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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  December 28, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PST

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the camera came on. thanks for joining us on this friday edition. >> rachel: seven fridays fry sundays. >> pete: personal workout session. ♪ >> fox news alert. a manhunt underway for a suspected cop killer in california. police now saying the alleged gunman was in this country illegally. good morning, i'm rick leventhal live inside "america's newsroom." >> heather: i'm heather childers joining you again on friday. >> rick: a busy friday. >> heather: suspect his name has not been released accused of shooting and killing roneal singh. he pulled the suspect over early thursday morning in newman. 100 miles southeast of san francisco. the officer reporting shots fired over his radio just a few minutes after calling in the traffic stop. he leaves behind a wife and 5mond old son.
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>> he immigrated here from the fiji islands like my parents did and was definitely enjoying the american dream. went to the police academy. william la jeunesse live for us in our los angeles bureau. so, william, why are they releasing his photos and not his name? a lot of people asking that. >> right. so police say the suspect is a heavy set hispanic male in the u.s. illegally. it's not uncommon south of the border for a man to take both his father and his mother's maiden name. and when caught entering the u.s., some migrants will try to conceal their identity by inverting or omitting one name or the other. so police tell me it's possible his prints match different names. in this case police are not releasing his identity. but security cameras did catch him buying two 12-packs of beer at the convenience store shortly before the shooting wearing a black jacket. silver chain, black shoes.
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moments later, the shooting happened. after officer singh stopped the suspect in his pickup truck with no plates around 1:00 a.m. on wednesday night. minutes later, singh radioed in, shots fired. i have been hit. police consider the suspect armed and dangerous. police across the state, of course, are looking for the suspect who is familiar to the staff at the convenience store so they know who he is. he apparently was a local. but without a name the media can find out very little about his background. heather? >> heather: that's exactly what rick and i were just asking about how they know about him. what about the officer himself? tell us some more about him. >> well mentioned newman is a small town in northern california in the central valley. singh was only 13 officers in the city. he was well-known and liked and recently tested to become a sergeant. now, he was a legal immigrant from fiji and took extra english lessons to make himself better understood over the police radio. hours earlier, on christmas day, before the shooting, he
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took this photo with his wife and their 5 mol 5 month old son. he loved his family. he was, quote, living the american dream. belonging to blue line wives a police organization helped build a memorial there in the town for singh's wife. his latest role was that of a canine officer. his partner sam was in the car when the stop occurred and the shooting did. sam will be retired and stay with singh's wife and son. heather and rick? >> heather: so heart-breaking. thank you very much, william. ♪ >> rick: another big story this morning day seven of the partial government shutdown as both sides dig in over funding a border wall. it's likely to stretch into the new year when democrats take over the house. republican congressman mark meadows saying president trump is trying to find common ground. >> so whether it's republicans in the house or democrats in the house, the president and his team have
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made several very reasonable offers. and the american people want us to compromise. 5.7 in my mind was a compromise. it was a down payment on the wall. not fully funding the wall. >> ellison barber live at the white house. ellison, any signs of progress? >> not at this point stalled i think would be the nice way of putting it. everyone dug in on their side seems to be the more realistic way to describe it the president tweeting this morning. we build a wall or close the southern border. he has called democrats obstructionists over the past two days. multiple times. the white house says that they made an offer to democrats last week and last night democrats said that they are not going to counter it. as for that threat to close the southern border but to director mick mulvaney says it is a serious threat and all options are on the table. >> when we were meeting on the hill i thought the vice president, i thought, was
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more appropriate -- that's where we went. the last discussion [inaudible] >> we are here and they know where to find us. >> why not invite them? >> well, we put the last offer on the table. okay. the negotiation everybody you guys have done this for your own salary. you don't make an offer and another offer and another offer. we made an offer on saturday night. they told us they would get back to us by the end of the week and they got back to us last night and said we are leaving. >> they came down from ask of 5 billion for border security and a wall. they won't confirm exactly what the current snub, the numbe current offer is. >> we have made that clear to the democrats we are not going to negotiate in the press. but the president has been willing to negotiate on this point. and the democrats have not been willing to do anything. and that's the sad part. they care more about keeping our borders open than keeping our government open. >> a spokesperson for house minority leader nancy pelosi released a statement last night in response to the white house and said, this quote: democrats have offered republicans three
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options to reopen government that all include funding for strong, sensible and effective border security. but not the president's immoral, ineffective and expensive wall. rick? >> rick: so now secretary nielsen will be heading to the southern border. >> that's right. we expect her to head down there some time today. the trip comes on the heels of an 8-year-old young boy from guatemala dying while in the custody of border patrol. it was the second child to die this month in their custody. as a result, customs and border protection said that all children in their custody would receive a secondary medical screening. nielsen said that shield travel to the u.s.-mexico border this week so that she could see firsthand the medical screenings and conditions at border patrol stations. rick? >> rick: ellison barber at the white house. we know y'all have a busy day. thanks very much. >> you bet. >> heather: for more on this byron york chief political correspondent for the national examiner and fox news contributor. thank you for joining us. >> good morning.
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>> heather: so, byron, it sounds like the democrats, nancy pelosi specifically, has basically taken the ball and gone home. >> this is a total stand still right now. for any viewers who are hoping there was behind the scenes action going on, maybe there were offers and counter offers and negotiations, no. it's not happening. there's none of that going on. now, it does appear that the president has reduced his demand in a couple of ways. he has reduced his dollar demand. he was wanting $5 billion for the wall and he has reduced a kind of rhetorical demand and he doesn't insist on calling it a wall anymore. you can call it a really big fence if you want to. but, it appears that nancy pelosi, who will be the speaker of the house in a very short time, has adopted kind of a total victory strategy. and her offer to the president is nothing. kind of like that scene in the godfather part 2 where
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michael core loney says my offer is nothing. >> heather: let's listen to what mick mulvaney had to say on the state of negotiations on "fox & friends" earlier today. >> we countered with $5 billion. they came back at walking away from the table. the democrats have simply shut down the discussion. >> heather: he mentioned that they have come down on that number a little bit from 5 billion not specifically saying how much they have come down. but will republicans see that as giving in versus negotiation? >> some might. this is the way the things normally work in congress. the democrats have approved either 1.3 or $1.6 billion for border security depending on how you measure it the president wants $5 billion. so, normally, you would think that they would find some area in the middle to meet. but that is not happening right now. nor are there any negotiations going on right now.
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so, what we will see, i think, when democrats take over the house, in a few days, they will pass a bill to fund that part of the government that is not already funded. remember, about 75% of the government is already funded. they will pass a bill. they will send it to the senate. the president will reject it and there will be. >> heather: let's take a look at what president trump had to say. he had a lot to say on this front. this is one of his tweets. he said this is not about the wall. everybody knows that a wall will work perfectly. in israel the wall works 99.9%. this is only about the dems not letting donald trump and the republicans have a win. they may have the 10 senate votes, but we have the issue, border security 2020. so, is that what this boils down to keeping it alive as as a campaign issue and also for nancy pelosi keeping it alive until she becomes speaker? >> well, on the president's part, when he said 2020, he makes it pretty clear he sees it as a presidential
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re-election issue. but, as far as a shutdown issue in the here and now, democrats clearly feel they have an advantage here because not too long ago the president sat in the oval office and with all the cameras running, said "i will shut down the government. i will take the credit for it. i'm going to do it because border security is so important. so, the democrats feel that the president is pretty much already taken the blame for this. and they can push as hard as they like. question will be, once everybody gets back in washington, in the new year, whether the president and republicans will be able to make a solid case to the voters. the democrats are being completely intransigent and some sort of compromise is needed. just unclear what's going to happen there. >> it seems at this point as you started our conversation, the administration has at least been willing to shift on some of their demands. but, as we said, democrats just pack up and go home. so we will see. thank you so much, byron. >> thank you.
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>> heather: have a great weekend. >> rick: president trump continues to defend his plan to withdraw all u.s. troops from syria, but there are nagging concerns on all sides about what america stands to lose. and will our adversaries see this as an opportunity? >> heather: a blazing blue light shocking new york city last night. it was really something to see. we will tell you the reason behind this. >> rick: aliens. >> heather: a lot of people thought that. >> rick: aliens. >> it was like independence day, the movie, where you look up and a weird blue color that you haven't seen lighting up the clouds in the sky. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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(vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. >> heather: thousands of new yorkers getting a shock last night when a power transformer exploded in queens. look at this. a brilliant blue light flashing in the dark sky was scene clearly across the river in manhattan and as far as away as new jersey. tremors from the explosion shook buildings, sent people running into the streets. the power actually went out temporarily at larpt as a result of all of this causing all the flights to be grounded for about an hour. >> there was an equipment malfunction that i'm being told happens pretty much routine. however, this time it caused a spectacular light show which caused public alarm. yeah, it was spectacular, you could see it from the precinct and it probably a half mile away, you felt it in your chest all the explosions.
6:15 am
it the night sky turned electric blue. >> heather: this was crazy. it was the scene from our own brian len nasa apartment there were a lot of scared folks. they were out on the streets trying to figure out what was going. >> rick: the nypd has denied this is alien invasion. >> heather: yes. >> rick: i have sources that say there are pod people represently can't now walking the city streets. >> heather: we will never know the truth. you will investigate that. >> rick: some were in the craft and others were dropped off. >> heather: it was like a scene from independence day. >> rick: as the president plan as total withdraw from syria a lot of questions raised what adversaries will do in response. that was the thrust of a new "wall street journal" editorial reading, quote: while mr. trump was defending his syria pullout during his visit with u.s. troops in iraq, russia was condemning israel's defensive airstrikes in syria. this is only some of what will fill the vacuum left by
6:16 am
america's departure. jim care fan know is the heritage foundation national security and foreign policy expert and joins us this morning. jim, great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> rick: leaving syria even slowly creates space and israel has already showed it will help fill that space and russia doesn't like it? >> yeah. no, look, i don't know if i agree with that it's becoming more clear every day that the biggest problem with the president's decision was the president's decision apparentsly we are not leaving tomorrow leaving over a period of months and that allows for lots of things. allows to address the humanitarian issues and joint concerns with syria. it allows us to lay down footprint in iraq which is the biggest mistake obama made. we had no footprint in the region. i think a lot of worst hang ringing about this that we're going to leave this giant vacuum. i'm not really sure that's completely justified. we still don't even know the full extent of the -- many
6:17 am
have not worked out the full extent. >> rick: what we are being told is isis has virtually been wiped out and diminished to a great degree. because they are pulling out slowly and because we still have forces in iraq and air power that we're not going to suffer and isis won't really have a chance to rebuild you don't agree with that later? >> i think that's quite possible. don't agree with those who said we needed to keep a footprint in syria because that way we can be part of the political summit. that's just laughable. sir i can't say haas always been in the iranian and russian orbit. we're not going to fight world war iii over syria. syria is not important to u.s. interest in the region. all is important problems of syria don't spill out in the middle east. if the administration can assure that in the way they address their footprint this might actually be a reasonable plan. >> rick: do you see an issue with israeli fighter jets hitting targets in syria to degrade the buildup of pro-russian iranian forces
6:18 am
and anti-aircraft guns. >> no. i think that's going to go on. israelis and russians have talked about that. further, the israelis are going go the next step. after after netanyahu gets reelected go after the stocks they have built up in hezbollah. i think we will see hezbollah, israeli war here in 2019. >> rick: if the president came to you and said what should we do about syria and our troops there. what would you have said to them. >> i was never one that said we need a permanent footprint on syria. one day we have a mogadishu event or blackhawk down or co-bart tower and people would throw up their hands and say what the hell are we doing in syria? did t. didn't make sense to stay there forever no strategic gain for that how we adjust the footprint that it doesn't leave space to make things worse in the region that's important. as long as the administration can accommodate that, then that's fine. i think really the fault lies with the president and how he rolls this out. he created for himself more
6:19 am
problems than he needed. to say. >> rick: he handed over some of the work to the turkish forces. some have said that's a mistake they will go in and wipe out the kurds who have been in alliance with us i don't think anybody is going to wipe out the kurds, as the united states least they have to make sure there is not another large scale humanitarian catastrophe. i don't think the tuckers are with us on everything and i don't trust the turks as far as i can throw them. i don't think it's necessarily true that the u.s. and turkish tunisiaish interest in syria can be reconciled. >> rick: no win for the president. if he kept his troops there people would have criticized that move and pointed them out. obviously people are criticizing that as well. >> i think it did speech like did he last year when he talked about the afghan policy and laid out to the american people what the american interests are and what the plan was not the details. we don't want to give stuff away to the enemy explain what we're doing rather than just tweeting. i think if he had done that i think he would have
6:20 am
resolved a lot of the issues that he has created for himself. >> rick: all right. jim carafano with the heritage foundation. we appreciate your time today. we will keep an eye on this. >> heather: something else we are keeping our eye on again. wall street hoping to end the year on a high note after a down month and roller coaster week. should we brace for another dramatic swing? >> rick: sure? why not? with the field wide open, democrats may be looking for new faces to lead the charge in 2020. who might emerge the favorite? our panel weighs in. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood,
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>> welcome back to "america's newsroom." the market set to open in just a few minutes thursday marked another wild day on wall street. the dow showing a late surge erasing 600 point drop.
