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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  December 29, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PST

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>> illegal immigrant accused of killing a california police officer has been captured. >> there's a lot of people out there that misses us. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventible. >> it's pretty darn clear that these sanctuary city policies are leading to innocent people getting murdered. >> we long weekend with a stalemate over border security. >> president trump tweeting we will be forced to close the southern border entirely. >> deer citizen nielsen stations customs and border protection and emts and other first responders. >> pelosi is spending the shutdown vacationing at luxury resort in hawaii. >> democrats will have to
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own any accurately that's perpetrated by individuals that came into this country illegally. >> who are you most looking forward to in 2019. >> as many members in the trump family in orange jump suits as possible. [laughter] ♪ we'll have a house party ♪ we don't need nobody ♪ turn your tv off ♪ bring that boom box out ♪ we'll wake up all the neighbors pete: party. rachel: i'm waiting for ed to go and do that dance that the guy did at the airplane. [laughter] ed: i miss you guys. i was away a last week. pete: did you go to hawaii. ed: nancy pelosi is in hawaii. my son is looking at college already which is scary. rachel: how old is he? ed: he is 17. it goes by fast. got a little bit of fun in
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florida but also did a little bit of work and family time, so it was nice. pete: nice. well-deserves. pete: merry christmas, happy new year, sort of. rachel: i'm glad you are back. ed: i got a christmas text from pete i thought maybe he misses me. pete: i did. i said merry christmas. i have news we will get to that relates to ed. rachel: i got one from you but i didn't get one from ed though. ed: news breaking overnight. pete: illegal immigrants now an accused cop killer now in custody along with seven others including two other illegals and a california sheriff's outrage grows over the state's sanctuary policies after the murder of a police officer in cold blood just the night after christmas. so this guy right here, i'm not even going to dignify him by saying his name 32-year-old cop kill from her mexico. he entered the u.s. illegally through the arizona border two years ago.
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two previous dui arrests because of the sanctuary state policies no deportations or referrals to ice. he is also a known member of a via lengths mexican street gang i don't know if i can pronounce it correctly. ed: he was trying to escape to mexico after the killing officers saying on christmas night. rachel: apparently a farm laborer. he was working illegally. and, yes, he was stopped for a dui and this coward actually took his life. pete: family members helping him escape. 280 miles south of where the murder occurred. he tried to stay there cops come in. the sheriff's department from that county come in. they actually locked him up with the handcuffs of the corporal who was killed. rachel: i love that. pete: the long ample justice made its way. rachel: gratitude of the brother who felt grateful not just that these men were captured both the killer and those who were aiding and abetting him but also that that was meaningful to them that the hand cuffs were
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used. ed: president trump has tweeted. he has given speeches going back to the campaign throughout his time as president talking about sanctuary cities. sanctuary states, the danger that this presents to communities. you have seen critics mock him for his focus on that. maybe the president is proven right for focusing so hard on that. when you listen to the sheriff in that community in california laying out how the fact it's a sanctuary state led to the death of this officer. watch. >> while we absolutely need to stay focused on officer singh's service and sacrifice, we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. and under sb 54 in california, based on two arrests for dui and some other active warrants that this criminal has out there, law enforcement would have been prevented, prohibited from sharing any information with ice about this criminal gang member. ladies and gentlemen, this
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is not how you protect a community. >> so something is not making sense. i don't know if people just aren't getting the right information that you would think that at some points politicians would be held accountable for their actions or inactions. and, in this case, you know, it's pretty darn clear that these sanctuary city policies are leading to innocent people getting murdered. ed: devin nunes hails from the state of california. he was speaking out about this last night. it's just absolutely remarkable because you could talk about the politics. we cannot forget the family. you had the brother of officer singh weeping at this news conference with this sheriff and other law enforcement officials that haunting picture of his widow, his 5-month-old son christmas morning before he goes off to work and gets killed on christmas night by an illegal immigrant. this is real, folks. this is real u. pete: amen. it's not just illegal. let this soak in. known gang member with two previous duis. never referred to ice.
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so the sanctuary state where being illegal is lyle legal and while doing something illegal, while you are there illegally you get to be protected. that's insanity of the policies that led to the death of this officer. rachel: it makes absolutely no sense. you know governor jerry brown let the family know he was going to fly the flag at half mass. when i read that i just thought to myself, what a better tribute it would be for him to end the sanctuary city laws that killed this brave, brave soldier, i mean that officer. ed: we are going to get later to a segment all about this mexican gang and more details on that. real deep dive to give you a sense of how dangerous that gang is and the situation is along the border. but, remember, this is not happening in a vacuum. it's happening in the middle of a partial government shutdown which the president of the united states has made front and center funding for the border wall. the wall on the southern border. and the president yesterday made clear he is not backing
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down. series of tweets that included we'll be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws in our country saddled with hard to believe there was a congressman and president who would approve. look, there is no evidence that a wall would have prevented this illegal immigrant from coming in. pete: we don't know. ed: i'm saying there is no evidence to prove it one of many tools we could use to crack down on illegal immigration u point is here is front and center because of sanctuary laws not necessarily because of the fight about the wall because of sanctuary states an illegal immigrant is allowed to you kill a police officer. pete: left doesn't want a wall which could have killed a cop killer we're not sure. abolish ice. they could have deported this cop killer and left wants sanctuary states which is what prevented the police from notifying the feds and deporting this dirt bag out of our country. citizens of our country
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suffer. why the president would be wise to not back down. that threat of saying we will shut the whole thing down would have big economic impact. rachel: it would have huge impact. pete: affect a lot of lives and the president understands that a reflection of how serious he has taken this. rachel: he is so serious about this situation with the shutdown and what's happening at the border that he has actually cancelled his new year's eve plans. we know he wanted to go to florida for christmas. now he is saying they are saying that he is going to stay home for new year' for new. nons $89 8 nancy pelosi was $899 a night room in hawaii. ed: standard room. mar-a-lago is opulent as well. but to rachel's point the president has decided not to do new year's eve bash. is he staying at the white house to try to negotiate. nancy pelosi, we are told by the white house, has not wanted to negotiate whereas
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the white house believes as we heard from mick mulvaney yesterday. he believes chuck schumer wants to cut a deal but nancy pelosi won't allow it. rich rach when i heard heard about hawaii with my husband any republican would be slaughtered for that it would be curious to see how much that is talked about on the other networks. it's a double standard. pete: rush limbaugh forever has called them limousine liberals which is what nancy pelosi personifies as she represents san francisco. here is how the media portrayed president trump rather than going to mar-a-lago beautiful property, staying at the white house also a beautiful property, because he wants a deal. he is saying i'm here because i'm ready to make a deal. this is how ed's favorite newspaper until washington, d.c. put it trump retreats from public view as
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government shutdown tips over border wall fight. if i was trying to get away from the media, hawaii might be the furthest place i would go if i don't want to talk about a deal. ed: one person's cooped up is another person's negotiator. you could flip those headlines and say the president is still at work the democratic leaders are not. pete: that's right. email us at let us know what you think. should he hold the line and shut it down? should he own the shutdown? is it the trump shutdown the schumer shutdown. the wall shutdown that's what i think it is. let us know at rachel: we will turn now to your headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. four tourists are dead after a bust hits a roadside bomb giza pyramids near auto i didn't want. the bus taken 15 tourists from vietnam to a show at the pyramid. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. fears may have saved itself liquidate you had after getting a last-minute bid to buy out the company.
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eddy lampfert submitted a bid right before friday's deadline. the offer includes purchasing 425 serious stores and employing up to 50,000 people. serious' advisors have until january 4th to decide whether esl is a qualified bidder. here is a live look in times square. police are beefing up security tort famous new year's eve celebration where they are expecting nearly 2 million people. the nypd will be watching more than 1200 security cameras. some will be on drones looking over the crowd. thousands of officers and 50 bomb sniffing dogs will also be walking the grounds and keeping pete and all his buddies there safe on new year's where he will be. pete: griff will be there too. ed: remember a friend of this program, fox news, bree bre payton died sudden be
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live 26 years old. at the federalist. also appeared frequently on fox. and rachel, i know you got to know her a little bit. appeared on some programs with her. sent out a wonderful tringts on twitter. somebody who just died far, far too young. rachel: i have to tell you she always delivered very crisp, awesome analysis on culture, on politics. and she did it with a twinkle in her eye. she always had good humor and i think she was the epitome of what reagan used to call a happy warrior and great example of young conservative making a huge impact at a very young age. pete: so sad. she was on the weekend program a good deal. i agree with everything you just said, rachel. a sudden illness. a lot of people shocked by. this a reminder of our mortality. 26 years old. if you wanting to support brey and what she believes in her parents have set up a go fund me page bre payton
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scholarship fun. ed: they believe she got the h1n1 flu virus. happened very quickly. read about it on social media. we want to focus on her life and legacy. somebody we got to know on this program and certainly our viewers familiar with her. we will miss her. pete: we will remember bre peyton today. rachel: absolutely. these days we're all stressed. i hear you, sister. stress can affect our minds. i call this dish, "stress." stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think.
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>> immigrant immigrated here legally and lawfully to achieve his american dream. he achieved that goal. [sobbing] >> his goal was taken from him. >> if he had been deported this wouldn't have happened? >> potentially. my point is, why are we providing sanctuary for criminals? pete: good point. california authorities have captured the illegal immigrant suspected of killing a police officer during a traffic stop. the man in custody may have ties to the violent seranos gang accused of murders and smuggling across the country. here to discuss is gang unit analyst and live pd presents pd cam on a&e sean sticks larkin. thank you for being here today. >> my pleasure. pete: your biggest take away from this coal-killing in california? >> any time an officer is killed in the line of duty, it hits us in law
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enforcement across the country. you know, i think there has been 47 officers killed by gunfire criminally so far this year. that's an increase over past years. it's a trend we can't see go up. we have had a total, i think, of 144 officers killed in the line of duty. any time one of them happens is just too many for us. pete: sergeant one thing to be here illegally and another thing to have duis and not be deported for it and have a known gang affiliation. how is someone like that allowed to remain in our country? is the local police force hand cuffed what they can do about that. >> varies from state to state and agency to agency. just in my own department i work for here in tulsa, oklahoma. when we have contact with individuals, we cannot, you know, we don't ask them if they are here illegally, if they have papers or anything like that. now, if they're arrested, they are taken to our tulsa county jail where that process is started by the sheriff's deputies. we even in our own police department are not able to do it.
3:18 am
yes, it varies from state-to-state, department to department, and it's a very frustrating situation at times. pete: absolutely it can have dangerous outcomes as we saw. here is some data of 2018 of gang affiliations across the country. we hear a lot about ms-13 because of their connection to drugs and really severe violence. this year these are apprehensions alone in 2018. ms-13, top the list. you see surenos there with 57. you say it's one of the largest nationwide gangs. >> that's correct, as far as hispanic street gangs go surenos and latin king are the largest in the u.s. that word means southerner. and started in los angeles there in southern california in the late 1960s. this is a gang that's been entrenched here in the u.s. for over, what 50 years now, 51 years or so. and, you know, they are in 35 to 40 states. they have a large presence, particularly in california, nevada, here in oklahoma, texas, things like that.
3:19 am
speaking from my own experience, the vast majority of the hispanic criminal street gangs that we deal with have some sort of ties directly toyota surenos themselves. heavily involved in drug trafficking. firearms. here involved in the homicide of an officer, they have entrenched presence in the u.s. pete: because oklahoma is not a sanctuary state. if one of these folks is arrested, charged with something, then they are referred to ice potentially for deportation. but in california that process starts because there is no cooperation; am i right on that. >> that's right. here in oklahoma, it doesn't matter, illegal stopped and arrested for dui, once they get to the sheriff's department, they will have a hold put on them to be, you know, removed from the country. pete: is it insane to you that local cops are not able to work with the feds especially for violent gang members? >> yes. i mean, that's something that, you know, when we are
3:20 am
talking criminal street gangs, these guys, essentially they prey on society. domestic terrorists. whatever word you want to use. and when we can't share that type of information with, you know, our law enforcement partners, particularly our federal eggs to get these guys out of here, it is a tremendous problem. pete: sergeant sean larkin, you know what you are talking about. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. pete: and thank you for your service. do you remember when democrats embraced the southern border security strategy, and a fence? we do. >> authorize some badly needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders. >> illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the u.s. legally. pete: oh, the good old days. why have they changed their position? we will get into that coming up next. plus, the planes aren't the only thing moving at this airport. one worker now going viral for the moves he is putting on on the runway. our own ed henry might try
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♪ pete: welcome back. couple of quick headlines
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for you. mark zuckerberg says fixing facebook is, quote, more than a one year challenge. in a post zuckerberg insists the company has made progress on fighting fake news, election interference and protecting user data. this coming on the same day that the "new york times" released a report about the social media giant's, quote: secret rule book for political speech which leads its to our second story. the renkd franklin graham is calling out that facebook rule book. he claims they banned him for 24 hours over a post from two years ago supporting north carolina controversial bathroom bill. the post apparently violated their, quote: community standards on hate speech. i have a lot of thoughts on that and so do a lot of conservatives. ed: it wasn't that long ago that democrats faced a border fencing strategy. call it fencing not a wall. on a few occasions they actually voted for it. >> i voted numerous times when i was a senator to spend money to build a
3:25 am
barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrant from coming in. >> authorize badly needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders. >> people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the u.s. legally. rachel: that's interesting. why have democrats changed their tune? here to tell us more g.o.p. strategist and former deputy assistant for public affairs at the department of homeland security lauren claffy. >> good morning. rachel: what has changed. >> it feels like decades ago when members were making those comments. in reality not only has the demographics of the democratic party changed to be more diverse but also the way in which we talk about border security has changed. and it's gone from a common sense everybody should
3:26 am
support it national security issue to something that is racially and socially divisive and it is an emotional issue that people are having trouble dealing with. ed: you make a good point pressure from the left from some of these democrats shifting their positions and also they don't like president trump. >> yeah. ed: good idea 10 years ago maybe not a good idea now. quickly run through the list. some of the current democrats still in the senate and they supported what was called the secure fence act in 2006. you see schumer the leader, dianne feinstein, ron biden, debbie stabenow and sherrod brown in ohio who is thinking about running in 2020 for president. i get the flip flopping but democrats would say in their defense well, they voted for a fence or a wall whatever you want to call it next change for something, a daca that fix. why are republicans not giving democrats something in exchange for this $5 billion in fence money or wall money? >> that's my question because every time the democrats have supported something in the past, they
3:27 am
have gotten some sort of amnesty or pathway to citizenship in return. right? or increases to legal immigration. you remember the gang of 8 bill. although it didn't pass, one of the major negotiating points was that there was a lot of crin he ised work visas both temporary and permanent. it was something they could hang their hat on and go back to constituents and say, listen, we supported some funding for border security but here's what i got. they were able to go home and tout something. right? rachel: lauren, even last year loui luis gutierrez set i will make this deal for our daca. in fact he said i will build the wall myself i will go down with brick by brick because he wanted that deal. you're right, ed, you were not hearing the republicans lay out daca for wall. but, also, nancy pelosi is in hawaii and not wanting to negotiate on this either. they are not trying to help the daca kids. >> she doesn't want to negotiate right now. she is taking control of the house in a couple of days.
