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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 13, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. >> tonight democrats are on the beach with her lobbyist at the longest government shut down in history and a new storm engulfs the fbi that the president could be a russian agent. so much going on good evening welcome to the next resident - - the next revolution tonight live in los angeles and all the way from the cold chill of washington d.c. great to see you. we are told it's very cold there right now but what president trump should say it is "state of the union" but
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first i want to talk about the latest fbi scandal and it really is. look at how the establishment media salivated today over the revelation the fbi said the president could be a russian agent. >> to the president trump is wittingly or unwittingly an agent of the russians quick. >> it is possible he has been compromised bed rush estimate do you believe the president is a russian asset quick. >> they were suspicious because he was nice to president putin so the fbi is foreign-policy pundit? he wants to have a good working relationship with them you idiot. nevermind of the policy like president obama who gave putin the green light to invade crimea and ukraine.
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president trump keeps going on about his great relationship with his friend of china does that make him a chinese agent? he has been tougher on china than any president but he is still nice. he's tougher on russia policy since any president since reagan. the idiots of the fbi think he is a russian agent. look the left are calling for the abolition because they it is a rogue agency behaving in an un-american way. it is clear that applies to the fbi it is too early to say if it is at reform a ball and should be replaced, but actions over the last two years have shown it is institutionally biased in favor of the elitist establishment if it will ever win back the confidence of all americans.
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i would love to know what you think about that. let's find out what our guests tonight think. and henry is here and not in washington. and founder of turning point usa. what do you make of all of this? as many have noted it is so crazy, this story but yet the way trumps critics play it out it feels as if it is the natural state of things. >> anytime there is a some development in the russia case we have got them now you can see the saliva coming out of the lips at the end of this what evidence do they have there is collusion or that the president and locked at - - acted improperly at all quick. >> but the real story behind
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it is why was it leaked? to know that these transcripts they told house republicans that they were about to come out and they admitted basically there was bias to go after donald trump and stu say they were suspicious of the agent because he was nice to putin? but i gently push back i wouldn't call them idiots i think they are the upper echelon who make real mistakes you are absolutely right and clearly out to get this president but also a lot of hard working man in the fbi and unfortunately they are tainted by james comay and others who screwed up. >> but it seems more than it is just james comay but instinctively law enforcement
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is a priority but they are making it very difficult to support them with this constant attack on president trump. >> those that are separating doing their job day in and day out if you start talking about russia it is because the president is the victor in this fight the democrats look like fools so now they have to go back to russia to distract from all of those things so here we are back to russia. >> so tuck - - so with the fb fbi, what are people supposed to make of this and keep seeing story after story? i think it is institutional. it isn't left or right i'm not saying they are anti- conservative or anything like that but it feels like there
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is an institutional bias against the antiestablishment challenge that donald trump represents. >> boots versus the suits there is a high level that his embraced a two-tier justice system with the right connections and the cocktail parties then you can be held above the law that is the opposite of what the fbi is supposed to stand for. they have and always acted as ethical conduct and then to put the whole bureau together , it has always been a little bit shady. >> and dealing with personal vendettas and personal rights leaders there is a history ther there. if you think about the dossier that was all of this stuff that still has a bed proven after three or four years?
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dug up over many years so they use that to surveilled so what do they have after all this time? they want to get dirt on donald trump. if they do they should turn it over. let's see it. >> but to bring that back as a smokescreen operation but this president has been so harsh on russia he challenged the pipeline we keep talking about energy because that is russia that is basically energy but if you challenge rush on energy that is at the heart of the whole regime. >> and strengthen nato members twice he did tomahawk missile strikes 200 russian soldiers
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were killed but president trump closed and expelled over 60 russian citizens. and record sanctions. . >> but the anti- trump brigade they really believe he is a russian agent. >> the voters see that and that is all they need with a headline with trump and russia and they are convinced it is collusion or treason. they don't look deeper into this. they carry about carrying their pitchforks but now they have to bring this up again.
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>> it's not good for the country the fbi seems to be so politicized and that it's possible to make such an argument so how do we get that back quick. >> it will only divide people even more. >> but what i will say that long list those are true. that helsinki was not one of his finest moments and that is something we should be fair about as well. but it's hard to put the pieces back together. teefive call me didn't just go after donald trump they went after the american people it was despicable to make that separation from the line agents so your question i think it will be extremely hard to reform this because it is a mess. >> it is a huge clear out not
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just the people at the top of but the whole top-tier. coming up the government shutdown is the longest in history. what are democrats doing? that is senator menendez on that is senator menendez on the beach.