6:24 am
fox business network reporter lauren sim sim nettie joining with us more what's going to happen today up note or down note. >> no one knows the answer because the volatility seen in the final hour of trading. you were talking about the 600 point dropped yesterday that became a 200 point game that was record swing thigh low that we saw in the stock market. that's one record. the day before we had a record 1086 point gain. >> heather: what's going on. >> volatility by unanswered questions shutdown lasts a long time whether there is no resolution to the trade war with china. whether, you know, the european union is broken up because maybe not just great britain leaves but maybe italy leaves, too. there is all these pockets these question marks at the same time have you computers, algorithms not human beings, that compound the losses particularly to the downside.
6:25 am
we also saw upside on that great day on wednesday when we were up a thousand points. so the computer is get involved and getting pushed all over the place it seems to happen in the end every single day. >> heather: in terms of it being the end of the year. dolls that have anything to do with it as well. >> volume is lighter. folks are already on vacation. they closed out their books for 2018. >> heather: machines really take over. >> the machines really takeover. then you have the poor retail us. like aing are investor saying how do i get in because on christmas eve stocks were discounted big time. that was a sale. and generally rye tail investor would buy with both hands. these numbers look good really low valuations the retail guy gets scared or spookdz or unable to get in because is he competing with the computers. >> heather: should people be spooked. >> you should be spooked if you are worried about not just an economic slowdown in 2019 but perhaps a recession if you look at the data there is no sign of a recess
6:26 am
worry is the that the market sees something the average person does not what is spooking the market. great consumer spending numbers $850 billion spent over the holiday shopping season. >> heather: you think that would be a good sign. >> consumer confidence number showed it fell another month. two months decline in confidence. what is the real story. >> heather: that doesn't make sense. >> i know. numbers look at different things and different time periods the way i say you feel about something and what you do with your money are different. federal reserve huge issue here because we hear from fed chairman jay powell hike interest rates at their last meeting and the question is how many times do they hike in 2019. >> heather: he said at least two more times. >> right. >> a lot of folks we speak to say that's only going to be one. their job, the job of the central bank is to control inflation. where is the inflation is the question. so, the credibility of the fed is at stake right now.
6:27 am
of course, there is a public fight going on between the president and the head of the fed. >> possible meeting at the white house between the two of them. >> that would be tremendous. add that with possible meeting with the u.s. delegates on trade and the beijing delegates on trade. just talking could talk these markets up because it makes us hopeful but, it could also do quite the opposite. if i'm making bets for 2019 i'm going to say slow down. i'm not going to say recession. you also have to remember we are nine years plus into bull market of folks really making a lot of money. >> heather: yes. hopefully that trend will continue. as you said. let's talk it up. that changes things too the way we talk about it? >> have a great weekend. >> you too. >> rick: now the computers have taken over. >> heather: yes and the aliens. >> rick: so iraqi lawmakers voicing outrage after president trump's unannounced visit to their country. why they are angry and how this could effect u.s. troops there. >> maintaining the u.s. presence in iraq to prevent
6:28 am
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end ever the year a lot of unknowns going on. the budget shutdown. what happening with the border wall. >> rick: and more volatility ahead so buckle up. >> heather: no fallout from president trump's unannounced visit to troops in iraq. it was his first to a war zone during his presidency and now it is sparking outrage among some iraqi lawmakers who are calling for u.s. forces to leave the country. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more on this. lucas, who are these lawmakers criticizing the president's visit? >> heather, these lawmakers belong to the political party led by fire brand iraqi she a cleric muqtada al-sadr responsible for
6:32 am
killing monday dreads of americans during the iraq war. >> it's not up to trump or his politicians to determine the presence of u.s. forces in iraq. it's decided by the iraqi people, iraqi parliament and the iraqi government. the iraqi militia commanders remain under iranian influence. during his visit to a u.s. air base west of baghdad the president said more than 5,000 u.s. troops would remain in iraq to keep watch on iran. he also defended his pullout from syria. >> our presence in syria was not open-ended and never intended to be permanent. eight years ago we went there for three months and we never left. but now we're doing it right. and we're going to finish it off. >> president obama actually first put u.s. troops on the ground in syria in october 2015. now, u.s. officials say it could be months before all
6:33 am
americans leave syria. heather? >> heather: he did speak with the prime minister prior to going over and he has invited him to come to the white house. the president has been criticized for leaving syria. who supports that move? >> heather president obama's former ambassador to syria supports the move writing in the "the washington post" today ambassador robert ford writes, quote: holding northeastern syria would not have enabled washington leverage any important concessions from damascus or tehran or moscow. only syrians not u.s. troops and stabilization teams can reverse that. widespread regional hostility. ford said it's better for the kurdish held territory to return to assad's government not turkish forces who would be viewed as invaders. today a key u.s. backed militia handed a city in syria back to syrian forces,
6:34 am
heather? >> heather: lucas tomlinson live for us. thank you. >> rick: as the democrats try to win back the white house in 2020, the liberal wing of the party is apparently looking for new blood. former vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders are, of course, familiar faces. but congressman beto o'rourke and senator kamala harris are also getting a closer look. let's bring in our panel alex vogel former general council for the national republican sen tournl committee and mus mustafa. >> good morning. >> rick: i want to start with you there is a fascinating poll out from "u.s.a. today." ask people excited about certain candidates. look at that excited about someone new 59%. biden leading the pack there with 53%. sanders below that and then these newcomers who you thought maybe were the faces of the party now who move into 2020. they are down the list. but someone new. not even one of those four is what people are most
6:35 am
excited about. what do you think about that poll, mustafa? >> the democratic party is expanding. i mean, just look at the last 2018 election over 40 house seats, close to 400 seats across the legislature in the united states, half a dozen governor's races. there is excitement in the democratic party and the democratic party is growing. while the republican party is shrinking and that's what we see. this is not the party of ronald reagan. it's the party of donald trump. looks more like a right wing party from europe than from the united states. >> rick: that's one way to spin it alex, they are post excised about someone we don't even know about. if they are excited about their people it's not anybody we know. >> the question is whether they have embarrassment of riches in terms of candidates or just an embarrassment. they need to decide whether they want to fall in love with someone who is really exciting. i know that many people got very excited about beto in texas, again, didn't actually work out in the end. the real question is whether you fall in love with someone like that who may
6:36 am
bring some excitement, but frankly has never been through this process and really isn't proven or whether they fall in like with someone who probably has a better chance to reach out to a broader scope of american voters. someone like a joe biden. the challenge, of course is right now old white guys aren't exactly in line with the progress wing of the democratic party that's driving a lot of this excitement. >> rick: well, mustafa, three quarters of democrats polled also say they hope hillary clinton won't run. a quarter of them didn't want bloomberg or senator elizabeth warren, a third are saying no to bernie. have you that trend away from that demo, i guess, towards something else. >> well, the democratic party is forward-looking, right in the democratic party is growing. so, wants people that are especially. aspirational while the republican party is looking backwards and shrinking. i'm excited about beto
6:37 am
o'rourke from texas. he has energized the base and is he likely to emerge out of the democratic primary. but it's early. we are not -- we haven't even started 2019 yet and the election is in 2020 two, years from now. >> rick: agreed. >> there is going to be competitive primary and democrats are going to pick the kind of candidate that will lead us forward. >> rick: i agree it's early mustafa how do you explain if democrats are looking forward and want this fresh candidate that beto o'rourke and kamala harris were so far down that list? >> again, look, it's early. nobody has launched a campaign. beto o'rourke has not filed for the candidacy yet. so there is a long way to go. it's almost like going back in time and looking at the republican primary in 2016 and going, yeah, where is donald trump two years before the election? so, there's a competitive primary. primary process is coming. the thing to really
6:38 am
understand is that the republican party is shrinking and rather than, you know, debating the shade of blue. they should really worry about the house burning down on the republican side. >> rick: alex, what do republicans need to do? what does the white house need to do to hang on for 2020? >> look, the white house and this president need to focus on governing. you can talk all day about what the shape of the democratic party is, of the republican primary is the republican party, the truth is we hold the white house right now. there is going to be a wildly competitive primary in the democratic side. and what the challenge is for most of these candidates who haven't been through this process before, no matter how much of a rock star you think you are, until you really get under those hot lights in iowa and new hampshire, and we have seen the wreckage of candidacies, there is a long way to go for these folks. frankly, a lot of them are inexperienced folks that i think would do well to probably take a pass and not blow themselves up relatively early in their
6:39 am
careers. >> rick: alex, do you have a sense of what the key issue will be moving forward towards 2020? >> it's clear from the democratic side they are going to focus all of that on this president. the truth is it's not actually very helpful to just be against somebody. they need to try and identify policies that are going to reach a broad swath of voters. the challenge they have frank solid that folks in places like california and new york, that they are going to win anyway are very excited about a really progressive agenda that truthfully does not translate very well across the rest of the country. so, they are going to have to struggle for a while to see what that issue is. >> rick: mustafa, it sounds like you are banking on the president hurting himself and democrats taking advantage of that. >> oh, look, it's basically not the fact every tweet comes out hurts the republican party. but what the democratic agenda is really simple and republicans might think it's progressive. it's about healthcare,
6:40 am
education and living wages. those are the things that americans across the party spectrum care about and that's what democrats talked about in the 2018 election. that's what leads them to success. we can continue to think that president trump is the center of the universe, but he really is the center of the universe in his own mind. more than the rest of us. i think the democratic candidate across the country talked about healthcare, talked about education, talked about, you know, lifting people up and having better wages. and that's been a successful campaign for democrats and coming in 2000, you know, the next election, 2000 20, >> rick: we have to leave it there. thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> heather: israel now bracing for more violence at the gaza border warning that friday would be a quote test day provoking israel to send reinforcement to the border.