3:28 am
and she is going to wait until after january 3rd. she will come back in and the deal becomes void at that point. right? they have to renegotiate the house bill and we are starting from scratch at that point because it's a new congress. for her it's like what's the point in the democrats aren't incentivized to negotiate on daca in their mind it's working its way through the court system it may resolve itself anyways without them having to give anything. it's not, you know, it's a trickier situation and we have got to find something to. ed: used to work for kirstjen nielsen at the department of security. interesting, rachel how many democrats voted for it when president trump wasn't in office. now that he is in office don't like it so much. michael moore revealing his new year's wish. >> what are you most looking forward to in 2019. >> as many members of the trump family in orange jump suits as possible. ed: that's nights. that's not all the left is talking about. they are ramping up
3:29 am
impeachment talks. how another wish could wensd a president pelosi? is that what howard dean is advocating? you will not believe this one. rachel: a police officer attacked in a new york subway. are the city's liberal policies to blame for lawless behavior like this? we will discuss that coming up. ed: today, one town is attempting to make the biggest s'more in the world. we will compete in our own way. "fox & friends" does s'mores, next. ♪ sugar ♪ honey, honey ♪ you are my candy, girl ♪
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not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town.
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mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america. >> impeachable offenses because even though they were committed before the president became president, they were committed in the service of fraud lengthily obtaining the office. >> please don't see impeachment anymore. and when they say that i say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. [laughter] ed: that was in september when she kept saying impeachment. we were told during the election season and then in the post election, no, no, no. democrats we are going to focus on legislation. we want to talk about the economy. healthcare, that's what they won on. they are not going to be --
3:33 am
there will be some investigations but won't be the focus. a couple nights ago i was filling in for martha maccallum and i had ed rendell on you are totally wrong the party is not moving to the left. he had a op-ed smartly written ed rendell saying let's legislate and not investigate. he sworn that's what the democrats are going to do. hear about what howard dean and others are saying. i don't believe it. rachel: here is howard dean by the i think that is actually possible trump has to be removed which is not far-fetched. then pence has to go. case nasa not been made. if that happens, however, we will welcome president pelosi. ed: speaker next in line for the president. boom, boom, boom. pete: part of a conversation on twitter he was having with somebody. he was responding for that the case hasn't been made for impeaching pence. there is no case for the president either it reveals it bubbles right below the surface. they're hiding it and masking it with policy and talk new agenda and things they want to do.
3:34 am
they know nothing they pass will -- very little of it will get signed. they can do it without fear of implementation but right underneath it, if something goes wrong you just wait. ed: sometimes it's not right underneath sometimes it's right up front. rachel: sometimes i wondered if some of the volatility in the market have been a little bit of that feeling that we kind of all know that they said as you said, ed, during the election season, no, no, no, we are not trying to do that tried to shut up maxine waters. in the end this is what they have been always been after since day one. ed: become blood sport not just about impeachment or we have grounds to investigate. let's go after the president. let's go after his kids. let's put them in jail. some democrats are not satisfied with just going even through a process. it's this is a blood sport. listen to michael moore. >> what are you most looking forward to in 2019. >> as many members of the trump family in orange jump suits as possible. [laughter]
3:35 am
>> that's mean-spirited. >> wrong way to end such a if he has been time of the year with such animosity. those who would do wrong to this country. pete: at least i give him credit for saying that's pretty mean-spirited the laughing going on over. this let's just throw a bunch of people in jail. we don't really know why. but let u.s. just take out u.s.t take out the man's family. pete: it is completely lazy and gone. they haven't looked at any of the evidence that's been presented or attempted to be presented over the last two years there was any sort of russian collusion. if you look at it you would be walking back from those statements, not doubling down on them. rachel: pathetic but also hypocritical. there is double standard the children of other -- of democrat politicians are rarely spoken about in that way. so there is definitely. pete: what do you think,
3:36 am ed: ready for president pelosi? rachel: medical alert for holiday travelers health officials those who went through newark airport on christmas eve may have been exposed to measles. an international passenger was inspected with a highly contagious disease officials say. anyone who was at the new jersey airport from noon to 4:00 p.m. may have been exposed. a local women's march in california is cancelled. organizers knicksing the annual demonstration because march fers are, quote: overwhelmingly white. in the meantime, the group vows to make it more diverse. the announcement comes just days after the group cancelled the chicago march over its ties to the nation of islam leader louie farrakhan. washington state lawmakers are outraged over gonzaga university canceling an event with conservative speaker ben shapiro. 20 legislators signing a letter to the university's president urging him to reconsider while pointing out that the private school accepts taxpayer dollars.
3:37 am
gonzaga denied shapiro from speaking on campus last month saying his appearances draw protests that include extremely divisive and hateful speech. which is offensive to many people. an airport worker is going viral. i love this video after turning a tarmac into a dance floor. the employee breaking it down after spotting a baby in a plane window at toronto's international airport. the worker says he dances any time he wants to make plane pass jerusalem happy and ed is going to do this dance for us a little later. so stay tuned for that all right. rick. we are going to you for weather. what's going on out there. rick: as long as the pilots know how to read those signs throughout that's all i care about. very nice. here are the temps waking up this morning. cold air invaded parts of the far plains. 12 degrees in minneapolis. minus one in rapid city. it warms up today.
3:38 am
doesn't stay that cold. tail end of this fronts now is down here across parts of north florida, southern georgia and that kind of stall here for the next number of hours. particularly look at the future radar, we continue to stay in gloomy condition. pretty cloudy day today across parts of the southeast. more rain showers moving in and then throughout the day tomorrow that same pattern. watch what happens by the time we get towards monday. big rain across parts of east texas and that spreads here into parts of hart land of the u.s. again. more rain, more flooding this is monday, all of this moisture is going to go to the east and some of the eastern states have seen their wettest year on record or very close to it. a lot more of those are going to be watching those records fall over the next couple of days. here did you go. here's what it looks likes a you are waking this up morning wind chill wise feels like 27 in fargo. very cold, but it does rebound a little bit today. 12 degrees is what your high temperature is going to be tomorrow. back up to 25. send it down to you. >> thanks, rick. rick: you bet.
3:39 am
pete: the town of middlesex, vermont, hoping to make history this weekend hosting a winter smor s'morestice festival. hoping to make the world's biggest more. >> owner of sweet generation bakery here in new york city amy, it's great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. ed: we have 30 seconds to make. >> you have to go fast. pete: this is a pretty big s'more. >> not quite u this is what it is going to look like in the end u. >> brownie base. take your bowl of marshmallow cream, take your spatula. don't start yet. wait until the competition. rachel: it looks so good. that's a good thing, dump this right on. and then you are going to use you're straight spatula. spread it out.
3:40 am
rachel: it's not like individually. time-saving for moms and dads in the kitchen. >> absolutely. i'm doing this fast and messy. that's okay. then you are going to use this guy. get some of your blonde battery which is a cross between a cookie and a browny. you will lay it on. bunch of pieces like. so. rachel: it's like the gram cracker on top. ed: chocolate chips and other candy. >> spread your chocolate chips. rachel: take peppermint candy and smash it up. which is fun for the kids to hammer the bag. >> do it different holidays. customize it for whatever you are doing. pete: you reinventinged the s'more for me. rachel: you can do it in the winter like the s'morestice
3:41 am
thing. can you talk about the job program that you have? >> i will be happy. to say. rachel: we will go. pete: start the clock? do we have the clock? where's the clock? there it is right there. get set, go. ed: this is a mess. >> our bakery is in the east village in manhattan. run a job training program for at risk use 16 to 24. we teach job skills and do an entrepreneurship. ed: here we go. >> and we do entrepreneurship boot camp. really trying to level the playing field. pete: how do you like that. rachel: food is a great outlet for kids at risk life skill. >> great way to bring people together and bring between different groupings of people. ed: nice strategy. very nice. >> we have the dumping on all fronts will.
3:42 am
rachel: that is brilliant. >> looking good, getting messy. >> i love it. very nice. rachel: it takes a military man. [buzzer] rachel: mom is too slow. rachel: i'm just going to say mine a little slower and nicer. is the clock still going? rachel: if sean did the cooking it would look like that. ed: thanks so much for what you do. pete: winner call? >> i love the attention to detail your strategy down there was really nice. you got so messy it's hard to make a call. you guys all did so well. rachel: look how pretty mine looks. >> thanks for what you doing at risk. >> i'm come down with my kids the next time they come
3:43 am
to town. >> awesome. pete: moving on no another story, video is shocking, police officer attacked in a subway. >> step back. get back. i don't want to hurt you. ♪ get back. step back. ed: now we find out at least one of these man is an actual illegal immigrants. the city's liberal policies are to blame for lawless behavior like this. rachel: plus the left is still on a mission to take down confederate statues all across the country. this morning one minority lawmaker is here to say not so fast. his bill to protect them just ahead u. ed: bus driver becoming one community's santa claus, how he saved up his own money to give kids on his route an extra special christmas. ♪ ♪ ♪
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ed: this viral video christmas eve is pretty outrageous. it shows a new york city police officer defending himself against five homeless men in the subway. the officer has been praised for his restraint actually. he used only his baton to fend off the five attackers despite being on his own. what led to the officer is a lead alli being put in this position in the first place?
3:47 am
here blue lives matter new york city councilman joe borelli. good to see you. >> good morning. ed: talk from the political aspect and think of the city council and other officials here. what policies do you think have led to the ability of folks to just being going after police officers? >> in this case you are seeing the culmination of two bad policies the blaze plymouthed. we don't fare beaters and allow people to occupy subway platforms and harass people. the second is we no longer comply with federal officials. one of the people arrested in this incident had two ice detainers and had been arrested previous times for forcible touching. real crimes. and the new york city government didn't comply with detainers. >> i grew up arranged this city and i remember a time when rudy giuliani was the mayor he had the broken window philosophy you go after the small crimes that joe was talking band dry to snuff out some of the bigger
3:48 am
crimes. as somebody who defends law enforcement, what are police officers up against now when mayor bill de blasio as i understand he is not going after small marijuana offenses in the city. not going after fare jumpers as joe just said. that leaves the police officers as lame ducks sometimes. >> this officer was presented with a terrible situation it could have been a lot worse. use quote too much too much force on the front paper and villainized had his butt handed to him or in the hospital or killed he would be a hero. he made all of us proud training kicked in did it to a t. two things it's stopping the small crimes go. out there, affect them. get these people out of the subway system so these potential situations won't be going on. have law enforcement work with ice agents like the councilman said have guys who have these detainers who shouldn't be here in the first place. you saw the officer killed right after christmas night who was illegal immigrant. if these individuals aren't here in the first place they can't hurt anybody. we need to put the politics
3:49 am
aside. here you have nancy pelosi over in hawaii, you know, with a smile on her face. obviously she doesn't care. her family isn't under attack but my blue family is we need to do something and fix it now. ed: you mentioned officer singh. we will talk about him more through the program he is not alone sadly. officers killed in the line of duty in 2018 it was up sharply from 2017. 47 officers killed in the line of duty so far in 2018. shot and killed. joe, how do you do something to stop this? >> look, we see a nationwide war on police. value of officers not taken as seriously as it once once. we see the rise of democratic politicians running new york city and cities around the country. seattle we have $1 billion a year spent on how manyless services the result is more homelessness and crime. hempstead a crown overrun by ms-13 gang bangers the solution was to have a gun buy bank of toy guns.
3:50 am
politicians have their head in the sand when it comes to dealing with real problems and crimes in the community. ed: what's your message as we head into the new year? >> we need to respect one another, of course. officers need to do their job every single day especially here. you see officers killed in the line of duty. there is a constant war on cops. and if officers are allowed to do their job and go back to the broken windows policy small stuff lead to the big stuff stopping i think a lot of officers would be safer. ed: the left is still on a mission to take down confederate statues all around america. one minority lawmaker is here say not so fast. his bill to protect some of those statues that's next. and a transgender inmate now being transferred from a male prison to a female prison after a federal court found their rights were violated. but, is this a slippery slope? we'll debate it fair and balanced next hour. ♪ chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award
3:51 am
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3:53 am
rachel: after protests and defacement of federal statues on federal campuses an african-american lawmaker in florida has filed a bill that would bar the removal of confederate monuments in the sunshine state. pete: joining us now to discuss is florida state representative mike hill. thank you for being here this morning. viewers may be asking. >> good morning.
3:54 am
pete: why introduce that bill. >> first of all the bill goes much beyond just protecting confederate monuments. the title of the bill is soldiers and heroes memorials protection act it goes well beyond confederate monuments. any soldier or hero who has fought in any sort of conflict or battle in the u.s. starting back with the anglo spanish war and including the battle of fort mow say where if there were spanish, native american and african-americans who fought against the british and defeated them. it was the first military laws for the british on american soil. so, it goes all the way through the revolutionary war. of course, the civil war vietnam and current wars. it protects first responders and astronauts. so it goes beyond just confederate monuments. rachel: right. what's been the reaction by
3:55 am
the african-american community to your bill? >> i have only got an small reaction. from those who send me facebook or email messages. it hasn't been positive. but i will say this. those here in pensacola who i speak to firsthand, they are? support of it. this is simply a small battle in the entire war for the soul of this nation. on one side we have the left that for some reason wants to divide and destroy this nation on the other side constitutional conservatives who believe in championing the rights of the individual. free speech, freedom of religion equal protection under the law constitution that limits the government by the consent of the governed. that is the battle going on now for the soul of this nation. pete: amen, mike. it's great the bill covers a lot of monuments. you know where the focus is going to be on the left.
