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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 24, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> monday, december 24th, christmas eve, this is "fox and friends first". a fox news alert, killer volcano shown from above, hundreds of dead, after a massive tsunami strikes indonesia without warning. >> more tsunami's could be on the way. overnight donald trump doubling down on his demand for the border wall. >> this is republicans lash out at democrats for putting politics over policy. >> it is all about trying to
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make sure donald trump does not secure the border. >> to actually follow through on his commitment to secure the southern border. >> will we see a solution before the first of the year? we are live in washington. santa claus is coming to town. rob: a very merry addition of "fox and friends first" on this christmas eve starts right now. ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ he's making a list ♪ he's to checking it twice ♪ going to find out who's not your nice ♪ santa claus is coming to town rob: i just lost my voice for
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the rest of the show. jillian: what was that? rob: only bruce can do that. jillian: merry christmas, the day before christmas. how are you feeling? todd: never doing bruce springsteen impression again. you are watching "fox and friends first" on this monday morning, christmas eve. carley: thanks for starting your day with us and let's get straight to it. the partial government shutdown is expected to stretch into the new year, republicans claiming they refuse to compromise on border security. todd: reaction from all sides of the aisle. >> reporter: good morning, are you okay? todd: never doing a bruce springsteen impression again. >> reporter: i would have to check in on you. capitol hill has been buzzing all weekend despite the government shutdown, the president tweeting last night from the white house, the most
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important way to stop gangs, drugs, human trafficking and massive crimes at the southern border, we need border security and you can't have border security without a wall. drones and technology adjust bells and whistles, safety for america. we know from chuck schumer's meeting with mike pence saturday the president made a counteroffer somewhere between $1.3 million, democrats considered earlier. and $5 billion, the white house number. sources did get specific with fox news yesterday. they say of the white house lowered their demands to $2.1 billion for the wall plus $400 million for other security measures, schumer's office rejected the proposal and usually succinct statement saying the vice president came in for discussion and made an offer but we are far apart. some senators from the president's own party were blamed.
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>> now the government has shutdown over what is ultimately $2 billion. this is a made up site so the president can look like he is fighting. >> reporter: republicans question whether any number will satisfy democrats right now. they believe nancy pelosi is calling the shots and there's little incentive to get to a resolution before she takes her seat as new speaker of the house in january. the outlook remains grim for the federal government. >> i don't think things will move very quickly for the next few days. it is possible shutdown will go beyond the 28th and into the new congress. >> reporter: congress returns thursday but their skepticism they will actually make any headway on this issue. everyone in washington believe the likelier scenario is the shutdown continues into the new year and the new monthly. carley: we will talk about another way to secure funding for the border wall. thank you for laying that out
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for us. todd: thanks for your concern about my voice. donald trump has been calling for border wall since he launched his campaign in 2015. carley: congress new his demands and their in action created the standoff. >> donald trump in march promised the border wall funding would then be available at the end of the year and we can't get $5 billion after he was promised you will never have to sign something again without it. anybody surprised donald trump changed his mind at the last minute you haven't paid attention to how he operates. when it comes celebrities using the government shutdown his leverage at the last-minute when he knows it is not going to happen with the democratic house because they can't even negotiate with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to get $5 billion which they voted for before.