6:41 am
trey yingst is there live for us and has the latest. trey? >> heather, for the 40th week in a row palestinians have gathered at the israel-gaza border to voice their concerns with the israeli blockade on the gaza strip. just last week four palestinians were killed in similar demonstrations on friday. this has led hamas, the group in control of the gaza strip to threaten iraqi fire and sniper fire if there are any more deaths this week. i do want to show you the scene behind me here along the israel gaza border. despite the weather. thousands of protesters did gather at the border today. we sought israelis firing live ammunition at these demonstrators that were throwing projectiles and other things, ieds at some points along the border towards the israeli troops. right now things have calmed down a bit moments ago. we have been hearing rounds of live ammunition fired towards the demonstrators. you can see off in the distance as well ambulances
6:42 am
lined up there to take protesters to hospitals along the gaza strip. one of the main hospitals where these demonstrators are being taken after they have been hit by live ammunition. we did get numbers just a few moments ago from the palestinian health ministry that indicate 8 demonstrators have been shot today by israeli forces. one of those a teenager in critical condition. everyone waiting here along the border to see if anyone is killed as a result. again, hamas has threatened escalation and violence if there are any deaths today. moving forward though, it's important to note putting this into context the 40th week in a row earlier today we did speak with a senior hamas official inside the gaza strip who indicated to fox news that today's common administrations werdemonstratioo be a key turning point as to whether or not these protests were going it turn violent or not in the weeks to come. everyone on the border waiting to see what the results would be. heather? >> heather: trey yingst live for us. thank you. >> rick: the government shut down likely moving into the
6:43 am
new year. the president aims to take aim at democrats blasting them for obstruction. why lawmakers say the standoff is doing way more harm than good. >> i think it's an embarrassment any time the government shuts down and this being no exception. we ought to work at it until we get to an agreement or a majority say yes. but, and i think we had that until the president, you know, went off his meds and who the hell knows what happened. ♪ and i'll be your friend ♪ ♪ i'll help you carry on ♪ ♪ lean on me.
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>> rick: instagram driving the internet crazy after an update unexpectedly transformed the popular app. changing the vertical scrolling fee to a horizontal swipe. >> heather: how dare they. >> rick: instagram say false alarm small test went out to a larger sample than they intended and they have sense changed it back. people were freaking out. >> heather: if they were sampling it now they are not going to do it. >> rick: they realized have you got to swipe this way. you can't swipe that. >> heather: that would be tinder if you are swiping that way. >> rick: allegedly? >> heather: we will let you know any more changes on instagram. >> rick: just learning. >> heather: as the shutdown is likely to last into the new year, the president blasted democrats over the border wall on twitter. so, will would he be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also
6:47 am
change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with? hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. joining me now texas congressman michael burgess who sits on the house rules committee. thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on, i appreciate it. >> heather: so, let's begin with what happened yesterday. the senate and the house, you both met for a whopping total of almost 4 minutes. you were on the floor of the house. tell us what transpired. >> i was in washington pause we had been told the house would come back into session on the 27th. i wanted to be certain i was here. i'm a member of the rules committee and any bill that's going to come to the floor has to come through the rules committee first. apparently no deal had been reached and as a consequence both houses gaveled in and gaveled out relatively quickly. let let le >> heather: seeing something like that happen, we know we have this shutdown going on
6:48 am
talking about moving it into the new year when democrats will take over the house. why can no work get done and why are we at this point to begin with? >> well, two things. and go back a week ago, the senate -- didn't really consider this a profile in courage but on a voice vote on the unanimous consent sent the house at 8 week continuing resolution didn't have any money for the wall. didn't have any disaster relief money in it. we received that up in the rules committee 10:00 wednesday night. the expectation was we would simply rubber stamp it and send it down to the floor for a vote. but the seven members who were on the rules committee that night looked at each other and said this is not acceptable. we can't do this first time in my experience we came out of the rules committee without passing a rule. the speak called to the white house obviously a different trajectory. this has been the frustrating thing. we did come to the floor with a rule that had funding
6:49 am
for the disasters, funding for the border wall and it passed 217 to 185. now, nancy pelosi told the president a week before she taunted him. he don't have the votes to pass this. well, in fact, they did. and i wish our speaker had understood that as well as most of the rest of us did. we really wanted to pass this. >> heather: here is my question. is it just democrats or are there also republicans there that don't 789 to get the work done. >> clearly in the house of representatives there are only two republicans there that day who voted against it so i would say the republicans were very unified on this. the difficulty then. >> heather: but the senate sent you something that didn't have any funding for the wall. >> right the senate had the votes and motion to proceed and they made a motion to adjourn. my feeling is this is so important. this is an emergency. this sour southern border. the defense of our nation. the 60 vote rule, the filibuster rule in the
6:50 am
senate should be suspended to allow this appropriations bill to go forward and give the president the money he needs. let's get the government back open again but also protect our southern border. that's critically important. >> heather: nancy pelosi has made it pretty clear she is not willing to negotiate even if chuck schumer has some -- have said this morning appears to possibly be open to some sort of negotiation. the democrats have gone home. >> but just like for the president is so intense on the democratic side. i do not think her rank and file really allows her the freedom to do it. here's the problem. yes, they will takeover in a week's time. yes, the govern quite correct pass a bill sends over to the senate the continuing resolution to open the government the president will veto and he should veto it and we will sustain his veto. >> heather: thank you so much for joining us. hopefully some work can get done. >> thank you. >> rick: with a murder investigation ongoing a custody battle is brewing
6:51 am
over the daughter of a missing colorado woman and her fiance and alleged killer. the details on this case are next.e . they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> rick: a colorado judge granting the park rangers of kelsey berth temporary custody of her one-year-old daughter. this as the murder case against her child's father and patrick frazee moves forward. berreth has been missing for five weeks but police believe she is dead. claudia cowan is following all of this from our los angeles bureau. claudia? >> well, rick, first a missing person's case. then a murder investigation. and now, a custody battle brewing over a 1-year-old girl whose father is accused of killing her mother. 31-year-old patrick frasey is being held without bond on charges of first degree
6:55 am
murder and solicitation to commit murder. he is accused of killing 2-year-old kelsey berreth at her home in colorado springs five weeks ago. this surveillance video shows berreth grocery shopping with the couple's daughter on thanksgiving. these are the last known pictures of her alive. later that day they met to exchange their daughter and the child stayed with her for weeks while officials conducted a desperate search for berreth. last week parents from idaho announced they had found evidence after searching search warrants in the area. no details have been released. while reportedly engaged, the couple did not live together and now with the mom presumed dead and father in jail, both sets of grandparents are fighting over where the child should live. during a closed hearing yesterday, a colorado judge granted temporary custody to berreth's parents. but court records show frazee's mother filed a motion to intervene. it's unclear whether she asked for custody but she made some kind of placement request.
6:56 am
the judge laid action on that and set another hearing for january 3rd. meantime, patrick frazee's next court appearance is coming up on monday. he will be formally arraigned and could enter a plea. a lot of moving pieces in this story, rick, and kelsey berreth's body still hasn't been found. back to you. >> rick: claudia cowan in los angeles. thank you very much. >> heather: hope they find her. president trump throwing down the gauntlet threatening to close the entire southern border unless congressional democrats fund the wall. details coming up.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ >> heather: a fox news alert. democrats halting talks to reopen the government as the partial government shutdown drags into day seven. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm heather chirlsdz. >> rick: i'm rick lesson that you will heather and bill are off today. >> heather: lucky them. >> rick: brand new ultimatum either build the wall or close the southern border. anybody on the hill today trying to end this shutdown, peter? >> not that we have seen, rick. to say that the talks are at a stand still would suggest that there are talks actually going on. only a handful of lawmakers showed up for sessions yesterday that only lasted a couple of minutes. it's not clear that anybody is going to show up today. just a few minutes ago mick mulvaney the i object coming white house chief of staff was on "fox & friends." he talked about the new democratic majority takes over next week. he says that they left town
7:00 am
and i think the reason they did is because nancy pelosi in fairness does not have the votes for the pirikship yet. she cannot be seen by her parties weak on negotiations with donald trump. we fully expect until she is elected speaker and has lost that vote we don't expect to hear from the democrats again. they told us last night that they were not countering our last or our last offer paul ripe is speaker for a couple more days. the republicans have the majority in the house a couple more days. they are not using it here on the hill. rick? >> rick: so mick mulvaney said they made an offer to the democrats. and the democrats haven't responded. and he was like well we are not going to make another offer. we want them to respond to that offer. so, no sign of any concessions that might end this shutdown yet? >> no. and, again, no sign really of any democratic lawmakers on the hill. the only democrat we could find yesterday wasn't even talking about policy. he was poking fun at the
7:01 am
president. >> i think it's an embarrassment any time the government shuts down and this being no exception. we ought to work at it until we get an agreement or the majority say yes. i think we had that until the president, you know, went off his meds and who the hell knows what happened. >> president trump was pushed not to accept anything less than $5 billion for the border wall by conservatives in the freedom caucus whose leader is now accusing democrats of negotiating on this issue in bad faith. >> so whether it's republicans in the house or democrats in the house. the president and his team have made several very reasonable offers. the american people want us to compromise. 5.7 in my mind was a compromise. it was a down payment on the wall. not fully funding the wall. >> meadows also says now based on the way that things have broken down since christmas. he thinks it's going to be a
7:02 am
very long shutdown. rick? >> rick: going to need some food and sustenance there on capitol hill, peter for quite some time, i think. settle in. >> and coffee. >> rick: it's going to be a while. >> yes. >> rick: thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: a manhunt is underway for a suspected cop killer in california. the suspect whose name has not been released is accused of shooting and killed 33-year-old roneal singh during a traffic stop. police say the alleged gunman was in the country illegally. the white house reacting to the tragedy this morning. >> in a very, very difficult but painful way it sort of its exactly the very best of our immigration and the very worst and why legal immigration is so important and wonderful for this country and illegal immigration is so different. and one of the reasons that the president is still here fighting for border security. >> heather: william la jeunesse is live for us in los angeles. in our los angeles bureau. william, tell us about the officer.
7:03 am
>> well, he joined the police department in newman. small town where singh was one of 13 officers. he was well-known and recently tested to become a sergeant. a legal immigrant from fiji, he took extra english lessons to make himself better understood on the police radio. and hours before the shooting, on christmas day, he took this photo of his wife and their 5-month-old son. the chief and others say singh loved being a police officer, his family, and was, quote, living the american dream. >> his 5-month-old he will never hear talk. he will never see his son walk. he doesn't get to hold that little boy, hug his wife say good night anymore. because a coward took his life.
7:04 am
>> so singh's canine partner sam was with him at the time of the shooting in the police vehicle. sam will be retired and will live with officer singh's wife and son. >> heather: the pictures of the family that apparently at least that one christmas picture they took right before he went out and was shot and killed. explain why police have not released the suspect's name. >> >> police say the suspect is a heavy set male with black hair. not uncommon for a man to take his father and mother's maiden name and when arrested some migrant also try to conceal their identity by inverting one name or the other. police say it's likely his prints match different names until it is sorted out and to protect others with a similar name, they are not releasing his identity. but, security cameras did catch him buying beer at a convenience store shortly before the shooting wearing a black jacket, silver chain, black shoes. moments later officer singh
7:05 am
stopped the suspect in this pickup truck with no plates around 1:00 a.m. on wednesday on a suspected dui. minutes later, singh radioed in, shots fired. i've been hit. and later died police consider the suspect armed and dangerous. >> this suspect unlock ron, who immigrated to this country lawfully and legally, to pursue his lifelong career of public safety public saves, public service. this suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here he doesn't belong here. is he a criminal. he wool find him and arrest him and brings him to justice. >> so staff at the convenience store new the suspect. he is likely a local. without a name the media cannot find out where he worked, who he was and if he had a criminal background. in what is a sanctuary state.
