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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. five days until christmas so it's time to buy some presents. "hannity" is next, and dan bongino is sitting in for sean tonight. >> dan: welcome to this special edition of the "hannity." law and order in america. i'm dan bongino in tonight again for sean. as we speak, a planned fund for border security hangs in the balance. president trump remained steadfast in his commitment to build a wall on our southern border. joining us now at the very latest is our own ed henry. >> this day started with mark meadows and the frieden caucus meeting on "fox & friends" that house republicans fumbled the issue by not getting the money for the wall over the past two years. he urged the commander in chief
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to hold firm. tonight he is saying that in the meeting he had with other leaders, the president was serious about not folding without a fight. back in march the president vowed he would never sign another stopgap spending measure to kick the can down the road without new money for the wall. conservatives like rush limbaugh have spent the last 24 hours telling the president, urging him not to cave and if he does not stand and fight for a signature. i can tell you as you noted, house republicans changing course to the president's direction. they passed a new bell with $5.7 billion plus $8 billion for hurricane and wildfire relief. democrats are warning that the bill cannot get through the senate so we are likely headed for a shut down. but remember 75% of the government is funded already deep into 2019 including the military, so this would only be a partial shutdown in the
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president seems to be holding firm. >> president trump: i give them a little bit of an out, steel slats. we don't use the word wall necessarily but it has to be something special to do the job. steel slats. i've made my position very clear, any measure that funds the government must include border security. it has to. not for political purposes but for our country, for the safety of our community. >> there is not one person on the republican side of the aisle that believes if they pass this bill that it will be accepted by the senate. not one of you. >> chuck schumer, another democrat charged tumor throwing the country to chaos over the wall fight plus a shift in the syria cult policy to remove u.s. troops that sparked defense secretary jim mattis' announcement later today that he is resigning at the end of february. schumer noted that matus was also not thrilled about troops
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being sent to the border but republican steve scully said tonight the president waiting this wall battle shows he has made border security up top priority and is putting democrats on the record for what scalise called open borders. >> dan: as we get closer and closer to government shutdown, president trump is resolute. today he announced border security as a principal with fighting for. speak to our nation has spent trillions of dollars and sacrificed thousands of brave young lives defending the borders of foreign nations. i am asking congress to defend the border of our nation for a tiny fraction of the cost. in life, there are certain principles worth fighting for. more important than politics, party or personal convenience. the safety and security and sovereignty of the united states is the most important principle of all. we don't stand strong for our national borders, then we cease
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to be a nation and we will not be faithful to our loyal citizens. >> president trump plans to fund the border wall. joining us from capitol hill are two lawmakers. jodi heise and from virginia's fifth district, tom garrett. thank you very much for joining us. i know the house freedom caucus is doing an excellent job fighting for principles out there and i admire your resolute stance. but what's going on with the establishment republicans? they've had the majority for a long time, from your perspective what took so long to get this done? >> i really don't have any idea as to why. let's deal with the issue, and the american people set us here
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for this. and for whatever reason it's been stall after stall after stall. one cr after another after another, and at this point, there was a line drawn in the sand, we had enough and we are no longer taking it. it reminds me that down in the alamo there is a monument there but the monument is not there because they won the fight, it's there because they fought. it's turned out to be an absolutely spectacular 24 hours both for the freedom caucus and for our conference as a whole, for the president and the foreign countries. >> congressman garrett, people knocking on the doors donate the money doing actual work that are sweating out there in the summer trying to get people in congress and on the republican side elected. they've been disappointed before. now to the tax cut bill was excellent but the obamacare failure and other things, this
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is a political redline and one of those moments where we absolutely have to stand up for something. are you getting the same thing from your constituents? >> one of the reasons you are lucky you didn't win when he ran for congress is it's disgusting to be in a town where people don't keep promises that they don't intend to keep. the cost of human lives straight-line cost of not protecting our border will equip equivalent to -- thousands of deaths per year, 4,000 murders per year. if you now say you are in illicit drugs, this is truly about protecting america. it is ridiculous and it flies in the face of a sovereign nation not to do this. it's tragic it had to be done this way. >> come i can speak on the g.o.p. loses and republicans lose when we don't advance our
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principles. barack obama did everything to decimate the democratic party and help barack obama. what do you think will hand, can happen on the senate side? are there enough and moderate democrats? >> it is reasonable and its a great question. we've already seen the schumer shutdown a couple weeks ago, but who would not be in favor of that. $5,000,000,000.01 you compare that to 1.3 trillion that we have in our annual budget, we are talking a day and a half of our budget to build this wall for security. the truth of the matter is, the
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senate did not vote on this bill that they sent us, they passed it by voice vote. the reality is now that they will either find this or they will shut down the government. it's a tough choice for them to be in. >> this $5.7 billion is actually less than one day, it's about half a day. and i'm tired of fixing the blame. we in the house should do our jobs, but when we say it won't, i don't like that. thanks for joining us and thanks for fighting the good fight guys, i appreciate it. on his radio show earlier today, rush limbaugh reported the president will veto any bill that does not include funding for our wall on the southern border. watch this. >> so i get this direct message. you tell rush that if there is no money in this, it's getting vetoed. there's no money for all wall, i am vetoing this plain and simple. that was a message that i just got.
