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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  January 22, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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lower fears and strengthen community policing among immigrant communities. >> sean: is it a manufactured crisis? we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the hate trump media. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is standing by with a great show. >> laura: it's a crisis to the families who lost our loved ones, as it is every day. >> sean: how is it a manufactured crisis? i thought we were concerned about separation. this is permanent separation. >> laura: how about the concern about women, spousal abuse, domestic abuse? the horrific crimes against children. these are actual violent criminals. not everybody but enough to be a crisis at our border. when it's want american or an illegal immigrant, it's part of our extended family. this is crazy. it's got to stop. >> sean: 90% of heroin, add that to the list. >> laura: bingo. i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" ."
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the left's electronic character assassination. that is exposed tonight and the focus of our angle. boy, that was quick. a few days after we learned the truth about the incident at the lincoln memorial involving some pro-life high schoolers, and native american activist, and a handful of hateful black supremacist, then media sure want to put it all in the rearview. >> the school, the diocese and the nearby school closed today. we will see what happens tomorrow but right now people are trying to come to grips with everything that happened and hopefully take a breath and move on. >> laura: of course the school wants this over. they stupidly fell for that nefarious defamatory spin and jumped on their own students students. the school still hasn't retracted its initial statement of the condemnation. it did so for the diocese which is shameful.
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the group that i think has the most to lose includes the bottom feeders from the info entertainment industry. they seized on it as an easy opportunity to brand young trump supporters as racist. >> everyone who sees that smug look wants to punch that kid. look at that face. you want to punch the face. >> and indigenous elder, yelling build a wall exposes it has nothing to do with border security. it's an issue of race and white supremacy. >> laura: the video doesn't show these kids chanting "build a wall." the elder confronted them, walking towards the students. they didn't surround him. so how did this nothing story become subject to a bonfire? twitter furnished us with a big clue. on monday, it suspended the account of 2020 fights. it was that account that first disseminated the edited one minute long video of the
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confrontation and the meme that set this entire narrative in motion. like quicksilver, the video was used for more than 2.5 billion times. erect out more than 14,000 retweets. of course major media then picked it up, lapped it up. cnn business asked twitter about the identity of the party or parties controlling that account. good for them. it saw a discrepancy between the bio and supposedly a california schoolteacher and the profile picture. it is that of a brazilian blogger. the profile didn't match the bio. finally twitter suspended the account, claiming that "deliberate attempts to manipulate the public conversation on twitter by using misleading account information is a violation of twitter rules." well, twitter has some pretty tough rules against abuse and hateful conduct policies that are unfairly at times applied to
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some conservatives are just speaking their mind. twitter's rules state clearly that "you may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone or insight other people to do so. we consider abusive behavior and attempt to harass, intimidate, or silence someone else's voice." it goes on. "you may not promote violence against or threaten or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, identity, religious affiliation." it forbids the dissemination of hateful imagery on twitter. given all of that, perhaps not only the account 2020 fight but other twitter accounts need to be suspended. the writer wrote a book about god and so forth then tweeted a photo of nick sandmann and said
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have you ever seen a more punchable face then this kid? if that's not an incitement to violence, i don't know what is. sandmann's family has been harassed. bounties have been put out. the wildly unfunny trump haider kathy griffin, she posted a tweet talking about doxing the kids. how is it not using twitter to harass and threaten and with the prospect of violence in the air, some commentators move to all-out dehumanize these kids. like cnn's ana navarro in a now-deleted tweet, she called the covington students that are a hyphen wipes.