7:06 am
heather? >> heather: and what happens next. william la jeunesse live for us. ♪ >> rick: president trump's attorney rudy giuliani walking back some remarks on the russia investigation. earlier this month, giuliani suggested the president might agree to answering a few more of special counsel robert mueller's written questions. now it appears that, too, is off the table. let's bring in james freeman, assistant editor of the "wall street journal" he will toler page and a fox news contributor. rudy giuliani said that the president would only answer questions over my dead body. and, quote: i'm not dead yet. so he is not answering any more questions from these people that seems to settle that. >> yeah. i think rudy is using some colorful language as he likes to do. he is making a fair point here. the president has already answered in writing questions about the russia collusion theory. which was what this investigation was created for and what it was about. i think mr. giuliani based on media leaks reasonably
7:07 am
concludes what the mueller investigation has turned into is an effort to describe the president's lawful exercise of his constitutional authority as some kind of obstruction of justice. >> rick: so it become something completely different than what it was originally intended to be. >> yeah, absolutely. this fence now, again, this is according to what's been reported. maybe not true. but based on what we know, the effort is to say that when president trump said as president obama had about hillary clinton, that mike flynn's conduct didn't warrant a huge prosecution. that the argument for mueller seems to be this is obstruction of justice. it's not. the president is not accused of destroying documents or urging witnesses to lie. he runs the justice department. is he the president. if people don't like the way is he running the justice department, they should vote for somebody else in 2020 or urge his impeachment but it's not a crime. >> trace: mueller's team has
7:08 am
reached deals with three companies. including paul manafort, the former national security advisor michael flynn and former personal lawyer michael cohen. they have done all of that. >> a lot of prosecutions. none of it showing the collusion claim. none of it proving the collusion claim. i think what is really interesting is why according to what we have seen there is no curiosity on the part of robert mueller about how this began two and a half years ago with the justice department targeting the political campaign of the party out of power. even after james comey did the completely unbelievable story to congress recently that he doesn't know who initiated this. he doesn't even know how, according to his testimony his department began a surveillance of a rival political party. it's unbelievable and if you want an investigation it seems that's where it ought to lead.
7:09 am
>> trace: the president has >> rick: the president has said all along there was no collusion. this has been going on for a couple years. the whole point of it was whether or not there was collusion. if there wasn't any or if he wasn't able to find any, i mean, can he just keep going in any direction he wants? how and when does this wrap up? >> well, i think it's a good question. we have seen media reports that maybe, maybe january, maybe february. of course, you remember six months ago we were seeing reports maybe september, maybe october. >> rick: before the midterms. >> i think the president and his leader, rudy giuliani have every right to say look, enough. we have answered the questions about what this investigation was supposed to be about. i think the american people have a right to say two and a half years, at least, of the justice department and then robert mueller looking at this. if there is no collusion, let's wrap it up. >> rick: rudy giuliani did speak about the issues of the questions mueller wants to ask the president. he said we did enough. we did everything.
7:10 am
we gave them 1.4 million documents. we have not raised privilege for 38 witnesses. they have gone on from what they have started with to investigating cases that ends up with 14-day jail sentences for papadopoulos. they are seek nothing time for general flynn. >> i think the significance there is if there really was collusion, in this was a grand scheme working with a hostile foreign power to destroy our electoral process, would they be -- really be asking -- they, the prosecutors, robert mueller special counsel, for these nonsentences or 14-day sentences for people who were participating? i think that tells you better than anything that they haven't found collusion. again, we don't know. we haven't seen all the facts, but, there could not be a stronger signal that there is no there there. >> rick: no one probably would argue that politics is not involved in many ways, on many levels with this investigation. and now that the house is being taken over by the
7:11 am
democrats, i would guess that there is going to be continued pressure on the mueller team not to give this up. to continue to look, dig, find, whatever they can find to make the president look bad. >> well, if he is being cheered on by a new democratic majority in the house, it would be impossible to assume that this investigation, this process is being conducted in good faith when you look at the expected incoming chair of the house judiciary committee jerry nadler, got his position by a year ago telling democrats i'm the impeachment expert. this is before the case has been made, before formal allegations. >> rick: yeah. >> i know how to take down a president was his campaign speech issued to his fellow democrats. i think you would expect lots more investigation on this topic. still nothing there. but what will come to an end, unfortunately is the inquiry of how the justice department under president obama came to spy on the political opposition.
7:12 am
>> rick: we will leave it there james freedom from the "wall street journal." thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks, rick. >> heather: the syrian government announcing that it has seized a kurdish held town in northern syria. in an effort to keep the turkish military from attacking kurdish forces. all of this, of course, amid the impending withdrawal of american troops from syria. greg palkot live for us in london with the very latest. so, greg, this is one of the concerns people talked about. what is the latest about this hot spot town? >> very, very interesting. right now happening, heather. we could be looking in fact at the first fallout coming from president trump's decision to pull out u.s. troops from syria. overnight, syrian troops have come in to the region around this hot spot town. it is called mangi claiming they were invited there by the syrian kurds who took over the town back in 2016 from isis. isis had control of the
7:13 am
town. syrian kurds are there. now they are inviting the syrian government to come in. u.s. troops had been based around the town the past couple years and were assisting the kurds in their battle with isis. but, now, even though they are still there, they will be some of the troops that will be coming out of syria in the coming months. just to complicate things, as you noted, turkish troops have continued to mass nearby on the border with syria. they have threatened an offensive into syria to clear out what they call terrorists. now, that could mean isis, heather, it also could mean those syrian kurds. because turkey thinks aligned with antigovernment kurds inside the country. now again with syria coming in there, that offensive might be held up very complicated. >> heather: what does all of this mean for the balance of power in the region? >> it's pretty straightforward, really. it seems at this point might be good, might be bad, depending on how you are
7:14 am
looking at it, heather, it means the embattled leader of syria, bashar al-assad backed by his allies on the ground that is principally russia but also iran is gaining the you were hand. and, that with president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops any possible u.s. role in shaping syria's future has basically been creed to syria itself and those allies and turkey as for protecting our allies, finishing off the remnants of isis, well, we got to trust the word to a large degree of those other countries which, again, depending on how are talking to is good or is risky. >> heather: interesting that all of this is exactly what the president's detractors said would happen. thank you so much. >> well, sure, happening very fast. >> rick: severe weather getting into end nearby
7:15 am
tornadoes causing a deadly tsunami. suspicions for a second tsunami. >> heather: hunt for cop killer in the country illegally. acting director thomas homan will join us ahead.
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
>> rick: bad weather and a massive column of volcanic ash blocking efforts to see if an active volcano could trigger a second tsunami. meanwhile the search for victims will continue into january. disaster officials say at least 426 people died in the tsunami that hit without warning last weekend. 23 are still missing and more than 40,000 people are displaced. >> the police chief of a tiny california town describing the officer gunned down during a traffic
7:19 am
stop as a patriot while calling the man suspected of killing him who crossed the border illegally a coward. meanwhile homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is heading to the border today. a former acting joins us to talk a little bit. >> good morning. >> heather: this situation is was really heart breaking to hear his colleague speak about the officer who lost his life. he was -- the officer a legal immigrant who would come here and his only desire was to serve this country once he was able to get here legally. and he shot and killed by he will lyle immigrant who comes in this country. example of why we need the wall. >> first of all, you know, it is a tragedy. my thoughts and prayers go out to the officers that worked with him along with his family a real tragedy. look, if it's true that he
7:20 am
is in the country illegally, we can agree on one thing. california provided him sanctuary. so let's talk about that, first. california's sanctuary state, governor brown is proud of that kevin daily on pushed that policy that the california sheriff association came out against it saying it would result in the release of criminals to the streets when you have the attorney general of state of california don't work with ice during operation. when you have a sanctuary law, it's not a coincidence that california has the highest population of illegal aliens in the states. they provided him sanctuary first of all. the wall is one tool that is needed to help defend this nation. we don't know how this person entered the country. i can't relate him directly to the wall. but ice arrests 138,000 criminals last year. these are people in the country illegally charged with another crime or commits another crime so these are 138,000 people that shouldn't have been in the united states. >> heather: those are hard numbers.
7:21 am
that's not hyperbole. those are facts. i did want to touch on this whole sanctuary city, sanctuary state because what will happen once this suspect is arrested and he has to go through the court system there in california? >> well, if is he in the country illegally and arrested and charged with murder he will end up in state prison that decision will be down the road. luckily it won't be a county issue where he is going to be released by the county under such serious charges. look, even california state law i think when it comes to murdering police officers, they will be forced to work with ice. but, again, it's just like the oakland mayor, you know, a year and a half ago when she gave warning to a thousand criminals that ice was coming. local politicians like this and like the sheriff of l.a. county who just made an announcement he is going to physically remove ice from his jail. whether you have local officials, state officials doing what it's doing, pushing back on immigration enforcement. >> not cooperating with ice, things like this are going to happen. it's unfortunate. i said it's going to happen. i hate that i'm right.
7:22 am
it's just -- unless we take our laws seriously and law enforcement works with law enforcement to defend this nation and secure our borders, unfortunately tragedies like this will continue happening. >> heather: tragedies are happening on both sides. we have people disappearing on their way in these caravans. these dangerous caravans trying to get here in the first place. we have children who are dying, you know, in these holding facilities where they are being held. they also died during the obama administration. and then we have people innocent people out just trying to do their jobs protect us being killed on this side of the border. but, yet, no one is doing anything. kirstjen nielsen is headed to the border today. do you think that she bears any responsibility? what can she do? >> no. kirstjen nielsen is doing a fabulous job. she is doing everything she can. what we need to focus on is these liberal judges like the ninth circuit judge jean who says we can't detain families for more than 20
7:23 am
days. my eight during that lawsuit aft detain families long enough to see a judge if we have to release them before we see a judge. you will see a rash of family units come to this country. guess what? i was right. even though i was called a fear mongerrers. now more families are coming because they know they can't be detained. ice has run out of family beds. families are being released from the border right now. enticing more people to come here illegally. the president put a plan on the table to keep these people in mexico. they want to claim asylum. claim asylum and wait in mexico to see a judge. that will save a lot of lives. that will keep people from making dangerous journey and criminal smuggling organizations that put themselves in harm's way. as far as children, children have died in the 34 years i have been involved in the business. it's unfortunate and sad. people have got to remember that until we make it clear that this country is going to enforce immigration laws and get congress to clos close hoop holes that cause fraud and asylum and
7:24 am
congress have been closing hoop holes too. they should look in the mirror first before they start blaming the fine men and women of the border patrol doing everything they can. >> heather: as it seems right now it seems to be incentive to bring child. at least that's what the word is on the other side of the border if you bring a child have you an easier avenue getting into the country. but, we never said, you know, we don't accept legal immigrants. and like you said, you know, do the correct process and then everything will be okay. >> look, congress has had this. we went up on the hill. i was with the secretary. we talked about closing these loopholes about family detention, about the asylum claims. they are refusing to do it. they are refusing to build the wall. they want this to be an issue for this president. if this president is successful on securing this border, that's a win for him. they are putting their hatred of this president ahead of their number one responsibility to protect this nation. and people are dying because of their inaction. so people like nancy pelosi want to push back on all this immigration enforcement
7:25 am
common sense immigration enforcement. give this president a loss than do the right thing for the american people try to make a better life. now as a result we have a police officer dead and in five-month-old child and wife left home alone. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it, tom. >> thanks for having me. >> the white house stepping up the shutdown blame game on democrats. county two sides come together and reach an agreement? our panel weighs in next. a loud bang and erie blue light. what is it? illuminating over the night sky over the big apple. what caused it? we will tell you.