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carley: james mattis holding all remaining troops out of syria, this comes hours after the president announced mattis will be out of the white house by the new year. mattis planned to stay through february. he resigned after the president announced plans to withdraw 2000 troops from syria. incoming chief of staff mick mulvaney defending that move. >> we recognize it is popular with ordinary american people. do they know what the stakes are of pulling us troops out? they elect the president so he does and he has complete understanding of what you just laid out in the decision is his. carley: deputy defense secretary patrick shanahan will be acting secretary january 1st. adam schiff warns democrats will subpoena the russia probe report if donald trump tried to keep it a secret. >> i'm prepared to make sure the
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public has the advantage of much of the information it can. and i to have the advantage of the got evidence. >> the house intelligence committee says he wants the interview transcripts, a senior advisor, jared kushner and the president says that will determine their involvement with russians during the 2016 campaign. >> a fox news alert, 280 people dead, more than 1000 hurt after a volcano triggered a tsunami slamming indonesia. >> scores of displaced indonesians are in emergency shelters after a massive deadly wave. >> the water had gone up to the
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mainland and the hotel was flooded by water, about 200 people were trapped by the waves. >> the walls of water crashed into the area, damaging homes, businesses, hotels and other buildings, officials say some structures were knocked off of their foundations, hundreds of people are dead and many more injured. >> translator: i was sleeping. my hand is so hurt. i also got some minor wounds but my husband suffered a broken leg. >> reporter: some those killed were members of a rock band along with concertgoers, the affected area is a popular tourist spot filled with even more people for the christmas holiday. this is the second tsunami to devastate indonesia in 3 months, the one in september was triggered by a large earthquake so residents got a brief warning. indonesia had no time to prepare or get to safety. saturday's waves were caused by
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any reps and causing undersea land mines which pushed the water issue. it is still somewhat active and indonesia's president is urging residents to stay home as they monitor conditions, donald trump sending his condolences saying america is with you. jeff paul, fox news. >> a horrible situation closer to home. extreme weather in the northwest, bracing for a winter mess this christmas come parts of the region covered with snow are expected to see more snow today. several states have winter weather alerts as the major storm moves from the west expected to bring rain and snow to the region through wednesday, dumping a foot of snow in some areas, pushing to the planes and upper midwest. >> everybody stay safe on the roads with busy travel time but nasty weather will not stop santa. norad will track him christmas
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eve as he delivers presents around the world. rob: all in tears keeping the tradition alive. >> milania trump will take calls from children all evening long, we will keep our eye on santa throughout the morning. that sounds most exciting. rob: ten minutes after the hour. a colorado mom missing since thanksgiving, her fiancé under arrest, new clues police found hundreds of miles away. carley: the shutdown solution not looking good with donald trump or democrats willing to budge. what will it take to make a deal? our next guest was staff director and counsel for the majority of the government shutdown in 1996. a way to pay for the wall. ♪ guys, it's that time... and nothin's happenin'.
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>> the government shutdown entering day 3. it could possibly extend into the new year. todd: as democrats resist the demand to secure the border, what will it take for congress to strike a deal. carley: former secretary of state under george w. bush, robert charles, thank you for waking up with us, merry christmas. if you have been there, done that, your part of the negotiation for the government shutdown in 1996 and you say there is a way for the president to get what he wants to bypass democrats by transferring the money. explain what you mean by that. >> this is all political theater being driven by schumer and nancy pelosi. there are three obvious ways you can fix this problem and they are straightforward. this is $1 trillion bill the
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remains with the remaining tweet 7 digested bills, trillions of dollars of that number, $322 billion is discretionary money which means there is no procedural bar to moving that money around. a quick upfront example, there's $43.6 million in there for hud. of that, 11.9, is over the president's request. if you drop it $6.9 billion you would have your wall. the second big way you can solve this problem is you can do you obligate money, and when i get to the state department, one thing i realize is a dirty little secret in the secret is they obligate it, the bureaucrats but never liquidate it. if you put a dictate out to 137
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agencies and departments, give me all your obligated but unliquidated moneyback you would be well over $5 million and there's a top-level transfer, if a federal bill and the dhs bill and the big bill have restrictions in it, there are existing bills that have already become law and if one of those bills allows you extra money and one of those bills, trillions of dollars in those bills, you can do a top-level transfer and move that money around, this is all political theater. to make every american think $5 billion is a lot of money. the truth is that is a lot of money but we are so far over that number now, literally next year, the overall payment on the debt, the interest on the debt will be $390 billion. think about that. $5 billion in the grand scheme of the trillion dollar bill waiting to be negotiated in the senate is not such a large member. todd: it seems somebody in the
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white house and house and senate would know everything you just said. to your earlier points this is all politics and we are shutting down the government, literally depriving people of money, depriving people of work, and the stock market because of politics. >> shutting down the government, that is not accurate at all. and 8000 federal employees, the average american will not even notice this. if it went on for weeks they wouldn't notice it. what they will notice is if the border is not secured. the other side is all those furloughed employees will all be paid after the bill is finally signed. >> has there ever been a scenario before where a government shutdown is solved by the president transferring money? has it happened before? or would this be --
