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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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daniel krauthammer, charles' son who completed his son's book, we talked about it here. and never been seen footage of my interviews with charles over the year. the story ed hosted by -- the story hosted by ed henry instead of martha. good evening. >> someone said everyone should go home and have a scotch. but maybe the guy in the tree listened too closely. we have big stories breaking. the president president's big promises under assault on multiple fronts. the highest court in the land deals his asylum policy a big blow. congress barrels to a partial shutdown. the president tweeting about a now canceled flight to mar-a-largo. good evening. i'm ed henry in for martha maccallum. where we stand now is a government will likely shut down partially at least at midnight. the question now -- now long will it stay closed?
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senator corker said go have a scotch. but regardless of your berm of choice, the blame game is underway. the president a few days ago boasted he was more than happy to own a shutdown. now re-calibrating. >> president trump: totally up to the democrats as to whether or not we have a shutdown. it's possible that we will have a shutdown. i would say the chances are probably very good. i don't think democrats care so much about maybe this issue. >> democrats with colorful language called him out. remember the president ordered the tv cameras in the oval office meeting meeting where he embraced a shutdown. >> president trump, you own the shutdown. >> he boasted he can do it. >> any effort on his part to blame the democrats will be such [bleep] as i said before i will hardly be able to stand it. >> oh, dear. how much of this lies with the republicans on the hill? who had at least nominal control of the house and senate for the past two years.
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yesterday on "fox & friends," they pressed mark meadows, house freedom caucuses chair, he was blunt. >> what did you do? >> we failed. we fumbled. >> we have fox team coverage with two of the teammates that never drop the ball. peter doocy live on the hill with where the shutdown sits at this hour. and kristen fisher with the story that impacts the immigration fight. good evening. >> good evening, ed. this is definitely a blow to the president's immigration policies. what this means is that people who cross in to the united states illegally will still be allowed to claim asylum. remember, the trump administration has been trying to impose a new policy only allowing asylum claims made at specific points of entry. last month a u.s. district judge in san francisco ruled the new policies violated u.s. immigration laws. then the ninth circuit court of appeals which president trump called a big thorn in our side on multiple issues refused the administration's request to lift that lower
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judge's order. which brings us to today. when the supreme court sided with the ninth circuit and denied the trump administration request. that it be allowed to enforce the new policies immediately. the court was split 5-4 with chief justice john roberts casting the deciding vote. four justices granted the request to let the order go into effect, including the two justices he appointed to the supreme court. neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. now today's supreme court ruling is the second major blow to the president immigration policies just this week. on wednesday, a federal judge in wednesday struck down large portions of justice department policies that made it harder for immigrants to claim asylum because of the domestic or the gang violence. then, of course, there is a fight happening right now on capitol hill over funding for the president's border wall. so ed, he has two on immigration this week. we will see in the next few hours or days if he can get a win on his wall. ed? >> absolutely. thank you for the report. at this hour as she noted
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sources telling fox that down to the wire negotiations are still underway to secure some type of funding for president's wall as the clock counts toward a partial shutdown at midnight. peter doocy live on the hill with what we know at this hour. >> good evening. tonight the u.s. senate said they can't stomach the border wall bill that easily passed the house yesterday. and now rank and file members are going to sit on their hands until a grand bargain can be reached. >> we are not voting on anything else in this chamber relative to this issue until a global agreement has been reached between the president and these two leaders. and the leader of the house. so there won't be test votes. there is not a tabling vote. >> since the senate will make changes to the bill, the likelihood of a shutdown rises because the house would have to approve any changes. the house isn't going to have any more votes tonight. some house lawmakers have been spotted at the airport flying home and democrats believe they have major leverage to
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squeeze major concessions out of the republican majority. >> his wall does not have 60 votes here in the senate. let alone 50 votes. that much is clear. >> there were 47 votes in favor. 47 votes against. advancing to the border wall bill. so vice president pence had a break a tie. he has been here for hours with jared kushner and the incoming chief of staff mick mulvaney meeting behind closed doors with leaders including schumer. some lawmakers told us there some discussion about agreeing to less than $5 billion in border wall money. but there has not been a breakthrough yet. and so, there is no plan to avoid a shutdown. yet. ed? >> peter, thank you for the report.
