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tv   The Five New Years Special  FOX News  December 31, 2018 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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♪ >> dana: i'm dana perino with kennedy, juan williams, pete hegseth and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." we are a few hours from the ball dropping. 2018 was a big year for "the five." 2019 even bigger. we have lots of fun in-store this hour, including predictions and resolutions for the new year. first let's kick it off with some fan mail questions. it's so fun and it puts greg and a good mood which puts us in a good mood. a facebook question from joe. what's the best thing that
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happened to you in 2018? >> greg: oh, jeez. goodness gracious. i bought a house. i bought a house. in the woods. i decided it was time to get out of new york. i am slowly extricating myself from this mortal living hell called manhattan. i am moving one piece of furniture at a time. >> dana: do you need any help? >> greg: what are you going to carry? >> dana: i can carry something. >> greg: you would be terrible at moving. you would shop and show everyone dog pictures. nothing would get done. you would raid the fridge for beer. >> dana: pete, was the best thing that happened to you? >> pete: much the same. i bought a house in 2018. further slightly away from the
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city. my favorite part was watching the boys go to basketball camp. it's fun when they get to the age when they are actually enjoying it and they want to be part of it and they are kind of good added. >> greg: you just want to be -- you want them out of the house. >> pete: true, but i was out of the house too. >> juan: wasn't your dad a basketball player? >> pete: he was. >> greg: did you play basketball? >> kennedy: at princeton. >> dana: i did too. >> greg: does princeton have a basketball team? >> pete: it has a division i basketball team. >> dana: kennedy, was the best thing that happened to you in 2018? >> kennedy: i bought 15 houses and four bentleys. i give them all away. i have so much stuff, i don't even need it. probably the most relieving thing was finishing helping my daughter finish applications to high school, which was so
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nerve-racking. i was so proud of her because she took the lead on so much of it and really figured out the kind of schools that she wanted to go to. as a parent, when you step back and see your kids doing something infinitely for themselves. >> dana: juan, what about you? >> juan: it was a good year and i had a book come out and i had success. that's always good. you know, it was kind of a difficult year in some ways but i think when you look back at a year, it's kind of an artificial construct. 12 months. nonetheless, i think, you know, it was great. >> dana: it was pretty good. peter and i had our 20th anniversary in 2018 and we went to spain for a week. i loved being in spain. i can't wait to go back. >> kennedy: what was the favorite thing you ate? >> dana: jamon.
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>> pete: do you know you can get beer at mcdonald's in spain? >> juan: one of my wife sees this, she's going to say dennis that it was our anniversary. >> dana: it was the 20th. >> juan: this year was the 40th. >> dana: oh, yeah, yeah. >> greg: you have to go to spain twice next year. >> dana: the next question, if you wake up on new year's morning tomorrow and 2018 started over again, will be one thing you would prevent from happening? >> kennedy: that's a fine question. i am so bad at these. what would you prevent from happening? >> dana: there was a lot of things. i will go first. the wildfires in california. >> kennedy: that's great. i i'm glad you brought that up. i'm going to piggyback on it.
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the utility companies in california and many parts of the country are cartels and you have no choice. there is no incentive for them to have maintenance and innovation. >> greg: i don't think we should be putting blame on people for wildfires. that's just me. >> kennedy: they always figure out where they start. fire investigators -- >> greg: i don't think they figure this one out yet. we should wait and see. >> dana: but the fire itself, however it started. i would've tried to prevent it. >> greg: of this is a terrible question for me because -- it's like choosing who lives. >> dana: okay, we'll move on. the facebook question from tyler. do you go all out on new year's eve with the big party or lay low at midnight? pete, you are not staying home. >> pete: normally i'm in bed by 10:00 p.m. on new year's eve. but not this year. >> kennedy: with a handful of geritol and milk of magnesia.