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miami must be so proud. a tweet saying you don't let your kid wear a maga hat and then act offended. others were the worst. they were using these innocent students to advance their own anti-trump animus on twitter. father edward tweeting my feelings about the covington boys are unchanged since the first reporting. boys should not have been permitted to wear maga hats if they were representing the school. what? okay. you can't have any political feelings if you are a student. buzzfeed reporter revealed herself when she tweeted this picture of the covington high students next to brett kavanaugh. shocker. one theme of the conversations over the past 24 hours, how deeply familiar this look is. it's a look of white patriarchy
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of course but that familiarity, the banality is part of what trumps the visceral reaction. this isn't spectacular. it's life in america. long-winded tweet. actually it's life through the eyes of a true hater, some on truly intolerant. this is how white men look. look. look at the faces. what are they supposed to look like? i thought everyone was supposed to look however they want. isn't that how liberalism is? their own truth, whatever they want to look like a supposed be okay. not if you are a white guy who happens to be a catholic and wearing a maga hats. for a moment, assume a racist put up a picture of two black men and said the exact same type of thing that she did about this student and brett kavanaugh. replacing the word white with the word black. do you think twitter would allow that person to remain on their platform? well, they wouldn't and they shouldn't. ditto for aunt helen peterson, her comment is racist.
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today joy behar in a moment of perhaps accidental candor revealed what this was all really about. >> why do we keep making the same mistake? >> because we are desperate to get trump out of office. i think that's the reason. i think the press jumps the gun a lodge because we have so much circumstantial evidence. we are hoping that cohen has the goods and what have you. >> laura: on the buzzfeed story and this one. here is our wish: that this type of sadistic online savagery be shut down by twitter and other powerful social media platforms. it's time they started evenly enforcing the rules of conduct against all parties, including ones on the left. and that's the angle. by the way, this just in. we are learning about this.
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rob sanders, who is the kentucky county prosecutor in kenton county, which covers this covington catholic high school area, they are looking at perhaps this terroristic threatening statute in kentucky that involves online threats and threats against schools. by the way, if prosecuted successfully, it's a felony. they are taking it very seriously and the commonwealth attorney as well, multiple threats against his family, their home, and their well-being. here now with reaction, attorney and rnc committee woman harmeet dhillon and former u.s. assistant attorney, fox news contributor, anti-mccarthy. it has been two days. leftists called for violence against the students. and for their doxxing. a lot of these tweets remain up to this moment in time. now, the rate is always policed
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by twitter. why not these folks in a more expeditious fashion, harmeet? >> thanks for asking me. i have dealt with twitter and its terms of service on several occasions, written them letters because my clients were conservative writers and journalists, having been taken down for no reason or no explanation. twitter has repeatedly allowed very despicable contact, gruesome threats of violence to stay up on its platform when the political causes right. what we are discerning from this is that twitter's terms of service which are a contract are not being applied evenly, and that would actually give twitter user grounds for a suit on various series in the california law and other states. hopefully someone will hold them accountable but now they are not being held accountable on a contract basis and our government is not doing anything to police the fact that they get away with the because they have immunity under the communications decency act to do whatever they want.
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we do this is ridiculous. no, no, someone is going to get badly hurt and when people say it's the first amendment. it's free expression. there can be no action -- no, no. andy, i am all for the first amendment. i think there should be a vigorous debate of the issues and i'm not for clamping down on that type of speech. but this is not that type of speech. what they are doing is putting their lives in danger, and this is a classic left-wing trotskyite tactic. they are trying to make these kids afraid of speaking out, being pro-life, being catholic, being conservative, being a trump supporter. they are succeeding. a lot of these kids are really scared tonight and where are these people worrying about the kids? 24/7 they are all about the kids. trump is mean to the kids. these people are made to the kids. go ahead, andy. >> laura, i think harmeet is completely right about the contractual aspect of this.