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>> it means that the government is going to shut down and they won't pass anything new. >> the question is how long is he going to stick to the position? the democrats feel like they have the upper hand. there was the house election. democrats won even though the immigration was front and center by almost nine points. polling on the wall right now is about 59% of the country doesn't want the wall. even though the base wants it. democrats say they have the upper hand. the question is what trump feels he can get pushing this forward. >> what do you think being part of the president's base. what did you find acceptable. it doesn't look like $5 billion for the wall will happen.
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>> the president needs the money for border security. thin there are the additional cars to pay down the line. look at the d.h.s. numbers. look at what happened at the border. 3800 known or suspected terrorists were stopped. 17,000 criminals were stopped. over 1,000 gang members were stopped. if we are not going to stop them at the border, we have to be prepared they are at the country. the local law enforcement will have to deal with it. you have to get money for them. >> the president wants to secure the border with a wall. but it's a brutal week for them. >> if they get 3800 terrorists through. it can't be 3800. i don't think we have 3800 people on the terrorist watch list. this is a fake stupid fight. it is insulting to the intelligence of any voter who pays. even a second of attention in a government that is running a $1 trillion deficit. we are fighting over the
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difference between $1.6 billion and $5 billion. there is no wall. the wall is made of slats now. so the democrats say you can build walls if you don't call them walls. the republicans say you can build fences but you must call them walls. this is as dumb and unworthy as anything i have seen this congress or any congress do. the normal thing that humane, decent people would do is say you are at 1.6, you are at 5 billion, so 3.3 billion sounds good to me. it's so dumb. >> that is why i asked about a sweet spot. your party had control of the house. in senate you need 60 votes so it's nebulous. you are running both chambers. you didn't get the money. >> got to get the 60 votes in the senate. if legislation like saucen making we have a broken grinder at the moment. >> it's a preview of what we see next year.
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>> they had to find the ways to work with him. if you go in the 2020 elections, two democrats. peterson in michigan and jones in alabama. there is no motivation for the democrats. >> no pressure. >> we were talking about the $20 billion or more for the wall. and the deal was that you legalize dreamers here right now. president trump walked away from that and he wanted changes to the legal immigration status. >> you said people don't want the wall and chris says this is a stupid fight. let me show you what happened on the oval office ten days ago and what nancy pelosi said. watch. >> there are no votes in the house, majority of votes for a wall. >> if i needed the votes for the wall in the house, i'd
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have them in one session and it would be done. >> go do it. >> i will take the mantle and be the one to shut it down. i'm not going to blame you for it. the last time you shut it down it didn't work. i'll take the mantle, i'll shut it down. >> the president has flipped on who is taking the mantle. doesn't he get credit for the fact he called out pelosi and schumer to the faces in front of the cameras sapped i can bring it up in the house. the house republicans brought up money under his direction and passed it. they got $5 billion. >> not approved but they got it. >> paul ryan, like the immaculate reception. he is a lame duck speaker. earlier somebody said easily passed. it passed by one vote. they had to fly people home to get that but they pulled it off. remarkable accomplishment at the end. it puts the pressure on the senate. the senate can't act so we're at an impasse. everyone should stay glued to the shutdown clock around not
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take away pressure but monday is federal holiday. and tuesday is a holiday for everybody in the country. this is a four-day weekend we are going into. the real consequences don't start up until wednesday. >> real deadline could be monday or tuesday. >> president trump has a mar-a-largo christmas party planned monday and tuesday. >> that will not due. >> another pressure point. >> i want to ask you about the supreme court decision that was mentioned at the top. let's me quote from the judge who said, "whatsoever the scope of the president's authority, he may not rewrite immigration laws to impose a condition that congress expressly forbidden." isn't this one thing that completely irritates the president and his base that you have the federal judges saying no, you don't have the power to make immigration law. when meanwhile, congress as chris ander else seems hopelessly deadlined on $5 billion let alone immigration
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reform. they can't move. the president says i'll act on executive basis. >> as we saw in the obama administration ruled by the executive order after the executive order. republicans were mad. republicans were upset about that. but look, there is progress made. we worked out with the asylum-seekers they will stay in mexico until we get status to bring them in the country for the asylum. progress is made here. the judge's ruling isn't what they are hoping for but not to say that progress isn't made. >> not a lot of progress with chief justice roberts it appears. >> more of a question here about whether the individual joshes have a power to issue moratoria nationwide. this is more of an issue about the judicial authority than what reports is saying. >> david, chris, michael. merry christmas to all.
