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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  December 27, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PST

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i saw you. she chased the fee for minute before the suspect handed over the stolen package. a new crockpot cover. that is all-time we have tonight. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. the president's whirlwind day, his first as commander-in-chief to a combat zone. new developments, a powerful plan for total victory over isis, doubling down on his syria strategy, talking to more top military officials. we have details, dow surges 1000 points, the best single day gain ever, could new reports of trade talks with china resuming in the new year be a factor in the solar day on wall street?
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bombshell investigations in the new york times, former and current employees of planned parenthood say they have been discriminated against for being pregnant. we go into this with planned parenthood clinic director. we have fox team coverage tonight. mike emanuel previewing what is ahead for the showdown as the senate goes back to work. what turkey and russia have planned as us troops plan to leave syria. we begin with jonathan hunt on donald trump's surprise visit to iraq. >> reporter: donald trump and the first lady arrived in iraq with a simple message for the troops. >> we came to al-assad this year. our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep america safe, strong and free. >> the president and first lady flew unannounced to western
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iraq, 100 miles from baghdad. the president's first visit to military personnel serving in combat zones since he took office and he acknowledged the dangers of the trip. >> i had concerns for the institution of the president, not for myself personally. i had concerns for the first lady i will tell you. but if you would have seen what we had to go through with the darkened plane, no lights on whatsoever anywhere, pitch black. >> the trip comes days after donald trump said he would be withdrawing all us troops from syria. a move widely criticized by republicans and democrats alike and one which led to the resignation of jim mattis that in his remarks, the president reiterated that they could launch attacks on ice was from
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iraq if necessary and the syria based us troops are therefore coming home because isis has essentially been defeated. >> two years ago when i became president, they were a very dominant group, they were very dominant. today they are not so dominant anymore. [applause] >> great job. >> the president said he has no plans to withdraw the forces in iraq, he did not meet with any iraqi officials during 3 hours on the ground but did speak with the iraqi prime minister by phone and between shaking hands and taking photos with the troops, the second leg of the trip was a stop in germany before the staging post for us troops on their way to and from conflicts around the globe, the president met with troops,
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shaking hands and taking photographs. the planning for this trip to iraq had been in the works for several weeks and for those in the highly politicized world who feel the need to keep score, president george w. bush made four troops to iraq when he was in the white house, president obama made one. >> new footage from the turkey/syria border, us troops patrolling at new threats of a tense situation. your that story tonight, david joined fox news last night and his wife had a baby on friday. congratulations, your first-ever report on the network, welcome, glad to have you. >> a lot of news out of syria. very busy, us troops walking a fine line in a region that becomes more complicated by the day. called a chess game in the middle east and us troops are constantly in the middle. donald from doubling down on his decision to pull troops from
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syria, turkey could soon make an entrance. a week after donald trump announced he would pull out of syria the same troops patrolled the borders between kurdish led forces and turkey backed fighters in northern syria. this as multiple reports suggest turkey is preparing a military incursion in northern syria against their long-running foes, the kurds. >> translator: turkish and daylight syrian opposition forces sometimes fire at us, us forces are still patrolling and they have to stop. >> footage released by turkish news agency on monday showed a convoy of army vehicles approaching the syrian border but a russian government spokeswoman said today the kremlin expects the syrian
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government to take control of areas where us troops are currently deployed. the washington dc-based institute for the study of war points out that iran is positioned to fill in the void in parts of northeast syria after our troops leave. to the south, israel, a series of israeli airstrikes were conducted just last night on iranian targets near the mask us. russian intelligence sources confirmed to fox news. benjamin netanyahu making clear today his country will not sit idly by with new threats taking shape. >> translator: we refuse to accept iran establishing itself militarily in syria aimed against us. we are acting against its. >> sources that russia was notified ahead of the strikes to avoid getting caught in the crossfire between syria and antiaircraft and israeli jets as had happened before. tuesday's action was the first by israel since the trump administration decision to pull us troops out of syria. isis has been nearly defeated in unoffensive carried out by us and british forces but remnants of the terror group still exist according to most reports and
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donald trump said today that turkish president -- erdogan said he would meet vladimir putin as soon as possible to talk about the us troop withdrawal timeline it came out a week ago. >> you have no bags on your eyes with a brand-new baby. great to have you. 7 years ago today us troops pulled out of iraq under a different president. since then in the wake of the probe of ice is thousands of troops have returned to the country. iraq could be a key to keeping a lid on violence in the region. >> we see something happening with isis we don't like, we can hit them so fast and so hard they won't know what happened. it is time for us to start using our head. we don't want to be taken advantage of anymore. countries that use us.
