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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 22, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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with secretary of state mike pompeo come out tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern, do not miss it. we look forward to bring that to you, all the best. tucker carlson is coming up nex next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" ." for a few overheated hours on saturday a group of boys from a catholic high school in kentucky became the most hated figures in america, television anchors denounce them as bigots, journalists with harvard degrees called them privileged, republican commentators called them bad christians, a famous actor said that they should be punched in the face. some on social media called for them to be killed. they stood accused of mocking an elderly vietnam veteran, un-american indian man and doing it in the shadow of the lincoln memorial. it had no inherent news of
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significance, it didn't mobilize troops or reopen the government but as a symbolic event it's hard to remember a moment more galvanizing in washington as they read their twitter feeds, the leaders of this country were in rare and solemn agreement. these teenage monsters, these remorseless thugs from our backward provinces are living examples of all that is rotten and immoral about america, that was the concessions on saturday. suddenly the story exploded, popped like an overfilled balloon animal. new footage emerged and it turns out the boys never attacked anyone. in fact they stood in place as others approached and harassed them. people did indeed scream racial epithets but it wasn't catholic kids from kentucky, watch. >> a bunch of child molesters!
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>> look at these [bleep]. >> a bunch of babies. a bunch of babies made out of incest. >> tucker: whatever it is you just saw on that tape it does not confirm what they were telling you one saturday on twitter, just the opposite. the official story was a lie, who knows what would've happened if the tape you just saw has never been posted to the internet, they would probably be living under assumed names by now. instead the facts exonerated them and implicated their accusers from brunch tables across washington reporters rushed to delete their outraged tweets. some of them even apologized for passing rash judgment and good for them. amazingly many others pretended as if nothing had happened, they acknowledge the new tape, they kept up their original attacks.
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being woke means never having to say you're sorry, senior political analyst whiston powers now says the boys are guilty of disrespecting an indigenous elder, that elder would be nathan phillips the man with the now famous drum. there is growing evidence that he concocted key elements of the story as well as parts of his own biography and he's done it before. the press isn't rushing to find out, kristen powers doesn't care one way or the other nor did she say how the boys disrespected phillips. identity politics doesn't concern itself with tales like these come it's not about individuals or what actually happened to specific people on a given day. identity politics is a set of moral judgments about groups, some groups are always right no matter what the tape shows. laura wegner didn't even bother to look at the tape, wagoner is a reporter at deadspin, that used to be a sport site before the revolution began. she described the boy's behavior
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as racially charged frenzy, barely contained violence that was committed by a frothing mass of maga youth. she went on like this and anyone who disagreed with the assessment is a racist. there is literally nothing in the record that documentary record on tape or the testimony of anyone to support any of her claims. every word is just made up out of nothing. imagine if someone was writing things like that about your son. at covington catholic, classes were canceled today thanks to people like laura wagner, there were too many threats. here are two seniors from the school. >> several media platforms blatantly lied about the events regarding the controversy in d.c. and it has affected this as a community and individuals greatly. there have been many threats against our lives and our parents, some of these threats include that we should all be
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locked in the school and it should be burned to the ground, the school being bombed, school shooting threats, i myself wasn't even present but i'm very vocal about defending my school and my peers and i have been doxxed on three separate occasions. there are real consequences for these and it all spews from a 32nd clip taken out of a two hour video out of context and people jump to the conclusion before the whole story was released, nobody did their research and its now showing. >> tucker: you would think somebody at some point in media land would wonder how all of this misreporting is affecting the kids who were falsely accused. but no, there is no sympathy for covington catholic in america's newsrooms. in the mind of your average reporter, these kids are a different country, less than that, they are from a hostile country a place we must subdue for our own safety, that's the attitude and it may account for the left's embrace of violent
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rhetoric in the age of trump. back more than a year ago when cnn anchor is publicly defended nt for, it seems like at the time they might have misspoken they didn't know what nt 4.0 was. now it's clear they know exactly what antifa was. the ruling class has told us they are fine with punching, now they are okay with punching children. mr. wilson, thank you for coming on, i want to read the court in place you didn't hear it from la wagner of deadspin "a racially charged frenzy of barely restrained violence committed by a frothing mass of maga youth, frenzied and yelling and out of control, those boys that you chaperoned. does that ring a bell? >> it doesn't ring a bell at al all, there were boys waiting to go home on the bus, they were
