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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 16, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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when responder as arrived, the boy said he was stuck on ice. they tossed him a rope. he's doing just fine. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 on capitol hill where speaker nancy pelosi is asking president trump to delay or cancel his state of the union address because of among other things, the government shut down. the homeland security secretary says the secret service is ready for the big night. plus, the british prime minister theresa may barely hanging on to her job. the battle over brexit is far from over. we'll show you how it could affect all of us here at home. also, american troops killed in a bombing in syria and isis claims responsibility. so what does that mean for the president's plan to bring home the troops? reporting begins now. our reporting begins with the
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ongoing battle between the speaker and the president. at this moment, the state of the state of the union address is uncertain. the house speaker, nancy pelosi, asking president trump not to come as scheduled but to put off his prime time speech to a joint session of congress because of what she says are security issues and the partial government shut down that continues. the democratic leader writing in a letter given the security concerns and unless the government reopens this week, i suggest that we work together to determine another suitable date after government has reopened for business or for this address or for you to consider delivering your state of the union in writing to congress on january 29th. that's been done. george washington delivered the first message to a joint session of congress in 1790. 11 years later, jefferson ended the practice. wilson went back to the podium
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in 1913 and carter sent it in writing in 81. presidents appear at the invitation of the speaker of the house. nancy pelosi invited president trump but said he can make it from the oval office if he wants. this is day 26 of the longest shut down in american history and affects every day americans and our overall economy. hundreds of thousands of government employees are not getting paid. and now officials with the internal revenue service say they have to make 46,000 more employees come back to work and not get paid. so they can process paperwork and refunds as tax season gets into full swing. if the president does not give the state of the union on capitol hill, he has infinite options. oval, stadium or twitter anyone? the pelosi power play awaits a comeback and brief from the
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commander-in-chief. keep watch. we have team fox coverage. kristina partsinevelos with the latest on how the shut down is affecting the economy. mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. first, john roberts reporting live from the white house. john? >> you might need more than 280 characters if you were to give the state of the union on twitter but you could do it in point form. no question this has come down to a battle of wills between president trump and the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi. the president trying to do an end run around the speaker today having over members of the so-called problem solvers caucus. a bipartisan group of moderate centrist republicans and democrats in the house. seven democrats among the people that came over today. the president unlike last week's meeting with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi which ended up with the president walking out. the president saw this one as worth while. in a statement, the press secretary sarah sanders said the president and his team had a constructive meeting with
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bipartisan members of the problem solvers caucus. they listened to one another and now both have a good understanding of what the other wants. we look forward to more conversations like this. but democratic members of the problem solvers caucus have made it clear going into this meeting that the message that they were carrying to the president was the same one as nancy pelosi, the same one as chuck schumer. that is reopen government first and then we'll talk about border security. here's new york congressman max rose. >> there's bipartisan support for opening this government back up as quickly as possible and then having a sensible and substantial discussion about how we can preserve our national security. >> that is exactly the same message that the speaker of the house is delivering, exactly the same message as chuck schumer is delivering. so i'm not sure how that moves the ball forward at all this afternoon. shep, the president is vowing to have more meetings with democrats to try to convince them that there needs to be a
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package that includes border security and whatever agreement there is to open the government again. >> shepard: steve scalise quoted now as saying, i would encourage the president to come and we'll find a place for him to speak. i'm surprised we haven't gotten a tweet. >> we haven't. the president is biding his time on this. the white house had a statement back to nancy pelosi that was prepared for him but he hasn't pulled the trigger on it yet. nancy pelosi pointed out making the point that the president should delay the state of the union address or deliver it in writing because of security concerns owing to the shut down. here's what she said. >> it's a security decision, which is out of my hands. >> you say this is a consequence
