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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  December 31, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PST

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finally the ugly, a parent allowing the children to draw all over the back of airplane seat, look at this, at one point guiding their hand, comments pouring on social media, bad parenting, no excuse, another says, oh, yeah, special way to teach a child respect for other's properties. thank you for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, happy new year, bye. jillian: good morning, monday december 31st and this is fox news alert, massive manhunt happening right now for the gunman who pulled the trigger killing a 7-year-old girl in front of her family. the shocking details and why police fear it could happen again. and it's officially day 10 of the partial government shutdown but democrats aren't budging on border security, now president trump trolling them on twitter overnight asking why the country can't be as secured as their mansion. plus, as many as 2 million
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people are expected to pack the streets of new york city to ring in the new year, janice dean live in times square with everything you need to know before the ball drops, "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jillian: getting ready to shake off '18, live in new york city where it's going to be a much different look little bit later today, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday, rob has the day off, thank you for starting your day with us. let's get right to this, a border security standoff, the
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president and democrats appear unwilling to waiver on the wall as the government shutdown enters its tenth someday, garrett tenney live in washington where negotiations are at standstill. >> jillian, good morning to you, expect today last a week or two, negotiations between democratic leaders in the white house haven't really been happening over the past weekend both sides appear to be digging in. but behind the scenes a number of lawmakers in both parties have been mean to go try and work out compromise to end the shutdown, the proposals being discussed include funding for border wall, fix for daca and a number of other immigration provisions that democrats support with hope being that those additions will win support on a deal. senator lindsey graham is one of the lawmakers and after meeting with the president on sunday he said president trump is open to a deal. >> the president is firm in his commitment to make sure we get money for border security and
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they'll never be a 60-vote deal in the senate that doesn't include money for border security/wall. and i don't see democrats giving us more money unless they get something, so the one thing we talked about is making deals. >> president trump is also making his case for a wall on twitter tweeting sunday, president and mrs. obama have 10-foot wall in dc compound, i agree totally necessary for safety and security. the u.s. needs the same thing slightly larger version. but so far democratic leaders are holding firm that the wall is a nonstarter. >> yes, we need comprehensive immigration reform, yes we need to enhance border security but we are not willing to pay $2.5 billion or $5 billion in wasting taxpayer dollars on a ransom note because donald trump decided that he will shut down the government and hold the american people hostage, that's
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unreasonable. >> democrats are expected to elect nancy pelosi as speaker once the new congress begins wednesday. after that negotiations are expected to pick back up, jillian. jillian: we will be here covering it. thank you very much. >> you got it. jillian: louie gohmert says president trump should let the shutdown go on if need to. >> it's going to end at some point because there are things that have not been funded that democrats desperately want to fund be it hud and other things but the truth is there's nothing more important than the nation's security. it's our number one job in the u.s. congress, keeping america safe and when you have people that are here legally from méxico and central america get the wall where we need it, secure the border, you've got to make this country safe, i don't know why they are not being
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listened to and when you hear democrats saying oh, no, it's immoral to have a wall and then say that while they are living behind a wall around their house like president obama, his new home has a 10-foot wall around it. walls matter. jillian: today marks 10 days since partial shutdown, both chambers are in session today but striking a deal seems rather unlikely. the white house putting pressure on nancy pelosi to work with republicans on border security. >> nancy pelosi needs to come back from hawaii, more mula for dhs, funding border security, they need to come to the table and do their job. jillian: likely incoming speaker of the house has been criticized for vacationing in hawaii during government shutdown other than visit troops overseas, president trump canceled christmas plans as democrats and republicans battle over the border wall.
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now to fox news alert, massive manhunt is underway for a gunman who killed a 7-year-old girl in front of her mom, the girl shot inside the car as the family left houston area wal-mart. the shooter opening fire, the girl's mother shot and wounded, it's unclear why the man began shooting. a stash of deadly weapons just discovered inside a home in los angeles, police finding a rocket launcher explosives and 3 dozen guns after pulling a man riding a motorcycle while armed with a rifle. the suspect is under arrest, it's unclear why he had so many weapons. and now we have it, live look outside in times square new york city where the new york city mayor expects 2 million people to ring in the new year tonight, the nypd amping up security by launching drones for the first time. ana joins us live as final preparations get under way, what a day in new york, ana.