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>> merry christmas. >> up next. president trump holds but controversial military moves in the mideast. including the plans to bring home after of our troops from afghanistan. we talk to the former deputy commanding general there about whether the president strategy on target and what comes next in syria but in afghanistan. minimums and fees. they seem to be the very foundation of your typical bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now she can have her cake and eat it too.
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>> ed: a week of monumental foreign policy decisions from the president. and tonight, lindsey graham is demanding hearing on the planned withdrawal of troops in syria and also afghanistan. with the president is looking to draw down half of the 14,000 troops we have there. the announcement largely overshadowed by the imminent resignation of the defense secretary james mattis exiting at the end of february. he is upset, he had a break with the president over policy. here now is general tatu, many retired. former commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. good evening. >> good evening. >> ed: talk about the break. secretary mattis had been by the president's side through thick and thin. they were not exactly on the same page but he kept it inside. why is syria a breaking point?
4:18 pm
>> there is a lot to celebrate about the jump-mattis alliance. they got record spending for the defense department and they reformed the business practices and they created better train and ready forces for all of the u.s. forces, army, air force, marines, navy and coast guard. a lot to express satisfaction over with regard to the alliance. secretary mattis pointed out the security arrangement that he might have differed with the president on. and china, russia, he used the term "clear-eyed" about that. the president's national security strategy identifies china and russia as pure competitors and he resourced the budget to contest them. >> he has taken on china for tariffs for example. russia, the media spends time he is in putin's pocket. but on the other hand we have had sanctions against russia
4:19 pm
many in the media don't talk about. the president praised the commentary on television and other things and said, he quoted you saying that i think the president making the right move in syria. all the geniuses protest withdrawal from syria are the same that cooked the book in isis intelligence and gave rise to isis. what about the kurds? we hear from the normal allies saying wait a second. you have erdogan in turkey who wants to run them over and maybe kill them. what about the allies and what about the kurds? >> the kurts have been right by our side throughout the last four years in syria. they are the allies. they have been even during the iraq war, they were allies. they provided safe haven for troops. we have a great alliance dating back to first gulf war with the kurds. turkey has not been happy with the kurds for decades if not
4:20 pm
centuries. i don't know if there is any real effort to go after the kurds. we have diplomatic means. >> ed: if that were to work out and that is a big if. what about iran? there is another key ally in benjamin netanyahu. who is also expressing concern say that hezbollah already tug tunnels in the israeli territory. now there is a fear that iran will fill this vacuum in syria. answer that? >> we have 2,000 troops on the ground on the other side of syria that have nothing to do. not close to the border with israel and syria. no connection other than the fact that the u.s. has 2,000 troops. we could probably get 2,000 paratroopers from fort bragg to the border before we'd get 2,000 troops on the ground in
4:21 pm
syria. so we have the primary effort to protect there and we can respond as necessary. >> let's switch to afghanistan. a taliban leader said the struggle of the people yielded fruit. we proved we defeated the world lane super power. the president in 2017 said that basically we can't pull out of afghanistan. because there is a safe haven for terrorists. what about this would create safe haven? >> he has proposed reduction of force. >> ed: by half. >> by half. he increased the force under general nicholson.