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of the shut down? >> this is housekeeping matter in the united states so we we can extend it to the president. he can make it from the oval office. >> she says it's a housekeeping matter. they're not sure they can guarantee security. here's what kirstjen nielsen tweeted just awhile ago. a law enforcement source told fox news that nancy pelosi's office never called the secret service to say hey, by the way, with the shut down, how is your plan? you going to have the personnel to do this? should we go ahead with the state of the union? nobody checked with the secret service. the officials said we're ready for the state of the union, the secret service has been working for months on plans for the
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national special security event, which is the state of the union and despite the fact members of the secret service are not being made, it's a no-fail mission. again no, reaction from the president just yet. you can bet that when we get it, it will be a beauty. >> shepard: probably so. john roberts out in the yard. let's get to the hill now. team fox coverage continues. mike emanuel is reporting there. what are they saying? >> good afternoon. you have bipartisan senators making a pitch to president trump saying reopen the government for three weeks or so and give bipartisan senator as chance to hammer out a deal. >> rather than a letter, maybe the best thing to do is get a handful of people from both sides to see if they're willing to meet with the president. what i'm going to do is see if the president would entertain a meeting with some of us, if we can get a group together and see where it goes. no commitments by anybody other than just talk. >> fox has told ten senators
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have signed on wanting to meet with the president to talk about border security once the government is reopened. delaware democrat chris coons is one of the senators leading the charge. >> i've had a whole series of conversations with colleagues of both parties. many senators are concerned about the impact the shut down is having. but the reality is the president needs to take the first move, end the government shut down and give us the opportunity to get to work. >> a bipartisan effort by some senators looking for an exit ramp for this partial government shut down. >> shepard: mike, some republicans say they're on board with postponing the state of the union address. >> yeah, some suggest that nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house has the right to delay the state of the union address and they suggest perhaps would be better once the government is reopened. >> she does have a prerogative to make that recommendation. i think the president would probably recognize that she can
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make that request. i would prefer though that if that is the case, that he delay it. he give it in person rather than do a report. >> meanwhile, the senate democratic leader continues to blast the president and the gop for this partial shut down. >> mr. president, president trump, look at the pain and suffering you're causing. so we have one simple message today. three words. "open the government." to senate republicans, open the government. to leader mcconnell, open the government. >> leader schumer sounds like someone that believes the president and the president's party are getting more of the blame. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live on the hill. thanks. some economists are warning the shut down could raise the risk of a recession, especially because it's the longest in history. the fox business network's kristina partsinevelos is live in new york city. >> shep, right now with no end in sight, we're starting to see
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the small effects on the economy. you have all kinds of differed varying projections from economists on how this would weaken growth. ever jamie dimon from j.p. morgan says growth will go down to nothing if the shut down continues well past february. so of course visuals on tv, a lot of viewers may see the shut down affecting national parks and airports. what about the not so obvious effects of the shut down? firstly, you have the lack of economic data like retail sales that were supposed to come out. they won't come out. investors look for the numbers. then you have delayed ipos. companies going public like uber and lyft don't have the sec to overview their epo profits. and then you have small businesses, restaurants seeing slower traffic or companies that are getting steel from abroad. they have tariffs. of course, the fda, food inspection being affected and
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firefighter training on the west coast delayed. shep? >> dana: the white house is now out with new projections on what this will cost us. >> right. you had kevin hassett tell "the new york times" yesterday saying this is going to be very painful and we're starting to see the effects on the economy week by week and standard poors, they predicted it's going to be $1.2 billion of economic losses every week that the shut down continues. you have some companies stepping up to the plate. kraft today announced they'll be opening up a pop-up shop so that all federal workers, they just need to show their i.d. and get a bag of kraft goods from today till sunday in washington. and you have jose andres who has three stores in washington d.c. they'll be providing sandwiches for free to families between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. eastern time. no end in sight and it's starting to have an effect on the economy, shep. >> shepard: kristina partsinevelos live in new york
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city. later we'll check on the world's busiest airport to see how the shut down is affecting security lines. we'll get news of of kenya where an american who dodged the terror attacks of 9-11 is reported dead at the hands of militants. first, u.s. troops killed in a suicide blast in syria and who is claiming responsibility? isis. hours later the vice president said isis defeated. the details ahead as our reporting continues on this wednesday afternoon. billions of mouths.