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heather: let's bring in jerry boykin, deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence. great to have you with us. merry christmas to you. the president took a present to our troops in iraq. what does that do for morale on the front lines? >> can't do anything but pump them up. to have the president of the united states visit is a big deal and the timing couldn't be better in terms of the president getting his message on his intentions with regard to syria. this is nothing but positive for the president even though i don't agree with his decision on syria. shannon: wesley clark who ran for president as a democrat had an interesting theory he is floating, but people are talking about it. >> friends and allies in the
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middle east are asking did erdogan pay off the president? shannon: an interesting charge to level. >> i think he is probably rethinking that. i hope because i've known him for a long time, that he will set the record straight. first of all, i don't trust erdogan either and i don't think anybody that has been watching what is going on in syria trusts erdogan particularly when it comes to going into an area occupied primarily by kurds after decades of the turks chasing the kurds, even killing many of the kurds in turkey. i don't trust erdogan in this situation. erdogan that is one of the issues people have, that the kurds are left in a vulnerable position. molly hemingway had an
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interesting piece in the federalist called trump's withdrawal policies are correct but communicated horribly. she said the reality is bashar al-assad has won the civil war and we could play a role but we do not owe them and this protection. they have been an important ally in key conflicts over there. what do we owe the kurds? >> we owe the kurds some kind of guarantee of their security and support in the future. go back to iraq. we left the kurds after the first gulf war, walked off and abandoned them. 30,000 were killed by saddam hussein. then you look when we pulled out of iraq twee 7 years ago, we left them to their own devices. they have been fighting against the shia militia and sunnis ever since we left them and we provided them almost nothing.
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anything we tried to send them we sent through baghdad and it gets siphoned off to either the iranian's or some of the militias in iraq. so we have not done right by the kurds. this is the third time we abandoned them. that is not a good thing for us to do because especially with our special operations people the kurds have been very key to them being able to operate. shannon: let's look ahead to the selection of a new defense secretary. and advisor to donald trump and george w. bush. is what he wrote about, he says with democrats gaining control of the house of representatives on january 3rd it will become far more important for donald trump to have a defense secretary who can be an effective advocate for presidential policies, the next pentagon chief needs to be both, and advocate for donald trump's vision of america's military role in the world and a political pro who can install a pro trump network at the defense
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network, there were some critiques that there weren't a lot of pro-drivers installed under the pentagon under the current defense secretary. what is your take. >> that is probably the case. i'm not sure -- general mattis was with the president on a lot of issues. i think general mattis was probably left of center, that doesn't mean he wasn't an effective defense secretary. but i will say this. i think he did the right thing, unlike leon panetta and bob yates. when he could no longer support the president's policies he resigned, that is an honorable thing to do rather than staying, supporting bad policies and get out and write a book and salvage your own reputation. mattis did the right thing. shannon: a lot of people respect him for stepping up and saying
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he needed to say. if we don't see you, happy new year. >> glad to be with you. shannon: superlatives for the stock market going from the worst christmas eve trading day every to a couple days later the dow jones industrial average posting its biggest single day point gain ever. one of the lesser-known factors was a report from bloomberg news that the trump administration is kickstarting trade talks with china sending a high-level delegation to beijing on january 7th. christina joins us with more. >> reporter: you saw traders happy today, because of a rally compared to the worst ever plunge on monday. the dow closed up 1086 points, the largest single day point increase in history. you saw the s&p hire, the nasdaq
