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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 22, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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congrats if you can. and above all, have a great s night. sean hannity from new york right now. >> sean: i think i have this. >> tucker: put it on the fridge. >> sean: great show, thank you. a busy night t here on "hannit" the halls of covington high school were empty today, the doors were locked, the classes were canceled after students received death threats. once again, the violent left wing mob in america has been unleashed, we sent to lawrence jones down to covington, kentucky, to see what locals think about the vilification of some of their students. take a look at this.r >> do you think that there was a rush of judgment on those whole thing? >> i think that on multiple levels, both sides rushed to judgment. >> there was a rush to judgment. >> that's what happens on social media, somebody has a cell phone will post a clip and we see that and that is the first reaction. >> sean: with little evidence, no context, yes, the hate-trump media, vilifying a
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group of teenagers over what is a 30-second clip showing oneha high school student who is wearing a "make america great again" hat looking at a native american man who walked over to him while others danced in the background. there was so much more to that that you got in the 30-second clip, but that did not stop the rush to judgment.d. no presumption of innocence, right? how many times do we go through this? after a march for life rally in washington, d.c., the native american man named nathan phillips walked up to the group of high school students, not the other way around.ri and according to phillips, he dwas drumming to defuse what was a tense situation after another radical group on the scene named to the black hebrew israelites targeted the highce school students with some of the most despicable, racist, derogatory language you will ever h hear. and according to "the washington post," this militant group has frequently raised red flags for the anti-semitic, anti-christian,
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anti-gay, anti-asian, antiwhite views. the harassment of these high school students was revolting. take a look. >> that's what makes america great again.. a bunch of child molesting, [bleep]. just like your damn donald trump. >> look at these dusty [bleep] crackers. with that racist garbage on. look at these dirty [bleep] crackers. that's right. >> that's why everybody hates who are [bleep]. >> that's right. >> it is a proud face of man, woman, and child. >> sean: without any of the context or asking any questions, the mainstreamhi media, they rushed to judgment as they often do. after all, red maga hats were trumpved, so they must be
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people, and according to many people on the left, the original 32nd clip was more than enough to demonize these teenagers and try to ruin their lives forever. called racists, bigots, and much worse. and others called for them to be expelled from school, some called for violence against the kids.d a writer, nbc, "saturday night live" will perform a sex act for anyone who would punch the student in the face. reza aslan tweeted, "honest question, have you ever seen a more punch both face and then kid?" it is a kid, follow the word, kids. one journalist was fired after he wrote "i just want these people to die. simple as that, every single one of them and their parents." and kathy griffin back in the news, calling for the high schoolers, their names and addresses to be publicly released. doxed. and sadly the vitriol did not end there, rosie o'donnell calling the kids horrible,
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smug, and other names. actor patton oswald calling the kentucky teen a privileged little [bleep].. calling him a mocking, condescending, disrespecting a-hole. and on "the view" a moment of truth. why did they do it? let's listen to joy behar. >> many people admitted that they made snap judgments before these other facts came in. but isn't that, we just instantly say that's what it is based on what we see in that moment, and then we have to walk stuff back when it turns out that we are wrong. why do we keep making the same mistake? >> because we are desperate to get trump out of office. that's why. >> sean: just imagine becoming so deranged everymp minute, second, hour of the day with trump rage and hate that you smear a young teenager over a smirk a and he is wearing a "mae america great again" hat. imagine being so angry with the president of the united statesn that you actively try to ruin the life of a child that you
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don't even know. imagine being so full of hate and rage that you send death threats to a group of catholics school kids that you knowra nothing about. on nbc news, the teenagers seen in the now infamous video was asked if he wanted to apologize, watch this. >> do you feel that you owe anybody an apology? do you see your own faults? in any way? >> um, as far as standing there, i had every right to do so. my position was that it was not disrespectful to mr. phillips. i respect him. i would like to talk to him. in hindsight, i wish wees could've walked away and avoided the whole thing. >> sean: i wonder if nbc news is going to pose the same question to the black hebrew israelites that called those kids every name in the book. sadly, on the left, this is nothing new, no due process, n presumption of innocence.