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12:17 pm
this happened in a small town called mandij. the city once an islamic state strong hold until the u.s. military helped fighters liberate mandij in 2016. a warning now, the video you're about to see is disturbing. keep your eye on the crowd of people on the sidewalk. there you go. we know now four americans are dead. this comes just weeks after president trump's announcement that he was pulling all troops out of the country and that the united states had defeated isis in syria. the jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. jennifer? >> shep, we just received confirmation that four americans were killed, three injured in the attack in northern syria. two of the american killed were u.s. service members, one was a translator and one was a
12:18 pm
civilian contractor. again, three americans were also injured in the attack. shep, u.s. allies are up in arms and the u.s. announcing they're pulling out of syria. this attack today is a direct result of the announcement made by president trump that u.s. forces are pulling out. these troops had a bulls eye on them when the president telegraphed that he was ordering a pull out. senator graham said as much during the confirmation hearing for the next attorney general. >> my concern by the statements made by president trump that should set in motion, enthusiasm about the fighting. >> the explosion ripped through a restaurant where u.s. special forces had gone for a meeting. the impact of the blast had been appeared to be magnified because
12:19 pm
the american troops were inside at the time of the explosion. patrick shanahan just addressed the attack before meeting his japanese counterpart here at the pentagon. >> allow me to extend on behalf of the department of defense our thoughts and prayers to the families and team members of those killed and wounded in today's attack in mandij. >> shep, we just learned from mike emanuel that senator rand paul is on his way to the white house to convince the president to stay the course on pulling out of syria and will press for the president to have the number of troops in afghanistan, shep. >> shepard: this attack, the location is significant. >> this took place in the city of mandij, which u.s.-backed kurdish forces captured superior in 2016. turkey's president has objected to kurds holding the city and has asked the kurds and the u.s. forces to leave prompting president trump to call for that
12:20 pm
pull-out of all 2000 u.s. troops from syria. the pentagon was worried that the troops would be a target following the surprise announcement in december. the decision led to the resignation of jim mattis. here's what vice president mike pence said today at the state department after the attack. >> thanks to the leadership of this commander-in-chief and the courage and sacrifice of our armed forces, we're now actually able to begin to hand-off the fight to our coalition partners and we're bringing our troops home. the caliphate has crumbled and isis has been defeated. >> many allies are calling his remarks today tone deaf. isis has already claimed responsibility for today's suicide attack, a reminder that the group is not defeated, shep. >> shepard: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. the battle for britain and over the fate of brexit. the british prime minister
12:21 pm
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of the breaking news. a live look at the british parliament where theresa may has barely survived a no confidence vote after her brexit deal was voted down. the u.k. is set to leave the european union on the 29th of march, but there's no current plan in place for the terms of that divorce.
12:26 pm
prime minister may presented her plans to the parliament and the opposition party opposed it since it was more or less a compromise where nobody got what anybody wanted. so now what? the prime minister has a shot at redemption. she can bring parliament a new plan by monday. there's no guarantee that will pass either or what it would be. in that case, british lawmakers could try to postpone brexit or they could let the british people vote again, another referendum on whether they want a split from the e.u. anymore. the british lawmakers have to do something. a no-deal brexit would be a disaster for the economy. business owners across britain begging lawmakers not to let that happen. even ford is warning, such a situation would be catastrophic for the u.k. auto industry and for ford's manufacturing operations in the country. analysts warn economic chaos in
12:27 pm
britain would have global effects. greg palkot reporting live from london. >> hi, shep. we were in the front row of another political squeaker for theresa may again tonight. she narrowly survived the no confidence vote by the labour party. if she lost, she could have been booted out of office. 306 people voted against and 325 for her. here's what she had to say tonight. >> the house put their confidence in this government. i stand ready, i stand ready to work with any member of this house to deliver on brexit and ensure that this house retains the confidence of the british people. >> but yes, the question of a britain exiting the european union are up in the air tonight. the prime minister meeting with politicians at her number 10 residence and office trying to come up with that plan b.