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7:28 am
7:29 am
♪ >> the power surge is what lit up the night sky. >> rick: yeah. it was spectacular. you could see it the precinct about a half mile away. you felt it in your chest. there were explosions. the night sky turned like electric blue. >> heather: it was creepy. a transformer explosion at a power plant actually in new york city lit up the skyline in a brilliant blue last night. leaving a lot of the people fearing an attack by space invaders. david lee miller joins us to explain all of this. david, it actually did look like that, like a scene out of independence day or something. >> indeed. folks in the new york city suburb of queens got a scare that they are not going to
7:30 am
soon forget about:00 last night nearly blinding blue tinted light lit up the sky it was so bright that to some it seemed like daylight. the glow could be seen for miles around including parts of manhattan. accompanied by a loud bang that sounded like an explosion. then there was that low frequency hum worried residents fearing the worst called 911. some thought it might be the beginning of an alien invasion it was like independence day the movie. look up weird blue color you haven't seen lighting up the clouds in the sky. >> cause of the panic transformer explosion at utility substation. car it an arc flash. that's the technical explanation for it an equipment malfunction that causes 138,000 volts of electricity to fly 20 feet in the air. while therey no ufos the incident did have some consequences for fliers at
7:31 am
nearby laguardia airport. the airport briefly lost power and flights were temporarily grounded. subways were affected by the power outage. this morning life in queens has returned to normal. the ufo invasion fake news. heather? >> heather: will we really know. >> a lot of people think it was an alien invasion. will will will. >> rick: i suggested pod people had come. represently can'ts. >> heather: what a mess it would have scared me if i lived in that area and saw and heard it. >> rick: david lee might have secret video is he not sharing with us that reveals some of thos replicateants. white house is blaming democrats for the partial government shutdown now in day seven. the shutdown president trump said two weeks ago he would be proud to own both sides
7:32 am
remain dug in over funding the president's border wall. so, is there an end in sight? bring in our panel richard fowler fox news contributor and co-host of the fill awords broadcast. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> rick: richard, i heard of one statement that called the wall proposed by the president as immoral. >> i would wouldn't go that far. border security needed and that's why over the summer democrats and republicans work together to create a bill that not only improved gave $25 billion for border security. and the president did nothing about it. he didn't tweet about it he didn't send mike pence down to the capitol to advocate for it. he did nothing. now the government is shut down over $4 billion and, remember, remember, this crisis created because in 2016 when he was running for president donald trump promised to build a wall and
7:33 am
mexico was going to pay for it we are still waiting for the check from mexico. >> rick: beverly, did the white house miss an opportunity before now. >> i don't think so. there is there is a lot going on. the kavanaugh hearing as well. let's not forget that democrats wanted to put a lot into immigration that republicans had an issue with nonstarter for republicans. play the long game trump. short-term people don't like shutdowns his base actually does. it will be political suicide for the republicans, especially trump if they don't hold strong to border security. let's not forget democrats were favor of this just a few years ago. they have been on record. trump will hold out. >> rick: white house stayed in washington over the christmas holiday in hopes of making a deal. the democrats wept home. now the democrats are back but apparently they are not even talking at this point. richard, where do we go from here. >> the president did stay
7:34 am
over the christmas holiday. he wasn't negotiating with anybody. >> rick: there was no one there to negotiate with. >> but there is no plan. the president has hasn't issued plans for the what he plans to do to get the wall funding. i want this $5 billion or bust. that's not how you negotiate. here is what i'm willing to put on a table. a fix for daca on the table for $5 billion. what the president is doing here is saying i want this $5 billion. give it to me or i'm going to shut down the government. that's where would are. and beverly is right. this worked for his base. sadly his base is a small majority of the american people. and that is why republicans were trounced in the midterm elections. the terms of this niece negotiations is only going to get worse for republicans and the president. >> rick: gets worse from both sides. demonstrating is he not budging at least not yet. beverly, how long before pressure might shift to the new house majority. >> let's be clear that democrats are not budging either. they said there is no way they will provide funding for a wall.
7:35 am
americans do want compromise as richard just said there is a possibility of daca being included a possibility of not as much funding being crude included but with democrats taking over the house next week they see this as leverage with their base. they also know they will not get it passed in the senate unless there is funding for border security within it. when you take a look at the senate breakdown, have you senators who are even more conservative, even more staunchly fiscal and conservative base then you have the republicans and moderate republicans who left those seats. even harder in the senate. i wouldn't be surprised if the house passed something under democrat leadership but i don't think it's going to get passed the senate. >> i would like to differ on that. the new senate you have you have republicans that have a vulnerable in 2020. for example, joni ernst in iowa or thom tillis. these senators have to sort of work with democrats here because their state the demographics in their states are shifting towards the democratic party. this have to give a little bit. the president has put a stick in the mud in terms of how he wants to deal with
7:36 am
this border wall. i do believe there is some sauce and some squishiness for republicans in the united states senate. that's why the negotiating terms are just very, very detective as we get to next week for donald trump. why? because i think both the chamber switches in the house to the democratic party and in the senate i think republicans are not going to be willing to go along with the president as they were in the previous senate because this is a new term. this is a new senate. this is a new congress they don't see the incentive of working with him as they did before. >> rick: we heard from dick durbin democrat from illinois no end in sight. he, the president has taken our government hostage. is that fair beverly. >> i don't think so. because, let's not forget when you take a look at americans across this country, even though they differ on what immigration policy should be, i think that is something that is up for debate. even republicans have a lot of different distances. the majority of americans do want our borders to be secure. and when you have people saying democrats saying that walls are immoral, i think that's just wrong. you saw that president obama just built a 10-foot wall
7:37 am
around his house in washington, d.c. it is important to protect our borders. that is something that americans do agree on. and i think democrats are conflating that with overall immigration reform which many politicians are asking for. >> wait,. >> rick: also called the wall wasteful and ineffective. we just had tom homan on the former ice director. if you talk to him, you talk to the guys who work that border they want a wall a fence a barrier because they do work. they stem the tide of the illegal flow across the border. >> there's no question that we need to fortify our southern border. let's be very, very clear. the facts of the case are pretty simple. the majority of those entering this country illegally don't enter through our southern border. they come to this country on visa overstays that is why there is millions and millions of illegal folks here. not that millions of them are coming across our border. student visas.
7:38 am
>> rick: hundreds of thousands cross the border. >> the majority of folks are here illegally, period. >> a lot is happening at the border. all you have to do is take a look at the caravan a major issue. what i am glad republicans are doing are not solely talking about a wall. it's a mix of a wall and mix of technology that's included. i think when you talk to border security. they are the ones who know best. they're are the ones putting their lives on the line. so when they say they need a wall and we have experts going down there, i think most americans agree that we do need to protect our border. >> rick: we have to leave it. >> there i wonder where the check is from mexico. >> rick: we are going to leave it there. we will see you soon. >> thank you. >> rick: all right. >> heather: 138,000 arrests at the border. illinois democrats, talk about them. they are set to take control of all three branches of state government in january. and with an unbalanced budget, a massive unfunded pension liability and the worst bond rating in the country, the state is facing a bleak financial future. mike tobin is live for us in chicago.
7:39 am
hello to you first of all. >> hello. >> heather: how will illinois get in such a hole in the first place. >> first is unchecked spending. the last four years saw republican governor he was wildly criticized for being dominated by the democratic majorities. democrats increased their veto proof majorities in both houses. so, illinois is now firmly in the hands of the democratic party and so are all the problems in illinois. the budget here hasn't been balanced since 2000. illinois has a back-breaking unfunded pension obligation currently $133.5 billion it should grow roughly $3 billion a year. it consumes more than 25% of the state budget. illinois has a credit rating just above junk bond status, the worst of any state in the nation. fitz rating says it all boils down to a alaska coherent fiscal policy making over many years.
7:40 am
>> we haven't had politicians looking in the median and long run. they have been elected by making promises without any money in the bank. >> governor elect says his team the transition team has assembled a budget and innovations committee and one proposed plan is to step up spending or payments on that pension obligation now. therefore, minimizing the burden of that pension obligation in the future. they have got to pay for that so they are talking about illinois residents i should say have already seen their sales stacks and personal income tax go up that has increased flight from illinois. flight from illinois has doubled sings the year 2011. estimated that one person permanent resident leaves illinois every four and a half minutes, heather. >> heather: that's exactly what i was going to ask you. i think you must have read my mind how they will pay for it nobody seems to think about that. >> they talk about new
7:41 am
revenue streams. casino gambling. sports wide. legalization of pot. taxing that governor spritzer campaigned on the notion of a graduated tax. illinois has a flat tax of 4.9%. the graduated tax would put a greater burden on the wealthy. we have democratic politicians out here talking about maximizing the advantages of federal matching funds. but you don't really hear people talk about cuttings programs at all, heather? >> heather: we have got to do something if you want to stop people from leefings the state. thanks so much, mike. have a great weekend. >> you got it. >> rick: many unanswered questions in the case of the colorado mom missing since thanksgiving with her fiance now facing murder charges. what happens to their 1-year-old daughter? >> heather: plus president trump's surprise visit to our troops in iraq knot going over so well with some in iraq's government. why they are angry and how the white house may respond. ♪
7:42 am
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7:46 am
>> heather: some iraqi lawmakers are calling for the withdraw of u.s. forces after trump's surprise visit this week. the unannounced trip violated their national sovereignty. the head of one of the parliaments two main blocks states, quote: trump needs to know his limits. the american occupation of iraq is over. so let's bring in walid phares fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst. thank you very much for joining us, first of all. >> thank you, heather. >> heather: what fraction in iraq has a problem with the president's visit because it's not everyone. >> that's true it's not everyone. let me begin with those uh-oh pose and oppose in a very strong way. if you read the statements made by these lawmakers that you mentioned. if you read each statements made by members of the government and the what would you see in the largest portion of these politicians are pro-iranian. and iran itself, iran regime, of course, has opposed in i visit, any activities of americans in iraq. second you still have the sunni organizations which are not pro-iranian but
7:47 am
still opposed to the united states. basically those who are anti-americans from their ideology are the ones opposing this visit. >> heather: diplomatly, the u.s. president, he visited this base. is that something that normally would be acceptable? he did not meet with any iraqi leaders though. i understand he did place a call with him and try organize that in advance if any u.s. president or president of the world would go to iraq and visit a family without telling the government that would be probably diplomatly problematic. but the commander-in-chief of the u.s. armed forces which are deployed in iraq and there is an agreement, defense agreement between the u.s. and iraq on these forces present should not be a problem. look, president macron of france visits his troop in west africa we we don't see him first visiting the government and going and visit these troops. it is acceptable. for security reasons to organize even many in america didn't know about that visit for security
7:48 am
reasons. i think it is acceptable. >> heather: apparently white house press secretary sarah sanders says that the president has extended an invitation to the prime minister there to come to washington and visit we will see if that happens. in terms of the relationship between iraq and the united states. we have done a lot to assist them in terms of isis getting isis out of their country and then they are reacting this way. >> look, that's a very complicated situation. let me begin by those who spacekly support u.s. president and u.s. support to iraq. of course the kurds in the north sunni have expressed support to u.s. action and she a muslims who had been opposing. the pro-iranian factions. now the question is how come they accepted american military support against isis and then now that isis has been shrunk and weakened they are claiming that the u.s. should leave. well, of course they use you
7:49 am
as cover to destroy isis which was about to destroy them in baghdad two years ago and that's the law of politics. now that we have defeated isis they want us out. >> heather: one final thing now apparently there is an issue with what the president said when he addressed the troops there in terms of providing assistance to syria from the iraqi base if that should come to pass since we are pulling troops out of syria. at least one leader there in iraq saying that the americans he dots not want the americans to settle their accounts with the russians or iranians in the region from there in iraq. >> yes, of course. all those who oppose the american presence most controlled by iran in gin or they are jihaddists they don't want our u.s. troops in iraq to interfere in syria either at the advantage of the assad regime an ally of iran or advantage of other factions. it bothers them too. we have done the job on the ground but who controls after us is the biggest challenge.