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closing and positive territory. this rally comes on the heels of a massive selloff as news surfaced, steve mnuchin contacted the ceos of several major us banks acting if they had enough liquidity to see them through 2019. donald trump added to the marketing side with a tweet blasting the fed saying central bank is the only problem for the economy but most of monday's was were wiped out after kevin hassett said powell's job is 100% safe and the president has no intention of firing the chairman of the federal reserve. he also defended steve mnuchin's decision to question the banks. >> steve mnuchin is in constant contact with the financial community come his friends for most of those folks and operated in that space and it is normal
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for the treasury secretary to call people up and say how is christmas looking? they have credit card data, how did sales go. and also do you have any problems? >> also telling foxbusiness the president is happy with the treasury secretary. meanwhile another big mover today is the retail sector, giving the markets a boost with us sales growing 5.1% this holiday season according to mastercard, the biggest increase in 6 years and also a release from amazon stating they saw an increase in sales, their products selling 1 million ago.and fire sticks and tens of millions of new subscribers to prime and people signing up for free trials over here on the stock exchange floor traders were very optimistic this rally could continue into 2019. shannon: 5 days into a partial government shutdown the senate is scheduled to convene tomorrow afternoon but what does it mean?
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are democrats ready to negotiate with the president? mike emanuel is tracking it all making a late-night appearance with us. great to see you. >> it doesn't sound like there's much action. my sources on both sides of the aisle say no movement at this point, the first business day of the government shutdown after the christmas holiday and it was clearly on donald trump's mind all the way in iraq. >> whatever it takes we will have a wall. we will have safety. we need safety for our country even from the standpoint, we have terrorists coming in through the southern border. >> one quarter of the federal government is closed but the white house insists those for the government workers will get their money. >> the government shutdown, even if they aren't working congress has decided to pay people for the whole time. and the end it is a short-term problem, not a long-term problem for government workers. >> seeing people hurting from
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this partial shutdown so far hasn't happened. shannon: what is the latest from the democrats? >> democrats are saying they got offered over the weekends $2.5 billion by the white house for border security, $400 million for other immigration priorities, democrats don't appear to be budging and might wait until they are the majority in the house. >> the way we are walking into it, we will promptly open the government. we understand our first responsibility is to open the government to force the president to sign legislation related go forward without a signatory, opening the government again so that we can move forward on the agenda articulated during this campaign. >> reporter: some suggest the closer to january 3rd the less leverage republicans have because that that point they will be dealing with speaker nancy pelosi and she would likely take credit for reopening the government. >> what about the president's
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allies? >> there were different ideas, one suggestion was the president should take advantage of his ability to take this fight directly to the american people. >> this is about the perception of the american people. the president has to message the american people why he is fighting to secure the border. he likes to tweet but let's do a national address to the american people from the oval office why this is so important. if he does that he wins the hearts and minds of the people and chuck will roll. >> you like both sides are in their respective corners and it is not clear what is going to get them to the negotiating table for serious talks. shannon: allegedly back in action tomorrow. >> we see some senators milling around the hill, we will see if some paper goes back and forth and maybe get somewhere soon. shannon: good to see you. more details about the president's time in iraq and
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>> two years ago when i became president there were a very dominant group, they were very dominant. today they are not so dominant anymore. >> the president claiming he got isis cornered if not defeated.
