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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  January 22, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PST

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if you live out west you are good. jillian: see you back here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. with heather childers and us right now. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. >> senate republicans introduce a new bill to reopen the government and fund the border wall. democrats already rejected it. >> it gives us a lot more free time to make trouble. >> the media vilifying this teenager rushing to judgment with very few facts. >> it always happens one way. it's always targeted at republicans and conservatives. >> this has led to a tsunami of hateful messages, threats, not showing. >> bitter blast not showing over much of the northeast. >> as a lot of people dig out this storm out west potential for very heavy snow parts of kansas into
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colorado. ♪ ♪ i'm on top of the world ♪ steve: we're on top of the world but it's still cold outside. ainsley: it is cold. 6:00 came early this morning. we needed 5 more minutes. still getting some air. brian: one of the worst things that apple inventinged for me were the ear pods because i knew they were not going to fit with my lifestyle because they are small, easily to lose. they have a case they have ear pod. well, for two months i could not find them and this morning i found them in my suit. ainsley: haven't wore. brian: the case is at home the ear pods are in my suit in a secret pocket. ainsley: how many i have bought my own set 4? brian: what was apple thinking? steve: i opened the little
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box the other day to take them out there is only one. it's the worse. $69 replacement. ainsley: and if you need a box without the ear pods i have three of them. what i do is take them off in the airplane and put them in my lap and stand up and i don't hear them fall to the ground. they are expensive but great. steve: indeed they're. so anyway. hope you have got yours in your possession and don't put them in the secret pocket. in the meantime let's talk about this. big story yesterday was about how over the weekend this story went viral u and as you know the young man and others behind him in those maga caps are from covington high school in kentucky. the initial story was that those kids got in the face of that native american. his name is nathan phillips. the man in the cap nic sandman. what we know now is apparently those young men were being tawngted by a
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group called the black hebrew israelites. they were hurling insults at them and then when you see all the video you realize thought kids were simply shouting school chants at the suggestion of one of the kids and chaperone and then the man with a drum walked in and actually got up in the young man's face. brian: so the media jumped to the conclusions what these young men were doing and what young kids were doing and what they represented. put everything on its head. the facts have come out. apologies have come cascading in. but it hasn't stopped the threats from coming at these high school kids who were there just for a supervised demonstration. jillian: nic sandman the guy you see there standing his ground trying to diffuse the situation. the video has gone viral of two of his friends from the high school grant and sam. and this is what they had to say about this incident. >> there have been many threats against our lives. against our parents.
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some threats include that we should all be locked in the school and burnt to the ground. the school being bombed. school shooting threats. it's really scary. a lot of negativity and the hate surrounding this event comes from people on social media doxxing people that were at the event. i myself wasn't even present. i have been docked on three separate occasions. this has led to a tsunami of hateful messages and threats and everything. there are real consequences for these actions. no one did their research and it's now showing. steve: keep in mind. hundreds -- i was reading this on news busters. hundreds of adults on twitter called for the deaths of these children who were wearing the maga hats and smiling in public. obviously they saw that video. they heard the kid got in the face of the native american who was beating the drum at the indigenous people rally and that was
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terrible. as it turns out that was not the story. and brian, like you said, a number of people have taken down their tweets but others have not. we are going to talk about that in a minute. the president got in on that last night. he said look like nick sandman and cofing students were unfairly and early judgments proving to be false. smeared by media. not good. but making big come back. new footage shows that the media was wrong about teen's encounter with native americans. as of right now, they are looking into taking some down that initiated a lot of this uproar which was inaccurate. meanwhile rush limbaugh weighed in despite the apologies isn't it amazing where the mistakes always seem to got same way? >> this caused widespread condemnation of the kids. a whole lot media people piled on and cesspool of twitter got involved calling for them to be docked.
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then they demanded that they be shamed and punish you had. school administrators at the kids' school said they would consider kicking them out of school. it's always targeted at republicans and conservatives. and the people, the adults who are supposed to be protected pile on without even taking a moment to figure out what actually happened. they're the ones who deserve the accolades in this whole encounter. ounce ounce one of the tweets that really caught my attention i cannot believe people tweet this kind of thing out was the guy who worked on disney's beauty and the beast twilight jack morrisey a hollywood produce producer covington kids should be thrown into wood chipper hats first and i will leave it at that with other things going on there. he said it was stupid and i shouldn't have done it he said i really didn't give any thought. who writes that and didn't give any thought?
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steve: cnn bakari sellers deleted their tweet someone should punch sandman in the face. vulture one of the online services and supervisor the ine media his name is eric abret. i don't know what it says about me but i have truly lost the ability to articulate the rage, ann arbor heartache this makes me feel. i just want these people to die. simple as that every single one of them and their parents. he has been fired by his company. they say we apologize. in the meantime i saw that apparently some of the students are considering legal action. an attorney by the name of robert barnes tweeted out to one cnn cricketer who did take down a tweet. said good apology, more needed. don't want to get sue you had. retract. correct. do it now. brian: jill hamlin a chaperone mom there with her son will be live with us at 7:20.
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ainsley: patricia eat ton and jamie lee curtis have taken a side on this. jamie lee curtis said she never should have commented on it. she wasn't there. there are two sides to every story she learned a lesson. patricia eat ton said apologies are welcome but the damage was done. when these kids try to apply to colleges or look for jobs they will google their names and this will pop up. brian: like the duke lacrosse kids. day 32 of the shutdown. so far today, one thing will be different is the senate will fold on the president's proposal that he put on saturday that you know will essentially get 5 point something billion dollars for the wall in exchange for a three year hold on -- three year hold for the daca kids as well as some others. it looks like they will get no democratic support. joe manchin is thinking about it we need a lot of the pain here. 10% of the tsa agents have called out sick. the delays have not been as bad as many have thought. now the national governor's association writing the president saying hey,
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listen, we can't afford welfare payments for a million adults and 2.5 million kids. this is really -- children. this is really getting problematic u. steve: regarding the tsa absentee rate on saturday. nonetheless screen 1.78 million. only 6.9% of people in the tsa lines had to wait more than 15 minutes. they are telling people because of the potential delay show up a little early. meanwhile last night, if you were watching the stephen colbert show, the most famous member of congress who has been on the job just a couple of weeks sat down in the chair next to him. ainsley: are you talking about aoc? alexandria ocasio-cortez? eating ice cream with him. listen to this. >> those workers are furloughed and so, so the downside is that we're not able to get to work as much as we want to in the beginning. but the bright side is that it gives us a lot more free time to make trouble.
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[laughter] [cheers] >> yeah. steve: she is very popular. brian: right. she is popular. she is more famous than nancy pelosi who calls the walls immoral and will not speak or deal with anything to do with the president's proposals until the government is reopen. senator chris coons says the same thing but the house is going to try pass legislation to reopen the government. the senate is going to pass something to do immigration. weave sit there and wonder what's going on possibly with the most vulnerable people who live paycheck to paycheck. wondering when this is going to end. ainsley: she spoke at mlk event and said the world is going to end in 12 years if the climate change is not exist. billionaires while people get ring worm because they don't have healthcare. brian: exactly. how many times i have said that? steve: busy day yesterday and busy day today. jillian joins us now with
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news. jillian: if the world is going to end in 12 years i have a lot to do. brian: not a big rush but it's a rush. jillian: get you caught up on news we are following starting with this. the police officer is shot and killed trying to arrest a suspect in alabama will be laid to rest on friday. hundreds of people paying tribute to officer sean tuder lining the streets with american flags. the suspected killer marco perez is charged with capital murder. officer tuder spent three years with the mobile police department after searching in the alabama national guard. in a statement his family says quote sean loved his family and his country and knew this was a chance. he is our hero and a patriot. an american exmarine charged with spying in russia was found with declassified documents -- classified documents, excuse me me. he had clients containing state secrets. whalen was arrested in moscow last month accused of spying. his family sells he was there for a wedding. if convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison.
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half a million students could soon head back to class as the los angeles' teacher's union makes progress with negotiations. 30,000 educators will head to the picket lines for a six day today demanding pay and smaller class sizes. another vote in denver could start a new strike. they are pushing for salary incentives. we will keep you updated on that. and, this the nfl taking the first steps to expand replay review after the controversial no call at the nfc title game. "the washington post" reports the league will discuss making penalties like pass interference reviewable. fans and the team were unfairly deprived of a win when the no call sent the rams to the super bowl in overtime. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. brian: still hurts to watch. but keep in mind there was still football to play. the saints could have found a way to overcome it and rams could have stopped.
