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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 11, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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up my alley. it's friday. thank you for joining us this week. we will be back on monday morning. rob: eagles games and lifetime. jillian: eagles game on sunday. be there or be square. >> if we don't make a deal with congress, which we should be able to, we have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. >> we need to do something if the end game is an emergency declaration by the president. do it, do it now. >> jim acosta in an attempt to prove there is no crisis, he accidentally showed that walls really work. >> here are some of the steel slats that we have been talking about. as we are walking along here we are not seeing any kind of imminent danger. >> the teenager who disappeared on the night her parents were murdered is found alive. jamie kloss coming home after missing for three months. secretary of state mike pompeo deliver a strong rebuke of the past administration's middle east policies. >> the age of self-inflicted american shame is over. >> big news for tim tebow,
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he is now engaged to miss universe 2017. her name is demi lee. he announced the news on instagram saying thank you for saying yes. ♪ i don't need anybody else. ♪ hey, i love myself. no, i don't need anybody else. ♪ i can't help myself. brian: i love when we open up with dance music because we will be doing that later. ainsley: we are dancing for tim tebow. we are happy for him. he is engaged. a lot of women have broken hearts this morning. brian: i understand that. ainsley: i like the gray. steve: thank you very much. still trying to bring back the vest. brian: i am trying. how is it going. i have inspired anyone to go for the 30 piece. [buzzer] steve: bottom button.
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brian: no. ainsley: bottom ton butt. brian: or you get a ticket. i'm a nighttime job and teller at a local bank. this is the perfect outfit. steve: you are not. brian: there are no more tellers. ainsley: can you give us some money? steve: we have a busy day. the president went down to mcallen, texas, an area with a wall to talk about the crisis on our southern border. he was surrounded by agents and drugs and guns and at one point he had behind him a trash bag with $362,000 in confiscated cash. the agents gave him hardy cheers and hundreds and that's the room with confiscated cash. hundreds showed up along the way to cheer him because there are a lot of people even though mcallen heavily democratic area a lot of people say is he on the right track. ainsley: a lot of people love the message that he had for the law enforcement officers down there sacrificing so much to keep our country safe. listen to his message.
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>> you have no idea how much you're loved by the public. maybe not by the fake news, but you are loved by the public. you are highly respected in our country and beyond our country. we know what you did with ms-13. we know what you do with crime. and we also see what you do on the border. boy, i will tell you what, it's tough stuff but it could be a lot easier for you and you could be spread a lot differently if we had the walls and we will get it we will get it i think we are winning the battle in a very big way. i think the other side is starting to get it. i may be wrong but i really believe the other side is starting to understanding what's going on. they are on the wrong side of a very important issue. we're going to have it taken care of. brian: the question is how? because the democrats are not driving a hard bar gone. they are a driving a non-bargain. they are not negotiating. the people who would actually do a deal are not
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involved in the deal. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. they don't want to budge. the question is will the president use this and declare a national state of emergency. fox has learned and confirmed that the trump administration is laying the groundwork to do just that they have contacted the army corps of engineers to look into disaster spending to the tune of $13.9 billion and say let's start using that, perhaps, lay the ground work to start using that. the disaster relief to build the wall. steve: right. now, keep in mind. as you hear that, you think he is going to do that later today. i don't think he is that close to doing it. keep in mind, there is a story this morning in the "the washington post" about how the office of management and budget yesterday had a conference call with all the various agencies in the cabinet level, and they said how can we minimize the impact of this? what government services can we possibly reopen so people do not feel that? you pair that with the fact that yesterday the senate,
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mitch mcconnell, made sure that all furloughed workers were going to be guaranteed their paycheck once this ends. and then you see the president say and every time he talked about well i might do the declaration of a national emergency he said if we don't have a deal with congress. he is still negotiating with congress. now it's the ultimate game of chicken. ainsley: if you talk to democrats they say how county president do this? how can he allow so many people not to get their paychecks. you talk to republicans how can nancy pelosi and chuck schumer allow this to happen? why won't they negotiate? the president has said he wanted this. he ran on this. people voted for him because of, this and they are not allow him to get his agenda passed. so he says, you know what? if you are not going to work with me and not negotiate, this is the only card i have left to play. i'm going to have to declare a national emergency. because he says when i go down there and talk to the border agents they say they need a wall. these people in washington, d.c. not even close to the border say we don't need the wall and we are not going to fund it even though the border patrol agents say they have to have this for
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their safety. listen to the president last night with sean hannity. >> if we don't make a deal with congress, most likely will do that i can't imagine any reason why not because i'm allowed to do it the law is 100 percent on my side. so if we can't make a deal with congress, we should be able to make a deal with congress. brian: just so you know they also are saying according to the "wall street journal," they are urging the white house is telling homeland to contact the pentagon and say we're going to need some of that money in order to defend the country so they're also looking at another avenue and that would be getting defense funds, which is bad because the president also knows that the defense department needs every dollar to rebuild what has happened the previous 8 years. steve: brian, to your point there are a number of republicans in congress on the armed services committee that says don't go touching our money. don't go doing that nonetheless the president says if it hasn't been use you had i can use this now and give them more later. it sounds like democratics
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and republicans were working behind the scenes on some sort of a grand bargain. brian: that would be great. steve: it's already been killed u a grand bargain to combine some sort of immigration reform along with the daca deal. lipids is i graham had been working on that yesterday and then at the 11th hour the president said i'm not going to do it. the supreme court will figure out what's going on with daca. nonetheless lindsey graham says now could be the time for the president to pull the trigger on calling this a national emergency. >> there is no pathway forward that i can see the president believes his power. seems to me the only way left is for him to exercise that authority. i don't see any action in the congress. it's time for somebody to act. if the congress won't act, the president should act. we need to do something. i mean, we need to have an end game. if the end game is emergency declaration by the president, do it. do it now. let's see if it works. if it doesn't work you will do something else. sitting up here doing nothing is a disservice to
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everybody. brian: when you have lindsey graham saying that a guy bringing the president compromised bills and you have the subject of a lot of criticism from conservatives because he does want to do a deal. you know it's extreme. i will say this. it turns out according to reports, jared kushner and kellyanne conway are two people within the administration who are urging the president to show restraint and for kellyanne conway the quote was let's not let congress off the hook. they should be coming up with this. you should not be forced to have to take these measures. ainsley: lindsey graham met to discuss a bill to end the shutdown with several senators, are rob portman and is a murkowski and thom tillis and susan collins. they were trying to figure out a way, a plan to end this shutdown. if you look at the emergency money and the february 2018 emergency supplemental, then it allows $13.9 billion. that's available money that can be used to cover natural disasters. and the president is saying this could be considered a
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national disaster. steve: right. these particular programs were for flood control, not per se disaster relief. nonetheless, keep in mind, every time the president talks about he might do it, he keeps saying if congress doesn't negotiate with me. i have heard from people close to the negotiation that while he may be asking for $5.6 billion, i heard the sound bite he'll settle for anything in the 2s. remember, it sounded like the senate was going to give him 1.3. he sees anything in the 2s. the 2 billion-dollar range as a win and as soon as the democrats comes to the table and offers him, mr. president, the offer is 2 billion something, he will say sold. brian: that's interesting. let's see how that develops. that's called bargaining that would make this interesting as opposed to the non-bargain.
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ainsley: called compromise. negotiation. brian: meanwhile cam that la barymean kamala harriswas on tha book out. she has an interesting label for the wall. >> we have hundreds of thousands of americans who are not going to get paid. and they are not getting paid because the president of the united states has a vanity project that he doesn't want to give up. and it is outrageous. it is irresponsible. brian: really? because that vanity project was voted for 8 times a border fence by chuck schumer, twice by nancy pelosi. chris coons, 34 different senators as your son reported last night, democrats, still serving in the senate voted for a fence. the president is talking about. ainsley: oh my gosh. brian: a fence, a barrier. slats. ainsley: that was the secure fence act of 2006. authorized the construction of 75 miles of fencing. senator obama, chuck
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schumer, they all supported it then. steve: i believe he had a sound bite from a democratic senator from the great state of minnesota who said, you know, remember the back story was when the president did his. brian: congressman. steve: his address to the country call your member of congress. this particular member of congress said yesterday we got, i think, five calls from people saying don't build the wall. and i believe 60-some calls saying build the wall. and this was to a democratic member of congress. brian: listen, everybody is frustrated but in the big picture, if you look around the corner to a day in which there is not a republican president, if you are a conservative or republican, and that democratic president says i think it's a national emergency. we need single pair healthcare. i think it's a national emergency, the temperatures are rising in the ocean. i want an immediate green plan for our economy the end of the combustion engine. this is the precedent. you guys were upset -- many people were upset when the
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daca bill passed by president obama's executive order, this is the same thing. steve: the daca bill did not pass. brian: he wrote it. it's in play. steve: it is but it never passed congress. the declaration of a national emergency is a last resort. the president is still negotiating. brian: yep. i wish he had a partner. hey, jillian. ainsley: hey, jillian, good morning. happy friday. jillian: happy friday to you. a fox news alert. let's begin with this. do you remember the wisconsin teenager who disappeared the night her parents were murdered. well, she was found alive. a woman walking her dog reportedly finding a skinny and dirty jamie kloss 70 miles from where she went missing three months ago. her family, as you can imagine is shocked. >> as long as she is alive we can get through anything. we will bring justice with my brother and sister-in-law. we will get through this with jaymee.
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i can't wait to hug that little girl. jillian: jaymee is being valuated at the hospital. we will learn more today. process of withdrawing troops from syria. according to unnamed military official it comes weeks after president trump announced his decision to take troops out of syria, following the defeat of isi isis. that's a look at your headline us. steve steve a busy day. ainsley: you were not prepared. steve: all right, thanks, jillian. brian: some democrats want to raise income taxes up to 70% on some americans. and that's not the only plan they have in mind for your money. our next guest is breaking down what he calls the war on taxpayers. brian: plus, cnn pundit jim acosta goes to the border wall. steve: is he a reporter. brian: there is no need for the wall but his plan is back firing immensely because we watched and listened to his verbiage. ainsley: he has ray bans on.
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which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. ♪ ♪ >> sometimes you see 60 to 70% as you climb up this ladder, you should be contradicting more.
