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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  January 22, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PST

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n't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ shannon: good morning, it is january 22nd and this is "fox and friends first" was happening at 4:00 am on the east coast a late-night reveal of a republican plan has the senate moving forward to a shutdown solution. democrats say it is a nonstarter. the numbers on the president's side? we are live in washington. >> there have been many threats. >> kkk with the nazis, they are not running around in hoods and burning crosses. >> people jumping to conclusions. >> really unreal.
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two teenagers at the center of the comic in high school controversy breaking their silence. you want to hear this, how they are reaction to the media's 1-sided meltdown. some breaking breakfast news, how to get your latte delivered to your door. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ where ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ whoa ♪ walking on sunshine ♪ well ♪ don't it feel good ♪ hey ♪ shannon: you are watching "fox and friends first" tuesday morning. a lot of folks wishing they were walking on sunshine. we have more on the winter weather across a portion of the country coming up. thank you for starting the day
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with us. let's take a live look at capital hill, the capital, where the senate unveiled its bill to reopen the government overnight. garrett tenney joins us from dc with what the proposal is offering donald trump's border wall among a lot of other things. >> reporter: the white house and senate republicans are selling this is a compromise bill that lets both sides walk away with some of what they want, the president asked democrats to give him $5.7 billion reported barrier in exchange for three years protection for daca recipients in 3 or extension of temporary protected status for 300,000 other immigrants living in the united states. so far, at least in public, democratic lawmakers are not supporting the bill saying they refuse to negotiate with the president over any proposal while the government is still shutdown. >> he's holding the american people hostage over a vanity
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project he calls a wall while 800,000 people are trying to figure out how to pay their rent, how to pay their mortgage. >> mitch mcconnell is hoping to get the legislative process rolling on this bill later today but here's where it gets tricky, 60 votes i needed to begin debate on legislation, republicans only have 53 seats the democrats can filibuster to block that from happening at least until the end of the week. this proposal would reopen the government. if democrats object to gop plans to make sure the blame for the ongoing shutdown doesn't lie squarely on them. shannon: if republicans come on board anything could happen in this administration. appreciate it. donald trump standing up for the students in this viral clip accused of marking a native american veteran. nvidia vindicating them, some of
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those students are speaking out. todd pyro with their side of the story. this is unbelievable when you look at the full video. >> the president with his take on the complete 180 tweeting looking like covington catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgments proving out to be false smeared by media. not good but making big comeback, new footage shows the meaty was wrong about the teens encounter with the native american. donald trump referencing this latest in a longer video showing native american elder nathan phillips was the one to approach the teens and showing the before phillips arrived, a group of black hebrew israelites reeling obscenities at the students. two students are speaking out. >> there have been many threats against our lives, against our parents. >> the hate surrounding this event comes from people on
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social media jumping to conclusions before the story was released, nobody did their research and now showing. >> speaking of which, here are a few of the gems to conclusion. howard dean, famous for the alert around the world in 2004 tweeting covington catholic high school teams like a heat factory to me. why not just close it? sellers, he is deplorable, some people can be punched in the face. these are teenagers. another user, this is why the gillette ad exists. they will be greeted by police and protesters. numerous reports just the students and their families are considering legal action for defamation against those who painted the students in a negative light. we say this for every store, we've not heard the end of the story, not even close.
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>> we certainly haven't because a lot more of those folks took the wrong side of the story came out and apologized, some have not yet including celebrities. we will talk more about that. donald trump junior says his family is frequently the target of baseless attacks, he says the media has outdone themselves by rushing to the one eyes the teenagers in the video before looking at all the facts. >> you had catholic school boys at a right to life march, okay? they were wearing a am aga hat. they had to pounce because the media wants that to be true. they want a bunch of nice catholic kids who happen to be ways, they want them to be the enemy. this is what they have created. the media has done this to themselves. they've shot themselves in the foot time and time again because they so desperately want this to be the truth as opposed to saying trump has done a good job
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as president. everyday there's any reason for impeachment, let him do his job, the job he was elected to do. the media is trying to subvert this democracy. they've done more to hurt the credibility of this country's institution than anything in history. >> no announcement has been made about potential legal action but robert barnes is offering to represent the students for free. we will let you know what happens. a freshman democrat on the house judiciary committee claims brett kavanaugh committed perjury during his heated confirmation hearing. >> during the confirmation -- take that up.