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steve: still wonder. ainsley: if you are in billboards saints got robbed and nfl blew it and it's steve: senate gearing up to vote on president trump's compromise plan on the shutdown. one man who can get the democrats to make a deal. we're going to tell you about him coming up. ainsley: plus, talk about a cookie monster. the search is on for the thief who stole from the girl scouts. steve: not the thin mints. ♪ bad company ♪ until the day i die. ♪ ♪ >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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♪ ♪ steve: later today, in that building, the u.s. senate will vote on a bill to reopen the federal government. parts of it combining president trump's wall compromise with legislation to fund the government through september. according to next guest. there is one man who can get the democrats to get a deal done. alli, the executive director of the national immigration forum and author of "there is something between nancy
3:18 am
pelosi and chuck schumer and donald trump. you say the one man who can get us off the mark with mitch mcconnell, why? >> incredible in front of him to put 800,000 people back into solvency. missing second paycheck end of the week. senator mcconnell cannot only strike a deal that guess their paychecks with you also president trump the border resources is he looking for and permanent protections for recipients of deferred action for childhood arrival and temporary protected status. you put those two numbers together we are talking about 1.8 million people getting a paycheck or being able to retain their legal status. senator mcconnell has got an incredible opportunity to bring schumer and pelosi to the table to strike a compromise. steve: you know they are trying to make a point. we are going to get a win over donald trump. donald trump, you know, he is a stubborn businessman who has done things in the past that get his way with business deals and it looks like he is so dug in. he will not cave on this. in fact, he tweeted that
3:19 am
out. but then again, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer at some point they are going to have to realize all these people on our political left who are saying yeah, keep doing it they are going to have to say this has got to end some day. >> exactly. you know, senator mcconnell not just crack open that door, can he say all right, here is a seat at the table. let's financing this out. put that seat at the table and schumer and pelosi don't take it, then it's on them. right now trump and mcconnell are frankly making it to easy for the democrats saying it's our way or the highway. let's, you know, the majority of americans actually want our elected officials to find a compromise. i think this week it could be that moment. steve: alli nancy pelosi said i am a master legislator. legislate. one of the things you legislate you get a deal. to get a deal both sides wind up getting something. both sides don't walk away empty-handed. in this proposal that the president made on television on saturday the democrats are getting a lot of the
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things they have wanted in the past. extension on daca. a lot of money for humanitarian purposes. but, they seem sort of flexible about we don't want to give him a nickel for that stinking wall. >> we work with a lot of folks along the border from law enforcement to mayors to business leaders and they tell us, you know what? putting up a big wall that doesn't really help them from a security perspective or from a trade perspective. so, we think if we're going to secure our border. let's put money at port of entry. that's where drugs are being smuggled. that's where the security threats are. we think we can figure out what the wall, the fence. let's focus on the ports of entry because that's where the threat is. steve: the president and his team say the wall or the border would be strategic and wouldn't be everywhere and law enforcement has said that they feel it works ali thank you for joining us today from d.c. >> thanks for having me. steve: let's see if membership comes to the plate today. meanwhile, he is one the greatest leader in world history. a new book is revealing side
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3:25 am
custody in canada on behalf of the news september. she is accused of defrauding banks in-to-get around sanctions in iran. brian: winston churchill is the subject. and in true genius is he a statesman and leader who we still study today who his prime minister rallied the british people famously during world war ii and led his country from the brink of defeat to victory. what kind of a people do they think we are? is it possible they do not realize that we shall never cease to against them until they have been caught a lesson which they and the world will never forget. brian: our next guest gained unfettered access to dryerries making his biography truly telling and bring you places you have never been before. andrew roberts the best in the business. historian and author of "churchill, walking with destiny joins us now."
3:26 am
anthony, great to see you. >> great to he so you. what made you say to yourself churchill i could do it better. >> 1009 biographers of winston churchill luckily in the last 10 years there have been a avalanche of new sources so i was able to use all of those in order to write a book which has something on every page that has never appeared in any winston churchill biography before. brian: in particular, what enlightened you when you got access to the king's note about the conversation with winston churchill then prime minister during a war? >> yes. the queen allowed me to be the first churchill biographer to use her father's diaries. churchill met king george the sixth every tuesday of the war. they had lunch together completely alone. the cij trusted -- i'm sorry was trusted by churchill with all of the great secrets of the world. the enigma secrets and so on. the king wrote down everything that churchill said. it's an extraordinary new
3:27 am
source that i have been able able to mine. brian: at the age of 16, he had a vision he thought he was destined to lead england from the brink to success. he saw this happening. >> that's right. and all the way through the rest of his life, he had so many close brushes with death that he believed that he was especially chosen to be able to save the country. and, of course, at the time, people scoffed at this but then half a century later, after he first said this when he was 16 it was proved completely true. brian: he came up at a time people -- the world, right? >> until, of course, they failed to keep up their defenses in the 1930s and the nazis built up such a war machine they were able to force out off the continent. brian: he said picture yourself as the american people great youth who tread on all your sensibility,s perpetrators every sensibility of ill manner no who neither their age
3:28 am
reverence moves about his affairs with a good hearted freshness which may well be the envy of older nations of the earth. he was intrigued by us. >> he was fascinated. he came over here 16 times far more than any other british politician of the day. he loved americans and thank god he did. because he was half american himself. his mother was american. he managed, therefore, to create a proper alliance democracy and civilization. brian: he learned in india to drink without getting drunk and he also had some terrible self-obsessed parents. he had every excuse to be a loser and something to blame but instead he still worshipped his parents and man did he achieve. >> that's right. with the drinking thing. one of his friends said winston churchill couldn't have been an alcoholic no alcoholic could have drunk that much. but, yes, his american mother, she was born in brooklyn, was very unusual for an american mother because she took notice in her son and his father, was
3:29 am
incredibly disdainful. he carried on loving both of them throughout his life. brian: why do we still care about winston churchill. >> because of the life lessons. because of the way in which he was able to foresee things. to be incredibly brave, to learn from his many, many mistakes and to actually be so eloquent that he did could inspire a nation and indeed the world to ultimate victory. brian: some of you are saying winston churchill another biography. trust me this is like no other. you will just not have to call your friends three months. it takes a few thousand pages to get through. congratulations, andrew, on the best seller list for a reason. >> thanks so much, brian. brian: breaking news about that catholic school at the center of the confrontation on capitol hill. it's now cancelled school today and we are at the halfway mark of president trump's term in office. how will history judge him when it comes to issues like the economy and national security? we have a political panel here to discuss two years
3:30 am
in. which one is ainsley? play that game at home. ♪ ♪
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we're going to have one of the mothers who was a chaperone, ainsley on that trip. >> thank you, steve. as president trump reaches the midpoint of his
3:34 am
presidency is he touting economic achievements last we're was best year for manufacturing and job goethe since 1997 or 21 years. manufacturing will not come back to the u.s. you would need a magic wand. i guess i found the magic wand and it is only getting better. how will history judge the president at this point in the first term in office? our panel is here to break it all down for us, democratic strategist on the end and radio show host and finance kings college in new york city brian brenberg and radio show host and armed forces reserves veteran cathy barnett. thank you all for being with us. >> thank you. grade on different issues. let's talk first about the economy. cathy, i will start with you. what grade do you give it? >> a plus plus if i could. you know listen, president trump did what president obama said would never happen, right? he is bringing back american jobs.
3:35 am
the fact that he already alluded to over 248,000 jobs have already come back. we have over 600 companies that have said they are bringing more of their jobs back to this country. over we have billions of dollars repatriated. we see unemployment now across the board so a plus. ainsley: brian. >> a. fastest wage growth in a decade. job growth like nobody ever expected. this is confidence at record levels. i don't see how you go anything lower than an a on this one but i b steve will have. >> i will be happy to tell you. c. >> ainsley: you're as and bs are upside down. >> i don't think i will need them. ainsley: why the c. >> no problems with the economy in terms of jobs or businesses. i don't see the overall trajectory changing at all you from the obama administration. the big thing that is -- i have a problem with a lot of presidents is that the
3:36 am
deficit has grown significantly. >> that's true. ains. >> during a time. i understand if it's a recession and have to cut taxes and grow the self-sit that way or generate business and things like that deficit spending. there is no reason in a good economy to be blowing up the deficit and the debt. i'm giving him a c. ainsley: national security. all of you hold on your-to-your grades for national security. brian you say an a, why? rya.>> the president said he wanted to get tough on iran and he has done it get tough on russia. he has done that even though the critics haven't give him credit for that. fund the military. he has done the things and he has some surprises like some break throughs with north korea. is he holding our nato ally to the extent they said they would make. finally somebody is doing that hard to give him anything but an a. syria is the big question mark there. we seal to you that strategy plays out. first two years he has done what he said he. ainsley: steve why out d. >> two big problems with the president's national security efforts no strategy
3:37 am
or plan on any single one you can point. to say partially by design. i don't think so he wants to be held accountable. if he he had a goal or strategy you could say he met it he doesn't want that the other problem is he has attacked a lot of our natural allies nato, france, germany, south korea he has given total uncertainty in terms of his policies with north korea. speak of north korea, we just found out in the last 36 hours that there is a missile base that they didn't disclose to us. they think trump is a total joke and i have no reason why they wouldn't think. so they have gotten everything out of his relationship with him that they wanted. we have gotten nothing from him. ainsley: cathy, you don't agree. >> yeah u and he did not send billions of dollars under the cover of darkness as obama did with iran. and yet we have gotten more from north korea than we have given. unlike with the failed iran deal unlike with the failed paris agreement. this president has done so much. he is not bowing down.
3:38 am
people are actually respecting the united states. i love when i talk to various military personnel. they are encouraged about it now this mainstream media would never tell anybody about it but i love what this president is doing and i hope he continues doing it. ainsley: last topic. communication. hold up your grades. steve, you give him an f. i will start with you this time. why? >> i think presidency. i don't like it when he does it i don't like it when some of the democrats in congress do it. he sends out emails do it that way. do the same thing that every other president has done before him. don't turn into a reality show. this is not desperate housewives in washington, d.c. act like a president. >> he doesn't bow to the idol of political correctness. that's what people like. is he direct. people know when he speaks is he not speaking to the media he let's he speaking to them the average personal. yes i think he takes it too far. true. doing something other politicians are realizing. >> i love that aspect about him. is he a fighter. the american people have
3:39 am
been, especially on the conservative side have been wanting someone to fight versus most of our republican leaders who bow down at the slightest bit of provocation. president trump is teaching all of them how to fight. i love the tweet. he may not say it the way i say it that's called individualism. that's something that the democratic side cannot understand. is he an individual. that's how he's to say it i agree with everything he has tweeted. may not have said it the exact same way but i love what he is doing and i hope he continues. ainsley: will you all stick around this morning and we will bring you back to talk more 207 picks. jillian: we are following a story out of texas that we have been keeping an eye on. they believe they have found the body of a missing mother in texas. emily vanished more that two weeks ago after going to co-workers house to watch a movie. a body was just recovered in a creek that blooded flooded on the night she and. her car has not been found. she leaves behind a 7-year-old daughter a freshman democrat on the
3:40 am
house judiciary committee claims supreme court justice brett kavanaugh will-likely be investigated for perjury. >> there is no question that he committed perjury during the confirmation hearings. jillian: did not reference specific statements u kavanaugh was confirmed by the senate despite democrats' attempts to derail the process. cookie monster accused of stealing $1,000 from girl scouts. someone swiped an envelope filled with w. cash as the girl scouts sold cookies at new jersey mall. >> we're just shocked, completely shocked that someone would pick it up and just write in front of us. jillian: the troop is covering the cost of the cookies. the girls had been raising money for the homeless. terrible u a moose is on the loose.