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steve: contributing more. the question is how much? there you have got the freshman democratic congresswoman from new york. she is not the only progressive proposing higher taxes now that the left controls the house. here to break it all down and the taxes perhaps you can see the change from the democrats, americans for tax reform director paul blair as you can see from d.c. paul, good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. steve: nancy pelosi got the gavel last thursday and already we are hearing rumblings that they could increase taxes on families and individuals and businesses. and you hate this. >> absolutely. look. one of the first acts of the new democratic-run house was to lower the requirement. the 3/5ths requirement to raise taxes. and what we have seen since that time are proposals ranging everywhere from, of course as you just played the clip to double the top income tax rate. a promise to bring back the jihadi mandate penalty tax
3:19 am
that hits largely taxpayers that are middle class that make under $50,000 a year. a promise to increase the corporate rate by 33% and so, across the board from low to middle to high earners, democrats are waging all out war against taxpayers. perhaps not surprising but certainly concerning that it's happened so quickly in just the last week and a half, two weeks. steve: right. paul. you say it's concerning because maybe the average american and paul and i were talking during the commercial break, paul said that the average american over the last two years may not have realized that in the last congress republicans were actually protecting america's taxpayers. >> absolutely, look. since 2011, republicans until this january had control of the house and, you know, the amount of protections that middle income, low income and high earners certainly experienced as a result of that may not have been realized by taxpayers. because, of course, if you listen to the media but tax policy all they ever focus
3:20 am
on is how rich folks don't pay their fair share. of course as we know the republican tax cuts and jobs act, the republican plan that not a single democrat voted for last year delivered wage increases in the form of tax cuts for 90% of americans. and so not only did republicans, when they have the chance deliver tax relief for americans. but when democrats took over, as we have seen in the last week and a half, they have come out with these proposals hitting families, small businesses and companies. it's certainly concerning. steve: it is concerning. but, at the same time for republicans they have got the senate. and if the house passes some crazy bill with big tax hikes the senate will say no. >> absolutely. and that's, i think, what voters need to pay attention to over the course of the next year, year and a half as we head into 2020. as president trump runs for re-election and republicans try to take back the house. and that's if democrats ever got control folks' wallets would be targeted by wide range of taxes.
3:21 am
absolutely. steve: we will see what happens. paul blare, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. steve: paul the rock is used to slamming wrestlers in the ring he is slamming know flakes. steve: and jim acosta. that's jim right there down south. and help keep you active and well-rested. because hey, tomorrow's coming up fast. nature's bounty. because you're better off healthy.
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like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. ♪ ainsley: we have some quick headlines for you, the nazi prison guard who was deported by president trump last year is dead at 95. jocko pauly passing away at a nursing home in germany. the former nazi collaborator lived in new york for decades. he arrived in the u.s. in 1949 on a vizquel that was meant for people left homeless by world war ii. and the american accused of spying in russia could stay behind bars for up to a year. paul whelan's attorney filing a request to let the exmarine out on bail.
3:25 am
whelan's family claims he went to russia for a wedding. he is accused of trying to recruit russians through social media. brian: we will follow that the murder of ronil singh sparking fresh outrage over illegal immigration. steve: back in washington, d.c. house speaker nancy pelosi not calling this a crisis. >> what i would say to families like that is what i say to the president, these are tragic situations. what the president is proposing will not eliminate those possibilities. brian: is that the truth? ainsley: here to react is fox nation host tomi lahren. hey, tomi, what's your reaction to that? she says it's tragic but not enough to call it a crisis. >> i would like to hear nancy say that to corporal singh's widow who will raise 5-month-old son as a single mother. he had no right to be here in the first place. not all crime is preventable.
3:26 am
but crime involving illegals is 100 percent preventable. not about the crime. what about the drugs and are resources schools and infrastructure. we have 10 to 20 million illegals in this country. does anyone really that i doesn't burden this nation? that's my question for nancy pelosi. steve: tomi, how many americans do you think because it does largely because we are talking about politics come down to public perception and opinion. how many americans do you think think it's a crisis. >> i think any american that has to look at the face of ronil singh's brother and family members and even those who work with him they can all see this is truly a crisis. people like nancy pelosi are going to go ahead and say if we only lose one or two lives to illegal immigrant is not a crisis. i say even one life lost to illegal immigrant is one life too many. these people have no legal right to be here. the fact that she can just so casually brush it off shows exactly where her priorities are and they are not with the american people and not with legal
3:27 am
immigrants either. brian: we will see. also anna navarro on cnn was filing her nails while they were talking about that anna: that -- jim accost that went t acosta we border. the president tweeted back after watching this. >> here are some of the steel slats that the president has been talking about right here. as we are walking along here, we not seeing any kind of eminent danger. there are no migrants trying to rush towards this fence here in the mcallen, texas area. no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about. as a matter of fact, it's pretty tranquil down here. brian: i wonder why maybe because the steel slats are there? steve: that's right. and sarah sanders said this when i went with president trump to the border today i never imagined jim acosta would be there doing our job for us.
3:28 am
so clearly explaining why walls work. thanks, jim. tomi. >> well, again, he doesn't even understand that he is proving that walls work because he is so bought into his narrative. luckily twitter and the internet quickly reminded him. i ask this to all those people that say walls don't work. if walls don't work, why are our border patrol agents asking for it? because it would make their jobs harder it would give them more of a challenge? i don't think so. i think that our border agents who spend every single day of their lives on the border know a little bit more about what they need than a prissy news reporter who is just in for a sound bite. but, hey, that's just a wild guess. brian: twitter went wild last night. the president actually weighed in, too. steve: his tweet said dear diary, dot dot dot and posted the video. ainsley: tomi, thank you so much. if you want to see more of tomi and we all do go to fox nation and sign up and watch all those videos streaming. brian: and a lot of live
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stuff. just download the app. you will love it. thanks, tomi lahren. secretary of state mike pompeo did you hear about this? he ripped into the obama administration middle east policy during his big speech in cairo, egypt. >> he told you that the united states and the muslim world needed, quote: a new beginning, the age of self-inflicted american shame is over. brian: no kidding. just how big a difference was it from president obama's address in 2009. we are breaking down the tale of two speeches coming up. ainsley: pete hegseth is on the ground in san antonio, texas where he just talked with the border patrol chief in charge. pete? pete: that's right. jim acosta, he is a special one. we talked to a real expert on the border raleighor teese, the acting director of the rio rally border parole. he talked to us why it's important on "fox & friends." we will bring it to you on the other side.
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>> my sacred deuteronomy, most sacred duty as president is to defend the people of our nation. that's whether it's from foreign nations or along a border. it's all defending our people and defending them properly and strongly and really rightly, justly. brian: what a day at the border it was yesterday for the president, for the entourage, for the border patrol. pete hegseth at a diner yesterday and today talking tox% in san antonio field office in texas. pete, now we are finding out you are talking to. so people making a decision and seeing the chaos. pete: yeah, no. you are exactly right. we were, yesterday, talking to people. this morning we are in san antonio. yesterday we were about four hours south in mcallen, texas, we were there when air force one arrived. the president came off air
3:34 am
force one and greeted immediately by throngs of border patrol agents, ice agents, family members, supporters. all of which on camera and off camera when we talked to him fully support this president. many of them are not getting paid. they want to see the wall belt. they believe, especially in the rio grande valley sector a wall is absolutely necessary. now, the president then went to a round table and then straight to the rio grande bridge near the border where he spoke with many of the agents there, including raúl ortiz. he is the acting director of the rio grande valley sector. it's about 500 miles of the border he is in charge of. they talked about the hard stats, the reality. the president asked about walls and fencing and whether they worked. we then had an opportunity to sit down with raúl ortiz later in the day and asked him about that interaction and what he said to the president. here is what the real expert says about walls and whether they work on the border. listen. >> we have two corridors in south texas. our eastern corridor and our western corridor. our eastern corridor
3:35 am
accounts for about 4% of our traffic and on our western side accounts for 96% of the traffic that comes through the rio grande valley. most of our fencing is on the eastern side. we have some technology that helps us out an awful lot. they used it back in the 1990s was the busiest area in the country. pete: guys, the western side where there is no wall is where 90% of the foot traffic comes through. he has 55 miles of fence. he told me wants another 120 miles of fence in order to properly patrol his border. in the interaction with the president, he says they had alone 144 people come from countries other than mexico and central america yesterday. so the president was impacted by a lot of those statements. and i think being on the ground recognized that only by being there can you get a full flavor. here is another part of my interview with raúl ortiz who talked about you have got to be on the ground to get the facts. listen. >> right now we would like to see about another
3:36 am
120 miles of fencing in this sector alone. we have got 277 miles of river country. it winds an awful lot. but if we were able to get the infrastructure a few more agents and certainly the technology i like our chances against the transnational criminal organizations out there. what i say to anybody who says we don't need those things, come walk in my shoes. pete: transnational criminal organizations. went on to say he really appreciates this president for the first time any president willing to come down to the border, talk to the agents and the real experts. when i asked him, when i say hey critics of president say they have experts that tell them walls aren't necessary he laughed and said i have never met these experts. anyone who has been here knows you need to have a wall. ainsley: senator cruz and joran cornyn was down there too. they said they would rather listen to the experts than those in washington. pete: the disconnect is so blaring. brian: former border patrol chief under obama also says you need a fence. no one says it's a
3:37 am
secure-all. they talk about the need for a border. what it does is put sensors slats and fences give both sides what they want. you have technology as well as a very least a delay of those coming here. not all with evil intentions. some just looking to come here. but you just combine the both. that's what is so frustrating. this is not hard. >> it's thought hard at all. they taught us in infantry school how to do a basic defense. you need a barrier and then you need overappear watch of the barrier. of course everyone knows that walls doesn't save everything in every way. if you free up the personnel they can be at the ports of entry where the drugs come through as well and focus more on that. brian: i will give you an example. do you have a pen? you have a quarterback might be the best quarterback ever if you don't have an offensive line to delay the rush, you will not actually have a successful team. we need to delay the rush. if not stop the rush. pete: you must have been a sports guy before brian