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american fundamental fairness, all because of political bias, high school kids? look at your screen, sharon atkinson put together an extensive list, and by the way, not the complete list, 64 pieces of fake news, huge stories in the trump era, we saw it on sunday, all driven by hatred, nearly every media outlet has beene responsible fr what is a constant stream of faulty reporting, propaganda, miss information. each story attempting to malign the president or someone around him. or his family. it is sad, petty, and erodes all confidence, not only in the press, but in government and worse, it often destroys the reputation of good, innocent people. that's why we on this program, we always say don't rush to judgment.op .give due process. wait for the facts to come out. in the '90s, when everybody else in the media was accusing
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richard jewell of being these sole bomber in 1996, because he was old, single, white, and as "the atlanta journal-constitution" reported at the time, he fit the profile of the lone bomber because he lived with his mother. this is what we were saying. take a look. >> richard jewell, 33, a former law-enforcement officer fits the profile of the loan bomber, this profile generally includes a frustrated white man who was a former police officer, a member of the military orfr police want-to-be who seeks to become a hero. you see that in the newspaper, what do you think? >> well, you know, it was not me. i would like to know where they got their profile from. several parts of that, you know, police want-to-be. in the state of georgia, i am a certified police officer. i'm just not working for a police department. >> sean: he actually thanked me, he was listening to me on
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the radio on "the atlanta journal-constitution" reported that. he said you were the only person that said that does not mean he did it. it ends up richard jewell was a hero that day. and during every high-profile incident when the left-wing mob rushes to judgment, duke lacrosse, fake rape allegations, uva, ferguson, missouri, justice kavanaugh, the cambridge police, so many more cases, we always urge restraint. they always rush to judgment. take a look. >> we are talking about the besmirching of people's character and trying this and rushing to judgment in the media, that's where i have my biggest problem. i understand a community has been upset about an 18-year-old kid that is now dead. i want to get to the truth here. but like in every high-profile case the rush to judgment. you saw the prosecutor marilyn mosby, did you feel that this was a rush to judgment? a political prosecution in place?
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do you feel that this was done to appease those saying no justice, peace? it is not fair to ford, it is not fair to justice kavanaugh, the allegations are serious, it should not be rushing to judgment and no due process and no presumption of innocence. >> sean: 1996 richard jewell taught me a valuable lesson. so in this program we do not try to ruin the lives of ordinary americans, we believe in our constitution, due process, the presumption of innocence for all people. those are in a label, god-given rights. it is paramount to the survival of our constitutional republicm we will have a lot more on this throughout the show tonight, but it is time for another chapter of our "hannity watch" on socialism, alexandria ocasio-cortez is fast becoming the face of the democratic party, and her grandiose ideas are downright scary.
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on monday, she bashed the american dream and called making a lot of moneyt "immoral." okay, take a look. >> what kind of society do we want to live in? are we comfortable with aa society where someone can havee a personal helipad while this highest rates of people experiencing homelessness since the great depression? where do we draw the line in excess? maybe this idea of idealizing this outcome, of maybe one day you too can be a billionaire and own more than millions of families combined, it is not an aspirational or good thing. >> do you think it is moral for individuals to, for instance, do we live in a moral world that allows a billionaire? is that not a moral outcome? >> no, it is not. it is not.
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>> sean: that is the person that is overseeing wall street on the all powerful house financial services committee. think about that. a socialist overseeing the a world's premier capitalist markets in the world's greatest economy.y. every other economy reacts to our economy. and it gets even worse. political reporting that sheec will serve on the veryy. important government oversight committee. and when she is not attacking the american dream, she is actually making a prediction. the world is going to come to an end in 12 years. because of global warming. take a look. >> millennials and people, gen z, and all of the folks that come after us are looking up, and we are like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we do not address climate change. and your biggest issue is -- your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?
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and like, this is our world war ii. >> sean: this is now your new radical, extreme, socialist democratic party. do not believe me, think again. look at the new poll from e axios, 74% of democrats are so radicalized that they would consider voting for ocasio-cortez if she wasas old enough to run for president,ca make no mistake, democrats will definitely choose someone just as radical, for example kamala harris, after she announced that she was running for president on monday, the california senator raised over $1.5 million in just 24 hours and is seen as a likely frontrunner. don't be fooled, the media will try to paint her as an experienced moderate. her agenda is just as radical, though, as ocasio-cortez. she compared i.c.e., those that put their life on the line every day to protect our. borders, well, as a perception that they just like the kkk.