3:41 am
and charges. look at this wild video showing the wild animal chasing a group in aspen, colorado. followed them for half a mile. thankfully though no one was hurt. they are huge. they can be crus. i have seen them in person. steve: they are giants. look how fast that one with s. running. thank you very much. turning now to the weather. let's go ahead it is extreme. bit err blast over much of the northeast. thousands of airlines flight. drop about a foot of snow in utah. janice dean is live on fox square right now as that system heads to the west. janice, it is 14 degrees outside. janice: yes. with the when wind chill it's single digits. warmer than it was yesterday. chili maps across the northeast where temperatures are going to be on the rise. 22 right now. take a look at it. actually, this was the forecast wind chill later on today. so we are going to get into the 20's. going to feel like the 20's. our next storm system is
3:42 am
developing across the central u.s. we could see blizzard conditions over parts of colorado and kansas. with upwards of 50 miles per hour. this is going to be a big storm system. >> might not dump a lot of snow. but the winds are going to make it quite treacherous if you are traveling. keep that in mind. all of that mess is going to head eastward. of the good news is we are going to get these temperatures up. 50 degrees in new york city by thursday. a little bit of a sea saw ride this morning. back inside, steve, ainsley and brian. steve: we just got done scooping up the last one. all right. j.d. ainsley: thanks, janice. steve: buzzfeed report to catholic on the mall. media spent their time on at love stories that turned out to be fake. why are they rushing to judgment? we are going to talk about that. brian: new trouble for fbi lawyer james baker new transcript shows he was personally involved in getting fisa warrants to spy on the trump campaign. is that unusual? is that significant in the judge says yes.
3:43 am
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3:47 am
tuesday, january 22nd in order to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff. all activities on campus will be cancelled for the entire day and evening. students, parents and faculty and staff are not to be on campus for any reason. of course, this all relates back to the video that you are watching right now. a lot of planned protests are expected to happen over at the archdiocese and in front of covington catholic high school making america great again hats. stopping on surrounding and chanting around nathan phillips, a naive american elder that you see beating on a drum. very differently here as we see more viral video starting to pop up showing these students being attacked by hebrew israelite groups. they say they were chanting in order to make sure that they can drown out those hateful slurs. again, those students that were expected to return to covington catholic high school this morning, they are no longer returning to
3:48 am
school. in the midst of all of this controversy. live in front of covington catholic high school back to you. steve: all right, cherise, thank you very much. ainsley: a former top lawyer acknowledging his personal involvement in a application to surveil then trump campaign aid carter page confirming other unusual steps taking in the fbi's russia probe. steve: according to unreleased transcripts released by fox news james baker the man right there in the center of the screen relied heavily on unverified anti-trump dossier. brian: what does it mean. looking at the impact fox news judicial an list host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. why is this significant to you? >> this is not something normally done by the general counsel of the fbi. if he were doing his job, he would say to them stay away from fisa. donald trump has argued the president has argued that
3:49 am
fisa, which has a low standard to get a search warrant, has been abused by the fbi it's easy to get a search warrant from the fisa warrant as opposed to a regular sitting judge where the standard is one of the constitution. under the constitution. get a search warrant to look at phone calls to follow them. you have to have probable cause of crime. a very high standard. you have to show not a dossier but actual evidence to a judgment. under fisa the standard is a lot less. the standard is has this person ever spoken to a foreign person to a foreigner? i could talk the to my taylor in midtown manhattan. it's the same warrant. one is easy to get. >> one is difficult to get. when the fbi can't get the more difficult one. they get the easy one. and that has corrupted them. and that has enabled them to gather evidence by unconstitutional means. that's what they did to the
3:50 am
president. steve: when you look at this transcript what we have seen. fox news has senile. it's a real eye opener. he admits that he was given -- he said it was very unusual. a top dnc lawyer gave him documents at the doj and the fbi and then when christopher wray came into the fbi he got reassigned to a different job. now we understand this guy is under criminal investigation for leaking to the media. >> it is obvious that there was an agenda on the part of people in the fbi to either cause president trump to stumble to appreciate him from entering office or get rid of him once he was in office. we keep getting snippets of this evidence. if they can do this to the president of the united states. they can do it to anybody. brian: cannot wait for liberties file today judge beto -- >> this is not my proposal. this is our fox colleague
3:51 am
from a.b. stoddard convince me that's what the democrats need. brian: meanwhile buzzfeed report to the catholic student. the media spent a lot of time spinning stories that weren't correct. what's going on here? we'll discuss it [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have... ♪
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
♪ ♪ steve: this past week was embarrassing week for some in the mainstream media as two of the big stories they talked about and covered extensively turned out to be false. msnbc and cnn spent 53 minutes and 20 seconds and the network spent over 19 minutes on the confrontation between those covington catholic high school students and native americans. that story coming after the network spent 27 and a half minutes on buzzfeed's report
3:55 am
said president trump directed michael cohen to lie to congress. impeachment mentioned in the report 179 times alone. mueller team released a statement saying the buzzfeed report was inaccurate. here to discuss what is apparent media bias is the senior news producer for the daily signal and visiting fellow at the independent women's forum easy for me to say kelsey hart harkness. >> why the judgment? >> the answer to that question is very simple. it is donald trump from the start. he decided to run for president i don't say that lightly. since he decided to run for president. members of the media have been on a mission to prove themselves right. and in the process, they starlighted to believe their own fake news. and what i think all the media needs to realize right now, especially in light of what happened this weekend is that fake news has real consequences. just imagine if there were
3:56 am
no hour long videos that could exonerate these high school boys, their lives could be ruined. imagine if the special counsel didn't come out and make this statement, i imagine many members of congress and the media would be pushing still to impeach president trump. fake news has consequences. steve: kelsie, when you look at it though, it seems like fake news, particularly these two stories, they both aim in one direction, don't they? >> absolutely. i think that's why a lot of conservatives and trump supporters have such an issue with the media. and in many ways this is proving president trump right when he calls the fake news the enemy of the people. these so-called mistakes only fall in one direction. and that direction is always in some way that is harmful to the president and his deplorable supporters. steve: there you go. kelsey harkness from the daily signal. thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead.
3:57 am
more on the breaking news out of kentucky that catholic school has cancelled their classes this morning after the viral confrontation in washington. one mother who went to the march as a chaperone says the students were targeted. she joins us live in the next hour. the january savings event. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this. so you wake up ready to put your pedal to the metal. save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds, now ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus 36-month financing. ends saturday. sleep number... proven, quality sleep. we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there. saving you time, so you can keep saving the world. >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪ the cold and flu fightings. machine.
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steve: later today, in that building, the u.s. senate will vote on a bill to reopen the federal government. >> senator mcconnell has an incredible opportunity of bringing pelosi and schumer to the table to compromise. if they don't take it, then it's on them. brian: breaking news about that catholic school at the center of the confirmation confd to cancellation of school today. >> former fbi director james baker revealing he was personally involved in obtaining the feis warrant to surveil carter page. >> it is obvious that there was an agenda on the part of people in the fbi to prevent him from entering office. >> how do the democrats pay
4:01 am
contribute to mlk by attacking president trump, of course. >> we now have a president who is a racist. >> can you believe pastor in maine perfectly predicted the score of the patriot's chiefs game saying god doesn't have a favorite team but the pastor does. ♪ steve: in that moonlight right now the wind chill is zero. it feels obviously winter. nonetheless, since we just heard from janice, all the folks throughout the northeast are going to start to thaw out today. a little better tomorrow. big rainstorm coming. brian: 40's in northern florida this morning they were panicking. panic in the 40's. steve: welcome to winter. thank you very much for joining us. we have a fox news alert. we have been telling you about that school that took
4:02 am
a field trip for the march in rife over the weekend in washington, d.c. covington high school students were involved in that confrontation right there that went viral. nick sandman, the young man in the maga cap and nathan phillips the native american banging the drum, that was the image. it went viral. there were so many people who were incensed not knowing the story. there has been a complete turn around now that more facts from come out and who provoked whom now longer up for debate. ainsley: this is the statement from the high school. after meeting with local authorities. we have made the decision to cancel school in order to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff. there have been so many threats on twitter. some of them say they are being voxed and their families, they are calling their places of work and saying that their jobs could be -- the parents' jobs could be on the line all because the media got the story wrong. did not release the entire
4:03 am
video. people rushed to judgment. now the safety of these students is at risk and having to close school as a result. brian: much of this was the social media and it got more vicious. because it's so anonymous. it prompted two of the students sam and grant over at covington high school to get in front of the cameras. watch. >> there have been many threats against our lives. against our parents. some of these threats include that we should all be locked in the school and it should be burned to the ground. of the school being bombed. school shooting threats it's really scary. a lot of the negativity and hate surrounding this event comes from people on social media doxxing people that were at the event. i, myself, wasn't even present and i have been docked on three separate occasions. this toledo a tsunami of hateful messages and threats there are real consequenced for these actions. no one did their research and it's now showing. steve: when they talk about
4:04 am
doxxing. doxxing is when your personal information is published online. and they just mentioned, the school shooting threat that certainly probably went into the determination by the school board to cancel that particular school today. i said that, you know, the provocation no longer in doubt. because when you look at what happened. the initial story was the young people in the maga caps went over and got into the face of this native american who was protesting and banging on the drum. but then when you look at the video, he, the man with the drum nay than phillips approached them. the reason they were chanting, the school, just because 10 or 15 feet further to the east of them the black hebrew israelites focus group were hurling insults at the kids and so they were doing school cheers to offset that. and they got the okay from one of the chaperones and we have one of the chaperones with us. her son was there at 7:20.