3:38 am
kilmeade. brian: i just see the analogy, thank you. brian: it's perfect. it's great. it's exactly right. brian: doesn't mean you are not going to get sacked. steve: pete hegseth live outlines of border patrol hq in san antonio. pete is going to be with us all morning long. ainsley: who wins the game. brian: i can't give away my analogy. ainsley: no, i was going to say to jillian why is it that every guy has to use sports analogy. jillian: i enjoy that though. if you don't have a good o line you have got nothing. ainsley: where is janice dean when i need her? jillian: sorry. we do have terrible news to pass along. get right to this fox news alert. and sad news that we don't want to talk about but we have to. a third police officer has been shot and killed on the job. this is all within a week. the suspect found dead inside a davis, california home just moments ago in what appears to be a suicide. police say officer natalie was gunned down investigating a car crash overnight. she was 22 years old and had just finished training, had
3:39 am
only been on her own for a few weeks. her chief says she was one of the hardest workers he has ever seen. >> describe our officer tonight as our daughter and our friend and just a sister that we all wanted. this is just an absolutely devastating loss to the police department. jillian: so terrible. officer carona leaves behind her parents and her father is with the local sheriff's office. we will keep you updated on that. a royal caribbean cruise ship headed back to florida after 300 passengers get sick. oasis of the sea cut its trip short. royal caribbean says passengers will get full refunds. a veteran stops a man trying to steal his truck before getting tased by police. watch this. [shouting] jillian: anthony gun they're
3:40 am
accused of taking police on high speed trace during a drug filled crime spree. he two cars pulled over before taking a marine's truck. he is facing several charges. and from slamming wrestlers to slamming snowflakes. dwayne "the rock" johnson pc culture the actor telling daily star some people fought for freedom and equality but this generation are looking for a reason to be offended. while johnson says the world has become a better place he thinks snowflakes are drangs positive change. accepted it back to you. steve: people are looking for a reason to be offended according to the rock? brian: the rock knows. do we know that he is not running for president? could he be running for president? steve: he could be. jillian: i guess anyone could be. brian: joel, would you find out? thanks. joel is on the story. steve: 20 minutes now before the top of the hour. secretary of state mike
3:41 am
pompeo rips the obama administration middle east policy while in cairo. our next guest calls it a fundamental turning point in america's foreign agenda going forward. ainsley: plus, do you remember brian's big fail during debate -- our debate on tipping? big fail. >> ian is on camera 7 right now. he has done a good job. what are you going to tip him? brian: guys, i have no cash. ainsley: brian, there are some easy ways to send people without -- send people a tip without actually giving them cash. kurt the cyberguy is going to show us how coming up. brian: he took my chair. with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family
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♪ breathe right strips are designed to simply when nighttime nasal congestion closes in, open your nose right back up. ♪ breathe better. sleep better. breathe right. jillian: good friday morning. welcome back. your super bowl quack mollie may be in jeopardy. a fuel shortage in mexico could stall after indicated
3:45 am
dough shipments weeks before the big game. farmers originally planned to send more than 120,000 tons of acadieuxes up north before quickoff. the shortage due to the mexican government's crackdown on fuel theft. best selling thing at chick-fil-a not chicken it's waffle fries. soft drinks, chicken nuggets were the third most popular item. expected to become the third largest chain in the u.s. this year. brian, i do love me some waffle fries. brian: we will talk about that in the break. move over apology tour. secretary of state mike pompeo rebuke of barack obama's middle east policies at the same location barack obama spoke in 2009. his message could not be more different. >> he told you that the united states and the muslim world needed, quote: a new beginning. >> i've come here to cairo to seek a new beginning
3:46 am
disweerch the united states and muslims around the world. >> the shame is over and the policies that produce so much needless suffering. brian: he also went on and said radical islamic terrorists doesn't stem from ideology and further defined it here to react is former state department official from both the trump and bush administration and author of this book "smart power" christian whiton, do you believe that the secretary of state had the right tone and policy to mirror the president's belief yesterday? >> yeah, absolutely. it was a brutal but essential break from what obama did. obama did this prolonged apology tour for the united states where he went around and apologized for u.s. foreign policy in the middle east really going back to before obama was born. he apologized for a political intervention in iran in the 1950s to prevent communists have coming to power. so, what we saw from mike pompeo was night and day. he said bluntly america is a force for good. and as you just said, he said american
3:47 am
self-revulsion, basically is over. talked about something that's going to irritate the snowflakes you talked about in the last segment. just a very clear statement of american strength and america first. brian: reinforcing the red line when they used chemical weapons in syria is one of them. keeping 5,000 troops in iraq is another. and perhaps getting aggressive, we hope, for a period of time in syria will continue. here's the difference when it comes to iran. listen. >> i made it clear to iran's leaders and people that my country is prepared to move forward. the question now is not what iran is against but rather what future it wants to build. >> america's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history and will keep getting tougher. until iran starts behaving like a normal country. brian: couldn't be more different and we know that iran are now pressuring european companies to stop doing business in iran and feeling economic pressure where we kissed up to them for really eight years.
3:48 am
>> that, i think, is the key take away from this. of course, we are still concerned with terrorism and have many counter-terrorism missions in the middle east. fundamentally pompeo's speech put out the primary adversary we have in the middle east which animates so many of the problems we have across the region is iran. not just pushing against iran alone. america first isn't america alone. we have all of these allies working very much and very hard against iran and also what the secretary said. he criticized obama rightly for not identifying the ideology of radical islamism. we are not just talking about a tactic now extremism or terrorism. the an mating force behind that islamism. iran is a key part of that as well. and, again, night and day world. obama did nothing to help the protesters protesting the iranian regime in 2000 9 and 2010. pompeo made clear we are on their side. brian: main thing they want in the middle east and around the world clearly know where we stand. anybody with audio on their televisions and their
3:49 am
monitors know where we stand. congratulations on your book "smart power." christian whiton thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: he also has a column on curks and others point to other countries as a perfect model for socialism. >> policies most closely resemble what we see in the u.k. and norway and finland and sweden. brian: but do they know what actually happened in sweden? we have got a reality check. plus, if you are like me and don't carry cash, how can you leave a tip? kurt the cyberguy is here to save me and you. ♪ come on, ♪ come on ♪ listen to the money talk ♪ w?w?uhi?só'ñó
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ainsley: do you mind tipping a flight attendant? would you be okay with that? brian: i'm 100 percent okay with that. steve: let me ask you this, we have great studio crew here, right? steve: ian does a great job. is he on camera 7 taking your picture. he does a good job. what are you going to tip him at the end of the show? brian: guys, i have no cash. ainsley: give him your wallet. steve: sea big talker. brian: i don't have any money. steve: venmo him. he wants to tip but doesn't have any cash. brian: i don't. i haven't carried cash all week. it will never likely be resolved. steve: as i said yesterday there is an easier way to do it if you don't have cash and if you want to tip somebody. yesterday we were talking about flight attendants. you could be wanting to tip somebody else. brian: it bothers me i never have cash anymore. >> i pulled out a bundle of
3:54 am
$2 bills and he can't keep his eyes off of it no matter where i go with it. he is right after it cash is obviously king when it comes to tipping there are alternatives that make it a lot easier. there is obviously like apple pay and venmo where you can send money to somebody it requires you to engage that employee whether it's a flight attendant or somebody else in the service industry to get personal details that they probably don't want to give you. steve: then they have your information. >> correct. you don't necessarily want to do that. that's where they invented things called tip genie and another one called bravo which is made for tipping. these apps haven't really caught on yet as big as they could. but, in one case, you just need to know the employee's first name and then what it might be. say the airline name or their flight or a hotel that you are staying at and then you can zap over some tips without sharing anybody's personal details. brian: here are the top five, tip genie, bravo and
3:55 am
venmo. >> i like tip genie. a housekeeper might leave a card in the room that says your room was serviced by whoever. and then that has a qr code on it and tip genie you can use that to tip just by scanning the code. steve: i have seen the code name but not the code. >> scan it no information being shared and money routed to the right person. brian: assume they have a phone. >> they wouldn't have the card in the room unless they were connected up with tip genie. ainsley: kurt, you fly in from california all the time. do you a lot of flying. do you tip your flight attendants because that was the debate yesterday? >> okay. three things. one, if i felt like i had to tip them, i wouldn't like that. number two, i do tip i don't tip cash. i always keep with me like starbucks cards that are like 5 and 10 bucks. and if a flight attendant has gone way out of their way i will reward them. but the one way i use them that i really love is when you get on board and you
3:56 am
sort of can tell if you have a cranky crew. so if you think they might have a crappy flight, i will proactively find my way to the laboratory or something in order to pass by wherever they are and say thank you so much for a lovely flight. i'm in 21 a. you don't let the other passengers see. steve: before you are taking off. buying the crew. >> completely buying off. steve: that's not a flight. >> that cranky flight attendant will be the most delightful person at the beginning of the flight who wins? he or she wins and you win and makes everybody happy. brian: i used to be a waiter forever if you get a big tip it's more than just the money it's like a reformation you are doing a good job. ainsley: one person gave me 100 bucks one time. brian: really for what. ainsley: i was her waitress. steve: now a $5 starbucks card. >> i keep 2s. they feel like 20's. they feel special. ainsley: leave cash in the hotel room for people.
3:57 am
a lot of people do that. >> at the end of the day not the end of your trip. brian: should the president declare a state of emergency? we will discuss that very, very soon. steve: where do you get $2 bills? brian: i'm not sure. i hear it in the background and she's watching too, saying
3:58 am
[indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪
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do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. ♪ >> if we don't make a deal with congress, which we should be able to, we have the absolute right to declare a national emergency. >> we need to do something if the end game is an emergency declaration by the president, do it and do it now. >> jim acosta in an attempt to prove there is no crisis he accidentally showed that walls really work. >> here are some of the steel slats that the president has been talking about. as we are walking along here, we are not seeing any kind of eminent danger. >> the teenager who disappeared on the night her patients were murdered is found alive. jaymjayme closs coming home after missing three months. >> deliver a strong rebuke of the past administration's policy. >> the era of shame is over.