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heather: he did not say which statement he was referring to specifically. brett cavanagh was confirmed in a 50-48 vote despite democrats attempts to derail him from taking the bench. that is not over yet either. james baker revealing he was personally involved in obtaining the f i asked a warrant to survey carter page. according to transcripts by fox news baker admitted it was an unusual move. devon nunez sounding off on alleged bias within the agency. >> not only did top officials at the fbi, they knew the moment of justice, including four people on the mueller team, two have been fired. they have a lot of questions that need to be answered. the investigation continued, we don't have subpoena power. >> this relied on the anti-trump dossier funded by the dnc and hillary clinton's campaign.
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new satellite images suggest kim jong un has not abandoned his ballistic missile program. researchers from the international studies group call beyond parallel discovering as many as 20 undeclared nuclear sites in north korea, one facility believe to be the headquarters of the regime, the white house is not commented on this report. experts say the us should focus on these sites when donald trump and kim jong un meet next month. talk about the weather, the winter blast of arctic air causing mass delays across the northeast, 5400 flights were delayed including summit this wisconsin airport that lost power leaving passengers in the dark for hours. rhode island under a state of emergency after the cold cuts off heat to 7000 customers. as we dig out from the latest
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storm another stirring out west, parts of utah seeing a foot of snow. janice dean will have more of this coming up. the government shutdown could prevent the world series champion from visiting the white house, the president, the red sox telling the boston globe it would not be appropriate to go because government employees are struggling. the team is scheduled to make the trip saturday, february 15th, some of the players have said they would not go. hopefully it will be resolved by then. the nfl taking the first step to extend replay reviews after a controversial no call cost the new orleans saints possibly their super bowl appearance. the washington post reporting believe will discuss making penalties like the past interference reviewable coming after referees admitted to this past interference color in the nfc title game sending the los angeles rams to the super bowl.
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the new call unfairly deprive the team and fans of a win. the time is 10 minutes after the hour. the senate could take up donald trump's compromise bill to end the shutdown and pay for the wallace soon as today but will it solve the immigration crisis? michael butler says a daca compromise would be a catastrophic issue for national security. he joins us to explain why up next. christopher columbus sailing out of site. the university covering up murals like this honoring the explorer. ♪
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heather: the senate expected to start debate as early as today on their plan to reopen the government but some republicans still skeptical that they have
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the numbers to pass it. former agent for the immigration naturalization service michael cutler. thank you for joining us this morning. we love having you with us. let's go through what is in this plan as it stands right now. we have $5.7 billion for the border barrier, the president requested that the two years protection for doctor recipients and temporary protected status for 300,000 other immigrants currently living in the us. as an immigrant you can apply for asylum from their home country. in terms of democrats, what else would they want? >> they want everything to be permanent, temporary. they don't want a wall. if you look at the drones, so many studies are in effect, hundreds of millions of dollars according to the ga. heather: including border security that may --
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>> drones have been involved in half of border patrol arrests. helicopters are better but this is after-the-fact. here's the question. have you ever seen a house with a burglar alarm the didn't have a friend or? the wall would be the equivalent of a front door to slow down and impede a majority of illegal aliens, they don't get in in the 1st pl. democrats want them to come here and once they are here they can be political and he wants to change that process which i agree with completely. >> they previously wanted portions of the wall and some of the areas. >> the fence in 2006 before congressional hearings about these issues, they are a moving target. chuck schumer was clear about the need for this. heather: he voted in favor but
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nancy pelosi did not. >> i mentioned schumer said a few chris pass on critical infrastructure, a federal felony, why trespass on america being a similar crime with some of the consequences. heather: the biggest issue is daca specifically, 3 years it will be extended for daca recipients to be covered by that but you say that would be catastrophic. >> my concern, let's include everybody who could have applied but didn't, maybe they were too lazy to apply, maybe they weren't even here. if you run the border the record is created of your entry so we don't know when you came here. the age cutoff would be mid-to-late 30s. daca was president obama's way of legislating that legislation. heather: which is why the president pulled back to begin with. >> to renege on that to get the wall, i would like to see more interior enforcement. once these aliens get to the
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united states if they abscond there is no one to look for the. heather: what can you offer democrats? this is his way to do a compromise so he can get funding which is minimal, the 5.7, less -- >> it would pay for itself. when you look up hundreds of billions in drug trafficking, money that goes out of the country, money earned by illegal aliens within a year it pays for itself no matter what the cost, it will save a lot of lives. i don't think you can offer democrats anything, the old ronald reagan thing of say german that is just say no. if he offered them exactly what they want at this point they would deny. shannon: what do they want? amnesty? >> total amnesty and that would be catastrophic. if you look at the 9/11 commission, the key method of entry, massive amnesty program, no field investigations. how many terrorists does it take to wreak havoc on america? heather: it only takes one.