4:05 am
so in about 15 minutes we will hear that side of the story. brian: black israelites have been screamed screamed at been there before screaming provoking and yell at these kids. yelling hey school shooters or whatever derogatory term you could think of think probably used. and that began. because that was not why they were there to begin with. >> well, when you look at the video. nick sandmann he said he was there to stand his ground and diffuse the situation. i'm sure he was elm wassed and didn't know what to do. he was getting his attention. the man was standing in his face and all of his friends were watching. this man demanded. this native american how saw come through the crowd and get in his face. is he in his 60's and doing this to a high school student. steve: but when you look at these images and you wonder why is this particular viral moment go so viral? have you got to figure because those young men were wearing maga caps. i talked with one of my friends last night. obviously it went viral
4:06 am
because they were trump supporters and people wanted to take him down. brian: all right. steve: you look at those images and number of people on social media who have made death threats against them that is a logical explanation. brian: we have a mom coming up in 15 minutes. six minutes after the hour. 32 days of government shutdown and there might be actually a vote in the senate. mitch mcconnell came out and said i saw what the president did saturday in consultation with jared kushner and the vice president. the president made his speech on saturday and his proposal. and with that they have legislation to put forward to break the shutdown and have -- actually have an immigration deal. so they need 60 votes. they have 53 republicans. joe manchin seems to be on the fence and we know what it will do. it will give them 5 plus billion for the wall in exchange for daca provisions and a few others. here is what the president
4:07 am
tweeted: he also went on to say and nancy pelosi really thinks walls are immoral. take up the 600 miles of fence that's already on the border right now because it's illogical and she doesn't mean it. steve: so much of this has been between nancy pelosi and the president. we actually had the executive director of the national immigration forum ali on with us an hour ago. the key person in washington to break this law jam is mitch mcconnell. how is he going to do today? that's the big question if the democrats do not keep the deal, he says the person who blame, the people to blame will be clear. watch this. >> senator mcconnell has an incredible opportunity to bring schumer and pelosi to the table to strike a compromise. seat at the table and schumer and pelosi don't
4:08 am
take it, then it's on them. trump and mcconnell are making it too easy for the democrats by saying our way or the highway. you know, the majority of americans actually want our elected officials find a compromise. i think this week it could be that moment. steve: sure. ainsley: that's what a compromise give and take. steve: everybody gets something. ainsley: absolutely. steve: moderate democrats we heard on television don't come to the table and put forth a good faith effort to negotiate an end to this and simply vote in lock step with chuck schumer. have you got to wonder why other than to not allow donald trump a win because, when you look at the deal that the president proposed on saturday, he gets some wall money although just about a quarter of what he asked for initially. and the democrats wind up with daca protections, humanitarian money close to a billion dollars. it's a win-win for both sides. if they say no. i'm sure people all across america as ali just said is
4:09 am
going to blame the democrats. brian: cost ago billion plus dollars a w week. we have been doing this 32 days. it's basically cost the amount of the wall to have the shutdown. ainsley: right. brian: that's how dumb this whole thing is. ainsley: seat record of the democrats when they all wanted the barrier and wanted some sort of a wall. barrier at the border. and now they are saying they don't want that they wanted it before. now they don't want it the president saying that's the one thing i want. give me a little bit. just give me a little bit of that and i will give you a little bit of what you want. that's called a negotiation and that's what most americans i think want. brian: they say they will not talk unless the government opens. of the president will not open the government unless they come to an agreement. why would he? he loses all of his leverage. ainsley: he already asked her if i open up the government, will you give -- can we talk about the wall in the next 30 days and she said no. steve: it's just hypocritical because the democrats have said they are for all the stuff that he wants now and now because he
4:10 am
could win support of this, they say no. oh, boy. brian: all right. jillian is here. at least she said she would be, to tell us what is happening in the news. jim. jillian: i'm always here when i say i will be here and always on time. following a number of stories this morning. the police officer shot and killed trying to arrest a suspect in alabama will be laid to rest on friday. hundreds of people paying contribute to officer sean tuder lining the street with american flags. his suspected shooter perez is charged with murder. he spent three years with the mobile police department after serving in the alabama national guard. in a statement his family says quote, sean loved his family and this country and knew this was a chance. he is our hero and a patriot. actor chris brown is detained in paris overnight accused of sexual assault. according to a police complaint the r and b star met his accuser at a club last week then invited her to his hotel.
4:11 am
two other people are also in custody. this is not brown's first run-in with the law. in 2009 he pleaded guilty to assaulting singer rihanna. thousands of federal workers will be back on the job today despite the government shut june. down. government employees will get paid for the next 30 days. everify employees will be back today they will serve in another capacity at dhs until congress approves funding for the program. so might call this divine intervention of the many people who picked the new england patriots to beat the kansas city chiefs this one is turning some heads. a pastor in maine put this on his church's sign two days before the game. it reads, quote: god doesn't have a favorite team but this pastor does. and he puts forward patriots 37 chiefs 31. it took overtime but that was the actual score. if he could tell us who will
4:12 am
win the super bowl then we could go to vegas. steve: he has already said that the patriots will win but he is not giving the score. ainsley: that's awesome. brian: over 50 million people watched, 46 watched. over 50 watched the other. that's incredible. was there anything that could bring the country to the television like that. football came back big time. ainsley: god doesn't have a favorite team i do. i'm the pastor. brian: he is allow you had. ainsley: you don't think that god cares who wins the game, right? brian: i'm pretty sure god let's the game just play out. ainsley: i think god is in everything. let us know what you think ♪ an. [angelic music] brian: let me know god knows who is going to win out world series. ainsley: he knows everything. brian: this hispanic pastor has been one of president trump's biggest supporters from the start. you probably don't know his story. he will join us live to tell us about the president's heart of passion next.
4:13 am
ainsley: plus, don't build a sand castle at one tourist hot spot, you could end up in jail ♪ ♪ come on pretty momma ♪ key largo, ♪ - to be a pro at selfies takes practice,
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4:17 am
>> i especially want to thank you for calling this what it is, a humanitarian crisis. although some don't want to you to have a heart of compassion i know you as a man who does have this heart of compassion. it's genuine and authentic. the pastors that i'm here representing today salute you and thank you support from leading hispanic pastor down in texas. pastor has supported the president sips 2016 and has been a member of his hispanic advisory counsel. you might have not heard much about him in the media. pastor pena is a member of the white house initiative. you heard him at the round
4:18 am
table in a discussion with the president about a month ago. thank you for joining us, pastor. >> thank you, ainsley, for having me this morning. ainsley: you are welcome. tell us about that meeting with the president and why it was important for you to be there with him. >> it was important for several reasons. one of the reasons is there are many in the media who are saying this is a manufactured crisis all of a sudden multiple voices are saying that. and to bring truth to that misperception, many of us that are involved firsthand with the crisis need to speak to it because the untold human suffering taking place really has hate fevered pitch and it's been going on long before the president became president of the united states. in fact, barack obama called that humanitarian crisis. ainsley: what do you say to those folks what's happening in d.c. and the president
4:19 am
wants the wall and he is willing to give daca recipients something in return for that money and nancy pelosi saying no, as a hispanic who list in texas down there close to the border, what are your thoughts? it should be obvious to any reasonable person the criminal element openly and freely coming across our border where we have in effect open borders needs to be stopped drug trafficking to human trafficking the arms coming across making our communities more violent needs to be curtailed i don't understand why any reasonable person would not want to put a stop to that or somehow stop the flow of that coming so easily into our country. ainsley: um-huh. pastor, there was a poll that we were reporting on last week the mars pbs poll hispanics the approval rating of the president since the shutdown since december to january in december it was 31% and now
4:20 am
51% of hispanics approve of him. why is that? >> i think a variety of reasons causes that number one the unemployment record low among hispanic americans hispanic americans as a group have a tremendous work ethic. are generally very pro-life. pro-faith, pro-traditional values and if this president has lined up with those kinds of things it's become more and more clear that those are the kinds of values that he stands for that really are the bedrock of the hispanic community as a group as a whole. ainsley: okay. pastor thank you so much for being with us. god bless you. >> thank you for having me. >> socialism will be on the ballot in one state for the first time in decades. the new party that just got approved. plus, a catholic school canceling classes this morning after this viral confrontation in washington. one mother, who went to the
4:21 am
march, who is a chaperone, she says the students were targeted and she is going to join us live. every feeling. a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350 for $399/mo. for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. you hardly ever play catch with the grandkidsalk? or show them how to give a good handshake anymore. now look at me... i'm all bent out of shape. (vo tv) if you have bent fingers and can't lay your hand flat, talk to your doctor. it may be dupuytren's contracture. (gary) see ya! (hand) you're all about friendly service, and you rarely shake hands? come on! (vo) your hand is talking. isn't it time you listened? there are non-surgical options.
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by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. steve: time now for news by the numbers. first seven. that's how many banks this man is accused of robbing in six states. the fbi says the so-called traveling bandit is considered armed and dangerous. if you know who he is, call the local authorities. 430 how many students accidentally received acceptance emails from the university of south florida st. petersburg. the school has apologized blaming the incident on human error. i'm sure those kids freaked out.
