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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 10, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> harris: adding to the -- heading to, now, the border in mcallen, texas, the president -- >> dana: fox news alert, president trump arriving in southern texas looking to boost his case for a wall as the shutdown showdown heats up in washington. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing." ♪ >> dana: president doubling down on his demand for a barrier before taking off, slamming the democrats and saying he's willing to use executive action if the two sides fail to reach a deal on bortder security. -- border security. >> president trump: i have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. the lawyers have so advised me. i'm not prepared to do that yet, but if i have to i will. if this doesn't work out,
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probably i will do it. i would almost say definitely. >> dana: casey sigel is live from san juan, texas. casey? >> yes, dana, let's set the scene a little bit for folks not familiar with the area. mcallen international airport, where you just saw the president touchdown, is only about a mile up the road or so from the u.s. border patrol station, the main station, in mcallen. and that is where the president is headed to next to participate in this round table discussion with local leaders that we keep talking about. though we're still waiting for the white house to give us information in terms of who will participate in that round table. we can tell you, it's going to last about an hour or so, and the topic, no shocker, immigration and border security. from there, he will leave the border patrol station and then go out into the field, and see part of the physical border itself. which in this neck of the woods happens to be the rio grande
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rir, the international border, the waterway separates the two countries. you see the motorcade departing the air field there. only a mile away, shouldn't take terribly long for them to get up the road to start the round table discussion. but for a place that's considered, frankly, to be the epicenter of the controversial topic that has largely parts of america divided, it is interesting to note that this also accounts for the large majority of total apprehensions and drug seizures along the entire southern border. however, the community seems pretty much split down the middle says the mayor of mcallen, about half do not support the wall and would not consider what's going on down here to be a national emergency. while the other half does support a barrier. and would deem it to be a crisis. frank schuster is a farmer with hundreds of acres abutting right
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up to the border, including his home. he tells us the constant traffic across his land has his wife so afraid she won't go the outside after dark. schuster believes trump's wall would help. >> you want a drug dealer coming through your back yard every week? >> part of the wall would actually go through schuster's property. he's been in talks with the federal government, trying to work out a deal. those on the other side of the issue you can see gathers at the airport, just outside of the grounds, to protest the president's visit and protest the wall. a few dozen people out there, holding signs denouncing the barrier, and lined up along the motorcade's route. so you certainly have two very different sides, even down here, where it's all happening, much like as i said, dana, how most americans seem divided over this contentious issue.
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>> dana: casey, thank you. capitol hill, democrats pushing bills to reopen the government one department at a time. that effort is going nowhere in the senate. majority leader mitch mcconnell refusing to allow what he calls show boats on bills the president will not sign. meantime a small group of republicans is hoping to hammer out a xwar began. mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. >> the hope of some republican senators is getting president trump some border wall money in exchange for adding to that some immigration issues, that would have broad bipartisan support. >> infant stages, no commitment by anybody, but i'm somewhat hopeful maybe there's a way to get what the president wants, in a fashion that would do the least amount of damage to the country as possible. >> some sources say they aren't sure what president trump would accept after he's felt like he's been burned by previous immigration talks.