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>> normally it stays in the political realm, and in this case it has gotten $300 billion in discretionary money they can ship around the dead to. the house is sold this problem. the problem in the senate is they need 60 votes unless they use the nuclear option and facet with 51. carley: that changes washington dc as we know it in a policy perspective, thanks for getting up with it. he is making a list and checking it twice. >> your father, he's on the naughty list. >> no! carley: santa claus is coming to town tonight. which politicians are going to be waking up with coal in their
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stockings tomorrow morning? we have that list next. ♪
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carley: migrants in the caravan blasting the group that organized the trip saying they downplayed the risks of the journey was migrants say organizers encouraged them to keep going to the us despite mexico's offer to let them stay there. they say they were misled by how long they would have to wait for asylum in the us. organizers say the commitment is to protect the lives of migrants, given as much information as possible. thousands of migrants spent weeks making that journey to the southern border. the murder of a man may have been carried out by ms 13 gang
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members which nypd says the killing of ian cruz resemble initiation practices tied to the notorious gang. the victim was shot, stabbed to death, his body was found in a state park, 5 people including a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy facing charges. carley: he is making his list and checking it twice. >> your father -- well, he's on the naughty list. >> no! carley: not everyone made the knotty list. which politicians are waking up to call in their stockings? beverly hallberg of district media group and sellout at the heritage foundation joins us to break down the naughty and nice list out of washington dc. thank you for waking up with us and for playing santa. >> absolutely, merry christmas eve. carley: maxine waters was in the
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news a lot this year and many will remember her saying this about the president's cabinet members. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet, in a restaurant, in a department store, you get up and create a crowd. and you tell them they are not welcome. carley: i think i know which list she will go on, not your nice? >> definitely the naughty list because what you saw was the year of the mob, attacking people in their own homes, trying to go into public restaurants and disturbed individuals trying to have dinner with their families and it wasn't just extreme left grassroots organizations that were encouraging these mobs and behavior, but said some of our elected government officials encouraging violence. you just saw that clip from
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maxine waters and she's one of the elected officials on the forefront and was not held accountable. carley: james comey made a lot of news and he gets a lump of coal in his stocking. >> and a lot of money because he wrote a tell all book. he is one of the individuals and high end members of the fbi responsible for the credibility of the fbi, very much when it comes to the american public and their perception of the fbi. someone i think heard more about his own personal perception by the american people, care more about his popularity and money than the integrity of the fbi so he's on the knotty list. jillian: you are about to put hundreds more on that list with google, facebook and twitter. >> where do we begin with big tech? big tech was not even if your
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personally because of something we know when it comes to conservatives, they definitely censor conservatives but more so when it comes to the privacy of users data. congress and other individuals calling them out were they forthcoming that they do sell your data to big companies and outside players. when it comes to security and privacy you really can't be guaranteed that your data is remaining secure so big tech definitely gets a lump of coal and next year i think we will see more people questioning big tech and their practices. carley: let's shift to the nice list and end on a high note. the people affected by the california wildfires, everyone can agree they belong on the nice list. >> i have family in paradise,
1:27 am
california, and as left-leaning as california is, what i can say is so many people are wonderful, the firefighters who saved so many people from something that could have been more horrific for them and so many surrounding paradise, california, have taken in individuals who have nothing left. definitely on the nice list. the individuals who had been left with nothing, especially during this time of year. we 5 that is my favorite one. nikki haley makes the nice list why? >> not many people have done so on good terms but here is someone who because of how well she carries herself, leaving the un as ambassador with such strength and defending our allies, such a strong defender of israel, she is also someone who has been able to separate
1:28 am
herself from the rhetoric of the president the we don't always like but it has been able to set her apart as someone who speaks differently on issues, not everyone is crazy about the way the president speaks about issues. carley: it is the thing a lot of people benefited from, the gop tax cuts. >> americans have on average $1000 in their paychecks and that means more presents under the tree for their kids that santa can bring along so i think that is on the nice list, the gop tax cut huge. carley: i think you made the nice list as well. >> reporter: thank you. carley: thank you for waking up with us. merry christmas. coming up the media melting down over the partial government shutdown. >> the word mentioned around the city was meltdown. government shutdown, top officials quitting in protest,
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plummeting stock market, and there is still a week of 2018 to go. carley: 7 of the last 8 presidents of sina shutdown so why is this time any different? we debate that next. ♪ joy to the world ♪ the lord's come ♪ let earth receive today is the day you're going to get motivated...
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carley: us official doing everything they can to bring a saudi man accused in a deadly hit and run back to america. abdul nora left the states weeks before he was supposed to stand trial in the crash that killed a teenage girl in oregon. the newspaper reports us marshals now believe the saudi government helped him escape. officials say the kingdom got him an illegal passport and private jet to escape. bringing him back will be a challenge, the us and saudi arabia do not have an agreement on extradition. new evidence in the search for
1:33 am
missing colorado mom found 700 miles away. police in twin falls, idaho, say what they found, officials confirmed a ping from kelsey of cell phone was found, her fiancé, patrick frasey has been charged in her murder. make mulvaney talking about his relationship with donald trump as he progressed to become his next chief of staff. >> he knows i have been fighting with him to fight for americans the last two years, he likes having me around. carley: the previous chief of staff struggled because their lack of experience with him. make mulvaney will remain in his current role as director of office and management and budget. seattle seahawks with a spot in the playoffs thanks to a shootout win.