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waiting to do the cheers we normally do at the end of the lincoln memorial on the steps. they were behaving themselves, they were occupying themselves talking to one another and then they had to grown adults yelling things at them they started doing their school cheers to offset the noise that was being presented to them while they were waiting for the bus. >> tucker: were the school cheers racial epithets? what were the school cheers? >> they go cch -- i don't have them memorized. they do a wave while they're sitting, they will do different types of cheers, there's one cheer in the film you see it, the boy comes down and takes off his shirt and they flex their muscles and scream loud, that is
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a cheer that he'll see on the football field or the gymnasium. it was more of a defensive mechanism then it was some sort of attack. >> tucker: why do you think people who weren't there are mischaracterizing what happened? >> good question. i think it was because the poor judgment oh four overtook that story and ran with it and then it just fed on people's worst expectations and that's why myself, my wife, the community people there rodney, rick, joe, we all got involved and started pushing back on social media. we tried to find, see if anybody had tape of this that we could put on the internet to combat what was going on. >> tucker: these are young men who are about to launch into adulthood, go to college, get
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jobs, start families, what effect do you think this will have on them as they do that? >> i think it is going to be a learning experience for them. i think they are going to grow from this, right now we are all hurting. we don't like what has happened to our sons, to our boys that we watched grow up be attacked like this. the character of these boys -- i know they're going to get through this and be good men but they're going to learn from this. >> tucker: we played tape of two seniors from covington catholic saying they had received threats, are you aware of threats? >> yes. apparently someone somebody weh a directory and people in the community who had last names similar to the families were getting calls with death threat threats. they didn't have boys going to that school.
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>> tucker: is there any recourse to these families? when somebody like laura wagner who has a platform mix false and defamatory charges against children, is there any way to clear their names and to punish someone who would do that to kids? >> i'm not an attorney. it's slander. it's an attack. it's using one's power to appoint where it causes damage. >> tucker: final question to you, how are the boys holding u up? >> the school's slogan is "a spirit that will not die." and they are embracing that. >> tucker: thank you very much, i appreciate it.
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matt bevin is the governor of the commonwealth of kentucky, thank you very much for coming on. you haven't reacted very much to this, i know you've been watching it carefully, what's your assessment of what happened on friday? >> i was assuming that i could not weigh into the drama but there had been so much effort to get my response that today i did put out a series of three tweets back-to-back-to-back giving my thoughts and my assessment is this. the level of bigotry that was evident throughout this came from one side entirely and it was twofold. it came in the moments prior to the little snippets that set people into a tizzy when there was true racial bigotry shown by people that were with the fellow drumming when they told people to go back to europe that it wasn't their country, receding even that as people were yelling some incredibly vile and racist things these teenaged students, none of that was covered.
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that was the only true racism and bigotry that was evident on that day. since that time, there has been an incredible amount of bigotry shown by the media. the people who took us and ran with it who didn't verify anything, the people who made assumptions about these kids because of their color, because of their gender, because of their faith, because of where they lived, because of the half they were wearing, people didn't bother to do the basic checking of facts that anybody who was worth their salt in the media should have and would have done because this fit the narrative and the stereotype and the bigotry that they wanted so desperately to be able to run with. i find it offensive the people have insulted these students. could they have themselves in every instance perhaps behaved more gentlemanly? probably so. as somebody who has a 20-year-old and six teenagers to boot, i can tell you teenagers sometimes act silly and goofy
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and irresponsible. these children acted far more responsible during the course of that 20 minute interaction or so than any of the adults that were involved. >> tucker: do you think the reaction from the media, the analysis would have been different if these kids would have been from west hollywood or cambridge or washington for a pro-choice march, do you think they would've at the same treatment? >> without a doubt, i guarantee you -- this idea that they instigated this by wearing something that has political overtones, give me a break. how many times did people where "hope" t-shirts with the emplaced image of our previous president without having to be blamed for inciting violence by doing so. they were exercising their free speech they had every right to do so and they weren't even speaking in large measure during the course of this. simply wearing a slogan that has been associated with something political should not be attacked and vilified, they have done such harm to these kids. it reminded me of so many things
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such as had occurred at uva and duke, and even richard jewell in atlanta years ago, the media rushes to judgment and it is so irresponsible. as i pointed out to my tweet earlier today, there are none so intolerant as those who preach tolerance to all the rest of us. there are none so quick to judge as those who tell us to be nonjudgmental. >> tucker: governor matt bevan of kentucky, thank you so much. covington student nick sandmann will have an interview on "the today show" tomorrow. >> do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology, do you see your own fault? anyway? >> as far as standing there, i had every right to do so. my position is that i was not