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>> absolutely, good morning to you, jillian, showing up brand-new technologies what the nypd, we are just hours away from counting the last seconds of 2018, officials in new york's times square testing ball drop ahead of tonight's celebration. the mayor de blasio says 2 million people from all over the world will pack midtown manhattan to bring in the new year and with all those people comes extra tight security, 7,000 officers are ready to go. >> it's going to be one of the most well-policed, best-protected events and one of the safest venues in the entire world. >> counterterrorism officers, bomb-sniffing dogs deployed tonight to stop any potential attacks and intelligence detectives will be stationed at all of the nearby hotels, over 1200 cameras will monitor the times square area where 200 blocks in place to act as safety barriers, nypd will also have
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eyes in the sky debuting brand-new security drones. >> that's going to give us a visual aid and a flexibility of being able to move a camera to a certain spot with great through crowd. >> thermal imaging and 3d mapping to catch any potential terror suspect, people should expect to go through go to metal detectors and jim hanson who has conducted counterterrorism joined us earlier warning people to be vigilant. >> it's a cliché but if you see something, say something. but don't profile by identity, profile by activity. if you see someone doing something suspicious, it doesn't matter who that person is, it matter what is they are doing. >> the police commissioner says there are currently no credible threats to tonight's celebration. we are getting excited about tonight jillian. >> i can't wait the year is over
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[laughter] jillian: ana, thank you, happy new year to you. a live look at new year's eve, australia, and here at home, you will want to wear raincoat, severe storm will hit noorrción before ball drops, fox news senior meteorologist janice dean live in times square with everything you need to know, good morning, janice. >> good morning, jillian, have you seen this ball before? this is an impressive ball, this is 2,888 crystals, the baby that will drop later on around 11:59 up to midnight where we will ring in 2019 and as jillian mentioned we are looking at a very wet forecast not only for new york city but for all of the big cities across the northeast coast, that includes dc, that includes new york city, that includes boston as well, so we have the front that's moving through. you can see, though, it's going
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to be a warm one, the warmest new year's is 58, we will reach 48 as the front and ahead of the cold front we will get warm air moving in so it will be one of the warmer new year's eves for new york city, however, looking at the radar you see all of the moisture moving in across the ohio valley, parts of the tennessee river valley, that's all going to push into the northeast right around midnight, so a soaking rain potentially for up to 2 million people in new york city for the big ball drop and we could see a little bit of snow across great lakes and northern new england. also snow for parts of southern and central rockies, here are some of the temperatures as we bring in the new year. in dc close to 60-degrees, in boston 41, i mean, that's kind of crazy as we get into january, so the temperatures are going to be way above average, the cold front will move through and unfortunately it's going to be a wet one but will not be a cold one so jillian, as you mentioned
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earlier, if you're coming to new york city you want to make sure that you are dressed appropriately, i don't think they will allow umbrellas so make sure that you have a lot of rain gear with you. we will be ringing in the new year, of course, with fox news channel. jillian: yes, we are, janice, thank you. you see the faces on the screen right there, hosted by kennedy and pete hegseth, griff jenkins, carley shimkus. starts at 8:00 o'clock. it is 11 minutes after the hour, illegal immigrant thrown behind bars on murder charges but you won't believe error that triggered release and what happened next and president trump delivering on promises like tax reform and combating isis in 2018 so what's in store for 2019, kayleigh mcenany joins us next with the president's political wish list. we will be right back.
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>> good monday morning and welcome back, president trump made promises and delivered on them. what is agenda of 2019 here to break it down kayleigh mcenany, good morning, happy new year to you. >> good morning, happy new year. jillian: let's start with immigration, what do you see happening in 2019? >> room for grand compromise on immigration. as you'll recall president trump offered a deal, he said, look, i will offer daca, legal emigration in exchange for wall and diversity lottery, 65% of americans support according to harvard harris poll, that deal is on the table. if democrats want to get to work, we can have compromise, secure the border but it's up to democrats to take a step towards the president because the president offered compromise. that was on the table last year and it didn't happen obviously, what do you think will make that different this time around? >> i don't think it will be
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different unfortunately because we have democrats taking over the house. nancy pelosi taking over gavel. they'll be pressure from left-wing base not to make a deal, but shouldn't be about political victories, right, it should be about american people, it's up to democrats, i don't know that anything will change. jillian: let's talk about tax cuts 2.0, what do you think will be different this time around? >> there's incentive i would think for democrats to make permanent the blue-collar tax cuts that have delivered so much relief, making that permanent is very key, maybe there's a deal there. again, though, this is a political victory for the president, you have to consider democrats not willing to work with the president because it's a victory for him but it's about the american people and we are going to keep a keen focus on that going into the next year. jillian: speaking of infrastructure, a bill could be done about this, probably rather easily compared to other topics, do you agree?