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it's not clear if he'll try to go around congress. >> i think the best way to do this is leblgtively, that's why the president cons to stay in the room. the president continues to work. if the president was not calling us together there would be no movement. i found the president continually making offers, continuing to try to find a solution and i know he will not give up on this. because he promised the american public. >> a leading senate democrat warned against mr. trump calling the border wall a national emergency. >> if any president, this one or any president, decides that they want to just move unilaterally to spend funds declare a national emergency for whatever they find of interest, it goes way beyond what i consider the clear dell is gauges of authority of the constitution. >> the problem for the white house, democrats haven't shown a wigness to negotiate on border wall funding. it led to yesterday's white house meeting with the top eight congressional leaders wrapping up abruptly and senate republican saying he's convinced the new house speaker does not
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want a deal. >> i don't think speaker pelosi wants a resolution to this. she's much too intelligent and talented, and has been in too many negotiations to be behaving the way that she's behaving. >> lawmakers note it's about to get very real when some 800,000 federal workers do not receive paychecks tomorrow, that is certain to turn up the pressure here. we'll see if it gets a result. >> dana: mike emanuel, thank you. for more on this, perry baker editor at large for the "wall street journal" and a new show we'll tell you about, we want to talk about that. your experience in watching these types of negotiations over the years, this a stalemate, still, or can you see some cracks in any of the coalitions? >> well, dana, right now the challenge i think is both sides think they're willing, neither side think it's losing. as long as that's going on there isn't a great incentive for either to come to the table and do a deal o top of which, you have a government shutdown, 800,000 federal workers furloughed, but people aren't
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really feeling the pinch of that. there are concerns about tsa lines at airports, maybe the president has said people will get their tax refunds. there's not an immediate impact. nothing is really pressing anybody right now. either in terms of the pain that's felt, or in terms of the political concerns that they may have. nothing is bringing them to the table. could you see the standoff going on for a while. >> dana: nothing is moving public pin, although we'll wait to see. the president has used his biggest tools this week, his first oval office address and now followed up by a trip to the border, everyone else is back in washington squabbling he's out there showing america like this is what i think is a problem. >> he has the political tools, he's famous bully pulpit, used it already. he has the ability to impress
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people with the importance of this issue in a way that the democrats don't. he has that advantage. the polls still suggest that the margin, people blame. trump more than the democrats. >> dana: on the shutdown. >> exactly. they said, you know, partly because he said before christmas, this is on me. so to some extent people are listening to that. what's not clear and the president is trying to do this week with these big set piece events, whether he can frame this as being about a national security threat to the country, hah that has to be dealt with or whether the democrats frame it, they're trying to it's a political stunt, no mnl, we can deal with it. with these events and this, these kind of, you know, this process, he can demonstrate using the power of the presidency, say, look, this is a real threat. then he can probably move the needle in his favor. >> dana: a lot of action is in the senate, inaction i should say. look at this exchange today, between senator carden and mitch mcconnell. >> the last thing we need to do right now to trade pointless, absolutely pointless show boats back and forth across the aisle. >> i'm extremely disappointed, i a si sure you this is not a showboat issue with 800,000
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federal workers denied their paychecks. the last time i checked the constitution, we are a co-equal branch of government. and we should act as a co-equal branch of government. >> dana: one of the things mitch mcconnell is saying we can't pass something that the president is not going to sign. >> yeah, and i mean, who would have thought people standing up on national television saying i'm not showboating. >> dana: neither are we. >> nobody is showboating. this is, you know, this is posturing. everybody knows these bills are not going to be signed by the senate, the house can give the impression, nancy pelosi and her colleagues they're getting to work, trying to get the government back to work, looks good. but there's no way, unless the president is going to sign this and he made it clear he won't sign it unless there's the money for the wall, that this is a useless pointless exercise. >> dana: five republican senators have shown willingness to be flektible on border funding. but i'd like to get your thoughts on this, later in the