1:34 am
>> 1-handed. carley: seattle beating kansas city chiefs 38-31, putting the wild cured first. todd: the season could be slipping away. mainstream media going full meltdown over the partial government shutdown. >> a week much of washington talked about a shutdown which came midnight friday the word mentioned around this city was meltdown. >> the grinch, forcing hundreds of thousands of federal employees about pay this holiday. >> government shutdown, top officials quitting in protest, plummeting spot market and we have a week in 2018 to go. >> it has happens, 7 of the last eight presidents. wise this time different? here to debate it, democratic
1:35 am
political analyst bob patilloh. why is this time any different? >> this time the president's party controlled the house, the white house and judiciary and the third time in one calendar year this happened. usually when the president controls all 3 branches we see smooth sailing, we push the legislative agenda through, like a hunting period you can do your big controversial issues. we've seen a president who is unable to reconcile what either house or senate leadership can get things done for the nation in the last shutdown is an area where you have complete agreement in the senate, agreement in the house, that is why it is like this. todd: how do you respond? >> the president has a right to
1:36 am
change his mind about policy, the border wall has been one of the platforms of his campaign and he was going to stick by it. that is what the american people want. he is a different president, that is what is different about this shutdown. >> shutdowns are not uncommon. they happened in 7 of the last eight presidencies and you can look at the numbers on your screen. reagan came in with a whopping eight and you see those presidents had shutdowns. do you think the mainstream media is getting much of do about nothing fired up or is this something we are missing? >> the mainstream media always had it out for donald trump, no doubt about that. has been subject to more scrutiny than any other president. with obama it was a lovefest come with clinton it was a lovefest and those two, the shutdown lasted 21 days for president clinton, 16 days for president obama's of those shutdowns were very serious, this time we have a president
1:37 am
who will stick by his insistence on a border wall. what you will see is probably a situation where they compromise on semantics, call it border security as opposed to the border wall and probably reach an agreement on the amount of funding. >> my question, $5 billion to the 3 of us is a lot of money but to the federal government it isn't that much. the president expressed a desire for it. democrats just playing politics over what is in the scope of the federal budget and -- >> two points, republicans forfeited their opportunity to discuss the border wall in 2013 when the house would not take up a comprehensive immigration reform legislation providing $18 billion for a border wall five years ago, republicans were against it when it was proposed by the democratic party. secondarily the president had an opportunity to compromise for $25 billion with chuck and nancy and shutdown the government then.
1:38 am
republicans have been the party of fiscal conservatism, making sure we keep the country's pockets in line with the credit cards all of a sudden $5 billion out of the ether. let's get some consistency. todd: we will not come to a decision here, they will not come up with one in dc. thank you for getting up with us. we appreciate it. carley: a major health alert, is turkey on the table with christmas? the recall leaving hundreds of people sick. >> a community coming together to support a little girl, a police department returning stolen decorations, bring out the best in those, we have the story guaranteed to get you in the spirit.
1:39 am
thanks to that beautiful story. ♪
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>> are you serious? johnny depp walking the plank after being dropped from the pirates of the caribbean franchise. >> always remember. >> captain jack sparrow. todd: he will start playing captain jack sparrow after starting 5 films over 14 years, the production she's telling the hollywood reporter, quote, we want to bring in new energy and vitality. they plan to rebuild the series, no word who may replace him. carley: an opening you may fill. todd: when you think captain jack, using patrick byron.
1:43 am
carley: gary sinise bringing christmas cheer to goldstar families, the actor bringing hundreds of family members to disney world through his foundation's snowball express saying it is all about bringing smiles to kids who need it most. >> it is heartwarming, makes you feel good to see kids laughing and having a fun time and heartbreaking because you know why they are there. it is loss and grief, military family who paid the ultimate price. carley: his foundation officially partnered with them last year. todd: christmas spirit on full display outside our new york studio.
1:44 am
carley: but the holiday cheer is just across the nation. jane metzler gives us a look. >> even a government shutdown is not enough to stop norad from keeping tabs on santa's whereabouts, the agency will be monitoring his movements on christmas eve. santa got a big sendoff in finland, people braving subzero temperatures to wish him well as he prepares for his worldwide journey. in the us people in the town of slidell, louisiana, came together to make a memorable christmas for a little girl with leukemia, to buy some gifts and residents from all over the area pitching in. >> way more than we ever expected. >> reporter: never did come early to one central neighborhood, helping to return christmas decorations that were recently stolen off their
1:45 am
properties. >> he embraced part of the job. >> reporter: randy heiss of arizona said on part of a balloon at the mexico border a note attached written in spanish, turns out it was a little girl's christmas list. he managed to contact the family and decided to buy them almost everything on the list. in california, residents in the town of paradise are recovering from november's devastating camp wildfire but officials refuse to let them miss out on christmas giving fire victims a holiday themed night of music, a tree lighting and even some ice skating. jane metzler, fox news. carley: tonight is not just christmas eve, to celebrate a sacred holiday trait.