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more new developments for the president's surprise christmastime trip after visiting iraq, he spent some time in germany meeting with top military officials aboard air force one and he and the first lady took some time out to take selfys with us service members nearby. report from bloomberg tweeting pics of the troops holding m aga hats, another one holding it from flag which the reporter saw put away when she saw she was being photographed. time for the power panel. the former deputy assistant to george w. bush, president george w. bush, brad blickman. national security analyst morgan ortagus. good e blakeman and morgan ortagus. great to have you with us. i am good. let's start with how the day began. montage from here, trump becomes first president since 2002 not to visit troops at christmas time. newsweek trump is first president in 15 years did not visit troops during christmas. go. this is the first christmas in 2002 a president hasn't visited the troops thanks to trump. and trump did this tradition passing of christmas visit to troops. you would think after his
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appearance in iraq there would be some backpedaling because now twitter is full of people who said don't give him credit for going. >> you can't win with the press and the fact is the president pressured the president into going, this was a secret probably in the works. i tell you from first-hand experience having planned these visits for george w. bush that he wasn't forced into it. it was probably on schedule all along and something that was well needed and appreciated by the troops, the press can say what they want, the president did the right thing. it was well-received, good morality boost, kudos to the president, well done. >> it is a lesson in all of this, the first lesson is for my friends in the press, mentioned 3 times cut once, be patient on criticizing the president. after two years in his role as
12:25 am
commander in chief, visiting our troops in a war zone. it is great but it has taken two years. what i was disappointed in is the language he used in visiting troops, when he lied twice, first about he gave them a raise, first raising ten years and the amount of money they received, took credit for giving them a 10% raise when the number was 2.8 or something like that. the third thing -- >> they are never wrong. we do have our own research department. >> third thing i'm disappointed in his we set the bar so low that's where giving trophies anywhere for president doing with the commander-in-chief should always do, visit troops that serve on the frontline every day to protect us at home and abroad. >> you have been overseas on holidays. you know how this rates with people in the commander-in-chief shows up but people still don't
12:26 am
want to give him credit for showing up. >> i remember the duck and cover alarm going off in baghdad in 2007 for thanksgiving. many of our friends in baghdad during those years probably remember the duck and cover alarm i am talking about. when the president comes or any senior leadership team, of any political party it is a moment of happiness for the troops not just for the troops, we have people in the us embassy, diplomats, thank you to them that are serving, people from the intelligence agency, the fbi etc. that are abroad so it is always a morality boost when they are there. i disagree with and one. it's not about the awards to the president. it is about the fact that no matter what he does he is criticized for it.
12:27 am
for the young enlisted men and women spending their holiday overseas and may have gotten am aga had signed, for other news outlets to write disparaging pieces that they were excited to see their president wanted a hat signed, that syncs to a new low. every year with the media as relates to covering donald trump we think we can't go to a new low. leave the listed troops alone. let them be happy. >> would you feel the same if it was a barack obama hat? >> i was barack obama's representative in saudi arabia. yes. >> i'm speaking to the people thinking for him, not talking you directly. >> i would have to double check this but i heard today was historic that the first lady went into a combat soon for this visit. i'm guessing troops were happy to see her too.
12:28 am
in the meantime the shutdown continues. making annual reporting that tomorrow they will try to get going again on capitol hill and see what they can do about that. senator patty murray, democrat tweeting instead of bringing certainty into people that live donald trump is continuing to hurt workers and families with the trump shutdown. he said he would be proud to shut down the government, now he seems to not know how to get out of it. time for him to work with democrats to end this. will the democrats work with him. >> that is the $64 million question for the $5 billion question. the president in the last few days has signaled his willingness to compromise. notice of the democrats to meet him halfway. i happen to believe it is the democrats shut down because republicans, all the votes necessary they could. democrats could not be found to make this deal. therefore the government was shut down because they failed to deliver the votes necessary. the president is being
12:29 am