4:01 am
>> tim tebow is now engaged to miss universe 2017. her name is demi lee peters. he announced on instagram thank you for saying yes ♪ come on over ♪ down to the corner ♪ every different color ♪ sunshine ♪ steve: no sunshine yet. still on the dark side. it's january 11th, 2019. midtown, manhattan, it's really really cold. wind chill right now in the double digits. ainsley: i have got to download that song. when you hear a song that you really like you just got to download it right now. steve: wait, during the beginning of the show you are going to download music? ainsley: keep talking. we all have things to do. right here rob thomas. brian: our music is so good and so talked about maybe we should have a daily play list that goes out. ainsley: we should. that's an excellent idea. okay, it's downloading right
4:02 am
now it will be ready during the commercial break. steve: ainsley, we already have it. it's free. ainsley: then we can hear the whole thing. steve: thank you for joining us. we have a busy day. at love yesterday unfolded live right here on fox news. ainsley: president trump standing side by side law enforcement pushing to build that wall. brian: the president laying the groundwork to declare a national emergency and get the money he needs without congress. steve: that is if congress doesn't negotiate. griff jenkins is live in washington, d.c. as a new migrant caravan we understand, griff is preparing to march toward the united states. griff: that's right. it will start next week down in san pedro honduras. more on that later. the president appears to be closer to declaring a national emergency, telling hannity last night that he has the absolute right to do. so. >> if we don't make a deal with congress, most likely i will do that. i would actually say i would. i can't imagine any reason why not because i'm allowed to do it. the law is 100 percent on my
4:03 am
side. >> with no deal in congress, senator lindsey graham concedes he has run out of grand bargain options and it's time for the president to act. >> i always said it would be the last resort. we're there. there's no pathway forward that i can see. >> meanwhile day 21 the of the shutdown tied for longest on record. thousands going without a paycheck today and democrats seizes on the pressure. >> let's separate our disagreements over border security from the government shutdown. reopen all the government agencies unrelated to border security. >> if the president declares an emergency, money could come from nearly $14 billion of previously appropriated disaster relief funds after wildfires in california and hurricanes in texas, florida and puerto rico. the army corps of engineers at the request of the white house is looking into it. already the puerto rican delegates to congress is blasting it the president has a round table discussion today at the white house on border security where this may come up and also that new caravan which mexican
4:04 am
officials saying in a press conference yesterday they are preparing to try to prevent people from entering unlawfully sounds pretty familiar to a problem we have on our southern border, guys. brian: griff, everything changed with the caravans and you were there every step of the way and now we have another one up there, too. my sense is break out the jean shirt you will be traveling again. griff: i got my passport ready to go. brian: the question is not -- it's not whether the president has a constitutional right to do it, that's going to be debated in the courts. the question is it a bad precedent to do? because if you look at chuck grassley. steve: you are talking about the emergency. brian: i should have stated that. the state of emergency and get the money. there is reports we are going to get it, they told the army corps of engineers we're going to need some of that money that we gave for emergency operations in california and texas and there's also word that the pentagon has been -- the homeland security has been told to notify the pentagon that we're going to need some of that money to build the wall it doesn't give you the extra beds. doesn't give you the extra border patrol and so many
4:05 am
others the technology that will be part of bolstering the border. steve: right. brian: chuck grassley a republican obviously he is against it because it sets a bad precedent. even if the president has the authority to do it, i would advise against it. steve: see, everything we have heard the president yesterday as he was down in mcallen, texas, and saluting chopper that is about to go by. the president has made it very clear, what we have heard from him over the last 48 hours. i might do that, declare the state of emergency down south if congress doesn't negotiate with me. look, i don't think they are even close to doing that right now. i think they are still negotiatings with congress by saying look, this is one of the options in my toolbox. yesterday, the office of management and budget held a conference call asking various government agencies, all right. what do you need to reopen things? because this thing, this shutdown could last, you know, the president has said could last weeks. could last months, could last years. so what are they doing? he is trying to inflict as
4:06 am
much maximum pressure on the democrats to come back to the table. it looks like he is in for the long haul. and that's one of the reasons he has put on the table the fact, you know what? if the democrats are not going to negotiate and nancy pelosi has made it clear she is not interested in even sitting at the table talking about a number, then he could declare a national emergency there are all sorts of -- a number of democrats who said he has got the right. ainsley: that's what's so frustrating i think for the majority of americans. you always have people on the extreme on both sides. i'm not giving any money or i want 25 billion. but the president is saying hey, you know what? i will take 5 billion. you were saying earlier maybe he will tach take 2 billion. 2.5 billion. steve: told somebody involved in the negotiations he will take anything in the 2s because that's almost double what the senate and the congress were going to give him. ainsley: i think the majority of americans would say that's what a negotiation is. taking a little bit not getting everything that you want on both sides. so nancy pelosi doesn't want to give any money. i think most people would
4:07 am
say hey, throw a bone, give him a little bit of money. steve: negotiate. ainsley: negotiate. brian: that's why he walked out because there was nothing to say. steve: she said no. brian: i listened to democrats in the halls yesterday great reporters were getting up they know there nendz needs to be border fence that was part of a bigger package. okay. you have a president that wants to be part of a bigger package. you have a chance to make history. don't walk away from it meanwhile nancy pelosi not only is she not looking to negotiate for some reason, she already got the speakership. she is also very dismissive in my words, in my estimation of the tragedy of the assassination of officer singh. his brother was down with the president yesterday and was able to talk about how their lives have been changed by an illegal immigrant criminal. house speaker nancy pelosi was confronted with that. listen to her explanation. >> >> what i would say to families like that is what i say to the president regularly. these are tragic situations. there is a tragic situation at the border.
4:08 am
two little children died in the custody of the border patrol. but the plural of antidote is not data. and as painful and as horrible one death is more than we should be able to bear whether it's the corporal or whether it's the children. but the fact is we have to have public policy that secures our border and there's -- what the president is proposing will not eliminate those possibilities. steve: did you hear what she said? it is tragic but it is not a crisis. brian: it's a data point. steve: with all due respect it is a crisis to these families that have been impacted by drugs or the illegals who have committed crimes, particularly the ones who are in this country illegally and then were sent back but kept coming back case in point kate steinle. listen to the feelings of the angel families, people who have lost a loved one to
4:09 am
criminal aliens. >> at 33 years old singh was cremateddenned i had to pick up his remains. looking at his 5-month-old baby no one should ever have to go through that on christmas day. >> nancy pelosi, this was our son. this was pierce corcoran. he is dead. his death is real. it's not fabricated and he died at the hands of an illegal immigrant. >> it hurts. it's another punch in the gut to us at this time when we are mourning our son. >> in a couple of weeks they have their money. i will never have my child and neither will anybody else who has lost anybody. you can't compare the two at all. brian: those are real people. you don't file your nails. you don't use an example of a data point. and i'm going to factor in on what she said. the speaker said the 7 and 8-year-old that lost their lives the last few weeks it's all part of it. more detention beds. more care. working with the mexican government on the other side
4:10 am
of the border. you it's not just build a wall. you have a chance for something that's been talked about for the last 20 years. the president is willing to do it. whether he should or shouldn't have walked away from that deal last year is another debate. you have a president who wants to deal with a bigger plan and avoid what the supreme court is going to do and look at daca and that's going to be a major issue and crisis again. why didn't you republicans and democrats in january. get the dick durbins, the joe manchins of the world who want to get something done and sit down with republicans like lindsey graham and john cornyn and get something done. steve: brian, i think it's got to be done at the leadership level. i think the president, from what we have heard, willing to sit at the table. but when he looks across as he said a couple days ago nancy pelosi if i open the government, in 30 days will you -- will would he be able to have a genuine negotiation over the wall? and she said no. he said okay. bye-bye. and that's it. i think there are a lot of
4:11 am
people looking in who are sick and tired of what's going on in washington, d.c. people elected a whole bunch of new democrats to go to the house and get stuff done. we are now three weeks into a government shutdown. the new leadership in the house was sworn in last thursday. and it is shutdown. is this america the government that they wanted? i don't think so. ainsley: how defeated would you feel if your child's death was preventable and the government is not allowing the president to put up or people in washington aren't allowing the president to put up the wall when these deaths could have been preventable. i mean how -- i listen to those parents. i don't understand how these democrats in washington can listen to those parents and not hear their cries. brian: right. ainsley: i would be so defeated. steve: i think they hear it but i think politics is getting in the way. brian: steve, you have a good point. democrats have an agenda whether you like it or not. they can't get that agenda going with the government shutdown. steve: right now it just looks like the agenda is stop donald trump. we will keep you posted, in
4:12 am
the meantime 7:11 in new york city. jillian: that's right. good morning. another fox news alert to get you caught up on. let's begin here. mike pompeo announcing a new international summit. >> countries will all come together to focus on middle east stability and peace and security here in this region and that includes an important element of making sure iran is not a destabilizing influence. jillian: the summit will be next month in poland. today florida's governor is suspected to suspend and replace the broward county sheriff over his response to the parkland school massacre. governor ron desantis will reportedly replace scott israel with a former police sergeant with a background in active shooter training. 17 people were shot and killed at the parkland school last february. as deputies staged outside. the "national enquirer" releasing a romantic text messages sent between amazon ceo jeff bezos and former tv anchor lauren sanchez.
4:13 am
the friend reportedly leaked the messages in which they told the other i love you. president trump weighed in on the divorce. >> well, i wish him luck. >> that's it? >> i wish him luck. it's going to be a beauty. jillian: jeff and mackenzie bezos announced their split this week after 25 years of marriage. is he estimated $137 billion. back to you. ainsley: her friend leaked that? her friend leaked their text messages? >> allegedly. ainsley: no longer a friend. jillian: i would guess not. ainsley: the white house could be preparing to release a new supreme court justice after ruth barrett ginsburg misses three days on the bench. brian: the bizarre distant fueling rumors about 2020. and had ben shapiro answer with his own video by the way. ♪ makes me smile ♪ i just smile
4:14 am
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♪ steve: after missing a third straight day on the bench, the white house is reportedly, perhaps, preparing a possible
4:18 am
departure of supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg recovering from cancer surgery and has not been going back to work. with some still bitter over the recent confirmation hearing of justice brett kavanaugh, what would a new fight look like? here with insight is kerry, chief counsel and policy director at the judicial crisis network, which played a role in past confirmation pushes by the trump administration. she is also a former law clerk to justice clarence thomas. she knows all about it kerry, good morning to you. >> good morning, how are you doing? steve: i'm doing okay. ruth bader ginsburg we know she has had some health challenges and now there is a politico story urging allies to prepare for a possible rbg departure. >> what do you think about that. >> in terms of saying they are talking to outside groups we haven't heard anything about it. we have certainly been very involved in this thing. the white house hasn't reached out to us in any way. to the extent the story is accurate insofar as it says
4:19 am
there are people encouraging the president to pick someone off of his list of supreme court likely nominees, i think that's something that would concern conservatives a lot. so i am hopeful that's not going on. steve: well, you know, we still hear the name amy coony barrett a lot. she could be the one who could be the next name. but, if there is another nomination that this president makes, given what happened with brett kavanaugh, you're anticipating a major freakout, aren't you, by people on the political left? >> well, you know, unfortunately, we are seeing them freaking out over pretty much everything this president does. so, you know, whether that's -- whether he would choose amy connie barrett if he has a vacancy we don't know that. steve: we don't. >> they will make a big deal of it or whatever. we are seeing test cases for that, already. we saw the obstruction they have given to judicial nominees, i mean, we have 71 judicial nominees rushed for
4:20 am
nomination. 160 lower court vacancies that's significantly more than when the president took office. we are not keeping up even with really great pace on getting circuit nominees confirmed. not able to keep up with the pace of retirement simply because the democrats have been so obstructionists. you can kind of see that pattern. now we're going to have an attorney general nominee in bill barr who is unanimously confirmed to his previous stent at this job. so this is someone incredibly qualified and even got pat leahy saying he should get bipartisan support. however, we are seeing all of these test runs here where the democrats are going to show how obstructionist they can be. steve: all right. well, as you said, if there is another opening on the supreme court during the trump years, expect a freakout in 3, 2, 1. carey, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks. steve: 7:20 in new york city. we have a fox news alert. that missing teenager steve: missing three months of a her parents were
4:21 am
murdered found alive. we are live with the incredible end to the search coming up next. plus, as people continue to focus on the fight for security at our southern border, the drug crisis from mexico stretches way beyond their discussion coming up, wear away your enamel. your tooth is going to look yellower, more dull. i recommend pronamel because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's pro enamel. it's the positive thing. ♪
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at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech-house manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. steve: we are back with a fox news alert. the wisconsin teenager who appeared on the evening her parents were murdered has been found alive. jayme closs is coming home after missing for three months. paul bloom joins us live from the courthouse where police will release more details on how she was found. paul? good morning. >> and good morning to you, steve. from a very cold and very shocked barron, wisconsin this morning. this community and jayme
4:25 am
closs' extended family has held out so much hope. so many prayers in this community this young child, would indecember, come home safe and sound. well, their prayers were answered yesterday. early reports young child's report stunning. flagging down a neighbor i am jayme closs. i need help. take her into protective custody alone suspect arrested just minutes later. we're told early to mid 20's. one person in custody. the local sheriff told me yesterday over the phone he absolutely believes more people had to be involved in this. three-month-olthree-month-old o. again, her parents shot to death. she abducted from her home on the 15th of october spent the knight north of here in duluth, minnesota in the hospital. the family waiting desperately to be renoon nighted with the teen.