3:56 am
they will say mike hill wants to put up a statue honoring slave owners. what do you say to that? >> i say that's nonsense. first of all, this whole idea that we need to tear down these monuments because they are offensive is nothing more than just fake fained outrage it only started probably escalated two or three years ago. copycat movement i'm offended by these monuments that's been there for decades u some for over 100 years and including right here in pensacola we have our bay view cross which was erecerected in 1941 for the soldiers fighting in world war ii. we also have a confederate monuments here. those have been there for decades over 100 years. and now all of a sudden therein is this outrage that you are offended by it i don't think so.
3:57 am
i don't buy it. rachel: you say it doesn't change anybody's life. how do you explain that? to tear it down. >> if you tear down a monument. that does not all of a sudden make you have a better job or a better education. instead, all it does is divide and destroy. pete: well said. thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. rachel: media now attacking supreme court justice clarence thomas' wife jenny all because she asked where is the wall? what about when the media off anoff andfawns over ruth bar binsburg. is there a double standard? you'll find i go to my happy place. see if we let tensions run the show up here, then our bodies won't perform at their best out here. wait, aren't we going to the sound check? priorities. so i'm partnering with cigna, to remind you that how you're doing emotionally affects you physically.
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4:00 am
pete: illegal immigrant accused cop killer now in custody and california sheriff's outrage grows over the state's sanctuary policies. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. >> it hits us in law enforcement across the country. it's a very frustrating situation. ed: the president has made front and center tweets over the border wall. we will be forced to close the southern border entirely. >> doing a story nancy pelosi is spending the vacation vacation tion in hawaii. >> if i was in hawaii i would be getting killed. they never wanted to do a deal. rachel: beefing up security for new year's eve celebration wherer there
4:01 am
expecting 2 million people. >> what are you most looking forward to in 2019? >> as many members of the trump family in orange jump suits as possible. [laughter] ed: resolution, think still thinking. peter: we are still thinking of ours. we had to send in a few this morning. i added one about ed. [laughter] pete: that no one knows about yet. rachel: mine is always the same working out, working out. by february it's like. [laughter] ed: he probably wants to give me another used waffle maker. is that christmas gift? pete: my resolution last year was to tweet more. i definitely accomplished that. first resolution i have kept in a long time.
4:02 am
ed: tweeting at don lemon? pete: nope. thanks, ed. let us know your resolutions. we want to take some amusing ones and share them with the country. rachel: absolutely. pete: where it is quiet this morning on capitol hill as the shutdown showdown continues. president trump now threatening to close the southern border if democrats do not fund the wall. ed: president canceling new year's plans so he could stay in washington. remember, he already stayed back for christmas as nancy pelosi is spotted vacationing at a fancy resort out there in hawaii. rachel: that's right. jillian turner joins us live in washington with more on the looming shutdown, jillian? >> good morning, guys. there is no indication here in washington this weekend so far that the shutdown will end before 2019. congress is out of town for the most part. president trump remains here tweeting. he is threatening a border shutdown in the middle of the shutdown. saying well be forced to close the southern border
4:03 am
entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddled with. hard to believe there is a congress and president who would approve. he is also threatening once again to slash aid to honduras, el salvador and guatemala. he says their governments are failing to stop their citizens from traveling to the u.s. illegally. republicans and democrats remains several billion dollars apart on border security funding. and disagree on what exactly constitutes a wall house dems are calling expensive ineffective and immoral while republicans are trying to hold nancy pelosi's feet to the fire. lindsey graham tweeting yesterday to nancy pelosi and house democrats no wall money, no deal. he believes she is refusing to negotiate on wall funding to appeal to liberal colleagues in the house in order to ensure her support for her candidacy back to
4:04 am
you. ed: gillian turner in washington. trying to push that message. chuck schumer the senate democratic leader has been willing to deal with us. nochings is a problem she wants to make sure she takes care of her left. she is likely to be speaker of the house. rachel: she still has to get those votes. ed: still has to take a tough line with the president. she wants to be able to claim victory by making her first action as the new speaker if he she gets it to reopen the government and say it was me. it was not the president. pete: conventional wisdom types send out news letters to tell us to be smart about certain things they would say republicans should make a deal now. control the house get a better deal. once they get nancy an they wilt get any deal. devolve down to what the democrats want no money for the wall. from the beginning president trump has never listened to conventional wisdom in 2016. said he couldn't win. couldn't be a candidate. couldn't get passed. i think washington thinks this is going to hurt trump. trump digging his heels in
4:05 am
on his signature issue. other hicious in the news get to in a second. bring about the human as specht of why this is so important. very much could be and should be a winner for him. rachel: you make a really interesting point. the way shutdowns work is they end when one side gets the blame, right? i think up until in my opinion very recently the democrats were certain and maybe even the republicans that the republicans were going to get the blame because usually they do. however, i think the october of nancy pelosi being in hawaii. the president staying in washington, d.c. where he is, you know, waiting to do negotiations, can sing his new year's eve plans and plans to get this government back open in addition to the very tragic news of an illegal immigrant killing a police officer legal immigrant. in the home state of
4:06 am
california. i think something might be shifting right under our feet right now. pete: you might be right. we are not hearing from nancy pelosi and dianne feinstein. we are not hearing, ed, you know, speaking of twitter. ed took to twitter and pointed something out. ed: ted lieu was tweeting up about the wall and attacks the president. congressman, doing a story on reaction from lawmakers in california, he is from california, to the killing of police officer ron singh have you sent any tweets or full statements on police officer killed in your home state? guess what it's 24 hours later. i have not heard from congressman lou. dianne feinstein sent out at least two tweets that i saw saying that there should be congressional hearings into the boy who tragically died in u.s. custody this week the migrant boy. go through the facts no child in u.s. custody should die. we should do everything we can and it appears that the doctors tried. you want to hold a congressional hearing on that and find out what went wrong and what we can do better let's do it. why ♪ a single major california
4:07 am
democrat whether it's dianne feinstein ted lieu, nancy pelosi by the way i checked her twitter feed, tweet about climate change, this and that. all big issues, why are you not talking about a police officer murdered in cold blood on christmas night leaving behind widow and 5-month-old boy killed in your home state? is it because he was killed by illegal immigrant and it doesn't fit your narrative. if ted lieu does not just want to respond on twitter but come here tomorrow and talk about it you are welcome. rachel: or nancy or other of the democrat congressman who seem to not have much interest in what happened and the circumstances and the policies that led to this unnecessary tragic death. ed: why would they speak? what they going to say. cop killer entered across the arizona border had two previous dui arrests. we are learning of this because this happened yesterday. because california is sanctuary state. ice was never notified. he was never deported.
4:08 am
is he a known gang member of one the largest and most violent mexican street gangs in america today. ed: mother and co-worker were also arrested because they were trying to cover it up and keep him in hiding. i think all tolled there were several people who were arrested because they were lying to law enforcement about this man's whereabouts. you are right he is an illegal immigrant. the sheriff has very direct in saying look, the sheriff said i don't want to make this political but it's california's sanctuary state status that led to this officer being killed. here's what he said. i am pleased and very proud that the suspect is in custody. teams from the kearns county sheriff's office and other agencies helped us relentlessly pursue this suspect in pursuit of justice. >> he's not coming back but
4:09 am
a lot of law enforcement people that i don't know worked days and nights to make this happen. i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart to make this happen. i was eight waiting for this to happen. i would like to thank you working day and night to make this happen. rachel: they had to hold him up he was so emotional and in pain. as painful as it is to watch is the result of sanctuary city policies that prevent law enforcement from taking people who have committed crimes and turning them over to ice who can actually remove them from the country. pete: corporal singh patriot who came here to this country because they love this country. they fought to learn english. pete: pursuing the american dream doing it in a uniform and beautiful wife and young
4:10 am
baby. 5-month-old son. taken hours before he was murdered in cold blood on christmas night. unbelievable. pete: that's why ted lieu does not want to tweet. rachel: lowering the flag half-staff is not enough to deal with what happened here. a police officer shot in the face has died. officer michael smith passed away at atlanta hospital after fighting for his life for three weeks. the 33-year-old was responding to a disturbance at a dentist office during a fiscal struggle his gun fired one bullet striking him and killing the suspect. it's unclear who shot the gun. the 7 year department veteran leaves behind a wife and 3-year-old son. the pentagon is backing president trump's order to pull 2,000 troops from syria. in a tweet, the department of defense calling the next phase in syria a deliberate well thought out mutually supportive and well controlled withdraw. this comes as u.s. backed syrian kurds are reportedly
4:11 am
now turning to russia and the assad regime for protection from turkey and an elementary school bus driver went the extra mile for his riders this christmas after asking each student what they wanted. curtis jenkins bought 70 presents with his own money. jenkins feels kids need to be shown more love and positivity. what a nice guy. those are your headlines. pete: that's awesome. as some have said, the left wouldn't have any standards if they didn't have double standards. and there is a glaring double standard that came to our attention we thought you might be interested. in clarence thomas, supreme court justice, his wife's name is jenny thomas. she is a long-time conservative grassroots activist. anyone who knows her knows she is passionate about that. ed: she is outspoken. pete: she always has been. on facebook a couple weeks ago again the wife of clarence thomas well known in d.c. as a conservative. she wrote california residents are sounding the alarm aliens are carjacking and attacking americans.
4:12 am
where is the national guard and where is the wall? ed: what is going on with guinea thomas. she sounds like the washington wire of or. pearl earrings sunglasses on facebook behaving like slightly paranoid neighbor who stockpiles bullets and astronaut food. why are they going after her? her looks what she is wearing. by the way her opinions she is a strong woman speaking out. just because you don't like what she says. rachel: look at the stereotype of what a conservative woman looks like, blonde bob with a tier on her head, pearls a reagan dress it is just dripping with condescension and, again, liberals think women should speak up and have opinions as long as they are not conservative. ed: they celebrate ruth bader ginsburg going further giving opinions and attacking the president. they sold her up as a hero.
4:13 am
the wife of a supreme court justice wants to speak her mind on facebook or anywhere else and shoe is a bad person. rachel: more appropriate for ginni thomas to be talking about politics than the justifiable ruth bader ginsburg who is supposed to be impartial. ed: that's what they said during the kavanaugh hearings. pete: i have nothing to add because they nailed it. i know ginni thomas, nice woman. passionate. ed: don't like her politics, challenge her on the issues. don't go after her pearl necklace. rachel: or go after every conservative woman. pete: astronaut food and stockpiling ammo stereo time. they think of you and me because i like ammo, too. ed: oh boy, always got to take it one step further. pete: arrest of illegal immigrant accused of killing a california officer. mendosa also killed by illegal immigrant. she is here to share the cost of illegal immigration coming up.
4:14 am
ed: another angel family to hear from. forget the shutdown by nancy and democrats are now on a hiring spree. hint, they are hiring people to investigate the president. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ brad's about to find out if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip. i'm 85 years old in a job where.
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4:17 am
rachel: illegal immigrants now accused of murdering a california police officer. for our next guest, this story hits close to home. pete: her son police sergeant brandon mendosa, that man right, there was also killed by illegal immigrant. joining us now angel mom mary ann mendosa. thank you for joining us this morning and thank you for strength and currently and sacrifice of you and your family. we think of you every day but especially on a day like this. first of all, tell us 'your son-in-law why he served and what happened. >> brandon knew early on he wanted to be a police officer and he wanted to serve his community. and on may 12th, 2014, he was on his way home from work and a three-time illegal drunk criminal high on meth had driven 35 miles wrong way on four different freeways in phoenix before slamming head on to my son. pete: my goodness. this is still ferrari fresh this latest murder of this
4:18 am
police officer saying. tell us what this police officer is going through right now. >> my heart is just ripping apart in my chest knowing. every death is tragic and every funeral that a family has to plan for a family member is tragic. but when it's a law enforcement officer, it's almost like the planning is taken away from you because the law enforcement family takes over. and it's very overwhelming and it's very touching but it's -- i mean, there are so many words that are just coming to my mind but i just wants the family to know that my heart goes out to them and angel families are praying for them. we know exactly, you know, the struggle that they are dealing with today. pete: mary ann as this unholds we hear politicians talking about we don't want a wall, abolish ice, maintaining sanctuary cities. this guy who killed corporal
4:19 am
singh had multiple duis and never referred to ice. what are your feelings about the policies that seem to emphasize i will illegals over citizens. >> the acceptable amount of crime in our country committed against american citizens by is zero. it's a nonissue. the amount of crime that we should accept is zero. and this is just another death and it's added to the toll of tens of thousands of americans that have been killed by illegal criminal aliens in our country. i look at nancy pelosi and chuck schumer that they are actually committing treasonous acts against the american people when they're placing illegal aliens and their rights and their protection ahead of their fellow american citizens who have actually voted them into office and who are paying their salaries in d.c. and every politician in washington, d.c. should be listening very closely to the american people right now because we have woken up and we are tired of the lies that come out of their
4:20 am
mouth. nancy has the gull to stand in front of camera and say criminals don't come over the border. they don't bring diseases. they don't bring crime. does she really think we are that idiotic that we haven't figured this out by now? so these politicians need to start worrying about where they are and they need to stop concentrating on investigating our president for crimes he has committed because maybe the american people are going to start bringing suits against them for the crimes they are committing against americans by not protecting us and that's the oath they took. rachel: mary ann what can me, pete, our viewers, and we as viewers can do to show solidarity with the family as they mourn? we feel so helpless. >> yeah. you know, angel, it's a group that michelle root and i formed to bring angel families together. people who have been affected by illegal alien crime because we know the pain and we know the heartache. and i want the family to know we are there to them if they need to reach out to us. but, it's just -- it needs
4:21 am
to be, you know, positive things on social media, and let the family know that, you know, we back them up 100 percent. pete: well said. mary ann mendoza, thank you for joining us this morning. more "fox & friends" on the other side. deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials. vascepa looks different because it is different. over a decade of extensive research and development achieved proven results. that's the prescription power of vascepa. vascepa is not right for everyone. do not take vascepa if you are allergic to icosapent ethyl or any inactive ingredient in vascepa. tell your doctor if you are allergic to fish, have liver problems or other medical conditions and about any medications you take,
4:22 am
especially those that may affect blood clotting. 2.3% of patients reported joint pain. ask your doctor about what the science behind prescription vascepa can mean to you. amarin thanks the clinicians and patients who participated in the vascepa clinical trials.