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disrespectful to mr. phillips, i respect him, i would like to talk to him in hindsight i wish we could have walked away and avoided the whole thing. >> tucker: the fact the interview took place turned out to be too much for many on the left, progressive activist amy siskind has called for a boycott of nbc. she's an ivy league grad who left a high-paying wall street job to host the vanity podcast, the teenage kentucky catholic school student is the definition of privilege. how do you think the media have handled this story in the past three days? >> appallingly. what's so striking about this is it's a phenomenon we have seen over and over again, not only did we just have an episode in which the special counsel's office had to come out and deny
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a widely picked up the story from a marginal new site, buzzfeed and all who jumped on that were embarrassed by that, no sooner has that happened not to mention the chain of other bad stories that have gotten a lot of attention then this episode comes along and it seems some of our media colleagues just cannot learn their lesson. these things that happen when you see them at first blush are so very wrong, and it happens all the time with natural disasters, it happens all the time. even some of our colleagues on the right leaped on the bandwagon here and had to eat their words and at least they did that britain what is even more appalling is the reaction of those who attacked and then when the evidence came out that made it clear that their original view of things was all wet, they continue to stand by them anyway, that's amazing to me. i would think they would be so
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mortified they would attract their stories, take them down from twitter, apologize and remain silent but no. you see people doubling down, i'm totally astonished by it. >> tucker: i find it amazing that maybe we have that unique industry in the media where you can be as wrong as you want, you can be as malicious and reckless as you want and nobody ever gets fired, is there any other business like that? >> it can happen, people do sometimes get fired when the story ends up wrong. the problem is we have these social media sites where instantaneous commentary is all the rage. people want to weigh in, they want to weigh in immediately, they want to be heard and display their awareness of things. they want to have something to say about them. they want to get out there. you would think once burned he wouldn't want to put your hand
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on the stove again so quick but it happens over and over again. the striking thing about it is so much of it is so dishonest. i don't know amy siskind but her taking savannah guthrie and "the today show" to task for allowing this young man to be heard is just astonishing. it is so intolerant. to claim that is an example of privilege is utter nonsense. is it privileged to have your side of the story told when everybody else has been out, so many other people are out with a false narrative, i don't think so. i can't imagine what a person like that is thinking. >> tucker: here's what you know for a fact. when someone uses the term "privilege" as an epithet, you can be certain that person is more privilege than you are, every single time.
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congresswoman alexander ocasio-cortez to be the future of the republican party but that is meaningless because she said the earth itself has no future. wow. details after the break. i'm a veteran
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and the army taught me a lot about commitment. which i apply to my life and my work. at comcast we're commited to delivering the best experience possible, by being on time everytime. and if we are ever late, we'll give you a automatic twenty dollar credit. my name is antonio and i'm a technician at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. >> tucker: since her shocking primary upset of established democrat, number three in the house last summer, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez of new york has emerged as a symbol
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of the democratic party's futur future. 74% of democrats would support her as the country's nominee but she can't run until she's 2024 -- will the world even make it that long? that's the question that hangs in the air after an interview ocasio-cortez did monday. she warned climate change could destroy the planet very soon. >> the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it? this is our world war ii. >> tucker: joy murdoch is a contributing editor, he doesn't
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end sentences with a question mark -- like, what are we doing here man. does it make you rethink whether you want to reverse mortgage, if you really believe that, how would you live? >> well i think i'm going to leave the studio and fill up my last will and testament. it might not be 12 years it might be two or three years. >> tucker: who would your material effects go to if the entire earth was destroyed? >> my friends on to mars and i suppose. >> tucker: there are things about her, i take seriously. i agree with her on amazon relocating to new york. but this stuff, the climate stuff, why does nobody ever pause and ask none of the adults in america assuming there are any left and ask what do you mean the world ends in 12 years? can you be more specific? why does nobody ever pressed that question? >> on the left in particular
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there are a lot of adults who repeat that sort of thing. back in 2006, former vice president al gore predicted very soon we would have arctic melting and we wouldn't be here very much longer, we have gordon brown the former prime minister of great britain i think it was back in zero nine, we only have 50 days grand total. somehow we lasted well beyond that. we have a lot of these hysterical predictions about global warming, it's apocalyptic, we're all going to die in the of these people are not called to account when in fact the ice caps don't melt, we are still here, the studio isn't flooding with water. i don't see water on the floor. >> tucker: the only sector of our economy that has grown recently is the energy sector. that is the very sector that the green new deal would eliminate, flat-out eliminate.