4:26 am
>> as long as she is alive and good we will get through anything. time to move forward and bring justice for my sister and brother-in-law. we will get through this with jayme, together, as a big family. i can't wait to hug that little girl. >> and, jennifer smith, an aunt, the child's god mother, she says jayme okay in the hospital. jayme spent the night, we understand, sleeping, eating, meeting with investigators the hope the family gets to see her in a few hours. in the meantime the local sheriff, the fbi, the state bci here in wisconsin expected to brief the media at 10:00 central, 11:00 eastern, hope to learn a whole lot more about what happened and how this young child finally got away. steve: what a story. all right. paul bloom reporting this morning from wisconsin. paul, thank you. all right. brian, ainsley. brian: all right. great. 26 minutes after the hour from south of the border to the west side of chicago? a new drug-fighting task
4:27 am
force in the windy city is intercepting heroin smuggled by mexican drug cartels heading all the way up to the midwest. ainsley: recent tips from south of the border leading the new task force to bust heroin shipments worth over $16 million. our next guest says this shows why the wall is important for all americans not just shows living along the border or close to it joining us now from the new beginnings church of chicago is pastor corey brooks. good morning to you, pastor, thanks for being with us. >> good morning, thank you for having me on the show i appreciate it. ainsley: you are welcome. tell us about the task force and what's happening on the border is affecting you guys in chicago? >> well, any time they arrest people for drugs coming into chicago, it's always a plus for us because it helps us to get rid of some of the gang fighting that's going on, some of the drug dealing that's going on. and it definitely helps us to deal with the addiction that's going on in the city of chicago. a lot of people don't know that we have a highway that's called heroin highway on 290. and a lot of individuals come in our city and they
4:28 am
are getting drugs and using drugs and so any time the dea makes those type of busts, it's always a plus. brian: i just want everyone to see the amount of drug seizures from the chicago field division, the field office. 2016 over 511 kilograms. 2016 was half that. and in 2010 it was 54. so this thing is going through the roof. now, pastor brooks, a lot of people say well the most of the drugs come through the port of entry. if you build the wall it funnels things to allow us to put resources in those ports of entry. it's all part of the process, correct? >> >> absolutely. a lot of individuals are saying that they think we don't need the wall. i really think we do. anything that would help protect our borders and help protect the people of america is always something that we should take our -- always something that we should be very -- that we should do. and so i'm hoping that america would come together and that we will understand the need. it's amazing to me that a lot of individuals who,
4:29 am
especially politicians who are against the wall, these are individuals if you look at their homes, they have walls around their homes. and they have protection for themselves but they don't want everybody else to be protected. in the city of chicago, it's important that we have this type of protection across our border to keep the type of drugs that are coming into our city from coming into the city. ainsley: all right, pastor corey brooks, thank you for being with us. >> absolutely, thank you so much. ainsley: you are welcome. god bless. brian: the wall helping chicago. that's "the big story." 31 minutes now before the top of the hour. ainsley: a bus driver saves a lost baby running barefoot down a highway overpass. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. >> no. >> i'm shaking. >> oh, i am, too. >> the incredible rescue next. >> and what do people who live near the border think about the president's wall? pete hegseth talked to them. pete is still there pete, what do they have to say? pete: good morning, guys, yesterday in mcallen when
4:30 am
the president arrived at the border to talk to experts. we had a chance to talk to a lot of the border patrol agents, their family members, some of which are not getting paid. they support what the president is doing. we are going to bring their voices to you on "fox & friends" in just a minute ♪ ♪ (burke) parking splat. and we covered it.
4:31 am
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4:34 am
front of the homeland security field office a couple miles from the border. is he in san antonio. pete? pete: good morning, guys. right. this field office will open shortly here. it is not closed. it is open. the employees there being paid. folks checking on immigration status or in that process to come in and honor those appointments. if you go a couple hundred miles further south to mcallen where we were yesterday, a lot of those border patrol agents are not being paid starting very soon. their family members they affected by that as the president arrived and met at a round table with experts, we had a chance to talk with some of those ice agents, border patrol agents, their families, citizens of the local area and ask them, as the shutdown continues, if you are not getting paid, is this a crisis? do we need the wall? what do you see in your communities? here is a response from the newcomerstown of thfromthe few e talked to yesterday it? >> is a crisis. it's been a crisis for decades. we have been kept in the
4:35 am
dark. nobody really took it as an important issue until now. we have got stash houses where people are illegally stashed in those houses. these people working for human contra band are making billions of dollars on that and finding houses here locally. they appear to be nice-looking houses but they have like 200 people inside. >> people don't understand and people that don't live over here don't understand that, you know what? we are living it and we are very close to the border. >> i do think we need a wall. i live here in the rio grande valley and i see many times illegal immigrants. i know people on border patrol. i do know they need a wall it would help out tremendously. both of of my parents work for the government it has affected us a little bit. we are working through it and glad that president trump is staying strong to keep building the border wall. pete: i also asked them how long would you be willing to forego a paycheck to get this wall built? many of them said time and time again as long as it takes.
4:36 am
now, the border patrol agents can't speak in camera on uniform. there were a lot of them there in uniform. if you pull them off camera they say we support. this we need. this the rio grande valley where we were is a textbook example of where they there are walls they are effective. where they are not they have the serious problem. they could dedicate resources more responsibly and effectively and fixturely if they actually had the wall and built it. a ton of support for that on and off camera and not being paid is tough. but they would rather get the wall next change. the ground truth that a lot in washington don't want to hear these are the forgotten men and women. they feel like this has been a crisis for a long time finally being addressed by this president. steve: it is indeed. today is a payday without pay. it's the first time they are going to go without a paycheck. pete, do a lot of them realize the president has made it very clear he is not going to cave on this as he indicated yesterday, and it sounds like they could be out for a while. >> yeah. they did. and i heard that word, that
4:37 am
phrase please, mr. president, do not cave time and time again. we heard it at the diner with folks in corpus christi. it was more powerful to hear it from the border patrol agents themselves. young, old, men, women, white, hispanic, who work on the border who deal with these transnational gangs who see the violence, who seat drugs, who seat shadows and the fear that local communities have when they don't know what could happen day in and day out. and they see the common sense of a solution like a wall which is not a catch-all. but you see those steel slats, unlike some other reporters who made fools of themselves. it's hard not to recognize the tranquility comes with a border when you have it there. if you don't, you don't have much control over who comes in and out of your country. but, guys, i have got to say in a quick transition you know a lot of vets love our program. steve: absolutely. peter: we love them and appreciate it one of them came to our parking lot moments ago. he had been talking about you and your tipping and love of continuing and lack of cash. so juan is an air force vet
4:38 am
and he came and delivered me $1 to bring to you to facilitate your ability to tip whoever you want whenever you want, brian. brian: bring it back because i never carry cash but i will take that from an air force vet if you don't mind. pete: i will. juan says thank you very much and you are welcome coming your way, brian. brian: i understand it's juan's intention to give me money because i'm doing so well he thinks i'm worth a dollar. steve: it should be symbolic. give that money back to that guy. ainsley: is he a vet. is he a giver, brian is a taker. steve: look at that suit, he obviously has money. pete: he got money he wants to give it away and help brian. steve: it's true. it's america. brian: all right. >> thank you. i have juan's money. steve: that's john's money. our stage manager right now his name is john. brian: yep. we almost got a cue last segment. 22 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with news that starts out in california. jillian: news we don't want
4:39 am
to talk about but unfortunately once again we have. to say a fox news alert an a third police officer shot and killed on the job within a week. the suspect found dead inside a davis, california home. it appears to be a suicide. police say officer natalie carona was gunned down investigating a car crash overnight. she was 22 years old. just finished training and had only been on her own for a few weeks. her chief says she was one of the hardest workers he has ever seen. >> i have heard her describe our officers tonight as our daughter and our friend and just a sister that we all wanted. this is just an absolutely devastating loss to the police department. jillian: officer carona, you see her right there, leaves behind her parents. her father is with the local sheriff's office. this image of officer carona with a blue line flag remains the profile picture on her facebook page. some of the nation's toughest gun laws could get even tougher. new york governor andrew cuomo is pushing a bill to give courts the power to
4:40 am
take guns away from owners they deem to others or themselves. cuomo also wants to ban bump stocks and extend background check waiting periods all within the first 100 days of his new term. how about this? a bus driver saves a lost baby running barefoot down a highway overpass. look at this. the incredible rescue was caught on camera in milwaukee last month. the driver stopping traffic to grab the child all alone in the cold. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> no. >> i'm shaking. >> i am, too. >> passenger on the bus as you can see wraps the baby in her coat. police say her mother may have mental health issues. the baby is okay. and is now with her father. hey, a big congratulations to our friend of the show tim tebow, the mlb minor leaguer and former football star is engaged to miss universe 2017 demi lee peters. tebow tweeting these photos and saying thank you for
4:41 am
saying yes and making me the happiest man in the world. i saw on people that ring is 7.25 kara karats. steve: i would say he has been saving up. broken. brian: most people can't afford the photographer they bought to get those candid shots. steve: could be somebody with an iphone. brian: you think so. ainsley: some girls are sad this morning right, jillian? jillian: yes, hearts breaking. ainsley: my phone blows up. is he single? set him one me. not anymore misuniverse. brian: do you think you will be in the wedding party. ainsley: we're friends but i don't think i will be invited to the wedding. i would love to go. i will give you a good gift. steve: do you think tim tebow should tip the wedding photographer. brian: absolutely, use venmo. ainsley: is he out of money he can bay 7 karat ring. brian: if you have a 7 karat
4:42 am
ring can you probably afford anything you want. steve: true. you can afford anything you want. bernimodel for socialism. >> i'm not looking at venezuela. i'm not looking to cuba. i'm looking at countries like denmark and sweden. steve: does he actually know what happened in sweden? michael knowles has a reality check for the senator and it's coming up next. ainsley: plus, speaking of 7 carats, diamond and silk is here. brian: priceless. one hour pickup order?