4:25 am
$7,939 how much super bowl tickets on r. on the secondary market. ramsecondary. ainsley: today the catholic school at the center of that viral confrontation on capitol hill forced to close. students now facing death threats, being smeared as racist over video of a clash with a native american protester at the march for life. brian: all this before the full video was released showing what really happened with left wing activists who approached the teens first. steve: next guest is pushing to set the record straight jill hamlin attended the rally as a chaperone watched it all happen. she joins us now "fox news live" cincinnati. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you say that your boys, the boys there were targeted. was it because they were wearing maga caps? >> i think that was one of
4:26 am
the reasons they were targeted and i think they were also targeted for what they stood for. steve: which is? which is christianity, the right for life and they were singled out and i believe partially because of the color of their skin they were targeted. ainsley: why did nick sandman. why did the native american choose him? why did he get in his face? what happened before that? >> we were all just gathered on the steps. you know, we had obviously heard the horrific insults that were thrown at our children by the black hebrew israelites and the boys were gathered on the steps. and they -- i don't know why nathan phillips chose nick sandmann. i think he would have
4:27 am
targeted anyone but maybe it was because nick sandmann had the courage to look this man in the face and he tried to diffuse the situation by not reacting. and by standing there respectfully. brian: you weren't there for any native american support or protest. you were there for what reason and why did all these other cross current get in your way? >> we were there for the march for life. it's an annual trip that that the covington catholic high school goes to. and we meet every year at the lincoln memorial at the end of the day to catch our buses. we were not there for any other purpose other than to attend the peaceful march for life which we did. brian: first people hit with you verbal barbs were the black hebrew israelites and what were they saying? >> well, we were standing
4:28 am
there and we looked and all of a sudden they turned their attention to our group and they were screaming horrible, horrible things that i will not repeat to our children, to children. not adults. they were screaming them at children. this continued. and the boys asked if they could do one of their school cheers because they wanted to drown out the hatred that was being said to them and one of our teachers said it was okay for them to do their cheer. we wanted to drown out the hate. the hatred message that was being thrown at our children. steve: right. so, online the initial reaction was look at these guys in the maga hats they are yelling at this native american nathan phillips who was banging the drum. that's not true. they were simply doing school cheers. you know, as a parent, i have got to wonder how you felt about in the initial hours after that went viral
4:29 am
the your and the diocese of covington put out a statement that said of your boys action they said this behavior is opposed to the church's teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person. the matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action up to and including expulsion. why do you think the school and the diocese jumped the gun without knowing all the facts? because that made it worse. >> it did. and i don't know why they jumped to make a statement. and as a parent, and as a catholic person that has supported our diocese, i am very, very disheartened and saddened that they rushed to judgment by not supporting one their own schools and their own people and the diocese. i do not believe the school made that statement via administration. i believe it was made by the
4:30 am
diocese. ainsley: now that we know all the facts, we are all parents. some people watching are parents. i'm sure it was really difficult to know that you are there for the right of children that can't voice -- that don't have a voice and you are there for that march and you are growing christian children and you are working really hard to pay for private education. paying your taxes. and then people come up to young kids and they shout these insults at them. that has to be so hard. and then to see how the media didn't tell the full story and then the diocese releases this statement. is there -- how do you get on -- how is nick doing and how are all the other parents doing? the school had to be cancelled today because all the parents there are so terribly worried that someone is going to show up and do something to one of their children. i mean, as a mom, i wouldn't send my kid to school today either. how are you dealing with all of this? >> w scary. my son works. i have been nervous to have
4:31 am
him even go to his job because i don't know who is out there and what they are doing. and, my husband was going to follow my son to school this morning because we just don't know what the volatility of this situation is with these people that react and they don't know the full story. and it's very scary. and, it's just -- go ahead. steve: sorry about the satellite delay. real quickly, we have read some stories that perhaps the students and their families are considering legal action. given all the wrong information online. is that true? >> i have not spoken to anyone specifically about that or no one has, you know, told me anything specifically, i have heard rumors of that. but, i do not have any first-hand information about that. brian: jill, thanks so much for joining us and hearing this story it's still real
4:32 am
big. we will talk to you again soon. ainsley: maybe we can all learn a lesson from. this thank you so much, jill. >> yes. ainsley: god bless. steve: coming up on this tuesday many of you are asking about our own bret baier "special report" there he is with his family a couple days ago. bret and his family in a bad car accident yesterday. they are okay though. we just heard from them and we will share their message after the break.
4:33 am
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infection caused by a virus may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection experience frequent infections or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio®. if your uc or crohn's treatment isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio®. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. brian: we're back with a fox news alert. famous anchor here and his family are recovering after a serious car accident. the "special report" anchor, his wife amy and their two boys were hospitalized in montana on a family ski trip. steve: that's right. bret baier released a statement saying quote after a weekend of skiing with my wife and two boys in montana driving to the airport monday morning on icy roads we were involved in a major car crash. thanks to a man driving by named zac who stopped and helped, we were able to
4:36 am
climb out of the flipped car. ainsley: he says thanks to the first responders and montana naps highway patrol, we made it to the hospital quickly. he said because of them we are very grateful to all of those who helped us out, he said. my advice to everyone is always wear your seat belt and to count your blessings every day. i tweeted this out as we left the hospital banged up but alive. brian: bret's tweet reading, quote. he goes on don't take anything for granted, every day is a blessing. and family is everything. it's always good to remind yourself of that before something does it for you. #count your blessings. steve: the news out of montana they were involved in a car accident. it was substantial accident. but, the family, pictured there. i believe they took that photograph in montana on saturday. they are okay. they are going to be okay. ainsley: bret, we are thinking about you and we love you and amy and the boys. god speed. get well soon and we are so grateful that everything is okay.
4:37 am
brian: bret does say that stephen colbert did not have one thing right in that there was no jaws of life there for the car. that was not needed. as you see, the car was flipped. ainsley: ains he was going to be on stephen colbert tonight but i got word last night that bret baier was in a car accident. steve: that is the very latest on bret baier and his wife amy and his children. can't wait until he gets back to work. ainsley: so true. everyone count your blessings. we are so fortunate. really are. jillian has more headlines for us. jillian: i have lost family due to car accidents. very serious. thinking of bret and his family. get you caught up on news we are following. stuarting with. this police are desperately searching for a 23-year-old woman missing since saturday night. authorities say olivia ambrose last seen talking to a man outside a bar in boston. her family called police after olivia never responded to their text messages and calls which they say is out of character. police have reportedly spoken to the man olivia was with you about he hasn't
4:38 am
been named a suspect. the state of maryland certifying the country's first new socialist party in 40 years. the bread and roses party can set up candidates in all elections including the presidency. jerome seagull started the party after losing a senate primary and getting more than 10,000 signatures on a petition. building sand castles in a popular tourist spot could land new jail. it's not a joke. the structure is knot now banned on the island in philippines along with drinking, fireworks and water sports. [boos] jillian: wow, tough crowd. officials say sand castles tinker with the natural terrain of the beach and tourists complain about them when locals charge for pictures. steve: one thing to ban san castles but to ban drinking on the beach? come on. ainsley: it has to be in the cup. you can't have it in the glass. brian: might as well stay in
4:39 am
sandals guys. janice dean where are you? janice: i'm outside where i usually am. great friends from chicago what are your names? >> jen,. >> mike. >> what are you doing here? >> staying warm. janice: it's your anniversary, i hear. >> yeah. janice: how many. >> 10 years. janice: nicely done. what's the secret to 10 years? >> i'm always right. janice: i agree. i saw that let's the look at the maps. we love it take a look at the maps real quick. it is cold in new york city. windy city here today, too. with temperatures in the 20's. but it feels like single digits in some cases. the good news is it is going to warm up across the east coast. but we have another storm system, way, way, way across the central u.s. that's going to bring a lot of snow and blizzard conditions including you in chicago. just be aware of that forecast precipitation will get some snow across the you were midwest up towards the great lakes. because the temperatures are going to be too warm it, will mainly be a rain event wednesday into thursday. you want to say i had to
4:40 am
your kids. >> yes we do. hi abby and dominic at home we love you. janice: your family is amazing. thank you for coming out. >> thank you. janice: happy anniversary. >> thank you. steve: spending it in the big apple. brian: maybe on a cold day like this bike came out and took george washington secret six and made it for middle schoolers. steve: fantastic. brian: get kids involved in history. they did a great job. did i not know how to do. this they approached us. it has somewhat of a different subtitle. george washington secret six. the spies who saved america, the american revolution. if you have young kids and they want quick page turn the chapters 2 or 3 pages. just go to amazon and it's there for you. it's an opportunity. ainsley: or if you are not a big reared, you don't want to read the full one that you already published. you can read this one the sixth grade level even if you are an adult. brian: right. i don't check ids when you
4:41 am
buy it so you could be fully mature adult and shave every day and choose the young reared edition. ainsley: this one you could get through in a day maybe two. steve: america's youngs people not being properly educated this is a great book based on brian's original book which george washington secret six. this is a project that you had festering inside for 30 years. brian: since 1989. ainsley: i remember the first time you told me about it what, that actually happened? steve: i read it. it is a great story. everybody should know it. brian: now kids can get in. thanks, guys. meanwhile i have good news. ainsley is going to read out loud. ainsley: democrat leaders calling trump's latest border compromise plan immoral and more hostage-taking. one says it's a good deal for her client and she going to join us live. steve: plus alexandria ocasio-cortez slamming capitalism for creating wealthy people. >> a system that allows
4:42 am
billionaires to exist is not only doesn't make economic sense but it doesn't make moral sense. steve: okay. stuart varney says there is nothing immoral about billionaires. he would like to be one. he is going to join us. ainsley: wouldn't we all? ♪ money, money, money ♪ money ♪ money, money, money, money ' money luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics... ...there's febreze fabric refresher. febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've... ...gone noseblind to. and try febreze unstopables for fabric. with up to twice the fresh scent power, you'll want to try it... ...again and again and maybe just one more time. indulge in irresistible freshness. febreze unstopables. breathe happy. [indistinct conversation]
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jillian: good morning to you welcome back. we have quick headlines now. blood pressure medication recalled over possible cancer risks. princeton pharmaceuticals say some irbesartan contain some amounts of the carcinogen. take the pills until doctor provides replacement. starbucks delivered heart and fresh to your front door. partnering with uber east to expand its delivery service
4:46 am
today. only available in san francisco right now. soon be available at nearly a quarter of company owned starbucks shops. if you are too lazy to go outside and get it get it delivered. brian: too cold. steve: there is a starbucks on every corner. jillian, thank you. democratic freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez taking on the american system that allows really rich people to get really rich. >> a system that allows billionaires to exist when there are parts of alabama where people are still getting ring worm because they don't have access to public health is wrong. it's not only doesn't make economic sense, but it doesn't make moral sense. steve: ouch. ainsley: here to weigh in on this host of varney and company fox business network stuart varney. >> i cannot wait to visit the country she is speaking about. >> yes. good one. not learned the lessons of
4:47 am
history. socialism does not work and i'm here to tell you it does not work. i'm a refugee from that nonsense. socialism is based on jealousy and kind of class envy. you've got it we don't. i want it. give it to me. i'm going to take it now. that is socialism. it absolutely does not work and there is nothing moral about that. let me ask you this, if we would have taken all the money off the billionaires, the government had taken it for itself, stripped them of that wealth and got it for themselves for the government. would we have a dynamic full employment economy? no, we would not. would we have a technology sector that rules the world really making america high tech flies do business? no, we would not. we would have the socialism that has failed in europe, that's nailed venezuela for heaven's sake and failed just about everywhere in the world it would not be moral. it is not moral to seize
4:48 am
someone's private wealth. it's not. that's not the american way. steve: stuart, you would not have so many people working so hard to make a lot of money if we were in a society where society owns the factories and owns the businesses and everything is for society. >> precisely. what fascination about ring worm? what? where did that come from. moral to have society people get ring worm because they don't have access to public health. we all have access to public health. for example. where did this ring worm thing come in? i just don't get it. ainsley: how do we get to this point i'm signature here thinking when you go to europe and they close the shops and they take naps you think oh, wouldn't that be nice? no, it wouldn't. it's wonderful to work hard. it's wonderful to have a shorter weekend and work monday through friday and look at your bank account and know where you used to be and where you are now. >> millennials have not learned the lesson of history. they do not understand the link between capitalism and individual freedom and responsibility.