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steve: it's official now the longest in us history would everyone be working around the clock to end the crisis but the democrats have other priorities. this picture of disgraced new jersey senator menendez accepting a drink from a bikini-clad server in puerto rico one of 30 democrats who flew to the caribbean. what has kept his english accent literally yesterday is it caribbean or caribbean i went with caribbean. they were having fun in the caribbean of course, there are so many angles but look at the
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human aspect you have these people whatever our views with the job that they do or whatever it is real people. >> but again alluded to that image i'm sure we all wanted to see that but that's for another time but they are staying in hotel rooms thousands of dollars a night and broadway shows and living it up in front of the cameras they tell us how sad they are for federal workers it is all trump's fault but then they go party and it is amazing what they can do. >> so we can go to puerto rico we have piña colada's yes they may miss a paycheck but we are
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still getting campaign money that is why they were there to meet with the lobbyists. it is a swamp deal. the democrats are the best thing going for the president right now with nancy pelosi in hawai hawaii, other senators in the caribbean. so think about the house they finally have power and let's impeach let's abolish the electoral college. this was 12 days ago now we have moved on bed right out of the box the democrats have laid a big egg. >> look at the emergency thing before that the deal that might be done what does that deal look like? the democrats have to want to make a deal and they are in a tough predicament because the wall is the way the president envisions it harms their political ambitions they see illegal foreign nationals entering the country whether they are border jumpers or
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whatever you choose to call them they are future voters and as political talking points so for them the wall is a problem. steve: i'm just worried about your perspective so do you really understand the president space? how far can you go quick. >> he offered a deal for doc that even more generous than obama that is also what people are talking about with daca but they don't take the time to see the wall or what it looks like they just know that it is the wall of the border and at the end of the day but with a deal look like because when you see his election that
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they chant to build that wall many people voted for donald trump specifically for that reason i'm worried about our chances in 2020 b does not get it done five.7 billion or more is what we need. . >> but has he done that? is at the money or the miles? . >> so in san diego there is fencing that needs replaced. they need more to finish replacing that. they are pushing it down on a daily basis. they need to continue that progress and go wall to wall where possible. steve: karl rove has something
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to say this week talking about illegal crossings in san diego and these were really big numbers just like jim acosta. [laughter] where it was tranquil it is border tranquil. that with previous shutdowns you heard the screaming we cannot live without government but now it's partial but you want to cry about it? maybe we can live without that and now a friend of ours on the fact that the administration really prepared for the shutdown that this is
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a big deal if it drags on much more it will have real impact but the idea we cannot live without government that scares the liberals and all this spending. >> with that emergency declaration i have seen very little polling from any media in my opinion because he is trending positively but i think the american people are more in this direction. >> but critics would say fine it's a good statement but then they could be built because of the legal challenges quick. >> and the message to the base
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and it is an emergency but if it comes to that point and they don't come to the table. >> but with a democratic president they will call emergencies. steve: coming up republicans including the president going against elizabeth warren with the presidential run and make the presidential run and make sure he doesn't my name is jeff sheldon,
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steve: president trump brand in 2016 as a conservative and that's why he won add it's best that is what we argue for on is - - on this show for positive populism. the president trump needs to be careful some democrats are trying to steal his message. look at elizabeth warren. is easy to knock her on her claim of native american ancestry but trump literally did that just minutes ago but if you listen closely she is basically running on the trump mix one - - message of 2016 to make government deliver for
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working americans with the middle class and working families and now that is her focus. >> the middle class in this country has been treated so unfairly. we will go after the middle-class households that america. >> america's middle class is getting hollowed out. what is happening to working families in this country? why is the path getting rockier quick. >> this is what warren said about washington's corruption last week. >> we need to change the world in washington and it's about money and politics and the influence of money i had the biggest anticorruption proposal since watergate. yes. [applause]
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so how about we block the revolving door between wall street and washington. >> she needs throat lozenges to be honest so talk about fighting big money and draining the swamp and the revolving door. >> all that money goes to hillary and jeb and scott and marco and all of them the people are like puppets with a five year ban on lobbying by executive branch and congressional officials. they will not be too happy. a lifetime ban for government officials lobbying for foreign governments. . >> that is unusual for a republican candidate but that is what trump said listen to
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health care. >> we will lower college and solve the student loan crisis. >> i will take care of everybod everybody. i don't care if it cost me vote sorry not much better than they are now. >> to take care of everybody? that candidate sounds similar to this one. >> we pretty much believe three quarters of us want to see relief from student loan debt and affordable health care we you can cut people out with pre-existing conditions. . >> i suppose imitation is the greatest form of flattery for the need for infrastructure spending the highways and tunnels the bridges are falling down. highways are bad many of them are dangerous.