7:50 am
>> heather: this is complicated issue. thank you for joining us walid. we appreciate it. >> thank you, heather. >> rick: there is another battle brewing on capitol hill. this time over cyber security and big tech. we're live in washington with that next. >> heather: plus, ice unexpectedly dropping off hundreds of migrants in downtown el paso during the christmas holiday. did you hear about that? well, that city's mayor will weigh in on it ahead. smoking with chantix. smoking. it dictates your day. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how. chantix, along with support, helps you quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke to the point that i could quit. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems,
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>> heather: welcome back to "america's newsroom." an update for you now on the case of the colorado mom missing since thanksgiving. the 1-year-old daughter of kelsey berreth who is now presumed murdered will stay in the custody of her maternal grandparents. a judge granted them temporary custody during a closed door hearing yesterday. the young girl was with her father, kelsey berreth's fiance patrick michael
7:54 am
frazee at the time that kelsey wept missing. is he now under arrest expected of her murder. >> rick: lawmakers are preparing for another battle on capitol hill. this time over cyber security. gillian turner joins us live from washington. just what we need, something else to battle is over in d.c. >> good news for you, rick. so, when the 116th congress eventually kicked off it's got some major cyber security issues on its agenda. members are using this government shutdown period as an opportunity to sharpen their knives in a anticipation of two big battles. first up regulating big tech. members on both sides of the aisle have their sights set on the three big social media companies, that's facebook, twitter and google owned youtube. >> we are playing second fiddle to the europeans. they protect the privacy of their folks more than we do. >> we have been paralyzed in washington from doing anything on this. and at some point when people of course information is getting shared and they don't know it, we have to
7:55 am
put some rules of the road in place. they can't just say hey, trust us. we got your back. >> but the two sides don't want the same things. democrats want social media companies to get rid of fake news faster than they did in 2016 to try to avoid election interference by foreigners. republicans by contrast are focused on holding the big three accountable for anti-conservative bias. both parties want new legislation on the books before the 2020 campaign season kicks into high gear. now, another hot button issue, most americans probably haven't heard too much about yet is data encryption. republicans want legislation that forces tech companies like apple to decrypt data when national security is at stake. right now they are taking their could yous from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he has been keeping this issue in the spotlight recently issuing a very forceful rebuke of the tech companies that refused to decrypt their data for investigators. he said recently, quote: companies are in the business of generating
7:56 am
profits. i don't blame them for failing to consider law enforcement and public safety concerns. but, it's important to understand that what is good for a technology company isn't necessarily good for america. now, democrats, however, are more focused on protecting americans' privacy rights. they worry if investigators can get access to any encrypted data they want, it will lead to some major privacy abuses in the future. those are the battle lines, rick. >> rick: all right. thanks, gillian turner for letting us know. >> you got it ♪ >> heather: massive manhunt underway for illegal immigrant suspected of gunning down a california police officer in cold blood. the white house keeping a close eye on the investigation and we are live on the west coast straight ahead.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ >> rick: fox news alert. the search is on for illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing a california police officer the day after christmas. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom" i'm rick leventhal.
8:00 am
>> heather: i'm heather childers, bill and sandra are off. the horrible story. the suspect not being named yet at this point is considered armed and dangerous. police say that he fired at officer roneal singh during a traffic stop early wednesday morning. the county sheriff vowing that the manhunt will relentlessly continue until that suspect is brought to justice. >> this suspect, unlike ron, who immigrated to this country lawfully and legally, to pursue his lifelong career of public safety, public service and being a police officer, this suspect is in our country illegally. he doesn't belong here. he is a criminal. we will find him. we will arrest him. and we will bring him to justice. >> heather: william la jeunesse is following all of this from our los angeles bureau and he brings us the very latest, william? >> well, heather, the suspect's status as illegal
8:01 am
immigrant is controversial here in the sanctuary state. last week criminal alien wanted by ice was in jail released and hours later killed two men. now you have this case and in a neighboring county. another illegal immigrant police say killed 33-year-old officer ron singh. singh pulled over this gray pickup truck with no plates during a traffic stop the day after christmas. moments later he radioed in shots fired, i'm hit he later died. singh, who came to the u.s. legally from fiji is married with a 5-month-old son. he took this photo christmas day. hours later he went to work. this is where he died on a road outside a convenience store where security cameras show the suspect, a hispanic male buying two 12-packs of beer shortly before the shooting wearing a black jacket, silver chain, black shoes. singh joined the newman police department 11 years ago where he is one of 13 officers, well-known, well-liked, he recently tested to become a sergeant and took extra english
8:02 am
lessons to make himself better understood on the police radio. his death prompting a tweet from president trump, quote: time to get tough on border security. build the wall. in a difficult and painful way illustrates the very best of our immigration and very worst and why legal immigration is so important and wonderful for this country and illegal immigration is so different. and one of the reasons that the president is still here fighting for border security. >> singh's canine partner sam was with him at the time of the shooting in the back of the police vehicle. sam will be retired and live with officer singh's wife and son. the manhunt, heather, continues. >> heather: let's hope that they find him quickly. thank you so much, william. ♪ >> rick: both sides refusing to budge as a partial government shutdown over president trump's border wall drags into its seventh day. and with no end in sight, it's all but certain to continue into the new year. president trump blaming the
8:03 am
democrats tweeting today: we will be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. ellison barber is live at the white house on this. ellison? >> hi, rick. this morning after budget director mick mulvaney stopped and talked to him before he headed back to the west wing. asked him about president trump's tweet about the southern border asking if the president is serious. mick mulvaney said he absolutely is serious and at this point all options are on the table. mulvaney says he and vice president mike pence took a counter offer to democrats last week and didn't hear anything from them until last night. >> we were heating on the hill. i thought the vice president was more appropriate to go down to the hill that's where we went. >> no discussion until january 3rd. >> we are here.
8:04 am
they know where to find us. >> why not invite them. >> well, we put the last offer on the table. in a negotiation. everybody you guys have done this for your own salaries. you don't make an offer and another offer and another offer. we made an offer last saturday night and told us they would get back to us by the end of the week. got back to us last night and said we are leaving. >> in a statement released yesterday a spokesperson for house leader nancy pelosi said democrats have offered republicans three options to reopen government that all include funding for strong, sensible and effective border security. but not the president's immoral and in effect i've it and expensive wall. mulvaney says they will not make another offer to democrats. that's not how negotiations work and the ball is now in the senate's court -- in the senate democrats' court. white house has made the offer it's up to democrats to come back to the table with another -- sources tell fox news that the last offer the white house made was around $2.5 billion. the white house not
8:05 am
confirming that number. they say they won't negotiate this in the press. if the democrats want to talk and mak another offer they know where to find them. >> rick: probably won't be until sometime next week. ellison barber at the white house, thank you. >> you bet. >> heather: more on the battle to get the back open, daily caller news foundation. the back and forth is frustrating. this is why americans, you know, watching this and seeing the work not get done, that's why they are frustrated with congress and with our leaders. >> congress isn't buying this it's the president. the president was elected in large part because he said he was going to build the wall and secure the border. over two years he hasn't done it this may be among his last chances. at the same time the democrats were just elected in order to recess president trump. that was the main platform of theirs. looking at this very cynically both sides have two years until anyone suspect for reelections. they think that the american public is going to remember what they do on the wall more than what they are
8:06 am
going to do during the shutdown. that memory will fade. cynically speak neither side has a lot to bring to the table on this. >> heather: at least it seems like listening to ellison and other people that have been on with us today, the administration appears to be willing to negotiate. they have now reportedly gone from 5 billion for the wall to an unconfirmed at this point 2.5 billion. but, in the meantime, democrats, they have left d.c. all together. >> all congress has acted fairly. they haven't done their jobs on this matter. i will tell you what, if it was springtime you would see democrats and republicans out there, for example, picking up the garbage on the national mall during the shutdown to show people how much they care. it's christmas time and they didn't want the fight so they left. we have seen that beforehand when this border fight got pushed to the last miniways with republicans not wanting to bring it up. took half the time they had in session off in honor of h.w. bush passing that left him with nine days. boiled it down to criminal
8:07 am
justice reform and left town while the president has stayed here and tried to work it out. >> heather: it does seem like the president is the only one there. republicans also not trying to work it out at this point. seem to have just given up. you have a democrat -- let's bring up one of the tweets from one the democrats. new york democratic congressman ha keen jeffreys on democrats refusing to provide the funding. he said democrats will not support the mid evil border wall from the so-called president. it's not going anywhere. so now they are calling the border wall mid evil. we had nancy pelosi calling it immoral and expensive. several of these democrats back in 2006 supported the wall. so the difference being the person that is in the oval office? >> that's entirely the difference. it's the person in the oval office. president obama himself said need to get serious about border security. president bush promised to build a wall. before that president clinton promised to secure the border. none of it has ever been done. the main sticking point here
8:08 am
is this resistance movement. the democrats will not give president trump a win. and they are also, to be fair with them, in a bit of a bind because their voters demand that they not give president trump a win. they think what the president does is immoral. no if they disagreed with it or agreed with it years prior. >> heather: so now it's immoral. >> now it's immoral. we are in topsy-turvy world. we have seen president trump turn the intoo irleft into neknee conservatives last week when position on syria. >> heather: very good point. who pays the price moving forward? we know at this point nancy pelosi is going to hold off, probably, until she gets the speakership. that is confirmed for her. democrats and republicans who takes the blame or president trump? >> i'm not sure if it's going to matter too much who takes the blame because it's, again two, years from an election. typically the electorate has moved on by then to the next thing. especially in a news cycle that changes day by day. here in washington and across the country, the people who are going to hurt the most are the contract
8:09 am
tores. government employees who lose their paychecks. if this goes past the 11th salaried employees will lose it as well. >> heather: do you think president trump's biggest supporters will dessert him if he doesn't get this wall? >> yes. i think that would be absolutely critical for the president. this may be -- this is almost certainly his last chance and it may have already passed before he is up for re-election. that was his big promise he ran on the president does what he promises. it will be hard to get the voters back. >> heather: he needs the assistance of republicans and democrats. he can't do it alone. while he is sitting there alone in the oval office right now trying to get something done. >> that's absolutely true. you can see the difference in news coverage. when republicans tried to hold back president obama's signature law with obamacare called obstruction by republicans. but now when democrats are holding back on president trump's signature action, it's called obstruction by republicans. there seems to be a little bit hypocrisy there in the
8:10 am
coverage and if the house, only control as little bit of the federal government is, unwilling to come to the table, at least on a compromise, then both sides it's going to be like it always been the last two years. each side blames the other no matter what. >> heather: thank you for joining us. we will see if any work gets done next week. thank you. >> >> thank you. >> rick: christmas holiday ends on sorro sour note real men the way back home for travelers. >> heather: ice releasing hundreds of migrants in el paso. they have no money, no place to go. now that city's mayor is saying this is a crisis and we will hear from him up next. ♪ -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪ ♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am. take care of it for you right now.