4:22 pm
the purpose in afghanistan is to deny terrorists. they have the afghan army we have trained and carry the fight to the enemy. we are advise and assist role. it's time to let them carry it to the taliban. >> the nation's longest war. >> correct. when do we get out of the wars? four years in syria, people don't realize four years in syria. nobody thought we were ever going to be in syria. >> ed: my final question. he praised you about the
4:23 pm
television commentary and if he picks up the phone and says i want to consider you for defense secretary, what do you say? >> i'd proud to serve my country. i served as a general and secretary of transportation in north carolina and i served as the superintendent of the schools. in the raleigh area. one of the 15th largest in the country. >> ed: you might want to serve again? >> i'm proud to serve my country anytime. i'd welcome any opportunity to do that. >> general, author of the new book "dark winter." check it out. merry christmas, sir. >> merry christmas. >> ed: i appreciate your insight. >> thank you. >> ed: up next, break of the case of the missing colorado mom last seen on thanksgiving day. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
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introducing the all new sprinter starting at $33,790. built in the usa. mercedes-benz. vans. born to run. >> ed: one month after a colorado mom mysteriously disappeared on thanksgiving day, police finally have a murder suspect. trace gallagher has the new details from the west coast newsroom. good evening, trace. >> good evening, ed. if suspect is also -- the suspect is also the fiance. breaking news now, patrick frazee made the court appearance via the video camera. the judge read the murder charge and set the next hearing for new year's eve and said the court documents will remain sealed. it was the height of the search for 29-year-old kelsey berreth when the woodland park police chief was asked if frazee was a suspect.
4:28 pm
the chief said frazee was the "father of kelsey berreth's daughter and we'll leave it at that." so despite frazee's lawyer saying his client turned over his phone and given a d.n.a. swab, all the signs pointed to the police having inside information pointing to frazee. here is the chief on the focus of the investigation. watch. >> the investigators have recovered a number of items to make us suspicious that the crime did occur at kelsey's residence. we have been coming back to rer residence that leads us to various locations. >> kelsey berreth was seen thanksgiving day on safeway grocery store in woodland, colorado. later her fiance came to berreth's home to pick up their 1-year-old daughter. they were either engaged or just broken up depending on who you talk to. the fiance got a text from berreth's phone three days after thanksgiving, although police have not released the
4:29 pm
details of what was written. the same day berreth's phone texted her employee where she works as a flight instructor to say she needed time off. later the same day her phone pinged to a cell tower in gooding, idaho, 800 miles from her home. there is no indication she flew anywhere. watch again. >> we are still working to recover that phone. that is about all i can comment. the phone information was accurate. her phone did end up in idaho. we are working to try to recover that. >> so police think she was killed in woodland park, yet her phone was in idaho. in recent days the police crews have been using a backhoe to dig up patrick frazee's property. though it's unclear if they are looking for human remains. ed? >> ed: just gruesome. trace gallagher, appreciate your report tonight. up next, al sharpton wants new york to legalize pot. but first, he wants the state to make amends for the,
4:30 pm
quote/unquote, "racist drug policies." bill bennett, the nation's first drug czar is here next. let's just say he has a few thoughts about that. >> i smoke a occasional cigar. i'm a nonsmoker. but i'm more interested in justice than judgment. knuts in a sickle 29 sickles in a galleon. 17 hermione's wand. vine wood. 10 3/4. okay, ron's favorite... chudley cannons. hmm... he's good. nobody knows the wizarding world like we do... barnes & noble.
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we must also end the needless and unjust criminal convictions and the debilitating criminal stigma and let's legalize adult use of recreational marijuana once and for all. [applause] >> it's only a month ago that governor cuomo called it a gateway drug and now he is joining other states plus washington, d.c., to legalize use of marijuana. the main argument for legalization is tax revenue. but the reverend al sharpton
4:35 pm
argues it's not just about money but making amends. bill bennett served as the first drug czar under president bush and now host of bill bennett podcast and the book "the true st. nicholas: why he matters to christmas" is out now and makes a wonderful christmas gift. we'll get to that. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, ed. >> ed: what are your thoughts on al sharpton's take on this? >> it's almost unbelievable. but with al sharpton, i guess you can believe it. jesse jackson, another man of the cloth, said years ago drugs like marijuana appeal because it's short-term pleasure but he warned the long-term gain. he talked about the drugs imprisoning people, which is what they do. a great scholar james t. wilson said they destroy the mind and enslave the soul. marijuana is discussed by al sharpton as a civil right. access to marijuana. it's really quite incredible.