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4:24 am
rachel: time now for news by the numbers. first $575 million that's how much wells fargo is paying to settle state investigations over fake bank accounts. they admit some employees opened accounts for customers without them knowing to meet sales goals. the bank is teams about sales practices. next, 1 trillion. that's how many story combinations netflix is offering for new movie ban der snatch. choose your own adventure pick five possible endings. finally $1.5 billion. that's the size of october's mega millions jackpot which still hasn't been claimed. the winning ticket was sold in south carolina if no one collects it after 180 days the money goes back to the 44 states. ed: somebody better collect that. ed: transgender inmate transferred to women's prison after claiming years of abuse in an all male
4:25 am
facility. a federal court ruled in favor of dion strawberry hampton who is serving a 10 year sentence for burglary in illinois. could this case set a precedent all around the country? joining us now to discuss is the president of the correction officer's benevolent association allies and former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney venu vargas. good to see you. >> good to see you, sir. ed: tell me why you believe this is a threat for you. >> well, i think that it's important that everybody watching understand that you cannot marginalize safety. you can't marginalize safety. and it appears that everybody that has anything that's talking about jail reform and prison reform wants to take safety and put safety on the backseat and put everything else upfront. we have to be realistic that inside jail we have crimes. there are sexual assault and things that go on inside jails.
4:26 am
so we can't just. ed: i get that please tell me specifically then in this case understand it strawberry hampton is going a man to a woman. why is that a threat to corrections officer. >> for example on required in new york city jails we already house transgender inmates already housed in the female jail. the safety issue becomes we have to protect, again, we have to protect the other inmates because against sexual assault and things happening. this personal is in jail for committing a crime. not for being a transgender. unfortunately, what's going on now in this country is that everybody is dealing with this jail reform and nobody wants to talk about safety, the safety of the inmates. ed: okay. >> the safety of the corrections officers who are also sexually assaulted by inmates it is a safety issue we can't marginalize. ed: let's give him a chance to respond. >> i think the first thing here this case actually was
4:27 am
about safety. this woman, who is transgender, was treated horrifically within prison, subjected to all sorts of abuse by other prisoners and by correction staff. and these claims were found to be substantiated by independent reviews. i mean, horrible, horrible things that were going on. and she had been transferred a couple times to different male prisoners. ultimately the decision came down and the judge didn't order the prisoner moved but actually wanted her to get some counseling while she was in segregation. the speed at which they moved her you think this was the bill clinton administration and the secret way they did it was don't ask, don't tell. because it was done in secret in response even though the judge didn't order the transfer. illinois has a terrible history. you have to look at what illinois has done and the corrections chief is talking about safety. but, the actual evidence hearing the judge conducted there was no evidence presented putting a transgender woman into a
4:28 am
woman's prison would pose any greater threat to the women in the facility. ed: elias answer that. you claim this is a safety issue at the top and now you are hearing from vinoo from some of the details in the case this person who was a man becoming a woman was being sexually abused more by men and was actually than other inmates, perhaps, number one. and number two was actually being assaulted, abused by corrections officers. i will give you a chance to respond. >> i can't respond to what's going on in illinois. i can tell you what's going on here in new york city. and that's not an issue. correction officers are not being accused of these type of things like i said before. we already have these inmates in with the female -- with the other female inmates and it is -- i don't mean to be repetitive it is an issue of safety because we have to keep the other inmates safe. the one quick thing is, this listen. what's going on now in the jail system and the prison system, correction officers, we're like the super hero of law enforcement all of the
4:29 am
sudden because rikers island had 40% inmates mentally ill. they are doing mental health work. juveniles who are now -- we are now doing counseling juvenile counseling. ed: you are dealing with a lot i got it. vinoo you make the last point. what does this mean for prisons across the country? >> look, i'm sorry, go ahead. >> the issue is actually going to come up before the u.s. supreme court of what rights do transgenders have in the military. being heard in d.c. and being heard in the ninth circuit in california. it looks like it's going to go to the supreme court. the trump administration has asked it to go to the supreme court. but, in this case the illinois department of corrections didn't make the argument to compare this woman to other transgenders but because it was a sex discrimination case that's why the illinois department of corrections lost. in terms of precedent, ultimately i think this will be before the u.s. supreme court. ed: it will go to the high court. vinoo and allies thank you for coming in. >> thank you.
4:30 am
ed: remember when schumer wanted a border fence that was before president trump was in office. >> people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as those who enter the u.s. legally. ed: not that long ago schumer was for the wall. dan bongino wants to call out the hypocrisy coming up. what would happen if you showed up to work with wine? that's what lebron did. the move that has everybody talking this morning. king james. ♪ there's a party at the bar ♪ everybody put your glasses up ♪ and drink to that ♪ not long ago, ronda started here. and then, more jobs began to appear. what started with one job spread all around. because each job in energy creates many more in this town. not in this house.
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>> we need to have a dialogue. we need to have a conversation and i hope that the death of officer singh who was needlessly and tragically gunned down that his death is not in vain. hopefully this will have a positive message and we can sit down and talk about some of these policies that restrict law enforcement's ability, our ability to effectively protect our communities. pete: yeah, that was the sheriff in the county in which corporal singh was killed by illegal immigrant. a story we are covering on the show all morning long.
4:34 am
here to react let's bring in dan bongino former secret service agent and nypd officer and host of the podcast and author of by gate the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump. dan, thanks for being here this morning as a law enforcement officer yourself. i know you are passionate about this. break down what happened and what it means. >> pete, you can't watch that press conference with corporal singh's brother fought through tears to thank the law enforcement officers for everything they did. and not lose it yourself and not melt. it was one of the most painful things i have seen in a long time. i watched it on twitter over and over because corporal singh, a legal immigrants to this country was everything, everything that's right about this country. did you see the pictures of corporal singh and his beautiful family the day before christmas. how could you not think to yourself taken by this alleged shooter here who is in the country illegally, i
4:35 am
might add. right? every christmas, every year his family from this point on is going to have an empty seat at their table. and they are going to be reminded during what's supposed to be the most joy outside time of the season about the most tragic moment in their life. look at that picture. can i see it on my monitor now. i want everybody to look at that that is an american hero and a patriot right there. that guy is gone. he is never going to take another breath of oxygen because someone and granted, i stipulate the argument, a lot of people come here illegally do not go on to commit other crimes although they broke the law getting here. i'm sorry to go on about this but this is important. this is indisputable fact. look at that picture. not one person in this country illegally who decided to forego the legal process and break the law should have been here. this hero should be alive right now. he should be alive and we lost limb. we cannot defend our borders because our politicians in
4:36 am
d.c. aren't doing a damn thing about it. you speak a lot of common sense. it used to be on this issue a little bit, rachel. rachel: right, absolutely. we saw yesterday the mayor in oakland says she has no regrets about having alerted illegal aliens 'ice coming and the raid. she has no regrets about it i thought about what she said. those of us who have common sense, it seems ludicrous that we would allow a policy where the law enforcement cannot talk to ice and get people who are criminals out of our country. i have to say, she is probably reflecting the values of her community. do you think that this tragic incident might change minds in california? >> you know, rachel, on a saturday morning.
4:37 am
it's a weekend, you know, it's a holiday season, i would love to tell you some great news and say oh, yeah. it's going to wake up a lot of these open borders advocates to the dangers of unfettered border. i can't do that i think there is a wing of the democrat party. not all but a wisconsin the democratic party absolutely committed to open borders and basically the destruction of the republic as we know it again, i'm not talking about all democrats. i'm not making a global statement. i don't think that's a mystery anymore. they don't care. you know, that steven miller interview on another network was so telling. when he pinned down the host and said to him tell steven miller from the white house of course an advocate for strong borders tell me one thing the democrats have done to defend our borders and get a semblance of immigration policy they can't name one thing. they are against kate's law.
4:38 am
they're guns against defunding sanctuaries cities. the wheel is old technology. and do you know why we use it? because it works. ed: there was a time not too long ago, actually, when democrats were for the wall. called it a fence watch. >> the first of these seven principles is illegal immigration is wrong, plain and simple. when we use phrases like undocumented workers, we convey a message to the american people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration which the american people overwhelming oppose. i think it is illegal and wrong. people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the u.s. legally. ed: multiple time he voted for fencing, walling.
4:39 am
democrats say they got a daca fix in exchange it wasn't just the wall in and of itself. dan, i remember john kerry being for the war in iraq before he was against it sounds like schumer was for the wall before he was against it. >> ed, there's a reason that the democrats have had this evolution and i'm using the air quote into open borders advocates. that's what they're. let's not mistake this for anything else. they have lost in droves working class voters. they have in the united states. what they need to do sen act an open borders policy in conjunction with nearly limitless social state. way to buy off voters. only way democrats can possibly, possibly maintain their status as one of the major parties in the united states. because their agenda, as it's gone radical dickly far left does not appeal to works class americans anymore u that's what they think they can do. ed: i hear but the flip flop on the wall. how can you say democrats are losing working class
4:40 am
voters when they just won control of the house? >> because, ed, they lost pennsylvania. they lost michigan. they lost wisconsin for the first time. ed: in 2016 they lost those states but in 2018, didn't they make some gains? they made gains in suburban districts. when you look at rural areas, agricultural areas, look at states pennsylvania fools gold for republicans forever we final solid a candidate in the white house puts his finger on the pulse it frightens the democrats. they have seen this hemorrhaging of working class voters. they have seen -- they have become the party of the elites now, not the republicans, and they are genuinely worried. they want to combine a big benefit state with open borders and they think they can replenish the ranks of their voters for power. it's a simply a by them. it's not complicated. why else would they do it? ed, what else explains their revolution? you have the tape yourself. hillary clinton and all of them. pete: is it compassion and political correctness or
4:41 am
insanity? no, i think it's voters. rachel: i think it's a combination of all those things. i think some of them. pete: self-loathing. rachel: probably a combination. i think you make a good point, dan. >> i don't buy the compassion argument one bit i will tell you why. they were offered a couple times in exchange where you allow people to stay in the country a form of amnesty, they could not vote for a certain period of time. do you know what the democrats said, no thanks. because they don't care about compassion and staying in the country. they stay about votes. pete: america like an evil outdated place. dan bongino, thank you for your time. rachel: we will turn now to your headlines. a utility company may be facing murder and manslaughter charges over its possible role in california's deadliest and most destructive wildfire. pacific gas role in november's camp wildfire allegedly started by a downed power line prosecutors are investigating whether reckless power line
4:42 am
negligence was malicious. 86 people were killed. live look at capitol hill where house committees are seeing a big boom in job application. house democrats are looking to hire new staffers before potential investigations into president trump according to cnn several committees reportedly posting applications looking for experienced counsel. house democrats want to double their staff after the new congress starts next month according to the report. lebron james is living his best life ever. the nba all star player showing up to work carrying a glass of red wine. james had to sit out for last night's game against the los angeles clippers as he recovers from a strained groin. since he wasn't playing he clearly thought it was time to start his friday night party a little early. ed: come on. it was 5:00 somewhere. pete: i may or may not be guilty you go to like soccer game, how am i going to make it through this? i deny it all.
4:43 am
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pete: facebook already in turmoil this year amid allegations of privacy and bias toward conservatives. bombshell report by the "new york times" is revealing the social media giant has a secret rule book to help sensor political speech. you heard that right. global political speech. the report concludes these rules, quote: make the company a far more powerful arbiter of global speech than has been publicly recognized or acknowledged by the company itself. here to react senior fellow at the center for digital government and national cyber security, contributor for the morgan wright. thank you for being here this morning. when i read words like speech policing rule book
4:47 am
sounds orwellian to me. what does this mean? >> i was thinking the same thing 1948 georgeorwell big brother controlling everything. good friend of mine chris plante says the media has the most insidious power is the power to ignore. facebook has the most insidious power online to pick and choose who gets heard union line. they we would so much power. top social media facebook, what's app. messenger and instagram all owned by facebook. if you want to talk about somebody who has control that's facebook. pete: part of leaked material "new york times." company has moderators are told to remove any post praising, suppor, supporting or representing the people on the list. secret list if you are on it, you are off. if you talk about that person now you are in trouble. >> kind of like the no-fly no fy list. how do i get my point of view out.
4:48 am
culture and context. something that's appropriate to say in one culture is not appropriate in another. these rules are so -- it takes 10 ph.d.s and a bowl of spaghetti to figure what's going on here. nobody knows. i have seen some of my friends 30 day suspension on facebook for articulating a point of view that's political but their right to say those things except on facebook you don't have a right to say things that facebook disagrees with. not the culture or the context that it's being said within. pete: absolutely. how do they decide who goes on the list you? are exactly right. take, for example, the son of b.b. netanyahu has been -- was banned. >> unbelievable. pete: for making pro-israel comments and being critical of palestinians. hezbollah, islamic terrorist group openly has a facebook page. we live in a world where if those kind of disconnects are happening, how is anybody going to get it right? >> i was just here a couple nights ago with brian coal fact, the guy building the wall. triple amputee he had his page removed by facebook. here is somebody who
4:49 am
sacrificed his life limbs in theselves of this country and, yet, he has his pages removed from. terrorism stapghts, how do you allow this kind of propaganda. these -- you know, we have given a rocket launcher slingshots when you allow them to stay on social media and get their propaganda out to do more recruiting. they can't recruit in the united states physically. how do they do it? they do it online they get their hate speech out. i'm surprised places like hezbollah, are allowed to exist on social media platforms. pete: i'm not. a lot of these folks are leftist. they are politically correct. >> right. pete: however you want to put it what do conservatives do? how do you fight back? how do you change this. >> everybody has tried doing other platforms. laura got banned from twitter and went to another platform and tried to build it up. when you are number one it's hard to displace the incumbent. facebook and these folks are going to be there. if you remember old happy days episode fonzie jumps the shark. statement on when things
4:50 am
have reached thin zenith and gone on, i think facebook, places like this have jumped the shark now. people are deleting the app. one in four americans have delete you had the mobile app. it's about trust and privacy. nobody trusts facebook to keep their information private anymore. especially after came cambridge analytica. pete, i watched the congressional hearings from facebook to twitter to google. i'm telling you besides wanting to get my life back for that time it's amazing how little they said and how clueless congress is we have to educated congress so they can ask better questions and pass better laws. pete: gone are the days when corporations from the u.s. had a patriotic responsibility as well just aren't global citizens. >> absolutely. pete: morgan wright, thank you for your time. >> you bet, pete. pete: we reached out to facebook. we have not heard back yet. maybe they will delete my account after this segment. we will find out. you may have heard of gun buy back programs. what about a toy gun buy back? uh-oh. half of my house is going to get bought back.