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>> heather: following temperatures making for tricky travel conditions across the country. two powerful storms moving across the country. one bringing blizzard conditions you were plains and you were midwest. others bringing heavy snow from arizona to the texas panhandle. having fun there blizzard warnings are in effect for parts of kansas and nebraska and north dakota. south dakota and minnesota. and central new mexico could see up to 2 feet of snow. so if you are in any of those areas, look at that be careful. >> rick: fox news alert. ice unexpectedly dropping off hundreds of migrants in downtown el paso, texas during the christmas holiday. leaving them at a greyhound bus station with no money and no place to go. the city's mayor dean margo pinning this on the federal government and he joins us
8:14 am
now from houston. mr. mayor, good morning to you. >> good morning, rick. >> rick: have you seen this before? is this standard procedure now. >> well, they increased and they warned cpp warned us in october that they were going to be releasing more migrants. we have had, i think, the numbers are about 24,000 have been released since october through el paso. we are the second highest port of entry. and it's about five times what we had a year ago. so it's highly unusual. we have an agreement for them to notify ngo the enunciation house beforehand. the glitch occurred on sunday evening when they released them without telling us. turns out there was just a disconnect in the conversation. but, the enunciation house access for ngo to take these migrants, allow them food and shelter for usually 24 hours. sometimes it's as long as 96
8:15 am
hours, and then they are transported to wherever their sponsors are throughout the united states. >> rick: in this case they were just dropped on your doorstep and you call it a glitch or disconnect? >> it was a surprise, yes. and it was in violation of our agreement with them. so, the police our office of emergency management provides our city buses to take these migrants to shelters. there are about 20 shelters under the control of the enunciation house. and we had police there for security and protection there. >> rick: it seems to me that customs and border protection and ice are damned if think do and damned if they don't. what are they supposed to do with all these hundreds of people i guess they don't have room for them. >> well, that's right. their shelters they are holding areas are filled. so they are releasing them u understanding they are being processed. ankle bracelets are being put on the parents and
8:16 am
releasing them as well. the bottom line, rick, is our immigration policy stinks. no one in washington on either side of the aisle has had the fortitude to deal with it historically. it's about time somebody steps up and develops a little manhood on the way and determines what they need to do irrespective of the political fallout. >> rick: okay, dee margo, what should they do? what policy do we need now? >> well, first of all, we need a logical immigration policy given ununemployment for true legal immigration. el paso is the sixth largest city in texas and the 19th largest city in the united states. we are the largest u.s. city on the mexican border. if you want to talk about immigration. come to el paso. they don't know it in washington. we know it in el paso. so come down and see what we have where we are and how it should be functioning. with low unemployment we need legal immigration and do something on daca and figure out on foreign aid
8:17 am
issues what need to be done to stop the violence in guatemala honduras and elsewhere. the dollars we are sending down there is not working there needs to be rule of law. there needs to be negotiations with mexico. there are a myriad of things that need to be dealt with we have a fence already in el paso that was done during the bush administration. i think back in 2008. it has stopped criminal activity and it works. i personally don't like the nomenclature wall because it conjures up in my mind the berlin wall and we have a relationship with mexico. so, something has got to give and we need a rational process to deal with the daca and legal immigration as well as this migrant population coming north. >> rick: clearly, mr. mayor, you feel it's important that we have some kind of fence or barrier extended across the state of texas to prevent these thousands of people from illegally crossing every day? >> well, we need to control our borders.
8:18 am
that is a given. but the majority of texas from our geographic standpoint won't lend itself to these fences. so, there has to be a combination of technology and other things. certainly, yes, we need to control our borders. we are the tenth largest port of entry. >> rick: yeah. mayor margo, we hope that you and the folks down there in texas can get a handle on this and can you work out with cpp because obviously it's a mess. >> a bit, yes. >> rick: we have to leave it there thanks for being with us today. >> thank you, i cannery. >> heather: i like that idea. they need to go see it. end wild week on wall street. the dow down this morning. we will take a closer look at that. >> rick: police releasing new details of the day of the deadly las vegas massacre. that's next.
8:19 am
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>> heather: 21 minutes past the top of the hour. fox news alert for you. take a look at the markets as wall street caps off 2018 with a roller coaster final week of trading from its biggest christmas eve drop ever to its biggest single point gain. single day point gain ever. to a triple digit drop back and forth. fox business network christina partsinevelos joins us now to talk more about this. you can explain it more than i but down, what? 44 points now? >> i was in the green room and outside it was up 20 points right before coming. in this is just a few minutes ago. that's a major issue with the markets that we have seen over the past two weeks. this volatility it's like watching a bouncing ball between two walls. you don't know where it's going to go next. i thought this morning i was covering the markets before they even opened. you saw the futures showing positive territory maybe this will be a little bit of a better day and then you are seeing it fall. part of that reason, too, you have to think everyone
8:23 am
is on holiday. same case on these trading floors. so you are seeing less volume. fewer shares trading exchanging hands. that does created a to the volatility especially whether you have some type of negative headline come out. if you don't like that, that can essentially swing the market. >> heather: when there is less movement happening, when there isn't any major move it makes more of an impact. >> exactly on lower movement. the big debate that a lot of the business guys on the fox business network are talking about right now is having v. we hit bottom yet in the markets have been dropping and then they have been climbing but for the week we are still low for the s&p 500, nasdaq, all in negative territory. same threatening for the month. so much negativity right now on the stock market. the question have we hit that low? and what some people have concludeside that, no, it keeps bouncing back. when you start to see things get better, essentially you need to hit that low for a longer period of time to know okay, we have hit the problem. we are going to ride out for a bit and go higher.
8:24 am
the fact that it keeps going like this puts the question or begs the question how much lower can it possibly go? >> heather: it changes at the very end of the day, too. >> yeah. very good point. yesterday, we had a low of negative 611 points at 2:15 eastern time. so 2:15 p.m. and then it jumped and skyrocketed up still closed in negative territory. the fact you saw a swing of 500 points in the last hour and a half or so. why is that happening? you could say oh it's the algorithms the machines trading based off once the markets hit a certain level and then they start selling off or it could be people waiting because the headlines are coming out they want to make sure all the news is out and are there comments about the federal reserve or comments about certain companies. interest rates consumer confidence numbers that we received yesterday. so we wait to get all of that and start buying and selling. it's also the end of the year. you have a lot of u.s. pension funds that are rebalancing.
8:25 am
>> heather: is this something that you see though at the end of the year? >> no. we have acronyms for everything and nicknames a santa rally. you usually see an upswing at this point in time. >> heather: a santa rally. >> yes. >> heather: that's got to be good. >> historically how it is during the month of december. clearly we see that's not the case there is a lot of factors attributing to that. the fact that the news cycle has been just so. just so much going on at the moment. that's why markets right now are reacting to that. there is a lot of concern going into 2019. will we maintain this growth? will corporation earnings coming out shortly will they maintain that growth as well as any tightening lack of liquidity in the market as well. >> heather: trade and terrify talk in china as well. let's talk about fears though. they have a deadline coming up 4:00 p.m. today. >> 4:00 p.m. eastern time. they filed bankruptcy in october 15th. they have been 68,000 employees. at that point they had 700 stores. since then they have closed over 180 stores. they are on the block right
8:26 am
now. and they are waiting for somebody to buy them. the thing with serious is their chairman eddy laffert he has a hedge fund esl. the assumption is that he is going to go in and buy it he hasn't done so yet. why is he waiting so last minute to do it. questions around the fact does he have the financing to do so or is it even worth it given the company has been unprofitable for quite some time. >> heather: what happens if he doesn't. >> they will start to liquidate into pieces according to brand name stores, realistic properties too because that's valuable. all of these big store locations you can turn into condominiums and entertainment centers if you've want. >> you have 68,000 employees watching. >> i was? october when they filed bankruptcy. a lot of these big box retailers. a lot of the retails j.c. penney becoming a penny stock. >> official live if it's $5
8:27 am
or lower. j.p. hit a loy of 92 cents yesterday. it's been around quite some time people know their deals. the argument is they haven't done enough to revamp themselves and haven't invested in marketing. they are just knot up to date when it came to onlie and penny stock category. right now right before we went live i saw it was at a dollar. it's gone up a little bit. the question is how are they going to turn themselves around at this moment in time when you have big box online giants like amazon that's just creeping in. and then the independent shops that are doing quite well because the younger generation having an affinity towards unique designers that maybe don't have logos everywhere and more independent. so the preference has changed amongst consumers as well. >> heather: hopefully j.p. can adjust to what people want these days. >> the issue is sears and j.p. are in malls. how many people are going to malls. we have seen store traffic fall in the mall factor, too. >> heather: i love going to a mall. do you like to walk around.
8:28 am
>> i love it. >> heather: ice skating rink in it and walk around. >> can you please everybody. >> heather: rick? >> rick: new backlash over president trump's surprise visit to troops in iraq. trip now projecting new demands from the iraqi government. government.let better border security. will this tragedy bring any democrats, any at all over to the president's side on funding for the wall?
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> heather: president trump's unannounced visit to u.s. troops in iraq sparking some outrage among some iraqi lawmakers. they are now calling for u.s. forces to leave the country lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon with more on this. lucas? >> heather, these politicians belong to the political party of the fire brand iraqi she a cleric muqtada al-sadr responsible for killing hundreds of american troops during the iraq war. >> it's not up to trump or politicians to determine the presence of u.s. forces in iraq. it's decided by the iraqi people. iraqi parliament and the iraqi government. >> some of these politicians and militia commanders remain under iranian influence. during his visit to iraq, the president said more than 5,000 u.s. troops would remain, not only to make sure isis stays under ground but keep touch on iran.
8:32 am
defend the pullout on syria. tensions are rising today. u.s. officials say syrian troops robert outskirts of a kurdish held city captured from isis in 2016. hundreds of american troops are in the city of manbij along with kurdish partners. they welcome the troops. they don't want to give the city to turkey who would be seen as invaders. writing in the "the washington post" today president obama's ambassador to syria says he supports trump's decision to pull out, quote: holding northeast syria would have not have enabled washington to leverage any important concessions from damascus tehran, or moscow. only syrians, not u.s. troops and stabilization teams could reverse that we would do well to be humbler about our abilities, especially in the fails of sustained widespread regional hostility. officials tell me there is no immediate plans to evacuate those troops currently in manbij, syria expected to take months.
8:33 am
>> heather: lucas tomlinson, thank you. >> rick: with the battle over border security funding promising to extend shutdown into the new year, the president is pomerene for congress to fund the wall. singh was killed wednesday morning during a traffic stop. the suspect an illegal immigrant. let's bring in our panel brad blakeman former deputy assistant to george w. bush and jude miller adjunct fellow at the institute for policy research and fox news contributor. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> rick: this is exactly what the president has warned about, an illegal alien, doesn't belong here, killing a cop. brad? >> this is just another example a blatant example of a death that should never have been. if we had secure borders, if we had control, if we had manpower and technology and, yes, a physical barrier, these deaths could be prevented. and it's on us.
8:34 am
we need to secure our border. the president is right. he is not intransient. he said he would negotiate with democrats. yet, democrats have yet to come back to the president with a good faith response. you know, we can send $45 billion a year to afghanistan. our troops can secure their border. but they can't secure ours? and they can't find 5 billion? yet, we can find 45 billion a year to secure others' lands? it's unacceptable. the president is right. we need to do this now. >> rick: jude, how did democrats defend their reluctance to defend better border security or wall or barrier when you have incidents like this? >> well, you are always going to have incidents like this. the fact of the matter is these are unfortunate incidents that are going to occur. and what the democrats are arguing and brad knows this is that it's not a question of building a wall. the challenge is to have safe, safe, secure borders. and in some places that might call for a wall.