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and she supports california sanctuary city and state policies. and shows that she does not care a lot about due process. remember, she was one of the leaders in the rush to judgment on justice kavanaugh. even releasing a deceptively edited video, why? to smear him. and speaking the video, harris as serving as attorney general in 2016 teamed up with planned parenthood to target pro-life activists david delight in, remember him? after he exposed a series of undercover videos discussing the sale of fetal body parts. and it did not stop there, that is illegal. harris then sent agents to rate his home and whatre his attorns called was an impressive abuse of government power. and it happened while she was running for the u.s. senate, on pro planned parenthood platform. and when she was champion women's rights, one of her own longtime aides, larry wallace, he was forced to resign laten'
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last year after a $400,000 sexual harassment settlement came to light. and shortly after, she denied any knowledge, but her hometown paper, "the sacramento bee" fired back in a blistering editorial writing that "wallace was not out on the periphery of harris' staff, he was a senior aide that she knew for 14 years, hardly a stranger." and flatly denying any settlement seems, shall we say, far-fetched. this is hypocrisy plain and simple, but in all too familiar story among democrats on the issue of border security. we have an update, "hannity watch" on the borderng in the government shutdown,, nancy pelosi, chuck schumeran e still refusing to even sit with the president who invites them almost daily. never mind compromise to end the government shutdown and protect our borders from drugs, and that element of cartels and others, gang members, and worse. we know the risk over an unsecured border. 90% of the heroin in this
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country comes through the southern border. police unions are warning of the deadly consequences if we do remove i.c.e. and we monitor developments on the suspected murderer, believed to be in the u.s. illegally. trace gallagher will be here tonight and he will have the latest in the program, now the president is still standing strong, tweeting, "without a wall, or country can never have board or national security. with a powerful wall, or a steel barrier, crime rates on drugs will go down all over the u.s.." the dems know this but want to play political games, must finally be done correctly, no cave."no this comes as a president is moving forward with plans to deliver a state of the union address even after speaker pelosi urged him not to give it because of the phantom shutdown security concerns that she made up in her own tonight it is still unclear whether the speech will be delivered in the d.c. swamp or perhaps somewhere much better.
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joining us now to discuss all of tonight's breaking news, white house press secretary sarah sanders. good to see you. does the president have any reaction to ocasio-cortez, the congresswoman's prediction, millennials think like that, we're like the world is going to end in 12 years if we do not address climate change? any official white house position?s >> i don't think that we are going to listen to her on much of anything, particularly any that we will leave into the hands of a much, much higher authority. and certainly not listen to the freshman congresswoman on when the world may end.d. we are focused on what is happening in the world right now. we wish that democrats would engage in that conversation and fix some of the current problem that we know exists and work with us to get some things done.. particularly on the border and fixing the national and humanitarian crisis. that is what we are focused on. not things we will leave up into the hands of something and
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someone much more powerful than any of us. >> sean: let's go to the issue of the shutdown where we are.hi the president made a proposal to the democrats, by the way, they rejected it before it was even, some of them rejected it before they knew what was in it. these are supposed to be things that the democrats like, dreamers, daca kids, et cetera, on top of 4, 5 years ago they were in favor of building the wall and sounded like the president, but they have been offered one invitation after another, they refused to sit down and they send aides and surrogates instead of themselves sitting down. at this point it sounds like the president will have to just go it alone. do you have any news about that on any front? >> look, sean, i hope that the president has to go it alone. one thing i know is that republicans have been in lockstep with the president, because we believe in getting something done. the fact that democrats went out before the president even put his proposal forward on
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saturday and rejected it, shows us exactly where they are. that is that they are not looking to solve problems, but they are simply looking to kick the can down the road.d. and obstruct any progress being made whether it is on this issue or anything else. we have seen no indication that democrats want to work with the president to actually fix the problems facing thisbl country. i think it is a sad day in america when nancy pelosi rejects an idea before she has even heard it. but unfortunately, i think that she is showing us exactly who she is and what her priorities are. that is not the american people. the onlyho person in this procs and in this back-and-forth that is actually doing something to help the 800,000 federal workers, that is actually stopping the opioid crisis, and stop human trafficking, stop the security crisis at our southern border, is the president. democrats claim to care about these people and claim to fix problems, but they don't want to do anything about it.