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>> kennedy: i am parting with you. a million people are going to be concentrated in a couple blocks. like neptune and athena, -- poseidon and athena. you can be poseidon. you can have the trident. i will have athleticism, i guess. will be lording over the hordes of people through right in times square. i am shocked they are letting u us. >> pete: they did a lot of background checks. she put us through a boot camp, new year's eve hosting boot camp. >> greg: i know. you used part of my staff. it was hard on me. >> dana: everything is about greg. do you stay up and or go to bed? >> greg: i don't party but that doesn't mean i go to bed. i think it is stupid to celebrate new year's eve, much how you feel -- >> kennedy: it's why you should watch on tv, absolutely.
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>> greg: it's an artificial construct which is a problem for me because my wife loves new year's eve and i hate new year's eve. were trying to find a combination that works but it never does. we end up going somewhere and i and of leaving at 11:30 and she stays out until 3:00. >> kennedy: you should do what my grandmother did. watch fox news. >> juan: it's interesting because i guess 12 years ago my daughter got married on new year's eve. it was that night in a church. i was so opposed, i have to tell you. i was a grumpy dad i said it's ridiculous, getting married at night on new year's eve. it was the biggest party, just great. every new year's eve now, we have to celebrate their marriage. so we have a party for them. we typically, i am in jamaica. i would have a calypso band. bob marley. >> dana: is that a euphemism? >> kennedy: i know what they
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do in jamaica. >> dana: another one, if you can only eat one thing every day for a year, would you choose? >> pete: a del frisco's cheeseburger. it's a steak house. but you go to a great stakeout, get a cheeseburger. it's always good. it's always really good. that cheeseburger is fantastic. i almost eat it every day. >> greg: you have to get a cheeseburger at a burger joint. you pull up the side of the row that has a carport, you know? a place that has a carport always has cheeseburgers. cheeseburgers should should be cheap. there should be stains on the wrapper. it should get on your fingers. it should drip down your chin. you should feel punished in the gut afterwards. it shouldn't be that expensive. >> pete: it's too expensive, i will admit that, but it's good.
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>> greg: i would eat jack-in-the-box. when i was in high school, we were sitting around the cafeteria and i said if i ever got rich, i would have a jack-in-the-box franchise in my house. >> dana: wow. >> greg: i grew up and realize that was the dumbest dream ever. >> kennedy: well, if you are making money. >> greg: i don't know anything about cars. i would eat ribeyes every day. >> dana: you kind of do. you have ribs every day. anyone else want to chime in? manafort the butter and jelly. i.e. did every day anyway -- peanut butter and jelly. i eat it every day anyway. >> kennedy: west coast in-n-out burger. with five guys fries. the bread is a gluten issue. >> juan: there was a report. >> kennedy: the guy who said that to is a communist.
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>> dana: a lot more to come on "the five"'s new year's eve special, including 2019 predictions and resolutions. i am really good at those. first, marfan mall questions. -- more fan mail questions
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♪ >> greg: welcome back, america. we are answering more of your fan mail questions. the first question is from raymond. hi, raymond. i hope you are well. if you are mrs. or mr. world, what would your talent portion be, candidate? >> kennedy: i would like to think of myself as a flutist. i quit in sixth grade. it would have to be mouth trumpet. >> greg: do it now. ♪ >> dana: that's pretty good. wow. [laughter] >> greg: that was better than the original. that was better than the
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original. >> juan: i'm going to call you louis for louis armstrong. >> greg: that definitely didn't blow, kennedy. juan. >> juan: i don't know. when i was younger, i could run. [laughter] >> kennedy: that would be fun on a stage. >> juan: right across. who was that? >> pete: i don't think i have a discernible talent. >> dana: i don't either. >> greg: you do really well hosting "fox & friends." maybe it could be hosting. >> pete: i would say disciplining young children. >> dana: practice. >> greg: i'm not allowed. dana, would your talent be? >> dana: i don't have a talent. >> greg: really? are you begging us to suggest one? >> dana: no, i'm not. even if you suggested one. >> greg: weren't you a gymnast? >> dana: not enough to be on the stage. >> greg: it would have to be your talent portion. >> dana: everyone is so much better than me.