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what you are pointing out right now is a category of speech or categories of speech that have never been protected under the first amendment. incitement is not protected. threats are not protected. i think the only way you ever put a stop to this is if you start to prosecute people and make an example out of them. i just don't see a great deal of energy in that direction. but that is what has to happen. speed do people have to demand it. harmeet, we have heard from some of the students and i've got to say it's inspiring to see how they are weathering this, pretty well. they are not political kids. they went to a pro-life march, the annual march in the united states. that's what they were doing. they found themselves in this situation. 14, 15, 16-year-old kids. this is what two of them said today in a youtube video that was released. let's watch. >> there have been many threats against our lives, against our parents. some of these threats include
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that we should all be locked in school and it should be burned to the ground. the school being bombed. school shooting threats. it's really scary. >> i have been doxxed on three separate occasions. this has led to a tsunami of hateful messages, threats, and everything. >> laura: harmeet, i am telling you. we are all worried about school safety and school shooters. horrific things have happened in our country but now we have people who are putting their name on this that call themselves comedians or they are late-night hosts or news organizations that throw gunpowder on an already raging fire by giving this legitimacy without any reporting, real reporting. we are going to get into this in a bit about the native american elder and what his background is. no curiosity about this. the narrative has to be a kate is wearing a maga hat, a white
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male at a pro-life march, he's got to be guilty of something that we are going to find out about it. i find it to be absolutely reprehensible and someone has got to go to jail. someone has got to go to jail or someone is going to die. >> someone gets hurt or there is a shooting or something happens to their families. the news media that irresponsibly spread the story around, viciously in some cases spread this story around. >> laura: andy, andy. yeah, sorry. >> lawsuits against the news media. they do not have immunity from publishing. their lack of curiosity and repeated publication of known false information in this matter does expose them to liability. >> laura: all right, hold on. hold on. i've got to get andy. okay, really quick, really quick. savannah guthrie in an interview that's going to run tomorrow. we don't have time to play it. she asks nick sandmann, the main kid who i had a chance to talk
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to today, she asked him do you feel from this experience that you owe anybody an apology. do you see this as your own fault in any way? she had that very concerned look on her face. oh, come on, savannah. you are better than that. >> it goes to what you were saying. the fact that they had the maga hat on must mean they are guilty of something. no, no, the maga hat is the guilt because what's now prevalent here is that we are about narrative here. we are not about objective reality. the fact that they are wearing that hat feeds into a narrative that basically you are condemned by wearing it. to the extent that they said they were expressing all of this hateful rhetoric when in fact the video disproves it. it doesn't matter because to them, the hat symbolizes the hateful rhetoric.
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what difference does it make whether it was actually -- >> laura: the school and the diocese and a bunch of liberal trump hating catholic priests jumped on these kids too. i can do the whole show. i feel like doing the whole show and canceling the other topics. this says about who we are with the country in political speech and the left is being -- thank you. our next guest says between the buzzfeed report by the covington brushfire, this is the right time to address the electronic lynch mob. victor davis hanson joins me. it is more than a pile on. tammy bruce said this today on my podcast which everybody has to listen to. she was phenomenal. she said laurel, this is a type of virtual reputational murder that's taking place because these kids, look at these kids
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face. not they are. on "the today show" ." he looks like he has been through hell and high water. how do we stop in for good? >> the classic western when they stormed the jail and tried to lynch the innocent man, they either succeeded or failed when the sheriff came out with a double barrel shotgun. metaphorically our sheriff's facebook and twitter and they are on the side of the mob. these people feel they are not going to be censored. there is no downside. it is hard to sue people under our system for defamation of character or even for conspiracy to commit violence. we don't see it very often. more importantly, people don't get fired, laura. look at one of the authors of the buzzfeed -- he had been fired again and again and again. leopold. >> laura: jason leopold. >> there were no consequences. when it was released that these were young innocent kids, they are not going to be very ready to fight back and they had maga
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hats on and they were white and they were catholic and they were -- it was a turkey shoot for all of these bullies. when you look at the upside, when you combine the electronic mechanism with the hate trump, that result is theirs two value values. extremism and rapidity. there was like a dog race almos almost. who could get out first and then virtue signal that i was the first one to attack these kids. and then the next was who can be the most extreme? i said beat them up. no, i said shoot them. for in them up. >> laura: someone's head in effigy. the media have not learned anything. >> there is no downside. >> laura: i love hearing al sharpton. then you had another case. then you have the fraternity at uva. then you had "hands up, don't shoot." that goes on and on.