4:51 am
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rachel: new year, new you. if you are looking to update your wardrobe ahead of the new year on a new budget. we have got you covered. fashion editor for her life magazine juay, like the sexiest name. >> thank you. rachel: for less. look at some of these trends. these are budget deals. >> we will actually have a somewhat sexy look, too. we have a variety of looks today and, yes, if you are going into 2019, and you are vowing to be a little more stylish, there is going to be some easy ways to do it. rachel: start with taylor. >> we'll start with taylor. come on out. rachel: wow, i love that look. >> i love a classic blazer. separates are always classic. the blazer happenings to be a really hot runway trend. get them in all source of prints and fa fabrication. this is actually under $35 from h and m. i paired with the always classic skinny jean, another tape tell. rachel: a pair of pumps always up the look.
4:55 am
>> all from white house black market. separates you with style together. takes the blazer from being boring and kind of officey to fun. rachel: for a blazer for h and m for 35, the lining underneath really cool look. >> yes. >> so let's go with heather she is doing long ray inspired look. >> long ray inspired all the celebrities are doing it we don't always have rihanna's budget. this is great way to do it. that is actually a velvet burn out robe from soma intimates. an actual robe for $52. and i took it and i turned it into -- you can wear it as a dress. can you wear it over leggings like heather has. i put the birth belt another trend to tie it all together. cute booties and in a sort of sexy look that's for outside of the bedroom inside of inside the bedroom. rachel: might have a robe at home and you don't have to spend. >> that's exactly right.
4:56 am
get creative. rachel: next trend, you say everyone should have a meeted skirt. >> the meeted skirt has been all over the place lately in all sorts of prints and fabric. this one is actually from chicos. it's under $50 of course leopard. rachel: never goes out of style. >> very verse tile and i paired it with loop neck top from chicos i love this merlot color it's so pretty and of the season right now. it's just a really great affordable look. your look holds together without doing a lot of work. rachel: everyone looks very pulled together. very polished and it's all on a budget no. excuse for not looking great this year. >> absolutely. you can do it. rachel: thank you so much for joining us jenea'. ladies, you look awesome. gorgeous, beautiful. still ahead, construction crews beginning on the president's border wall. we are going to break down the plans on the work. and, we just gave you some
4:57 am
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5:00 am
pete: california authorities have captured the illegal immigrant suspected of killing a police officer. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. >> my heart is just ripping apart. the amount of crime that we should accept is zero. ed: the president of the united states has made front and center funding for the border wall. tweets that included we will be forced to closed southern border entirely. >> this is complete insanity, at what point do we as a sovereign nation not have the right to say we are going to secure our border. >> the president canceling his new year's plans so he could stay in washington. as nancy pelosi is spotted vacationing at fancy resort in hawaii. rachel: beefing up security for the famous new year's eve celebration where they are expecting nearly 2 million people. >> hospital more than 30 staff members gave birth in 2018. it's a record number of newborns for the unit. ♪
5:01 am
♪ i want something just like this ♪ pete: did that come out in 2018. if that came out in 2018 we might play that on new year's eve for all-american new year. ed: big star? rachel: be a lot of fun. pete: a lot of people in times square. ed: you only know 2018 music. rachel: scored doing this year because it was freezing last year. pete: i think that's part of the reason why. everyone who did it last year said no way. ed: including me. pete: it's going to be fifth this year thank you all. minnesota played off finally. rachel: let us know what your new year's resolutions email us at pete: we want creative and ridiculous. ed: we updated the wardrobe.
5:02 am
folks from planet fitness coming up. rachel: that's right. he had he'd lot happening. pete: a lot going on in the program. a lot going on around the world and in this country and in california. a fox news alert. the illegal immigrant accused cop killer now in custody along with seven others, including others who tried to help facilitate the escape and california sheriff's outrage grows over the state's sanctuary policies after murder of a police officer that he says could have been prevented. we now know that the cop killer was 32 years old. came from mexico. entered the u.s. illegally across the arizona border. had two previous dui arrests in this country. but never deported because california is a sanctuary state. so ice was never notified. he is also, that man right there, whose name we will not say. is a known member of a violent mexican street gang surenos as well. gang member with two previous duies, never
5:03 am
deported 1:00 a.m. suspected drunk. shoots a cop, tries to flee. the long arm of the law finds him along with seven other people. is he trying to go to mexico and get out of this country. ed: so he could come back illegally again. rachel: lots of aliases one way they get away. here is the county sheriff adam christianson he is blasting the sanctuary city's policies in california saying that this death was preventible. >> while we absolutely need to stay focused on officer singh's service and sacrifice, we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. and under sb 54 in california, based on two arrests for dui and some other active warrants that this criminal has out there, law enforcement would have been prevented, prohibited from sharing any information with ice about this criminal gang member.
5:04 am
ladies and gentlemen, this is not how you protect a community. ed: sheriff christianson went on to say point blank officer singh would be alive today but for the sanctuary law. i think what's important to underline is we talk about this weekend after weekend about the sanctuary city policies. and the president tweets about it. the democrats say it's just the president politicizing illegal imgreat lakes he is attacks he is a racist. all these things they throw to audited all the time. it's a bunch of bunk. you have a sheriff trying to defend our community. saying this officer would be alive today but for these sanctuary policies. this is the real impact in communities around the country. there's the impact right there. one family, but it could be any family in america. there is an officer who is a legal immigrant with a widow now and a 5-month-old son left behind. rachel: hardly an isolated incident. we just had on our program mary ann men dos doze is a who also died at the hand of
5:05 am
illegal immigrant criminal background could have been turned over to ice and deported but was not. pete: yesterday we had a chance to hear from the fallen officer's brother reggie singh. it was tough and powerful. reminds you of the human impact of policies. listen to reggie singh. >> he is not coming back. but,. [sobbing] there is a lot of people out there that misses him. and a lot of law enforcement people that i don't know worked days and nights to make this happen. i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart make this happen? i wish i could thank all the law enforcement agencies, homeland security in san francisco, everyone. i would like to thank you working day and night to make this happen.
5:06 am
pete: two grateful immigrants who came here the right way. we love it everything they have done contrast that with the ungrateful. ed: just seeking out the american dream. the sirng family was seeking the american dream. the american dream was stolen from them. it was ripped out. think about that widow and that 5-month-old son. i don't want to keep repeating. rachel: i'm glad you are, ed. it is a real human consequence. again, a legal immigrant. he came here legally. not only that he came here and volunteered on the force because he so wanted to be a law enforcement officer. he eventualleventually becoming. english is the opportunity in our country. he took english classes so he could do his job even better of protecting us u. pete: some elites don't understand why 32% of hispanics voted for republicans in 2016. why the president has strong approval rating amongst hispanics. your family came here legally.
5:07 am
rachel: absolutely. pete: if we did it the right way other people should, too. the left talks so much about fairness. how unfair for everyone who is trying and this is how legal immigrants feel about the illegal immigration in our country. they don't like it. they don't like it more than all of us native borns because they know it's fundamentally unfair. by the way, we are robbing people of a beautiful citizenship process. that helps people assimilate and love our country the way the singh family does. pete: that's a great point. rachel: this is a horrible preventible tragedy. and the sheriff couldn't have put it in better terms. pete: think about it. sanctuary means local cops can't tell the feds if a gang member can't be deported. ed: this is not happening in a vacuum. it's happening in the middle of a partial government shutdown in which what is at issue at the center of it. illegal immigration and cracking down on it. who has made that the central issue? the president of the united states. democrats are now trying to say it's the trump shutdown. is he on defense. the president insisting no,
5:08 am
i'm going to stay on offense. he tweeted we will be closed tforced toclose the southern bor entirely if obstructionist democrats do not give u.s. the money to finish the wall and also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our country is saddle with. hard to believe there was a congress and president who would approve. rachel: people wanting to know why won't the democrats give president trump the wall. there are deals to be made. they say they want to help daca kids there are other things in the budget that they could trade-off for a wall. we asked ned ryun why he thought the democrats are refusing to give donald trump and the republican as wall during the shutdown. >> they can't give him anything for his wall. because it would infuriate their far left base who doesn't want anything dealt with whether w. our immigration system or securing our border. think think they are getting a two-for.
5:09 am
they are denying trump a win and making leftist base happy. i will say this. it is pretty stunning. this has all taken place over the last five years when in 2013 most every democratic senator voted $46 billion in nearly 700 miles of border wall. i think it's gotten to the pointed this is complete insanity, mark. at what point do we as a sovereign nation not have the right to say we are going to secure our borders. we have a moral responsibility to our citizens. ed: we have a moral responsibility to protect our children too. democrats talk a good game about the opioids crisis. you want to do something about that crisis? do something about the border. rachel: there are counties in wisconsin that are literally going bankrupts because the drug problem is so severe. that literally they are running outive funds to take care of all the children who are being left orphaned or fosters because of the drug crisis. the other reason that ned other reason they -- i think something is shifting.
5:10 am
shut downs end when one side thinks they are losing and they fold. up until about a couple days ago the democrats were pretty certain they were going to win and the republicans were going to fold. that's why nancy pelosi is in hawaii right now. i think the death of officer singh and also the optics of having her all the way in hawaii and not in washington, d.c. where the president is sitting waiting, canceling christmas plans, canceling new year's eve plans, waiting for them to negotiate on, this i don't think it's a good look. and the tide may be turning on this. pete: yes. they are left without a policy. they don't want the wall. they don't want ice. they want sanctuary cities. what do they stand for? the president says i have got a clear strategy. let's address it and i think you are right. i think the narrative will shift. it shouldn't be about narratives it should been right and wrong. ed: tell us when the shutdown will end and who will emerge? will the president get some wall funding or not rachel: we will turn now to your headlines with a fox
5:11 am
news alert. four tourists dead after a roadside bomb bomb pyramids in egypt. 11 people on board are seriously injured. including the driver. authorities say the bus was taken 15 tourists from vietnam to a show at the pyramids. no one has claimed responsibility yet for the attack. serious may have saved itself from being liquidated after getting a last minute bid to buy out the company. eddy lambford submitted a bid to his edge fund esl investments right before friday's deadline. the offer includes purchasing 425 serious stores and employing up to 50,000 people. serious' advisors have until january 4th to decide whether esl is a qualified bidder. here is a live look in times square. police are beefing up security for the famous new year's eve celebration where they're expecting nearly 2 million people. the nypd will be watching more than 1200 security
5:12 am
cameras and some will be on drones looking down over the crowd. thousands of officers and 50 bomb-sniffing dogs will also be walking the grounds. so, pete, you will be safe. pete: i will be fine. it's my first time. it will be interesting no matter what. the nypd always does a fantastic job. ed: absolutely. pete: go ahead. ed: i was going to say it will be a little difficult into new year's with losing a friend. bre payton was a friend of this program. friend of fox news suddenly at just the age of 26 years old, she passed away a sudden illness, had the h1n1 flu virus. and it just spiraled very quickly and she worked at the federalist, of course, you will remember as well. and her colleagues there reached out to me last night and said this just happened very quickly. they were praying for her. they got her the appropriate medical attention but she just passed way, way too soon. rachel: terribly tragic. brey was somebody that all young conservative women looked up to.
5:13 am
if you haven't seen her commentary, google it, find some of her clips from "fox & friends." she always had such insightful, funny, interesting things to say. not just about politics. but she understood the power of culture and always had great segments on that. we brought her on for that reason. i always say she had a twinkle in her eye whenever she delivered her analysis always had good humor. reminded me of what ronald reagan said was a happy warrior. she truly was a happy warrior. so effective. at such a young age. pete: yeah. so young, so soon. so unexpected. reminding all of us of our mortality. but this morning we are reminding "fox & friends" viewers that they can help her. you have seen her family struggling right now for sure. go to her go fund me page, go fund me at bre payton scholarship fund if you want to give back to the family and give to her legacy. ed: family put that together bre payton dead at the age of 26. ♪
5:14 am
fight both fast tums chewy bites with gas relief all in one relief of heartburn and gas ♪ ♪ tum tum tum tums tums chewy bites with gas relief
5:15 am
5:16 am
♪ >> whatever it takes, i mean we are going to have wall. we are going to have safety. tough have a wall. tough have protection. we are probably up to 200 miles of wall. we are moving very rapidly. and i have other sources if i need them, but, we have to do it the right way.