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if you wanted to destroy america, wouldn't you do that first? >> it would be a good way to do it, we are now exporting oil which is the first time in my lifetime i can remember that happening. we are the largest producer of oil and natural gas. this is not good if you are vladimir putin and now you've got a so-called russian agent in the white house boosting oil and gas production -- if ocasio-cortez got what she wanted, this so-called green new deal would put tremendous pressure on those jobs, it would boost oil and gas prices, energy prices and make a lot of people poorer. this woman has only three weeks experience in congress, her nickname is aoc but we should change her nickname from aoc to dnc because she is running the democratic party. she is the tail is wagging the entire donkey of the democratic party. >> tucker: very quick, how
5:27 pm
terrified and resentful do you think nancy pelosi and chuck schumer and steny hoyer and all of the elderly mandarins of the democratic party -- how much would they hate aoc? >> this is the first time she's been in office, she's not even 30 years old, every time she opens her mouth she gets tremendous attention, radical ideas like let's abolish ice, that was a crazy idea six months ago, she came out for it, now it's a standard plank of that democratic party. i think she's running the democratic party right now, remarkable. >> tucker: she's everything they deserve. in the wake of the march for life, planned parenthood is hitting new highs in revenues and the number of abortions it commits and that you get to pay for involuntarily, we got the new numbers on that after the break
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>> tucker: during the 2016 election you may remember republicans promised their voters they would defund planned parenthood if they were given power. voters gave them power but the party never delivered, in fact they never barely mentioned it again -- whatever happened to that promise? planned parenthood is still around, still getting hundreds of millions of taxpayers dollars a year. 2013 was an especially great year for them. if the organization committed 330,000 abortions, they also took in just under $564 million
5:32 pm
in tax dollars, that's 20 million more than 2016 in case you're keeping track and we are. tammy bruce is a radio host and president of independent women's voice. what i think is interesting about this, not only did republicans in congress not do what they promised to do when they ran but actually the problem they described got worse, how did that happen? >> this is what is fascinating to people, why there has been a general revolt in the republican party. they hear promises four years, almost a patronizing attitude placating the masses on the issues that matter to us and it's not even whether or not you are pro-choice or pro-life. this is about the allocation of hundreds of millions of tax dollars, the l.a. teachers went on strike because they argued they don't have enough money for enough teachers for the library,
5:33 pm
for textbooks and yet hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare for planned parenthood and i'll give you an example of white's corporate welfare. in 2015 revenue over expenses profit, $77 million. and in 2017 a whopping $244.8 million profit of revenue over expenses in the same year that we gave them more taxpayer dollars. this is about the use of our taxpayer money but also on an issue where there is not agreement in the united states, where abortions are not something that americans think -- i don't think, for me this is about keeping government out of our lives and out of our medical care. but at the same time it's the 21st century. the power of saying no is the important dynamic when it comes to making choices about what informs the future of our lives.