4:43 am
4:44 am
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and strengthens my joints for the long-term. osteo bi-flex because i'm made to move. ♪ brian: far left democrats using nordic countries like sweden as an example to push socialistic policies. >> what we have in mind and my policies most closely resemble what we see in the u.k., in norway, and finland
4:46 am
and sweden. >> when i talk about democratic socialism, i'm not looking at venezuela. i'm not looking to cuba. i'm looking to countries like denmark and sweden. brian: all right. here we go a new op-ed in the "wall street journal" saying sweden experiment with socialism was disastrous and should serve as a lesson for the u.s. in mistakes not to make. here with us to talk about it is michael knowles, host of the michael knowles show. michael, it seems so great over there. is it not? let's go into the numbers a little bit. are the swedes not happy? >> well, they are pretty happy now after decades of economic deregulation. there are two pretty scary numbers. one is the majority of american millennials now identify as socialists. that's the bad news. the good news is that only 32% of them can define what socialism is. which i think makes alexandria ocasio-cortez the voice of her very ignorant generation. all of those countries, sweden, the nordic countries, iceland, denmark, they have more free, more liberal economies than the united states.
4:47 am
this seems counter intuitive because they had everything going for them to make socialism work. they had a homage news population free national defense, thank you, united states. free medical innovation thank you united states and still failed there over the past few decades have you seen in sweden privatization of pension and social security programs. in sweden school choice. none of these countries has 100 percent medicare for all programs. the list goes on and on. if that is what alexandria ocasio-cortez is talking about with her policy proferls, privatization, freeing up the economy, then sign me up, that sounds great, but that's not what socialism is. socialism is an economic disease. it is the product of envy and it is the product of ignorance and unfortunately, we have got a lot of that going around in our politics today. brian: churchill said socialism is the philosophy of failure the creative ignorance and gospel of envy. here's what sweden was and
4:48 am
is on their socialism and beyond the g.d.p. per capita in 1970 the pre-welfare programs was fourth. in 1991, when moderate government took over it came in at tenth. in 2017 it became tenth. and the gallup poll, democrats are really moving the -- to bernie sanders direction u in 2018, 57% of democrats view socialism positively only 47% view capitalism positively. look you at how that changed. it was 53% in 2010. and they like capitalism, 53% like capitalism. things are certainly changing but they don't understand what they're getting. i will add, this michael. when it comes to immigration that also factors into sweden. they opened up their doors and they are paying a price. >> that's certainly right. the democrats have moved in a far left direction just over the past few beers. they have been radicalized. they have promoted radical voices like open socialist ocasio-cortez and bernie
4:49 am
sanders. they say they don't like capitalism. perhaps they should look across at these countries that they are lauding as the great example in the world. they learned their lesson from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. they have turned around around made capitalist reforms. it has seriously helped them and made their economies freer than the united states. maybe we should follow that lesson. brian: i understand the theory is that when 2008 and a lot of these millennials emerge they watched their parents, many of them lose everything when the bottom fell out of economy. i get it it's traumatic. but socialism is not the answer and i think we have got to drilling down on it michael knowles, thanks so much. >> good to see you. brian: all right. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. senator kamala harris takes the debate over the border wall to late night tv. >> the president the united states has a vanity project that he doesn't want to give up. and it is outrageous. it is irresponsible. brian: really? diamond and silk are here to react. they might be running for president, too. and you know how parents will fight at their kids' games? it's gotten so bad referees
4:50 am
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♪ steve: reported 2020 presidential candidate kamala harris not shying away from the immigration debate. ainsley: the democratic senator took to late night tv to slam president trump's call for a border wall amid the partial government shutdown. >> we have hundreds of thousands of americans who are not going to get paid and they are not getting paid because the president of the united states has a vanity project that he doesn't want to give up.
4:54 am
and it is outrageous. it is irresponsible. brian: right. and voted for it 8 times. is she right? here to react fox nation hosts diamond and silk. so is kamala harris on to something, ladies? >> no. she is not on -- let me just say this here. instead of kamala harris running around trying to sell a book on a book tour, maybe she should tour her state the state that she represents and look at how americans have been severely impacted and affected by illegal aliens and sanctuary cities. >> that's right. >> that border wall is not a vanity project. it is a border wall to secure our border. secure americans, secure our national security. >> that's right. >> that's what that border wall is for. steve: yeah, you know, it's a first payday without pay for a lot of federal employees. sounds like the president is digging in his heels. how long should he go because yesterday he said i'm not going to cave on this thing. >> as long as it takes. >> that's right. >> let me tell you something
4:55 am
those federal workers will get their back pay. >> that's right. >> people that's been killed by illegal aliens will never get their lice back. >> they won't. >> so long as it takes. >> that's right. >> secure our border is what congress should be doing. >> yes. >> they should give our border patrol agents the resources they need to do their job. >> here's the sad thing, there has been so many people up there talking about we need a border wall, we need border security. they have been all talk, and no action. you have nancy and you have chuck talking about oh this is immoral. nannies and chuck tear down your wall. >> that's right. steve: one other thing, ladies, last week we were talking about elizabeth warren she did an instagram post drinking beer live in her kitchen. brian: so natural. steve: yesterday beto o'rourke went to the dentist. listen to this. >> so i'm here at the dentist and we are going to continue our series on the people of the border. i'm here with diana, my dental high gi hygienist.
4:56 am
she is going it tell us about growing up -- steve: is this a good use of social media to run for president? >> no. nobody has time for beto's narcissist behavior. >> that's right. >> what he should do is bring light on congress and tell them to fund the wall. >> that's right. >> that's what he should be talking about. ainsley: all right. ladies. thank you so much for being with us. you can check them out on fox nation. diamond and silk. have a good weekend. steve: there you go. all right. meanwhile, geraldo rivera just got back from texas where there were protesters on both sides of the political aisle over the border wall. geraldo joins us live coming up next. ♪ ♪ you're made of trillions of cells. they work together doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum® micronutrients. restoring your awesome...
4:57 am
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4:59 am
♪ >> if we don't make a deal with congress, which we should be able to we have the absolute right to declare a national
5:00 am
emergency. >> if walls don't work why are the border patrol agents asking for. >> anybody that says don't need those things, walk in my shoes. >> the teenager that disappeared on the night her parents were murdered has been found alive. >> community held out so much hope and prayers were answered yesterday. >> the u.s. beginning process of withdrawing troops from syria. it comes amid president trump's decision as he declared the defeat of isis. steve: spait secretary of state mike pompeo riches the obama process in israel. >> said bluntly america is a force for good. >> dwayne "the rock" johnson lace the smackdown on pc culture. so many good people fought for freedom and equality. but this generation are looking for a reason to be offended. ♪
5:01 am
steve: live from new york city, welcome to "fox & friends" hour three. ainsley: on this friday. president trump standing side by side to build the wall on the southern border. connell: it was pretty dramatic. he laid the groundwork to declare a national emergency. he would get money he needs without congress. steve: if congress does not negotiate. griff jenkins live in washington d.c. griff, you were telling us earlier there could be another caravan about to march in order towards the united states. reporter: steve, that is exactly right. there is another caravan. it will gather in san pedro, honduras. mexican officials are taking measures to try to stop them from getting across the mexico southern border but president seems closer to inching declaring a national emergency, telling the hannity last night
5:02 am
he has every right to do. >> if we don't make a deal with congress, most likely i would do that. i would actually say i would. i can't imagine any reason why not. i'm allowed to do it. the law is 100% on my side. reporter: with no deal in congress, lindsey graham concedes it may be time for the president to make the declaration. >> i always said there is the last resort. we're there. there is no pathway forward i can see. reporter: as partial government shutdown enters day 21. longest in history, as thousands of workers go without a paycheck for the first time. senator chuck schumer seized on the pressure sure. >> let's separate disagreement on border security from the government shut down. reopen the government agencies unrelated to border security. reporter: guys, if the president declares a national emergency, one source of money could come from a disaster relief fund to the tune of $14 billion set
5:03 am
aside for wildfires in california and hurricanes in texas, florida, puerto rico. already the puerto rican delegate to congress saying this is unacceptable. we'll find out perhaps more today at a roundtable the president is holding at the white house on border security. guys? steve: griff, thank you very much. what hopes to continue is public relations rollout this is a crisis. geraldo was down in the texas area yesterday. connell: great job. >> thanks. short night. steve: they chose that area because there's a wall there. clearly it works. on the ground you saw people who were for the wall and people who were not for the wall. >> that was the most surprising thing to me, overwhelmingly latino community. steve: democratic. >> rio grande valley, there is republican party there. overwhelmingly latino. 85% of the people are latino i thought the crowd was almost exactly evenly divided between those who were in favor of the
5:04 am
president and were trusting of the president's assessment that the wall was necessary. and those who opposed it all costs regardless of any of the scientific surveys or police statistics or border patrol statistics but the rio grande valley is agricultural center. it is historically the place where mexico and the united states have had the most interchange. it is the most porous of all our borders. 27,000 family members came through in december alone. steve: wow. >> many from central america. the increase of 240% over december of 2017. steve: there is a problem. >> no doubt there is a problem. but one point i have to make, it is the one section of the 2,000-mile-long border where a wall is now authorized and construction is set to begin one month from today on a 25-mile wide section of the border. see i see that as a way out of
5:05 am
this crisis. steve: what do you mean? ainsley: we saw interview of you interseeing people. let's hear what the people say. >> no wall. separating. it is unnecessary. we don't have to spend $25 billion on the wall. do that towards job and hiring morer wall. >> this is community of undocumented people. we don't need people to come what their debts any should be. >> i'm here for hispanics, veterans for trump. we're here for boarder security. better america. >> we need to protect america with border. protect our homes. >> we believe the wall needs to be built. time it needs to be built. we're for immigration but we're not for illegal immigration. that is what people forget. we're against illegal immigration. so that is why we're here. we're here to support donald trump. connell: good mix, geraldo. is that what you walked away
5:06 am
with people beyond the camera. >> interesting how both sides were nice. with each other not so much. there was a little tension. i will admit that you know there were some troublemakers sprinkled through. not local people. i saw a couple of antifa guys getting arrested, definitely provoking, attempted to provoke violence. local authorities would have none of it. there was an arrest of two people i noticed but what i saw generally speaking was good nature. these are communities. reynosa on the mexican side, mcallen, texas, on the texas side, prior to 9/11, people walked over the bridges. they shared commerce. shop in one. go to the restaurant in the other. 9/11 stopped that because of our security concerns. connell: what about the cartels? >> the cartels, the cartels are extremely active. i think most of the dope smuggling in my opinion happen
5:07 am
as bit further west. this is where the humans, where the, i believe the for instance this caravan, griff spoke of, i believe now the word is out, families, no. if they can cross the river, touch american soil, i request a asylum. i'm a refugee from political persecution. i fear violence. my daughter was raped by the gang so on, so forth. many of the complaint are absolutely true. it's a chaotic region in central america. we must be humane to the people and must be compassionate. what i mentioned prior steve about the little 25-mile section of the wall maybe being the president's way out of this crisis. put aside the declaration of national emergency if we can for a second. steve: that is negotiating chip. you think so? >> i'm not so sure of that. this money is already authorized. this was in the omnibus spending bill in march. beto o'rourke, famous democrat
5:08 am
of texas, who almost beat ted cruz, he was in favor of it. there is $1.6 billion already authorized. they want to do the 84 miles of border. they authorized the first 25 miles. if they can do that -- connell: very little money. >> but when you see a wall going up, this is the first new wall in years. steve: with the president -- connell: give him five billion, 250 miles. that could keep all the engineers busy. >> your math is right. connell: one side we're not doing it. if i reopen the government, we'll have legitimate talks, no we're not doing the fence. so the president has no incentive. this state of emergency, that he is debating, turns out the army corps of engineers notified about emergency disaster funds to tap in. the pentagon is notified from homeland security to go there.