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show we'll talk about some of the freshmen democrats who won in the districts where the republicans lost, these freshmen democrats are not from really progressive deep blue states, they're from districts it's been republican for quite a while. they're feeling the pinch. saying we didn't come here to do nothing. how do you think that will play out? >> you have seen some, i was reading one member of congress, democratic member of the house, said we can't be seen to be the party that isn't standing up for border security. and you know the president has made the case and the republicans make the case that the democrats were in favor of a wall, they voted for wall money, voted for tougher border security, why are they against it now. this will be pressure on those democrats in swing districts that, they don't want to be seen, don't want to be framed as they don't care about border security. that's why they're happy with the illegal immigrants coming across, they aren't going to give the president the wall f the president can frame it that way it makes the democrats nervous and you may well see that. >> dana: and i think, the last
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word to you, the democrats and nancy pelosi in particular has said and i hear she says it in public and private, that this, the wall, is immoral. >> yes, that's -- that one is hard to play. first of all, because, whether -- you can argue as a lot of them do it's not an emergency, okay, most of the drugs coming through are coming through the regular checkpoints. the number offing my grants is down. can you argue that, that's a reasonable argument. it's hard to say that the wall is entrancicly immoral. it's a border. you want to do whatever you can to secure the border. particularly hard, when they have supported funding for this. it was moral before it was immoral? it's hard to make that case. >> dana: gerry baker, thank you. catch gerry's new show, "wall street journal" at large, this week, he will interview former homeland secretary michael chertoff, tomorrow at 9:00 eastern, watch that live or set
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your dvr. we're continuing to follow president trump as he towers the southern border in texas, we'll bring his remarks live. top democrats digging in their heels as a partial shutdown continues. is compromise taking place behind the scenes? i'll talk to new jersey congressman josh gutheimer. there's little rest for a single dad,
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visiting the southern border n a bid to make his case for the wall as the shutdown battle intensifies. democratic congressman josh gottheimer is part of the problem solver caucus, what we need. are there negotiations going behind the scenes, talk of a compromise? >> happy new year. we have democrats and republicans sitting down now looinging for a way forward. we all agree that we need to reopen the government and need tough borders, many of russ looking for a place to move forward. >> dana: nancy pelosi said that the border wall would be immoral. you have a lot of progressive energy saying that the president is not going to get this wall at all. democrats in the past supported border security and funds for that. do the democrats need to look at
11:17 am
it themselves? >> common sense middle approaching it, we need tough borders to stop drug dealers, gangsters, terrorists. but you need on reopen the government from safety, food security, i was with small businesses in my district waiting on permits to open their microbrewery, they're stuck with the government shutdown,st coulding jobs and dollars. a lot of pressure is building. >> dana: josh, i appreciate. that we're going to come back to you if we can, because we have some amazing programming down there, we're going to pause for a moment to let our stations join us. >> president trump: thank you for the incredible job you do. the public loves you. the public, not like, they love you. >> dana: fox news coverage of president trump's round table discussion on immigration in mcallen, texas. i'm dana perino in new york. take a listen. pment we have a problem with. you have -- >> president trump: you are highly respected in our country. and beyond our country. we know what you do with ms13, we know what you do with the
11:18 am
gangs, we know what you do with crime, and we also see what you do on the border. boy, i tell you what, it's tough stuff. it could be a lot easier for you and you could be spread a lot differently if we had the wall. and we'll get it, we'll get it. i think we're winning the battle in a big way. i want to thank you all in particular for being with us. thank you very much, fellows, thank you. really incredible. i want to thank secretary nielsen and commissioner mcallinen making the trip with us, we made the trip down from washington. senator john cornyn has been an incredible champion of what we're doing. very popular man in texas. and i think we're running in two years together. that's very good for both of us, i hope. i think it is. it's my honor, john, i want to tell you the people of texas love you. [applause]
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and we have another great friend of mine, ted cruz, he is a friend of mine. except for about four or five months in between. [laughing] i was telling john that ted and i on the campaign, we liked each other so much, and i said, look, some time that will end. right, ted? we do joint appearances together. the press would say, when's it going to end. i said it'll happen. ted would say, it'll happen. we didn't know it would be quite that violent, but then the friendship is at least equal to it was. and i want to congratulate you. i was here, we had that arena with about 22,000, that us the houston arena, that was an incredible night, right? and we had, i think, 109,000 or 106,000 people wanting to come, thousands outside. and that was a few weeks before the election, i said i think he's going to win, i think he's going to win nicely. i kont want to congratulate you. that was into the easy.