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>> what's happened is when you have silicon valley and you have a great fortunes in america, bloomberg or apple or google, all of the great money and foundations in hollywood and the media and the universities, this story starts out and it's a false -- force multiplying effect and that permeates our entire society. when you look at the other side, we don't have those resources. when our conservative ranks are bifurcated, there were people in the never-trump side who joined in because they felt it was the magic key that would unlock the analysis of trump. i'm going to get on it and prove these kids had maga hats and therefore i was right. >> laura: it was a venn diagram. we are out of time. the venn diagram of the never-trumper and the accusers of these kids. there was an interesting
7:20 pm
intersection and you're absolutely right, people like robbie george at princeton whose work i respect but he was a big never-trumper. he jumped on this kid. very well respected catholic professor but he pulled it back. some of these other people really haven't pulled it back because they hate trump. they are absolutely raging with hatred and donald trump and they don't care what collateral damage that they leave on the roadside. >> the downside is more than the outside. >> laura: victor, thank you so much. you're absolutely right. people have to pay for what happened here. we have some breaking news on what else native american activist nathan phillips was up to last saturday. you will not believe what the media didn't tell you about him, and that's next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass we know that when you're spending time with the grandkids every minute counts. and you don't have time for a cracked windshield. that's why we show you exactly when we'll be there.
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♪ [ ] it's bedtime. peace of mind should never be out of reach. [ voice command beep ] xfinity home. xfinity home connects you to total home security you can control from anywhere on any device. and it protects you with 24/7 professional monitoring. i guess we're sleeping here tonight. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. call, go online or demo in an xfinity store today. >> laura: it wasn't just the evil white kids narrative that was so tantalizing to the media but so too is the story of nathn phillips, the native american activist with a truly heroic back story. >> sparking outrage. a video showing high school students coming face-to-face with a native american veteran at the lincoln memorial. >> i want to thank you for your service. we know that you are a veteran
7:25 pm
of the vietnam war. >> school and local dioceses have apologized to the phillips, a vietnam veteran. >> laura: now multiple outlets offering corrections noting that it was in the -- he was in the marines during the war but never served in vietnam. so he was a vietnam era vet. still important but nevertheless a correction in order. there are some other stories coming to light. this past saturday, the same guy, phillips, very busy over the weekend, and his group of activist attempted to storm -- check this video out, washington, d.c.,'s basilica, the national shrine during evening mass. there they are. a guard, they haven't change the drums. a guard telling the catholic news agency "it was really upsetting. there were about 20 people trying to get in. we had to lock the doors and everything." apparently they locked the parishioners inside. now given phillips' media remark since the standoff with covington, especially his commentary about their education, is it fair to ask whether there is an
7:26 pm
anti-catholic bias at play? here to discuss, the president of catholic league, bill donahue. bill, anti-christian, anticatholic, the commentary and i want to read something to you, bill. this is a quote from mr. phillips. sunday to "the detroit free press." "the black israelites, those knots that were screaming at the monument, the lincoln memorial, they were sayt some of it was true too pay the young white american kids were being taught in their catholic schools, their doctrine, their truths. when they found out there's more truth out there than what they are being taught, they were offended. they were insulted. they were scared. that's how they responded." the seething contempt for the catholic faith as expressed by him. he has since kind of cleaned up his rhetoric but what do you think about that? >> it wasn't the white kids who called the indians savages. it was the black thugs. this guy didn't go over after e
7:27 pm
blacks, did he? the hebrew israelites. he went after the catholic church. he tried to storm the church. that's what the nazis did in germany. they went into the synagogues to disrupt the services. if you try to disrupt a religious service, it's against the law in washington, d.c. it's also a hate crime. there were three groups here, laura. only one was not involved in anything racist and that was the white kids. the indians with their making -- storming the church. the blacks made comments about blacks which are racist, whites which were racist. they attacked puerto ricans. they attacked catholics. they called the indians savages and somehow the only group with did nothing to provoke any of this is the one being blamed by the left media. >> laura: the black as relates, the media ran right over what they said. they didn't focus on what they said. they called the boys incest babies. it didn't make sense and it was