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and i trust it and i believe it to be the case. >> dan: joining a cell with reaction is austan goolsbee, national security analyst morgan ortagus and florida congressman matt gaetz. austin, let's go to you first. you know i always appreciate a good back-and-forth with the will, you are always a gentleman. >> we have a fun time. >> austin, simple question on this. do border walls work as a deterrent or not? >> no, you have 60% of the people that come to the country illegally. they fly here and come to an airport so i don't think the wall works, no. >> dan: of course the plane will fly over the border, but visa over stays are a different issue. i'm talking about illegal border crossings on the southern border. do you believe -- i don't think
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it's a deterrent. >> so you would rather cross the border where there is a wall rather then where there is no wall? >> what happens with the wall as you know as they get a letter that's 1 foot taller and they climb over it. >> dan: but you would need a letter so that's the deterrent. >> the question is why did donald trump change his mind from 24 hours ago? the president has not been resolute. >> i think the president is standing by it now, and again on this question, we've seen the statistics on the data on border wall where they've implemented strong border walls. you've seen illegal immigration dropped dramatically. where are the democrats lost on this? i don't know mike understand. >> i think the president has
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been very clear, i don't think he's been ambiguous at all that he wants to build a wall. what you have seen have been the first two years of his presidency is really a failure from the top of republican leadership into congress so he can get these things done that he told the american people. that's been the pattern of behavior that has been so frustrating for many republican borders. does anyone remember repeal and replace? what happens is, people campaign and when these elections based off of promises and when they aren't delivered, then the republican party base and the president's supporters rightly get frustrated. this whole discussion is not even about the wall, it's a metaphor of will the republican party and will the president keep their promises? will they keep the immigration is a national security issue and taken seriously? that's really at the heart of the debate. people want to feel like what they are told will be followed
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up on and there will be action. >> dan: on that note, congressman gaetz i've always appreciated your candor. you don't speak and focus group tests and terms which i always enjoy but, your take on this, what's going on with these establishment sell-offs? did they not get the message? donald trump ran on the wall, it's a powerful issue that people want to. are they missing this message or did they actually get on twitter and talk to real people out there? >> this was a rare day in the house of representatives because we've funded that presidents border security agenda and provided an important disaster relief for hurricane victims. this is about denying president trump a win on a signature agenda item that he promised the american people. ten democrats voted for the
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department of homeland security package out of committee. you even had jumped the mike chuck schumer talking about the fact that illegal immigration can drain our local government. we all agreed that if you allow illegal immigration to go unchecked when you sell out the american worker. i'm glad the president of the united states put americans over illegal immigrants and put the rising wages of american workers as the principal economic priority. if we continue to do what we say, we will see a resurgence in enthusiasm for the agenda of this president that's working for the american people. >> dan: i agree. what's your primary objection to the wall, specifically? not visa over stays, that's a separate issue that requires a separate fix. as your primary objection the cost of that? is that triaging your concerns? >> i think it cost $25 billion and it doesn't work. it's why the majority of
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americans in the polls say they do not want the wall there. let us invest the $25 billion in border security, which we can do on a bipartisan basis. and when you see the president over 24 hours changing his mind and changing his position and saying it's not going to be a wall, it will be an architecturally pleasing steel slat, what is he talking about? >> dan: if it doesn't work, why are you so concerned? >> did you lodge these same objections to obama's $9 trillion in debt? i'm curious. >> as you know most of that game left over from wars and unfunded -- i was reducing the deficit and cutting it in half. i was concerned. >> i strenuously object.