11:20 am
>> thank you. >> president trump: now he lost and wants to go to run for president. i said you have to win to run for president, right? we appreciate it, ted. texas attorney general ken paxton, led incredible cases, thank you, ken. and lt. governor dan patrick, who has been, again, a friend of mine for a long time. i want to thank the governor, he's going to fox responsibility, and he sends his regards, and we're going to see him later, coming in to washington. the governor, who just had a great campaign also, he's been fantastic, a big believer in what we're doing. say hello to him and i'll speak to him later. thanks, also, to brandon judd and the national border patrol council. brandon, i've known him from the beginning. and almost before i announced, he was for my ideas, and he was for us. he was for me. and i appreciated all of you guys coming up last week. they had a big impact. we said to them, what do you
11:21 am
want, who knows better than them. who knows better than all of us put together. and that group was fantastic that we had in washington a few days ago. and they went on television, and anybody that listened wouldn't have a doubt about it. brandon, thank everybody, appreciate it. been a fantastic job. the border patrols, rio grande valley sector, who is from the sector? do you have any specific guys here, and ladies? quite a few. are you tougher than the rest, are you tougher than the rest? i don't know, maybe. but i heard special -- there they are, how are you. come on over here, come here a minute, come here. [applause] that's fantastic. i've heard so much about all of you, we're going to spend a little time in a while together.
11:22 am
i don't know if we're walking or flying. but either one is okay with me, we'll see a lot. thank you for being here. in a few moments, the american people will hear directly from our front line border agents about the tremendous flood of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, human trafficking, phenomena that has been going on for a thousand years or more and that you think was something that modern society wouldn't have. halt to tell you that because of the internet it's worse than ever before. hate to tell you. human trafficking, a horrible thing. much of it, it's a world problem, in the a u.s. problem only. they come across the border and it's a bad thing. and they drive, they just go where there's no security, where you don't even know the difference between mexico and the united states, there's no line of demarcation, just go out and where there's no fencing and walls of any kind, they just
11:23 am
make a left into the united states, and they come in and they have women tied up, they have tape over their mouths, electrical tape, usually blue tape they call it. powerful stuff. not good. and they have three, four, five of them in vans, three of them in back seats of cars, and they just drive right n they don't go through your points of entry. they go right through them. if we had a barrier of any kind, a powerful barrier, whether it's steel or concrete, if we had a barrier they wouldn't be able to make that turn. if they wouldn't even bother trying, they can't go through the points. we would stop that cold, we would stop it cold. they can't fly in, obviously, for obvious reasons. we stop human trafficking. and this section of the world, i think, would stop at 90, 95%, tremendous percentage would stop. >> dana: we've been watching
11:24 am
president trump as he makes his first stop at the border in mcallen, texas, working on trying to end the government shutdown by getting funding for the border security areas that he is looking for down there. in texas. and across the border. please stay tuned to fox news channel and your local station for continuing coverage of this story. i'm dana perino in new york. >> president trump: really is happening, without -- >> dana: that was president trump down there at the border. oh, yes, he did, new jersey democratic congressman gottheimer stayed with me, appreciate that, josh. you listen to the president, he there is to make his case. i wanted to read two quotes from freshmen democratic members, are you no longer a freshman, you have graduated on, but you know what it's like to be a freshman. this is the first fight. this is abby gail spamburger from virginia, if i am getting comments and contacts from my constituents expressing concern that the democrats are not prioritizing security then i think we can do better. and collin allred of texas, said
11:25 am
it's putting us back in terms of the coalitions we're trying to build. what about their concerns about all of this? >> well, i think, abbigail is right, we need top security, many of us have always believed, we need to stop terrorists and drug dooels dealers and criminals from coming across. you can actually handle that and reopen the government at the same time, that's why, dana, we passed legislation this week and last week to reopen the government here in congress, and a bipartisan way, voted that way. now it's over in the senate. i hope the senate picks it up, sends to it president. let's reopen the government and deal with the borders and make sure the borders are tough. i just think it's a false choice to say you have to do one or the other, we should do both. >> dana: the president says the lawyers told him that it's well within his authority to issue a national emergency and go forward, and that would basically end the shutdown.