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appreciate it, great stuff came 18 after the top of the hour, murder charges against suspected illegal immigrant is chilling details emerge about his alleged killing spree, the president said it is more proof we need that wall. hollywood taking the media to task for the false reports on the capitol hill confrontation. carly shimkus has reaction, the teens are owed more than an apology for sure.
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heather: happening today the oscars still don't have a host and don't think they will have one but this europe nominees will be revealed today.
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comedian camille nangiani will announce the contenders this morning at 8:20 eastern. the academy has been struggling to find replacement host after kevin hart stepped down over controversial tweets. the 91st oscars will air on february 24th. we think it will be better without host and move faster. 26 years after skating into our hearts the mighty ducks are back together. >> quack quack quack quack quack quack. heather: a few members lacing up skates to hit the ice in their classic uniforms lose the anaheim ducks hosting former teammates at a game in new york. actress calling out the media for the biased coverage of the coming catholic protests before
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knowing all the facts. carly shimkus with fox news serious xm 115 with more on the scathing remarks. >> actors and some members of the media deleted critical tweets of the covington high school students after this misinterpreted video went viral but patricia heaton is calling out her colleagues for the rush to judgment. look at these tweets, these apologies are welcome and necessary but don't address the damage that cannot be undone inflicted on young people who were about to embark on adulthood, applying to colleges, looking for employment etc.. she goes on to say these young people will forever have those smears follow them every time they proffer their resume with the word covington on it. it will affect anyone who has or ever will attend that school.
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the damage is incalculable. she says there should be suspension from work or loss of pay to those who tweeted critical things about these students and while they are seeing their fair share of criticism, they are seeing a lot of thought -- support from social media. melanie says thank you for saying the right thing, talking about patricia heaton and look at this tweet from father vincent, a catholic priest calling out the covington catholic school saying i am frustrated by the rush to negative judgment of the school in the diocese of covington. i would like to see them defend their students first and wait to make a statement until all facts are known. laura on twitter says i'm glad you are saying this. i feel bad being part of the rush to judge. stop, look and listen first. heather: actress alyssa milano saying the redhead is the new white hood.