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i would loose. i could do gymnastics and i would lose. >> juan: wait a second. she is a very successful tv host. >> dana: i know, but that's not a talent. >> greg: this is stupid. we are taking it too literally. >> dana: dog training. i'm good at dog training. >> greg: what if someone presents you with a problem and you provide them with a p.r. solution. >> dana: i could do that. >> juan: wait a second. half the people in the building go to her as a mentor. >> dana: have? >> greg: everyone is telling me what your talents are. i would say i'm really good at being irritable. [laughter] >> juan: wait. >> kennedy: you could be oscar the grouch. >> greg: irritable people make the world go around. if you didn't have irritable people, no one would complain. complaining people get things done. >> pete: and complaining wastes time. >> greg: lots of time.
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suzanne asks you break into peoples houses, not to steal but to do things that are mildly annoying to them. what do you do? pete, you look like someone who would do such a thing. >> pete: i might. i have to think. maybe leave a surprise behind and don't flush. >> dana: that is terrible. >> pete: mildly annoying, easy to get rid of. >> dana: highly annoying. i would leave open cupboards in the kitchen, open them slightly. i can't stand it. i like everything to be flush. you know what i mean? >> kennedy: i had a more annoying one. i would put sand and saltine crumbs in beds. >> greg: that is brutal. >> dana: has this happened to you? >> kennedy: of course. you crave salt at the beach. at the hotel, we go somewhere warm and the girls will sit in bed and eat snacks after coming
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in from the beach and there is sand everywhere. it is the worst. i'm going to go sleep outside with the sand. >> juan: you could leave the fridge open. everything would melt and drip out. or you could set all the tvs on msnbc and leave them there. >> greg: [laughs] i would leave a single footprint in the middle of a room, a single footprint. perfectly formed but just one. not two, one. >> kennedy: like a crop circle. >> greg: yes. like a mini crop circle. >> dana: where did this come from? >> greg: someone was here or they weren't. will be honest this honestly? what's the most embarrassing thing they've done that a holiday party? all all right, juan. >> juan: what's the most embarrassing thing? >> dana: leaving early? >> juan: i have done that.
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that is to avoid being embarrassed. i don't know. maybe get a little tipsy and then say i've got to get out of here. >> pete: i would say tipsy karaoke. i like to get after it. it's not always good. >> greg: used all chris cuomo's line. let's get after it. now it's yours, pete. >> dana: steal it back. i don't think i've done anything embarrassing at a holiday party. >> greg: jeez louise. >> kennedy: if you came to my holiday party. >> dana: that's the problem. i don't go to enough holiday parties. maybe i should start. maybe that will be my resolutio resolution. >> kennedy: i will aggressively dance. i have gotten a yellow card for that of the few occasions. one year at a corporate party, i sang at karaoke "sometimes when we touch" with a little too much emotion. several of my male colleagues
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were uncomfortable. there was so much vocal touching, they felt like their emotional bubble had been permeated. >> greg: i fell down the side of a hill. we had a holiday party at a restaurant in pennsylvania. i went out to sneak a cigarette and i found a door i thought was a weird door and i opened it up and i rolled down the hill and it was a very muddy. i ended up in a pile of bushes. i had all this green stuff on me. i had rubbed off the shrubs and i had to climb up the side of the hill back up to get into the restaurant. i showed up and i was covered in mud. >> dana: they were like what happened to you? >> greg: yeah, i fell down a hill. this is what happens when they wouldn't let you smoke and buildings. >> juan: dan fogelberg, didn't he do that song about on christmas, you show up in the signum
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-- show up in the supermarket. >> kennedy: yeah. he has since passed. god rest his soul. >> juan: this year? >> kennedy: i don't know. >> greg: believe it or not we are actually sober. up next, is there one thing we each constantly lose? probably our minds. hey. i heard you're moving into a new apartment.