11:26 am
can you support that? . i think the president has plenty of leeway to take action but that has nothing to do with the fact that we should work to reopen the government. this gets to the bigger point, and one of the problem solvers caucus has been focused on, work across the aisle to get things done. we have to keep working. one thing we're focused on, had meetings this morning, where is that place we can get together to reopen government and make sure our borders are tough. i really think we can doeth bo. >> dana: last question to you, this is the first fight out of the gate for the new congress, in a presidential election cycle. there's high takes everywhere. but i know that there's a lot of people there, especially the freshmen that, want to get a lot of things done. how do you think this sets up the rest of the legislative cycle? >> well, i think we got to work hard. and we're going to deal with this, get the government back open, and get to work on getting our taxes down, reinstituting
11:27 am
the taxes down, important to my state, infrastructure, there's plenty we've been talking about, affecting law enforcement, first responders, vets, making sure that we deal with getting healthcare premiums down. the enis full but there's a lot of time and work to do. >> dana: congressman josh gottheimer, thanks for sticking around. >> thank you. >> dana: as we keep an ear on the president's remarks in mcallen, texas, looking at past presidents and their support for border security funding.
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11:32 am
>> yeah. >> it's not going to stop anything. >> we're here at the chapel, which is the kind of the mother church of our area. for god's sake, leave our chapel alone. you don't have to build a wall along this beautiful river. if you're the smartest and richest and most powerful people in the world, can't you think of something better than that? >> dana: karl rove, former deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor wrote about this issue today about the wall and the democrats and everything. karl, i'd like to get your kroeferall thoughts about the president's use of his strongest and biggest tools this week. oval office address, then this trip, very visual, everybody else has to sit back in washington, d.c. >> youia, look, good use of the bully pulpit available to him with the oval office. i thought he was helped by the dreadful addresses that followed from chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. and good to visit the border. i wrish it happened earlier.
11:33 am
the president needed to lay the predicate, 19 or 20 days into the shutdown. we had weeks leading into the shutdown. the white house messaging over the christmas holidays when nancy pelosi was off enjoying the brig island, while the president re -- the big island while the president remained at the white house. useful to do, glad he's doing it, but i wish it had been done earlier. >> dana: take a listen, you obviously, are in texas, you know texas very well, and people who live on the border they're on both sides of the issue. listen to opposing points of view. >> when he talks about a wall, i think it's border security. there's different facets to border security. but we definitely need it. so i'm completely behind him 100%. >> we have problem, but now, the way trump is taking care of business, we have the wall, so we have security. >> it was logical, he's basing everything on logic, he had a lot of common sense. they had very much a lot of
11:34 am
passion and it was not out of context, certainly not depricating. >> doesn't matter, you can make it a mile high, people are going to do something to get over here f your kids are dieing from hunger and you see an option over here, what are you going to do? let your kids die from hunger? no, you go over there. >> i'm a mexican-american, descendent of mexicans, and so it makes me feel like i'm not welcome. >> it's worked like this and it's just a matter of putting more control to the borders. >> dana: since you've been working on all of these issues, karl, for the last 20, 25 years has anything changed in terms of public opinion? >> well, i think where the walls have gone up, they've worked. because they have gone up generally in dense, urban areas. take for example san diego, the illegal border crossings have dropped 92% in the 20 years since it was finished.