reasonable, $5 billion is a tranche, pay-as-you-go for the security of our nation, democrats are resisting this president so much they are putting our national security ahead of their own political gamesmanship. democrats of shut down this government, any party that held the white house in our history, shutdowns have gone as long as a month and usually end in a few days which shows what a charade this is, the president needs to stand on principle for this is his read your lips moment but if he doesn't stand on what he believes and what he is elected for, promises made must be promises kept. shannon: senator murray is one of those when the gang of 8 bill went to a vote unanimously democrats supported it in the senate vote and included 700 miles of fencing and other border barriers. she voted for it, schumer voted for it, feinstein, many others who are currently now in the senate and they don't want a
12:30 am
border now, they don't want a wall. why did they vote for it before? >> this manufactured crisis by donald trump, the trump shutdown at the manufactured outrage from the right is pretty funny because you just said it, democrats have voted for comprehensive immigration reform that included border security. we are having a fight today. >> why is it immoral now. >> 100,000 people out of work because of a campaign promise. >> they voted for it before. >> what democrats want is border security and comprehensive immigration reform. the president does not want to work with the legislative branch to get it done into the new year to get this done. >> is not going to have much luck when democrats take the house, that will not help either but did he give the democrats a nice christmas gift early by
12:31 am
saying i will own this thing, happy to do it, it is about national security for me. i will on the shutdown. he did say that. >> that kept his base happy showing people he was fighting for the things he promised. there are two main issues as we look for how to move forward. there's a lot of blame as it relates to congressional leadership for not getting this done while we had a house and senate if you are looking backwards but looking forward it is not just as $5 billion fight because the president's acting chief of staff indicated they have given a new number to congress between 1.7, and 5 but the wall comprehensively to get it built before 2020 will take more than the $5 billion they are fighting over. what everyone needs to do is step back and look away from the shutdown and say what is going to be the projected total cost of this wall, to get it done by 2020? by the time he is running for reelection at the end of his presidency, what is the total cost and what can you put on the
12:32 am
table for the democrats that to them would be a fair trade. .making this into things like shutting the government every christmas and make it more of a let's approach this and get a deal done. shannon: we will see if they can starting tomorrow morning. of the four of us couldn't work it out, we will see what happens on the hill. new evidence related to the missing colorado mother. her fiancé was arrested days ago. ♪
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shannon: fox news alert. a manhunt is underway in california for a suspect who shot and killed a police officer in newman city early this morning. officer singh was making a routine traffic stop when he was shot, the suspect fled. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. a 40 summer truck he was driving but the suspect is still at large. police in washington state are
12:36 am
searching for armed bystanders they say shot at shoplifters saturday. the alleged these were leaving the store when several citizens confronted them. they started to drive off, the bystanders shot at them, but a couple ties, the car was abandoned not far away and police tracked down the suspect. police say no one was injured but the armed bystanders left the scene before officers got there and they said they would like to talk with them now. police say they have no evidence in the case of a missing colorado mother who was last seen on thanksgiving day. new discoveries have been found 700 miles away from her home. >> authorities in colorado and twin falls, idaho working with the fbi confirming they have new evidence in what has become a murder investigation. >> we not found kelsey at this time but information has been developed that has helped narrow the search. as you can tell from the arrests we do not believe kelsey is
12:37 am
still alive. >> of using to detail the new evidence investigators confirm it was found in idaho near where her cell phone. after she vanished on thanksgiving some 800 miles from her home outside colorado springs was the alleged killer, her fiancé and father of her one-year-old daughter, patrick frasey faces first-degree murder and solicitation of murder. investigators are homing in on whoever else was involved. >> they hope someone is going to trip up eventually, trip up on who they talked to, consciousness will rise up and they will make an admission of some sort. >> surveillance video shows the 29-year-old mom at a grocery store on thanksgiving day, she was shopping with her daughter hours before dropping the child off with frasey who killed her in her home. >> we received enough
12:38 am
information to implicate patrick's involvement in kelsey of death which we were able to present to a judge and the judge was able sign off on the first-degree murder charge. >> reporter: hours after frasey was arrested mourners gathered at the hometown church in lake washington, many signing condolence cards for her family and praying for justice. patrick frasey is being held without bond, he will be formally arraigned on monday and could enter a plea at that time. shannon: thank you very much. new video evidence emerges in assault charges against kevin spacey, topping the real news roundup. he is facing felony indecent assault charges stemming from an alleged incident at a nantucket bar with the teenage son of a news anchor. massachusetts state police say they have obtained a snapchat video of him making physical contact with the team.