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but going back to you. i strenuously object. [laughs] the facts and the data's are here, when you talk to experts, border security people that are down on the border, they are adamant that they need this. shouldn't we take their word for it other than politicians up on the hill? >> i would always want to trust the professionals on the ground and one thing that has been the most disgusting part of this whole debate is the amount that our people on the border have been attacked. and the bottom line is the president is the ultimate dealmaker and, we have to take this back to the senate, we need to get 60 votes in the senate so the president needs to make a deal. i don't know if this will be -- i don't know how he will get the
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additional votes that he needs but, we need to see that chief come into play to get this done. >> by the way, strenuously object is "a few good men." >> while my cousin vinny is one of my favorite movies. >> if this does lead to a government shutdown, president trump was very successful on the last one. he's been very successful in getting this out and, do you think he can win this again? >> i think the president needs to assure the american people that when we begin 2019 the government will be open. but if he has to ruin the vacation of every senator and every senator to do our best to fulfill this commitment, we need to rise above politics. this is about the security of our neighborhoods and whether or not we will be a nation of laws that respects the rule of law or whether or not we want to be elements of europe because we don't respect our border.
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i do think it's important in 2019 to not have an extended shutdown. i don't know what the republican way out of that would be but the president could make his point in the concluding days of 2018. >> dan: you guys were great, thank you so much. up next, we will break down all the dangers of illegal immigration including a shopping, constructing new study about the horrific murder committed at the hands of an illegal immigrant. stay with us. if you have psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats moderate to severe plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla,75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.
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>> dan: it welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." today president trump talked about the threats within unprotected border. >> without borders we have the reign of chaos, crime, cartels
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and believe it or not, coyotes. i will not surrender this nation to the williams of the vulnerable who hurt women and children, who spread human misery and suffering. every day ten known or suspected terrorist tried to gain entry into our country and every day 2,000 illegal immigrants alieno cross our borders. they try. we get most of them. it's hard without a wall. every year 50,000 illegal children are smuggled by coyotes and criminals into our country. >> dan: is joining us now on the latest is trace gallagher. >> police say on monday morning alone, gustavo louise carried out 11 crimes including shooting a stranger and others until he was killed in a high speed police chase. authorities think that garcia rui is also killed another man a day earlier.
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last week he was arrested in central california for being under the influence of drugs. when ice learned he was in jail, they placed an immigration detainer on him asking deputies to notify them before releasing him. but under california sanctuary law because the suspect was not being held on a penalty, law enforcement is prohibited from honoring i.c.e. detainers. i.c.e. says this is an unfortunate and extremely tragic example of how public safety is impacted with laws and policies limiting the local law enforcement agency's ability to cooperate with ice. and here's the astounding part, garcia ruiz is a known convicted violent criminal, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and reportedly being deported. but none of that can be used to notify immigration agents. >> that tool has been removed from our hands. and because of that our county
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was shot up by a violent criminal. that could have easily been prevented had we had the opportunity to reach out to our fellow counterparts. they came from mexico, honduras and el salvador and the board of patent patrol now says one of them is a previously deported ms-13 gang member. and finally under a new announcement today, president trump won't be forcing them to wait in mexico throughout the process. >> joining us now with the reaction is syndicated radio talk show house and it leslie marshall. leslie, i will start with you. in response to this story do you have any objection to police fully cooperating with i.c.e. in
6:25 pm
cases of misdemeanors and detainers? with regard to this law it's clear he was let go because it was it a misdemeanor but he was in the country illegally. what's your objection to that? >> here and california where both i reside the majority of they didn't want this element in sp 54. and the changes that were made this past september, i would say that left and right in the state of california, we agreed that the police should be able to notify i.c.e. one it is a violent individual. and here's the problem, and this is a problem. he was held on a misdemeanor, not a felony, and number two, he does have a violent background. it can be change the way was changed back in september, to address this without making the
6:26 pm
hispanic community fearful and to cooperate with police. rate and domestic violence reporting was down in 2017 and i think a lot of law enforcement feel strongly that the hispanic community is fearful that they would be deported. you don't need to get rid of it, you need to make the change so law enforcement can have these violent offenders picked up. >> i don't understand, when you say the hispanic community, we are not talking about the hispanic community. why do they get a special pass? >> there are people in california that are undocumented, they came here illegally, before you and i and even larry were born. these people -- you call them criminals -- >> they are here illegally. >> are you going to cost them money up to deport over
6:27 pm