7:28 pm
ungrammatical. it was the most cruel, horrific. this is what they do and this is their big act. but mr. phillips himself, i mean, he keeps kind of passing himself off as a vietnam vet but when you talk to vietnam vets have served in vietnam and they are very sensitive. i spoke to one in particular. i wish she would come on the show but maybe he will tomorrow. one in particular who is not happy about that. big difference. marines taken very seriously. not to disrespect any service but marines take that particular phraseology very seriously which i did not know until today. >> i'm not going to join the pity parade. this guy is a vietnam era vet. guess what, so my. i'm a senior citizen. he's not. yet he's regarded as a frail elder. this guy is an activist. he's a thug. >> laura: a professional activist. >> absolutely. he knew what he was doing. he was badgering the kid. he wanted the kid to say
7:29 pm
something vile. he never did any how the restraint and shame on the diocese of covington for not standing by him and so many other people. i have no problem with people like robbie george made an absolutely wonderful apology. and others. >> laura: he shouldn't have jumped on them. ed back, james martin. these are leftist priests who revel in anything they can reflect badly on the presidents. they are so political. i suggest they stick to the gospel and stay out of politics. they are driving people from the catholic church. most catholics i i know don't e it one bit. >> both of those guys are guilty. worse than what you indicated. >> laura: the supreme court today gave the trump administration a small victory as it allowed president trump's executive order banning transgender individuals from actively serving the military to
7:30 pm
go into temporary effect. the vice president of the lgbt research at the center for american progress called his policy and the result today dehumanizing. while they doj is arguing due to lower courts issuing nationwide injunctions, our military had been forced to maintain a prior policy that poses a risk to military effectiveness and lethality for over a year. here now, retired u.s. army lieutenant general jerry boykin and kristin beck, a transgender retired navy seal. good to see you both. a recent survey of u.s. active-duty troops, i'm sure you're aware of it, and veterans, found that 61% of respondents do not approve of transgender people in the military. so what are those 61% missing? given their own experience. >> i just don't understand the lethality and effectiveness part. i don't know if those 61%
7:31 pm
actually understand what the military really does. we are a peacekeeping force. we do many more things, and if you want to talk about lethality, i served 20 years in the navy seals and i think i was pretty darn lethal and i was very effective at my job. >> laura: when you served, you are not, you had not changed your gender or gone through treatment though, correct? >> that's correct. there is many transgender people that are like me that want to serve and it doesn't mean we have to suddenly start wearing dresses. there is trans and then also, female to male. there's immense amount of knowledge and information from 18 countries around the world who have had transgender people serving in their militaries. they've never had a problem. i don't understand. >> laura: a lot of transgender people -- yeah. >> 18 other countries are already have transgender people.
7:32 pm
>> laura: transgender people who have served in the military say we just want to be part of the grating fighting force ever. these are patriotic people. they want to serve their countr country. the injunction doesn't necessarily meet all transgender people can't serve. there is a long list of -- most people probably can't serve. for instance service members who have been stable for three years and their biological sex prior to joining the military can serve. people diagnosed with gender dysphoria can still serve. >> that's right, laura. i would be remiss if i didn't start by saying that kristin served honorably and in fact serve with valor. >> laura: absolutely. who doesn't love the navy seals? >> she served in the navy's finest combat unit. i applaud her and thank her for her service. however she served as a male and she did not go through her
7:33 pm
transformation until she was out of the navy. now, what this report allows and what the supreme court decision today determined was that those who came out when mr. obama said you can come out if you are transgender. they are allowed to stay in the military. anybody that has come out and admitted they are transgender are now able to go, stay in the service until they separate either by retirement or by some other -- maybe an injury or something like that. >> laura: kristin, do you see any reason whatsoever that this should be an issue of morale or the fighting effectiveness of unit two units. you were a navy seal. i know a few seals. unbelievably tough.