5:17 am
ed: there's the president. he was in iraq talking to the troops. he spoke to reporters as well this week saying that he is moving forward on the wall whether democrats like it or not. pete: that's right. what are some of the plans in the works for 2019? we talk a lot about the wall? where is it what's been built? what hasn't been built. ed, you are prepared to break it down for us. rachel: i love this visual. i think this helps people. i think this is great. ed: let's explain what the president really wants. we hear all of these fights back and forth. let's actually break down where's the problem and part of the solution the president is pushing. you heard the president going back to the campaign. he has been consistent in saying build the wall. where's the problem? look at this, latest numbers from 2017. illegal crossings in 2017. san diego 26,000 illegal crossings there. tucson 38,000. el paso, 25,000. the big one though and that's rio grande valley, 137,000 illegal border crossings. why is that significant when
5:18 am
we lay out the problem? when you look at the current fencing, there's a decent amount in california across arizona. there are certainly gaps. that's where we see problems. new mexico look at this big hole in texas. there is only tiny pieces of fencing. and yet that's where we saw the biggest problem. rio grand valley as we mentioned 130,000 illegal crossings. guess what no fencing here almost at all. the president is basically trying and this is where we are right now. and what is he has actually completed you don't hear about this in the mainstream media. but call electio calexico on thr there has been a project where they refenced santa theresa and el paso along new mexico and texas there. the bottom line is you have new projects coming in 2019. where does the president want to spend? it's a fair question. he wants to spend billions of dollars. where is the money going to go? they have got some new fencing, wall, whatever you want to call it projects in san diego. we have mentioned that had
5:19 am
you 26,000 illegal crossings there in 2017. el centro, yuma and lukeville in arizona. again, arizona you still have a problem as i mentioned. but the big one the president wants to attack in 2019 is get some fencing, get a wall built in the rio grand valley. over 130,000 illegal crossings there. that's in 2017. the last numbers we have available. so presumably with no wall there now, those numbers are just as bad or worse in 2018 once this year ends and we get those numbers. i think the broader point is, the president though has already started getting some of these projects done in 2018. he probably has to get a little more aggressive about saying what they have already accomplished but in 2019, this is where he wants to spend the money. you hear this is a waste. what's it really going to do? chuck schumer and other democrats, they refer the wall before donald trump was in office. rachel: aren't these great infrastructure jobs? don't democrats wants infrastructure? it was at the top of their agenda? pete: looks shovel ready to
5:20 am
me. rachel: you mentioned yesterday. tell the knicks that you talked about how much we spent on shovel ready jobs. pete: $800 million in a stimulus bill in 2009 raach rach we are fighting over 5. pete: pretty conservative state. ed: looks pretty darn porous. that's where the numbers back um that's where the most illegal crossings are happening. only logical that's where you need the fence. rachel: thank you, ed, that was instructive. referenced franklin graham the late rest to say he was on facebook. pete: tunnels to towers here to tell us how they are helping this man's family ♪ some for the red, white and blue ♪ minds. i call this dish, "stress."
5:21 am
stress can also affect our bodies. so, i'm partnering with cigna to remind you that your emotional and physical health are more connected than you think. go in for your annual check-up. and be open with your doctor about anything you feel. physically, and emotionally. body and mind. cigna. together, all the way. that's better.
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this is moving day with the best in-home wifi experience and millions of wifi hotspots to help you stay connected. and this is moving day with reliable service appointments in a two-hour window so you're up and running in no time. show me decorating shows. this is staying connected with xfinity to make moving... simple. easy. awesome. stay connected while you move with the best wifi experience and two-hour appointment windows. click, call or visit a store today. >> he's not coming back but. [sobbing] there's a lot of people out there that misses him. rachel: heart-breaking. one organization is pledging to help the family of the fallen california police
5:24 am
corporal ronil singh leaving behind a wife and 5-month-old baby. pete: how we can all help frank siller. >> thanks for having me. pete: i know this story has affected you personally for obvious reasons. talk to us about that and what you guys hope to do. >> well, listen, you see something like this happen. i mean, look at the picture they just had, right? just hours before his life was taken by illegal immigrant. it's gut-wrenching. we have, to as americans, we have to let these families know that when something like this happens, when they go tout protect their communities. that we're going to stand with the family that are left behind and cake care of them and our foundation tunnel 2 towers foundation has been doing that since 2014 since officer ramos was killed here in new york. we found out that paying off a mortgage. first mortgages we paid off makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the ones, you know, that have that burden.
5:25 am
pete: take as weight off their soldiers. ed: widow 5-month-old son. bread winner has been murdered and you have to think about what comes next. >> every one of them afterwards say that's one of the things they first think about. of course the loss, it's tremendous. but then the reality also sets in of how they are going to management they are going to have to go work now again? work two jobs to pay the mortgage? so when we do things like this, in which we are doing and going to talk about today. we want to raise the money, go to tunnel 2 we want to raise the money. i think in one week we could come back with your viewers, because your viewers are the best. you know, there is no question about it because we have done this multiple times here. tunnel 2 and donate and we could take care of this. rachel: viewers love our law enforcement. they love our veterans. it's not a lot either. it's $11 a month is what you are asking. obviously people can pledge more. that's a very reasonable amount of money and it will go to the singh family. but others as well. >> exactly. we have been doing this
5:26 am
campaign few months because we pay the mortgages off all over the country. we do for fallen first responders, gold star families and that has been or campaign last few months is $11 a month. you know, we are going to focus the money coming in now, of course for the singh family. ed: talking globally what the foundation has been doing. specifically in this case i understand you have reached out to law enforcement in california to try to have -- you don't want to interfere with the family in the grieving process but you have had indirect contact with the family. >> i have spoke to chief richmondson out there. he said that was actually paraphrasing it was the best news he heard in obviously the last few days. that burden is going to be -- you saw him on tv. so broken up talking about the loss. is he a great man. is he with that family, the whole police department is with that family. so they were very happy to hear that we were going to be doing. this and i told him, i said,
5:27 am
i know you are watching today. we will be on "fox & friends" pleading and asking for the viewers to help out to pay off this mortgage. tunnel 2 it could be $11 a month and then, of course, we have his picture right up on our website there you can just donate. and once again, i know i'm repeating myself. i would like to be back here in one week and say here, viewers, this what have you done. ed: you just paid off the mortgage. rachel: look at her. just the most beautiful family. it's so heart-breaking. it's absolutely unbelievable and so unnecessary. it? >> could have been avoided like it's been said. listen, let us do the tunnel 2 towers. this is what we do. we wanting to relieve this -- pete: you mentioned this earlier in the program rachel. what can i do? i can honor law enforcement. can i honor first responders and the military. you know, you lost your brother in 9/11. you decided to start this foundation. what -- it was two no, cops newy
5:28 am
cops that were killed when you decided to go into the north damage frebis. >> shone light from above what to do. he was a father of five. we know the great loss when somebody gives their life protecting their communities or protecting their country. listen, we are just out here last week on "fox & friends" we paid the mortgage off for jenny taylor, the widow out in utah. she had seven kids. rachel: what did she tell you? >> she oh my god she is remarkable. remarkable, strong lady to say the stuff. she said frank, you don't know. my kids lost t to go back and work two jobs to pay the mortgage and they would have lost their mother, too. she was so relieved. this is what we can do for the singh family? make sure we pay off the mortgage. going through so much. it will be tremendous relief for them. so, i hear from every single one of them. it makes a huge difference
5:29 am
in their lives. rachel: can i always imagine. ed: you do remarkable work. we hope to have you back a week from now to say the mortgage has been paid off. >> thank you. ed: coming up, franklin graham the latest conservative to say he was banned by facebook. plus. pete: plus, the left if they could do so, somehow ramping up even more their impeachment talk how one man's wish could end with a president pelosi? ed: president pelosi. rachel: time of year for sky high energy bills. upgrades you can do in your house to stay warm without breaking the bank. up next ♪ the heat is on ♪ it's on the street ♪ the heat is -- on ♪
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5:32 am
>> whoa. 31 staffers giving birth this year to 32 children record number of newborns. what town do they live in. ed: most of the moms are registered nurses. 15 women in the birthing unit are pregnant right now. rachel: long winters.
5:33 am
pete: that's true. [laughter] rachel: that's what happened to me. ed: something to do. ed: fill in the blank. pete: what hospital was that let me know what town. i know it was in minnesota. rachel: did they say it was saint cloud. ed: counting down to 2019. big new year's eve special with kennedy. griff, carley shimkus. we have been asking you for your resolutions. let's start with josh. my resolutions are to pray more often for our country and president to do more to show my appreciation our troops and to cut down on my taco intake. he start out with global. rachel: wonderful. goes down to tacos. email from joseph. many years ago i made a new year's resolution to never again make a new year's resolution. so far i have not broken it. pete: not too bad. my resolution is to get more involved in my local politics. change starts around you. amen. i agree, larry. ed: i like tony's idea which
5:34 am
is my resolution is eat more bacon. pete: bingo. rachel: i think that was pete's. pete: is tomorrow national bacon day? that's what i hear. we're not sharing our resolutions yet. i have them on the back of this card and later on in the program. rachel: we will get to it. first we will get to some headlines for you. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is at the border now following the death of a second child in u.s. custody. friday's visit with doctors and officials in el paso, texas, was closed to the press. that's where felipe gomez alonzo was detained before taking taken into a facility in new mexico. 8-year-old boy died at the hospital. authorities say he had the flu but more tests needed to be done. nielsen will be at the border in arizona today. stolen election maine governor paul lepage writing in those words as he signs off on a congressional race results paper. the move in protest rank
5:35 am
choice voting system which use as computer algorithm. let's voters rank their top candidates and whoever gets the majority wins. jerry golden received fewer votes than won after second choice ballots were counted. golden says the governor's comments are wrong. and referenced franklin graham is calling out facebook. he claims they banned him for 24 hours over a post from two years ago supporting north carolina's controversial bathroom bill. the post apparently violated their community standards on hate speech. graham tweeting in part, facebook is censoring free speech. they are making and changing the rules. truth is truth. god made the rules and his word is truth. and those are your headlines. ed: accusing franklin graham of hate speech? oh boy. rachel: crazy. pete: rick always has love speech. no hate speech. rick: do you know who has love speech right now. >> good morning. hi, dad.
5:36 am
rick: she is talking to her dad on the phone. >> my mom and dad in virginia. mine, too. rick: we are glad we could help. take a look at the weather. show you what is going on it is very chilly across -- cold air settling. in however, not for that long. retreat back to canada where we would like to keep it across the eastern seaboard we had such a big storm. everybody knows that a blizzard across the far northern plains. the flooding down across the south. 11 inches of rain. late thursday night into friday. now we will see some scattered showers here unfortunately. we don't get out of this rain for the next couple of days. here you go, pete. this is for you. this is your times square forecast. 46 degrees. better than last year. it was in the single digits. however, you will have some scattered showers on and off. still going to feel chilly if you are out in the rain. pete: i love those drops of rain. thank you. ed: it's subzero. pete does it this year and it's 46 degrees. i want a recount. cold, winter temperatures
5:37 am
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all of your pipes that run your heart water through your house and even the cold. they are losing that temperature through the pipe in the basement and the crawl spaces. very simple peel and stick. rubberize foam pipe wrap. peel and stick. self-seals. insulates your pipe and makes hot water heater work easier. not always fighting cold temperatures and cuts down on mold and sweating on the pipe. this is really simple. peel the tape and stick it right on. it comes with fittings, corners, all different sizes. arnacel minimal costs no. tools required. all the tools you see here this entire thing is just a pair of scissors that you need to cut that film. all these great products are available at the home depot. rachel: or go to skip rachel: this is great stuff. ed: taking care of the windows is it easy or a pain. >> these windows?
5:41 am
are you really? he has a gig going down the street. ed: skip pete: one town is so concerned with gun violence taking the toy guns out of the hands of kids so they have a toy gun buy back. is this a good idea or pc run amuck? why will degat coming up next. rachel: if your new year's resolution. we have exercises keep you fit in the new year. ed: rick, come on. ♪ ♪ ♪ well, how are the massage chairs working out for everyone? i dunno. i'm still a little stressed about buying our new house. well, it's a good thing we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance.
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quite like your wing nut. no one can totally satisfy a craving, with my bladder leakage, the products i've tried just didn't fit right. they were too loose. it's getting in the way of our camping trips. but with a range of sizes, depend fit-flex is made for me. with a range of sizes for all body types, depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. ed: terrifying site a man finds slithering rattlesnakes under hunting cabin. they picked the building one a skid loader only to find a giant nest of the snakes as many as 50 removed. oh boy, that's creepy. this cop had a more pleasant animal encounter. >> oh my gosh. scooby roo. ed: baby kangaroo found snuggled up in a vehicle during a traffic stop in ohio. the drivers left the cops off with warning.
5:45 am
later they wrote just when you think have you seen practically everything. yeah. you run into a baby kangaroo. pete? pete: thank you, ed u all right. for the third straight year. one new york town is teaching kids about gun violence by taking the toy guns out of the hands of kids with a toy gun buy back program. hempstead, new york, hosting the program created by a former cop to protect kids. they claim that many toy guns can be mistaken for real epps weapons. so is this a good idea to cush gun violence or more political correctness run amuck? here to react former tucson police officer and director of you are began engagement at turning point u.s.a. brandon tatum and democratic strategist antjuan seawright. thank you both for being here. merry christmas, happy new year. we appreciate you both for being here. brandon, the folks who support this program say first of all we don't want guns confused with you real gunned. are they doing the right
5:46 am
thing when they take it out and play with it. >> this is overreaction. i disagree 1,000%. the guns aren't dangerous. okay? people who are dangerous are using weapons whether it's a gun or not are the ones who are dangerous. i think that we need to teach our children about gun safety. we need to give them access education about these topics. if we really cared about the safety of children address issues leading causes of death for people in this country which is drowning, accidental vehicle accidents, fatalities and things like that. pete: antwon, to be fair, this town does have a high crime rate so under standably concerned about gun violence. we have had a national debate about gun violence. some people say it's training. some people say it's mental health. other people say it's confiscating guns. to take it to another level to say we need to take toy gun us, isn't that missing the point? >> well, brandon says he disagrees 1,000%. i disagree with him 2,000%. pete, as someone who is a
5:47 am
proud supporter of the second amendment and someone who grew up in rural south carolina where we were taught to play with guns. we also know that in 2015 there were 265 children who accidentally shot a person with a gun. we also know that there are 1.7 million households in this country they have a loaded or access to a gun with a child in the household. we also nosy that 1300 children were killed with guns in this country last year. and so, i'm all about trying to prevent a problem when a child is a child, we have to train them up as a child. as the bible says in proverbs. and so i'm all about trying to prevents these things from happening going forward from people dying from being injured. i think this is one way to do that. pete: brandon it, sounds like antwon is making the case for responsible gun ownership. if you are going to own a gun or weapon, you ought to know how to use it part of that might being able as a
5:48 am
free kid in america playing with a toy gun as a kid. >> look at the statistics, almost half of the households in america have guns. to make guns, you know, to have these children take their guns back or demonize gun ownership is counter productive. i think we need to do the right thing by teaming our teamg our children safety of guns. like you go to the swimming pool you teach them about safety that's going to cush the violence or deaths associated to our children. if you look at the stats, we can't conflate the stats. 1300 some children were shot. but the majority of those children are of age 13 and above. i mean, they consider that in the statistical data. we have to look at it for what it is. pete: our viewers are seeing some photos. i don't know if that's exact footage from long island or not. you know, kids could be turning in neuropath never ner .