4:36 pm
this professor at northwestern medical school hans breihter, psychiatrist and practitioner said if you wanted to design a drug worst suited for young people to keep them down in the bottom ranks of society, you couldn't do better than marijuana. it decreases attention, focus and memory. if you smoke it regularly, once a week, for several years, you will lose i.q. points. why in heaven's name would we want to make such a drug generally available? legalization lobby has been effective and successful. but think of those kids in the community of which al sharpton says he represents. all the programs, all the scholarships, all the efforts, all the head starts taped you will make pot generally available. >> ed: bill, there is also the reality of you have mayor de blasio in new york city every time i'm in new york to host "fox & friends" you can
4:37 pm
smell marijuana in the streets. i'm not exaggerating. practically every street in new york you smell the pungent of odor of marijuana. it's all over the city and he has ordered the police to not crack down on it at all. >> yeah. by the way, there are very, very few people who are in jail or prison for smoking a joint. most of the sentences we look at are the people who pleaded down from trafficking and large amounts. i was drug czar they said let's try in a state. and see what happens. trying it in colorado, take a look at the numbers. look at the hospital room admission and the fatalities on the road. watch the s.a.t. scores in a few years. and the adult use, it will be restricted to adults just like beer has been restricted to adults because of age. this is a terrible thing done to the kids. >> ed: dr. bennett, i want to talk about the book.
4:38 pm
"it's a christmas season." tell us why you decided to put together the true st. nicholas. >> another man of faith. this is a real man of faith. messenger of god. st. nicholas. he is greek. saint nicholas is famous to throw gifts, bag of gold through a window at night for the poor man's house. the gold fell in stocking and the shoes of the young people. that should sound familiar. carried on 1,800 years now. but also this is a man of tremendous influence in the church. he went to the council of nisia where constantine provided and he was angry at the herases there. he was tortured and he ministered to the fellow prisoners wile being tortured. he got out and he became a bishop.
4:39 pm
a remarkable man and became the patron saint of sailors but mostly the patron saint of the children. children around the world loved him and still do. the name "nicholas" is popular in greece and other places. not least of all because of this wonderful and blessed man. i wanted to tell his story because it's a real guy. >> ed: absolutely. we have 30 seconds. we'll do a story about the late president bush in a moment. you served under him. i made me think as i get ready to tease that, you talk about a man of faith and you talk about the christmas season. we try to get people to focus on other things beyond commercialism and whatnot. president bush is someone we simply cannot forget. we lost him this year. >> absolutely. the selflessness. i love what jon meacham said at the funeral when he read to george walker herbert bush he was going to say at the funeral, the president said, "gee, it's an awful lot about me, isn't it?" yes, sir, it is. selflessness. >> ed: taught by his mother
4:40 pm
not to be braggadocious. >> don't be braggadocious. don't brag on yourself. >> ed: dr. bennett, good luck with the book. we hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas. >> merry christmas, ed. thank you very much. >> ed: up next as i mentioned, how the late president george h.w. bush helped to shape the lay -- life of a young boy in the philippines. a new story we have not heard before. how he changed his life forever.