12:28 pm
remember, again, plan a yesterday lost badly. e.u. officials also today in brussels saying they won't renegotiate brexit. they want a chaos of a no deal. they suggest the u.k. could stage a referendum. this society of stability not calm tonight, shep. back to you. >> shepard: thanks, greg. let's bring in matt kaminsky now, the global affairs editor at politco. good to see you. thanks. >> good to be here. >> hard to get it over here where the arcane rules and such are over all of our heads. to say a no-deal brexit would be a disaster sounds like an understatement. >> imagine the government shut down in the u.s. and multiply it
12:29 pm
by years. britain has been stuck in this impasse since 2016. there's no easy way out. the only thing that we know for sure, a majority of the members of parliament do not like theresa may's deal and the majority of them don't want to exit the e.u. without a deal. we have and we'll see in the coming weeks whether they can somehow find a way out of this. >> shepard: you try to look at it and say what might that way be? parliament doesn't want any part of it and they don't have a way to agree. another referendum -- what might another referendum look like? >> it's going to be -- she might not want to, it may be a last ditch. the problem with the referendum, you have to agree on what the question would be. do you ask does britain want to stay in or out of the e.u. do you support teresa's may plan or not? the same parliament that did vote down her deal yesterday but
12:30 pm
the huge margin would have to agree on a referendum question. the most likely outcome is that theresa may has her fifth, sixth or seventh life and will tray next week to talk to members of parliament, probably more from the side of parliament from the labour party and the mps in her party that want to remain in the e.u. to see what it would take for them to support her plan. if they say look, give us a little more from brussels, then you can't imagine her going back to brussels and getting a little bit more coming back and squeezing it through parliament. >> shepard: i'm sorry. i can feels eyes rolling. there's so much going on around here that i'm confident people are like come on. but could you explain -- at the heart of this, really, the heart of this is the backstop issue. from my reading it seems like that's been largely overlooked in domestic reporting.
12:31 pm
>> we create a hard border in ireland. the deal that theresa mays has from brusselses is the best deal that she can get. after britain exits the e.u., it will have to negotiate a trade agreement with brussels. until that happens, there will not be a trade border or any kind of border put in between northern ireland and southern ireland. i know it sounds boring, but what you're talking about there is an idea that we've had peace the last 20 years. the reason -- the real fear that you could endanger the sort of peace agreement you have in place in northern ireland. it is not that hard to fix in the british mps say we trust theresa may and brussels to negotiate a deal where you wouldn't have a trade border be around the aisle where britain of wales is and not include
12:32 pm
ireland. i think it is going to be a test of her ability to negotiate. she's been quite just estimated. she survived this because she's awhilely politician and she still has cards left to play. her cards are probably better than the other people in british politics today. >> shepard: mass kaminsky from politco. appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: republican congressman steve king is now facing pressure in his own district to step down after the comments he made about white supremacy. plus, sears, a real american retail icon headed straight to bankruptcy, it was. but now there's word it will be able to keep hundreds of stores open. the sears save coming up.
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>> shepard: the largest newspaper in steve king's district is calling for him to quit after his comments about
12:37 pm
white supremacy. the sioux city journal said it's time for steve king to go. he should resign his seat in the u.s. house. a new election should be held for voters in the fourth congressional district to choose a replacement. congressman king says people have miss -- mischaracterized his comments. chad pergram reporting live from there. clad? >> shep, there's three forms of discipline in the house of representatives. there's a reprimand, a censure and then expulsion. what is in place today is the censure. the middle one. tim ryan from ohio has introduced resolutions to try to censure congressman king. this would take place before the house. there would be a full vote.
12:38 pm
they could try to table it or kick it back to committee, not deal with it. we're told those options are in play. i talked to bobby rush about his effort. he was the only member in the house to vote against a resolution of disapproval against steve king. here's what bobby rush said. he said if i thought i could get him expelled, i would. there's a slight chance we can censure him. at the end of the day as i said, they could kick this back to committee. there's been 23 members in the history of the house that have been censured. the last, charlie rangel from 2010. if the house votes to censure him, they would ask him to present himself in the well of the house, house speaker nancy pelosi would take the dias and she would say you're censured and rap the gavel. that's it. we're not sure if they will get to that point but they have to deal with these two resolutions today. they're privileged and have a high parliamentary status and they have to get this off the
12:39 pm
table today. >> shepard: what the house did yesterday is a vote to disapprove? >> that's right. you could have double jeopardy in this case. that's not one of the formal modes of censure and expulsion here. jim clyburn from south carolina, the democratic whip, led the effort. he said i if i could get him expelled i would. he indicated this. there was some concern about whether or not steve king was misinterpreted. he say i could accept that he was misinterpreted in some form, but he has a record. he has this record out there where he said racist things in the past and jim clyburn wouldn't go for that. so they might move to table this but they have to consider it in some form today, shep. >> shepard: chad pergram with the developing news from the hill. and breaking now on fox news channel. ruth bader ginsberg has cancelled a planned appearance in new york city as she recovers from her lung cancer surgery. she's been missing from the
12:40 pm
bench for nearly two weeks now. last week got the good word that she has no remaining signs of cancer. "usa today" reports that she's expected to return to court on the 19th of february. the government shut down leading to long security lines in some of the country's busiest airports as some tsa agents are working without pay and calling in sick. jeff paul is reporting. he's at hartsfield jackson airport in atlanta. >> shep, off and on all day today, we've seen the lines go from a couple minutes to 15 to 30 minutes. take a look behind me. you can see here at this airport, it's all the way down clear down the hallway. a big part of the reason why we're seeing some of those delays is because more and more tsa officers are starting to call in sick. they have not been paid in weeks and having to make tough choices when it comes to their budget, balancing things like child care and gas and groceries.