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>> i'm leland vittert. senator elizabeth warren taking a major first step towards running for president in 2020. announcing she is forming an exploratory committee. and in truth pete hegseth, president trump reacted.
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>> elizabeth warren will be the first. she did very badly proving she was of indian heritage. it didn't work out too well. i think you have more than she does and maybe i do too and i have nothing. so we'll see how she does. i wish her well. i hope she does well. i would love to run against her. >> she says she's in the fight all the way, mr. president. do you really think she believes she can win? >> well, that i don't know. you would have to ask her psychiatrist. >> you can watch the entire interview tonight at 10:00 p.m. new year's coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. i'm leland vittert. now back to "the five" ." ♪ home >> juan: welcome back. we have lots of great questions to answer on this new year's eve before we reveal our annual predictions.
2:27 pm
this question comes from charles. who could you see being president ten years from now? >> kennedy: that's a fine question. i would like to think that it's michigan republican congressman justin a mosh. he is a liberty minded, consistent, he -- the reason he voted certain ways even when it's very unpopular and he's a constitutionalist. >> juan: so you are not thinking about running? >> kennedy: i will already have been president. i will be on my way out of the oval office. >> pete: i think it's someone we can't even imagine. could be a social media star. youtube stars that have an amazing grasp of what the younger generation understands. forget about senators and congressmen and the obvious. something like that. i will think of a name. >> dana: i'm going to go more conventional, clearly this is what's not going to happen. i think someone like the governor who is leading the
2:28 pm
governorship of tennessee, he's a good choice. >> greg: i originally wrote down kanye. i do believe he has aspirations to run for president. then i was thinking you know, america. were going to be run by an algorithm. were going to be run by artificial intelligence. we won't need an actual president. we will -- >> dana: it takes a lot of pressure off. >> greg: it does. the algorithm figures it out. do this, do that, all that stuff will be taken care of. >> juan: it sounds like you think it will be a celebrity. >> dana: i have no idea. >> greg: >> juan: someone knowno everybody. >> greg: it's not like it hasn't worked before. >> kennedy: ten years ago, would we have said donald trump? >> juan: oh, hell no.
2:29 pm
i didn't say it in 2016. you know who i think are up and comers? the congresswoman from new york. and either the castro brothers from texas. here's another facebook question. what what do you secretly say yu hate but secretly love? pete. >> pete: some rum rom-com movi. you turn it on and get sucked in and year in the flight and you've got the screen and you have these movies you can pick. >> juan: i am waiting on you, greg. >> greg: you didn't see me yet yet. this is what you say, something he would never admit to liking that you kind of like. i would say, i would have to say
2:30 pm
msnbc. i find certain segments to be kind of entertaining. i enjoy rachel maddow. >> kennedy: that is so weird. i don't watch her because i am busy doing a show at that time. >> greg: i have to watch the tapes for my show. we look for stuff. i always enjoy watching her because she's kind of goofy. she has goofy and a fun way. >> dana: i would probably say i try to stay away from things like french fries, but i love them. >> juan: i have never seen you eat to french fried. >> dana: this is the dilemma i have. >> juan: i would say things like jerry springer. you never see that that show, in fact, it's unbelievable what people do and who they are. i wonder, are they real? they say they are real. i don't know. that's when i think.
2:31 pm
anyway, another question. >> kennedy: can i answer that one? >> juan: i am sorry. my apologies. in that vein, i really like watching infomercials. >> dana: [laughs] >> kennedy: they are mesmerizing. >> greg: they are relaxing. >> kennedy: it is the least conflicting thing on television. dramas in the news, even sitcoms. >> dana: and it always ends well. >> kennedy: yes. >> greg: they are all satisfied and you always get something extra. you don't even have to order it. the reward is watching it. i don't need to drink whatever that magical thing is but i feel good because everybody's happy. >> kennedy: i am surprised more people don't produce tv like infomercials. it's like flying. i pretend i hate flying but there's something wonderful being on a plane. >> juan: you are from california. you have long flights. you go toe why he too.