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they want to ignore the problem and attacked the president. i think that that is a very, very sad day. and it shows us what a leader is and what a leader isn't. the president is a leader, and nancy pelosi is nothing more than an obstructionist. >> sean: let's go to the latest state of the unionla address, where are we there? >> nancy pelosi invited the president, he accepted, she cited security concerns as a potential reason to delay that. the united states secret service and dhs have addressed those concerns. we are moving forward until something changes on that front. >> sean: will the president consider other options if the house is not open to her? i don't know where you will get 535 members of congress and invited guests, you know, in washington.f i'm sure that there isd a plac, but i don't know where that is. >> i don't know if there would be a place that all of those members would attend, but the president focuses on speaking to the american people. it is something that he does every single day. nobody does it better.
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and if nancy pelosi chooses to go in that direction, thebo president will continue to speak to the american people. and i'm sure that he will do that on that evening as well. >> sean: let me ask youn about what happened friday with buzzfeed, and if it is true, you had literally every major newspaper, every single network, so-called news channels over 200 times go for if it is true and then spend hours after houro after hour saying impeachment without any verification. there was a list of 67 media mistakes in the trump era, the definitive list. i printed out literally 47 small print pages of the "washington examiner" of mistakes that the media has made in the reporting of the president in one year alone. that would be 2017. his reaction to it, and the president's branding a fake news, is that forever etched into the minds of the american people when they see events like this on friday and
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followed by covington and what happened to those students? >> honestly, sean, we hope not. we hope fake news does not become the forever brand of the news media, because it is not good for the country.he as the president said. he would love for people to report things accurately. what happen with buzzfeed is a great lesson for the media. quit trying to be first and start trying to be right. we have seen time and time again where they run outtr here with ridiculous stories. one person reports it to begin with, and they all jump on it. we saw it again with the covington students. i've never seen people so happy to destroy a kid's life. when that becomes the norm in the media, in america simply because they are associated with this president, that is disgraceful. that should never happen. let's hope that this is a lesson to all of the media, to everyone, let's focus on getting things right, not getting them first. >> sean: okay, sarah, thank you for being with us.
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coming up next, mark levin live, and later lawrence jones is live in kentucky asking residents what the media rush to judgment in the covington you will not see this anywhere else. and breaking deep state news tonight, "the hill"'s, john solomon, an explosive report. the clintons feeding russia phony narrative, believe it or not to the n fbi. we have the evidence. everything we have been telling you about for years is proving to be true. biggest abuse ofof power, corruption scandal in the history of the country. that and more coming up straight ahead. ♪ that and more coming up strat ahead. ahead. my name is jeff sheldon,
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country, they want to abolish i.c.e., open borders, baseless mere jobs. the new left committed to destroying the president and his agenda and in the process that would mean your prosperity at all costs. that is not one of their priorities. joining us now to talk about this and much more, call him the great one. the host of the number one show sunday night it's 10:00 eastern here on fox, "life, liberty & levin," the greatst one, thank me. h we have a lot going on in this country. we have a rush to judgment look at buzzfeed. we have a push, nancy pelosi cannot even sit down, she is so pulled to the left by her party.y. os the president has givened on da and dreamers. everything they say that they wanted, they still will not sit down with him. you have a lot of democrats who we'll see more during the presidential campaign wanting 70% taxes and confiscation of wealth, what you make of it all?we >> what a mess.
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let me start with the media. poll after poll, survey after survey shows that the media are liberal and democrat. and they don't disappoint to liberals and democrats. we have a packed media with a groupthink mentality. and i wrote this down before i came here. w there are no uniform binding standards among the news outlets. no clear line between news and opinion. this is an opinion show. i give an opinion. you give an opinion. that is clear. but news is different, isn't it? no universal rules of conduct that apply the lawyers and electricians. no particular experience required, chuck todd, chriss cuomo, their experience as a democrats hacks, no connecting to connectivity. no commitment to truth telling. the result is old-fashioned, yellow journalism. scandalous, sensational, intellectually corrupt. so what we have is the fourth
10:29 pm
estate state has become the fifth column. mass media in this country, they areed committed to hillary clinton's election, now committed to ousting donald trump. llvery single day. they are sloppy, they miss report, they do not care. they figure they will throw out an apology if they must. they try to destroy the president, his family, anybody associated with him. his staff, kavanaugh, anything. they have never treated liberal democrats this way. i will give you a perfect example. k we want ten years of donald trump's income taxes. well, i want to ten years of the pelosi's income taxes, she is a multimillionaire, no appropriation gets out throughout her, why don't they call for ten years of hers? and how about dianne feinstein? all of the investments that they have made in red china. we do not have a china special counsel investigation to talk about collusion. in the media promotes the progressive agenda. climate change, open borders,