11:35 am
el paso, 92%. tucson, 90% in 195 years after it was -- 15 years raft it was finished. yuma, 95% drop in illegal crossings in the nine years following its final construction. but, yeah, a lot of places it doesn't make a lot of sense. far west texas, my family used to have a ranch out there, and tr's no need to have a wall but they do need sensors to detect people coming across the border illegally, so that you can interdict. they have to cross miles of raw raw territory before they get to the highway. you're still going to have the controversy of some landowners, particularly along the rio grande, saying i want to see the river or have my cattle be able to water in the river or make use of the recreational opportunities that some of these big reservoirs on the river. a constant tug of where's it really needed and can you actually get it. >> dana: political question for
11:36 am
you, i asked congressman josh gottheimer about the report in po lit i co-quoting two freshmen democrats, both expressing some concern, that this is the first fight they have that's not -- they're worried that the democrats are being painted against border security. do you think that nancy pelosi will end up having to figure out a way to work with president trump to negotiate an end to this because her members will get restless? >> look, i think the democrats are going to pay tree prices. a price of looking line obstruction interests. this is the most important thing you wanted to fight about? second of all, both parties are going to be held responsible for the shutdown. if you ask the question who's responsible, the president or democrats in congress, people will say the president, they'll say democrats in congress f you say, the economists in the poll asked, do you think that the democrats in congress bear a lot of the blame for the shutdown, 46% said yes, a lot of blame
11:37 am
goes to the democrats in congress, 46% said a lot of blame goes to the republicans in congress. 59% said a lot of blame goes to the president. democrats are going to suffer in that way. finally, democrats are going to suffer because as i wrote in the wall street journal column this morning, this is the third time they could have gotten major immigration reform where they have taken a pass. if they said to the president, mr. president, you want 5.7 billion to build a barrier, the wall, whatever you call it, along the border, we aren't going to give you 5.7 but we'll give you $3 billion but we want to resolve the issue of the dreamers, all of those kids brought by their parents, when they were children who know no country other than the united states. resolve that issue. plus this issue of the temporary protected status for people who come here, their home country is riveted by violence or huge natural disaster f the democrats made that trade, they'd be making significant changes in immigration to the benefit of our system. and the president would be able
11:38 am
to have a small victory as well. no, once again, the democrats have two forms of immigration reform in 2007, they had big majority in congress, president obama, did nothing. now, giving the president -- last year they voted for $1.6 billion for the wall. why not vote for $3 billion and get something in return for it. i just don't get it. >> dana: karl rove, always great to have you on the show, thank you. >> thank you, dana. >> dana: air traffic controllers among those missing their first paycheck tomorrow. now making their voices heard at rally on capitol hill. this comes as the fda suspends most of its food facility inspections. william is following that story live from los angeles. >> nobody wants to get sick from what they eat which is why the fda routinely inspects food facilities, from farms to fork. right now, 41% of the agency staff is furloughed, because of the partial shutdown.
11:39 am
meaning most of those inspections are not being done. critics say, that's a problem. >> these inspectors are going in to any kind of establishment that's making food throughout all of the food that fda regulates, that includes milk, cheese, it includes eggs in the shell, fresh fruit and produce, a lot of our can and packaged and frozen foods. it ends up being about 80% of the food supply. >> inspectors look for bugs, rodents, workers with open sores, high risk locations, seafood processing plants and produce from potentially contaminated fields like the romaine that recently sickened 62 consumers in 16 states. critics say fda records already suggest potential violators are going unnoticed. >> we've seen a pretty steep dropoff in the warnings from the fda. last year, in december, we were seeing dozens of warningers coming out of the agency, warning letters.
11:40 am
we've seen half a dozen by around this time last january. this year, since the shutdown started on december 21, we haven't seen any warning letters pointed from fda. >> so the usda meat inspectors are working, beef and chicken, albeit without pay. the fda hopes to bring back some of those furloughed workers next week for the high-risk locations. but officials admit, quote, a lengthy hay atuesday would affect the safety of human life but haven't tolds who lengthy means. >> dana: thank you, william. word that the white house is beefing up its legal team, ahead of the releefts mueller report and any investigations by house democrats. this as the president saying that there was no collusion. white house correspondent kevin cork is here. great to be with you, dana. 17, that's the number of new attorneys hired by the white house in an effort to defend and protect the president's executive privilege.