4:41 pm
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>> ed: welcome back to "the story." it's been almost a month since the lost of president george h.w. bush. but tonight there is proof of the powerful legacy he leaves behind. this story began in 2002. a secret. the president started sponsoring a child from the philippines named timothy. writing at the time, "i'm an old man. 77. but i love kids. though we have not met, i love you already." their relationship as pen pals would develop for ten whole years. the president signing his name simply as george walker with each message. wow! now, timothy is a 25-year-old man. you see him there. he says, "my biggest take-away from being a former beneficiary is that i was molded in the right path and
4:45 pm
in the ways of god. to the late and the former president of the united states of america, mr. george h.w. bush, thank you for being my sponsor." joining me now is tim glenn of compassion international, the non-profit behind president bush's child sponsorship. they help literally a couple of million people around the world. tim, i want to welcome you in tonight. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> ed: how did they come together? it's such a beautiful story. >> isn't this a great story? >> i love how they came together. you know, they say character is what you do when no one else is looking. this is a perfect example of president bush's character. this was at an amy grant concert in 2001. a christmas concert. president bush was there. and amy is a friend of compassion and during an intermission in the concert she talked about compassion international. she told people all you have to do is sponsor a child and raise your hand and we'll bring a packet to you. so president bush raised his
4:46 pm
hand at the concert, surrounded by the security detail and they passed the package to him. he chose timothy that night and he started to sponsor him in january of 2002. >> ed: wow! what would a sponsor -- what does a sponsorship, since this continues with other children, what does it entail? does it entail money? encouragement with letters? talk about that? >> compassion international is a child development organization. so we work through the local church and the 25 countries where we work. we have 7,000 of the church partners in the 25 countries. we have 2 million children who attend church partners to receive the child development program. that involved educational assistance, after school tutors, health and hygiene education, social skills, help become employable as adults and spiritual development as well. not verity is more than just -- not verity is more than just -- poverty is more than just money. >> ed: you are protecting his privacy and we don't want
4:47 pm
timothy bothered or harassed by people. we want him to live his life. has he had contact with others in the bush family? >> no, he has not had contact with the bush family that we know of in the last 48 hours. i have been chatting with im. he is doing well. he is married and has a daughter and he has a job, and he plays guitar in a band at night. >> ed: so the last question, i saw in some of the letters back and forth the former president mentioned almost in passing i was at the white house last night and i wanted to send you in christmas booklet. pamphlet about all the decorations. but there was -- that was amazing. this one is truly amazing. he said at one point the president, "p.s., be sure to say your prayers. i do every day. this birthday present will show you the time all around the world. the gift was a calculator." how remarkable is that. >> isn't that amazing?
4:48 pm
you don't have to be a president of the united states to sponsor a child. go to and you can start the relationship, too. you can start writing letters to your sponsored child and send gifts. small gifts through the mail. you can even visit your child with a trip to their home, to their village, to the community, to the church project and see first-hand the impact that compassion's program has. >> ed: wow! well, tim glenn, thank you for your work all around the world and for bringing us what is really a truly terrific story about the late president and timothy as well. please if you talk to him, give him our best. go to as you see on the screen. seems like a wonderful idea over the holidays. thank you. >> thank you. merry christmas. >> ed: to you as well. up next, former first lady michelle obama makes a bit of a fashion statement in new york city. and the internet goes wild. stay tuned for ladies night where we will debate a little less important story up next. before nexium 24hr mark could only imagine...
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>> ed: look, sometimes you have to transition from a wonderful story about faith to something about michelle obama's arms that are not all the rage these days. another big thing that is the rage. first lady stepping out in thigh-high yellow boots, adorned in sequence at an event in new york this week. turns out they cost $4,000 from a big-time designer. so big-time i can't pronounce it. i won't dry it. the internet -- i don't want to get it wrong. but everybody knows where the boots are from. everybody going wild. here is now for ladies night, penny from concerned women for america, president and c.e.o. jennifer holds worth and the former campaign director, and talk america radio contributor and it is good to see you all. pepny, what did you think about this? >> listen, concern women for america stands firmly in bipartisan support for
4:54 pm
fabulous, unserious shoes. so i loved them. i love the shoes. i also by the way wrote a piece not long ago standing alongside melania trump and praising her beautiful shoes. i said very clearly i think we need to talk about all the important policy issues we have today. i'm wearing jimmy choo today in solidarity with the beautiful first ladies. >> ed: what about that? remember in the first lady, she was wearing pumps instead of sneakers to visit the hurricane. everybody went crazy. for no apparent reason. >> i think the boots were fabulous. i wish i could pull them off. i don't know if i have the confidence or the height to do it. one thing we can get together on bipartisan is that we have had two incredibly trendy, beautiful first ladies in a row with a wonderful design and fashion aesthetics.