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big government. and every millennial is supposed to be alexandria ocasio-cortez. i don't know any millennial that is a marxist like she is. i know millennials who volunteer to serve in theis military, who are police officers, who are firefighters, who are doing great things for thisil country. every millennial is not on radical nut job going to the socialist talking points. now her, she, we have to get rid of these billionaires. i'm happy, soros, but let's talk the truth. it is the american dream, not the soviet dream. john rockefeller, we are supposed to hate thanks to him we have energy. natural gas and oil, he was a multibillionaire, so what! john walton, we have a walmart where people can get things at a decent price.o and they employ tens of thousands of average americans. great, the family is worth billions, so what. what. weyerhaeuser, you like toilet paper? you like writing paper, you can thank weyerhaeuser. bill gates, lefty, microsoft,
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revolutionized computers. andrew carnegie, made the production of steel possiblele that we use today. jeff bezos, i'm no fan of this guy, but change completely how we buy. andrew mellon, financed the the ability for us to have electricity in every home. henry ford -- i can go on and on. multibillionaires, what has alexandria ocasio-cortez created? any job, part-time job? how about bernie sanders, what has he created?an where's all of this money going to go? 70% tax bracket, who will decide who gets h what? the department of agriculture? the department of energy? the epa? they waste $125 billion a year according to the gao. americans do not like big authoritarian centralized government, and 2 million bureaucrats pushing them around. so why do we confer health care upon them?bu and what does she know, exactly? nothing. go to the supermarket. there is capitalism. 20 different types of bread.
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30 different types of wine. from all over the world. five different types of fish. i cannot even tell what fish, go to the supermarket. look at all of the different things that you get. we live better, than kings and queens lived 150-200 years ago. look at all of the things arounds you. that is created by capitalism. capitalism and freedom, individualism. the american people. they are about the government, government power, power,me thas what she is all about. and ms. ocasio-cortez, come on my fox show on sunday. i want to talk to you. i want to talk to you about capitalism versus marxism and socialism. i want to talk to you about some of your ideas. i know that you go to the slobbering interviews and so i promise to be respectful. have enough guts and enough intelligence. because my theory, sean hannity, is this. she is a media creation, that is all she is. and let some conservatives who
10:33 pm
will treat her with respect to interview her. i would request an interview. >> sean: great one, you better get it in the next 12 years, because she says the world will end. i wish you a lot of luck in that endeavor. i would love to see the interview. that was one of your finest monologue you ever given on the show about what is the greatest economic system that has created more freedom, more opportunities, more wealth than anyone ever imagined. and we can compare it to those countries that have chosen the path that some radicals want to take us down, great one, we will watch, sunday night, 10:00 p.m., "life, liberty & levin." you do not want to miss it. lawrence jones is outside of covington catholic high school, and asked people in town of what they thought of the media, their typical rush to judgment, and we have huge breaking news from john solomon tonight, and explosive new report, how the
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clintons influenced the fbi and fed them false information about russia. straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> sean: following the media's typical rush to judgment over their covington high school student controversy, we sent lawrence jones to covington, kentucky, to ask residents what they think of the media coverage of the story. let's look. >> do you think there was a rush to judgment on the whole enthsituation? >> i think that on multiple levels, on both sides there was a rush to judgment. the students were provoked by the hate group that was their >> there was absolutely a rush to judgment. this is indicative of how the media works. if you would have been given the whole story before they put the news clip up, noneududme oe uproar would've happened. >> the first video i saw was upsetting.
10:39 pm
i thought the boys from the catholic school were being super rude. but there were other things that have been released. and it looks like we do not have the whole story. but that's what happens,hi with social media, somebody with a cell phone will post a clip, and we see that. and that is our first reaction. >> then i watch some of the subsequent things, the full version. and my positioned changed. >> do you feel like the media is more rushing to judgment, putting things out there and then people just react? >> yes. >> without all of the facts? >> i think that they need to look into the facts more. there's too much of the media just one side of the story. how they feel. >> i think the important lesson is to wait and listen to all of the facts and understand that everybody's perspective is valid, even though those perspectives might be different. i think many people reacted too quickly. and there is more to the story, and people should listen to each other.