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i don't know if kathy griffin have apologized yet. >> a lot of people made some big statements to say the least. heather: the ramses getting political. >> donald from nominating for an award. he has been nominated for three golden raspberry awards which celebrate the worst performances throughout the year including worst actor for death of a nation, fahrenheit 11-9 and another award for fahrenheit 11-9. those are awards in documentaries. milania trump receiving a nomination as well as kellyanne conway. folks responding on social media, one person saying it is trump derangement syndrome, another saying i generally like that they have a sense of humor
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but counting trump, milania and kellyanne conway as actors in a documentary has nothing to do with film. it is all just a joke but i get the people who run the awards are not voting for donald trump. heather: trying to make their political statement in the way that they can. the time is 27 after the top of the hour. we take you overseas, tensions flaring in the middle east was a military uprising foiled in venezuela. aaron cohen on the growing crises around the world. no easy day for these, the moods chase at a popular resource going viral. ♪ - to be a pro at selfies takes practice,
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but to be a pro at travel just takes tripadvisor. we offer up-to-date reviews and 360 hotel photos to help you find the right hotel and search over 200 booking sites to get you the right price. tripadvisor. heather: you are watching "fox
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and friends first". the police officer shot and killed trying to arrest a suspect in alabama will be laid to rest today. hundreds of people paying tribute to officer sean tutor lining the streets with american flags. marco perez charged with capital murder. officer junior spent three years with the mobile police department after serving as a specialist in the alabama national guard. in a heartbreaking statement his family says this, sean loved his family and his country and he knew this was a chance. he's a hero and the patriot. he was just 30 years old, leaves behind a wife. our prayers with them. illegal immigrant facing murder charges in a killing spree in nevada. the arrest coming as donald trump ramps up his call for a border wall. the latest on this gruesome case. >> how much more american blood
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must be shed before congress does its job? >> reporter: border security and immigrant crime, donald trump often sees it as one issue. >> day after day precious lives are cut short by those who have violated our borders. >> reporter: the latest case from northern nevada. a weeklong manhunt, they arrested suspect wilbur martinez guzman, 19 you make illegal immigrants wanted in a string of murders. two weeks ago police on a woman robbed and dead of a gunshot wound, 3 days later a mile away, a second victim, 74-year-old woman robbed and killed, then and 80-year-old man and his wife found dead, their valuables gone. >> it makes me more vigilant about being aware of what your surroundings are. >> reporter: police put guzman in the crosshairs, agents had no physical evidence but a check with ice. >> command staffs collectively
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agreed guzman, a person of interest, should be taken into custody on immigration charges. >> reporter: unlike california, nevada is not a sanctuary state. police can cooperate with ice. they use guzman's illegal status to hold him. >> search words reveal a mountain of evidence tying him to all 3 crimes. the dax next to file murder charges this week. in los angeles, fox news. heather: we will follow that. the majority of guns used by criminals are bought on the black market according to a new study funded by the doj and it is pushing the effectiveness of gun-control restrictions. 43% of prisoners surveyed in 2015 committed a crime using a gun they bought illegally, to present use guns they bought at a retail store. most firearm regulations target legal purchases. thousands of federal workers will be back on the job despite
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the government shutdown according to the washington post. 8000 state department employees will get paid for the next 15 days. 300 e-verify employees will be back to work today and will serve in other capacities, congress approves funding for the program. both agencies insist workers are needed for national security. to california half 1 million students could soon head back to class as the los angeles teachers union makes progress with negotiators. 30,000 educators will head to the ticket lines for a 60 day today, demanding higher pay, smaller class sizes, the strike cannot end until the union votes to ratify the illusion of the vote in denver, in colorado, could start a new strike. they are pushing for salary incentives.
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overseas, prime minister benjamin netanyahu defending his real strikes on iranian targets in syria and issuing a rare warning not to retaliate. >> israel will block iran's efforts to use syria, lebanon and gaza for attacking israel for the express purpose they openly declared, destroying israel. no country should stand aside while its destruction is being planned. heather: critics quick to condemn the counterattack but does israel have the right to defend itself? here to weigh in is former is really special forces operator aaron cohen. we appreciate your expertise. >> good morning. heather: let's begin with that questioning. it would seem a given, israel has a right to defend itself. >> israel has been defending itself for over 60 years. that is in modern times of course.
1:36 am
this goes back to the old testament, this isn't the first skirmish on the block with enemies. since its independence it has been surrounded by almost a dozen states who vowed to force israel into the ocean. what israel does best is acts preemptively on very good intelligence. our apparatus in israel is based on that information so we can carry out attacks like we just saw in syria which is directed toward iranian forces using the damascus airport to store weapons throughout different parts of syria so israel's agents, military special operations unit painstakingly put themselves at risk to collect data so we can carry out these types of airstrikes, very dangerous work, essential.