7:34 pm
0.0001% of the population or fewer could actually do it. the upper body strength, the physical strength required is stunning. i have nothing but incredible respect for what you did. but if you are in transformation, how could you meet those standards especially if you were in the process of transformation? you couldn't be on other drugs and be part of it in other words. >> yes. there is definitely going to be some things we need to overcome and there's going to be some hurdles. this is the same hurdles we had to face in the 1950s when there was an integration of african-americans -- >> laura: it doesn't go to strength. he doesn't go to physical strength. >> i'm using the example that there will be hurdles and we will overcome those hurdles. i think i might have lost a little strength. i think i can only bench press about 250, maybe 289. i think i went down by 20 or 30 pounds. >> laura: unbelievable. wow.
7:35 pm
general, my prediction is this injection is probably fully overturned. we will see. we will follow it. by the way, an nfl player denied one last shot at the super bowl because of a blown call. he will join us from the new orleans saints. ben watson is next. let's put down roots. let's build something. let's do the thing that you do. let's do the thing that changes the shape of everything... that pushes us forward and keeps us going. let's do the work. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees
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>> laura: the nation as a whole and certainly the "who dat" nation are still stunned after the saints lost on sunday in the nfc champion game due to
7:39 pm
a blatantly missed call or two. in the aftermath, the nfl admitted it messed up. >> getting off the phone with the legal office, they move the call. >> what explanation did you get. >> they blew the call. should never have not been a call. they said not only was it interference, it was helmet to helmet. they couldn't believe it. >> laura: but for the saints and the players, fans, the admission is little consolation. here now is raymond arroyo, fox news contributor and member of the "who dat" nation. i can't believe i said that. more colorful responses from the new orleans residents. >> the entire "who dat" nation is still in mourning. >> laura: if you say that one more time. >> unlike other places, -- this isn't a team. it's like a part of our way of life. in new orleans, there four things. faith, family, food, football. in the fourth quarter, of the championship game when the rams nickell robey-coleman literally
7:40 pm
around saints receiver tommylee lewis with his helmet, everyone assumed that two calls were coming. they never came. saints fans take this very personally and they have coped with the grief and unbelievable ways. signs of popped up all over the city courtesy of local businessmen. one blares "haynes got robbed." another "nfl blew it." since it is new orleans, one a protest with food? the bakery, i saw this the other day, selling a cookie with the image of the head referee with a slash through his face. in our local papers, they are selling, the headline "rafting unbelievable." there's a petition with nearly 700,000 signatures asking for the nfl to invalidate the rams victory and demand a replay of the championship game this sunday. the new orleans city council is weighing in. they have issued asko >> laura: what are they going to do? >> demanding answers.
7:41 pm
everyone from the owners of the saints demanding clarity. she doesn't want other people to go through this. the governor. john bel edwards of louisiana. asking roger goodell to clarify it so no one goes through it again. >> laura: patrick caddell. patrick caddell. >> dill the dell, isn't it? roger. >> laura: i don't like him. >> i don't care for him either. there are two lawsuits filed. loss of enjoyment to life. they want the nfl to pay up we are suffering we are trying to . >> laura: hundreds of millions of dollars. the players, the local community, over time. the next year, your contract goes up of the super bowl. raymond. joining is now someone who understands the pain in the particular way, here now a "the ingraham angle" exclusive is ben watson, tight end for the saints of course. who is retiring.
7:42 pm
i'm so sad. then, i know this is tough. what you experienced as he watched the referee totally ignore these infractions near the end of the game. you didn't play because you were injured, which we are also really upset about. but what now, ben? what now? what we take from this? >> first of all, you have to console your kids because they are trying to figure out what happened. we have a saying that we have as athletes and this is an imperfect game played by imperfect people. obviously refereed by him. humans who are refereeing. i have no words. there's no words they could console myself or my family. or the "who dat" nation are football fans in general. as a league, we try to put forth a product that is full of integrity, something that we can be proud of. these sorts of things happen, but the sad thing is there's no remedy. that's in no way to take anything away from the rams.