5:34 pm
across the board. women no matter what your position should be appalled at this kind of money being used but then at the same time you've got a ruling in texas that has lifted an injunction from the state of texas where they want to pull back some of the money that the state gives them and now they are going to be able to do that because of questionable practices in the planned parenthood in texas. all women deserve no matter who is giving you medical care or any other medical health care framework, we deserve to be told the truth about what's happening, we deserve honesty, we deserve companies that follow state and federal law. everyone should want more from every medical provider and in this particular case when you're looking at the kind of profit we are dealing with, planned parenthood doesn't need federal funds to exist but they use it to say we need this to exist and then it becomes a political
5:35 pm
argument, it becomes their way to get out the vote politically. >> tucker: it's the campaign arm of the democratic party, we've been trying to book paul ryan on this show, i would be interested to ask him what did you do for two years, do you remember the promise that you made? he's busy i guess. >> he was busy not repealing and replacing obamacare. >> tucker: he had a lot on his plate. well, the movement against abortion has some reasons for optimism last friday the same day as the march for life we just heard, tammy mentioned a federal appeals court lifted a lower court's order that blocked texas from kicking planned parenthood off medicaid. their efforts were prompted by undercover video showing how planned parenthood harvested fetal tissue for profit, that's not creepy or anything. david delighted is the founder of the center for american progress who produces those videos and he joins us tonight. the reason i think no one ever
5:36 pm
wants to talk about it as you could be for legal abortion and still look at this and think that is the most grotesque thing i've ever seen in my life. >> at planned parenthood it's abortion first and abortion always and capitalizing on it. as you heard your previous guests talk about, not only is planned parenthood rake in more tax money than ever before, bringing in more private money donations are doing more abortions at making more than ever before, as the videos i did for center for medical progress show, the undercover videos show that planned parenthood resorts to criminal abortion methods to harvest more marketable body parts and this is something that is horrifying to everyday americans, something that treats their patients as if they are just harvesting pods or a cash crop for planned parenthood. planned parenthood is under active in federal investigatio.
5:37 pm
>> tucker: it looks to meet you just caught them flat out doing that. it's dehumanizing, grotesque, no one wants to live in a country where that happens and it's also illegal, you can't sell organs. why has no one been indicted for this? i'm sincerely confused. >> so far at the very least there were two very good investigations done, multiple criminal referrals that went to state and federal law enforcement. in southern california, the district attorney did bring an initial case against two of planned parenthood's business partners in southern california, the first successful prosecution of their baby parts trafficking networks, $7.8 million settlement chart and the company's down and they admitted guilt for selling body parts for profit that they harvested at the local planned parenthood. now everyone is waiting for the u.s. department of justice to do their job and hold planned parenthood accountable the same
5:38 pm
as any other organization, the same as we would expect from any organization that's in violation of federal law. it's something that a federal appeals court has now looked at the evidence and said this is probable cause. >> tucker: this is it even the argument over roe v. wade or the argument over abortion itself and you would think republicans and the congress if they actually paid attention could win this debate because who was for that? who could possibly before that? >> not a lot of people are for it and the people who are forts don't want to say publicly and go on your show. >> tucker: they are welcome, i can barely even describe it but they always have a spot on my show. thank you for doing important and deeply unpopular work. california won't save its failing middle-class, they will save people from hearing harmful pronouns in the legislature. pronouns kill, and the message california after the break.
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>> tucker: an update tonight on the dysfunction of our federal immigration system. according to a recent report by the associated press, in the past decade the u.s. government has approved more than 5,000 requests to bring child brides into this country. child brides. that is not a euphemism, that means girls younger than 18 and in some cases much, much younger, too young to sign contracts, too young to vote, too young to be forcibly married. transported to this country to married men typically far older than they are. in one case, the husband was 48 years old, the child he married was 14. is this legal? for most americans it would not be legal, although a few states
5:43 pm
have a minimum age for marriage but those laws do not apply to immigrant spouses, for them there is no minimum age. at 13 her family flew her to pakistan to conduct the marriage ceremony and told her to petition the u.s. government to allow her adult husband/cousin to enter the country -- that position was granted. this is not a mere cultural difference, no 13-year-old child can meaningfully consent to marry. in the united states if an adult has with a middle school or, we call it rape. but when government bureaucrats grant petitions they consider only whether the marriage would be legal in the person's home country. pakistan has a different definition of marriage and a rape than the west does, many americans may not understand how different. by sanctioning her forced marriage at the age of 13, america became an accomplice to
5:44 pm
slavery. she spent the rest of her childhood in group homes and in foster care, american officials don't care about her or any of these girls, we know that because this sort of thing happens all the time. there are at least 150 cases of american officials helping a minor child to unite with a spouse 40 years or older. this is an attack on american values by american bureaucrats. there is a reason why almost everybody was disgusted by the allegations that roy moore may have romantically pursued young girls. it's creepy and it's wrong. americans have always felt that way because this has always been a civilized country. records from 17th century new england showed the colonists felt that way too, even then they were not marrying children. americans view child marriage as backward and predatory because it is. yet at the same time our immigration officials are doing what they can to normalize it and bring it here.