11 million people? >> theory i will go to you on this -- >> if somebody came to the united states illegally, you don't want them to cooperate with law enforcement because you want them to be -- you want them to have the stigma of being a criminal? >> although these little crimes are limited, 100% of them who come here illegally should not be here at all. >> the majority of them are not violent. >> no one is talking about mass deportation. the president set a campaign on getting rid of bad hombre pasta ps. he had been reported before and was unknown violent offender and not only does a sanctuary law require the people to have been born held on a felony, it requires the warrant to be signed by a judge. the sheriff said had this bill not been passed, i don't know
6:28 pm
how this board and security a left right thing for trump versus schumer thing. we have a vested interest in making sure that people don't come into this country illegally and come up that they are not trained on our society, and put downward wages or pressure on their wages. why this is a left-right thing is beyond me. left by the war on poverty, we are spending all this money on climate change. they say if we err on the side -- the worst thing is we have a cleaner planet. the words that will happen is it will deter a few people from coming here illegally. why can't we agree agree on that? >> what i don't get from you, why you don't only get a pass once, why you get a pass twice
6:29 pm
now that you've been convicted of simply a misdemeanor. i do stipulate your point but the overwrought wilding majority of people who come here and break the law the first time do not go on to be thankfully criminals again. 100% should not be here. why are they getting the pass again? >> again, erasing 100% should not be here. let me even just agree with you on that. so then what do you do? that's where you are today. and i agree with larry, it shouldn't be a left and right problem which is why you should have been prodding him like a plotting barack obama. but right now, right now in this state we have more documented workers and any other state. >> go ahead, larry. >> building the wall doesn't do that. >> if you talk over each other know that nobody can hear you. >> larry, go ahead. one more time, no one is talking
6:30 pm
about deporting 11 million people. and a yale study puts out at almost 20 million people. we are talking about getting rid again of what donald trump call bad hombre's. as was a person that killed jamail shawl, and kate steinle. we ought to be talking about this and it not not be an ideological deal. leslie, it's ironic. we get rid of this sp 54 law that's really ridiculous, and when you come at the meeting, you get another pass. if you are arrested for a misdemeanor and you are here illegally then you need to report to ice. can we agree? i will take a "yes" ." >> by the way it was dan who asked me about all of the undocumented workers in the state. i said that is an element that needs to be changed and the rest
6:31 pm
of california agreed on. and by the way, we need comprehensive immigration refor reform. left and right our congressional members, and we wouldn't have had people coming to this country for the opportunity and believing the streets were paved with gold. >> my wife is a legal immigrant, came here legally. i get what you are saying that i don't know why you would ask for solutions would not be one of them. >> no, that doesn't address the american people. >> we need to get rid of the welcome mat we have here in california. we need to get rid of the immigration met we have, an illegal alien can get in-state tuition. >> dan: thank you very much. coming up we have a new report
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surrounding hillary clinton's bought and paid for dirty dossier that you do not want to miss, as the special edition of "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all is one that brings us together. the final days of wish list are here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with zero down, zero due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," "law & order: in america." tonight we learn more about the infamous trump dossier as the new york says the news outlet but it's by its feet in 2016. also developing, nbc news is reporting that mueller could wrap up the probe as soon as mid-february and submit his report to acting attorney general matt whitaker who has been cleared by the doj to oversee the special counsel. now president trump's pick for the ag job has sent a department
6:37 pm
memo earlier this year expressing deep concerns to deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about mueller's inquiry into alleged obstruction of justice. despite that, catherine herridge reports that rosenstein is still not expected to be appearing before house makers the session. joining us is fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with david schon and bob goodlatte. i will go to to to you first. you read the memo, i've read the memo, it is a manifesto on how ridiculous it is to charge the president or even think about charging the president for obstruction of justice on what is essentially a personal decision in the firing of jim comey. i find it incredibly incredible democrats are not focusing on it. >> this is a particularly well
6:38 pm
reasoned analysis of the law of obstruction of justice. it is not a reason for disqualification, and to the contrary it's actually i've been very good reason to confirm somebody like william barr. the firing of james comey is not obstruction of justice, the law is very specific on obstruction. it has to be a corrupt purpose that allows a live or bribe sailing destruction of documents or falsifying information. the firing of james comey is none of those things, and he even grudgingly admitted that the president was entitled to fire him for a reason, or no reason at all. so again the media and the democrats that say, he must recuse himself or he is disqualified, frankly they don't know what they are talking about. they have never read the accuse all regulations. >> dan: david, your legal
6:39 pm
opinion on these ridiculous obstruction charges, it seems utterly outrageous to me. jim comey was up on capitol hill and was asked specifically if he felt he was obstructed in his investigation and he said no. when he asked jim comey about the mike flynn case he said, i hope this can go away. he in no way obstructed the investigation. how do we know that? because general flynn already took a plea. so is there any lakes to this obstruction thing or is william barr correct in his memo? >> william barr is correct, it's outrageous. it's originally about article two power for the president, and they exercise the most robust power for the president that we seen in decades. we don't want an attorney general from mars who hasn't given serious thought to serious issues like this.