9:29 pm
but we will get the infrastructure taking care of but we have to do it. >> what is happening where is all that new money promised for infrastructure to help us build mass transit to help us in dealing with traffic conditions. . >> i will instruct the currency manipulator the greatest in the world and he i value their currency to take unfair advantage of the united states and all companies who cannot compete will face tara stand taxes and tariffs.
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>> those that are undercut right here in america china has weapon eyes their economy. >> it sounds like somebody went to trump university. that is quite enough elizabeth warren. we are not endorsing her many of her policies would be disastrous for working americans is also true many of trump's policies - - policies have been delivered including jobs and the economy the poverty rate is at its lowest point in a decade not by accident but because of actual policies like deregulation and tax cuts. in the lowest unemployment in half a century. by policies that boost business confidence to encourage the hiring of american workers.
9:31 pm
with a populist promise for exactly the people they prioritize. and booming after suffering for years with the 400,000 manufacturing jobs compared to a net loss of 200,000 under president obama. and the best performances 1997 before were china joined the wto the only economy despite the endless claims of the elitist establishment the president did follow through but he signed an executive order banning administration officials from working with foreign governments and a five year ban on the executive branch after they leave office. so turning that into their winning message president
9:32 pm
trump needs to reclaim the mantle here is how you can renew your populist revolution in the "state of the union" address. on jobs to guarantee retraining for every worker that means boosting the american worker to help prepare americans for the need of the better workforce. with over four.3 million workers but you can make much more of it. so make a pledge by 2030 america, not china has a transportation communication
9:33 pm
and to rebuild the struggling neighborhoods we have already's established the revitalization cancel and those can be the vehicles and in 2016 on health care you promised to take care of everyone than those ideological nitwits trust your instincts. than that every american will cheer. so why the hell should they be allowed? and why should they be allowed to deal with them? and then to show these americans first.
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look at prison reform which is something that is so atypical for a republican to champion but it was a problem that was broken so he came up with a solution with china ripping us off for decades and trump comes in so china has done horribly because they had one-way trade deals. . >> and paris was so clear so this is a very clear promise. >> the essence of populism that we as center-right advocates to the markets and the individual liberty based solution. and to be much more dogmatically but we cannot allow her to use that language.
9:40 pm
. >> there is a message between the policy that is disastrous. but i do think it is a concern you don't want democrats running away when they did such a good job of that. >> many people that were inspired by donald trump don't think they will be inspired by elizabeth warren i think that makes the big difference but look at the democrats at the end of the day the democrats are campaigning on very little we want to raise taxes and immigration. she can go on all the campaign stop she wants. >> in 2015 he had a very trump
9:41 pm
like message. there was some border patrol going back. and in the inspiring way to capture that populism. not what we have seen so far but one challenges with elizabeth warren is that talking about hollowing out of the middle class because of what he is doing with poverty rate and middle-class. and the economy is very strong so that message has to be retooled for either party's he would've done it interesting challenge to the president.