2:32 pm
>> greg: it's the only time you can be left alone. >> pete: hallmark christmas movies. >> dana: u.n. shannon bream. >> pete: they are so predictable. you know it's going to happen but they suck you in and then you are done. >> juan: the infomercials? i don't understand, qvc. how does it exist? >> dana: it's very successful, people like to buy stuff. >> juan: you just sit and watch. here we go. this question, what movie scared you the most when you were a child. >> dana: carry. the first scary movie i ever saw. i went to a slumber party and they were watching carrie. i've never seen anything like it and i can remember like it was yesterday. >> pete: i know what you did last summer was the first
2:33 pm
quasi-horror movie i saw. i lived in a bubble. >> kennedy: the exorcist. i do not like scary movies to this day because of the exorcist. i would never watch that movie again and i cannot watch scary movies. >> juan: i agree. >> greg: i love the exorcist. i wanted to be real. >> juan: you want people's heads turning around? >> greg: absolutely. wouldn't you like seeing it? it tells you all of it is real. you know longer have to rely on faith if you could actually see it. i would love to see somebody's head spin around. "fantasia" ." it bothered me as a child because it was a field trip movie. they always took you to see "fantasia" and you sit there and it was something about the music and the big elephant and the weird creatures. it would make me want to throw
2:34 pm
up. >> pete: i kind of agree with you. >> greg: we weren't sophisticated enough to understand the music as a child. >> kennedy: it was clearly made by people on hallucinogens. >> greg: it was one of the most psychedelic experiences. maybe i should go back. >> dana: maybe you want to watch it now. >> greg: also "deliverance." >> juan: up next, who was right and who was wrong and who was spot on? a flash back to our 2018 predictions and brand-new predictions for the 2019 new year. stay with us. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. feedback that helps you drive safer. and that can lower your cost now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> pete: it's time to make annual predictions for the new year. before we do that, let's rewind and see how my fellow fivers did with predictions from a year ago. watch. >> juan: i think one, you know, it's too much to ask for impeachment or indictment. >> oh, come on. >> juan: i think the democrats take back the house and maybe the senate. number two, and this is for my lovely friend to my left, mr. jesse watters. no wall, no wall, no wall. i believe the washington football team will win a game. >> i think the eagles are going to be in the super bowl and they are probably be going to play knowing when. i think the eagles, it's going to be our year. >> dana: i think the bitcoin bubble will burst and it will have far wider implications than people realize. i think justice anthony kennedy will retire. and i think my sister angie will get another cat. >> greg: i will probably
2:40 pm
become 35% better looking, maybe 12% final year and 6% smarter with a plus or minus 3%. i predict this year's oscars will be the shortest ever because there will be only four presenters. everyone else has fled the country. >> pete: pretty good, dana is 3 for 3. >> dana: my record over the years, i'm kind of going added. this year, the kennedy one, i nailed it. i said there would be a vacancy of the year before and there was because unfortunately justice scalia passed away. and then i said harry reid wouldn't run for reelection and he didn't. this year, i don't feel like i have a great handle on things. but can i do mind? and going to say, and i believe it to be true. kate middleton will announce she's going to have a fourth baby. i think free solo is going to win documentary of the year at the oscars. and i think the rams are going to win the super bowl. it doesn't feel like an informed
2:41 pm
opinion coming for me. i was waived off of this printer think tom brady is going to retire in 2019. he's going to try to end on a high note and not do the slow decline. i am predicting tom brady retires. >> juan: what is "free solo" about? >> dana: if you paid attention to my "one more thing." it's a documentary about a climber. >> pete: juan, you said no wall. there isn't one. >> juan: even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. i think dana is the queen of predictions. she is a profit in our midst. i would say harriet tubman is going to be on the $20 bill this coming year. how about the car industry? i don't get it but people in pittsburgh tell me they can get in the car like a cab or uber and there is no driver. it's automatic. i think it's going to spread across the country. in the new york state wants to
2:42 pm
legalize marijuana. i think there is no stopping it at this point. in my lifetime, incredible things have happened for illegal gambling everywhere. now marijuana is legal everywhere. >> kennedy: do you want to bet? >> juan: what do you mean? >> kennedy: you said gambling. >> juan: i think "the five"'s going to be even more popular in 2019 then it is now. were going to have so much turmoil politically, people are going to be watching. >> pete: kennedy. >> kennedy: i think sheryl sandberg steps down at facebook. i think mark zuckerberg stays but in a different title, like chairman emeritus. i think the trumps will stay married but i think milani is going to move back to new york city. i think marijuana will be rescheduled. i don't think it will be federally legal. i think it will be officially be rescheduled since our majority of states that have some form of legal cannabis.