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>> one would think because democrats for a long time said we want infrastructure plan and president trump said, okay, you want infrastructure plan, great, here is a template, he said let's have 1.5 trillion in investment over 10 years, 200 billion federal spending and let's do public-private partnerships like what president trump did as businessman, let's have this kind of template, democrats no, we are not interested in that, we don't like the idea of partnering with private sector and saving taxpayers' money. it's up to democrats. it's what they have been calling for. president trump said here you go, i'm giving it to you, they've got to extend a hand to the president which has extended many to the left. jillian: we will see if that happens. the last one we want to talk about paid family leave. >> this is huge, this is something that ivanka and president trump put in budgets to deliver relief to working mothers, allow working mothers to stay home with newborn children, something the left has
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talked about, we can get it done just like the first act in criminal justice reform but we need willing negotiating partners, nancy pelosi, women on the left, step up, partner, let's get paid family leave and working mothers pushed on. jillian: appreciate it. >> happy new year. jillian: you too, brand new year and brand-new terror threats. >> terrorists will continue to target us so we've got to keep targeting them. jillian: threats leading authorities to now sound the alarm and banning chick-fil-a on campus or maybe take a class on how to impeach the president, we break down the biggest campus stories of 2018, that's coming up next. [cell phone rings] where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic.
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jillian: welcome back to "fox & friends first", illegal immigrant charged with murder released from prison for 31 hours, clerical error for sending pérez free in north carolina, 17-year-old from méxico is accused of killing a man shooting and killing a man during botched car robbery, he's now back in jail in mecklenburg where the new sheriff ended the jail's cooperation with ice. the former governor of virginia thinks democrats should not compromise to end the government shutdown. >> the democrats should not give an inch on this. donald trump owns this. he's been in the white house, he's been isolated. jillian: terry telling cnn he's considering a 2020 white house run. >> i'm not going to announce right now, i'm obviously looking at it, i've got time, 40 years of working for the party, plenty of friends in many states. jillian: among 30 democrats considering a 2020 run for
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president. keep you updated on the list. jillian: free speech from pc police running wild, campus craziness was a theme this year, so many stories to choose from, we put together our own list of crazy campus moments that 2018 had to officer and here to help us break it all down correspondent emily, thank you for being here this morning, we certainly appreciate it. let's start with rider university and refuse to go bring chick-fil-a to campus, what did you make of that? >> so rider university had poll where students voted to have chick-fil-a an campus, they voiced their opinion but instead rider decided that the values of chick-fil-a had not progressed enough to match their own values, they overwrote the student's decision, they said no, you can't vote with your wallets, instead we will make the decisions for you. jillian: rider did have a statement about this and it reads in part it is important to me and to the university that
2:24 am
all voices are heard while chick-fil-a is among restaurants preferenced by rider students there are members of community faculty staff and students who strongly oppose as well. are we going to have chick-fil-a? >> i think unfortunately this is where we've come to on college campuses and things that shouldn't be political at all, choices of restaurant has become the signals of students and administrators for different values that really shouldn't be on college campuses today. jillian: let's go ahead to another one, the university of maryland at college part announces wide -- white awake, safe space for white students. our center acknowledges that we did not choose the right words in raising awareness of the research-based initiative therefore we are renaming the group to better reflect our intention and values, again,
2:25 am
university of maryland at college park, you wander how something like that gets flu the beginning? >> absolutely, this was something that was advertised for white students to discuss if they are uncomfortable or confused, before or during or after conversations with interaction with minorities, this is very shameful. people on college campuses are promoting racial divisiveness instead of unity. jillian: what do students have to say about that, not to thrilling? >> not at all. they were very disappointed that this is the tenure that the college campus is taking. jillian: san diego state university officers course on removing president trump from office and the statement reads in part, acknowledge that the earlier title of the course trump impeachment removal or conviction was inconsistent with the course content. again, you go back to how did this get through from the beginning. >> it probably is consistent with course content. there was one assigned reading
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called the case for impeachment. another example of what we report at the leadership institute reform. bias professors and bias courses and we released story about the 5 most biased courses including course in school of journalism called trumpaganda. jillian: none of this was around when i was in college. emily, thank you for your time, happy new year. >> happy new year, thank you for having me. jillian: is president trump rethinking plan to withdraw troops from syria, what the president reveal today one of the plan's biggest critics, we will check in back with janice dean which you could see is already dancing at the center of it all.