9:42 pm
so you lay down health care what has the president done? and you have to re- bill that was something else. but there are some things in the "state of the union" the president should get away from personality and for the economy and then just like a laser beam with economy and health care and immigration. and to be called the democratic field. i don't know it's going on currently it will be the trump hating olympics. there is no policy prescription you can see bloomberg it in which i think would be wonderful but they will call him a radical right-winger. that they find enjoyment that
9:43 pm
the essence of this is that diabolical hatred of the president of the united states for those that are thrown into that the crazier they have to distance themselves to get oxygen in the very crowded fiel field. >> i don't know it is already the beginning. that one of those candidates that one of those candidates has a unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission,
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steve: welcome back tonight a positive way to bring america back together by a new national service program. the man with the plan 2020 democratic presidential hopeful yes he is running good to see them again. i just really love the sound of this plan when you mentioned it. >> as you know, this country is terribly divided we need to do something to restore the sense of common purpose and
9:48 pm
unity and national service is potentially the right answer for that problem. what i envision is a large-scale program to rollout athletes and movie stars and business leaders all behind it rolled out two high schools around the country it isn't mandatory but to create incentives they could join the military obviously they could do community service and also be part of a new infrastructure program to rebuild parks and federal buildings for energy efficiency upgrades they are mixed with people all over the country so wonderful socioeconomic mixing something we could be proud of it is unifying for them and a very significant skills cap in this country last year the us military said 71 percent of high school graduates were not eligible for the military because of academic deficiencies, social or health
9:49 pm
issues so high school graduates need that gap year and this would be a great way for them to get skills or continue their education and to have a bunch of different bottom lines would be great for the country. >> i quickly agree with you. i love and the point that you mentioned about the social mixing to put people together from different backgrounds would go such a long way with the manufactured country. put this in the context of your broader message you are running on in the campaign. >> the central question is how do we take this nation where america is pitted against each other and start getting back to say we're all in this together? we shouldn't want to agree with everyone that we have to work together on big challenges you went over some
9:50 pm
of those in your prior segment this is part of it we should also have a president when you are inaugurated this as i represent every one of you whether you voted for me or not and to prove in my first 100 days this is what i will focus on and it would be a list of proposals and legislation that already has bipartisan support in congress there is a bunch of great ideas on infrastructure, health car care, immigration and then i would do other things like the president should debate the congress once every quarter for three hours on national television the first hour and a half you can pick an issue you could talk about china or the fact we haven't had a new authorization in this country 17 years, infrastructure or health care or the education system is not delivering the
9:51 pm
results we deserve the second hour and a half is question time where the president has to answer questions from both sides. that helps with transparency to help the american people get to the truth i also think it would make politicians much more honest because you are out there on your feet you have to respond to questions. steve: it is accountability. thank you for coming on. a lot of fans of president trump are watching i can promise should get votes but i really appreciate your practical approach you bring to it not that divisive identity politics that we hear from too many democrats and that negative trump hate that we see on the left i like the way you're going about this i appreciate that. good luck with your campaign.
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steve: welcome back this week the "wall street journal" wrote a brilliant analysis of why president trump supporters back him no matter what because the president leads the resistance to what he calls the left cultural triumph of identity race and gender mitt romney and virtually all republican politicians trying to look at the presidency will not stand up to the status quo. they won't do it instead they address these in a tip toe careful speak nobody ever accused president trump tiptoeing around anything but this is the reason that the
9:57 pm
fact he was there with political correctness. >> this president unlike any others of the past they have a proven record of losing they all shy away in the corner they are afraid to offend anyone that this president doesn't care if he offends anyone he is an equal opportunity offender the american people appreciate it. steve: the chest the resistance on the right he shows he has guts and a spine that is what romney did not show losing his campaigns of the past that's why we know who the democratic front runner is with those conventional house and senate members who want to get in it will be those outside of the left you have a much better
9:58 pm
shot because to keep this president going is that revolutionary base that he has it isn't left or right or pragmatic we are site - - tired of the status quo and establishment that is why they are fed up with the fbi and kavanaugh the personal left to tap into that. and to go after the trump voter it's their shot. >> the number one common denominator on the trump supporters the mystery remain some republicans remain loyal i have been to all 50 states 41 last year and tea party rallies the common denominator he will not back down. go to washington and fight for me because nobody else has. we have people that were republicans that have stood up but nobody has said i will
9:59 pm
take a stand around illegal immigration. can you imagine in the past shutting down over $5 billion for a border wall because they promised? no. they tiptoe careful. he has gotten results in the economy that the sites on immigration he may have to walk away. >> that he has to walk away with this with 2 billion or 3 billion. >> it is five.7 billion. >> but those people on the beach in puerto rico? can you imagine if it was those 13 republican members of congress. >> the number one story everywhere the only president in american history was attacked for doing what he said he was going to do. steve: see my new deep dive tomorrow and twice a day don't miss that. thank you for watching you can
10:00 pm
learn more about the next revolution we will see you next sunday with the next revolution will be televised. . >> this is life liberty and within i have a great cast we will talk about soviet collusion and democrat style this is never discussed you are professor of political science and the executive director for center of division and values you have written a lot about the cold


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