2:43 pm
>> juan: i think that's right. i don't know. trump might be the guy to legalize marijuana. >> pete: you can't live without conflict for too long from the state and federal leve level. >> kennedy: it will come to some sort of impasse. i think the house is going to impeach the president but he will not be removed from office. >> greg: i'm going to stick with my prediction from last year which was 100% accurate. i will become 35% more attractive over the next year, 14% funnier. i can't remember what the third -- 14. i know. i don't want to overload people with my weight. any other predictions? i predict every single one of us will be forced to apologize for something. that's the wave of the future. it will be apologies, apologies sell. the media loves it when somebody gets into trouble and they love hounding them until you are before a camera saying that you
2:44 pm
are sorry. >> kennedy: the next thing you know, you are using a plain mug. >> juan: let me say since jesse's not here, i thought jesse was on target. the eagles versus the patriots and the eagles win the super bowl. he could have made some money in vegas. >> greg: he probably did. >> dana: he probably did. >> pete: one of my predictions is someone at fox news, maybe someone at this table will be banned by twitter or facebook. censorship of conservatives is happening and it's only going to get worse. i think russia and ukraine. i disagree -- you were right last year on bitcoin. i hope i am right that bitcoin is going to rebound. >> dana: now you are on tape. >> pete: it's going to make 16,000. none of my minnesota sports teams will win a title. >> dana: that's an informed
2:45 pm
prediction. >> pete: oh, you betcha. next, our resolutions for 2019. hello mom. amanda's mom's appointment just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much - or as little help - as her mom requires. whether it's a ride to the doctor or help around the house. oh, of course! tom, i am really sorry. i've gotta go. look, call right at home. get the right care. right at home.
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>> kennedy: queen elizabeth dances to this song whenever it's on. the near would not be complete -- new year would not be complete without making some resolutions. dana. >> dana: this will be a little annoying to everybody but i'm going to finally make a commitment to myself that i'm going to keep a list of the books i read so i can more easily remember. sometimes i can't remember. it's a thing that's just for me. i don't have to share it but i want to keep a list so i can remember. >> kennedy: do you do a book a week? >> dana: about. i have to add some more cardio to my workout. i just have to. greg is going to get a new bike. it's before are you laughing?