5:09 am
among the people against it, urging calm is jared kushner and kellyanne conway. how does this play out, geraldo? >> lindsey graham is now suggesting he would support the president's declaration after national emergency. i have no idea, brian, how it plays out, but i do know it is absolutely being discussed in a realistic way, it is possible. what i am, what i am asking of the president and as a possible break of the impasse is, here we're building the wall. let's take a pause. this is going to work. it will look great. it will be a modern wall. on top after flood levy. connell: it is not enough, geraldo. >> i'm a conciliator. even though i've been divorce ad couple times. connell: more than a couple. >> shut up, just saying. i'm married happily to erica. connell: i know. >> that is an example. that is example of conciliation negotiation.
5:10 am
ainsley: give them each a bunch of money. steve: after busy day yesterday, late night. thank you, geraldo. >> steve, thank you so much. ainsley, great to see you. brian, not so much. connell: unbelievable. i will talk to you on radio. ainsley: jillian, he is off the market, happily married. >> look at jeff bezos. what a lucky divorce. jillian: story we're fouling from wisconsin a teenager disappeared on the i night her parents were murdered is is found alive. a woman walking her dog, found a skinny, dirty, jayme closs, 80 miles from where she was missing months ago. >> unreal. we're been waiting for 88 days. we got prayers are from everybody. everybody telling us they're praying for us, they're praying
5:11 am
for us. it is power of prayer and it worked. jillian: a suspect is in custody. jayme is in the hospital. fox news confirms the u.s. is starting a process of withdrawing troops from syria. the military won't reveal how many military members are leaving due to security concerns. weeks ago president trump announced his decision to take troops out of syria following the defeat of ice sighs. police identifying a second man found dead inside the home of democratic megadonor buck. timothy dean. another man was found dead at buck's california home. that death was rule an accident. a rancher gave president trump a giant belt buckle to give to his youngest son barron. he thanked administration for his effort to build the southern border wall. >> he is bribing the president.
5:12 am
i want this to be out in the open, everybody. i don't know if this worth 10 cents or if it is worth $50,000. [laughter] that is very nice. jillian: he spoke at a roundtable event with the president in mcallen, texas. belt buckle, rather large. ainsley: they're big. everything is bigger in texas. jillian: that's what they say. steve: thank you, jillian. ainsley: you heard democrats push what they're calling a green new deal to stop climate change but what exactly is that plan? we'll break it down next. connell: and he shoots, he scores. the epic high school buzzer-beater, you just have to see. i believe you just did. steve: whoa. ♪
5:13 am
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steve: fresh ma'am congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is been in office a week and a day. she is long pushing for what is referred to as the green new deal to eliminate fossil fuel consumption. a growing number of potential 2020 democratic candidates pictured there have voiced support for it. what exactly is the green new deal? here to break it down, the executive editor and research fellow at the hat lan institute, just tip hawkins. thank you for joining us from the boston area. >> good morning. great to be with you. steve: when you hear green new deal. you think this is about the environment, right? but when you look at some of the main points, then we'll ask you to comment on it, it calls for the elimination of use of fossil fuels within a dozen years. it calls for universal health care. it calls for federal jobs guaranties. it calls for a basic income program, across the country. that is not just about the environment. that is pretty much about
5:18 am
everything. >> yeah, that's right. this is actually not about green energy t would be impossible to switch the entire electricity generation system in the united states over to renewable energy in just 12 years. i think alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders and people like that know that. this is really about socialism. this is nothing more than a socialist trojan horse. that is why they have inserted all sorts of programs into the green new deal that have nothing to do with green energy. steve: right, exactly. and when you look at those things, i've been to bernie sanders rallies, where the audience there, they love to hear what he is saying, look, you have been kept down by washington. i'm going to open up possibilities that have never been possible before. the problem is, when you realistically look at the price, wow, can we afford that? >> yeah. well we absolutely cannot afford it. we're talking about tens of trillions of dollars, just the
5:19 am
single-payer health care part of this alone, the mercado center estimates would cost $32 trillion in the 10 years. even if we were to double all tax, individual and corporate rates we would not be able to pay for just that one part of it. steve: why do you think, justin, so many of these prominent democrats are moving so far to the left? is it because bernie sanders had such a good run last time? >> yeah. i think that is a big part of it. i certainly think it helps. but i think the party is moving to the left. i don't think this is just a political posturing. i actually think that the democratic party is becoming the socialist party of america. that it is slowly occurring and that if we don't do something to stop these individuals, we're going to wake up in 20 years and we're going to find ourselves in a radically different america, a america looks more like the soviet union and less like the united states. steve: but justin, if the politicians are moving toward that, that mean as portion of
5:20 am
our american society is as well? >> yes, that is exactly right. i think the united states as a whole, especially younger people, i'm a younger person, i'm a millenial, we're becoming more and more susceptible to socialism and that's because our education system has totally failed us. they're not teaching us the truth about what socialism is. that is why the heart lan institute is launching a program based on educating younger people. we have a website, we're trying to teach everything that we can that socialism is dangerous and immoral. steve: the green new deal. it is more than green. it's a lot of green because it will cost a lot of money. justin, thank you. >> thanks. steve: look at this. a deputy carry as 97 bed-ridden woman out of her house. the dramatic moments caught on
5:21 am
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5:25 am
brian, ainsley. connell: are you a parent going to one your kids games this weekends? i'm asking you that. this might be a familiar to you. >> ref, you're horrible. you should never do this again. [shouting] >> got something to say? >> are you serious? >> not in front of the kids. ainsley: parents behavior at games gotten so out of hand, national federation of state high school associations run a op-ed telling parents to cool it. connell: joining to discuss it a soccer referee, has a facebook page of off sides, look as the parents behavior at games, asks people to send it in. how bad is this getting? >> it is bad, defloorable. why why i started the page offside on facebook. youth sports is about comradery,
5:26 am
what happens when victory happens, how to handle adversity when loss happens and parents are sucking all that away. they're making it a negative thing. it is, it's an epic problem. it is an epidemic. that is how we started the offside page on facebook. ainsley: it is crazy. number one reason officials quit their job because of adult behavior. 70% of sports officials quit after just three years because of the way mom and dad are treating them. give us an examples of what you've seen, some of the worst. >> i can give you some examples what i've been through. i was doing a playoff high school game last year at a small town. it was a super competitive game early. as the game got on one team started to scoot away. we had, i had entire town wanted to dispose of me as a referee. i've been escorted off a field with highway patrol on each side
5:27 am
of me and my crew. you know, you hear things as a referee, you encounter things as referee. ultimately we're human. there are three of us. there are 22 players on the field. there is numerous coaches, hundreds, sometimes thousands of fans. so you know, we don't have var. we're not in the mls. we don't have replay at our disposal. so you know, i'm always encouraging parents just lay back. enjoy the aspect of learning and development of the sport and allowing your children to make mistakes, understanding that sometimes during a game, you get bad calls, and sometimes you get back up. connell: brian, here is the thing. referees were yelled at from day one. umpires are screamed at on espn and fox sports. every single day we're watching video. watching the world cup, they're screaming and pleading their case everywhere we go. what is different now? >> i think the society we live
5:28 am
in today. i think the power of social media. everyone feels entitled. everyone feels like we're spending a ton of money on youth sports. we want to validate ourselves as parents. we want to show the world, that we're successful as parents. we have to have the picture of little soccer sammy or little soccer sally holding the trophy up at end of the weekend, hey, we've got the trophy. how awesome are we. and i think that is just the society that we live in. ainsley: brian, think about sammy and sally, the kids are watching their parents behave like this. connell: they scream at refs on the field. >> do you want to create a carbon copy of adolescents whining an entitlement? or do you want to create a carbon copy understanding accountability, understanding sometimes when you get knocked down, you have to get back up? understanding unconditional love. they are becoming you. i'm urging people to stop the whining and complaining. your kids are watching. they're sponges. they're absorbing you.