12:41 pm
>> it's demoralizing. you go to work and you expect pay for hard work and you wake up and your bank account is empty. >> these tsa officers take a lot of pride in their work. they're not looking for a handout. some say they are very appreciative of some of the efforts by volunteer groups to make sure that they're getting some of those essentials like groceries, shep. >> shepard: what are you hearing from travelers there, jeff? >> shep, i traveled from los angeles to atlanta. there was a longer line to get through security. but you could tell for the most part, many travelers sort of could understand what was going on. they seemed nicer, more patient as they went through the lines just knowing that some of these tsa agents have not been paid in weeks and they don't know when that next check is going to hit their bank account. >> just try to be kind and be greatful and appreciative. i know what circumstances
12:42 pm
they're working under. >> now, something else to keep in mind, shep, is that the super bowl is going to be hosted here in atlanta in a few weeks. the mayor saying they're entering unchartered territory. they're expecting double the amount of passengers to flow through this airport on that monday after the super bowl. so that is something that they are also preparing for as they move forward and get ready for the super bowl. shep? >> shepard: what did he said? come on, trump, you have to fix this, map? >> yeah, getting all sorts of people out here today. >> shepard: i feel you. good luck. >> it wasn't looking good for sears. but there's word the iconic retailer will keep hundreds of stores open instead of shutting them down and selling off the inventory. hillary vaughn has more. good news for them. >> it is good news. earlier this morning, former sears ceo eddie lampert won the
12:43 pm
bankruptcy option and will keep over 4, 500 sears store open. he upped the bid to $5.2 billion winning the auction and beating out a bid that would have sold sears for parts, liquidating everything for cash. that liquidation bid was supported by groups that are owed money like creditors and landlords. the judge has to sign off on the bid at a hearing february 1 in white plains, new york. the judge presiding over that, robert drain, has pushed for lampert to make this deal with sears and save these jobs. some creditors are not completely sold that this is a good idea and that this will revive sears brand, shep. >> shepard: what are you hearing from analysts on this? >> analysts i talked to today think that this last ditch effort to keep sears alive is dumping more cash into a company that's been dying off for decades. telling me it's too little too late without fundamental
12:44 pm
reinvestment in brand, service and multichannel relevant. another analyst saying that lampert's leadership is going to seal sears fate. it's the same leadership that led to its demise. so some investors doubt that consumers take the company seriously and they say that consumers and shoppers have found other options as sears continues to close doors. >> shepard: thanks, hillary. there's word now that an american killed in a terror attack in kenya had once narrowly avoided the attacks of 9-11 in new york city. his story and words from his family coming up.
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>> shepard: news just in. we reported earlier on this attack in syria. americans killed, a couple service members, two civilians, one of them a contractor, one a translator. here's the new information. brand new. this is from the white house. fox news john roberts is reporting that the president will meet with his national security team and a number of senators. we don't know how many. we don't know from which parties and we certainly don't know who they are. that meeting is to happen very soon, about 45 minutes from now, 4:30 inside the white house. we don't know where. the headline, the president, his
12:49 pm
national security team and some members of the senate will be meeting to discuss the situation with syria. remember, the record is, we're pulling our troops out of syria. troops are coming home. isis defeated. and then isis claimed responsibility for this attack that killed four americans and injured three more. we can't confirm that but we can tell you isis has claimed responsibility. nobody has knocked that down. so the president with a high-level meeting at 4:30. that's in the middle of "your world." updates as they come. an american that barely missed the 9-11 attack in new york is along 21 people killed. have you seen this video? jason spindler from an investment company which has an office in nairobi. he died in the attack. if t the deadly ambush started in
12:50 pm
nairobi and lasted 20 hours as hundreds tried to escape. al shabaab, a terror group linked to al-quaida, has claimed responsibility. we have more images and video in the slide show this afternoon. want to show you this first image. surveillance video caught the attack. look at these attackers as they enter the building. we'll shadow them. this is a soundless video. you can see them shooting it up there. several men armed with guns and wrapped in ammunition builts split up as they went into the area. security cameras followed them all along the way. outside the complex, cars exploded bursting into flames. inside, a suicide bomber blew himself up in the hotel lobby. that injured people nearby. here you can see people climbing out of windows and hiding in bathrooms later in offices to escape the gunmen. security forces led them to safety.