1:37 am
heather: these wide-ranging strikes were in response to medium-range surface-to-air missiles which were fired toward the israeli-occupied area you were talking about sunday afternoon. let's talk at the israeli defense forces tweeted out, we have started striking iranian targets in syrian territory. we warned syrian armed forces against attempting to harm israeli forces or territory. wise that unusual? >> this is unusual because the israeli media doesn't have access, the non-censorship, the reason why is the israeli government collectively puts strict safeguards on what information can be released, it is a matter of national security. it is not often israel will -- israeli defense forces will put
1:38 am
a statement out, the strategic objective in this case. sending a strong psychological message to the iranian's, the ayatollah, telling them very clearly, that you are in their sites. putting out this type of tweet puts the iranian's in a defensive position to go guess what, they are always watching and wherever -- heather: it makes sense. it makes sense. let's go to venezuela. there is a lot of talk among some democrats in terms of socialism. let's go to venezuela where there have been these clashes between venezuela and these protesters after reported mutiny. is this a type of socialist society we want or could see in the us? >> it is the type of socialist
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society the left would like to see in the us but the fact is donald trump was alert, the reason why is an entire side of this country doesn't want to be pushed into this kind of thing. venezuela has had a lot of problems. what we have seen, the collapse of their economy systematically, their oil, one of the finest oil exporters in the world, the finest crude oil in the world, absolutely being destroyed because of the socialist experiment. not only is the economy failing but every facet of the venezuelan system is breaking down because of the socialist push. heather: you are talking about the economy, venezuela's inflation rate in 2018, 80,000%. it is unbelievable. >> correct. it has gone to the point it is
1:40 am
so uncontrollable that it is something like 30% or 40% of venezuelans are hightailing it out of venezuela to find work in other countries because the prices are so out of control that you can't even have a middle-class living never mind a rich living. 1% of socialists keep feeding themselves the wealth and the fact is it is a model we have seen fail over and over again. not a model we would use in israel. we are a capitalist society there. good security and ability to defend our citizens, a model that worked in this country for 200 years plus. heather: not paying attention to what is happening in venezuela for sure. thank you for your expertise. wide-ranging expertise for us today. we appreciate it. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. first it was immoral to secure the border wall and now it is immoral to make money.
1:41 am
>> we live in a moral world that allows this? is that a moral outcome? >> it is not. heather: how she plans to keep crusading against capitalism. kfc wants to hop aboard the gravy train, compliments to the next level. ♪
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>> 15 minutes until the top of the or, the us will formally request extradition of the chinese tech executive accused of violating sanctions against iran according to the globe and mail. the cfo was taken into custody in canada. on behalf of the us in december. he is accused of defrauding banks to get around some sanctions in iran. the situation sparked retaliation and threats from
1:45 am
beijing. alexandria kislyak slamming the system that allows billionaires, calling it immoral. >> to live in a moral world allows billionaires? is that a moral outcome? >> it is not. a system that allows billionaires to exist, not only doesn't make economic sense, doesn't make moral sense. >> the democratic socialist making that comment on martin luther king jr. day event in new york adding she doesn't think billionaires themselves are immoral, just working hard. less than two weeks until super bowl liii in atlanta and ticket costs are skyrocketing. tracy carrasco is here with more on record prices for the big game. good morning. >> the average listing price for super bowl ticket about $8000 according to data from ticket iq.