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jillian: welcome back, france bracing for new year's eve protest after antigovernment demonstrations. yellow vest protestors setting fires and causing chaos in cities across the country, popular tourist spots like the eiffel tower seemed surrounded by thick black smoke, cornered off tonight to try and keep the city's new year's celebrations safe. senator lindsey graham appearing more on board with the president's plan to take u.s. troops out of syria after a productive lunch at the white house. >> we talked about syria and he told me some things i didn't know that made me feel a lot better about where we are headed in syria. jillian: graham says the president assured isis will be destroyed and allies would be
2:31 am
protected. possible plot to assassinate the conservative president of colombia. officials in south american nation investigating after three venezuelans were arrested with rifles and ammo. president duque was hand outspoken of socialist government. the murder of this california cop officer zing reigniting the debate over state sanctuary laws. >> this is a criminal illegal alien with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to ice, we were prohibited law enforcement was prohibited because of sanctuary laws and that led to the encounter with officer zing. >> the accused cop killer had two prior dui's and alleged gang ties but under california law sb54 local authorities are banned from reporting this information to ice.
2:32 am
here to debate how to stop this from happening again democratic strategists robert and conservative political analyst, thank you both for joining us this morning. i mean, it's the tough story to talk about because it really just kind of tugs at your heart strings, everybody see the emotions of picture taken hours before he was killed on christmas it's just terrible, roger, how do you make the argument that we shouldn't have a wall? >> first off my condolences to the officer's family. the officer was immigrant? jillian: legally. >> there was absolutely nothing stopping them from sharing this information with federal authorities, so i think as we get more into the details of this situation the president's lung to make this a direct correlation to the wall is not going to be proven out by the
2:33 am
facts, i don't want to jump in and politicize after the las vegas shooting this white house themselves said let's not jump in right after a shooting and start trying to make political points so i don't want to do that but there's a long, long between this situation and the president's agenda for the wall. i just -- i don't see them as direct connection at all. jillian: ken, it's hard to make the argument after we have seen multiple times, multiple americans have lost their lives at the hands of illegal immigrants, how do you not have that conversation? >> well, you have to have the conversation and president trump was elected in 2016 by the american people and he's made no mistake of what his intent is with regard to the wall, let the president do his job. the democrats can end this shutdown, this standoff in 10 minutes, the democrats control one half of 1 of the three chambers of government and they
2:34 am
should not hold the will of the american people hostage, this is a circumstance where the american people have chosen one thing in washington and the bubble of washington is doing another and it really should stop. jillian: roger, do you see any way to compromise on the border wall? >> well, i think if the president demonstrated broader appetite for policy conversation, for example, he never really brings up ports, for example, which are far more vulnerable which are point of entry for drugs, doesn't seem to me like a policy conversation for him, it's anecdote driven like as we are seeing right now and it's much more focused on political points and playing to his base rather than a broader conversation. he's facing a very interesting oppo r we are in a position of give him advice, i would say the next couple of days could determine the tone and the flavor and the
2:35 am
and become president of the entire united states and start acting that way, these problems might not go away but they would probably get better. if he insists on being president of his base and looking at issues through political lens and constantly throwing red meat to the base they will remain political in the absence of him demonstrating larger appetite for conversation about border security and immigration. jillian: ken, final word, do you agree with that? >> not at all. that's washington for you, jillian, right there. everybody is giving the president from the other side of the aisle, everybody is giving the president advice, listen to us. he's sitting there in his oval office on a holiday waiting for the democrats to come to the table to compromise for a deal and what we hear now is demagoguing the issue, pandering to the democrat base and it's not helping and it's not going to help the american people.
