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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 22, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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thanks for joining us today. shep smith has a great show for you. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in washington where fox news has learned that president trump does plan to give a speech next week. the question is where. and an american in court in moscow accused of spying. now his lawyer is explaining how the former marine ended up with a flash drive with state secrets. chris brown arrested again after a woman filed a rape accusation. reporting begins now. our reporting begins with a senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell saying the senate will vote this week on president trump's plan to end the partial government shut down and fund his border wall. top democrats in congress say they will not support it. if democrats all vote no, this proposal fails and there is apparently no plan b. over the weekend, president trump offered to temporarily extend protections for some young immigrants whose parents brought them to this country without documentation. three years of protection for the dreamers. in exchange for $5.7 billion to begin to build a wall or barrier along the u.s. southern border. democrats say they will not talk about border security unless and until the government is reopened. but the republican leader from kentucky made what is for him a highly unusual decision. mitch mcconnell is moving forward even though it appears he does not have the 60 votes necessary to proceed. all of this is happening on day 32 of the longest government
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shut down in american history. hundreds of thousands of federal workers will miss their second paycheck on friday. families across the country are scrambling to figure out how to pay their bills. some government employees are picking up last-minute jobs, including driving for uber, baby sitting and substitute teaching to bring in cash. more on how the shut down is affecting the country ahead. first, white house officials tell fox news the president is planning to deliver a speech next week. either in the capitol or absent an invitation outside washington. last week nancy pelosi sent a letter to the president asking him to reschedule the annual state of the union address because of the shut down. she's not addressed the matter today. our senior producer from capitol hill, chad pergram reports, the house and the senate have also not passed a resolution that would authorize the president to use the house chamber for the state of the union. as chad puts it, without that
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resolution, nothing will happen. at least not there. we have team fox coverage. mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. first john roberts reporting live from the white house. >> shep, good afternoon to you. everything in limbo right now. the white house is pushing this ahead. the white house sending an e-mail to the sergeant at arms on sunday asking to schedule a walk-through which they would do ahead of the state of the union, a walk through scheduled for last week cancelled by the sergeant at arms at the request of nancy pelosi's office. in the request for a new walk-through, the white house director of advanced writing "given that we lost valuable time over the past week, my team would like to reschedule the walk-through for this monday," which would have been yesterday. the president is planning as scheduled to give the state of the union address in the capitol on tuesday, a week from tonight, the 29th, but just in case that is not possible, they are also putting together some sort of a backup plan which would involve the president giving some kind of a speech, not sure exactly
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what the format would be at this point, someplace outside of washington d.c. here's what hogan gidley said earlier. >> nancy pelosi does not dictate to the president when he will or will not have a conversation with the american people. the state of the union is set up so the president can explain what's going on with our government and what is going on around the globe. there's many ways that he can deliver the state of the union address. i'm not going to get ahead of anything they would announce. >> the constitution does require the president to from time to time give to the congress information on the state of the union, does not require a speech. the president can do it in writing and it's not clear if he were to give a speech outside of washington d.c., if that would satisfy the give to the congress requirement of article 2. so he may have to submit something in writing as well. this is all again in limbo. it's up to speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, whether or not this is going to happen. she could put forward that
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resolution to allow the president to come up, but so far the only thing that stands at this point is her letter to the president requesting that he either postpone the state of the union or subject it in writing, shep. >> shepard: anything today on the shut down, john? >> they keep pushing democrats and republicans in the senate to get on this bill that mitch mcconnell said -- and you pointed out -- he was going to bring to the floor, which includes the president's new plan to fund border security, including $5.7 billion for a wall, three years of additional protection for so-called daca recipients and those in the country on temporary protected status. there's no indication at this point that the president does have that support for it. but the white house is now stressing in the strongest way possible the importance of ending the shut down and making the case that it's now nancy pelosi who is keeping the government from reopening. listen here. >> the president has already