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of that price hold through super bowl sunday that would rank as the most expensive on record for the secondary market. the cheapest available ticket as of yesterday was somewhere around $2800. cording to ticket iq, i expect prices to drop on average by 6.7%, that is what they have seen in years past and the reason they are expecting ticket prices to drop is because maybe people aren't as excited to see them in the super bowl once again. the la rams don't have as big a fan base just yet, they recently moved to los angeles. we will have to see. the average super bowl price ranged from $7277. that is what they sold for on super bowl sunday. heather: before director says the spread is pretty even between the rams and the patriots. let's talk about starbucks
1:47 am
rolling out the new partnership that includes delivery. >> you can student have starbucks delivered to you. starbucks is partnering to get that to you, they're offering that for a quarter of its stores across the country, the first test of the idea in the fall with stores in miami, starting in san francisco, they will roll that out, coming in a few weeks to starbucks stores in boston, washington, chicago and la so the booking fee is $2.49, offering 90% of almost everything from starbucks. >> if you get a hot coffee will it be lukewarm by the time you get to it. >> i hope they haven't figured out. heather: the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour and two years of the trump presidency marks two years of resistance. what exactly have the democrats accomplished and will the media be held accountable for its
1:48 am
betrayal of the kentucky students from that viral confrontation. liz is here to react to both of those stories. ♪
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heather: as the president marks two years in office he's marking two years of anti-trump resistance. joining me to break down the effort on the left to obstruct donald trump. liz, we love having you with us. it has been successful considering a huge push to obstruct everything donald trump has done. >> this has been a democrats agenda since donald trump was elected. they were so angry and continue
1:52 am
to be so angry that he beat hillary clinton that everything he proposes is dead on arrival. that has brought us to the point that it has cost more to have the government shutdown than it would have cost to build the wall donald trump asked for. we surpassed $6 billion. is it a successful strategy? it did allow them to take over the house of representatives obviously last year but going forward i cannot imagine the american people will stand for this 100% obstruction of policies most americans approve of. heather: you expect them to try to pool the swamp. >> lookout they are running, people throwing their hats in the ring for the 2020 election, anti-trump and a lot of very expensive programs they think will appeal to the left but
1:53 am
nancy pelosi basically as speaker of the house again, back to resist donald trump. is this a good thing for the country? only if he is proposing things that are bad for the country. heather: we can pull some of that up, some of his accomplishments which first and foremost include boosting the economy, 312,000 jobs added, 3.2% wage growth, 3.9% unemployment and the list goes on and on. >> things the criminal justice reform which all democrats are supposed to be in favor of. here we are today with the government shutdown donald trump has come forward with an offer which is the wish list of democrats protecting 800,000 dreamers, protecting 300,000 people with temporary protected status and putting things in place like more judges.
1:54 am
the backlog of people seeking asylum. we need more judges. there is no objection. heather: doesn't make sense when you listen to what some of these democrats had to say in the past. this is chuck schumer in 2009. >> illegal immigration is wrong. the american people want their government to be serious about protecting the public, and a rational system of illegal immigration. >> more money to support border wall in the past. >> what is infuriating is these people are in the liberal media, has anyone ever challenged chuck schumer or nancy pelosi or hillary clinton or any of these people who voted for a wall by saying it is a moral now, why is it immoral now? heather: yesterday making the
1:55 am
rounds on social media, biden the complete opposite then and now. >> border security is not racist, not immoral, we need to know who is coming into the country and the reality is hundreds of thousands of people crossing the country illegally, we don't know who they are. >> way more concerned about their reaction to this kentucky high school student, and alleged confrontation that happened and then if you look at the full video a completely different story. >> typical rush to judgment. assumed to be a racist, we assume trump is a racist, that is part of the left's narrative that everything about trump and his supporters is deplorable, so it is another example of media
1:56 am
bias, the approval ratings of the mass media have plummeted in the last several years. it is appalling. heather: and dangerous. >> there not going to apologize. heather: thank you so much, have a great day. we will be right back. stay with us. ave many different prices? that's why tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites to find the lowest price on the hotel you want. your perfect hotel room for the perfect price!
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- [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out, meeting someone who's 85, 90 years old, can't get around, has no food, has no water,
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- what i pray is that you won't turn your eyes, but you will look at their suffering and your heart will be changed. - [voiceover] with your gift of just $25, we can rush an emergency survival package to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. >> one of the most vicious tyrants. >> not going to give up until we do find some. >> latest gentlemen, we got him. heather: the university of notre
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dame is covering up christopher columbus needles because they are, quote, offenses. the paintings are 100 years old, they show columbus's discovery of the new world, notre dame's president says they represent the exploitation of native americans. join us what you think about that. that reps of this our 5 conference first, busy one, "fox and friends first" continues, goodbye. rob: it is tuesday, january 22nd, could there be light at the end of the shutdown tunnel? the senate full speed ahead on the president's offer to reopen the government. jillian: what will it take for democrats to defect and vote yes? some in the media lashing out on the violent protests involving teenagers wearing m aga hats. >> the scene many calling racist laid out in washington. a teenage trump supported taunting a native american veteran.


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