5:49 am
there could be guns dangerous confrontation with police. it feels like to a lot of people we are focusing on the wrong thing as opposed to training up kids that, you know what? you have got to respect law enforcement. you shouldn't be using a weapon improperly. use it safely. shouldn't that be the focus as opposed to taking a nerf gun or toy gun away. >> pete, you can do both you can teach responsible gun ownership and proper use. you ken courage kids whether it's a friend of theirs who may have a gun who should not have a gun and needs to turn it in. you can also teach a child, show them annual example how in ohio, i think it was last year or the year before last where a child was killed because of a toy gun that looked like a real gun. you can do both. what i'm say something, i think these type programs and opportunities allow children to be taught at a very early age if you are going to go down the road of gun use, do it responsibly, do it the proper way.
5:50 am
but when there is an incident where it's not responsible or you are afraid of a friend or a neighbor or a colleague who has a gun that shouldn't have a gun, then can you also tell someone or you can encourage them to turn it in. i don't think anything is wrong with that any time we can have an opportunity to curb this issue of gun violence i think we are moving in the right direction. pete: tell law enforcement about a gun that someone owns as opposed to a toy gun. harm stead village trustee lamont johnson says the purpose is to offer safe al turner tifers to toy guns. we don't want kids playing can guns. guns are dangerous. of course real guns are dangerous toy guns probably not so much unless you throw them at somebody. brandon and antwon. >> i don't know, pete, they look. pete: if someone is using it like that that could be a problem. that's why they put orange tips on the ends of those to differentiate. >> let's be honest. pete: we have to leave it there i'm sorry. i appreciate it happy new year to you both. when it comes to 2020 we
5:51 am
keep seeing the same democratic faces like joe biden and bernie sanders. this morning there is now proof the left is desperate for someone new. new year, new you, time to get fit 2019. wee brought planet fitness to the plaza. see if we let tensions run the show up here, then our bodies won't perform at their best out here. wait, aren't we going to the sound check? priorities. so i'm partnering with cigna, to remind you that how you're doing emotionally affects you physically. go for your annual check-up and be open with your doctor about anything you're feeling. physically, and emotionally. body and mind cigna. together all the way.
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♪ rachel: new year people will vow to hit the gym. 11% of new fitness members join in january get this 80% of new fitness resolutions are abandoned by february. i can relate. ed: here to show us how to keep your resolution this time make sure it sticks the director of health and wellness at planet fitness brian getner. >> good morning. the gym is always packed at the beginning of january. >> it is. pete: it thins out. how do you create a routine. >> tough find someone to help you being accountable. workout buddy. tell a colleague. you know, co-worker. family member. what you are trying to do and what you are trying to accomplish. they can make sure you stay engaged on your journey. rachel: i have heard that people are ho are partnered up to work out last longer. >> that is helpful. also really helpful to just use smart goals. so you want something -- you want to try to accomplish something that's specific, measurable. achievable. relevant vangts and time-based.
5:55 am
if you do that, then you will be more successful. rachel: such as? >> hey, i want to go to the gym one day a week. that would be a good option to start off with. pete: i'm going to go every day for two hours which is never going to last. that's true. >> if you don't put a time to it. am i going to accomplish that in a week six months or two years. make sure do you that and then also keep it personalized. have you got to individualize it. ed: my fitness pal, it really kind of pushes you and send you a text saying hey, you didn't go yet. because they measure your stepping and everything. those kind of things help, too. >> the other thing is to track what you are doing. otherwise you don't know where you are in terms of progressing toward that goal. rachel: that's motivating. pete: to some the treadmill is a torture device. how do you make it something you want to do and use effectively? >> yeah, i mean, it's arguably the most approachable piece of card yoz equipment. we have 60 million runners in this country. if you talk about fitness for walking forfeit news, it doubles that number.
5:56 am
rachel: everybody can do it. even pete. jump on. pete: i don't want to kick her off. that's only 3 and a half miles an hour. you are good. [cheers] here we go. [laughter] >> is he really cranking it up. ed: going into the new year. pete: come on, ed, jump on. ed: i can jump on the bike. tell me about the bike. [laughter] pete: i can't do it. i'm hitting the stop button. [applause] rachel: ed is doing the bike. ed: i have got this. i do wear a helmet. >> we have a couple bikes sit down. upright bike, do a spin bike. the great thing about this is it is better for your joints. ed: pete was running really fast. >> do you recommend pocketed
5:57 am
squares? >> i don't think it matters too much. i don't think it matters too much. rachel: all right, pete. pete: rachel is lifting some weights. [cheers] >> weight lift something actually really underrated if you can maintain or even increase your muscle tissue, it helping prevent a lot of age-related diseases. rachel: what's great about all this equipment is great for winter. all of this is indoors. it doesn't matter if you are cold weather or not. pete: leave it there. planet fitness. thank you for your time. everybody, get ready for your resolutions. "fox & friends" coming back. ♪ ♪ ..
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6:00 am
the president of the united states has been front and center boarding - funding for the border wall. >> donald trump turning to close the southern border of democrats do not fund the wall. >> the president canceling new year's plans to stay in washington as nancy pelosi is spotted vacationing at a resort. california authorities captured the illegal immigrant suspected of killing a police officer. >> we can't ignore that this could have been preventable. >> our politicians are not doing a thing about it. >> democrats looking to hire new staffers, house democrats double
6:01 am
their stats according to the report. >> in 2019? >> many members of the trump family. >> they are expecting to billion people. ♪ >> we are all a little out of breath because we were just working out. >> ready for 2019? we will give you our resolutions, we want to get youurs. the president clicking down on illegal immigration framing the whole debate over the partial government shutdown in today eight. the president vowing to shut down the entire southern border
6:02 am
of democrats do not agree to funding the border wall and the president is in washington to say i'm ready to work, nancy pelosi decided to get out of town and have fun. >> scott it at a resort in hawaii which is her prerogative, she has money and wants to spend it, fantastic. donald trump stayed in washington during christmas, now during new year's saying i want to get this done, ready to make a deal, democrats are nearly silent because they think they have the advantage, the president tweeting this, i will throw down to get my wall, i will close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats do not give us the money and finish the wall. change the ridiculous immigration laws the country is settled with. hard to believe there was a congress and a president who would approve, talking about things like sanctuary city laws and funding those, amnesty, catch and release programs. talking about funding a border wall.
6:03 am
>> nancy pelosi is in hawaii, trash is piling up in the national mall because 800 federal workers have been furloughed. and park services, a lot of things starting to happen. democrats and even republicans, the democrats had the advantage, usually the press attempted to give them a little more advantage when the shutdown happened. when you have a shutdown what happens, when one side gets the blame. things might be shifting a little bit. >> nancy pelosi is in hawaii, when the president goes to palm beach, and the highlights in palm beach and no matter what he does, you can imagine the headlights.
6:04 am
trump retreats from public view as government shutdown continues over border wall fight, failed to break budget deadlock. he is accused of being hiding in washington when he says rolling up the sleeves trying to work. if you go to palm beach, he is playing golf, whichever way he turns he will never win and you talked about republicans are blamed for these things, that conventional wisdom, you throw it away. trump threw it away when he ran for president, through away when he won, everyone said he wouldn't and couldn't get legislation passed, wouldn't scrap the iran deal with the paris climate record or move the embassy, did it all against all the establishment types, if you do that the polling tells me they will blame you so you better fold and give john weiner what he wants and then people will like you more. that never worked for him. he plays the establishment game.
6:05 am
this is my shutdown, that was his gut, a wall shutdown, i want it, people are being killed by illegals, crime, drugs, sex trafficking, none of it is okay. democrats, what are you for? if you're only for dreamers, for people came here not of their own volition illegally, you want to give state tuition, keep giving out welfare benefits and driver's license, sanctuary state, do you want that to be open borders, your policy, i am for the wall, for the american citizens, a shutdown. that is the winner. the conventional thousand types tell you we will see where it comes out. >> some unexpected events that brought into sharp practice what that says and it is the tragic death of officers singh which you couldn't have imagined a more stark contrast. here you have an illegal immigrant who should have been reported to ice because he has a criminal record, was affiliated with the game. and did it the right way.
6:06 am
dreamed of serving the american people, the police officer volunteered for years and so he got on the force and his family said he aspired to lead the department. this is what america is about and look at this picture here. >> really shows the stakes in the shutdown battle. we get more detail in a moment about what is going on, the manhunt and all that. this picture should stay up because it shows us it is not just the washington government fight, there are lives on the line including he is behind the widow and 5-month-old son. and some are furloughed and get their paychecks but democrats, you say they never create jobs, they are saying let's hire a bunch of people but what do the jobs mean? there are more government jobs. check out this newsweek
6:07 am
headline. democrats, don't worry, they are on a hiring spree for a lawyer to help investigate donald trump in 2019, so says a report. this is what was to be expected. what we understood in 2018. the gavilan the committee -- >> i think that this move which is a foreshadowing of -- impeach this president, all that is going to do is elect republican congressman next time because i don't think people who voted in november for democrats voted for impeachment. if that was what they wanted, more investigations, more impeachment, more gridlock, and tying up government for these kinds of things than the democrats would have showed
6:08 am
their hands before the election, before the election they were telling people don't listen to maxine, we are not trying to impeach the president and here we see a month later all the hiring of lawyers. >> nancy pelosi establishing a new house climate crisis committee. a little bit more bureaucracy. climate change issue is important. i know someone to minimize it. it is a real issue. do we need more bureaucracy? by the way, is it hypocritical for nancy pelosi to announce we will have a climate crisis committee to investigate that and i will get on a jet and fly thousands of miles to hawaii, burn some fuel, everyone is entitled to a holiday, i just got back from florida, i won't be a hypocrite but if you want to preach about climate change and then fly thousands of miles to hawaii. >> it is interesting to see when she takes the speakership if she is a private jet to get california because she used to do that. paul ryan, military jet that would take her.
6:09 am
>> taxpayer finance to california and back and forth to dc. >> the republicans who don't care about the climate that -- >> make no mistake besides the resistance, climate change is the religion of the left. they are assessed with it, will use every mechanism of government to do what they can to affect this outcome while china pollutes all at once because it is developed country developing country with a developed economy, bureaucracy and double standard, that is what they want to do. you hear so much about climate change in the democratic primary. >> rachel teed this up. an illegal immigrant who is an accused cop killer is in custody thankfully along with twee 7 others including two other illegal immigrants. that is because that man you see in the picture is the suspect in custody. and illegal immigrant from mexico who allegedly -- officer singh on christmas night.
6:10 am
it should've been a routine deal i stop and instead the suspect pulled out a gun, shoots and kills officer singh. you see him with his widow and 5-month-old son. >> the illegal who is alleged to have killed this cop, 32 years old, across the arizona border years ago, two previous duis, and, and it is the unfortunate perfect contrast whether you support law and order and laws in our country. >> we had dan on earlier, asked about this. here is what he had to say. >> his family from this point on, every seat at the table,
6:11 am
they are reminded of the most joyous time of the season, the most tragic time of their life. not one person is country illegally, should have been here. this hero should be alive right now. we lost him. a guy who should not have been in this country was here because we cannot defend our borders because our politicians are not doing a thing about it. >> how many times we talked about how angry democrats were about the family separation policy at the border. the president said was a broader goal to discourage people from going to the border. when you have an teacher the new year's table, >> it is a permanent separation.
6:12 am
when they put them in place and don't care, police officers are in danger and regular citizens are in danger. >> nancy pelosi, dianne feinstein, the oakland mayor saying she doesn't regret giving a heads up to 900 criminal illegal immigrants impersonating and able to scatter. >> governor jerry brown has lowered the flag at half mast. it is a good thing he did that but insufficient. there's a lot more he can do to make sure this doesn't happen again. we will turn to some headlines. georgia police officer shot in the state and he has died. michael smith passed away after fighting for his life are three weeks. he was responding to a disturbance at a dentist office during the struggle.
6:13 am
his gun fired one bullet, striking him and killing the suspects. it is unclear who shot the gun. he leaves behind a 3-year-old son. the pentagon is backing donald trump's order to pull 3000 troops from syria. the department of defense saying a deliberate well thought out and controlled withdrawal. this comes as us back syrian kurds are turning to rush and the bashar al-assad regime for protection from turkey. >> when it comes to 2020, joe biden, bernie sanders keep coming up. new proof that the left is anxious for someone else. you've seen the video of porch pirates running rampant over the christmas season. a reckoning here on earth. ♪
6:14 am
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6:16 am
>> joe biden, bernie sanders and beto o'rourke and democratic hopefuls tried to take on donald trump in 2020. >> a majority of democrat voters would be more excited to vote for someone new. >> what can we expect? the cofounder of real clear
6:17 am
politics. i have been struck by stories saying the energy is on the left. that would favor someone like bernie sanders who won a lot of hearts and minds but didn't get the nomination last time but there are former bernie sanders sitting on the sidelines more excited this time about beto o'rourke or someone else. >> we seen stories where bernie folks are attacking beto trying to shut him down early in the game. the pole shows a couple things. the race is wide open. is a huge deal, the hunger games on steroids. the other thing is democrats overwhelmingly don't want hillary clinton to run. she is the past and democrats are looking to turn the page. it is better to see a new fresh face rather than someone like bernie sanders or elizabeth warren.
6:18 am
>> republicans have a scrappy primary. do democrats tend to annoy someone? i think they probably still will. do you think the obamas will weigh in on this primary? how influential will that decision be if they do? >> obama has been meeting with prospective candidates. the story the joe biden was upset about because it was giving extra juice to up and comers. joe biden would be running for a restoration of obama's term, an older white man which in this field there will be plenty of choices and flavors for democrats to choose from. and obama endorsement would matter a lot but i think this race is wide open, democrats will not anoint someone. this will be an all-out fight for the future of the party. >> if we had this conversation
6:19 am
in 2014, no one would have said donald trump would win the nomination or the presidency. in 2006 you would say the same about barack obama. is the more likely kamala harris, cory booker? you look at these faces, the washington examiner had a piece saying there are 45 cases of democrats but i've been hearing from democratic party bosses watching somebody outside washington. >> it is a great point. look at jimmy carter and bill clinton, to your point even donald trump was nowhere at this point. we could very well be talking about someone this time next year who is not on the radar screen. there are a host of folks looking at this race. everyone from established folks like sherrod brown to a businessman, billionaire, howard shultz, michael bloomberg will
6:20 am
spend his own money to run. wide-open race. the debates will start early next june. those will be wild and out-of-control with so many candidates on stage. there could be someone emerging we are not even talking about right now. >> an interesting topic so thank you. >> they are weakened against donald trump, we will see. >> i think it will beto. this officer immigrated to the us legally to live the american dream. the man accused of killing him is an illegal immigrant. maria salazar is the daughter political refugees. she reacts the police officer asked of next. >> a van slide into a family car with three sleeping in the back seat. we will show you what happened next. excuse me a minute...