5:45 pm
will congress do anything about this? they easily could. democrats say they are the party of women and women's rights, why not prove that? why not introduce legislation in the house tomorrow, right a bill that bans the importation of children as spouses, it would be a rare bipartisan achievement, something that benefits america and sends a clear message about what sort of society we are and plan to remain. congress won't do that, just like they won't take ms-13 seriously or stop giving citizenship to the anchor babies of chinese tourists. there is no american value that is so precious that our leaders won't throw it away for the sake of more immigration. lawmakers in california haven't gotten around to fixing the states in the infrastructure or vanishing middle class but they are at the forefront of another fight rewriting grammar. last week the chair of the state senate judiciary committee
5:46 pm
announced that only general neutral pronouns will be permitted on her or rather their committee. >> so that we are using what my grammar teacher would've had a heart attack over, we are using the phrase "they." my grammar teacher is long gone and i won't be hearing from her. from them! exactly. from they! >> tucker: jason nichols is a frequent guest on this show, they will join us now. it's good to see you. i'm really struck, this is a function of human nature but the left is susceptible to it. any dumb trend that comes along is accepted immediately and mindlessly by people who should know better. >> like maga hats? >> tucker: they are calling for the election of a specific
5:47 pm
person. all the dumb people decided pronouns were bad and we decided to go along with it. >> i don't think they are saying pronouns are bad. they are saying you should be referred to the way you choose to be referred to. someone who was a man who identifies as a man, we can call that person key. someone who identifies as a woman, that person can be she. a person who is gender nonbinary can be they or shim or whatever pronoun they choose. this bill and i call people whatever you want to be called. i think that's your right. out of respect i go along with it, that's not what they are saying. they are saying you are not allowed to use gender pronouns. that's very different. >> i find that problematic. i believe people should have the opportunity to choose what they want to be called. >> tucker: there's a problem here, this is a california.
5:48 pm
more than 10 million people speak spanish at home, spanish is a gendered language. that means it is structurally transphobic. will they allow spanish to be spoken, a gendered language in the committee room? >> there are people in the united states, there is latino latina, and latin x. >> tucker: that's english, that's how english speakers describe it but there's no effort to impose these ludicrous rules on spanish. why not call california california asked? if we are meaning consistent. if >> california can't choose. >> tucker: they're not leading us choose. if you said i would really like you to call me this out of politeness and decency which i sincerely believe in, i will.
5:49 pm
they are forcing people to say something stupid -- shouldn't that be the point where the rest of us say i'm not playing along? >> your calling it stupid. i don't think it's stupid to say -- there are people many years ago who said his name was cash's clay, we aren't going to call him muhammad ali, that's stupid. up to me, whatever you want to be called whatever you choose. >> tucker: i'm for calling him muhammad ali, because he wants to be called that. no problem. this is a command that requires people to refer to people who have not asked to be called this by a plural pronoun when it's a singular person. it's grammatically incorrect, awkward, it's dumb, it doesn't serve the interest of anybody and it applies to all of us. >> languages living and breathing it changes, it shifts. if you listen to how people talk
5:50 pm
in the 1920s, they don't talk -- they don't speak english the same way they speak english today. >> tucker: isn't that an organic process? is not because a terrified bureaucrat decrees that you must say this. >> we are in agreement about decreeing that you have to speak one way or use a particular pronoun for everyone. i don't like mandating that all. >> tucker: very quickly assess the response. we both agree with this. why don't both of us next time we hear it say no, i'm not playing along with your fantasy, leave me alone. are you afraid to do that? >> if i were there i would say i will prefer key. i will call someone who wants to be called say or whatever pronoun you choose. >> tucker: shir? >> that's another one, not quite as popular.