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given a very reasonable common-sense proposal to deal with this immediate crisis that we have on the border as well immediately open the government. it's nancy pelosi who is absolutely stuck. nancy pelosi who is playing politics with the lives of our federal workers and with keeping our community safe. >> now, there are some democrats in both the senate and the house that are open to the president's proposal, but on principle, shep, they want to open the government first and then negotiate about border security. the white house is concerned that if they were to agree to reopen the government, the democrats would suddenly say border security? we don't want border security. shep? >> shepard: john roberts, live at the white house. for facts sake, president shut down the government. he said he would carry the mantel for it and proud to do it and he wouldn't blame the democrats for it. team fox coverage continues,
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mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. mike? >> shep, good afternoon. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell notes this is the only bill, the one he's going to present to the senate this week that president trump would sign and reopen the government immediately so the majority leader is telling the democrats to take the deal. >> the opportunity is staring us in the face. that's why we'll vote on this legislation on the senate floor this week. all that needs to happen is for our democratic friends to agree it's time to put the country ahead of politics and vote to end the standoff. >> with the 60-vote threshold in the united states senate, mcconnell needs seven democrats to vote yes. their leader, chuck schumer is saying the president did not consult with democrats. >> let me say that again. there were no serious negotiations with democratic
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leaders to produce this proposal. the president didn't ask what democrats needed in the bill to achieve our support. he simply laid his proposal down on the table and proclaimed it a compromise. >> it sounds like the senate majority leader will move forward with the president's plan thursday. >> shepard: what's the word from the house of representatives, mike? from the house of representatives, mike? what are they saying? looks like -- >> the house speaker is saying essentially that the plan the president put forward will not work in the house, and she's saying it's a nonstartner the house of representatives. >> at first when we heard the president was going to make a proposal, we were optimistic that he might be reaching out to open up government so that we could have this discussion. but then we heard what the particulars were in it and it's a nonstarter unfortunately.
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>> house republicans say speaker pelosi should make a serious counter offer. >> i think the president put forward a compromise. if the democrats don't like it, that's fine. that's their prerogative. put something forward that doesn't start with no law. i think there's going to have to be some middle ground here. >> day 32 of this partial government shut down and there's been no sign of middle ground and very little sign of compromise. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live on the hill. the supreme court making a couple of major decisions today, including one on the dreamers. the justices are leaving the so-called daca program in place for now. a few weeks ago, the president said he could easily make a deal with democrats on the dreamers and a border barrier if the supreme court overturned the program. it did not. president trump also got a big win today. the supreme court allowing his administration to start putting restrictions on trans-gender people serving in the military while lawsuits play out in the courts.
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back in 2017, president trump announced the government would not allow trans-gender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. lucas tomlinson reporting live from the pentagon. what is the reaction there? >> shep, the pentagon is pleased with the supreme court's split 5-4 decision earlier today. in a state, a pentagon spokesperson said "it's critical that dod be permitted to implement personnel policies that they determine to ensure the most lethal and combative fighting force in the world. the dod's proposed policy is based on professional military judgment. the pentagon has said nothing has changed yet. the military will continue to operate in policies put in in the obama administration. the court ruling allows the trump administration to go through with plans to restrict military service in the future by trans-gender men and women, a 2016 study says 1% of the more than 1 million active military troops identify as trans-gender. in a memo to president trump
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last year, jim mattis persons recommended -- >> president trump's new acting defense secretary has yet to weigh-in on the matter. shep? >> shepard: what about lawmakers? any react from them? >> the chairman of the house armed services committee, adam smith, released a statement saying he was extremely displeased with the supreme court's decision. >> this is a temporary victory for the administration. shep? >> lucas, thank you, a young woman out for a night of dancing with her friends and twin sister when she disappeared. now her family is frantic for
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save up to $500 on select sleep number 360 smart beds, now ranked #1 in customer satisfaction with mattresses by j.d. power. plus 36-month financing. ends saturday. sleep number... proven, quality sleep. >> shepard: fox urgent now. a young woman in boston missing for days and now police say they're searching for a person of interest. her name is olivia ambrose. she's 23 years old. this is her picture. her twin sister says she last saw her at a bar in downtown boston on saturday night, but they left separately. now police say they're looking for a man in the upcoming photo here, this man. that's from a surveillance video inside a transit station. if you have seen this person, police ask that you contact them. molly line with the details live with more. >> shep, police have been pouring over a great deal of