6:21 am
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6:24 am
cold-blooded killing calling the tragedy preventable. >> if he wasn't here he wouldn't have been driving drunk, it wouldn't have been reported to ronil singh. why are we providing sanctuary for criminals, gained members? a conversation we need to have.
6:25 am
>> you to react, maria salazar, daughter of cuban political refugees. both you and i are daughters of legal immigrants. we had a conversation on the couch upstairs. what does illegal immigration due to the value of legal citizenship? >> good to talk to you. it is so embarrassing for people like you and me to report in news like this, just looking at that christmas picture, that this officer took hours before he was killed with a 5-month-old baby and his wife. we cringe in the hispanic community every time this happens. what is occurring is the righteous are paying for the sinners. not every illegal is a criminal but california dropped the ball. you cannot have criminals that
6:26 am
are illegals walking the streets of the state and that is why you agree with the officer with the sergeant that we were showing before, this crime was preventable. >> we want a national conversation about it. wise california allowing any criminal especially illegal criminals? >> very good question. i can tell you we, the hispanic community, do not once sanctuary cities because they are sending the wrong message to the rest of the population that we hispanics want to protect criminals. we don't want to protect criminals, we want to protect the cleaning lady the guy who is mowing the lawn, the guy who was here legally but the system allows them to stay. they need to have no criminal record. if you are an illegal with a criminal record like this monster, he had two dui charges,
6:27 am
he is out just like the guy who killed kate steinle. the state of california is doing a disservice not only to the hispanics but the rest of the population. >> what about those who are going one step further? not just allowing people to stay but giving drivers licenses, in-state tuition, welfare benefits. if we don't have a wall on the southern border and welfare benefits we don't have a country. >> i agree with you. that is why donald trump is daring to do was other administrations have not had the gall or guts or courage to do because of the international condemnation from the liberals. we agree with securing the border and getting some type of legality to those who have been here more than 10 years and do not have a criminal record but gustavo perez arriaga does not follow on that list.
6:28 am
it is time for us to stop this problem at the border. we have a shut down because of the topic and look inside and see who is here that serves the community and is good for the country and give them legality, not citizenship. we have immigration reform law. >> there probably is a deal to be made to deal with those who are here illegally and haven't committed a crime and get the border sealed so we don't have another wave of people. thank you so much for joining us with your perspective, thank you. the media now attacking clarence thomas's wife because she asked where is the wall? what about the media fonz over ruth bader ginsburg? is there a double standard? >> doctor sebastian gorka joins us live.
6:29 am
>> 415 million reasons to press your luck in 2019. ♪ use energy touches so many industries, it supports 10 million u.s. jobs.
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>> that will be the center of the universe. on new year's eve -- >> the center of the universe will be where you will be. [laughter] >> jerusalem is the center of the universe. >> that was a good one. >> i didn't have time. >> the center of the universe when he is in jerusalem. >> or times square on new year's eve, years resolution coming up in the meantime. something caught our attention. several media outlets slamming jenny thomas, the wife of clarence thomas, after she -- she has been very active. i've known her, interviewed her, she's a conservative. she doesn't hide it.
6:33 am
she likes the wall. california residents are sounding the alarm, illegal aliens are carjacking attacking americans. where is the national guard? where's the wall? if you disagree with her position, go on facebook or any number of social media areas and push back on her. fight it out ideas but they attack her personally. they go after her in a vicious way. here's a conservative woman who gets lambs. >> the quote is an article, they didn't respond. what is going on with jenny thomas? she looks and sounds like the washington wife of your with pearl earrings, reagan red cocktail a fire, sunglasses, tiara, but meanwhile on facebook she's behaving like a slightly paranoid neighbor who stockpiles bullets and astronaut food. went to know what they think of conservatives? it is right at the end.
6:34 am
>> and editor that approved it which is nothing but slander of trump supporters, a longtime conservative grassroots activist. she doesn't hide it at all. >> there is a first amendment, she speaks out. >> attempt to pile on her. >> women who speak their mind as long as they are not conservative, she speaks her mind. >> ruth bader ginsburg speaks out, people swoon. watch. >> he has gained cult status, known to some of her fans as the notorious rg. >> she is the fourth liberal vote on a very closely divided court. if she were to become ill or forced to leave the court, it would give donald trump something very few president's have which is the ability to name three justices to the
6:35 am
supreme court. >> ruth bader ginsburg is hospitalized with fractured ribs. that she need ribs? i've got ribs. she can take mine, some to give me a pair of pliers. >> there is a movie coming out about her and the documentary. as a conservative woman there is no way in heck conservative any conservative woman ever gets that kind of coverage. >> they are not going after her hair? falls asleep during the state of the union every year. if you wanted to, they don't, people are respectful and respected never returned to conservatives. >> they criticize jenny thomas for speaking her mind. ruth bader ginsburg has spoken her mind when she is not supposed to because she is supposed to look like she is unbiased as a supreme court justice and she never gets criticized for that. >> we asked you to comment on
6:36 am
this, donna wrote a glaring all asking.dard, no one like a >> justice ginsburg has a funding movie release after proving she has been an activist judge, made several partisan statements, double standard. >> almost like the left these are is the epicenter of the resistance. part of it. it exists in the supreme court. she will retire until trump is out of office. that may not be what she is saying but it is all part of resisting the president. >> they are so afraid something might happen to her, they do not want to give the president at a third chance. >> we wish her well. it is a double standard is what we are pointing out, no ill will towards justice ginsburg, she has a first amendment right to speak. when jenny thomas speaks i get
6:37 am
to have elbow about her position, that is what america is about but they go further, they go to blonde barbs and earrings. >> terrible. i have to get my tro on. we have some headlines for you. take a look at this terrifying collision, camera. sliding on icy roads in scotland, slams into a family car. a 3-year-old sleeping in the back of the car. everyone in the vehicle walked away with minor injuries. texas lawmakers are pushing for harsher punishments, the houston chronicle reported the lone star state is considering two bills to prosecute package theft the same as home burglary. penalties based on the number of packages stolen rather than the value of the packages. supports pirates could face 20 years in prison. of past, the book is going to affect next year. interesting way to solve the problem. universal orlando result sued
6:38 am
for not having warning signs about putting rides potential dangers in spanish. a father suffered a fatal heart attack two years ago after going on a king kong ride. he didn't speaking with and his family claims universal was negligence by not displaying find another linkages. >> this happened in america? just checking. >> a lot of tourists go to disney. we all make mistakes but royal mail made a historic blunder. the british mail service posting a stamp on social media, picture was from 50 days, it was taken in dutch, new guinea, more than 1000 miles away from normandy beach, the royal mail apologized for the incorrect image understand will not be printed. it was supposed to be released for the 75th anniversary of d-day. definitely want to get that one right. >> the guy who always gets it
6:39 am
right, better than others. our chief meteorologist. >> someone was screaming the whole time. a lively crowd out here. [screaming] >> they are ready for you. look at the weather map. really chilly across the northern plains-30 is what it feels like. it will not warm up a bit today, tomorrow even better, it is not long-lasting cold spell to end this year. we had rain across the southeast and eastern seaboard. most of that is gone details legal that is across the central gulf and northern parts of florida and it will stay much of the day. watch future radar. rain moving through across mississippi, georgia and towards monday a huge rain across parts
6:40 am
of the central plains and that will set us up for a rainy new year's eve temperatures today, tomorrow and new year's eve forecast. back to you inside. >> remember when democrats wanted a wall? >> people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the us illegally. >> wasn't even off-the-cuff. it was a talking point. doctor sebastian gorka says democrats will flip-flop on any issue as long as it means opposing the president. >> i will read this next piece like chuck schumer. from macaroni and cheese to chicken, you can flip your favorite comfort foods into healthy dishes in the comfort of your own home. >> i can't wait for this segment! yum! all the foods you like it! mac & cheese!
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>> the mega millions jackpot up to $450 million. no jackpot winner overnight. the next is set for new year's day. in case you won a smaller price,
6:44 am
9, 25, 37, 38 and with the mega ball, 21. i always wanted to win the mega ball. only big prizes are up for grabs in the college football bowl games highlighted in the playoffs. florida, that is not true. florida -- he snuck that in. no one cares about that game. clemson and noted game -- notre dame at 4:00. oklahoma in the other semifinal game. >> i was in the script. >> there is, the president and democrats battle over border funding. >> remember when democrats embraced a hard stance on immigration? look at this. >> when we use phrases like undocumented workers we convey a message the government is not serious about combating illegal
6:45 am
immigration which the american people overwhelmingly oppose. people who enter the united states without our permission are illegal aliens. illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the us legally. >> here to react, former deputy assistant to the president and author of why we fight, doctor sebastian gorka. back then he used the illegal word. today you say that like a curse words. why the change in tween 9 years? >> four years later trump schumer sponsored a bill through the senate that was all about immigration reform, would have increased funding for building a barrier and would have pushed the number of cvp officers up to 40,000 agents because back then it was popular. back then they were going with the flow. now we have a president who
6:46 am
wants to make that a reality but no, now they have to block everything. the democrats are more interested in getting our war fighters in trouble for having their m aga had signed by the president and protecting us from illegals that murdered ronil singh in california. >> last year representative gutierrez that i don't love the idea of the wall but to help the daca kids i will support this, i will a the breakdown for it. what happened to the dealmaking democrat to try to get something done for immigration reform for the daca kids? why can't we come together? >> we saw the little man behind the curtain like the wizard of oz, the president, a compassionate man, said you want to deal with the daca? i will deal double, 100,000, i will give you 1.6. what the democrats do in return?
6:47 am
now we are not interested. they don't care about a deal. it is about taking down the president. they haven't recover from november 8, 2016. they don't care about america. day care about the safety of children, of women. they care about power and are obsessed. >> nancy pelosi and chuck schumer would say they do care about america. they have a difference of opinion with you. a minute left. i went to nail this down. affair point, why are other parts of this not on the table? chuck schumer would say he voted for a fence or a wall. it would be a permanent fix on daca. would it be wise for the president to say i have $5 billion in wall painting, i will give your permanent fix on daca? and the current negotiation democrats don't get anything. >> he already offered that.
6:48 am
why did they refuse that already? >> we are here today. why not get a deal? get the wall funding. >> the president has sent a signal to all americans, this is the moment your representatives choose over american citizens and illegals. i'm an immigrant, i came here legally. why shouldn't everybody else? the president gave them the option. they rejected him. they want they vote or base, they are obsessed with not having voter id. this is about power, not about compassion. you want to protect people who are trafficked, build the wall, give the president the money. >> don't deport. >> american people want the government to work, they want a solution for the daca could then there's an appetite for the wall, there's a deal to be made. we will see if he make something happen.
6:49 am
all right, thank you, doctor gorka. from red velvet cupcakes to chicken potpie how can you flip your favorite comfort foods into healthy dishes in your own home? my favorite segment is coming up next. ♪ yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket! houston? you seeing this? geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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>> new year is fast approaching and many looking for healthy recipes to start 2019. our next guest says you do not have to sacrifice your favorite meals. >> how to turn your favorite comfort foods into healthy dishes, executive chef at hilton head health, a great way to get kids to eat healthier is. >> we are making chicken potpie, onions, carrots and celery, fresh time, nice and warm and caramelized, and these are diced
6:53 am
potatoes. we are really on track here. >> the chicken gives you nice protein but is there something missing? >> i put a little action in because it does offer extra flavor, cut it down. everything in moderation. >> a lot of butter and water? >> a little bit of butter. over here is a big trick, a big healthy trick. traditionally will thicken it with butter and flour but we will do water and flour. we will drizzle that in here and that will thicken a flavorful mixture. >> it will cook down to this. >> check it out. scoop that. very fancy. another great tip is portion control. by putting it in that little
6:54 am
container. >> the crust will give you calories. >> we will do one crust instead of two. >> i have already eaten one of them. >> pop it on top and bake it in the oven until it gets beautiful and caramelized. really quickly, and more nutrition. >> my biggest goal is to make food healthy and flavorful and approachable. we have spaghetti and meatballs, a big trick on this one is adding noodles with zucchini, adding volume with vegetables. >> you take some volume out. >> whole wheat pasta and red
6:55 am
meat, butternut squash to add the creamy flavor without adding on calories. >> by adding broccoli to it. >> more vegetables and fried rice over here with cauliflower and more vegetables, making the portion size big. >> it doesn't look as breaded. >> it is a beautiful thing, less calories. >> that is where you lose it. >> portion control. >> whether it is cupcakes or small you are not getting a mountain of food. >> spend time on it and make great food. all these recipes, we're looking at a new on demand feature where you can check out these healthy recipes. >> new year's resolutions coming up. >> don't give us comfort food.
6:56 am
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♪ i'll be bringing in a brand-new year ♪ bringing in a brand-new year ♪ going to have a dance ♪ >> what a great crowd out here today.
6:59 am
we are going to reveal our resolutions. how about you? i said less red meat, less alcohol, more exercise, more understanding of people. >> mine is all about exercise. my daughters are great and consistent. >> i love it. >> i will increase my redmeat uptake to 75. i will buy morbid coin and it will go up. there are more things i say off the air. and then truly, i will spend more time with my kids. i always wanted to do that. and for you, i going to buy you one real gift in 2018. you give great gifts.
7:00 am
at some point, ed henry will get that. >> we will be back tomorrow, happy new year, everybody. don't miss it. >> my brother. he is not coming back. but there's a lot of people out there who miss him. >> we absolutely need to stay focused on ronil singh's service and sacrifice, we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventable. >> california police officer dead because of the state's wall of sanctuary around this


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