10:40 pm
>> sean: even whoopi goldberg today asked why so many did rush to judgment, but wait until you hear are revealing joyless behar, her answer is. this is priceless, but a rare moment of honesty. >> many of the people admitted that they made snap judgments before the other facts came in. but isn't that, we just, we instantly say that is based on what we see in that moment, and then have to walk stuff backst when it turns out we are wrong, why is that? why do we keep making the same mistake? >> because we are desperate to get trump out of office. that's why. >> sean: joining us with much more is "hannity" correspondent, campus reform editor in chief lawrence jones, america first action senior adviser sean spicer. i'm watching, and i am thinking, everybody got their 30 seconds.
10:41 pm
they saw the red hats, and the0 ignored the hebrew israelites group that hates everybody. that precipitated this and called these kids all of these names. i and i am just blown away at how horrible people can be in the media, they did not even ask questions. >> well, sean, that goes to the heart of the story is that we did not know all of the facts.t i was at home watching this. i did not go to social media. when i saw the two men, i was w like this looks bad. but i knew enough not to react based on just the little got.rmation that i and a lot of the people out here said the sameli thing. they reacted, and did not know the full story. but this goes to the media. they intentionally did this. if it was not for people digging into the story, trying to get the full picture, we would still believe this. and the sad part about this, sean, lives can be ruined over this. these are kids. and i understand that there may
10:42 pm
be some historical stuff at this campus. at this catholic school, t but that is not a situation that was happening in washington, d.c., at the time. and it is up to the media to discover the facts. that's what we're trying to do out here today. >> sean: sean spicer, after seeing the whole tape, we saw that the kids were verbally abused by this radical group that the media did not talk about. also, we see this face-to-face confrontation. now i think it was indigenous peoples day or there was a protest or whatever, it was ant native american leader who walks over probably for the right reasons but he was praying and that was a part off what he was doing. walked over to the student and continue to play the drum. the student tried to say that he smiled to be respectful, to show that he is not a threat, and that they were not the ones responsible. >> that's right, the bottom line is on the heels of the
10:43 pm
buzzfeed story, this is another example of the media, and it is not just a rush to judgment, i have heard that phrase over and over again, it is a rush to condemn beforep supporters. it is them going after conservatives or trump supporters. it never seems to go the other way. if we stop for a minute and realized what happen, we had one cnn contributor saying that these kids should be punched in the face.. in and yet, there is a group of anti-semitic hateful people that are a part of this entire narrative that have been left out of the entire story. these are the people who incited all of this. these are the people who that native american leader was supposedly helping to calm both sides.. the students were waiting forn their bus, but the media and others jump to condemn anybody that is not just a trump supporter, but these kids weree wearing their hats, shows you how quick people are willing to
10:44 pm
po after anybody that supports the president. so everybody keeps on talking about the rush to judgment. that is always been a problem, but what is really different now is a rush to go after trump supporters. >> sean: well said. i >> they did not have vetted the stories, sean, they did not even see that the guy was a vietnam veteran. that is simple reporting, they can research, they did not do that. that shows you that they took a side. >> sean: they did two days prior witho t buzzfeed. we have not independently confirm, but spending ten hours talking about impeachment as if it is true, and they never report on the deep state, thank you, a lawrence. thank you, sean. speaking of which we have a stunning new report justew out, broken by john solomon how hillary clinton's campaign and the fbi, well, they connected several times. we will tell you about real collusion that the rest of the media will ignore, big story when we get back. ♪ t back. -looks great, honey. -right?
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♪ >> sean: stunning details tonight on the witch hunt against president trump. a new article from john solomon of "the hill" revealing how the clinton machine flooded the fbi with what they claim was trump-russian until agents finally bit. absolutely stunning. joining us now, investigative reporter, john solomon, author of the new best seller "the case against the democratic house impeaching trump." harvard law professor alan dershowitz is with us. john, let's start with the story. it is breathtaking to me. because the clintons paid for the phony russian dossier. mueller's team knew about it. it was spread as propaganda to influence the election. i never made it part of any of
10:50 pm
the investigation. >> more than a half a dozen times between july and october, clinton acolytes, clinton emissaries, clinton paid contractors walking the same information from different directions, christopher steele in london, state department, state department to the fbi, christopher steele to bruce ohr, bruce ohr goes to the fbi. the lawyer for the dnc, michael sussman, goes to the fbi general counsel and hands them some alleged cyber evidence connecting trump and russia, that walks and makes its way to the investigators. it's what one fbi investigation officer told me it was strategy. and it will be suspect from the clintons, if it comes from eight or different directions. the fbi will think that there must be smoke, maybe there is fire, we better investigate. >> sean: how do you connect us all back to the clintons? >> it all starts with christopher steele, they were paying christopher steele, and he goes to bruce ohr, he goes
10:51 pm
london, fbi, christopher steele goes to the state department. perkins khoi goes to the fbi, harry reid goes to the fbi. on and on and on, all of these people are apologists, supporters, contractors for the fbi, glenn simpson goes to bruce ohr, that gets to the fbi in it is a saturation strategy. all of the clinton connected people are trying to flood the fbi and hope that they bite on the information. >> sean: professor, when we talk about all of these high-ranking officials, fbi, doj, we all know hated donald trump. they all -- one even said that she should win 100 million as to zero.on and we know, and i brought this up the other night with you, i deleted subpoena emails, clean my hard drive, and broke on myh devices, as great of a defense lawyer as you are, i don't think you could get me off. but they protected her. but then they paid for the russian dirt.