6:40 pm
let me say this, it's time for mr. barr or mr. whitaker to act appropriately appropriately under the regulation. 600.7 gives them the authority and the obligation to demand an explanation for every inappropriate investigative or prosecutorial step special counsel has taken. the regulations contemplate up person who give serious thought to reining in an outrageous special counsel. mr. whitaker and mr. barr need to do what mr. rosenstein has refused to do. >> dan: he seems to be living in a government in and of himself. i don't know if he's some extra constitution of power, and it doesn't want to go up on capitol hill and he doesn't want to talk. is anything going to be done? people said if i did this with my job i'd be fired. >> i hope he has a short shelf life because i would think that
6:41 pm
the new attorney general would insist upon having a new deputy attorney general. we wanted to speak to mr. rosenstein and we wanted to talk to him about his involvement late in the pfizer warrant process with regard to carter page and a few other members. it didn't suit everyone on capitol hill, and dozens of pages of questions we had for him didn't work. i would suggest at this point that it's something for lindsey graham, the new chairman of the senate judiciary committee to take up and it certainly should be something that the inspector general of the justice department takes up with him because he is right now looking into the whole issue surrounding the carter page pfizer warrant application. that should be expanded to cover a number of other things
6:42 pm
regarding the so-called russian investigation. >> what i find ironic about rosenstein, is there a more conflicted character in this tragic play? he files for the pfizer after this thing has been widely debunked. and how does he seem to avoid all of this? he is a central figure in this entire scandal. >> he governs of rod rosenstein and others involved in this and it's very specific. it says, if you have a personal or political involvement in a case or with somebody else involved in the case, you must disqualify yourself. it's not, may be, or g.i. might, it's mandatory. rosenstein has ignored the relations in the code of professional responsibility with impunity. this is a guy that has been
6:43 pm
interviewed by robert mueller the special counsel as a key witness in the case and yet, rosenstein presides over the case? this is the ultimate conflict of interest and that, instead of accusing william barr or matt whitaker of a conflict of interest, let's all take a look at rod rosenstein. he should have been kicked off of this case from the beginning. >> dan: it's amazing that everyone wants recusal's except for rosenstein. after the break, one democratic congressman had a christmas themed meltdown on capitol hill. we will show you the tape that you don't want to miss, coming up.
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>> dan: welcome back to a
6:48 pm
special edition of "hannity," "law & order" in america. the top administrations hard at work trying to secure the border today. dhs secretary nielsen announced a deal with mexico to combat catch and release. he was confronted by luis gutierrez. speak out there's one thing this administration has done better than any other administration, and that is a lie. it is repugnant to me and astonishing to me that during christmas -- i have to call them the holiday seasons to be inclusive but, it's christmas. because the majority always wants to call it christmas. during christmas, a time in which we celebrate the birth of jesus christ, a jesus christ who had to flee for his life with mary and joseph, thank god there wasn't a wall that stopped him
6:49 pm
from seeking refuge in egypt. thank god that while wasn't there and thank god there wasn't an administration like this or he would have also perished. >> here to discuss this more, lawrence jones. the author of the best-selling book "has risen," rush limbaugh and emily compagno. lawrence, i will go to you first. you notice how he had to get the pc a talking point in there? christmas, it's the holiday season for them to but isn't this just another disingenuous argument? they cite religion when it is convenient but when it comes to social issues, they attacked disingenuously? >> the interesting thing about this is none of these people are advocating for life from conception. while these abortions that take
6:50 pm
place, they completely decimated my community. in the story of, he died for our sins. he was born for our sins, and to -- speak out the congressman missed a few details. >> he obviously doesn't read the bible, he is using it for his political agenda. >> dan: david no better person to have on because of your book but, what's disingenuous is the use of religion convenient conr democrats and also the compassion angle he thinks he's trying to take and he ignores the fact that the united states has been the most generous country on earth, we just ask that you come legally. it's entirely disingenuous. >> it's such demagoguery. liberals are risk are supposed to respect women.