12:51 pm
now family and friends are burying their loved ones after just this morning learning that the country's president announced the attack was over and the terrorists dead. trace gallagher with more. >> friends of 40-year-old jason spindler was having lunch when he died. about eight hours into the attack, kenya interior minister gave the all-clear saying the buildings affected had been secured and the situations under control. but that was not the case. a short time later, there was more gun fire, more grenades and dozens of people still in hiding. that went on for several more hours. so it's unclear if jason spindler was killed in the initial rampage or one of the secondary assaults. during the actual attack, al shabaab issued a statement taking responsibility and saying the operation was still ongoing,
12:52 pm
but finally kenyan forces evacuated more than 50 people to safety. shep? >> what else are we learning about jason spindler? >> he grew up in houston, went to the university of texas and then moved to new york and took a job in finance at solomon brothers at the world trade center. he was coming out of the subway when the first tower fell. his mom said he was covered in dust and debris trying to help others. after 9-11, he got his law degree at nyu, joined the peace corps as a business and economic development volunteer. he joined a company that helped business partnerships in kenya to boost the local economy. that brought him to nairobi. his brother says he was a fighter and he's sure he gave the terrorists hell going on to say there's no words to describe how their family is feeling but
12:53 pm
he will always be an amazing son, brother and uncle. his mom also added that "we all miss him so much." shep? >> shepard: trace, thanks. bomb shell testimony today at the trial of el chapo. a witness claiming the notorious drug kingpin said he paid big bucks to a former mexican president. that testimony came yesterday. what the witness says the money was for and how the former president is responding. that's next. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz, the first and only treatment of its kind offering people with moderate to severe psoriasis a chance at 100% clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of people quickly saw a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms,
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>> shepard: a witness in the trial of el chapo claims that the drug kingpin once said that he paid a $100 million bribe to the mexican president, enrique nieto to call off a man hunt. this comes about a month into el chapo's murder and drug conspiracy trial in new york city. a former spokesman for the
12:58 pm
president said it was false and defamatory. for el chapo, he's pleaded not guilty to it. bryan llenas is reporting live in new york. >> shep, the man making this accusation is a convicted columbian drug trafficker alex sueffuntes. he says he was el chapo's right-hand man and left-hand man before he was extradited. he told the court that el chapo told him about a $100 million bribe given to the mexican president. he asked for $200 million to suspend the man hunt for the kingpin. el chapo counter offered with $100 million. the money was exchanged in october 2012 on a private plane according to him belonging to the campaign manager of the then
12:59 pm
president-elect. and now the ex-president has not responded. his chief of staff said the accusations are absurd and he pointed out that enrique was in office when guzman was located, arrested and eventually extradited here to the u.s., shep. >> shepard: bryan, thanks. going to show you two symbols now. see if you know what they mean. on the left, the eye roll emoji. what is that one on the right there? if you have no clue what that means, you might be a millennial. that's according to a study by goodyear. it's the tire pressure warning light. the study found young drivers were more than 1.5 times more than likely to identify the emoji than the warning light. about half of young drivers could recognize the tire light at all. it's next to an emoji. you figure -- eh. after our reporting here, we'll
1:00 pm
have a fox news update on facebook watch. it's a minute's long news cast online with unique content that streams live on facebook watch home page in a few minutes. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: shut down is on, state of the union may be off. nancy pelosi is proposing it. now the white house is responding. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is your world. in a letter, the house speaker telling the president that because of the shut down, they should work together to determine another suitable date or maybe just consider delivering your state of the union address in writing to congress. mrs. pelosi siting security concerns. now the department of homeland security secretary her it is, kirstjen nielsen says what concerns? we're going to get to it with rick scott and new jersey democratic congressman josh


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