11:41 am
what that means is they want to keep his conversations, dana, with top advisors out of public view once the mueller report is delivered. that could be coming any week now. of course we've been saying that since last winter but you never know. that's the idea behind it. and there is a particular person who is also behind it, new to the white house, counsel officer, talking about pat cipilone. his aids say the goal is to preserve an important legal protection that past presidents have invoked. with democrats planning to go all in on subpoenaing the administration for information, that strategy ultimately could inflame tensions between the two sides and could lead to a lengthy legal battle between the white house and congressional lawmakers. that hiring spree, dana, also underscores the argument as i just pointed out that it's likely the mueller probe is nearing an end although the time report after the probe is over probably wouldn't be delivered for some weeks thereafter. the president for his part,
11:42 am
today as you pointed out, also landing in texas, near the border this afternoon. before leaving the white house he didn't touch on that topic very much, and he didn't do so by the way when he made his way to mcallen as well. but his private attorney, rudy guiliani has been talking about it. he said this, we have had assurances from d.o.j. and special council muler that we will see the report -- muller that we will see the report, we will enter the review process with no preconceptions about blocking material but until we review the report we can't waive executive privilege. the man who will decide what from the report is made public and isn't is not bob mueller, it is bill barr, the newly nominated and former a.g., that is of course assuming he is confirmed by congressional lawmakers. i believe based on everything we've heard that's a pretty good bet. >> dana: i think so. kevin cork, thank you. lawmaker and the president continue to battle over border wall funding, we look at the big
11:43 am
picture, possible fixes to the immigration system. i am a family man.
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israeli government admitted he spied for iran. he served in rabin's group in the '90s.
11:47 am
he made the stunning confession he passed along sensitive information to tehran in a plea deal reached after a closed door trial. he faces possible 11 years in prison and expected to be sentenced next month. president trump's visit to mcallen, texas marking the latest stage in the fight over border security. even if the two sides reach an agreement to end the partial shutdown, the bigger issue still looms, how to fix the immigration system. here with me now, ta march jacoby, opportunity america, great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> dana: this shutdown will get solved at some point and the border security issue is just one part of the immigration problem. and you see there's some negotiations about possibly doing four years for the dreamers. dus. seem like people are thinking big enough. >> for this deal maybe they should think narrowly to get a deal done. i think karl rove was right, a deal that 's daca, the
11:48 am
infrastructu infrastructure, the sensors, judges. there's so much more to do. it's so complicated. the trouble is that they're shouting at each other over this very complicated problem. almost like there's a patient on the operating room and you need to do something about it. but they're shouting over him. it is about who do we need here, as workers. i mean, president trump talked about merit-based immigration but what is merritt, what kind of workers. then it's about the humanitarian crisis of people coming from a place in the world, central america, now, where gangs are really in charge and the countries are in free fall. lots of economy kated things to think about. -- lots of complicated things. let's get this crisis will pass, try to get a little deal done now to build confidence. and then go on to the bigger questions. >> dana: what about issues like e verify, so employers needing to do that. >> that's much more important
11:49 am
than a wall for control. if you can't get a job here and you can't work legally, why would you bother to walk across the desert and risk death. we need workers. so you should combine, you should e-verify, mandatory, combine with a way for the legal workers we need when american employers try to hire americans and can't find them. hire some immigrants, but everybody should be legal and they should be e-verified. >> dana: let me play the sound from president trump's oval office address, it's been some discussion about it, and i'd like your take on it. >> president trump: america proudly welcomes millions of lawful immigrants that enrich our society and contribute to our nation. but all americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. it strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages. among those hardest hit are african-americans and hispanic americans. >> dana: you study this issue a lot, because i've heard people
11:50 am
say that's absolutely true, and it's not true. what's your take on it? >> wages and jobs theft is not as big as some people think, it's very small, it's only for other high school dropouts. but he's right whashgts we want is a system that encouragesly immigration and the kind that we need. absolutely right that we need a system in our interest. we believe in rights, we like rights, but what comes first is our interest. we should design the system that works for us. that means brainiac immigrants, and people that will pick food and clean toilets. migration is good for america when it's what we need. he's not wrong it should be legal. i think we need to do a little more studying of what we really need before we make the rules. i don't think it is just the brainiac. >> dana: we have about 45 seconds, iel give you the last word. when you look at this do you get
11:51 am
frustrated that people aren't focused on the big picture? >> it's been a long time coming, since president bush was trying to solve it in 2004, coming up on 15 years trying to solve it, both sides, and it's pox on both sides. they both walked away from deals. >> dana: maybe they'll get back to the table. we appreciate your expertise, tamar jacoby. president trump bringing two top pentagon officials, we explain their roles in the border wall debate. and the birth rate is dropping, the impact this could have for years to come. alright, i brought in
11:52 am
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>> the secretary of the army and the chief of engineers is joining the president at the border, they're on tour, it if a national emergency is declared the money to build the wall would come from the military. we have live coverage from the pentagon to describe this for us.
