. >> julie: opposite of obama's decision. that was senator mike lee of utah. one of the few republicans supporting the president's decision to withdraw troops out of syria after the white house announced all 2,000 troops would be coming home. many gop lawmakers don't share that sentiment. adam kinzinger is joining me. bush won the war in iraq. obama lost the peace by premature withdrawal. military strategists calling the syria withdrawal a strategic mistake. after president obama pulled troops out of iraq we got isis. how is pulling trips out of syria different than what obama did in iraq? >> i would argue it's quite a same. if you think about iraq -- that's part of the reason i ran for congress is president obama was promising to leave. i had just gotten back from iraq in 2009 and i knew what
8:47 am
would happen. you new al qaeda would resurge. we have isis on the ropes and important to press the fight against them. they aren't defeated yet. this announcement is a recruiting tool for joining isis. now some cleric opens up the quran and said this is the prophesied caliphate. we have to go through difficulty. now is our chance to come back. it is a strategic mistake. they were affecting good policy with little footprint and that's not even mention the fact we were put in a blocking position of iran. >> bush called it. you pull troops out prematurely and some more evil force. at the time al qaeda around 9/11. some more evil force will rear its ugly head. what happens? isis emerges. there is a bipartisan group of senators that sent a letter to the president urging him to change his mind.
8:48 am
republicans lindsey graham, joni ernst, tom cotton and marco rubio. there is one democrat. the letter from the group. if you decide to follow through with your decision to pull out troops out of syria any remnants of isis in syria will surely renew and embolden their efforts to the region. isis isn't the only threat. the dictatorship of assad weighs hefsh lie upon the syrian people and fear a withdrawal of our troops may make him bolder the take further actions to solidify his power. it's hard to change the president's mind when he has made a decision. who in the administration military officials are advising him of something like this when every military official we've heard from so far, military official, has said it's a bad idea? >> i don't think anybody. this is what's concerning. he has an absolute right to make this decision as president. i don't argue with that.
8:49 am
but when he disregards the advice of all of the people around him that's worrisome to me. he said once he knows more about isis than the generals. i thought that was used metaphorically. maybe he thinks it. this is a concern. to say that isis is defeated. to do a video where you point to heaven and say the people that have passed want us to come home. you can't speak for them. the reality is they are emboldening isis, iran, russia, assad and not to mention basically we have a base camp that straddles a main supply route that iran wants to resupply their enemies against israel. we would be vacating that. a detriment to israel. >> julie: the president says we shouldn't be surprised by this. he used to critique former presidents for trying to solve the world's problems. we had general jack keane on last hour saying we should stay the course in syria with 2200 troops. keane believes pull them out
8:50 am
puts israel in danger. if isis emerges iran becomes a threat. are we running the risk of putting israel in harm's way? >> running the risk of putting a lot of people in harm's way, the kurds, israel, greater middle east and our word. think of all these groups that sided with us that we have abandoned in the past if foreign policy mistakes. you can add the kurds and syrian defense forces to that now. what happens in the next war when we have to get allies and they look back at our track record? this is actually has been a successful strategy and i wish he wouldn't abandon it. >> julie: thank you very much for talking to us. >> bill: 11:50 in new york. 12 minutes away high noon at the white house. republicans and the president get together to talk about the spending bill. the budget showdown now. we know the president and paul ryan spoke by phone earlier today described as heated. the republican press conference was canceled last hour. all bets could be on the table as the clock moves closer to midnight on friday night.
8:51 am
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>> bill: illinois, the attorney general in that state saying the catholic diocese failed to report 500 people -- >> the illinois attorney general is blasting the state's catholic church saying it failed to protect victims and incapable of policeing itself. in a nine page report attorney general found the names of at least 500 priests were withheld from the church's list of clergy accused of sexual misconduct. 690 priests had been accused where the church had only reported 185. in a statement the attorney
8:55 am
general said by choosing not to thoroughly investigate allegations the catholic church has failed in its moral obligation to provide survivors, parishioners and the public a complete and accurate accounting of all sexually inappropriate behavior involving priests in illinois. illinois is one of at least 15 states where the a.g. launched an investigation into catholic clergy abuse. chicago's archbishop issued a statement saying in part there can be no doubt about the constant need to strengthen our culture of healing, protection and accountability. the vast majority of abuses took place decades ago, many victim survivors continue to live with this unimaginable pain. survivors network of thoefs abused by priest issued a statement saying while this report highlights the shocking and awful details of sex abuse cover-ups in illinois we're confident that similar techniques in minimizing is happening in diocese throughout
8:56 am
the country. the attorney general's report comes ahead of next month's meeting of american bishops in illinois where they'll prepare for the pope's february meeting on clergy abuse in rome. >> bill: thank you, lauren. >> julie: president trump appearing to revive his threat to shut down the government over border spending. will his meeting with house republicans produce any update on funding that wall? more on that next. (chime) - [narrator] meet shark's newest robot vacuum. it powerfully cleans from floors to carpets, even pet hair, with ease, and now for cleaning surfaces above the floor, it comes with a built in shark handheld. one dock, two sharks. the shark ion robot cleaning system. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out,
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>> julie: you've been singing all week. >> bill: big bulbs here on sixth avenue in new york city. so festive. to you i have a hershey kiss, my lady. >> julie: the type broke off.
9:00 am
oh, shoot. , no it's awful. if you are going to decorate a cake with a hershey kiss and it doesn't have a tip what's the point? have a good vacation. see you tomorrow. >> we have a lot coming together in the next few minutes. any moment now the president is expected to meet with house republicans at the white house. that is new. it's late breaking development complicating efforts to pass a short term spending bill. remember the president has intimated he would like to shut down the government over the border wall and now a pop-up meeting. the white house says the president is continuing to weigh his options. thank you for watching "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today melissa francis, katie pavlich, former director of strategic communications for the hillary clinton campaign adrienne elrod and in the center seat lawrence jones, editor in chief of campus


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