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surveillance video trying to make a time live of where olivia went. you can see this picture here. this is described of a person of interest in the disappearance of this 23-year-old girl. it was 11:04 p.m. saturday night. olivia with her friends at hennessey, the bar. she leave as few minutes after 11:00 with a white male. he's been cleared in her disappearance. 40 minutes later, two unknown men invite libby to walk with her. they heard to an mbta station. a little after midnight, more video shows her with the same man still with his arm around her exiting the bunker hill community t station in charlestown across the river, a neighborhood. the other man is gone. he's not in any further video. ten minutes later, libby and this man are observed again, walking the streets and her phone, according to records, was
12:18 pm
determined to be in the area of a housing development over there. olivia's family has been searching nonstop and handing out missing persons. she's 5'2", blue eyes, curly brown hair, last seen wearing a red corduroy dress. olivia's mother said she left the bar without seeing her twin sister or friends. she's not posted on social media since. >> it's your worst nightmare. >> we've been contacting all of her friends, sharing images, printing out posters. >> anyone with information on the whereabouts of olivia ambrose or with information on this man in this picture, the police have been circulating or asked to call detections. 617-343-4248. there's a crimestoppers type line also. you can text "tips" to crime at
12:19 pm
274-4632. the police say they can guard-anybody with anonymous information. >> shepard: thanks, molly. the grammy-winning singer chris brown is behind bars in paris after a woman there filed a rape complaint. french officials say the officer as rested chris brown and two others yesterday. according to a judicial official in paris, the woman says she met chris brown and his friends at a club a week ago, and that night they all went back to his hotel. this is not the first time the singer has faced legal trouble. in 2009, chris brown beat up his then girlfriend, rihanna and pleaded guilty to felony assault. trace gallagher reporting with more. >> shep, the two other men with chris brown are a body guard and a friend. they're all being held in a jail northwest of paris. police have two more days before they have to release the men or
12:20 pm
charge them. the alleged crime happened on january 14. the woman said she met chris brown in a nightclub. they went back to the mandarin oriental hotel in central paris where the woman said brown raped her in his suite. the role of the other two have not been established but drugs were involved. neither brown or his lawyer or publicist have commented. the publicist won't say why crews brown was in paris and the u.s. embassy in paris still said it will not comment on this case, period, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher reporting live from los angeles. police say a drunk man tried to hijack a plane, but the crew reportedly pulled a fast one on him. details are next. and the lawyer for an a american accused of spying in russia said the former marine didn't realize he had a flash drive full of russian state secrets.
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>> shepard: police in russia say a drunk guy tried to hijack an airliner with more than 70 passengers on board. the plane took off from siberia and on its way to moscow. according to russian media, the suspect tried to break into the cockpit, claimed he was armed and told the crew fly to afghanistan. so what did the crew do? they came up with a trick for him. they said they needed to refuel before they could make that long flight. here's the radar path. the pilot when he said he needed to refuel, turned the plane
12:26 pm
around and made a safe emergency landing at another airport in siberia. nobody got hurt. the lawyer for the american behind bars in russia on spying charges says his client did receive a flash drive with russian state secrets on it like moscow said he did it. but there's a but. the already said paul whelan didn't know the classified intel was on the drive and he never looked at it. whelan was in court today and here he is in a glass cage. his first public appearance since his arrest december 28. he didn't speak to any reporters. he denies all the charges against him. the judge, rich, ruled that he is staying behind bars or i guess for courtroom purposes behind glass. >> that's right, shep. that is a motion that was rejected today by that court. paul whelan's request for bail was denied through next month.
12:27 pm
he will stay in jail there. his family says they are disappointed in the ruling, though they're not surprised. they add in a statement "we're certain that he was entrapped and is not guilty of espionage. we have not had any information about a usb drive, what was on it or how it materialized in paul's possession. unfortunately, today's ruling will money that paul will be detained many more months". paul is worried about his health and translation. they say he's having trouble communicationing with the doctors and concerned about presenting a defense in english, shep. >> shepard: whelan's lawyer said he thought whelan was getting tourism information? >> yes. that's what he said. he's a state-appointed attorney from russia. whelan thought he was getting tourism information, that he was instructed to download the
12:28 pm
information and was unable to do so so he was presented with this flash drive. >> we're discussing the details and objecting. everyone is concerned with what happened. yet on the flash drive, he received the information, which a state secret. in reality, paul was expected to receive personal information that was not a state secret. information concerning culture. >> russian authorities say december 28, they caught whelan red-handed receiving the information and committing espionage as part of this. if he's convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. he and his family deny that. his family says that he was in russia for a wedding. whelan holds past ports from the u.s., united kingdom, ireland and canada. his family says they've worked with all of those governments to get him released, shep. >> shepard: rich edson live from the white house. el chapo.