11:56 am
jennifer? >> president trump has stopped short of declaring a national emergency. on his way to the southern border today the president signaled that could be his next step if no deal is reached with the democrats. pentagon officials are preparing in case he orders the military to help. traveling with the president, is army secretary mark esper and the head of the army corps of engineers. the president could call on a little-known section of u.s. code, section 2808, which gives the defense secretary the authority to tap into the pentagon's construction money. about $10 billion remains in military construction funds, according to congressional sources, that have not been sment from this year's budget. there is $13 billion from previous appropriations. that money is supposed to be used to fishgs failing infrastructure on military bases like fort campbell in kentucky. we chris itted and saw for ourselves roofs leaking and
11:57 am
decrepit buildings. this year's defense budget finally included money for a vehicle mant flans shop at fort campbell, home of the 101st airborne, the funds could be redirected to the border wall. the pentagon has used the emergency fund 18 times since the 9/11 attacks. other pockets of money in the defense department budget could be tapped into, including counter drug funds, but there's only $760 million currently in that account we're told. lawmakers say it's legal to have the military pay for the wall some expect a court challenge. the republican who heads the senate armed services committee balked at using active military to build the wall. >> right now, our military is spread pretty thin. much better shape than we were two years ago. this is not legitimate -- it's more a function that would be
11:58 am
for the guard and the reserve. >> the army corps of engineers is traveling with the president today as we mentioned, but it's important to remember that the army corps of engineers for the most part contracts out to defense contractors which could be very expensive. we're also told, dana, from u.s. military experts here in the pentagon it would take about a division, 20,000 u.s. active duty troops, to build the wall if the president orders them to do so. tape a? >> dana: all right, jennifer griffin, thank you. and now a look at other stories. our daily thee. first up, another recall involving takata air bags, toyota and lexus pulling 1.7 million vehicles off the road. they could explode and spray metal shrapnel. second the u.s. birth rate is dropping, americans are having fewer babies. the current rate will not sustain the population going forward. researchers point to a variety of factors including a decline in teen pregnancy.
11:59 am
and third, get ready to pay more for a forever stamp, the postal service raising the price by a nickel starting january 27. mailing a first class letter will cost 55 cents, the largest percentage rise in more than 25 years. the feds declaring an end to the informed poisoning outbreak on romaine lettuce. nearly 60 people were sickened by e. coli, traced to a farm in california. the centers for disease control says no new illnesses have been reported for a month and lettuce from the infected area is no longer in stores or restaurants. hawaii hotel goes above and beyond to make sure every guest feels welcome including the ones that aren't human. take a look. the staff at the grand hyatt kauai pampered a missing teddy bear, found in the laumpbdry, they were -- laundry, they were able to find the owner a boy from the bay area. the bear's luxurious stay came to an end, as he shipped back
12:00 pm
home, no doubt the little boy was grad to see him. thank you for joining us. the president at the border, i'm sure your next host will have a lot more. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. mcallen, texas, where the president is visiting the border. and we expect to hear from him live in this hour. after he threatened, again, to declare a national emergency to build a border wall or barrier, and called china more honorable than the top two democrats in the congress. also, the showdown now shutting down most fda food inspections. and an nba player, says he's skipping a game overseas because he's afraid a world leader might have him killed. our reporting, begins now. >> shepard: reporting begins with president trump


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