4:55 pm
it's one thing that both parties can get together on. >> you bring a lot of fashion to the table. what are your thoughts? >> thank you. i wish i could afford those boots but i cannot. >> ed: balenciaga. >> i'm glad she wore them. not long ago i was on "fox & friends" defending melania trump and what she wore in africa. everybody talked about her expensive tastes. so now hopefully the left will stop talk about that. $4,000 boots doesn't get more expensive than that. >> ed: i will get hit by the congresswoman ocasio-cortez. we did a segment a few weeks ago and talk about the shoes she used on the campaign trail and how they were put in a museum and positive story. she got mad and tweeted we were only focused on her shoes. we were not. we were focused on the historic story of her campaign. >> this is woman has embraced socialism so it's hard to take her too seriously when she is wearing $1,000 outfits and all
4:56 pm
of that. michelle obama made $65 million in the joint book deal. i'm thinking she can afford the $4,000 for boots. >> ed: on that point, what about the fact that first lady melania trump, she never appears on the cover of any of the big fashion magazine. as noted we should be bipartisan. michelle obama, beautiful woman. melania trump, beautiful woman. both beyond their looks, both are very good first ladies. they both had strong causes. michelle obama talked about healthy eating and helped veterans. melania trump talks about anti-bullying. why won't any of the magazine give her a tiny bit of due? >> if you compare the number of the magazines that first lady melania trump was on versus michelle obama, melania trump would win any day of the week. >> ed: before she was first lady. >> but on the magazine while trump is in office, a lot of people disbelieve credibility of her be best campaign whale the president -- while the president is insulting people on twitter. there is a concern there.
4:57 pm
>> ed: there is another fashion magazine we showed it up there. the christmas photo. the president and the first lady were holding hands. was it "vogue"? they were going crazy about it. it doesn't look real. >> everybody went crazy about it. here, you have the first lady that is an immigrant. you think the left would champion her, because they are all about immigration. but they are not. they thumb the nose at melania. she can't help that she is beautiful and intelligent and speaks so many languages. >> the first immigrant first lady since adams and that is a big story. >> ed: penny, what happened with the engagement ring? worth $25 million? >> i think $2 million. >> ed: i'm exaggerating. okay. i see tweets about it all day. keeping the ring. >> still, $2 million. apparently in celebrity world you don't even pay for your
4:58 pm
own engagement ring. >> a deal cut. >> i don't think my woman wants an engagement ring that isn't paid for by the person who loves you where it's a deal and your life is a commodity. >> i agree. obviously my husband, i would want him to pay for it. it shows his love and how he feels about me. this is publicity for the jeweler. she should keep it. >> she should donate it. it looks like paris hilton is the new elizabeth taylor and diamonds that she collects along the way. i read a case in lawsuit that says the engagement rings are conditional gifts and if it's the condition is not met you have to get it back. so they are benevolent to let her keep the ring. >> ed: what about the president, he is about to sign the farm bill and he tweeted to out a video of him singing
4:59 pm
a green acres song. fun moment. but odd, too. >> no. he never gets credit for being funny and self-deprecating. >> ed: there it is. >> that is when he is the most funny when he is self-deprecating. he talked about his hair. they don't give him credit. >> ed: quick point, this is a reminder that the president is an entertainer. a bad joke. but it was not the most absurd. >> it's projected to save us the farm bill, that is, $15 billion in the next ten years. i'm glad they are doing it. decided to poke fun. >> ed: you had to inject policy into a fun group of stories. we appreciate you coming in. merry christmas. >> thank you. >> ed: that is the story from washington. have a safe travels if you're going out of town for the holidays. tucker carlson is up next. have a hearry -- merry christmas, everybody.
5:00 pm
♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." a special edition. inside the issues where we take a deeper look at some of the questions america is facing tonight. but first the news. a few hours at this point away from a potential partial government shutdown. the president says that any further funding of the government must include money for the border wall that he promised. the house narrowly voted to give him that money yesterday but so far, the senate hasn't budged. many senators are out of town. so it looks like that may not change. the official democratic line tonight if you want to protect america's borders with the wall, you hate jesus.


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