12:29 pm
have you been following the trial in brooklyn. el chapo and his wife and former mistress were all in court. the mexican drug lord and his wife wore basically the same thing. matching velvet burgundy smoking jackets. that's the former mistress behind them on the witness stand. awkward. bryan llenas reporting live from new york. >> shep, so far over a dozen witnesses have testified against joaquin el chapo guzman. most convicted drug traffickers hope for leniency. one of el chapo's mistress is going against a man that she said she lived. she said she began buying marijuana in the mountains for the cartel. she said she worked for free. el chapo never paid her. sanchez admitted that she used a
12:30 pm
fake i.d. to visit el chapo in the maximum security prison that he escaped from from a mile-long tunnel. sanchez was pregnant at the time of the visit and they discussed a personal matter, she said. she's rumored to have a child with el chapo. as a politician from 2013 to 2016, sanchez denied having any relationship with the drug king pen until she was fired when it was discovered the two were exchanging prison love letters. sanchez gave details in february when she escaped mexican marines by going through a secret door hidden underneath the bathroom in one of his safe houses. the caveat here, el chapo was naked as they traveled through the city's sewer system. in court today, she mapped out el chapo's safe houses. el chapo's wife, emma, continues to be in court every day.
12:31 pm
today, notably, she and el chapo wore matching blazers that were read. a not so subtle message to his mistress, shep. >> shepard: bryan llenas live from work. the white house says lawmakers need to cut a deal today for federal workers to get their paychecks by friday. it has to happen today or friday paychecks don't come. it's not looking positive. some airport workers are fed up. a look at how the tsa is handling the shut down next. and turkey is opening an investigation into the killing of a "washington post" journalist jamal khaishoggi. what we know three months later. that's next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass
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>> shepard: congress appears to miss another deadline for 800,000 federal workers. today is the last day for
12:36 pm
lawmakers to get a deal so government lawmakers can get their checks friday. laura ingle is reporting live in la guardia. laura? >> the wait to get through tsa is not that bad. we've been hearing it's about 3 to 10 minutes. that wait pales in comparison to how long these tsa workers have had to way for a paycheck. a growing number of agents have called out sick which has given travelers concern. 7.5% of the agency's work force called out yesterday. that is more than double the number from the same day last year. according to the tsa, many workers say the financial hardship of missing a paycheck is making it difficult or impossible for them to get to work. it's not just tsa agents. it's air traffic control workers
12:37 pm
that have the same level of anxiety. listen. >> we know it's a stressful job. but we know where the hotspots are at the airport. it's a known quantity and we accept that and work around this. but not knowing when you're getting to get paid and your mortgage is done, there's a breaking point for everyone. >> one tsa worker we spoke with today in portland said it's time to make a difficult choice to get a job that pay them or report to a job that doesn't. the tsa tells us they're sending out extra agents to the airports that need them for now, shep. >> some of these workers were relying on strangers to get through difficult times. i was at a church this past sunday where they gave out $25 gift cards to people. it's coming from all directions. >> it really is and with absolutely no income coming in for these people, they say look,
12:38 pm
we have to reach out for help. churches, food pantries, where they can get help, they'll take it. one girl said she had to move back home with her friends. you've heard about some rock stars coming to the rescue. today i spoke with paul stanley of kiss who says the restaurant that he partially owns with gene simmons, rockin' brews is dough mating a meal a day to coast guard and tsa wores that show their i.d. stanley said regardless of political affiliation, he hopes everyone will do something and that's the message, shep, that we've been hearing from every walk of life. people that just want to help out and they'll need that help moving forward. back to you. >> shepard: laura ingle reporting live for us. thanks. breaking news just coming in. when i say just coming in, in the last five seconds. the producers have just given me word that the woman on whom we were reporting from a short time ago missing in boston with a
12:39 pm
live report, that woman is now alive and well and found safe and i'm told a suspect is in custody. that's what the prompter said. it's since been changed. boston police say they found olivia ambrose that disappeared after going to a downtown bar with her friends and twin sister. investigators say she left the bar around 11:00 p.m. and was seen on surveillance video a few blocks from the bar where two men invited her to walk with them. earlier we were showing you pictures. we won't show them again. we showed you pictures of someone they wanted to speak with. i don't have enough information yet to know whether anyone is in custody. i believe the writing in the prompter was not confirmed. i can tell you the woman is safe and well and has been taken to a hospital. the woman on your screen now. if there is a suspect for anything, i don't know about it yet. here's an update.