6:51 pm
he talks about her being a liar because she supposedly said that we don't separate children. while we don't. the policy is to enforce the la law. their purpose is to demonize republicans as racists and as heartless and it's shameless what they are doing. >> dan: emily, i don't know if you saw that but it was unbelievably disciplined disre. while the dhs secretary was talking, and he gets up and leaves. it was really grotesque to watch but from your perspective, being an attorney, this so-called separation of children policy, because it's not a policy. it's actually a 2015 policy. this is not new to donald trump. we cannot hold these children in detention for i believe more than 20 days. what are these suggesting, have we heard any serious proposals
6:52 pm
to ? >> my issue with russ gutierrez who has been wasting our taxpayer dollars from within 25 years than his stomach that he has served in congress. not only does he not know the law but he has taken no steps to articulate it or to afford specificity for our citizens or those seeking asylum. he's grand standing in front of secretary nielsen and says those who are fearing for their lives nebulous lay or from sickness which obviously has no part in a discussion on the actual laws. i also want to point out for viewers as well that this winter in those 25 years sponsored only for bills that were enacted, two of which had to do with naming a post office and one had to do with minting a coin. he was officially reproved by the house committee on ethics for mismanaging funds and arrested outside of congress this year and that is also just the tip of the heap. i do want to point out that it's a good thing that he is retiring and i wish him well but
6:53 pm
hopefully moving forward we have actual legislators there who are earning their taxpayer dollars so that moving forward our immigration and border security stance will be clear. >> a lot of these people complain about the president being anti-immigrants but the president gave them -- i'm a reasonable person. i'm a libertarian and i believe in some type of immigration reform but, he did, we done this before, we've given amnesty and that didn't happen. >> will the democrats propose anything on immigration outside of these ridiculous compassion arguments? i wonder as well, where is the him compassion? where is the respect for people who waited in line?
6:54 pm
my wife was one of them, came to the country legally. >> they do not, as lawrence said, they are for open borders and they do not want to enforce the wall, or enforce the border. they oppose the wall and they always pretend that they will give us border security if we give them amnesty and they always preach their promise. republicans have got to realize that you can't compromise with people like this other than certain issues on the prison reform bill. but on immigration, no. they want to get as many democratic boarders across the border and turn the entire united states into california where we don't have assimilation and we don't have people coming in and adopting and embracing our civic way of life and that will spell the death of this country as it's founded. >> dan: thank you very much. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break.
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nancy pelosi, singing and dancing. we have the video, right after the break. i'm musical
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♪ >> dan: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," "law & order" and america. nancy pelosi seems to be getting up cited about her new leadership position. last night she was caught on camera singing and dancing at a d.c. bar. ♪ [american pie] ♪
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>> dan: she's got some moves. that's all the time we have left this evening. before you go, christmas is less than a week away so if you are looking for the perfect last-minute gift, check out my new book, "spygate, the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump." as always, thank you for being with us tonight, laura ingraham is next. >> laura: if you think that's rhythm, i've got to check out your dance moves my friend. that's rhythm? i couldn't even find her in that little shadow thing. >> dan: if you see my dance moves, you can't unsee it. you'd have to bleach your eyes. >> so you are the male version of a lien on "seinfeld," great. >> dan: it's worse. merry christmas if i don't see you. i am at laura ingraham and this is the ingraham "the ingraham " tonight we will speak with the man behind a go fund the effort to finance the border wall. only three days this has been up and it he has already raised $9 million. the story of the can-do american spirit and action is ahead. plus,


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