1:46 am
it is national eggnog day. do you like eggnog? todd: i love eggnog. carley: i never had it before. todd: the drink originated in medieval england became popular during the holidays in colonial america. carley: americans consume 130 million gallons of eggnog a year. i successfully got away from that. todd: you can't drink that much. carley: the grinch isn't the only thing green this christmas. the holiday is going to pot. todd: if you are not shopping by now you are not in good shape. ♪ with a corncob pipe and a button nose ♪ and two eyes made out of coal ♪
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text "listen5" to 500500 to start your free trial today. carley: christmases tomorrow. heather: your last chance to get your loved one gift on time. carley: here to help you with the last-minute gifts lifestyle expertly morrison. thanks for being with us. a lot of people will be tuning in closely. if they forgot somebody on the list, if you forgot a mom, you have a gift for her, that could be very good. >> someone who had a brand-new baby, baby's first christmas. what i have done here is got a stocking, blanket, a picture frame, everything, put it in this adorable crate and
1:51 am
everything here at burlington was less then $50. todd: we saw the booze. this is for the white wine and red wine. >> to elevate the wine a little bit, put it in a wine bucket, and people ask what wine do i bring? this is a great natural acidity, they are doing this with 7 stitches, a great wine to bring. carley: it seems like you thought about it for months and months. >> and a red wine, columbia crest, 2016 brand which has great complexity and structure. and also party meals, good for christmas dinner for tomorrow. carley: the goal if you are
1:52 am
shopping for last-minute gifts, to get a lot of little things at one spot all at once. >> the reason you waited so long as you can find one thing that was nice enough or you were on a budget and just waiting. i find your getting a couple things and i really thoughtful it doesn't seem like it. todd: rob schmidt getting ready for 5:00 am. >> i have a wicker basket and if you can't get a basket, you get really nice things, i got some sheet masks from neutrogena, 3 different kinds. the first was hydra boost hydrogel mask, and one for deep punting, towels in there and bath salts, put it all together, really easy. >> this will look lovely on you. this is a lamp set. carley: i'm doing it.
1:53 am
>> i filled the whole thing around the side. todd: just a masculine and me. >> so we've got a brush holder and this mug and all these at jcpenney for less then $50 and it looks great on you. carley: you are still -- >> what i have done here is, you can take this back and fill it up. these are authentic, you can get the holiday collection at cvs and walgreens. heather: what is going on here? >> these lollipops, you put them in a stocking. todd: can i sound like a man for a second? >> on the grill we have a grill with grilling essentials.
1:54 am
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carley: we begin with the fox news health alert. a salmonella outbreak and to one that has sickened 200 people across the united states. the cdc released updated numbers saying 216 people have become sick in 38 states and washington dc, the outbreak is linked to turkey. the company is recalling 164,000 pounds of meat. todd: potshots cashing in on christmas, shoppers giving legal marijuana as holiday gifts. in california, running promotions selling the edible christmas candies and free roll joints as stocking stuffers, 10 states and the district of columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. carley: time for the good, the bad and the ugly christmas edition. first the good. mrs. clause, that he met 40 years ago in high school,
1:59 am
popping the question in costume. if you recently reconnected, that man has been playing santa since he was 13 years old. look at that. todd: a porch pirate caught in the act stealing a package from a colorado home, running outside, spotting the thief across the street leading to this confrontation. >> did you just steal something? yes you did, i saw you. carley: she took it to the next level holiday style. the woman says she chased her down because no one should steal especially this close to christmas. carley: santa sneaks a sip of beer, see him lifting his beer. sometimes you just need a cold one. that happened during the football game yesterday.
2:00 am
todd: he was ready for the seahawks and the seahawks won 38-31. merry christmas to you and yours. carley: "fox and friends first" continues right now. rob: monday, december 24th, and on this christmas eve donald trump doubling down on his demand for a border wall. jillian: republicans take aim at democrats accusing them of putting politics over policy. >> this is all about trying to make sure donald trump does not secure the border. >> this is about democrats not wanting the president to follow through on his commitment to secure the southern border. jillian: live in washington with that. early dismissal sense thatis out the door earlier than planned. rob: brand-new marching orders overnight, pulling all troops out of syria. also a hero's welcome home in


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