7:43 pm
he was a hard-fought game. when you have a noncall of that point in time in in the game where things are in the clutch and it's time to be decided, it just doesn't sit well. that's not how either team wants to win or lose. >> laura: ben, what do you think about the rule changes are now being debated? i listened to almost nothing but sports talk radio over the last 48 hours. i was upset about a lot during this game. there was a lot of things that could've gone differently. i don't think the saints played their best game. drew brees, i don't think he played his best game and i think he knows it. the 57-yard field goal was unbelievable. the rams kicked. that was incredible. no rules change, is that where we are going? we are going to review every play? >> i think the league is constantly evolving and over the course of my 15 year career i've seen rules change. something that happened in the game and then the next year the competition committee comes together and creates a rule to fix it. those things happen because it's
7:44 pm
an imperfect game and when it comes to this, obviously i think there will be a huge discussion in february by the competition committee about how do we prevent this sort of thing from happening? how can we be sitting here a couple days after championship weekend and not celebrating the two teams that are in there but talking about some missed callse best at what they do. it may be something, as i say it, simple but being as important as being able to review a pass interference call and also one that didn't happen. a lot of times pass interference calls happen that shouldn't be called. there needs to be something done. again, that doesn't console us. it does make us feel better, but we understand that life goes on. in many times, life isn't fair. >> laura: no, it isn't. jason whitlock, i know you know jason. he was speaking today about the saints and the reaction. let's watch. >> the saints are not victims, not in my opinion.
7:45 pm
victims are targeted. the referee who failed to call the penalty on this pass had no intention of harming the new orleans saints. in fact, his motivation was to protect the integrity of the outcome. he failed to act because he didn't want a judgment call by the referees to decide the game. >> laura: jason right? >> he is right to an extent. referees that if the end of very important games, playoff games with super bowl implications, the referees don't want to determine the outcome. they want to say let the players play. but when there is something it's obvious is that, you have three referee standing there, that's a time when a flag needs to come out. there needs to be a call made. i don't -- i'm not saying that the referee's intent was malicious but i can say he did not do his job there. when you look at the game, we -- look, as a player, you want to win the game on your own terms and we had a chance in overtime. we got the ball first and over time and we weren't able to
7:46 pm
drive down the field. there were other opportunities for us to win. looking at the game, there will be rule changes but it won't help for where we stand right now. >> laura: i've seen all the pictures of your kid. my question is are they playing football and which one right now wants to play in a band, bad way? maybe come back and play the super bowl sometime when he's a little older. revenge this loss. >> yeah, my 7-year-old. my 7-year-old, isaiah. it clicked for him this year. the younger ones don't really get it yet but my 7-year-old, we were just outside throwing the football when he got home from school today. he's the one that took of the hardest. he's the one that's always talking about playing football. i think we are going to wait a little bit for him. it's up to his mom and me. he would play baseball or golf or something with guaranteed contracts. >> laura: [laughs] okay. oh, come on. i've seen them playing. we need to get those watson kids on the field. ben, great to see you. you've had a nonbillable career
7:47 pm
and you been such an inspiration to young people in this country and i've been following your career. what you have done for the community and with your family and just who you are as a man. forget a player. we salute you and we thank you. it's more important than any super bowl. that's all i can say. >> "who dat." >> i appreciate it. "who dat." >> laura: from city squares to college campuses, american history being systematically eradicated. is it an exaggeration? it's not. it's happening at notre dame next. gy... but we can guarantee the best price on this hotel. or any accommodation, from homes to yurts. booking.yeah
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>> laura: covering up our history? that's what the university of notre dame is doing right now. in a shocking announcement, the school says it will cover these murals. i just saw them in september when i was at the game. dating back to the late 1800s, christopher columbus in america. the university president father john jenkins, liberal, so students and faculty have been complaining for years. poor babies. claiming the murals don't show the darker side of the story. joining me now is cat the student and correspondent. catherine, let's start with you. did the school give opposing views and opportunity to make their arguments against the