2:50 pm
>> dana: these are real resolutions. >> greg: i laugh when i used -- when people use the word cardio. >> dana: i do exercise but i don't do any cardio exercise. whatever. also i'm going to make it home to wyoming this summer. i have to do it. >> pete: in honor of dana, i will read one book this year. >> pete: i will let you know when i read it. and if i recommended. currently 70% of my diet is red meat. i would like to increase it to 75. cheeseburgers stay, why not? life is short. say more of what we say in the break on tv. >> dana: that's why you're going to have to apologize. >> pete: all of those things are possible. some of the best office during the break and then it never happens. spend as much time with my kids as humanly possible and last
2:51 pm
year the first time ever, i kept a resolution. it was to tweet more and more aggressively, and i did. i don't know if i'm going to keep that. >> juan: i tend to be nice to people in public but not always knife at home. so i've got to be nicer to my wife, i really do. i think i tease her. i enjoyed teasing her. >> dana: you have been together for 40 years. i think it's going pretty well. >> juan: after 40 years, things can spin out. >> kennedy: juan is in a red ferrari in front of the building. >> juan: late midlife crisis. i and greg and i are going to have to hold hands because i want to be less anxious, less nervous, less kind of always on edge. i want to find a way to calm down. >> greg: to your point, pete,
2:52 pm
about saying more stuff. i want to care less about what people think about what you say. we are living in a world where we think that everybody is like trying to come after you. i am going to tweet less. i might just stop tweeting completely. >> kennedy: you are already off facebook. >> greg: i am. how did you know that? >> kennedy: greg, i know everything about you. sheryl sandberg sold mail of your personal data. i want to be more mindful and my parenting, and less reactive now that i have a 13-year-old. >> juan: a 13-year-old girl, that's rough. >> kennedy: she's beautiful and amazing. she views the world differently than she did a year ago, which is fine. i want to find or make a good gluten-free croissant. i have celiac so i can't eat gluten. there has to be a good
2:53 pm
gluten-free croissant somewhere and i want to get super fancy car for super cheap. >> greg: i could tell you mine. >> kennedy: is it fancy? >> greg: yes. >> kennedy: is it cheap? >> greg: i will make you a deal. i haven't driven it in the years. >> kennedy: is it all-wheel drive? >> greg: it's automatic. [laughter] what is all-wheel? what are you talking about? it's got power windows. >> juan: what is a fancy car, cadillac? >> kennedy: cadillac, range rover. >> greg: you will love the car. >> kennedy: i will take a porsche. >> greg: i could tell you my wife's car. it's the length of this table.
2:54 pm
kennedy, that's your car. it's the pee-wee herman car. remember? that's what it is. >> kennedy: my bike! we will have more of the "the five" new year's eve special when we return. your insurance rates skyrocket after a scratch so small you could fix it with a pen. how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead?
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♪ >> dana: fox news channel is the place to be as we ring in 2019. kennedy and pete are cohosting the special live coverage from times square. kennedy, give us a preview. >> kennedy: we are going to be hosting live from glorious times square. there will be a million revelers packed in. it's going to be a lot warmer this year than it was last year. your favorite fox hosts, will be checking in with them live and there are going to be some fantastic musical performances. i have been putting pete through the paces in order to bring him up. >> greg: a boot camp. >> kennedy: how much does the
2:59 pm
new year's ball way? >> pete: i -- i don't know. >> kennedy: drop and give me 2019. one, two. they need you on that square. five, six, seven, eight. what is going on with you? >> pete: interviewing. we have to get ready to move the microphone. >> kennedy: a lot of cardio. >> kennedy: they will be on in o hours. >> pete: they went through boot camp too. kennedy really had it out for griff. >> kennedy: jedediah will be at a local bar. >> greg: so well i've. [laughter] >> kennedy: take us with you wherever you go tonight.
3:00 pm
>> pete: special moments. the all-american deal, a couple army recruits warning. >> dana: can't wait. that's it for us. happy new year, everyone. "special report" is up next. ♪ >> ending 2010 with a partial government shutdown that's now stretched into week two. the president tells fox he's in the oval office ready to work. will house democrats promised they've got a new plan to get the government back open? democratic senator elizabeth warren taking a giant step towards a 2020 presidential bid. the president of course had some few choice words for her. we are hours away from 2019. we will take you live to new york city where more than a million people are getting set to ring in the new year. this is "special report" ." ♪ >> ed: good evening and welcome to washington. i am ed henry in for bret baier. the partialer


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