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>> it's amazing he can be both the victim and the champion in every situation. jillian: roger and ken, i'm sure the debate is not over, we are out of time, have a good new year. >> thank you, you too. >> have a great new year. jillian: nasa kicking off the new year epic trip deep into the solar system, tomorrow will fly spacecraft past object, 4 billion miles away from the sun and believed to be nearly 5 billion years old. that's so young, the fly-by will be streamed live. in a few hours streets of new york will be packed with as many as 2 million people wait to go welcome in 2019. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean live in times square getting her party on early, janice. janice: here it is, jillian, this is the switch, should i press it? jillian: i don't know. janice: right, all the organizers are like is she the one that's going to flick the
2:37 am
switch beforehand, is she the one, i promise it won't be this particular hour, you will have to stay tune during "fox & friends" to see if this goes off, no i won't, all new york city won't be turned on, we don't want that, the big event, new york city city times square ball drop which will happen at 11:59, of course, today or own kennedy and pete hegseth will be hosting the all-american new year's special here on fox news channel, this baby has been dropping since 1907, this ball here in times square, 2,688 waterford crystals. it is gorgeous, it's the first time i've been out here. as weather person i have to warn you if you live in east coast it'll be a wet new year's. let's talk about this ball on times square, we have 6 tons of
2:38 am
it, covered with the crystals, new york city and new year's eve was celebrated in times square in 1904 first with fireworks and 1907 the owner, "the new york times" square owner replaced it with the ball, 7 versions of the ball have been designed, the first one was made of iron and wood and it weighed 700 pounds and waterford has been defining the times square ball since millennium. jillian, have you been up here to see the times square ball? i know a few people, i could get you up here. jillian: i have not yet, it's also on my bucket list, janice. janice: well, like i said, if you want to come right after the show, i could talk to a few folks and like i said the button here -- jillian: don't do it. janice: they are scared of me today. jillian: don't do it, janice. janice: i won't this hour. jillian: maybe later. stay tune. 38 minutes after the hour, light
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ing strikes in cockpit, left pilot pretty shaken. got directions to the nightclub here.
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♪ what's inside? ♪ [laughter] possibilities. what we deliver by delivering. jillian: welcome back, good morning to you, fighter pilot struck by lighting in cockpit, look at this. pilot from kuwait jumping and reaching for goggles as the lighting strikes the jet, the cockpit camera catching the whole thing. he's okay, the jet is damaged. north korea is reportedly still developing missiles despite vow to go stop launches, the japan news reports the rogue nation conducted a missile-linked radio wave experiment this month, the u.s., japan and south korea constantly monitoring north korea radio waves and picked up signal from war head equipment. comes as kim jong un asked the south korean president for more
2:43 am
peace talks in the new year. new terror threats on the horizon, despite the u.s.-led effort to wipe out isis there are brand-new concerns from old enemy, gillian turner has more. >> american and british intelligence officials are ringing alarm of uptick and terrorist threats against airlines an airports around the world. >> terrorists will continue to target us so we've got to keep targeting them. >> much of the u.s. government's attention has been focused on isis over the past 4 years, since inception in 2014. >> we are destroying the blood blood-thirsty killers known as isis. >> al-qaeda has been alive and well. >> we see linkages in al-qaeda in west africa to al-qaeda in south asia. >> looking to make a comeback and reassert itself as
2:44 am
high-profile group. their manpower in those countries has been decimated over the past several years. so instead the groups turned its attention to aviation attacks. officials say first up on al-qaeda's attention developing new technologies to take passenger jets including bomb-carrying drones, new chemicals and new explosion methods, terrorism experts tell fox news al-qaeda is also focused on infiltrating airports, they are planning to get more jihadist operatives giving them access to flight and planes. will release national strategy for aviation. first for the trump administration and first aviation plan in 10 years, classified but unclassified version will be released publicly. in washington gillian turner fox
2:45 am
news. jillian: it is 16 minutes until the top of the hour, this year saw its share of fake news. >> it's all fake news. it's phoney stuff. it didn't happen. fake news, fake news. [laughter] >> fake news. jillian: so what were the biggest blunders of 2018? we break down the top media missteps next. i am a family man.
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jillian: as you know 2018 brought its share of fake news. >> it's all fake news. it's phoney stuff. it didn't happen. fake news. fake news. [laughter] >> fake news.