10:52 pm
how do we go through the whole investigation about russian influence and ignore paid for russian lies by the other campaign? >> from day one before they appointed a special counsel which was a mistake, i called f for the appointment of a nonpartisan expert commission like the 9/11 commissionme looking into with the 2016 election and russian efforts to influence the outcome. without pointing fingers, without arguing who was criminally responsible, the goal would have been to get all of this information out. we would have learned this much earlier. and the real goal is to make sure that russia can never again try to influence any election in the united states or in any western democracy. when you appoint a special counsel, you do two things. number one, you put a target oc the back of a particular person, namely the president of the united states. number two, everything in secret. everything behind closed doors, no opportunity for exculpatory evidence. if you have a commission, you
10:53 pm
hear evidence from all sides and it is open to the public.e we would've learned all of this. 2016 election was a mess. on all sides. and we have to get to the bottom of why it was a mess, and to make sure --y >> sean: we know that one side did have russian information that they paid for. christopher steele we now know hated donald trump. fired for lying and leaking, john. and yet still, he was trying to feed robert mueller from the emails through bruce ohr, did you get my information to mueller, the special counsel? >> there is an anecdote in my column that shows another way that he tried to do it. so steele is fired on november 1st for his alleged violations of fbi rules, and a few days later david corn, another supporter of clinton, a liberal journalistul at a magazine walks and a new version of the dossier, one that has been
10:54 pm
developed since steele fire, he gives it to who else? james baker, the guy that took the earlier evidence and walks it into the fbi again, this process of steele getting the information from all different angles, that is the real story. it is the real misuse of political opposition research pretending that it was counterintelligence. >> sean: really quick, professor. >> you are right, political, but not a crime, a political scene, but not a crime. that's why the special commission was so much betterno than the prosecutor looking to point to criminal fingers at somebody. >> sean: great work, john solomon, on top of your work from last week. we will stay on the deep state, when we come back, trace gallagher, a new reportfr with i.c.e., ms-13 gangs, chilling. straight ahead. ♪ report report with my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call
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all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again! >> sean: alright we go now to our own trace gallagher. he has a report on the horrific murders. >> sean this killing spree happened in northern nevada.
10:59 pm
they have a suspect, they believe 19 year old robert guzman is the only suspect. he's been in the country illegally for about a year. he's being held on burglary charges buy murder charges will come this week. on jan 10th he robbed and killed a 56 year old woman, three days later a 7 four years old woman was murdered less than a mile away. last wednesday an 81 year old man and woman were killed inside their home outside reno. in new york, long island is using the sanctuary policy to order immigration agents out of the nasa ms13 gang, law enforcement say the getting rid of ice agents in jails will end up costing more lives. nasa county says it will remove fears among illegal residents
11:00 pm
and strengthen community policing. >> sean: is that a manufactured crisis? we'll always be fair and balanced. let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham the standing by with a great show, laura. >> laura: hannity by the way it's a crisis to the families who lost their loved ones as it is every day. >> sean: how is that a manufactured crisis? >> laura: i don't know. >> sean: i thought we were concerned about separation. this is permanent separation. >> laura: how about women, spousal abuse? domestic abuse? all the horrific crimes against children? she is are actual violent criminals. not everybody but enough to be a crisis at our border and across the country, when it's one american or legal immigrant it's a part of our extended family. this is crazy. the president is absolutely the correct. >> sean: add the heroin to the list >> laura: bingo. great show. i'm laura ingraham this is the "ingraham angle." very busy washington tonight.


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