12:40 pm
just came in. this is the tweet. 23-year-old olivia ambrose has been located and transported to an area hospital for evaluation purposes. thanks to those that aided in the search. a press conference is scheduled at boston police department headquarters at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. so during "special report." maybe then or sometimes between now and then, we'll will whether something was amiss or what the circumstances were. at this point, i don't know. the headline and most important thing is she's okay. stocks falling today on fears of slowing global economic growth. a live look at the dow. we're off 326 points. growth in china has been especially slow. the slowest at least in many years. this comes after china's officials announced that country's economy grew at the slowest pace in three decades. gerri willis has more.
12:41 pm
>> that's right, shep. when the world's second biggest economy gets cold, everybody feels lousy. that's what's going on here. china's grow, 6.6%. may sound good for you but lousy to china. the average is 10%. it's not just that, it's a report from the financial times that the u.s. has turned down china's off of preparatory talks for those trade talks. that send the market down. we're hearing there are white house officials denying that now. i just got word of that recently. that's why we came up off of that 440 point or so sell-off to 345. we'll continue to watch this. but china headlines, major reason we're down. >> shepard: thanks, gerri. china making big changes to their military. a foreign policy says this is the right move for china. so what does it mean for the united states? that is next. billions of mouths.
12:42 pm
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>> shepard: china is apparently trying to increase its military power by cutting the number of ground forces. the state news agency says the land army of china now makes up less than half of the total number of troops than it had before. china is boosting its military
12:46 pm
power in the sea and in the air and in cyber space. michael o'hanlon is here, senior fellow and director of research of foreign policy at brookings, a nonprofit public policy organization. good to see you. thanks. >> hi, shepard. good to see you. >> shepard: big picture, what do we take away from this? >> it's an ongoing trend. you pay recall that chinese military fought us well on the ground in the korean war and they had a huge army back then. it was just a bunch of con scripts fighting with unsophisticated weapons but they made up with quality with quantity. even in the 80s, they had four million people in their military. twice the number we had. almost most of them in the army. they were technologically backward. ever since that point, the end of the cold war, during their period of modernization and high tech growth, they've been cutting the ground forces and
12:47 pm
prioritizing much more technology and the air force and the navy. they have felt better about their ground borders even though they have a lot of countries with which they share land borders, they don't have a lot of major disputes. most of the disputes are still there it's china that may stoke them as with india in recent years. in other words, the chinese can concentrate their efforts on the western pacific. taiwan, south china sea, east china sea, maybe a little bit towards japan. this is where they are putting more and more money and technology. this is a longstanding trend and frankly i'd have to say from a chinese point of view it makes sense. from an american point of view, it's worrisome. they're doing smart things that gives them more power in places that we care about, too. >> jim mattis' resignation is over disputes on how to handle russia and china, no? >> you know, i can't get a read on that part, shepard. he wanted -- secretary mattis
12:48 pm
wanted to prioritize russia and china. he did a good job of it. he had the president's backing on much of it. the thrust of focusing the military on great power competition is a bipartisan concept that a lot of people believed in and even president trump seems to believe in it somewhat in regard to china in particular. so since we're talking mostly about china, i'm not sure that was the issue where mattis and trump disagreed so much. i think secretary mattis felt listen, if you're not able to let me do good consultation with allies, i can't be effective in developing coalitions to deal with any threat. i think that might be the way to answer your question. i think the immediate concern that led to mattis' resignation came with syria and afghanistan. >> shepard: i did too. level of concern. quickly. >> you know, you have to be
12:49 pm
respectful of the chinese. they're doing smart things. they're already not smart to get in a war with us. they will push and nudge and explore. we have to be on top of our game not so much to fight them but push back, be vigilant. >> shepard: thanks, michael. businesses across the country lending a hand to federal workers who may miss a second paycheck this week. that's next. it appears teachers in one of the country's largest school districts are headed back to school after that pulled an all nighter and negotiated with l.a. details ahead. d like to take a t to address my fellow veterans, because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is the eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. if you need cash for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> shepard: an update now on the case of a missing woman found alive just a short time ago in boston. our producer on the scene reports police did take somebody away from the scene in cuffs. we reported minutes ago how boston police reported that they found 23-year-old olivia
12:54 pm