12:39 am
wall street journal reporting acting attorney general matthew whitaker made an incorrect claim about his academic and athletic experience on his resume. the journal says whitaker's claim that he was an academic all-american while playing football at the university of iowa is not backed up by any evidence. to be considered for academic all-american status, you must have 3.3 cumulative grade.average and be a starter reserve on his or her team. the whole news site running as headline, democrats worry top 3 candidates in paul's are all white men. democratic strategists are concerned that joe biden, bernie sanders and democratic congressman beto o'rourke are leaving recent polls for 2020. they are the top of a long list of presidential contenders that include a number of women and minorities. planned parenthood prides itself on being a voice for women. the new york times uncovered a pregnant planned parenthood
12:40 am
employee, what the response is and have some analysis next. devastation in indonesia may not be over yet. new warnings after a tsunami killed more than 400 people.
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shannon: planned parenthood employs accusing the organization of mistreating pregnant workers according to a new new york times investigation. we reached out to planned parenthood and we were told
12:44 am
there is no one available tonight but we will tell you what they have to say. at the johnson has become a pro-life advocate, glad to have you with us tonight. i want to talk about what is alleged in the new york times report. at planned parenthood the country at leading provider of reflective services managers in some locations declined to hire pregnant job candidates, refused requests by accepting mothers to accept brakes and push them out of their jobs after they gave birth, according to current and former employees. most planned parenthood offices do not provide paid maternity leave the many let new mother's day partially paid disability leave. having the clinic director your self what do you make of the accusations? >> i was contacted by these two new york times reporters asking about my experiences with planned parenthood and as a woman who had a baby when i worked at planned parenthood, to talk about what their policies were and what the maternity
12:45 am
leave was and it was laughable because there is no fraternal leave policy for planned parenthood employees and that is not surprising, planned parenthood is not an organization that values mothers, women or children so of course they are not going to put forward policies that protect women during that vulnerable time after childbirth. shannon: a lot of planned parenthood officials, local regional denied any of these things happen and a lot of americans, the vast majority don't have paid leave for new mothers or fathers so that is not surprising. what is concerning is that women told stories of having doctor's notes that they were high-risk pregnancies or problems, needed brakes and being denied that our chance to eat lunch with planned parenthood responded, they have a new president who has said we
12:46 am
have done everything we can, we are launching an investigation, we would never tolerate discrimination, this is a chance to review our policies to make things better because we need to be a leader. we need to lead by example. >> it is an issue, the fact they are not providing various leave policies so it is a problem. they do not hire women if they know they are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. they pressure women into having abortions. i was pressured into having an abortion with my first child. it is a problem. they are talking about these policies for women, paid maternity leave policies, they are not leading by example so how can they push these policies forward if they are not providing them themselves? that is a problem. shannon: the allegations against planned parenthood are sign up with a bigger problem how
12:47 am
americans treat workers, planned parenthood is not alone. in 2017, 15% of american workers had access according to the bureau of labor statistics, one of four go back to work within 10 days of giving birth. that last part stunned me. >> it is shocking, heartbreaking, women are part of the workforce and we will continue to be part of the workforce and we need to be cared for properly during and after childbirth. planned parenthood will say this because of financial constraints but let me tell you i run a -- our budget is less than 1% of planned parenthood's budget and we provide paid maternity leave for all our employees. it can be done. this is not a priority to planned parenthood because women are not a priority to planned parenthood. >> i want to read from their statement saying they are
12:48 am
launching a major initiative to review, revamp and strengthen our parental leave policies and ensure a culture that supports pregnant and parenting staff, some women said it was never secretary if you get pregnant we will fire you but the understanding many of them head. is it fair to infer that when those words haven't been said? >> they may not have said it but planned parenthood says it doesn't say a lot of things are true and untrue but the bottom line is we have almost 504 of planned parenthood employs an organization that are talking about pregnancy discrimination inside planned parenthood and others. this anecdotal evidence is supported and i hope planned parenthood does that. >> we hope they will join us. whenever there's an open invitation to get their side of the story. thank you for joining us. protests from indonesia leading