4:49 am
that is the american snl and it's a good one. don't mess with it. brian: also don't mess with her because she is a power player on the left. in fact, any democratic nominee will be kowtowing to her and woulding her trying to get her on their side. she is almost a kingmaker now. a poll done democrats when asked would you consider her for president if she was older and eligible 74 percent said yes they would consider. 17 percent said they strongly would consider her and yet, she is two programs that have national interest the green program and taxing 70% for people who make over $10 million. like the person she was talking to anderson cooper. >> i think we should have a debate here. if millennials favor socialism and aoc is leading the democratic party way out there to the left. let's talk about this and talk about the history of socialism. let's talk about 70% and 80% tax rates. let's talk about this green agenda which will spend trillions of dollars in bound fossil fuels. let's talk about it is that
4:50 am
what you want do you want america to become just like europe that's the way we are going. i have say absolutely not. period. steve: let's see how many members of congress agree with her opinions because they are out there. >> yes, indeed. i'm sorry got you all fired up here. brian: we are ready for varney and company 9 to noon and today we do a simulcast. >> i was born ready. brian: on fbn. >> yes. brian: christopher columbus sailing out of sight. one major university invoking martin luther king day to remove mullers of the explorer. cabot phillips here to call out the irony next. steve: plus, you can't say he or she anymore in one state house. one lawmaker just banned both words. a discussion on the pronoun prohibition coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this tuesday. ♪ ho ♪ hey ♪ ho
4:51 am
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4:54 am
brian: christopher columbus sailing out of night notre dame invoblegging seeing right now and native americans seen on shore are deemed offensive no longer on display. email obtained by campus john jenkins claims many have dom see the mullers and at best blind to the consequences of columbus' voyage for the indigenous people who have inhabited this new world and at worst demeaning toward them. cabot phillips is here. cabot. is this the right approach from notre dame? does it surprise you? >> it absolutely does not surprise me. it's the wrong approach. i think most americans can understand that history is full of people who are just that they were people, they were flawed. they did oftentimes horrible things and in this case
4:55 am
christopher columbus of course did some reprehensible things and immeasurable impact on mankind and to ignore that because did he some bad things is counter intuitive. not what history is about. also ironic to point out this happened on mlk day in the day on mlk day a day when we as americans look back on the incredible life of a man who changed our life for the better. also we look back on a dark time in our history not to enjoy it but to learn from it and to look back on how we can improve as a country. we look back on dark times so we can move forward and never go there again and you don't modify forward as a country by having a revisionist form of history. brian: christopher columbus. he brought christianity to this continent. >> and christopher columbus was a man who had the endorsement of the pope. this is a catholic university. columbus was a guy that for centuries was held up as a hero of the catholic church because of what he did to spread the religion. of course did that but was a hero of the church for centuries. and this is not anything
4:56 am
new. we have covered it at the leadership i object substitute campus reform how universities at pepper dime they removed al statue of columbus. countless other universities changing columbus day and calling it indigenous people day. goes on where people will start erasing other important figures of our history because they did horrible things. brian: what he did as an explorer, fighting the odds to do so was like going to the moon today in the 60's only more dangerous. that's how-that's what he accomplished. doesn't mean is he perfect by a wide mark. but i didn't think perfect people all had to be on statues. now we're going to become a nation of pedestals. cabot, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile, coming up straight ahead, president bush making a push for border security shooter time ago. we will discuss that. one jockey goes head over horse during a race wait until you see how it ends. >> incredible recovery. d.
4:57 am
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see you before six.
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test test. test test. brian: the gravy may be more
5:02 am
popular. steve: thank you very much for joining us. hour three of "fox & friends." if you have been listening to us talk about the story about the kentucky keith lick boys who were involved in the confrontation at the lincoln memorial couple days ago, yesterday we detailed how the initial reaction to it, turns out it is all wrong. turns out the man scream right, nathan phillips, got in the face of covington high school students. there has been such outpouring after initial online responses. so many people called for death threats against those children and against their families and fire their parents and stuff like. with so many threats out there, the school sent out an email and voice mail this morning canceling school today because of all the concerns. ainsley: that's right the statement said after meeting with local authorities we made the decision to cancel school in
5:03 am
order to insure the safety of our students faculty, staff. brian: a misperception about a story in the media over course of 48 hours, toot taken i cannily changed the country when you look at buzzfeed, certainly changed the lives of students. hopefully a lot of people making quick judgment on things as they appear to you. sam and grant are two students whose lives were adversely affected by the entire incident because it was misportrayed. they took to youtube yesterday to talk about what they're experiencing. >> there have been many threats against our lives, against our parents. some of these threats that we should be locked in the school, burned to the browned. the school being bombed. school shooting threats. it is really scary. a lot of negativity and hate surrounding this event comes from people on social media doxxing people that were at the event. i myself wasn't even present and
5:04 am
i have been docked on three separate occasions. this led to tsunami of hateful messages. >> there are real consequences for the actions. no one did the research and now it is showing. steve: i reading online the blaze every initial out let who pushed story was wrong, where the two young men, one buy wasn't even there, talked about how their families have been threatened and identities revealed. that is known as do x-ing. ainsley: addresses on line and placing for their parents. our parents could be fired. there could be major consequences because of this. brian: meanwhile the president of the united states tweeted in, nick sandmann and students of covington are symbols of fake news and how evil it can be. they captivated attention of the world. they will use it for the good to
5:05 am
maybe bring people together. it started off unpleasant but can end in a dream. ainsley: jill handlin she was a chaperone for the school. she said what it was like to be on the steps. it was very scary. >> it is scary. my son works. he, i have been nervous to have him even go to his job because, i don't know who is out there and what they're doing and, my husband was going to follow my son to school this morning because we just don't know what the volatility of the situation is with these people that, react and they don't know the full story and it is very scary. steve: she was on with just about an hour ago. she was also saying that her, the kids, the boys were targeted in part because of their christian beliefs because they were wearing those maga hats. what is scary as well, a while a
5:06 am
number of prominent people, blue checked people on twitter taken down their tweets that inaccurately accused those young men of doing something inappropriate, there is still a lot of people out there who are making inappropriate threatening comments against the kids on twitter. jack dorsey has not taken them down. that is just wrong. ainsley: one of them, jack, different jack, jack morrissey, a hollywood producer, worked on "beauty and the beast" and "twilight," disney film, he tweeted out could covington kids should be thrown in a wood chipper. he said he didn't give it any thought and that was stupid tweet. you didn't give it any thought? you should be giving it some thought saying kids should be thrown into a wood chipper. they're protesting, and the right of life and people are getting in their faces.
5:07 am
mom said, the other group, what was the name of the group? brian: black hebrew israelites. ainsley: they were saying such insulting things. if you read the articles, we can't say it here, it is morning television, some of the insults. brian: patricia heaton, famous actress, young people will have the smears follow them through their life. every time they proffer their resume' with the word covington anyone, whoever has or ever will attend that school. the damage is incalcuable. those who perpetrated this destruction, no matter how unintended still at their job with nary a consequence for reckless behavior. i would say this. i would not say anything she says is wrong. look at the way the lacrosse kids bounced back when they were wrongly accused. a lot of them, the public sentiment changed so dramatically. duke didn't suffer. lacrosse team didn't suffer. the one who suffered was the
5:08 am
coach who was fired unjustly. ainsley: how did get it to that point? how did it escalate to this point? i want to see whole video. don't pass judgment before you see the whole video. steve: 72 hours later we know the whole story. it's a lot different than from the beginning. as developments warrant we'll talk about this. meanwhile the president tweeted moments ago about the government shut down, down in day 32, without a wall or country, our country can never have border or national security. with a powerful or steel barrier crime rates and drugs will go down substantially all over the united states. the dems know this but want to play political games. must finally be done correctly. no cave. the president second time in a week he said he will not cave. the ball is in mitch mcconnell's court, essentially he will bring up legislation starting today to move through the u.s. senate what the president proposed on
5:09 am
saturday. essentially it is close to $6 billion for some sort of a wall or divider and it is a daca protections for the next three years, something the president wants and republicans want and something democrats want. that is called a compromise. brian: 800 million in humanitarian aid. 805 million in new drug detection technology. 2750 border patrol agents. this is what democrats agree to. they say they will not even entertain it until you open up the government. keep in mind, getting a little desperate from the people. national governors association wrote a letter to the president says, running out of funds to pay federal welfare benefits used by a million adults and 2.5 million children. only 60% of the workforce of irs is there. tsa has 10% of their staffers calling out. ainsley: senate votes. they need seven democrats to come on board. republicans need 60 votes. whether or not they have that, we will see. joe manchin said he maybe would come over.