ambrose. she had disappeared saturday after going to a bar with her friends and twin sister. investigators say she left that bar around 11:00 p.m. and was spotted in surveillance video a few blocks away from the bar where two men invited her to walk with them. until today, her family had no idea what had become of her. fox boston is reporting that there will be a news conference at 6:00 p.m. in addition, fox boston said she was found in the same area, charlestown across the river where she had last been seen on video. in addition, is reporting that there has been an arrest. we don't know on what charges and who the suspect is or what grounds or under what grounds they brought that suspect into custody. we are told that this missing woman who has now been found has been taken to a nearby hospital for observation. more news ahead as that news conference begins in about two
12:55 pm
hours. the teacher's strike in los angeles appears to be at its end. the mayor and the teacher's union reached a deal to end the walk out. now the board of education must ratify it and teachers are expected to be back in the classrooms tomorrow. they wanted a raise and fewer students per class. demands the district first argued could bankrupt the system. after a week-long walkout, they struck a deal for the second largest school system in the country. hillary vaughn reporting live from los angeles. >> hi, shepard. the l.a. school district superintendent says they're spending every nickel that they have with this new deal. the proposed contract includes a 6% salary increase, class size caps that will lower the teacher student ratio over four years. although funding important more
12:56 pm
nurses and libraries. union leaders and school district officials announced the agreement today after a marathon negotiation session that went all night until both sides finally landed on a deal early this morning. this is the l.a. teacher's first strike in three decades. cost the school district more than $125 million. school should be back in session though if union members vote to approve the new contract tonight. the union president says he's confident it will pass a vote. there's a catch. negotiations for this contract took almost two years. this deal today is mostly retroactive and expires june 2020, which means soon they'll be back to the negotiation table to do it again. shep? >> shepard: thanks, hillary. from fortune 500 to main street, companies are stepping up to help out federal workers that are set to miss a second paycheck friday if lawmakers don't reach a deal today.
12:57 pm
susan li reporting live in new york. >> hi, shep. no paycheck, but bills and mortgages of course still need to be paid. first, if you need cash or a loan, we have several businesses that are offering to extend that to federal workers so if you have a paypal account, the online payment company is offering $500 interest free up to $25 million. that's the amount that they're giving away. u.s. bank, navy federal union, old national, the u.s. employees credit union all offering interest-free loans to qualifying workers being impacted by the shut down. what about credit card payments? not being able to pay it off. if you're not getting paychecks, bank of america, chase, wells fargo, allied financial and discover. they say give them a call and they can try to work out payment deferrals on your visa cards and plastic cards. all the major telephone companies like verizon, at&t, t-mobile have been offering flexible payment plans for those being impacted by the partial shut down. if you're hungry, there's plenty
12:58 pm
of discounts and free food options being offered across the country and around the washington d.c. area. being out of a second paycheck is getting you down, let's say you need entertainment, the harlem globetrotters are offering free admission to their shows. several nonfederal museums are also offering free museum admissions. and from cannabis, a social media platform, one of the largest bud trader, offering free cannabis for those unable to get access to their medical marijuana prescriptions. >> shepard: say that again? free weed? >> you said it. free weed. >> shepard: that's what it is. >> for the medical marijuana users. >> shepard: my guess is they'll have a line. >> prescription. >> shepard: i got it. i don't know what is going on over there. all right. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> the dow had a great day extent it didn't.
12:59 pm
the problem is china and all of the -- 28 of the dow 30 are in the red today. largely this is about fears of china's growth slowing so much. i mentioned earlier that they had the slowest growth rate in about 30 years. stocks touched sessions lows and the s&p 500 falling more than 1% after sales of existing homes fell more than expected to a seasonally adjusted rate of right at five million. that is the lowest in just more than three years and it's mostly due to rising home prices and higher borrowing costs. that's according to the fox business network, which is reporting on that at this moment. i just got word that there there be a vote on thursday, the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, and the senate minority leader, chuck schumer are on the floor now. they have cleared the motion to proceed and there will be a vote on thursday. the sides reached an agreement for the vote. thursday the senate will vote on
1:00 pm
the president's plan and then the senate vote open the democratic plan. this will happen 2:30 thursday. both are closure votes meaning they need 60 votes. they don't have 60 votes unless something changes. "your world" neil cavuto now. >> all right. more on that big pitch by mitch slated for 2:30 on thursday. we're going to hear the senate leader's chance to try to get this shut down shut down. to get things going. he's got to get some democrats to go his way. you need 60 votes. we're a long way from that. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. in "your world" today, the government still shut down in the 32rd day but a possibility 48 hours from now it could be dwindling. that is the shutdown. let's get the read from peter doocy of the capitol with the latest. hi, peter. >> neil,


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