5:29 am
listen all the discussion today is about the wall. i want the wall. i want the wall between the parents and the game. i don't care if football game or soccer game, basketball, wrestling, where i want the wall because it is sucking energy out of the game. connell: i agree with you. very involved in youth sports for quite a while. maybe refs should toughen up a little bit, not used to any type of comments? if you are a ref, should talk about how you're enemy on both sides? >> that is great discussion on the off sides page. here is the deal. the refs don't care who wins or loses. the refs don't hate your team. our most important aspect we're there for player safety. here is the deal, whenever our security, when security is a problem, when protection is a problem, prime example is airports. we have tsa established because there is protection issue. when you go to concerts we have ushers there is protection
5:30 am
issue. i'm saying high schools, competitive clubs and sports we need marshals, marshals, visual he have, somebody there, a group of people there supporting us at the end of the day, whenever you as a parent are watching a sport you're there in biased mind set. referees are not. connell: fees go up. you have to pay for marshals show up to a game make sure refs and parents don't fight. unbelievable. go to the website. check out the facebook page. if anyone has video of parents behaving badly, send it to you, right? >> right. i have over 6,000. i have 6,000 videos. it has to stop. connell: brian, thanks so much. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: thank you. one border patrol chief has a message for critics who say we don't need a border wall. >> what i say to anybody that doesn't need those things, come walk in my shoes. ainsley: pete hegseth live in texas with more of his interview with the chief. connell: plus the oscars have a last minute plan to save their
5:31 am
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just don't get carried away with the wild west thing. hey guys. get the best price on homes, hotels and so much more., booking.yeah ♪ >> you have no idea how much you're loved by the public. maybe not by the fake news but you're loved by the public. you are highly respected. in our country and beyond our country. we know what you do with ms-13. we know what you do with the gangs. we know what you do with crime. and we also see what you do on the border. i'll tell you what, it is tough stuff but it could be a lot easier for you and you could be spread a lot differently if we had the walls and we'll get it. we'll get it. i think we're winning the battle in a very big way. ainsley: president trump pushing for border security in texas
5:35 am
while praising those who protect our front lines. connell: pete hegseth spoke with rio grande valley's acting border patrol chief. who says the president is right to call it a crisis. steve: pete joins us from in front of the homeland security field office in san antonio, texas. pete, it all comes down to the president is making a push the last 72 hours, there is a crisis on our southern border. that is why he went down there to use men and women who enforce the border every day to make his point, there is trouble down here. pete: yeah, he wants to hear from them, guys. he was down here in mcallen, texas. greeted by border patrol and i.c.e. agents. the response was overwhelming, there president don't back down. mr. president, this is a crisis is. mr. president, we need the wall, it needs to be extended. stand strong. quite different message than pundits and washington press corps who decided to provide
5:36 am
their own analysis. when he went to the border, met the agents, they reinforced how significant the drop if traffic was when you had a wall. we had the opportunity to interview the acting chief of the rio grande valley border patrol, raul ortiz, after an interview when he met with the president, when there is a wall on rio grande valley on highly traffics places around the border it works. here is a portion of our interview with the chief. >> we have two corridors in south texas, our eastern corridor and our western corridor. eastern corridor accounts for 4% of the track. the when side accounts for 96% of the traffic that comes through the rio grande valley. most of the fencing is on the eastern side. we have technology that helps out awful lot. used to be back in the 90s was the busiest area in the country. pete: this chief has been a border patrol agent for 25 years. on the border in san diego as
5:37 am
well in san diego where a wall help the reduced traffic. almost anywhere you go reduction of crossings by individuals is 90% reduction when you have a physical wall. he sees it right there in his own area right now. there are 55 miles of steel barriers or fencing in the rio grande valley area. he wants an decision 150 plus, 125 plus miles so his agents can be freed up to focus on other things, mainly a lot of places where drugs are crossing, illegal ports of entry. he really appreciate this is president made the trip. most politicians don't. there is just something about walking that ground. here is the chief on that aspect. >> right now we would like to see about another 120 miles of fencing in this sector alone. we have 277 miles of river country. it winds an awful lot. if we were able to get the infrastructure, a few more agents, certainly the technology, i like our chances against the transnational
5:38 am
criminal organizations out there. what i say to anybody that says we don't need those things, come walk in my shoes. pete: he deals with transnational criminal organizations on a daily basis. just two days ago he noted, 133 people were detained who came from, in one day, who came from countries other than central america. those in central america or mexico. and he is seeing hundreds of people detained and crossing every single day. this is a crisis to him. he a pragmatic guy. he wasn't playing politics on camera and off-camara. if you want to solve the problem, you have to build the wall. so many rank-and-file on camera and off-camara support the president. connell: not just the wall. it is everything. surveillance on top of the wall. allows everybody to bolster a port of entry. it's a comprehensive process. pete: they emphasize that every time, brian. they say the wall but always say the wall is the integral piece. without the wall you can't slow people down enough, like you
5:39 am
said, the offensive line to give agents enough time to use surveillance and technology to actually interdict and detain people. we were taught that in the infantry and army. it is base kick policy of defense. they could do it every day and better if washington actually gave them the tools. connell: your embrace of my analogy i will take through the weekend. pete: you teach me things every day, brian. steve: pete, thanks for going to texas. watch you saturday on the couch. ainsley: he anchors four hours tomorrow morning and four hours sunday. connell: he had no idea about that. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: we're following a tragic story on this fox news alert. the third police officer was shot dead inside after week. the suspect was found in pa davis, california home in what appears to be suicide. natalie corona was gunned down investigating a car crash. she was 22 years old.
5:40 am
had only been on her own in a few weeks. her chief said she is one of the hardest worker we've ever seen. >> i heard her officers describe her as our daughter, a friend, a sister we all wanted. this is just an absolutely devastating loss to the police department. jillian: officer corona leaves hine her parents. her father is with the local sheriff's office. this pim imagine is of officer corona with the blue line flag remaining on the profile picture of the facebook page. two florida deputies rush into a burning home to save a bedridden woman. bodycam woman show as pasco county deputy carry the 97-year-old to safety as the other worked to put out the fire. the red blow of flames and smoke filling the home in tampa, florida. one of the deputies suffered smoke inhalation but will be okay. a high school basketball player is mobbed by fans after nailing a an insign
5:41 am
buzzer-beater. check it out. [cheering] jillian: seconds left in the game, he steal as pass and drain as half-court shot. his team in new haven, connecticut, winning 52-49. he will remember that. steve: look at that, boom. connell: what about the steal, too. my goodness t was great. jillian: big day for him. steve: camera person was really excited. whoa! jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile as the 2020 race heats up, democrats keep listing reasons why democrats won't win re-election. my next guest says the more they resist more likely he will get the keys to that house for four more years. ainsley: the left says the border wall is a waste of money. which democrat spent spent $200 million on a bridge to
5:42 am
nowhere. >> who? ainsley: tom shillue will tell us. connell: he usually dresses down
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
♪ jillian: good morning, some quick headlines. the oscars they don't have a host but could have the avengers. according to "the hollywood reporter," the show is booking as many as marvel's crew as possible for rotating host duties. kevin hart stepped down after a controversial tweet surfaced. chris pratt kicking off a new year with a diet from his faith. he is starting a faith fast after experiences by the old testament prophet. they can only eat food grown from seeds for 21 days straight. connell: i think he is cool. the race for the white house will be here sooner than you think. democrats feel good about taking keys from president trump but should they? in a brand new op-ed, our guest
5:46 am
from the "wall street journal" says not so fast. dan henninger is deputy editor from the editorial page. what do you mean not so fast? he has the russian investigation. we're in a shutdown. what is going on? >> recently, brian, mitt romney wrote a famous op-ed in "the washington post," a maiden diatribe against donald trump which he said he would support some of the trump's policies but would call him out if he were sexist, racist, doing anything a threat to our democracy. the message to me there, was, this is a marker that there is a sense among some republicans the president's support is weakening. there could be a challenge to him in new hampshire from some of these other republicans. and my view is, they should forget it, because they don't understand the depth and reasons for the president's support. roll the tape back to, way back to 2016. during those primaries did anybody think donald trump could become president of the united states? they thought he had no chance of
5:47 am
all these skilled and accomplished politicians. somehow, 63 million americans voted for donald trump. it wasn't just about people that were impacted places like wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, it was a lot of normal americans. what i have learned over the past two years, often from my own readers is, they liked trump because they thought he would stand up to the dominant culture in the united states. he was the only republican politician who wasn't afraid to take them on and they still do believe that. connell: by the way, there is nobody who doubts that. he is is taking on people every day but look at this poll you guys did with nbc. 38% of voters likely to vote for president trump. but 52% prefer a democratic candidate. doesn't that number push back on your thesis? >> i think it does. i believe that the president's personality to some extent did cost republican votes in the midterms, especially in the suburbs. but we're talking here about presidential elections. if the democratic party
5:48 am
nominates a man or woman of the left, we're going to be back where weigh were in 2016 where a lot of voters have to decide whether the culture that the democrats represent now, identity politics on race, gender and all the rest of it, the only way they have to push back against that is with their presidential vote. and i'm saying that come 2020, once again, you could find a lot of people saying, i have doubts about donald trump as a person but he is the only politician out there who will stand up to the left-wing culture. connell: do exactly what he said he will do even if his party doesn't like it. consolidate 80, 90% of republican support even though he vanquish ad some of most popular people on right. dan, thank you. >> thank you. connell: have a feeling we'll write more about 2020. i don't know how i know. coming up ahead, critics say the border wall is waste of
5:49 am
money. do you know which politician spent $100 billion on a train that is behind schedule. bill hemmer wants to tell us who is on his show. >> stunning news overnight. a young girl missing for months found. her parents murdered. the case for jayme closs. we're awaiting a press conference from police. we'll bring it to you live when it begins. is the president calling for a national emergency, is that where we're heading? over sharing of politician's private life. welcome to the campaign of 2020. on a friday, we'll see you then, nine to noon, top of the hour. keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. billions of problems. morning breath? garlic breath? stinky breath? there's a therabreath for you.
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♪ >> the wall in my view is
5:53 am
immorality. it is again a waste of money. steve: a waste of money. as the battle over the border wall continues some lawmakers slam it as a waste of money. ainsley: are they forgetting their own ridiculous requests for funding? connell: breaking it down, some really waitful spending put it all into perspective, to test us at the same time, the host of "the quiz show" on the "fox nation," our guy now, tom shillue. show us wastes of money. >> different wastes of money. connell: that's good. >> political stuff. this is really, you're going to be embarrassed if you don't get these. 100 billion for a high-speed rail project that is now a decade behind schedule. who set aside the money, andrew cuomo, dianne feinstein, jerry brown. ainsley: jerry brown. connell: why do you have a buzzer? ainsley: you got to be faster with your answers. connell: jerry brown. >> i give you credit. you hit the button.
5:54 am
steve: can you get the button first. ainsley: jerry, california. steve: arnold schwarzenegger was big on that too. >> he is a guy. it's a brown production. in 2018, who secured 65 million for pacific coast salmon recovery. was it patty murray, amy klobuchar or bernie sanders? that's doocy. steve: patty murray, a. let's go to the video. we have video proof. yes. connell: i thought it was klobuchar. why is she happy doing that, not the wall. plenty more patty murray b-roll for later. >> in 2010 who received a million for fruit research station. robert byrd, dick durbin, harry reid. steve: what year? >> 2010, two million for fruit research station. doocy? steve: dick durbin.
5:55 am
>> let's go to the video. exciting video of the king of pork. [buzzer] ainsley: i should have guessed that. i was going with him. >> you were going to. ainsley: too nervous to push the button. i didn't trust myself. >> here we go in 2017, 2017, who secured $900,000 for and a aquatic plant control program? was it rand paul, john kasich, or chuck schumer. brian? >> i want to say schumer, tom. >> you are going to say schumer. is he right. go to exciting video of chuck schumer. [bell ringing] ainsley: you're doing well today. connell: nothing like seeing video of people. but to the listening to them. >> was part of a larger 9 million allocation for aquatic plant control. final question. in 2005, who secured over 200 million for a bridge to nowhere which would be abandoned before completion 10 years later
5:56 am
don young, or sara palin? ainsley: don young. >> don young. connell: i say begich. >> we all know who that is. connell: martha was video? connell: i don't know who the answer was. steve: excellent job. seeing "the quiz show" daily, start your free trial at go there, learn all about tom shillue. connell: "fox nation." not a waste of time. 10 questions today. we moved up from six. steve: we'll be back in two minutes. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york city. ♪ ze it. ahhhhh! shhhhh!
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>> okay, head over to if you are heading out, run to the radio, everyone. >> is going to be a great show, based on a true story. >> have a good one. >> bill: overnight, the u.s., officially a slow withdrawal from syria. the pentagon confirming that news. this is mike pompeo, continuing his nine nation to her through the middle east, where he just announced a major move. we will have details on all of that inside of "america's newsroom." first, though, found alive overnight. we are now waiting to find out where a 13-year-old jayme closs has been for more than three months. what a mystery this is. bill hemmer here in new york. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. police arresting a suspect in a small wisconsin town. authorities haven't searching for her since october 13 when they discovered her p


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