5:10 am
are there enough? brian: no, there isn't. we need them talking, you can work it out. you heard commonality. right now, they're afraid of going and crossing nancy pelosi, who says, no vote until you open up the government. ainsley: look at that in front of brian. 32 days. a long time. steve: who will blink? the president laid down the market again. he says he will not cave 8:10 in new york city. jillian joins us with news out of moscow. jillian: a fox news alert out of moscow. a russian plane hijacked on its way to moscow. officials say an unidentified man ordered the crew to divert the flight to afghanistan. the pilot safely landing the aircraft in russia shortly after takeoff. it is unclear if the reported 76 passengers and crewmembers are on the plane or if the suspected hijacker was armed. any new information we get will pass along to you. turkey is launching an international investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi
5:11 am
according to turkish state media. "washington post" columnist, an outspoken critic of the saudi crown prince was killed inside inside the consulate. 11 people were indicted for murder. some could face the death penalty. wrapper chris brown, according to a complaint, r&b star met his accuser last week and invited her to a hotel. this is not brown's first run-in in law. in 2009 he pleaded guilty to assaulting his then girlfriend rihanna. an incredible comeback after near disasterous moment for a horse jockey. he flipped over his horse named ask heather on final hurdle after race. you see right there. mike sweeney. he pulls himself back up after regaining his composure. sweeney and ask heather galloped to the finish line and win the race. makes it look easy.
5:12 am
ainsley: that is amazing. steve: winning the race wouldn't get him on tv, the fact that he fell off and got back on. jillian: and got back on. steve: isn't that the advice they give you. brian: "seabiscuit," my second favorite horse story. this is my favorite. ainsley: he held on to win. good for him, or her. democratic leaders calling trump's latest border compromise stand a nonstarter and more hostage-taking. one attorney who represents i immigrants says it's a good plan for her clients. the saints rams a game call, one person has an offer for the referees. ♪ i think we know what it is. ♪ .
5:13 am
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♪ brian: overnight the senate appropriations committee unveiled a bill to open up the government that includes $5.7 billion for a border wall. the bill is in line with president trump's later offer which included a three-career extension for daca recipients
5:17 am
and for temporary protective status, three years for protections of immigrants. the president's plan was quickly rejected by top democrats. the our next guest is immigration attorney says the president's plan is a good one, would help a lot of people. linda vega, how many of your clients would benefit from this? >> a majority of them, especially young people trying to get educated and go out into the workforce and pay taxes. it's a, it is a great benefit. brian: some people saying, well, listen, the courts pushed back on the president when he wanted to get rid of the daca options to make it part of comprehensive plan. since there was no rush and reinstated, president obama's plan is upheld, supreme court won't look it, what is the rush? >> the rush is, applicants cannot reapply for any benefits. they're at a standstill. if they're in court proceedings they're being deported. this plan, this they year.
5:18 am
brian: reprieve. >> offer by the president would have opportunity. permanent residency, continue study in the country or work and pay taxes. it's a great offer for a starting point. brian: right, it is a great offer for a starting point. are you surprised democrats have not looked at this more favorably? >> i'm very surprised. i'm very surprised f they're asking for permanent solution this at least is a starting point to sit at the table and discuss making it a permanent solution. frankly, that is congress's job. it is not the president's job to offer permanent solution. why congress members offer bills to make it a permanent law. these are really what -- brian: a lot of people don't know any personal dreamers in the situation brought here at four and five, now in their 20s, wondering where they belong and what is going to happen. what is it like for some of your clients on a daily basis? >> it is frustrating for them. they're full of anger.
5:19 am
they're full of fear. they don't know whether they will have to leave this country that they believe is their own. but, many of them are losing opportunities to go to universities to study, to be in the workforce and to be part of our american culture. this is an unfortunate situation that congress won't even come to the table and look at their benefit. it is a very selfish behavior. brian: linda, you know one thing, the reality politics in your job. for the most part, republicans say zero amnesty, build the wall, now they're saying i will meet you halfway. daca kids, different status, temporary protected status. leave them for now. let's discuss it. you sense there is a rainbow there. are you surprised the democrats are not running towards it? >> i'm very surprise surprised. i'm very surprised they're not considering possibility to make this a permanent law. they're not looking at offer frankly because it is president trump offering.
5:20 am
i can't think of any other solution or any other means that they won't come to a reasonable discussion. brian: yeah, i think everything could be on the table right now because, they were going to be a vote today in the senate. we'll see what the house will, what the house when it is going to punt. we'll have you back. linda vega, thank you have much. >> thank you. brian: you're welcome. straight ahead, talk about a cookie monster, the search on for a thief who stole from the girl scouts. you can't say he or she in the statehouse. one lawmaker banned those words. too far or finally? we'll discuss it next. ♪ molly: my np spends a lot of time with me and gives me a lot of attention which led to my diagnosis. she initiated tests and found out what was wrong. she's treated both my children since they were born.
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♪ ainsley: here are quick headlines for you. a freshman democrat claims supreme court justice brett kavanaugh will likely be veried for perjury. >> there is no question that will be investigated in perjury be. during the confirmation hearings and so forth. so i think the judiciary committee is likely to take that up. ainsley: congressman joe naeguse, did not reference specific statements. elizabeth warren taking message to puerto rico. expected to discuss hurricane recovery efforts on the island. massachusetts senator, presidential hopeful met with voters in new hampshire and sigh waa. steve: out west in california, chair of california state judiciary committee banning the use of the words he and she as pronouns during hearings. watch that. >> we have now a state recognizing the non-binary
5:25 am
designation as a gender. we're using the phrase they and replacing other designations so that it is a gender neutral designation of they. that is basically the primary reforms and revisions to the committee rules. ainsley: here now to react, editor spiked online, brendan o'neill. no longer can you say he or she. she wants everyone to say they. >> that is crazy. really show how farce the politically correct lobby policing language. they want to control not just hateful language and racist language which we all agree is a bad thing, but everyday speech. he and she. the words, that people use all the time in every day conversation to describe men and women. they want to dig down so far how we speak, ultimately how we think, they're willing to band the most common words in the english language. steve: her idea, because it goes back very beginning of when you
5:26 am
learn the english language you use he and she. you can't use those in this room during hearings, you have got to use they. here she is breaking her own rule. >> so that we are using what my grammar teacher would have heart attack over, we are using the phrase they. my grammer teacher is long gone. i won't be hearing from her. if any of you -- >> from them. exactly. from they. steve: won't be hearing from her. ainsley: almost impossible to do. >> it is impossible. it is crazy. like no one speaks like that. normal people just don't use -- ainsley: what is wrong with he and she? why does she want to change this? >> there is kind of transgender extremism at moment. i'm fully in favor of transrights. i think transpeople should have same rights as everybody else. ainsley: okay. >> there is this transextremism anyone uses words like he or she is disrespectful to transpeople
5:27 am
or non-binary people or transphobe big which is word invented to describe the use of this kind of language. i think a lot of politicians. a lot of people in in the public eye feel they need to go along with the form of speech policing that you are woke and on message and politically correct. they're going along with it. a lot of people will think what is this about? how on earth possible public figure to ban he or she. steve: two things. one, do you think it will spread? two, what is the dapping irof it? >> i think it will spread. we've seen in united kingdom, feminists critical of transgender politics, hounded, harassed meetings are closed down because they think we should still have the right to talk about men and women. they argue transwoman should have rights but not necessarily real women. they make these kind of arguments. they are increasingly controversial and unacceptable opinions to hold. i think there is real, there is
5:28 am
element of authoritarianism creeping into the transmovement where they aren't simply arguing for their rights but they're also trying to control how the rest of us speak and think which i think is a step too far. ainsley: brendan, thank you very much. great to have you here. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on the tuesday, president trump is about at the halfway point of his first term in office. how will history judge him on issues like immigration and the media? we've got a political panel, a discussion with those three, coming up next. ainsley: plus one police officer saw the american flag hanging upside down. guess what he did? he jumped in action to save old glory. that hero joins us live with his incredible story coming up. ♪
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♪ steve: all right. this morning on "fox & friends," we're marking president trump reaching the midpoint. how will history judge the president on key issues at this point in his first term in office? we're back. we have great panel. business and finance chair at kings college, brian brenberg. radio show host, armed forces reserves veteran kathy barnett. lady and gentlemen, great to have you. almost game show style, we've got grades in front much each of you, you will hold up. when i say what would you give the president regarding immigration, what grade would you give? okay. you give a b.
5:33 am
>> i got a b. >> he gives a c, democrat point of view. an f. >> an f? >> start with steve. you're a democrat. i realize you don't like the president's wall idea, i notice that because i watch television. why do you give him an f? >> i have not liked his position on immigration from beginning of his candidacy. to me at least hescapes goats immigrants for a lot of problems for crime, things like that. that is the wrong way to approach it. a lot of people agree we have to do something about border security but i don't think scapegoating undocumented immigrants -- steve: but when president brings stories of angel families, you're not referring to those victims of crime, are you? >> percentagewise, immigrants commit small percentage of crime. not in proportion to the type of things he is talking about. >> but the crime rate, to be clear for an illegal should be zero. there should be zero tolerance for my crime.
5:34 am
>> because you say they should not be in the country anyway. >> if they're going to be here, move forward to get a better life. i only gave the president a c because the jury is out. he needs to stand firm on the shutdown of the government and getting border wall built. steve: you know what he tweeted out. as in c, he will not cave. >> i love it. therefore i move to an a. i went to the southern border. i've seen what is down. there we need that protection. steve: brian. >> gone at this issue great potential political cost. he raised it. willing to take responsibility. >> political cost. >> congress gets an "f" on immigration for years. >> what kind of cost? >> congress doesn't like it, the american people don't like it. congress, get it done. steve: meantime we're at g as in gridlock in washington. we'll see if mitch mcconnell can do anything. when it comes to regulation, the president ran i will reduce a regulation. that is couple rs,. >> brian gives him an a.