5:51 pm
>> tucker: i just don't think we ought to be coercive we always have to get coercive. the fire of freedom burns brightly in your heart, i appreciate that. we have even more information tonight, we think this is important we are going to report it whether people mock us or not. the pentagon's top secret program investigate ufos. that's real and we will investigate after the break. our grandparents checked their smartphones
5:52 pm
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>> tucker: top secret pentagon research projects have been the stuff of conspiracy theories, but some of them are real. they actually happened and are worth knowing about. this week in response to a freedom of information act request, the intelligence agent gnc disclosed that it research into ufo technologies. it would involve the invisibility cloak, work drives, and antigravity. spending $22 million from 2007- 2007-2005, and was initiated by harry reid of nevada. one of the world's experts, and this one investigating ufos, joining us tonight. thank you for coming on, it does sound like the core assumption of this research was that ufos
5:56 pm
are real. >> yes, it really does. this is something of a bombshell, i think. for months the defense intelligence agency and the dod have been trying to spin this story as well, it is just about advanced aerospace weapon threats, but now we have this document which shows quite clearly what they were looking into. it is nothing to do with airplanes. it is as you say, antigravity, invisibility cloaking, wormhole and work drives, some of this is about space travel. >> tucker: these ideas are derived from objects that the u.s. government observed in space, presumably? >> well, we still do not know much of the story. we really only have a handful of papers and documents on this. i got this from the dia office of corporate communications, and we are still trying to digest what this means.
5:57 pm
there are 38 papers that today produced under this contract. defense intelligence documents. looking at things that frankly sound like science fiction, yet they are not. our tax dollars have been spent on looking at this. and there is one of these papers that act absolutely is critical. it is looking at something called the draped equation, and the draped equation is supposed to be a way that astronomers can calculate how many intelligent civilizations there might be in our galaxy. well, look at, if this is not a ufo program, if this is about russian and chinese aircraft, what the heck are they looking at that for? >> tucker: why one into the u.s. government just say, i don't think that it would be controversial, we think it is possible that there are alternate forms of life in the universe and we are looking into it. why hide that? >> i hope that is what they will
5:58 pm
now say. we know that this letter, which i have now acquired, and has been released under the freedom of information act, we know that this went to congress. we know that the armed services committee is looking at this very seriously. they are also looking into those videos that we have talked about before of the navy jets chasing ufos. so i think that the real question is what going on behind the scenes? and i'm hoping that in the next few weeks, congress is going to say more about this, and the armed services committee will speak out. maybe we will have public hearings were all of this will be revealed. >> tucker: so former senate majority or harry reid who was in a position to have access to the information for certain has basically said in public that i know a lot. i think that this is real. but he has not gone further than that. have you spoken him? has anybody spoken to him? >> i have not spoken to him personally, but i have seen the interviews and the statements. i've seen one of his documents.
5:59 pm
for anyone who is trying to say that this is not about ufos, it is about next-generation aircraft, missiles, and drones, no, it is not. harry reid has made it perfectly clear that this is about anonymous objects in our airspace, called them ufos, whatever you like. we take them seriously. the government has been looking at this. >> tucker: why all the lying? that's what piques my interest. nick pope, thank you for all of the work that you do on this. the interest work that you have done. i appreciate it. that is it for us tonight. and let me just say, there is an awful lot of lying. and none of it happens by accident, all lying in washington is designed for the e people telling the lies. and it is a tantalizing clue where we will press a little more. so we will. we will be back tomorrow night, the show that is the sworn enemy, sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness,
6:00 pm
and groupthink. a dvr if you can figure it out. congrats if you can. and above all, have a great night. sean hannity from new york right now. >> sean: i think i have this. >> tucker: put it on the fridge. >> sean: great show, thank you. a busy night here on "hannity," the halls of covington high school were empty today, the doors were locked, the classes were canceled after students received death threats. once again the violence left wing mob in america has been unleashed, we sent to lawrence jones down to covington, kentucky to see what locals think about the vilification of some of their students. to take look at this. >> do you think that there was a rush of judgment on those whole thing? >> i think that on multiple levels, both sides rushed to judgment. >> there was a rush to judgment. >> that's what happens on social media, somebody has a cell phone nor will post a clip and we see that and that is the first reaction.


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