8:35 am
but, in other places it won't. and you really have here competing or dueling images. you have ron singh a police officer who was killed in the line of duty, but you also have two children who have died in customs and border protection security and calls among democrats and even some republicans for an investigation how this can happen. i think this kind of back and forth and accusations about incidents that are going to happen no matter what does not serve the country's interest because both democrats and republicans should work together to find a way to provide for secure and safe borders. that's the challenge here. not just donald trump's desire to build his wall, which may or may not make sense in much of the country. >> rick: well, the acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney weighed in on this particular incident this morning. and he talked about how it illustrates so much in this
8:36 am
debate. including the fact that the suspect in s. an illegal immigrant and the victim was a legal immigrant. here is what mick said this morning. >> in a very very difficult but painful way it illustrates exactly the very best of our immigration and the very worst and why legal immigration is to imimportant and wonderful for this country and illegal immigration is so different. one of the reasons that the president is still here fighting for border security. >> rick: and the president, brad, has dug in his heels on this insisting that, yeah, building a wall and barrier is part of this border security. >> right. the president has never said that the wall is the pan see a all we need is a wall. the president has quite the contrary we need to complicit a fiscal pairier. the president is being reasonable. judy is right. this is a time to come together. it should not be a partisan
8:37 am
issue but democrats have made it one. it's part of their resistance against this president. remember in 2006 republicans and democrats came together in the secure border act. and people like schumer voted for and then senator barack obama took to the floor of the senate and said how necessary a wall was. yet as soon as it becomes president trump's idea and campaign promise it's totally unacceptable. this is politics at its worst. i can are rick how about that judy? >> politics at its worst but i disagree with my good friend brad and that is i really do think this is donald trump's cozying up to his base and his desire not to get out of line with them at a time when he faces other huge challenges to his presidency. there is a way to solve this. there was money for border security. but donald trump wants his wall. and only the wall whereas everyone knows. >> not only the wall, judiy, no. >> that's thought the best way to provide for safety and security for our
8:38 am
country. >> donald trump has not said time and again not just the wall. security and personnel a lot of things make up a secure border. is he not stuck on 5 billion. on the other hand, is he not going to negotiated against himself. drawing the will not give this presidents the wall or kind of border security that's needed solely for. it's a campaign promise they will in the give in on it. they are going to give in on it. >> rick: customs stopped 47,000 illegal immigrants. 47,000 stopped or arrested in one month. we don't know how many more snuck in and got past them. these are astonishing numbers. >> i think brad and i would agree we need to know who is in our country and weigh need to provide for safe and security borders. the issue now is how to bet do that. if anyone is being incohen
8:39 am
sis tent on unyielding matter on a wall and when he wants it is donald trump. i have to disagree at this point with shutting down the government over this issue. there was an agreement on getting some money, a compromise for parts of a wall. but the president rejected that. and he rejected it because his base wants the wall. even if he got his wall, he wouldn't get mexico to pay for it. so, this is a promise the president made that cannot, cannot be achieved. >> rick: quick response, brad. >> the president is going to get his wall and other things that are needed. when you talk to the border patrol, they say a physical barrier is a necessity. so, you know, call it border security, call it a wall. whawfer you want to call it we need it. >> rick: we will leave it there brad and judy great to see you. >> great to see you. >> heather: planned withdraw of all u.s. troops in syria and whirl wind secret visit to iraq.
8:40 am
president trump faces tough decisions on the future of america's wars. our next guest will weigh in. >> we see something happening with isis that we don't like, we can hit them so fast and so hard that they really know what the hell happened.
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> rick: update on the case of the mother missing and now presumed dead the 1-year-old daughter will stay in the custody of
8:43 am
maternal grandparents this after the judge granted them temporary custody. the young girl was with her father kelsey berreth's fiance patrick michael frazee at the time kelsey went missing. he is now under around suspected in the murder and due in court on monday. >> while maintaining the u.s. presence in iraq to prevent appear isis resurgence and to protect u.s. interests and also to always watch very closely over any potential refor immigration of isis. >> heather: president trump fresh off his surprise visit to u.s. troops in iraq and now faces the tough job of figuring out a new policy for the middle east. so how will the u.s. deal with isis in iraq and syria as well as the taliban and al qaeda in afghanistan? joining me now is christian white and he is the senior state department advisor in both the trump and george w. bush administrations. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate. >> it great to be here,
8:44 am
heather. >> heather: in terms of policy moving forward. you know, u.s. troops we have been fighting in afghanistan for 17 years. we have been in iraq for 15 years. we had lucas tomlinson on just a moment ago saying as a result of the president's trip to visit our troops in iraq, some factions in iraq are now saying that they want us out al all together there as well. what is next for the president? >> the factions in iraq that want us out are of course the ones that are pro-iranian. i think the president has been articulating a pretty clear policy. our mission in the middle east was to kill isis. this wasn't just, you know, in control of a portion of syria. went all the way out to the outskirts of baghdad at one point and that has been destroyed force political and military force. of course there are stragglers. what trump has done actually is quite magnificent. he has made those drag glories the problem of assad and putin in the iranian regime. i think we should go back to a reagan era foreign policy in the middle east that's based on naval and air presence in particular in
8:45 am
the gulf that can respond to an emergency. that type of military would also be useful in deterring a war with china or russia. rather than sort of a cowboys and indians we have been doing since 9/11. >> heather: by that strategy do you think we should pull out of iraq and pull out of afghanistan? i know the president did say that he will begin more of a drawdown from afghanistan. >> in afghanistan you have a situation where we spend $50 billion a year. so if had you syria and afghanistan that's $60 billion a year that we could be using to buy ships, airplanes, missiles that will be useful against china. if you ask the american people, it's funny people in the media, if you believe that trump is doing something very unpopular, in fact, is he doing something that has the support of the american people. if you poll people only 25% of people think we are winning in afghanistan. if you ask should we go up or down in afghanistan by two to one voters think we should go down. and only about 15% of voters think that we have a clear strategy in afghanistan. listen, the reason rewent
8:46 am
there was to kill al qaeda that was at the time involved in planning and executing an attack against the united states. all of those people are gone. the taliban is very different. we have accomplished our initial goal and as with syria, we can always go back to afghanistan if we think there is a genuine threat to the homeland. but the idea that we're going to be there until all the jihaddists are gone, we are going to be there until the end of time if that's true. >> heather: that is the fear though that isis will rebuild as they did during the obama administration. look at this quote which is from dan hoffman's op-ed on former cia chief he says iraq's political instability irreconcilable sunnies and economic values all point to. deadly cancer u.s. and iraq don't take effective counter measures. >> i don't think that's true in syria. assad has been winning the civil war. you may like or may not like that. it's a fact that is reality. he is going to not want a carve out for isis and
8:47 am
similar, the iraqis they have all of these resources. we have helped them so much. they are completely ungrateful for that it's incumbent on them to secure their own territory. if they can't, we can always use our standoff forces to go back and degrade isis and reconstitute. as it was, the isis we knew the caliphate is gone and sufficiently degraded. let head this is something that the president did campaign on that we would not be in the business of nation-building that we would go in and get the job done and get out. he seems to be following through on that. >> right. if you look at the voices that are most aghast at what trump is doing. lindsey graham and other hawks really don't speak for the republican party. if you follow, this the republican base and previously a lot of democrats also wanted an end to nation-building and i think the american people would understand, especially given the urgent need to deter china. president trump has increased the defense budget significantly to 1,717,000,000,000 this year. this hasn't translated into a larger force.
8:48 am
a larger navy air force, missile force if you will. i think that's what we need now rather than a the nation-building. >> heather: interesting you say previously a lot of democrats. now it seems those democrats at least some of them have changed their tune now that it's president trump. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, heather. >> rick: nearly two decades after her husband died, a woman is convicted of helping to mastermind his murder. with his best friend. now they are married. her attorneys are calling for a new trial and we will tell would you why next. this isn't just any moving day.
8:49 am
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and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. ♪ >> rick: a florida woman is found guilty of conspiring to murder her husband nearly two decades earlier. the guilty verdict came after jurors heard the testimony from her co-conspirator, the man she married after the murder and with whom she claimed the insurance money. she is now filing an appeal.
8:52 am
let's bring in our panel doug burns defense attorney and former prosecutor and spilbor a defense attorney. this is a little confusing. doug, you are saying the guy is the best friend of the victim and husband of the wife. >> classic love triangle case where you have the woman, her husband and the husband's friend. she is having an affair with the friend. the friend invites him out fishing and he kills him. now, they don't recover the body for 17 years. the way they recovered the body fascinating is he was getting divorced from the woman. i know it's complicated. he got charged with kidnapping her and got convicted. got significant prison time. i think 20 years. and then he agreed to cooperate. he led investigators to the body and then he testified against her at the murder trial. >> rick: he is the key witness, jonna, to put this woman behind bars for who knows how long for killing her husband. or orchestrating the murder. >> he county key witness but
8:53 am
also the key culprit who is never going to do a minute in prison for shooting this man in the face. instead, because of the grants of immunity is he putting the onus on the woman to whom he was married, who was originally married to the now dead guy. put the onus on her to so that he shoold be tried for conspiracy and for murder and accessory after the fact. the jury convicted her on all three. >> rick: he obviously had incentive to paint her -- >> -- exactly. >> rick: as the as committees straighter. >> that's always the classic situation. her defense is wait a minute, yes, i admit i was having an affair with my husband's friend. he went completely offer the reservation and killed him i had no idea, et cetera, et cetera. that's a defense. >> that's not conspiracy. >> rick: she is now appealing and one of the bases for the appeal is that the jury was considering her demeanor in the courtroom. >> yes. >> rick: tell me about that. >> just like you have a fifth amendment right to sit at your trial and say not a word and the jury can't make
8:54 am
any sort of consideration on that. you can't as a prosecutor get up and say she had a smile on her face or she didn't have a smile on her face and you should consider that ladies and gentlemen when rendering your verdict. that is completely off base. and that alone will probably give her a new trial. >> rick: she did not show enough remorse in the eyes of the prosecutor? >> bottom line is a lot of times they will say the police went to the defendant's house and he or she acted in a certain way and can you put that before the jury. i have never seen in 33 years and i talked to a bunch of them this morning canvassed them. i have never seen that. the defendant did you see that she didn't react when we showed the gory photograph. that's a little controversy and gives her a shot on appeal. >> violate her fifth amendment right 1,000%. >> rick: this conviction could be overturned because the judge allowed the prosecutor to ask the jury to consider that she wasn't showing enough emotion about her husband who had been killed two decades ago? >> yeah. it could be overturned on that ground. it also could be overturned because there really have
8:55 am
insufficient evidence. the only evidence they have is the word of this convicted kidnapper and admitted killer that she conspired in order to commit the crime. you need more than that to get a conviction. >> rick: jonna if she is having an affair and marries him after her husband is dead. are you saying she had nothing to do with the murder. >> that's probably what happened in the jury room. you can't convict on your gut. you have to convict on the evidence. >> 1,000,075. >> you believe the conviction was warranted she was involved. >> let me say quick i think having been involved in many of these courtroom dustups as well it depends on what the prosecutor says or gives cautionary instructions. saying ladies and gentlemen, please limit your consideration. i have to look at the record. >> juries don't have a handle on what it means to have reasonable doubt. we don't train them. they are there for a job they get no training for. it's not even their fault. >> rick: the judge has training. if there this is nothing you have ever seen or heard before in a courtroom.
8:56 am
how was it that he was able to miss that. >> what should have happened the jur should have been. >> it's defense attorney's job. >> that's the point. >> if somebody is making improper argument it's my job to stand up and say shut up, strike it. >> judge shouldn't have allowed that. >> rick: that seems to me to be a key point here as well. >> no question. >> rick: you both think. >> i'm thinking the conviction will not be set aside and speaking for my colleague thinks it will be the other direction. >> put money on the opposite. >> rick: this is something we need to keep an eye on. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> heather: the partial government shutdown has entered its seventh day. what president trump plans to do next if he does not get that border wall up next. this is not a bed.
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ends new year's day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. >> take a look at the scum of the mug shot of a 19-year-old man, 19, starting a social media frenzy astonished by learning the man's actual age. his mug shot was posted on facebook, as more than 650 comments as of yesterday poking fun at him, one person commenting "where's the 19-year-old, i only see the 40-year-old man." others said "if that dude is 19, i'm 12." >> he looks more than 19,
9:00 am
definitely. >> that's what a life of crime will do to you, it will aid you. >> i don't know about the frenzy, was there really a frenzy over this? >> 650 comments. >> see you, outnumbered. >> rachel: president trump threatening to close the border with mexico unless he gets his wall as lawmakers find any solution to the new year and a congress divided. this is "outnumbered," i'm here today, julie banderas. here today, rachel campos duffy, jessica karloff, kat timpf and we welcome back to the couch, the host of "un-pc" ," fox news contributor and professional


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