12:49 am
to where in the world. afforded arresting 18 people using tear gas to break up protests that started after journalist set himself on fire. the journalist to post a video online calling for a revolt over unemployment in what he said were unfulfilled promises after the arab spring revolution. earthquake triggered by mount etna volcano left 10 people injured in eastern sicily. the 4.8 magnitude quake cracked highways, toppling a statue at a church. to indonesia where authorities urge people to avoid coastal areas where a tsunami killed 430 people over the weekend. the warning was issued on the anniversary of the catastrophic 2000 for a quick and tsunami that killed 230,000 people all across asia. the government of japan announcing today it is leaving the international whaling commission to resume commercial hunts for the animals for the first time in 30 years. governments is the way of population has recovered enough
12:50 am
to warrant resuming the commercial hunts but it did say it would no longer go to the antarctic for the hunts which has been criticized by animal rights activists. donald trump raising the decimation of isis but what about other terror groups who surges isis has taken a beating. and although may be causing new problems throughout the report. get stronger... get closer. start listening today to the world's largest selection of audiobooks on audible. and now, get more. for just $14.95 a month, you'll get a credit a month good for any audiobook, plus two audible originals exclusive titles you can't find anywhere else. if you don't like a book, you can exchange it any time, no questions asked. automatically roll your credits over to the next month if you don't use them. with the free audible app, you can listen anytime, and anywhere. plus for the first time ever, you'll get access to exclusive fitness programs a $95 value free with membership.
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>> donald trump raising troops for their efforts to battle isis while visiting servicemembers in iraq. jillian turner reports that old foe is promising a new thread. >> reporter: american and british intelligence officials ringing alarms about terrorist threat against airlines and airports around the world. >> terrorists will continue to target us so we have to keep
12:54 am
targeting them. during the holiday season and all year round. >> much of the us government's attention has been focused on isis in the past four years since its inception in 2014. >> we are destroying the bloodthirsty killers known as isis. >> we done a major job on isis. >> we've defeated isis. >> intelligence as al qaeda has been alive and well and making it roads into vulnerable regions. >> weeks and linkages from al qaeda in west africa and syria to salvation. so in my judgment they are trying to regain relevance. >> archive is looking to make a come back and reassert itself as the world's most high profile terrorist group. it has been hit hard by the us-led coalition's ground wars inside iraq and syria. there manpower in those countries have been decimated in the past several years. the group turned its attention
12:55 am
to aviation attacks. first up on al qaeda's agenda is developing new technology to kick down passenger jets including bond carrying drones, miniaturized bombs, new chemicals and new explosion methods which terrorism experts tell fox news al qaeda is focused on infiltrating airports, they are planning to get more jihadist operatives hired as airport employees giving them access to flight and passenger info and planes. >> no illusions about their intent. >> reporter: european intel chiefs say there were donald trump's decision to withdraw us troops from syria will embolden al qaeda and other terror groups to up the anti-in the middle east. the white house is worried about increasing terrorism and differently skies and they have been working on the issue behind-the-scenes for months. national security officials will soon release of the national strategy for aviation security, a first for the trump administration and the first aviation plane in ten years, the strategy itself is classified but unclassified version will be
12:56 am
released publicly. south florida's brian breach of the sign in front of target claiming he was homeless, asking those passing by to give him money to feed his family but he's not really homeless. it was part of frank, he says, to give back. every person that gave him a dollar he gave them a $100 bill. he is a public speaker and contacts greeter, he posted it on facebook and believes things come back to you for doing good deeds. everyone who gave him a dollar, you are all midnight heroes, most-watched, most grateful you spent the evening with us. i am shannon bream. because energy touches so many industries, it supports 10 million u.s. jobs. from capital one.nd i switched to the spark cash card i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy.
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>> it is thursday, december 27th and versus "fox and friends first". of fox news alert for you. a massive manhunt now spanning the state of california for a suspected cop killer who murdered a young father. the string of clues police hope will lead them to the shooter. >> you are the sentinels who watch over our nation. a lot of patriots who ensure the flame of liberty burns forever bright. shannon: any


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