5:35 am
keith think gives him a, steve gives him a d. regulations are very complicated and he streamlined business. >> couple problems with some of the things he has done regulationwise. one weakened the dodd-frank rules. particularly the volcker rule that prevents banks from speculating too much. steve: professor to your right say that is good thing. >> all the financial people -- >> regulations were killing community banks. they're killing regional banks. they were screaming out for somebody to get them out of under dodd-frank. he did that. businesses across this country, small and large gain ad ton of confidence last year because the president said i'm not going to issue the kinds of regulations that can killing your business. voila, we got the boom we. steve: let steve this. >> banking finance and industry caused three major problems for economy over last 40 years. savings an loan crisis, dot-com
5:36 am
bubble, and mortgage-backed securities. i'm in favor of regulation preventing sort of things happening. american people dirked out a lot of money and lost their savings. >> obama piled on the various regulations and, flint, michigan still had dirty water. what we saw last year coming out of the competitive enterprise institute, government interference and riglations cost the american people over $1.9 billion. $1.9 trillion. we saved over a billion dollars last year because of these deregulation. i'm all for it. steve: two more questions. the lightning round what grade would you give the president regarding the press? we'll not talk about it. we'll see your grade. it will tell the story. okay. we got an a, a, an in middle of f as in fake news. >> yes. steve: i'm kidding, steve. finally the overall grade you would give the presidency so far after two years. we got an a --
5:37 am
>> b-plus, a minus range. >> an a. steve. steve? >> can you imagine what he done, mainstream media and democratic party resisting him. he accomplished so much over the last few years. can you wrap your mind around what he could have achieved. steve: didn't george w. bush also have hostile press? >> this is unprecedented. we see the mainstream media salivating over every single potential morsel of negative news. literally salivating because they want to go after this president. they're derelict on other things like fbi and dossier. steve: you didn't give him an f. >> the press don't get vote of congress. republicans had both houses of could an guess two years. had presidency. anything president trump had not been able to do is on president and republican. >> getting something done on trade, immigration he moves in the a category. he is lot closer than critics get him credit for.
5:38 am
steve: that the is extra credit work? >> opportunity to get above and beyond. steve: brian, steve, kathy. 22 minutes before the stop of the hour. jillian has news about a guy accused of being a spy. jillian: a story we've been following couple weeks. a marine was found with classified documents. he was arrested in moscow last month accused of spying. his family says he was there for a wedding f convicted he could face up to 20 years in prison. many guns used by criminals are bought on the black market according to a new study about the doj questioning effectiveness of gun control restrictions. 43% of prisoners committed a crime using a gun they bought illegally. less than 2% used guns bought at retail store. most firearm regulations target legal purchases. the search on for a cookie monster accused of stealing over
5:39 am
$1000 from girl scouts. someone swiped novel filled with cash as the girls sold cookies at new jersey mall. >> just shocked, completely shocked. someone would pick it up and right in front of us. jillian: the troop is responsible for covering the cost of the cookies. the girls have been raising money for homeless. listen to this. some doctors offer free eye tests for nf refs. follows a controversial no-call and crushing loss for the new orleans saints. one doctor wrote, after time to consider things we will provide no cost eye exams to all nfl officials for next season to prevent the atrocity that occurred tonight. we would hate for someone else to feel our pain. that is kind of funny. those are the headlines. let's go outside to janice dean, it is definitely feeling like. janice: i have friends here from
5:40 am
south carolina. is that near ainsleyly. >> we're on the coast. we're very proud of ainsley. janice: very sorry for the weather today. >> it is great. new york. janice: happy birthday my friend. say hi to anybody at hem? to our children i guess. our son in columbia. our daughter in mount vernon. janice: we'll look at the maps to show you how cold it is. feels like minus one here in new york. that is actually warmer than it was yesterday. you can see are cold air across the great lakes and northeast. there will be a warmup, my friends. system across the plain states that could bring blizzard conditions across the rockies into the central u.s. a lot of snow and blustery conditions. winds in excess of 40, 50 miles an hour. that will be a concern ahead of this. that is where the warm air will be in advance of it. we'll see like 50-degree temperatures here in new york city. wave to your friend ainsley in
5:41 am
the studio. and brian. ainsley: i love the inlet. i love the one of beaches close to them. go to frank's outback. great restaurant. janice: frank's out back. great restaurant. >> oh, yeah. ainsley: ever in the myrtle beach area. the restaurant is here. out back they have heaters. steve: why they call it out back. ainsley: everyone in south carolina knows everyone. people walking around table to table. see people from chegg. it is fun. brian: 19 minutes before the top of the hour. some democrats using mlk today to target president trump. >> the grand wizard of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> a president of the united states who is a racist. brian: since when is that acceptable? david webb calls that cultural assault on america. he joins us live to explain next. steve: one police officer, veteran saw the american flag
5:42 am
hanging upside down. he jumped into action save it. that here -- hero joining us live. ♪ >> kids: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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♪ jillian: good morning to you, welcome back. hollywood headlines. actress alyssa milano is getting slammed online comparing trump supporters to the kkk. she wrote the new maga hat is the white hood. humanity will continue to destroy itself. milano's tweets coming after high school students wearing maga hats were accused of harassing a native-american man in d.c. razzie awards are getting more political. president trump, first lady, kellyanne conway all getting nominated for their screen time in michael moore's documentary, fahrenheit 11/9. ainsley: thanks, jillian.
5:46 am
democrats using mlk day to tear down president trump and to call him a racist. >> we have a hater in the white house. the "birther" in chief, grand wizard of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. one of the things that we learned is that while jim crow may be dead he has some nieces and nephews that are alive and well. >> we now have a president of the united states who is a racist. steve: that is something. here with reaction, david webb, host of reality check with david webb on "fox nation. a talk show radio host and fox news contributor. david, what do you make of the extraordinary comments made by significant members of congress? >> not that extraordinary. sadly this happens every martin luther king day, you have outlyers hakeem jeffries who is disgrace in politics making statements. bernie sanders went to naacp meeting. the naacp which was supposed to be for the advancement of
5:47 am
colored people, that is what is in their name become for many years a left-wing organization. in early days of the tea party they same out anyone that objected to the fiscal policies of barack obama or the left were racists. this is a common call because they need to drive that base close together that they're losing. blacks are looking at their economic situation all across this country. improvements in the trump presidency. look at the low unemployment. look at teenage unemployment, black female unemployment going down and down. more people getting an opportunity. they're looking at long-term jobs, they can't have that. coming out of the failed buzzfeed story which collapsed in 24 hours. they needed a new narrative. emails went out. i saw some of them. they piled this on. drive the narrative a couple days this is about delegitimatizing anyone on the right, not just president trump. brian: when is it okay for senator sanders to call a
5:48 am
sitting president a racist? why is there no more outrage about this? >> because the media that is going to make the outrage about it won't do it. you won't see it on the other networks, on cable networks, on the nightly news. and in reality, brian, i don't think this has a big effect as they want. americans, regardless of color, skin, see what is going on in this country. we're not racist. we don't have codified laws. there is no cultural acceptance. farrakhan is racist. david duke is racist. what is the difference? they're both racists. color of skin is the difference. ainsley: here is joe biden. there is lot of speculation about 2020. >> we learned in the last two years doesn't take much to waken hate. 50 years later the hate that cut your dad down is still nurtured by those forces of darkness. not an accident. they have been deliberately reawakened again. ainsley: tearing into president trump.
5:49 am
your reaction? >> look at backdrop where he is speaking. national action network led by one. premier racists in america, al sharpton. look what he has not done for the black community. he soaks money. donates money on his lavish lifestyle while not paying his taxes. joe biden, mr. put y'all in chains back in 2012, during the campaign, yeah 2012, what is he doing? he is pushing a narrative. why? because biden and sanders need to appeal to the core, because in many primaries in the carolinas especially, biden and bernie sanders will need the black vote to get through the primaries. brian: exit question. has the trump administration done enough to go after the black vote in directly and concerted way? >> absolutely. they have gone after the economics for everyone in america, including those on the lower rung of the ladder. steve: david webb, thank you.
5:50 am
>> thank you, guys. ainsley: one police officer, a veteran, saw the american flag hanging upside down, he jumped into action to save old glory. the patriotic hero joins us live next. steve: planning your day. what is on sandra smith's show in ten minutes? let's ask her. >> good morning, everybody. the house an senate are back in session. the senate is expected to take up the latest proposal to reopen the government. we'll see what happens as the shutdown continues. president trump coming out in defense of covington high school students after a rush to judgment by many over the confrontation in washington. hogan gidley joins us live from the white house in a few moments. a big show coming up this tuesday morning. congressman pete king, general jack keane, maria bartiromo from davos and a whole lot more. join us from "america's newsroom" at 9:00 a.m.
5:51 am
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♪ ainsley: one missouri police officer is being celebrated after he called in the fire department to help fix an american flag that was hanging upside down. officer david wellerman, air force veteran. saw the flag, it was hanging upside down outside of a business. he was told it couldn't be fixed for a few more days, he called in local fire crews to return the flag to its rightful place. joining me now is officer david wellerman. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: thank you for wearing the beautiful uniform. you fought for the country. air force veteran. your son is a marine. you're a great man because you saw that flag. tell us what happened on saturday? >> i was dispatching a call. driving down the road passing
5:55 am
the business. it is windy day, very large flag and i saw it hanging upside down. i said i can't let it stay like that. i called dispatch to talk to the business he if they knew it was aware it was hanging upside down. dispatch advised they were aware of it. the way it was situated. lanyard was broken. they can't fix it to the monday. i went to the business to help out any way to get it fixed. they would have company to come by monday and fix it. i said no. they got a lot of angry calls from passer-byes for flag upside down. i called dispatch, ladder truck came out. the great crew from ladder 2 crew came out fixed that. ainsley: god bless them. why didn't you want to wait till monday? what does the flag mean to you? >> it means the world to me. i love this country. i fought for it. it is the greatest nation on earth.
5:56 am
and, it is a symbol of freedom for the world and i want it to be rightly displayed. ainsley: and you told our producers, you come from a family of military, military background. tell us about those folks. >> i had an uncle was in the marines prior to world war i. grandfather fought in world war i. my father world war ii, vet fought with the marines. we're both desert storm veterans. my oldest son in is the marine corps. in north carolina. my wife's younger son is iraq vet in the marines and deputy sheriff. ainsley: thank you, we love you. appreciate you what you do. god bless. >> thank you. ainsley: more "fox & friends" moments away. our members shop a little differently. so we reward every purchase .
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please join us. also, you can head to the radio. >> president trump doubling down on his defense of covington high school students in the wake of that viral video as we learn classes were canceled at the school today over security and safety concerns. good morning, everyone i'm sandra smith live inside "america's newsroom." >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer. the president is tweeting about this controversy calling what he says is a smear campaign by the mainstream media. we are now hearing from the students themselves for the very first time. >> several media platforms blatantly lied about the events regarding in the controversy in d.c. the community and


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