7:52 pm
covering up of art? >> you know, hi, laura. thank you for having me. it is interesting to see how the native american perspective was of course embraced. but it was seemingly impossible to have a conservative viewpoint on this issue. especially with the idea of covering up or in this case erasing history. as an important part of learning where we need to go in the future. we need to knowledge the evil things that may have happened, no matter how unfortunate. >> laura: well, and pretty much all of history includes a really scary and bad and evil things. and yet we want to see history. jonathan, the same thing happened at dartmouth college when i was there, these things called the hovey grill murals. they were native americans and the person who founded dartmouth and it was a bit of a caricature depiction. there is a huge fight over the
7:53 pm
murals. the ultimately covered them, then they open them up and then they moved them off campus. this is going back to the '80s. this whole thing about covering murals, moving burials continues. why is this liberal to cover art? >> it's not covering arts. they have said, the university so they are going to reproduce them in hd and people will be able to go see them but they will be in proper context. >> laura: they had little pamphlets. i was there in september. i thought they were actually really beautiful. they are really beautiful, they had pamphlets explaining the context. but the pamphlets weren't good enough for the antihistory people. >> is not appropriate. i hope our mores will change. these were done in the 1800s, the late 1800s. i hope our mores have changed a little bit since the late 1800s. to move them, cover them up and say that's not where we are anymore is absolutely the right step. are to still going to be available but these things need to be put away in museums, places where we know this is where we were.
7:54 pm
it's not where we are. >> laura: caroline, this is what "the new york post" pointed out today. notre dame will cover problematic columbus tapestries. this is the kind of thing the iranian regime does and we criticize it as philistine barbers in britain only in the u.s. academy is done in the name of progress and liberality. i think about the taliban and taking, smashing historical carvings and they can never be reproduced. i'm not trying to compare the murals but you can find a fence and everything. i'm sure there people who look at the dome and see, you know, our lady on the dome. if you don't believe the catholic faith, you might be offended by it. right? there she is. i bet you could probably get 300 students somewhere who say that our lady offends them and they need to change the name of the university. do you see where this goes? art is almost meant to offend.
7:55 pm
i thought that was the cool contemporary art thing. offend people. >> but not to make a monument to people. columbus referred to as native american saying that they would make great servants. that was his first observation. >> laura: should we take down the washington monument? >> analyzing things is not dangerous. >> laura: i think more debate is great. i do believe this is where we are headed. >> there is a hall right next door to the dome called washington hall. how far will we drop the bar in terms of having a standard for what must be censored. that's the true problem here. censorship. to have history, you need both sides, the good and the bad. to pursue that evil should not be condoned. but if you don't even know what the evil is our people are shielded from that evil, then what's the point of having a historical dialogue in the first place? >> laura: we want more speech,
7:56 pm
not less. how about another mural expressing another point of view. don't cover or destroy murals. it's a historical and it's not liberal. great conversation. thank you. big show of support for president trump's wall. we will tell you who it's coming from next.
7:57 pm
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7:59 pm
♪ spatiotemporal the last bite, candace wants at turning point usa just held her first brexit rally in l.a. over the weekend, it stands for a black exit and
8:00 pm
the movement that aims to encourage minorities to abandon the democratic party, here's what they were chanting at the weekend rally. speak out the wall! >> that is all the time we have tonight. we "fox news at night" a team takes it from here. >> shannon: thank you so much, great to see you. begin with a fox news alert, a showdown over the state of the union on capitol hill and democratic leadership appears divided over whether to let the president addressed a joint session of congress next week as he originally team invited him to do. plus, senate republicans said he will put democrats on the spot but not one but two opportunities to vote to reopen the government. what i do it? also tonight come the left and right are comparing the viral covington catholic student confrontation to the frenzy over justice brett kavanaugh's confirmation process. what conservatives say they are


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