2:49 am
jillian: and here now to walk us through some of the media missteps of 2018 is the president of district media group and fellow at heritage foundation beverly, happy new year to you. >> happy new year. jillian: let's start off with the headline from the new yorker which reads, quote, senate democrats investigate new allegation of sexual misconduct from brett kavanaugh's college years, what did you make of this? >> well, there are many inaccurate stories related to the kavanaugh hearings, i think the new yorker took the case with this story mostly because even though this was a female person who came forward and accusing kavanaugh, there was no proof to her story, all the sources that she said were there, all of them said it didn't happen, kavanaugh didn't have a chance to speak for himself. so i think it just proves when it came they didn't really care about the facts or sources, they really just wanted a narrative to turn autoa certain way. jillian: this is what "the new york times" reported, quote, the times had interviewed several dozen people over the past week
2:50 am
in an attempt to corroborate story and could find no one with firsthand knowledge, ms. ramírez contacted yale classmates asking if they recalled the incident and told them soft them that she could not be certain that mr. kavanaugh was the one who exposed himself. that was a wild world wind of a few weeks there. >> yeah, this is when it comes to journalists one of the things they're supposed to do is make sure sources are correct, there are people who can corroborate evidence and yet we had accuser after accuser coming out trying to ruin not just this man's credibility but the whole process of trying to nominate judge to supreme court. journalists, we should hold them to higher standard and fortunately people saw through the story. jillian: jim acosta, the exchange with president trump, conference with reporters after midterms, take a look at this. >> i think you should let me run the country and you run cnn and if you did it well --
2:51 am
>> mr. president, if i may ask you -- >> that's enough. that's enough. that's enough. that's enough. >> pardon me, ma'am. >> that's enough. jillian: this was seen all over and sparked so much, beverly. >> someone who is trying to be celebrity journalist with the whole goal to get under the president's skin, not only is he not asking questions but he's making accusations and then debating the president and in this situation alone he tried to push away a woman who was trying to take microphone away from him. at the end to have day jim acosta is getting what he want and we are talking about him this morning, perhaps we are giving him something that he wants. jillian: let's give attention to boston globe and correction they had to make and this was about elizabeth warren and the mathematical chance that is she was native american and let's read the correction and says,
2:52 am
quote, due to math error, story about elizabeth warren misstated the ancestry percentage of a potential 6 to tenth generation relative. the generational raping based on the ancestor that the report identifies suggests she's between 1 and 64th and 1, 1,024th, come on, the numbers really? >> yet, they didn't make correction to original statements saying that they pointed to strong evidence that she did have native american heritage. so i think what you saw with the globe, they seemed to be in elizabeth warren's camp, perhaps they want her to run in 2020. most people thought this and learned if integrity is as questioning as they come to ancestry. jillian: thank you very much, we appreciate it. have a good new year. >> thank you. jillian: 8 minutes until the top of the hour, still looking for the perfect champagne to ring in the new year, we have the best bubbly for the best budget?
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ana has already started.
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♪ you are wrong in all the right ways ♪ we will never be, never be. jillian: oh, man, the party is on right now in iraq
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land, new zealand, a few minutes away from ringing in the new year: 17, 16. >> i believe australia will be next. jillian: your husband is on the plane he will land and it will be 2019. >> exactly. he will miss the whole celebration. jillian: in manhattan later tonight. >> here with champagne options with every single budget. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning. how did i do with the name and accent? >> great. anna: drink for tonight? >> chardon, american sparkling wine but made with champagne. 50 years ago we started this in california. expression of the napa valley expression of champagne. it will pour six glasses.
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anna: that's in my budget this year. we have a new house. jillian: maybe $94 a bottle though is not. that's our next one. >> next one is moetchandon. gold stamping. jillian: beautiful. >> masterpiece of paris with the eiffel tower. jillian: how much is the champagne itself versus the beautiful label. >> 34. jillian: 34? i thought it was 94. that's more affordable. anna: it's good and delicious. >> amazing. $12. you can buy packs of 16. you don't even have to pour it in a glass. can you drink from it. anna: i have never seen them anywhere except for at events like the kentucky derby or things like that. you just get that at the liquor store?
2:59 am
>> you can get a six pack. jillian: at the commercial you i asked you about your favorite. >> to me the richest, most powerful champagne you will find. takes 26 years to craft every single bottle. the house of drug has been doing it 117 years: anna: can you show us the proper way to pop a bottle? i close my eyes and hope it works out. >> there is no risk of injury, you want to remove the foil and place your thumb on the cork. you will have. never leave the cork. what you want to remember, i have been doing this many times is that you are not pulling the cork you are
3:00 am
holding the cork. anna: hold the bottle. >> here we are. at the end you hold it at 45 degrees. jillian: almost missing that crazy noise we like and it spills over. anna: i'm thirsty. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now. have a good new year. >> now into the second week of a partial government shutdown. both sides digging in over funding for president trump's border wall. >> nancy pelosi needs to come back from hawaii, let's pull out more mullah for the dhs border security. >> massive manhunt right now for the gunman pulling the trigger in 7-year-old girl in front of her family. >> i feel better about syria. i think the president is very committed to making sure when we lee syria that isis is completely defeated. >> we have got to fight climate change and the president has to lean on that. it took roosevelt many, many


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